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20 Reasons Why All The People That Quit Prepping After September Are Dead Wrong

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Wrong Way - Public DomainMillions of Americans were gearing up for some huge event to happen in September, but the world didn’t end and now many of them have given up entirely on prepping.  Of course the truth is that some absolutely earth-shattering events did take place last month, but because September did not play out exactly as some were anticipating, a lot of people feel very let down.  My contacts in the emergency food industry tell me that sales have dropped off dramatically, and yesterday I was told by someone that I trust that the same is true for those that sell precious metals.  But this should not be happening.  What we witnessed in August and September was just the warm up act, and all of the numbers are absolutely screaming at us that we are right on track for a major global crisis.  In this article I am going to focus on economic and financial issues, but there are so many other things going on around the planet right now that threaten to throw our world into turmoil.  Anyone that thinks that it is safe to “relax” now is simply not paying attention.  The following are 20 reasons why all the people that quit prepping after September are dead wrong…

#1 U.S. exports are down 11 percent for the year so far.  The only other times they have fallen this dramatically since the turn of the century were during the last two recessions.

#2 Since March, the amount of stuff being shipped by truck, rail and air inside the United States has been falling every single month on a year over year basis.  This is a clear indication that economic activity is really slowing down.

#3 Wholesale sales in the U.S. have fallen to the lowest level since the last recession.

#4 The inventory to sales ratio has risen to the highest level since the last recession.  This means that there is a whole lot of unsold inventory that is just sitting around out there and not selling.

#5 Industrial production declined for five months in a row during the first half of 2015.  That is something that has never happened outside of a recession.

#6 Wal-Mart is projecting that its earnings may fall by as much as 12 percent during the next fiscal year.

#7 Don’t expect U.S. consumers to rush in and save the day.  According to brand new numbers from the Social Security Administration, 51 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

#8 And remember, there are 102.6 million working age Americans that do not even have a job of any kind.

#9 According to Challenger Gray, layoffs at major firms have risen to the highest level that we have witnessed since 2009.

#10 The number of job openings in the United States declined by 5.3 percent during the month of August.  That was a huge plunge for just one month.

#11 According to British banking giant HSBC, the world is already in a “dollar recession“.  Global trade has fallen 8.4 percent so far this year, and global GDP expressed in U.S. dollars is down 3.4 percent.

#12 In September, Chinese exports were down 3.7 percent compared to one year ago, and Chinese imports were down a staggering 20.4 percent compared to a year ago.

#13 During the month of August, we witnessed the 8th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis and the 10th largest single day stock market crash in U.S. history on a point basis.  It was the first time ever that the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined by more than 500 points on two consecutive trading days.

#14 On August 24th, we also witnessed the greatest intraday stock market point swing of all time.  From the high point of the day to the low point of the day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 1,089 points before recovering.

#15 At one point in September, approximately 11 trillion dollars of stock market wealth had been wiped out around the globe.

#16 At one point in September, Chinese stocks were down about 40 percent from the peak of the market.

#17 At one point in September, German stocks were down about 25 percent from the peak of the market.

#18 Since the last financial crisis, the global economy has added another 50 trillion dollars to our colossal pile of debt.  That means we are far more vulnerable to a crisis than we were the last time around.

#19 The list of global financial giants that are rumored to be in very serious trouble includes Deutsche Bank (the biggest bank in Germany), UBS (the biggest bank in Switzerland) and three of the largest commodity trading firms on the entire planet: Glencore, Trafigura and the Noble Group.  The total collapse of any one of them would easily be another “Lehman Brothers moment” for the global financial system.

#20 Stocks are still in a massive bubble.  In fact, stocks in the U.S. are going to have to fall more than 30 percent from the current levels just to get back to what is considered “normal” or “average”.  The following is an extended excerpt from one of my previous articles


In recent years, stocks have soared to unbelievably unrealistic levels.  One of the most popular methods of measuring the true value of stocks is something called the cyclically-adjusted price to earnings ratio.  It was developed by economist Robert Shiller of Yale University, and it attempts to accurately show how much we are paying for stocks in relation to how much those corporations are actually earning.  When this number is very high, stocks are overvalued, and when this number is very low stocks are undervalued.

Earlier this year, CAPE hit a peak of about 27, and by the beginning of August it was still sitting up around 26.  The only times CAPE has been higher have been just before other stock market bubbles have burst…

CAPE - from Wikipedia

It would take a total drop of about 40 percent from the peak of the market just to get back to average.  So far the Dow has fallen about 10 percent or so, so it is going to take another 30 percent crash just to get to a point where stock prices are considered “normal” once again.


In this day and age, we are so impatient and our attention spans are pitifully small.  We live in a world of instant coffee, video on demand, and 48 hour news cycles.  Very few of us are willing to take a long term view of things because we have all become accustomed to “living in the now” and focusing on what is in front of us this very instant.

Yes, the headlines are not screaming about a “stock market crash” or an “economic depression” on this particular day in October.

But that doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination.

The biggest bank in the western world (HSBC) says that a global recession has now begun, and the pain that we have experienced so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

So please don’t think that it is time to relax.

The month of September was not “the end” of anything.

Rather, it was just the beginning…

  • GetReal4U2

    agreed…September has usher in many things…freaky times for sure…

  • Alwaystomorrow

    The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015.

    Published 6/25/2015.

    71 days until 12/31/2015.

    Lets do a count down until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.


    By Michael S, on July 31st, 2015.

    “And I kind of appreciate the countdown. It reminds people of my warning, and perhaps it will give some readers a renewed sense of urgency”.

    • Watchman

      Upvotes by your fellow trolls how surprising (it’s not). Oh and you have decided to change your picture to mimic another poster. You must be so desperate…

      I can’t wait for Malcom to come in here and lay a beating on you.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Oh look, on top of your own brand of outright stupidity, you’re going in for stolen valor. THAT CRETIN IS NOT A MARINE.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Alwaystomorrow has issued a RED ALERT for as long as he posts.

      Published 10/7/2015
      “I look at things probably to simple. ”

      “I am not very smart …Yes I loose when markets go up”

      “I told you I am simple ”

      Published 10/5/2015

      “My posts are annoying, irritating, childish….”

      I have no idea what a collapse even looks like but by golly, I’m going to mock and harass the people here because, although I admit I’m a cretin, I know this author is wrong despite the VAST number of links, quotes and charts provided indicating otherwise.

      And if he bans me for the harassment … again, I’ll surely whine like a little girl that wants her dolly … again.

      Let’s all congratulate always because, even the village idiot needs a pat on the head every now and then.

  • John C

    So…the U.S. stock market still humming along… Where’s the Apocalypse? We’ve been waiting since 2011.

    • Bob332

      People had the same indulgent blindness before the crash of 29′

      • K2

        Should people perennialy think they are in an apocalypse?, the world economy is in a slow downward spiral that will take years to play out. Thinking that a 2008 kind of rapid financial explosive event will happen every single time is foolish.

    • evoval

      Do you think the stock markets an indication of the strength of the economy?

    • Gay Veteran

      people’s real income keeps on falling, that’s your Apocalypse

  • Dow 25K in 2016.

    Give it a rest Michael. The economy is not going to collapse. There are way too many safeguards implemented by the FED, ECB, IMF to name a few that will prevent this from happening. DOW 20K in 2016.

    • aldownunder

      what is it 20 or 25K

      • James

        20K probally

        • aldownunder

          how about 11K

          • natxlaw

            more like 6-8K

          • James

            Who is going to start the crash?
            Visa? Apple? Nike? Johnson and Johnson? Goldman Sachs? Dow Chemical?

  • Dow 25K in 2016.

    FYI the Shanghai Composite Index is over 3400 again. It had been at about 3000. That is a nice recovery.

    • James

      Your back.
      Yep, it was a temporary correction just like SP500 and DJIA

  • Peter

    The problem is things are different this time.
    It took 100 years to get to almost 1 trillion $ debt in the US. Since Obama took office it now stands at 17 trillion. Money printing has gone completely out of control, strait up like a rocket. Most of this new money wound up in stocks. Either way, the new normal will be higher prices for everything. With money printing it takes many years (if not a generation) for it to filter down into the system. We are already seeing it though, take a look at your grocery store, and see what things cost. Since the new normal is higher prices for everything. That will include stocks, so they might never go down in flames like they predict.

    • Richard Chiu

      No, the deflationary pressure of the money supply reduction will not permit anything like a “new normal” to occur. The regulated economy will collapse outright as people will simply be unable to pay in fiat currency what companies will require to engage in legal production.

      The black market is already exploding, that expansion of the sub-economy is going to accelerate and diversify beyond the ability of government to cope as the pool of people able to make valid transactions using fully legalized methods evaporates.

      • Peter

        No, inflation is simply money printing” a substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency.” People will be forced to pay whatever the new prices are, irregardless if they can afford them or not. Third world countries know this very well. Prices wont go down because your country is poor, or bankrupt, nor will it mater that your stock market tanked never to recover. In-fact this only fuels the inflation. Deflation is simply not happening. Everything you need (not wants) are going up in price, rent, food, education. Wages are stagnant

        • Richard Chiu

          Third world countries know very well that most economic activity gets shoved into the black market when the regulated market has an irreconcilable deflationary pressure pitted against production costs.

          People can only pay more than they can afford while they can borrow the difference or have a reserve of savings. Businesses can only sell at a loss while they have significant stock on hand or can borrow. When credit dries up because it is obvious that nobody is ever getting paid back, the difference between what people can afford and what things cost to produce eats the savings/stock on hand buffer, and then the regulated economy grinds to a halt and people move their transactions outside of it to survive (or they starve, this is another thing third world countries know).

          People in third world countries don’t starve to death rather than pay more than they can afford because they’ rather starve, they starve because paying more than you can afford isn’t actually always an option.

  • wes

    I don’t understand why so many people put so much faith in the system. Yet alone the government or especially the federal reserve. They are corrupt as they come. The stock market is a bad indicator of the economy because it is popped up by the government and plunge protection. Food prices are soaring and everybody I talk to agrees. Jobs are extremely scarce. So many companies are laying off people. If you can’t see it then you are blind.

    • Ben

      Why? Because the markets bounced back. They regained countless thousands of points. No economic crisis. Sorry folks

      • jaxon64

        Ever been to a sporting event at a truly huge stadium? I’m talking one of the NFL biggies or college football fanatic towns.
        Let’s use as an example Michigan stadium for the U of M Wolverines–holds 100,000 people in attendance, simply mind numbing to mentally grasp that sea of humanity at one of these games and makes one feel more humble as to our tiny place in this big world….
        Now picture 5 of those giant Michigan stadiums packed to the gills with 100,000 people in each!! How about 50 of those monster stadiums?? that is a throng of people of massive levels !!!
        Now picture FIVE HUNDRED Michigan Stadiums with 100,000 people in each–50 MILLION people stretching out further than the eye can see miles wide and miles long !!!
        This is how many Americans in the USA need assistance just to feed themselves in our current economy !!!
        Now TRIPLE this number to 1,500 of the largest stadiums in the world, filled to the brim with humanity–over 150 MILLION human beings…and this is how many people receive some form of monthly check from the government to make ends meet.
        That’s right 150 million people dependent on the US govt ( which is nearing 20 trillion dollars in debt) to send out funds to keep the chaos at bay in their lives.
        Anyone who thinks that all is rosy because the point .1% have recouped some of their losses and fattened their accounts some more in a rigged stock market is either a shill, living in lala land or has the worst case of cognitive dissonance that the world has ever seen.
        PS: I also have an amazing granddaughter who is the world to me–I want a healthy America where she can aspire for her dreams, not be forced to wear a burkha and not scrounge for the scraps of the borgoise in a proletariat society that the socialist are creating……..

        • Rick

          Great post! And I guess you could have also added a stop at 1000 filled stadiums to represent all of the adult working age people led in this country who are not working at all.

        • Ace Dragon


      • Watchman

        Hey Ben how is that Obama boot-licking going with your fellow trolls?

      • What markets are you talking about precisely. Be more specific & with data…

      • Mike Smithy

        “Markets”? You are kidding yourself if you think we have real markets. There are no markets, there is only manipulation.

        • Rick

          Absolutely. Dorothy, just stay away from that curtain!

      • The Mighty Kevin 2

        No economic crisis? What color is the sky in your world? The stock market is mostly computer programs doing all the trading and is propped up by the government when certain levels are met. THE STOCK MARKET IS NOT THE ECONOMY. It’s separated from reality.

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah, just keep ignoring that labor participation rate

      • Ace Dragon


    • alan

      Its human nature, I am sure the Capitan of the Titanic thought he would save the ship until he didn’t.

  • peter

    All will be good. Collapse collapse collapse. its always 6-9 months away. What a joke

  • Wolf

    You know what they say about the boy who cried wolf

  • guest

    102,000,000 working age Americans without a job but unemployment is only 5.2%? The collapse isn’t coming next week. It was yesterday.

    • James

      My son is 17 but has no job?
      Why you may ask?
      Because he is doing research with a professor on water salinity and fish reproduction rates, applying for a patent, in 5 AP classes, the president of his schools NHS and Key Club, and on the board of a environmental nonprofit

      What is my point?
      That just because someone is of working age and does not have a job does not mean that they are unemployed. My son a perfect example

      • guest

        No, your son is not a “perfect example”. Your response is anecdotal. What is my point? That someone doesn’t have a job doesn’t mean they are busy doing scientific research in school. The vast majority of those 102,000,000 people are just plain unemployed.

        • Chris Gerber

          His son, the exception, rather than the rule.

          • evoval

            His eye’s don’t see much further than his nose.

        • James

          My point is
          how many of those do not want a job, are retired, or students

        • Poorman

          Ok so these people are unemployed. I run an Auto Parts store for a major chain. In the last 3 weeks I have interviewed and hired 4 people. One missed 2 of his first 3 days and left early on the one he did show for. Fired. 2 more need to finish filling out paperwork. When I call to try to schedule them in neither answers their phone,1 has no voicemail set up the other has a full mailbox so I can’t even let them know they are hired and need to fill out paperwork. On our website we recently had to cut out a large part of the application process because people thought having to sped a total of 20 minutes filling out the application was to hard. I get people that show up for interviews in slippers,shorts and flip flops, smelling like they haven’t showered in days, late, wearing T shirts with swear words on them ect.You want to know why there are so many unemployed? A lot of them are unemployable.

      • 2 many liberals not enuff $

        At 17 your son is well on his way to become a socialist. Good job dad raising another Sierra Club liberal

        • James

          The how does doing original research that will get published in the Journal Science, taking AP classes, and sitting on a nonprofit that plants trees and purchases land for parks=Sierra Club Liberal and Socialism.

          Also Sierra Club’s main goal is the preservation of lands and transition to clean energy. Nothing radical

      • LAWD

        Be proud Dad, we desperately need young people to get involved. Everyone sneers at the true environmental movement but they sure bitch a lot when the water’s polluted and the fish are all dead.

        • Ncmist

          Oh LAWDY, I can’t believe you people still exist. Still living in CA or headed down to Texas yet?

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, let’s go back to the days of the Love Canal

          • LAWD

            Yeah the whole world is the usa. gfy.

        • James

          So true

    • AzDi

      50 percent of Americans are on welfare, food stamps, etc. See all the lines at the churches when the food boxes are distributed? In the depression you saw people in soup lines. We already have that, it is just distributed in a different way. And, think of all the illegals who are now on this same system.

      Too many people have part time jobs because all the good jobs have gone overseas. Too many people who lost their unemployment are now on SS or disability.

      You are correct when you say “it was yesterday.” But because this government has covered up all of the information or “adjusted” the stat’s, people like Michael have to bring out the truth because most people are too busy carrying their iPhone and playing games.

      We have been in a depression for years! – Not a recession, a depression being propped up by government debt.

      Oh yeah, forget about the government saying no inflation. All of you know better when you go to the grocery store!

  • K

    Michael, for the most part you are correct. People who are nowhere near prepared should continue. But for some of us, price is why we are on the sidelines. The increased demand drove up the price on storage food, and has somewhat increased the price on precious metals. When your finances are very limited, you only buy on the cheap.

  • Truthiseternal

    The collapse will be deflationary. The money wasn’t really printed, it was loaned into existence. And that did create some inflation. But as mass defaults start happening (like Lehman in 2008), all that money will be rapidly destroyed. We will have a credit-collapse/liquidity crisis. The Federal Reserve is already leveraged 77/1 (when Lehman fell it was leveraged 30/1). The Federal Reserve is out of ammo to do anything this time around. The Greatest Depression/judgment is rapidly approaching.

    • K2


      • Sorry, Im not PC.

        Maybe now> they said just this morning that, The average American
        household has no money saved! Roughly 62% of Americans have less than $1,000
        in savings and 21% don’t even have a savings account, according to a
        new survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted this month by Google
        Consumer Survey.

        • Rick

          I would ventures to say it’s even worse than that, and that most people are a lot like us. 34 grand in debt on ready reserve, 12 grand on a credit card, and about 40 grand on old student loans. I’m 53 years old. There will be neither social security, nor retirement in my future, unless there is some grand “reset” where debt gets knocked down or eliminated.

          • Richard O. Mann

            I retired this year at 62. Figured I’d better get it while I can, since, like you, I don’t see it lasting much longer.

          • John Byde

            Happy retirement, Richard. I’ve still got 12 years to go.

          • laura m.

            I was talking to others about high balances on credit cards. Q: how much stuff do people really need anyway and what the H are they buying to run up these credit cards?? When younger, we bought used stuff to furnish an apt., used laundromats, and paid cash. Both of us worked and only bought stuff end of season clearances. clipped food coupons. Don’t parents teach kids anything anymore to learn common sense finances when they go on their own? On prepping: yes, many slacked off after Oct. rolled around. Got to go get several cases each of canned spam, salmon sardines, chicken, veggies, etc. and spend some of these hundred dollar bills I have stashed, as my stuff is rotated and getting used up. (I eat what I store).

          • Stacy Stites

            I took a year of garage sale, auctions, and saving money for things like my flat screen to furnish my house.

          • AgentSmithXX7

            How many people are maxing out their credit card just for preps, because they have no other way of prepping?

          • michael

            many are using credit to “survive” by buying food and essentials….that will run out soon…the credit card companies went wild after 2008 and that kept the economy going… now those that used the cards are close to being done or in Bankruptcy…

          • Poorman

            Many more are using CC to support a lifestyle they can’t afford. If you need to use a CC to buy your food and essentials you should be reevaluating your lifestyle.

          • Poorman

            The answer Laura is people can’t separate needs from wants. To some it’s just to much trouble to look for sales,wait to buy till they can afford it. clip coupons ect. They want it now and feel they DESERVE it so they live over their means. I mean who really NEEDS a 700.00 cell phone?

          • alan

            Don’t expect the reset button to be pushed any time soon. There is plenty left to loot.

          • Poorman

            @disqus_pWgAeIIwkO:disqus So you are 53 and still have 40K in student loans? You got out of collage what 25 years ago and couldn’t pay them down in that time? I paid off a house in that amount of time. You owe 12 grand in CC debt. What are you doing to pay that down? Unless you had some catastrophic event it sounds like you just don’t know how to manage money. I have a paid for home,3 paid for cars and zero CC debt and have never made more than 50k a year and that only for the last few years. On top of that I live in California which is not a cheap state to live in. You should start looking at needs as opposed to wants and get rid of the wants so you can pay your debts and save some money. I don’t want to be supporting you 10 years from now when you can’t work.

          • Rick

            Poorman, I’ll be the first to admit I’m no financial expert. And by the way I’m happy for you. My loans are paid. The ones we have now are my wife’s, as she went back to college later in life, at a time when universities were ripping us all off with unheard of tuition increases. (Even worse than the pharmaceutical companies). So after 4 years,40 grand is a bargain relative to the total tuition during that period. I’m also a generous person, so have helped my son out with some health issue expenses. Also try to tithe at church and with other quality orgs. Finally, our daughter recently got married, and we had a very practical wedding, 180 guests, yet that set us back $25,000 as well. No help from the grooms family. So, there you have it, no catastrophes, yet everything coming at once in life as is does many times for the typical family. I view this as temporary, and we are very blessed that all is well, and that we are equipped to pay down this mountain over the next 5 years. However most families are not as fortunate as we are in terms of earning potential and career outlooks. That is why I say things are probably worse than described above. I’m hoping you won’t have to be bailing me out in 10 years, but it’s nice to know you’ve got my back.

          • Poorman

            Ok so you call a 25,000 wedding with 180 guests practical when you have all this other debt? This is a large part of the problem with people not understanding the difference between needs and wants. Helping your son I understand and also trying to help some others but it sound like you are doing it at the expense of your own future.

          • Rick

            Practical and inexpensive compared to many others. I take it you have no daughter… What, I’m supposed to tell my daughter she has to put off her wedding five years after she’s just accepted a proposal from the man of her dreams? Don’t know where you came from, but I’d rather be broke for a few years and be loved by my family members than out of debt with a hard heart. Just my opinion, my choices. Appreciate that you have yours as well. Good luck!

          • Poorman

            @disqus_pWgAeIIwkO:disqus Actually I do have a daughter and I helped pay for her wedding,key word there is helped. Sad to think that you need to spend money to be loved by your family or that they would think you had a hard heart because you couldn’t afford to pay for things for them.. God bless and hope you have a good future.

          • Rick

            Good to hear. Like I said, my situation wasnt quite as fortunate as yours as the grooms family was old fashioned and did not offer to help, even though we gave them every opportunity. In any event, it’s all life’s lessons. And I’m glad you’re in a secure place financially, and wish more people were. Our assets greatly out distance our debt, however I worry that some of the most valuable like real estate may take a big dive in the near future. Then we may be back to ground zero. But I should have at least 15 more full time years of lucrative employment, and by estimates of private firms, about 3-5 years of social security. I did say there would be no SS, but it looks like we may get a very small fraction of what we’ve paid in. Could buy a bag of groceries each month if nothing else. Good to hear different opinions on things. Best of luck!

        • Richard O. Mann

          Hey, I have 42 cents in my bank savings account.

          • John Byde

            Will you marry me?

        • K2

          Unless the economy ‘contracts’, its not depression. This apllies not just in the states but anywhere.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          Those surveys can be very lopsided.. I mean, maybe the person has less than $1,000 in savings but gets a fixed income and has a house paid for worth $300,000 etc

      • John Byde

        Next blood moon/Shemitah/goat born with two heads.

        • Gay Veteran


        • crazeybarry

          Slowly and painfully. …..death by a thousand cuts….not over night or suddenly. ……however, I will look for that two headed goat, it might make a nice head mount for my trophy room.

        • Viper

          Yeah, that Shemitah thing really panned out…..

          While the numbers do scream a collapse, the fact is that the system can remain irrational longer than any of us can remain solvent.

      • Hammerstrike

        In progress…

        • K2

          Thats not what the comment i replied to implies.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I also believe it will be a deflationary collapse (the Great Depression was deflationary). But it’s going to be much worse this time around. Trouble is everywhere. Walmart is struggling. The average American is struggling. This will not end well.

      • Robert C.

        You know something is up when Walmart is struggling and losing billions.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          Understand this..a loss of profit size or growth is not the same as an actual loss! Walmart’s Profit Margin (ttm) is 3.19% They have a lot more online competition now. I’m not saying that competition accounts for all the differences, but it likely accounts for a sizable portion.

          • Da_Neutral_Observer

            Your rationalization does nothing to dampen the grim reality of Walmart’s plight. Sure competition is grating on Walmart. And that competition is only going to get stiffer! Walmart can spend all it wants on human resources and internal infrastructure. Their business model is what is suspect. Nearly all brick and mortars are doomed to failure without significant rent relief, capital investment and/or the sale of the property they sit on. THAT is large-scale economic depression.

      • Kenneth_Brown

        Not to mention that Walmart has put so many local competing firms out of business, if they close many stores, there will be a vast hole in some towns when it comes to shopping. A big question will be if there will be a banking system and a somebody with the credit to open stores in these places. I know of a couple of smaller towns where the local Walmart is it. One of these is in Texas where the rapid downsizing of the oil industry means an exodus of people from the area. Small shops could remain competitive, but a huge store such as a Walmart has a huge minimum running cost.

      • Espn Poster

        It is funny because economists seem to think that deflation is the cause of recessions, rather than the fact that deflation is the RESULT of recessions.

    • Hammerstrike

      The Greatest Depression has already begun.
      The only thing that can have a fast effect is the end of the dollar as an international trade curency, rest is going to be slow.

      • jsmith

        A lot of people seem to be in denial but we are experiencing the signs of a depression as we type these posts. Most of us seem to be okay in one way or the other, but is it just in Detroit and Chicago that are feeling the brunt of the downside? Here in Orange County life goes on, and one would think that there would be less cars on the freeway, but just the opposite is happening. Is it that they are looking for work?

      • K2

        Unless the economy ‘contracts’, its not depression. Not just in the states but anywhere.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      The Federal Reserve doesn’t call all the shots. It’s presumptuous for you to say the government has no means of reigning in expenses. I see lots of bloated programs, including Social Security retirement which pays out with no regards to a person’s assets.

  • Richard

    I have always believed that the stock market would crash in October I that is the favorite month for it to happen. I am still prepping and I will continue until it happens.

    • James

      October is almost over and the S&P 500 is up 3% this month, DJIA is up 4%, NASDAQ-Composite is up 1%.
      Sure, keep talking about crashes

      • Ms

        When kids are young, they believe in santa. And every christmas morning, they get gifts. But are they actually from santa? No, they’re put there by parents, because santa doesn’t exist. The stock market right now is the same thing. An illusion controlled by higher puppets

        • James

          So exactly who is controlling Apple, Visa, and Nike?

          • Poorman

            The six families

          • James

            So are they in the C’ranks and boards of all 30 dow companies and all 500 companies in the S&P 500.

          • Poorman

            Maybe, but in general they control the money. They control the voting power in the top four banks which control the voting power in those same fortune 500 companies. The Rothschilds started and control the Federal Reserve. Just do a google search.

    • RJ

      Only 11 days and we shall see if your prediction comes to fruition. Taps fingers impatiently….while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • John Byde

      There’s always November. Isn’t that a bad month too? I’m sure plenty of bad things in history have happened in November. And December, January, February, March too.

  • James

    Always tomorrow.
    PS. The US is overflowing with money.
    Stock photography, stock dividends, dumpster diving, contracting work, etc
    The US is overflowing with money, the problem is
    Do you have the skills to get it?

    • Alwaystomorrow

      Answer: Yes. I am at work now exchanging some acquired skills for some sweet smelling cash.

      • John Doe

        A Male sex prostitute such as your self can do quite well however the “profession” has a stigma attached.

        • Alwaystomorrow

          My stigma seems to be my best customer (John Doe) stalking me on blogs.

          No more discounts for you!

          • Johnny

            I know how you feel always tomorrow,
            John Doe is such a hit and run. He told
            me I was the only one-BITCH.

          • Alwaystomorrow

            Your the fourth guy that has told me that today.

          • GSOB

            2 Kings 23:7

          • GSOB

            1 Kings 14:24

          • CASTIEL


          • Mike Smithy

            Yes, funny stuff indeed.

          • GSOB

            1 Timothy 1:8-10

          • GSOB

            Jude 7

          • GSOB

            Leviticus 20:13

        • GSOB

          Leviticus 18:22

      • James


        • Alwaystomorrow

          And some people say i don’t add value to the blog. Imagine that. 😉

          • James

            You add common sense and cut through the rhetoric and make people think for themselves.

          • GSOB

            1 Corinthians 6:9-11

  • RJ

    Seriously? Your contacts said that sales of storable foods and precious metals are reporting sales dropping off dramatically? And you decide to write an article about why people should still be concerned about the impending implosion and should keep stockpiling?

    I am stunned and speechless at this blatant attempt to ramp up the fear to keep people buying.

    Very sad. Very sad indeed.

    • jox

      Anything to say about the raw data provided by the article?

    • turtles

      Sorry RJ, I disagree. I’m very glad this was written because I don’t have access to this kind of info nor do I have the time or skills to search it out. I was so concerned abt sept that I suggested that my kids fill their water bobs !
      It’s this kind of info that is way more valuable that ” comet near miss’ kind of stuff and this is why I visit this site every day.

  • GoldenGirl

    No, it is not the time to relax. I had the same conversation with an emergency food supplier this weekend. That business is event driven. When nothing happens, people breathe a sigh of relief and think they are out of the woods. It can be expensive, but there are ways to do it. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. This is how we’ve always lived. (Isn’t that why we have insurance, in all its forms?) It is no different now than before. Just be alert and enjoy the life God has given us, for as long as he gives us.

    • K2

      Emergency food supplier telling you not to relax and makes you want to to buy emergency food? Why am i not surprised?

      • GoldenGirl

        Those were my words, not those of the emergency food supplier. The conversation was about sales overall, consumer behavior, how that market is driven and the drop off after the end September. And where did I say that it made me want to buy emergency food? It was just a part of the conversation we had, not a sales pitch from that person. My point was that being prepared should not be reactionary or done from a state of fear, but undertaken as a form of insurance like anything else.

        • K2

          ”No, it is not the time to relax”, these words of yours contradict this message.

          • GoldenGirl

            I guess I can see how you might think that. What I was trying to get across (obviously not very well) is people who “prep” based on a perceived upcoming event should take stock after the event has not materialized and see what they need to do to be prepared for more everyday scenarios ~ and not relax in thinking they have dodged a bullet. The time to start shopping for fire insurance is not when the fire is at your back door.

  • David Hilty

    Doesn’t prepping pretty much have to slow down? Those who are of the mindset to prepare were going to do the bulk of it by September. For many of us, we’re out of both money and storage space. How would we continue to buy additional food and supplies?

    • barry oldwater

      No doubt, when you shell out a bunch of money to tie up loose ends and nothing happens, you have to reevaluate what to do next and what direction to go in. You just can’t continue to stock up on food water and ammo indefinietly, there is always a limit and a understandable lull in purchasing when people have overspent at the last minute in preperation of an event that did not come as expected.

    • merrileerj

      Good point David. If we stockpile as best we can by September, w hat would we still be doing-can afford I mean-in October Michael?

  • Thiagarajan TVS

    Let me add to what you said Almost all African nations are facing food insecurity. Some Pacific Islands will be running out of food stocks in two months!. The drought is going to wipe out millions!

    Thiagarajan TVS

    • K2

      Cant they import food?

      • Thiagarajan TVS

        They should have money to import. But is there enough food around the world to import? No..There are not only droughts around the world but also “flash droughts”!

        Thiagarajan TVS

        • K2

          There is a lot of food in the world to feed people many times over. And even if they dont have money, their govts can take loans and import food and feed them, if they are facing a life and death issue.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Of all the…

    The wise do not stop preparing because of some news stories. Preparedness is a way of life – not some one-time social program. It’s a masterpiece that will last you and yours a lifetime.

  • Ben

    I’d Sue the people who tricked you into believing all of the Shemitah rubbish. Utter nonsense! No grand economic apocalypse is imminent

    • jox

      Do you actually read the articles and all the data Michael provides?

      • Watchman

        No he doesn’t. Note the same figures that show up and derail and troll the comment section of the blog.


      well the golden 90s are over ……and we are at least 8 years in this crisis…..the question how long can we keep this titanic float?

      • jaxon64

        The question is, how long can you slow-boil a frog like Ben before he realizes he is being cooked?

        • CASTIEL

          🙂 well by what i learn he will never realize….

    • SW

      Sue Sue Sue thats one of the problems with America’s attitude. Have a set of balls and think for yourself.

    • Watchman

      Hey Ben how is it going with your daily trolling. You must be working overtime with your fellow trolls to derail this blog with your idiotic and moronic comments. Now go back to your handler and tell them you are a failure in life.

  • Priszilla

    They weren’t prepping. They followed a trend. Now they follow another trend. There are a lot of people who just need to follow and worship someone or something.

    • GoldenGirl

      You are right ~ they weren’t prepping. It was a similar scenario of people panicking when they heard that a hurricane was coming their way and then rush to the market last minute for water, batteries and food. Now that they think the threat is gone, they stop. Until the next emergency.

      • Priszilla

        I lived a few years in Hong Kong. We had a few typhoons coming in every year. Kathrina-type typhoons hardly did any damage to buildings.
        Over there, people are warned on a coming typhoon, depending on the distance.
        When a direct or close hit is expected, people get off work (and still get paid), and get time to get home safely. Then all public transport stops.
        To many office workers, typhoon during the week is highly welcome, not so much at the weekend.
        A safe shelter is the first stage for prepping. No point living in a shed and stockpiling ammo for a gun fight, when your walls let any bullet through.

  • Priszilla

    Price earnings ratio reflect interest rates.
    If interest rate is 10% the equivalent PER is 10.
    With PER more than 10 you get more money by putting it into a savings account. With PER <10 you get more money when buying stocks.

    Divide 1 by interest rate and get your maximum permissible PER.
    Interest rate 0.1%:
    1/0.001 = 1000

    There you are.


    A lot of people think that an a economic collapse will get the world into a Mad Max Movie..that all food runs out….. riots in the street etc etc……The world is indeed in a very bad situation…….a financial war betwen the biggest superpowers in the world is in action….and that my friends is what cause change the our type of life….and that must be our concern……like USA arming the ISIS…..and now Russia burning ISIS to the ground and Obama dont like it…..and the biggest military drill in Italy in years of Nato to respond to Russia……That folks?????Nobody seems to care about this????I never believed that a economy reccession could cause the end of the world but what that recession could cause to politics of a lot of countries ……dangerous politics that could cause war……I v seen war……when i was a stupid kid that believed in government, in the system and that i was fighting for a cause…..and i know how devasting that could be……dont expect that a crash in a stock market could end the world…….but what that recession can bring….and that we already see that taking form…..Syria my friends…..its Syria….not the stock market

    • Ms

      I read that 90% of americans would die if there was no electricity for 2 years. Just this factor alone. Imagine all the other factors at play when something bad happens

      • CASTIEL

        its true indeed….but even a major recession happens the elite will never let the system goes down they always creat some strategy to keep the sheeps in order…because if the system goes down they go down…..but things could go to a limit where war is in the horizon…..and when that happens the elite can no longuer control the situation….a major war with a major recession is a coktail molotov

        • Rick

          The elite are a bunch of eugenicists who would love to trim the US population by 90%.

          • laura m.

            Rick: Here and overseas, they will allow Muslims to kill of the so called “infidels” then the elite will kill off (already are now) the mussies after they are used for this agenda. This is why the E.U. and USA, etc. are being invaded/over run. Rich Saudi and Qatar rag heads are financing all these mosques here and over there to org. plans of mass purges soon. Bio weapons will be used on some places.

          • Sam

            Baseless conjecture. Not all Muslims are like you describe. This is a typical claim of those brainwashed to spread hate. It is probably true that rich Gulf countries make their influence in U.S., but people like you must be getting their news from Fox Fake News.

          • alan

            Whatever happens will result in the mass loss of life. Our whole food system is about like our banking system, or power system, or fuel system.

          • Hello Goodbye

            I’m not an elite, and I would love to see the U.S. population trimmed by 90%, with everyone on this site being part of the remaining 10%.

      • Mondobeyondo

        300 years ago, millions of Americans lived without electricity, and most of them survived. The odds seem to be in favor of survival.

        • Daddyotis

          Technically true, although in 1715 there were only about 300K souls living here

          • Stacy Stites

            300k people (though it was closer to 450k) are much more accountable to each other in small communities, and thus, less likely to just kill & take what they need. For proof, see every major city in America on Black Friday.

        • Ms

          Back then, the all had the means to provide for themselves. They had to, or else they would not make it. Nowadays people don’t know a thing about farming, or livestock or any way to provide themselves with food and water. And 100 years ago, there were 60 million farms in the us, and now there are only 20 million

          • alan

            It something seriously broke, we’d be eating each other in a week.

          • CASTIEL

            i know people who never saw a chicken alive……only in the supermakets or in macdonalds ready to be eated:) They dont know nothing about farming……today society see us farmers as cave mans……and with many proud i used to be a farmer…..but when people like me stop sending all the food we cultivate…..they will eat their stupid iphones and playstations 🙂

        • Stacy Stites

          You’re assuming that agrarian communities of 1715 are still around, that the toils of life in 1715 had zero net-effect on the ability of the average person to survive. They all knew how to make fire, get water, cut & dry firewood, plant food, harvest food, store food, and fight.

          We live in a culture where people kill each other for a playstation, which they will use to occupy all of their free time, since they don’t have jobs.

          If our supply chain breaks down, most americans will die.

  • JailBanksters

    Once it’s official the USA is bankrupt and the Global eCONomy collapses, there might be civil unrest lasting a few years, but it could take a decade to come out of the depression. Unless you’ve got a 10 year supply of water and spam, I think preppers are wasting their time. You could not possibly ever have stuff to see you through.

  • WhiteDragonKing

    America will recover but, not before God is done with the weeding

    • GSOB

      The knowledge of duty is of the best knowledge.

  • Km

    Agreed, keep stocking, and smoke the dollar stores for all you can! This is a slow burn, but eventually it will burn out, and rationing will take place, which means no variety at all in what you will be eating! So avoid the begging lines, and have all you need for your family!

  • Sorry, Im not PC.

    All the more reason to prep, When you least expect it is when something usually happens. Every single time!
    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

    • GSOB

      Basic elemental instinct to survive
      Stirs the higher passions
      Thrill to be alive

      Alternating currents in a tidewater surge
      Rational resistance to an unwise urge

      Anything can happen…

      From the point of conception
      To the moment of truth
      At the point of surrender
      To the burden of proof

      From the point of ignition
      To the final drive
      The point of the journey is not to arrive

      Anything can happen…

      Basic temperamental filters on our eyes
      Alter our perceptions
      Lenses polarize

      Alternating currents force a show of hands
      Rational responses force a change of plans

      Anything can happen…

      From a point on the compass
      To magnetic north
      The point of the needle moving back and forth

      From the point of entry
      Until the candle is burned
      The point of departure is not to return

      Anything can happen…

      I set the wheels in motion
      Turn up all the machines
      Activate the programs
      And run behind the scene

      I set the clouds in motion
      Turn up light and sound
      Activate the window
      And watch the world go ’round

      From the point of conception
      To the moment of truth
      At the point of surrender
      To the burden of proof

      From the point of ignition
      To the final drive
      The point of a journey
      Is not to arrive

      Anything can happen…

      • joe schmo

        Prime Mover, in no “rush” to move, lol…but ah, what an ingeniously crafted song, back when the instruments mattered, and the economy was fully Reaganized…

  • Bubba Johnson

    Some preppers do not want to be the last man standing.
    Just do not want to be the first to go.

  • Prepare To Die

    Climate Change occurred 9 23.

    Economic Climate Change

    Climate: Def.

    The prevailing trend of public opinion or of another aspect of public life.
    A prevailing condition or set of attitudes in human affairs.
    The prevailing influence or environmental conditions characterizing a group or period

  • Fred Flint

    The run up to September was a little over the top however that did not mean decisions were made or positions taken that were kept secret.

  • CharlesH

    Keep up your outstanding work Michael. I for one need unvarnished information, devoid of all the spin and tumbling that the powers to be want to spoon feed us. I’m a sponge for the truth – straightforward and without the fluff. Thanks!

    • Watchman

      Agreed. Don’t mind the numerous trolls on the blog comment section here. They only come out when the situation is bad. If the economic situation wasn’t bad what need would there be for the trolls to dispute and derail and hijack the comment section?

      Keep on going Michael and keep on writing.

  • Vernon Weiss

    I read a quite a few negative comments in the feed. Being prepared is not a one day or one time event. It is a mind set that includes a regular reassessment of facts, current events, past history and possible future events. Then looking at your personal plan and how it can be improved. Yes, sales of storage food and other ‘prepper’ supplies go up and down because there are quite a few people that only prepare for that ‘one’ event’ There is an up side to knowing people who plan for a one time event though. I bought a brand new generator from someone who was preparing for Y2K. He paid over $1000 for it. Since he “no longer needed it”; he sold it to me for $350! I have used it multiple times since then. I have been a ‘prepper’ for 40 years. Over that time I have used my preparations many times. Times that I have not had work, local weather situations, etc. In one ice storm we were without power for over a week with two young boys at home. We were fine in our house and the boys, now in their 40’s remember it fondly!

    • GoldenGirl

      Absolutely correct!

  • Metatron Dodecahedron

    it’s ALL relative… if you live a simple life, divorced of The Beast system, all this info, and the inevitable doom, has little affect on your household.

    Petroleum is likely the last Beast element in a simple household… it is a luxury…. you Re Alize life without it, and plan accordingly. EXIT THE BEAST [babylonian] SYSTEM

    • GSOB

      Heavenly wisdom is required that love may have a proper sense of the relative worth of objects.

  • DJohn1

    What you are seeing is not just the collapse of the middle class.
    We are seeing the collapse of an entire economy that entails both the middle, low, and rich classes of people.
    Our entire economy is based on wages. That is wages upon which we pay taxes to the government each year.

    Yet every pillar of our economy has been to destroy the high wages of the very people that either make or break retail sales.
    Pillar one is wage increases that keep up with inflationary trends usually to the number of 4% per year. Most businesses cannot afford to give those kind of raises to everyone. Their place where they actually do not make much of a profit is in there somewhere.
    Pillar two is the COLA by which all social security recipients get raises each year to keep up with “inflation” as defined by government.
    It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans for most Americans retired.
    Pillar three is the home by which all families pay into with the idea of eventually getting to the point where they own and not rent.
    With the Congress reducing or eliminating any benefit in the tax code the demand for housing goes down the tubes. So fewer and fewer actually own and more and more rent because there is no other way to do it.
    Pillar four is the jobs actually out there competing with the jobs lost to foreigners. It all comes back to haunt the very people that are in charge when they steal the jobs and send them overseas. Those jobs do not pay income tax.
    The fifth factor is how much disposable income does the average person out there have after paying all their bills, paying their taxes, and finding transportation, clothing, food, and housing to raise their families?
    All of these pillars have come tumbling down in the last 15 to 20 years by wrong decisions made by the game rules produced by a bunch of rich lawyers in our Congress.
    What it is going to take is a complete turn around in all these factors to bring the economy back to where it belongs if this country is not burdened by a huge depression that we have not seen since the early 30s.
    The clueless bunch I see running for office from both parties are unlikely to reverse what is happening.
    Which means the dam that allows just the Democrat/Republican party from getting elected in most states has to be brought down to allow new ideas and new people a chance to correct the errors made.
    Probably won’t happen in my life time. Unless the entire thing collapses under its own weight. And that is exactly what is happening right now.
    Donald Trump might get elected or not. But no one else wants to even address the embarrassing issues currently out there.

  • Rick

    We should all be thanking God that nothing worse happened in September. Continue to repent, pray, and serve Him. We will turn this country around yet. By His Grace!

    • John Noyb

      Rick – don’t think this country is gonna turn around. The world system is being set up for something totally different than having a super power US of A. We are headed toward the one world – one religion – one economic system. Sounds like you are a Believer. The WORD is true and a “turned around” U.S. isn’t in the picture. Our home isn’t here anyway! Look Up!

      • Rick

        You are right John, but we’ve got to live somewhere in the meantime. Blessings to you!

  • Lucy

    I am just flat out sick of those who deny that we are already in trouble, the kind of trouble that isn’t going to get better for a very long time.
    My husband works 2 jobs and still ends don’t meet….ever. Of our 6 kids, 3 are working in a grocery chain and of the 3, none have been offered full time, even though all 3 are excellent employees. It’s far cheaper to use them as part time help so as to not offer any benefits at all. Full time positions are coveted by all and given to few.
    My son who is a HS senior, is struggling to decide what to do with his life. He wants to eventually get married and take care of a family, but what career path is he to choose? My neighbor who is a chemist told him that he will have to seriously consider leaving the US for employment, he himself travels to other countries for long periods of time for his work.
    There are days when i see no hope at all and I get very overwhelmed.
    Then I remember that God is in the drivers seat and I have to stay tough and be patient. Prepping isn’t just for material goods and knowledge….we also have to prepare spiritually, you never know what will be asked of us.
    These are terrifying yet exciting times we live in….days that all of us who are alive were chosen to be in……

    • Alwaystomorrow

      A suggestion for the senior, Purdue University chemical engineering.

      • Gay Veteran

        not so sure about that, companies outsource their chemical manufacturing to India which I’m sure has few if any environmental regulations

        • Alwaystomorrow

          Take that chemical engineering degree to one of the crop protection companies and put it to work.

          My company works with Purdue students and offers good paying jobs to some of them.

      • SmallerGovNow2

        I’m a Boilermaker class of 82 Engineering…

    • old geezer

      If God is in the drivers seat, he needs to make a hard right turn. I think we are heading in the wrong direction!

  • RedSky

    When you consider that CAPE is abnormally high, what is driving investors to buy in when the corporate earnings are very low but the price of their stock is at all time highs? Smoke and mirrors! Although a good time for PM perhaps.

  • EgbertThrockmorton1

    Having grown up in poverty, I have “prepped” before it was en vogue. I like to eat regularly, like to see my grand kids eat regularly and like to have funds readily accessible for our use, without having to “ask permission” from a depositing institution. Nor do I care for that same depositing institution, deciding with the blessing of our esteemed federal regulators, deciding to give haircuts to all those depositors, then name us as unsecured creditors. We like growing our own food, as much as possible in our own garden, without regulatory interference. is there a huge economic disaster coming? Nope, it IS already here, it’s just slowly lapping at the base of societal foundations and under mining the foundations of society, so that the “flood” is going to create a disaster far worse than any apocalyptic/Biblical event. So, we “prepare” for OUR survival and success.

    • GSOB

      How about John 5:39?
      Does that fit into your prepping?


    don’t worry be happy, cause HILLARY will save the day!!!!

    • GSOB

      sarc – like Benghazi

  • Alleged Comment

    You cannot quit prepping. The people that do are only actors and they won’t last.

    if they only respond when they are scared is not prepping. Prepping is a mindset not a reaction.

  • Prut

    Is it just me or do the “Preppers” seem akin to a kind of doomsday cult, waiting and hoping for the end of the world?

    • GSOB

      Notta – It’s just you.

  • Brian Willis

    people keep saying a collapse is coming..end of the world bla bla bla. No it aint not in the usa. this sytem is reigged by fiat out of thin air dollars. They just got obamacare thru and are having a smorgasbord of raping and pillaging of the dumb workaholic american. The system is gorging itself off the hardworking backs of the slaves here in a work and suck system. They wan this slave system to never end and will keep at it. Theres not gonna be a time where you can miss work and live in your bunkers eating beenie weenies in an apocalyptic walking dead type world. No the fast food places will still be going strong packed to the rafters with people with fat loads of cash in their pockets, Long lines in every business……the emplyees there working super overtime money coming down from the cieling because theres so many damn customers. this consumer slaveholic system is not stopping. So while your reading this know this….your gonna have a long hard day tomorrow busier than hell. Wash rinse repeat. get back to work slave

    • GSOB

      Matthew 16:15

  • rat28

    everything is getting cheaper.. what is there to prep?

  • Norm LePage

    I have been reading this blog for years and my self a conservative Christian Pastor ,I appreciate all the time and effort you put into research and distribution of your articles but I wonder how prepared can one truly be what are your recommendations ? thanks Norm

  • kjuhgjgujb

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    • MaxRockatansky33

      No more valium?

  • Cyber Revengeance

    i don’t think preppers will have any significant advantage compared to others

    • GSOB

      Christians, believe it or not, have the best advantage because they are in union with Christ.

  • PoliPsy

    The end-of-the-worlders have been proven wrong since the beginning time. They were wrong again. Many exploit others using the fear of the end of the world when the fact is the end of the world happens every day to those who die.

    Be ready to survive hard times and disruptions in power and food. Sure. That’s just good common sense. Be prepared for that. But if you are constantly fearing the end of the world, then maybe you should take a step back and assess whether or not there might be something wrong with your thinking that you need to change simply to be able to deal with reality and the here and now.

  • tayronachan

    Martin Armstrong, who studies cycles, has said the date 2015.75 is not the “end”, but the beginning of the Sovereign Debt crisis.

    And it’s not the end of the world, the farmer will still farm, and the fisherman will still fish. I’d also argue that the “big money” is made at the bottom of a cycle.

    • GoldenGirl

      Exactly. And he also says that this ‘crash’ is not the stock market but of government/sovereign debt. His ECM is amazingly accurate.

      • tayronachan

        Yup, a storm is coming, it’s going to be rough sailing. Good luck.

        • GoldenGirl

          And to you.

  • rottenrollin

    Do you remember the warnings after 2008? To the effect:

    “Don’t get comfy, the same people are still in charge of it all.”

    Tim’s gone, and a few others, but no great prosecution of Wall Street and banking thieves and such……..

    So, by and large, the same people are STILL in charge.

    And the debt’s grown by trillions…….the same bubbles are bubbling up.

    Me? I’m stocking up as fast as my little budget will allow……..mostly with foods/stuff I will use in any event, so no/little loss. And I’m much more ready for Mother Nature, if that is the only storm that comes my way.

  • lilbear68

    even broken clocks are correct twice every 24 hrs. keep predicting it you may eventually hit it right but then when the SHTF and the media, internet and most other forms of communication are dead youll be hard pressed to say ‘I told your so’ to any one that will be able to listen

  • Priszilla

    You don’t quit prepping in September. Autumn is the time for making jams, and pickles, chutneys, juices, and wines, and dry leaves for tea.
    Time to fill the pantry for use and for gifts.
    It’s one of the most exciting times of the year.

  • Marc V. Ridenour

    Please God the Father let Jesus come for us before it gets this bad! Amen

  • Kenneth_Brown

    Some of the darling stocks that people are buying are dangerously priced. Tesla motors doesn’t have a P/E, divide by Zero error and an EPS of -$4.14. Facebook trades around 92x earnings per share. Potential is one thing, but it must be weighed against risk. Facebook could be challenged like MySpace was when FB gained in popularity. Tesla could easily run short of buyers with $100,000+ to plunk down on a new car.

    It doesn’t hurt to put cash into non-perishables and a decent supply of shelf stable food. If you find a great deal on toilet paper, buy several cases. It’s not like you will be saving expenses in the future by cutting out TP expenditures. It’s also a nearly risk free investment if you store it where it won’t get wet. I can’t imagine a disruptive new technology that will obviate TP or drive it’s price significantly downwards. I also pick up shoes that fit me well as I find them on eBay or other shopping sites when I find an exceptionally low price. I buy the odd pair at $25 instead of waiting until I really need a new pair and have to pay $60+ at the shoe store. If you think about it, there are lots of day to day items that might be good to purchase when they are being blown out at deep discounts. Picking a stock that will double within the next twelve months is a gamble. Buying socks at half the going retail price is much easier.

    I stay away from aggressively trading stocks. To make money at it with only a moderate amount of risk, one has to spend the time monitoring the market and global economy to make informed choices about timing. That’s a lot of work on top of a real job.

  • GSOB

    These hands, just ordinary hands
    Are called upon to meet life’s extraordinary demands
    These lips could speak the truth in love
    But all would be in vain unless empowered from above
    How could I ever hope to make a difference
    Unless you work a wonder deep within?

    Lord make my life, make my life a miracle
    May your Spirit be the difference in me
    I want to live supernaturally
    Make my life a miracle, Lord, a miracle

    This mind, teach it through your word
    I need the mind of Christ in this world so distorted and blurred
    These feet will run to win the prize
    No stopping on the way for some enticing compromise
    Jesus in me can make a world of difference
    Jesus in me – the power of the Lord

    Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me

    • GSOB


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