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18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Of Our Eyes

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Sometimes it isn’t necessary to quote facts and figures about government debt, unemployment and the trade deficit in order to convey how badly America is decaying.  The truth is that millions of Americans can watch America rotting right in front of their eyes by stepping out on their front porches.  Record numbers of homes have been foreclosed on and in some of the most run down cities as many as a third of all houses have been abandoned.  Unemployment remains at depressingly high levels and the number of Americans on food stamps continues to set new records month after month.  Due to severe budget cuts, class sizes are exploding and school programs are being eliminated.  In some areas of the U.S. schools are even going to four day weeks.  With little to no funding available, bridges are crumbling and street lights are being turned off in many communities.  In some areas, asphalt roads are actually being ground up and turned back into gravel roads because they are less expensive to maintain.  There aren’t even as many police available to patrol America’s decaying cities because budget problems have forced local communities across the U.S. to lay off tens of thousands of officers.

Once upon a time, the American people worked feverishly to construct beautiful, shining communities from coast to coast.  But now we get to watch those communities literally crumble and decay in slow motion.  Nothing lasts forever, but for those of us who truly love America it is an incredibly sad thing to witness what is now happening to the great nation that our forefathers built.

The following are 18 signs that America is rotting right in front of our eyes….

1 – Due to extreme budget cuts, school systems across the United States are requiring their students to bring more supplies with them than ever this year.  In Moody, Alabama elementary school students are being told to bring paper towels, garbage bags and liquid soap with them to school.  At Pauoa Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii all students are being required to show up with a four-pack of toilet paper.

2According to the American Association of School Administrators, 48 percent of all U.S. school districts are reporting budget cuts of 10 percent or less for the upcoming school year, and 30 percent of all U.S. school districts are reporting cuts of 11 to 25 percent.

3 – In Chicago, drastic budget cuts could result in an average class size of 37 students.

4 – The governor of Hawaii has completely shut down that state’s schools on Fridays – moving teachers and students to a four day week.

5 – According to the Federal Highway Administration, approximately a third of America’s major roadways are already in substandard condition.

6 – All over the United States, asphalt roads are being ground up and are being replaced with gravel because it is cheaper to maintain.  The state of South Dakota has transformed over 100 miles of asphalt road into gravel over the past year, and 38 out of the 83 counties in the state of Michigan have now turned some of their asphalt roads into gravel roads.

7 – According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 25 percent of America’s nearly 600,000 bridges need significant repairs or are burdened with more traffic than they were designed to carry.

8 – In a desperate attempt to save money, the city of Colorado Springs turned off a third of its streetlights and put its police helicopters up for auction.

9 – The state of Arizona has eliminated funding for full-day kindergarten and has shut down a number of state parks.

10 – Over the past year, approximately 100 of New York’s state parks and historic sites have had to cut services and reduce hours.

11 – In Georgia, the county of Clayton recently eliminated its entire public bus system in order to save 8 million dollars.

12 – Elsewhere in Georgia, 30,000 people recently turned out to pick up only 13,000 applications for government-subsidized housing.   A near-riot ensued and 62 people were left injured.  The amazing thing is that all of this commotion was just to get on a waiting list.  There are no aid vouchers even available at this time.

13– In the city of Philadelphia, rolling fire station “brown outs” recently cost a 12 year old autistic boy named Frank Marasco his life.

14– Oakland, California Police Chief Anthony Batts says that due to severe budget cuts there are a number of crimes that his department will simply not be able to respond to any longer.  The crimes that the Oakland police will no longer be responding to include grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.

15– The sheriff’s department in Ashtabula County, Ohio has been slashed from 112 to 49 deputies, and there is now just one vehicle remaining to patrol all 720 square miles of the county.

16 – Of 315 municipalities the New Jersey State Policemen’s union recently canvassed, more than half indicated that they were planning to lay off police officers.

17 – Not that the criminals are doing that much better.  Things have gotten so bad in Camden, New Jersey that not even the drug dealers are spending their money anymore.

18 – Almost everyone knows someone who has been severely impacted by this economic downturn.  A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey has found that 81 percent of American adults know someone who is out of work and looking for a job.

So can’t the states just step up and start spending more money and fix these things?

Well, no.  The truth is that the states are absolutely broke.  Quite a few of the states are actually on the verge of default, and there is no getting around the fact that budget cuts that are much more severe are going to be required in the years ahead.

So can’t the U.S. government step in and bail out the states?

Well, yes, but as we have detailed previously, the U.S. government is literally drowning in a sea of red ink.  The U.S. government is already spending an amount of money equivalent to approximately 25.4 percent of GDP this year.

How much more money can the U.S. government possibly spend?

To get an idea of just how bad things are already, the IMF says that in order to fix the U.S. government budget deficit, taxes need to be doubled on every single U.S. citizen.

Are you ready to pay double the taxes?

No matter how you slice it, the U.S. is in a massive amount of financial trouble and the American people are starting to realize this fact.  In fact, one new poll found that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the U.S. economy will get worse before it gets better.

But unfortunately things are not going to get “better” – at least in the long-term.  The decay and the rot that have already set in are only going to get worse.

These problems did not appear overnight and they are not going to be solved overnight.  Our leaders have been making very bad decisions for decades, and all of those bad decisions are starting to catch up with us.

But perhaps you disagree.  Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section below….

  • Patriot

    None of this can be fixed until the Federal Reserve banksters are eliminated, and Article 1 Section 8 restored back to the US Congress.

  • Mike

    I’m kinda glad I live in new Zealand. I often joke with my employees that they have to bring their own toilet paper to work to save money. But then there will be toilet paper classism – the rich will have two ply while the poor will have that waxy paper they used to have at school when I was a kid. It scrapes but does not clean 🙂

    And then you will get those that pair up based on their ply “I am a 4 ply guy babe – you, like, looking for a good time?”

  • Patrick

    Most of these problems – without denying the human misery that comes from/because of them – are from us overspending, over-entitling, and thinking the good (borrowed-money) times would roll forever. Bike paths and clock towers for everyone! More public school programs! Someone else will pay!

    My kids go to a parochial school that has done very well on statewide academic competititons. No frills at all, parents are expected to volunteer to keep staff costs low, and tuition per child costs 25% (!!!) of the per-child cost of the surrounding public school systems.

    It’s unfortunate that people whose fault it isn’t are being affected, but it’s not our leaders that did this. WE did it when we elected government after government on the basis of shiny promises and not asking hard questions like “who will pay for it now, and in twenty years”. We did this to ourselves, and we’re only going to fix it if we give up on the shiny stuff and the entitlements. You don’t HAVE to have many of the things in your school budget: the taxpayer shouldn’t be made to pay for cheerleading or sports uniforms or band instruments or swimming pools or ridiculous tenure+pension packages. THAT is the root of this problem, and states and towns are choosing the comparatively easy ways out first: sell assets (helicopters), grind up roads, bla bla but these are short-term band-aids and not structural fixes like zero-based budgeting, severely tightened belt on the entitlements, and mandatory spending/increase caps tied to some economic metric.

  • hipshot percusion

    And, isn’t just wonderful that the first(sic)lady of the United Sates spends Six Million dollars a year on HER personal staff! What the Hell is going on?

  • ParLay

    Back in 1980’s I learned a very important lesson in college from a renegade History Professor which was denied tenure and told to find another job:

    ‘Whenever the government must make cuts they do it where it is openly visible to the public. This way you immediately see these cuts first hand and will gladly open up their wallets so no additional cuts will happen to these badly needed public services.’

    This list fits this measure exactly. Same play book used for the past 200+ years!

  • kolchack

    This mess is partially because for the past 30 years Americans have been demanding more and more services from the government while demanding their taxes be cut at the same time. No politician, Republican or Democrat, has had the stones to stand up and tell people that whatever government programs they want to see funded, from Social Security to roads to the Iraq War to whatever else MUST be paid for through their taxes.

    We are a nation of spolied little brats who want to have our cake and eat it too and scream bloody murder when we can’t.

  • Grumpy

    It’s truly criminal that state and local governments don’t cut many of the ‘paper-pushing’ jobs from their ranks – those that do make-work or enforce specious regulations that do nothing but increase the cost of doing business, or are based on social engineering agendas. Coupling that with denying services to illegal immigrants would go a long way towards cutting gov’t. spending in a way that benefits the citizenry they purport to represent.

    Cutting public education funding is a good thing – people have allowed their children to be used as indoctrinated pawns of the teacher’s unions for far too long. Cutting police funding, OTOH, means that the majority of officers still on the job will be forced into revenue-generating activities (traffic/parking tickets) instead of investigating crimes, though many of the ‘official’ comments by chiefs and unions are designed to help communities justify raising taxes to keep the living standards of public officials and employees from falling.

    Welcome to The Greater Depression – deeper, longer, and far more dangerous than the first one.

  • sharonsj

    I don’t disagree. These problems have been 30 years in the making and, since we are in a death spiral, I don’t see how they can be fixed. We have a generally corrupt and corporate-owned federal government. We have a Federal Reserve that does whatever it wants for the benefit of the financial system and not the benefit of the citizens. And we have severe problems at the state level where wild spending and more corruption is crippling us.

    I see no one willing to do what it takes to fix anything. And doubling the taxes of a dying middle class can have two results: we die faster or we revolt. I’ve been wondering why I don’t hear more about fed-up homeless and unemployed people committing mayhem. I don’t know if the mainstream media is just not covering it or if people are too beaten down to do anything.

    In fact, I never understood why there weren’t major riots when the Supreme Court picked Bush as president. Maybe if there were, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  • joe

    It is sad, and very frustrating.
    My question is, why can’t all the people who are looking for work be put to work repairing the infrastructure of our country?
    I would be willing to be taxed a little more to help pay for this.
    We could all learn what it is like to work with our hands (again) and get them dirty repairing bridges, roads, learning to repair and maintain our electric grid and water systems. We could learn to build high-speed rail and mass transport systems in our cities and towns.
    We just have to do it.
    Thank you.

  • hungry4food

    demand the Government STOP LYING about what they are really trying to do … The Policies they are doing behind Closed Doors like Health care reflect so much of what is available on the web about Overpopulation and the elites worry about it and what they are proposing to do about it , we the people need to demand the truth and be allowed a place in this debate , not sacrifice our Liberties and Independence because other parts of the world don’t understand the finite principles of Earths carrying capacity , like how this chart shows that Education in a FREE Market Capitalist society seems to create a Understanding of the philosophy of sustainable population growth within the confinements of a finite resource like earth , as the fertility shows in developed capitalists societies in this chart , we the people should not have to give up our rights to Liberty under the tree of Freedom to Choose our way of life then just because Some elite seem to think thats the only way , this is what is going on and we need to demand truth !!!!!!
    I mean look at those who are advising and have a Background of such drastic Population control policies and who are being approved in the courts to Implement such controlling policies , look at the restrictive way Policies are designed to take away access to resources and Ration their use , this is the truth , don’t let them deny it , its right before our eyes !!!!!
    With the idea of saving and then Investing in the stock market , and some time back Dave said that the stock market was a guaranteed rise in value based off the past performance of the markets history , but the fact too that along with the rise in Stock market value based off the expansion of the durable goods sector a… Supply-side Fundamental , a value that equates the value a company stock is worth is based off the Consumption rate of a Goods or Service , and to say that this trend will continue , give all the worry inside Government about Overpopulation in the world , it would seem that this could have a dire consequence on how the value of Supply-side economics continues to raise the value of a consumer driven stock market when the signals we see are for Zero Population growth by the end of this Decade .
    Google Overpopulation , Earths carrying capacity , Bill Gates Population Control youtube , population control , and see that there is a real issue here in terms of what this might do to the Idea of a Growing Supply-side Free market Fundamental , and the Investors in the world need to be aware of what Might happen and be Very Cautious about investing in a Wall Street thats not shielded from this type of Government Intervention .

    This guy in this next link is advising President Obama

    all of this was planned 35 years ago ,

    There is a lot of debate going on in the shadows of
    the public forum but it needs to take front and center stage .

    Ted Turner says there is a Problem and that this is causing Climate
    Change , TOO Many people , and

    Salon says its Not a Problem , so who is right ???

    And then you have the CIA here saying Over
    Population is a Problem , and this is the Government talking , so who do we Believe and is this the real Reason for Cap and Trade , health care that
    reduces quality care by redistributing money from the older folks that need the
    care to the Younger folks that by percentages will not need as much care , thus
    reducing overall economic costs to health care ?? This seems like Eugenics in
    nature , hummmm…..

    Don’t take my word for it , do your own Google
    searching on the topic of Overpopulation , earths carrying capacity , population
    control , etc, etc, and earths finite resources like water
    Are you guys paying attention to and Informing
    your listeners to whats really going on in the world thats causing the lack of
    trust and will to finance a growing economy by our banking sectors and the
    reason why Government has had to step in and fill this loss of finance over the
    past 3-4 years since this fear became topic one in the elite circles of finance

    Wake up and realize Exactly what happens once we run out of water?

    Is all this Conflict in what drives a Supply-side Durable Free Market value Fundamental make the Risk of Investing in the Wall Street Futures markets worth taking the risk ??? The past 10 Years so far says NO , because you have Made zero return on your investment if you have been in the market starting 12 years ago , and considering the nature of Earths Finite Element , if the markets growth was from a reflection in consumption growth of world Population expansion say from a little less than 2 billion 100 years ago to 7 Billion today , can the market continue to grow if the World Elite zero out Population Growth going forward into the Future ?????

  • Michelle

    I think that when San Diego has to take down the street sweeping signs because so many people are broke that they MAKE SURE they move their cars off the street every week, that they cannot pay for the machine, upkeep, gas and the operator with the collected tickets…

    That’s another sign.. Not that I’m saying they should have ever instituted that program in the first place, which was never about clean streets, only about giving and collecting tickets…$40 a pop!! $80 if you pay after thirty days.

    New web bot report is out – will scare the crap out of you for only ten dollars…I am just a reader, not a “Schill”…I paid for mine as soon as it came out (Sunday).

    Good luck everybody.

  • Dante

    Rome was just like the USer once upon a time. I believe US has overused them self to so much indulgence. Too bad.

  • Dante

    Rome was just like the USer once upon a time. I believe US has overused them self to so much indulgence. Too bad.

  • Burnt Toast and a Rotten Egg

    I can’t argue with reason…. good job breaking it down!

    I still can’t figure out why the public can’t see the two parties are owned and controlled by the same bunch at the top.
    The leaders change, but the path remains the same.

    I guess American Surviving Dancing Idols is more important than any of this.

  • Seriously

    So when does reality and wall street get to meet ? Hi, I’m Reality…Um Were screwed…Hi, I’m Wall Street…Um, Were the ones doing the screwing…

  • WyoDave

    “Our leaders have been making very bad decisions for decades”

    They aren’t leaders…I think that’s one of the things Ayn Rand got right in “Atlas Shrugged” when she called them what they are…they’re looters…

  • When you step back and survey the nation’s economic landscape, the destruction is truly staggering.

    Much of it has been brought about by mass job losses created by Global Labor Arbitrage–foreign outsourcing, H-1B and L-1 visas, and mass immigration (legal and illegal).

    To fix this problem, we need to enact a zero-dollar trade deficit policy by using import credits or tariffs. That would help end foreign outsourcing and provide new tax revenue. Then we need to completely eliminate the H-1B and L-1 visa programs. Then we need to end illegal immigration and expel all of the illegals. Then we need to reduce legal immigration back to pre-1965 levels.

    After that, our government should raise taxes on the super-rich and multi-millionaires, especially bankers and CEOs.

  • KEN R

    The real rot is within the Administration and Congress who don’t seem to care about this country but only about getting reelected by giving handouts to every group they think they can buy a vote from.
    We need to cut spending at least 30% immediately for all programs…,starting with Congress and the Fed government…. Their salaries need to immediately be slashed by 50% with no health care being provided and no pension for elected officials…let them buy their own like we Americans have to do

  • Paul

    There was an article on the Telegraph about Bill Gates and other billionaires giving away half of their wealth to charity. This may sound nice but as one other person commented:

    “It may be naive of me, but I can’t help wondering if everybody – not just in the USA, but around the world – would not have been better off if these people had paid their employees better and made their products cheaper across the board; if they’d ‘given’ themselves less money, and if they hadn’t manipulated the financial markets to increase their own profits.

    Another point which puzzles me is this: if charity is being despised as something which divides recipient into the deserving and not deserving, and if we therefore instituted the welfare state to treat people equally – how come we applaud this supra-national charity, which can dispense amounts of money that is beyond the total budget of some states? Are we to believe these billionaires will not attach strings to their generosity?

    Makes you think doesn’t it?

  • Jason

    The solution is really quite simple:

    1)The US spends about a trillion a year on defense. This acts as a massive drag on the economy. Why not slash spending to half that amout.

    2)The US legal system is highly parasitic in nature. This costs the average family about
    several thousand dollars a year. Small/medium
    businesses pay about $100 billion a year to fight frivolous lawsuits and enrich lawyers.
    No wonder businesses are fleeing the US and being set up in Asia where the people there have a work culture. Why not change the law like in Europe where the loser pays the court costs of the winner. This will massively reduce litigation.

  • The states and cities spent every cent that came in and more. Roll back school staffing to the same number of teachers and administrators per student as 20 years ago. Put public employees on a fixed contribution retiremnent plan. Outsource overpriced city services. Reduce city, state and federal staffing to the same number of employees per citizen as 20 years ago. Potential cost reductions are as endless as goverment waste. We need real spending reform to not burden our children and bankrupt our nation with our wild spending.

  • Progressive Ed

    But how else to bring about a progressive America. After all, without the well-timed 2008 Meltdown, Barack would not have become POTUS. For those of you that want to help us, see
    “The Manchurian President” for a nice overview of the leading progressives and some of the programs we are working on.

  • There is not enough money and credit to keep the economy running.

    The collapsing credit bubble popped the housing bubble, leading to recession, and perhaps, economic depression.

    Three possible solutions are:

    (1)the federal government issue debt-free money directly and/or

    (2)communities create alternate or community complementary currencies and/or

    (3)states create state owned banks, similar to the Bank of North Dakota.

    For example, a state owned bank in Michigan could provide credit to the state itself for infrastructure projects, help provide the capital for local banks, so they could in turn provide low interest loans to home owners, small and medium sized businesses, and students. In addition, a state owned bank could be used to help fund state expenses during tough times by providing loans. A major advantage of a state owned bank is that the state could borrow money from the bank at zero interest, for projects, saving between 30% and 50% of the cost of the project, since there would be no interest burden when repaying the loan. For Michigan, California, Florida, and other states looking to solve their economic problems, the state owned bank model, and the Bank of North Dakota in particular, should be studied in depth, as such a bank could provide the credit needed within that state economy during depressions and other tough economic times.

  • Offer a competitor to public education. Offer parents $1,000 per year for every home schooled child to help defray expenses. Offer parents a $5,000 voucher per student to offset private school education costs. These efforts will reducre public school attendance which should (probably won’t) reduce cost and improve the overall education level as students attend better schools or home school.

  • Legalize and tax drugs. Reduce prison population. Reduce enforcement and court costs.

  • Tax imports until we achieve balanced trade. Try a 6% tariff. This will add American jobs with the attendant increase in income tax revenue and less unemployment insurance and welfare outgo. TAX EVERY IMPORT EQUALLY. or congress will sell low tarrifs to favorites.
    If a country retaliates with 6% tarriffs so be it. That’s fair. If a country retaliates with a higher tarriff like 12% match that tariff for imports from that country.

  • Michael

    I pity any American too naive to realize that decadence has ruined this country. In reality, the blame falls upon those most greedy.

    We all know our elected masters engineered this whole charade with the illegals; thereby increasing their constituants profits from cheap labor.

    We all know this entire illegitimate war was a ruse to harvest natural resources that never belonged to us and, additionally, to Americanize another country.

    We all know the entire media is bought and paid for. Day after day, the talking heads all regurgitate the same retoric and skillfully craft talking points that are meant to polarize and cause more in-fighting. In truth, the country is becoming more radicalized than ever while the elitists all know its an illusion to divide and conquer the people.

    We all know the common man is the one who pays for the “nobilities” deception. The middle class is on the verge of extinction, inflation is causing the price of goods to skyrocket and pay remains stagnant.

    In summation, there is no changing America my friends. Like any other world power throughout history there is a climb, a peak, a decline, then a disapperance. Lets just hope Lady Liberty can bow out gracefully and not cause a World War, whilst in her death throws, to spite our successor.

  • Maria

    NONE of the federal or state economic problems can be fixed. We are all in one T.P. category…stranded with no roll. Structural fixes like zero-based budgeting ARE NOT GOING TO WORK…there is NO FED or STATE MONEY…hence zero budget. 100% taxation won’t pay the debt this country owes. The gig is up. Demanding the government STOP LYING is like asking them to hold their breath for about an hour. They can’t do it. Essentially, the economic world has stopped spinning. We are witnessing the death phase of whole countries. Each one of us had better take a long, hard look at how to fend for ourselves and help our neighbors. We are jumping from Truman’s Show to Katrina World.

  • primrose

    In the case of the “union” teachers, perhaps if they didn’t keep paying deadbeats to sit in rubber rooms all day, collecting their full salary and benefits because they can’t be fired, there would be more money for the good teachers.

  • Patrick

    sharonsj, get off the Bush thing. Old, tired, and every single press analysis of the recount, plus various others, found Bush won FL. Lose it already, Bush neither caused these problems or did anything to fix them. The Bush mania just marks you as a total MoveOn obsess-oid.

    As for Frank, our gov’t shouldn’t be run by billionaires but from there to taxing them extra just because they’re rich… who do you think bankrolls entrepreneurs and loans money? If you engage in that sort of classist nonsense, the rich will just take their money elsewhere. We already have some of the world’s highest taxes, and across Europe (high-tax land) nations are starting to lower taxes, or at least talk about it. When will we? What are they starting to figure out that we can’t? What you don’t get is that our problems weren’t caused by a few billionaires, they were caused by we the people committing gross incompetence and negligence in the voting booth, driven by greed for stuff paid for by “someone else” – which turns out to be all our kids.

    Jason – most of Congress is lawyers. Go figure why we don’t get tort reform or a legal model like Europe. The U.S. has 85% of the world’s lawyers. Enough said.

  • Rotting is not the best words. Just think of all the homes in forcloser that is setting a round detroit. Looks like an A Bomb went off. An took out 80% of the city. All these homes no body lives in will have to be bull dozed. You would think if the inviromentalist lobbist would be all over this. All the trees making these homes now go to waste. I think the only green they know of is money. Ant way The gov will start owning lots of america again since the gov owns freddie an fannie mac. Whats next mc donalds?

  • gwen

    Non stop wars, wars, wars. Bailouts, bailouts, bailouts. Foreign aid, foreign aid, foreign aid. The road to hell and poverty.

  • David

    It won’t, and can’t, be fixed. Just get out while you can. There’s work abroad.

  • Susan, you’re exactly right. When Wall Street rediscovered leverage, the cheap-labor corporatists drove us full speed into the debt-saturation wall. Next stop- Depression-2.0 coming to a town near you August, 2011.

  • Actually, Hawaii has lifted the furlough Fridays this year, but, that doesn’t mean that we still don’t have money problems.

  • Gary

    We need to simply heavily tax the rich and spread the wealth. There is way too much money in way too few hands.

    If tax cuts for the rich worked so well why did we loose millions of jobs during the Bush years? Why are we not now doing great there is now no estate tax.

    I agree with ship all illegals home-they only drive down wages . Also need to nail the people who employ them-prison and huge fines.

  • Rod

    The reality is, as followers of Gerald Celente all know, that the USA is going down for a l-o-n-g time.
    I mean a prolonged economic depression which could well run for decades (the first great depression in 1873 ran for 26 years).
    The USD is tipped to collapse Jan 2011, the “too big to fail” will all go under by the end of 2011, meaning all consumer credit of every form disappears. ie no credit cards, no student loans, no mortgages, 2nd mortgages etc.
    The obvious consequence is total economic collapse.
    It’s not hard to see that this is real especially when you consider the subprime collapse is still racing along, with the prime real estate collapse, the student loan crisis, the commercial mortgage crisis all yet to come too. The Fed just continues to print Fiat money as that’s all they know how to do – the government has fixed NOTHING. All the economic woes before the GFC, the GFC itself, and all the crises we’re facing now simply won’t and can’t be fixed by printing tens of trillions of dollars of toilet paper with sweet FA asset backing.
    The entire western world is on the very brink of a prolonged depression and it will make the 1930’s depression look like a picnic.
    Get out of the USA while you can and before other countries shut the gates.

  • Gray Wolf

    The one thing I can not get over, is every one is still calling politicians “Leaders”
    THEY ARE NOT OUR LEADERS! They are nothing more than our representatives! (Public SERVANTS!)
    And they are not doing a very good job of representing us. As soon as people figure this out, we will all be better off.

  • DFC

    The situation of US in the economic and political strategic aspects reminds the situation of the last decades of the Roman Empire, as Gibbons describe

    The roman empire was unable to sustain the huge military expenditure to secure its border, and that was made squeezing the available resources of the population

    Similar to that happens to the USSR, where they use most of the resources for military purpose and the economy (and the people) was depleted and depressed

    Now, in the USA, almost the only remaining industry is the military one, but this is not sustainable in the medium term, so that situation need to be addressed soon, it is really crazy that USA has a defense budget that is almost the 50% of all the whole world, and, at the same time its infrastructures are rotting, crazy fool…Eisenhower had reason

  • i

    Unfortunately, things won’t get better. This is it.

    If it wasn’t for oil depletion, we’d have a chance at economic recovery, but supply scarcities detailed in this document by those wacky doomers in the US Military ( tell us that any nascent recovery will be crushed by oil price feedback.


  • Michael E

    Hello Americans, Your Nation has cut the taxes of the rich and of all. But if You want public services, they must be paid, from military over police down to the most important think, education. If You cut education, you will loose the future. There is no way for the us citizens, to accept, that taxes have to be raised to fulfil the government work. That means too, the taxes of the rich has to be raised. Perhaps you should remember the New Deal of Roosevelt. This is the way to go. Close the wage gaps down to the former gap (20-30 times of average annual income for the high potentials is enough) perhaps with taxes, give the middle class the possibility to earn money and to get a cheap healthcare insurance. If You, the Americans, don´t do that, your glorious country will follow the Rome Empire. The Chinese are waiting to get the opportunity to take over your role. As European and as pro Atlantic minded person, I don´t want that. So wake up America, make a new new deal and show the world, that America is really gods own country.

    Michael from Germany

  • The premise here is very misleading. All governmental units are filthy rich The problem is they keep two sets of books, one is the budget for the political government, the other is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the corporate government. Look at
    Governments take in twice as much under the CAFR as they do with the budget. Merge the budget and the CAFR and there is no need forf taxes, none at all.

  • JJ

    Just look at the employment numbers of public vs private jobs. Most of the problems above are in places where their are more or very nearly more public employees than private employees. The private sector produces. The public sector consumes. We have more consumers than producers and we continue to tax the crap out of the producers to pay for the consumers. THAT is why we are falling apart.

  • Dave

    So what’s wrong with the little red school house? A few generations ago kids from first grade through high school attended school in the same classroom. And they gave us one of the greatest generations every. Along with highly educated kids who could read and write and do their math. Today, our mega schools, with all their glitzy brick and mortar can’t claim that kind of success. I say bring on the little red school house. And home schooling. And stuff all those teachers with their pensions back into the bottle they came out of. Do we really need school administrators who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and retire to luxurious pension to educate our kids? Probably not. In fact, anyone reading this comment could give a kid all they need in terms of reading skills, writing skills, and math skills. So why are we paying so stinkin much for that service. Its not that hard of a task. It really, really, really isn’t. Education is overpriced. And we’re not getting even close to a fair return on the investment. Time to junk the old model of building schools and go back to the little red school house model. Personal responsibility. If you want an education, go find one.

  • Eamon

    got toast?

  • It’s not just the leaders who are to blame, but the paid judges, the ones who have gone along with corrupt laws and made corrupt rulings, and the corrupt police and corrupt police oversight commissions (which in ABQ, New Mexico includes the police head himself – nope, no conflict of interest there!). That is why Americans in general are unwilling to pay higher taxes: they’d rather see the country collapse then be under the same oppressive thumb of the rich atheists and liberals and their low iq thug enforcers. It would be better if the liberals and false Christians did a revolution, if you know what I mean, but sadly they are too self-centered and cowardly to do so, and are willing to be poverty stricken till their up against Hell, just like the Argentinians. –

  • It’s not just the government leaders who are to blame, but the paid judges, the ones who have gone along with corrupt laws and made corrupt rulings, and the corrupt police and corrupt police oversight commissions (which in ABQ, New Mexico includes the police head himself – nope, no conflict of interest there!). That is why Americans in general are unwilling to pay higher taxes: they’d rather see the country collapse then be under the same oppressive thumb of the rich atheists and liberals and their low iq thug enforcers. It would be better if the liberals and false Christians did a revolution, if you know what I mean, but sadly they are too self-centered and cowardly to do so, and are willing to be poverty stricken till their up against Hell, just like the Argentinians. You can also thank the leaders of liberal and Arminian churches, especially Assembly of God ones which blur the truth with money robbing lies (tithing scams) and make it especially hard to figure out true from false Christians and so make the entire Church look like hypocrites. That matters, because these theist leaders (and their underling teachers) spread moral decay by their hypocrisy, which contributes to every sin in the Book. –



  • A

    I fully agree, let the ugly system to collapse. Can’t wait to for it to happen. Btw, I’m not some poor guy waiting for a revenge, I’m one of the managers in a large multinational corporation and I can’t wait to loose this job. Planning on becoming a veggie grower in the next 6 months.

  • Thank politicians. Thank Wall Street Banks. Thank credit and bank rating services. Thank Illegals. Thank cons and frauds, white and blue collar. And others. Government steals your money in taxes, and produces nothing. Nothing.

  • Entitlements are another big contributor to the U.S. meltdown. It’s free money for politicians. Stealing it from hard working people, then going on spending sprees for decades. This is the result.

  • John Donohue

    Thanks for this post. I have been boning up on a lot of economics lately and it’s been frankly scary. I believe also we are in for very, very hard times and the Fed, DC and the Wall Street cabal are keeping the plates spinning until when I do not know but I give it six months from now when the Second Crash happens. I agree that it’s best if I want a future to move out of the USA. Where I do not know but I feel that the current situation is untenable. At best it’s a long depression. But I feel that it’s more like the end of what’s left of democracy and then a totalitarian situation with a corporate overlay. Call it what you want but it’s not freedom by any stretch. What also is bothering me is how the whole country is allowing this to happen myself included. We all write are comments ect. but the government, the Wall Street banksters continue on thier merry way looting and pillageing everything. What’s more is that most Americans have very little financial literacy(myself included). We just seem to believe whatever we are told by mainstream media. Otday someone told me the economy is getting better again…how can I answer that?
    It was only recently that I learned of “naked short selling” which uses a loophole to create phantom stocks in order to then bring them up and short them. It is used by huge hedge funds(not all hedge funds), in order to “take down” companies in their sights. It is probably what gave the death blow to Lehman’s/ and some of the other’s. Profitable start-ups have been reduced to rubble because some manager wants millions over the possible return of long-term investment. This is allowed by the SEC. Crazy and also very dangerous to small/medium sized businesses.
    I have to say I have felt very heavy lately like saying goodbye to a friend, it’s sad that we have let it get to this point. If anything we all need to pray that somehow America finds it’s way in this dark time.

  • Education is key. But the content of that education will make or break America. E.D. Hirsch in “Cultural Literacy” rightly claims a successful democracy is dependent upon a well-educated electorate. The alternative is the tyranny of the majority, which is what we’re currently experiencing.
    Hand-outs are not the answer. Education, self-reliance, good old hard-working Americans pulling themselves up by their bootstraps — that’s what it will take to restore America and the middle class.
    Otherwise, we are all chickens waiting for Mommy and Daddy Government to toss us some corn, instead of American eagles seeking our own sustenance by our own ingenuity and efforts. Chickens flutter — eagles fly.
    Socialism is NOT the answer. Choosing, by our own free will, to help one another when we are down — that is the answer. It is WRONG to force free Americans to purchase anything. It is WRONG to tax us so much that our resources our so depleted we are unable to literally help our own neighbors. It violates the dignity of each human person to deprive him of the ability to help another. It does violence to his soul. Over time, he becomes a chicken, regardless of how hard he tries to soar like an eagle. Society, as a whole, becomes selfish and only able to look out for themselves. The overhaul tenor of morality and aspiring to higher ideals rapidly declines. And that’s where we are today.
    More: — a family’s crash from middle class to the new poor. We’re fighting back!

  • Weniger Gottquatsch

    I think that when you refer to “America”, you mean the United States of America.

    Many other parts of America are in a transitional period, moving from destructive capitalism to a more people-oriented and hope-filled existence. Just look at Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela. Or look north at Canada, where the rot you describe has not set in.

  • Hooloovoo

    Meanwhile the Industrial Military Congress and Complex have spent and sent all of our money overseas for war. War what is it good for? All of that money could have been spent on Americans for Education and Health Care but NO. Let us eat cake. When both the left and the right realize that they are screaming the same lines, when both sides realize that they are on the same exact side then the Revolution will begin. But for those who love Racism the Radical mouths of stupidity will just keep expanding over our air waves and the common sense that WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT just will never hit home. This is the Fall of the second Roman Empire.

  • Anna

    Um, no. As much as you’d like to fuel your xenophobic hatred, illegal immigrants are not the problem – not the problem you think of, anyway. They are paid far less than American workers and get no benefits of any kind. Only their children do, because they’re citizens, and rightfully so.

    The problem is that America has the “bigger dick” mentality, and thus spent way too much money on a war that never got anywhere. America was “in bed” with the same people it’s fighting against, so yes, America is partially to blame for 9/11. Our security should have been better back then instead of compensating by overspending on defense now.

    Bush and his administration were big players in this recession. As much as some people hate hearing that, you must remember that they were all for the de-regulation of Wall Street. And what happened? Wild irresponsibility with horrendous financial consequences for the rest of us. He wasted money by supporting a prescription program and a war he never intended to pay for. He also supported programs like abstinence-only sex education, which has been proven by reliable research to be ineffective. Thus we have more teen parents, who then become poor mothers on welfare.

    And, don’t forget that he made the tax cuts for the rich. Are they suffering now? No, the middle class is, while the rich are laughing all the way to the bank. They’re not experiencing a recession; we are.

    Spreading the wealth is much needed in this country. Too few people have too much money – money that they don’t NEED. They just want it because they believe they’re entitled, and would rather be wealthy at the cost of hurting the rest of the US. Why should the middle class pay most of the taxes when the rich have more money to spare? It makes no logical sense. It’s just greed.

    Insurance industries needed the discipline Obama signed into law. They rip people off, and they were the main reason my family became poor. The people they hurt the most is again, the middle class. Without a strong middle class, we don’t have a strong economy. And some say that our healthcare was fine? Bullshit.

    On another note, we need to stop outsourcing jobs. Corporations, not government, do this. Blame them, and start demanding that they stop giving American jobs away to avoid paying a tax.

    Most importantly, though, we need to stop demanding such a luxurious, wasteful lifestyle. It’s stupid, and it’s hurt us. You can blame people for this mess, but it amounts to nothing if we don’t start coming up with ideas to boost our economy. We need to stop talking and start doing.

  • “To get an idea of just how bad things are already, the IMF says that in order to fix the U.S. government budget deficit, taxes need to be doubled on every single U.S. citizen.

    Are you ready to pay double the taxes?”

    See how you throw out that line so casually. Raising taxes has now become a throw away laugh line.

    We are paying the lowest taxes in the world and the lowest ever in this Country. I, for one, say “tax me!” and tax everyone else.

  • Serfdumb

    If you actually knew anything about eagles you would understand that they are for the most part scavengers. I have watched them extensively and have observed their opportunistic feeding habits. While they will kill when needed their usual MO is scavaging or stealing food from others efforts. Sound familiar. So soar like an eagle! It’s the American way!

  • BudleighS

    Wow, lots of doomers here.

    Reminds me of some humor….

    “…one path leads to despair and utter hopelessness.
    The other to complete extinction.
    Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly”
    Woody Allen

  • Wake up People! Talk is cheap – “The world is on fire and you’re still talking.”

    Join the Revolution! – We don’t have to live like this anymore.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at

  • Don

    Good Tidings All: I suppose my outlook is not cheery, that is a “pessimist–optimist” but the current state of US affairs leads me to this outlook. For an idea into the future of the USA, examine the drug wars in Mexico as our new societal model. Meanwhile this post sums it all up quite clearly. Chicken Little was right, “the sky is–falling”. Scary indeed that law enforcement should have to reduce their numbers. Oh, by the way, less money in the penal system means more criminals released from their rat packed prisons. As more unemployed, homeless, and crime types mix, enforcing laws protecting innoncent citizens will become a joke. Society will collapse as all out anarchy rules our daily lives. An ineffective government will find it impossible to control the masses. And thats on top of all the other evident signs of economic, societal, political and environmental decay unfolding before our bloodshot eyes. As for me, I toss and turn in bed every night replaying the “horror show” someone else created. Pleasant dreams.

  • Gregory P

    1) That is just stupid, toilet paper is not a major cost to a school. Bureaucracy gone mad.

    3) in many countries, the class sizes have been over 30 to 35 for decades. no big deal.

    4) This one I did not know about. What on earth do the kids do on Fridays. No doubt things that are not productive. They should just get them working on the farms or learning real life lessons instead.

    6) small country town with gravel roads. In many places around the world there are Gravel roads.

    8) Colorado Spring: I have been there, it is just a small resort ski town. They do not need helicopters for the police.

    9) Funding for Kindergarten. Of course it should be eliminated. In many countries you pay top dollar and in the US they want FREE. yeah right. Pay higher taxes like in Denmark and Sweden and then you can have some free stuff like them. Mom’s normally should stay at home and look after their own kids instead of wanting to be a career mom or they should learn to live with their spouses better, instead of divorcing at the first fight.

    11) The city of Clayton, Georgia. The population was 2,019 at the 2000 census. OF COURSE they do not need a bus system. the town is probably so small they can use bicycles or walk.

    12) In another western country which supposedly is doing well they had 6,000 people turn up for a supermarket job with only 5 places, and people waiting in line for 2 days. I have similar stories from all over the world. Jobs are hard to find everywhere.

    13) oh well, an autistic boy died and it is more important than a normal boy. Alarmist crap. This happens everywhere. Accidents happen. so sad.

    14) Go to south Africa and see how the police handle the crime. Most of the crimes are completely ignored. The police are busy with more serious things. This is normal everywhere. Someone steals something, what are they going to do. Put a full time detective on the case for a missing bicycle. no, this is business as usual for police staff.

    15) population density of that county is 56/sq km which puts it just above Colorado and Montana. which as you might know is farming land. This puts it around the same pop density as Burkino Faso and the U.A.E They never needed that number of police officers in the first place. Of course it is a large area, but NO one lives there. 100,000 people living in 720 sq miles.

    16) Of course they do not need the police officers. They can call in the army for emergencies anyway. Which is what they normally do anyway. A few small towns have experimented with this and found crime has been reduced by reducing police officers.

    17) just stupid. People have less money to spend on crack, so the drug dealer are making less money. no surprise.

    18) when the unemployment rate is over 9% officially and the unofficial rate is over 18%. Of course 80% of people know someone who is out of work. This is simple mathematics. Take the 6 degrees of separation rules and the unemployment rate. IT is easy to figure this out. Not a fucking surprise. Only 2 degrees of separation would be need to get to the 80% mark, even more so in a small town where everyone knows each other and where the surveys were probably done.

  • Steve

    Jobs… Well tax imports so we can make the stuff we consume here. Like it used to be. Corporatism has taken over our Government with corruption. It’s been years in the making. Looks like there is no going back. Our vote is to make it look like we are in control. Repub or Dems all are under the influence. Congress and leadership. All… Lies and window dressing with the main media controlled. Big business again..the Elites. Thank for the internet so if you dig deep enough you can find the truth..for now. Without a major revolution we are doomed.

  • Bruce

    Some of you guys need to wake the hell up. How much evidence does one need to see the truth? There is no way in hell that we can pay off our government debt. So then the question is what happens when we default? We are heading at full speed for a greater depression. Millions of Americans will starve,go without police protection, have access to medical care, have no job etc. Tell me I’m crazy, uninformed or just being chicken little I don’t care. Just please for your own good store some rice and dried beans etc. NOT FOR ME BUT FOR YOU AND YOURS. Even if I am wrong which is highly unlikely you’ll have some extra food to eat. How can you lose, unless you fail to hear common damn sense

  • charlottemom

    Gregory — what exactly is your POV…that things are not so bad? getting better? Or was this just an exercise in refuting blog examples.

    I do believe things are worsening economically…these anecdotal examples may seem too incremental to matter to you, but the trajectory is not up or even stable – it’s down. It’s about the trends my friend. And I don’t this this downward trajectory is linear, I think its geometric.

    p.s. Colorado Springs (is NOT a ski town), a medium city has been hard hit economically in spite of the fact the it’s home to many military installations and bases (read Gov money and employment). ANd yes, many other of your “factoid grenades” failed to explode and do feel the point of this blog is right.

  • August

    Kids are forced to bring toilet paper while the Principals make $175,000 a year DOING NOTHING!

  • Chris

    Schools have no money for toilet paper, but they still pay administrators 5x as much as managers at other small businesses, and pension are still richly featherbedded. How much toilet paper can you buy with a pension worth a million dollars, when most of us have no retirement at all or only a hundred thousand in our 401k?

    I’ll start voting in favor of tax overrides instead against them when I hear cops and teachers complaining that their ludicrous pensions have been slashed.

    The filthy rich has seen their marginal tax rate drop from 91% to 36%, while the middle class is getting gouged. Time to raise taxes on those who won’t miss the money first.

  • We were asleep

    Much of what Provda says here about US schools is all too true, and even worse schools are demanding more tax dollars which in turn goes for such things as Unions and retirement benefits which does NOTHING to help with educating students.

  • Mephisto

    The first thing you, as a country, should do, is stop seeking a fight. Afghanistan was WAY over your head, Iraq was just another VERY stupid mistake. Costs ad up to a trillion dollars in only 9 years. So, if you’re saying you’re ******, well, start looking there.

    As long as the arms and banking industry lays in bed together, nothing is going to change and a lot more looting is going to follow. “Your money or your life” is a known way by the cowboy-driven weapons industry, isn’t it?

  • This post is excellant.

    I see the same thngs happening here in South Carolina. One thing that is very frustrating is there is obviously a reduction in funding for schools – but my local city is installing huge brick water fountains welcoming people into the city.

    There is plenty of money out there – just not used correctly.


  • will

    the dams, like the one that just failed, are crumbling:

  • SOCIALIST are nothing but LAZY, good for nothing losers. They want everything given to them because they aren’t SMART enough to earn it and they dont have a good enough work ethic to MAKE IT for themselves.. MORONS.

  • All along they talk about re-distributing wealth. BULLS***, get out there and EARN IT! Capitalism is what made this Country great. Unchecked greed caused problems.. but Socialism is a SCOURGE that needs to be wiped out.. including everyone that proposes it.

  • Emma Henry

    “Such is the destiny of all who forget God; the hope of the godless will perish.”Job 8:13

  • Tulsa97

    Higher taxes are not the answer…NOT sending that money to Washington is the answer, and allow the local communities and States to keep MORE tax dollars before it even reaches Washington, D.C. as the founding fathers intended.

  • mary

    People… good citizens of this nation have to quit running around with their hands out to big daddy looking for a hand out. Corruption needs to be dealt with more severely than just a slap on the hand. The average citizen would never get away in our normal daily lives what these so called representatives do. And YES character does matter… it’s the lack of character that has gotten us into such a mess.

  • Diesel

    Anna, you are factually incorrect at least every other sentence! Illegal immigrants have bankrupted our social services. The illegal parent that receives nothing has several offspring that sign up for everything. Its exponential. Xenophobia hasn’t cost us a dime. As for being in bed with a bigger dick, this is not the forum to vent your desires, but we are not fighting the same people we helped previously. Previously we helped freedom fighters defend their nation against Soviet invaders. Today we are defending innocent Americans against terrorists. Yes security should have been better, but Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton decimated our security services. Bush and the Republicans pushed a bill to reform Fannie May’s sub-prime lending scam that caused the economic collapse. The Democrats and Barney defeated the bill. Entitled? The wealthy are entitled to their earnings. This is far more fair, than everyone else being entitled to someone else’s earnings! The wealthy have proven that they have the drive, talent and necessary capital to create jobs and national wealth. 99% of then started out life without the wealth they earned. Anyone in America can also do the same. Their are no impermeable class ceilings in America. The ‘middle class pay most of the taxes?” On which planet. The top 1% pay nearly 40% of Americas taxes. The upper 50% of the wage earners pay @97% of all tax collections. The lower middle class income tax rate is 25% while the upper class income tax rate is currently 35%. What is the riches fair share? The Democrats recently proposed a 90% tax rate. As far as giving away “American jobs” to avoid taxes, the fact is this. If you raise taxes in America, people are free to go elsewhere. Socialism only works when you take people’s freedom to live where they want, away from them. It’s called enslaving people. The Soviets did it with the Iron Curtain. Is this the America you envision for us? “Stop demanding a luxurious lifestyle?” Every time someone complains about the economy, the Third World, and the “Haves verses the Have Nots,” it’s because they want money. It is only the comfortable and the affluent that pine for a more meaningful life. Everyone else, including the Left and the international community, wants money! You envy the wealthy, that’s the root of the problem.

  • rich

    The article needs to be expanded to show the money that obama is giving to other countries and what it’s for. Things such as 300 million dollars to Gaza, among many others.

  • April

    One of the biggest problems is that we’ve lost all say in all matters. Take Health care reform. Pelosi touted that no matter what, they would get it approved, no matter what means necessary. And still, to this day, published surveys state that almost 3/4 of the US doesn’t want this kind of “reform.” Its not about the people anymore. And unless we fight to take back our right to have a say in what goes on, this is going to go on forever.

  • BuckeyeBubba

    First step is to get rid of the Marxist in the White House. Things will rapidly improve. As far as having over 30 kids in a class. Big deal…I never went to school in the 60’s with LESS than 30 kids in each class. The teachers could give you a wack, the parents were responsible and not like the dirtbag whiners today, the kids had respect for authority, and if you got punished at school, you got it again when you got home. The small class size of recent years is a gimmick whereby the teacher’s unions could get more members, jack up their pension funds, recruit more gullible teachers to vote for union schmucks, and tell you it would improve the educational system. How do you like it so far??? If you vote Democrat, you’re part of the problem. Look in the mirror.

  • Lisa

    We all have responsibility in this…

    How many use a credit card they cant afford,then buy stuff they cant afford, then either just dont pay or file bankruptcy?

    How many buy houses and cars they cant afford using credit? The money is spent and paid by credit companies who are stuck with the bill, and people get the goods. Fair or unfair?

    Government officials should take paycuts…those would save billions every year. We have the leverage to vote them out if only we would be careful when we vote in first place.

    Schools ask for items from students so they can use their grant money for beautification projects. Since when is education dependant on the landscaping?

    It only gets changed when we speak out against it… which most people only do in private, like this post, because they are too scared and fearful or they are just too lazy.

    Companies moved jobs to other countries because wages are cheaper and jobs are appreciated. They got tired of hearing americans gripe and complain because they werent making enough money so they could be lazy and not work (but still get paid). I cant blame these companies… I used to work my ass off while lazy people bitched and complained.

    No one wants to work with someone who is unappreciative. Companies are no different. We are gettin exactly what we deserve. Hopefully by the time things get better, people will learn to live within their means… stop stealing money from credit companies… get off their lazy ass and actually do some work… shut up and stop griping and complaining when they dont get their way and are told no.

    So we can point fingers at the government and everyone else, but WE ALL are to blame for the economy. I mean… what do you expect??? We are simply reaping what we have sown. It wont change until each one of us takes inventory of ourselves and makes changes. Stop waiting for everyone else to change first!!!

  • Christopher Casey

    Many of these 18 items are founded on self serving data. The federal highway commission has a vested interest in highways being rebuilt, funny how their data ponts to billions of $’s needed to rebuild highways. They may be accurate, but More data needed. School districts always pee on themselves whenever cuts are proposed, they need to apply themselves to reality, and the school boards need to bargain harder with the NEA. Class size is shown to have almost no coorlation to performance. Read “No Apology”, Mitt Romney documents this very clearly. It is time to Ranger Up! We will beat this thing!

  • toyotawhizguy

    The solution to this mess will not be easy. One of the best steps forward is to vote out all incumbents this November. Voters need to abandon the idea that “my congressman” is a good guy, but everyone elses congressman is a bum. Both of the major parties are filled with rot, including “my congressman”. We need new faces in DC, who are not beholden to mega & multinational corporations and Wall Street banksters.

  • toyotawhizguy

    Lisa wrote:
    “I cant blame these companies… I used to work my ass off while lazy people bitched and complained.”

    Lisa, I hear you. I once had a co-worker complain to me by saying “Slow down, you’re making me look bad.”

  • cindy

    WOW!!! Too much diversity…I think it is too late for change! Lets all pack up and move to Australia!! Let the sloths run this country into the ground and wallow in it!!

  • Doom and gloom is not the answer, particularly when cutting over-the-top services like whole-day kindergarten and bus fleets for a town of roughly 2,000. What’s more, class sizes don’t mean much as the students who want to learn will seek out the teacher’s help anyway. Yes, education is highly important, but when (if) students get to college, no one will be there to baby them along.

    Is complaining about new frugality on the part of government supposed to solve problems? Necessity is the mother of invention, and at long last, government is learning to save some of its money, just like hard-working citizens need to.

  • Tim

    Education is out of control. We spend way too much. 1/2 the states budget goes to education. They serve free meals to kids from families with money. This cadillac program needs to be gutted.

    Parents should pay for education and not demand welfare. Why do the rest of us have to pay? These parents get to pay less taxes and strain the system. If you are man enough to make a baby, man up and pay for the education!

  • The people who know how to correct the economy are now above 65 yrs old or younger than 25 yrs old. One is too old to execute, the other is too young to execute. The Baby Boomers who were the inventors, creators and spenders, some where along the line lost sight of the truth and the goals.

  • Joseph Carames

    Still we have the biggest military in the world.We have bases all over the world we are fighting terrorist who want to destroy this country. We are engaged in a battle for freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq which we will win because we are free and we have a lifestyle they want and we are American. Let the private market take care of everything – people must get rich off the poor for America to survive and prosper. It is a Great country with the best education and health care in the world and the biggest army in existence which we cannot never cut.

  • Joseph Carames

    Rich people can’t be taxed that is unamerican and threatens freedom rich people are saving this country – it is the rich people who give you your jobs – it is the rich people who save the planet from destruction. We need the rich people who will revive this economy once we stop taxing them to death and tax the poor that is how freedom works. And spend more money on some better weapons systems for the military we only spend more then the rest of the world combined every second.

  • Irene

    The information about class size is somewhat funny to me. My first grade class in a Catholic school in 1954 was just shy of 100. Almost one hundred squirming, wiggly, tired, and often hungry kids that one nun kept under control enough to teach phonics, math, penmanship (with old fashioned pens dipped in ink wells)and Catholic dogma- and parents paid $15 a month for tuition, bought the books and supplies and if Sister called home and said you had misbehaved you caught it twice – once from Sister and then from your parents. And we learned and kept a civil tongue in our heads!

    Sorry, I have watched for many decades as the schools have demanded more and more money and their feet have never been held to the fire for results. Paul Harvey said once that if a person in the school system didn’t teach – fire them! Amen! Now you can really start saving some money by sending the administrators packing instead of begging for TP. One advantage to this would be few fine little Marxist being trained!

  • Don’t say that. I think America can overcome this economic crisis soon and American deserves a second chance to prove their worth to the world. I ever fall what is important is we learn to stand again. We just have to help each other and everything will be just fine. What you have presented are facts that everybody should be aware of and it is also a wakeup call for American. Thank you!

  • Mark

    Until we all understand that we all have a responsibility for ourselves and in having that responsibility, we must expect (and have) the same from and for all others, this country will fall like all others throughout history. A country is only as good as its weakest links. We have nothing to prove to the world and everything to prove to ourselves. We are not letting a country down. We are taking the easy way out for our selves.

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