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16 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live In California

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San Francisco Skyline - Public DomainIt has been said that “as California goes, so goes the nation”.  That is why it is such a shame what is happening to that once great state.  At one time, California seemed to be the epicenter of the American Dream.  Featuring some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire world, the gorgeous weather and booming economy of the state inspired people from all over the world to move to the state.  But now people are moving out of the state by the millions, because life in California has literally become a nightmare for so many people.

I certainly don’t have anything against the state personally.  My brother and sister were both born there, and I spent a number of my childhood years in stunning northern California.  When I was younger I would sometimes dream of getting a place on the coast eventually, but for reasons I will discuss below I no longer think that would be advisable.

In fact, if I was living in California today I would be immediately looking for a way to move out of the state unless I specifically felt called to stay.  The following are 16 reasons why you shouldn’t live in California…

#1 The entire California coastline is part of the “Ring of Fire” seismic zone that roughly encircles the Pacific Ocean.  The San Andreas Fault has been described as a “time bomb“, and at some point there will be a catastrophic earthquake that absolutely devastates the entire region.  In fact, a study that was just released says that a “major earthquake” on the San Andreas Fault “is way overdue”

A recently published study reveals new evidence that a major earthquake is way overdue on a 100 mile stretch of the San Andreas Fault from the Antelope Valley to the Tejon Pass and beyond.

Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey released the results of the years-long study warning a major earthquake could strike soon.

#2 Out of all 50 states, the state of California has been ranked as the worst state for business for 12 years in a row

In what is sounding like a broken record, California once again ranked dead last in Chief Executive magazine’s annual Best and Worst States for Business survey of CEOs – as it has all 12 years the survey has been conducted. Texas, meanwhile, earned the top spot for the 12th straight year.

Among the survey’s subcategories, the 513 CEOs from across the nation ranked California 50th in taxation and regulation, 35th in workforce quality and 26th in living environment, which includes cost of living, the education system and state and local attitudes toward business. Notably, California placed worst among the nine states in the Western region in all three categories.

#3 California has the highest state income tax rates in the entire nation.  For many Americans, the difference between what you would have to pay if you lived in California and what you would have to pay if you lived in Texas could literally buy a car every single year.

#4 The state government in Sacramento seems to go a little bit more insane with each passing session.  This time around, they are talking about going to a single-payer healthcare system for the entire state that would cost California taxpayers 40 billion dollars a year

On Friday, State Senator Ricardo Lara introduced legislation that would transition California’s healthcare into a single-payer system. (RELATED: Read what a retired colonel said about the real purpose of Obamacare). The system would be very similar to the healthcare system currently in place in Canada and would cost California taxpayers roughly $40 billion for the first year alone. Given the poor economic climate California has already created for itself, this will no doubt be just one more burden on the people of California, and one step closer towards total bankruptcy.

Micah Weinberg, the president of the Economic Institute at the Bay Area Council, raised concerns over the financial consequences of the proposed legislation. “Where are they going to come up with the $40 billion?” he asked. He went on to suggest that adopting a state level single-payer system is “just not feasible to do as a state.”

#5 The traffic in the major cities just keeps getting worse and worse.  According to USA Today, Los Angeles now has the worst traffic in the entire world, and San Francisco is not far behind.

#6 A lot of money is being made in Silicon Valley these days (at least for now), but poverty is also exploding in the state.  In desperation, homeless people are banding together to create large tent cities all over the state, and the L.A. City Council recently asked Governor Jerry Brown “to declare homelessness a statewide emergency“.

#7 Thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, crime is on the rise in many California cities.  The drug war that has been raging for years in Mexico is increasingly spilling over the border, and many families have moved out of the state for this reason alone.

#8 California is one of the most litigious states in the entire nation.  According to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, the “lawsuit climate” in California is ranked 47th out of all 50 states.

#9 Every year wildfires and mudslides wreak havoc in the state.  Erosion is particularly bad along the coast, and I have previously written about how some portions of the California coastline are literally falling into the ocean.

#10 California has some of the most ridiculous housing prices in the entire country.  Due to a lack of affordable housing rents have soared to wild extremes in San Francisco, where one poor engineer was actually paying $1,400 a month to live in a closet.

#11 All over the state, key infrastructure is literally falling to pieces.  Governor Jerry Brown recently issued a list of key projects that needed to be done as soon as possible, and the total price tag for that list was 100 billion dollars.  Of course that list didn’t even include the Oroville Dam, and we all saw what happened there.

#12 Radiation from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster continues to cross the ocean and wash up along the California coastline.  The impact of this crisis on the health of those living along the west coast could potentially be felt for generations.

#13 Illegal drug use in the state is on the rise again, and emergency rooms are being flooded by heroin overdose victims.

#14 On top of everything else, it is being reported that Russia is “quietly ‘seeding’ the U.S. shoreline with nuclear ‘mole’ missiles”.  The following comes from retired colonel and former Russian defense ministry spokesman Viktor Baranetz

“What are these mysterious ‘asymmetrical responses’ that our politicians and generals speak about so often? Maybe it’s a myth or a pretty turn of phrase? No! Our asymmetrical response is nuclear warheads that can modify their course and height so that no computer can calculate their trajectory. Or, for example, the Americans are deploying their tanks, airplanes and special forces battalions along the Russian border. And we are quietly ‘seeding’ the U.S. shoreline with nuclear ‘mole’ missiles (they dig themselves in and ‘sleep’ until they are given the command)[…]

“Oh, it seems I’ve said too much. I should hold my tongue.”

Hopefully what Baranetz is claiming is not accurate, because if it is even partly true the implications are absolutely staggering.

#15 North Korea is a major nuclear threat as well.  It is being reported that the North Koreans are developing an ICBM that could potentially reach the west coast of the United States…

Defense officials have warned that North Korea is on the brink of producing an ICBM that could target the United States. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced in January during his New Year’s address that Pyongyang had “entered the final stage of preparations to test-launch” an ICBM that could reach parts of the United States.

#16 Someday a very large earthquake will produce a major tsunami on the west coast.  According to the Los Angeles Times, one study found that a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia fault could potentially produce a massive tsunami that would “wash away coastal towns”…

If a 9.0 earthquake were to strike along California’s sparsely populated North Coast, it would have a catastrophic ripple effect.

A giant tsunami created by the quake would wash away coastal towns, destroy U.S. 101 and cause $70 billion in damage over a large swath of the Pacific coast. More than 100 bridges would be lost, power lines toppled and coastal towns isolated. Residents would have as few as 15 minutes notice to flee to higher ground, and as many as 10,000 would perish.

Scientists last year published this grim scenario for a massive rupture along the Cascadia fault system, which runs 700 miles off shore from Northern California to Vancouver Island.

Over the past decade, approximately five million people have moved away from California.

After reading this article, perhaps you have a better understanding why so many people are getting out while they still can.

To me, one of the greatest concerns is the rise in seismic activity that we are seeing all over the world.  In my latest book I express my belief that the United States will be greatly affected by this increase in seismic activity, and California is going to get hit harder than just about anywhere else.

Once again, I don’t have anything against California or the people that live there.  It is such a beautiful place, and it once held so much promise.

Unfortunately that promise has been shattered, and there is a mass exodus out of the state as families flee the horrific nightmare that California is in the process of becoming.

  • aldownunder

    Oh ow I know someone who’s not going to like this

    • Dean

      Ha!Ha! Take that socalbeachdude!!!!

    • Dean

      Uh oh

    • john folger

      Hollywood, can be washed into the sea.

      • William Lutz

        That would be a miracle. Then Hollywood can become part of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.

      • socalbeachdude

        That will, of course, never happen!

        • Jamarcus

          Dude, You should pay attention to North Korea. You are a bulls eye living in Cali.

      • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

        lets hope Hollywood takes the former star of the apprentice off to the bottom of the sea too.
        before any more navy seals have to die for no reason.

  • JustAnotherJoe10

    Those fleeing….please stop moving out of California! Other states do not want you! All you former Mexifornians do is move to other states, where you ruin the new state you live in, and turn your new home into the hell hole you left. Fix your own state first, before deciding to run from the mess you created. I know of a few states where they are certainly tired of such folks, and are moving away to get away from the Mexifornians who have run to other states in the last few years.

    • TrollingforTrolls

      Like here in Oregon

      • littlebit43

        And Texas.

        • SnodtBlossom

          While Michael disses California, realize he is in one of the snowiest and coldest states.. Idaho. I’ve lived in California.. It has it’s better and worse areas, but I’d far rather live in Florida or California over Idaho.

          • So would most rational people.

          • greyprepper


          • Tom Lowe

            No decent jobs in Idaho unless you are imported for some special corrupt subsidized company. Cliquish sheeple people live in Idaho. Not friendly. Not even standoffish. Just blank and stupid. Rote ignorance among the educated is standard in Idaho. In short, Idaho sucks. Most ‘Mexifornians’ do return to California because this is where the jobs and the money are. In Idaho: NOTHING.

            I will probably be going to South America. Had enough of this BS where I have been officially discriminated against for the past 49 years. Who TF needs that in their life? I supported it, but 40 years of it was long enough. Seeing how Affirmatve Action has always been a failure, and still failing long after the program should have ended, now it is time to go. The USA is now a dead issue.

            Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, Mississippi. These are the states I lived in. Out of that bunch of corrupt, declining caca, California is still better than the others.

            Idaho is a western bluegrass-lite hell.

          • juanisaac

            Here, here. I have worked and lived in five different states.nothing like CA.

      • juanisaac

        In Oregon you are getting mostly SJW homeless. Have fun.

    • Mr.Cipher

      “and are moving away to get away from the Mexifornians”

      • Jerry C

        They’re not hypocrites if they aren’t taking their failed policies with them.

    • meredithk

      You would hate Texas: Fire ants! Heat AND humidity! Guns! Rednecks! Rattlesnakes! Huge pickup trucks!

      • FirstGarden

        You forgot chiggers. 🙂

        • No, he mentioned Rednecks ;p

          Also, Texas has more illegal immigration than California, so there’s that too. houstonchronicle. com/local/gray-matters/article/Interactive-Demographics-of-Texas-undocumented-6045807.php

          Plus Texas is full of “takers”, i.e., they eat up more in welfare/taxes than they pay into it.

          Aaand then there’s their higher-than-other-states’ domestic violence rates.

          They have the lowest per capita high school graduation rate, which is strange because they also have the easiest textbooks to get through! They’ve been in trouble before for having made up history in their history books, like “Africans came here on great ships to work”, rather than against their will, and so on.

          • europa3962

            Ill take Texas any day of the week. Ilive here. When SHTF this is where I want to be.

          • Tom Lowe

            Texas is much better than Utah, Idaho or Arizona. Will grant you that.

          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            What turnip truck did you fall off of?

          • Explain to me what your insult implies please. I do not speak Hillbilly.


          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            I can’t explain the obvious to the oblivious! Learn to read!

          • I know how to read. I asked you to explain your insult to me. Those are two different things.

            If your insult is so baseless, why did you feel the need to try it, hillbilly?

          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ


          • A simple acknowledgement that you were being juvenile would have sufficed; you needn’t have descended into babbling, hillbilly.

          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings.

          • Yes, that is precisely why I mentioned it in my first response to you, hillbilly.

            I am glad someone explained it to you, good boy!

          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            You are a persistent bitch, aren’t you! Bye-bye!

          • Millard Huff

            Are you talking about your mother again.

          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

            No, I’m talking about yours! Adios, motherhumper!

          • Millard Huff

            Well my mother is dead so can talk about her as long you can you want you still have SFB’s so STFU moron.

          • Millard Huff

            I had a mother she died from cancer.But you have two QUEERS you call mother.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            My my your nose is sure turned up … Hillerys was to … Then we hillbillies put some shoes on … Bushed our tooth ….Came down out of the hill’s and hollers … And had our way with the old girl … And her clan … Whoooo weeeee and we done drug it out … Why we wasn’t done with her and her get until the wee hours … It was sure fun

          • I sincerely hope you are one of the liberal trolls™ always spoken about here, because to believe someone so grotesque and clearly uneducated as you being a Republican or a Conservative would just further destroy what little the Right has anymore.

            We used to be the party of Reagan, The GRAND Old Party, the party of Lincoln, the party of Jesus — now we are the party of online sadistic illiterates. It sickens me to see the LEFT being the only Christianly folk anymore. And apparently the only ones who’ve gotten past the sixth grade.

            So, again — I truly hope you are just a bored little teenage boy who gets off on making Republicans look terrible, because you are doing exactly that, sonny.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            And we still spanked you and yourns … And everyday for at least the next 3 years 10 months you will be reminded of that … And with luck 4 more …. Every day … Enjoy

          • Well, considering Mike Pence will (THANKFULLY) be taking Office far before then, I actually WILL be able to “enjoy”. As will all other Americans. Sorry, Ruski!

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            You will then owe me and all us other hillbillies a thank you

          • Ah, there goes that incapacity for thought you’re so fond of flashing.

            NO, the hillbillies are the ones who could have nominated literally ANY of the other dozen *actual* Republican candidates rather than the lifelong Democrat and failed TV reality star that you did nominate. Between the sister-marryers and the neo-na zis, that idiot-magnet called Donald had the nomination locked.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            You make all the right noises for a welfare sucking dope smoking basement dwelling liberal … And you claim to be a conservative ….odd

          • Well, you haven’t been correct about anything yet, so this latest “psychic” divination is just par for your course.

            But seriously, if you haven’t already filed for your Trump University Scam refund from the Class Action lawsuits he lost, hurry up. He swindled the poor and the desperate and the stupid. But the courts did the best they could to force Don the Con to do right by you all.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Yea well I’ve had ducks try and fool me in the past

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Oh by the way … I think your a duck

          • Lib Techie

            why do you speak like you’re all that, see that’s the problem these days, people are so insulting if they don’t think like you, i’m not a republican but this behavior is what has pushed many of us away.. what is wrong with people these days? what happened to democracy?

          • Millard Huff

            dude you are a liberal POS now STFU.

          • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ


          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Well as far as welfare and domestic violence … As you pointed out there are a great many ILLEGALS in the state

          • dallasobserver. com/news/fear-of-deportation-often-keeps-undocumented-victims-of-domestic-violence-silent-8694532 and also google. com/search?q=undocumented+domestic+abuse+don%27t+report&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

            You do know that illegals who are victims of domestic violence RARELY IF EVER report the abuse against them, right? Because in doing so, they are alerting law enforcement to their illegal presence here and they know they will be arrested then deported.

            Ergo, undocumented domestic violence victims’ violence isn’t even counted in Texas’ very high record of domestic violence.

            Glad I could help with that.

          • Tom Lowe

            All your comments come from reading news, not dealing with these people. I deal with them every single day, and they will be THE FIRST to call the cops, because they know they will not be deported!

          • I’ve lost friendships with such people (whom I assumed were “American” because they’d grown up from childhood in the U.S.) after they reported domestic violence. Their partner/father-of-their-kids is American citizen, she is apparently illegal because her parents brought her here in infancy. Also some friends of friends got deported (or into holy heck with the INS) after reporting less violent crimes like car theft and burglary. The police find out you aren’t 101% legal as heck, and your life as you know it is ruined.

            My husband even served in the U.S. Army with an “undocumented” service member who later got deported. A veteran of the United States Military getting deported to a country he never knew. Hmph.

            I truly wish you were telling the truth, alas, you’re just saying something you wish were true.

          • Tom Lowe

            Texas is California lite.

          • In Landica Veritas

            well they both want to leave the union and secede.

      • dlewenz

        Hey now, we have the best BBQ on the Planet!

      • ontoiran

        you are 100% correct that everyone should avoid texas like the plague. it is a stinking hell-hole populated by knuckle-dragging rednecks who couldn’t spell “sophisticated” or “urbane” if their life depended on it. you will hate it…believe me.

        • Tom Lowe

          Yep, if you ain’t from Texas, you ain’t sheeeeee ….

          And by that logic, if you ARE from Texas, then you ARE sheeeeee ….

        • Adrian Johnson

          Texans drag their knuckles, show off their guns, and exaggerate their uncouthness so as to convince Californians not to move there. Off the street, they drop the act, listen to Bach and enjoy Californian wine.

          • ontoiran


      • Tom Lowe

        And boring, shallow people!

      • Lib Techie

        then that’s were i’m moving because that’s exactly what i want! f…. these cali nuts, i’m done…

    • JC Teecher

      I see your point, and there are many native Floridians that see it as well, as their state has been heavily influenced in many negative ways by New Jersey/new york, etc…yankees moving n on there turf, and changing the whole dynamic of the state from what it used to be.
      Yankee liberals and West Coast liberals can sure mess up things for common and decent peoples; especially the conservative Christian peoples.

      • illusion

        I was born in New York and moved to Florida when I was eight years old. My dad worked on the lunar module project. We moved back to New York in 1970. I could not stand it. Rude nasty people with a chip on their shoulder. I am a native New Yorker but lived most of my life in the southern part of the country. I remember my dad telling me a story about what happened at a local Florida department store. It seemed that there were a lot of new hires. Mostly transplanted New York women as sales people. Many of the regular customers were getting upset over their rude and obnoxious attitudes. The manager called a meeting where he told many of these superior northerners to either change their attitudes or be fired. I am a born Yankee, yet Yankees rub me the wrong way.

        • JC Teecher

          I hear ya! One of my best friends for about 20 years was a yankee. I have nothing against the average yankee that acts civilized, but the majority of the liberal ones, that move down south, are a pain in the asthma.

        • gfmucci

          So glad to now be in the mountains of North Carolina after enduring New Yorkers and their obnoxious, loud, rude attitudes in a large retirement community in Central Florida. What a beautiful difference in the nature of people here.

      • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        They’re like those New York bedbugs you’re always hearing about that they can’t seem to get rid of!

    • Mike Smithy

      Back in the 90’s, I lived in Colorado. It was fairly common to see bumper stickers that read: “Don’t Cali-fornicate Colorado”. Too late, Colorado has been Cali-fornicated. It’s very sad to see such a beautiful state ruined by lib-tards.

      • But “Lib-tards” don’t leave the supposedly liberal paradise of California… only Reich-tards leave California.

        Sorry that those beleaguered Conservatives have sullied your white trash state. Maybe you can still move to one of the heaviest-Right states with no lefties:
        google. com/search?q=poverty+stricken+republican+southern+states&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

        • greyprepper

          Bwahaha!!! You’re from California I assume?

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Sorry that those beleaguered Conservatives have sullied your white trash state….”

          gee, and I wonder why Clinton lost with backers like you

          • I don’t know why you continually insist that I ever backed her. Standing steadfastly against the horrors of Deceitful Donald ≠ backing Hillary Clinton. She was by far the lesser of two evils, and I only ever referred to her as such. And the gap between her “evil” and Donald’s evil is widening…

            “and I wonder why Clinton lost”

            I don’t wonder why she lost; in fact the only “wonder” is how she did so phantasmagorically better than Putin’s Puppet votes-wise. Three million? The HIGHEST number of votes garnered by ANY candidate (save for Obama), versus poor, sad Dismal Donald’s dismal number of votes situated in the electoral college’s [dis]favor.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…She was by far the lesser of two evils….”

            riiiiiight, Clinton the war-mongering psychopath was better than Trump the dolt

            and I can tell you’re a regressive whining about Russia.
            gee, Trump won the election per the Constitutional requirements. Too bad Hitlerly didn’t have a clue

          • “Trump won the election per the Constitutional requirements. Too bad Hitlerly didn’t have a clue”

            There was no one running named “Hitlery”, perhaps this is where your many, many confusions begin.

            Former Secretary Clinton lost the [racist, out-dated] electoral college not because she didn’t have a clue (she and her folks were frequently taunted as being “too prepared” and “too knowledgeable”, so come ON).

            The media promised the country a bona fide guaranteed Clinton win. Then the Bystander Effect took over. Many people decided to not take the day off to vote, but rather they trusted the promise they were given FROM LITERALLY EVERY LAST CORNER OF THE WORLD that Trump would not get his orange, kiddy-diddlin’ finger near the Nuclear Codes. MILLIONS of people thought it was safe to not go through the hassle of voting, so they didn’t. It was the worst Tortoise and the Hare sort of lesson.

            She lost the college because of a daily hawking of some email irregularity of hers that not only was nowhere near criminal, but also we have since learned not only Donald won’t give up his world’s-easiest-to-hack Android, but that Mike Pence also used unsecured (AOL!!!) email. Had Clinton or Obama done either of these egregious sins we’d still be assaulted daily with it.

            She was continually accused of criminal activity, and despite there being continually no “there” there, Dumb Dpnald’s dumb minions only believe the last thing they heard: dat dare bee yotch be a kriminel.

            James Comey’s last-minute, pre-Election Day claim that they *finally* *found* *the* *proof* of worngdoing, despite once again there being none, also helped Dumb Donald’s dumb minions believe the lies Deceitful Donald had continually spoon-fed his incapable-of-thought voters.

            “LOCK HER UP” is a powerful chant that reinforced two very, very unlucky things: one, she was a woman. Two, she had committed enough crimes to belong in prison… the former was already a death knell, the latter was never true.

            She had fake news against her.

            She had people who outright said that no woman could ever be smart enough for President.

            She had not just Dishonest Donald lying against her, but also Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein and every mouthpiece across every medium for the last thirty years.

            She inspired Russia, a hostile foreign entity, to move heaven and earth to elect its Micturian Candidate (sorry, couldn’t resist) via hacking and intentional leaks of her party’s emails, all the while sitting on the RNC’s hacked emails. (Can you say future blackmail, boys and girls?)

            She had many voters being told at the polls that they could not vote because they were Black — oops, because Black people who had either died or had shared a [similar] name with the Blacks showing up at polls were told they were ineligible to vote. Also, college students were turned away when they stated that they lived in dorms, because apparently a “dorm” is not a valid address, and the poll folks in red/purple states told these kids they couldn’t vote because of this.

            Bernie made promises: Free college! Trump made promises: Build that
            wall! Save are [sic] jobs! Lock her up! But Clinton, a policy wonk who understands the nature of incremental change, could never bring herself to spout slogans. She shouldn’t have made false promises, but a few three-syllable soundbites would’ve gone a long way.

            Any continued claims that former Secretary of State Clinton “lost” the election because of any flaws or faults of hers are simply not true.

          • Mike Smithy

            You are an idiot. How is the Electoral College racist? Better yet, just STFU FemiNazi scum.

          • Hmm, you askewd a question, then your emotions get the better of you and on a dime you say you would rather not learn something that intelligent people know.

            Then you top it all of with projection by calling the other person idiot.

            Perhaps the Interwebz is too taxing for your limited capacities. I hear there are sports on Sundays just for anti-learnin’ people like you.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Ah one of the smug liberal’s

          • Although he was smug indeed, I don’t believe he is a liberal.

            (and pssst, we don’t apostrophize nouns just because they’ve been pluralized.)

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            * SHRUG* … Maybe we don’t but I does

          • Cancel_NPR

            ” intelligent ” ??
            You stupid fckus LOST the election…
            hillary is NOT the president…
            Trump is getting RID of the scum that helped that bltch stay out of prison…
            You, are a typical REPUBLICAN…
            Too stupid to know that YOU lost…
            I am NO LONGER a republican because of their bullshlt with regard to Trump…

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Liberal = everything is racist … Once you understand that a lot of other things fall into place

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            So we out cheated your side is what your saying … * GRIN* … Even better

          • I am a lifelong Conservative Republican. So YES, we Conservative Republicans have indeed been cheated, because we somehow let ignorant hillbillies who don’t know their wives from their sisters nominate a lifelong DEMOCRAT AND VERY GOOD FRIEND OF BILL & HILLARY CLINTON to be the GOP nominee. Dishonest Donald is not, nor has he ever been, a Republican.

            America has been cheated very badly. It really speaks to how low Deceitful Donald has dragged the Republicans when we can look at the election of 2016 and truthfully state that the DEMOCRATS ran the only truthful and above board candidacy. That should have been said about the Right. But now that Debt-ridden Don the Con has forever sullied the Right, America’s politics will never recover.

            May there be no Heaven — because if there is, then poor beloved Ronald Reagan is looking down at Putin’s Puppet fe||ating Russia’s President in thanks for the election.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            A life long Republican … I think your nose is growing

          • “I think your nose is growing “
            It’d be the first time you ever “thought” anything.

            My Disqus url is even “Beleaguered Conservative”. Oh, how I long for the dream of being able to switch it to “Elated Conservative” or even “Satisfied Conservative”. But with our Liar-in-Chief currently installed for Putin’s pleasure, the state of American Conservatism is — at best — beleaguered.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Lol and you thought hillery was an alternative … Your a duck … And you know your a duck so please stop trying to convince us you don’t spend your day quacking

          • Really? I “thought hillery [sic] was an alternative”?

            Interesting… I didn’t know I thought that. It must be so nice to be psychic like that, albeit an illiterate psychic.

            Let me guess — you bought your Mind Reader Degree from Trump University… because just like every other degree Crooked Don the Con sold, it is worthless. I hope you were able to get in on the Class Action lawsuits brought against Honey Booboo, err, oops, I meant Crooked Donald. I always get those two equally intelligent Reality TV Stars mixed up.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Well as you asked concerning my educational status BS/Soc out of A&M… You know … hillbilly U… Yep I are one of dem … A gun toten… Inbred … Hetro sexual … Semi religious … Conserative … male … And NRA member … And I voted for Trump … What else can I do to piss you off today

          • “I voted for Trump … What else can I do to piss you off today “

            Ruining the United States of America and making all of us Republicans look bad in the process was enough to piss us off today, thanks. Although one of those hilarious gun accidents ending in a Darwin Award would maybe do the trick too.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Lol it still makes me laugh you claiming to be a Republican

          • Yeah, babies, the developmentally-disabled, and just plain stupid people are very prone to laughter for no reason.

            Thanks for illustrating this.

          • Aggie95.. ( Putin henchman )

            Well you watch what you want I missed both it seems so who am I to judge

          • Jewd

            You are a democrat, pro choice, Ha Shem hating, eugenicist, white male who dreams about being a transgender swine. Wake up call, eugenics does not bode well with racial equity, nor does inhibiting someone’s chance to live with the inherent value of human life (ie abortion). Neither does encouragement of copulatory perversion compliment outstanding moral ideals. You got Russia from CNN and MSNBC that’s the equivalent of me citing Infowars or illuminati resistance for news. If you were conservative you would have a much more rounded perspective on the Russian hacking narrative.

            Hillary would have furthered sexualization of society, unbridled influx of illegal migrants, facilitation of drug trade with Mexico via open borders, and would have Worsened ties with Russia to the extent of war. Democrats are rioting on the street with vaginas on their heads even now. So explain to your conservative self how Clinton is the lesser of evils and democrats are “smarter” than republicans. Also the largely progressive soc sci think tank Psychologytoday has many articles encouraging phenotypic discrimination via preferential treatment of more attractive people derivative of theories already debunked by the objective pubmed database. I am a Jew you anti Semite so don’t go on saying all Trump supporters are racist bigots, it is interesting how progs like yourself condemn physiognomy while endorsing lookism which is basically the same thing

          • gfy

            no really f u bro

          • Tom Lowe

            I’d read your screed, but would have to send you a bill for $350/hour for your psychiatric treatment, and I could get in trouble for that. So, you were ignored.

          • Nah, if I’d been ignored then my inbox wouldn’t have so many little attention-begs from you.

            Also, where exactly did you get your psychiatric degree? Not Trump University by any chance? I understand that most — if not all — sorry folks online who suggest an affiliation with psychiatry are all supporters of that fraudulent university’s grifter, Don the Con Trump.

            I hope you were able to get your money back from Don the Con’s failed, fraudulent university scam. Perhaps you’ve heard he was forced to pay out something like $25,000,000 (twenty-five million) to his victims as restitution. Of course he had stolen much, much more than that, but you know how Class Action lawsuits work… the criminal need only pay a portion of his ill-gotten profits back to his victims. (Not to mention that he bribed the Attorney General in Florida so he didn’t have to come clean with *any* of his victims there.

          • Cancel_NPR

            And We dont give a shlt…
            Fcku you, ” Carrie “…

          • Gay Veteran

            looks like you’re getting paid by the word, great for you.

            “…Former Secretary Clinton lost the [racist, out-dated] electoral college….”

            ROFLOL, and you people condemned Trump before the election for not agreeing to accept the result of the election.

            yeah, the electoral college becomes “racist, out-dated” the second after Hitlerly loses.

            “…The media promised the country a bona fide guaranteed Clinton win….”

            wow, you actually wrote the truth for once. The korporate media were in bed with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, first in fixing the nomination for Clinton instead of Saunders then in the general election against Trump.

            “…She lost the college because of a daily hawking of some email irregularity
            of hers that not only was nowhere near criminal, but also we have since
            learned not only Donald won’t give up his world’s-easiest-to-hack

            ROFLOL, how many countries and hackers were able to hack into her system?

            BUT THE RUSSIANS DID IT………………………ROFLOL

            “…She had fake news against her….”

            your korporate media allies are the experts at fake news, which is why their credibility is in the toilet

            “….She had people who outright said that no woman could ever be smart enough for President….”

            ROFLOL, she lost because she was a WOMAN!!! gee, maybe she should have got more female voters in PA and MI

            “…She inspired Russia, a hostile foreign entity,
            to move heaven and earth to elect its Micturian Candidate….”

            keep thinking that, the democratic party will stay in the toilet.

            “…Any continuedclaims that former Secretary of State Clinton “lost” the electionbecause of any flaws or faults of hers are simply not true.”

            WHA, WHA, WHA, oh there is an epidemic of bu*thurt going around.


          • Cancel_NPR

            Get up off of the floor, stupid kvnt…

          • Cancel_NPR

            YOU, are the biggest ” Lying Nutcase ” I’ve ever encountered on one of these sites, and the REASON is because YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE the BULLSHlT you have spouted…
            If you don’t LIVE in California, MOVE there.
            You sound like one of those NUTS…

          • Tom Lowe

            A conservative in California amounts to a libtard when relocating to Colorado or Idaho. That is the proper way to put all this in perspective.

        • I prefer the word libturds ‘cuz “libtards” pokes fun at people w/ disabilities.

          • “I prefer the word libturds ‘cuz “libtards” pokes fun at people w/ disabilities.”

            Aww, you are so kind toward Dumbsh!t Donald’s supporters!

          • Tom Lowe

            Trying to scroll past the troll’s reign of absurdity in here …. [facepalm]

          • It’s simple. I always just scroll past his stuff without the need to publicly share it here with random Internet strangers.

          • carnac123

            Up yours. You libtrash always try to paint your adversaries as either “Nazis” or “stupid hillbillies’. It never works. You are the followers and the stupid ones. You get your marching orders and your ‘word for the day’ from your party members and then repeat it on all networks like good little sheep. You are sickening. Most right wingers are educated and more of us are civilized in comparison to the brainwashed left. We see the leftist on TV every day marching. WHen asked what they are protesting against they express themselves like brain-dead zombies. Leftist are barely alive in the brain department.

          • “Up yours. You libtrash always try to paint your adversaries as either “Nazis” or “stupid hillbillies’. It never works.”

            I am a Conservative, right-leaning my entire life. To call me your impotent little slur as though I were a liberal or as though you were superior is what fails. Also — I do not need to paint anyone as “Nazis” or as “stupid hillbillies”, because they prove that all on their own. There are entire websites devoted to Dachau Donnie’s Fourth Reich, and his followers are not just content to refer to themselves as “Nazis”, they are insistent upon it.

            The rest of your continually incorrect and inappropriate waaaaambulance ride just makes me shrug. It is the only thing that fails.

        • Tom Lowe

          Colorado was never a white trash state. It has always been as Hispanic as California. Always.

          Idaho and Utah ARE white trash states–if you want to call the Mormons white trash. That’s up to you. I don’t get on well with them, but I do not consider them to be white trash.

          Nevada–now that is a white trash state, where gambling and prostitution are legal.

      • rant1200 .

        Where did this lib tard moniker come from?Typical corn pone humor.To say they(non libtards) are less than urbane wouldn’t be fair.They do have hee haw.

        • Mike Smithy

          That like asking why does a zebra have stripes? Now go back to your urban safe space hell hole and suck on a turd.

        • Tom Lowe

          If you don’t know where the libtard moniker came from then you must be one of them.

          Am sure William F. Buckley watched Hee-Haw all the time …. /s

      • Helga miller

        Mike, I just commented on that! I have lived in CO for nearly 45 years and it was great when we first moved there in the early 70’s. It is ruined politically and getting more so every year unless we can save it!

        • Tom Lowe

          Where did you move there from? California?

          • Helga miller

            We lived in New Mexico for six years before coming to Colorado. NM was the Land of Enchantment (literally) but sadly you can’t go back!

      • fastrock

        Putting Cali in my rear view mirror during the summer of 1987 is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Rob

        When I had property in southern Colorado would go to Pagosa springs. There was a huge barn there with huge writing. It said Californians go home!

        • Tom Lowe

          There was a huge water tank outside Mountain Home, Idaho in sight of I-80 that had a huge graffiti on it that said “SMOKE POT”. And so, what is your point?

      • Tom Lowe

        Colorado was already ruined by libtards by 1975. You were just a later one of them then.

        When was the CSNY song about Colorado written? By then it was already ruined by libtards.

        How about the bumper stickers that said “Live in Wyoming, fish in Wyoming. Live in Colorado, go to hell.”

        Am sure you recall those quite well on any road trips north.

        And there were plenty of “Don’t Californicate Idaho” plates out there too way back in the late 70s, as if that backwater hole had something to lose to begin with.

        I got harassed in Idaho driving with Wyoming plates.

        I got harassed in Wyoming driving with Idaho plates.

        I got harassed in California driving with Idaho plates.

        I got harassed everywhere else driving with California plates. Oregon, Idaho, Arizona ….

        Never got harassed driving with Nevada plates. People think you are the mob if you have Nevada plates. Well then again, maybe I was ….

        I always tried to go around Utah, The Stupid State.

        Conclusion? Americans can be a bunch of ignorant, hostile a-holes. Time to go.

      • juanisaac

        Might be from NewEngland.

    • Chef Sp

      Sounds like you need a healthy dose of LIBERALISM my friend! (insert evil laughter here)

    • Blah Blah Blah

      who are you to tell people what to do? SMH

    • Tuskers

      My conservative sister lives there. Has a great job. I would love for her and my nephews to leave!

    • fubuhead

      Politburo of CA cre8ted the
      mess in CA not the peeps.

    • Helga miller

      Colorado has been the lucky recipient of Californians. We had a bumper sticker years ago saying “Don’t Californicate Colorado”. Too late now because the State has been turned Blue with all the Liberal and Illegal influx. The cost of living is also going up everywhere as an added bonus so please keep your $$$$ in your homes there. Thank you!

    • Ernie Zippreplat

      Look at what all the Californians have done to Colorado, they like roaches that just can’t ruin everything they touch!

    • RECCE308

      The article is not 100% factual, while not fake or deliberately misleading, not all factors in the above arguments have been fully discussed. While CA does have the highest housing costs in SOME areas not ALL are and many counties are quite affordable.– Fairfield/Vacaville which is less than 1 hour north of downtown San Fran is low crime, good schools and affordable.
      Both Coasts have their share of natural disasters and when you factor hurricanes, tornados, floods, ect. it is darn near impossible to find a natural disaster free place to live.
      As far as business goes; ALL businesses will soon have to adapt to new legislation, technology, economic and demographic changes and challenges forth coming. They will either adapt or go out of business, and AGAIN, depend greatly on the city/county they are in.
      CA taxes suck, there is no denying that and the sanctuary cities are a danger.– TOTALLY agree, yet they are not problems unique to CA.
      More dangerous yet not noted above are CA’s communist gun laws.–Unexcusable and will be a great detriment to the law abiding citizens in that state, BUT: as hard as it is to believe Chicago, Detroit, Connecticut, New Jersey are much worse.
      I agree that it is sad what has become of the great state of CA, but it’s struggles are America’s struggles and those who think they are safe simply because they live in a “better” state will one day learn how wrong they are. UNITED WE STAND-DIVIDED WE FALL.

    • Or better yet, CA should completely secede from the US & form its own Marxist/Progressive utopia. Yes, you can!

      • California seceding — yes!

        California turning Marxist/Progressive — not bloody likely.

        But even if you aren’t a Californian, you can still sign the petition Californians started to leave the Union. It’s unlikely Bannon would allow Donald to sign it of course, but it’d sure send a message.

      • Lib Techie

        Jefferson State!!!! c’mon I’m banking on this

        • That is an utter impossibility. The Constitution requires that both the State legislature AND Congress vote in favor in changing the lines of any State. The Progressives that control CA wouldn’t give up one square inch of land or power, it is never enough for them.

          That’s why I believe the entire State of CA should secede. No, the Constitution doesn’t discuss secession, unfortunately — but the Declaration of Independence does.

    • cpatd

      We have a deal…..IF you are willing to leave with all
      the libtards that moved to California from your state.
      We want our state back!

    • catalanismo is hatred

      you deplorable trumpzombie sick with hatred

    • tomtombeat

      And New York

    • Evan Elliott

      I currently live in Utah but grew up In Colorado. Both states have had a severe influx of Californians for a long time, but it somehow seems to have worsened lately.

    • sheepeater777


      I’m sure whatever state the rock is located in that you crawled out from under to write that idiotic comment is sick of ignorant hillbillies like yourself.

      Eat sh&t bumpkin.

    • IsReal

      You fail to recognize most of them are not native Californians.

    • Lib Techie

      I’ve been living in the Bay Area since 1980, i was a proud tree huger
      who loved everyone. this past year Californians have changed the way i
      feel 100%. I cannot wait to leave this crazy insane state, there is so
      much hate and zero democracy so much freaking political correctness and everyone’s feelings get hurt wtf… happened? I
      make great money but the nightmare is no longer worth the good salary. I need my sanity back, i never realized how crazy these people are until recently, i guess i took the right pill lol…

  • aldownunder

    Once again, I don’t have anything against California or the people that live there.

    Are you sure there isn’t one person you might have an issue with

    • William Lutz

      Yeah Michael. A lot of people in Cali are oblivious and mentally challenged. That’s why Cali is so messed up.

  • goldminer

    Yeah it really sucks living in a border state of Ca. Its terrible.. I cant stand what the ca immigrants, of any race are doing to my state. Total brainless fools. I wish we could close our borders and build a huge fence on our western border. Every time I see a Ca license plate in my town I totally cringe. Go away we don’t want you here!

    • Mr.Cipher

      Mexicans pushed many of those Californians out of their home state. Go away we don’t want you here didn’t work for them so well either lol.


    Make that 17 reasons:
    # 17 socalbeachdude


      Ahahaaaha!! Where is that guy anyway? It’s the first time I’ve been on this site without seeing his BS spam all over the place! !

    • William Lutz

      Don’t pick on him. He’s cool and he’s not a liability to the state of California.

    • HeyAHuman

      He’s a bit eccentric, but he’s not dumb, and seems like a decent fellow. At least he tries to help inform others, even if he goes a little crazy with it lol.

      • I have had homeless people with severe paranoiac delusions hassle me with unwanted conversations while waiting for the light to turn green who made more sense than socalbeachnut, thanks.

        • aldownunder

          Not cool

          • Agreed. Cool things are pleasant, like the sea breeze in the afternoon, a nice organic yogurt dip with your crudites, the surprise mint in your chocolate truffle… and NOT socalbeachnut’s jarring, hysterical, anti-fact spamming.

        • socalbeachdude

          You sound like an angry old bag lady screaming while pushing a shopping cart with her life’s only possessions!

        • Gary

          Carrie you should change your address.

          • Why? Did socalbeachpsychotic find it out, sockpuppet?

            I was speaking about the psychotic, unmedicated homeless denizens in Santa Monica, where we always stay when in the Los Angeles area.

    • FirstGarden

      Yeah, he’s a real character, but I like him. He says crazy things sometimes, but his spirit isn’t so dark.. lighter & brighter than others.

  • mleblanc138

    Utah has a pretty heavy California influence going on. To the point where we have “Silicon Slopes” in an attempt to create another Silicon Valley in a place where the cost of living and hiring programmers and developers is way lower. I’m ok with it until someone from California starts complaining about how “Utah sucks, things were way better in California.” STFU and go back to California then.

  • Bob332

    # 17 It’s become a cesspool of liberalism.

    • Texas is nipping at California’s heels: 270towin. com/states/Texas

      In 2000, TX voted blue 38%
      In 2004, TX voted blue 38.2%
      In 2008, TX voted blue 43.7%
      In 2012, TX voted blue 41.4%
      In 2016, TX voted blue 43.2%

      I wish the “California is uniquely Liberal” lie would stop making its way in stupid circles.

      • socalbeachdude

        Incredible maps show starkly divided U.S. as ‘red’ and ‘blue’ America are more split than ever – and ‘purple’ moderate places are disappearing fast

        Trump-vs-Clinton was decided by a whopping 50-point or greater margin in more than one-third of counties nationwide. And one in five Americans live in those places. The 2016 presidential contest was decided by a single-digit margin in less than ten per cent of counties – just 303 out of 3,113.

      • Bob332

        That is because of two reasons 1) the New Cally resident’s AND 2)) all the Mexican’s flooding the state.

        • 1.) Nope. Or are you trying to claim that all of the people leaving your imaginary California Liberal paradise are also Liberal? Because that makes no sense. Likewise since in your world it would be the Conservatives fleeing California for Texas, this would also not contribute to the high Democratic voting (going back decades, seemingly).

          2.) And whoops… there are {gasp} Mexicans flooding into Texas?? Funny, that sounds like a hysterical GOP reason to avoid living in Texas!

          Sorry, neither stab in the dark holds merit.

    • Lib Techie

      I’m a librarian, fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I’m offended the dems call themselves liberal, they are not! They are a bunch of crazies that demand their way. I have to tell you the libtard situation here in Cali has made me a hate them, they are out of control, i can’t even say what i feel or think without getting bashed or yelled at. no democracy in this state at all. Cali’s call themselves accepting and open minded, i used to think that was true, but it’s only true if you think and act like them, if you don’t you’re evil and racist lol.. wtf happened to my beautiful state? most of them are like the lady Carrie on here but 100 times worse. I need to move out of this crazy place

      • Bob332

        Move as fast as you can!

  • William Lutz

    Time for California to secede from the US immediately. I DAM well hope it collapses.

    • socalbeachdude

      There have been secession movements going on in California ever since it became a state back in 1850 and the longest running one of those is the “State of Jefferson” whackazoidals.

      Practically nobody has any interest in such nonsense and those kinds of little attempts to secede have been going on ever since California became a state of the United States on September 9, 1850.

      The longest running attempt to do that is the STATE OF JEFFERSON movement which began back in 1941.

      Jefferson (proposed Pacific state)

  • Martin

    Lets hope, all the lefties, drug pushers and perverts will settle there and then an absolutely magnificent earthquake comes, soon after that giant tsunamis arrive, Oroville dam bursts and Russian nuclear moles fire their missiles to the effect of sinking this hellhole into oblivion.
    Then again healthy parts of America could thrive.

    • There goes that Reich-wing brand of loving Christianity we keep hearing about.

      • Paul Patriot

        Have you read how Jesus will deal with this sinful world when he comes back?

        Not the blond eyed, long haired, politically correct surfer dude that just luvs everyone, that you think he is….

        • Why, yes, sockpuppet, I have happened to have read that Book.

          And no, Jesus wouldn’t have had blond hair nor blue eyes, despite the Aryans’ desire to co-opt Judaism for their own purposes.

          Facts remain that ghoulishly licking one’s chops in anticipation of millions of deaths — horrific ones, according to the poster I called out — is not a good marketing ploy for the Church. In fact, those people are the precise reason why Christians have LEFT the Church.

          • FirstGarden

            Imprecise. People leave the Church mostly because they’ve left Christ.

            Your statement is not entirely untrue, though. Some ARE really turned off by the no-fun-damn-mentalists holier-than-thous.
            The Church is full of people who are human, made of the same stuff as we are, and so prone to the same kinds of weaknesses and faulty, selfish reasoning processes.

            Having said that, where the Church has failed, Christ has not. And the failure of others is not an excuse for their no longer following Christ. Each shall give an account for their own choices. Fortunately we have a loving, merciful, compassionate God.

            New American Standard Bible
            The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.

            New Living Translation
            The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.


          • Harry “Deplorable” Merkin

            If you don’t sin than he died for nothing….lol.

          • GSOB

            Romans 6:13

          • Dean

            Romans 3:23

          • GSOB

            Define church

      • Martin

        You see, I am not a God (who is almighty and can fiddle here and there to deliver an adequate justice and not a mockery of justice as OT reports).
        I am only a human and so as an imperfect being I am happy to accept some collateral damage if need be.
        Military run by Obama did accept collateral damage here and there, so why I shouldn’t?
        So I prefer California to be sunk (with all deprived, wicked peoples, eg liberals & co.) than to see America wide policy encouraging/forcing my kids to become perverts and other degenerados.
        What’s wrong with it?

        • socalbeachdude

          What utter nonsense, dude.

        • What ghastly, $atanic logic you employ there. How awesome for you that you can accept some “collateral damage”, i.e., deaths of OTHER people; Jesus, nor G-d, nor anyone but $atan would share this toxic opinion.

          So you prefer California to be sunk, well, Jesus prefers Red states to be afflicted with hurricanes, tornadoes, poverty, !ncest, lead poisoning, and mediocre-at-best reasoning skills. Let’s see who makes better decisions: You? Or G-d? I know I wouldn’t vote for you in that contest.

          I fully understand why you hide in the shadows and type out your sinfulness in anonymity, “Martin” — it’s because you kow how sick and shameful your vile hatred against mankind is. G-d did not create life so that you sicko Reich-wingers could fantasize about His children’s tortured deaths.

          Repent. Repent hard. I don’t know if it’d even work in your instance, but anything is better than remaining on your knees in front of $atan, you devil’s minion.

    • socalbeachdude

      California is by far the most important state in the United States and has 10% of the population of the US and would be the 6th largest economy in the world if it were an independent country. It’s economy is by far the largest economy within the United States. Without California there wouldn’t be much of any significance left in the United States.

  • HeyAHuman

    I agree with most here that California is loaded with problems, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live there… but to all of those praying for its collapse: California produces nearly half of our country’s fruits, vegetables and nuts. Just some food for thought.

    • Thomas D Guastavino

      Can be easily obtained someplace else

      • HeyAHuman

        Like where?

        • Thomas D Guastavino

          Midwest US, Southern US, Imports, Canada etc….etc…. Even here in the Northeast our local farm output has gone up.

          • HeyAHuman

            You must not know much about agriculture. California has very specific conditions with its climate and soil for growing many of their crops… its cool coastal fog has much to do with it. There is a plethora of crops that we couldn’t grow in the areas you speak of.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            If there are crops that can only be grown in California then we can easily eat something else.
            Sorry, California does not have a monopoly on food production.

          • HeyAHuman

            Anything to try to justify a wild pipe dream I suppose. There’s a reason California produces a staggering amount of our food, and you said it yourself: they don’t have a monopoly. It’s because we rely on the land for this food, which is already expensive. If California were to vanish, there would be a major food crisis and unaffordable food.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Never said I would like California to vanish. I said California does not have a food monopoly that they can somehow hold over the rest of the nation.

          • HeyAHuman

            Your argument was poised as if we were discussing the prospect of “no California”… And I didn’t imply that you wanted it to vanish.

            “Can easily be obtained someplace else”. You agree that we’re speaking as if California isn’t in the picture.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            No, you assumed that I was arguing from the viewpoint of “no California”. Your mistake, not mine.

          • HeyAHuman

            Then why would you try to come up with all of these alternative locales where we can replace all this food outside of California? You’re claiming you were arguing this while California is still a food source? Makes no sense.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            This is truly amazing. You actually don’t know the difference between “alternative” and “additional” ? You must be the product of a liberal education.

          • HeyAHuman

            That certainly wasn’t clarified in your argument. There’s a difference between trying to make sure our theoretical circumstances are on the same page and just assuming the person countering you can just fill in blanks. And don’t you just sound so intelligent hurling butthurt insults? Lol, I’m done. Best of luck.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            I made every attempt to clarify but for reasons I truly cannot fathom you tried to convince me that I was thinking something different then what I was actually thinking. I know that is a classic liberal Alinskyite tactic, along with baseless insults like “butthurt”, but unfortunately they do not work anymore because we are on to you.
            I wish you Best of luck as well. You are going to need it.

          • Laura Lee

            @Thomas… You have the patience of a saint. They are hearing their own thoughts… not listening to what you said. Accusing you of things you didn’t say. You keep clarifying… they continue to run fueled on the emotion of their own thoughts… Yes, you have the patience of a saint!

          • alan

            The south east could expand and pick up some of the slack. South America isn’t far either, I am sure they would fill any gap real fast. The collapses of Kalifornia would be a blip of high prices for 6 months or so.

          • jaxon64

            Much of the Midwest and eastern states are paid to grow corn for the stupid ethanol scam. We could easily grow enough food for all the country without California.
            Granted, there would be a decrease in variety and much of our produce would become more seasonal ( example: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage are spring and fall crops yet can currently be bought cheaply year round). There would be a lot more eating of frozen and canned items instead of fresh, but there would not be any shortage or starvation without California.

          • A monopoly? No.

            BUT… ONE state (California) produces right around 50% of the food for the OTHER 49 states. We’d need Jesus to come and start pulling loaves and fishes out of his a$$ day & night in the other 49 states if California were to stop supplying the United States with its food crops.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            If California were to “stop supplying the United States with food” they would do a lot more damage to themselves then the rest of the country. There are plenty of other places we can get our food.

          • WOW.

            No, that is not how math works. Nor supply & demand.

            (And no, there are not “plenty” of other places where the other 49 states can get their food. I know you’re trying to puff out that chest and muster up some false bravado, but in the REAL world, California would become a superstar “country” if it didn’t have a few dozen other states burdening it.)

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Then why the continued argument with me? We have both agreed its time for California to secede.
            Unless of course deep down you know it would be a disaster for California. Thats the only possible explanation for your response.

          • It’s not an argument; it’s a correction. Those are not the same things.

            If there’s a med for passive/aggressiveness, you might want to look into getting an Rx.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Ah yes, degeneration into personal insults, the sure sign that one knows they have lost the argument. Thank you for that.

          • Hey, you beat me to it, passive/aggressive boy.

            Don’t passive/aggressive me extra just for following your lead.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Just more insults. You don’t have to continue to prove to me that you lost the argument.

          • Yeah, and I don’t have to have a special Star Trek transporter that shuttles me from planet to planet either.

            (i.e., I don’t “need” to do anything I’m not doing, and I’m still not doing anything your mind is trying to convince you that I’m doing.)

            Methinks your passive/aggressiveness just wants the last word: I permit you and your wrong opinions to have it…

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Wow, degenerating into Sci-fi fantasy now. I don’t know whether to feel sorry or concerned for your personal welfare. Should I be calling you an ambulance ?

          • Jerry C

            Oh, now I see her name, Carrie. Sorry, I blocked her so I don’t see her drivel. Carry on.

          • LIZ THE SHIZ

            Carrie verified may also be socalbeachdude

          • socalbeachdude

            You are obviously extremely confused, Liz.

          • Welp, I don’t know why Disqus attracts those who insist upon addressing people in the third person, but I am compelled to once again point out that addressing others in the third person is a hallmark indication of suffering from schizophrenia.

            Sane people address those they are speaking to as “you”.

          • Lib Techie

            because when they can’t respond they argue or insult, i’ve noticed this typical trend.

          • socalbeachdude

            Agriculture accounts for less than 2% of California’s massive $2.5 trillion GDP and anything grown here in California can easily and much more inexpensive be SOURCED FROM ELSEWHERE.

          • alan

            It will look like North Korea in twenty years, worn out and depleted.

          • Possibly so… but at least California will still be green and clean in comparison to the new 49 United States of North Korea.

            I can only hope all of the people who talk nonsense against Cali grow a little integrity by then and refuse to go there after the rest of the U.S. fails (in the hypothetical and unlikely event that California were ever permitted to escape the burdensome union).

          • Gay Veteran

            time for CA to leave

          • Please sign the many petitions to help California divest itself from the money-sucking other 49 states then. President Bannon won’t be stupid enough to lose out on all that money Cali brings the nation though.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…money-sucking other 49 states….”

            provide PROOF that the other 49 states are taking money from CA

          • Please provide PROOF that you are incapable of doing your own homework.
            When anyone makes claims here I don’t believe or don’t like, I merrily take the Herculean task upon myself to fact-check before responding.

            I bet with a nice vitamin-rich diet and some good ol’-fashioned dignity, you can learn to use the Internet for something other than whinging.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…When anyone makes claims here I don’t believe or don’t like, I merrily
            take the Herculean task upon myself to fact-check before responding….”

            of course you do, Soros is paying you to be a good trool

            and whinging? sounds like projection

            now then, 2 states NOT taking money from CA: North Dakota and Ohio

          • Yeah, can I see these paychecks I’m getting from this “Soros” person? I have looked high and low and just can’t seem to find anything even remotely resembling your delusional imagination’s constant ramblings.

          • Gay Veteran

            ROFLOL, you’re soooooo funny pretending you don’t know your paymaster.

            as for the rest of your post, pure projection

          • No, no, I’ve told you already — you don’t bother the grownup anymore until after you’ve gotten your delusional fixation medicated: I do not need anyone, let alone a DEMOCRAT, to pay me to tell the truth. And the more you insist that only DEMOCRATS tell the truth, the worse you make us Conservatives look.

            So stop that.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…And the more you insist that only DEMOCRATS tell the truth, the worse you make us Conservatives look.”

            you need to stop your Soros paid for LIES.

            democrats = republicans

            and you’re a “conservative republican” about as much as I’m the queen of England

          • JC Teecher

            No body seems to understand the concept of easier and better foods coming from Greenhouses, instead of overused soils in the California growing regions.

            Alaskans grow crops, and have learned how to adapt to what works. Other states with more favorable climates can do everything Alaskans do, and with bells on.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            More evidence that if California wishes to leave, we will be fine.

          • Paul Patriot


          • Yeah, whatevs. I’ve been called worse by better people.

          • FirstGarden

            People like you make a good forum low-crawling and slimy. You need to hold your tongue or leave.

          • jakartaman

            Like kalifonia duch bag

          • pbs.twimg. com/profile_images/1321838504/Spelling4Dummies_400x400.jpg

          • LIZ THE SHIZ

            Carrie verified sounds a lot like SnodtBlossom to me

          • Yeah, that’s all the shiz between your ears doing the thinking again.

          • Sam

            Carrie, you are weak and pathetic.

          • I am actually neither.

            But perhaps you ought to have someone explain to you what projection means, sockpuppet-too-scared-to-own-up-to-this-comment.

          • FirstGarden

            Keep Jesus Christ out of your filthy mouth and learn some respect!

          • A.) Find someone you’re allowed to order around if your life is so awful that you feel the need to order people around.

            B.) I would never put Jesus in my mouth. That seems to be a Catholic priest/little boy venture, thanks.

          • FirstGarden

            That was weak.

          • socalbeachdude

            Sickeningly pathetic and pitiful, Carrie.

          • I’d say, “Nice to meet you, pathetic and pitiful”, but of course it wouldn’t be nice whatsoever.

            You are exactly why people cross the street when they see your tin foil coming, you pathetic self-upvoter.

          • FirstGarden

            Muslims kill for far less. But we as Christians don’t believe in that.
            But to drag the most sacred into the profane is pretty low.

          • And Christians kill like mad also, so don’t try to sell the lie that the majority of American terroristic events (by white, male, Bible-quoting, Right-wing “lone wolves”) cause less death or tragedy than the comparatively fewer instances of Muslim terror. Just because this site tries to sell the false narrative that any given American is at more risk of death by a random peaceful Muslim than a homegrown white dude doesn’t mean everyone will fall for it.

            “But we as Christians don’t believe that” OMGGGGGGG, if you believe that lie then there is no hope for you.

          • GSOB

            Hebrews 11:7

          • FirstGarden

            Either you’re a deliberate troll, or severely misguided. I’ve known hundreds of Christians personally. The very thought of killing someone is absolutely abhorrent to true Christians.

            BTW, I was talking about Muslim extremists, not peace-loving ones. Nor was I even talking about here in America. You did that one all by yourself.

            Such kneejerk reaction is not wise, nor lends itself toward any kind of learning.

            This is not becoming of you..
            Unless this is what you want to become.

          • “Either you’re a deliberate troll, or severely misguided. I’ve known hundreds of Christians personally. The very thought of killing someone is absolutely abhorrent to true Christians.”

            False — I am neither of those things, and you don’t get the right to distort or ignore reality just because it doesn’t suit your Christian vs. Muslims narrative. I, too, have known many “true” Christians who’d find murder abhorrent — you know, just like “true” Muslims also find it abhorrent. Have you known any men in your life? Because I bet you do, and I bet you can queef out that none of the “real” men you know would ever murder… but that doesn’t affect the VERY ACCURATE REALITY that men still do 95% of all the murdering. Do Muslims kill? YES — some do the minority. Do Christians murder? YES, some do (and many others who claim to be “true Christians” on this very site are sure palavering non-stop about wanting various non-whites, non-straights, non-Christians, and non-males dead).

          • FirstGarden

            “.. and I bet you can queef out that none of the “true” men you know would ever murder… but that doesn’t affect the VERY ACCURATE REALITY that men still do 95% of all the murdering.”

            You have shifted the context here to that of gender. It’s hard to talk to someone who doesn’t stay on topic, or gets carried away with emotion.

            “Do Muslims kill? YES — some do the minority. Do Christians murder? YES, some do (and many others who claim to be “true Christians” on this very site are sure palavering non-stop about wanting various non-whites, non-straights, non-Christians, and non-males dead).”

            That is not true Christian faith. And again, you’ve gone off-topic. This whole conversation began with you saying something horrific and disgusting about Jesus Christ.

            This was an appeal to conscience, respect and common decency.

            “Remember: YOU were the one who started this nonsense with “Muslims kill for far less. But we as Christians don’t believe in that”. Christians kill for the most petty of reasons. Just watch your local news for a new example.”

            That would not be Christian. Again, off topic and overrun with emotion, which obviously colors and conditions your thinking.

            How did you get to be so very bitter?
            Bitterness destroys people.

          • No. I followed you off-topic. You claimed that Muslims kill, with the implication that Christians don’t. I corrected you by pointed out irrefutable facts that Christians DO kill (and in the US, Christians murder at a rate astoundingly higher than do Muslims in America). Then you tried to cover your Trump-hole by saying, oh yeah but no TRUE Christian does that… implying [falsely] once again that TRUE Muslims DO. I corrected you again, and added the comparison of men vs. “real” men so you could maybe understand how you kept on the wrong track, but then your emotions took over again and instead of admitting how wrong you’d been since the start (which I proved), you chose to harrumph about my choice of replacing “gender” over religion. I hate to break this to you, but in Debate Class, replacing the issue at hand with a similar-but-different issue is quite standard in winning the debate… it is not a matter of me “not staying on topic”… The topic IS that you claim one group of people do a certain thing to the implication that the OTHER group of people do not… and then only the TRUE group of people doesn’t do the thing you first falsely accused the other group of doing initially.

            “Me: many others who claim to be “true Christians” on this very site are sure
            palavering non-stop about wanting various non-whites, non-straights, non-Christians, and non-males dead).
            You: That is not true Christian faith.”

            YES, I agree that the people who palaver non-stop about all of the above are not true Christians. And I was calling them out for it. You think that’s veering off-topic? Too bad for you; it isn’t veering. YOU brought up “true” faith vs. “false” faith. In that regard, Muslims & Christians both have a tiny minority of adherents who use G-d to promote hate and violence (such as this website and many of its commenters). THAT WAS the topic. If you veered from it by telling *I* veered from it, good for you. It wasn’t factual… you know, like your first lie which started this thread.

          • greyprepper

            There’s no such thing as a white, male, right-wing, lone wolf terrorist. It’s completely made up.

          • Oh, yeah. Just like Sandy Hoax, et al, hmm? Crisis actors galore!

            Yup, no mass shootings in the U.S. They’re each made up! Every last one of ’em!

          • Gay Veteran

            the terrorism is coming from your regressive buddies in Berkeley

          • Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, Tim McVeigh, Dean Harvey Hicks, Thomas James Ball, etc., are/were indeed very regressive. And for that reason I veer far, far away from such mindsets.

            I doubt they have anything to do with any of the Milo Yiannopoulos’ fan stabbing up in Berkeley though. I don’t know where you get that.

          • Gay Veteran

            Tim McVeigh? wow, you had to go back to 1995.

            NOW the terrorism is coming from your regressive buddies in Berkeley

          • “NOW the terrorism is coming from your regressive buddies in Berkeley”

            You keep telling me that my friends are the Alt-Reich who stabbed some dipsh!t peacenik) at the Berkeley Milo melee … but I am most certainly NOT friends with the Alt-Reich. Just because I am a Conservative Republican does NOT mean I have skulked down the same idiot’s path that the pro-Donald Alt-Reich have.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…just because I am a Conservative Republican….”


            sorry darling, but your neo-Maoist buddies who call themselves Antifas were the violent ones

          • Yeah, no.
            No one calls themselves “antifas”… the hate-filled, svvastika-wearing, stabby little Trumpjugend use it as the nastiest slur they could come up with for people who oppose fascism.

            And your final paragraph is just bereft of fact or reason.

          • Gay Veteran

            your Soros backed buddies need to call themselves neo-Maoists.

            interesting how soooooo much of the recent violence comes from the Left

          • Democratic Donald is indeed very Left, and the “recent” violence has indeed been coming from his pro-Donald, svvastika-wearing Trumplerjugend, yes.

            It would be about time if the anti-fascists took a page out of their violence book, alas, there’s always been one thing constant about anti-fascists… they’re too weak and meek, particularly in comparison to Crooked Donald’s crew (whom I must assume you insist gets paid by some conspiracy theory or another).

          • Gay Veteran

            ROFLOL, darling there are democratic operatives on camera talking about how they used people to start violence at Trump rallies, and how they engaged in voter fraud.

            you and your ilk are nothing but Soros paid for neo-Maoists, and you are fooling NOBODY here

          • ” and you are fooling NOBODY here”

            Good, it is not my intention to fool anyone about anything. Besides, you’re very good only at fooling yourself if you even halfway believe the claptrap delusional fixations you claim to have about me getting paid to tell the truth, your majesty.

          • Gay Veteran

            more projection from Carrie the Soros troll

          • More delusional fixations and more referring to someone in the third person…

            not looking good for your mental health there, bub.

          • Gay Veteran

            third person? had to get your correct name: Carrie the Soros troll

          • Lib Techie

            they are freaking CRAZY there!!! i stay the f.. away from that city

          • greyprepper

            Oh, you’re an atheist? I admire your faith. Your belief system has the least amount of supporting evidence by far

          • Oh, nooooo, I didn’t know I was an atheist! Shoot, I better get all my decades of tithing back from my various Pastors!

            Good thing an omniscient blowhard came along and told me I get a ton o’ money back, eh?

            (Say, do you have any loaves and fishes stored up there where you pulled your assumption out about my faith? If so, I’d love to have an in-depth conversation with that proctologist of yours.)

          • JC Teecher

            As one who has spent many hours in the great San Joaquin valley growing region, you make a good point.
            However; how much is being covered up about the affect of radioactive toxins on that specific region and the resulting affects on the people that consume those “affected” products around the world?

            To deny it exists since Fukishima, is like saying the Sun cannot cause skin cancer.

          • Harry “Deplorable” Merkin

            Absolutely correct. I’m scared to eat fish or any produce from California due to Fukushima.

          • FirstGarden

            I have not gone into the ocean since then.

        • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

          The Rio Grande Valley!


      California has half of our country’s fruits, vegetables and nuts.

    • Yeah, All GMO’s & laced with Weed Killer Monsanto’s Glyphosate..No Thanks.


        GMO’s are a gift from God. Glyphosate and 2,4-D as well.

    • Mike Smithy

      “Nuts” for sure.

    • CensoredSpeech✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      I believe the fruits and nuts part!

    • gfmucci

      …especially nuts.

    • Lib Techie

      i have a place in the city and a place in the farm land. trust me farm land folks are NOT like the liberals on the coast. They are mostly conservative or independent and with these events most independents are now supporting the current administration as a result of the actions from the people on the coast (I’m one of them). I feel more at peace surrounded by my rednecks than in the city working and living among the crazies, they have really gone crazy… yup i’m at my cabin most times these days, so sad…

  • Thomas D Guastavino

    Perhaps California should secede. Lets see if a country with open borders and bathrooms, sanctuary cities, no guns, religion, fossil fuels or military, unlimited access to healthcare, welfare, pot and abortion, $15/hr minimum wage, competing affirmative action claims and where 5% of the population pays 95% of the taxes can actually survive.

    • bloomberg. com/view/articles/2016-06-06/california-makes-america-s-economy-great

      theatlantic. com/business/archive/2014/05/which-states-are-givers-and-which-are-takers/361668/

      California is less of a “taker” than 36 other states. (See The Atlantic’s graph in link.) California contributes more to the US than the US contributes to California. Yet the myth abounds that California would be aching if it seceded.

      There is an effort by Californians to secede. Even if you’re NOT a Californian, you should sign your name to the petition — it’s doubtful that Dipsh!t Donald’s string-pullers would permit him to grant sovereignty to Cali, but it’s worth a shot.

      • Thomas D Guastavino

        As is said, lets just let them secede and see what happens. Unless deep down you know it would be a disaster for California.

        • Yes, please DO help California secede. I don’t mean that sarcastically, nor am I intentionally being sadistic to the other 49 states which would suffer upon California’s exit (it’s going by “Calexit” btw).

          It might be time for the other 49 states to start pulling themselves up by their OWN bootstraps, rather than relying on top producers like the ones listed in The Atlantic’s article.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            I don’t understand your response. We both agree that its time for California to secede so why the continued argument ?
            Unless, of course, deep down you know it would be a disaster for California. Thats the only possible explanation for your response.

          • “Unless, of course, deep down you know it would be a disaster for
            California. Thats [sic] the only possible explanation for your response”

            That makes even less sense than most Internet comments. One person says, please don’t kick me in the goods”, so the other person says “oh, you must want to be kicked in the goods because deep down you know you would enjoy it”. <<< MAKES AS MUCH/LITTLE SENSE AS YOUR CLAIM.

            No, the explanation for y response is to let the people of California have their utopia without the other 49 states being an anchor on their resources & taxes. Let the other 49 states learn how to be self-reliant and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps instead of having Mommy California come along and pay for everything.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Once again, I remain baffled as to why you feel the need to continue to make your case, strange as it is, when we have agreed thats its best for California to secede. As I said it would be a very interesting socioeconomic experiment.

          • I was calling you out for your highly fallacious “reasoning” skills, not any of the things you keep claiming — against all reason & evidence — are happening.

          • Thomas D Guastavino

            Obviously you are starting to panic because you know you have lost the argument. Perhaps we should stop now, you take a valium, get a massage while you dream of your perfect life in California ?

          • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

            yea I didnt get his response either. no sense to it.

        • Lib Techie

          before that happens, let Jefferson State become a state, don’t leave us with these nuts.

  • Spatial Memory

    #16 more absurd notions to distract from the thousands of prior incorrect predictions.

    Difference this time is price action, market technicals, seasonal factors and policy all suggest a “C” word – event may be imminent. Be it a correction (10% decline), crash (30% decline) or collapse (ROFL) yet who could take this laughing stock of the internet- blog seriously after thousands of misses.

    • Jerry C

      Seriously? Well, I’d liken most of us TEC readers as marathoners. While you’re sprinting a 5k or 7k and telling us how slow we are, we’re looking at doing 21k. We’ll finish the race while you’re taken in ambulance half-way through.

    • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

      yea I come to this site just to feel a ton smarter than everybody else who comments here ha ha! if this site is any indication of what trump people are like then we will be in serious trouble

  • dailynews. com/opinion/20160718/whos-leaving-california-not-who-you-think-thomas-elias

    In terms of people leaving California, California had a net population outflow to other states of 625,000 residents between 2007 and 2014. Newborn children and immigrants more than made up for that loss, so don’t expect the state to lose congressional or Electoral College clout after the next Census in 2020.

    But the majority of those departing are not the extremely prosperous residents about whom we so often hear from folks described by Gov. Jerry Brown as California “declinists.”

    Rather, of those who left during the latest years for which statistics exist, the vast majority earned less than $30,000 per year. A net total of 469,000 of those leaving possessed no college degree. Given the prevailing levels of rents and home prices in California, it’s easy to see their financial motive in leaving for far lower-priced states like Texas, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona.

    But as lower-income residents left there was a net increase of 52,700 residents from other states making more than $50,000 per year who do have at least a bachelor’s degree. The figures come from a Beacon Economics study released this spring.

    The upshot is that while it’s true that a few big businesses have shifted their national headquarters out of California primarily because it’s far cheaper for them to expand their facilities in states with lower land prices, most of this state has not suffered much. New businesses arise and succeed here faster and in larger quantities than anywhere except perhaps Israel, also a center of high-tech innovation.

    • Mr.Cipher

      The 50 k earned will be taxed to death to pay for the anchor babies and free loaders pouring across the border.

  • Sandy

    I do believe the author has something against California because I have read articles in the past that he has written about California and his gripe is about the same. There is no state in the USA that is an ideal place to live, each has it’s own challenges. I notice a lot of people like to negatively comment about California and have never even visited the state. The entire country has experienced environmental & weather extremes. We as a nation is becoming more divisive and territorial. I’ve visited several states all over the U.S. and no state has much of any bragging rights. The author loves to talk about how terrible California is, but never mentioning other western states like Oregon and Washington which also have lots of coastal cities. Portland has a serious homeless problem also. Washington is under threats of volcanic eruption. I can go on & on about the challenges of states affected by yearly hurricanes and constant flooding, so really there is no paradise. It is quite ridiculous for people to be making such stupid comments about wishing for the state’s demise.

    • It is an unfortunate side effect of being a Reich-Wing Republican to hate California.

      I have asked people in various airports (I travel OFTEN) why they say bad things about Cali, and they just rattle off nonsense they’ve no doubt heard as rumor. California is NOT like non-Californians enjoy claiming. The only sources you’ll find to support Reich-wingers’ views of Cali is on Reich-winger websites.

      The author of ths site does cater to the I-HATE-CALIFORNIA! crowd, definitely. He sticks to popular opinions which make the chimps clap, rather than coming up with an original or complex thought of his own.

      Oh, well, whatever it takes to keep the page views high.

      • chris

        Your two minutes of hate period is coming up, after that you can go off and worship your leftist god Lucifer.

        • I do not worship Lucifer, that is why I didn’t vote for Demonic Donald.

          Is your conscience that clear? Or did you vote for the Lucifer candidate — Donald — the father of lies?

          • FirstGarden

            You are not well.

          • Don’t worry — America will soon be returned to sanity shortly after we exorcise Putin’s Puppet from the White House. And then we’ll all be well again.

          • Gay Veteran

            ah yes, the RUSSIANS did it!
            amazing how you regressives and Democrats are in bed with the CIA trying to start a new Cold War, thus allowing the military-industrial-surveilance complex to steal $TRILLIONS of our tax dollars

          • I am neither regressive (i.e. Alt-Reich), nor a Democrat; I have never been either, have never voted for either, and likely will never defend either. You might as well be calling me a left-handed, raven-haired Algonquin Sagittarius when you call me those other things I am not. I’d be totally open to hearing why this sort of meaningless and merit-less name-calling gets you off though. It may prove to be very entertaining… or prove to show how very important it would be for you to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist.

            I am anti-Donald because I do not want war with Russia. Donald is stupidly leading us right down that path. I don’t want war with any country nor with any foreign peoples. Donald is a dangerous mixture of narcissist, psychopath, and utter moron. Maybe you’re too old to appreciate this, but many of us have young children whom we don’t want to see obliterated by nuclear meltdowns — and THAT is why people who love America hate Donald.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…I am anti-Donald because I do not want war with Russia….”

            You’re not a very smart person.

            Trump was for IMPROVED relations with Russia but the Deep State (with support from people like you) are trying to box him in and start a new Cold War, thus allowing the military-industrial-surveilance complex to steal $TRILLIONS of our tax dollars

          • I am very smart, unlike Donald and unlike people who think Donald is anything other than the barely literate charlatan that he is. Besides, it’s Putin’s craftiness you have to worry about here, not mine.

            Putin found the perfect patsy in Dumbsh!t Donald. Praise Dumbsh!t Donald and he’ll purr all the way down your knob and tell you it was the best Lewinsky ever.

            Putin has America where he wants us — lulled into a false sense of security, and under the belief that we are aligned.

            I wish you and/or I would both be alive long enough for you to hear me (and other intelligent people) say “we told you so”, but the nuclear bombs won’t make that possible.

          • Gay Veteran

            “…Putin found the perfect patsy in Dumbsh!t Donald….”

            riiiiight, who knew the most powerful country on the planet was sooooo easy to manipulate

            “…Putin has America where he wants us — lulled into a false sense of security, and under the belief that we are aligned….”

            oh my, that’s some powerful BS there, just ignore the anti-Russia hysteria going on in the korporate media and with the democrats

            “…the nuclear bombs won’t make that possible.”

            the biggest threat of nuclear war was with Clinton the war-mongering psychopath

    • Spatial Memory

      Utilizing history as a barometer, the frequency of the authors intermittent disorder is generally inversely correlated to economic reality. Experienced readers recognize such articles often indicate a “tradable or actionable” low inflection point in economic and financial markets and his articles often indicate unprecedented economic growth and prosperity ahead – this time for California.

    • socalbeachdude

      Los Angeles has some of the most magnificent homes in the country and is a vast and huge city ranging from San Pedro to the South up through downtown Los Angeles and all the way northwest up through the San Fernando Valley.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        what are you paid to hype Million Dollar Listing LA or do you just have the hots Josh Flagg?

        • socalbeachdude

          I practically never put up any home listing below $10 million and these days asking prices have topped $500 million for homes here in our magnificent State of California!

  • Cal

    Prior to 1960, Vermont and NH were Norman Rockwell Americana. Conservative, well run governmentally, fiscally and economically. The state governments had minimal impact on people leaving local jurisdictions to handle the admin. Then came the liberal invasion from states these same liberals destroyed like Mass., CT, RI and NY. Vermont represented by Bernie Sanders speaks for itself. California is another story, to long for this blog. A great tragedy decades in the making and Jesuit Jerry Brown has returned from the political grave to finish what he started in 1975.

    • socalbeachdude

      California has a HUGE BUDGET SURPLUS as a state and that has been the case for the past 4 years.

      California is also the 6th largest economy in the world having just moved up from the 8th largest economy in the world and will likely soon displace the UK and become the 5th largest economy in the world as a result of the Brexit catastrophe.

      As to general economic issues in California such as welfare and other social services spending that is FEDERAL MANDATED and applies equally to all 50 states and is in no way unique and in no way caused at all by the State of California.

      California’s budget surplus soars to new heights

      SACRAMENTO — In the clearest sign yet that the Great California Recovery is proceeding on pace, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins announced Tuesday that the state’s revenue has climbed as much as $8 billion in the last four months.

      • chris

        ‘and will likely soon displace the UK and become the 5th largest economy in the world as a result of the Brexit catastrophe.’

        And you can shut up. You must be a mercenary idiot who would happily sell out his country and his future just so the ‘economy’ plods on. You can’t put a price on sovereignty socalbitchdoodoo.

        • socalbeachdude

          The UK is now in EXTREME ECONOMIC COLLAPSE as a result of that incredibly stupid vote and is facing 20% and higher inflation as the pound sterling crumbles into the abyss. The UK CANNOT EXIT THE EU WITHOUT EXTREME COST and likely the destruction of the City of London which is its financial center which will not continue to be allowed to operate throughout the EU without paying very high fees to do so.

          Moreover, the courts have held that the INANE ADVISORY VOTE ON “BREXIT” does not and cannot stand on its own and that PARLIAMENT must vote in order to continue with such nonsense.

          UK government loses Brexit case, must consult Parliament

          Britain’s government warned lawmakers not to try to “thwart the will of the people” after the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Prime Minister Theresa May must seek the approval of Parliament before starting the formal process of leaving the European Union.

          The 8-3 decision forces the government to put a bill before Parliament, giving members of the House of Commons and the unelected House of Lords the chance to debate and potentially offer amendments that could soften the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU, known as Brexit.

          While the government insisted its timetable of starting the talks by the end of March remained on track, some analysts warned that a defeat in the House of Lords, where May does not have a majority, could delay the process by a year or more.

  • Mr.Cipher

    #1 California shares a border with Mexico whom completely disregards said border.

    • socalbeachdude

      All of California used to be known prior to 1847 as “Alta California” and was all owned and governed by Mexico as I detailed above in my comment on Ranchos.

  • K

    Well since someone already made a 17, guess I will make an 18. No bullet train.

  • jakartaman

    I remember awhile back, Putin said he had weapon that could generate a mile high tsunami. Maybe this is the mole nukes???

    • Dean

      Nuclear Torpedo

    • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

      yea its name is trump

  • Mondobeyondo

    California…. knows how to party… California…. knows how to party…
    In the city, city of Compton… in the city, of L.A….

    All joking aside, California is not the place to be in the foreseeable future. For one thing, that 9.0 earthquake will probably wipe out your $350,000 apartment in San Francisco and send it to the bottom of the Pacific. But hey, no place parties like California. (Except perhaps New Orleans. But let’s dismiss that for now. Heh.)

    • socalbeachdude

      Nope, and apartments start are more than $1 million in San Francisco these days.

  • Michael Dubin

    I’m a northern CA native who left 5 years ago and never looked back. If my mom and friends weren’t there I probably wouldn’t even visit. I’m in Minneapolis, and it has a lot of problems facing America, but there’s a lot less traffic, and the cost of living is definitely lower. The climate isn’t a problem, as I like the seasons. My friends in San Francisco pay $4,000 a month for a 2 bedroom, and I think they’re nuts.

  • littlebit43

    The land of Berries and Nuts. In other words, You gotta be berry nuts to live there.

  • DJohn1

    California appears to be an experiment.
    This planet itself is a disaster waiting to happen.
    I have lived as a child in California twice. Many years past.
    The geology of the region has been expecting that earthquake for well over 60 years now. SO it is easy to see the negative attitude when people bring it up.
    Much can be learned from that experiment.
    Like the results of a $15 minimum wage. How has that effected living costs?
    Oversight government control and the results. For instance what you pay in utilities there vs what you pay without that extensive control.
    Health coverage? Someone has to pay for it. Why not the rich? Well California might export people simply because the rich don’t want to pay it.
    Real Estate values are entirely dependent on survival. And the drought has certainly effected that. Now the flooding begins to make up for the drought.
    Water rights are very important to this state.
    If a dollar buys a widget and it costs more in one place than it does in another then something is going on. So in California how much does the widget cost vs. how much does it cost somewhere else?
    More important, why does it cost more in one place than another?
    IF you have the highest taxes that might be the reason.
    Alaska in the past has had the highest price of making a living anywhere in the country. Has California taken over that record?
    American service people know. They are stationed involuntarily every 2-3 years. So if they get California or Alaska do they get more money to live on?
    Retirement is another factor. Would you retire in a place where you pay more taxes? Or would you seek out a place like Florida?
    Thousands of retired people make the choice of a state without an income tax they have to pay every day.
    Those who want to get out of the United States of America might consider how they intend to pay for military security of the land?
    Because right now they are covered by a Federal Military that is paid for by a huge income base nation wide.
    NO way can they support themselves if they have to pay for their own.
    Especially when they are vulnerable to attack from so many countries around the world. North Korea is run by such a person who might consider attacking. Don’t know yet.
    I suggest that the Congress itself needs to change big time not California state laws.
    We voted for Trump for a reason. Obamacare was that reason. DO away with it period. Not replace it with something else.
    We as a country need not have social medicine period.
    California is well represented in its attitude of socialist behavior.
    To everyone his need is not a good social thing.
    It tends to make you pay through the nose for everything.
    The correct attitude is everyone in accordance to his contribution through hard work.
    Let commerce compete for the money in my wallet, not steal it with a government program.

    • socalbeachdude

      Few places here in California have $15 minimum wages.

  • socalbeachdude

    Americans Wealthier Than Ever…

    U.S. household net worth climbed to a record $92.8 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2016, as the end-of-year surge in stocks and a steady climb in home prices added more than $2 trillion of wealth to household balance sheets.

    The biggest contributor to the increase was the stock market’s end-of-year rally, which added $728 billion to household net worth in the fourth quarter, according to the Federal Reserve’s quarterly financial accounts report.

    • Dean

      LMFAO!!!! Zerohedge article: Half of Americans can’t afford to write a $500 check.

      • socalbeachdude

        The article above in today’s Wall Street Journal is 100% correct that the net worth of Americans has reached an all time record high of $92.8 trillion and has grown substantially over the past year but largely due to equities (stock) markets and a huge increase in home prices.

        As to that nonsensical article from the dolts over at ZeroBrains, obviously it is totally false and bogus as average apartment rents are around $2000 per month here in Southern California and well over $1000 per month in most areas of the USA which shreds the nonsensical notion that “half of American’s can’t afford to write a $500 check” to pieces.

        • Dean

          That’s why lots of people live at home or on the street.

          • socalbeachdude

            In Europe it is normal and traditional for 3 generations of a family to live together and that is just the way it should be – and needs to be – here in America.

          • Dean


          • socalbeachdude

            Yep, I frankly never understood the uniquely American notion of each generation wanting “their own place” as that is a totally foreign concept to those of us of European heritage and obviously never made any sense at all as life is an ongoing process with generations coming and going with care needed on both ends of the spectrum which should be given by family members.

  • socalbeachdude

    California is as wonderful and beautiful as ever and is the absolute PARADISE of the United States. We have ALWAYS had long dry spells and long deluging wet spells as California’s basically a desert that sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. 10% of the entire population of the United States lives here in California and California’s economy is the largest in the US – by far – and is a $2.5 trillion economy in the overall $18 trillion US economy with the closest state being Texas with a $1.5 trillion economy.

    We have by far the best housing in the US and the world and a shining new example for sale in Beverly Hills list by Paris Hilton’s daddy’s RE firm is:


    The Midas Mansion: Luxurious Beverly Hills mansion hits the market for a whopping $100 MILLION complete with gold Lamborghini, gold Bentley and a room stocked with 170 bottles of Cristal

    Built by developer Nile Niami and architect Paul McClean, the 20,500-square-foot Opus spec house is perched above Los Angeles.

    Located on the highly sought-after Hillcrest Road, the spectacular mansion, which is being called Opus, comes with a gold Lamborghini Aventador roadster and a gold Rolls-Royce Dawn inside the car museum that has room for a total of 10 vehicles to be displayed.

    The Opus, which is listed by Hilton & Hyland with listing agent Drew Fenton, comes complete with seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, as the property sits on one acre of land that offers jetliner views of Los Angeles from Downtown all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

    • Paul Patriot

      Compton is no Paradise!

      • socalbeachdude

        Yes, we have some shabby areas such as Compton and South Central Los Angeles, but that sort of thing is part of every urban environment anywhere in the world today.

  • socalbeachdude

    California’s economy is now the 6TH LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD after moving up from being the 8th largest economy in the world

    California is now the sixth largest economy in the world, surpassing France thanks to a robust state economy and the strength of the U.S. dollar.

    California was the world’s eighth-largest economy as of last year, according to Irena Asmundson, chief economist of the California Department of Finance.

    “California did exceptionally well in 2015,” said Asmundson. “Lots of sectors did well.”

    California is home to diverse strong economies, including Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Manufacturing has performed well, as has the agriculture sector, despite a severe drought, said Asmundson.

    The nation’s most populous state has outpaced the rest of the U.S. on job growth. Its gross state product was $2.46 trillion, with 4.1 percent of state growth this year in real terms, according to the state’s finance department.

  • socalbeachdude


  • socalbeachdude

    Absolutely false. California most depends on water from rain and snow melt in Northern California and has the largest dams in the US to manage that water.

  • socalbeachdude

    California is WEALTHIER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN at any time in its history. Our GDP has increased to more than $2.46 trillion and the State is running a huge state government surplus and those here who are wealthy are wealthier than ever.

    Anyone of the few folks leaving the State of California because they cannot afford the costs of living here in California is CERTAINLY NOT “WEALTHY” at all but apparently quite poor, just like the foreign folks shown in that shabby photo at the top of this article.

    All of the 50 states in the US are increasingly becoming immigrant welfare states and that is due to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT which is distributing illegal aliens TO EVERY STATE IN THE US and California is just one of the 50 states to which they are being sent or allowed to remain. What part of that don’t you comprehend?

  • socalbeachdude

    Illegal aliens are being SHIPPED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to all 50 states in the United States and the federal government is doing nothing about removing the nearly 500,000 illegal aliens who have overstayed their visas.


  • socalbeachdude

    California is a beautiful and thriving state and is in its early GLORY YEARS and will just keep getting better and nicer as the years progress.

    • FirstGarden

      BTW, how’s the beach?

      • socalbeachdude

        It’s lovely in Santa Monica today and all up and down the coast here in Southern California!

        • Dean

          According to a recent Planet Infowars report, the California coastline is being transformed into “a dead zone”…

          The California coastline is becoming like a dead zone.

          If you haven’t been to a California beach lately, you probably don’t know that the rocks are unnaturally CLEAN – there’s hardly any kelp, barnacles, sea urchins, etc. anymore and the tide pools are similarly eerily devoid of crabs, snails and other scurrying signs of life… and especially as compared to 10 – 15 years ago when one was wise to wear tennis shoes on a trip to the beach in order to avoid cutting one’s feet on all the STUFF of life – broken shells, bones, glass, driftwood, etc.

          There are also days when I am hard-pressed to find even a half dozen seagulls and/or terns on the county beach.

          You can still find a few gulls trolling the picnic areas and some of the restaurants (with outdoor seating areas) for food, of course, but, when I think back to 10 – 15 years ago, the skies and ALL the beaches were literally filled with seagulls and the haunting sound of their cries both day and night.

          • socalbeachdude

            According to what? Some clueless little pack of utter imbeciles who know nothing whatsoever about California? Really?

          • Dean

            No it’s not. Go to enenews for Fukushima news.

          • socalbeachdude

            What utter BS nonsense.

          • Dean

            The truth hurts.

          • socalbeachdude

            Checking radiation levels in the Fukushima area – BBC News
            3 days ago – Tourists are returning to the Fukushima area six years after the nuclear disaster.


          • Dean

            Natural news article February 23, 2017. (Natural News) Would you want to return home if it meant living in radioactive conditions similar to Chernobyl? Some 6,000 Japanese citizens are being urged by the government to return to their homes in the nuclear wasteland created by the Fukushima disaster. Greenpeace reports that radiation levels in the area are still similar to that of Chernobyl, which to most people, would indicate the area is not ready for human inhabitants.

            Government officials are reportedly planning on slashing housing support for the thousands of people that had been evacuated from the village of Iitate on March 31, on which date the evacuation order will end. It will have been just a short six years since the nuclear disaster occurred.

            The village is located just 24 miles away from the power plant. According to Fox News, the Japanese government has told the former Iitate inhabitants that they have finished cleaning up the area and have decreased the average radiation level in the air to a mere 0.8 microsieverts per hour – a level that international organizations have recognized as safe for human life. The government announced that it would be discontinuing housing assistance to the affected residents one year after they have returned to their homes in Iitate.

            Unsurprisingly, the government’s announcement has been met with skepticism from the locals, and a hefty amount of criticism from environmental groups and radiation experts from around the world. They say that the Japanese government is merely trying to save face — and money — by forcing the residents of Iitate to return to an unsafe environment.

            Jans Vande Putte, a radiation specialist with environmental group Greenpeace and one of the authors of a report on the cleanup efforts in Iitate, told Fox News, “The Japanese government just wants to say that we can overcome. It’s like they’re running a PR campaign to say that everything is okay and we can now go back to normal.”

            The Fukushima nuclear accident is considered to be the worst nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown happened in 1986. After a 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan, the tsunami that followed destroyed the backup generators at the Fukushima plant. Without the emergency generators, proper cooling could not take place — and three nuclear meltdowns ensued, along with explosions of hydrogen-air chemicals and the release of radioactive materials into the surrounding environment.

            Even though the Japanese government insists that the radiation in and around the homes of Iitate, many experts disagree with their assertion.

            Energy campaigner Ai Kashiwagi commented, “The relatively high radiation values, both inside and outside houses, show an unacceptable radiation risk for citizens if they were to return to Iitate.” Kashiwagi likened the exposure levels to getting a chest x-ray once a week, and noted that the level of exposure was “not normal or acceptable.”

            Greenpeace has also said that a survey team they sent into the village found the levels of radiation dose rates at the homes were well above long-term radiation goals. According to them, the average radiation level exceeded the yearly 1 millisievert maximum recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection.

            At one man’s home, radiation levels outside the home reached values equivalent to 2.5 millisieverts per year. Inside the home, radiation was much higher — reaching equivalents of 5.1 to 10.4 millisieverts per year.

            This is not just a little bit over; it is many times more than what is deemed acceptable by international organizations.

            Experts agree that radiation levels outside the village and the supposedly-decontaminated area are even more dangerous. Some 75 percent of the 77-square mile area is heavily forested and mountainous, and Greenpeace contends much of the area’s radiation levels are comparable to the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Even taking a walk through the woods, or eating food grown from the “decontaminated” soil puts people at a greater risk of high amounts of radiation exposure.

            “It is still relatively unsafe to live there,” Vande Putte said. “If thousands of people go back it will be a bad situation and it’s just not wise to go back.”

          • socalbeachdude

            What utterly bogus nonsense from a totally FAKE NEWS bunch of propaganda fools.

          • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

            yea but it wouldn’t be the first time alex jones lied his blubbery bu tt off.

        • FirstGarden

          The music world took a huge loss with Keith Emerson, who lived out that way.

  • socalbeachdude

    California’s population has INCREASED BY ABOUT 1 MILLION PEOPLE over the past few years and there is a NET INFLUX OF PEOPLE HERE IN CALIFORNIA and our population has gone from around 38 million people to now around 39 million people. So what if a few people have left? There will ALWAYS BE MOVEMENT IN BOTH DIRECTIONS and that has always been the case here in California, and all that matters is whether there is a NET INFLUX or NET EGRESS and we have a HUGE NET INFLUX of people here in California.

  • socalbeachdude

    California as a single country would be on par with FRANCE as the 6th largest country in the world based on GDP.

  • socalbeachdude

    California is by far the most PROSPEROUS AND WEALTHY state in the entire United States with no state even coming remotely close.

  • socalbeachdude

    Jerry Brown is a WONDERFUL GOVERNOR here in California and has always been extremely fiscally conservative.

    • BelowZero88

      Why didn’t the a$$hole fix the stupid dam when he had a chance when the state was in a drought? Yeah wonderful spending money on stupid illegals!!

  • socalbeachdude

    Many people here in California are very fiscally conservative.

    • chris

      Do you practice fiscal rectitude/ or is it rectal fistitude?

      • socalbeachdude

        Services for illegal aliens are MANDATED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and must be paid for by the states such as California which does not choose to spend its money that way but is ordered to do so by the federal government.


      • His constant spamming strongly illustrates the latter.

        • socalbeachdude

          It is YOUR comments are are nothing but SPAM whereas mine are on-topic and filled with information information and insights.

          • A quick review of your profile’s timeline will show your latest comment to be just another lie 😉

            Sorry, bub — you can’t lie like that when you leave the facts out for the world to see.

          • socalbeachdude

            Laughably false. Obviously.

  • socalbeachdude

    Agriculture uses 80% of the water here in California and accounts for less than 2% of California’s annual GDP of more than $2.4 trillion. If 100% of all agriculture were to be shut down here in California it really wouldn’t matter the slightest bit of a hoot to the California economy.

    Imported fruits and vegetables are LESS EXPENSIVE than those grown here in California. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables can easily be IMPORTED FROM MEXICO, CHILE, PERU, and other places including Washington and Oregon and many other states. As to nuts, nobody needs to ever eat that junk at all, and the same is pretty much true with all fruits except those used in pies.

  • socalbeachdude

    Thanks in large part to Beverly Hills, California…

    BMW’s Rolls-Royce Announces Second Highest Sales Record In Its 113-Year

    Today, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announced one of its most successful years to date. With some 4,011 cars delivered to customers in over 50 countries, up 6% on the previous year, 2016 saw the luxury British car marque’s second highest sales record in all its 113-year history, thanks largely to the success of the Wraith and Ghost families and their new Black Badge variants.

    The Americas remain the most profitable market for Rolls-Royce up by 12%, with Europe and Asia Pacific also up by 28% and 5% respectively.

    • chris

      This probably marks the top and means the big crash is imminent, so not good news really.

      • socalbeachdude

        A crash of stocks is indeed imminent but BMW Rolls-Royce sales will continue to set records and their latest line of bespoke models is stunning!

  • JC Teecher

    The bad news:
    Southern California has had 2720 earthquakes in the past year. One of the largest recorded was 5.2 at Borrego Springs near, or within the newly found fault near the Salton Sea.

    The Good News:
    I ain’t there. lol, sorry I’m joking, but really I am not, nor planning on going back until sometime…possibly next Fall, for the wifey to check California/ the High Desert, and L.A., off her bucket list. Coming in off the Desert on I-10 during the night is an awesome sight when the air is clear, looking over the 150 mile radius region of the City Metropolis.

    The good news for today on the economic front is that the price of Crude Oil fell below $50.00 for the first time since Nov.
    Silver fell under 17 since late Jan, and gold fell just barely above 1200.

    If the trend continues for another month or so, it could be a good time to restock the gasoline supplies for the summer, and take a serious look at silver in the form of junk coinage.

    • socalbeachdude

      So what? That has ALWAYS been the case as to minor little earthquakes here in California which is part of the PACIFIC RIM OF FIRE. The biggest concentration for decades has been in the Salton Sea area to the south east of Palm Springs.

      • Dean

        Notice how Mr. JC Teecher never answers you back? #BlockSoCalBeachDude 2017.

        • socalbeachdude

          His loss alone. His comments get responded to just the same for all to read!

          • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

            not respecting consent is not cool man if someone doesnt want you you cant force stuff on to them against their will

    • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

      aren’t most of those earthquakes real small, like un noticed by anyone?

      • socalbeachdude

        Yep, as you can see from the USGS stats…

      • Totally — quite unlike hurricanes and tornadoes.

      • JC Teecher

        yes, you are correct, however; they point to a much larger and more significant giant lurking beneath the earth, which can and will, and has come up and grabbed unsuspecting lives.

        I was there just a week after North ridge in 1994.
        Talk about being taken by surprise.

        These small, but more frequent smaller and deeper quakes, are God’s warnings. he is sick and tired of the Liberal leaders and their followers and promoters of sin.
        he will destroy the land one day, and it is better to be hundreds of miles away.
        Just saying.

        • “small, but more frequent smaller and deeper quakes, are God’s warnings”

          Taking things as “signs” is akin to “divination” or witchcraft, and all you’re doing is lowering G-d to the level of superstition by doing that. Honestly, stop lowering G-d to the level of superstition.

          “he [sic] is sick and tired of the Liberal leaders and their followers and promoters of sin. he [sic] will destroy the land one day”

          Then I guess we agree that G-d is more sick of His own phony leaders, followers, and promoters… because G-d is smiting the living snot out of His trailer park echelon in hurricane & tornado country in the Bible Belt. Those evil sinners get G-d’s mighty justice at a significantly higher rate than any peace and freedom-loving California.

          I’m reminded of that on-site post-hurricane interview that Wolf Blitzer conducted with the lone survivor of a horrible, murderous hurricane, where he asked the woman, “You and your home were saved from a fate that all of these people perished in — you just gotta thank G-d for that in times like these, don’t ya?” And she swiftly replied, “Well, no. I’m am atheist. Instead I’d ask Him why He even did this in the first place”. Poor Blitzed Blitzer couldn’t cut away quickly enough.

          “he [sic] is sick and tired of the Liberal leaders and their followers and promoters of sin. he [sic] will destroy the land one day”

          part 2: Don’t speak on behalf of G-d. Don’t put words into G-d’s mouth. The Bible didn’t talk like that; only “Christians” who believe in $atanic hatred toward G-d’s other children talk like that. G-d’s real children are loving and supportive and Christlike, not vengeful pieces of you-know-what. Would Mother Teresa say the hate-filled garbage you just did? No, but $atan would.

  • socalbeachdude

    California: From Spanish Land Grants To Today’s Paradise

    Only about 170 years ago nearly all of California was comprised of Spanish and Mexican Land Grants which divided the State up into huge sprawling ranchos where cattle and sheep were raised and California as we know it today was called “Alta California” governed by Mexico.

    The Spanish and later Mexican governments encouraged settlement of Alta California (now known as California) by giving prominent men large land grants called ranchos, usually two or more square leagues. Land-grant titles (concessions) were government-issued, permanent, unencumbered property-ownership rights to land called ranchos.

    Devoted to raising cattle and sheep, the owners of the ranchos attempted to pattern themselves after the landed gentry of Spain. Their workers included Californian Native Americans who had learned to speak Spanish, many of them former Mission residents.

    Spain made about 30 grants between 1784 and 1821, and Mexico granted about 270 more between 1833 and 1846. The ranchos established land-use patterns and place names that are still in use in California today. Rancho boundaries became the basis for California’s land survey system, and can still be found on modern maps and land titles.

    Ranchos were partially based on geography, such as access to river water. Land development in the 20th and 21st century often follow the boundaries of the ranchos, and often retain the original name. For example, “Rancho San Diego,” an unincorporated ‘rural-burb’ east of San Diego, or “Rancho Bernardo”, a masterplan suburb in the city of San Diego.

    During Spanish rule (1769–1821), the ranchos were concessions from the Spanish crown, permitting settlement and granting grazing rights on specific tracts of land, while the crown retained the title. The ranchos, that is, the settlement by individuals of tracts of land outside presidio, mission, and pueblo boundaries, began in 1784, when Juan José Domínguez got permission from Spanish Governor Pedro Fages to put his cattle on the 48,000-acre (190 km2) Rancho San Pedro. The land concessions were usually measured in leagues. A league of land would encompass a square that is one Spanish league on each side – approximately 4,428 acres (1,792 ha). The Spanish and Mexican governments made a large number of grants from 1785 to 1846.

    It was not until the Mexican era (1821–1846) that the titles to the plots of land were granted to individuals. In 1821, Mexico achieved its independence from Spain, and California came under control of the Mexican government. The 1824 Mexican Colony Law established rules for petitioning for land grants in California; and by 1828, the rules for establishing land grants were codified in the Mexican Reglamento (Regulation). The Acts sought to break the land monopoly of the missions and also paved the way for luring additional settlers to California by making land grants easier to obtain. The Mexican Governors of Alta California gained the power to grant state lands, and many of the Spanish concessions were subsequently patented under Mexican law—frequently to local “friends” of the governor.

    The United States (US) declared war against Mexico on May 13, 1846. Action in California began with the Bear Flag Revolt on June 15, 1846. On July 7, 1846, US forces took possession of Monterey, the capital of California, and terminated the authority and jurisdiction of Mexican officials that day.[6] Armed resistance ended in California with the Treaty of Cahuenga signed on January 13, 1847. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the war, was signed February 2, 1848 and California became a Territory of the United States. Between 1847 and 1849, California was run by the U.S. military. A constitutional convention met in Monterey in September 1849, and set up a state government. It operated for 10 months before California was admitted to the Union as the 31st State by the United States Congress, as part of the Compromise of 1850, enacted on September 9, 1850.

  • socalbeachdude


    Burger-flipping robot replaces humans on first day at work

    A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans at the grill.

    Flippy has mastered the art of cooking the perfect burger and has just started work at CaliBurger, a fast-food chain.

    The robotic kitchen assistant, which its makers say can be installed in just five minutes, is the brainchild of Miso Robotics.

  • illusion

    California is a third world country.

    • socalbeachdude

      California would be the 6th largest economy in the world today if it were a separate country from the USA and has more than 39,000,0000 residents – which is more than 10% of the population of the entire US – with the largest economy in the US by far at now nearly $2.5 trillion a year and the closest state to that is Texas with a paltry little $1.5 trillion a year economy.

      • FirstGarden

        The 12th largest economy in the world is Walmart.

        • socalbeachdude

          Which is based in Arkansas still, isn’t it? Why then is the Arkansas economy ranked at 44 near the bottom of the list of the 50 state US economies in the US?

          RANKED: The economies of all 50 US states and Washington, DC, from worst to best

          44. Arkansas

          Arkansas’ November 2015 average weekly wage of $689 was the lowest among the states and DC, and the state’s 2014 GDP per capita of $37,334 was the fifth lowest. The November 2015 unemployment rate of 5.0% was in line with the national rate of 5.0%.

          • FirstGarden

            Blame it on the Clintons.
            If it’s not their fault, it shoulda been. 🙂

          • socalbeachdude

            Well, they sure did give it that old college try to pump up the state economy in Arkansas with their booming Mena cocaine trafficking business back in the day!

      • illusion

        I wonder if that is why you have some of the largest homeless populations in California? You also have sky high taxes. I don’t even want to talk about unaffordable housing issue. California is typical of a state run by liberals with a third world country to the south.

  • socalbeachdude

    Donald’s policies against illegal aliens is working well…

    Illegal border crossings drop 40 PER CENT in Trump’s first full month as president: Homeland Security says it’s the lowest total in nearly five years

    Border-jumping from Mexico is ‘trending toward the lowest monthly total in at least the last five years,’ Homeland Security John Kelly said.

    • Dean

      Their all going to CANADA.

      • socalbeachdude

        First, it’s “they’re” not “their” and second, those that do are then being arrested and deported promptly from Canada.

        EXCLUSIVE: The immigrant families trudge through the snow from Vermont to Quebec and stop at Pizzeria Steve to savor a jumbo pie. Outside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police wait to arrest them. This is new normal on America’s OTHER border

        The border between Derby Line, Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec is becoming a choice crossing point for undocumented immigrants fleeing to Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear his country ‘welcomes’ refugees who are rejected by the U.S. under President Trump’s administration In exclusive interviews with, residents and officials of both Derbyline and Stanstead, tell what it’s like to live on the U.S/Canadian border.

        • Dean

          Thanks Grammar Police!

          • socalbeachdude

            You’re quite welcome, Dean!

          • Dean

            At least I can admit to a mistake. You can’t or never will. The above remark isn’t to start an argument it’s just the truth.

          • socalbeachdude


          • Dean

            Never mind.

          • socalbeachdude

            Thank you, Roseanne Roseannadanna!

          • Dean

            No, thank you Craig Ferguson Geoff Peterson!

          • socalbeachdude

            You must be a millenial. Those dudes merely COPIED Roseanne Roseannadanna who came up with that back in the 1970s on SNL.

          • Dean

            I never watched Roseanne sitcom or Saturday night live. I only liked Jay Leno and Conan.

          • socalbeachdude

            Jay Leno is funny and a great guy and a wonderful Californian. As to Conan my opinion of that thang is not printable.

          • Dean

            Yep. He has a nice car collection.

          • socalbeachdude

            And Jay is a truly good and great person!

      • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

        ha ha yep, right along with other real americans!

    • Dean

      You’re link dailymail forgot Emerson Manitoba.

  • socalbeachdude

    The evil blue fringes of America are shrinking dramatically…

    Incredible maps show starkly divided U.S. as ‘red’ and ‘blue’ America are more split than ever – and ‘purple’ moderate places are disappearing fast

    Trump-vs-Clinton was decided by a whopping 50-point or greater margin in more than one-third of counties nationwide. And one in five Americans live in those places. The 2016 presidential contest was decided by a single-digit margin in less than ten per cent of counties – just 303 out of 3,113.

  • socalbeachdude

    Flower power! California desert experiences a stunning super-rare wildflower ‘superbloom’ after years of drought

    For years, the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern California was a grim, dead place thanks to the seemingly unending drought. Visitor numbers to California’s biggest park – which, at 585,930 acres is more than 20 times the size of San Francisco – had fallen off as its rolling plains and hills were reduced to cracked and dusty deadlands. But things are changing dramatically after a surprisingly wet winter, and the once-grim desert is alive in colorful blooms – as these incredible pictures show.

  • socalbeachdude

    Another charming home for sale in Beverly Hills, CA…

    Daughter of African politician Omar Bongo puts her Beverly Hills mansion up for sale for $17million

    Her father and brother may have ruled over a country where a third of people live below the poverty line for five decades, but Pascaline Bongo is set for a huge windfall.

  • socalbeachdude


    Donald Trump is a major participant in the wonderful and prosperous economy of California with major landholdings including the spectacular Pebble Beach Golf Course near Carmel, California and the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, California including a number of other holdings along with his lovely personal home in Beverly Hills, California.

    Be Trump’s neighbor! Beverly Hills home bordering The Donald’s West Coast home goes on the market for $29.95million

  • Gleimhart Mantooso

    Yeah, but the weather is beautiful!

  • Kent Harris

    Remember God California? You told God that His commandments as it pertains to marriage is wrong. It is written in the 10 Commandments to Honor your Father and Mother. It is also one of first commandments that God gave man that a man will leave his parents and be united with his wife and the two will be one flesh. God deals with sin and if it be God’s will that California be destroyed then who can blame God for taking action them. Sodom and Gomorrah refused to leave their sin and God struck them down with fire and brimstone.

    • socalbeachdude

      Gay marriage applies to all 50 states of the US and its 6 territories and 1 district and is certainly not a CA thing but rather a FEDERAL matter.

      • aldownunder

        Your wasting your time trying to set some of these religious nuts straight
        They wouldn’t let the facts to get in the way of a good story

        • socalbeachdude

          Apparently so. Anyone who thinks gay marriage is unique to California (which was very late to even adopt it) as opposed to FEDERAL LAW is beyond clueless.

          • GSOB

            Genesis 13:13

          • socalbeachdude

            Have you checked out the new Hyundai Genesis model yet? It’s rapidly become a top seller here in California.

          • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

            in 2008 Californians voted to NOT accept gay marriage . the guv overturned the Californians vote for proposition 8 and now California caught up with other states who accepted gay marriage long ago.

          • socalbeachdude

            Yep, I and the vast majority of Californians have always been opposed to so-called “gay marriage” as it is a very stupid notion.

          • And yet so many ignorant people keep trying to claim that California is “pro-gay”, “all Liberal”, or wtf ever else they tell themselves to keep ignorantly hating Cali.

          • socalbeachdude


      • GSOB

        A sin matter, actually

        • socalbeachdude

          That is what the Bible says, but the Bible is not the law of the US and the Supremes chose to view the matter very differently under US law, didn’t they?

          • GSOB

            So you agree, it’s a sin matter.

          • socalbeachdude

            Well, that’s the view expressed in the Judeo-Christian Bible, but the US is NOT a religious state governed by the Bible but rather a COUNTRY OF LAWS governed by a 3 branch government including the Supreme Court.

          • Ǧʉᵊṧⱦ (“Guest” in English)

            that kinda talk will get you banned here

    • Although I am not pro-marriage equality, the Bible doesn’t have any commandments pertaining to marriage being between one man and one woman. Quite the contrary, Solomon had 700 wives, and I bet he didn’t think he was doing anything against G-d.

      • socalbeachdude

        Almost 2 wives for every day of the week!

    • Gay Veteran

      still obsessed with Teh Gays

  • Dean

    Go to YouTube and type in “Mark Dice California” and watch those videos.

    • JC Teecher

      The occult, combined with sexual perverts, which includes a lot of the qu**r folk, are thick as thieves in the golden state. Much of follywood is tied into Satan worship, and/or the cult peoples of Scientology.

      • socalbeachdude

        What utterly bogus and totally false nonsense.

      • Dean

        Affirmative!!! 100% correct.

        • socalbeachdude

          Obviously, so laughably dead wrong as to be utterly mind boggling that anyone would even attempt to make such stupid and bogus sweeping assertions particularly as to California which has a population of more than 39,000,000 people.

  • Liberty First

    Just keep them the bloody hell out of Texas, please.

    • socalbeachdude

      Sky high property taxes are what will keep most Californians out of Texas where property taxes typically run about 2.2% of assessed valuation and that assessed valuation increases every year these days. Here in California property taxes are typically only around 1.2% and assessed valuations are capped from increasing by more than 1% a year as long as you own your property.

      An old friend in River Oaks (Houston) had to sell his family home in 2011 when property taxes on it hit more than $160,000 per year despite it being in his family ever since it was first built in the 1920s.

      • Liberty First

        Agreed that the property taxes are not cool, not cool at all.

        • socalbeachdude

          Yep, I realize that Texas does not have personal income tax but I was absolutely shocked when I explored the property tax and property value situation in Texas on my friends’ family house there in RO. That kind of situation would never have happened here in California with continuous family ownership of a house on which the value would have been capped to a 1% annual increase from its original cost base and the actual property taxes would only be about 1.25% of that gradually increased cost base thanks to Proposition 13 passed in the late 1970s.

          • Liberty First

            Well, I love living in the Come and Take It state, but the property tax thing can catch you buy surprise and in fact i plan to challenge my assessment soon.

          • socalbeachdude

            It certainly caught my friends by surprise after they moved into his grandmother’s house in 2004 and then the assessed value had more than doubled by 2011 causing property taxes to soar from less than $80,000 a year to more than $160,000 per year on their lovely family home.

            Good luck with your assessment!

  • FirstGarden

    Just curious, why is my post taking over 5 hours to get approved?
    Certainly nothing bad in it.

    • Dean

      I sent you a article and it took 10+ hours.

  • socalbeachdude
  • alan

    Kalifornia is America’s North Korea.

    • socalbeachdude

      How so? California is by far the wealthiest and most wonderful state among all of the USA’s 50 states, 6 territories, and 1 district and its $2.5 trillion a year economy is – by far – the largest of any state in the USA and California has more than 10% of the population of the US with more than 39,000,000 residents of the total of around 320,000,000 residents in the USA. I take it from your clueless assertion that you’ve never been to the glorious and superb State of California!

    • rant1200 .

      And you are a wingnut maroon.

  • rant1200 .

    I think ALL rightwingnuts should make preparations to leave Ca.asap.East would be a much better land to live and be free.No water shortages,plenty of wide open spaces,and no book larned coastel eeleetes to deal with.The time is now,go go go.

    • socalbeachdude

      California is DROWNING IN EXCESS WATER. Didn’t you get the memos? Most of California is very fiscally conservative as is our wonderful Governor Jerry Brown.

  • michael

    I left Ca. 4 years ago for those very reasons and more. Though, I do not make the same salary to buy a new car every year. I’m quite content with the small salary I make. I still save and invest in items necessary to make life more bearable when hard times hit. I have lots of Christian brothers and sisters living there. I miss them very much. My hope is that many would consider moving to Texas or other states that are much less, less wack that Ca. Conservative people there no longer seem to have freedom of speech or exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

    • socalbeachdude

      California has most free speech environment in the world and this is part of the problem here! California property taxes are about HALF those of Texas property taxes, although California does have very high personal income taxes which can reach 13.2% of income.

  • GSOB

    Jesus suffered
    I have suffered
    No doubt you will suffer.

    • socalbeachdude

      Why suffer when you can just as easily be happy!

      • GSOB

        And vacate CA

        • socalbeachdude

          Obviously, you don’t live here in PARADISE but with your bad, nasty, and negative attitude, I really wouldn’t want you to even come here to visit. Donald Trump has a lovely home here and other magnificent properties and is a GREAT CALIFORNIAN along with many of us who love our State!

          • GSOB

            Revelation 2:7
            Paradise defined

          • socalbeachdude

            No comparison at all to REAAL PARADISE here in the State of California!

          • GSOB

            Mark 4:9

          • socalbeachdude

            Marky Mark is a lot more fun!

  • socalbeachdude


    Over the past 40 years we have achieved enormous success in getting rid of environmentally and aesthetically undesirable business including:

    Shutting down most oil production

    Shutting down most all noisy and dirty manufacturing

    Getting rid of nearly all vehicle manufacturing facilities

    Forcing out auto distribution facilities with our biggest success being Toyota

    Nearly completely prohibiting fireworks in most areas

    Stopping nearly all new oil exploration and drilling

    Significantly decreasing agricultural production in the Central Valley

    Nearly totally prohibiting gun and ammunition sales

    There are many challenges left for us here in California to work on resolving over the next 100 years, but with our solid track record of success it is certain we can accomplish them and make the State nearly totally free from undesirable business activity at an increasingly rapid pace.

  • socalbeachdude

    The USA would be a tiny shadow of itself without California which is by far the largest economy of any state in the country and that its $2.5 trillion economy is massively larger than distant second place Texas which only has a $1.5 trillion a year economy.

    Without California, the USA would essentially entirely collapse into near nothingness.

  • socalbeachdude

    It has been all too long since the USA has expanded its contiguous territory and here in California we’re actually thinking about ANNEXING BAJA CALIFORNIA from Mexico. We now have a wonderful President, Donald Trump, who truly understands fine real estate and who is none too fond of the bad attitude exhibited towards the USA these days by Mexico.

    The world class golf courses that could be built in Baja California would be incredible along with exquisite housing developments, commercial, and retail space, and all the amenities that make California such an incredible paradise.

    A relatively short 7 day war with Mexico would likely get the job done and the USA could seize the entire area of Baja California from Mexico and combine it with the current Sate of California. After getting rid of the few Mexicans by returning them to Mexico itself then real estate development could start under the laws of the USA versus Mexican laws which prohibit US ownership and and the benefits including tax revenues would be immense!

  • tacoma

    “It has been said that “as California goes, so goes the nation””

    Yes indeed.

    California was conquered from Mexico, taken away as war prize. And the Yanks didn’t even bother to seek permission from the American Natives about their second conquest.

    150 years later, the Yanks milked the state for all its worth almost dry. Now millions want to get out. Leaving the plundered land back to the Natives?

    I hope so. California must declare independence from the U.S. and be returned to Native management. You know, the Natives landed in California 15,000 years ago, confirmed by science, and managed the land very well. Land of milk and honey, very sustainable. Not land of obscene profit, of plunder. Today, its a land of crime, pollution, cars and freeways, tax and social upheaval.

    You might think that a California secession will trigger a civil war. Not at all. They will beg to give the land back to the Natives. The Natives been in the west coast for a very long time, they can wait a bit more.

    I have news for those Masters of the Universe running D.C. and Wall Street. A California secession will automatically trigger a Hawaii and a Alaska secession. Deal with that !!

    • socalbeachdude

      I must say that is quite an interesting and thoughtful perspective, but what about Beverly Hills?

    • JC Teecher

      Hawaii maybe, but Alaska …never, ever.
      They need American tax payer dollars, and too much American owned oil resources are underground, in Alaska. The gov will never allow those needed resources to be stolen by secession.

      War, as in the Civil War would be replayed if Alaskans tried to secede, like the south of old.

  • socalbeachdude

    Happy Birthday, Bull Market! It May Be Your Last

    But the proverbial bull is also celebrating a milestone of its own: The bull market in U.S. stocks turns eight years old on Thursday, March 9. The current bull market, defined by prices that continue rising without being interrupted by the 20% decline …

  • socalbeachdude

    WHERE TO? UBER losses hit $2B a year…

  • socalbeachdude
  • socalbeachdude

    The bear market is coming. Are you ready?

  • socalbeachdude

    Discount Retail: The Next Shoe to Drop?

    Discounting Goes “Mass Market”

    Lately I have been talking about the challenges of luxury retail, malls and other large-format retailers in today’s economic environment. But increasingly, the stars are lining up in a way that will not spare another key group of companies in the retail sector — dollar stores.

    That is significant because discounters such as Dollar Tree Inc. (Nasdaq: DLTR) and Dollar General Corp. (NYSE: DG) have been bona fide growth stories for years. They carved out a widening niche in the minds of consumers (including my own family) as the place to go for all manner of cheap goods, from party favors to cleaning supplies.

    But both companies now have over 13,000 stores. Are they reaching a point of maximum saturation?

    At a glance, the dollar stores would seem to have everything going for them. Dollar Tree, for instance, reported its fourth-quarter results in recent days. Overall sales rose 5% to more than $5.6 billion, with profits totaling $1.36 a share for the period.

    But “same-store sales” — which measure sales gains on a per-store basis — tell a different story…

    It’s part of a shift in the U.S. economy — one we’ve been warning about for a long time. Overindebted American consumers are no longer willing to pay full price for everyday products, not when there’s a home mortgage, a student loan, and a lease or car loan to pay every month.

    You might say, well, that’s what the dollar stores are all about.

    That’s true. But the problem now is that the rest of the retail sector is “following the money” to where their core customers are. It’s a race to the bottom. Now, every company in food retail can’t afford not to have the lowest prices around.

    That’s nothing new for Wal-Mart, of course. But as Bloomberg noted a while back, Kroger is also now cutting prices to compete with Wal-Mart. Even Costco recently raised the price of its memberships by $5 to help offset the price war’s effect on its bottom line.

    Perhaps most telling of all, Whole Foods — with its shares down by more than 50% from its 2013 all-time highs — is in the midst of an effort to woo back customers with discounts and digital coupons. What happened to the old “Whole Paycheck” nickname? It disappeared with its customers’ dollars down the black hole of personal debt.

  • socalbeachdude

    Staples will close 70 stores nationwide as the country’s largest office supply chain tries to recover from poor sales

    Staples has announced that it is closing 70 stores across the US due to a $548million loss in sales in the last fiscal quarter of the year.

  • socalbeachdude

    RadioShack Successor Enters Bankruptcy After Revival Sputters – 187 Stores to Shut Down

  • keelah

    #17…. the Kartrashians.

  • Steve Ward

    Yankees are like Hemorrhoids, they come down for awhile then go back north it’s ok, they come down and stay, it’s a problem.

  • Lunatic

    I sure hope these people from California don’t come here to Kentucky. We don’t wanna be bothered with them either.

  • phnxgrl

    This idea that food is grown in large quantity in Ca is false. Yes some food is still grown in the central valley and other small agricultural areas around the state. However, CA is now mostly a transshipment place from Farms in Mexico. The food is grown in Mexico then transported to packaging plants in CA. That is the big secret.

  • Fleming 007

    I left last year before the AWB was reinstated. That was the last straw.

  • Helga miller

    Like in Colorado!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Sadly, from the 60’s, the gay Bay area has had supernatural forces at work….”

    get back on your meds

  • TtT Engine

    Abortion is a infanticide blood stain on America. Sister Angelica told us in the late 90’s time was running short. California and all blue states have become a moral and financial waste land. Although I’m sure there are many faithful holy Californians, the state is run by a bunch of atheistic left wing kooks. The land of milk and honey separated from God, many moons ago, and CA is now feeling not the wrath of God, but the wrath of the free will of the separation from God. Going through life without God is like hanging out alone unprotected in greater Yellowstone Park day after day and not expecting to be eaten by a bear or wolf. The left spits in God’s face on a daily basis and now the hour glass of time runs short. Repent while you still have time. May God spare the faithful ! Christi Fidelis !!

  • unpundit

    The author completely disregards the issue of personal freedom, which is dying rapidly in CA, as evidenced by their never-ending quest to eliminate private ownership of firearms.

  • whteshark

    I moved out of California 12 years ago after growing up there–and I have never looked back. The beaches are over loaded with bums and aggressive pan handlers; the traffic is horrible; and the cost of living has squeezed the middle class straight out of the California: guys like me.

  • Doug

    One more reason to leave: Destruction of parental rights with mandatory vaccination (SB277) (remember Nuremberg, anybody?) passed in 2015, and next the bogus “Children’s Rights” bill SB18 which aims to replace parents with the state as far as deciding what’s best for children. Very scary stuff.

  • travis690

    I think the Los Angeles Times is as knowledgeable of geography as it is for actual intelligence. Or maybe the possible disaster of an tsunami is worse than even I would think, because US-101 is far inside the Pacific coast (at least when south of San Francisco). I would more believe that they meant US-1, the Pacific Coast Highway. South of San Francisco, US-101 goes right through the Central Valley, which is separated from the coast by a mountain range. To cause that extensive damage so far inland would be one of the most violent quakes imaginable.

    For political reasons, I would not want to live there either.

  • Wayne Scott

    Yes, but the weather is fabulous, as are the mountains, forests, deserts and vast empty spaces back away from the major cities. Oh and lets not forget the great beaches.

  • charkee

    LA has the worst traffic in the world.. nonsense. You haven’t seen bad traffic until you have been to Manila or Lagos. The worst LA traffic would be a good day in Lagos.

  • Defiant

    “It has been said that ‘as California goes, so goes the nation.'”
    LOL! That may have been said in California…but that’s about it! Not to mention the list of 16 reasons should go like this:

    1.) California is a disastrous cesspool of Liberal-Progressive chicanery.

    That’s it. You just list it 16 times and change the number for each line.

  • juanisaac

    Even with all that negativity CA is the 8th biggest economy in the world. California pays more to the federal government than it gets back. For all of you from the red states we pay for your welfare.

  • Jimbo

    California has one-third of all the welfare cases in the entire nation.

    I left in 2012 after 25 years. I would say 1997-1998 were the last good years in that state.

  • Keith W. Brown

    Only people with jobs leave CA. Pretty soon all that will be left are illegal aliens, gangs & a wall built around Silicone Valley.

  • Truelitistnot

    Communist schools filed with illegals that bully anybody not Mexican. Stupid expensive taxes and regulations. A government that is completely insane and 100% anti-american. Oh, and running out of water. Already ran out of money. Yeah, California is a dream place… Not!

  • Padraig McKenzie

    After over 150 years in the state, the last of my family has left. I spent the first 51 years of my life there. Most beautiful place I ever seen and I’ve traveled plenty. Moved to a flyover state, took my wife, daughter and son-in-law and grandkids. Preceded by 4 parents who left for Nevada and Arizona. Took a while to get used to living in a place where people are polite and costs are reasonable. Missed some things like the mountains and the redwood forests and food. Went back for a week. Couldn’t wait to leave. Probably never going back and thats just fine. I like living in a small town like I grew up in California, its not like that there anymore. Its like a time machine moving on. I won’t say where, just y’all stay away.

  • Mike

    There’s plenty of real reasons to avoid California without resorting to conspiracy theory boondogles (Fukushima? Really? Do you know how thoroughly that’s been debunked?):
    1) California has the lowest high school graduation rate in the country.
    2) Want to escape public schools? The cheapest private high schools are over $25k per year.
    3) Want to home school your kids? Sorry, you need a teaching license. (although they’ve found a way around this by forming “charter” schools that are effectively homeschools, but it’s a huge pain compared to other states).
    4) California has the highest poverty rate in the country.
    5) It’s illegal to use plastic bags at grocery stores in CA.
    6) If you need to go to the DMV for any reason, you need to wait 3 weeks for an appointment to open up.
    7) It is effectively illegal to drive a car with the check engine light on. (they mandate that you can’t pass the smog check if your check engine light is on)
    8) It’s the only state where motorcycles are allowed to cut in between lanes. So if you’re on a busy 4-lane highway, motorcyclists will go speeding by at 75 mph in the 5-foot gap between you and the car next to you.
    9) Californians don’t even talk to their neighbors because everyone rents. Why get to know your neighbors when they’re going to move next year?
    10) Los Angeles and San Diego are in a bona-fide desert so it’s an ugly brown color 90% of the time.
    11) Sure, the Pacific Ocean is pretty, but there’s more swimmers in the Great Lakes. The Pacific never gets above 62 degrees (and even 62 is only in San Diego during August).

    I could keep going, but the point is that there’s plenty of real reasons to leave CA.

  • ttboy2004

    How about the ridiculous and never ending attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights starting this year you will be finger printed to purchase ammo no purchase of by mail order and ammo can only be delivered to a state designated dealer no magazines over 10 rds and on and on.

  • Yankeegator

    When I talk about the West Coast, I’m not talking about Southern California, I’m talking about the West Coast of Florida!

  • Jake798

    AND, California is the home of liberalism….. which in and of itself is enough to turn any intelligent person.

  • Dean O.

    That’s it, I’m moving to Ohio.

  • stingray


  • geoh777

    I moved out of LA and California in ’74 and have not looked back. The LAPD and CHP were very “anti-civilian” even then.

  • MiniBooger

    I live in southern California. The town I reside in was once dedicated to retired seniors, but with the influx of people from L.A. and Orange County, we are now rated the #1 crime-ridden city in all of CA. I’ve lived in this and the surrounding area for 30+ years. I’ve seen it slowly decay over that time and it’s truly sad. We have a huge meth problem, and prostitution to go along with it. The drug stores now have guards posted and even the Walmarts are no longer open 24/7 as people were filling up their cards and simply walking out with them. My good paying job was outsourced in 2013 to an Indian contracting firm and I am now struggling to make it to my funded retirement. All the while, our tax dollars that were allocated to infrastructure have been handed over to illegals in the form of welfare, EBT and legal defense to prevent deportation. I’ll be putting my place up for sale within the next two months and will be leaving the state. As are all others in my position. So whether you like it or not, here we come (and we are not Mexifornians). We’ve attempted to fix the state, but we are unfortunately outnumbered by the inane liberals. Let them have it. And let them suffer the consequences of the Ring of Fire. Couldn’t happen to a nicer lot.

  • Cancel_NPR

    good… go fcku yourself…

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