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15 Shocking Poverty Statistics That Are Skyrocketing As The American Middle Class Continues To Be Slowly Wiped Out

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The “America” that so many of us have taken for granted for so many decades is literally disintegrating right in front of our eyes.  Most Americans are still operating under the delusion that the United States will always be “the wealthiest nation” in the world and that our economy will always produce large numbers of high paying jobs and that the U.S. will always have a very large middle class.  But that is not what is happening.  The very foundations of the U.S. economy have rotted away and we now find ourselves on the verge of an economic collapse.  Already, millions upon millions of Americans are slipping out of the middle class and into the devastating grip of poverty.  Statistic after statistic proves that the middle class in the United States is shrinking month after month after month.  Meanwhile, millions of Americans are starting to wake up and are beginning to realize that we have very serious problems on our hands, but they have no idea what is causing our economic distress and they are unaware that most of our politicians have absolutely no idea how to fix the economic disaster that we have created.

On the mainstream news, the American people are treated to endless footage of leaders from both political parties proclaiming that the primary reason that we are in the midst of such an economic mess is because of what the other political party has done.

Republicans proclaim that we are experiencing all of this economic chaos because of the Democrats.

Democrats proclaim that we are experiencing all of this economic chaos because of the Republicans.

Even many readers of this column (who are generally more educated and more informed than most average Americans) leave comment after comment blaming either the Democrats of the Republicans for our current economic mess.  

But do you really want to know who is to blame for our economic problems?

Both of them.

This economic nightmare has taken literally decades to develop, and both Democrats and Republicans have contributed greatly to this disaster.

Both parties have absolutely refused to stand up to the Federal Reserve and the horrific economic policies that they have been shoving down our throats for decades.

Both parties have stood idly by as the U.S. trade deficit has absolutely exploded in size and the United States has become significantly poorer month after month after month.

Both parties have refused to do anything as month after month after month large numbers of factories and good paying jobs leave the United States.

Both parties have shoved the spending accelerator to the floor when they have been in power and now we have the largest national debt in the history of the world.

Both parties have done essentially nothing as the health care industry, which was once the envy of the world, has degenerated into a cesspool of corruption and greed and now seems designed to do little more than to provide pharmaceutical companies and health insurance crooks with obscene profits. 

If factories keep leaving the United States and jobs keep leaving the United States and the federal government keeps going into more debt and state governments keep going into more debt and local governments keep going into more debt, then things are going to keep getting worse

It does not take a genius to figure that out.

The United States is continually getting poorer and is continually going into more debt.

Can anyone out there explain how that is a formula for economic prosperity?


Can anyone explain how that would work?

Please leave a comment and explain that to all of us if you can.

The truth is that as wealth continues to leave the United States and as the U.S. gets even deeper into debt, more Americans are going to become poor.

It really is that simple.

The following are 15 shocking poverty statistics that are skyrocketing as the American middle class continues to be slowly wiped out….

#1 Approximately 45 million Americans were living in poverty in 2009.

#2 According to the Associated Press, experts believe that 2009 saw the largest single year increase in the U.S. poverty rate since the U.S. government began calculating poverty figures back in 1959.

#3 The U.S. poverty rate is now the third worst among the developed nations tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

#4 According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on a year-over-year basis, household participation in the food stamp program has increased 20.28%.

#5 The number of Americans on food stamps surpassed 41 million for the first time ever in June.

#6 As of June, the number of Americans on food stamps had set a new all-time record for 19 consecutive months.

#7 One out of every six Americans is now being served by at least one government anti-poverty program.

#8 More than 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid, the U.S. government health care program designed principally to help the poor.

#9 One out of every seven mortgages in the United States was either delinquent or in foreclosure during the first quarter of 2010.

#10 Nearly 10 million Americans now receive unemployment insurance, which is almost four times as many as were receiving it in 2007.

#11 The number of Americans receiving long-term unemployment benefits has risen over 60 percent in just the past year.

#12 According to one recent survey, 28% of all U.S. households have at least one member that is looking for a full-time job.

#13 Nationwide, bankruptcy filings rose 20 percent in the 12 month period ending June 30th.

#14 More than 25 percent of all Americans now have a credit score below 599.

#15 One out of every five children in the United States is now living in poverty.

As millions more Americans continue to climb on to the “safety net”, how long is it going to be before it breaks?

The reality is that the system can only support so many people.  We are now at a point where our anti-poverty programs are clearly unsustainable in the long-term, but nobody has a solution for how we are going to get all of these people off of these programs or how we are going to provide good jobs for all of them.

The cost of every U.S. government anti-poverty program is absolutely soaring.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government is already running a budget deficit that is approaching 1.5 trillion dollars every year.  If you cannot understand that we have a very serious problem on our hands then you are probably not awake.

The U.S. economic system is dying.  Blaming the other political party is not a solution.  Running around the country offering “hope” and “change” and giving people a vague sense that things will get “better” soon is not going to cut it either.

The American people need very real economic solutions to very real economic problems. 

But nearly all of our politicians are way too busy either trying to get elected or trying to stay in office to tackle the very serious problems which are destroying our economy.

Unfortunately, the American people love to watch our politicians play politics.  They love to watch the little ping-pong ball of blame go back and forth.  They love to pick sides and to cheer for their “team”.

None of that is doing any good.  Right now millions of Americans are getting sucked into poverty each year and neither major political party is doing anything real to address the very real economic problems that are causing that to happen. 

But most Americans have become so “dumbed down” that they don’t even understand what the real problems are anymore.

All most Americans seem to want these days is to watch a good show.

So send in the clowns.

There are certainly enough of them in Washington D.C. to keep Americans entertained for quite a long time.

  • Yojo

    The USA has nothing to worry about just get a IMF loan. lol

  • William

    Four B’s to the solution:

    1. Bibles

    2. Beans

    3. Bullets

    4. Bandaids

    Anything else is wasting your time.

  • nakedguy

    ok , you and many other know there is a prolbem , what do you think the answer is?

  • handog

    Excellent post! Although….
    “Most of our politicians have absolutely no idea how to fix the economic disaster that we have created.” I would suggest that NONE of our politicians know how to fix this mess.
    I agree that we have a two headed one party system which is only in place to divide us all by picking teams. It’s all a distraction so they can stuff their pockets.
    Most Americans were too “busy” watching unreality shows to actually look at Obamas background and voted for him because he was smooth. Unfortunately you reap what you sow.
    I know, I know. Bush started the bailouts but the currant POTUS has floored the accelerator and we are now marching full speed into the mouth of Hell

  • tyler

    I completely agree with your take on the right verse left paradigm and that both parties are to blame. Its like your last article about the green police the first comment said something like “I am seeing you leaning to the right.” People who still stick to the neocon side or the liberal side make me want to puke and I don’t even bother leaving comments. Until America evolves to the point where they realize both parties are pretty much the same and can support a guy like Ron Paul this country will continue to erode into a state of decay. I refuse to vote unless their is a candidate who adresses the issues I care about such as the problems the fed has created and the too big to fail banks and illegal immigration. The days of me voting for a republican because their a republican are over.

  • Gary

    I have the solution-tax the rich and spread the wealth. Problem solved. Tax the parasitic rich HARD!

  • Concerned Reader

    “But do you really want to know who is to blame for our economic problems?”

    I agree that the politicians and elite bankers and corporatists are to blame for this country’s financial debacle, but I place the majority of the blame on the American people themselves.

    I do not buy the notion that we have been a nation of sweet and innocent people for the last couple of generations. No! We brought all this onto ourselves and we are going to pay dearly for our ineptitude.

    What I am saying is that although I consider myself a patriotic person, I can not help but say that the people of this country are perhaps the most apathetic people in the world. For the last fifty years the vast majority of Americans basically just sit on their rump thinking that the good times were always going to be and never prepared for a rainy day while the elites orchestrated their plan to turn America into a nation that serves them and not the common citizens themselves.

    We are the ones responsible for the national debt, entitlement costs, declinig quality of life, health care, and education. Unregulated borders coupled with an over stretched military empire and countless other issues. We could have stopped this thirty years ago, but we decided to keep going on with our lives and trust the very people to who got us into this mess to help us out.

  • Marty

    1. Eliminate our central bank. The US has done it once already.

    2. Establish a parallel commodity backed currency. Private entities such as EGold would establish electronic gold transfer systems. The defacto currency of the US, and eventually the rest of the world would become the GG for Gram Gold. Bullion backing the currency would be vaulted in Zurich (out of the reach of the US government), and audited daily by ViaMat.

    3. Return the nation to a constitutional republic. Commerce means commerce, general welfare means the welfare of the general public, not the welfare of some favored subset of the public.

    4. Enforce the rest of the constitution, including the ninth, and tenth amendments. Eliminate the standing army, and institute a milita based national defense force, modeled after that of Switzerland. Only a small corps of officers would be employed by the government. No more executive orders. No more undeclared wars.

    5. Hand over the leadership of the Bush administration, everyone who was involved in torture, extra judicial imprisonment, or extra judicial killings to the world court for investigation of war crimes. Do the same for everyone in the congress, and the Obama administration who knew of these practices, and who did not act to stop them, and to prosecute the perpetrators.

    6. Repeal the individual, and corporate income taxes, and run the federal government on excise taxes, and tariffs. No more punishment for honesty, and wealth creation.

    I could go on, but I think these 6 points would do it. You say it could never happen? It has once already. It was called the American revolution. Read the Declaration of independence.

  • Neville

    1. The congress to pass legislation to form a non-political (a ten year plan not tied to any party)Economic Recovery Body consisting of new wave economists (not Keynsians or neo Classical) with powers to;
    2. quickly draw up a short, medium and long term plan, the S-t plan to;
    3. Identify the industries that most add value along the value chain that have left the country (in any part of the chain)and target these for re-birth assistance(tariffs will be required but China is worried and is off loading US bonds anyway)It should be explained in the M-T and L-T plans that initially those able to pay more tax will have to assist until the situation stabilses
    4. Identify the shortage of skills and assist companies to implement on the job training programmes for new recruits. Should these later leve the company ( a tax credit will offst the loss as this route will be required)
    5. Assit the service IT compnies with greater R&D cedits.
    7. Assist with the creation of more small busineses with “grey service skills assistance”
    8. Create a culture of saving and less of consuming to eventually get the 70% level of consumption expendicure down to a more sustainable target…
    9. There could be more on targetting the unemployed skills to be involved in new companies etc..

  • handog

    I am a construction contractor who started out 25* years ago. Since 2007 I have been completely wiped out. I would not say that the middle class is being “slowly wiped out” It is coming swiftly. Believe me. After two and a half years of famine I found a lower paying job which requires me to travel to all 50 states. I get a prospective on what is really going on, not from the media. It’s not pretty.

  • VegasBob

    The trouble is that most people stop thinking by the time they’ve finished 2nd grade. Most kids quickly figure out that it’s much easier to be one of the mindless herd of sheeple.

    The shills in the US media are bought and paid for. They all receive 6, 7 and 8 figure salaries, so they are not going to rock any boats by telling the truth about the US economy.

    To fix the system, both parties have to admit failure.

    The Democrats have to admit that the entitlement mentality has turned this country into a nation of fat, lazy slobs, large numbers of whom have absolutely no interest in working to produce anything of value. For them, it’s easier to line up to collect government checks.

    The Republicans have to admit that free trade and globalization have destroyed the American economy, and that supply side trickle down economics is an abysmal failure. Anybody with a brain can see that as soon as we give the wealthy everything they want, the faucet is shut off and nothing trickles down to the masses.

    Since neither party is going to step up to the plate to admit its failures, we will get to watch the system collapse. Perhaps then we will be able to rebuild the American economy.

  • Suetonious

    I think we’re still missing the point. I don’t think both parties have done a bad job. In fact, they have done an excellent job. Now, of course, I can practically see the steam belching out of many readers’ ears, but I mean what I say.

    The two parties don’t work for us. Never have. They work for the powerful banking families of Europe and New York. And their mission is to divert and distract while giving official legitimacy to the fascist measures being implemented by their Masters to lockdown and destroy Americans.

    This has not always been their mission. For awhile, after WWII, the goal of these Powers That Be (PTB) was to build the US up to be the economic and military powerhouse it became, in order to expand the influence of the PTB around the globe. They were very successful in this.

    But, now they are finished with us, because in our nationalistic “arrogance”, we are an obstacle to their establishment of a New World Order. So, the other shoe has dropped, and the order has been given to destroy America, but in a way that seems like “it just kinda happened” to a totally obtuse electorate. The “dumbling down” of the US population is now paying dividends for the PTB.

    Really, the insane policies put in place by both parties cannot be explained even by insanity. Nope, this destruction is full of intent and purpose.

    The longer we dally with the silliness of focusing on one party or another, as if they were truly different in the slightest degree regarding the policies important to the PTB (and by extension – we the people), the more time is wasted as they implement the final collapse.

    The race is on.

  • Hognutz

    Ya finally hit the nail on the head! It’ ain’t left or right, It’s all! It’s Big Government in general!

    It is also our fault for being such uninformed slobs, and being more intersted in American Idol than being interested in America!

  • Diarmada

    William, your 4 B’s are crap!

  • JustanOGuy

    D.C. is the Cancer. As it grows, the country gets weaker and weaker.

  • JustanOGuy

    Oh yeah… You asked for solutions… get rid of D.C.


  • Something Wicked This Way Comes


    You can’t tax the rich. They’ll just leave. You see they already have the chips and they ain’t givin’ em back.

    The solution is understanding that both parties suck. Bad. The only solution is a third party. The anti government liberty and freedom party and if the majority of Americans don’t figure this out soon- we are hosed.

    Campaign reform. Job one. Term limits for all of Congress. The FED absolutely has to go. Job two.

    There’s the solution.

    1. Libertarian party.
    2. Campaign reform. No contributions by any single entity beyond 1000 bucks. Period.
    3. Dismantle the FED. Print our own money. Loan it. Use the interest to pay off our debt.

    That’s the solution. Class dismissed.

  • Save the Republic

    Like Handog suggested, none of our politicians know how to fix this. And why would they? Would anyone expect to hire a demolition expert to construct a new skyscraper? The politicians are experts at destroying what made America great for their own gain, and covering up their true motives. Don’t just vote (like the media always tells you), but vote “outside the box”.

  • Joey

    Marty is exactly right,he is so on the mark. If you have a blog,please give me a link. This blog continues to impress me!

  • Rick

    The short and simple answer is to drop the debt base money system that has been in place since FDR. Pull all your money out of the banks until the debt system is replaced. Turn off your TV sets. Government workers need to quit their jobs in protest of the fictionalization money system the International bankers have created. The Police should be ashamed of wearing a badge as they are nothing more than revenuers. Every government facility should be swarmed with protesters. If we don’t take action now. You better learn Chinese FAST.

  • Alex Johnson

    So who is filling all these football stadiums at $50. a pop????

  • William

    This nightmare has been building since 1980. BOTH political parties are corrupt and do not serve the electorate. The root causes of this disaster lie in the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve system and the cowards in the US Congress who will do nothing about the FED. I fear, with the current national debt, that America is over the edge.

  • Owen

    Most Americans are misguided about our current situation. Until you see it in its proper context, you will not understand why these things are happening. What is happening, folks, is we are witnessing a mighty clash in a war that is even more ancient than mankind. It is the great conspiracy against God and that war is almost over. This is not about Republicans versus Democrats it is about Light versus darkness. We have the current situation because right now the side that has chosen darkness bears the rule in this dark hour. What we have right now is exactly what they wanted. Their goal is to dissolve all nation states, destroy the current economy, and create a one world religion, with a global economy and a one world government. Why? They want to make the world even darker. The result is what we are now seeing worldwide. They intent to commit murder on a massive scale and they have a global nuclear war planned that may be upon us within the next 5 years. Do vote, but be very careful who you choose to trust, look outside the main parties. I have a friend who is the World’s only hope, after all, He is the Lamb of God, and He has already won the war against the forces of darkness. I hope He is your friend, too.

  • Wake Up

    I stopped reading when you said “Both of them.”

    It’s the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank that is the problem.

  • TnAndy

    Marty has the solution nailed, and Gary doesn’t have a freaking clue.

  • This economic world war three was caused by the federal reserve and offshore banksters! The politicians (All Parties) are nothing more than puppets working for this mob. The politicians deceive the public while the federal reserve and the offshore banksters continue to loot us. Look up “Money Changers”

  • sharonsj

    You are absolutely right that both parties are to blame. I used to think that most politicians were completely clueless as to what was happening. But now it’s pretty evident that the country is in a total mess and still nothing much gets changed.

    There are plenty of solutions, but they won’t get enacted. Our Congress has become so corrupted by power and money that they cannot and will not change. The solutions require taking money away from the super-rich (who certainly are not paying their fair share).

    And since Congresspeople get rich and fat off the money they take from us and give to themselves and their friends, we can’t expect them to stop sucking the taxpayer teat (no apologies to Alan Simpson, that fucking corporate shill trying to steal what’s left of Social Security).

    We need to vote out about 95% of the incumbents…if we can. The loony Republican right is shooting itself in the foot by putting up nut jobs as candidates. As for Ron Paul, he is a libertarian and if you really understood the libertarian mindset (“I have mine, so everyone else can get lost and die”), you wouldn’t want him running the government either. As despicable as the Dems are, I will end up voting for them instead of the party of no. What a choice.

  • mrsprpatriot

    Hey Nakedguy, who says “what do you think the answer is” there are lots of things we can do. First of all that fact that we read these post is telling that we are aware which is more than some folks. I have joined 2 tea party movements and have joined the 9/12 project. I also have become very faith based and reading political and religious books since there is a link between the two. (read crimes against liberty, the obama blueprint, storm warnings, epi-center, can america survive)) I have been praying alot and that is something we ALL need to do is turn to GOD. I send these emails and all others out to as many people as I can no matter what side they are on. I don’t hestiate to bring up politics anymore with people like I used to since now I have facts. We need to get more americans to wake up and get involved. What is going on in the country is very frightening and it is because we have become apathetic, and more interested in what is going on in Hollywood or what car we drive or house we live in or ours toys that most can’t even afford. Please believe me when I say it will be up to us verses the Government. We need to make sure when we vote we vote out al the encumbents and get rid of the old establishment and get people who will fight for the people. We need to WAKE UP and get involved. Another good organization is Freedomworks and Anmericans for prosperity (they are in alot of states) also give money to canidates you want to see beat the encumbent….lots to do! Together we may win but divided we will fall. Alot is riding on these elections in 2010 and in 2012. We are fighting against a very tryrannical Government that doesn’t work for us anymore…and I would suggest you all read history and the Consitution and the declaration of Independence!

  • “If factories keep leaving the United States and jobs keep leaving the United States and the federal government keeps going into more debt and state governments keep going into more debt and local governments keep going into more debt, then things are going to keep getting worse.”

    That is where it all started, the bad unbalanced steel industry and automotive industry trade agreements.

    Fix the trade agreements, and stop subsidizing the migration of US manufacturing offshore.
    It’s fine to have fair trade, but we have never had fair trade with the foreign auto companies.
    The US manufactured cars exported to Japan had such a huge import tax applied to them the vehicles were too expensive for the Japan citizens to purchase, yet we gave them full access to our markets. Bad, bad policy.

    US citizens need to start buying US made products. Have some national pride.

  • SpreadtheWealth-NOT

    I can’t help but notice how these frightening statistics peaked under this Democrat Congress and administration. I don’t consider that a coincidence nor do most fair minded observers. The Republicans did overspend and largely corrupt themselves with Washington money but their rude ejection on 06 and 08 has largely humbled them this political season. The lesson was clear: spending like drunken Democrats would not improve your image as responsible stewards of the economy. It’s a lesson Republicans forgot and the Democrats can never learn.

  • John

    The rich are not to blame. Federalism, fractional reserve banking, and immigration, are what has ruined this country. Centralized government leads to centralized business, (which allows the controllers of the business to get filthy rich). Decentralize government(states rights, 10th amendment), and business will once again become local. Fractional reserve banking allows evil people who do not live in the USA to control our money, hence our lives. Go back to a commodity based money system and inflation disappears. And so do the evil people. Immigration in small doses is fine, but when you let in 3 million a year for 20 years you have a problem (we have Ted Kennedy to thank for that). Real wages adjusted for inflation have declined every year since 1973. Shortly after Ted’s wonderful immigration reform, where he promised it would not change the character or nature of USA.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Here is the most disturbing thing about #3:

    When the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development conducted their research and said that The Banana Republic of America (once known as the USA) had the third worst poverty rate of the advanced nations, they said that Mexico and Turkey were the only two “advanced nations” that were worse off in the poverty department. In other words, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development considered Mexico and Turkey developed countries rather than developing countries or Third World countries. I’ve been to Mexico; the poverty in Mexico (which NAFTA made worse) isn’t as severe as the poverty in Guatemala, Paraguay or Bolivia (Latin America’s poorest countries)—let alone Haiti or Sub-Saharan Africa. But it is still hardcore poverty by European, Canadian or Australian standards.

    Let this sink in: the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is saying that poverty in the BRA is only one step above poverty in Mexico and Turkey. That’s a sobering thought, especially when one considers the gap between haves and have-nots in Mexico—where the rich are EXTREMELY rich. Some parts of Mexico City look like Beverly Hills, while the bad parts (like the infamous Tepito) are arguably even more dangerous than West Baltimore or North Philly.

    Arianna Huffington’s new book is titled “Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream.” That is a frighteningly accurate title, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation’s research bears out what she is saying. The BRA, as Huffington points out, is becoming more and more of a Third World banana republic. Que dios nos ayude.

  • Death to Jahbulon

    Not counting the millions of illegals draining the system and not replenishing.

  • Robed Shaman

    1. Have the Government Accountability Office audit and eventually eliminate the Federal Reserve to destroy the debt cycle of loans and high interest (we have to realize that Federal Reserve has no/barely any gold stored in Fort Knox and that the US doesn’t have to pay back the money that the Federal Reserve just printed out of thin air).

    2. Relinquish JP Morgan Chase of their silver to destroy the silver market manipulation.

    3. Use the silver as currency and have it be PUBLICLY regulated by the Government instead of the private sector(easier to buy food with silver than gold anyway due to value).

    4. Realize that the working American is competing with the working Chinese at $2 a day. Thus, there is a need to regulate trade and heavily apply tariffs on imported goods, even if they were American companies importing from other countries (FredR is correct, buy US made products to show corporations that they can’t just give our jobs away and make a huge profit off of us).

    5. Elect a candidate who doesn’t play politics and actually gets things done. The standards of living can be improved if the pricing of things, that allow us to live, is lowered (food/shelter).

    6. Heavily hold corporations accountable for pollution and degradation of land (it’s amazing how we’re all almost fully dependent on products and cannot live off the land around us, what would we do if those produce disappeared?).

    7. Inject local farms everywhere to help the farmers’ market to also subsidize in affordable food. Learn that GMOs are not the way to go. Ban Monsanto from the American food supply and possibly on the International level as well (GMOs will not solve world hunger if seeds are patented for profit and the protection of that profit, and they certainly do not solve it either if many Americans are starving as well as many other impoverished nations).

    Take the power of money away from the Federal Reserve, they’re bleeding us dry with debts and making profits off of our debts in return due to interest. Fix the way we live by dwindling our dependence on corporations. Once we have a huge food surplus of NATURAL food not linked to Monsanto, we can then fully feed America and other countries if we wished to do so (instead of having it sit on the shelves in a supermarket rotting slowly with their super injected preservatives). We have to take the power back in our lives, and we have to do it by controlling our currency and food supply.

  • Bubba

    It was easy to ignore the caustic effects of a one party system when times were good. The poor got poorer, the middle class got more deeply in debt but thought they were richer and the rich…. well the rich just got stinking rich. Now the middle class are starting to wake up to the sad reality of their lives. They live in a system that they voted for and that is actively screwing them. How will they change that? Does anyone seriously believe that voting republican, or democrat in the fall is going to reverse the decades of entrenched greed that is hobbling the nation? The only tangible thing the middle class can do is hunker down and hope that when all of this is over, they still have a roof over their head and are not living on the street with the rest of the rabble.

  • Sammyone

    Clearly the best solution is to build a pyramid. I will volunteer as taskmaster. This is the only way we will show our proper adoration and reverence for our president and his lady.

    Now bring your gold, bring it I say, and cease your wallowing in ridiculous plans to reinvent the wheel. We are legislating it away. Now there will be only the backs of the masses. And the pyramid.

    Now bring your gold and let us cover the pyramid with shining precious metal. Forget your physical needs. Do you hunger? Our president expects us to toil! Are you weary? Then indeed you must be the first sacrificial victim.

    We will fill you with cocaine and meth, never fear, your end will cause a sensation, you will be remembered. Until the one in line behind you is led forward for the same excruciating compliment to the president.

    Your dismemberment and pain will last only a moment. The president and his entourage will appreciate it for many minutes beyond that.

    Now come, the pyramid is thirsty and the president has a tee time in forty minutes

  • To understand in depth please visit for a complete video lesson on how and why we ended up this way. The NWO is almost upon us. Only united can we return our Sovereignty. I hope you all will give a look at this lesson. It is well put together and is the truth. Thanks very much for your post here. Kind regards, Rick

  • To understand in depth please visit for a complete video lesson on how and why we ended up this way. The NWO is almost upon us. Only united can we return our Sovereignty. I hope you all will give a look at this lesson. It is well put together and is the truth. Thanks very much for your post here. Kind regards, Rick

  • Would any of you actually vote for a third party?

    If Warren Buffet and Bill Gates teamed up and got behind a third party leader, and promised to “not be evil” for 4 years, would you sign up to it? Could you get your dad and mom to sign up?

    Would it matter? Even if they won the election, would they be able to push anything through that mattered, without the other people remaining in government blocking, obstructing, tacking on and pet projecting everything to death?

    Honestly I think the system is totally broken (or working jusssst fine if you’re one of the privileged), and they understand that. That’s why your military is so big, and your police forces are so huge as of late. They’re readying to deal with all the Americans when civil war strikes next.

    You can see the huge divide being thrown up by the tea party crazies, who seem happy enough to be called crazy, VS the fancy free democratic voters fighting for things like gay rights, pet rights, immigration rights, rights for the poor, etc.

    You won’t vote in a third party, and it might not even matter if you did. It would all be over in 4 short years and you’d have a small blip on the line of history. And so, grin and bear it America, whatever they want is going to happen, it’s probably been that way for the last hundred years and probably will never change. Just save your nickels so you can one day move away to someplace you can enjoy your life in.

  • Ben Hendriks

    I often wonder how can well educated people act like idiots and destroy nations. Well, they did it in wars, now they have found other ways and that is by bringing on economic disaster. Its all deliberate, its all fabricated to destroy whats been build, reorganise and then rebuild. The elite wants their new toy FAST and thats the New World Order. But in my opinion this friggin came has spun out of control, beyond the power of the elite and now where all going to the dogs.
    Too bad the conspirators will never be punished for what they did. Legislators in DC will make laws to protect everyone involved. Its all so very corrupt, beyond repair I am afraid.

  • Yeahright

    In 1999, I worked for a The company failed to pay us but promised they had a contract and were waiting for the check. They asked if we would mind if they paid us our full month’s pay at the end of the week. They did, we deposited our checks, paid our bills, and their check bounced, as did all of our checks. The company redeposited the check and paid our bank charges…at that point, I decided to look for another job. I did not want to worry about the financial status of the company, just my own job.
    Now I find I am in the same situation with my country, worrying about the state of our economy, my retirement etc, but most of all, I resent having to worry about the financial status of my country when I should be able to retire and relax. Now, I must worry if my country will default and I am angry and feel scammed.

  • billyboy

    I think it was activist Bo Grits that came up with the solution of paying off the fed/ banksters:
    Have a one large coin made ( maybe about the size of a dinner plate) have congress issue its value equal to that of whatever we owe these crooks under Article 1, sec 8,–even though most of it is odious debt–and pay these parasites off with it. Oh, ok, we can give them a formal ceremony too but I want free beer all night for embellishing Bo’s idea.

  • tim

    the best solution would be if all invaders leave this great country to the original owners .

  • well, no solution; because the people with power and money and your money are investing it other places in the world. They will run their programs until the economy crashes and then take the stimulus money too; hide and watch!

  • We strongly suspect that neither party really knows what they’re doing, nor does any group of experts know what to do.
    This is an area of uncharted waters, and everyone has theories, including the President. He’s placing his untested theories into action, and people are uncomfortable. Even if the executed policies are the “right” ones, that is something which we will not know for several years down the road, even if then.
    This economic problem is simply too large, complex, and interconnected with the economies of other nations, over which the US has no control. To fix most things in the universe, you have to get them to sit still at least for a short period of time. This is a dynamic situation.
    If we as a society actually knew what worked, and could establish a direct cause and effect relationship with any certainty, we would have done it by now. Don’t you think?
    If the solutions were that clear cut, wouldn’t you think that the governments of some other large world economics would have placed those solutions into action already? Any self-respecting, honest person would not claim WITH CERTAINTY that what they did at point X led directly to condition Y. Who really knows that? Let’s get real folks.
    Quite frankly, we don’t think that any leader or legislative body ever KNOWS that what they do will have a specific, desired effect. Like any business person, they simply just give it their best shot and hope and pray that things will turn out OK. At least business people have more control over their smaller entities.

  • A Sunbeam

    Marty has it just about right from my viewpoint. We also need to end Sorporate Personhood so that people can begin to have a chance. AND we need to end corproate financing of campaigns and institute true debates, of all people running for office, on media by having the government take back OUR airwaves for the debates.

  • Not so Mad Max

    I have to agree with Concerned Reader. The American People are a large part of the problem. An example here in Colorado GOP has royally screwed up and they have a guy running for governor who has no shot of winning Dan Mayes. The Dems are running an Ultra lib who is the Mayor of Denver he basically will not talk to anybody except in the debates John Hickenlooper. A third party candidate is running who is a former republican Tom Tancredo.

    You would be horrified on how may people will not vote for Tom but will vote for GOP guy, because he’s the GOP guy. Hickenlooper has tried to turn Denver into San Francisco, he running a sanctuary city (And lying about it). Until people get it though their heads that the GOP and the Dems are part of the problem and not the solution nothing will change. Williams 4 B’s will be your only alterative, if you think their stupid or not.

  • Rich

    I just hope the system fails sooner than later – it’s time for Americans to belly up and start over.

  • Gov’tTyrant

    End the Federal Reserve!!!

  • There are some very good answers here, except the liberterians, everyone watch “the secrets of oz” on youtube and stay out of the GOLD speculation.

  • dwk406

    the only solution to the is mess is an entire reboot of the system. This means going back to tariffs on all imports, to bring them up in cost to what it would cost them to build a quality product in this country. This would start world trade wars, and economic collapse worldwide, but out of the ruins will come a reasonable working economy.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Dear Gary;

    Taxing the rich will not work. It is another failed political solution, which garners votes from those not being taxed at the expense of those getting taxed.

    It is much simpler than that. The problem isn’t who gets taxed, the problem is government and our worthless fiat currency. We are bankrupt-pure and simple. Until someone with a spine starts hacking government away- and grows some balls…we are in a cycle of complete destruction. Unfortunately, the politically expedient solution is continue to spend and tax the rich. In the end, those are the seeds of an epic collapse.

    Famous economist Von Mises:

    Mises, in a 1952 addition to his book The Theory of Credit and Money (originally published in 1912), put forward an explanation of why people opt for inflation in times of emergency.

    The emergency that brings about inflation is this: the people or the majority of the people are not prepared to defray the costs incurred by their rulers’ policies. They support these policies only to the extent that they believe their conduct does not burden themselves. They vote, for instance, only for such taxes as are to be paid by other people, namely, the rich, because they think that these taxes do not impair their own material well-being. The reaction of the government to this attitude of the nation is, at least sometimes, directed by the sincere wish to serve what it believes to be the true interests of the people in the best possible way. But if the government resorts for this purpose to inflation, it is employing methods which are contrary to the principles of representative government, although formally it may have fully complied with the letter of the constitution. It is taking advantage of the masses’ ignorance, it is cheating the voters instead of trying to convince them.[4]

  • el jefe del guano

    i suppose an effective solution is the elimination of the price system. the price system and the “habit of thought” that protects it are nothing more than past vestiges. we have the technology available and the needs requirements for full-employment. it is the price system that does not allow for full-employment to materialize. why is cuba in economic decline? because they have not divorced socialism from the price system. measuring everything on “price” and “profit” inhibits us from viewing the essential perspective: needs satisfaction. an economic system based on the accumulation of capital will only lead to its self-negation–and the poverty of those who do not possess capital (which is 95% of the population).

  • el jefe del guano

    come on people, think outside the box. we cannot turn back the hands of time. we can only move forward. the solution is not quantitative, but rather qualitative. thus, a real and effective solution can only be uncovered by divorcing our consciousness (as much as possible) from the cultural standards produced by our society. think outside the box.

  • Carrie L. Wade

    Did you know the U.S. has an army post in Italy and an airbase there, also? Why? I think it is time to close every foreign U.S. military base everywhere in the world that the U.S. taxpayers are paying for. If other countries want our protection, then fine – but, they need to pay us the $US billions it is costing we the taxpayers to keep these bases open. Many of them are in countries that don’t even like us (they don’t support us at the UN as an example) and continue to undermine our economy at every turn. Close ’em, shut ’em down – do it today.

  • Owen

    It was all planned ast a highest levels and there will never be enough concerned citizens who agree that this treachery much be stopped. You see, most of us have vested interests that we do not want to give up. In the end, it will be divided we fall.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Will Obama tax the rich? I’m “ALL IN”

  • Arko

    I love Socialism, if I am a Government apparatchick.

    Socialism: Free Housing, Free Food, Free Medicine,
    (Just like in prison)

    Before 1864 “African-Americans” enjoyed Socialism on cotton/tabaco plantatians.

  • Patrick

    The Global Government is now in place and America is being dismantled. They do need however need our military to take out their remaining incalcitrant nations. If you have any wealth that is left, they want that as well. Someone in a previous post mentioned “dumbed down”. Do we collectively have two brain waves left that we can rub together and resist?

  • What Rich has said that THE SAME MY FEELINGS
    I just hope the system fails sooner than later – it’s time for Americans to belly up and start over.
    Yes we whole mankind have to think over and start a fresh
    It is well put together and is the truth. Thanks very much for your post here. Kind regards, CK PHILIPJOSEPHS SWAMY

  • Shawn

    “The truth is that as wealth continues to leave the United States and as the U.S. gets even deeper into debt, more Americans are going to become poor.”

    In a society that has lots of surplus energy to fight the ravages of entropy, more ‘order’ is present. This order could be structural such as houses or buildings, or it could be behavioral such as one does not expect to witness murder every day (social rules).

    What is happening to the US and the world as a whole is that less surplus energy and low entropy states are available for harvest and thus disorder is increasing. This disorder is much more than poverty embedded in a working system (a sore). It is systemic throughout the system and could perhaps be described as the tendency for each individual to be increasingly surprised by the daily events within the system.

    No doubt some will experience increased disorder first, just as some low lying areas will flood first. However, in the end, all is inundated and one is left to wonder just what purpose hydrocarbon man served when he rose and so efficiently disbursed natures bounty.

  • Alohajim

    Until articles such as this one clearly state the problem and its solution there will be no relief. Its really really simple : its bankers vs. the people. The exponential growth of government power, intrusion into our lives and policies that serve special interests, not the people, are due to bankers being given the sole right to create ‘money’ from nothing. Its been 100 years of banker controls and we are approaching ‘game over’. The system must fail because they never create the interest only the principle. Our culture and all of our institutions have been thoroughly corrupted and are controlled by bankers. They are actively seeking to keep the people dependent, addicted, fearful, and above all, ignorant. Bankers own most assets in this world and they put up nothing of value to do so. All the cars, houses, businesses, commercial property is owned by bankers who, protected by government laws, have a license to steal from all who do business with them. Wake up people! End the Fed and restore the honest money mandated by our constitution ; gold and silver!

  • Ann

    We have the solution at . It will require our effort and participation, the removal of this system and in with a system that will do what is best for all, where money is based on the value of life and not on gold or profit making substances.

  • Mick

    @Carrie L. Wade I don’t think that any body wants US protection, most would want to see the back of US bases if they had a choice. Maybe you didn’t notice but the US has been embarking on empire building over the past 60 years, which is why there are US bases all over the globe. That is the cost of world domination as experienced by the British until 1950’s

  • Lennie Pike

    What Alohajim said reminds me of Curly in the movie City Slickers and “the one thing” that you have to find out for yourself. It is the one thing that is the cause – bankers and their paper, and their police powers derived from it.

    It’s hard to see the trust involved in accepting a piece of paper for something of value and having to pay a premium to thieves for no reason for the right to accept it. There should be alarm bells going off in people’s heads but there are not. Why not? It’s so simple of a con job that it can’t be seen. It must create a lot of laughter for the ones pulling it off.

    What a bunch of scumbags that no one likes, not even their associates or own family members. Each one of them must truly be alone in this world. At least they’ve got their money and power and nobody can order them around, or at so they think. Every one has to serve somebody.

  • Sammyone

    Poverty stats do not include Earned Income Tax Credits, Food Stamps, Housing subsidies or any other government aid.

    Poverty if you have a car and a roof and four walls, food, ac, tv fridge, running water?


    I have seen real poverty, that’s not it.

    The social disintegration that has led to single parent families is at the root of poverty. Human nature unconstrained by any moral or legal code will continue drag us down until people bow, repent, turn away from sin and seek God’s face. So simple, so hard.

  • Clem

    There are powers at work that are not of this world. Throughout history, Elite groups have controlled nations and transformed trade to suit their goals. World banking is at the heart of this.

  • GoneWithTheWInd

    The problem is the size of the government and the inability of congrees or the president to not only stop the growth but shrink it. We need to end welfare, end 99 weeks of unemployment, take SS out of the hands of congress, cut federal employees by 50% or more,eliminate most of the federal departments (those not required and authorized by the constitution). We need to reduce the power of unions and level the playing field between business and unions. Unions and government meddling on behalf of unions are what has driven companies overseas. We should eliminate corporate/business taxes and change laws and regulations making them more business friendly. We should cut personal income taxes for all taxpayers.

  • timothy price

    The gap between the richest .1% and the rest of us is the largest since ’29. The money goes to these people who live off of usury. The Federal Reserve monetary system is sucking all the money into its vortex. The thing that would work is to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and to restore Congress to its proper position to create and to manage the currency in the USA. Mint a National Currency and buy back all federal reserve notes. Buy back the debt and end the huge payments on deficit lending we have. Control the amount of currency in circulation by increasing the percentage of reserve lending banks have to hold, from 35 to 1, to all the way down to 5 to 1 if necessary. Then we could spend on what we need, and not live off the crumbs.

  • Bruce

    1)We need to bring back tariffs to protect domestic industries. Free trade is not good for the majority of Americans.
    2)We need a tax structure that benefits investment in this country, and punishes financial speculation that is non productive.
    3)We need to jail the Wall Street fraudsters for the fraud they committed.
    4)We need to pass laws that are based on “THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW” and not the “LETTER OF THE LAW” that lawwyers can distort.

  • ThyKingdomCome

    Well Alohajim is idealogically right, but perhaps realistically wrong.

    Gold or silver as money may not save the day if the CEO’s of these mining companies aren’t completely honest.

    I believe the lack of HONESTY and INTEGRITY are the problems of our economic mess.

    The Federal Reserve is a lender of last resort, it is NEUTRAL. You need money, go to them. Sure they may TEMPT you to get greedy, but they don’t MAKE you.

    The Federal Reserve gives the money but how we spend it makes the difference. If it was spent on agricultural infrastructure and businesses instead of the banksters stock market trading losses, maybe the country would be better off.

    No business is too big to fail, because smaller more ethical businesses are very eager to take the business of these failed companies. Business goes on, just the RIGHT ones are doing it.

    Pride and ego got in the way. Not the nature of money and not the Fed.

    Inflation even occurs in hard money economies, so that will not be the cure either. Even European kings shaved gold off their coins, as did Roman Emperors.

    Oh hard money will stop hyperinflation, but not inflation. Unless we will have perfectly honest and ethical business men in charge of the mineral mines for generation after generation. You want to bet on that?

    So it may not be the nature of money as much as it’s the nature of man.

    This is why I glorify Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, where RIGHTEOUSNESS will rule.

    We as a society need to return to honesty and integrity at the government and business level. Competition is no excuse, if you can’t win a fair game, humble yourself and serve the winner.

    Of course my solution is for a perfect world, I believe only in the coming Kingdom will a perfect righteous economy operate.

    Good men may try, but the prince of this world will not have it.

    I’m afraid everyone is beginning to understand how hopeless man ruling man is.

    All the more why we should turn to a higher power.

    I apologize if my peppering of religious views have offended you.


  • Both parties have done essentially nothing as the health care industry, which was once the envy of the world, has degenerated into a cesspool of corruption and greed and now seems designed to do little more than to provide pharmaceutical companies and health insurance crooks with obscene profits.

    Actually, it was never the envy of the world; we always thought that it was “a cesspool of corruption and greed … designed to do little more than to provide pharmaceutical companies and health insurance crooks with obscene profits”. It’s just that we thought that there were some flowers growing in the filth. Not enough to justify it, but some.

    The United States is continually getting poorer and is continually going into more debt. Can anyone out there explain how that is a formula for economic prosperity? Seriously. Can anyone explain how that would work? Please leave a comment and explain that to all of us if you can.

    I can, but you’re not going to like it. The system has a faulty structure that measures and rewards the wrong things; it isn’t a real free market but a distorted one. So, under this arrangement, what you are getting really is “economic prosperity”. It really does increase GDP and corporate profits and so on (most of the time). Of course, it does sod all for the wealth, income, security and so on of actual people – but that’s not what is being measured and delivered. And when you use terms like “economic prosperity”, that’s all the experts will offer you.

    But you can correct today’s poor incentives and structures. See my comment here.

  • Owen

    It is time to recognize that we are living in a fascist state. The president & the congress have become the servants of the lobbyists, who are the servants of the rich and powerful. Our government is no longer a government of the people for the people.
    Look at what happened in the recent collapse and bailout of the banking system – the people who caused it are running the show again. They should all be in jail. The justice system goes after and prosecutes small fry to get headlines that they are keeping us safe from crooks and criminals by enforcing the law.
    WE now have a standing army on US soil to quell riots or revolution due to what this fascist government is doing to its citizens.
    This truly is a time for change – and not just cosmetic.
    When a candidate running for an elected office has to spend multiple times the salary of the office – he/she owes political favors and a conflict of interest is created – one cannot serve two masters. We need to get our government “by & for the people” back!

  • Fred C Dobbs

    The government reported statistics on poverty are based on a definition of poverty made in D.C. before government benefits were expanded during the ’60s in the War On Poverty (do you remember, JFK declared three wars: war on North Vietnam, on Space – the race to the moon, and on Poverty). If you say you live in a household earning less than $20,000 per year you are living in poverty, and, in addition to keeping what you make in income and paying no taxes on your earnings, you are entitled to receive, in addition, free food and drink, rent, medical and dental, education and so on. These benefits have a value, and when valued and added to the $20,000 you make, round you and your family up to $40 to $50 thousand per year at a minimum. If you work for $10 per hour, full-time, 40 hours per week, you make 52 time 40 times 10 or $20,800 per year, so it is easy to turn $20,000 purchasing power into $40 or $50 thousand per year purchasing power. Why would you ever want to leave poverty when you enjoy the same life as some poor working-bastard who went to school, and who has to make almost $70,000 per working full-time and pay taxes on his income? As Barnum said, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. People living hard in Guatemala, for example, can live better here living easy.
The politicians fund a lot of money to administer the distribution of ‘benefits’ to those in poverty, and, being distributed by government, is distributed inefficiently. These government employees, it may be assumed, are otherwise unemployable, and are living easy too.
People blame both parties for this, but they only have themselves to blame, extending a majority of the votes to people who don’t want to work, but live off those that do. As a result, Republicans and Democrats alike have to kiss … of the government employees and those in poverty to get their votes. It is as if the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.
There is no solution so long as America remains only a place of residence, rather than a concept and a culture that unites the disparate cultures residing in the US. It is not merely religion, such as Muslims against Christians and Jews, but primitive cultures imported from paleolithic societies living alongside and in contrast to long-time resident Americans. Societies that approve of female circumcision and honor killings for example. It is not superficial things like skin color, for all societies, even black, prize lighter skins over darker. One uniting principle, probably the easiest, quickest, and most effective would be to introduce the concept of everyone having to work for a living, unless medically-excused or attending school. This might reduce or eliminate the manifest injustice and contempt that working people have for those who can and don’t work, for those who can pay their share of taxes and don’t, and so on.

  • Tom

    The religous conservatives will eliminate the middle class entirely. They are easy to control by the rich and once you are dependent on the church they will have succeeded. They want to force their ancient life style on you and gain more control. Bad crowd.

  • bsmi021

    I have not heard anyone (in my opinion) say the things that will matter for all the people in this country (EDUCATION) People wake up we are stuck on very old values, from the way we are taught at home, to the way the education system’s has us believe what is correct. It was said by some we educated people at the start of the economic mess the world is in now ( what did we teach them?) and that is very important to remember! The amount of greed that is at to many levels (banking,government,illegal matters) it will not change until we TEACH a better way. So we can blame all sorts of people ( the GOP, the Dem’s, the banks, the crooks) but think BIGGER and then and only then will we get back to where this country was in the fact of money and power, and not before!

  • Steve Roberts

    The 15 shocking poverty statistics doesn’t include the fact the government is on a course for going broke with Medicare and Social Security.

    I’m with Carrie L. Wade. The federal government needs to completely revamp all of our spending programs – starting with the military. Foreign bases – close them. Whack the military spending dramatically, we don’t need to project our power when we can’t afford it. Start slashing non-required government programs that were instituted in times when we had money to burn.

    Spending money generated by taking on more debt is NOT a solution. It makes you feel wealthier but in effect you are just getting poorer and poorer.

  • Opinioniated Bloviator

    It’s called slow motion economic collapse, google Argentina 2001 or the fall of the Soviet Union. The United States of Argentina or Panem. It’s change you are getting, regardless of who you vote for.

  • Dave

    Perhaps complexity has reached its limit for the Global Economic system, because Capitalism allows excess concentration of wealth which undermines the rest of the system. Concentrated wealth is the “cancer” of economies, just like concentrations of humans are “cancer” to the planet, and concentrations of unlimited growth of tumors is to the human body.

    I can’t be the first one to see the correlation. You anti-socialists will probably die from cancer.

  • Stanley Hartstein

    The myriad articles written about the Global economic disaster in general and that of the United States in particular remind me of the Seven Blind Men of India. Everyone sees only part of the problem but not the big picture. One reason is that the big picture is enormous and is composed of many dysfunctional parts. One of these parts is: much of what has come out of Washington is motivated by what is good for the privileged and influential few at the expense of what is for the common good. Now we are witnessing what happens when you undermine your base. Ultimately those at the top will feel it too.
    It is time to block all – or most- of the cheap imports so that the middle class can have a livelihood. It is time to limit the amount of paper assets created by Wall Street so that more money can be invested in real businesses. It is time to educate and accredit more health providers so that health care would be within reach of most people. These are only a few examples if what I mean about looking primarily at what is best for the most people.

    • dasdiuhaid

      lol stfu fgt

  • Karen

    I sure hope a new party that knows what to do to restore strength and dignity to American society, and does it, will arise and be successful.

    But I see too little consensus among ordinary Americans on what needs to be done to feel that it will happen.

    And it’s not encouraging that some of the craziest extremists have fire in the belly and great certainty about what they think should be done, whereas those most likely to actually have good ideas that would be acceptable to a majority of Americans seem to lack that confidence and certainty.

  • Unsympathetic

    Why, exactly, will taxing the “rich” not work? You morons had 16 years in control of both houses of Congress (1993-2007) to prove that your Laffer Curve wasn’t just a figment of Bruce Bartlett’s imagination.

    Epic fail.

    Republican economic leadership has added no jobs, and increased the average wage exactly zero.

    You had your chance – but you failed. Well, you failed to implement a sustainable economy for the country, but you didn’t fail. The entire point of the Republican party is to take the fruits of middle class productivity and shovel it at the top 0.5% of the country.. and in that respect, they actually succeed brilliantly.

    Ronald Reagan raised taxes multiple times; why is that now “no solution?”

    Raise the taxes on the top 0.5% to end the Gilded Age we currently live in. Make no mistake: the Bush tax cuts are yet another attack on the middle class.. the upper class stopped paying SS taxes due to the cuts.

    I have never been able to figure out why Republicans convince poor people to vote for them. Each person who quotes bizarre unsubstantiated Beck “dogma” … is having their money stolen by the same elitists to further class warfare at that very moment! It’s ridiculous.

  • Irene

    Why is this happening? Really! Look at the “world leaders” and then look again behind them (more like behind a curtain)and you will see the REAL handlers. They have names: Soros, Rockefeller, Rothchild, etc. and it isn’t about money (gads, they have most of the money in the world now anyway!). It is about ultimate control of every single man, woman and child – after reaching the target population of 500 million. You read that right – 500 million. This isn’t a conspiracy theory or anything like it. In Georgia, USA, there is a huge monument in a dozen languages that states clearly what the New World Order is and what they plan.

    Middle Class? Ever fish? Know how you dangle the bait and wiggle it until the fish just can’t stand it and grabs it? The prosperity of the “middle class” was the bait – and switch- and it’s being pulled on the Chinese, Japenese, and Southeast Asia now. The NWO “leaders” have no intention of allowing a “middle class” to survive anywhere because it doesn’t fit into their plans.

    And guess how they intend to reach that magic 500 million population? Try eugenics through the use of pharmaceuticals, vaccination, arial spraying, wars, manipulated crop failures throug manipulated weather, etc. They really do believe they are the “masters of the universe” and we are just here to be their thralls. Welcome to the Brave New World!

  • Tina

    Seems like everyone has a solution to the problem and everyone else is NOT listening. Washington certainly isn’t listening to Americans so why should anyone else? Maybe the politician’s are SO afraid of wall street, they WONT do anything for fear of retribution? If the banksters stay in control, what will become of the little man? I don’t see a peaceful outcome from someone whose life has been defined by comfort and ease and then dwindling down to abject poverty and want. Maybe all those F.E.M.A. alarmists are right, maybe all those coffins along the roads really ARE for US.

  • The solution is easy — like any business in trouble, but back on outgoings. The USA has to let other people cop the consequences of their overbreeding and internal squabbles. Get the hell out of Iraq and Afganistan. Stop trying to feed the starving – they only breed more and there are more starving – now including US citizens. People die – its no big deal! Everyone dies — loses their body – screw up, and it happens sooner. Get real!

  • Until the States (and the rest of the west) starts exporting more than they import we will continue our downhill slide into poverty.

    Whether it is done by tariffs or lowering the dollar, or even dropping wages and other assets to match Asia, I am not sure.

    But it needs to happen and quickly.

    Yes and the democrats and republicans need to stop blaming each other.

  • lalaland

    “As millions more Americans continue to climb on to the “safety net”, how long is it going to be before it breaks?

    The reality is that the system can only support so many people. We are now at a point where our anti-poverty programs are clearly unsustainable in the long-term, but nobody has a solution for how we are going to get all of these people off of these programs or how we are going to provide good jobs for all of them.”


    The reason Americans are getting poorer and poorer is the rich are getting richer and richer. The rich benefit from outsourcing jobs, from international trade, from selling Chinese crap to Americans, from all the Wall Street shenanigans that cost millions of jobs and wages to be lost. Then the taxpayers bailed out the banks the rich had already looted. The income of the Rich, it’s worth noting, has skyrocketed; in fact ALL the income gains from the past 10 years went to people making $75k or more.

    Taxes for the rich have been lowered over and over again since the 40’s. The reason we are in debt is because we were told that through the magic of trickle-down economics lowering the taxes on the rich would benefit all of us. In fact, it benefited only the rich (surprise, surprise). The rich have been claiming in one variation or another that the US can’t afford Social Security, or Medicare, or Food Stamps or whatever, but in fact it can’t afford to let the rich keep as much money as they currently are, period.

    Why does a hedge fund manager pay less in taxes than I do? Why does a millionaire living off his capital gains, contributing NOTHING to the economy pay less in taxes than I do? Because they got politicians elected to MAKE THAT HAPPEN. The poor, on the other hand, are notoriously inefficient lobbyists, so they haven’t been able to get the same payouts.

    Your 15 facts are indeed horrendous, and it’s 30 years of trickle-down, conservative economics trickery, lies, and distortions that got us there. The problem now is that the poor can’t spend enough to support the rich’s lavish lifestyles. It’s not that the poor are draining the rich, as those who rail against raising taxes on the top 2% wail about day in and day out.

    Rich people: you’ve had a good run. You had 30 years of incredibly low tax rates, but you ran the economy into the ground, and it’s time to pay the goddamn bill.

    There is ONE party that will vote NOT to extend the Bush tax cuts, not two. One party favored regulating wall street, not two. One party put in place ALL those social programs that are currently keeping millions of Americans heads above water, not two.

    Democratic politicians don’t have clean hands when it comes to screwing the American middle class, but their misdeeds PALE in comparison to what the Republicans, with their freshwater economics gods and business elite moneymen have wrought.

    God forbid we can grow our way back to a measly 2.5% growth – the Republicans and the Rich will STILL say it’s the wrong time to raise taxes, I guarantee it.

    • dave green

      LaLaLand, I realize your post is 3 years old but I have a couple points. You said the rich have had taxes cut over and over for 40 years? So my first question is JFK Was elected in 1960? I am not sure I was born in 1959, but I do know the top tax rate was 90% at the time. JFK cut the tax to 65% so it was a Democrat who started the tax cut so why you blaming the Republicans. The economy grew and unemployment dropped from 6.5% to 6%. Also us steel began building steel mills over seas so tax cuts and jobs going over seas began with a Democrat.
      Second, the Republicans pretty much rolled over on the Bush tax cuts and this budget just passed increased taxes. So just wait, soon all your dreams will come true

  • Duke

    1. Fire all career politicians.
    2. Fire all the rest who don’t vote to cut gov’t bureaucracy by 50% from today’s level.
    3. Fire all the rest who don’t vote a budget that cuts the deficit EVERY YEAR.

    Back to basics, and hold our politicians accountable. It’s up to us people, they’ve stolen us blind in broad daylight and Nov is our last chance to take control back from thieving politicos of both parties.

  • Paul

    Lobbyists have sucked the life out of this country and our government is too damn big. Reduce government ‘immediately’ by 50% or more. Repeal health care. Close the boarders, no more BS.. Add prayer back to our schools. Let parents be parents, spank their kids when they deserve it. Today parents are so afraid of being reported for abuse that our children are running amuck. The list goes on and on..

    What to reduce the deficit – FIX TAX. No matter who you are, your company, etc… you pay the same tax. No loop holes! Eliminate the IRS – no longer needed. Stop given everything away for free, charge countries for military support or any other endeavors. Another area of concern is price inflation (homes, gas, food prices). Cost of living is outrageous – all because of our government and lobbyists..

    This year the most encouraging thing was the Tea Party movement. Final people are realizing our elected officials are in this for themselves. The everyday citizen is feed-up with all the BS coming out of DC.. Vote the SOBs out in November – Democrat or Republican.

    Taking a step back, I no longer worry about me surviving, but rather my children. At the rate we’re declining our children will feel the full effects of our misguided government. Unless more people start standing up and protesting. We want our country back – the idiots need to leave.

  • GoneWithTheWInd

    Taxing the rich will not work, exactly, for the following reasons. Believe it or not the rich don’t have enough money to pay off even 1/10th the debt. So even if we took everything from them it wouldn’t get us out of this mess. Then too the rich can leave. They can go to a country that won’t tax them so much and they will take their money and productivity with them. And of course it is the rich, for the most part, that employee people. When they leave those jobs will leave as well. I have never worked for a poor guy, have you?

  • Tom

    Let the rich leave. we would be better off. They do not build the economy, they take from it. Ignorant people have been brain washed to believe we need to kiss up to them Sad.

    Wake up, the rich pay next to nothing. They write ot off. THey take millions in salaries that you pay for.

  • Marc

    The issue of class is almost as contentious & forbidden as is the race issue. One hears politicians [IE: Pres Obama] speak like there’s only one class – the ‘middle-class’ – as if no other classes exist. However there are 2 main categories of classes – each w at least 2 main sub-divisions… they are the Haves [w the ‘power Elites’ & the upper-middle class Technocrats]; and the Have little / Have-nots [w the working ‘stiffs’ / working poor & the ‘permanently’ impoverished under-class]. The de-construction of the US’ manufacturing base & the whole-sale ‘out-sourcing’ of those jobs has all but effectively dismantled the ‘blue-collar’ [& even many ‘white-collar’] based middle-class.
    Whenever someone in the public discourse starts elaborating too much on this topic you can hear mainstream [Corp controlled] politicians [IE: John McCain] to CNBC, to [Corp controlled] media pundits [IE: Sean Hannity] cry foul – ‘you’re promoting class warfare’; – as if the Corp-Gov collusion [public-private partnership IE: GATT by Reagan-Bush & NAFTA by Clinton] to ship the manufacturing base & jobs; while assaulting organized labor isn’t effectively protracted warfare on the working class.
    Michael Moore wrote a book titled ‘Stupid White Men’. I haven’t read the book but I suspect one of his main premises was that if so many whites didn’t allow their prejudices to blind them, they might see that most of them have more in common with most Blacks & Browns than w the [white] power elites. I have little doubt that most of these elites are mainly racists [or at least race-baiters], BUT… the only ones that they truly see & respect as equals are their elite peers. Why else were they so eager to systematically ship working class whites’ jobs overseas wholesale [betrayal], when they saw that they could enrich themselves further [even though they were already FILTHY Rich]. A recent study shows that over the past few years, the best paid Corp CEOs are those who threw the most workers out of work. This proves their utter contempt for working [so-called middle] class whites, however they continually play the race-card via race-baiting Corp controlled politicians & Corp controlled MSNM media [IE: FOX Noise] to misdirect whites anger toward Blacks & Browns who are more exploited / powerless than themselves.
    These tactics work because the very soul of America has been infected w racism [& xenophobia], militarism, & elitism [corporatism] from the very beginning [These issues of racism, militarism, & unchecked materialism {IE: Wall St’s motto ‘Greed is Good’} – were at the heart of MLK’s iconic but oft suppressed speech against the Vietnam War made on April 4th 1967- one year to the day before his assassination]. Take FOX Noise [so-called News] whose shtick is US patriotism [even though its owner is a native Aussie who is married to a woman from Communist China] w all the bells & whistles – the Flag – Red White & Blue – rah rah rah. FOX w its notorious race baiters [IE: Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Immus, Mark Furman, (& even Limbaugh {Limp-balls} & Coulter), etc]; who cheer-lead for US imperialism / militarism [hyping up Bush-Cheney-ites ‘War on Terror’ {Islam} – illegal invasion of Iraq- all based on lies {Note: Bush & Cheney & most Neo-cons- used a variety of ploys & tactics to avoid serving in Vietnam} & defending Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld policy of torture]; also cheer-leads for unchecked corporatism – in the name of helping so-called ‘small’ [but in reality ‘BIG’] business & the [vanishing due to Corp policies] middle-class. Yet FOX Noise is one the most popular so-called news programs in the US.
    No wonder they resist a ‘Real’ analysis of the class issue… it might lead to a wholesale revolt against the Haves of the US [& the World for that matter] by the Have-little / Have-nots. And Technocrats should beware of the betrayal of the blue-collar-middle class by the power elites, for which they’ve so often participated in. Should such a revolt occur they will likely be sacrificed as a buffer between the Have-little / Have-nots & the power elites. These elites often cloak themselves in the mantle of patriotism – but what kind of patriot is it that systematically attacks the foundations of the middle-class by shipping their jobs overseas for greater profits; avoids paying their fair share of taxes by keeping their ill-gotten gains in off-shore bank accounts; profits from the misery of the people [the best paid CEOs put the most people out of work – the Banksters fought laws giving people the chance to renegotiate their mortgages so they could stay in their homes – after the Wall St Banksters caused the housing bubble in the first place, etc]; force workers to work in unsafe conditions under threat of being fired [BP, Massey Energy, etc]; blackmails the Gov & then robs the national treasury [w the Wall St Bankster ‘Bail-outs’]; avoids serving themselves &/or ‘pulls strings’ to keep their kit & kin from serving while eagerly sending the poor & working class off to fight & die in their wars for profit based on lies; etc, etc, etc…

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