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19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed

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19 - Public DomainThe systematic destruction of the American way of life is happening all around us, and yet most people have no idea what is happening.  Once upon a time in America, if you were responsible and hard working you could get a good paying job that could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only had a high school education.  Things weren’t perfect, but generally almost everyone in the entire country was able to take care of themselves without government assistance.  We worked hard, we played hard, and our seemingly boundless prosperity was the envy of the entire planet.  But over the past several decades things have completely changed.  We consumed far more wealth than we produced, we shipped millions of good paying jobs overseas, we piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and we kept electing politicians that had absolutely no concern for the long-term future of this nation whatsoever.  So now good jobs are in very short supply, we are drowning in an ocean of red ink, the middle class is rapidly shrinking and dependence on the government is at an all-time high.  Even as we stand at the precipice of the next great economic crisis, we continue to make the same mistakes.  In the end, all of us are going to pay a very great price for decades of incredibly foolish decisions.  Of course a tremendous amount of damage has already been done.  The numbers that I am about to share with you are staggering.  The following are 19 signs that American families are being economically destroyed…

#1 The poorest 40 percent of all Americans now spend more than 50 percent of their incomes just on food and housing.

#2 For those Americans that don’t own a home, 50 percent of them spend more than a third of their incomes just on rent.

#3 The price of school lunches has risen to the 3 dollar mark at many public schools across the nation.

#4 McDonald’s “Dollar Menu & More” now includes items that cost as much as 5 dollars.

#5 The price of ground beef has doubled since 2009.

#6 In 1986, child care expenses for families with employed mothers used up 6.3 percent of all income.  Today, that figure is up to 7.2 percent.

#7 Incomes fell for the bottom 80 percent of all income earners in the United States during the 12 months leading up to June 2014.

#8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less than $30,000 a year in wages.

#9 After adjusting for inflation, median household income has fallen by nearly $5,000 since 2007.

#10 According to the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

#11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of their paychecks into savings.

#12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

#13 According to the U.S. Department of Education, 33 percent of all Americans with student loans are currently behind on their student loan debt repayments.

#14 According to one recent report, 43 million Americans currently have unpaid medical debt on their credit reports.

#15 The rate of homeownership in the U.S. has been declining for seven years in a row, and it is now the lowest that it has been in 20 years.

#16 For each of the past six years, more businesses have closed in the United States than have opened.  Prior to 2008, this had never happened before in all of U.S. history.

#17 According to the Census Bureau, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

#18 If you have no debt at all, and you also have 10 dollars in your wallet, that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all Americans.

#19 On top of everything else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state and local taxes.

All of us know people that once were doing quite well but that are now just struggling to get by from month to month.

Perhaps this has happened to you.

If you have ever been in that position, you probably remember what it feels like to have people look down on you.  Unfortunately, in our society the value that we place on individuals has a tremendous amount to do with how much money they have.

So if you don’t have much money, there are a lot of people out there that will treat you like dirt.  The following excerpt comes from a Washington Post article entitled “The poor are treated like criminals everywhere, even at the grocery store“…

Want to see a look of pure hatred? Pull out an EBT card at the grocery store.

Now that my kids are grown and gone, my Social Security check is enough to keep me from qualifying for government food benefits. But I remember well when we did qualify for a monthly EBT deposit, a whopping $22 — and that was before Congress cut SNAP benefits in November 2013. Like 70 percent of people receiving SNAP benefits, I couldn’t feed my family on that amount. But I remember the comments from middle-class people, the assumptions about me and my disability and what the poor should and shouldn’t be spending money on.

Have you ever seen this?

Have you ever experienced this yourself?

These days, most people on food stamps are not in that situation because they want to be.  Rather, they are victims of our long-term economic collapse.

And this is just the beginning.  When the next major economic crisis strikes, the suffering in this country is going to go to unprecedented levels.

As we enter that time, we are going to need a whole lot more love and compassion than we are exhibiting right now.

As a nation, we have made decades of incredibly bad decisions.  As a result, we are experiencing bad consequences which are going to become increasingly more severe.

The numbers that I just shared with you are not good.  But over the next several years they are going to get a whole lot worse.

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and life in America is about to change in a major way.


  • MIchael in Chicago

    It seems that every day companies
    are retreating from their 401(k) commitments. More than 120 companies
    have announced a suspension of their match within the past nine months,
    according to the Pension Rights Center.

    • seth datta

      The J’s who invented the holocaust as a false history, when they killed their own people to gain statehood, hate people who don’t earn them cash, like the elderly.

      • capt.


      • krinks

        Hey genius. General Eisenhower order video cameras to document the death camps as he knew people would deny they ever happened. In other words he predicted you.

        • True grit

          Do the research!

          • krinks

            I did. He documented it.

        • Rebel

          That does not mean that the Jews did not stage it,

          • Jack Frost

            Or that you may be a transgendered LGBT troll striving to deflect from the impact of this article!!

      • Priszilla

        Go to Germany, visit a public library. You’ll find tons of books with documentation. Pictures, facsimiles, etc. etc. Visit the camps in Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen, Dachau, Buchenwald, Auschwitz, Ravensbrueck, Neuengamme, etc. etc. Read newspapers from 1945.
        It isn’t just Eisenhower who recorded things. The Germans did too.

        • Jack Frost

          Please, do NOT feed facts to these people, it might cause temporal dilation or other distortions! LOL

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I love links 😉

  • Vercingetorix

    That’s your ” Hope and Change”.

    • seth datta

      Its all about the puppet masters, who prefer shekels really.

    • rayoflight

      The ” hope and change ” was a PURPOSEFUL LEFT HOOK that was intended as a campaign slogan to put US ALL behind the ” 8 ball ” ;
      with 4 additional years of ENDLESS WAR ON TERROR !

      What a ” tired ” and seemingly endless JOKE ! ! ! ! !

  • Guest

    “Once upon a time in America, if you were responsible and hard working you could get a good paying job that could support a middle class lifestyle for an entire family even if you only had a high school education.”

    The good ole days! It’s so sad to see what has become of this nation. As I was driving home from work this afternoon I noticed several restaurants with “Now Hiring” signs. You cannot support yourself, let alone a family, on these jobs. Many of these places are probably only hiring part-time help, which is now less than 30 hours a week due to the ACA. This is the new economy.

    • seth datta

      I wonder which ethnicity most of the super-rich are in the US and UK?

      Whites are to be replaces with other races, who are to be as slaves. Then they will most likely stage a war or nuke the place.

      They wish to see themselves in place of God.

    • Ghost11111111

      Actually, I have seen many restaurant “servers” make a lot of money off tips. As one server said, “I dont care about the customers, I care about the tips, they better tip me or get out of my section of the restaurant so someone else that tips can sit in their place”, What is this tipping servers phenomenon? If a person is paying $21-$30.00 for a meal, along with gas and travel time, and sitting on a table full of diverse microscopic bacterias, why should he be expected to give extra money as “charity” in the form of tips? Is it because he needs the temporary “approval” of his worth as a person to a crack whore server who hides behind face paint (makeup), with amphetamines circulating through her underdeveloped circulatory system, who has conditioned her fake smile 2 seem natural? Maybe the flouride in the water is making people “soft” and over-analytical of themselves

  • Rukander

    “As a nation, we have made decades of incredibly bad decisions. As a result, we are experiencing bad consequences which are going to become increasingly more severe.”

    • sherlock32555

      What we did was vote for people that are nothing but liars and not looking out for our country and its people. All we did was put them in office and not kept an eye on what they were doing and hold them to the same level as we are.. We have to keep watch on these liars.

      • seth datta

        Synagogue of Satan. Jesus warned us.

        • jsmith

          I’ve come to the same conclusion Seth, but you will find that most people are ignorant, specially since that group changes their names to sound more American. They are definitely a fifth column, and what they did to a certain country in Europe they are doing it to us now.

      • Priszilla

        70% of the people didn’t even care to show up to vote for alternatives.

        • sherlock32555

          Because there was no one to vote for. Just the lesser of two evils. They both think the same.

          • Priszilla

            And, of course, in a democracy or Republic there is no way to nominate an alternative.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          Alternatives: Hobson had a word for it.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Tonight is the night!

        If you live anywhere even remotely close to Dallas, Texas you do NOT want to miss this. I will be speaking at the Spirit of Prophecy Church in Plano at 7 PM on Saturday night. More details can be found on Facebook right here…


      • Mike Adams

        Because they’re begging.

    • Nemnor

      Rukandar – “…decades of incredibly bad decisions…” is not the main reason for the major socioeconomic issues facing the USA and virtually every other country in the World. The MAIN reason for the issues we face in the USA and the World is – the Capitalist system itself – which has reached the stage of decadence (for some time now), and is now at a “dead end”, and is NOT able to permanently recover from an on-going crisis by economic means alone. The on-going crisis began since late-60s/early-70s – which was the end of the “reconstruction boom” (following WW-II) and at the time when other leading Capitalist countries began to catch-up to the USA and compete with the USA for a larger/better share of the world’s LIMITED market and world’s LIMITED resources.

      • Bill

        It is not capitalism. It is those who have manipulated capitalism.The systematic destruction of America has been done by design of those who had the trust of America.

        • Nemnor

          Bill, you are probably confusing a Free Enterprise system – which is an association of independent (free) Producers/Workers, and thinking that that what is what Capitalism is. There is a lot that can be said about Capitalism, but, basically, Capitalism is about “Capitalizing”, not just on “business opportunities” but also exploiting (taking advantage of) the labor/efforts of others – and often to the extent of making the Capitalist extremely/obsenely richer and richer, while the mass of Workers might even see their disposable income get less and less over many decades (like we observe in the USA and elsewhere). So Capitalism is a system that is based on the exploitation of man by man and country by country.

          It is a system that INEVITABLY transforms into monopoly/imperialist Capitalism (as virtually every Capitalist business wants and needs to grow and grow, destroying many other businesses in the process). Because Capital must forever grow and grow (even at any and all cost) and because the World’s market is LIMITED and the World’s resource is LIMITED, Capitalism is ultimately an UNSUSTAINABLE system. Hence, the reason the system is now at a stage of decadence. It is now at a “dead end” and is NOT able to permanently recover by economic means alone.

          The “good old days” of the USA can NEVER come back – except if we can have a situation like WW-II in the past, when most of the leading countries were destroying one another – while the USA remain mostly untouched – even getting richer DURING WW-II, while most of the other leading countries took HEAVY loss of capital and lost MILLIONS of lives.

          During the “reconstruction boom” when the US middle class was expanding, it would SEEM to Americans that Capitalism is sustainable. But that is because much of the rest of the world was underdevelop. And, with the US dollar being the the world’s reserve currency, this gave the USA a special (even unfair) economic advantage above all else.

          However, from since the late-60s/early-70s the USA and the entire Capitalist system entered an on-going (never ending) crisis, as the “reconstruction boom” then ended, and as many other leading countries began to “catch up” to the USA and began competing with the USA for a better/bigger share of the LIMITED World’s market and the LIMITED World’s resource.

          • robert h siddell, jr

            You spout Communist Manifesto crap; Capitalism is more sustainable than Socialism. Thatcher said the problem with Socialism is you always run out of other peoples money. I’d add that you create lazy dependent people that invite robber barons to take over.

          • Nemnor

            mmm!? – It might be convenient for you to state (or imply) that the change I am suggesting is “socialist/communist”. However, what I am suggesting (in fact advocating) is that we must have a fundamental change away from Capitalism to an alternative system that provides TRUE abundance for ALL and not just for “the 1%”.

            Additionally, I posit that without that fundamental change away from Capitalism, the current world-wide Capitalist system will INEVITABLY bring about massive world-wide poverty and massive world-wide destruction (through wars, environmental collapse and economic collapse).

          • True Grit

            You might be right but if governments get out of the free capitalist economies, bad companies and banks would go bankrupt,
            and Monopolies and oligopolies would not exist. Do you mean “abundance” for those currently on the welfare system?
            In your plan, is there a point to working harder?

          • Priszilla

            States are tools of the ruling class to cement their rule.

            Governments are puppets of those who hold economic power.

            It’s always the economy that rules a society..

            And capitalism is names after, yes, capital. Not the Capital of a country. And capitalists are bound to concentrate that capital in the hands of a few – or perish.
            They are like locusts.

            They eat anything there is, without regard for tomorrow.

          • True Grit

            Left un-governed yes! But .. there are rules put in place by a smarter government years ago. Rules against Price fixing, Restriction of trade, Monopolies, Usury, Unfair competition, Patent and copyright infringement etc, etc, etc.
            In today’s Capitalist U.S. economy, however,
            Your observations are correct! Government is not ruled by some imaginary power $ brokers
            just influenced and out smarted by them.
            Which is probably very easy considering how incredibly stupid Government seems to be.

          • Nemnor

            True Grit, a sustainable alternative to Capitalism that also provides/allows TRUE abundance for ALL, can not be fully explained in this blog. However, the change away from Capitalism begins with knowing AND accepting that NO ONE PERSON HAS ALL THE ANSWERS/SOLUTIONS and that on EVERY issue (big or small), even a MINORITY opinion MUST be allowed an EQUAL voice, before a general consensus is reached and adopted.

            Hence, the change away from Capitalism must necessarily come about through a GENUINE democratic movement/process – i.e. relying upon the COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE of the Human Race.

            As such, the change begins with recognizing that the electoral system in the USA, and in virtually every other country, is NOT a genuine democratic system.

            Hence, to make the change away from Capitalism, power has to be truly in the hands of the people and must remain in the hands of the people at ALL times, and thus, giving the people the ability to IMMEDIATELY remove/recall anyone who abuse the authority given to them, or who fail to adequately perform in the position given to them.

            With the mass of the people being truly involved in the decisions and policies that affect their daily lives (i.e. with GENUINE democracy), your concerns about “welfare system” or “laziness” (i.e. your concern about those who you think might want “something for nothing”) would eventually become a non-issue (irrelevant) – as a GENUINE democratic process (involving ALL the people) will also change peoples way of thinking and acting for the good of ALL.

          • Brad

            This alternative system you speak of is Communism. Capitalism is TRUE opportunity for ALL. This abundance for all mentality will put us all in the poor house. It creates the something for nothing mind set that is destroying our country as I write this.

          • GSOB

            “All economic systems reflect the intrinsic self concern of human beings.

            Under capitalism, a business prospers only if customers voluntarily trade for its output.
            Profit is a measure of how well a company has served others.

            Capitalism at its essence is a competition of giving.

            Entrepreneurs can only help themselves by helping others.

            The genius of capitalism, and only capitalism, is that it channels self-interest into altruism.

            Altruism, as I’ve demonstrated, is the very reason of capitalisms existence and why it remains the hope of civilization.”

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, much of what you said – i.e. Capitalism being “altruistic” and being “a competition of giving”, is really a load of apologetic intellectualization to make Capitalism appear like “an angel of light”, and has no base in reality. This is the kind of (intellectual) perspective one would get from the likes of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and many of the other “Law of Attraction”/“Self Help”/ “New Age” preachers.

            The individual Entrepreneur, however, while they remain essentially “self-employed” and has NOT expanded their business to the point where they are EXPLOITING the labor/efforts of others, may indeed maintain a level of “altruism”, and may indeed enjoy doing what they do and really like providing a service or product to others (for a reasonable reward).

            However, at the level where NO one is necessarily exploited and a NEEDED value/service is given to society, this would NOT essentially be a Capitalist system, but more or less like a (true) “Free Enterprise” system, or more or less like a (free) “Association of Independent Producers/Workers”. Parasitic activities like, say – trading the Forex? or investing in Derivatives? – would not be adding real value to society and can not be seen as “altruistic”.

            Now, it is true a Capitalist or Entrepreneurs may start out with the intention to “do good” for the world, “add value” to the world and make the world “a better place”. However, the REALITY of Capitalist COMPETITION would normally “compel” the Capitalist/Entrepreneur to remove most or all of their fantastic “altruism” and sometimes do business even in the most “ungodly”/”unholy” way you can imagine.

            For, example, when a Capitalist business KNOWINGLY dumps deadly/poisonous substance into a river or lake and KNOWING that this will eventually bring serious harm to the environment, what would you say is “compelling” that Capitalist to do business the way they do? Would you say – it is that Capitalist’s strong desire to “give” a service to the public? OR, would you say – that Capitalist is “compelled” by greed, or by a desire to stay in business (by cutting cost) and grow and not lose out to other competing businesses?

            Another concrete example of the true INTRIENSIC nature of Capitalism is the FRACKING for oil and gas in various parts of the world, or the “tar sand” extraction in Canada. Now, there are more than enough oil and gas production in the world – even without “tar sand” extraction or “fracking”. There is enough evidence (and circumstantial evidence) that “tar sand” extraction and “fracking” are endangering the environment. However, COMPETITION within the Capitalist system (among nations looking for strategic/economic advantages, and among large (oil) companies trying to stay in business or even push competitors out of business) is “compelling” the “tar sand” extraction and the “fracking” to go on relentlessly – REGARDLESS to the serious danger these “business activities” pose to the environment.

            In general, Capitalist activity (production) is NOT “a competition of giving”. Rather, the PRIMARY end-purpose of Capitalist activity (production) is to MAKE PROFITS (grow their capital base) through the EXPLOITATION of the labor/efforts of others and often at the (mindless) expense of the environment.

            Generally, there is no “altruism” (as you put it) in the real-world Capitalist “business activity”, and rather than being “the hope of civilization” (as you put it), Capitalism is on a course to bring destruction to the Human Race (through endless wars, environmental collapse and economic collapse).

          • robert h siddell, jr

            That 1% are the Oligarch Banksters (Fed Reserve and their minions). We don’t have to destroy America to kick the Central Bankers (et all) out (Congress did it twice already). Wonder why you sound like a Commie but keep denying it.

          • Dora flores

            You are confusing capitalism for the current system of corporatism which is brought on by the banksters with the help of the government. You are advocating communism plain and simple and it has been tried before with utter failure. Capitalism is THE ONLY economic system that has ever worked but the greedy Den of Vipers and Thieves corrupted it to its current unrecognizable state.

          • Norbert

            Nemnor, are you suggesting “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his need”? If so, please explain what’s in it for me.

          • Horiboyable .

            You are an absolute clown. If my employer was exploiting me I would leave and find an employer that did not. He would not be in business for long if he exploited his employees because they would leave and either setup as competition or work for a competitor. Government taxes are destroying the middle class. The US military just left 1/2 billion worth of equipment in Yemen and look how much they left in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rich people become rich because they are smart and industries. Unlike todays ilk of crony capitalist whom depend on favors and subsidies. Hilary Clinton makes her family connections wealthy and I see Biden’s son got a nice job on a Ukraine Company Board backed with USA taxpayer aid. The USA has become a very crooked place where the elite are looking after themselves. Why does a guy earning ten bucks an hour have to bail out a bank with his taxes. The USA public are being taken for utter fools. The land of the free, what a joke.

          • Nemnor

            Horiboyable, what you SEEM not to understand is that the issues you mentioned are symptoms of a decayed and decaying Capitalist system. It is decadent Capitalism that has INEVITABLY transformed into “crony capitalism”, into state/collective/welfare capitalism”. It is decadent/decaying Capitalism that has a “…guy earning ten bucks an hour have to bail out a bank with his taxes…” The permanent solution is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a sustainable alternative system that must provide/allow TRUE abundance for ALL and not just for “the 1%”

          • Jack Frost

            The right to a profit should always accompany the right to fail and be liquidated. No business is TBTF. If it can’t go immediately it can be systematically unwound and dissected into pieces and sold off for what it will bring. That simple step will do more to curb excess than seventy tomes of rules and regulations.

          • NewbieJames

            Crony/state/collectivist capitalism. Just can’t bring himself to say socialism or fascism.

          • nekksys

            fascism.. Fascism… FASCISM!!!!!

          • Priszilla

            “If my employer was exploiting me I would leave and find an employer that did not.”

            Good luck. Your employer is bound to exploit you. He is bound to pay you less than you make.
            If you create a value of 100, then he’ll only pay you 20, and puts the 80 in his pocket.

            That’s called exploitation.

            That’s how he gets richer than you.
            And if you help him to subdue your co-workers he’ll give you a bonus of 1 or 2.

            The 30 pieces of silver for the co-called middle class to kleep the lower class down.

          • Jack Frost

            A business which exists without regard to a profit is called government and it taxes and spends accordingly. Perhaps you do believe that you are worth monetarily what the man who makes the payroll work gets, so why don’t you form your own enterprise and drive them out of business? You could pay more than they do, offer better benefits to your employees and make a prime example of how business should be operated.

          • nekksys

            Or she could escape the whole rat race and form her own sole proprietorship where she commands every penny that comes in to her register…

            And you could start farming your own food and felling your own trees for lumber to escape as well…

          • NewbieJames

            A commie speaks. See the problem with Marx is he overlooked the CAPITAL employed. The owner of the capital is due whatever he can get for it. So if you are using your bosses office, his computer, his heat, his AC, his support staff, etc…, etc…, then the owners deserve to be compensated for buying these things.

          • Priszilla

            To survive I don’t have much choice. I have to rent out my lifetime because that’s the only thing I have.
            For that I have the right to demand compensation.

          • nekksys

            As judged by the SCOTUS, your labor is your property, to do with as you see fit.

          • Priszilla

            Exactly. That’s the only property of the labourer.

          • algol2000

            It is true, but SCOTUS is not an authority over mens’ lives.

          • nekksys

            No, but SCOTUS is the supreme source for the interpretation of American law. They have judged numerous times over the years that a person’s labor is their property to do with as they see fit.

          • Priszilla

            The owner needs to employ people to make use of that computer.
            He can choose not to have other people using his property.

          • nekksys

            Some years back, I had an employer that was perfect. Paid me 100% of what I was worth. Gave me time off whenever I wanted it. Unlimited sick days were a great benefit too. Retirement, Medical, Dental, Vision… All of it. But then, life happened and he had to close up shop…

            I sure do miss being self-employed…

          • Paul Patriot

            I am sorry to hear that. I can relate to you, I was also living the dream of self employment, and like you, life threw me something bigger than I could handle at the time……..closed shop.

          • algol2000

            Why did you stop believing in God?

          • Common sense finally kicked in.

          • nekksys

            Where in my statement does it say I did?

            I closed shop because I had to relocate due to family tragedy. It took me 3 years to establish my business in a strong urban setting. Trying to re-open the same business in a rural setting wasn’t going to work…

          • Jack Frost

            You know Jobs abused people by making them stand in long lines to plunk down money for his products!

          • Horiboyable .

            You don’t have to buy his products, choose another!! I wish I had.

          • robert h siddell, jr

            The Joke: America is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. The Truth: America has been taken over by the Elite and is now an Animal Farm run by Big Brother.

          • Priszilla

            How can you call it the land of the free when 25% (that’s a quarter, or 1 in 4) of all prisoners in the world are imprisoned in the USA?

          • True Grit

            Maybe that’s because they committed a crime

          • Priszilla

            Ok, then call it land of the criminals.

          • GSOB

            You can’t have freedom for free

          • Horiboyable .

            Very true, Gerald Celente describes them the Bloods and and Crips

          • Jack Frost

            Like when the POTUS tells businesses,”You didn’t build that!”? Now pay for my signature health plan even if it ruins you..

          • nekksys

            Because Capital must forever grow and grow …

            Only in a debt-based economy where the lag between currency creation and destruction must continuously grow. In a commodity backed economy, there is no lag because commodities are directly traded rather than valueless currency notes.

          • Nemnor

            nekksys, are you saying that in the past (i.e. during the time before we had a “debt-based economy” – as you put it) the Capitalist was not growing their capital base? That there was a time during the existence of Capitalism when the usual Capitalist was not only, NOT increasing their capital, but also did not have the INTENTION to GROW (accumulate) their capital?

            I do not know what kind of system you are referring to, but Capitalism is (and always will be) essentially a system in which the Capitalist use their capital to GAIN more capital.

            The way the usual Capitalist gain more capital is usually through the exploitation of the labor/efforts of others to continuously make profits and thus GROW their capital base.

            Because of competition, the usual Capitalist MUST grow their capital base (destroying other businesses in the process) until there is just one or two (or just a few) businesses of the same type to serve any given market area.

            Now get this – because the market and the resource in any given area are LIMITED (in fact, because the world’s market and the world’s resource are physically and practically LIMITED), Capitalism, because it must forever expand, is ultimately an UNSUSTAINABLE economic system.

          • Dora flores

            Reject the lies sold to you by academia and the presstitutes!

          • GSOB

            You depart from the spirit of capitalism in the free market economy and call that departure capitalism. You conclude that its inevitable for the economic system of capitalism to be to its own undoing.
            I think you misdiagnose big time. And, you can call me a capitalist pig.

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, you seem to have an idea of Capitalism that is all a fantasy (i.e. never existed in reality).

            Let me clear out the confusion that is in your head. The following is what Capitalism IS (in it’s essential and basic form)…

            Capitalism: sometimes called – “Free Enterprise” or “Private Enterprise” is an economic system based on the private OR corporate ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and in which the Capitalists operate or manage their property for profit.

            The above is the essential/basic definition of a Capitalist system, but in the REAL world, you will get various forms/flavor of Capitalism, influenced by politics, culture, religion, geographic region, etc.

            However, one of the most important aspect of Capitalism is not readily obvious from the basic definition. While the definition tells you that the PRIMARY end-purpose of the Capitalist “business activity” is – PROFIT, more details/info is required to explain exactly HOW the usual Capitalist is able to make profits.

            The “missing” details is that the usual Capitalist is able to make profits by EXPLOITING the labor/efforts of others (from one or a few Workers to thousands of Workers, depending upon the size of the Capitalist operation).

            Another aspect of (usual) Capitalism as generally practiced in, say – USA, is that, because of COMPETITION, the usual Capitalist MUST grow their capital base (destroying other businesses in the process) until there is just one or two (or just a few) businesses of the same type to serve any given market area.

            In other words, competition forces the usual Capitalist to become a MONOPOLY Capitalist and often destroying hundreds (even thousands) of “mom and pop” businesses in the process.

            Now as the Capitalist becomes a monopoly within a particular country (or region) after a while, the only way to expand is to compete at the international (or extra regional) level – i.e. expand their business into various markets over the globe. At that stage the national/regional government also gets involve to assist the “national capital” (i.e. the bunch of Capitalists in a particular nation/region) and help them compete at the international level. At that stage – where you have various (leading) “national/regional capital” competing for better/bigger share of the LIMITED world’s market and the LIMITED world’s resource – we then have monopoly/imperialist Capitalism – and this is the “stuff” (the condition) upon which you can have WORLD WAR. (the MAIN reason for WW-I and WW-II was COMPETITION among leading Capitalist countries for a better/bigger share of the world’s market and world’s resource)

            So as you can see from the foregoing, COMPETITION (or conversely, the drive to maintain or increase PROFITS) “compels” the Capitalist to grow their business into a monopoly (first at the regional/national level). Then the monopoly Capitalist is then “compelled” to compete at the international/extra-regional level to maintain (or increase) profits.

            By now it should be clear to you, that, not only would monopoly/imperialist Capitalism ultimately bring about World War, but also, because of the LIMITED world’s market and LIMITED world’s resource, Capitalism is ultimately an UNSUSTAINABLE system. And hence, the reason Capitalism is “compelled’ to create WARS and destroy much Capital (and destroy the lives of MILLIONS in the process), as the Capitalist look forward towards a “reconstruction boom” (to save Capitalism from total collapse/chaos).

          • GSOB

            Oh Please…. don’t waste your time with me.
            You are a leftist. Enough already.

          • True Grit

            Get a copy of the U.S business and professions code. Read it and you will be amazed at rules that are not enforced.

            if they were, the automobile monopoly would be split up just like they did with Ma Bell years ago. There would be no such thing as “too big to fail” and Walmart would not be able to unfairly compete and knock tens of thousands of family businesses out.
            What we have now is crony capitalism which is similar to communism in that the State essentially controls the means of production through favoratism, bail outs and cheap loans; or harassment, regulations, and persecution.
            Its part of the communist manifesto to control the means of production. Our government couldn’t really do that so they closed it down and shipped it to China and use the tactics I mentioned to complete the take-over. You, Nemnor, should be happy! we’ve come a long way toward your goal. I, however, will fight on against your ideas.

          • Nemnor

            True Grit, many who believed in Capitalism and who might have been involved in setting up rules and regulation to “manage” Capitalism, probably did not realize that Capitalism, by it’s NATURAL/INTRINSIC character, MUST eventually transform into monopoly/imperialist Capitalism and that at that stage, the various national governments are “compelled” to be involved, to help their “national capital” compete at the global level, and hence, with government involvement, what you have is also state/collective/welfare Capitalism.

            Again, this is the NATURAL transformation that will occur with Capitalism (i..e transform into monopoly Capitalism and also state/collective/welfare Capitalism) ALL over the world, regardless to any rules or regulations set up to “control” Capitalism.

            For example in the “US Codes and Statues”, under the subsection “2012 US Code”, and under the subsection “Title 15 – Commerce and Trade”, and further down to a subsection headed “Section 2 – Monopolizing trade a felony; penalty”, we have the following statement (code)…

            [ Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court. ]

            However, as the saying goes – “he who has the gold makes the rules”, that code was amended several times, mostly to REDUCE the penalties stated in the code. But more importantly, do you know of any Corporation or person who got punished because they “…monopolize, or attempt to monopolize… …any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations…”? If any, they would be few and far between.

            Do you know the REAL reason the US Supreme Court did not split up Microsoft? I posit that Microsoft and other large US-based corporations are part of the US strategy to help the USA maintain economic/commercial/technological dominance (they hope) as the US compete on the world market with other leading “state/collective” Capitalist countries like China, etc. and other leading “state/welfare” Capitalist countries like Germany, UK, France, etc.

          • nekksys

            That last statement is exactly what I meant to imply… Only a debt-based economy, where borrowing from a bank leads to created money (a situation we’ve had since the foundation of banking), requires perpetual growth. Just like perpetual motion machines, perpetual growth is an impossibility.

            I wholeheartedly agree that we need to find some method of economics that is fully sustainable and resource / commodity based.

        • seth datta

          It is communism, by the J’s.

        • jsmith

          Seth and I know who they are. Do you?

      • Nemnor

        The permanent solution to the major issues facing the USA and the World is – (obviously) a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a SUSTAINABLE alternative system – which must be designed to end the exploitation of man by man and country by country, and also provides/allows TRUE abundance for ALL (and not just for “the 1%”).

        The current Capitalist system, by its intrinsic nature, can only provide/allow true abundance for “the 1%” (who get richer and richer, even at an obscene/irrational level) while more and more millions of people continue to live in abject poverty

        • willkes

          Seriously… Who in this country is living in abject poverty ? The people in this country who are on welfare live better than most of the rest of the world. Capitalism works when it is utilized… Pssst, it’s not what we are doing now, which is why we are in this mess.

          • Nemnor

            willkes – why do you think I am referring to just the USA? Currently, it is indeed true that people in the USA have it better than most people in many countries. However, I am usually referring to capitalism as a world-wide system (with the by the USA as the leading Capitalist country). Anyway, there is indeed millions of people living in abject poverty ALL OVER THE WORLD in this world-wide Capitalist system. (right?)

        • Priszilla

          You can’t design a system and then introduce it. This ALWAYS fails.

          Capitalism fill finally be overcome when the PEOPLE decide they don’t need shareholders, presidents, borders, armies, and start dissolving these institutions.

          Already now borders hinder trade. Different rules hinder trade. Different mains power supplies, plugs and sockets.
          There’s 240V, 230V, 110V, 120V, 127V, 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz. American plugs, German plugs, UK plugs, Chinese plugs, Australian plugs, Italian plugs, swiss plugs, etc. etc.

          For decades international standards organisations work to harmonise all these different system, to make TRADE easier. Those people do not need general Managers or Directors, or shareholders to work together. Directors are just used to sign this or that document. But that’s about it. So, why pay these useless people?

          And the same is valid for all kind of civil servants and shareholders.

          Nowadays there are pension systems acting as shareholders. Workers pay into pension systems, these use the money to invest in companies, the dividends are used to pay pensions.

          So we could replace all those who work in the pension schemes by a computer. Those in accounting, too. And in treasuries.
          And those directors who represent and make signatures – replace them by robots who only work after 10 people have turned a key.

          What we get in the end is a society where everybody gives what he is able to, and receives what he needs.

          Name it what you will.

          • Nemnor

            Priszilla, while I used the word “designed” what I really meant was – an alternative system “developed’ (by the people as an on-going dynamic and democratic process) that would provide/allow TRUE abundance for ALL

          • Priszilla

            Well Marx said for that capitalism is necessary.

        • NewbieJames

          This guy will eventually come around to proposing his MMT theory or whatever they call it. Which means print money and hand it out. But don’t call it money printing, because then you can look at Zimbabwe and see how it turns out. No, call it Social Credit.

        • rayoflight

          Pad and nem, you guys (girls ?) ARE ALL OVER IT ! ! ! ! ! We ALL Thank You for the Clarity .

      • Horiboyable .

        Don’t be a fool, there has not been capitalism in America now for decades. Under capitalism if a bank is broke, it goes into default and its assets are sold off to cover any debts, not given a bailout by the taxpayer. Here in the UK we are still paying for loans taken out in the first world war. Question the morality of that, while one generation consumes and another has to pay for it. The west is collapsing for this reason, 50 years ago politicians made a commitment to pay for pensions, schools, health services etc, all unfunded of course!! Now the generation that came from the 8 children families that are starting to retire are wanting the families with two children to support them now. It’s a no brainer, it does not stack up. The west is going to collapse in it’s own socialist debt.

        • Nemnor

          Horiboyable, the issues you mention are really issues of decaying/decadent Capitalism. The “socialist debt” (as you put it) and the bailing out with taxpayers money are to be expected as decaying/decadent Capitalism transform into STATE/Collective Capitalism.

          Now get this – state/collective Capitalism (which you and others might refer to as “Socialism/communism” or “welfare state”) is NOT the cause of the decay of Capitalism, but rather it is decaying/decadent Capitalism that INEVITABLY change into state/collective/welfare capitalism in a desperate attempt to save Capitalism from sinking into social and economic chaos (because Capitalism has reached a “dead end” and can NOT permanently recover (i.e. can NOT go back to the Capitalism you hope for) by economic means alone.)

          • Horiboyable .

            The fish rots from the head down, apples don’t fall far from the tree, birds of a feather. This rot started in earnest with Clinton, the guy that took advantage of young girls in the white house, this behavior attracts other deviants which attracts more less than honest people. Dirty deals are done with crooks so watch out for Hillary!!!

          • Ghost11111111

            Apples can fall from from the tree, if the tree is on a hill

        • GSOB

          The USA has the brightest boys to play with the biggest toys..

          • Mondobeyondo

            True, evil – or rather, sin – existed before Adam and Eve. There were angels before humans ever arrived on the scene (Job 38:1-3) Some of those angels rebelled, along with the chief rebel, Lucifer (now known as Satan).

          • GSOB

            The evil of the two is disobedience.

            ……Jacob, therefore, is chosen, while
            Esau is rejected; the predestination of God makes a distinction where none existed in respect of merit.

            “For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion” (Romans 9:15.)
            And what does this mean?

            It is just a clear declaration by the Lord that He finds nothing in men themselves to induce Him to show kindness, that it is owing entirely to His own mercy, and, accordingly, that our salvation in Christ is His own work.

            Since God places our salvation in Himself alone, why should we descend to ourselves?

            Since He assigns us His own mercy
            alone, why will we recur to our own merits?

            Since He confines our thoughts to His own mercy why do we turn partly to the view of our own works?

      • Economytrap

        nemnor, we have had a quasi socialist/capitalist system since the creation of the Federal reserve and IRS in 1913 and 1914. Since that time, free markets were never truly free because there was always manipulation going on, and entities that should have failed were bailed out to stay alive…this is not free market capitalism. For free market capitalism to work, you must have true freedom…look at the 1800s were this country experienced the greatest industrial, and entrepreneurial growth in the few hundred years this countries had been alive…it wasn’t until 1913 that everything started falling apart

        • Nemnor

          Economytrap, if we “…look at the 1800s were this country experienced the greatest industrial, and entrepreneurial growth…”, it should be clear to us that this was a time when (US) Capitalism was still on the rise, and when world-wide Capitalism was still a PROGRESSIVE force, as it continued to moved the world away from a mainly Feudalist/Agrarian economy to a mainly Capitalist economy.

          However, from about 100 years ago, Capitalism became decadent (and WW-I and then WW-II, along with a series of major recessions/depressions, are irrefutable evidence that Capitalism is in decadence). The issues (as you see it) like the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the manipulations, the bailing outs, etc. are more or less inventions brought about and/or actions taken in an attempt to keep decadent Capitalism alive – in the form of state/collective/welfare Capitalism (which you refer to as a “quasi socialist/capitalist” system).

          Without government interventions/manipulations the entire world-wide Capitalist system was likely to have already sunk into total chaos. Nevertheless, the capitalist system will eventually sink into total chaos – through economic and environmental collapse and never-ending wars. In fact, the longer we try to hold on to decadent Capitalism is the greater the prospect of WW-III

          • GSOB

            Oh brother….

        • rayoflight

          YOU , My Friend , ARE ” Right on the MONEY ” ; but where did the money go ? NOT TO MENTION ALL OF THE BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS ( AND ALL OFF THE ” PRECIOUS ” YEARS ! ) And … I hope you do not mind me referring to you as ” My Friend ” ; because if we could EACH Befriend Ourselves with this kind of truthfulness , there would be NO NEED for all of the greed, hate, and ruthless WAR . . . WE WOULD HAVE REACHED THE EPITOME OF THE ULTIMATE . . . . . TRUTH .


      • True Grit

        Don’t you realize that its Socialism that is causing our problems and you’ve been fooled into calling it capitalism? or are you a shill?
        Any fool can see that the U.S. is operating as a Socialist state!

      • Priszilla

        It’s still some time until the dead end. First, Capitalism must come to North Korea, Somalia, etc.

      • NewbieJames

        Government is the monopoly on violence. Government gives the banksters the ability to steal. Government is the problem.

      • Padraigin Eagle

        It’s Protocol

        Try Bolshevism, with a few other isms thrown in to confuse, then yee’d be somewheres close to the marker, buoy.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I hope that anyone that lives in the Dallas area will come out and see me on Saturday night. I will be speaking at the Spirit of Prophecy Church in Plano at 7 PM. It is right behind the Whataburger. More details here…


    • algol2000

      The system is concluded under the cosmological lie. It will soon be wiped away by Righteousness, with healing in His wings.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Seriously, how many here can actually survive an economic collapse at this point? An EMP? Riots and battles with radicals, militants, and insurrectionists? Another election with lunatic candidates?

      Get prepared – or deal with it.

      • Jamie

        Like minded people are a key too.

  • nemnor

    The 19+ signs that USA families are being destroyed are not merely due to “bad decisions” (as you put it).

    The truth is, families are being destroyed in virtually every country (all over the World) and while “bad” decisions from governments, businesses and individuals would indeed aggravate the issues the World is facing, you must understand that the MAIN (root) reason for the major socioeconomic issues the world is currently experiencing is that – the current socioeconomic system (i.e. monopoly/imperialist Capitalism) has reached a stage of DECADENCE (for many decades now).

    The world-wide Capitalist system (which also included China, North Korea, the former Soviet Union, etc. – which are all essentially “State/Collective Capitalist” economies, but erroneously labelled as “socialist/communist”) is decayed and decaying and has reached a “dead end”, and can NOT permanently recover by economic means alone. The Capitalist system can only now have temporary “recoveries” (even PRETEND “recovery”) that could hardly last for more than a few years before it sinks back into deeper crisis.

    As a result, the system is now “compelled” to bring the World into major wars (possibly, even WW-III), just like it brought about WW-I and WW-II and destroyed massive amount of capital and murdered MILLIONS of people. As the past 100 years have shown, the Capitalist system would INEVITABLY bring about wars as the leading Capitalist economies fight to maintain or expand their control of the World’s LIMITED resources and the World’s LIMITED market (that is the reason the USA, as the No.1 imperialist country, feels “compelled” to provoke Russia and make Russia an “enemy”. The USA simply wants to prevent Russia from rising, and the USA ultimately has the same aim towards China, Iran, etc.. The USA would also be against any leading western countries that would decide not to remain subservient to the USA).

    As the past 100 years have shown, after a major (world) war, the Capitalist system would then have a “reconstruction boom” (and the last long-term “boom” ended in the late-60s/early-70s) while massive propaganda would be used to HIDE the fact that (monopoly/imperialist) Capitalism is ultimately NOT a sustainable system and that, while wars are forms of collapse/chaos, the leadiing Capitalist economies use WARS to prevent their economies from sinking into total collapse and chaos – as they look forward, past the wars, to a “reconstruction boom” (i.e. they use WARS and patriotism/nationalism, as the ultimate destractions, to help prevent the masses from rising up and making a fundamental change away from Capitalism).

    As per the forgoing, (again) monopoly/imperialist Capitalism is the MAIN cause of the major issues facing the World (as it is a system that is based on the exploitation of man by man and country by country – as every man and every country seek the best for themself, and often to the great detriment of others), and the ONLY permanent solution is a FUNDAMENTAL change away from Capitalism to a SUSTAINABLE socioeconomic system constructed to provide TRUE abundance for ALL (and not just for “the 1%”).

    • robert h siddell, jr

      You sound like a college educated Useful Idiot. If you think Capitalism is bad, try Communism. The Western world is being destroyed by an anti-Christian greedy Elite Oligarchy and a lazy politically ignorant socialist population. For millions of years, people fed themselves but since the Socialist began giving away food about 1965, the foolish became like grasshoppers and now demand assistance. When crops fail one day, Mr Contrary, how does your garden grow?

      • Nemnor

        robert h siddell, jr, what most people refer to as “socialism/communism” (like in Cuba or the former Soviet Union, or China, etc) is really a form of state/collective/welfare Capitalism. It is decaying/decadent Capitalism that has transformed into state/collective/welfare Capitalism in an attempt to prevent decadent Capitalism from sinking into total social and economic chaos. The permanent solution is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a sustainable alternative system that must provide/allow TRUE abundance for all and not just for the 1%”.

        • Mommicked

          Would you please give an example of a current country or even a past society that exemplifies all the characteristics which you think would make the world a better place?

          • Nemnor

            Mommicked, I replied to you TWICE. But for some reason my replies were removed, with NO indication that my replies were deleted.

            If there is a way I can give you a reply (outside of this blog), please let me know.

  • DJohn1

    There is no such thing as a middle class.
    What passed for a middle class in this country was mostly due to wage increases by people willing to strike in order to get decent working conditions and wages for what they do for a living.
    It has always been a class struggle between those who are well to do and those that are not.
    Those wage increases were temporary in nature. Because as soon as they got the increase, the cost of living came up to meet it.
    Everything increased in price as people’s wages increased.
    Originally, the management were taken from those that were privileged to get a college degree. It was like an IQ test or something.
    But the only real people not on scholarships that got a college degree were the moneyed classes. A few exceptionally bright people were given a free ride through college.
    Then the military after World War II made it a qualification for officer training. Many an officer with a battlefield commission from World War II had to go back into the ranks because they had no degree.
    I question that decision. The men that know warfare know it from experience not education. Every war we have been in since they made this qualification has virtually been lost. Korea, Vietnam, the middle east wars, it is all managed by educated idiots without empiracle knowledge to go with the education. The true place to get officers from would have been the NCO ranks.
    It is the same in the working world. Only the inherited wealthy need apply. The rest have a glass ceiling.
    What Michael discussed here is very true.
    We are gradually becoming a welfare state and the rewards for working for a living are missing.
    The rules are set up a lot different now.
    There is no reward for saving money. If the medical profession does not get you then something else will.
    The jobs have been sold out from under us by foreign interests.
    There are very few assembly line jobs left in this country.
    Thank MR. CLINTON for much of that with the trade agreements.
    Automation like the assembly line is a job killer.
    That automation and robotic assembly lines do away for the need for workers. I remember very clearly a composing room in a newspaper that started with a maximum of 235 employees each making a good salary. When I left there were approximately 7 workers left in the composing room area. The raises no longer came each year. The max one could get was 2.5 per cent wage increase. Real inflation is at least 4%.
    The automation and the jobs sold us down the river years ago.
    ‘It is just now becoming critical.
    The unions that supported the workers need to better themselves are also long gone.
    What you have left is a government sponsored welfare system that prevents anyone from making a living wage without a huge loss in benefits.
    So I agree with Michael. The second great depression is all ready here and we all are the victims of said depression.

    • seth datta

      The moneyed classes are increasingly becoming only those who belong to the J’s.

  • sherlock32555

    Its like we don’t have enough completion with the jobs we already have, now we have a government that brings in more people for us to support !

    • Nemnor

      The government is bringing in “more people” from other parts of the decayed and decaying world-wide Capitalist system. Keep in mind that while we indeed have many hard-working Americans that helped the USA become a leading economy, much of the USA’s wealth came from having an (unfair) economic advantage above other countries from where these “more people” came.

      Also, it is the very Capitalist businesses in the USA that are hiring these “more people” at HALF the wage the usual American is willing to accept. Additionally, many businesses based in the USA are also shipping your jobs over to other decadent (and low-wage) parts of the world-wide Capitalist system.

      The MAIN reason for the socioeconomic issues we are facing is that Capitalism is now a DECADENT system – which has reached a “dead end” and can NOT permanently recover by economic means alone. The system will continue to sink towards total collapse/chaos.

      • Simon

        Capitalism is like democracy – it works pretty well in the hands of a moral people. Throw away the bible and you have the means to great power and wealth at any price you are willing to pay.

        In a self absorbed generation, both democracy and Capitalism are fast-track programs to tyranny, as we are now seeing.

        • Katie

          FYI there have always been people doing immoral things and especially many who thump their bibles and preach the word of god. Some are born with a tendency toward that gray area, while others are just more willing to help and give to others. Has nothing to do with your religious or non-religious affiliation.

          Capitalism is a flawed system that we buy into hook, line and sinker. It is based on people screwing other people out of money. Doctors offices, dentists, mechanics, you name it all need repeat business. Need to mark up products and services to pay insurance companies, etc. It is a false system that allows certain people to make money and get rich off the backs of the majority.

          The only difference between then and now is that we were willing in the past to go along with the farce when we were fat, happy, comfortable and could afford all forms of entertainment. Now most are just barely surviving month to month. This is what will bring the system to it’s knees in the future.

          Take away the trough and the cows start a rampage.

  • K

    With the cost of living rigged, it is no better for the retirees. Helping a friend who is looking to move to FL. I was amazed at how many retirements areas, have large numbers of foreclosures. In these same areas the number of closed grocery stores was surprising. Crime was also up, and of course home prices were down. I saw condos in decent buildings going from 35 thousand to 44 thousand. Have not seen those prices since the early 1970s.

    • Quetzol-43

      They sure are in some real troubles.

      Is it better being poor in the 1970s or 2010s?

    • seth datta

      Its modern Nazi-ism, except it is the rich, like the ilk of Goldman-Sachs, who are doing teh Nazi-ism. Which leads you to question the false narrative of history we have been given.

      These people are truly evil.

      • dronster

        Dear, Seth, you know nothing of Germany in the ’30’s. It was the only modern country to come out of the ‘great depression’. The Goldman-Sachs were removed from power and the people prospered. Don’t even bother to get on a rant about the lies you have been told all your life.

    • alan

      You can get a lot zoned for Mobiles for around 10k and a used single wide in fair condition for maybe another 10k.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Not surprising… not surprising at all.

    Satan’s goal is to destroy the family as God ordained it to be (man, woman and children) and replace it with his own perverted alternatives. Satan hates the family, because God is a family (the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The devil is a master at perverting God’s intentions. He’s even taken one of God’s symbols of an unbroken covenant – the rainbow – and used it for gay and lesbian “matrimony”.

    Yep. The end times are near, if they aren’t already here.

    • Nemnor

      Mondobeyondo – I also have a religious background (like you seem to have). However, over many decades, as I observe the socioeconomic issues facing the USA and the World, I came to realize that, if my focus is on “going to heaven”, or on the “coming kingdom of God” or I blame “Satan” for virtually all the problems in the world, all these tend to make me not want to take any action to change the world – except preach more religious text to people – which in turn would tend to have more people not take any action to change the world, except they too might preach more religious text to others – and this goes on and on, while almost NO one is taking any serious and direct action to change the world, while the socioeconomic issues in the USA and the World gets worse and worse.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Actually, people are responsible for their self-inflicted problems. Don’t be blaming me all the time. Take charge of yourselves!


        • Nemnor

          But you can not be giving “Satan’ so much power to control and deceive people (i.e. blaming “Satan” for much or all of the World’s evils and preaching this idea as coming from ‘holy” texts), because by doing so, you are no really telling people that they are in control that they are really responsible for their lives and the economic system we live in. We sometimes blame those in government for the problems when WE have the power to change the system. (but then again, we sometimes leave everything up to God and do little or nothing to change the system)

          • robert h siddell, jr

            You disdain Christians and Capitalism and keep spouting Communist propaganda which has been proven to be the dumbest economic failure ever. Unfortunately for America, it is a mantra of Dear Leader (ll Duce) who is being recognized more and more as Nobel Prize stupid. You are ignorantly following Satan when things have gotten so perverse that only God can save us.

          • Quetzol-43

            In that case, you surrender responsibility for your own life and the society you live in.

            You are a victim, we are all helpless victims and only God can save us (out of pity) from our self-infl—- from the problems caused by Satan.

          • Nemnor

            robert h siddell, jr, currently, in this world-wide Capitalist system (led by the USA) about 30,000 children die EVERY DAY from malnutrition, starvation and preventable diseases. All this is happening, while the likes of Warren Buffet (though they may give out a few million to charity) are making hundreds of millions (even billions) every year. The current system provides/allows for the rich to get extremely/obscenely richer and richer, while more and more millions of people continue to live in abject poverty.

            Now, I have NO disdain for anyone who thinks “only God can save us”. However you are actually saying that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. Also, keep in mind that about 30,000 children are dying TODAY and this has been going on for decades now EVERYDAY. Hence, while no one seems to be doing anything about the increasing problems in the world, I posit that Capitalism is the MAIN cause of the issues facing the world (and you may even see Capitalism as being the system of Satan – who some blame for all evils), and that the solution (right here and now) is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a SUSTAINABLE system that provides TRUE abundance for ALL and not just for “the 1%”.

          • robert h siddell, jr

            You are applying Communist Critical Theory (always blame Capitalism and
            never admit that Communism has any faults). You parrot Karl Marx and you will get your planned Chaos (the two things Commies are good at is fomenting revolutions and destruction) because the Elite (mostly anti-social Leftist) also want Chaos to kill their enemies including all the Useful Idiot Dupes that served in their Free-Shit Barbaric Army. Here’s $10 that says your system is even more Socialist and less sustainable than what the USA has now. Our big problems are not Capitalism’s fault any more than God’s (Christ) fault. What part of greedy anti-Christian Elite Oligarchy and their lazy greedy ignorant minions escapes you? Sorry if 30,000 children starve each day somewhere, it did not suddenly happen because of Capitalism or Christianity. Most starving children have bad or no parents, live in such a corrupt society that neighbors won’t help them or in a famine. Commies would destroy whatever good still exists in their country.

          • algol2000

            I do not think that capitalism is the problem, I think that monopoly is. By not putting a cap on the growth of companies, and by not providing a sabbath for the people and the earth, the poor are crowded out of the resources that they need to get out of poverty. The rich monopolize all the resources and dispense favors to their friends, while punishing the upright who refuse to fall in line.

          • GSOB

            Oh brother…. please, someone help this person see the light.

          • Priszilla

            TRUE Communism could not have existed yet, as TRUE communism is the absence of different economic classes (people divided by their status in regard to ownership of means of production).

            If you want to follow God, you’d better follow its rules. If you think you don’t because you think you are better than god and can invent your own rules, you will fail eventually.

      • Ghost11111111

        If someone takes action he will be called a terrorist and killed

        • GSOB

          Those who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. There is no way around it.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Our focus as Christians (I am assuming you’re a Christian) should be 1) telling the world about the Gospel, and 2) winning as many souls to Christ as we can. Not everyone who hears the gospel message will receive it, sadly. Many will mock it.

        The root cause for the world’s problems is sin, not religion or anything else. Satan instigated sin (Eve was deceived, and she sinned. Adam was NOT deceived. He simply obeyed Eve and sinned). It’s important to take action to change the world as best we can, with the resources and faith we have available.

        • Nemnor

          Mondobeyondo, those who are benefiting from the current world-wide Capitalist system want you to continue thinking and acting the way you do. The rich and powerful of this decadent and decaying Capitalist system are feeling confident that you will not be taking any meaningful action that can affect REAL change the world needs.

          The way forward, however, is NOT terrorism. ONLY mass popular movement can make the change the world needs. Hence, the reason the police and the army are (from time to time over the past several decades) ordered to kill (murder) or imprison ANYONE who are advocating REAL needed change AND has a popular (mass) following.

          If almost no one is listening to you, then you have “free speech”.

    • Q

      Its Satan´s fault I am morbidly overweight fedora-tippers that cannot into girlfriend, damn you Satan!

      Help, help, I´m being repressed.

      • GSOB

        Well, there is some truth to that cry for help.
        Many Buddha idols are fat.
        The bright side, fat people are harder to kidnap.

        Jesus ate fish.
        Eat Jesus and fish.
        That would be a good start.

    • seth datta

      Satan has his followers, who as Jesus said, are a ‘Synagogue of Satan’ and falsely claim the title as chosen people of God, when they serve evil.

    • Priszilla

      Can you make up your mind about the family?

      the family as God ordained it to be (man, woman and children)

      God is a family (the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

      Father – Man
      Son – Child
      Holy Spirit – Woman

      Or one entity can be a family, too?

      Is God rather person-like, or is it rather a concept, like “The Force” (in StarTrek) or “Nature”?

      The Gospel of John is quite interesting.

      • GSOB

        The triune God is He. Not she.

        • Priszilla

          Why he? Why not it? A sexless it?

          • GSOB

            Isaiah 43:10
            “You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me

          • Ghost11111111

            God is sexless, “He” is just a form of respect in the english language

      • Ghost11111111

        No, There is only ONE God. He has no sexual partner, no son, no daughter. This is the One God Abraham, Noah, moses, Adam and Eve, and the rest prayed to. Look up Constantine 1/Augustus and the capital of Necia 325CE and see how The one God was changed into three (God, Jesus the messiah, and Angel Gabriel) God is One and he is above all. To him we belong and to him will we return

        • Priszilla

          Been in Bali once. Met three friends. One Christian, one Hindu, one Muslim. The one thing they all had in common – they honored the island’s gods first.

  • iguana one

    Could it be time for a possible Tax Revolt?
    What would the criminals in DC do if there were no revenues coming in for their spending addictions and illegal activities?

    • Chalres

      Umm yeah. That’s never going to happen. Ever. People are all about themselves. It’s that darn ego. So bend over and pay your tax like the rest of us…

    • Wise guy

      Won’t happen too many wimpy ball less folks out there

  • bob

    How is this story any different then the middle class falling apart. Different story same spin. I know it’s going too get worse out there and there’s nothing and no one who can stop it.

  • Maple Curtain

    Female suffrage is the elephant in the room…

    • seth datta

      It is used as a form of Communism. Female positivism is good, but feminism is a bankster movement.

  • matt

    #11 47 percent of all Americans do not put a single penny out of their paychecks into savings.

    #12 One survey found that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

    ???? I really like this website but can someone explain to me how 15% LESS people do not put a penny into savings than live pay check to paycheck … seems to me if you live paycheck to paycheck you wouldn’t have a chance to put any money into savings … so unless the data is skewed it seems that it must be the upper 38% that does not put a penny out of their paychecks into savings… but if this is so where is this phantom other 9% to make up the 62% living paycheck to paycheck?

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Zion stands!

  • Illegal

    What the US did was destroy the value of having a small business (one person and one pushcart) by consolidating everything into large corporations. Until small business are allowed to exist without all the rules the US will never rebound economically. Go to the Amish area of Penn and you will see a living museum of what the US should be. Stop going to and shopping at stores that are run by mega corporations. Look for alternative products. Stop banking at the tbtf banks if you can.

    • Quetzol-43

      Don´t blame dem Corporations.

      • Illegal

        Really? For example the recent Kraft/Heinz merger should be setting off alarm bells. In an article about the merger it stated the merger will make it “even more difficult for us to envision a world where we [have] a competitive market for food. And so monopoly finds a seat at the dinner table. This summer’s barbecues will feature Oscar Meyer hot dogs, Boca burgers, A1 steak sauce, and Heinz ketchup—except now, the buffet of products will all be owned by the same company.” This super company can buy its raw ingredients anywhere in the world at slave labor prices.

        • rayoflight

          And @ Illegal, if you look at these “raw ingredients” ; they eventually are PROCESSED INTO PACKAGED POISONS
          “genetically modified” AND CON-SUMED by the Consummate
          Americans of today. The unsuspecting , and dumbed down
          “Masses” ; who have no clue and really don’t know the dangers.

          This is all the more reason to STOP buying the EVIL CORPORATE CRAP that is being “passed off” as food. What a rigged and ridiculous GAME.

          And . . . What is a Game , It IS . . . Competition (decadent capitalism) ; with its only “$having” grace being PRICE . . .
          BUT AT WHAT ULTIMATE “COST” TO MODERN SOCIETY , and the poor people who are unfortunately CON-dining it ?

          • Ghost11111111

            Well said.

    • seth datta

      Neocolonialism is when the rich and corporations (all mostly owned by one ethnicity), use banks and the corporations to own different countries and governments around the world.

  • barry oldwater

    What happened to america was government regulations, federal and state, businesses forced to provide insurance if they exceded so many employees, states requiring so many licenses for start ups, and the easy prospect of sending the job to a foreign market to have the end product (made to our specs) shipped back and sold here, easy easy easy, no EPA regs to worry about, no overhead and you could sell it right here and undercut your competition for just under what they sold theirs for because they were still making them in the states. This is what has happened, crporations have been forced to move out of america to be able to keep selling their products here in america, because competition and regulations have forced them to.

    • Robert

      I cannot let this go by. There is govt overreach to be sure but not all govt regs are heinous. The Clean Water Act helped clean up our water although cracking will no doubt ruin it. Ever hear of Love Canal? Corporations were dumping their waste into the nearest stream. Look at our cancer rates now. Look at drugs that have shown to have horrific side effects. Seatbelt laws have saved lives esp young children. People are jerks and in some cases govt regs and laws are essential. Corporations move work overseas because of cheaper labor. They can also get away with bribing etc. corporations are stateless entities. They do not consider patriotism or obligations to their fellow citizens. We live with it.

      • NewbieJames

        Love Canal, let’s recount. Hooker Chemical had a chemical dump, properly built. The local government wanted the land. Hooker told them they couldn’t have it. The government took it over, then BUILT A FREAKING SCHOOL ON TOP OF IT. They cracked through the clay barrier when they were building the foundation.

      • barry oldwater

        Who mentioned EPA?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…crporations have been forced to move out of america to be able to keep selling their products here in america, because competition and regulations have forced them to….”

      BS, they knew they could make higher profits by sending jobs to countries with slave labor wages and NO environmental regulations. THAT was the purpose of “free trade.”
      The CEOs and the top 1% who own most the stock were made even richer while the middle class in the country is destroyed.

      • barry oldwater

        The scenario that plays out is the one where a business contracts out to make a product sells it here which forces a competitor to do the same, cry bull all you want but it is the truth, if I sell door knobs that I import 2 dollars cheaper and still make more profit than you then you will either go out of business or follow suit.

        • Gay Veteran

          indeed, which is why we need to repeal all those “free trade” agreements and bring back tariffs

  • Wir kommen in Frieden!

    Love, compassion and consequent thinking aka A = A and 2 + 2 = 4.

  • Priszilla

    As long as they can wave the flag, sing the hymn, shoot the stranger and pray everything will be fine.


    I read something the other day ( whether it was in this column or somewhere else I can not recall): In very short order, 1% of the population is going to own 50% of the assets! The implications are obvious. The economic and political power is concentrated at the top. What is the latest stock market run/bubble other than one of the greatest transfers of wealth in our history?! QE and ZIRP has so skewed our financial markets that no one can say with any certainty what any company is worth any more. Savers have been shamelessly sacrificed to save the TBTF banks which are now Bigger and more BadA** than ever! The statistics we live with,however, is the one cited in the article: the price of hamburger has doubled in the last 5-6 years. That puts the food inflation rate, the inflation rate that matters for most of us, at between 15-20%! (and the Fed has the audacity to say inflation is low, low, low… ) Meanwhile, half of Mexico will be up here in 5 years, ObamaCare bites deep (if you can get a job, you are limited to 29 hours by your employer to beat having to give you health care. What happens when people can not feed, house or afford medical care for themselves or their families? What happens when the Welfare State collapses? What happens when water no longer comes out of the tap. Pay attention to California. This is Ground Zero for the New World Order. Our elections, government and candidates are divorced from the reality most of us live with. Something very bad this way comes.

    • Maddog

      ” Something very bad this way comes.”
      This comment has been echoed many times recently. I now hear many who have been silent or complacent in the past saying they have a very bad feeling something terrible or catastrophic is coming very soon. There is a very evil feeling present in our country/society. I wonder how many here feel the same way? Preparing has helped some but the evil is never far away.

    • Jack Frost

      The majority continue supporting the party of “gimme” until they either starve or die trying to steal from someone prepared!

    • Gay Veteran

      welcome to the new feudalism, serf



        • jakartaman

          Have you noticed that the country has started to collapse just as our society has embraced, The feminist and gay movements.

          • A spartan woman

            You are so right! Feminism, as it is nowdays, has destroyed and still destroys families.

            The real power is in women’s hands .But women use that female power to fight men instead of live happily with them.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            I would say the real problem is the disintegration of the family unit. It has become fashionable and acceptable for young women to have children out of wedlock and the state to pay for them. Having grown up in a single parent household, I can attest to this personally to the deleterious affects of such misguided policies. I avoided incarceration by a hair and the Grace of God. It is an imperfect World but the family, the little platoon of civilization, has been under relentless assault. Getting married is very risky today. Getting divorced can be a financial armageddon. The Word is out. The young cats I worked with shunned marriage. The young women are desperate. It is all very sad and does not portend good things for our society.

          • algol2000

            I agree, but it started with little things such as social security. Putting trust in the State(a facade for aristocrats and oligarchs) always eventually leaves you at the mercy of the evil men who rule behind the scenes.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            Amen to that. It has been a long time coming.

          • A spartan woman

            ” It has become fashionable and acceptable for young women to have children out of wedlock and the state to pay for them.” I agree, it happens.

            But how about another perspective which indicates that men find very convenient the fact that women are supported from the state in order to dump their spouse and children easily and not take on their own responsibilities.

            Women are not 100% responsible for the decadance of our societies. I think It’s 50-50.

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            An excellent point.

  • Horiboyable .

    It is sad to see that The USA is walking down that socialist road that the United Kingdom has taken. In the space of time of a few generations the United Kingdom has gone from being the wealthiest countries to a third rate nation. After years of supporting singles mothers, broken families all we have to show for it are high levels of crime among our youth, children who have no idea who or where their fathers are.
    Socialism breaks up families and destroys communities, the old saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions describes socialism to a T. Do people not read books like, The Road To Serfdom or The Virtue Of Selfishness or Free To Choose. Not anymore, too interested in XFactor, Facebook and Snapchat.

    The USA will collapse by 2032. The power is shifting to China already with their new bank they have setup and many of the USA old allies have signed up already, even the UK. The process has already started and the American intellectuals have defaulted on their own country as they remain silent. There are few Americans that are speaking out like Martin Armstrong and Gerald Celente but I fear the USA will have to crash and burn and then the masses will wake up and ask; “what happened”.

    • Nemnor

      Horiboyable, what you refer to as “socialism’ is really a form of state/collective/welfare Capitalism. It is really decaying/decadent Capitalism that has transformed into state/collective/welfare Capitalism in an attempt to prevent Capitalism from sinking into total social and economic chaos (because Capitalism has reached a “dead end” and can NOT permanently recover by economic means alone – i.e. NO more long-term “booms”). The permanent solution is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to a SUSTAINABLE alternative system that must provide TRUE abundance for ALL and not just for “the 1%”.

      • Horiboyable .

        There is no alternative to capitalism if you believe in individual freedom and liberty. The 1% have not achieved that through the free market but through government intervention (bailouts & too big too fail) Special interest groups in the USA have been showered with special favors and laws which monopolizes the business interests which ordinary people don’t have access to. You need a better way of electing your officials. Ever since the beginning of time economies run in cycles and all you have to do is live with in them, not try and control them ( Socialism). The Roman Empire collapsed 2000 years ago for the same reasons the west IS collapsing now; unfunded government spending (socialism) History can be no clearer that if you want a greater prosperity for most people in society, there is no alternative to capitalism. I have visited recently and on many different occasions ex USSR states and they still live in grinding poverty. That is why there are so many eastern Europeans living here in the UK. Good books to read are The Atlas Shrugged and The Road To Serfdom both these books illustrate perfectly what happens to a society that heads down the socialist road.

        • jox

          Interesting discussion. I think you both only differ on terminology. What you call ‘socialism’ (government intervention, special groups and unfunded spending) is called by Nemnor ‘state capitalism’. And when nemnor ask for a sustainable alternative to this, you call that ‘capitalism’, as in ‘true capitalism’, but I think a better name for that is ‘liberalism’, from The road to serfdom. Best regards.

        • GSOB

          “There is no alternative to capitalism if you believe in individual freedom and liberty.”
          Spot on.

          • Nemnor

            ONLY those with TRUE abundance in their lives will have real/meaningful individual freedom.

            Capitalism, by it’s intrinsic nature, can only provide/allow true abundance for the FEW (‘the 1%” – who get richer and richer) while the mass of working (and EXPANDING unemployed/underemployed) people would often see their disposable income get less and less. Capitalism can NOT exist in any other way.

            Additionally, Capitalism is clearly an unsustainable system – which will ultimately bring the entire world to destruction (through wars, environmental collapse and economic collapse).

            The permanent solution is clearly a fundamental change away from Capitalism to an alternative sustainable system that must provide/allow TRUE abundance for ALL (and not just “the 1%”).

  • Jake

    My Aunt recently suffered a stroke and had to move in with me. I don’t make a lot of money, so I got her on disability and got her food stamps. But I still have to sacrifice in order to take care of both of us. The disrespect I get at the grocery store pisses me off. They act like I’m living high off the hog because I have an EBT card. She qualifies for the absolute maximum ($197/month) because she has an income of ZERO now. Even eating cheap unhealthy crap, she can’t come close to being able to eat for $197 per month. Over 90% of my income goes to food and rent. If she didn’t get those food stamps, I’d have to give up my car so we could eat. It’s tough times in America.

    • Nemnor

      The “tough times in America” (and virtually in every other country in the world) is only going to get tougher (worse). The MAIN reason for the tough times is that the world-wide Capitalist has reached a “dead end” and is NOT able to permanently recover by economic means alone. The Capitalist system will INEVITABLY bring more wars and destruction (and “tough times”) as it continues to sink towards total collapse/chaos. Eventually, the system is likely to bring about WW-III (and war is the ultimate distraction) as the leading capitalist countries try to expand or maintain their share of the LIMITED world’s market and the LIMITED world’s resource.

      • NewbieJames

        If only we could be more like Venezuela!!

  • alan

    Project those numbers out over another 5 years and see where they lead too. We are living the happy gays right now.

  • Jill

    You are far too optimistic when you imply that all food stamp recipients would rather not qualify to them. I have friends that do all they can to stay under the entitlement threshold for qualification. There are many in this nation who cannot imagine ever being responsible for their most basic needs. If you suggest embracing a healthy lifestyle, you are deemed a “hater ‘, if you suggest augmenting a food budget with coupons or a home garden you get called an “elitist “

  • Robert

    Where did this mantra of “play by the rules and good things will happen” come from? Who made that promise? Who says that if you work hard you should be rewarded at a certain level? There is nothing in the Constitution guaranteeing outcomes. Everyone does not get a blue ribbon. The closest you can come is the ability to be in the game and the trouble with that is your own ability to play. College degree! What does that prove about a person other than they likely have a lot of debt. The family has been in trouble since it was invented. Cain murdered Abel. King David’s family was a bunch of misfits. Jesus’s siblings did not like him. I well remember my parents fighting over finances and I am almost 70 years old. The problem is that we want to live the high life with little effort. We will go into debt for it. My wife and I were in a restaurant very recently for a special occasion and where each meal is going to cost about a 100 bucks. The place was packed out. The panhandlers were out at their usual places. Many of those who are economically desperate have addictions which cost them their health, their jobs, their families. Look at what a pack of cigarettes costs now. Satan forces no one to become addicted. That dog won’t hunt. The sad thing is our nation and it’s families cannot be fixed. We have gone into the abyss.

  • chriscas

    Does Seth Datta whistle the Horst Wessel Song as he does his chores???

  • Priszilla

    #19 On top of everything else, the average American must work from January 1st to April 24th just to pay all federal, state and local taxes.


    In Germany that date is more likely in June.
    That’s on top of €1.50 for a litre of petrol. And 20%VAT

  • Socialist

    This is the most funny webpage I’ve ever seen.

  • Angie

    Michael….seriously if someone wants to work instead of living off of the system they can. The people you are referring to just choose not to

  • GSOB

    Do not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together.

  • NewbieJames

    My daughter works a cash register. She hates the EBT crowd because of the tax theft she has to pay. She is shocked at the junk they can buy with their EBT cards. Should be limited to rice, beans, fresh veggies, and flank steak. Keeps you from starving, and that’s it.

  • NewbieJames

    Makers vs. the takers. Takers include government, lawyers, banksters, monopolists in government protected rackets (big pharma), welfare trash, and public unions. Makers include a rules following legal immigrant running a hotdog stand, a middle class engineer going to work every day, and a rich American business owner providing good paying jobs to Americans.

    Unfortunately the takers far outnumber the makers, so we are going down.

    • rayoflight

      Only if we do not collectively DO ANYTHING and interdependently pull ourselves up ! Lose the ego now and progress together. WE have simply ” been played ” ( de-seperation) and ” PITTED AGAINST ONE ANOTHER ” in a Left / Right jab to the stomach , that no ONE can take anymore.

      There- a -GAIN my brethren a truly Golden Opportunity for REAL POSITIVE AND UNPRESIDENTED CHANGE that you already KNOW needs to happen. And , as a matter of course , Will Happen , once enough of us get on the same ( page ) frequency.

      A TRUE Wake-Up Call , Huh ?

      • rayoflight

        . . . . ” as a matter of course ” = dis-course . . . . . AND Guys and Girls ; this IS WHAT WE ARE HAVING AS THE PRIMARY COURSE right now. A time for. . . EVERYTHING UNDER HEAVEN .

        Look UP , and You’re Sure to Be Amazed ! ! ! ! !

  • GSOB

    #8 At this point, more than 50 percent of all American workers bring home less than $30,000 a year in wages.

    That indeed is very alarming!

  • VigilanteCaregiver


    We have abilities and intelligence.

    We have a raw materials in abundance.

    We have each other.

    And most important: we have a living God that loves to forgive us of our childishness.

    Before the internet is scrubbed completely, grab everything. Every book and webpage on production, fabrication, mining, farming, and so on. Next is to test everything you got: push yourselves up that learning curve and get better. Grow and develop yourselves and be civilized. When you’re all set, abandon the crooks; they need you so much, but don’t need them!

    You can fix this. Yes, you – the individual reading this. You’re far more powerful that you know. Fix this.

    • rayoflight

      VigilantCaregiver, that was absolutely BRILLIANT ! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Welcome MY Friends to the much anticipated AND I MIGHT ADD ” MUCH NEEDED ” Golden Age of Enlightenment and . . . Co-Operation ! ! ! ! !

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Thank you! Can liken a lot of people’s reaction to that scene in Flyboy’s when James Franco’s character complains to Jean Reno’s about ‘dishonorable treatment’ from German pilots. Jean Reno replies “You want justice? You’re the man in the air; you’re the man with the gun.” Same thing applies here: want to complain about a bad economy and loss of liberty? Then go fix it.

  • Justinian

    This is what happens, when politicians work for multi national corporations and globalist banks, instead of the people they were elected to represent.
    NAFTA, GAT and other agreements, enacted by corrupt politicians, have moved most jobs overseas and forced the closure of US factories and businesses.
    If a nation does not make goods to sell, it will cease to exist and be absorbed by the nations that do make the goods.

    • algol2000

      It is bound to happen this way eventually. The solution is not to have government. Men participate in groups to get stuff done.

      • Jay_Sherman

        Amen! Empires and nations always come to ruin; and do nothing but fill the world with wars, and deprive people of their liberty and property and right to live their lives before God as they see fit. In Patriarchal times, in 1500 years there was no inflation- it was the closest thing to a libertarian society the world has ever known. Now, the whole world is a veritable police-state; and all of it’s inhabitants are slaves- no matter where they may reside, the go’t takes at least 50% of the fruit of their labors; and makes them pay a continual fee to live in their own homes- even after fully paid for.

  • DaveL

    James Madison rhetorically asked, “What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?”
    Considering that statement, government policy today reflects the American yearning of getting something for nothing. As such, we have elected politicians who make grandiose promises of increased benefits, but don’t necessarily offer any plan of how those benefits will be paid for. Rather, it just gets charged to the national credit card. That is why the public debt now stands at a staggering $18 trillion and growing (not counting the $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities due to Social Security and Medicare).
    Over the past 6 years that public debt has nearly doubled as interest rates were reduced to zero. But when interest rates find their natural level again (5.25 percent is the 20-year average), our national interest payment on the debt will rise to $1 trillion per year. When you consider all personal income taxes amount to less than $2.5 trillion, that will be a staggering blow to our economy.

  • walcon

    The gov has spent us into oblivion. Taxed us into oblivion, regulated us into oblivion, fined us into oblivion, misguided us into oblivion.
    Without gov, we would be doing fine.

  • AtomicMetroid

    The joos live pretty good, though.

  • DJohn1

    Instead of stopping with how much is wrong, how about providing solutions to the problems we face?
    Or are there no solutions that will work at this point in time?
    Short term my solution to the depression has got to be something that will put Americans of both sexes to work in decent paying jobs.
    I really do not care if those jobs pay large amounts or not. The bottom line is what you take home from work after all the parasites of government take their share of what you earn.
    The idea being that everyone ends up with enough discretionary income after bills to pay for things that leave an incentive to work.
    If you are in the situation that most of us are in then that discretionary income is a thing of the past.
    I have begun to think of Democrats as pick-pockets. Legal but useless. That is why we have a health insurance law with the main claim to fame that it reduces discretionary income for the working classes. And that is the main reason that a huge depression with multiple bankruptcies is about to occur.
    Every pension fund and 401K in the country is likely to go broke when the next stock market crash occurs. I expect it to bottom out somewhere around what it did in 2008.
    Since that time, Social Security raises have been a bad joke.
    We as a people have allowed this to happen. The government changed the rules to get out of paying people. And they did this on a regular basis for about 4 years. The original COLA law would have given people decent raises in their retirement.
    More important the hardening of the arteries of commerce would not be narrowing to the point that all businesses are in danger of going under.
    As a citizen I think it would be interesting to see what kind of profile these people represent? How many are minorities of one kind or another? How many controlling interests ARE controlled by one minority or another?
    If the pensions go under, I stand to lose a lot of money per month.
    I am not alone. So I have a vested interest in the stock market staying solvent.
    IF social security goes broke we are all in trouble. I have no idea what the statistics of people on SS are. But judging by other people on one form of SS or another the numbers are huge.
    Most of us stand to lose everything we have ever worked for in the next crash so we also have a vested interest in preventing that from happening.
    There is a significant hole in the way we do things that other countries have stopped cold. The price is too high. Those people have a significantly lower life span because they have socialized medicine.
    What sense does it make? Government will spend 4-6 thousand dollars a month to warehouse people in nursing homes. But they will not pay them a decent social security payment to keep them in their own homes.
    These people bankrupt people that have worked their entire lives so that a warehouse facility can shorten their lives. Once in a nursing facility you have a two bedroom or three bedroom room and a urine smell and people that no longer can go without a diaper. Any flu or other virus goes through these facilities like a grim reaper. So even if you lived to over 100, the minute you arrive in a nursing facility all you every worked for is gone and these places will up your mortality rate.
    A lot of these people do not need to be there. Some have lost their mental facilities because of a significant protein in the brain that rots their memory away. Dementia is the polite form for this condition. That makes things terribly uncomfortable for anyone with their facilities left.
    The reason no one has savings any more is simply because it is taken away by the current rules.

    As people are bankrupted by this corrupt system of welfare they will be shipped en-mass to nursing homes and killed by the circumstances of the home itself.
    That killing will eventually be greater than the German one in world war II or before.
    Our medical system is messed up big time. A current medicine went from 20 a tube to 76 dollars in one year with no reason beyond a drug company wanting a larger profit margin. The government has not stepped in to stop it. Nor will they.
    The solution is to stop it cold.

    • rayoflight

      It’s REALLY a ” hot topic ” though Isn’t it . Rense and REPEAT . COLD WATER ONLY ! Thanks for the clarity DJohn1 . You are all over it !!!!!

  • Thom

    In the USA it’s called the “American Dream” because you have to be asleep to beleive it.

  • Antonio Ossa


    • GSOB

      Surely when Peter says that Christ was “delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God,” (Acts 2:23,) he does not represent God as contemplating merely, but as actually accomplishing our salvation.

      Thus also Peter, in saying that the believers to whom he writes are elect “according to the foreknowledge of God,”
      (1 Peter 1:2,) properly expresses that secret predestination by which God has sealed those whom He has been pleased to adopt as sons

  • GetReal4U2

    perhaps the upcoming “military martial laws” drills know something that is about to happen…image the horror when the government says it can no longer give out food stamps or social security or medicare…

    • muldoon55 .

      yeah look at the riots that occur when they run out of xbox’s on black friday

  • Chatsworth Osborn III

    Whine, you pathetic losers. I am getting ready to enjoy my Apple watch.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    If you live in the Dallas area, I will be speaking at the Spirit of Prophecy Church in Plano at 7 PM on Saturday night, April 11th. You can find the specific details here…


  • Jay_Sherman

    This is what happens when you kill the free market and enact socialism. Americans want to be socialists; vote for Marxist idiots….this is what you get. no surprise. This country is done- Get out whileyou can….before, like in all totalitarian regimes, you will no longer be able to leave.

    • Nemnor

      Jay_Sherman, ALL over the world, the world-wide Capitalist system is in decay. What you choose to see a the killing of “the free market” is really decadent Capitalism that has transformed into state/collective/welfare Capitalism (which you erroneously label as “socialism”) in an effort to prevent decadent Capitalism from sinking into total collapse/chaos. The MAIN reason for the major issues facing the USA and the world is – Capitalism that is now decadent and has reached a “dead end and is NOT able to permanently recover by economic means alone. The permanent solution is a fundamental change away from Capitalism to an alternative system that provides/allows TRUE abundance for ALL and not just for “the 1%”.

      • Jay_Sherman

        There is no “worldwide captialist system”! What passes for “capitalism” today, is centralized, state-controlled corporate fascism. Back a long time ago when the US practiced free-market capitalism, more people enjoyed more wealth and more freedom than at any time or place in modern history.

        By contrast, the system you propose, gives governments even MORE control over the lives and finances of the individual- stealing both their wealth and freedom. You don’t care who is robbed; murdered or oppressed, just as long as your beloved group of misfits and ne’er-do-wells are supported at the expense of the rest of society, who are enslaved.

        If you think such a system is so wonderful, I wonder why it is that you don’t immigrate to a place where such is practiced- such as Sweden; Norway; or Cuba?

        I could care less what you call the looters- be they crony-corporate “capitalists” or or whatever name you choose to call any scheme of totalitarianism and redistribution of wealth- it all amounts to the same thing: Control of the individual and society as a whole. Nor do I care if such schemes are orchestrated by a group of elites or a mob of voters.

        There can be no true abundance for all, because all do not lead lives that create and conserve wealth. If they are all to have abundance, then you must either force them to lead coerced lives, or force others to provide that abundance for them.

        In a free market, everyone gets what their actions and choices deserve.

        NOTE: I make less than $20K a year, and take no entitlements; and I have plenty of “abundance”. One of the main things robbing people of abundance, are the taxes which pay for the abundance you want others to automatically have.

  • muldoon55 .

    I agree with Rukander. The worst decision however was not recognizing who is really running this universe namely Jehovah God, the rightful sovereign of this world.
    This human governance experiment, which got it’s start with our first human parents rebellion in eden against God, has been allowed to exist by God to produce every possible form of government .
    All this to prove man’s utter inability to rule over himself as anyone should plainly be able to see. Here we are now with the supposed greatest government ever produced and what do we see?
    Jeremiah 10:23 states ” It {self governance) doesn’t belong to man who is walking to direct his own step”
    Human ruler ship that is marked by corruption and greed and self will with no consideration for the people whom they lord it over.
    Happily though, the Bible is quite clear about the out come of these human rulers and the people who prefer to sustain their control of earth as well as the satanic demonic hordes who are really guiding and directing their human puppet kings .
    God’s kingdom , in the hands of God’s Messianic Warrior King Jesus Christ, will soon bring to ruin those ruining the earth and usher in a righteous ruler ship where economic prosperity, perfect health and unending opportunities for a purposeful life beyond what we can now imagine will be the every day reality of every one alive on earth.
    Take heart in God’s promises. Psalm 146:3-5 “Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.
    His spirit departs, he returns to the earth; In that very day his thoughts perish.
    How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, Whose hope is in the LORD his God,”

    So friends, Look to our Creator for the only real hope for the future. The road has already been paved with the death of His son Jesus. It wont be long now before the Sovereign of this universe gives His son the signal to fully accomplish His original purpose for this earth,something that could NEVER be done under flawed human steward ship God bless.

    • algol2000

      There is an impending implosion. It won’t be many days hence. The heart of men will fail them for fear. But they that know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits.

      • GSOB

        The wheat and the tare will grow in the earth together until the consummation. That’s why the stock market affect look alike. That’s why I fish here.
        Many equate the economic collapse as the end of the world or the sign before the return of Christ.
        The kingdom of heaven has already started since the inauguration of Jesus Christ the redeemer poured out the Holy Spirit on all flesh. As many as received Him, to them He gave the authority to become the children of God. The church is better off today then it was in the earlier NT times and the Lord will continue to nourish and cherish her and one day will present her to Himself.
        That will happen when Jesus returns. Then its all over. Those who preach that the ‘1000’ year reign of Christ will start after He returns are biblically illiterate and deceived. They have become altogether salt less and comfortable in this dying world in which they ought not to love.
        Satan has not attacked the church.
        He has joined it with his lies being spouted by ‘angels of light’ who profess to know Christ but are really just waterless clouds.

        • blindbutnowisee

          Tell me what is the purpose of having a perfect and sinless world? What is the purpose of spending an eternity worshiping the so-called christian god? Would not erasing sin also erase free will? We have all been deceived by religion. Jesus never wanted to be worshiped. Some say it was a scheme created by the Roman government to control the people. Jesus wanted to show us that we are all a part of God. Our energy which will survive after our physical bodies have perished will live on. Perhaps in another physical body here on earth, or elsewhere.

          My concern is the past and what we truly do not know. History has a way of being changed to suit the purpose of the primary teller of history. That in itself should scare most people, because they believe they are doing what is right and good when in fact what they are doing is without reason and logic.

          • GSOB

            You need to ask God to forgive you for your sins. In the name of Christ, ask God to dispense Himself into your spirit too so that you are in union with Christ.
            He came so that we may have life.
            The chief end for man is to worship God and enjoy Him forever.

    • blindbutnowisee

      Actually you are wrong about who is really running and started this world we live in. Think about all religions and their followers believe that if you don’t follow their god and their belief system that you will be punished when you die.

      There is just something so fundamentally wrong with this mindset and attitude we have all been indoctrinated into by our parents from birth.

      Makes you wonder what the real scam and truth is behind it.

      Not to mention the elites keeping from us the truth about our very existence and the real story behind the creation of America.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Homeless, starving, broke, bankrupt and unemployed. That’s what TPTB want for you and for me.

  • frank1569

    Don’t worry – Republicans swear a return to trickle-down economics combined with ending the minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment insurance, public education, the ACA, child labor laws, unions, and all Big Corporate regulations and taxes will ‘save’ America economically.

    And they’re usually right, so, um, vote GOP 2016!

    • Nemnor

      frank1569, IF it was the “Reps” that were in power, the USA would still be in more or less the SAME situation it is in now, and then the “Dems” would be making more or less the SAME promises the “Reps” are now making. As the past 4 decades show, the USA is really a “ONE party dictatorship” that APPEARS like a “TWO party dictatorship”, and for the time being, there is NO room for a third party to be in the WH. Currently, there is NO chance for GENUINE democracy in the USA.

      • rayoflight

        Yes Nemnor , the 2 party reductionist nightmare ; playing leap-frog over each other every 8 years, while counting sheeple in their sleep. To them it’s just a numbers game of casualties and victims .

        Solutions Anywhere ? Any-One

  • Mike Garland

    Thank gosh there is no inflation!

  • hhabana

    The only way to hit them is with money. I cannot think of anything else since that is what they (the evil leaders and others) worship. I try to do what I can myself, pay cheaper labor to get things done if I know they can do a good job, stopped frivolous spending, It doesn’t shock me that folks are spending less, but find it amusing the media says it’s the weather. It’s difficult still, but you have to do these types of reduced spending to take care of yourself. Just saw the average annual cost for nursing home care is around $95,000 per year. As a caregiver for my Mom, I felt it better for her to be with me and less costly. I do use folks to help me when I got to my job and I found less costly individuals versus using an agency which is more expensive. So, middle class Joe works his life away, plays by rules, then when gets some serious illness which requires 24 hour care he is put in nursing home and sells everything to pay for this. I love my country, but the present system is unsustainable and I have no reservations to start looking for a new place to live with a better social system. Keep your capitalism. It’s not going to benefit the middle of the bell curve, but the one’s on either end who either exploit the system for freebies or the rich and wealthy that will use it to exploit the middle class. Good luck.

  • kidcat24

    As we all continue to live on a 34 year stagnant wage.

  • Mike Adams


  • Tom_F

    Nobody in power seems to be able to say “no more”. Nobody is willing to give up anything off their slice of the pie. No farmers are willing to give up their water rights. Those 50% of workers making >$30K/yr votes count just as much as the millionaires, and there are a lot more poor/middle than rich. I fear this won’t end well.

  • Shock and awe

    while the american people are complicit to a certain extent, the real problem is the leadership in the country that has led us astray. we need to rid ourselves of them at the economic crisis including their goon squads they send out to our homes to confiscate anything since that is totally illegal under the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land always. we need to come after them and shock and awe them so they don’t think about doing it again to the american people any time soon – like in the next 1000 years at least.

  • Ed

    Everyone should do a search for Nicolet National Forest and see what the government is doing too there own campgrounds. 13 are getting shut down. Other places in the national forest there having limited services. It’s only a matter of time before the government runs out of money.

  • Nemnor

    Holger Jahndel, you said – “…After the fall of communism in 1989 the world expected a new era of freedom, free of totalitarian ideology. Yet, a new ideology took hold of the West and is now undermining the value-system on which the Western culture and the family are built…”.

    But could it be that the reason for “…expecting a new era of freedom…” is because you and many others had no clue (no real understanding) about the real nature of the Capitalist system? Could it be that what you assume about Capitalism, or make yourself believe the Capitalist system to be, is mostly self delusion? That the Capitalist system (as existed in the USA for hundreds of years now, OR as existed in the former Soviet Union as a DIFFERENT form of Capitalism) is NOT about genuine freedom and tolerance and good values as you somehow IMAGINE Capitalist system to be? – i.e. that you and many others are far removed from reality? And hence, the reason for you and many others “…expecting a new era of freedom…”, but without knowing that the ONLY permanent solution to the major issues facing the world is a fundamental change away from Capitalism?

  • pitbull

    JADE HELM 2015
    Hilllaaaareeeeeeeeee KLINTON 2016!

    LET the FuN BeGiN!!!!!!

  • Esper Hickman

    For 40+ years we let the Liberals controlled and run this country. Since 2008 (I believe) people are waking up and yet we tried so hard to fight back in the grassroots level…nothing happens it continues more and more and even more capitulating and kowtowing from those GOP Leaders. Once we elected them they become an Establiisment but only very few who still listens to the majority of the American people. Now that Hillary is running and Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush? The Media will help them. I don’t know what to do but to keep on praying that God may help this country again. I keep talking and spreading about our Constitution and will continue to educate people that this country is a republic for of government….If you can keep it.

  • Esper Hickman

    A Republic form of government!
    Ted Cruz 2016; Rand Paul; and Dr. Ben Carson! these 3 must win!

  • GSOB

    o sister

  • Saint Luci

    Most of the world have been going through what was written for many decades, while americans enjoy such entitlement all because of petrodollar and US dollar reserve currency status. short of saying, enjoy this at the expense of the entire world.

    Want simple explanation? Read death of money by jim rickards.

    About time the world balances out things. I just feel bad about americans…. They seem not ready to lose their entitlements.

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