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20 Signs That All Point To The Exact Same Thing – Can You Guess What That Is?

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The U.S. economy is in a massive amount of trouble.  There aren’t enough jobs.  There isn’t enough money to go around.  Business activity is slowing down again.  Household wealth has been falling.  Food prices have been rising.  Many state and local governments all over the country are flat broke and are drowning in debt.  The federal government has been rolling up unprecedented amounts of debt in an attempt to keep things going, but everyone knows that kind of borrowing is simply unsustainable.  So where do we go from here?  We consume far more than we produce and we use debt to make up the difference.  40 years ago the total amount of debt in America (government, business and consumer) was less than 2 trillion dollars.  Today it is nearly 55 trillion dollars.  How in the world did we let the total amount of debt in the United States grow more than 27 times larger over the past 40 years?  Our economic system is fundamentally broken, but most Americans don’t realize it yet because times are still relatively good.

However, the next great economic crisis is going to wake a whole lot of Americans up.

And when they realize what has happened to our future, they are going to be really, really angry.

Enjoy the good times while they last.  The next recession is rapidly approaching, and it will not be pleasant.

The following are 20 signs that all point to the exact same thing….

#1 The unemployment rate in the U.S. has been above 8 percent for 40 months in a row, and 42 percent of all unemployed Americans have been out of work for at least half a year.  As I wrote about recently, there are never going to be enough jobs in America ever again.  As bad as things are right now, they are about to get even worse.  So what is our country going to look like once the unemployment rate starts shooting up rapidly once again?

#2 35 percent of all unemployed workers have had to dip into retirement savings in order to make ends meet over the past year.

#3 Since 2008, the U.S. economy has lost 1.3 million jobs while at the same time 3.6 million more Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.

#4 A recent survey conducted by the National Association for Business Economics found that only 23 percent of all U.S. companies plan to hire more workers over the next 6 months.  When the same question was asked a few months ago that number was at 39 percent.

#5 An important measure of U.S. manufacturing activity has fallen to its lowest level since June 2009.

#6 Hundreds of thousands of federal jobs at civilian agencies will likely be lost if Congress allows the automatic federal budget cuts to go into effect next year.  The following is from a recent article posted on….

A report released Tuesday suggests that several hundred thousand federal jobs at civilian agencies would be on the chopping block within the next year if Congress lets the automatic budget cutting process known as sequestration go into effect.

The study, authored by George Mason University professor Stephen Fuller, adds a new dimension to a budget debate that’s so far been centered on sequestration’s effects on the military.

#7 The teen unemployment rate in Washington D.C. right now is 51.7 percent.

#8 Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index is now the lowest that it has been since January.

#9 The median net worth of U.S. households in 2007 was $126,400.  By 2010, it had fallen to just $77,300.

#10 Pensions at S&P 500 companies are more under-funded than they have ever been before.

#11 According to the New York Times, state and local governments across America “shortchanged their pension plans by more than $50 billion” between 2007 and 2011.

#12 The city of Compton, California is evaluating whether or not it should declare bankruptcy.  If it did, it would become the fourth California city to declare bankruptcy this year.

#13 The percentage of U.S. households that are spending more than half their incomes on housing is at an all-time high.

#14 For the first time in modern history, Canadian households are wealthier than American households are.

#15 One recent poll found that 42 percent of all Americans believe that China is the leading economic power in the world while only 36 percent believe that the U.S. is still the leading economic power in the world.

#16 According to the federal government, the price of food rose much faster than the general rate of inflation did during 2011.  Just check out these rates of food inflation for 2011….

  • Beef: +10.2%
  • Pork: +8.5%
  • Fish: +7.1%
  • Eggs: +9.2%
  • Dairy: +6.8%
  • Oils and Fats: +9.3%

If that happened during a somewhat “normal year”, what will food prices look like after we are done with the drought of 2012?

#17 The price of a bushel of corn has risen by 54 percent since mid-June.

#18 According to one survey, 42 percent of all American workers are living paycheck to paycheck.

#19 A different survey found that 28 percent of all Americans have absolutely no emergency savings at all right now.

#20 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made the following statement to Congress on Tuesday: “At this point we don’t see a double dip recession. We see continued moderate growth.”

Do you remember that old Seinfeld episode when George Costanza decided that he would “do the opposite” of everything that his instincts were telling him to do and everything started working out great for him?

Well, when it comes to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the key is to “believe the opposite” of everything that he says.

And since Bernanke does not believe that a double dip recession is going to happen, that probably means that we are about to hit another recession.

If you doubt this theory about Bernanke, just go back and check out his track record.

Okay, so if our economy is in big trouble shouldn’t our leaders be doing something about it?

Well, it is election season now so I wouldn’t expect too much from Barack Obama.  He is too busy raising money in France and in China.

I wouldn’t expect too much from Obama’s economic advisers either.  In fact, Obama’s much-ballyhooed “jobs council” has not even met in six months.

Not that the “jobs council” was ever going to do anything substantive anyway.

The truth is that it was just for show and most of the CEOs on the council have been sending jobs overseas anyway.

Well, what about the SEC?

Shouldn’t they be doing something to fix the financial system?

No, they are too busy investigating the Amish.

It looks like we are on our own.

Soon, even more parts of the country will start looking like Detroit or Baltimore or Cleveland.

This country is rapidly falling apart, and the federal government is not going to save us.

That is why we need to focus on preparing to weather the coming storm on a family and community level.

There is hope in being prepared.  The coming economic crisis will wipe out many Americans because they will never even see it coming.  But that does not have to happen to you.

If you work really hard right now to prepare your family for the storm that is on the horizon, then you will have a much better chance of making it through to the other side.

  • howard in nyc

    “20 Signs That All Point To The Exact Same Thing – Can You Guess What That Is?”

    oooooh, oooooh, mr. kotter! i know, i know!

    we are totally screwed!

    • mattyboy

      I second that!

    • Alasha


      • Gary2

        didn’t the guy who played Epstein just die?

        • Alasha

          awwwwwwwwwwwww. me sad. me want cookie.

  • Rodster
    • Michael

      Good addition to the list. 🙂


  • Rodster

    This video shows where this is all heading. Except it will be Global economic meteor.

  • It is not going to happen to me nope,never,no way, I have said it many times before because I have seen this coming for a long time and have taken the proper steps to be prepared so I see no need to panic. To be honest about the upcoming chaotic times all I can say is “bring it on”

  • paul

    I’d go as far as to say this recession/depression began with the Dotcom bubble bursting, and has never really ended despite the papering over of the cracks with credit creation via dodgy home lending. There has certainly been no period of recovery despite what lying Government and Banking numbers may have said.

    • Paul

      Actually it began before the dotcom bubble started, and is probably one of the reasons why the dotcom bubble happened in the first place.

      Another reason is the continuous war the US is fighting to keep tax money flowing to Lockheed Martin & Co.

  • Wilson

    Outstanding, concise and to the point. My question, how many people sitting on the fence will get the point(s), and get busy preparing for the collapse and minimize the negative effects on their family? Thank you for a well written article.

  • DieselDan

    Ding ding ding , you win your prize is living with the worst government this country has ever had. It’s not going to get better we are entering a dark hour, prepare like the collapse has already arrived because in all reality it has!
    Diesel Dan standing by in Nazi York!

  • M. Hapney

    It is too late. At this point, “buying American” on any real scale isn’t even possible. We simply are gutted. We don’t make things anymore. An empty vessel, a ‘service-based’ (read debt) economy.

    The US is already economically a corpse. The worst financial statement on the planet. It is being kept on life support as long as we are willing to assault countries without a central bank, for the benefit of the global banksters.

    The US is done as a competitor in the global economy. We were sold the lie that we could go head to head with an Asian willing to live on $2 a day. When the banksters decide to pull the plug we will be the world’s first industrialized third-world nation.

    The end game is global governance and a World Bank. You can’t have that with one nation living high on the hog. All nations/peoples must be brought down to accepting the $2/day scenario, and yes, that is where we are heading. As Peter Schiff has said for years, the Chinese slave is going to get a pay raise while you are going to be sent to the poor house.

    Most of the population will perish in a short time period. The coming collapse is indeed global, but we have the farthest to fall. The emotional shock of going from being coddled with every trinket, toy, and luxury to being forced to scrounge for food will be too much for the Twittering Twits to bear.

    Nothing will be done about it because our entitled, deluded, and proud populace is fixated on the status quo, the here and now, keeping the illusion of prosperity (based on debt) alive. That is far more important than any drastic measures and compromise to try and save our dying empire. Bumbling banker puppets take center stage in Nov while anyone willing to face our demise is marginalize and rejected. You get to choose from one paid for traitor or another; in other words, don’t bother.

  • Piglet

    [#15 One recent poll found that 42 percent of all Americans believe that China is the leading economic power in the world while only 36 percent believe that the U.S. is still the leading economic power in the world.]

    Look at who has lent a trillion dollars to whom, who has the manufacturing base the other used to have, who has the world’s rare earth elements largely sewn up, etc., and the answer is obvious.

  • Paula W

    You could consider New Zealand.
    I belive you can stay 6mths then you could fly to Australia, and even the Islands of Fiji/Samoa/Rarotonga.
    Easy to do business here, especially if you were a self-employed consultant type.
    Not very God freindly here though.

  • markthetruth

    33 1/3 of the global teenagers are now couch potato’s and growing.

    We are at the point of no return in the tech world, it is making the

    humans less important and less needed in this new type of society

    less human interaction

    no need to become literary on a subject anymore as the information is at your phone

    no need to remember much (phone numbers,history ,ext)

    math or spelling is easier since you can google it

    So our brains are also becoming couch potato’s too.

    soon Jeopardy will become Search ability.

    All in all, all where doing is going nowhere faster!!!!!!!!

    no matter what, the wheel is round.

    There are times in our lives when we are on narrow roads. At those times, we are fools if we try to maintain our usual speed.

    the end.

    • a cruel accountant

      Correction. In developed countries where keynesian econimics is king 1/3 of the young people are not working.

  • Colin

    There is one debt that Americans are starting to question. A recent story in Huffington was on how Americans felt about the cost of college. More Americans now believe the cost of college is not worth the debt incurred, and some are now are putting more of their money into retirement savings.

    It says in the report that 75% of jobs in 2020 will require a college degree. I am not sure if this number reflects the jobs that actually require a degree, or if this number is indicative of the value that a degree supposedly has.

  • mondobeyondo

    #20 is absolutely hilarious.
    Poor Mr. Bernanke’s been spending waaaay too much time in Wonderland. If he ever ventured out into the real America, where real Americans live, he would realize just how dire things really are.

    And they are dire indeed. Don’t count on politicians to help us. Barack Obama will say and do anything to get re-elected. Mitt Romney will say and do anything to get elected. Both will promise you the moon, but end up handing you green (government) cheese. The same goes for the majority of Congress. Even Mother Nature isn’t helping, with this drought and heat wave.

    Looks more and more like we are on our own.

  • OH NO

    My wife just “doesn’t get it” you can give her 1,000 reasons and she’s good for a month then it’s what the ******* are you going??? I love her dearly but she’s like everybody else out there they don’t want to worry about it until it smacks them in the face, I understand why they keep delaying the inevitable because that’s the way people want it. I worked at a store during 70’s when they had the meat, paper and gas shortages that was a sight, when the meat disappeared the dog and cat food was the second thing to go, paper anything that was paper gone, gas as soon as they started the pumps 5 different lines, fights no gun play but it will be different this time, I hope my wife wakes up soon cause she’s not going to like what’s coming.

    • HecatesMoon

      Oh no, I sort of know where you are coming from. My boyfriend is KIND of prepping, but isn’t nearly as serious about it as I am which means there are things I want to do, but can’t do, because he won’t agree to doing them as a matter of putting the money into doing it.
      Sometimes he is on the same wavelength but sometimes not. Like he can’t see us ever being without electricity or gas as a matter of an economic crisis or see us being without it as a long term or permanent thing. I don’t think he sees the potential to ever be without water on a long term basis either.
      He is a prepper for the short term kind of thing where everything will be up and running again shortly whereas I’m sitting in my hot house this morning after the electric went out for absolutely no reason, thinking about what it would be like to be sitting in the hot house as temperatures climb to over 100 degrees without so much as a FAN for an entire summer…. or possibly many summers.
      So yeah, I get it. It is frustrating sometimes. If she ever participates, be happy when she does. If she doesn’t, just plow along as you can. Do what she won’t make too much of a fuss over and know she will wish she’d not made a fuss and will wish she would have participated later. Don’t let it bother you too much.

  • orionverin

    Another Great article!

    • Michael

      Thank you for saying that. I try to do the best I can each day, and some days I leave the computer thinking that I could have done better.

      Encouraging words are good to hear.


  • lee

    Can You Guess What That Is?

    IMO, it’s a debt deleveraging period, but they’ll label it a recession or more likely a depression by the time we’re through it.

    I said in 2008, if another recession like 2008 came again; I would be ready and I am. I dropped my debt so I can live off savings for years if needed, have things stored, an escape plan to live on the beach and a plan to make money on the ride down. All I’m doing now is maximizing my job skills for expected years of a tough job market and storing some extra for family and friends.

    Seriously, if you haven’t prepared yet; get out of debt that would be too much to handle with any cut in icome and keep some food, water, cash and something to defend your home with. i am convinced everywhere but small towns will have issues to deal with once everyone realizes governments cant fix this with more money.

  • C

    Debt = wealth = cash flows = more and more greed. The human condition of not having enough is the seed of society. It’s not rapid though, it’s a slow motion collapse that is hard to get your head around if you can even see it, most people I know don’t see it at all. My only net worth is some cash, can’t really count on 401k/pensions/equity positions, it’s still all just paper & promises.

  • mark

    The lifestyle that we have been living for the last 40 years is toast. The question that I do not know the answer too is how the future will turn out. As we go towards a police state, will the collaspe be large enough that the government will have their hands full with problems in the cities so that they have to leave the folks in the country alone. Get prepared folks for change is coming and most of us will not like what we will see.

  • Thomas

    Economic doom and social cataclysms are being predicted for quite some time and have gathered steam since Fall/2008.However few seem to be aware of the current state of turmoil the financial world is in and the root causes. Even fewer are aware that divine mercy through fervent prayers of the faithfull can mitigate and delay the sufferings that can be caused by sudden economic collapse,which gives sinners the last opportunity to repent.For more info, read the last book of the Bible and listen to the numerous visionaries and prophets of these last days.

  • tappedops

    Dont panic yet… when a box of mac-n-cheese is the size of a pack of cigs–and costs the same—-panic…

    • uncurable wound

      Tappedops,thats funny but not far off…I bought a carton of cigs today,I DONT smoke!!
      Im hoping marlboro reds will have some good barter value when things get fun.A carton was 60 Dollars!!!!
      I dont know how you smokers do it….

  • Nickelthrower


    I bet they can kick this can all the way through past the elections. Fuel prices are coming down and the stock market is being pumped up. Also, don’t forget that Uncle Sam is flat out misrepresenting the Unemployment Numbers. Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics web page and look at their Birth/Death numbers for June and read how they padded the number of new jobs by 120,000 by creating them out of thin air.

    For all any of us know, they can continue to do this indefinitely. A worthless dollar would collapse the world economy and no one is in any hurry – not even our enemies, to see that happen. Seriously, looking back to 2008, how many of you thought we would make it this far?

    Not me.

  • Paul

    You can’t just lump consumer debt and government debt together.

    If the consumer buys US treasuries as a form of investment, then the sum of debt is just increasing by the amount of interest the government has to pay to the consumer.

    But I am not sure whether for the GDP figures government expenses and consumer income are added or subtracted from each other.

  • Paul

    You can’t increase wealth by consuming.

    60% of US GDP comes from consuming wealth. That’s not healthy. Some day that wealth will be gone.

    In comparison: 60% of China’s GDP comes from investing in infrastructure and fixing that wealth. That’s why China’s economy is growing.

    If you want to grow you need to take your savings and invest it. But don’t make the mistake of mixing up “investment” and “gambling”.

    Poor people can only invest in basic necessities like housing, education and health ( teeth).

    Rich people have so much money they start gambling – horse racing, poker, stock exchange.

    The poor shall not be tempted or they will lose. Definitely.

    So, if you want to invest wisely, invest in proper, functional clothing that will keep you healthy and protected in all weather.

    Invest in housing that is still standing after the next storm or flood.

    Invest in housing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for heating or cooling.
    And the sooner the better, as energy costs WILL rise.

  • Paul

    “”do the opposite” of everything – and everything started working out great for him?”

    Anti-cyclic behaviour is always a good idea.

    When everybody is selling and the price goes down, you should start buying (provided you have cash). When everybody is buying and the price is up, you should start selling (And save that cash for the next downturn).

    When companies fire people, you should think about hiring, because they are cheap and training them takes a long time. But when things pick up again, you have a fully trained staff that can hit the road running and don’t need to sit in job interviews and training sessions with new comers.

  • airborne71

    It dosen’t matter anyway , as soon as the great one declares MARTIAL LAW we will have to go to him for all of our needs, from food to health care to a “JOB” in a work camp . Take some time to go and read some of the Executive Orders the president has signed into law ,WARNING ! Not for the feint of heart ! And don’t worry about an election , we won’t have one, the great dear leader will see to it that it dosen’t happen

  • chiller

    Very good Horshack…you get a cookie.

  • William

    Too many Americans are ignoring this “elephant in the living room”. Many will go to the voting booth in Nov and reelect the very same MORONS who represent them in the US Congress. Taxing and spending are the responsibilities of the US Congress. Remember, the sicko Clintooooon left with a $5.7 Trillion national debt. The Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush, with his tax cuts and unfunded wars, worsened by a total lack of regulation of the Wall St criminals, started this terminal nightmare in earnest. The failed and phoney Obummer, born in Kenya, has continued the evil of Bush. The only other choice is Mutt Romney, owned and operated by the City of London Illuminati who were behind 911, and is a poor choice. Give it up, Americans, you are doomed.

  • Cindy Sue

    “If you work really hard right now to prepare your family for the storm that is on the horizon, then you will have a much better chance of making it through to the other side.”

    here here brother, i agree.

  • pete

    Lets just give the Fed the finger!

    If it’s going to collapse and there’s going to be a reset, how about making sure the Fed is not among the survivors?

    Lets look at the history books and cherry pick the things that worked (metal backed currency) and not do the things that didn’t?

    Or, we are doomed to repeat this whole thing….

  • Kathy Smith

    I just wish more people would pay attention to all the warning signs. Yes we are screwed. God help us all.

  • bobobobob

    theXantichrist is like u an me. hewill start another war. go vote 4the antiXchrist he is just like u an me. hecan have 6 wives he invest in foreignassets in the camuin islands; he dont payincometaxes. he is just like u an me. he wont release his income taxes. yea he is just like u an me. he isoutsourseror in chief. yea he is just like u an me.

  • a lot more trouble…

    Many use payday loans to cover food, rent – ‎15 hours ago‎
    By Allison Linn, NBC News
    Many people think of payday loans as a way to cover an unexpected emergency – such as a car repair or medical expense – until your next paycheck comes in. But nearly seven in 10 people who use the short-term, high-fee loans …

    A clear sign that our debt based economy is failing miserably, it’s simply not sustainable.

    • Tim

      Oh, man. Things are worse than I thought.

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      If you need a payday loan you are in trouble. It amazes me that people regularly use these services without considering what will happen if that facility is no longer available.
      For the young people reading this looking to learn something: STAY OUT OF DEBT! Debt is a weak financial option which people take on because it is VERY easy in the short term but punishes you big time over the long term. You are smarter than this – learn to develop your financial intelligence, this will be very hard in the short term but pay large dividends in the future. Just because others say to you to take on debt does not make it a sensible thing to do. Question them, Ask them if they considered developing their financial intelligence so that they did not have to use debt. Their reply should say it all.

  • Barn cat

    There has to be a lot more than 1.3 million lost jobs since 2008. U-6 unemployment went from 9% to 15%. Assuming there are 150-200 million in the workforce that would mean 9-12 million lost jobs.
    Here’s an article from 2010 than said 8 million lost jobs at that point:

  • Matt T

    One problem with some the analyses that shows we are in a a downturn – some or most of them start from the 2007 peak which was built under false money/debt bubble conditions – 2007 was a false prosperity peak. The analysts treat it as real wealth/prosperity. Take for one example, probably the best example, real-estate prices. If you have been in your house for 15 years or more, compare the market price of your house now to what it was when you bought it in 1997, before the Greenspan/Bernanke bubbles started inflating. My house right now is up 50% over that period. Even if it comes down another $50K I’ll still be up 25% since I bought it. So for many of the analyses we’ve seen, I’d like them to have a starting point of 1997 instead of 2007 and see what we get then. I don’t things are as bad as made out to be. And I don’t think we are headed off of a ‘fiscal cliff’ or ‘armageddon’ either. Things will get tight, we’ll have to cut back on non-essentials, we’ll have to get back to hard work, but we aren’t doomed. I don’t buy the mantra that there aren’t enough jobs. If there weren’t then why are there websites like or or, etc, etc – and why are there help wanted ads in the paper every day? When those websites go bankrupt and there’s no more help wanted ads then I’ll believe that there aren’t enough jobs.

  • Regular working guy

    I’d really love to read an article on how a family can prepare for the collapse that is to come. Could you consider writing one? (Apologies if you already have)

  • Syrin

    The great liberal purge, the great reset, whatever you want to call it will be coming to you in the near future. People will now see first hand the reality of what the end game of liberalism is, just as we have seen throughout history, or, for the modern day generation, what is described in “The Hunger Games”. Ancient Rome at the end, Nazi Germany, Soviet/Stalinist Russia, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, Yugoslavia, Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Greece, Spain, Italy, Argentina, and so on. It’s painfully OBVIOUS to anyone with ANY ability to rationally think or just observe which excludes liberals entirely. Meanwhile, the rest of us have seen this coming for years now, and hopefully others have been preparing the same way that I have been.

    • Gay Veteran

      Syrin, are you that dense? the problem is the merger of corporate and state power (fascism) that is being promoted by “conservatives” and “liberals” alike

      • Gary2

        yes he/she is that dense aka dumber than a sack of rocks.

  • well you pointed out again that the writting is engraved on the wall excellent article hopefully more people will wake up i love the comparison of bernanke to george costanza they even look alike keep up the great articles

  • DGB

    It is mathematically impossible for us to repay the National Debt. The middle class has been gutted. We subsitute debt (by borrowing / credit cards) for income. The government schools churn out students that know nothing, and have any sort of ‘genius’ driven out of them. The corporate culture stuffs employees in cube farms and nano-manages them.

    But the shrade continues: Billion dollar publically funded sports stadiums, the silly hype of the Olympics, Iphones, Ipads, TV – we are entertaining ourselves to death.

    Meanwhile, goverment manipulates, intervenes, suppresses our economy. I believe things are so manipulated it is impossible to return to the norm of a ‘free’ economy.

  • GA

    @howard in ny If you are on this site, reading Michaels’s article, you may be screwed but nowhere near as screwed as the herd of unprepared and ignorant! Keep on prepping!

  • michelle

    I see October as a “tipping point”

    Get your Christmas shopping done early.


    I’m doing mine now.

    • uncurable wound

      Dear Santa please bring me a Fully Automatic ***************** and if you can fit it in the driveway a shiny new Tank sure would be great!!
      I promise Ill be Really good with them!!!

    • Josh

      this post made me laugh, christmas shopping done early.
      what a joke of a holiday, consumerism at its worst.
      im sure jesus would be against consumerism. could you see him at walmart buy buy buy! haha

  • sharonsj

    And don’t expect Mitt Romney to do anything either…except keep giving money to rich friends.

    But apparently it’s not bad enough for people to get off their couches.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Somewhere around 50% of GDP is actually debt…. the trillions borrowed and spent by government at all levels and borrowed and spent by the private sector. There isn’t going to be a double dip recession. Its going to be a full blown depression lasting a decade or more.

  • thiscreepingmalaise

    Glum Smurf, “Doomed, we are all doomed, I tell you!”

  • Patriot

    There is so much talk about what is going wrong and the incompetance in Washington. It is easy to talk about, share, and even blow some steam off using all the wonderful media we have today. But, is that all we are going to do, just talk about it???

    We all know the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Many seem to think that if Romney gets in change will happen. This is a lie, no real change will happen. I will admit, it would be better than another term of obummer, but it really more of the same thing than most realize.

    How long are we freedom and liberty loving citizens of the USA going to just sit back and talk and complain about all that is transpiring???? When will we actually try to do something that will actually cause change?

    You know the founding fathers put there wealth, freedom, and lives on the line when they wrote the Declaration Of Independance, they were essentially shaking their fist at England saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

    They were willing to take a HUGE risk, one that could have failed, but, I am sure thankful, by Gods Grace, that it did work out and we have enjoyed the fruits of their decisions, actions and documents.

    Are we going to just sit back, and dialog on the internet while our nation slides deeper into the abyss??? Or, are we going to hit the proverbial streets and get things changed???

    How many think it is actually possible to restore American liberty, freedoms, and way of life?

  • thiscreepingmalaise

    I am thinking of changing my name to 4eyedpentagonhead.

    • Michael

      That made me smile 🙂


  • CinnamonGirl

    Global grain shipments are in default.
    The consumer will bear the brunt of this. What good is a business contract when you can break it anytime its not profitable for you?!

  • thiscreepingmalaise

    My landlord who lives next store came over with a A/C tech to fix our C/A the other day and when they went into the basement the A/C tech announced, “Wow, you have a small grocery store down here!” The Landlord replied, “yeah, he is expecting something bad to happen.”

    We have decided to relocate to a new state. I know a trade so it is easy for us to pick up and move. I suggest if you rent to put your preps into a closed cabinet or buy some old filing cabinets to avoid my mistake.

    When shtf I am sure both my landlord and the tech are sure going to miss us as the first thought of where to get food would have been us.

  • Alasha

    “I wouldn’t expect too much from Obama’s economic advisers either. In fact, Obama’s much-ballyhooed “jobs council” has not even met in six months.”

    one commentator on the radio said Mr. Obama has never met with jobs council let alone in the last 6 months

    when i get a sec… I am going to validate the claim, however, i would not surprise me … just incredible sigh

  • erheault

    The old story about the ants and grass hoppeers is coming to life and we are the grass hoppers and winter is on the way.

  • John Jackson

    The only way to survive and thrive during these unprecedented times is to invest like the rich do:

  • We, the People – HAVE THE POWER. WE SIMPLY NEED TO ‘TAKE IT BACK’, meaning, become more, and more self-reliant, and expect NOTHING from the government. THIS IS THE ANSWER.

    From the ‘comments’ section, at

    “The Central Bankers WANT a ‘global’ economic collapse, particularly in the ‘EU’, and eventually [possibly as early as Aug/Sept, 2012] in the U.S. Why? So, that they can step in with their PRE-PLANNED “SOLUTION”: A ONE-WORLD CURRENCY, UNDER THEIR CONTROL. They may even try to back this international currency with GOLD, since Central Bankers own MOST of the above-ground, investment-grade gold – all of this, allowing them to remain in control, as we move from one monetary/currency system, to the next. REMEMBER THIS: THE CENTRAL BANKERS WANT A GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. For that reason ALONE, people should be SERIOUSLY anticipating that IT WILL BE A REALITY, in the not-too-distant future, POSSIBLY within a few months from now, or at the end of 2012, at the earliest. PREPARE NOW: 1) WATER filtration/purification system, 2) FOOD storage, to get you through 6 months to 1 year, 3) SEEDS, non-gmo, non-hybrid, 4) EXTRA MEDICINE(S), ASPIRIN, multi-vitamins, etc., 5) EXTRA PERSONAL HYGIENE ITEMS, 6) DURABLE CLOTHING, especially work boots, pants, shirts (buy Made in USA), 7) PMs, SILVER & a little gold BULLION (coins, rounds, bars), 8) Barter items – alcohol, liquor, cigarettes, chocolate, and any other items that may become highly sought-after, during a total economic shutdown – where even trucks aren’t routinely delivering food, or supplies to local stores. DO THE ABOVE, AT A MINIMUM – and, you’ll be in MUCH better shape, than the masses of un-informed Americans, who actually believe we are in a ‘recovery’, right now! It’s been 4 years, since the ‘downturn’ of 2008 – AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Imagine what A GLOBAL DEPRESSION would be like!

    Oh – and the new currency (the global currency) will probably arrive in credit-card form. With a micro-chip embedded in it. They could turn off the chip whenever they want

  • J.J.C

    Well, Ron Paul will be on the ballot in Tampa afterall. Maybe we just need a total revolt at the RNC convention.


  • Keep in mind, the Central Bankers in the ‘City’ of London, on Wall St., and in the ‘EU’ – the Cartel of 8 families that own these Central Banks – they have TWO STATED, PRIMARY GOALS: 1) Global or ONE-WORLD GOVERNANCE (Government) via DEBT for every nation and every human being, globally, and 2) Global DEPOPULATION, via WAR, POVERTY, FAMINE, DISEASE, STERILIZATION, VACCINATION, etc. In fact, they desire to accomplish goal number 1, in order to accomplish goal number 2.

    The Central Bankers are waging a war on humanity. Their primary target is the American ‘Middle Class’, and the U.S. Constitution. Go ahead – don’t take my word for it – research this yourself, and see what conclusions you arrive at.

  • Gary2

    This pretty much sums up the utter stupidity of conservatives. I could not have said it better myself:

    The Bain/Romney scheme – after acquiring a solvent company, borrow heavily against its assets, throw workers under the bus, rob their pension fund (leaving taxpayers to pick-up the tab), avoid taxes by laundering profits through offshore banks, leverage company into receivership or bankruptcy, liquated all material goods, generously reward investors, destroy surrounding neighborhood/community, and skip town.

    This is eerily reminiscent of the scorched earth plan Paul Ryan envisions for America. Over two-thirds of the companies acquired by Bain are now shuddered, accounting for the loss of over 400,000 jobs and billions in profit for Romney and his parasitic cohorts. I find it incomprehensible that workingclass conservatives – in direct opposition to their own best interest – vehemently support the Bain inspired Ryan Plan (i.e., raise taxes for the bottom 98%, add to the deficit by giving more job killing/revenue draining tax cuts to cash-soaked millionaires, cut Medicare by 47%, increase local taxes, and transform the Social Security Trust Fund into slush fund for Wall Street).

    Yep conservatives–this pretty much describes YOU! Get a brain cell your 1% gods will not save you.

    • bobobobob

      thetrash willcrash and wind up as cads tobe dissected inmed school

    • GaryToo

      no that post shows how stupid YOU are. thinking it matters at all that one person or one million vote for either major party. The outcome is the SAME.
      Does it help you to forget that obama is buying 450million hollow points and building concentration camps for you by focussing on mitts wealth.

      It was planned from the start for him to be unelectable because of this as an easy target his business at Bain. So ask yourself envyman, WHY? why do the real powers want another term of your messiah? because fools follow him despite everything he is doing and set to step up.

  • i’vegivenup

    Mitt Romney will do not better. Frankly…I think things will go downhill even faster if he is elected. All in all it doesn’t matter who the president is because there are no cures for all that ails this country….

  • Gary2

    Ann Romney: ‘We’ve Given All You People Need To Know’ About Family Finances

    Hey conservatives–you do realize you are going to loose big time–what is your savior mittens hiding—that he did not pay ANY taxes in some years?

    Obama is going to have fun with this one…Mittens is going down and with it conservatism. Makes me so happy!

    Giving to the cult, err morman church, is not charity mittens–try again.

    • Witness the End

      Mitt is going down, just like Scott Walker did!

      • Gary2

        Walker=john doe his time will come.

  • Gary2

    we are going to beat the ****** out of you conservatives. Love’in it!

    This “we’ve given all you people need to know” attitude has been the public front of the campaign since it began:

    Romney has stated that he doesn’t want to detail what he’ll do as President because (to paraphrase): “You people are too stupid to understand complex things”.

    Mitt doesn’t want to clear up the questions about is dealings with Bain Capital and it’s multiple subsidiaries and “off shore” investment vehicles between 1999 and 2002 because (to paraphrase): “You people are too stupid to understand how multi-billion dollar businesses operate”

    And the Romney’s don’t want their Tax Returns out in public because (to paraphrase): ‘ You people are too stupid to be able to understand how rich people do their taxes.”

    …..and the Tea/Republicans haven’t thrown this guy to the curb.

    It appears that they are so blinded by dogma and hate that when “Papa Mitt” says;

    “Don’t worry my simple children, I’ll make all things better, and don’t you worry your little head about all these “complex” issues because you have no need to understand them, your better’s will take care of all that for you.”

    “You People” all coming from the Woman who writes off $77,000 for her Dancing Hobby Horse.

    Most US Families don’t even make that in a year. Any time the Romney’s open their mouths we find out more and more about who they really are and it’s not going to go over well come Election time. Americans are struggling and the Republicans are destroying the Middle Class while people like the Romney’s are living high off the hog from Tax Havens and Tax Breaks. Enough is Enough.

    Sorry Ann, but that 10% to your church, so they can use it to discriminate against certain segments of our population, is not what most consider being charitable.

    And in return, the church which also pays zero taxes will try to buy the election for their magic underwearin guy. And the rest they used to buy a billion dollar shopping mall – because after all, what would Jesus have done with the money.



    • HecatesMoon

      You know, Gary, I have to say I am not wanting Obama to win…but I am not wanting Romney to win either. Romney owns a surveillance company so you know he will likely take a particular interest in making sure Americans are much more “secure” much to the benefit of his company.
      I have come to the conclusion that we cannot go back. We can’t put the republic in reverse. Every possible method for corruption has now been explored so anyone put in charge will just do it again and much quicker than they did the first time around.
      If we are going to try something new though, I would rather see it done by a complete dismantling of our current government, starting from scratch, and that includes removing Obama.
      I have to say, you are right- it’s very clear that a capitalist system has not worked anymore than an entirely socialist system has. Maybe we all really should be looking into a balanced mix.

      • Gary2

        I think that the system is so corrupted that no matter who is put in they will become corrupted. The difference between Obama and Mittens is that Mittens is starting out already corrupted.

    • HecatesMoon

      Also, I really don’t see Romney winning. Despite however many people may agree with his policies, he seems to really lack something. There’s a dullness to him, you know what I mean?
      Obama has a really striking personality, charisma. There is a lot more energy to his personality.
      The republican party didn’t pick the best person to go up against Obama. They should have chosen someone with more “spark”.

      • Optimistic Pessimist

        Sometimes people aren’t picked to win.

      • Optimistic Pessimist

        To be really playing politics: this is not the time to be winning elections, it is the time to be sitting on the sidelines. They will let the economics take down their rivals and then they will move at the opportune moment. Nobody gets to Romneys’ position in a company without knowing politics.

        • HecatesMoon

          You know Optimistic, I don’t know which candidate to be more afraid of winning anymore. Isn’t that sad? :/

        • Gary2

          also helps when daddy leaves millions in inheritance and it also helps being born on third base and winning the lucky sperm club contest.

    • mike Beale


      Copy and paste- is this the best YOU can do? I thought liberals were so intelligent they didn’t need to resort to plagerism???

      • Gary2

        I said these were selected comments and that I could not say it better myself so yes stupid conservatives who can not read.

        • GaryToo

          liar, you always fail to reference or even quote everything you cut and paste. luckily it ios obvious to everyone familiar with your posts that you are so simple minded you could not possibly pen yourself the paragraphs. it is obvious they come from a site for blind followers.

    • Witness the End

      Yes, yes…

      just like we are too stupid to understand what was in Obamacare, before it was passed.

      just like we are too stupid to see Obama’s college records.

      just like we are too stupid to understand Obama’s economic plan for the next four year’s or his foreign policy, yada, yada, yada…

    • Kevin2


      I’m predicting an Obama win. I’m also predicting a failing economy regardless.

      Does Obama’s lack of use of the US Justice Department to prosecute white collar crimes bother you? It does me. How about his position on Free Trade and it’s expansion in the Pacific? Well it bothers me too.

      I fail to see any difference on the issues of creating wealth (as opposed to money/currency credits) for the average American having any meaningful difference between the two.

      All one may take away from this election is, “My side won”. The realization will set in later that whoever won won’t be on your side.

      • Gary2

        Does Obama’s lack of use of the US Justice Department to prosecute white collar crimes bother you?

        Yes very much. I brought this up at a recent OFA meeting how disappointed I was in Obama for saying one thing to get elected and then doing the opposite in appointing Guithner, Holder, Sommers to his team. Also disappointed that he is way too conservative.

    • GaryToo

      try and understand that this is because the 0.0001 %, nowhere near 1% who hold the real power want it that way. yes Obama is their boy, he is their choice.
      But it will be welfare parasite who holds the same sort of belief that he is entitled to other peoples hard earned that will smash your window then smash your head to redistribute wealth. That guy will have voted obama, since all welfare parasites want what he offers. So just when that happens as a result of the crash presided over by your messiah, propose a toast with your fellow liberal/democrat just after he smashes your window and just before he smashes your head for whats in your fridge, talk it up with him about how conservatives went down so hard. or just shut up either way its the same.

  • Buzzy Watts

    Trillions of dollars of debt, systematic economic collapse, surrender of our national sovereignty to foreign interests, the steady elimination of our civil liberties, and neocon idiots’ paving the way to WWIII are just the price we pay for FREEDOM.

  • Cinderella Man

    Corn just hit $8 per bushel today soy almost $17. So it begins. We just bumped corn up ten bucks a ton. Get ready people the pain has come and its here to stay!

    • LordRhynn

      But this can’t be! What of my ill handled addiction to Quaker Corn Bran and Kellogs Corn Pops?!?! Why are you people on this board doing something??? I CAN’T MAKE IT ALONE!!!

      • Linda


      • Paul

        Time to buy while it is still cheap?

        Time to change to oats?

  • FlyinaRage

    I hope you will stop referring to it as an economic collapse, it is simply the loss of faith in our social idol, money. It is a step forward, not backwards, and personally, welcomed.

    • Linda

      Really? This is going to be a worldwide collapse and the collapse of the dollar will be replaced with the “Mark of the Beast and Human Biochip Implant.”

    • Linda

      Actually, it will be starvation and homelessness and chaos.

  • Washington

    Rocky Super-Earth and Gas Giant Are Latest Superstar Couple By Tanya Lewis June 21, 2012

  • we are in the end times, things will get worse.

    • Linda

      Isaiah Chapter 17 Damascus will become a heap of ruin. Destroyed,and Syria a ghost town. Happening now. Then Ezekiel Ch 38 & 39 the Gog, Maggog war with Russia leading Iran, Libya, Ethiopia and other Muslim nations in an invasion on Isreal and Isreal wins preparing to happen anytime. The Rapture is due now.

      • hk

        The sacred book of Jehova said:

        And so he did wake up one morning and ate a loaf of bread.

        I happened. I just did that today.

        With all the respect, study history and you will see that Damascus and Syria have been invaded and destroyed over and over and over.

      • FakeKraid

        The Rapture is a heresy invented less than 200 years ago by cut-and-pasting various out of context phrases from unrelated parts of the Bible. It has no Biblical support, no historical doctrinal support, and no rational support. Educate yourself.

    • M


  • Mike

    Read the Bible , its time for his Glorious return ! I Thess 4 17-20

  • Obama this Obama that,it is everyone in Government!!No one is going to save us!!We have to do it ourselves!!

    • Linda

      There will be no way out, Jesus will save you if you ask him to.

    • DL.

      And therein lies the solution: doing it ourselves, guided by God, not the government!

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    ” If that happened during a somewhat “normal year”, what will food prices look like after we are done with the drought of 2012? ”

    For that maybe the Iran war will running fast.

    • Linda

      When the dollar collapses, it will look like starvation, famine in America.

  • a cruel accountant

    There are plenty of jobs where I live. Unfortunately they pay less than 15 bucks an hour. Why work when you can live like king or queen as a member of the FSA (Free S*** Army).

  • Keith

    I will tell you what I am more scared of than anything…our government selling off America in chunks so they can have money flowing thru their hands. If we go into a major recession and if this government is still in control…we are screwed because they will sell us to the highest bidder. We need to change the political system and FIRE the crap that infests our government. They will throw us under the bus if given the chance.
    We need to make sure that KNOW ONE can sell any part of the U.S. without the people saying they can…because you know full well that they think they own us and everything we have. STOP THEM NOW before we loose more than you can imagine.

  • Colin

    A new story on Huffington is on how 50% of Americans now hold 1.1%, down from a high of 3.6% (1995), of total wealth in this country. The top 10% now have a share of 74.5% of the country’s wealth, with the 1% having their own share of 34.5%. The remaining share of the wealth, approximately 25%, is shared among 40% of Americans. So, in sum, 90% of Americans have a share of 26% of the country’s wealth.

    “Another staggering indicator of the concentration of wealth at the top in the U.S: When all household wealth is divided by the number of households, the mean household net worth in 2010 totals $498,800. But the median household net worth — the level at which half the households have more and half have less — was $77,300, meaning that the rich have so much that the average net worth in the U.S. is actually 6.5 times that of a typical American family.”

    I am shocked and dismayed by the conclusion of the report which states no solutions and states that the Congress is incapable of solving this inequality crisis.

    • PattyK

      Congress IS incapable of solving this or any other crisis. They have given their power over to the EPA and all the other NON-ELECTED groups. We don’t need more government, we need less!

  • drbuzz

    Would have been more approprate to have Uncle Sam with a tear rolling down his cheek and asking “What have YOU done to my country”?

  • Jack

    Relax. As long as the world continues to accept the green back, you Americans are laughing.

    • Mia

      The only ones laughing are the those who are considered the elite. America is screwed right along with all those others who rejected freedom for credit slavery and the impending ramifications.


    I PRAYED FOR RAIN!!EVERYTIME I PRAYED WE GOT RAIN !!!NOT THIS TIME!! WE ARE UNDER JUDGEMENT!!THIS AINT THE SUMMER OF LOVE!!Feeling easy on the outside Not so funny on the inside Feel the sound, pray for rain For this is the night we ride
    This ain’t the garden of Eden There ain’t no angels above And things ain’t what they used to be And this ain’t the summer of love
    Lock all your doors from the outside The key dangle by the inside You may begin to understand That this is the night we ride
    This ain’t the garden of Eden There ain’t no angels above And things ain’t like they used to be And this ain’t the summer of love, the summer of love
    On the night we ride (This ain’t the summer of love) On the night we ride (This ain’t the summer of love)
    On the night we ride (This ain’t the summer of love) On the night we ride (This ain’t the summer of love)
    This ain’t the garden of Eden There ain’t no angels above And things ain’t what they used to be And this ain’t, this ain’t, this ain’t, this ain’t
    This ain’t the garden of Eden There ain’t no angels above And things ain’t what they’re supposed to be And this ain’t the summer, this ain’t the summer This ain’t, this ain’t, this ain’t the summer of love THINGS AIN’T THE WAY THE USED TO BE !!!! BLUE OYSTER CULT!!! DAMN IM IN A CULT!!

  • Klean

    What are some “realistic” preparations you’d advise for a young person without a family? I cannot find anything to help get myself together and have come to realize that it doesn’t even probably exist.

    • Crossworks


      Sorry to hear that things seem desperate. My heart felt suggestion to you would be for you to get connected with a bible believing church. There is know other place that I know of that will accept you in with open arms. You immediately gain a family.

      Put your pride aside [if it’s even an issue] and step in through the doors. Besides, if you just look around today do you really believe the future is promising? Not to sound like one who has no hope, on the contrary my hope has been sealed and I DO know my future. You can to. But the world is changing rapidly and yes this country is under judgment as are many others.

      There is no reason to live life at any time without hope and faith in what lies ahead.

    • HecatesMoon

      Klean, I would say the same things that apply to a family of five would apply to a single person only you have something of an advantage if you found yourself having to run. Actually, you kind of have an advantage in the fact that you don’t have to grow as much food, can as much, etc.
      Yeah…same rules. Store food, store water, arm yourself, and learn your skills. Learn to preserve food, learn to shoot if you don’t already know how. If you can take yourself out of the city, do so. Learn your local plants, uses of herbs.
      I don’t see why basic needs would be any different for a single person than for anyone else.

    • Linda

      Klean, on top of the preparation advised above get saved. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that the Son of God Jesus christ as your Lord and Savior and that God raised him from the dead and read the book of John and the new testament of the New King James bible and pray the lord in Jesus name every day and on August 26, 2012 you can watch Greg Lauries Harvest Crusade online and get saved on there to. The Lord is near and we want you saved and in the kingdom of God with us. You’ll be spared.

    • Linda

      Oh yeah Klean, the August 26 Harvest crusade online at Get saved and trust in the Lord, He will take care of you.

    • Josh

      that article is a good place to start. then get a firearm to protect what youve stocked.

    • First, seek a relationship with God and get saved. Then you will have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you know where you should be and what to do. Until then, consider relocating as far from any major city as possible, ideally to a community where others already have skills like gardening, hunting, fishing, building where you can learn these things and help with the labor.

      Everyone needs to be identifying sources of water and stocking up on food – and by that I mean REAL food – not frozen or bottled packages of stuff your body can not digest.

      Few realize that if the power grid goes down EVERYTHING will stop including sewage systems and water supplies – so you need a way to purify or pump water the way people used to do that – with windmills.

      We should all be looking into creating communities of like-minded people in remote areas willing to contribute their labor and skills toward self-sufficient living. Choose land that has excellent soil for growing food, ponds stocked with fish, and where you can build chicken coops. You may get sick of eating eggs and fish but at least you WILL eat.

      Consider having common quarters for living and cooking and private quarters off the main area for privacy. Decide whether private baths and showers are a necessity for you or not. They ARE a very nice luxury but they are among the most expensive luxuries to provide.

      Learn skills NOW. Buy food staples (rice, beans, pasta) NOW. Learn to can fruits, meats, poultry and vegetables in glass jars and stock up because there is VERY LITTLE FOOD stored ANYWHERE in the U.S.

      What you see on the shelves is ALL the food in that location except for a few pallets in the back. Many stores restock DAILY so in 2-3 days the shelves will be totally empty.

      Most who garden only do so seasonally so they don’t have food stored for themselves much less surplus they can provide for others. Buy large quantities of fruits and vegetables when they are available and dehydrate or can them. (Freezing MAY work but if the power goes out how will you preserve what is thawing? If the outage is temporary keep the freezer closed to keep food frozen.)

      Use YouTube to learn new ways of eating and preserving food. I recently saw a video on making hamburger rocks = dehydrated cooked hamburger. Great idea – takes up less room and keeps without refrigeration.

      It will be far easier to do these things NOW than if the power is off. Getting out of the city when you have money and it is not an emergency is WAY easier than trying to leave later. If you get laid off and have no job prospects MOVE somewhere inexpensive where people will teach you how to live without a job!

      Use the Internet to look up intentional communities, communes – whatever type of community you might consider. Ask around. Get serious about making changes in your life because economic collapse IS COMING and nothing is going to stop that from happening.


  • GSOB

    Roll call:

    ‘This country is rapidly falling apart, and the federal government is not going to save us.

    It’s just the opposite.

  • Bryan

    It is undeniable to realize we are living in the times Jesus talked about in Mathew 24 and going to see the prophesies daniel talked about in the book of Daniel..this is all part of the one world system what is taking place i’d be skeptical if it was one place but it’s the WORLD!! read up on the book of revelation it is in our not to distant future…so it won’t make a dang differnce whether your republican democrate, any nationality, for God’s wrath will reach all ends of the earth….Except Jesus as your savior today!!! and you can take part of the event that my friend Mike is talking about….For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whomever should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life, for God did not send him into the world to condemn the world but through him the world may be saved!!!

    • Faith

      I must point out that although Jesus’ death stood as a substitute sacrifice for humanity’s sins(otherwise we all deserve to die for our own sins..for we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of G-d) , it was his way of life that is to “save” us, NOT his person. His way of life was one of LOVE for humanity..witness all of the miracles He performed throughout his ministry-they were accomplished for the sake of the person who received the benefit of the miracle…certainly not His own benefit. It is called selflessness now, even though nowadays even selflessness can be rooted in selfishness-witness all the corrupt charities. It is the way thousands were fed with a few fish and a few loaves(sharing…no ONE taking more than necessary for survival Each ONE making sure there was some left for another)…not the “whoever has the most stuff at the end of the game wins” way of life that was prevalent during the old Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, The greco-Roman Empire, The Holy Roman Empire, and the Nazi-Fascist Revival of the HRE…and even today(witness what will happen with a German-led EU backed by the Vatican)witness the state of NOT just third world countries, but our First world nations as well. We must get back to the WAY of life that the Son of G-d(Jesus) prescribes by His own example here on this Earth. This is why He was resurrected to sit at the right hand of the Father, and why He will return to destroy the wicked and unjust from the face of the earth and rule in peace and LOVE for 1000 years. REMEMBER: He is the WAY, FOLLOW Him The WAY of LOVE is the only way to G-d For G-d IS Love!

    • M

      Well said! 🙂

  • I gave her time to repent,but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality.I will cast her into a sickbed.

  • TtT Engine

    Moral decay inevitably leads to financial decay. It all started with 8-15-1969 [Woodstock], when Satan began his stranglehold on the U.S.A. The moral perversion of our seminaries. Dick Nixon, the Red, fake conservative, kook that took us off the gold, sold his soul to China and opened up the $50-$100 trillion U.S. charge card. Watergate was a leftist bunch of nonsense. Look what the Ob, the PPP [planned parenthood president] has done. The Democratic Party is a full blown criminal enterprise. The Reagan years were a slight uptick back to traditional Judaio-Christian values and then Bubba Clinton brought the Red, White and Blue smashing back into the gutter. The Oval Office was desecrated beyond repair and adolescent sexual morality was obliterated, thanks Bubba. Sonny George Bush started out somewhat conservative and then faded like another whore politician, war profiteer. Your rules of engagement are a disgrace to you and America. You have American blood on your hands. You have the gall to joke about WMDs ? Georgie, how the freakin hell are we supposed to pay for Medicare Prescription Drug plan, you phony weakling with that wussy Texas accent ? That alone could bankrupt us. How much did pharm pay off for that baby ? I mostly blame the pathetic Judas Catholics and the Scribes and Pharises, most of the CCB. You bunch of 501(c)(3) pagan fakers. You couldn’t tie the straps of the sandals of St. Thomas More. You Judas Catholics which started with those bunch of frauds known as the Kennedys. JFK, the adultering sex freik and Ted Ken Eddie [the father of abortion] and you shameless Catholics and Jews that have voted left for 50 years. Hello, NY Jews, Achie Man Din A Job gonna do a job on mother Israel, REAL SOON. Do you care ? Is it possible for you to sober up and get the left, self hating gene out of your bodies ? The chickens are all coming home to roost now. 50 million abortions and $50 trillion stolen from our children and grandchildren. SHAME on you Catholics and Christians because you were supposed to know better. You betrayed our Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ. You betrayed and pissed away the gift of the greatest nation ever created by God, the Red, White and Blue. Pray and beg for God’s Mercy. You Catholics, sober up, get off the leftist drugs and Kool-Aid you ingest and perform massive acts of reparation. Say your rosaries until your hands are ready to fall off. THERE IS NO TOMORROW ! WE NEED IT NOW. Christi Fidelis !!

  • Gary2

    Stupid conservatives–this is the best you You are crashing and burning and I am happy to throw gas on that fire! can do??MITTENS???

    99% off the population are you “people” and the dirt beneath my husband’s shoes is worth more than all of you put together.
    We don’t believe in we the “people”, we believe in our right to ignore you, laugh at you behind your backs and just, well assume all you’re good for is to serve our class, grovel out our feet and keep quiet in the company of your betters.
    My husband and I were born to rule you and instead of kowtowing to us you’re showing the defiance and arrogance that is well above your stations in life.
    We’re sick of the fact that you want to know how little if any of the fortune we made in America we deem worthy to give back by way of the taxes we pay.
    That’s nobody’s business but ours and how dare you care how we made that money, how many jobs we exported to China, Mexico or India, those that lost their jobs never deserved them in the first place as you were so demanding of a living wage which would have seen us worth only half what we are, if we had paid it, besides we made a fortune selling you out and when the bailiffs came to evict you from your houses, Mitt and I danced a happy jig at the thought of your homelessness paying for 1 more home, car elevators and my $500000 ballet dancing horse.
    How dare you have the audacity to want something from us when you and we know that we deserve to occupy the White House, considering our exact lifestyle as encapsulated in my husband’s callous and ruthless business model, dealings and planned tax evasion is the exact root cause of the entire mess America finds itself in and is a microcosm but complete example of what drove America and the entire world into a depression, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen for 80 odd years.
    So back off and vote for my husband because my remarkably rude and heartfelt disregard for your need to know just who he is well above your stations in life. How dare you!
    In our world there is no we the “people”. There’s we the real people that own you and you the servants of all of our wants, needs and desires.
    You have to learn manners and how to respect your born betters; it’s a simple as that.
    Ann Romney.

    • GaryToo

      nice post from a michelle obama bootlicker. I know you didnt have the brains to write it yourself, but try one from michelle obama something like “my husband is buying bullets and building concentration camps just for you, my shoes cost more than your house, but you dont mind because im not a Coooooonnnnnseeeerrrvvaaaatttiiivvvveee…….So waste your time blaming mitt and ignoring that the hope and change we have given you is all bs.

    • Louise in MO


      You truly are insane!

  • Gary2

    The share of the nation’s wealth held by the less affluent half of American households dropped precipitously after the financial crisis, to 1.1 percent, according to new calculations by Congress’s nonpartisan research service.


    • GaryToo

      gary you would get more wealth redistribution from them to you if you just went begging directly, chanting that will never make it happen.

  • joseph


  • Beata

    Everyone by now should be concerned with spreading the gospel and storing treasure in heaven. No matter what you do at the moment, we must accept the fact that the Bible must come to fulfilment. The end is near, ARE YOU SAVED?

  • In my opinion, this mess signals the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory just as He foretold in Matthew 24. God has never brought judgement on the wicked without first issuing many warnings which tell the wicked to repent before His judgement comes. Any sane, thinking person should repent while there is still time. God is longsuffering and not willing that any should perish who will heed His warnings and seek His forgiveness and mercy offered thru the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • NorthernCanuck

    I’m not usually in the habit of plugging books, but I’d REALLY recommend finding and buying an inexpensive used copy of Carla Emory’s superb “Encyclopedia Of Country Living”. It’s almost the size of a small telephone book and it tells you you how to do almost everything for yourself! It’s one of the few books I wouldn’t want to be without in an economic depression. Try Amazon for used copies. If you want to get really serious, add a copy of ‘5 Acres and Independence’.

    Anyone else have any favourites to recommend?

    • NorthernCanuck

      …and I should have added “The SAS Survival Handbook”, “The SAS Urban Survival Handbook” and “SAS Self-Defence”, as well.

      When it’s written by a survival instructor for the famed British Special Air Service regiment you can be sure that a book has been well and truly road-tested :)!

      • NorthernCanuck

        …you can also, of course, find online and download a copy of the superb US Army Survival Field Manual (FM 21-76), and I believe that Amazon may still stock the excellent “Royal Marines Commandos Fitness And Survival Skills”, by John Watney. It’s well worth the money!

        Two older favourites of mine, harder to find now, are Bradford Angier’s “One Acre And Security” and John Muston’s “Survival Training And Techniques”. I like Muston’s book: he was for 30 years an expedrienced and highly-skilled officer in the British Army and his book is a treasure-trove on survival. At one point this very tough and capable soldier writes: “Suddenly I knew that we should commit the whole problem to God in prayer and I bowed my head and prayed for a few seconds. My mind cleared and without any shadow of doubt I knew what we needed to do, to take and so on.” It’s interesting that he and David Stirling, the founder of the SAS regiment, both of them fearless and brave men, were also such strong Christians…

  • “–People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Even this democrat knew what would happen if people are out of a job.

    “The U.S. economy is in a massive amount of trouble” is so accurate. I recommend a book out about Americans finally taking a stand against federal tyranny cause it’s so real & about each of us. It’s that good.

    A few days ago there were massive demonstrations in Spain, before Italy & Greece. It will eventually cross the Atlantic as our unemployment continues to rise. Great list of signs again.

  • McGee

    This isn’t funny anymore. But yet we all just sit at home and let them do what they are doing to us. It is our fault as much as Americans don’t like to hear that. Other countries riot and protest. We have Occupy but we need something bigger. This all makes me want to cry. I don’t even want to read about it anymore.

  • Gary2

    James Holmes Identified As Alleged Aurora, Colorado Theater Shooter That Left 12 Dead (PHOTOS, LIVEBLOG)

    Time to repeal the second amendment. We need to heavily restrict guns in this country. yes people kill people but they also use guns.

    Time to be like the rest of the civilized world and restrict them heavily.

    • Col. Wilson

      The facts show the more repressive a city &/or county is toward the 2nd amendment the higher the crime rates rise. This has been proven over & over again in the U.S. time & time again.

      The problem is that criminals DO NOT CARE ABOUT GUN LAWS or the BANNING OF GUNS!

      As usual you live in a fairy tale world = so sad because there will probably be a time when you will need a gun for protection & you won’t be able to get one. Then it will be too late.


  • Dement Horizon


    He is sign #21

    One of the signs of the demise of an empire is the territories in the border collapse first and eventually and inevitably the centre collapses. Eg: The collapse of the Soviet Union (and soviet style communism) started with Poland.

    Contrast that with what is happening right now in Greece and Europe. The outliers are falling, and eventually the center will fall. The end of “western” capitalism. You are right when you say the epicenter of this collapse will be Europe.

    This probably is a post by itself. Someone more eloquent and bwtter informed that I am should take it on 🙂

  • Reality

    Hey Gary2, check this out!



  • Antonio Gonzalez

    #20 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made the following statement to Congress on Tuesday: “At this point we don’t see a double dip recession. We see continued moderate growth.”

    Bernanke never saw nothing, only the bank account.

  • Jerry Parker

    Tell that filthy, snivelling Uncle Sam who is pointing to the reader at the end of this text to tuck tail and to “beat it” to the horizon before honest Americans grab their shot guns and take deadly aim at his carcass! The whole U.S. system is lies, hogwash, and mounting poverty and destitution.

  • Washington


  • OK ladies & gentlemen get ready for SHTF party time.. . TEOTWAWKI..,coming to a city & town,or any place where you live, (later this year)
    ….GOD help us all. Amen…

  • Jimmy

    I just bought a Whopper Jr. at Burger King today. Last year it was $0.99, six months ago it was $1.29, 3 months ago it was $1.49 and today, $1.79!

    Same damn thing. An 80% increase in less than one year!

  • Love it!!!!! This video captures the personality of Greenwood.

  • French guy of Reunion island

    May be armaggedon is en route ! Some people enjoy themselves wherever they are, wherever I am, if its my destiny to become rich, I will. One thing is sure : we just live here for a while, and wherever I am, I know the promise land is not here. Jesus surrendered his will to His Father’s. Well, it’s hard to me to follow his path. But He knows I’m a bad child hoping His divine mercy.

  • Nonsense. USA could simply distribute all unused land , and tell the people to grow their own crops and build their own houses, raise their own livestock, make their own leather or fur goods, compost their own sewage, collect their own rainwater or dig their own wells. End of problem, everyone gets a few acres. BTW there is no such thing as money. There is no such thing as economy or collapse. Too bad for the plutocracy or corporatocracy though! Even if education was free now, citizens will return to 1400s settler-era America! Citizens please elect ONLY a President or Governor with the above intent. Executive Order 0 (Zero) for land distribution will be that reset button America needs.

    BTW there is no such thing as poor people, jobs, concept of money or a Global Financial System or a recession or depression.

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