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15 Trillion Dollars In Debt, 45 Million Americans On Food Stamps And Zero Solutions On The Horizon

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How does a country end up 15 trillion dollars in debt?  30 years ago, we were just a little over a trillion dollars in debt.  How in the world do supposedly rational people living in “the greatest nation on earth” allow themselves to commit national financial suicide by allowing government debt to explode like that?  It almost seems like there should be some sort of official ceremony in Washington D.C. to commemorate this achievement.  It really takes something special to be able to roll up 15 trillion dollars of debt.  To get to this level, we really had to indulge in some wild spending.  For example, did you know that the U.S. national debt grows by more than 2 million dollars every single minute?  All of this debt has fueled an unprecedented boom of prosperity for the last 30 years, but now that prosperity is drying up.  Today, there are over 45 million Americans that are on food stamps.  America is being deindustrialized at a blinding pace and there are not nearly enough jobs for everyone.  Poverty is exploding all over the nation, and millions of families have lost their homes to foreclosure.  Unfortunately, there are zero solutions on the horizon.  The leaders of both major political parties seem even more clueless right now than in past years.  We really could use some hope, but hope is in very short supply.

When evaluating the health of America’s economy, it is important not to look at the short-term numbers.  Rather, the key is to look at the long-term trends and the balance sheet numbers.

For example, if a mother and a father gave their teenage kids a bunch of credit cards and told them to go out and buy whatever they wanted, that would create a lot of “economic activity”, but it would also send that family to the poorhouse really quickly.

Well, we have basically done the same thing as a nation.  We are drowning in debt, and all of this debt is going to destroy us financially.

Unfortunately, the federal government continues to spend money as if there was no tomorrow.  Right now, spending by the federal government accounts for about 24 percent of GDP.  Back in 2001, it accounted for just 18 percent.

When you are running up a credit card, it can be a lot of fun and it can seem like there aren’t any consequences.

But when it comes to debt, there are always consequences.  The following is what former Republican Senator Alan Simpson (of the Simpson-Bowles Commission) recently had to say about the horrific debt crisis we are currently facing….

“It’s very simple. If you spend more than you earn, you lose your butt”

In the United States, we love to have the government spend money on all sorts of things, but we never want to pay for it.

So the debt just keeps piling up higher and higher.

A lot of Republicans say that spending on social programs has gotten out of control.  A lot of Democrats say that spending on the military has gotten out of control.

They are both right.  As I have written about previously, the U.S. military accounts for close to half of all the military spending in the world.  In fact, U.S. military spending is greater than the military spending of the next 15 countries combined.

Yes, we will always need a very powerful military, but we can have one without going broke in the process.

But an even larger problem is our rampant spending on social programs.

The following comes from a recent article by Janet Tavakoli….

In 1950 spending for social programs was only one percent of the total Federal Budget. As the economy grew, social programs expanded to include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Supplemental Security for the Disabled, and educational programs. In 1983 as the United States pulled out of an ugly recession and brought inflation under control, social programs consumed 26% of the budget. In fiscal year 2012, they’ll eat up an estimated 57% of the budget.

Tens of millions of Americans have become absolutely addicted to government money.  Nobody ever wants “their government benefits” to be cut, but nobody ever seems to want to have their taxes raised to pay for them.

To get a really good idea of how government transfer payments have absolutely skyrocketed over the years, just check out this chart.

Obviously, the course that we are on is not anywhere close to sustainable.

To say that the “war on poverty” was a failure would be a huge understatement.

The more money we seem to spend on social programs, the more that poverty seems to grow.

Right now, there are over 45 million Americans on food stamps.  The economy is supposed to be “recovering”, but the number of Americans on food stamps has grown by over 8 percent in just the past year.

Food stamps are the modern equivalent of the old-fashioned bread lines.  The federal government is now feeding an almost unbelievable number of Americans.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 15 percent of all Americans are now on food stamps.  That means that approximately one out of every seven Americans is dependent on the federal government for food.

That is not just a crisis – that is a total nightmare.

So what can be done?

Well, we certainly shouldn’t let our people starve in the streets.

But handouts should only be a temporary solution.

What these people really need are good jobs.  Unfortunately, our “leaders” have created a business environment in this country that is incredibly toxic, and they have stood by as millions upon millions of good jobs have been shipped out of the country.  That is one of the reasons why I write about the insane trade policies of the globalists over and over and over.  The American people need to understand that globalization is going to mean a continuing loss of jobs for this country and it is going to result in the destruction of the middle class.

If we are not going to provide good jobs for American workers, then we are going to have to pay higher taxes in order to feed them and take care of them.

But what happens when the “safety net” breaks?

Even now, a lot of state and local governments all over the country are flat broke and they are cutting back on assistance for the poor.

The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article about this issue that was posted on the Fiscal Times….

For years, hundreds of thousands of people in dire straits – mentally or physically disabled, homeless and unemployed, ineligible for federal welfare, disability, or food subsidies – could generally count on state or local government largesse for modest handouts of cash to help scrape by. Under the rubric of “General Assistance,” these down-and-out Americans received modest payments – often no more than a few hundred dollars a month – to help defray the cost of necessities including rent, food, clothing, toilet paper, aspirin, phone cards, and bus tickets.

But in the midst of the worst recession of modern times and changing attitudes about the poor, many states have been gradually chipping away at general assistance programs or eliminating them altogether. Only 30 of 50 states currently offer any form of general assistance – down from 38 in 1989. And just this week, Washington State formally ended its “Disability Lifeline” program for an estimated 18,000 to 22,000 economically desperate residents.

Sadly, even more of us may be joining the ranks of the poor soon.  The layoffs just keep on coming.

Normally, most major store closings do not happen until after the holiday season.  You see, the reality is that most troubled retailers tend to want to bring in one more year of holiday sales before they finally shut the doors.  If you announce store closings before the holidays, that is going to make holiday shoppers less likely to shop at those stores.

So that is why some of the recent store closing announcements have been so troubling.

For example, it just came out that all 46 Syms and Filene’s Basement stores are closing.

Also, Gap recently announced plans to close 189 stores in the United States.

So if this is what we are already seeing now, what is going to happen after the holidays?

That is a very good question.

So many jobs are being lost all around the nation.  These days, there is massive competition for just about any job that is available.

People are getting desperate.  They just want to be able to pay the bills and take care of their families.

The other day, thousands upon thousands of people lined up to apply for casino jobs in south Florida.  Scenes like this are going to become even more frequent in the years ahead.

So do our politicians have any solutions?

Of course not.

The worst of the Republican candidates are actually at the top of the polls.  The cold, hard truth is that Romney, Cain and Perry are all clueless when it comes to the economy.

Of course you might as well call Barack Obama “Captain Clueless” when it comes to the economy.  Obama keeps giving great speeches about jobs while at the same time signing more “free trade” agreements that will send thousands more businesses and millions more jobs out of the country.  Even the CEOs on Obama’s jobs creation panel are shipping huge numbers of jobs out of the United States.

Obama gave a speech in Washington D.C. today that exemplified his clueless approach to the economy.  During the speech, Obama made the following statement….

“If Congress tells you they don’t have time, they got time to do it. We’ve been in the House of Representatives, what have you guys been debating? John, you’ve been debating a commemorative coin for baseball? You have legislation reaffirming that In God We Trust is our motto. That’s not putting people back to work. I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work”

First of all, Obama is not putting people back to work.  He has been helping big corporations ship jobs out of the country at a record pace.

Secondly, how does he know what God wants?

A lot of people actually think that the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” is in the Bible.

But it isn’t.

A while after the Obama speech, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made matters worse when he told reporters the following….

“I believe the phrase from the Bible is ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves”

But once again, there is no such verse in the Bible.

Okay, so quoting a “mystery verse” from the Bible is not that big of a thing at the end of the day, but this is yet another example of how the Obama administration just can’t seem to get anything right.

Look, everyone makes mistakes once in a while.  I know that I certainly do.

But when you are wrong about almost everything almost all of the time, that is a major problem.

Especially when you are the president of the United States.

But both political parties are to blame for the mess that we are in.  Budget deficits exploded during Republican administrations just like they have under the Democrats.

Both political parties are responsible for us being 15 trillion dollars in debt.

Both political parties are responsible for 45 million Americans being on food stamps.

Both political parties are responsible for the fact that there are not nearly enough good jobs.

If Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry is elected in 2012, we are just going to have more of the same.

America is running out of time.  If we are going to change course, we need to do it immediately.

The borrower is the servant of the lender.  We are enslaving ourselves and we are enslaving future American generations by going into so much debt.

Shame on the politicians that have rolled up so much debt in our name and shame on us for continuing to send those same politicians back to Washington D.C. time after time after time.

It is so sad to watch what is happening to America.

  • cjfyuma

    Prepare soon for the NEXT GREATEST WORLD DEPRESSION! It’s going to knock Obama’s and Geitner’s socks off! The Federal Government is bankrupt, and there’s nothing they can do about it, except have the retard Bernanke print more devalued $$$, and bankrupt everybody else in the #@!%ing world with more stagflation and hyperinflation!

    Watch out for POTUS Obama – he’ll declare martial law when the SHTF during the coming $$$ devaluation/ depression. I doubt there’ll ever be a democratic solution to get us out of this mess!

    • Tom

      When do you think this will happen? What is your timeline of events?

      • Save the Republic

        I’m afraid things are rapidly getting out of control now. TPTB have been trying to keep things from self-destructing until the 2012 elections, but I think everyone is going to know we are in it deep before that day. They have been fooling most people with smoke-and-mirrors illusions like a magician for about as long as they can, but you can’t make people believe their lives are improving when they can feel the reality that it isn’t.

  • mark

    Americans have plenty of hope. They smoke hopium and all their troubles just melt away. We will not give up Social Security, we paid into it and the money is mine. In the real world, the money that they paid in went to pay for their parents checks. Food stamp users should have to cook their food and not be able to buy prepared frozen food, sodas, bottled water,etc. The debt will not be paid back. Our government is gaming the other countries like China for as long as they can. In the end we will not be debt slaves, for we will not pay the debt. Our life styles will go way down and imports will be out of reach for most. The world will be in a depression. I for one will continue to work in my garden and grow food.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “We will not give up Social Security, we paid into it and the money is mine.”

      So sorry, but the money is long gone. DC is never liable for its errors, omissions, or felonies. 😉

      “Our life styles will go way down and imports will be out of reach for most. The world will be in a depression. I for one will continue to work in my garden and grow food.”

      Amen and pass the seeds.

    • Save the Republic

      Unfortunately, the money from SS is no longer there. The trust fund was robbed by the politicians over a decade ago. All that is left is a bunch of IOU’s from the federal govt, and of course the govt is totally broke. The money disappeared not to pay parents’ SS, but because the politicians could not control themselves when it came to spending other peoples’ money, so when they couldn’t get enough from general taxes, they started taking the SS money, as well as any other money they could find.

  • 007

    Very sad, like watching an alcoholic destroy themselves and their family. You can say what you want. But, they just keep going toward destruction.

    However, I disagree with your fault analysis. Yes, republicans may have allowed the car to idle slowly toward the edge of the cliff. However, the Democrats have truly mashed down on the accelerator and are intent to see how fast they can drive it off the cliff. The democrats have acted like undisciplined children with unrestricted credit cards. They just never gave a damn as long as the card would still charge. Never a concern that the bill would ever have to be paid.

    The Democrats created the FED, the income tax, Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, Welfare, food stamps, NAFTA, the China Trade pact, Mack, Fannie Mae, the Community Reinvestment Act, the EPA, and enabled the blood sucking unions. These are the primary sources that have destroyed our economy and bankruped our country. What spending some left leaning RINOs did pales in comparison.

    You can not create these programs, take peoples money and then tell the public “sorry we spent your money and lied to you. the benefits are unsustainable”. Even Bernie Madoff knew there would be a day of reckoning.

    Oh well the public is gullible, and it did buy the Democrats some elections. It is just a shame it has all but destroyed our country. It just makes me sick.


      007 (A.K.A. Sean Hannity)


      NAFTA was first proposed by G H W Bush and of course it could not pass. It was then that in 1995 that a Republican controlled House and Senate passed NAFTA which Billybob Clanton gleefully signed. No trade deal has ever passed the Congress without Republican war party support. The Republican wing of the war party controls the House of Representatives. If the GOP has no hand in the “free trade” agreements being passed then explain how the free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Columbia just passed into law October 2011? Oh, that’s right! The teabagging idiots control the House of Represenatives! Give it up Faux News plant! No sane, rational person is going to listen to you at all……..

    • Paul

      There isn’t much difference, really, between democrats and republicans.

      Time to choose someone else.

      Or maybe just don’t throw Clinton out just because he got his c*** serviced. At least he reduced the debt while Bush jr. shot it to the moon.

    • Gay Veteran

      odd how most of our problems started in 1981

      • mark

        It started with Woodrow Wilson and the progresives. Continued with FDR, grew out of control with Johnson trying to have the great sociaty and the vietnam war at the same time. Nixion could not fund both, so he went off the gold standard and the printing never stopped.

  • KyTim89

    One thing that I have noticed that I find strange is that amidst all the growing poverty in this country we still have people that can afford electronics such as the new iPhone, videogames and various things that range anywhere from $200 to $600. Of course the pool of these people is shrinking, but everytime I pass the Apple Store at the mall it is packed to the rim with people gettin services. This actually confuses me because how can someone still have a job and buy a phone that costs like three or four hundred dollars and at the same a man can not afford the rent on his apartment that costs the same amount of money as any of these gadgets.

    It seems as though the value of the working man is decling. Gone are the days when people actually looked to themselves for solice and rugged individualism is prett much extinct. As a young person, it seems as though you are no longer valuable and are more expendable today than ever before. Why is this?



      The answer to that is pretty simple: It’s called OUTSOURCING. Because corporations can outsource jobs to third world countries for pennies on the dollar for wages, this makes the working man in amerika OBSELETE. Hence the fact that corporations are “incorporated” overseas, (Cayman Islands for example) and they therefore have no allegiance to any one “nation” as it were.

    • Save the Republic

      When the politicians say that free trade agreements will help the economy, they don’t mean the economy for the average American, they mean the economy of Wall street. Free trade enables companies to get rid of costly American workers and get cheap third-world workers. Profits for the company are then up, not because of higher productivity or the ingenuity of a new product, but because they can sell the product for the same price, but pay less to produce it. Wah-lah, instantly more profit without any additional production or development by the company, and now the stocks go up because they are showing greater profits. The Wall street economy is booming as you struggle with your unemployment and food stamps…

  • Curt Our Government gives away $50 Billion a year and has a website to brag about it. Nearly every country on earth gets a handout from US.
    We have military bases in nearly 150 countries, we have had troops in S. Korea for over 60 years.
    A few changes could add up very fast.

  • KyTim89

    What we are seeing is the long term consequences of militarism, corporatism, welfare, Reagonomics, exploding deficits, the rise of Unions, globalization, the right versus left paradigm.

    • Paul

      You have a democracy? So you actively voted for what you have?

  • Gary2

    the scum GOP=Greedy One Percent!

    Tax the greedy to help the needy-its coming soon. Payback to the rich. Redistribute their stolen wealth!

    • knightowl77

      You won’t go to heaven by stealing from those made the money…You and people like you complain about “the rich” businessman. I never hear you complain about actors and actresses that make $20million for a movie. How about a football player making $50million a season? Nope, but if you’re a CEO, my word you must be a scumbag and need to be hung up….BS
      If they comitted a crime they should go to jail. If they played by the rules and made a fortune then God bless them…

      • Gary2

        The actors etc are way over paid and need to be taxed. That said they did not wreck the economy like the wall street businessman did. They do not push for deregulation and the associated messes that has caused.

        Big difference.

        Also its not stealing to take back what was stolen from you in the first place regarding taxing the rich.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        99% of the time it is futile to expect Gary2 to be rational or realistic.

  • Steve


  • Gary2

    GOP (Greedy One Percent) Myths: and why we need to TAX THE RICH HARD:

    Myth: Raising taxes on millionaires will hurt small businesses and “job creators.”

    Fact: President Barack Obama proposed to raise taxes on those who earn more than $1 million annually. Only about three out of every 1,000 Americans earn that much each year. Less than 1% of small business owners actually make more than $1 million annually, so if those who do make that much end up paying a few thousand more in taxes on their milliondollar income, that is not going to hurt job creation.

    Myth: Tax cuts create jobs.

    Fact: If that were true, then our economy would be booming. Ronald Reagan cut taxes in 1986, but job growth wasn’t sensational. George W. Bush cut taxes and hiring didn’t follow. Yet Bill Clinton didn’t cut taxes—he actually raised taxes on the wealthy—and there was strong job growth while he was in office. When he left office, the federal budget was in surplus. So the facts do not support the myth that tax cuts naturally lead to job creation. In fact, the opposite may be true, since so many workers—including teachers, cops, military contractors and medical researchers— depend on taxpayer funds for their livelihood.

    Myth: Regulations are crushing businesses.

    Fact: You won’t find many business owners who cry about regulations. According to surveys of businesses by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 0.3% of all layoffs nationally are due to governmental regulations and intervention—that is less than three out of a thousand.

    • Paul

      Another myth: the rich will go overseas if taxed.

      You have the same myth in UK, Germany, Japan, etc. So, where will the rich go? China? Have fun!
      North Korea? Tunesia? Saudi Arabia? Russia?

      Tax them and help them packing when the go.

      The factories will go overseas? Where to? Even China is struggling to find enough qualified workers for their factory. They just can’t absorb more.

      You know what China says to investors? We don’t need your money. We have so much we don’t know what to do with it.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        The ‘rich’ can easily go to Singapore, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, or other low tax havens and conduct their business via the www. Its not your grandfathers global economy any more.

        • Paul


          Conduct business by www?

          Please read less comic books.

          How do you produce something on the WWW? Where do you put the machines to make cars and clothing? Into Windows or into Google?

          You need factories to do that. No factory – nothing to sell – no profit to be made. Except you go to the stock exchange. But then you only get bubble money, just like now.

          Singapore? Have you been there? There are strict requirements for immigrants. Throw away some paper in public and you are on the next plane home – after some lashes by the cane.

          Yes, the Swiss Franc is rising. The problem, nobody can afford to buy Swiss francs to buy Swiss goods. So, what do the rich do then? And how many people live in Switzerland – less than in New York City. And they will then produce all the cars of GM and the turbines of GE in addition to what they do now?

          Let all the rich of the world go to Switzerland and Singapore. They will have to eat something. Then you can sell them a cup of rice for whatever you want or not let them leave their home.

  • Gary2

    I think conservatives need to go and take a swim in the lake of fire. Maybe then they will wake from their sinful ways and start caring about people and being less selfish.

    The tea baggers otherwise known as the American Taliban in Congress debated silly ************ like Michael said.

    Now Walker’s department of workforce development director said the drop out will not be able to keep his campaign pledge of creating 250,000 jobs in his 4 year term. Won’t matter as he is getting recalled.

    We of the 99% will be undoing the tremendous damage of the 2010 tea bag election and take this country back. Need to make a big left turn and be like the Scandinavian countries.

    Tax the greedy to pay for this and the wonderful programs to help people we on the left will pass.

    Don’t believe me? Just wait! Pizza man going down! Perry drunk, Romney the flip flop! Obama will easily win in 2012. This time we will control everything again and we will change things. Obama can not run in 2016 so WTF lets turn left!

    • knightowl77

      Seriously you need to put the bottle down until after 6pm. It will be better for you.

    • RussH

      Gary2, you truly are blind and an idiot. Yea, liberalism has made this country what it is for the past 200+ years. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

    • nowwthen

      A poster recently complained that his employer had cut his hours. A few weeks prior to that he posted a little rant stating that he would never ever again give any loyalty to any employer. No doubt he proudly displays this attitude on the job. ******** them was the advice he gave. He constantly talks about the injustices of the achievers’ success and how they owe him some of what they have. Sound familiar? No wonder job providers are passing on applicants like you and farming out labor to our foreign competition. I feel bad for those would be hard working unemployed who are passed over for fear that they share the mindset of the Gary2s in this country.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “We of the 99% will be undoing the tremendous damage of the 2010 tea bag election and take this country back.”

      IF you have the numbers (big if) you fail to understand that people like me, who want no part of hour socialist/commie utopia, have the guns.

      Put aside your silly dogma and find common cause. Otherwise, you are but a rabid dog foaming at the mouth.

    • Save the Republic

      I thought the Democraps had total control when Obummer took office? If they are so great, they should have railroaded everything through to solve the problem in record time. You should stop putting such faith in either side of the 2-party system Gary, and vote for some real change, not Obummer spare change. For our entire lives, we have only had people from the 2-party system, and it has only gotten us deeper and deeper. Occasionally there were a few bright spots, but the general trend has always been downward. Vote independent.

  • spic

    And … War… On The Horizon

  • Old Man

    If you don’t know of Niall Ferguson, you should.

    Here’s a good intro from one of his latest articles:

    America’s ‘Oh Sh*T!’ Moment

    In one of his latest interviews, Niall said it simply and well: Federal politicians have loaded up all 6 cylinders of a gun and started to play Russian Roulette.

    How do grown-ups come to believe that playing Russian Roulette with a gun fully loaded with real bullets is a game? I think it’s because they have been playing the game since 2000, starting with one bullet. Then 2, then 3, 4. And since they still have no holes in their heads, it must be a game one can just keep playing.

    • Michael

      Thanks for that link.



      Old Man,

      I do know who Niall Ferguson is. He is neoconservative scum through and through. He is a firm believer in US empire because he knows that as long as amerika stays on the path of empire, eventually amerika will collapse. And that, Old Man, is what Niall Ferguson truly wants, amerika’s crash and burn downfall…….

  • JustanOguy

    Thanks for the great post.. much better then the old news about Europe where the propaganda machine is in place to get U.S. Citizens prepared for even more bailouts because “it will be financial armageddon” if we don’t bail out the socialists in Europe.

    Much bigger issues are on the horizon… closer to home… more painful.

    Obama Blows… Romney, Perry and Cain don’t have a real clue…

    Unfortunately the U.S. Voter cares more about looks then substance.

    Might as well make a reality TV show out of it …

  • Save the Republic

    This conjures up an image to me. The people of the U.S. are all in a large ship (like the Titanic or bigger). There is a small leak in the back, which is where the poorest were located at. As the ship started to slowly accumulate more water, the politicians (at the behest of the elite in the front of the ship) begin to tell the slightly-less poor to move to the back of the ship, and it starts taking on a little more water. Then the politicians continue moving forward on the ship, and start telling the lower-middle class, then the middle class, to start moving to the back of the ship. Now the ship is going down faster and faster, and the politicians just keep moving through the large middle class section of the ship encouraging them to move to the back. The elite in the front are loving it, because now the front of the ship is rising toward the sky, and they are feeling like they are being propelled high above everyone else, and they keep wanting to be even higher than everyone else. But, to their surprise, when the ship goes down, they will come crashing down with it. As the elite slide down the deck, the people they pushed to the back will be throwing them overboard. If only they told the politicians to bring the people towards the front of the ship to lessen the speed of the sinking until the repairs could be made, it all could have been avoided.


      Save the Republic:

      The only way for the Republic to be saved is for the Empire to fail………….

  • Observer

    With the fake bible quote the president and speaker has said. Its actually the opposite.

    Everything we have, good, bad, every circumstance, every lot in our life. Everything, comes from God.

    Even the crappy brain dead leaders we have now.

    All of us, we see this perfect storm hitting the united states, hitting the whole world.

    Its probably to disconnect people from chasing the wind, chasing money, the next new toy, meaningless things, being more connected to their electronic devices instead of their families, reminding people of what is really important.

    A relationship with God and family, doing good deeds, doing more for others than you do for yourself.

    And possibly to prep the world for the anti-christ to take power. But who knows.

    That is how it all looks to me.

    Every hardship we go through is to shape us into better stronger people.

    That is why ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is entirely false. If it weren’t for God helping us everyday, even when we don’t deserve it, we wouldn’t last very long. We are all helpless, and we all need Him. Sometimes people need to be put on their backs so they can look up and see that.

    It may not seem like it to the naked eye, or someone that hasn’t read up on it from the bible but we are more dependent on God than a toddler in a crib is dependent on its parents to live. He wants us to humble ourselves and depend on Him just as much.

    • Observer

      How He says in Psalm 18:30 and in Psalm 91.

      It says to take refuge in God/Jesus and He will be your fortress.

      That is the only hope for the individual in getting through these dark days.

    • Save the Republic

      Good post. I have been through a trying time these past few years in this economy. But, I do value some things God has given me through it as a blessing. I’ve had to cut spending to a very bare minimum, and this means I have no T.V. service. I don’t have to worry about what the government thinks is o.k. for my children to see broadcast on T.V. I now have total control of what is appropriate for my children to see, and my wife and I for that matter. My kids don’t come to me saying they want all the latest junk they see in commercials, and I don’t have to be subject to spoon-fed news by government propaganda machines. Instead of getting caught in watching all of the stupid reality shows, where you watch other people’s lives and they get rich while you waste yours, I get to spend time with my kids. Although I don’t enjoy struggling financially, I do feel blessed that God has used this to ensure that I invest my time in what’s most important, family, rather than be tempted to become a programmed media-zombie that can’t think for himself. Unfortunately, to many people, the t.v. is their god. When people lost power for days, there were some whose main concern was when the t.v. would be back on. I wonder if there aren’t people out there that wouldn’t know what to do with their life if they didn’t have t.v. It’s scary to think, but there are probably people so dependent on seeing it every day that they would become distraught enough to even kill themselves if they ever permenantly lost it (if they could muster up the energy to get off of the couch, of course).

  • Mike

    It time for another revolution; we can’t reply upon the politicians who are in bed with the Wall Street types for anything.

  • mondobeyondo

    One in every 15 Americans are now among “the poorest of the poor”. That is absolutely shocking.

    The recession is long over, and the economy is sluggish but on the rebound. More jobs are on the way! Right? Uh huh. Give me a break.

    Things are getting curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say. But this is definitely no Wonderland. It’s more like the Twilight Zone.

  • mondobeyondo

    Call me a crackpot or a crock pot, but Herbert Hoover’s (Hoobert Heever) famous phrase “two chickens in every pot” comes to mind.

    Our politicians have no solutions to this Mess, and even if they did, they would not implement them. They’re pulling all the levers and pressing the buttons (please don’t press the red button!!) Obama may fly over to some factory and promote his “new jobs creation plan”. But it’s all phony. It’s an act. All the better to get your votes in 2012, my dear.

  • r.bitting

    Michael, I read your articles everyday, and it still, never ceases to amaze me how many have placed all their hopes in these politicians. When I see this, it just affirms within me that America as we knew it, is done. When the people fail to see themselves in truth, when society rots from years of moral decay, and the people turn their backs on God, this will always be the result. A people who no longer want to be held accountable for their own bad choices are convinced that changing the leaders will be the solution, and in doing so, just continue the downward trend to losing their freedom. Unless change begins at the family level first, you can expect the situation to worsen, which is exactly what is about to happen. A simple subtraction problem here will suffice,.. America – God = no more America.. Read Romans CH. 1 people, and see what the future has in store for you.

    • Michael

      It is true – people are always look for a politician to place their hope in.

      People will always let you down.

      But there is One that will never let you down. 🙂


    • uncurable wound

      R.bitting,I enjoy your posts,and agree healing would take place if the U.S. returned to God.But it is always in our pride that we think it is only the U.S. that mattters.
      We have fallen far from God,but we are not the only ones.Is there any country walking with the Lord?Maybe Israel?
      My point is our behavior is inexcusable.God has blessed America,and we turned from him.But so has the rest of the world.
      I dont believe his wrath will be just local, but global.
      But I still pray every night for healing,and that his wrath would pass by.
      Peace to you, and your family…

      • r.bitting

        Uncurable wound… You are absolutely right. I have said in past posts that it would be a worldwide event. I see people on this site constantly harp on each others political party, while they fail to address the deeper problem, which is America’s depravity, which directly correlates to it’s departure from the God of the bible. Dito on the blessings and peace, and may God keep you and your family safe.

  • FlexMom

    You know, I’ve spent a year reading the books, the websites, studying and gaining perspective on an economic collapse. I’ve pretty much severed my ties with the TV media and rely mostly on these types of websites. I feel pretty knowledgable and have taken steps to protect my family (food storage, gold/silver, etc). However, even after an entire year of giving myself all of this knowledge…I still doubt myself and feel foolish for some of these steps I’ve taken….is this a normal feeling? I look around me and see absolutely no one else alarmed, no one preparing for anything, I feel as if I’m waiting for some “thing” to happen – yet it hasn’t yet…I can’t even get an adrenal rush anymore reading this type of news! How sad. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way? (This is my first post to this awesome webite! Thanks for all the information you’ve helped me gather in the past year!)

    • Michael


      Thank you for the very nice compliment. It is an honor to have people like you visiting the site on a regular basis.

      And it is very normal to feel doubt. We are moving into a time in history when there is going to be a ton of confusion. The world is going to become increasingly unstable, and it is not always going to be clear what the right thing to do is.

      Just keep working hard, keep preparing, keep praying and stay flexible. 🙂




      Feel joy in your preparations. You are doing the right thing in terms of preparing your family for the worse. Simply because others are doing nothing do not feel weird or different. When the collapse gets worse and times get harder, you and your family will have a much better chance of surviving it since you have prepared more………..

    • CTD

      Hello Flexmom: I do and feel the same way you have even my wife told me that I was crazy. Because we are expecting it happens but it is not happening yet. It is good because it gives us more time to prepare better. Be patient and keep prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The reason it is not coming yet because the Fed keep feeding but as you know the Fed is running out of option soon. The longer it happen the worst it will show. I am actually happy because it will give us more time to prepare.

    • uncurable wound

      Flexmom,I truely believe the holy spirit is telling people to prepare.It is completely normal to have doubts.Ive been prepping for about6 years,and the wife and I still say “Is this crazy?”.I trade the markets out of my home”self taught”,and I can tell you collapse is coming.The writing is on the wall,and we read it in Michaels articles every day.I think 80-90% of the people are in the dark about what is coming.
      Pray,talk to others-you might be surprised!
      Share your knowledge and these articles.
      Alot of people will need your help…
      Fight the good fight!

    • mondobeyondo

      It’s called the “normalcy bias”. The majority of the people (sheeple) out there don’t get it, because they are comfortable, watching “American Idol”, and they believe everything the mainstream media tells them.

      Keep the faith. There are many other people who feel the same as you.

    • C-Supermom

      FlexMom, I have almost written the same exact post as you 10 different times but never do. I feel the same way. I have started really seeing what is happening in this country and the world and I am scared. People think I am crazy b/c I started stocking up food and supplies. Something is going to happen. Maybe not next week or next year even, but too soon for my liking.

      We are not alone, the are many people starting to see the truth thanks to sites like this. There are still far too many that are just happy to watch the Kardashians all day but we won’t say “I told you so” 🙂

      Anyway, thanks for posting.

    • Mal R.

      You and I are sitting in the same boat FlexMom. I’ve been preparing for several years, albeit at a much slower pace than you have over the past year.

      Sometimes I feel stupid even though you can see the poo flying at the fan now. My wife is worried about me because, as she says it, I have no joy or sense of humor in my life any more.

      She’s right, I take little comfort because I see the absolute dumbest of the dumb EVERYWHERE (like Gary2 on this site) whose idiotic solutions always lead to mass murder, war and poverty and yet you cant reach those types with a crowbar.

      Pray and prepare to be a lifeboat for someone.

    • Tripseven

      Don’t feel foolish. You are not alone. THere are lots of people waitng for “something to happen” including most of my friends.

      Keep on keepin’ on.

    • Jake

      FlexMom, You wrote my experience word for word except that we also bought a cow 🙂

    • Tom

      So I’m not the only one! I know exactly how you feel.

    • Save the Republic

      Don’t feel foolish. It is coming. I wish I could say we’re wrong, but we all know deep down we’re not. I believe things have escalated to the point where everyone will know we are collapsing within the next year. It probably isn’t going to be something you just wake up to one day, but a downward spiral with continually increasing speed. The magicia-ticians and Federal Reserve have been fooling the vast majority with the illusion up to this point, but soon the curtain will fall and all will see it is phony. All will become aware, 1 year max.

    • whteshark

      I started prepping this year in March. I dropped every extra dime I had on preparation while friends and family thought I had lost my mind. I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy but the simple economics tell me we’re on an unsustainable path. And we’re too divided as a nation to find a solution.

      Eventually, the markets will impose the solution. And my biggest worry isn’t the government anymore–it’s my neighbors that didn’t prepare.

      But I’m full of self doubt. Everyday. You’re not alone.

  • William

    America is largely morally BANKRUPT and intellectually dishonest. Here is just one example, but this says it all. America will BORROW money and then give that money to FOREIGNERS, when one in six American children live in poverty. Or, here’s another. America will spend a TRILLION dollars (present cost, not including repair/replacement of equipment, and injured veteran’s disability) on an unnecessary war of choice in Iraq that was based on LIES, yet the very same idiots who supported the unnecessary war in Iraq will whine about the debt and deficits. Now do you understand why the country is DYING??




      I hear you bro. I hear you all the way. I know and understand firsthand where you are coming from. I have tried hammering this same message home many times. The idea that the vast majority of people either can’t see this or simply wish to bury their heads in the sand is just truly amazing……………

  • DM

    The truth is that the solutions to this nation’s are obvious. However, the corruption in our nation prevents those solutions from ever being implemented. No one in leadership is dense enough to tell the 1% that they cannot have their tax credits, cheap foreign labor, overpriced products and services.

    The reality is that we have a corrupt President, a corrupt Congress and a corrupt media. The corruption is the worst kind of corruption—it is legal corruption in form of campaign contributions and legal insider trading and media payoffs.

    Until corruption is dealt with in our nation, there will be NO implemented solutions to our problems.

  • Tim

    The federal government’s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. So, October 1, 2011 was the beginning of fiscal year 2012. From October 1 to October 31, 2011 the national debt increased over $200 billion! In one month! Annualized, that’s over $2 trillion.

  • ScoutMotto

    It doesn’t matter if the Congress doesn’t spend one more penny on anything, because the debt will continue to grow just due to interest alone. Our monetary system is absolutely designed to fail. It enslaves the borrower through continued borrowing just to keep the money supply up enough for economic activity to go on.

  • John

    Jeffery Imelt should be fired as head of the presidents “Job council”. He sent two divisions of GE to China, yet he stands next to the President and just smiles!

  • plato’s pug

    Military/Pentagon eats up 65% of GDP. America is a on the cusp of a dying empire, and what do dying empires usually do? Wage more wars of course.

    Japan was able to enjoy the 2nd best economy in the world, mainly because they were demilitarized after Washington bombed them in Aug. 1945, and thus trillions were not needed to support bloated Halliburton contractors, and of course the missing billions from the Pentagon under Cheney.

    A fast or slow collapse=more saber rattling against Iran (or Libya)to deflect the masses.

    • knightowl77

      Military spending is approximately 20% of Federal Spending. The Gov’t spends more on Social Security and even more on Medicare/medicaid. All Federal Spending is roughly 24% of GDP and the military si 20% of that…That said, we do spend too much on EVERYTHING, including the military.

    • mondobeyondo

      The only difference between the U.S. and the Roman Empire, is that we don’t speak Italian here.

      People think history is linear. It’s not, it’s cyclical. It repeats itself.

      • mondobeyondo

        Oops. Latin, not Italian. I goofed.

  • Texan Patriot

    The U.S. is a financial Titanic…..

  • Paul

    There will be no Messiah coming to hand you the Golden Solution on a Silver Tablet.

    You need to find your own solution. It’s called entrepreneurship.
    And if you do not like the current structures then you need to bypass them in a way that you do not harm anyone, except a few regulations. Sort of like crossing at the red traffic light when there is no car for a mile around.

    If you don’t like money, resort to barter.
    If you feed me, I give lessons to your kids.
    If I can sleep there, I take care of your old mother.

    And if you want to invest, don’t invest in “financial tools”. Get yourself some real tools, like a good axe, an anvil, a hammer, files and saws, etc. so you can repair stuff by yourself.

    During the time I spend home mending clothing, I cannot go out shopping.

    It’s not much, but 100 cents is a dollar, and 100 dollars is my gas bill for the year.

    • r.bitting

      There will most certainly be a messiah coming, and as for your ax, you won’t need it because theres already one laid at the root of the trees ( but you go and find out what that means )…

      • Paul

        Or maybe a Führer?

        • r.bitting

          If so, it will be one you elected.

  • Ken Nohe

    Just a word on the fact that I don’t believe that Obama “Makes Mistakes”. He is a shrewd politician but almost a “nobody” and he is black. To reach the presidency he had to prove that he would “support the system” again and again to thousands of people. He did it well. He also proved that he was superbly intelligent and that he definitively mastered the “massage”. Reagan was elected because he was “homely” and “nice”. He did believe in “things” even when they made no sense and economists where able to package it as “Reaganomics”. Debt really was not the problem we all thought it was. Let’s forget about it; “Good morning America”!
    But we now live with the consequences, 30 years later; More? Nobody really knows. The reality is that our economic system is too complex to be fully understood and the tools too crude to really stir it in the right direction. We don’t even know what the right direction is! And so the elite kick the can. If the patient is sick, it is probably because we haven’t drawn enough blood. “This” is the job of Obama, not to rock the boat but to explain skilfully what needs to be done. And he does it well. I don’t believe that he believes in anything. He listen to people, well, the ones around him of course and those who sponsor him and takes the best decision among those on offer. He simply would not be there if he didn’t do that.
    Think about a “lunatic” like, gosh I forgot his name, we see so little of him: Ho yes; Ron Paul. How do I know he is a lunatic? Well I don’t, but there not ONE news channel which mention (rarely) his ideas without the subtitle that; well, you know, we did it to be fair. Now let’s go back to the real candidates.
    Sorry; but I thought he was a “real” candidate or is he running for something else, entirely?
    I do not support many of his ideas, but some of them seem to make a lot of sense, are they really not worth discussing? At the very least? Who decides? And that, I believe is the right question. If we can’t unlock this door, then the rest is almost secondary.

  • karen

    It’s simple… It’s APATHY, give me this give me that, you owe me they owe me even God owes me. No body owes you anything, you have to make the decisions that are responsible and your deeds should reflect you as a decent human being. Change your thoughts and actions to become more responsible, it’s rough but folks can do this if they try, but most don’t want the work of changing. People are so brain washed to that boob – tube and the media are nothing but lapdogs to the elite feeding the sheeple lies. If you step outside the box and really look around you will see for yourself the truth, and the truth shall set you free, but sadly most will not they would rather be led around in the herd and not think for themselves.

  • Barn Cat

    The outlook is bleak: the US has been losing 400,000 jobs a week for at least 6 months now. There were only about 100,000 new jobs in October but there were at least 1,600,000 jobs lost. That means there’s only 1 new job for every 16 job losses. People without jobs don’t pay taxes. The deficit will be worse because of lower tax revenues and more spending on social programs. The economy is in a death spiral. You have to wonder when and if unemployment will level off.

  • Rowell

    My suggestion for a start of a solution:

    #1) Bring back Glas-Steagal; force banks to separate their banking functions from their investing functions. Banks should be banks, not gambling casinos.

    #2) Let’s look at all of these “Free Trade Agreements” and turn them into “Fair Trade Agreements”. The US (Middle Class America) is too much on the losing end of these agreements, and that really needs to stop.

    #3) Repeal the law that allows for the speculation on oil and other fuel commodities. When a leader in the Middle East farts, we shouldn’t have to pay a dollar more for a gallon of gasoline.

    #4) Get rid of the tax loopholes that corporations and the wealthy abuse to get out of paying their fair share.

    #5) Increase the tax rate on Capital Gains for those making more than $1 million a year. Capital Gains makes up, on average, about two thirds of the income of most wealthy individuals. When that money is taxed at 15%, how is that right?

  • Paul

    Try this:

    The secret of Germany’s success. 🙂

  • Tim

    The Joint Select Committe on Deficit Reduction (aka the “Supercommittee”) is charged with coming up with $1.5 trillion in defict reduction measures by November 23, 2011. That’s $1.5 trillion over a 10 year period. Let’s see, that’s an average of $150 billion a year. What a joke! What’s $150 billion when the federal government is running annual deficits in excess of $1 trillion? That is just insulting to the American people. And I don’t think these trillion-dollar budget deficits are going away anytime soon.

    • Michael

      Very good point.




    I agree with you 100 percent on this article. It is spot on. It is the same message I have been hammering since day one. There is no establishment Democrat or Republican anywhere on the horizon that has the strength or the honesty to deal with the asylum’s problems. Ron Paul is a constitutionalist (and not a modern day Republican at all) to be sure, but unless you had a complete Congress (both House and Senate) with similar leanings, then you would have the current gridlock that you have now. The best we could hope for (which are significant mind you) under a Ron Paul administration (things he could do on his own) is an end to the wars and bring the troops home, restore civil liberties (he could order the justice department to ignore the patriot act or allow it to expire and should Congress vote to renew it again, he could veto the legislation) and he could withdraw from these so called free trade agreements and of course not sign anymore. He could also either abolish the Federal Reserve or put it under the Treasury Department, which would help in taking the power away from the to big to fail banks. He could also prosecute the criminal bankers of Wall Street. There are some good things that Ron Paul could do on his own, but the major heavy lifting on the economy he could not do without Congress. So for anyone who votes for Ron Paul, remember, the person you vote for in the House and/or Senate races also has to be of like mind. If not, Gridlock will be the result.


    At this juncture in the asylum’s history, the Amerikan people have a big choice to make. Either they will come down on the side of doing what is in the asylum’s (to restore the republic) best interest, or they will continue to side with the two wings of the war party, at which point there will never be a recovery from the collapse caused by the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

    • Save the Republic

      Of course, if Ron Paul can ONLY do the things you’ve listed on his own, and he does them, he would still have been able to accomplish more good than probably all of the other presidents in the past 40 years combined (or undo more of the bad than 1 president has committed). And yes, people better start waking up and voting for candidates of good character for congress. It is sad, but most Americans seem to think the only important election is for president (shows how sad our educational system is)

  • ViewFromAbroad

    “All of this debt has fueled an unprecedented boom of prosperity for the last 30 years”

    Sorry – NO.

    As you know, the real Income for most of the workforce has hardly risen during the last 30 years, if it has not outright shrunk.

    People compensated this with the game “Beggar thy neigbour” – the man in the textile mill bought a cheap japanese car to maximize his profit, the man at the automobile plant bought an Asian-made refrigerator, to maximize his profit, and the man at General Electrics bought cheap chinese-made Clothes to maximize his profit…and because all of them were not willing – or able – to pay each others “high” wages, in the long run ALL of them LOST.

    Prosperity is not using borrowed money to import cheap goods from slave labour – prosperity is, when people within a country are able AND WILLING to exchange the fruits of their labour, even if it means paying more, without trying to sell each other off.

  • AJP

    You carry on about spending on social programs at great length, but when it comes to spending on government programs, it seems you focus on just military spending. Question: how does corporate welfare spending compare to social welfare, and does anyone know the total amount handed out to corporations as cash grants as well as tax breaks?

  • The Fat Lady Has Begun Her Final Song!

  • LC

    The destruction of the American way of life is ON PURPOSE. It’s very sad to see that the majority of people cannot see through the lies and double speak of our politicians. They always bail out the banksters & corporations leaving the little guys to pay for it. Welfare & food stamps are just ways of buying votes from the poor and giving more money to corporations like JP Morgan who administer the food stamps to our people while even outsourcing the food stamp administrative duties to other countries. Our leaders are traitors, and they should be rounded up, along with all bankster families, have their assets seized and be thrown into jail for their crimes.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Actually there are solutions just no will to implement them.

    • Michael

      Yes, it is true.


  • We are quickly falling into deep waters, and the president mocks the vote on “In God we Trust”? Why? Because he does not trust in the God I serve. He doesn’t stay awake nights praying “God help America” as many distressed people here in America do. We need to pray \, and trust in the God that America was founded on…. not mock Him.

  • Dr. Chicago

    Hey, on the bright side, Freddie Mac just announced they wanted to borrow anothe $6B from the Fed. Me, I’m not so greedy, $1B or $2B would be just fine. I guarantee there will be jobs created with it.

  • Matty

    The bible say’s “trust in the Lord your God and lean not on your own understanding” We have gotten so far from God. God has a plan that is bigger than our plans. He has a way that is not our way. Man thinks they can fix and wiggle out of a problem. God say’s, “come to me all who labor and are tired.” No- we won’t go to God. Anything, but that! So, there will come many “anythings” politicians and the sorts. The bible say’s that, “we are bought with a price, the precious blood of Christ.” This life is not our own. If we, including myself, could just grasp that. God has a plan. It is better than America- although a great nation. It is better than a job-although needed. It is eternity in Heaven- it is a new Heaven and a new Earth-a new body fit for Heaven. See we have our Earth suit now-one day we will have our Heaven suit. I am into a “new world order” myself. The new world will have Christ as king. The old way will be gone and all things will become new. So, look up my fellow pilgrims because our salvation draws nigh.

  • anne

    There are answers to this problem but our govt is not concerned with solving it. Instead they continue to approve more international trade agreements, open our borders to Mexico trucking, attack legal marijuana (medical) businesses and guitar companies, continue to allow Regulations to come from others than Congress and continue to bailout companies they choose to (here comes Freddie and Fannie again). They continue to allow uncontrolled illegal immigration, will not even allow govt employees to validate legal status for benefits and won’t deport those illegals that have done crimes if they so choose (although they did deport the ones that were part of the Fast and Furious because I am sure they knew too much of the govt collusion). We are in the clutches of a corrupt govt, period.

  • Joe

    Its in the air, something BIG is going to happen in the next couple of years and most are not good “except #8” below.

    Here are a few possibilities:

    1. Earth hit by hugh meteor.
    2. Sun blasts fry all earths eletronics.
    3. The USA defaults on its debts.
    4. USA Hyper inflation.
    5. Pole shift due to planet X
    6. 12/21/12
    7. Europes euro fails
    8. Lord Jesus Christ returns (my favorite)

    • Paul

      Jesus is already back. Didn’t you hear?
      He got arrested by immigration because he came from the Middle East without a passport. Then he was let go and arrested again for vagrancy. And then beaten up by police because he criticised the government.

  • This article just goes to show that no progress is being made, in fact things are getting worse. We are in the midst of the biggest debt bubble the global economy has ever seen. When it bursts, it will not be pretty for most the population. To learn more about how YOU can become a part of our movement to restore personal wealth and freedom please visit:

  • So who do we vote for in the next presidential election? Even if some new candidate comes along who could fix these problems, we still need a House and Senate to go along with him or her. Our government does not serve the people. It serves big business. This is nothing new. These problems have been forming for many years. They’re not going to get fixed overnight. I think things are going to get worse and be bad for many years.Be prepared and encourage your friends & family to be prepared.

  • JC Vaughan

    I suppose Big Brother government will come and get me. So be it. I have said it before, I say it again. Iran and America have somewhat similar problems. In Iran, their leaders are child murdering, child molesting, child torturing MONSTERS. In America, our leaders are Bernie Madoff Milton Friedman Wall Street worshiping GARBAGE. In both cases, we asked for it and we got it. You want a solution? I have one: KILL YOURSELF. This is one damn protest that will most definitely get their attention, and damned quickly if done in massive enough numbers.

  • Jeremy

    Thankfully, there is little chance either Obama or Perry will be elected next November. Romney, on the other hand, has a great chance.

    I know a lot of people say Ron Paul is our only hope, but Gingrich has now replaced Perry in the top 3 (Cain, Romney, Gingrich). His 21st century contract with America is interesting, and it is on his website,

    Though you are correct Michael that both parties have failed us, what really is the alternative? A third party? Any third party, depending on their ideological slant, is a guarantee to perpetual rule for the opposite party (you saw this effect in 1992 with Ross Perot and 2000 with Nader). Part of the system (such as the administrative state within the executive branch) needs to be flushed, but fundamentally it is the best we have. Name another system of government that is better.

    Finally, I am a young person who went heavily into debt to finance a law degree. I still believe it was a good investment for the future, and I have assisted a lot of people in the process (both rich and poor). We are in dire straits, and the world is headed for a depression once Greece collapses, but as long as God does not return, we have to find hope. This involves using our hope in God to have hope for the future. Until Christ returns, I am not giving up on the present system, because none of us knows when the date and hour is for the return of the Lord. The world has been on the precipice many times before, and it took the actions of great men to pull us back. I am hopeful for this to occur, and biblically should do this, until the return of Christ.

  • karen

    The Coming
    Starvation In America
    By James P. Wickstrom

    The government of the United States, by Law was to always maintain a three year mixed- grain survival storage for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

    Like most Laws of the land, the politicians never took heed as to why our wise ancestors had this reserve requirement established. It was to make sure, that, in the time of a National Emergency, the people had the most important mainstay needed for survival individually and as a Nation.

    Remember, the people make the Nation, the Nation does not make the people.

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s the different political administrations of Washington, D.C. walked away from sanity and started to give the surplus grains which where in elevator storage all over the country, to other nations, such as the Soviet Union, India, etc.. This continued over two decades, until the elevators were empty and the reserve of grains that were in reserve as per a national crisis….were gone. Of course this was done as to inhance international “friendship” with other nations, even if those other nations were self-admitted enemies of the United States.

    Remember, there was enough grain in storage, paid for by the American tax-payer, to last the masses inside the United States for three full years, if need be. But now it all is but gone!

    By 1996, the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) claimed that there was enough food in ware-house storage to last every man, woman and child in the cities a 3 day supply and a 5 day supply for every man, woman, and child in the countryside, should a great national emergency occur. In other words, if food trucks stopped running, the food supplies for the masses would be 3 days in the cities and 5 days in the countryside.

    In 2003, the U.S.D.A. stopped measuring for “days in reserve” of food for every man, woman, and child in the United States because the amount of food in storage in the United States dropped under a 1 day food supply for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Thus, the U.S.D.A. started to measure in individual pounds as to how much food was in the food-chain per person in the United States as per 300 million people.

    In 2003, there was 77 pounds of food per person in the warehouse food-chain in the United States. What this means, is that during a national emergency, only 77 pounds of food per person is available before all food is TOTALLY GONE in the United States.

    By September of 2005, there is now only 15.7 pounds of reserved foodstuffs in the food-chain for every man, woman, and child in the United States. This means that there has been an 80% decrease in the past two years. That decrease is becoming greater with every passing day in the United States. Of the 15.7 pounds of warehoused reserved food-stuffs, 11.0 pounds of the 15.7 pounds consists of unprocessed wheat. The rest of the 15.7 pounds of survival foods in storage for every man, woman, and child, totaling 4.7 pounds, consists of the following foods:

    1. Non-fat dry milk 2. Cheese 3. Corn by the bushel 4. Peanuts by the pound 5. Lentils by the pound

    That’s it folks ! . . . This is what the District of Columbia has set aside representing the 15.7 pounds in the survival food-chain for every man, woman, and child to stay alive on. This is not a daily supply, this amount represents the total food everyone will get for ….how long, who knows!

  • James

    I don’t see why we can’t just print more money to pay off our debt…

    /sarcasm off

  • Rick

    “If Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Rick Perry is elected in 2012, we are just going to have more of the same.”

    What did you expect Joe Public to do about this? Every single one of those political candidates from the two major parties are handpicked by the elite and the corporations. In short, we can’t hope to elect anybody that will stand up for Main Street.

    • Save the Republic

      Uh, how about thinking before they vote and pick someone other than those? Like someone who will actually follow the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America? Oh, that’s right, the majority of the American people have no idea what the law of the land is, or else they would have been up-in-arms about how it’s been violated by our elected officials for years. Thanks, Dept of Education.

  • Ken Alexander

    One more of hundreds of rants I have read recently long on observations and criticisms, but lacking any analysis or solutions. I keep reading Congress is “clueless”. Political leaders are “clueless”. Barack Obama should be called “Captain Clueless”. It amazes me how ordinary people can see through all the complexity and fog but our political leaders have no idea what is going on. Of course, that makes no sense. I believe they know exactly what is going on and are willingly taking actions that ultimately harm this country and will continue to bring us to our knees. Why would they do this? First, I really don’t think they give a damn. Why don’t they? The major reason is to get re-elected. That is their #1 priority. Political office is the gravy train. Since 2007 the U.S. Congress’ net worth has increased over 25%. The members of Congress now have a combined net worth of 2.1 billion dollars. As has often been suggested, just follow the money. The candidate who has the most money available for their campaign wins over 90% of the time. Therefore, if you want big money to be contributed to your campaign, you had better keep the corporations and wealthy people happy. The politicians are as greedy as the corporations and the people who run them. People on Wall Street make millions and it is never enough. Make more and more and more money. Every one is jockeying to get at the trough, and once they get there they continue to push for an even better position at the trough to gorge themselves more than the ones farther down. It is greed, plain and simple. America is on the way down and it will not be stopped without a new revolution of the people. We are seeing the start of this revolution in the streets of our cities. Whether or not the people will alter this country’s course remains to be seen. Our current system will not give up without a knock-down, drag -out, arrest, bludgeon and kill the people fight. Thanks for your time.

    • Game Over

      “What did you expect Joe Public to do about this?”…”We are seeing the start of this revolution in the streets of our cities.”


      We are larger than the 1%
      We are larger than the police
      We are larger than the military
      We are larger than the corrupt, fascist government

  • Zinc
    • Zedgehero

      Isn’t that crazy, how about the National Debt Clock –

      It’s like watching the machine hummm as it runs along. According to their stats from the US department of Agriculture every 17 seconds an American goes on food stamps according to my stopwatch and their Machine of madness.

  • Dan

    It’s not going to happen, but we need to cut both military dramatically, AND “Social” programs as well.

    All “social” programs, including Social Security need to be strictly means tested…and people who are on the dole…need to be given the minimum needed to survive.

    There is no motivation for many people to come off their high horse and take a job….if it is less than their “benefits”.

    For example I know a man who has multiple mathematics and technical degrees. He could have started teaching in our public schools over a year ago at $40,000.00 a year. There are still critical shortages of math and science teachers…but he “wants to be an engineer” (what he did before layoff) and “doesn’t want to teach”…so instead he is into his second year of unemployment.

    This guy gets around $2,000.00 a month unemployment and rents a room and has an older paid off car…so he is actually quite comfortable with this amount…AND has all his time free.

    In fact, if you think about it, if he took the teaching gig, he would have to get up, incur the costs of going to work and back and paying taxes…and he would maybe be taking home another $500-600 a month.

    He has not incentive to take a job paying less than $50,000.00 or so a year…as long as he can get paid not to work.

    Multiply this by millions of people across this country.

    People on food stamps should get $4-5 dollars a day, and yes you can eat on that quite easily and have meat at every meal. You just have to focus on staples like beans and rice and whole grains and eggs, and lower cost meats like hamburger, chicken and pork when on sale.

    All these benefits are STOLEN from people who work…and often end up with little more than those who collect the “benefits”.

    This is a recipe for disaster!

    • Kestrel

      These benefits are not stolen from those that work.. the people have paid into these programs out of the money that they earned for decades. It is the politicians and government that have stolen the money and spent it. These programs have afforded them the capability to play a shell game with the people’s money hiding trillions in deficit spending and transfer the debt to the people in place of their money. Money that was supposed to be there for them. Now you want to fix the problem by reneging on the contract that they have faithfully paid into all these years —- so the politicians and government can walk away from the mess blaming our problems on greedy retirees. Open your eye and see what really happened and don’t play into the propaganda.

      • Dan

        I am replying to Kestral, and hope he does not take what I have to say personally, however:

        I get sick and tired of people whining about how they paid various taxes all their working life…and that they had no choice…and that the government stole the money.

        In the first place, yes you had a choice. You had the choice to refuse to pay, go to jail if need be, refuse to convict those who refused to pay when sitting on juries, get politically involved to end the damn Ponzi scheme that is Social Security (and this has been know for decades to anyone who cared to research it).

        Instead the bulk of the American people trusted the government (historically a big mistake) and if they thought about it at all, thought it will hold together until I am gone so why worry about it.

        The average recipient of various political promises is like the people who “invested” with Bernie Madoff, they were lied to and conned…the difference being they are perfectly willing to let/try to force the younger generations to make good on the fraud.

        As long as they get theirs they do not care what happens to future generations.

        What right does one generation have to extort one penny from another?

        The situation is unsustainable and the longer we put off facing the bitter truth the worse the eventual train wreck will be.

        The only rational and sane answer is to strictly means test all transfer (read welfare) programs, cut corporate welfare, bring our troops home from around the world and quit trying to be an empire.

        Nobody would starve, many would take a massive lifestyle cut….but would still live better than 80% or so of the people who live on this planet.

        For example, their is an obscene example of wretched excess in my County called “Sun City, Texas”.

        This is a retirement community, with golf courses, big houses, new cars and you can bet everyone in that subdivision collects a Social Security check (most also have other Government retirement checks).

        Why in the hell should working Americans who are barely making it…living in Apartments and mobile homes in many cases, driving old used beaters in many cases, have to pay to support these people?

        Yet even these rich seniors would whine and cry that they paid in all their life, had no choice and only “want what is theirs”.

        It is NOT theirs and they lack the integrity to admit it.

        Incidentally, I am almost 52 years old, have structured my affairs to pay as little into the system as humanly possible, and do not expect to get a penny out.

        What I expect to do is work until I almost drop dead…and hopefully have enough for my last few years of semi-retirement.

        However, I will gladly do that to see my three children and future grandchildren have a shot at life.

        So I have zero pity for the tens of millions of people in this country that could get by with less, and that are taking from those who work.

  • sharonsj

    America cannot continue to spend billions on a world-wide military empire, but it does so because so many people get rich that way. War is a profitable racket.

    So is bailing out the financial empires. Greece is tanking because of global bank shenanigans that demand the Greek people go into debt to save the banks. In order to repay the outrageous loans, Greece would face a depression, terrible unemployment, the privatization of hits water, and the selling off of its resources and land.

    Of course the Greek people don’t want to do it, but the banks are putting the screws to every government, including ours, because they claim a Greek default would sink stock markets world-wide.

    We can only hope that the Occupy movement extends to everyone everywhere, and we are strong enough to screw the banks instead.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Greece is in deep due-due because membership in the EU gave them access to easy credit and they went on a binge. They (government and private citizens) borrowed way more than they could ever afford to pay back, even with low interest rates, and now the bills have come due and no one in the private sector wants to lend them any more money no matter how high the interest offered.

      Government workers received nice salaries, cushy benefits, and could retire after 20 years with pensions that ‘guaranteed’ them 75% of their former salary and free health care for life. For example a worker could retire at age 45 and receive these benefits for 2, 3, or 4 decades. And, somewhere around 40% of the population worked for local, regional, and national governments.

      Come to think of it, the USA sounds a lot like Greece. 🙁

  • soul

    Thessalonians 3:10-12:

    “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their own work quietly and to earn their own living.”

    Agreed but not working is mentioned =)

    • jenika

      I don’t think the smug bible thumper gets it: It’s about JOBS dude. And if you want to quote your little ole book, “Do unto others….blah blah” Hopefully, I’ve just educated you a smidgen.

      One more thing: OCCUPY OCCUPY OCCUPY. This is the best chance we have now of expressing our disatisfaction with Congress/Wall Street/Bankersters.
      That, and don’t go “shopping.” Starve the Beast Baby!

      • DownWithLibs

        I believe it is about getting rid of Liberal ideals that helped to bring us down, of which you appear to embrace with you last “smug” remark. So, you going to grow your own food, grow your own wheat to harvest, mill and create your next loaf of bread from, spin your own grown cotton to weave your own cloth to make clothes out of, etc. And if you find a job, how do you expect to get paid, if it is another poor person you intend to work for?

        Speaking of “not getting it”!!!!


      • Captain Ron


      • soul

        Actually Not much of a bible thumper. Two Degrees and a Masters of Science from a well known university. No need for further higher education here. I do not wish to stand with Anarchist, Communist, big Government “folks”, or what the murderous Lenin called useful idiots ( . I wish to stand with freedom loving, individual empowering, small government people. As I said before you cannot “create jobs”. The environment must be created and let them flourish. Remove government private sector ties (IE lobbyist and companies like G.E. up 50% on the year), break up anything ‘to big to fail”, remove the epa and unions or severely limit them (wonder why China has done so well) and return to litigation if someone feels the “earth: is suffering” or a right has been infringed on, and a few other items… o and as far as bible thumping I have found so much truth in that old dusty book. After all, the government you live under was based in a large part in deuteronomy and a Christian design. A belief any other way is just lying to yourself so you can avoid the thought that there maybe a god… Either way we can agree that jobs are needed and solutions to create them should be discussed…

        • Symbolic

          It’s just too presumptuous to think the narrative of Bible was inspired by a God. Give yourself more credit than ‘that’. You’d have to disregard the many correlations to all the mythologies and religions that came before the Judeo Christian monotheistic God, in order to justify its unquestionable divinity. Besides, Christianity would’ve never evolved through western society without Constantine’s recognition of the useful tool it could be. Divinely guided to give the underclass worth and equality, or just humanity’s struggle and desire to be mutually respected? You be the judge. As far as jobs are concerned….worldwide mutual respect for one another is a start, but as long as there’s an exclusive cultural religion, it’s just an elusive concept. Nah, not really going to help jobs in the USA. Protectionism is the first and foremost way to regain the lifestyles we as an exclusive Christian nation once enjoyed….don’t let anyone tell you different, or they’d be lying to you or themselves….or both.

  • Prepping for the Future

    When it all falls apart how well you survive. Here is a great novel full of survival tips.

  • Richard A. Smythe

    The VAST majority of the increase comes from social security. Something demographers have said for decades and those of us Gen X-ers have known since the 80’s. We are screwed because by the time SS gets to US it will be gone.

    Politicians in both parties are to blame–the Republicans lie through their teeth that trickle down works (look and purchasing power vs. top wealth over the last 30 years. PP is down and top wealth is explosive. That is NOT the formula for a stable society.) Republicans trust that the market will solve things. Yes, it will as long as you ignore 1) starvation of marginal people 2) consequences of market corrections–Lehman Brothers/Enron. They NEVER learn. Markets are the best way to create wealth for everyone and the best way to get things done but if left to alone you get monopolies/child labor/dangerous working conditions/environmental disasters. Really, look at what working conditions USED to be like before EPA/OSHA and tell me you want to work in THAT? Really? I have been to factories where those regulations didn’t apply. It is horrible.

    Plus, how can you be the “party of God” and not care about the poor and disadvantaged? It seems like the only part of the bible they read is that on homosexuality. Charity? Compassion? Honesty? Never heard of it? I mean, when you take top donors to S&M clubs (Michael Steel) how can you even SAY you are religious.

    However, Democrats are stunningly incompetent. They like government but can’t make it work. I work for a small company in Maryland and the regulations kill me if you have a problem. I have to pay at attorney to fix things MORE than the original bill. The EPA/OSHA regulations are cost insensitive. It doesn’t matter what the cost to the business is, they must comply when getting 80% or even 90% would cost you 50% as much. No cost benefit analysis is readily apparent.

    Democrats are tone deaf to the business world and make things needlessly, pointlessly and phenomenally difficult. I am an engineer with an MBA. It would take effort to DESIGN a system worse than we have here.

    My only consolation is that, while incompetent, at least democrats aren’t completely dishonest…

    • Kestrel

      Remember the baby boomers paid into the system — most since they were 14 or 15 when they got their first job. The SS trust fund has enough money in it to pay benefits through 2040… long after the bulk of the baby boomers are gone. I do not like the system but, it would be in reasonable good shape if the politicians had not spent money in the trust fund in the first place. They are complaining that the annual funds coming in now no longer support the outflow. So they do not have any more money to steal for SS to make their deficit spending look better than it really was. The people have been betrayed and now they want to pit young against old – playing us for fools as they walk away from the mess and the money..once again.

  • jerry O

    If you want to know what’s about to happen in the economy, and how to get VERY RICH because of it… Grab a pen, some paper, and register right here, right now if you haven’t already…

    If you’re tired of getting screwed by the government and and Wallstreet who keep handing themselves big fat bonuses at your expense… This is your chance to beat them at their own game…

  • Az native

    Evil is evil….People who love this nation and love our God can discern the spirits of this administration and it ain’t good…..

    We know what evil is….

  • liberranter

    The leaders of both major political parties seem even more clueless right now than in past years.

    Given that the creatures who elected them to office and have kept them there are just as clueless, if not more so, what other outcome could be expected?

    We really could use some hope, but hope is in very short supply.

    If I were the “hope fairy,” Amerika is the LAST country on earth upon whom I would confer blessings. Given that the denizens of this degenerate imperial cesspool dug themselves into their current hole, with most hands eagerly grabbing shovels and digging at a furious pace for over half a century, I would instead refer their case to the “comeuppance fairy,” who would in turn proceed to give them copious helpings of his/her wares.

    Right now, spending by the federal government accounts for about 24 percent of GDP. Back in 2001, it accounted for just 18 percent.

    Federal spending should account for no more than one percent of GDP, at its highest level. Zero percent is the ideal.

    The following is what former Republican Senator Alan Simpson (of the Simpson-Bowles Commission) recently had to say about the horrific debt crisis we are currently facing….

    Given that this assclown was part of the Gang of Plunderers on Crapital Hill who helped create this whole mess, he needs to STFU and stop being such a despicable hypocrite.

    In the United States, we love to have the government spend money on all sorts of things, but we never want to pay for it.

    Who the hell is “WE?” Speak for yourself.

    Yes, we will always need a very powerful military, but we can have one without going broke in the process.

    Why do “we” need a “very powerful military?” The purpose of the military is to defend the sovereign territory, adjacent airspace, and territorial waters of the United States, a VERY easy thing to do if we would just MOFB, in which case we’d have no enemies against which to defend. This is the reason why the founders inserted the prohibition against standing armies in the Constitution, standing armies being necessary only for tyrannical central governments hellbent on empire or oppressing their own people. The term “militia,” a freestanding organization composed of citizen volunteers, is all that will ever be necessary for real “national defense.”

    Tens of millions of Americans have become absolutely addicted to government money. Nobody ever wants “their government benefits” to be cut, but nobody ever seems to want to have their taxes raised to pay for them.

    Which is why all of the BS spewing out of the sewer holes of today’s “presidential candidates” is just that. Let ONE of them, as president, make serious moves to cut off anybody’s entitlements and they will be dragged out of the Oval Office and lynched by a mob of the very people who mouthed the “smaller government/less regulation” mantra during the elections when talk was cheap.

    So what can be done?

    It’s really quite simple: Just for starters, cut taxes, eliminate burdensome and unnecessary regulations and laws, stop printing funny money/abolish the Fed, and leave people the f*** alone to live their lives in peace and freedom. But of course not only would that require the Reigning Elite to give up power, it would also require the Amoricon sheeple masses to start living like responsible adults and take charge of their own lives. Needless to say, neither one of these things is ever going to happen.

    The worst of the Republican candidates are actually at the top of the polls. The cold, hard truth is that Romney, Cain and Perry are all clueless when it comes to the economy.

    See my first comment.

    Shame on the politicians that have rolled up so much debt in our name and shame on us for continuing to send those same politicians back to Washington D.C. time after time after time.

    The last part of that sentence indicates where the real blame for the current situation lies.

  • mondobeyondo

    I have seen the future, and it is 1968.

    A few slight differences (protests against the banks/corporations instead of protests against the Vietnam War), but it’s starting to look very similar. People are very angry out there, and many of them are hurting financially. If it gets worse, you will see Anger like that in Paris in May of ’68, and the National Guard may crack down on U.S. cities, the same as they did in more than 100 U.S. cities in April ’68. (Google “April 4 1968” and find out why, if you don’t already know.)

    The people who have the authority, money and ability to make things better for us, don’t care They are too busy trying to screw more people and get even more money. That is why so many are angry.

    • mondobeyondo

      The incidents in ’68 and what’s happening today may be different, but the response by the federal government will be the same, if it gets bad enough. If the rent a cops and local police can’t do the job, they’ll send in the big boys. Hello, 101st Airborne!

      You really think they wouldn’t do that? Hear me now, and believe me later.

    • Kevin2

      The major difference between the 1960s civil rights protests and Vietnam protests and today is demographics. The civil rights movement effected minorities that we’re about 10% of the population. The Vietnam protests effected draft age youth which were also a minority. The issues today for practical purposes effect everyone. If your gainfully employed your worried about continuing that status. If your not employed or under employed your concerns are obvious. If you saved your concerned about your IRA / 401K. If you have a mortgage your concerned about your homes worth relative to the debt owed. If it’s paid off your worried about it’s declining value and if your buying a home your concerned about keeping your job in this economy. If you have kids and grand kids just pick from the above and add a few more.

      The so called “silent majority” is not there today because it’s now a “vocal majority”. As these protests grow which they surely will because no viable solutions are being proposed (possibly because none exist) the protestors will not be able to be marginalized. They are us; we are them.

      • mondobeyondo

        Well, you’re right. Compared to the general population, Vietnam era draftees were not that many. Same with the civil rights demonstrators. They were small in number, but boy did they make a difference. But the majority ARE silent; they are too comfortable, too complacent. They are busy watching TV and listening to Katy Perry. When the pain does hits them individually… Whoa Nellie! Look out! “Occupy Oakland” will look like a birthday party.

        What scares me to death is, EVERYONE will be affected by what’s about to come. Soldiers, African Americans, the children, seniors who saved most of their lives and expected something better, the 99 percent…

        “Run for your lives! The volcano’s gonna blow!!”

  • drago

    hey richard, or can i just call you ****************,
    democrats arent ‘completely dishonest’?? are you delusional, a moron, or purposefully trying to insult everyone’s intelligence here??? f you have nothing intelligent to say, STFU

  • Paul

    A great deal of those debts are defence expenses.
    Just like Greece, buying tanks from the US:

    You can only solve those debt problems by not sending your kids around the world to bring democracy to anyone who doesn’t care.

  • Andrew

    Yes, the government is at fault, no one side is to blame. Both Republicans and Democrats have screwed up our country.

    But it’s not just the politicians, everyone in our great country is to blame. Either by reelecting the same blubbering idiots year after year or by not living within their own fiscal means. How can our government live within its means when the very people it represents do not? Most Americans have racked up credit card debt, mortgages that are to high, and student loan bills that are through the roof (because they had to go to the really expensive school for four years to get a degree in pottery).

    Then, while already living in debt and struggling to pay for what they need, they buy smart phones, HDTVs, and video games. If we want the government to be fiscally responsible, we all have to too.

  • denny

    According to a Cato Institute study done in 2002 – Corporate Welfare amounted to about $93 billion that year. Social program welfare $57 billion. It’s strange and cruelly ironic, the budget hawks never mention their corporate welfare queen friends, only the poor folks, disabled veterans and the infirmed. Get rid of corporate welfare and THEN we can talk about social welfare.

  • deegee

    “The Lord helps those who help thmselves” is the credo of either cat burglers or banks,i can’t remember which.

  • A.S.

    Why is it that the only jobs that get created are in gambling, drinking, and various illegal activities?

    • mondobeyondo

      You forgot prostitution.
      A guaranteed profit maker…

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Obama , Perry and Rommey, looh like we don’t hace otherpeople.
    Then we can rent a chinese president.

    • mondobeyondo

      Mao Tse Tung?

  • Dave

    I have found that the only difference between the Democrat leadership and the Republican leadership is that one of them is skinning you from the ankle up and the other from the ear down – Huey Long

    A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away. – Barry Goldwater

    • mondobeyondo

      Very true. Two sides of the same coin.

      “We come in peace!!! (shoot to kill, shoot to kill)

  • Johnny Garza

    Not one word about the federal reserve’s role in all this and not one word about the repeal of glass steagel in 1999 that was a major cause of our corrupt politicians. I’m sorry friend we have and are becoming increasingly aware of the scam that is the status quo of monopoly banking and crony capitalism. If you were truely honest intellectually I mean you would have mentioned these things in your article but since you didn’t, I’m led to believe your one of those who really like things just the way they are.

    • Michael


      I realize that I haven’t written about the Federal Reserve for a couple of weeks, but I think you would be hard pressed to find too many bloggers that have written more than me about the evils of the Fed over the past year….


    • Zedgehero


      Michael has not only gorilla wrestled the FED from the begining, but also inspired others like myself to go out and inform others too. I am truly grateful for this blog, for it along with Zero Hedge has not only informed us of the Federal Reserve scam, but even inspired us too fight it.

  • CHarper

    The only way to create more jobs it to come up with quality products to sell to the new upper middle class and wealthy of China and other Asian countries. It takes US ingenuity to make the best of the best that can not be knocked of cheaply. Like say Sub-Zero appliances or the old craftsman tools before they started making them cheaply in China. New, quality products American style. Made in America.

  • “How does a country end up 15 trillion dollars in debt?”

    (1) Promise voters lower taxes and other benefits to get elected.

    (2) Engage in deficit spending to deliver the goods and get re-elected.

    (3) Reduce tax revenue by sending jobs offshore.

    (4) Engage in serial wars financed with deficit spending.

    All of our presidential candidates are promising lower taxes to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

    When governments operate with a fiscal deficit, taxes can not be lowered. Replacing taxes with debt (principal and interest) is always a tax increase.

    The deficit needs to be eliminated before selective tax cuts can be implemented.

    (1) Increase taxes on imports, offshore operations, and higher income ranges (individual). Many wealthy individuals do not create jobs.

    (2) Increase the capital gains tax rate on offshore investments to 90 percent.

    (3) End the Bush tax cuts. These have not created jobs in the USA but have increased the national debt.

    (4) Eliminate all tax loopholes (business and individual). A flat tax, sales tax or some combination should be considered.

    (5) Cut spending where unemployment would increase the least. This needs to be done over a long period of time due to the large number of Americans dependent on government spending which creates jobs.

    Service sector (government) jobs do not create wealth. Service sector jobs need to be replaced with private sector jobs. This will only happen if it is more profitable to operate in the USA rather than offshore.

    For the past 30 years, tax cuts have been a complete failure so it is now time to make offshore operations less profitable (higher taxes) rather than making domestic operations more profitable (lower taxes).

    After the deficit is eliminated, business taxes could and should be cut.

    Anyone expecting to manage the national debt with lower taxes rather than higher taxes is either a liar or living in fantasy land.

  • Staatsbankrott

    I´m from germany and I don´t understand the whole thing but I think America crashed at first in 2008 and is since back then in a recession wich is stabelizing recently. Foodstamps and deflation is part of it but the market will turn and America will be the first country wich will be out of the crises because it´s a big country and can focus on his own. China, Europa and lot´s of others haven´t even started yet to crash. The housing bubble crash and the coming up market crash in China will be much worther than in the US. Europe is going to get unstable and alot of countries there are also in a recession and have lot´s of debt. Anyway, I do more believe in the US than in China or Europe. At least the people speak one language and have everything what they need at home in the own country. It just depending on the politicians how quick it will change into good. After the china crash alot of companies will move back to the US would I guess. The USD need a comeback by true market and not because of manipulation and speculation.

    • Orange Jean

      I always appreciate hearing from people living in other countries and getting their perspective on things. Thanks for sharing!

  • Steve

    I liked what Donald Trump said, “tax chinese goods at 25 percent.” Is there a single candidate who would cut ALL foreign aid? Is there a single candidate who would abolish free trade and bring jobs back to this country? Is there a single candidate who would militarize the border with Mexico to stop mass illegal immigration? The only way to secure our border is to defend it and that means shooting anyone who would enter unlawfully. Arresting people at the border and lettiing them go again just allows them to try again until they finally cross the border. Muslim terrorist backed by Iran are being assisted by drug cartels to enter into our country. The U.S. government knows about this but still they do nothing. Obama’s failure to act to protect us will prove disastrous when a war finally errupts with Iran. Two plane loads of Iranians fighters fly into Venezuela every week in order to infiltrate the Western Hemisphere with terror cells that will probably remain quiet until Tehran give the order to attack us (Iran has bio weapons that might prove far worse than nuclear). Closing the borders is a matter of self defense and it is our governments job to protect us! Find me just one candidate who would do all of the above and he or she would have my vote. Yet such a candidate would not win because most Americans are unwise. We blindly follow leaders who just keep tickling our ears with hopeful speaking but do not have any genuine plan to get this nation back on course. SO PREPARE FOR ANARCY AND CIVIL UNREST IN THE NEAR FUTURE!

  • 007

    Job numbers out again. More lies from The Department of Labor. Supposedly, 80,000 new jobs created. However, to get to that number they had to assume 100,000 new net businesses were formed last month after deducting all the businesses that went out of business last month. What a crock. How stupid do they think we are?

    Have you seen any of these new businesses?

  • Georgiaboy61

    Game Over, re:

    “We are larger than the 1%
    We are larger than the police
    We are larger than the military
    We are larger than the corrupt, fascist government”

    This is the great truth that our elites and ruling class fear above all, that the common person will awaken to the power he/she holds, and the spell of power-through psychological conditioning our government holds over us – will at last be broken. BTW, I agree fully with you that we now have a neo-fascist govt. in everything but name. It is not the fascism of Hitler, but that is of no moment. It is fascism nonetheless, more along the lines of Mussolini’s fusion of corporation and state, what was named “fascism” but he also called “corporatism.”

  • Nell 2223

    ill start by saying bloodlines still rulling. every depression was man made on purpose. and the only way to solve our problems is…..TO EITHER ABOLISH GOVERNMENT AND START A NEW OR HAVE EACH STATE GOVERN ITSELF WITH CIVILIAN OFFICIALS ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. since we know none of that is going to happen best thing to do is brace ourselves and find a safe place to hide….i am an African American male and i feel ashamed for my self and my people and others of different races that we are not on wallstreet fighting with the protesters 1 day we will have no choice but to face our mistakes.

  • oleguy

    Herein lies the root of the problem. Everyone gets some sort of government handout. Even those of you that work and pay your taxes if you own a home or have children. The people truly getting screwed are the elderly. Of course SS should be based on what you are receiving in retirement.

    Most Americans want something from the Fed but do not want to pay for it. Unlike alot of posters I could care less what someone makes as long as I can etch out a living and can afford the necessities in life. The one percent is not my concern. Never has been.

    As those of you that are familiar with Europe right now you need to look at home as our government wants us to go further down the European model and look where they are right now. Facts are facts and most choose to either ignore them or watch TV. Until the people actually vote for people that will represent the,m and are not corrupt we will never have a government worth anything anymore. We are running out of everyones money to support unconstitutional activities.

    Funny how the tresury can actually issue money without debt yet we borrow money from the unconstitutional Federal bank as debt.

  • JMorcan

    Jobs haven’t left the U.S. because of a toxic business environment. They’ve left because a billion Asians have entered the global workforce in search of $0.50/hr. Countries like China and India should at least have been required to bring their internal economic infrastructure – including wages, benefits and working conditions – up to Western standards as a prerequisite for trade. Sadly, politicians have sold us out in return for corporate contributions, the ultimate conflict of interest. It is now our own democratic processes that are destroying us, and not one of our so-called “leaders” has the courage or moral/intellectual wherewithal to even discuss these issues.

  • Observer

    Here is a guy with solutions:
    Vote for him in 2012 via Americans Elect:

    He has solutions…a global businessman, not a politician. If we don’t elect someone like him, we have only ourselves to blame.

  • The vast majority of Americans no longer believe that our imperial leaders rule with the consent of the governed. This implies that despite being “democratically elected”, our rulers act primary out of self interest and for the benefit of special interest groups rather than for the benefit of their constituents.

    The country is ruled by the corrupt and perverted collusion of banks, politicians and special interests.

    It no longer matters who gets elected under the entrenched power structure, something perhaps that the mob demonstrating on Wall Street has figured out.

  • Bob Marshall

    If you look at all the taxes we pay and little in return if that money was in the hands of the public that money would be put back into circulation to create jobs. Citizens can’t spend what they don’t have.I quickly found up to 40 taxes Americans pay. Not all of us who are retired are as cold hearted as some seem to believe. since some don’t know what we do with our income i feel many are being judged unfairly.I was fortunate to have worked for a company in Houston that cared about their employees enough to see we received a decent pension. as for social security other than the 7.3 years in the Marines i worked from the time i was 16-66.i have never asked one penny from the government but i do feel i deserve my Social Security payments. How many die before they receive their S.S. payments? I believe had Social security be used for its intended purpose and not placed under general funds to be used for who knows what, it would have worked for all. Today, there has to be a better system for those of the younger generation so they can make money off the money they are placing in the system. Had our government not had a spending problem, they would have left S.S. alone. i do like the above article. Now, we need solutions. It is too late to place blame.We are rapidly becoming a socialist state.

  • JMorcan

    “America is being deindustrialized at a blinding pace…”

    If we don’t end this foolish belief that international trade must be “free” and globalization is good for us, much of America will be third-world within 10 years.

  • C Shmidt

    Promise Me What You Won’t Do
    With the federal debt exceeding 15 trillion we have over the years weakened our countries ability to remain solvent and have put a heavy burden on future generations to resolve our indebtedness due to a disregard of discipline. Any campaign slogan or speech that begins with “I will” causes me to immediately write that candidate off. What I want to hear is “ I won’t”:
    • I won’t support bills that increase federal debt
    • I won’t support the present rate of spending
    • I won’t support federal hand outs without built in accountability
    • I won’t be a part of making our country weaker
    As an institution becomes less personal the ease to put that institution in greater debt increases. From the most personal institution (the family), to businesses, to local government, to state government, to the least personal institution (federal government) there is less regard to economic discipline. Get personal; don’t allow our national leaders to do what we would not allow in our families. We need leaders of character not leaders of parties, leaders of discipline not leaders that buy votes with government spending, and leaders of accountability not leaders that play the blame game. We want to remain compassionate to ones in need, but the federal government can not and should not try to shoulder the weight that should be redistributed to the private sector. I believe in the sacrificial heart of Americans. The present course America is on is not sustainable. Both military spending and hand outs have to be reduced. Focusing on who pays the debt instead of focusing on reducing the debt is a waste of time. I am weary of “I will” promises. Tell me what you won’t do.


    Q1) Why not REQUIRE PHOTO/FINGERPRINT/VALID PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP (rather than ID and a check in the “Are you a citizen?” box) to vote, collect entitlements, help eliminate waste, abuse, & voter fraud? Q2) Are occupier ‘barry baby’ mobs simply well organized mobs paid for by Soros, Unions & celebs – & trained by Obama & Alinski’s rules for radicals handbooks intended to generate Cloward & Piven style chaos, ex orders, martial law?

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