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14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke And Totally Unprepared For The Coming Economic Crisis

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14 Signs Americans Are Flat BrokeWhen the coming economic crisis strikes, more than half the country is going to be financially wiped out within weeks.  At this point, more than 60 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and a whopping 24 percent of the country has more credit card debt than emergency savings.  One of the primary principles that any of these “financial experts” that you see on television will teach you is to have a cushion to fall back on.  At the very least, you never know when unexpected expenses like major car repairs or medical bills will come along.  And in the event of a major economic collapse, if you do not have any financial cushion at all you will be a sitting duck.  Yes, I know that there are millions upon millions of families out there that are just trying to scrape by from month to month at this point.  I hear from people that are deeply struggling in this economy all the time.  So I don’t blame them for not being able to save lots of money.  But if you are in a position to build up an emergency fund, you need to do so.  We have been experiencing an extended period of relative economic stability, but it will not last.  In fact, the time for getting prepared for the next great economic downturn is rapidly running out, and most Americans are not ready for it at all.  The following are 14 signs that most Americans are flat broke and totally unprepared for the coming economic crisis…

#1 According to a survey that was just released, 24 percent of all Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings.

#2 That same survey discovered that an additional 13 percent of all Americans do not have any credit card debt, but they do not have a single penny of emergency savings either.

#3 At this point, approximately 62 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

#4 Adults under the age of 35 in the United States currently have a savings rate of negative 2 percent.

#5 More than half of all students in U.S. public schools come from families that are poor enough to qualify for school lunch subsidies.

#6 A study that was conducted last year found that more than one out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections“.

#7 One survey discovered that 52 percent of all Americans really cannot even financially afford the homes that they are living in right now.

#8 According to research conducted by Atif Mian of Princeton University and Amir Sufi of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 40 percent of Americans could not come up with $2000 right now without borrowing it.

#9 That same study found that 60 percent of Americans could not say yes to the following question…

“Do you have 3 months emergency funds to cover expenses in case of sickness, job loss, economic downturn?”

#10 A different study discovered that less than one out of every four Americans has enough money stored away to cover six months of expenses.

#11 Today, the average American household is carrying a grand total of 203,163 dollars of debt.

#12 It is estimated that less than 10 percent of the entire U.S. population owns any gold or silver for investment purposes.

#13 48 percent of all Americans do not have any emergency supplies in their homes whatsoever.

#14 53 percent of all Americans do not even have a minimum three day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.

Perhaps none of this concerns you.

Perhaps you think that this bubble economy can persist indefinitely.

Well, if you won’t listen to the more than 1200 articles that set out the case for the coming economic collapse on my website, perhaps you will listen to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.  The following is what he recently told one interviewer

We asked him where he thought the gold price will be in five years and he said “measurably higher.”

In private conversation I asked him about the outstanding debts… and that the debt load in the U.S. had gotten so great that there has to be some monetary depreciation. Specially he said that the era of quantitative easing and zero-interest rate policies by the Fed… we really cannot exit this without some significant market event… By that I interpret it being either a stock market crash or a prolonged recession, which would then engender another round of monetary reflation by the Fed.

He thinks something big is going to happen that we can’t get out of this era of money printing without some repercussions – and pretty severe ones – that gold will benefit from.

And as I have stressed so frequently, the signs that the next crisis is almost here are all around us.

For example, the Baltic Dry Index has just plunged to a fresh record low, and things have already gotten so bad that some global shippers are now filing for bankruptcy

The unintended consequences of a money-printed, credit-fueled, mal-investment-boom in commodities (prices – as opposed to physical demand per se) and the downstream signals that sent to any and all industries are starting to bite. The Baltic Dry Index has plunged once again to new record lows and the collapse of the non-financialized ‘clean’ indicator of the imbalances between global trade demand and freight transport supply has the real-world effects are starting to be felt, as Reuters reports the third dry-bulk shipper this month has filed for bankruptcy… in what shippers call “the worst market conditions since the ’80s.”

Perhaps you do see things coming.

Perhaps you do want to get prepared.

If you are new to all of this, and you don’t quite know how to get started preparing, please see my previous article entitled “89 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression“.  It will give you some basic tips that you can start implementing right away.

And of course one of the most important things is something that I talked about at the top of this article.

If at all possible, you have got to have an emergency fund.  When the coming economic storm strikes, your family is going to need something to fall back on.

If you are trusting in the government to save you when things fall apart, you will be severely disappointed.

  • Razorback

    I am storing food and have spring on our property which will supply water. At what point do you have enough gold and silver? Is there a point to stop buying metals and invest in something else, whatever that is?

    • annieinindiannie

      Just my opinion, but I would rather barter with canned goods, car parts, tools, chocolate, ect. Can’t eat gold or silver. It will be a long drawn out depression. My parent went through the first depression in 1939. It was a hard life back then. I can only imagine how horrible this one will be..

      • K2

        ”It will be a long drawn out depression.”

        My thoughts exactly. Rather than a ‘collapse’ or a ‘crash’ like in 2008 it will be a slow sinking into a recession or depression this time. The most that can happen this time is a ”stock market” crash, but a ”multi-market crash” like that in 2008 is unlikely. That happened in 2008 because of sudden influx of foreign funds into the housing market (which blew the housing bubble up far higher far too sooner) and credit default swaps. This time there isnt a similar scenario. So a slow sinking rather than a ”crash” or a ”collapse” is more likely.

        • alan

          The first step in recovering from a collapse is using new money, gold, silver or barter. Lets not fall for the phony paper sham again.

          • K2

            Whats your comment got to do with my comment? Lets not give each other phony advice stop being a cr**k. Gold and silver can only be used as a currency when the whole country accepts it. And that can happen if govt makes it legal. If they dont then it cannot happen. Also supplies of gold should be equal to the supplies of paper currencies.

      • Orange Jean

        I love the chocolate idea, and I do include that in my food storage. My father was a teenager during that last big depression and taught us to be frugal his whole life. Some good lessons there.

        The first bike I got as a kid was made from parts my father scrounged out of the dump…. and he let me paint it myself and I was so proud of that bike!

        • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

          People throw away perfectly good bikes all the time.

    • Ian Da Ous

      only you can answer that question. I like to have 10% of my networth in precious metals… I prefer investing in real estate… and do not like the stock market at all.

      • alan

        I have a 401k now but will cash it out after this job. I’d rather loose it at Vegas than have some banker steal it.

        • K2

          Stop giving people phony advice.

    • Ian Da Ous

      you could invest in training of various survival skills, and invest in firearms/ammo as well.

    • Orange Jean

      Toilet paper, soap, and salt would all make good bartering items.

      • Gay Veteran

        and sugar, tobacco, booze

  • Bill

    There are many who would like to prepare and save for the coming collapse but they can’t make ends meet now so what can they possibly do?

    • Ian Da Ous

      network with neighbors, learn new skills, educate their neighbors, their families, and themselves.

    • Orange Jean

      I was very poor at one time, but there are things you can do. Learning how to “make do” is number one. That includes things like learning how to be frugal with what you have.

      Sometimes the reason people can’t make ends meet has more to do with how they spend or budget what they do have, for example buying things new rather than scrounging around thrift stores or yard sales. Learn to dumpster dive (I did it for years and got some really nice things that way)… albeit carefully.

      Or some people just have no idea how to budget and need to learn that. If you have bad habits that are expensive (like drinking booze or smoking) try to quit and save a ton of money. Learn about nutrition to figure out how to stretch your grocery dollars by adding some vegetarian meals (which are almost always cheaper) to your diet, not necessarily having to go 100%. Learn how to garden, fish or hunt … even if you have to put in a small amount of money into seeds, or a fishing pole (or can you make one) and license. What about making your own bows and arrows or snares to hunt… if you can’t afford a gun?

      Find a used sewing machine and learn to sew and get cheap discounted fabric and save a lot of money on clothes that way. Back when I made 100% of my clothes (due to limited money) I often would find pieces of fabric at a discount place for pennies on the dollar compared to what it would cost to buy the same thing. Learn to knit and if you seek out discounted yarn and save money on sweaters.

    • Suzy Q

      Bill- Just start small. Every time you go shopping buy 2 extra cans of soup, an extra container of oatmeal or some canned fish and bottled water. Get a box and look around your house; don’t just think of a SHTF scenario, think of any disaster and prepare for all levels of emergencies. Do you have flashlights lying around the house? Put them in the box. Do you have extra blankets? What about a first aid kit?

      Start checking out prepper sites for lists. You’ll be surprised how much prepping stuff you have around the house. Also take some time on weekends to check out Craigslist, or go to gargage sales. Each little thing you do is one more step than the masses have taken. Don’t focus on how much more you need to get, just focus on how much you’ve actually got.

      We’ve been on a way tight budget at my house for years now, but I do have to say that slowly I am getting things built up. They won’t be featuring me on Nat Geo any time soon, but I know I am a lot more prepared than most folks.

  • DJohn1

    It all started with the people not having any one negotiating wages for them such as a Labor Union.
    Inflation occurs. Wages do not keep up with inflation.
    People live paycheck to paycheck until something hits them like a car expense unexpected or a family illness. They go bankrupt.
    Of course, one party wants to raise taxes. We know who they are.
    The same party wants to impose high rate insurance on everyone.
    It is after all the law. The law also imposes huge penalties on anyone that does not have the required insurance.
    Sounds to me like they are not in touch with the people. If they were, they might know that the people are broke.
    Same as the local government wants to keep raising the taxes on any houses you own. Where do you think the people close to the edge are going to pay those taxes?
    Yet the opposite party cannot get enough backing to stop them.
    Even with a majority in both houses of Congress they cannot repeal the Obamacare law all together so they try to defund ti.
    That is why the country is broke.

    • Genada

      They only act like they are different to keep the fraud going. There’s no real choice in the end. Both Republicans and Democrats agree on the major issues and both are funded by the same sources.

      • DJohn1

        Based on their voting records, I agree.

  • GetReal4U2

    Thank God for Michael Snyder…I’ve been reading his articles for years…no one can claim he didn’t try to warm people of the impending crisis looming…

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you for those very kind words.

      Every day I just try to do the best that I can. And that is all any of us can do. I truly hope that my work is helping some people.


      • GetReal4U2

        Michael – you hard work on these articles has really helped me to understand quite a few different angles that NO OTHER website or “news” organization even covers. As you know, most are blindly going along without a care in this world. Also, “the most important thing” is even more important these days, again thanks for your hard work, perhaps some will take heed and prepare…

        • WM

          Yes, I have been “awake” since 2008, and Michaels writings on his websites, have been a tremendous blessing, an a big contributor to a paradigm shift in my thinking.

          • laura m.

            I have been awake since the late 70’s and while Michael and other websites inform others and give practical advice, no one or any organization I know of, has a viable solution to return this country to constitutional gov. and a free market economy ( Glass Stegall, etc). The socialist welfare state, meddling into other countries affairs, wasting money overseas, Muslims pouring in here and going on welfare (on and on) has resulted in this country’s demise. Folks the ship has sailed and all we can do now is prepare family best we can. America’s future is zero.

          • 3rg31

            Follow what Novorossyia does.

        • WM

          Sorry, forgot to mention that Michaels writings were a huge part and start of a great change in my awareness , beginning in 2008.

          May Grace be with you in these challenging times.

          • GetReal4U2

            agreed…it’s awesome to have an independent truth source concerning the economy…you sure won’t hear the truth in the liberal controlled media…

      • Gay Veteran

        excellent article (as usual in regards to the economy), much better than the drivel you wrote about Iran

    • Patriot One

      I’ve come to the conclusion that most people don’t think anything will happen and therefore think we are nut jobs… Now I only focus on people who think like me or are smart enough to look at the facts, the math and say we might have a problem!!
      Every year we see the masses wipe out the grocery store when a storm is coming. What do you think these same people will do when they find out the storm is global?? But don’t worry the central banks will print more money. The last 6 years has only been a prelude!!!

      • Mark Matthews

        You are absolutely right Patriot One,I have tried to talk to people about the coming economic collapse and they simply shrug it off as if there is no way this country will go broke we are to big to fail ,these people are going to be totally devastated when it hits so sad

        • Patriot One

          Continue to set stuff aside. You will need people but you can’t fix stupid ones. Identify the young men around you because they will be the Warriors. Just make sure you have the skills to train them.

    • J

      I couldn’t agree more. Thank you so much Michael

  • T.

    #14 “53% of all Americans do not even have a minimum 3 day supply of nonperishable food and water in their homes.” This is the single greatest THREAT to all who have Prepared. When the collapse hits – That 53% will spawn the insurrection and riots that will bring the greatest danger to everyone everywhere and bring in Martial Law.

    • Mike Smithy

      #15 Most Americans are so poor that they can’t even PAY attention.

      • K2

        Sad but true. I am not an american, but it is sadenning to see what americans have been reduced to. American is on the path to become a third world country.

        • alan

          Get your pop corn ready because its going to be a doosy if SHTF.

          Of course it won’t be televised.

          • K2

            Stop h*mping my leg.

        • laura m.

          K2: It’s about 95% one now. I can’t figure out folks that understand info. these sites (this one, Dave Hodges, News with Views, etc) would even consider having a family since this country has a zero future anyway, where no amount of work and effort will produce just rewards or decent lifestyle in the future. There are not enough patriots to turn the tide obviously as things stand now. Younger generations will grow up not learning or knowing what happened because parents (elders) were too busy with sports or other activities.

          • K2

            I know all that. America is slowly going into a ‘depression’ and so is the rest of the world. I am talking about calling it a ‘crash’ or ‘collapse’ like in 2008.

      • alan

        LMAO! Thanks for the laugh!

    • K2

      People should save and prepare yes….but rather than a ‘collapse’ or a ‘crash’ like in 2008 it will be a slow
      sinking into a recession or depression this time. The most that can
      happen this time if it happens will be a ‘stock market’ crash, but a ”multi-market
      crash” like that in 2008 is unlikely. That only happened in 2008 because of
      sudden influx of foreign funds into the housing market (which blew the
      housing bubble up far higher far too sooner) and credit default swaps but this time there isnt a similar scenario. So a slow sinking of the broader economy rather than a
      ”crash” or a ”collapse” is more likely.

    • victor

      I agree strongly, I believe it will be the gangsters and thugs who start the blaze, as we already have a little foreshadowing of what they’re like, after sports championships. Breaking windows, looting, starting fires, over turning cars or trying to set them on fire.
      Opportunist looking to cause destruction.
      This will be different, because it will be about survival, food water and remember when they stole water and toilet paper in the hurricane areas.
      These people will have guns and won’t think twice to use them, because many already have had practice against other gangs or protecting their turf.
      It will be crazy.
      The only good thing Jesus will still be in control, and it will be no shock to him, Praise to HIM, the ALPHA and OMEGA.

      • T.

        Amen. Jesus should be the FIRST item on the list for Prepping. In the End, HE is all anyone really has in this world.

    • alan

      A friend of mine in the National Guard told me they drilled for disasters and one thing he told me is there is a two supply of food in supermarkets and that’s it. Trucks stop and its over. Big cities will be done immediately.


        Not just food but drugs too. I commend the book One Second After to you. A novel about an EMP burst and the aftereffects. Goes into this in detail. Our Just In Time Economy is just that. For many companies, their warehouses are UPS and FedEx. If they stop, it stops. As I write, many local companies are gasping because their inventory sits on a ship off Long Beach and is not being unloaded due to the dock strike. We are extraordinarily vulnerable to any interruption.

        • Orange Jean

          Are you totally surprised about that? I understand the Port in LA is run by the Saudis…. and I can’t imagine anything more stupid than allowing a foreign government to control your key infrastructure.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            Not surprised at all. Nothing this government does anymore surprises me.

          • Orange Jean


          • jo6pac

            Most docks in the world are run by shell companies owned by goldmen saks and that’s just as bad as the house of saud.

        • Teresa Ann Ramsey

          I read that book recently. It was a real eyeopener.

      • Chastity Kohenberg

        I heard the same thing back in 2010 and yet, nothing has happen.


      It’s all by plan. Prepare.

      • Revolt to save America

        xsandiego whats your fb name, friend me Cheryl schankerman er I wanna like minded friends, not sheep, and most are so lost, I have to come here to feel that anyone has a pulse on reality, thanks


          Not on FB but you are welcome to follow me.

          • Guest

            how do I follow you LOL, how do I do so on this site ? Thanks !

          • Revolt to save America

            ok done ,,, thanks ! there is so much going on, isisssss , Greece, the feds, Jobs, the lack of the POTUS admitting he’s a Muslim, , executive power to veto , borders open, free crap for people who are ILLEGAL… what’s your biggest concern and what do you think is Americas biggest threat. OH 2 other questions. Where do you think cash should be put, pensions can be lost ? have before, FDIC safe ??? or in tangables like real estate. THANK YOU ,

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            Obama is our greatest threat. Are you familiar with the NDAA? Read up on it. Obama signed it into law on New Years Eve a few years back. We have two more years of him. Lots of damage can be done. I believe there is an excellent chance we shall be attacked and martial law imposed. Name your scenario. Once Iran gets the Bomb it will be Jokers Wild. Where to put your money? Real Estate (cash only) or tenth oz gold coins and Swiss Francs realizing that Obama will seek to outlaw both. Have a minimum of six months food, water, medical supplies on hand. Don’t forget the pets. Take First Aid Classes and be prepared to defend yourself. A book I recommend: The Death of Money by Jim Rickards. Man has been around. He thinks we will have another crisis within six months. Gives the big picture. Go to Church and pray to God as you believe him to exist. Have some whiskey on hand for medicinal purposes and barter. The FDIC will fold like an accordion.

          • Revolt to save America

            thank you, I myself just paid off my home, I want cash out of the bank, I am looking to buy more real estate, cash only, this way if rent goes down half price I wont be hurt, I don’t trust banks or the stock market either. who knows about GOLD, I think in his 22 months left we are for one hell of a ride. and YES God is big, Pray and get word out, although few believe what we all believe and some of us disagree , but we all have one thing in common, shits going to hit the fan and we here on this site and a few others are a tiny part of the big picture,

    • laura m.

      We joined Sam’s in order to buy in bulk/cases of soup, beans, etc.. we have been thru a number of hurricanes since 1968, when power was out several days on several storms, one major earthquake as a child on west coast, and a near miss several tornadoes w/125 mph winds. Anyone in the S.E. and other areas with bad weather threats thru the year, is a fool not to have enough food for at least a month. The ones in the cold mid west and N.E. is another area of concern. People are slackers if they don’t prep for natural disasters.

  • stingray

    ok when??

  • Swagato Barman Roy

    What percentage of Americans have an iPhone?

    • Avner

      What percentage of those on SNAP have $150 dollar shoes?

  • Daystrom2012

    Invest in Jesus Christ and draw closer to the Lord as we are indeed in perilous times(2Timothy 3:1-5). Be prepared both physically and more importantly spiritually as we are headed for trouble. At least during the great depression people were at least for the most part civil and decent, can you say the same thing about this current generation ?
    The generation that gives no thought to the welfare of it’s neighbor that thinks nothing of slaughtering a child in the womb or milking taxpayers for free phones and money. The generation that has been raised to think of me first and it’s all about me.I believe that many will have no problem taking a life if it will feed them if even for just but a day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every sign is in place the most important sign being the re-birth of Israel in 1948. The signs,and there are far too many to list, that point to this being the generation that will witness the second coming. If it is, then all the preparing in the world will not help.

    Matthew 16:2-3 He answered and said to them, “When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,
    “and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.

    Revelation 6:5-6 When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”

    • Marty

      You’re right cause Gods right!

      • Priszilla

        God is

        Why is it that natives are especially bad at preserving their own culture?


          The march through our institutions by the Communists commenced 45 years ago culminating in the Man who would be King. The belief structures have been eviscerated. I come from a time when the American Flag was posted in front of the classroom and we pledged allegiance to Flag and the country to which it stands. No more. Might offend somebody! The assault has been from the top-down and it has been relentless. In the Navy we have a term for a jet that was in an uncontrolled descent, “behind the power curve”. In 2016, we pull up and out or we go into the ground.

          • Priszilla

            Yeah. USA, North Korea, China. Not so different in their indoctrination of the young.
            In other countries you hear the hymn only on special occasions, and teachers are not afraid that their pupils lost their allegiance over night so that they have to repeat it every morning.

          • Gay Veteran

            “… I come from a time when the American Flag was posted in front of the classroom and we pledged allegiance to Flag and the country to which it stands. No more…..”

            You are focused on the wrong problemconsidering the pure EVIL our government has been engaged in around the world

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            What should we be focused on? Seriously.

          • guest

            The quarter that gay vet dropped.
            Go ahead, bend over and pick it up……

          • Gay Veteran

            the fact that we have empire abroad and a national security/surveillance state at home

          • XSANDIEGOCA


    • DJohn1

      Our churches in the area give community dinners. Usually they are one a week split between 4 churches in the area. It is all voluntary stuff from the members.
      It is all cheap food. But it is the right spirit of things, and they generally have two hundred or more people show up. It isn’t much, but it does help.
      Right now the crisis is the extreme weather the entire country has going on. A lot of people will have a hard time paying the heat bill.
      Again, I see the churches stepping up to the plate and helping. Those that have money helping those that are poor.
      I remember back in the 70s the Salvation Army in our area was a source of help. They taught many a child how to play basketball in their gym.
      Last year those same “kids” (now in their 40s and 50s.) donated 40 million to the army through their former coach. They had made it big in basketball professionally.
      Not everyone is cruel. Not everyone is all bad. God provides for those who serve him. You want money. Tithe.


        Well stated.

      • Daystrom2012

        No, not everyone is all bad but sometimes the good perish with the bad as was the case with the tower of Siloam (luke 13:4). Yes tithe, but not with the expectation of getting money or goods in return. Sometimes the return on a tithe is far greater than than material blessings, especially if the motive is pure. And while helping the poor is a by-product of salvation the main purpose of the church is to edify believers and preach the gospel to the lost. If the pulpits and seminaries had done that for the last 50 years our nation may not be in the shape it is in today. The feel good gospel without the message of salvation, has been a failure. What did Jesus do? He preached the message of salvation first then fed the multitudes after they were fed with spiritual food.

        2Cor 9:7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

    • Jason Huth

      WTF? This is no solution. Clinging to religion instead of taking responsibility and helping to fix problems is no answer. You can praise whatever god or savior you want to but, in the end, it is what actions that you actually do that will determine your fate and the fate of your family.

      • Daystrom2012

        Unless you repent, you will perish.

        Acts 16:31 So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      • GSOB

        “Clinging to religion instead of taking responsibility and helping to fix problems is no answer.”
        For the unregenrate, that’s true.
        That’s all they can do.
        Jesus saves.
        You saved?

    • guest

      “The generation that gives no thought to the welfare of it’s neighbor
      that thinks nothing of slaughtering a child in the womb or milking
      taxpayers for free phones and money. The generation that has been raised
      to think of me first and it’s all about me.”
      I agree, the boomers are definitely the wicked generation of whom Jesus spoke.
      Rebellious towards their parents and rotten to their children.
      The boomers worship of hedonism and all things demonic opened many portals that we have and are dealing with.
      ‘It is a wicked generation that looks for a sign’. Between psychedelic drugs, tm, open satanism, sexual depravity, divorce, covenant breakers, family destroyers, if it feels good do it, day care is awesome cuz ‘mommy’ is all ’empowered’ and ‘independent’!
      I could go on and on and on about the Godless boomers that ruined this nation.
      I will end with this, Then, they ( boomers) have the audacity to blame their children (gen mil) for their sins.
      As for the millennials, Children live what they learn, ‘Train a child in the way he should go and in his youth, he will not depart from it’.
      Chew on that for awhile before you go a pointing your hypocritical finger again.

      • Daystrom2012

        I fail to see the hypocrisy or where I blamed a particular generation. The blame lies on all. The current lack of morals falls on my generation and I can say from my own experience my parents generation so much so that when I heard the good news I became a Christian and pulled my kids from the public schools. From my parents generation to my own. The fault lies with all,especially the church, for failing to stand up enough,myself included. The good news is that Jesus died for the sins of all and whosoever shall believe on Him shall be saved from this life which is a blink of an eye in the scope of eternity (John 3:16) because God new we were going to mess this up. Isn’t it wonderful to know there is a God of mercy? What’s the answer? Save as many souls who are willing to hear before the clock strikes midnight on man’s time on this planet because that time is fast approaching..Chew on that.

        • guest

          “I fail to see the hypocrisy or where I blamed a particular generation.”
          Reread what I quoted. It is clearly aimed at the millenials.
          Are they without sin ? No.
          Who taught them to be lazy, liars and thieves ? Their (boomer) parents.
          They think nothing of slaughtering their babies…. Their ‘mothers’ celebrated the practice, calling it ’empowerment’ and ‘sexual freedom’.
          The boomers destroyed the moral and godly foundation of America. Killing babies, abandoning marriage (no fault divorce), Abandoning their children to be raised by strangers (daycare), Leaving their children to fend for themselves (latch key kids).
          The boomer gen. sowed the seeds of rebellion against God in a selfish, self centered, vain imagination of some great Aquarian awakening of libertarian freedom.
          What you see today is only the beginning of the hell that the wicked generation has unleashed.

      • Mike

        I thought you were in agreement until the last line came out of left field, “Chew on that for a while before you go and point your hypocritical finger again”.

        • guest

          The last line is on point. Most comments and all pundits point at the children (gen mil) and exclaim how stupid, lazy and useless they are.
          It is sop, in an attempt to shift blame from the guilty to the innocent.
          The children learned what they lived. The boomer gen had no morals, or values beyond live for the moment, if it feels good do it, it’s only wrong if you get caught, etc.
          No wonder the children are cold, callous, empty of humanity.

          • GSOB

            Back off from Daystrom you fox.

            You need to put your clothes on right, get your priorites straight.

            Satan is the enemy.
            Not Christans, so, please don’t give the appearance of giving ground over to Satan anymore, as a quest you have done so.

            Your clothes are on backwards and inside out.


          • guest

            I seek wisdom.
            You have nothing for me.

          • cat

            can we just blame Satan and his fallen angel, Wow!!! He loves that you blame anyone else but him. Up his alley.

          • guest

            Yes, we certainly can blame satan. However, satan could not have gained a foothold (to be charitable), had not the wicked generation cast off the ‘yoke’ of Righteousness, ( in every way imaginable).
            Constantly, everywhere there are comments disparaging the ‘youth’ of today. They are narcissists, godless, selfish, greedy, disrespectful, lazy, rebellious, etc and so forth.
            I don’t disagree, however, their parents where the ones who planted the seeds.
            I remember their parents declaring ‘God is dead’, shortly before they began sacrificing their babies on the altar of ‘sexual liberation’ (Molech).
            Yes, satan is to blame and so is the vessel that carried it.

    • Mike Smithy

      Jesus Saves
      Moses Invests

      • GSOB

        He means that one needs to invest their life, that means time, to Jesus.

  • ItIsWell

    Thank you for your blog! Since reading the last two years I have got out of all credit card debt and vehicle payments. I feel so much better and have room to breath! My husband is our only income so our pantry was hard to start but I catch the sales and stock up. Now my grocery bill is alot less and I take the extra that I’ve saved and stock up through Augason Farms with items already sealed for long term use. (Walmart sells Augason farms online cheaper than buying directly from Augason farms) I began sewing and selling on eBay and use that very small income to buy junk silver. The Lord worked it out for us to fnd a home in the country in which I am very thankful for.
    The latest snow storm caught my mom unprepaired a hour away with no food in the house. I try to talk her into at least a week supply of food on hand but she still won’t listen. I am going to have to buy some canned food for her and tell her not to throw away and not to use until emergency. It’s scary to know there are people that see our demise and yet don’t care about preparing.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment. I applaud you for taking such positive actions. There truly is hope in getting prepared.

      And doesn’t it feel great when debts are finally paid off? It is like a weight coming off of you. I know from experience.

      Keep up the great work. Hopefully your comment will inspire others to action.

      God bless you!


    • Genada

      People like to delude themselves. You should read about the fall of Rome, the end of the Confederacy, the fall of Berlin in World War 2 or any other great calamity. All of them share one thing in common, people knowing what was going to happen and pretending it wasn’t going to happen.

      It’s great to see a blog like this where Michael is trying to warn people but it’s got to be like being on the Titanic just after it hit the iceberg. Your trying to tell people that they may want to put on life jackets and prepare to get on lifeboats while people are shouting you down telling you this is great, we now have ice on the deck for our drinks. A large loss of life on the Titanic had to do with the fact that they didn’t realize the ship was going to sink till too late and by the time they took action to attempt to save people it became hurried and led to more people dying then should have.

      • USEDUP

        From what I have seen and read about events such as the Civil War and other times is – The worst dangers often came from your “own people”- often bankers, militia, law enforcers- anyone who saw a chance to to advantage of a bad situation to gain land, resources, or take advantage of others.

    • Orange Jean

      Sounds like you made some good choices and that’s to be commended. I also recently got totally out of debt (about a year ago) and it feels great. I am basically living on the same budget as before, only tucking away for emergencies the money I used to have to pay to the credit cards and car payments.

      Sorry to hear your mom isn’t listening to your advice on keeping some food storage. Where I live (southeastern VA) we normally do not have wintery weather but the past few years have gotten worse and I’ve now been stuck in the house (after a bad storm, no roads cleared) for most of the past 2 weeks… but I had plenty of food and T-tissue to make it for even a month or more if I had to. I did find out though that there were some food items I craved and was running low on and on Sunday when I got a brief break in the weather I braved the still somewhat snowy road and got re-stocked…. and doubled up on the things I craved when stuck in the house.

      Now we are unexpectedly getting warnings we may have another storm coming in a day or so with even more snow… so while I’m feeling “cabin fever”, at least I know I’ve got stuff I need. If it helps, please print out this comment for your mom and share with her. Tell her I am 64 and handicapped and grateful to be prepared… and I would recommend that she do the same. It just feels a lot safer!

      • ItIsWell

        I’m in southwest va and we are experiencing the same weather with another storm approaching. I’ll keep trying to talk to my mom but it looks like I’ll have to shop for her. Thanks 🙂

    • sandbagger

      Just like the people who don’t go to the doctor for a routine health check for fear the doctor will find something is wrong. Whether or not you go to the doctor won’t make an illness non-existent.

      Backward thinking is at work when a person won’t prepare for an emergency because they think if they don’t then it will never happen!

      • IJustNeedToSay

        I have to kindly disagree as I believe not going to the doctor is usually a sign of distrust. . I don’t personally go to doctor anymore. Last two times I went was ten years ago and they sent me to different specialist where I had all kinds of test done which was very costly even with insurance. The reply I got was that my hormones were not balanced. They gave me a ten day treatment that I read was for menopause (I was 24) that caused a 15 pound super fast weight gain. Ten years later I still have same problem as it never went away.

  • Genada

    Should be mentioned that you need to have a fund that is in cash. In a real crisis you may not have access to the banks and they may even seize your account.

    It’s possible for almost everyone to start saving something. Look at your daily life and pick one item you like and forgo it to start to save. Even something as simple as not having a soda is a start. Even if you do not believe that there’s going to be a real crisis, you will have personal crisis from time to time. It’s always better to be able to help yourself then have to beg and that’s the real reward of savings.

    • DJohn1

      Cut the cable bill. Use the money and buy an antenna. Start small with one you put on the window. You should get at least 5 channels in most major areas. I saved up in the summer and bought a deep fringe antenna and put it up myself. They last about 10-15 years if the weather doesn’t get them. I get 33 channels over the air. That includes 10 PBS channels with good programming. It is all free after you put the antenna up. Invest in a modern TV so you get the channels.

      What ever you have left on payday, put it in a coffee can. Same goes for other sources of income.
      Tithe on whatever you have left on payday to the tune of 10%. Because that is your true income. The rest is a lie. It is what you require to simply pay your bills.

      But simply doing that puts God on your side financially.
      Any change left at the end of the week also goes in the can.
      The tithe brings luck. At least it has for me.

      • Chastity Kohenberg

        Just get rid of the TV all together. You can’t get anything with an antenna these days.

  • K

    Michael, you do not even have to wait for a specific event. Look how severe this Winter has been for some. The last storm hit a couple of towns so hard. Roofs caved in, water and power are down. Perhaps two weeks before it is restored. These towns are only about fifty miles away. They have not even cleared the roads yet. And people are already asking for donations of food and water. It has only been one day. Now add to that just 2 years ago, that same area, was hit by a tornado. Even that did not teach them to prepare. I know you will continue to try to reach people, and so will I. But some days, it is just really hard.

  • Rebel Maggie

    I’m investing in pure therapeutic essential oils. When people become stressed all health conditions will be stressed to the max. I’m prepared to deal with anxiety, diabetes, pain, and respiratory ailments.

    • Mike Smithy

      Does that rub down come with a happy ending?

      • alan

        ah oh…..
        Is that for an ounce of silver?

    • jakartaman

      I am very Interested in your natural treatment for diabetes

  • JailBanksters

    At least the Banks have prepared, if they go bust they’ve made it legal to just take your money. Take , Steal it’s the same thing.

    • alan

      Money deposited at a bank is considered an investment and can be lost. FDIC may not have funds to refund, so when there is a banking problem better be a the front of the line and get your money first. Better yet move your money out of the banks to be safe.

      • JailBanksters

        The FDIC is a joke, especially when the Government that insures this is borrowing the money from same corrupt banking system to pay you what the banks stole and to paid back by tax payers. So really, it’s your bank, your being hit twice, once by the Bank and once by the Government. And even more laughable is at present there isn’t even money in the kitty to bail-out one Too Big to Jail Bank, so the Government will either adopt first in, first served or go deeper into debt to pay for a debt that’s not even their problem.

  • aliceinwonder

    I strongly suggest that you listen to The Survival Podcast. This is one of the top preparedness podcasts available. Not a ‘tin foil hat’ place….his motto is this: FOR IF TIMES GET TOUGH..OR EVEN IF THEY DON’T.

  • Priszilla

    That financial cushion is called bailout nowadays. And if that fails, people still have their guns.

  • Horiboyable .

    I have been around a while and have seen different bull and
    bear markets and I knew the recession 2008/9 was different from the rest.

    I started to plan my defensive position back in 2011. I am
    mortgage free, I have no car loan or any other loans including CC debt. I have some savings and need to fill my garage with canned food items. I bought in a town with good rail links and is close to farms.

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I have never known a
    time where there is so much dishonesty in commerce and public life. You have to watch them every step of the way, wether its Telco companies, insurance companies, cell phone companies. Have you also noticed that most folks have become meaner and you have to watch your work colleagues?

    I have been following this website for a year and a month
    now and also follow Martyn Armstrongs bolg.

    • Coffeedrinker

      I agree with your observations,

      “I don’t know about the rest of you but I have never known a time where there is so much dishonesty in commerce and public life. You have to watch them every step of the way, wether its Telco companies, insurance companies, cell phone companies. Have you also noticed that most folks have become meaner…”

      because I have noticed the same thing. It is going to be very difficult to bridge between the haves and the have-nots. As others have stated above spiritual preparation is the first priority then education and action concerning personal finance, emergency preparedness, and other areas– are second in importance.

      We are in the end times, as in the time of Noah or the time of Lot.

  • Bruce

    The absolute carnage will be unimaginable when it all collapses. Violence will be an everyday occurence. People will lose their lives over a can of beans. Gangs will roam the streets with NO ONE to stop them. Think society is bad now, you’ve seen nothing yet!

    • K2

      Zombies will be roaming the streets too.

      • Teresa Ann Ramsey

        They already are. Just look around you, most people are so distracted by their electronic gadgets they have no idea what’s going on around them.

  • Black

    Nobody can predict the outcome of a rigged game.
    The people of this country are way too fat, lazy and stupid to understand where this country/world is headed. As long as the TV still works and there are snacks in the cupboard, its all is good

    • Kim

      I don’t think people are lazy or stupid. I deal with the public everyday. I do think people are tired and they’re hopeless for the most part. People are trying desperately to hold on to what they have. We are constantly bombarded with debased entertainment and distractions. It sad what has happened to our culture.

  • jakartaman

    This is why when the SHTF it will be very ugly very quickly

  • Oracle

    History has shown that ONLY the most moral of people will survive…They are without physically and economically prepared. They know enough skills to fix and build what they need as well.
    We are talking a very, very small percentage of Americans that will survive. Their prodigy will spread and prosper, living in a better and restored America…

  • RapidRay01 .

    Think Americans will be ready to take the mark of the Beast , with the next down turn economically ?
    F.D.R. , ” Nothing happens by accident in politics . If it occurs , you know that it was planned to happen ! ” Same for country’s economy !

  • Chastity Kohenberg

    This feels like 1995 all over again, except the year 2000 has been replaced by the “Economic Collapse”. This blog is full of Linus staying out in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin. News about the economic collapse resurface in 2010 as if the alternative media was not satisfied with the 2008 collapse that was like the 1987 collapse. Pretty much most Americans rebound but are earning less than they did in 2007. The hype of the collapse is what it is, a hype. Will the collapse happen? Probably not. Will life in America get harder and more complicated? Definitely.

  • Black

    It seems that most of the people who post here are wishing for collapse of the economy/end of the world. Are all of you really that miserable?

    • Paul F

      Not miserable. Some just want the inevitable to happen–like preparing to yank out a bad splinter. Right now america is walking around on a weak leg about to break and the majority of america is not even aware. As long as they can have their flat screen televisions and facebook, everything is A-Okay. Do a survey. Go out onto the street and ask people if they are even aware of the situation in syria or russia? People don’t pay attention to global affairs let alone what is happening in their own back yard. And keep in mind the most important fact of all: america has rejected GOD and GOD will judge this sinful nation righteously.

      • K2

        You know what will happen if it collapses?. There will be no recovery like americans are used to. Its not a game. Just because people are not aware of whats going on in russia, doesnt mean they deserve a collapse.

        • K2

          A few hours later i saw a person on zerohedge who said the same thing i said.

  • sharonsj

    Us oldsters on a fixed income, living in the Northeast, have been hit hard by the weather. I just ran out of propane, but I didn’t finish paying off the last bill, so I can’t get any more. When the next SS check comes, my choice is to pay off that bill or to fix the frozen sceptic syst

    • Paul F

      Stay warm the best you can. People out here still care about the ‘oldsters’ in our country. If I lived up north my wife and I would help you. Always pray.

  • Falseflagusa

    How’s globalization working for everyone? How’s giving the billionaires free reign to do whatever the f they want? Not to good for yours truly

  • Richard Brackett

    Yes maybe setting money aside is a good thing to do but you can’t eat it and when the collapse happens money will not be worth much for bartering.

  • Kim

    There is no incentive to save. NIRP is coming to America! There is no incentive to get ahead when all the jobs are $10 an hour for 29.9 hours a week. QE benefits the top 1%. Wage equality? What a joke. They don’t care about us.

    • K2

      There is no incentive to spend either. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets wait until NIRP actually happens.

      • iamcurious

        Negative interest rates have already begun in several places around the world, in bonds, for example.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    One item gives me hope that Americans aren’t completely stupid. Very few own gold, which is a lousy investment with real returns of -0.7% over the last 35 years. Want something to barter with? Demon alcohol

  • jsmith

    Michael, I wish you would elaborate on how gold and silver owners would fare in a collapse of the dollar? While I don’t believe a total collapse will happen, I do believe that the dollar which is presently being devalued daily by inflation might be at risk of being openly devalued a la the Mexican Peso overnight. Do you believe Obama will appear on television and close the banks for a week, and then order us to exchange old dollars for new one’s at and exchange rate of 3 or 5 old one’s for new freshly printed devalued dollars? And what are the implications for those who have savings accounts and stocks or bonds?

  • Jason Huth

    It’s nice to se a group of people that have their eyes open. Most of amerikkka is busy “being entertained” by whatever electronic devices they own. In the end it is they “the people” who are owned by their devices instead of the other way around. It is so hard to get people to open their eyes and most who do shut them as quickly as possible because they fear the truth

  • AzDi

    You see this when there are “weather emergencies” in different states. A Hurricane coming and everyone immediately goes to stores and clean them out. It amazes me. I have always been prepared for months at a time. Course I live in a rural area and do that for my own good anyway. However, when I lived in (the hated place now…. CA), I was still aways prepared for an earthquake. Common sense, but then we all know the “left liberals” don’t have that.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I saw a recent survey that said most Americans owe more in credit card debt than they have in retirement savings.

    A very sad state of affairs, indeed. Not only are the majority going to be caught off guard, they won’t be able to survive more than a week or two.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Oh yeah, don’t trust the government to help you out either, if you do get in a financial bind. Uncle Sam’s broke, too.

    Maybe you’re thinking there will be another FDR with another bowl of federal alphabet soup to help the masses, like in the 1930’s. Won’t happen. Why? Umm… did you know the government’s broke? There will be no AAA, CCC, WPA, NRA, or anything else to help you this time around. You’d be better off depending on DDT and LSD.

    Our infrastructure is in Bad Shape. The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was a big help in the South during the 1930’s. Too bad we don’t have the funds for that kind of effort today.

    • Gay Veteran

      certainly not after we spent $TRILLIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Pig Farmer Bill

    The sheeple are out there with no idea about the storm coming.

    • iamcurious

      The huge majority fit your description. There are many books preaching about “prepping” for the coming crash. Most of these do so from a naive and unlearned perspective. A book written by Fernando Aguirre, who lived the economic crash of 2001 in Argentina, entitled “Surviving The Economic Collapse” is one I’d highly recommend. Argentina had a high standard of living that can serve as a good model for the Western world to observe what a similar collapse in their countries may well look like. Not quite the “Mad Max” scenario that our worst fears conjure up but certainly in that direction enough to suggest that the unprepared will find their lives devastated and many will resort to lawlessness and victimize others. Preparation is vitally important to help protect against wholesale declining hygiene standards which will attack the health of a society, not to mention the scarcity of food, clean water, sanitary toilet facilities, bathing, etc. and the defense of one’s family, friends, neighbors, etc. It’s ugly and those who would wish for it are naive and ignorant to wish for such a hell to come down on us.

      • Pig Farmer Bill

        I hope it does not happen, but reality is that the ripple effects from other nations is hitting home. The DOW is being powered by over played stocks, that are extremely overvalued. Best to air on the side of caution.

        • iamcurious

          Although hindsight is 20/20, I considered the stock market too risky 3 years ago and got my money out of it. Now I don’t consider any stock or bond investment to be safe.

  • Voice of Reason

    Was it any different in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60,s, 70,s, 80’s or 90’s. Paycheck to paycheck for the majority of Americans. It’s no tougher today.

    • Gay Veteran

      I don’t recall corporations shipping millions of jobs overseas before NAFTA

      • iamcurious

        Many of those corporations were subsidized to ship those jobs abroad by our own government, under various “programs”. That served to make our own economy worse. It was deliberately done to undermine and destabilize our own economy. America was the last obstacle to the plans of the NWO and is currently being toppled and dismantled.

  • K2

    Michael, people here are slowly beginning to even ‘wish’ for a collapse without knowing what it brings. Preparing is one thing, wishing is entirely another. There will be unimaginable suffering if there will be a collapse this time.

    So I hope you throw in a word or two in your next articles about what it means if the economy collapses and why shouldnt people ‘wish’ for it.

    ‘Collapse’ is only entertaining when watched on TV, but ‘living’ through it is hell. People need to understand this difference.

  • Priszilla

    Yes they are broke. Broke before the crash broke after the crash. So what’s the difference. Why prepare for no change?

    • As derivatives upon derivatives are churning to the moon on QE, the global GDP has remained effectively flat. Ninety-five % of the “wealth” effect has accrued to the accounts of Wall Street speculators in this recovery. So yes, once the derivative bubble bursts the rest of us should remain relatively unaffected.

      Can’t loose what you no longer have…

  • see richbda6 user on youtube for “SOLUTIONS”

  • Paper money will be worthless in a real collapse. Food , Water, Guns, ammo, good health, intelligence will give you the best chance at survival. You certainly can’t eat gold and silver either, so don’t waste your money on shiny bobbles.

  • GSOB

    You can not prepare for an economic collapse.

    Until it collapses, if it does, you can only speculate how it will look.

    Preparing with spectacles is hard.

    Do not doubt that evil will run rampant when it does, if it does.

    With all the manipulation of the entire economy by our governments monetary policies, it is not so much a threat, ecspecially if you have the biggest boys to play with the biggest toys in all the world.

    But ISIS is an evil that is running rampant now and the populace and leaders are not conveying the threat adequately, I think we all can agree. Leaders don’t want pandemonium and the MSM is the vehicle to avoid that, in any case, up to the time it actually happens.

    ‘pandemonium’ resulting from a terrorist attack at our mall or airports, or our water supply…on American soil….
    then everone shifts to survival mode.

    Know your enemy. He is a deceiver and a murderer.

    Comments such as…’CIA is funding ISIS’ …
    and the like, those words are not unlike what
    a terrorist would say…
    to hide his identity while infiltrating.
    Those are their tactics.
    As a theif in the night.

    United we stand, divided we fall.
    Pray for our leaders and be alert.
    Pray for the Lord’s protection.
    Pray, pray, pray…
    Pray with thanksgiving and be filled with life, to express Him and represent HIm, so that others may see your light.
    Prep that way everyday…

    • Anthony Andolini

      I posted something like this a while back and got the “pull your head out of the sand” stuff . I agree with you and I’m one that believes in prayer first not last. Let the Lord direct my path and yours brother.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…ISIS is an evil that is running rampant now and the leaders are not conveying the threat adequately enough to the people….”
      ROFLOL, you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than being killed by a terrorist.
      But you fascist government appreciates your FEAR

  • Jackn3

    Follow the G,s Guns,gold,good water, a garden, a generator, gasoline, generic drugs, and GOD for wisdom

  • guest

    A pity I can up vote you but once.
    The gov. has the western ‘church’ by the balls, for sure.
    The other side of it is that the members don’t want to hear the truth, so the preacher tells them sweet little lies to tickle their itching ears.
    If the preacher told the truth, most don’t know anyway, the members wouldn’t return. Which means that their money wouldn’t either.
    I long ago tired of the feminized feelings based ‘love’ fest, known as western church.

  • j

    All it takes is for people to lose there job or have a major health issue and you would be living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Pastors (501’s) are cowards and won’t speak out on issues….”

    then stop taking the tax breaks and speak out on the issues

    • laura m.

      Agree, but the greedy leaders and their greedy members many of them wealthy, want social clubs and the deduction. A man told me he spoke to several members in his 501 church and was told the same thing. Ministers/priests are cowards and reprobates and refuse to hear truth. All they want is members. I even Q 501c3 conservative, patriot or pro family groups that folks give money to. There are always strings attached and they too will only say or write so much.

      • Gay Veteran

        sounds like they are serving Mammon

  • CharlesH

    Michael – you’ll never really know how much good you’re doing by all your hard work. I come to your articles anytime I need to get the true and correct information and get away from all the spin that’s being put out all the time. Personally – I appreciate that you have this calling to helping us out here – all over America.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    ‘Perhaps none of this concerns you’…

    I work retail, and when we have a snow ’emergency’? I see a LOT of sheep with snow shovels in their carts. I live in an area where 6-10 inches is common.

    Chance favors the prepared mind….

  • NTB

    I’ve just discovered this site, and I’m glad I did. For a long time, my husband and I have been wondering how our friends who are our age (young 30s) can afford homes, cars, vacations…I do think they just leverage themselves into a pit. We tried to buy our first home last year–something modest, around $200k–and even with more than 20% down and a nest egg, we were outbid by 30-40k by cash investors of people willing to pay more than asking. That’s life, but I just don’t understand how this can continue. It feels insane and unwise to overpay for a home. Thanks for making me feel less alone. It’s scary how many people don’t realize what’s going on.

  • Biz Duck

    I buy my eggs and raw milk from my neighbor here in Costa Rica. My other neighbor has chickens and beef, produce is everywhere. We have established great relationships with our neighbors, but I’m still kind of screwed if the dollar crashes.

  • Robret (QSLV)

    Once I did an experiment. Spent a day in the Superstition Mountains in July. It was 114 in the shade. I wore a wide brimmed hat, long sleeve denim shirt, blue jeans and good boots. I carried a day pack containing a gallon of water, salt tablets and a Chocolate bar. I wore a garrison belt with 2 one quart canteens of water and a large folding knife. I hiked in until half my water was gone. Then I hiked back out and reported to the ranger station that I made it out O.K.. All my water was gone. I was very thirsty but not yet ill from dehydration. This was only 6 hours.
    Think of a major S H T F . How much food and water can you carry? If you load a Jeep with your stuff, how far will you get? River crossing? Bridges blocked or guarded by armed men? Mad Max road warriors ready to run you off the road and kill you for your stuff?
    Shelter in place? For how long before someone finds you and kills you for your hoard?
    I don’t propose a solution for this dilemma. This is food for thought.
    Robert (QSLV)

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