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12 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Are Incredibly Angry About The State Of The U.S. Economy

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We have reached a very interesting turning point in American history.  More than at any other point in modern times, Americans are deeply angry about the state of the economy.  In fact, it is no stretch to say that millions of U.S. citizens are hopping mad about the economic situation.  Most of them don’t know exactly what is wrong, and even fewer of them have any idea about how to go about fixing things, but they do know one thing.  They know that they are mad.  As Americans, we were raised with the belief that our overwhelmingly powerful economic machine would always provide good jobs and prosperity for all of us as long as we worked hard.  But we have come to learn that is not true.  We have come to learn that our politicians and our leaders have squandered the great inheritance that our forefathers left for us.  We have come to learn that the financial future of our nation is beyond bleak.  We have come to learn that our government has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world.  Now the foolish decisions of the past several decades are catching up with us.  The U.S. economy is experiencing structural failure, and the American people are angry.  They want answers.  They want someone to fix things.  They want things to go back to the way they used to be.

But that isn’t going to happen.  Once the American people truly start realizing that, the anger that will erupt will dwarf what we are seeing now.

Not that they are aren’t already incredibly steamed.  The following are 12 reasons why many Americans are absolutely furious about the state of the U.S. economy….

#1) There simply are not enough jobs for everyone.  The number of unemployed Americans per job opening has started to increase again, hitting 5.5 in February.  Even many of those who are able to get some work find themselves only able to obtain part-time employment.  Gallup’s underemployment measure hit 20.0% on March 15th.  This was up from 19.7% two weeks earlier and 19.5% at the start of the year.

#2) More Americans than ever find themselves having to rely on the U.S. government just to survive.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 39.4 million Americans, a new all-time record, received food stamps in January.  This was up 22% from a year earlier.  In fact, the number of Americans on food stamps has hit all-time records for 14 consecutive months.

#3) Foreclosures continue to set records across the United States.  RealtyTrac, the California-based authority on property trends and valuations, projects that there will be 4.5 million home foreclosures before the end of this year.  If you figure 4 people per household, that is another 18 million people that will be forced out of their homes.

#4) As unemployment and foreclosures continue to soar, “tent slums” have started popping up all over the United States.  Is this why our founding fathers fought and died?  So we could all live in “tent slums” as the big fat cats on Wall Street roll around in their bailout cash?

#5) But even with all of these economic problems, the price of food is going up.  Rising demand and reduced supply drove supermarket prices for 16 basic foods up 6.2% in the first quarter of 2010.

#6) Due to the exploding government debt, the American people are going to be confronted with some tough choices.  According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the United States will soon have to make difficult choices between higher taxes and reduced social spending.  Either alternative will slow down the U.S. economy.

#7) Meanwhile, corruption in the financial system is running rampant.  The CEOs of bailed-out regional banks are actually getting big raises.  The guy who helped bring down AIG is going to get off scott-free and will be able to keep the millions in profits that he made in the process.

#8) But the biggest fraud is being committed by the boys at the top of the food chain.  A whistle blower has come forward with “smoking gun” evidence of price manipulation by major financial institutions in the precious metals markets.  The scope of this fraud is in the trillions of dollars.  The American people can’t stomach much more of this type of thing.

#9) Almost all financial experts agree that the era of super cheap money is over and that interest rates are about to rise significantly.  This is going to make it much more expensive for most Americans to borrow money to buy a home, to buy a car, to buy things with their credit cards or to borrow money for education.  Those who already have adjustable loans are going to find a much larger portion of their income going to pay interest.  Needless to say, this is going to cause the U.S. economy to experience a significant slowdown.

#10) One of the biggest things that the American people are upset about is the “health care reform” bill that was just rammed down their throats.  It turns out that “health care reform” is actually going to be the biggest tax increase in American history.  Not only that, but because of taxes and mandates imposed upon health insurance companies by the legislation, health insurance premiums are also about to increase substantially.  So where will the average American family get the money to pay for these increases?

#11) In addition, the new health care law that was supposed to give all of us much better health care is actually going to force the cancellation of at least 60 doctor-owned hospitals that were scheduled to be opened according to the executive director of Physician Hospitals of America.  Why?  Well, it turns out that the new law singles out physician-owned hospitals, making new physician-owned projects ineligible to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients.

#12) The reality is that Americans are increasingly becoming disenchanted with the lack of leadership in both political parties.  Approval ratings for leaders in both parties are extremely low, and anger at politicians is at an all-time high.  The Tea Party movement is just one symptom of the seething anger many Americans are feeling.  While many Americans are gathering together at large protest rallies to demonstrate against the policies of the government, others are expressing their displeasure on blogs and websites.  There has never been a moment in modern times when Americans have been so disenchanted with their political leadership.

This anger is not going to go away.  It could be soothed a bit if the U.S. economy was fully fixed and things went back to the way they used to be.  But as noted previously, that just is not going to happen.  Harder times are ahead.  Americans are going to get angrier and angrier.

But there is not much that can be done to prevent that anger.  The politicians who are in office when things really hit the fan are going to take the brunt of the anger, but it won’t be their fault.  The truth is that this economic collapse has been building for decades.  The American people are just not going to understand that the financial system cannot be fixed overnight.

Dark times are coming.  It is not going to be pretty.  There is going to be a lot of anger and a lot of hate.  But all of these economic problems could be seen well ahead of time and there have been those who have been screaming and yelling about them for decades.

But very few people wanted to listen.

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  • robind1st

    Well-written. You may be a bit early. Once the realization hits a majority of Ams. and their stupor wears off, things could get quite interesting for anyone perceived to be part of the problem.

  • laura M.

    America obviously has no future. Our mfg. is 90% overseas and fewer jobs year by year, yet we have wide open borders with people pouring in. A country with open borders is no country. America is trashed forever, with no hope for recovery. The environment is destroyed as this country is overpopulated.


  • Baby Boomer

    Debt on purpose. Best slavery tool in existence.

    First it was the so-called third world, now it is our turn. IMF austerity right around the corner.

    If you want to know what is going to happen, look at Argentina, at one time a relatively wealthy country. The bankster loan sharks picked it clean. No middle class there anymore to speak of.

    But then elites like 99.9% of the population mired in poverty. Look at Mexico or any other third world cesspool. The hereditary elite like the idea of you groveling and living to 45 and then dropping dead. History is replete with this sort of wanton criminal behavior.

    Americans are pretty excitable and they have a lot of guns. That’s what Northcom and the militarization of the police are all about.

    Also, war has a tendency to distract people and make them think they’re fighting for something and all the sacrifice is worth it.

    Expect war, expect false flag terrorism.

    East Asia has always been at war with Eurasia.

  • 300

    yeah, and who’s fault is that?we as a nation sold our souls to china, and we’re paying the price for it.all the good jobs are dissapearing at warp speed, on a one way boat to china, manufacturing from production to engineering,programming and on and on.and the only reason for this is americans cannot stop buying all the junk china is shoveling at us.from walmart to dollar general, americans are addicted to chinese junk, and we are going to pay dearly for that.keep spending your unemployment checks at walmart, china thanks u


    I don’t buy jacks**** at Walmart unless it’s made in the USA – which is plenty slim pickings of American made products.

    Walmart changed when the founder Sam Walton and his wife passed away. It went from a buy American company to a greedy bastards business club ran by global parasites who treat their employees like garbage.

    I only buy local now as far as produce and other products. The rest I buy at garage sales or buy on clearance. Starving the globalist beast is the only answer.

    Actually we’re in exciting times. We will go back to quality. Those who can’t cut the mustard will be left out in the cold. These slovenly tattooed pierced skanks will be out of a job and forced to look and act like a decent human being again.

    As I’m typing this, some young man or woman is putting together a PC that is made in the USA. Even the youngsters are catching on that we need a manufacturing base and we can’t sustain an economy on nail salons and mall shopping.

    I foresee a lot of squatting in vacant homes and the banks won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. I hope people do start squatting. Since the greedy demon bankers and other wall street pukes put us in this situation, they’ll just have to eat it on the housing loss. There will be too many people homeless for law enforcement to deal with. They’ll be too busy chasing down the looters and rioters.

    Politicians should be very worried. I would like to see ALL of them lose their pensions and be forced to live like the rest of us, that foes for the useless local city and state employees. The natives are getting restless. The jig is up and now with the internet, facebook, youtube and other electronic mediums the truth is coming out and many people like are fuming mad.

  • Dan

    The ’12 reasons why millions of Americans are angry’ are symptoms of the fundamental problem of capitalism. They are in no way limited to ‘Americans’ but, rather, the result of global domination of private capital by the respective national governments who protect ‘their’ industries. As such, it is fundamentally a global situation as can be seen by protests in Thailand, Greece and elsewhere or by the death of coal miners or mass unemployment or the slashing of wages, benefits and mass cost cutting by corporations and government currently seen in the US. As the problem is global and systemic, it will not be solved by US chauvinism, the scapegoating of workers in China of of illegal immigrants, or the politics of hate in general, as it is not the toilers of the world that American workers cannot afford. Rather, it is the super rich and large banks and corporations who have all of their respective national governments under their beck and call that can no longer be afforded and represents the fundamental problem.

    The problem can be dealt with in a backward, reactionary way or a progressive way. I don’t hold much hope of the latter based on what is widely seen by the encouragement of backwards movements as seen here or as intentionally promoted by the mass media and the ruling elites who would much prefer a nationalistic and authoritarian solution to a progressive one.

  • pooche

    Great article, people are most definitely angry. The only thing that will save the country is a grassroots effort (not the tea party) led by dynamic individuals who will convince the people it is time to stop big government, the politicians behind it, the to big to fail corporations on wall street, the overextended and bloated military, and the lobbys.
    The people must unite against all these enemies. Everyone against the 1% who have stolen everything for themselves.

  • I look at everything for MADE IN USA. That is the only soultion but be careful because those sneaky bstrds like to use DISTRIBUTED IN USA to fool you. Walmart distributes cheep crap from China so be careful. and garage sales. there is still some good american products sold at second hand store. At leastthe money goes to help americans and to american companies or stays in america. IT IS YOUR FUTURE PEOPLE!!!!

  • The government owing money to banks is slavery. We have all quietly, over generations become slaves to the global banking cartels. They now have us exactly where they want us… in chains. We will turn around and ask them to help us. They will be happy to pretend to help.

    I have 2 graduate degrees and am a computer engineer and a certified teacher who has been out of work for almost a year. I have applied to over 400 jobs. If I can’t get work, I doubt most people who are unskilled and uneducated will have much luck.

    This Housing Bubble Collapse was not an accident and it was not a surprise. Most people have no idea of the root causes of the crises.

    We are in a deep hole and we are not climbing out anytime soon. I hope people finally direct their anger where it ought to be directed. But I know that the media will do their job and pit us against each other.

    Thanks for the blog I appreciate your insights and efforts.
    Aimlow Joe

  • Cat Callahan

    The goal is to eventually bring in the anti-Christ with world government,etc. The ‘chip’ is already in the new Obamacare bill. You will take it or else! Both parties are committed to bringing in the Luciferians. Our only way out is leave the country while you still can or find someplace to hide where ‘their’ sattellite eyes can’t find you! Good luck! These are vicious bas—-!

  • In the Spirit of Truth

    The truth about America’s wealth:

  • Bookworm

    Where can I get a bigger (wallpaper size?) copy of the picture of the little dog?


    I think this goes back probably to Reagan era; we started hearing a lot of anti government statements; the truth is business wanted the money for itself. But the rhetoric helped grease the skids for pro-business legislation. You may or may not agree with that statement, but consider this. Credit cards came on the scene and at same time, savings started going down…Credit tempts us to spend, paying very nice fat interest payments to the banks, VERSUS the banks paying us for our savings. We simply SPENT our savings IN ADVANCE, AND PAID FOR THE PRIVILEGE. Didn’t you notice cards were presented as something you deserved [to spend you work hours and commitment to work, years in advance…]but not everyone [divide and conquer]. Didn’t you notice that suddenly, as credit ratcheted up, people were getting credit that you personally knew had a hard time keeping their bills paid? Didn’t you notice that suddenly YOU had better “credit” than you really knew you should have?



  • Rande

    What dumfounds me, is the American people are angry for what has happened, but are clueless as to why it has happened. Let me sum it up as to why our country is collapsing:

    * Mass immigration of Third World cultures and ideologies; as in divide, then conquer. Imminent civil unrest will be dealt with through Martial Law under a Police State.

    * Outsourcing of our jobs to foreign countries.

    * Mass imports from foreign countries to bankrupt our remaining manufacturing.

    * Allowing 250,000 new legal and illegal immigrants into our country every month ( 3 million annually) so they can compete with our jobs and social needs. This has been going on since 911.

    * The destruction of our Christian identity causing corruption of our people and our leaders while destroying national unity.

    * The lie of man-made global warming to increase taxes and destroy our remaining businesses.

    * The creation of the greatest economic crisis in the history of humankind through affirmative action lending, while leveraging up and selling the toxic debts into U.S. retirements and world markets.

    * Bailing out the institutions and individuals who created the crisis, while exponentially increasing our deficit beyond our capacity to pay, as it eventually leads to Zimbabwean-style hyperinflation that will collapse the U.S. dollar and our nation.

    I believe anyone who proclaims these were unforeseen incidents is either naive, stupid or simply a liar, as these events are a deliberate means to destroy our country to reign in a World Government and economic system.


  • Kevin

    It’s all over, till Jesus returns. He is the only one that knows who the enemy is and until we return to him, it will get much worse. Look at what happened to all countries that forsake him. We have more people in prison than most nations on earth combined. We simply have to many laws and when people go to prison, they learn how to roll with their own kind and how to be a criminal and to make matters worse, society castigates them and keeps them on the outside. No wonder we have a problem, when our government is putting our fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers in prison for petty things that aren’t worth it. What kind of government puts their own people in prison for just about everything now. Like Marijuana, noone has ever died of it (you can’t overdose), most smokers become very passive and do no harm. And what about steriods, who has that killed? We are doomed.

  • we cant win playing their game
    they must lose playing our game
    whats are game?

  • JohnP

    Good. The sooner it starts, the better.

  • Chris

    so many opinions, Americans blaming immigrants while they are immigrants themselves who stole the country from the indigenous people. Race religion etc it is not the reason. The reason for all the problems is the looting. If guys at Citibank get paid 100 million dollars per year to advise and still do not see problems coming why in the hell is all that money going there. In a short period of time all the stock market listed companies have become looting machines. Trillions of dollars are disappearing in just a few pockets every year. Pockets of people who are not doing a good job in the first place. This is what the root of the problem is. The money systems allows some people to gain extroadinary wealth for no reason at all at the expense of 99.999% of the people. This has to stop.

  • Cheeser

    Why in the name of hell does our government borrow money form private banks and pay them interest when we (Our Government) could print of the money out of thin air just like the Fed and not get charged interest? Work on Ending the Fed!

  • “As Americans, we were raised with the belief that our overwhelmingly powerful economic machine would always provide good jobs and prosperity for all of us as long as we worked hard.”

    We are discovering that one of our closely-held dogmas–Meritocracy–the notion that if you work hard and are deserving, good things will happen to you–is a myth.

    Many Americans have also attained college degrees and advanced and professional degrees and are now finding themselves unemployed and overqualified for other jobs while having to face mountains of student loan debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

    Also, the employment situation is much worse than the mainstream media and our politicians let on. Our nation needs to generate about 150,000 net new jobs each month–preferably mostly solid middle class jobs–not to gain jobs but merely to keep pace with population growth. (Our nation’s population is growing by about 3-3.5 million new people every year.) So, if you look at the percentage of working-aged adults who are employed, that percentage is significantly lower than it was a decade ago.

    I agree completely that Americans feel scared and angry but that they aren’t sure exactly where to direct their feelings. Some blame the Republicans and others blame the Democrats when in reality both of our political parties are horrible and both need to be expelled from office. Neither party is looking out for the rational selfish economic interests of the American people.

    Frank the Underemployed Professional

  • anonymous

    Gotta say…I’m really impressed with many of the comments here.

    Many of the concerns surrounding the current economic crisis stems from people’s inability to see these problems outside the influences of this country’s party lines and B.S. political ideologies.

    As long as we continue to keep our eyes and ears firmly affixed to the politically-motivated sociopaths that seek to control this country, we will continue to be led down one dead-end argument after another. We must, instead, look inside ourselves and recognize the futility of seeking answers from without. Capitalism, Socialism, left, right, democrat, republican. These are just words for concepts and fabrications that have been poorly defined by old media for easy consumption (and poor understanding) by the masses. The words have become simple code, external stimuli, designed to evoke knee-jerk reactions and ad-hominem attacks from those who fail to understand the concerns or positions of their opponents. The politicians love the fact that we all bicker and fight over these words and concepts because, as long as people maintain a limited understanding of these words and concepts, they can continue to manipulate the situation to their own advantage. They have us figured out as long as we think the way they want us to think.

    This is why the parasites get scared and become more authoritarian when people stop using the code-words that they are so accustomed to. When people argue in terms of the human condition and real issues/consequences, the parasites are at a loss.

    Good Article. Hopefully, we’ll see a significant shift in our economic paradigm to a much more humane system. But, I won’t hold my breath.


    Chris we stole this land from the indigenous peoples? If the European white man hadn’t settled the USA these immigrants would still be squatting in their mud huts eating their own turds.

    The internet you type on is a by product of European American technology that allows you to spout your opinion. It wasn’t made from some Zulu tribe warrior with a dish in his lip.

    I’m not blaming ALL of our problems on illegal immigration. But if the US had some serious balls and deported every last one of these invaders, it would send a clear message to the rest of the world, clean up your own s*** before you come to our shores!

    This brave action would also tell the globalist elites that we’re on to your game and we’re not putting up with it anymore!

  • Corey

    Racism aside, the Incans and Aztecs controlled cities more populous, complex and better serviced than any state in Europe. The Incans had a national health service!

    ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ rather forcibly puts to bed the idea of European Civilisation being somehow superior.

  • Todd

    Such is always the landscape on the journey toward socialist totalitarianism.

  • Anna

    My anger is directed at the Cap & Trade Bill. This will drain what little buffer I have left. Value Tax is another one. If the dollar is in a bubble and IT pops, then we are in serious trouble. Suddenly, people who were untouched by this deep recession will feel the pain and wonder what happened. Too bad it will come to that before they take action, and then it’s too late.

  • Annie Oakley,I think the indigenous peoples would disagree,that if the white man stayed in Europe,those turds,and that land,would still be THEIRS,AND so many more of them would be alive.They;d probably trade all that nice,white,european science for having their own country back.I would!!


    Clara – get real. If the USA was taken over by the “evil white man” why in God’s name are all these third world immigrants trying to come here?

    I don’t see hordes of immigrants going to Algeria, Mexico or South America do you?

    People want to come HERE. A nation that has a first world standard of living, laws and economic prosperity.

  • Mr. Eko

    Chris (April 15th post) I applaud you! I agree 100%.

    The problem is not immigrants. Immigrants traditionally get work visa’s and work the lousy minimum wage jobs cleaning houses, landscaping, construction, cleaning poop off park benches, etc. Immigrants DO NOT get the “good” jobs.

    Immigrants can not get food stamps, or welfare, or unemployment unless they are U.S. Citizens. In fact you have to have a Social Security Card to receive food from a food bank in some areas. To become a U.S. Citizen requires an immigrant to pass a test that most American Born Citizens would struggle with. Do you really think that spanish speaking housemaid is the reason for all the financial collapse in this whole country? Doubtful, because Immigration is really only a problem in the Southern states, such as California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico.

    Now, onto the economy,

    If you want to blame anyone for the collapse of the economy, blame the large corporations who see American Paychecks as a business expense. Blame those rich CEO’s who will layoff hundreds of people just so they can line their own pockets with an extra million bucks. Blame the politicians who give these same thieves tax breaks.

  • Mr. Eko,
    you have got to be kidding! you must be a plant from the Obamanation. The damned so called immigrants can get everything that this stupid government offers and they dont have to be legal to get it dumbass!And as for immigration violators only being a problem in the southern states.Hey dummy! Where do you think all the millions of those ***** ******** are living.ALL OVER This COUNTRY!! You must be upper middle class with a degree and no brains.Do you honestly believe they cant get fraudulent documents to effect their greedy means. Get your eyes full of the documented films of those jerks climbing the fences and flipping the cameras the bird as they willfully **** on our system and our laws. You need to take a tour of reality!!!
    You think the lousy jobs are what those creeps are only doing? They have come here and are offering to do the jobs for nothing. They have ripped the bottom out of earning a living and profitability. They get all the perks from the socialist government and you say they arent the problem?
    All the builders and corporations that hired these violators should be exposed and thrown out of this country.
    Get a grip Mr.

  • Here is a message to all the illegals who are raising hell in our streets about the Arizona law that will be in effect in July.
    STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY THE USA!!! If you dont like our laws then go back to the hell you were spawned from. MEXICO

  • Paul

    Dear P.O’d!

    I understand your frustration- but Mexico doesn’t want these people either.
    These are migrant peoples – nomads- gypsies.

    They just float back and forth wherever they get the most freebies; that by their own admission. Problem we have is we dont understand that sort of a life but they love it. The con man.

    Push them out – bar the door fine – but never expect them to see things our way – they cannot.

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