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19 Signs That The U.S. Consumer Is Tapped Out

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Spare ChangeYou can’t get blood out of a rock.  Traditionally the United States has had a consumer-driven economy, but now years of declining incomes and rising debts are really starting to catch up with us.  In order to have an economy that is dependent on consumer spending, you need to have a large middle class.  Unfortunately, the U.S. middle class is steadily shrinking, and unless that trend is reversed we are going to see massive economic changes in this country.  For example, in poor neighborhoods all over America we are seeing bank branches, car dealerships and retail stores close down at an alarming rate.  If you didn’t know better, you might be tempted to think that “Space Available” was the hottest new retailer in some areas of the nation.  On the other hand, if you live in San Francisco, New York City or Washington D.C., things are pretty good for the moment.  But as a whole, the condition of the U.S. consumer continues to decline.  Incomes are going down, the cost of living is going up, and debts are skyrocketing.  The following are 19 signs that the U.S. consumer is tapped out…

#1 Real disposable income per capita continues to fall.  In the fourth quarter of 2012, it was sitting at $37,265.  By the time that the fourth quarter of 2013 had come around, it had dropped to $36,941.  That means that average Americans have less money to go shopping with than they did previously.

#2 In January, real disposable income in the U.S. experienced the largest year over year decline that we have seen since 1974.

#3 As disposable income decreases, major retailers are closing thousands of stores all over the country.  Some are even calling this “a retail apocalypse“.

#4 From September 2013 to January 2014, the personal saving rate in the United States dropped by a staggering 16 percent.

#5 During the fourth quarter of 2013, we witnessed the largest increase in consumer debt in this country that we have seen since 2007.

#6 Fewer Americans are applying for mortgages these days.  In fact, the MBA Purchase Applications Index is now the lowest that it has been since 1995.

#7 Overall, the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen for eight years in a row.

#8 Many Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a new car or truck.  The following comes from a recent CNBC article

A new study shows the average household in 24 of America’s 25 largest metropolitan areas cannot afford to pay for the average priced new car or truck.

“Just because you can manage the monthly payment doesn’t mean you should let a $30,000 or $40,000 ride gobble up such a huge share of your paycheck,” said Mike Sante, managing editor of “Many people are spending money on a car payment that they could be saving.”

#9 Incredibly, 56 percent of all Americans now have “subprime credit” at this point.

#10 Total consumer credit has risen by a whopping 22 percent over the past three years.

#11 In the third quarter of 2007, the student loan delinquency rate was 7.6 percent.  Today, it is up to 11.5 percent.

#12 Overall, U.S. consumers are $11,360,000,000,000 in debt.

#13 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, median household income in the United States has fallen for five years in a row.

#14 U.S. workers are taking home the smallest share of the income pie that has ever been recorded.

#15 One recent study found that about 60 percent of the jobs that have been “created” since the end of the last recession pay $13.83 or less an hour.

#16 Middle-wage jobs accounted for 60 percent of the jobs lost during the last recession, but they have accounted for only 22 percent of the jobs created since then.

#17 According to one recent survey, only 35 percent of all Americans say that they are better off financially than they were a year ago.

#18 In 2008, 25 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket considered themselves to be “lower class”.  In 2014, an astounding 49 percent of them do.

#19 The poverty rate in America has been at 15 percent or above for 3 consecutive years.  That is the first time that has happened since 1965.

Despite what the mainstream media keeps telling them, most Americans know on a gut level that there is something fundamentally wrong with our economy.

According to Gallup, “Unemployment/Jobs” is the number one issue that Americans care about these days and the “Economy in general” is the number three issue that Americans care about these days.

Most people just want to work hard, make a decent living and take care of their families.

Sadly, that is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

And the numbers that I have shared above only tell part of the story.  For a more personal side to all of this, I encourage you to read my previous article entitled “10 Stories From The Cold, Hard Streets Of America That Will Break Your Heart” if you have not done so already.

The really bad news is that this is about as good as things are going to get for the U.S. economy.  The long-term trends that are eating away at our economy like cancer are intensifying, and our “leaders” just continue to act as if “business as usual” will somehow get the job done.

Most of them don’t even realize that time is running out.

As I discussed yesterday, there is a lot of evidence that the massive financial bubble that the Federal Reserve has inflated is getting ready to burst.

When the next great financial crisis does strike, it is going to be absolutely disastrous.  We are in far worse financial shape than we were back then, and this next round of financial trauma could truly be the “knockout blow” for the U.S. economy.

Let us hope for the best, but let us also prepare for the worst.

  • libsfellatetheobamacock

    many people know that gary is a clown

    • M miller

      More and more people believe that Gary and Michael are one in the same……..what better way to stir up a heated debate and draw visitors……

      • Tim

        I don’t believe that at all.

      • Mike Smithy

        I have considered the same possibility. It could be Michael’s way of yanking our chain and fostering debate.Over at Zero Hedge, there is a persona identified as “Million Dollar Bonus”. I suspect that persona is the creation of Tyler Durden.

        • M miller

          Don’t get me wrong…….I’m not complaining…….whoever Gary is he sure can rile people even if he is full of p o o p…..

          • davidmpark

            I’ve debated Gary many times. Pretty sure he’s real.

            Then again, the only one I can really prove is real here is me.

            Then again… can anyone here really prove I’m real? 🙂

          • FirstGarden

            “I think .. therefore I am” – Descartes

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Non sense, the economy is doing just fine.


    • Kim

      Yeah, u lazy America haters! Go get a job. Burger King is hiring. Forget Radioshack and Staples.

      Go on now…

      • DiscouragedOne

        Lots of competition for those BK jobs.

    • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

      Don’t worry Dud, I left the usa and now I live like a rich. No fatca, no fbar, no irs, no tax….And guess what? I m treated like a king when I go back to USA because you Sucker try to get my money, but You will get nothing from me.

    • rentslave

      What about if you’re retired-and still hate the hooknoses?

    • Syrin

      Well I see this one went full retard.

    • Big Mac Attack

      Why dont you work. Im going back to sleep.

    • Jeff Dahmer

      Don’t tell me what to do Johnny. Im lazy and I don’t want to work which is a good thing because I can be dangerous around people. When you get old your tossed away like a old menstral rag so you go on being brainwashed into thinking you have to work like a dog or belong to some club or organization.

  • Green

    Obama like “meh.. who need strong & large middle class as foundation of US economy, when i got Fed which can make billions dollar instantly & magically. Debt? that future generation’s problem, not mine!”

  • Kim

    Try living in the UK. What a sh*thole that place is. And to make matters worse, Cameron has repudiated any food assistance for millions of his own needy citizens. He couldn’t care less if they are starved to death.

    Where are we going? And what are we doing in this hand-basket?

    • Rodster

      Maybe one day people will wake up and realize the evils of central planning and central banking. The destroy the lives of it’s citizens.

      • Kim

        I think enough time has gone by to affirm what you say about the above-mentioned. I hate to be a downer, but people are not gonna wake up. They may get desperate, though.

        • Syrin

          Kim, you’re a breath of fresh air. Keep it up.

          • Kim

            Thanks for the kind words.:-)

    • Rodster

      I was reading a recent article that people in the UK are selling their kidney’s to make ends meet. Also the newish trend in the UK for some time has been to rent instead of buying clothes.

      • British bird

        I think you may be misinformed. It is illegal to sell your kidneys in the UK and no doctor or health provider would even entertain the idea. You can only have a transplant through the NHS so money for any body parts would not occur. In the UK no one is paid for any medical donations including blood, platelets even sperm! All has to be voluntary and usually anonymous. Our country may seem poor compared to America but our health service is pretty good considering everyone is entitled to it free at point of need. Also I’ve never heard of anyone renting clothes, unless it for a one off occasion such as a very expensive wedding gown.

        • Hammerstrike

          LOL, that it is illegal doesn´t mean it isn´t being done.

      • ConcernedAmerican

        I have heard that many people cannot afford their own apartment anymore. So, now people have to rent a room. Yet, people wonder why people are miserable nowadays. There are the very wealthy and then there is everyone else.

    • GuestyWest

      Yet the UK is shelling out BILLIONS of dollars to foreign companies to build nuclear power plants in the UK.
      If anyone still doesn’t understand how dangerous nuclear power can be, read the headlines on ENENEWS.
      Very eye-opening!

      • Kim

        Exactly right. The nuclear dump sites here in the US are leaking, Fukushima is ready to dump all its nasty irradiated water into the Pacific, while its “decommissioning” project is on hold, and the UK has been engaged in a cover up in Scotland while the Scottish countryside is getting polluted with toxic waste.

        It is ANYTHING but safe.

      • Hammerstrike

        Ask North Korean how good life was without nuclear power back in 1998.

        msnbcmedia.msn.c om/j/MSNBC/Components/Photo/_new/111219-holiday-korea1-120p.photoblog900.j pg

  • davidmpark

    We really need new leadership. Problem is, we got the leaders we deserved; not the ones we desired.

    Fact is we can be profitable and strong again: we have resources – both in-ground ($120 trillion est.) and renewable ($300 trillion est.); we have the knowledge of how to do things in a practical sense more free than ever before; and we have plenty of communication and technologies to have small-scale industries in modest homes. We are in a very good place and position.

    Problem is we are heeding the whims of arrogant morons and narcissists that would rather be babied and feed their emotional problems. No interest in industry or furthering their lives and doing charity to all mankind. They are zombies: they’re already dead inside, their bodies just don’t know it yet.

    • grumpyhillbilly

      Do we have the knowledge to use our resources? Maybe the over 40 does. I think the dumbing down of kids is going to be a huge obstacle to overcome. Obviously its not as bad as the crappy “leaders” and “elite”.

      • davidmpark

        The leaders have made their beds and they can lie in it.

        As for the kids and young adults; I do think they still have a chance. All that’s needed is to allow their culture to fail. The resulting hardships are needed: one does not forge and shape steel without first heating it to boiling point and beating it to submission – that’s what adversity does.

        Some will seek out an answer and do well, some will sink lower, some may do a harm to themselves, and some were never capable of caring for themselves due to no fault of their own. What is needed from us to be there waiting for them without condemnation; they need honest answers no matter how difficult to hear, proper Christ-like charity – not handouts, and to uphold those few who truly cannot support themselves (those with severe autism and other severe mental disabilities) – that is our job.

    • Hammerstrike

      No, the belief was that there shouldn´t be leaders and that power corrupts

      en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/The_Authoritarian_Personality

      and today that dream is achieved, there aren´t any leaders and no power to change anything for the better.

      We have not as much a illuminati Conspiracy as “democracy” aka they really are that stupid.

      • davidmpark

        Guess some people define that differently. I meant “constitutionally elected representatives”. I’ll edit that, thanks.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Society has become very narcissistic. “Hearts have waxed cold.” What is sad is that people are choosing to be that way.

  • G Man


    • GSOB

      That’s life!

  • K

    On top of all of this, we make it so much harder for people to get a job. Many will only take job applications over the net, you think someone living in a car can do that? Sure use the library, yeah except in my County, there is only one library. Want to guess how many computers it has, 2. And then you have to have a phone, so they can call you for an interview. So lets see, you need access to the internet, and you must have a working phone. Figure some form of shelter, and oh yeah, you have to eat. How is someone out of work, or worse homeless, supposed to manage all this. The answer is in many cases they can’t.

    • GSOB

      That’s life.

      • Guest

        I bet you’d have a different attitude if you were in that situation.

        • GSOB

          you would not win… we are all in the same boat… except for the Redeemer. Do you know Him?

          • Guest

            Yes, I’m a Christian, which is why I responded to your comment. You’re very self-righteous. But so were the Pharisees, and most of them went to hell.

          • GSOB

            Thank You.

            May I have another?

          • Mondobeyondo

            “Yep, that’s life
            That’s what people say
            Flying high in April
            Shot down in May…”

            — Frank Sinatra 🙂

          • Nella Rogers

            You don’t seem like you are a christian with how you responded to the comment as the comment is true. I am curious why do you think you are a christian.

          • Guest


            Which of his comments are your referring to, the first or the second? His first comment originally only stated “That’s life.” He then added to that comment. You can add and edit comments when you log in to Disqus with your account. In my response to his second comment, I stated that he’s self-righteous. And he is. Just go back and read comments of his on prior articles.

            Jesus Christ condemned the Pharisees of His day for their self-righteousness. He called them “serpents” and “vipers” and asked (rhetorically) how they could escape eternal damnation. Do you have a problem with that?

            I know that I’m a Christian, Nella. How do I know? Because the Spirit of God bears witness with my spirit that I’m a child of God. (Romans 8:16)

          • GSOB

            I’ve been called much worse from non-believers.

            Most Pharisees did not know Jesus.

            Most of the people today don’t know Jesus. Sure they have heard about Him.

            Where is it in the Bible, what Christians ought to be doing..?.
            (A portion written by Paul)

            There are lots of places, but.. give me just what you think is the best summation in light Paul’s teaching.

            Then my next question would be to interpret what it means.



          • Guest

            “Most Pharisees did not know Jesus.”

            I’m not saying you don’t know the Lord. I don’t know you. My point is that you come across as very self-righteous.

            It’s true that all the suffering in this world is because of sin. But that doesn’t mean Christians should have a complacent or fatalistic attitude toward those who are suffering. We are to help those whom the Lord providentially puts in our path. On the other hand, we shouldn’t enable the sins of others. If I meet a man who asks me for money, and he’s clearly a drug addict or an alcoholic, I’ll offer to buy him a meal rather than give him money.

            See Luke 10:29-37

          • GSOB

            Thank You.

            You sure do a lot of reading into things, grandstanding and you are right, you don’t know me.

            If I come across as self-righteous, I really don’t know what you are referring to…
            I do think that your ego was hurt.

            It was not my intention to do that. Look, you got a lot of thumbs up, so cheer up!

            I initially responded to you with my “That’s Life”
            input… then I went on to make a point in Genesis, cause to me, you were just complaining and I was fishing.

            You took occasion to make an accusation and insinuate that Jesus agrees with your judgement, so off to hell with the Pharisees and I.

            You respond to another coming to my defense, a Sister, and you bully her.



          • EXODUS12

            no hell, its not scriptural, there are terms for depths below earth but when we die we just go to sleep, no heaven until the end of the new millennium

          • Mondobeyondo

            In the Luke 16 account of the rich man and Lazarus, Jesus did not preface this account with “Now hear a parable of…:” etc.
            Therefore, this is not a story. It is true.

          • laura m.

            Many will be thrown into hell at judgement incl preachers, priests, church members in these phony 501c3 churches, and other “average ” folks along with the worst -Those whose names were not found in the book of life. Readers: Now as for “fixing anything in this trashed out country/gov. folks; the ship has sailed. Voting in any election is a crock of manure, as elections are rigged, and politicians who never had a real job are self serving. They lie and cheat and cannot be trusted.

          • Michael

            You never read the Bible the is a gulf between the ones that did good and the evil ones, yet they are not judged yet, but there still is a separation, and there is two judgements read Revelation,

            Revelation 20:4-6

            King James Version (KJV)

            4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

            5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

            6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

          • GSOB

            So… what does it mean?

          • Michael

            what are you talking about is you have a question state the question, not who what where why and how, ask the question and I will answer your question. All you question above is an easy answer Jesus wrote it all. There your question is answered not if you want to be more specific about your questions I will answer those as well.

          • GSOB

            “Jesus wrote it all”


          • Hammerstrike

            Do you think you do?

          • GSOB

            Here is what I think….


            I am one of you by the tender mercy of God.
            I love Jesus Christ and understand things of God.

            His is a message to His own, a message of hope.

            Now at 52, my experience of group meetings, prayers, repentance, trials, sufferings, sins, reformations and mountain tops thus far – has me thirsting for more of God’s wisdom and Jesus my Savior.

            I’ve been a decided to be a believer at around 23 years old when I was a couple of years into the USMC FMF in Camp Pendleton CA, 1983 or so, anyways…
            I look back and knowing what I know now, I was a child back then.

            I used to believe in the tribulation event, the 7 year contract broken at mid point and the different variations of other details of dispensational eschatalogy. I used to promote it. Even carried a Scofield bible which I still have.

            None of it is easy to know. Always a price to pay.

            Over the years, like many of you, I’ve had to rethink what I believed to be true. Some of these events was due to my sheer human error but all of them, the Spirit was at work. I’ve learned and gained so much. The wonder of it all still amazes me. Overtime, you see the hand of God in your life as you endure.

            Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?

            We are living in the ‘thousand year’ now, I believe,
            because Jesus Christ reigns now, and is in me transforming me. The wheat and the tare grow
            together in field until the consummation.

            The world is a garden to nurture and protect. The Father has chosen a corporate bride for the Son. When a sinner repents to God and believes unto the Lord Jesus Christ, the angels rejoice about this in particular.

            The Father loves the Son. The Son loves the Father and accepts the Father’s gifts. Ancient cultures copied this practice,… the father choosing the wife for his son. It’s also pictured in Genesis with Adam & Eve.

            The New Jerusalem 21.2
            Brother John saw it coming down out of heaven in the Revelation. It is in one aspect, the body of believers of all time, the elect,… gathered by the Spirit.

            When the last sinner comes to God through Him, it is not irrational to surmise that then – the end is at hand, yet still in all truthfulness, no one not knowing the day or the hour.

            John chapter 17 in his gospel reveals much about this love between the Father and the Son and those called.

            Spurgeon once said something like,…. ‘if the elect had been marked with yellow paint on there backside, I would spend my time lifting up coat tails all day to find them.”

            I believe that when Jesus Christ returns, these three things that remain unfulfilled will be fulfilled, but until they are fulfilled, there will be wars and rumors of wars. The message of hope, we should continue in faith, hope and love.

            Jesus return will be sudden
            1 The final resurrection
            2 The final judgement.
            3.The consummation of the glorious restoration of all things to God.

            God will be all and in all in the new heaven and the new earth.

            I understand that many believers think I’m wrong and suggest their view are correct. None of this is easy.
            I do not really have the liberty to choose what I want to believe, I hope you understand.
            In a very real sense, I’m a Christian not by my choice.
            Yet I was more than willing.

            Since my beginnings, and the longer I live, the waters of life rise and they are almost to my neck.

            Do this until I come.

            I share what I cherish, what I believe to be of greatest value. When I do, like John MacArthur said on enjoying the Spirit of life, when I do… ‘it’s like drinking from a fire hose’. God has put it in my heart to seek His kingdom and His righteousness. We are to preach the gospel to the world.

            Believers build each other up in the truth and the love of God. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Body….
            Each member of the body of Christ shares in their knowledge of Christ – He is the way, the truth, the life…
            Wisdom is the content of the new creation…. so…to me,
            What is it that’s central to Jesus, Paul, John, Peter and James, their teaching?

            In other words, what is God doing today out of all that He has created and we’ve been let in on it?

            He is transferring sinners from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love.
            This is a process for me and hopefully for you.
            There you have it.

            So preach this gospel.
            The wonder of it all!


            (I think blood moon theology and hidden codes scripture = terrible theology, because it’s a deception to distract from the body of truth that God has already taught us in the His word, and away from what’s central in the purposes of God. No need to add to it. Scripture with Scripture. The Canon of Scripture was completed in A.D. 70 the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus destroyed any vestige of the Old Covenant and ushered in the New. There is no 3rd temple. The Church, made up of both Jew and Gentile, is the dwelling place of God in Spirit. Believers are living stones. To go back to a physical building is to deny this mystery of marriage, that is, this mystery of Christ and the His Church through which God is heading up all things through)

            Bullfrogs and butterflies both been born again

          • Guest

            You are very confused.

          • Hammerstrike

            Here is what I think.

            Does the Architect exist? Perhapse, perhapse not, this remains unknown but possible. Perhapse there will be proof soon.

            What I notice is that some people quote the bible as if they sincerely believe it is the word of the Architect.

            Did the Architect inspire 100% the bible?

            That is easier to answer, no.

            The bible happen to contain far too much evil and much nonsense for that to be so.

            If it is inspired by something non-human and not mererly repugnant humans that something would happen to be Satan or if not Satan, something that might as well be Satan if not even worst.

        • Nella Rogers

          The apostle Paul was in a similar situation and he responded with Joy and Praises to the Lord. Just read the book of Acts and you will see.

          • dadelaw

            My God, I cannot believe I’m reading this absurd drivel about these weird religious fantasies. Lay off, guys, will you!

          • davidmpark

            Deal with it. 🙂

          • dadelaw

            Deal with it? Yeah, I’m doing JUST THAT! Trying to get rid of it. This religious claptrap is like an STD, the end result of stupid behavior.

          • davidmpark

            Why come here and do this?

            What does it profit you to condemn Christianity? Seems an odd thing to do, really. You intentionally come to a website for Christian Preppers to try and raise a ruckus. What does it profit you to do so?

          • dadelaw

            “A web site for Christian Preppers”, huh?
            If you can get Michael to confirm that, I promise I will never post here again.

          • FirstGarden

            If you’ll read Michael’s section above, “The Most Important Thing”, that will suffice as evidence. However, he wishes to be inclusive, I believe, with those who participate. You don’t have to read posts you don’t like. And we can agree to disagree agreeably. Unless you have another purpose for being here. I hope not, as lively, constructive discourse can be a good thing.

          • FirstGarden

            The troll pay must be good.

          • davidmpark

            These guys are either paid trolls or are using the site for feeding mental illness. Either way, it’s fun to get at ’em.

            Wonder how much they’re paid? Probably not enough; depends on where the sites they’re assigned, I guess.

            Wish I could get paid for this.

          • It’s the truth

            Aah,you again. What don’t you get about the utter impossibility of random mutations ability to produce the diversity of life along with all of its innovations? Are you just pretending to be stupid? Oh to have faith as strong as yours. How do you do it? The universe reeks of intelligence. I applaud you for your tremendous faith. Hey! You’re not accountable! Do what you want! No comeback! Atheists are not more intelligent/enlightened. They just love to think that they are. Life does not arise from non living matter.

          • It’s the truth

            Why do you start your comment with the words ‘My God’?
            Why didn’t you say ‘My random highly ordered gathering of amino acids/proteins which arose from an unexplained explosion of great power and which remained lifeless until it became alive’? Just asking 🙂
            There are no atheists in a foxhole.

          • GSOB

            It is normal for the human creature to cry out to God when under pressure.

            The unregenerate don’t think twice, they just do it spontaneously. That is just an index into the condition of that earthen vessel….life running out.

          • FirstGarden

            Oh, my biotic soup!

      • Jim Davis

        The Flying Spaghetti Monster is going to smite you with His noodly appendages!

        • Hammerstrike

          The Flying Spaghetti Monster will help us only if we pray to it instead of helping ourselves…

        • Camembert electrique

          What?? Oh dear,you’ve not fallen for that have you? Yeah,I get it,you’re only joking. Please don’t bring Dawkins into it. Does anyone really think that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is equivalent to most peoples concept of the almighty creator of all?? Watch out for his slight of hand!! Think it over and you realise the guy is an intellectual bully. ‘The god delusion’ is an embarrassment. Many philosophers cringe at the mention of him. Stick to zoology richard.

        • Gay Veteran

          LOL, good one!

        • Michael

          I feel sorry for you that you do not believe in the almighty Jesus Christ, but someday you will be kneeling down to him, and that day is not far off.

          • dadelaw

            Again, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? Don’t you feel just a teeny weeny little bit inadequate… knowing full well that you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about? Oh yes of course, “MY FAITH. You don’t understand… You’ll fall at his (sorry, His) feet, blah blah blah…” What a world!

          • davidmpark

            “Don’t you feel just a teeny weeny little bit inadequate…”

            Attempted control via shame.

            “knowing full well that you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about”

            You can read minds, huh?

            Along with mocking, derision, with a bit of spite for garnish.

            Okay, now I know what you are.

            Get professional help. You need it.

          • Richard

            Yeah, we’ve heard that one about ‘profession help’ here before, too. Every time you run out of coherent arguments – and you are afraid to post gibberish for fear of ‘mocking’ and ‘derision’, you revert to the ‘get professional help’ line. It’s getting old.

          • davidmpark

            There is glaring evidence of it from a few people. And if your side can only debate in impertinent and derisive ways, what other conclusion is there?

            Can you prove my arguments wrong? No, and you and yours have to go to underhanded Alinsky tactics as there’s nothing good that can be offered. It’s all about your ego’s and your feelings, isn’t it?

            Keep posting: keep proving me right. 🙂

          • FirstGarden

            It amazes me how many folks come to a Conservative website that also has religious conviction, who are hostile toward the faith of others, and often very liberal.

            I don’t go to liberal websites because they don’t interest me, that’s all. (I have no animosity toward others just because they have a liberal vantage point.)

            There are lots of blogs out there. Why do you come here when you have so much disdain for what others say?

          • Jonathan

            What, exactly does any of the religious chatter have to do with economics in the US? I am fully aware of all the problems the US is having and how the current, and several previous, administrations have screwed things up. Some professed religious beliefs, others didn’t. You folks are like the football and other sports teams that pray to win a game and then thank god for helping them win. If all the teams do that, what difference does it make? We don’t win wars because “god is on our side.” We win because we out produce and outsmart the enemy. Assuming there even is a god, why would he/she/it take one side over another? Christians in the US are truly egotistical about their religion. I could care less about what anyone practices – just leave me out of your beliefs.

          • FirstGarden

            “What, exactly does any of the religious chatter have to do with economics in the US?”

            Far more than you are aware of. But to understand, it requires some historic insight and a deeper view into the moral impetus of the human heart.

            Your very core values come from the Judeo-Christian ethic, yet you don’t realize it. Your very sense of right and wrong proceeds from A God Who created the Universe, and gave man guidelines, intelligence and wisdom. It all didn’t emerge from some biotic soup, which in turn came from absolute vacuum.

            It would be incorrect to but into the lie that wars are “Christian”, or to judge all believers as egotistical. It would be far more reasonable to judge them one on one.

            Behind each ideological system is a worldview — either that of Paganism or of the monotheistic God. Many people separate their ethics from the religious faith. True believers really try not to — thus, the emphasis of spiritual faith, even in the mundane things. For us, God has everything to do with it. He is our Life, our Hope, our future; and we invite His Spirit into our lives to control us in all our dealings with people, that they may be fair and just, even kind. 🙂

            Some are possessed by demonic spirits. We are possessed — indwelt — by the Holy Spirit. We are not inherently or intrinsically superior to anyone else. We just follow a God Who is Just and KInd, Loving and Gentle – the author of all Good things. It is He Who is superior. Our job is to know Him and make Him known. 🙂

          • dadelaw

            Oh yes, we’re used to ‘get profession help’. Each time you run out of incoherent nonsense you revert to the ‘get professional help’ line. It’s getting old.

          • davidmpark

            It’s not old when there’s enough proof. Incoherent nonsense – no, I’m effective. You admitted that you could read minds of those you disagree with, threw out a lot of nasty stuff, and demands conformity; not open debate.

            What other conclusions can be drawn?

            And this Richard guy below is pretty much copying your remarks word for word. Interesting… Didn’t think I was that effective.

            And to respond to the Christian Prepper blog question, Michael posted that at the bottom of the page and in the “contact” tab – it’s his site. He own’s it.

            Deal with it 🙂

          • FirstGarden

            If we’re wrong, all we did was try to live good lives, with God’s help. No loss. But if you’re wrong, your future is as black as can be.

            “Be not deceived, for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

          • Michael

            Look around you read some of the prophecies in the Bible and then tell me the Bible is wrong it surely is not, all things are as have been told in the Bible, you just want to run around in your iniquity and keep doing what ever you want thats fine Jesus gave us free will, I myself choose life with Christ Jesus, a piece that I have never had before, it funny how you say Jesus does not exist, but when things get bad and they will, either you will curse at him, or bow down and ask for help, either was Jesus still exist, if you read this, I hope when that day comes you will remember what I wrote here, and choose the light of Christ and not the darkness of this world, the day is not very far off when all this is going to happen, you will see, then you will know true pain.

        • Kent Harris

          You need proof – Israel.

      • K

        I am well aware that the world is messed up because of sin. But when you see your brother hurting, do you just shrug your shoulders, and say that’s life? Or do you try to help them? My only point was, we seem to make it harder and harder for people that want to work, and that is wrong.

        • Hammerstrike

          Not the sin, the sinners.

        • davidmpark

          Perfectly stated! Thank you!

      • voice in the wilderness

        Thankfully in that same chapter of Genesis, our heavenly Father made arrangements for a seed (Jesus Christ) to vindicate God’s name.
        You see , one of God’s angels(who made himself satan(resistor) called into question not only God’s right to be soveriegn in the lives of his human creation, but also that this perfect creation of God wasn’t capable of perfect obedience, that God’s work was flawed.
        Adam had the very best peaceful environment in which to prosper and obey his heavenly father and through his free will rebelled.
        Jesus , also a perfect human, was put through every conceivable
        test, under went torture, ridicule.privation,revilement and finally nailed to a torture stake all the time maintaining loyalty to his Father. This proved satan a liar and vindicated God’s name.
        But Jesus would also be the principle means through whom God will use to rid the earth of the descendants of adam’s original rebellion,namely human governance which claims to decide for itself what is good and what is bad ignoring completely God’s rightful sovereignty of this earth.
        The time has come for God’s Kingdom to rid the earth of these rebellious squatters and establish a righteous 1000 year reign where true peace and security(especially economic security) will abound.
        We are (I believe) witnessing the leading edge of God’ overthrow of this entire system, starting with the economic sector.

        • GSOB

          Does Jesus have a belly button?

          Does it button in or pop out?

          You can’t be serious?

          • voice in the wilderness

            Jesus I would imagine had one being born from a woman however adam and eve (being direct creations of God wouldn’t of) had them
            Can you seriously imagine our elected leaders ever getting together and doing the right thing for us the people?
            Human government is so corrupt, is it really a stretch to believe that God had a plan for mankind and this earth and that He is capable of bringing it to perfect completion?
            If you can’t believe that, then all your left with is putting your trust in all the empty suits sitting in control driving us all at full speed towards the cliff and very soon over it.Writing is on the wall friend.

          • GSOB

            Romans 5:14
            Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned in the likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of him who was to come.

            Question voice in the wilderness,…
            Who is the ‘him’ in the type of him who was to come?

          • voice in the wilderness

            Christ was the counterbalancing sacrifice who satisfied perfectly God’s (eye for eye tooth for tooth life for life ) standard of perfect justice. Through one man’s act of disobedience, mankind was plunged into sinfulness and resulting death, so through one act of obedience by Christ ,through his death, can all by faith inherit life everlasting. So to answer your question, I would say Christ was the type to come.

        • Cedar point

          Truly spoken my brother. Our lord Jesus will hand over the kingdom to his god and father,that god may be all things to all persons. The devils disrupting of gods creation will be history. It is near,keep faithful 🙂

    • Mondobeyondo

      You are so right. For many people out there, the odds are against them. To use a baseball analogy – they’ve already struck out before they’ve even got their turn at bat.

      • K

        Yes, I really had this driven home to me last Tuesday. A young man with a please help me sign. I stopped and talked to him. It turned out what he needed, more than anything else. Was a recharge card for his phone. It seemed he had job applications in, but his contact number was almost out of minutes. So yes I bought him a recharge card. Some would say, I was a fool to do that. But you know, I would rather be a fool who is trying to help, than a wise man, who does not care.

        • XYZ

          Conversely, I had an “experience” in the last 6 months where I saw a guy walking 30 feet from his car, which was on the side of a snowy road, with a gas can in his hand. It was cold out and, yes, I picked him up to take him to the gas station. During our conversation between there and the gas station, I questioned him a little. The results of my questioning: It was a common occurrence for him to run out of gas and then, when someone would pick him up, claim not to have any money and he would rely on his “good Samaritans” to keep his gas tank filled. I think it surprised him that I actually asked the pertinent questions. Last time for me.

        • Jane OfVirginia

          You are not a fool at all. He was not asking for cash he might use for drugs or liquor. You may have been the person who bought him the card so that he CAN get the next job !

          • Colin

            For me, I hated the psychological tests that accompany the applications for minimum wage jobs. These darn tests can last from one hour to an hour-and-half.

    • Priszilla

      you dont want socialism. now you got freedom and you are still not happy?

      • K

        What there is in the U.S. is fascism. There is nothing free about it.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Brilliant comment.

      Society complains about crime (shoplifting, theft), yet society is making it harder and harder for people to make an honest living. Almost every employer wants a degree, and they want employees with excellent credit. Yet, there are several college grads that have had to take a $10/hr job and they are expected to pay off student loans and thrive on $10/hr. Some people that have tried to avoid debt and therefore avoided college are having an even more difficult time finding work in some cases. Some employers are checking SAT scores, even if the score is decades old. Also, there is no picking up and moving to start over in today’s age. So, if anyone has ever been a whistleblower, stood up for what was right, been outspoken or different, ever been to jail, ever experienced a normal human emotion, or made any human mistake, good luck finding a job, in some cases. Good luck finding employer paid job training, or jobs that pay a living wage in today’s world (there are some articles that say almost 1/2 of Americans live paycheck to paycheck).

      There was a time that anyone that had a job, any job, could support a family, live the American dream, send their kids to college, and even retire.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Those who complain about crime are going to s*** their pants when they see the amount of crime that is going to be plaguing the BRA in the future. Americans cities are going to be looking a lot like bloodsoaked Caracas in the future.

      • Scott

        Sorry…have to call BS on you claim that

        “Some employers are checking SAT scores, even if the score is decades old.”

        Those are not publicly available, nor can ANY employer compel you to release them. By Federal Mandate.

        Please stick to the facts, people…those are compelling enough!

        • Jasmine White

          I have to agree with you about the SAT scores but a friend needed to prove were he graduated high school from to be a janitor and he had graduated over 40 years ago. The employer said it was due to regulations from the DHS. Also the whole college thing is crazy. I have seen jobs that paid $10 an hr that REQUIRED a four year degree.

          • ConcernedAmerican

            Please see the below links as evidence that some employers are requiring SAT scores.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      These days, the screening process is insane even for jobs that offer mediocre or lousy pay. Psychological tests, personality tests, credit checks, checking SAT scores…..all kinds of crap that most employers wouldn’t have checked 40 or 50 years ago. So what happens when more and more Americans decide that looking for a job is a lost cause? They will go full Caracas on us and turn to violent crime to survive, which won’t be a pretty sight. Desperate people have been known to do desperate things to avoid starving.

      • K

        Yes, also when people start to think there is no real justice, and the laws do not apply to everyone. Anarchy is not far away. You see the first signs. How many are signing up for Obamacare? The sad thing is most politicians are puppets, and the people who are pulling the strings, would love a little anarchy.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          I’ve often said that what is a nasty bump on the head for me might be dinner for a DPDDTT collector’s wife and two kids.

    • none

      GOOD NEWS!
      You might qualify for an(OBAMA). Phone.
      If you use this in a fast food place, bums will reconize it. ANd it will mug proof you.
      Also have you tried the free wifi there?

  • Wakulla Prepper

    A small rise in interest rates will shatter the struggling real estate market. Look for round two of the foreclosure crisis. Worst hit again will be houses built or resold in 2005 to 2008 which were grossly overvalued. Again it will be cash investors that buy at 50 cents on the dollar (and some folks that have good timing for a home purchase). Former home owners will become renters. Wealth will continue to concentrate in fewer hands. Even with a monetary reset it will be difficult for the middle class to return to home ownership, a cornerstone of stable neighborhoods. We will remain a county of haves /haves not…not gonna have.

    • Jim Davis

      I foresee a lot of formerly decent neighborhoods headed south over the next few years. How many people can afford to pay for a new roof or new windows or even less expensive repairs to their homes?

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Thank you for stating that home prices are overvalued. When I ask about home prices, people say $250,000 without blinking. When did a quarter of a million dollars become an average amount of money? I don’t understand how people can afford that price tag.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Home prices are already starting to rise again; The stock market is reaching record highs, again.

      Seems as if we will never learn, will we? 2008 is coming back soon, only next time it will be much worse. It’s not going to be “Pop Goes the Weasel”, it’ll be “Pop Goes the Bubble”. Don’t laugh. It’s an old joke from 2008.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Wakulla: As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has said, there is no way a country can maintain next-to-zero interest rates indefinitely. And it is the Federal Reserve’s ultra-low interest rates that have artificially pumped up the BRA’s real estate market. No wonder so many politicians sweat buckets when Ron Paul talked about auditing the Fed (there’s a lot of dirt under that rug).

      As for former homeowners becoming neo-renters….that can easily happen when property taxes are raised through the roof and people can’t afford the new rates.

  • toadsticker

    I heard Illinois is going to double property taxes so they can continue to pay the pension and health benefits of state employees that retire in their 50’s. Municipality employees have it even better. I know a guy that retired from the city of Flint, MI at the age of 39. I guess if you own a house you’re just asking to be robbed by your government. Kind of like when somebody says that a girl in a short skirt is asking to be raped.

    • whodunnit

      A girl in a short skirt is advertising her wares.
      One doesn’t advertise what isn’t for sale.
      Although she might not be ‘asking’ for it, she is definitely making herself a target.
      More often than not she asked for it the night before and cried rape the morning after.

      • willkes

        You can’t be friggin serious ?

      • Ascetik

        That’s true. Happened to me once, that was one of the scariest few months of my life. All a girl has to do is say the word rape and your life is in jeopardy. No proof, nothing. Thank God for His Justice and mercy who expose liars.

      • Eric Quintero

        Yup. The military has a huge problem with this. It makes it difficult to identify the real rape cases.

        • GSOB

          It is interesting…

          Consider this… the more women infiltrate a military force,…as to promote themselves within the cultural’s deception that they are just as deserving to serve along side the men, ….
          that force… it becomes fragile, weaker and eventually defeated.

          • Gay Veteran

            you might want to talk to the women in the Israeli army

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Prepare for the worse, and then prep for more
    Make sure your preps cover as many scenarios as possible, Economic Collapse, Grid Down (EMP, CME or terrorism) WWIII, Plague, Zombie Apocalypse, Agenda 21 etc. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world are working late nights to bring this and more to our shores, unfortunately many of them are American.

  • Nickelthrower

    At this time in history, anyone with property is going to get screwed. If you “own” a home then you will be held hostage to whatever the tax officials demand.

    • FirstGarden

      What do you mean GOING to get screwed??
      We’re blood-letting $4000 a year for prop tax. It just keeps going up & up & up. It’s infuriating. I’d rather live in a tent. Maybe i will one day. Then they’ll come after us for dirt rental and oxygen tax for breathing.

      For years now, they’ve imposed on us a hiking permit to hike the hills of Hell-A. You can actually get fined for taking a frikken walk in the country!

      The Lord giveth and man taketh away.

      • Nickelthrower

        That oxygen tax is actually the Carbon Tax they want so badly. After all, we exhale carbon when we breathe.

        • FirstGarden

          Thanks for clarifying. 🙂

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Nickelthrower: And if you can’t afford to pay the sky-high property tax increases, say hello to foreclosure time. When people hear foreclosure, they usually think of someone not be able to pay a mortgage. But you can have a mortgage that’s totally paid off and still get foreclosed out of your home when greedy scum politicians raise your property taxes through the roof.

  • P Louis

    I am lucky…I have a very secure job (pharmacist). However, I am horrified daily by the people who turn away in despair when I tell them that their medicine is:$28…or even $14…they simply don’t have it…

  • DJohn1

    When the ground rules of government shift out from under you, then yes, the middle class of this country is disappearing. Most of which are now the lower middle class close to poverty. They were the ones paying taxes.
    I refer to the combination of inflation, wages that do not inflate with it, the lack of negotiation in the work place, the selling of American Jobs to places over seas, and the total lack of morales in our corporate America.
    The genius of this is the PR firms that have sold it over the years. These people did not get elected by accident. This President did not get re-elected by accident.
    Personally, my opinion is it was deliberately set up by the Republicans to bring the Democratic party down and it worked.
    Does anyone out there think the last two Republican candidates could get elected? One was practically a Manchurian Candidate. Anyone that has spent time in a situation where they are a prisoner of war is not capable of being a good President through no fault of their own.
    The other was responsible for a lot of people losing their jobs. That is a hard sell to get anyone elected that has a history like that. Get rid of Big Bird? Ah come on.
    Manipulation of the voters to put what is perceived as the lesser of two evils.
    All Republicans have to do is find a decent man and get him elected President. Control both houses of Congress. Then we have the rich truely in charge.

  • davidmpark

    Love the photo at top: everyone voted for “change” – that’s exactly what they got! 🙂

  • Ben

    Again, if all of what you write will come to pass, I want to be no where near major metropolitan areas. Farmland in a largely rural state will suit me just fine; I’d love for agrarian villages to rise in the ashes of our bloated consumeristic culture.

  • americalsgt

    I agree, but why are the parking lots at the casinos always full?

    • toadsticker


      • Tom_F

        …and Señors…

  • blackciti_fo5

    Some car dealerships are not going out of business but downgrading to a smaller store. This Hyundai dealership near my home had an average size store for years before they moved 2 blocks down the street to a much smaller lot. Times are tough indeed. I just refinanced my car to a much better rate. I will be saving $90 a month now. Do what you need to do to help yourself and family.

    • 68Impala

      Better to stay out of debt and keep the 10 yr old rust bucket on the road. Have self confidence in yourself and do not worry about what the neighbors think. In the long run they will regret the leased Lexus payments

      • DB200

        Leasing? Do you know what paying interest does with the price you ultimately pay for your car?

        My grandfather taught me to buy a car cash. For instance, in 1974 he bought a Mercedes-Benz from 1972 and drove it until in 1988 there were too many rust flowers growing on his car. Nowadays cars are much better. So there is no need to buy a new car every 4 years.

  • Nerve Man

    Nobody tells the real story because it is grim. I record every bill payment in a ledger every year. Go back 5 to 7 years and look at where your money is going. Inflation is really 15%

  • Orange Jean

    Personally, although I count my blessings that I currently have a job and no debts and have managed to put some money into savings… but these days I hesitate forever to buy anything but the most absolute necessities.

    Yes I do pay for food, rent, utilities, keeping up with car maintenance, and whatever health care costs I have. And I am grateful that I am able to do so.

    Everything else? I hold off and hold off. For example, I really do need to get some new clothes… a lot of my current things are wearing out to the point where they don’t look “professional” to wear in the office…. but I can’t quite commit myself to spending the money until things start to shred (literally). I wonder how many people are in a position like myself?

    • K

      Somewhat, however I see things a little different. When something needs to be replaced. The first thing I do, is decide does it really need to be replaced? If I determine it does need to be replaced. Then I do some quick research to get the best price, and replace it. Why, it will only cost more tomorrow. And if the economy collapses, the money you have saved may be worthless. No nowadays, if something needs to be replaced, I do it, while I can still afford it.

      • Orange Jean

        You do have a good point there!

        • anniefromindiannie

          I go to resale shops for my clothes. Usually save about half the cost of new. Try it, you’ll like it!

          • Orange Jean

            Thanks for the suggestion… however, I do sometimes get things at resale shops. Unfortunately, the problem is I am an odd size and they rarely have clothes in a size that fits me. Personally, I have never seen anything in a resale shop that is suitable for work… only “play” clothes.

          • DiscouragedOne

            Years ago I got beautiful work clothes from thrift shops…even brand new with tags, these days, too many people go to thrift stores.

      • davidmpark

        “Use it up – Wear it out – Build it strong – Build it stout – Make do – Or do without”

    • Drud

      I disagree. While saving (money) has been the very wisest thing to do for decades (and believe me I was raised on the idea of saving) I think the tables have turned. I believe the best thing that can be done right now is to invest any extra money in real goods (things like food, energy storage and physical precious metals get all the headlines and are all great, but also consider barter goods (vices and personal items, for instance) are something to consider. Think of it this way: you can currently exchange something with no intrinsic value (cash or bits) for things that do. Obviously, this does mean to go spend on dinners out, new cars, the latest I-phone, ect., I simply believe the system is twisted to destroy savers and encourage debtors. While this is a dreadful way to run an economy, it is simply a fact we must live with at present. so why not take advantage?

      • Hammerstrike

        Exactly, real inflation is much higher than official numbers.

    • GSOB

      To much discretionary money temps the desires, exhausts precious time and robs us of inner peace.

  • Me

    You can believe me or not… But Obama is here to bring in the dark age. Look at everything around you it is falling at the way side, food will only continue to rise the Porcine diarrhea epadimic in piglets is racing across the US pork will be as high as beef. Cattle are few and far between these days go price a steer. California’s drought only getting worse, and WW three down the road, and you can do your own homework on this one but Obama is gay and his wife is a transgender, there here to start the ball roiling for the dark ages and massive strife to come, beyond what any of us can fathom.

    • FirstGarden

      “Obama is here to bring in the dark age.”

      Would that be the 7th century?

    • Gay Veteran


  • DJohn1

    What we are going to see is socialism big time.
    The cause is future shock. The world is changing.
    The people that wanted a world economy are out of their ever living minds. I have seen a good portion of this world.
    China is similar to South Korea in its model. Using currency that is worth little outside of the country they have developed into a world class economy. At our expense.
    No one thinks of the future here. Or they do not care. Businesses moving overseas. Sorry, but long term that means your business will be stolen out from under you by the developing poor nations. It already happened to Britain.
    Individuals are cheap in that portion of the world and easily disposed of.
    My own thought is if you are going to do business here you need to be paying income taxes no matter where the work is performed. In the past that was in the form of tariff regulation between our country and anyone item coming from abroad. That was how we equalized the difference in wages and the difference in currency.
    Copy the rules and tariffs that other countries put on us.
    Quit giving them any money with foreign aid.
    Run the government like any business is run and if it doesn’t make a profit shut it down.

    • toadsticker

      Future Shock by Alvin Toffler a great book.

  • ECrow22

    People need to stop supporting the ideology of money. Reason is because it is the very system that got us here in the first place. People need to start bartering or trading real tangible goods amongst one another. This cannot be taxed, nor can it be recorded in a database somewhere. People also need to understand that they never own anything. Their house, car, etc. They simply “rent” their entire lives. I would suggest that everyone start finding ways to use this “system” as little as possible because it’s designed to be a rat race. One we the people cannot win, especially today. Stories I read on here like people having enough money to put food on the table I have to ask myself “why are you paying for it when mother nature lets you grow it for nearly free”? STOP playing by this system’s rules and you will start getting somewhere. It’s designed to make us fail. Also, don’t invest in gold and silver. If our money can be made to be worthless, so can “precious” metals. Don’t be fooled. Ask yourself would you rather have a sack of potatoes or a gold coin when your hungry?

    • Eric Quintero

      4,500 years of History says Gold and Silver are real currencies.

      You have some good root ideas, but I dont think you’ve fully fleshed them out yet.

      In any system of trade there eventually needs to be an intermediary system: currency.

      We could try to barter, but what if I dont have anything you need? Or what if my items greatly out value your items? Or vice versa? How do we trade?

      The answer has been and always will be: currency. You may attempt the “get back to nature” thing and go off grid and live in the woods and completely free yourself from the system, but others wont. People love society and culture. Societies and cultures tend to produce goods and services. These goods and services then need to be traded or sold. Once again that leads us back to barter vs currency.

      Currency wins.

      Now the only question is what currencies do we need in the future? Hard, tangible assets, like you mentioned will do very well, but they need to be easily tradeable, in demand or provide a service.

      • Tim

        Well said, Eric.

      • davidmpark

        Very good!

    • FirstGarden

      Your ideas here are intriguing. I agree with Eric. keep developing them. Kind regards.

    • Kent Harris

      BTW the government has the authority and has in times past forced people to hand over their gold.

  • ECrow22

    Also, I notice a lot of people bring in religion. Now I do not subscribe to any religious cult (and yes they are cults). Reason I say this is because people go to church and basically “wish” for change. You religious people need to stop hoping for Big Brother Jesus to come in and fix the problems facing humanity. Take accountability and start to actually make a change. I’m working on a cheap independent source of heat for people, and there are sources of FREE electricity (search google for “chapter 7, free energy, patrick kelly”) Above all else become educated and think for yourselves. To quote the Bible “false prophets will lead their sheep to the slaughter” Ask yourselves why is a pastor’s congregation called his Flock? Like a flock of sheep? HMMMM…. It’s okay to be spiritual, but don’t follow a system of beliefs that you never question. And look at the history of religions. Lotta blood, violence, raping, pillaging etc.

    • dadelaw

      Waytogo, Ecrow!!!

    • FirstGarden

      You shouldn’t have stopped in your examination of life’s evidences. All this blood, violence, raping & pillaging have nothing to do with Jesus’ teachings. For every genuine article, there’s a counterfeit.

      History reveals a rich heritage of highly productive people who held deeply religious convictions. One example would be some of our founding fathers. But history is full of heroes of faith who fought valiantly for worthy causes for the common good of mankind.

      The Judeo-Christian ethic proceeds from a major worldview that is entirely opposite from Paganism. Our very freedom to speak, as we do right now, proceeds from the efforts of noble men, and those who bled and died for us in the battlefield. Christian influence played an enormous role in the experiment of American government, with her many freedoms.
      A little perspective is in order here.

      Matters of faith come up here, (we mean genuine religion proceeding from Divine Revelation, not man-made religion), because the very value systems touched upon in these articles are rooted in true religion, in one form or another.

      All worship (have a center of interest), all have faith (believe in something or other), all go to church – a meeting place for those like-minded, even if it’s a nightclub. All preach their beliefs (more or less) and have a bible. For some, that would be Playboy or Penthouse..

      But, nothing transforms an individual, or the moral climate of a community like the True and Living God. You should be thankful, instead of criticizing what you don’t understand. Keep searching. For you will give an account one day for your deeds in this life. The Universe did not proceed out of absolute vacuum, you know. Keep searching.

      • Kent Harris

        Excellent. That is all I can say excellent argument.

      • davidmpark

        That was great! Really great!

    • Guest

      Golly gee and I always thought that in the last century more innocents were slaughtered than any other time in recorded history by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao etc..etc… They were all notorious Christians weren’t they? Thanks for my history lesson of the day! /sarc/

    • toadsticker

      Mysticism. Plato v Aristotle

    • rentslave

      However,there is one “religion” causing all of this-and they don’t worship on either Friday or Sunday.

  • 68Impala

    I’ve been reading some interesting articles regarding the effects deflation is having on the EU. Would enjoy reading an article from you on the subject.

  • Richard

    Michael, you’re getting overwrought with the emotional tear-jerker words and phrases again. Michael, listen to me: WE CAN THINK FOR OURSELVES. We don’t need all the heart-rending adjectives. Your prose is MUCH MORE POWERFUL without all that. Things had improved immeasurably in recent months. Please don’t slide back!

  • FirstGarden

    Here in Hell-A, I see empty store sites everyday.. and often in prime locations. It’s an eerie feeling to look inside and see the gutted fixtures and such ghostly emptiness.

    A rising tide lifts all ships. But a sinking tide lowers them. As the tide continues lower, the sea bottom appears while all the accounting tricks / voodoo economics are exposed — that which gave the appearance of being afloat.

    Poseidon blushes.

  • Arizona

    THE demoncrate dreamers will not even see the attack on america, till its to late,”NOTICE”,THE BRITE FLASH IN THE DISTANCE,was a nuclear weapon going off,yes your going to be bombed into the dirt,by your own government,until almost no ones left,and the survivors will be rounded up and put in the fema death camps,and you thought everything was fine…..hahaha……….I know you wanted SATAN,but he was busy,so you got his son,and your still bitching,WTF???

    • FirstGarden

      Take it easy, bro. Not all democrats are ultra-liberals.

    • Kent Harris

      Actually, you are incorrect. The Isaiah 9 prophecy is clear that the US will be destroyed by her enemies from the east and the west which God will strenght against us. This passage parallels what happened to Israel and that the land would be scorched and the people fuel for the fire. He even says it would come upon us in a day. There is no way to accomplish this unless it were by a nuclear holocaust.

  • JulieLabrouste

    Employers continue to do just about everything they can to keep taking money out of the pockets of employees. Where are the “expert” economists, who supposedly understand supply and demand, that should be telling employers, et al, to stop demolishing demand and put some money back into consumer pockets?

    • FirstGarden

      Perhaps it’s last minute mad grab for wealth, which they will horde, hide & stash away in havens overseas.

      • William

        white-collar looters

      • ConcernedAmerican

        James 5 in the Bible talks about people that store up wealth. A good read and comfort for the working class.

        • davidmpark

          James 5:1-7 (KJV)

          1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

          2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

          3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the crust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

          4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

          5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

          6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

          7 Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.

  • William

    For six months now, I commute 1,800 miles for a job with a salary to maintain the lifestyle of my family of six. Both my wife and I went through layoffs in 2013. She is not working now.

  • Gay Veteran

    plus low interest rates mean people are using up their savings faster, all for the benefit of the banksters

    • whodunnit

      2gary2 called. He wants you to push in his stool. Thank him for his service,phaggot.

      • Gay Veteran

        sounds like your daddy pushed in your stool, troll

        • libsfellatetheobamacock

          cmon’, you love the negative attention of being the gay one

          • Gay Veteran

            why would there be negative attention?
            btw, conservsfellatedthebushcock

  • Priszilla

    well, when was the last time you impeached your senator because he didnt do his job?

  • Priszilla

    if you consume all your wealth, any growth in consumption will speed up the decline.

  • Dave of OK

    Yet, I go down restaurant ally on the belt-line on Friday night and the parking lots are all filled. I go to a sporting events and the stands are pretty full. I still don’t think the average American has really grasped the level of his poverty as of yet. We are still pretty spoiled.

    • Mondobeyondo

      And that is the great paradox.
      How can so many people who are supposedly broke, afford such luxury items as sporting events and dinners at Red Lobster?

      The answer is, they’re paying for it using credit cards. The people who haven’t already maxed out their account, that is.

  • Kent Harris

    Look I understand the desire for a Rapture but the fact of the matter it is a recent view. You mentioned Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21and if you take Christ at His Word you will find that the elect are here until His Second Coming. In fact, ‘[Christ] will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather [Christians] from one end of the heavens to the other. Matt. 24:31. He even states in verse 29 ‘Immediately after the distress of those days.’

  • Captnswife

    A lot of this is because of the very serious declines in births — Gen X. There’s nobody in that generation to buy houses, relative to the population older. And the Millennials, who ARE hardworking, can’t get decent jobs because the 70-somethings won’t retire (Depression-era babies).

    • Kent Harris

      Thanks in part to our government sending all our jobs to China. When was the last time you walked into a retail store and saw something made in this country.

    • John

      Gen X can’t afford to buy houses today with the pay scale in serious decline due to inflation. In the eighties a brand new house in NY cost 30,000 and that was for high end and over 2500 square feet. Today you get a piece of junk that has not been updated since it was purchased in the seventies for close to half a million dollars.

      People in their seventies would love to retire I am sure and spend their golden years with family and enjoying the grand kids but they can’t. That luxury is for the rich and the upper middle class.

      The more people you have in a population the less money those people will make. Think China, India, and all the other third world countries where people work for pennies because they will take what they can get and if they don’t someone else will.

      • Anonymous

        In my opinion, the pay scale is in decline due to supply and demand. We have more workers than we do jobs.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      I’m an aging Gen Xer, and the advantage Xers and the boomers had over the Millennials is that at least we had the prosperity of the 90s. Xers who did well in the 90s (before the BRA became a Third World hellhole) had a chance to invest their money, while the Millennials have spent their adult lives in a country of rot and decay. Yes, the Millennials are hardworking, but all they have to show for their hard work is a grim future.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I don’t see many 70-somethings working, don’t know where you work but I work at a major company, but if they have to work at that age, they must really need the money.

    • Anonymous

      And there are very few places that will hire mature workers. Age discrimination is huge in the USA.

  • GSOB

    No one deserves to be forgiven. That is what we all have in common.

    • dadelaw

      How much more of this delusional nonsense about ‘God’ and his forgiveness and his ‘wrath’ and all the other meaningless codswallop to we have to endure on a financial and economic web site?

      • K

        Most of the faith based discussions on this board, have been started by you. The question is, is it your anger that causes these discussions to turn towards God? Or are you a paid shill, who is supposed to derail any discussion your master does not approve of? Either way, I have a much better understanding of my fellow posters. As a Christian, I wish to thank you for causing so many, to show their faith so clearly.

      • FirstGarden

        You can ask God that question when you’re dead.

  • Kent Harris

    I have seen only one thing happen here in the Atlanta area is the amount of title loans and pawn shops go up. People are broke so they are resorting to what amounts to one last ditch effort to stay afloat.

    • variabletime

      Same thing happening in Phoenix.Lots of empty retail space.Only new leases are to pawn shops,title loans and Goodwill.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I can absolutely confirm that.

  • WK

    Takes an interesting personality to be incessantly negative over many years as Michael has shown. Sometimes the lists are embellished by adding a single metric and presenting it over several lists; while it may be true, it does suggest something less than the full level of research depicted on the headline advertising. I realize this is what Michael does for a living, but it would add credibility to me if he would sprinkle a few positive metrics, not just entirely negative. In 2008, the negative mantra behind Michael’s blog style would have had more credibility, but in 2014, he just sounds like a whiny loser irrespective whether his lists are accurate which in many cases they are. It does not add vindication when naysayers like Michael are right every 6-10 years or so, a busted clock is correct twice a day with that line of thinking as well. There are plenty of negatives no question, but when one is only negative 100% of the time, it comes off as a very unpleasant delivery and an unpleasant person to be around.

    • Eric Quintero

      Its not about being negative. Its about waking people up. People need constant hammering in order to get the message across. The sheep are dull and easily led. The Mind Control Media also works very hard to lull the sheep back to sleep, but people cant afford to be a sleep any longer.

      The economy is bad and getting worse.

      Judging by Washington’s actions: Trying to start two wars in under 9 months looks like they’re really getting desperate to take the current cold war with China/Russia and turn up the heat a bit. We’re on a brink of a hot war (with the potential of going nuclear) unless we divert action.

      And we really wouldn’t be in this dire mess if we hadn’t totally f*cked our economy.

      This is important. If you think fulfilling the duty as a Patriotic American to wake up his fellow brothers and sisters is negative, then I really dont know what else to tell you. Its obvious your allegiance doesnt lie here.

      Semper Fi

      • WK

        My friend, believe me, I see what this is all about. Putin is unfavorably seen by 69% of Americans so his charm offensive was not successful and he is the one who is out the $51 billion at the Olympics.

        My beef with Michael Synder is he incessantly negative over many years. Things are not always that bad all the time. I beg to differ.

        I have no concerns whatsoever in increasing peoples awareness of key issues today.’

        And I am just as much an American as you, so go ahead and put away your implication that I am not one.

  • GSOB

    “Yes, the bible is a giant codex of the holographic, energetic reality that we live in.”

    = bad theology

  • piccadillybabe

    I’m living for the day when these high faluting executives from hospitals, universities and financial institutions have to take big cuts in pay because million dollar salaries are no longer sustainable in a stagnant economy. It’s always the lower wage jobs that disappear first when budgets need to be cut. Heaven forbid that someone making $500K+/year lose their job. That would be catastrophic but not as catastrophic as someone who is only making $22K/year and having to get by. People making these big salaries are no smarter than anyone else, they are just as the saying goes “well connected.” If these last 6 years of recession has taught anyone anything, our nations institutions have been surviving off federal stimulus and are a no better than a bunch of corporate welfare bums, not much interested in serving anyone but themselves. We need institutions that serve people not the suits in the front office.

    • Terry

      I agree completely but I do not think that day will ever come. If it does it probably won’t be in any of our lifetimes. Those at the top want to make sure their gravy train keeps on going even at the expense of the people they are stepping on to keep themselves in the lap of luxury.

      Yes corporate welfare is acceptable to the masses as you never hear the middle class complain about that as much as the single mother on welfare to help support her family.

      I have never once heard anyone complain about the corporate retreats and extravagant spending at them but have hear plenty about those on welfare who supposedly are driving a BMW or eating lobster for dinner.

      It is more acceptable in this country for the rich to get away with things than the poor. It goes to the theory that we all hope to be rich one day and want that same treatment if we are able to make it.

      • piccadillybabe

        There are plenty of people complaining these days about corporate welfare as well as single moms on welfare. Our country is 17 trillion in debt and welfare is not sustainable. People need to produce something useful for the betterment of mankind for our nation to be sustainable.

    • ConcernedAmerican


  • Priszilla

    The retailers ask to go bankrupt.

    I was looking for a white long sleeve shirt today. For the office. Want to look presentable.

    All I could find was slim-fit. Went to 10 or 15 shops today. Slim-fit or tailored fit, or even extra-slim fit.

    I’m 50. After sitting 5 years in university and 20 years in the office, with numerous business dinners and drinks, I am not slim anymore.

    And they had some polyester shirts, but I need cotton. All my shirts are cotton. No need to start mixing things up.

    Whole day in the city. All I got was two cups of coffee and a bottle of shampoo.

    • Priszilla

      Next time I fly to Hong Kong, I’ll fly there naked. (Good for security, too). Then have me some suits and shirts made, in addition to the glasses.
      Maybe have a stopover in Bangkok for a thorough medical check-up.

      Found a website yesterday: www iTailor com

      Will check that out first.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Debt based economy, meet reality based reality.
    Call out the economic trauma team. They will be needed, in force. The Keynesian system doesn’t work. Sorry! You should have listened to Ludwig von Mises instead. You can not spend your way out of an economic crisis, any more than you can eat your way out of obesity. It doesn’t work!!

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Politicians are selected, but not by the voters.

  • JulieLabrouste

    I don’t use the word capitalism for what I’m about to describe, not because I am one (shudders in horror), since I most certainly am not, but because it’s galactically incomplete. Instead I refer to “It” as the system of Big Business and Big Money or BBBM or Triple-BM. This … thing … is “alive”. Isaac Asimov wrote a series of short stories that collectively became known as, “I, Robot”, in which robots were controlled by, “The Three Laws of Robotics”, meant to protect humankind from the robots. Triple-BM is similar, call it, “I, Corporate Robot”*, with corporations as the robots, governed by, “The Three Laws of Corporate Philosophy”, which have ZERO interest in protecting humans. These laws would be more like, protect Triple-BM (the system) at all costs, protect the corporation (individual robot) at all costs, except where this is in conflict with the first law, and make as much money as possible, except where that is in conflict with the first two laws. It’s of course far more involved than that, but you get the idea.

    Just one example: A CEO is presented with an idea in which a mass of toxic waste can be “disposed of” by bribing a corrupt official of a foreign government, like Bolivia, to dump this in a large area of that countries land (this actually happened by the way). It is technically legal, since no other nation can do anything about the sovereign leader and that leader can do what he wants in “his” nation. However, it isn’t good PR and so it’s kept on the down-low (all of this happened). Do not focus on the CEO per se. According to “The Three Laws of Corporate Philosophy”, is makes perfect “business sense” to go through with this idea and so the CEO, greedy or not or whatever, does it for that reason. Competition is part of the equation and the decision, in that, if the CEO doesn’t do this, among the multitudes of other slimy things, his robot will be at a disadvantage with all of the other robots that will do it. That competition, by the way has extremely important reasons to exist, even though it appears as if it pits “Its” own robots against each other.

    Imagine this overall system, as alive, acting, reacting, moving, learning, etc. over decades, if not centuries. One of its many “powers” is that, at any moment, it can have one of its human components contact, literally, the finest human mind on any subject, or the finest professional in any vocation. “It” would be natural for this thing to pervert democratic processes, or any government processes that give power to the humans over it, into oligarchic corporatist states … like the U.S. and nearly every other government on the planet. Triple-BM does not have to act in concert, like in a conspiracy, although these take place as needed between corporations (cooperating to raise prices in a shadow-monopoly for instance). It doesn’t have to act in this way because the laws are incorporated into every corporation; they seem to work together to some malevolent purpose, but they are all simply abiding by the same laws. Wrap your heads around this and see how it will destroy our species.

    *Had I the patience, I could write a book about this alone.

  • Priszilla

    my meatless week is coming on good. well, not totally without meat. had a chilli con carne last week, and some fish. Yesterday i had an omelette for lunch and in the evening was so tired from all the walking that i skipped dinner.
    nice lazy day today. just cleaning, ironing, grooming.

  • Eric Quintero

    We are indeed becoming a nation that is fragmenting into “The haves and the have nots.”

    Private Security may be very legitimate career path in the future. Just look at Brazil; They have the most armored cars per capita.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Eric: In Sao Paulo, affluent businessmen travel from skyscraper to skyscraper via helicopter in order to avoid paying the dreaded Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax. Private security is big business in Sao Paulo, Lima, la Ciudad de México, Bogotá and other Latin American cities (and don’t even get me started on Caracas…….that place is INSANE). But it’s important to vet your security people really well because the DPDDTT collectors can be very determined.

  • Eric Quintero

    Halcyon and on and on

  • Korn Meale

    Great news! When you serve money the world and the Devil sh1eat happens.

  • DiscouragedOne

    I buy for my husband online at Lands End and LLBean.

  • Bruce

    Once again ANOTHER interesting article hyjacked by the religious nuts on this site. Some here remind me of the deluded, ignorant people around the world who will kill off anyone and anything in the name of God. Get a grip people this is an economic site, is it not?

    • FirstGarden

      May we suggest you look before leaping?
      Check out the section above — “The Most Important Thing.”

  • kd

    Honestly all Demonrat Party members are evil morons.

  • StephanLarose

    This story misses out on all the good news. The rich are richer than ever, which means job creators can create more jobs than ever!! Of course, those jobs will be strict exploitation gigs in Bangladesh, Vietnam, China and the likes, but if the American worker is willing to live in a hovel with no job security, healthcare, no possibility of savings or higher education and no power to change their situation, then free trade will allow them to compete with the most abject, impoverished workers of the world! All they have to do is accept poverty, insecurity and hopelessness as a fact of life and jettison any ambition of a 2-car garage, home ownership, kids in college and a stable marriage and they’re good to go!

  • cecilhenry

    Why not address the real issues for the West?


    Why are people so anti-white??

    Racism is only racism when it is the people of the country trying to defend their ethnic interests, not when their anti-white ‘leaders’ defend theirs.

    At what point would anti-whites allow whites such as this the right to protect their ethnic interests, to not be displaced in their country and have their society destroyed– all just so they can look good for the camera. Moral grandstanding and PC prudery aside, one would not dare argue for the converse–that would be called Genocide.

    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • St. Ferd III

    Government causes cycles, bubbles, bursts and downturns. When the next true crisis strikes – 2008 was the operatic prelude – markets, Jews, banks and capitalism will be blamed. The road to Communist serfdom [or some variant of state fascism] will be wide open and trust me, it will be seized with a vengeance by the elite.

  • Defiant

    How about the fact that the only people with money to spend are the ones getting Welfare.

  • abinico

    What’s your point. Like as if under capitalism working people aren’t always ‘tapped out’ – most people with a mortgage are just one paycheck away from default.

  • Libertarianski

    And we can’t see the POTUS grades!!??

  • goldshield

    I’ll bet the people on welfare and food stamps increased. I find you can’t listen to the talk politicians tell you you have to look at the consequence of their actions to see if it was good or bad for us (the Middle class Americans). The truth is we are not doing so well since 2008 when this ObamaNation we have for a president took office. But the 1%’er he riels about have done pretty well under his administration. It would see by his actions he talks one way but the outcome is just the opposite.

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