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20 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Starting To Catch Fire

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Lighting A Match - Photo by Sebastian RitterIf you have been waiting for the “global economic crisis” to begin, just open up your eyes and look around.  I know that most Americans tend to ignore what happens in the rest of the world because they consider it to be “irrelevant” to their daily lives, but the truth is that the massive economic problems that are currently sweeping across Europe, Asia and South America are going to be affecting all of us here in the U.S. very soon.  Sadly, most of the big news organizations in this country seem to be more concerned about the fate of Justin Bieber’s wax statue in Times Square than about the horrible financial nightmare that is gripping emerging markets all over the planet.  After a brief period of relative calm, we are beginning to see signs of global financial instability that are unlike anything that we have witnessed since the financial crisis of 2008.  As you will see below, the problems are not just isolated to a few countries.  This is truly a global phenomenon.

Over the past few years, the Federal Reserve and other global central banks have inflated an unprecedented financial bubble with their reckless money printing.  Much of this “hot money” poured into emerging markets all over the world.  But now that the Federal Reserve has begun “tapering” quantitative easing, investors are taking this as a sign that the party is ending.  Money is being pulled out of emerging markets all over the globe at a staggering pace and this is creating a tremendous amount of financial instability.  In addition, the economic problems that have been steadily growing over the past few years in established economies throughout Europe and Asia just continue to escalate.  The following are 20 signs that the global economic crisis is starting to catch fire…

#1 The unemployment rate in Greece has hit a brand new record high of 28 percent.

#2 The youth unemployment rate in Greece has hit a brand new record high of 64.1 percent.

#3 The percentage of bad loans in Italy is at an all-time record high.

#4 Italian industrial output declined again in December, and the Italian government is on the verge of collapse.

#5 The number of jobseekers in France has risen for 30 of the last 32 months, and at this point it has climbed to a new all-time record high.

#6 The total number of business failures in France in 2013 was even higher than in any year during the last financial crisis.

#7 It is being projected that housing prices in Spain will fall another 10 to 15 percent as their economic depression deepens.

#8 The economic and political turmoil in Turkey is spinning out of control.  The government has resorted to blasting protesters with pepper spray and water cannons in a desperate attempt to restore order.

#9 It is being estimated that the inflation rate in Argentina is now over 40 percent, and the peso is absolutely collapsing.

#10 Gangs of armed bandits are roaming the streets in Venezuela as the economic chaos in that troubled nation continues to escalate.

#11 China appears to be very serious about deleveraging.  The deflationary effects of this are going to be felt all over the planet. The following is an excerpt from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s recent article entitled “World asleep as China tightens deflationary vice“…

China’s Xi Jinping has cast the die. After weighing up the unappetising choice before him for a year, he has picked the lesser of two poisons.

The balance of evidence is that most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong aims to prick China’s $24 trillion credit bubble early in his 10-year term, rather than putting off the day of reckoning for yet another cycle.

This may be well-advised for China, but the rest of the world seems remarkably nonchalant over the implications.

#12 There was a significant debt default by a coal company in China last Friday

A high-yield investment product backed by a loan to a debt-ridden coal company failed to repay investors when it matured last Friday, state media reported on Wednesday, in the latest sign of financial stress in China’s shadow bank sector.

#13 Japan’s Nikkei stock index has already fallen by 14 percent so far in 2014.  That is a massive decline in just a month and a half.

#14 Ukraine continues to fall apart financially

The worsening political and economic circumstances in Ukraine has prompted the Fitch Ratings agency to downgrade Ukrainian debt from B to a pre–default level CCC. This is lower than Greece, and Fitch warns of future financial instability.

#15 The unemployment rate in Australia has risen to the highest level in more than 10 years.

#16 The central bank of India is in a panic over the way that Federal Reserve tapering is effecting their financial system.

#17 The effects of Federal Reserve tapering are also being felt in Thailand

In the wake of the US Federal Reserve tapering, emerging economies with deteriorating macroeconomic figures or visible political instability are being punished by skittish markets. Thailand is drifting towards both these tendencies.

#18 One of Ghana’s most prominent economists says that the economy of Ghana will crash by June if something dramatic is not done.

#19 Yet another banker has mysteriously died during the prime years of his life.  That makes five “suspicious banker deaths” in just the past two weeks alone.

#20 The behavior of the U.S. stock market continues to parallel the behavior of the U.S. stock market in 1929.

Yes, things don’t look good right now, but it is important to keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

This is just the leading edge of the next great financial storm.

The next two years (2014 and 2015) are going to represent a major “turning point” for the global economy.  By the end of 2015, things are going to look far different than they do today.

None of the problems that caused the last financial crisis have been fixed.  Global debt levels have grown by 30 percent since the last financial crisis, and the too big to fail banks in the United States are 37 percent larger than they were back then and their behavior has become even more reckless than before.

As a result, we are going to get to go through another “2008-style crisis”, but I believe that this next wave is going to be even worse than the previous one.

So hold on tight and get ready.  We are going to be in for quite a bumpy ride.

Lighting A Match - Photo by Sebastian Ritter

  • Rodster

    Sign #21 Venezuela began protest and riots with several killed.

    • Rodster

      “Venezuela coup? Gunfire, clashes as 3 dead in violent Caracas protest”

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Lots of political unrest all over the planet right now.


        • Rodster

          The civil unrest in Venezuela is about 95% economic conditions. Those people are fed up and it appears they are lashing out at socialism.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Replace “Venezuela” with “Argentina”, and you have the exact same story.

        • Westcoastliberal

          Most of it, no doubt, inflamed/caused by the U.S.

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

            I would certainly not doubt that the U.S. is involved in what is going on in Venezuela.


        • watchmanonthetower

          It’s a good time to be in the Watchman business.


          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse



          • JulietteofOhio

            Love your name and avatar. For some reason, I find it to be really comforting. We’re watching, also, from the bluffs of Ohio.

          • watchmanonthetower

            Thank you. Your kind words and thoughts return the sensation to us; and so we have both been effective.
            HE smiles on that.

            The imagery and spirit of our name and avatar, as I am sure you know, is inspired by Scripture, primarily from Ezekiel.

            But the implications are more urgent in the scope of what the opening pages of the NT regarding what Mathew, Mark & Company have to say regarding the Fig Tree as well as Revelations. Alpha to Omega as it were.

            Watchman…is a full-time gig these day. 🙂

            In your service from the Tower,


        • fibonacci

          Yes there is. But the media won’t cover most of it.
          Venezuela’s situation is probably the most interesting because (and the media won’t dare mention this) its economic situation is an almost entirely artificial crisis.

          Like in Chile in the 70s, enemies of the elected government from within and without have come together to make the economy “scream”. What has happened for the past few days is an attempt by the radical wing of the opposition to seize by putsch what it has failed on its own merit to obtain through the ballot box.
          Americans must support sovereignty. If we don’t support Venezuela’s and Ukraine’s, who are we to complain the day someone doesn’t respect ours?

      • AngelQ

        Why doesn’t the Mainstream Media report this?

        • Rodster

          Because they are part of the Gov’t Media Complex. They are one and the same. They are enablers and propagandists for the US Govt. They have been affectionately referred to in alternative media as “Presstitutes”. How appropriate.

          • AngelQ

            No wonder most Americans are so dumb and disbelieve everything these alternative news site put out there. If you listen to the Mainstream, there are a few problems but all will be well. You read these type of news sites and the world is going to he77 in a hand basket.
            Are we somewhere in between the two or is the bottom really going to fall out? And when?

          • xander cross

            So, Ventura is right, the media is the fourth branch of government.

          • kfilly

            The media is the fifth branch of gubernment. The fourth branch is the Federal Reserve. The fourth branch is also the most powerful as they control all of the other branches.

        • BonusGift

          Because at this time the tribe doesn’t view it as in their interests to; and they control the mainstream media not their bought off politicians who are eating at the trough of the likes of AIPAC .

    • Rodster

      China is a powder keg at the moment.

      • Mondobeyondo

        So is Argentina. Gunpowder just looking for a spark.

  • Chris

    Do we hear any of this on MSM? Nope. They are too busy covering the snow. Let’s face it, 99% of the population has no clue about what is happening in their own back yard, let alone in the Ukraine. And that is what I’m afraid of. Because once the crisis felt around the world grips the USA, the sheeple will lose it, since they’re not prepared. And since they’re uninformed, it will be easy for the powers-that-be to install their totalitarian regime. And then everybody is screwed.

    • Douglas M. Green

      It is planned that way, just like the coming retiement plan and/or bank deposit confiscations. Same all all throughout history – keep the sheeple in the dark or they will take away the honey pot.

    • seth

      The economic crisis is contrived and the least of our problems. The technology now exists to control the many, at the whims of a few. We have drones that won’t say no to killing a domestic citizen for made-up-causes; we have the potential for a cashless economy where one button push will see your ability to access money/social capital frozen etc.. Think about it – we are dependent on modern society for healthcare, but instead of contracting services to each other, we are all owned by the state(bankers) who pays our paycheck. We are stuck in a system where we cannot independently contract to each other, without such a transaction being called ‘illegal’ (though in reality, it is arguable whether this is truly the case).

      Increasing state/banking dynasty/corporate totalitarianism and a lessening of purchasing power and personal rights will continue to define the West in the next few decades. Technically speaking, our society is already broken at a human level (too many broken families etc..) and we are (98% of us) enslaved by the state, with no capacity to break free of that control. People who comment/visit here represent only 1 in 100 or less of the general population at best. Most people will go along with whatever they are told and are not preppers or mentally/ spiritually aware.

      If someone came up with the mark of the Beast tomorrow (it already exists in rudimentary forms), almost all would take it/accept it if it were forced. It is true that the modern day Pharisee (top level banking dynasties/ ‘hidden’ controllers of society) has in large part succeeded in subverting Western society.

    • Arno Krause

      If the Ukraine is in THAT bad a shape, they have no business sending vainglorious ego maniacs to compete in the Olympic Games. Seems like this is the world’s last binge party before the deluge.

  • GSOB

    The collapse is progressing with each bump of the ride.
    The evil of man is the worst enemy, death being the last.

    #10 Gangs of armed bandits……

    That one is the real threat.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Okay, here we go again.. whew..
      It is not beyond God’s ability to destroy the world. He already did it once (read the Genesis chapter 6 account of the Flood).

      God has promised us he will never destroy the earth again (Genesis 8:21). But He WILL allow us to nearly destroy ourselves. That’s where we are at now. Matthew 24:21-22.

      Yeah, we’re on the brink of… the lemming syndrome.

      • AngelQ

        And that is very scary, Mondo. “He will allow us to nearly destroy ourselves.” We ARE on our way, there is no doubt. Scary, scary, scary indeed. I just don’t think I want to be here when TSHF….

    • Eric Quintero

      Join your own local gang! Its called the Militia 🙂

  • GSOB

    Psalm 144:1

    Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    Psalm 144

    A Psalm of David.

    1 Blessed be the Lord my strength,
    which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

    • jonno

      Authorized version, one of the many versions of a book of myths that has been doctored with to suit the ruling class.

  • GSOB

    2 Samuel 23:12

    Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    12 But he stood in the midst of the ground, and defended it, and slew the Philistines: and the Lordwrought a great victory.

  • CharlesH

    I’m always absolutely amazed when I’m talking with friends about the economy – here in the U.S. and abroad and it seems like they don’t have a clue (which they don’t). They look at me like I have 2 heads or they have that “deer in the headlights” look. Wow – it’s scary.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      And by the time it is obvious that disaster is upon us it will be too late to do too much preparing.


      • CharlesH

        Thanks for the comment Michael, you’re so right…sadly.

      • garand555

        I have my family convinced, and some of the members of my family came to the conclusion that we’re screwed on their own. Everybody in my neighborhood has experience with fruit trees, gardening and/or animal husbandry. There is also enough wildlife behind my neighborhood to keep us (my neighborhood) going through a winter should things go south in the fall. I have water even without power to boot. There is enough land in my neighborhood to sustain every single one of us.

        I’ve not convinced my neighborhood, because I’m pretty sure that I can pull them through once it happens. It’s better to have them believing that I’m sane now.

        Know your situation and know your neighbors.

        • JulietteofOhio

          True, but keeping in mind that any one of your neighbors might sell you out. You sound as if you’re in a good place and I wish you luck. We’re in a similar situation (Thank the Lord) and hope for the best. I don’t know that I trust anyone other than immediate family, but more like-minded people would be helpful.

          • garand555

            In the event of a true societal collapse, I’m not sure who they would sell me out to. The federal government would become largely irrelevant more rapidly than most people can imagine, and the local police are generally hated enough that I would not want to be one of them once the rule of law starts to break down.

            On top of that, they’ll find that I’m the guy who not only knows what is going on, but also the guy who knows how to do things. I don’t know everything, but I have started thinking about how things would get made post collapse and looking into solutions. How are you going to make clothes? How are you going to make soap? (Hygiene will be very important.) How about shoes? What about smelting metals without heavy industry? What weapons can you make once you run out of ammo if nothing is coming back online? Do you need to learn how to make a bow and arrows, or is an atl-atl good enough? Do you know not only why you should nixtmalize your corn if it is a staple, but also how?

            There are so many things that “modern” man does not remember that will be a necessity without heavy industry. Most preppers have not given them a second thought.

          • Annette Smith

            Google nixtamalize…and you will find a lot of good info. You spelled it wrong in your comments….jes sayin’.

          • garand555

            Well, it’s not in my spell check dictionary. But I do like to make posole from corn that I grew and nixtamalized myself. It’s really not hard to do, you just have to plan ahead. There are several ways to do it, but I just put water, dried corn and wood ash in a pot and simmer for about three hours or until the hulls start to come off, then rinse, and rinse and rinse it.

          • carloada

            DHS just ordered 700 million rounds of ammo, enough to harvest every American citizen…soylent green is people…

          • carloada

            Trust must be earned…

          • Tibbar

            I got a bunch of assholes for neighbors going so far as to call county police and animal control when coyotes and dogs killed some of my sheep during the snowstorm. It seems dead animals are not to be seen and even though gone as soon as quit snowing, I have to go to court or pay $3000 fine.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Most people are too plugged in to their smartphones and iDevices, to notice what’s going on around them in plain sight.

        • xander cross

          I see it everyday when I go walking or going to work. I try to explain to people about the economic collapse and they have that blank stare on their faces.

      • Jus’Say’n

        The ONLY PREPARATION to what’s afoot is to call on the name of JESUS!!!

        • Gerroz Gsj

          Great. Go put your trust in Jesus. I will put my trust in food, wood ans guns. Guess who’ll survive

          • carloada

            Bad things happen when they are expected the least.

    • Eric Quintero

      Talking to people about this makes me think that IM the CRAZY one.

      I get that “Dont worry, Chicken Little” talk all the time. “People have been predicting the end of the world as we know it for centuries! Its not going to get THAT bad.”

      So I show them military documentation of the Concentration Camps. I talk about derivatives. I mention how everyone is on food stamps. I let them know that the Chinese are harvesting gold in Africa, Eurasia and in their own country. I make them aware of the 13 crazy executive orders Obama signed.

      Im met with looks of bewilderment and denial.

      We really are living in the Matrix. Sometimes I really regret taking the red pill….. Ignorance is bliss, and many wont wake up because they simply dont want to.

      • pricket

        Thank God for the red pill. I would rather see it coming and have a chance to fight and help rather then be slaughtered in a gassed shower room. Infamous Y2K, I was responsible for the well being of over 50 men women and children, so much static one did not know what to do, but because lives were potentially in the balance I prepped so they would be able to get by for several months if needed. Zip nada and I have been laughed at and derided ever since. Now here we go again, this time I have done way more intensive prepping and joined with many like minded folks willing able and prepped to use lethal force if needed. The one difference is I have made life choices and preps that will be beneficial and enjoyable and cost saving in my old age even if this “Armageddon” is only a whimper. Sometimes one just wants to listen to the narcotic message of the machine though and be oblivious to all that appears on the horizon.

        • Eric Quintero

          I got in contact with my local militia just a few days ago.

          I urge everyone on this board to do the same. Whether you are a fighter or not, the militias have the best chance at survival IMO. Not everyone is a soldier, but we can all contribute something.

      • Annette Smith

        I’m scared!

        • Kim

          You should be. We all should be.

      • jaxon64

        Eric, you are a very astute young man–and please don’t give up trying. We may not be able to affect the course of events with votes or some feeble march/protest, but we can try and awaken as many as we can.
        You mention the Matrix–and the red pill, I love that scene and dialogue.
        However I believe that the most poignant scene in the entire movie is when the one character decides to betray his fellow “awake” matrix jumpers. He is sitting in a restaurant with the black suited matrix enforcer eating a steak. He says, “I know this is not real and it is just a bunch of numbers in a computer in the matrix, but I want to enjoy it anyhow”..paraphrased…
        He goes on to set the condition that he doesn’t want to remember anything or to know that the matrix generated existence is not real…….THIS is the masses! They simply don’t want to know or hear that the media/government/politico generated existence that they are fed daily through airwaves, electro gadgets and written not reality. And they especially don’t want to hear that their soft, cushy, convenient matrix lives are about to be short-circuited by reality. (cognitive dissonance)
        Many will react to you with belittling, anger, refusal to listen etc..almost universally these are fear responses–most people I know sense something is not right with the matrix and that something ominous is approaching. The insidiousness of its slow and gradual push appears to be hyping up the anxiety levels and society as a whole is becoming more hostile, depraved, and short tempered….but the masses sense and feel that something wicked this way comes……….

        • Jus’Say’n

          “Something Wicked This Way Comes” – Quoted that myself in a Comment or Two 8 Years ago! Something I felt in my Bone Marrow – just after 9/11. Something instinctive – just knew there was,more to 9/11 than met the eye!!! “The Matix”, though, as you call it, is G-ds Wrath. He will set Demons and Hell loose on earth. Must be getting close now!!!

      • No_BlahBlah

        I’m going out on a limb here but,

        do those same people tell you to stop destroying the planet and preach to you about ‘globull climate change’ about to kill all of mankind?

    • Douglas M. Green

      Welcome to the club! It never ceases to amaze me how strong normalcy bias is. The smart financial types KNOW. The rest are ignorant sheeple!

    • Annette Smith

      People don’t like to talk about it. It’s their pride. They don’t want you to know that they are having a bad time making ends meet. They don’t want you to think of them as “losers.” If they can change the conversation, they will.

    • the independent

      screw em, just keep prepping

      • CharlesH

        That’s funny – it’s exactly what I’ve been doing. They can stay in the dark as far as I’m concerned, I’ve tried.

    • I agree, plus some will call you Chicken Little, Tin Foil Wearing Nut, and the common conspiracy nut. Didn’t they call Noah names when he was warning them of the things to come? It will be the same. Matt. 24:37-39

    • BigAl D

      CharlesH, I get the same thing when I talk about these things. How can people not see what’s going on. What is so very sobering is that when the next crisis hits there will be no place to hide, and very few safe havens. I think that’s why the wealthy build fortress homes and purchase armored cars. It seems to me that the Fed policies have a hand in making things worse for much of the world and they are not going to be happy with us when the system collapses.
      I guess if you wanted to create a global government you would need to destroy national soverignty and certainly destroy the most powerful nation. Thus the US is being collapsed from within.
      Evil usually rides in on a white horse as a solution to a problem.

  • FirstGarden

    Under theocratic rule, the 50-year jubilee was became law under Moses. That meant that all debt would be cancelled, and all land would go back to its original owners. God, in His wisdom, saw that a great disparity of wealth, over time, would be inevitable. (Not to go into other factors like extreme greed, non-compassionate accumulation of wealth, outright extortion and theft.)

    That’s just the way a diverse world works – some produce 100-fold, some 50-fold, some 30. You have all types.

    The beauty of this was that recessions and depressions were unheard of. Obviously, we aren’t under theocratic rule today; nor does any such rule exist, in its true sense.

    But what we do have is certain forces of nature – sowing & reaping, cause & effect.

    Some economists believe these colossal corrections are cyclical. One form of this is the Kondratieff wave (or long wave) theory. The Soviet economist Nikolai Kondratieff was the first to bring these observations to international attention in his book, The Major Economic Cycles (1925).

    Others believe the corrections are caused by unique events. Perhaps it is some of both?

    What a theocracy cannot control, since we don’t have one, it is the forces of nature that purge out the vast inefficiencies of the economy.

    I’ve often wondered what great secret the banksters and politicians share, that they can continue on like this, so insanely and recklessly with impunity? Because it makes no sense to me, other than them looting the system before it all goes down.

    Someone suggested that in the end, the Fed will forgive the debt, because it has its own global agenda that needs an ongoing economic powerhouse like the US to continue. I’m not prepared to believe this. I’m more inclined to think that the socialization and sinking of America IS their agenda — thru destructive hyper-capitalism (not true capitalism), and its bedfellows of mind-staggering debt and inward moral implosion.

    The old adage is true – “The debtor is the lender’s slave.”

    We are rapidly reducing to a police state, surveillance society and client entity of the emerging NWO.

    In prophecy, many nations play active roles in the last days, at the consummation of the age. There is no certain reference to America at all.

    • Rastus

      Americas brief experimental existence will be extinguished prior to the apocalypse.

  • K

    I have always said, if the Government is going to make a move on the citizens. It would be during the Winter. They can use the weather to help control movement. Notice once again all the weather events. Worse storm in a hundred years, worse storm ever. Just too many of these occurring, one after another. I am not saying the Government can totally control the weather. But I do believe they have the ability to influence it. They have been working on weather control since 1962. For those interested, look up operation stormfury. That was their first big attempt.

    • pricket

      I remember as a child in the 50s and 60s droughts and winter storms and floods above what we have been seeing. Summers so dry there was no corn, oats, alfalfa wheat. Cattle shipped to market and herds decimated as no feed. Weeks of rain and rivers, bridges and towns swept away. Years where every spring and summer saw wave after wave of storms and tornados. Winters so cold that 30 to 50 below were normal expected. Snow so heavy and deep it was higher then the doors to the barn, and ice storms that collapsed trees, wires and buildings. My father, a child in the 20s talked of similar events. Having to climb the trees to cut down limbs so livestock had something to eat. Drifts of dust at the field edges when the western dust storms hit Minnesota and Wisconsin. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN! There is now 24/7 news and weather and communications companies that need to keep you tuned in to make a buck. What is changed is the size of the populations and their total separation from and ignorance of how fragile the supply lines are and how to get by if and when those supplies are halted for weeks or months. I agree with those who feel millions would die in the first two weeks in major urban centers if a major catastrophe occurred.

      • Priszilla

        Yes. My mom told me of frozen rivers used as roads. My dad told me about the time when as a kid he used skates on the river to go to the next town.

        I remember my granddad snowed in. Snow up to the roof of the house. Had to climb out of a top window and then work his way to the shed to feed the chicken and rabbits.

        I am not unduly worried about the weather. In Hong Kong I lived through several typhoons per year without any damage. The key is preparation.

      • K

        We can all remember the worst storms. Because they stand out in our memory. Statistically something is very off about the weather. What level off proof do you require? Would a foot of snow in Miami convince you? Or would you even dismiss that as a fluke. Some of us see a pattern in what is happening. If you do not, that is your right.

        • pricket

          Yes something is off with the weather but it is within normal cyclic patterns that go 10, 40, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 years and longer. We are entering a solar cycle similar to the maunder minimum, gravitational poles are moving drastically and rapidly, after 100 years of the wettest weather in millennia the west and the great plains are returning to their more normal arid hot dry state and the eastern half of North America is getting appropriately wetter. Events such as Krakatoa, the extinction of the Anasazi, the rise and fall of advanced Mesoamerican cultures due to climate change all bear witness to cyclic processes. One has to be a little questioning of the new global weather crowd. Trillions of dollars in funds, multiple billions in research grants and a rising bureaucracy worldwide that would make Washington pure green with envy all tend to create a self perpetuating unstoppable force bent on preserving itself and powers. And bad news sells so all we will ever hear are the disasters and nothing about anything that might downplay the severity of the particular days cataclysm based on prior events or history for comparison.

  • JailBanksters

    Most people are totally oblivious to what is happening. As long as they get paid, watch their favorite reality show and can still buy McDonald’s, they don’t see a problem.

    But if the Economy doesn’t screw you over, the Politicians imposing Austerity will and if those two don’t the Pending Mini Ice-Age certainly will. One of these is going to get you no matter where you live on the Planet.

    • Sack man

      Guess what. I watch those stupid shows and eat McDonald’s I am an accomplished business person who understands economics and politics. Idiots like you who categorize people are ridiculous. Ps- the world had not been in better shape. Innovations in technology, medicine, food production, list goes on. But sit and cry. And. The USA is the greatest country in the world.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        So you think that things are now better than ever?


        • Gregge K Johnson

          It’s not what you think ,it’s what you believe that will get you through !

          • garand555

            Close your eyes, put your hands up to your head like they’re antlers (your animal spirits,) start doing a kookey dance with your eyes closed while chanting “finance trumps physics, finance trumps physics…”

          • Eric Quintero

            Works every time! 😀

          • Gregge K Johnson

            I tried it,,,,I put money in my pocket and danced. The money fell through the hole in my pocket and hit the ground , damm gravity. Im sure physics ( the bankers) got my money .

          • jonno

            Do you mean it’s not what is actually happening but what you want to happen? Belief will keep you in chains where knowledge will set you free.

          • Gregge K Johnson

            Gods people perish for the lack of knowledge ,how you act or react determines the situation. Wisdom will set you Free with your Belief.

          • Isthmus Biemah Luckidae

            I believe in magic underpants. Will that do the trick?

        • TooLittleTooLate

          I really enjoy your articles, Michael. Thank you for them.

          Personally, like you, I think we’re seeing the beginning of bad times.

          My Uncle who passed not long ago went through the depression and fought in WWII and, I used to love to talk to him. He was sharp as a tack even at 87yrs old.
          He told me, “I’ve seen bad times here and, the war and depression and, you know what? The last 60+ years here have been pretty d@mned good years.”

          We’re so spoiled at this point that to even suggest that anything could change is viewed as crazy talk…. when if you look at this or any other country in terms of a run of 60+ good years… well, that is what is truly out of the norm. If you would have lived in the USSR over the last 60 years, you could have been one of the folks that were starved or worked to death by Stalin… Don’t forget Mao or the killing fields.

          The folks that think that it can’t happen here should wake up… because it can…. both the poverty and the crushing authoritarian movement that follows it.

        • sack man

          I enjoy your articles. however I do not agree with everything, just more hopeful in general. History is my guide.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Is that you, Honey Boo Boo?

        • jaxon64

          thanks Mondo..needed that one ( now I have to clean up the coffee I spewed on the monitor when I burst out laughing)

        • xander cross

          It’s a shame how they exploit that little girl.

      • JailBanksters

        Not only are you a business person, but you also delusional if you think everything is peachy. The Greek Empire was also the Greatest in it’s time. The USA is doing EXACTLY the same thing as the Greek Empire. So if you want to know where the USA is heading, I suggest you check out the History Books because history really does repeat itself.

        • chilller

          Still in the sack, sack man? Time to wakey-wakey and open those eyes…
          Not sure how well those “businessman” skills will be of any help to you…but I’m sure Obama care will tend to those self inflicted McDonald’s food health issues…

        • Priszilla

          Do they give away history books with those ronald mcdonald figurines?

          • xander cross

            Of course not. They don’t want the people to learn something that is going to help them.

        • Mondobeyondo

          And the Roman Empire, too. Americans have our bread (two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce – you know how it goes). And our circuses (Super Bowl, Olympics, American Idol, the Voice, etc).

          The rat race is almost over.
          The rats won.

      • patourist69

        SO WAS ROME!!!!

        • Mike Smithy

          Nero fiddled while Rome burned and Obama obfuscates while the middle class is sacked.

      • Douglas M. Green

        Idiotic. The fiat currency system is built on exponential growth in a finite world. $100 a barrel oil and maxed out credit is the limit being reached. Technological innovations will do little to extend the demise, as record foodstamps and disability and record low labor force participation attest. Buckle up for the second wall of the financial/economic hurricane.

      • carloada

        It takes hubris to become a businessman, this comment (broadcasting from the top of the mountain how accomplished you are, and oh so smart) is confirmation.

  • mleblanc138

    Sounds like lots of places, including the US might soon see the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax(DPDDTT).

  • Trailer Park Investor

    EVERYTHING will crash,
    Nothing will work
    Money will be worthless
    Friends & family will turn on each other
    Then it will get real bad and from bad to worse to catastrophic and then to a situation words will not do justice. Rich or poor everyone will be in this boat.

  • Sack man

    I laugh at the pessimism. Innovations in technology, medicine, health care and food production, environmental fixes, water purification, list goes on. Oh, ….No major wars. But let’s all just sit and complain because everyone assumes that one watches reality shows and eats fast food is not aware of economic and political issues. That’s not as true as you wish it was. Want to know why you hear about horrific incidents? Because they are not as frequent as the good things taking place. But cry and complain. Your choice. Prep for doomsday while the rest of us enjoy prosperity that that continues to benefit more people more nations and gets better each year. I loved the stock market crash articles a couple weeks ago lol. Where are we now? Oh you want it to go lower because you don’t own any equities. Buy your stupid gold. Fear investment.

    • Bubba Johnson

      Do you laugh when fewer people are working than before our KING was anointed? Fewer home owners is funny? Record number of Food Stamp recipients, disability recipients, etc? A Federal Reserve that has gone crazy makes you laugh? Maybe you are right, HEE HEE , it might keep you from going crazy.

      • Sack man

        Things have never been as prosperous. Compare today to even 30 years ago. One by one emerging markets have emerged. More people enjoying things they never could have imagined. Every day. More and more people. By the way most people on welfare are lazy and don’t want to become educated Like I said before African Americans in General have not advanced and it could be genetic. Some use welfare short term. I personally know people across the globe saying things are improving.

        • garand555

          Emerging markets are tearing themselves apart. People are getting firehosed with pepperspray in Turkey. Argentina and Venezuela are entering the beginning stages of hyperinflation, are starting to have supply chain problems. The Ukraine is on the verge of a civil war. Thailand has had mass rioting. Kazakhstan just rolled tanks down the streets to keep order after devaluing its currency by 20%.

          In the developed world, the GINI index has been climbing since the ’60s, our governments lie to us daily and incomes do not stretch nearly as far as they used to.

          Anybody who says the world is getting better is living in a bubble.

        • rentslave

          In 1968,you could quit a job in the morning,then get another one in the afternoon.Try that today.

          • Annette Smith

            Amen! I remember that.

        • TooLittleTooLate

          In 1964 the minimum wage was 1.25…. ( 5 quarters ) per hour…. Do you know what 5 1964 quarters are worth now??? About 18.00…. We have a money problem on a global scale. You can ignore it if you wish. I choose not to. I don’t know how it will end but, there will be a reset at some point and a lot of pain will come with it.

          I wish you only the best of luck but, don’t close your eyes to what is happening around you.

    • Scadaguy

      Hey Sack Man, Aren’t guys just like you the problem …..

      • Annette Smith

        Sackman has brown bag on his head!

      • 2guest2

        Gary has morphed into sack man!

        AAAHHHHH help us…..

    • Eric Quintero

      You dont get out much do you? Ive been all over the US the past few years. Aside from the metropolitan areas, the country is broke and suffering dearly. The depression is already here.

      Perhaps you have money. Perhaps you’re part of the middle / upper middle that hasnt seen the effects yet.

      I have. I cant deny seeing the economic desolation in Florida, Baltimore, North Carolina, So Cal, Arizona, Michigan, the western suburbs of Chicago. And those are only places Ive been to personally.

      Why do you think the rural populations have such a high rate of Meth and prescription drug abuse? Do you think its a coincidence? Do you think escapism has anything to do with it?

      Perhaps you are prospering. If so, you should be grateful! Your fellow countrymen are suffering and its about to get a lot worse.

      • garand555

        I have a sneaking suspicion that he is a banker, and as we all know, bankers live in bubbles.

      • Annette Smith

        We traveled cross-country two years ago. We left the west coast for the east coast. What we saw as we drove through different cities really alarmed us In some cities, you can just “feel” the atmosphere and it’s not good. The hair goes up on the back of your neck. We also saw places on our travels that reminded us of Detroit. Detroit is not the only place where things are going bad.

    • Mike Smithy

      How long have you lived in Candy Land?

    • rentslave

      Gold will be back once the Phillies start winning again as the two are always in tandem.

    • Annette Smith

      Sack man has his head in a bag!

    • k

      Innovations in technology are accelerating this trend too. And fixing the environment/water is mostly local not global and minor, not enough to counter the large scale extensive damage to the environment and water. And wars the ancient style wont happen anymore. Modern wars by nature are quite different…..and they are still going on.

    • glendaleburbank

      I keep reading about the Obot trolls…I have encountered yet another one here. Once they make sure all of us are “gone”…you may be next on their list.
      As long as the Fed keeps pumping, then the stocks will continue to soar…funny money is all it is…worthless.
      Keep up the phoney extrapolations, we are all truly convinced of your sincerity. (snarc off).

    • guest

      Putting your faith in the water purification industry are you ? Well son, I just left the global giant in the water purification industry after 14 years. I would suggest that you boil your drinking water, I do. Not because the original water is so nasty, but because of what they put into it.
      Here’s what you might know is in it, lime, chlorine, fluoride.
      Unless you have well water, boil it before consuming it.

  • Syrin

    Actually it’s TWENTY bankers who’ve died, just 5 “top level” bankers. I love how they rule these deaths as suicide like the guy who “committed suicide” by using a nail gun to shoot 8 nails into the base of his skull. I’m sure the last guy shot himself twice in the back of the head with no weapon at the scene. A clear “suicide”. By the way, almost all of these guys who have committed involuntary suicide were IT guys with access to the same info. Looks like someone is making sure to off any potential witnesses.

    • Annette Smith

      Syrin, what info do you have on other deaths? You state that it is 20 bankers? Please tell us more!

      • Arno Krause

        I am sure that it is more than just 5. The media just won’t talk about it.

      • Island Girl

        Canada Free Press has a story on it today.

    • Priszilla

      It’s always nice to post some sources to any claim.

  • Mondobeyondo

    “On the Good Ship Lollipoop
    Your eyes are cried out, and your shoulders droop
    You got it made in the shade?
    Happy landing on a razor blade…”**

    The dominoes around the world are still standing as of now. Any one of them could fall, at any moment, Could be Ukraine. Syria. Argentina. The U.S. Australia. Maybe China. If one falls, it won’t matter about the rest.
    **Thank you, Shirley Temple, for the countless hours of joy you brought me, and so many other people.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I always enjoy your unique take on things Mondo.


      • michele

        Michael…..since the U.S has changed the Debt Ceiling to 2015,,,,,,,does this change your story?

  • Bubba Johnson

    Not really sure how bad things will get or when. What the Federal Reserve and the 536 have done has consequences and we will end up paying for it.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Why isn’t this being covered more in the mainstream news media?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That is a very good question.


      • Mike Smithy

        The answer is quite simple. For over a half century, the institutions of lower learning have indoctrinated the sheep into believing that socialism and communism is the answer to woes of humanity. For the lack of a better term, we now have so called “Journalists” fully vested in pushing flawed ideology.

        • Steve

          Bonhoeffer explained the normalcy bias in Germany. “Couldn’t happen here. We are too educated, advanced, etc.”. Later, he fought openly against Hitler. The message – get with the program, pay attention, be prepared to act. His lamentations are why we must remain alert, informed, skeptical. He paid the ultimate price to keep his words alive for future generations. And yet, this was a man of peace explaining when to choose violence.

      • outdoorsman46

        I think your site is gaining traction. It seems as if you are being attacked by people with warm fuzzy feeling running up there legs.LOL Keep up the good work.

    • JulietteofOhio

      You KNOW why. It calls out socialism and makes Obama look bad. The media has too much emotionally invested in Obama and the left to criticize anything he might do, or the outcome of his policies. No one has dragged him out of the White House for being a total dictator, out-of-control and dangerous, and if the media can ignore that, they can ignore everything else.

      • k

        Not just in the states, media anywhere hesitates reporting economic bad news.

  • Sack man

    Michael. You just stretched the gloom and doom to end of 2015? Lol. You make me laugh. And in 2015 it will be extended to 2017. Celente has been pretty wrong lately too. Ps you will be right about a market crash because they tend to happen every 5 years or so. And the market makes new highs after. Why? Because when earnings increase so do dividends. Causing stock prices to go up. And if all the leading global companies. Earnings consistently go up. Optimism. The only realism. Read. Rational optimist by Matt Ridley. Amazing book.

    • Patrick Williams

      Sack man, Instead of criticizing with broad brush strokes, please give specifics. I am not saying you are right or wrong but 2008 caught 99% of the population by complete surprise and no one wants to get caught off guard again. Ok, please give your perspective on these:

      1. $17+ Trillion dollar debt. Each year, we have to borrow in order to pay our legal obligations. So, based on this, the trajectory is just to continue to grow the debt but, at some point, you interest payments will eat ll your money. So, in your opinion, how will the debt affect us? or will it not affect us?

      2. The US economy no longer has industrial based jobs. Detroit, for example, had about 235,000 industrial-based jobs in 1970 but now there are only around 25,000 and Detroit has recently declared bankruptcy. In your opinion, how are jobs coming back to the US? McDonalds and paper-routes used to be teenager jobs – now they are career jobs for adults, how do you see this development?

      3. Social Security: even the CBO says they can only meet 75% of their obligations come 2033 (or something like that). That is, of course, assuming a growing economy. How do you think SS will resolve itself? If you think it won’t and will just dissolve, then what do you do with an enormous elderly population that becomes homeless? Please let me know your thoughts on this too.

      These are honest questions. I am not trying to test you or challenge you – I honestly want to hear your point of view as I try and think all these things through.

      Thanks in advance,

      • Mike Smithy

        I suspect the tipping point will be an inevitable hike in interest rates. In other words, when the U.S. Treasury can no longer pay the interest on the debt, the system collapses. However, you should bear in mind that a false flag event may act as a smoke screen in the interim to mask the culpability for the banisters and politicians.

        • Patrick Williams

          thanks for that input, Mike, I appreciate it.

      • Jimbo

        Everything you say is true but it seems to escape Joe Six Pack.
        These are all simple facts that I point out to people but most choose to ignore them.
        I am not a doomsday prepper, I have a good job and I don’t belong to any weird cults. However, when I point out the blindingly obvious fact that exponential growth is impossible in a finite world, I get looked at as though I was a Martian on acid.
        Tell someone you bought a few ounces of gold and they will treat you as a weirdo. Meanwhile, they happily give their money to banks via savings accounts or pension funds.
        The sad reality is that 99% of people can’t even spell economics let alone understand what the word means.
        The most important influence on our way of life and standard of living is the economy. It decides our politics, our health, education and whether we go to war or not. People just don’t seem to care.
        They know who Miley Cyrus is sleeping with though.

    • outdoorsman46

      Its amazing what tripling the money supply will do. If they hadnt done that Gerald and Michaels timelines would have been spot on. Wait until all that exported inflation comes home to roost you ignorant punk.

    • Gay Veteran

      what earnings increase?!?!?!?

  • Bob Stevans

    I disagree, I think the general masses are starting to see things are not getting better. More and more retail shops and restaurants are closing. Malls lay empty and lifeless. Who needs MSM to show what is actually going on. The more I talk to people the more people are turning to alternative news like Drudge, Alex Jones, Zero Hedge and here. A person is smart and witty, people are dumb and scary!

    • xander cross

      The malls are starting to look very empty as of late. The only time they’re full is when the military shops there on the weekends.

    • bigskyman

      Our little town just had a coffee shop and art gallery close down.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    On the day they approved the blind?? debit increase.
    The white house celebrated with a 2500 calorie?? not sure course dinner! It featured aged bone in prime roast beef. Quale eggs, other things I have never heard of. And of course have eaten.
    Honestly, I only heard of this on the Mark lavXXXn radio show, so I am not sure of It?
    The great news is that Michaela did not release a picture of the white house dogs chewing on the bones, Since it is better than U.S. citizen’s are eating tonight.
    Only a picture of a white house dog “going to town”. On a historical white house chair.

  • rat28

    Since the US stock markets have recovered strongly in the last few day…all the problem described in the article are the least of my concern.. In the US, we are very fortunate that after Bernanke , Obama has appointed another saviour Janet Yellen.. More good years to come!

    • Mike D

      Wow…… Really????

    • outdoorsman46

      A comedian aye

  • inflation tsunami

    won’t be surprised to see $4-$5 gas by summer and that’s with collapsing demand.couple that with massive borrowing at the federal level and endless backdoor tax increases and u end up with a perfect stagflation brew

  • davidmpark

    I’m sorry, but I have to take a different outlook on this.

    Right now, there is snow in 49 states. I live in Salt Lake Valley in Utah, and we have an EARLY SPRING!!!

    Today, for the first time this year the wife and I got into the garden for some well earned hard labor – it was exquisite! Oh, the soil is still that beautiful shade of black. The snow is all melted; had our first thunderstorm of the year tonight. This is not normal for February 13th around here, but it’s a welcome change. Reminds me of the 2005 season; a year-round harvest!

    Painted the fences a nice white color. Cut some scrap lumber for doors on the dairy barn. Cleaned up the orchard and prepped two new large garden areas for tilling a month… maybe sooner! 🙂

    That is how the economy will be saved. It’s the common man working to produce that will save this nation. All these politico’s, bureaucrats, bankers, and business leaders all talk of diversification, balance sheets, and values statements – that’s not what it’s really about. It’s about a large man producing his family’s needs with his gorgeous wife smacking weeds with her cane. That is where economic salvation will come from – this is how the US will survive and eventually thrive again.

    You don’t see politicians or bureaucrats that make restrictions and laws regarding home production and small businesses doing such things. When was the last time you saw one of these guys break a sweat earthing up potatoes? Or covered in sawdust from building chairs and cabinets? Anytime these guys are in a garden or workshop is for a photo-op pretending they can work to look like “one of the folks.”

    So, one must honestly question; what understanding or ability do they actually possess? Best guess: nothing, and they couldn’t care less; because all those nasty things they’ve done is about profiting them – not who they’re supposed to represent.

    • TooLittleTooLate

      Yep, I’ll be working on rebuilding a creek retaining wall this weekend and killing weeds in the area that the spring garden is going in. I’ll start plowing and dumping my animal waste compost in and turning it soon!

      No matter how much you prepare, it will still suck if the wheels come completely off. I don’t want to think about working this place without gas and diesel.

      • davidmpark

        Have you looked into methanol (wood gas) or methane (biogas) production to power those machines?

    • jaxon64

      You make me jealous…I love the serenity of working in my gardens and simple chores for my little critters.
      I did do 2 things last weekend between snow blasts–I built some bean towers and 2 pea trellisses…
      At the hospital I do rounds at I saw that they were throwing out some older linen carts–I spoke with maintainence and they let me have one ( people looked at me as if I was nuts with my cordless screwgun taking apart a PVC cart and stuffing it in my vehicle). I ordered three 4′ long 5T grow lights and have assembled a nice vegetable seed starting cart in a back area of my basement–the PVC cart is perfect because it is 4 1/2 feet long by 18 inch deep and 3 trays on the 6 feet tall cart–it even has a cover to trap the heat and light in…I’ll be starting my flats indoors earlier this year and enjoying my gardening even before spring hits..

      • davidmpark

        Great job on the carts and trellis!

        The bulbs, are they “Day Light” bulbs or “Plant/Aquarium” bulbs? Home Depot and Lowes are pushing the second ones. Not a good product. We’ve tried both and the Day bulbs work much better and are about $4 cheaper.

    • GSOB

      What if one doesn’t have a

      gorgeous wife?

      Go get another one?

      • davidmpark

        You’re a grown man; you can handle it.

        • GSOB

          The fenced yard and personal appearance are ornaments.
          Hence, the popularity.
          Mormon doctrines are

          • davidmpark

            Pernicious!! You got a problem with God or His Church, take it up with Him! He owns it!

    • pricket

      Spending this weekend finishing a new root cellar/storm shelter, Next weekend getting the seed flats ready to begin tomatoes and peppers. Always start some flowers also. If all you have is survival items and nothing of beauty and arts, life is terribly bleak. Living is more then just surviving.

      • davidmpark

        Agreed. We have our flowers and ornamental plants in the front yard. My wife has a patch of daisy’s that she’s really happy with. We mixed in the ornamental and decorative plants with the other production plants; such as white willow, sugar maples, common juniper, etc.

      • davidmpark

        Oh, and I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with a cellar, pricket. So, for those considering one, just a little advice: keep the potatoes and apples as far from each other as possible. Apples release an airborne enzyme that encourages potatoes to sprout.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Our freedoms are about to be taken away, if you haven’t noticed. And it’s not at all surprising if you haven’t noticed, because it’s being done under stealth, secretly, under the guise of “it’s for your own good!”

    Wake up, sheeple!

    Bob Dylan saw it coming a few decades ago.
    I caught onto it about 3 years ago.
    Wake the heck up! The wool’s been pulled over your eyes! Wake up – before you all get fleeced!

    “The Hour The Ship Comes In” – Bob Dylan

    Oh the time will come up

    When the winds will stop

    And the breeze will cease to be breathin’

    Like the stillness in the wind

    ‘Fore the hurricane begins

    The hours when the ship comes ind.

    And the seas will split

    And the ship will hit

    And the sands on the shoreline will be shaking

    Then the tide will sound

    And the wind will pound

    And the morning will be breaking.

    Oh the fishes will laugh

    As they swim out of the path

    And the seagulls they’ll be smiling

    And the rocks on the sand

    Will proudly stand

    The hour that the ship comes in.

    • Sabretooth

      Okay, so I’m awake. What do you suggest I do about it? Write letters? Use harsh language? What?

  • Mondobeyondo

    You are not guaranteed anything in life.
    Take nothing, and I mean nothing, for granted.
    Think you’ll be here tomorrow?
    Check your local evening newscast.
    See who got shot, stabbed, run over, etc.
    If it wasn’t you – be grateful it wasn’t you

  • Bosnian Serb

    Just to explain what is going on in Bosnia right now. There are some violent protest but only in one part of Bosnia. Another part of Bosnia, which is controlled by the Serbs, is relatively calm. But violence is likely to spill over as Christians are not happy as much as Muslims are not happy financially. The worst part is that politicians in Muslim_Croat Federation want to take political power from the Serb politicians and thus create all-centralized government. This chaos will cause another civil war.

    • Orange Jean

      I hope you’re wrong… but I do appreciate it when we get people posting from other places… nothing like getting the news straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

  • Priszilla

    I keep my wallet close to my chest, so to speak. I sell what I don’t need, donate what doesn’t sell, and repair what I like.

    Making space around the house for stocking food and other stuff, like razor blades, tissues, cleaning pads, tools.

    I still buy things, but concentrate on high quality durable things, fruits and veggies.

    About every three months we go to the big city for a night out and stay overnight in a hotel or B&B.

    Compare that to 15 years ago in China, where I worked 80 hours per week, had two 2h massages per week, took the taxi to and from work every single day, including Saturday and Sunday, went out to bars and disco every weekend, eat out, drank, smoked. Did some bad investment choices then.

    In hindsight, working less and less excess would have been much better for my income and my savings.

    My tip for youngsters: don’t work more than 40h per week. If you still need energy to spend, do some volunteering, take care of family and friends, and your home and skills, certified skillls. Treat the company strictly as business. Get every hour paid. And get overtime paid double.

    • Jeremy

      Good advice. I have spent the last two years saving money, learning a second language, getting bar certified. Now I am doing research into acquiring a skill (welding, HVAC), skills I can pass to my children and make our lives easier.
      By the way, I live in China right now. Spending the holidays in the US with family, and will return to China in two weeks.

      • Priszilla

        China is not too bad. Love the little hardware shops. Want something done, go there, explain what you want (watch them while they are doing it) and you’ll get it.
        Watch them, don’t just tell them and hope it is right when you come back two days later. Never works.
        They do it exactly like you told them. And if you didn’t tell them to smooth the edges for safe handling, they don’t.

    • pricket

      Everyone should have a partner like you, you have learned well.

  • Jimbo

    I would like to see a new site called “The Economic Boom”.
    There could be posts like “20 Signs That The Global Economic Boom Is Starting To Catch Fire”.
    The author could explain how everything is rosy with the world economy with a handy series of bullet points.
    I have searched high and low for such a site that can explain how the economy is going to grow forever and we have nothing to worry about.
    I haven’t found anything yet so there is a gap in the market.

    • outdoorsman46

      Just search Obamas economic team and im sure you could find 20 things that would lead you to beleive our economy is booming

  • Priszilla

    “This would cause a 30pc
    slide in Chinese equities, a 50pc crash in copper prices, and a drop in
    Brent crude to $75.”

    We remember: crude was at $28 before the crisis of 2008.

  • James

    The fall guys for the global banking con game are being pushed under the bus. They likely helped set up the LIBOR scams, worthless securities trading and the like, and now need to be silenced. Has anyone noticed that despite most top executives in banks like JPM having Jewish heraldry, none of these dead guys seem to be.


    The days of the dollar being the Reserve Currency are clearly numbered. Believe it or not, as “edgy” as things are today, this time will be referred to as the Good Old Daze! When China steps up and interest rates rise, the levee will break and many will be washed away.

  • Selaretus

    This generation has, as the Bible says, ‘heaped to itself teachers having itching ears.’ Money, money, money’ is all anyone is concerned about: investment this, investment that, blah, blah, blah. I’m sick of the talk of it. No one wants to hear the truth or even debate what that really is. Americans would rather hear tantalizing lies than unpleasant truth. The Oboob administration and the Fed take full advantage of this fact with manipulated data, misinformation, disinformation and out right lies. It is infuriating.

    • GSOB

      James 1

      Living Bible (TLB)

      1 From: James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      To: Jewish Christians scattered everywhere. Greetings!

      2 Dear brothers, is your life full of difficulties and temptations? Then be happy,

      3 for when the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow.

      4 So let it grow, and don’t try to squirm out of your problems. For when your patience is finally in full bloom, then you will be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete.

      5 If you want to know what God wants you to do, ask him, and he will gladly tell you, for he is always ready to give a bountiful supply of wisdom to all who ask him; he will not resent it.

      6 But when you ask him, be sure that you really expect him to tell you, for a doubtful mind will be as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind;
      and every decision you then make will be uncertain, as you turn first this way and then that. If you don’t ask with faith, don’t expect the Lord to give you any solid answer.

      9 A Christian who doesn’t amount to much in this world should be glad, for he is great in the Lord’s sight.

      10-11 But a rich man should be glad that his riches mean nothing to the Lord, for he will soon be gone, like a flower that has lost its beauty and fades away, withered—killed by the scorching summer sun. So it is with rich men. They will soon die and leave behind all their busy activities.

  • squashpants

    Not quite sure about the meaning of #11. Anyone care to explicate for me?

    • Bubba Johnson

      MumboJumbo, I do not know either. Sounds silly crazy

    • FirstGarden

      If you mean China, what’s happening there is no small potatoes. “Leveraging” is a means of using credit to obtain assets with less than you have, in order to complete a transaction. Over-leveraging is doing so, but with FAR less than what you have.
      Like moving a huge boulder with a crowbar, and the boulder could roll back on you if you overdo it; or by some other factor, usually unforeseen, like your crowbar breaking (misfortune with your current assets used to leverage with.)

      Typically, the term is used in large contexts like corporate acquisitions and such.

      Deleveraging means that they are way over-leveraged, and are trying to ease the danger now, before it becomes uncontrollable down the road. (A smart move for them, in my opinion, tho it may kill everyone else.)

      Due to their type of g o v t, they can make unilateral decisions.. hard decisions, because there’s no other party to oppose it. There will be great pain now, but nothing like the pain of doing nothing. Or forever kicking the can down the road, (raising the debt ceiling — so much for the discipline of sequestering.)

      As we continue spending our way up into the sky, who will catch us when we fall?

      And who will be left standing when everyone else falls?

      The world belongs to the disciplined.

      • FirstGarden

        A formal definition of over-leveraging:

        Occurs when a business is carrying too much debt, and is unable to pay interest payments from loans. Overleveraged companies are unable to pay their expenses because of over excessive costs. This is the formula for financial leverage:

        Financial Leverage = Operating Income / Net Income

        Investopedia explains ‘Overleveraged’:

        Occurs when a business has borrowed too much debt, and is unable to pay interest payments on the debts. Companies that borrow too much and are overleveraged are at the risk of becoming bankrupt if their business does poorly.

        A company not overly leveraged is better able to sustain drops in their business profits. Businesses that borrow money to add to a product line, expand internationally or upgrade their facilities are often better able to offset the risk they take on when leveraging.

      • squashpants

        FG, thanks very much. I appreciate having it explained to me in such cogent terms.

  • squashpants

    It certainly sounds like things are coming along, and getting worse rather than better. The media has done a good job of ignoring this and its implications.

  • Top Gun

    seems more like we are on the cusp of sliding into a new and improved “middle ages”. these statistics imply mass chaos worldwide. INCLUDING the U.S. although here, it would be dealt with swiftly from the military and we would be treated exactly like ‘they’ treat other countries. are you scared yet? you should be….

  • astana zazara

    enlightening comments by everyone..
    the perception is governed by the horizon of your perspective….
    1. eagle eyes from the sky
    2. tiger eyes on the ground
    however…most important is…what do you want to see? according to what you want to ? Or as it is?
    Well….here we go..the MATRIX again
    Economy everywhere in the MainStreamMedia and the WallStreet of the Worlds are painted rosy as red..
    However…just descend yourself on the mother earth…
    Look in the eyes of the people walking on the streets..
    Then …. tell me what you see..what you think…
    When reality bites…it hurts…

  • americalsgt

    and yet our leaders in Washington play house and have dinners in heated tents.

  • americalsgt

    Today I’m glad to be old. With what I see coming our way between a financial collapse and a world gone mad where getting snow in the winter is used as a means of pushing global redistribution leading to Agenda 21, I find tying my shoes and going to work difficult yet necessary as survival instincts kick in.

    • Old USAF Nurse

      Amen, I am with you.

  • Jannu

    Also here in Finland you can truly observe the economic collapse picking up speed. The GDP figures for December 2013 were revealed today. The Finnish economy contracted by 1.9 %year-on-year. Cyprus and Greece are the only countries in Europe whose economies are shrinking faster. In the news today it was also mentioned that the turnover of the Finnish retail sector declined by 3.1 % on an annual basis.

    I’m wondering why Finland is never mentioned in articles like these, because everything indicates that the economic collapse here will be more severe than anywhere else. In fact, this country is heading for absolute calamity.

    Every day we get to read about shop closures and mass layoffs in the news. All the manufacturing facilities are closing down and all the jobs are being outsourced to China and India, for who would want to produce anything in a remotely located country where all the costs are significantly higher than anywhere else? Unemployment is growing by tens of thousands of people every month. The official unemployment rate is only 8 %, but the way how it is calculated doesn’t make any sense. The real unemployment rate is around 20 %.

    The only thing that is still propping up the economy, is the government debt that is now being accumulated at the fastest rate in the world. Despite these billions of euros the government is pumping into the economy, the output is still shrinking. Just imagine the extent of devastation in the economy it would cause, if we were suddenly forced to live within our means.

    The most notable thing is the size of the public sector. In Finland public sector expenditure now accounts for a whopping 58 % of GDP. As far as I know, this is the highest share in the world. Tens of thousands of well paying private sector jobs are being lost every year and they are being replaced by public sector jobs, where the wages are financed by taking more public debt. The government revenues are ever shrinking and the expenditures are ever growing. How sustainable does this sound?

    By the way Michael, did you get the email about the Finnish economy that I sent you last summer?

    • toadsticker

      You are so right Jannu. We are working at the pleasure of our governments to give public employees the good life (early retirement, lifetime pensions and lifetime health care) that we can’t afford ourselves because they take from us for themselves.
      I believe the Mayan Empire collapsed because the people got tired of the rulers who took their produce, sacrificed their children and forced them to live under laws and mysticism that they, the rulers, ignored. Being a limited city state, once the people wised up, they simply walked away – family by family, group by group. We can’t simply walk away in this day and age, our governments literally have our number. However, we must strive to become independent from our governments. Try to learn a skill that public employees will pay you for.

    • FirstGarden

      I can see a booming market for RVs.

    • bigskyman

      Hey Jannu,
      We were thinking of moving back to Finland and started hearing stories like this from other sources. My wife who is both a citizen of Finland and now America is from there. Think we will sit tight for now! Are your family and friends aware of what is going on?

      • Jannu

        I strongly recommend you not to move here. I’m already making preparations for moving abroad myself. Almost everyone I’ve spoken with understands that Finland is on the road to become a third world country. They realize that this debt party will go on for a few more years and then we will experience the worst collapse in the standard of living the world has ever seen. The only ones who are not aware of this bleak future are the politicians.

        The root of all problems here is the obsession with the welfare state. Everybody has grown accustomed to it. Everybody is expecting that the state will sustain you if you are unable to provide for yourself. In the past the welfare state was financed by tax income when we still had booming forest, steel and electronics industries. All of which are now a thing of the past. The problem is that all high value added manufacturing industries are gone. Manufacturing now only accounts for 15 % of the GDP. Finland has become an exporter of low value added bulk products and raw materials. The composition of Finland’s exports is beginning to resemble the export sector of a stagnant third world country.

        So I guess it’s obvious that from now on the only way to finance the welfare state is by government debt. To understand the absurdity of the situation, all you need to do is to have a brief look at the Finnish state budget. To finance the expenses, the government is taking 13 billion euros of foreign debt each year, this is equal to 7 % of the GDP. What it would take to balance the state budget would be to double the annual accrual of income tax and capital income tax. How realistic is that? If you also take the unfunded pension liabities accumulated each year into account, the annual public deficit is equivalent to 17 % of GDP.

        Needless to say that Finland also has the most rapidly aging population in the whole world. In 2030 only slightly more than 50 % of people will be at working age. The present value of unfunded pension liabilities is a whopping 500 billion euros. In the future as the population gets older, it’s not even theoretically possible to finance the public expenditures.

        We have already passed the point of no return. A total economic collapse is inevitable. What has happened in Greece will be a walk in the park compared to the impending economic collapse of Finland.

        • bigskyman

          WOW! Startling information that my wife and I did not know.Her family does not realize how bad it is. Her parents are retired with a very good pension, two houses, all debt paid off for years and they have no idea how bad the real numbers are coming from the mismanagement of the government. They think that their retirement will never be touched by the economic malfeasance in Finland, Thanks for taking the time to let us know the truth regarding what the real numbers are. It appears that Finland’s day of Reckoning is coming soon. My wife heard a Christian prophet years ago predict that such a hard time will come upon Finland that they will beg on the streets and grow potatoes in the public parks to try to get some food production going. I can see this coming if the politicians do not change the insanity of absurd policies that do nothing for the nation but guarantee a collapse! We were concerned about the budget and our own economic problems here in the USA, but it appears life is a better choice here. We have 10 acres and a house. Our personal debt is manageable and I have my own business. Jannu, what countries do you foresee being better run and better positioned economically to weather the coming global storm?

  • Mondobeyondo

    If you are in the stock market, get out. NOW.

    • FirstGarden

      One wonders if the bursting of a speculative bubble is manipulated.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I really believe it IS manipulated.

  • “V”

    Where is the HOPE and CHANGE more than half of America voted for…….twice????

    • FirstGarden

      “Saying and Doing have quarreled and parted.”
      – Ben Franklin

    • kfilly

      You misunderstood what he said. He said, “No Hope and Chains!”

  • Mondobeyondo

    Devil’s food cake? Or angel food cake?!!

    • Mike Smithy

      Good one Mondo.

  • DJohn1

    Most of what you describe is due to a form of false economics that has been going on for many years dating all the way back to the depression/crash of the stock market in 1929.
    And it goes on and on.
    What do we actually want?
    Most of us want a place to call our own. Usually a house in a community protected by a reasonably decent police force against anarchy and violence. That defined is in an emergency the local police arrive within a few minutes of being called and actually resolve things in a peaceful manner without violence.
    We want transportation available. That means a car or truck that we can use to get to and from the stores we frequent.
    We want enough money to get by on and get food for ourselves and our families to live comfortably in those homes.
    We want jobs so that we can pay our own way for everything. We want quality time away from those jobs with our kids and families. So we want good wages and short hours to make our lives comfortable.
    When someone does get sick, we want someone to give us medicine that will cure what is wrong with us. We want it so that it doesn’t break us financially to get well or to have our dependents have medical care when needed.
    When things do go wrong we want enough in savings to handle any emergency that comes up.
    Most of this existed in the past. Now, the jobs disappear, the wages are low for new jobs, the nightmare of broken cars and trucks because they were not engineered to last, the medical system is expensive and broke, people cannot afford to buy houses when their jobs are at risk of being done away with.
    On a good budget, 20% of your net income should be capable of being sent to savings for emergencies.
    Not more than 25% of your net income should have to go for a mortgage on a home.
    Not more than 25% should go to pay for transportation per month.
    10% should be available for tithes to whatever church you attend.
    You should have at least $50 available per week for unforeseen expenses.
    The successful family should get a reward for being legitimately married and legitimate children from the government in the form of tax reform that rewards work and doesn’t reward lazy people.
    Everything I have said is how I would like it to be.
    Most of what I have said once was so in this country.
    Right now it is fantasy to think any of that exists for the majority of people right here at home.
    The first step to setting things right is to know what we want out of life. The second step is to make it so.
    The only way that is going to happen is for the majority of us to change the rules set down by this government so that average every day people have a chance at pursuing happiness in a legitimate way.
    You got quite a job ahead of you CONGRESS and Mr. President. I don’t think it can be done. Surprise me and make it happen.

    • FirstGarden

      Great post, John.
      I would only add that good social programs are useful. (NOT HANDOUTS that destroy people’s incentive to work.) Like the old adage said:

      “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

      And it would be helpful if they’d leave some d^*% fish in the pond for us, and stop all the overseas hatcheries, and taxing the piss out of our pole, tackle & bait.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It would be a good idea to enjoy your salads and oranges now. The price of any produce from California is about to go sky high in the next few months. The drought shows no sign of breaking, and in fact it may be intensifying. It has not rained here (Phoenix, Arizona) since December 13, 2013.

    If Kansas is America’s breadbasket, California is America’s fruit and produce basket. It’s not just the Beach Boys and the Mamas and Papas that come out of California. Just sayin’…

    (The preceding post has been brought to you by Moo-Cow ™ Dairy Products. Are you running out of milk? Feeling cheezed off against politicians? We’re here to butter up your spirits!)

    • FirstGarden

      Lol. I suppose you have a numbered ‘Swiss’ account. 🙂

      Loved both those bands!

      • Mondobeyondo

        Only as it relates to Swiss cheese.

  • Adam

    Michael continues to ignore the fact that the global economy cannot run well on $100 a barrel oil. This makes Michael a complete fool.

    • Veteransforpeace

      Dude, lighten up.

      • Adam

        No, the main reason the entire global economy is going to Hell is peak oil prices and human overpopulation. The fact Michael never brings either of these up means he is a total fraud, period. Do not say we have plenty of oil because the prices would not be the new normal of $100 a barrel if that were true.

        • K

          You seem to think there is still a free market. A few people can make the price of oil go up or down at will. Look at the price of natural gas, do you think the supply is short on that as well? The game is rigged.

          • Adam

            Wrong, they did not rig it before peak oil in 2007 to the point it would crash everything. Sure it has been rigged some, but $100 oil is because cheap oil is gone and all that is left is the expensive stuff. They would not crash the global economy for greed because that kills them too if it all comes down.

          • K

            Friend, you greatly underestimate their greed. And yes, some of them are trying to crash the economy. Why, it will not affect them at all. If you had seen some of the bunkers, or the yachts. You would understand how little they will be affected. Do you think you would feel deprived on a 560 foot yacht. Two whole decks are stocked with food and other necessities.Sorry this is all a power grab, by the super rich.

          • garand555

            Oil is one of the only things that too much manipulation on price will have an effect that is bad even for oligarchs. It was manipulated back when it got up to $147/bbl, and I won’t deny that there is probably some manipulation now. But any manipulation now is minuscule compared to housing, stocks, etc… If prices go too high, it squeezes those who aren’t in the top 10% to the point where they quit buying things, start defaulting on loans and businesses and banks collapse. If the price collapses, the supply will get much smaller, and even oligarchs may have problems getting enough to run their yachts.

            You have to consider that a huge chunk of our oil supply goes towards producing, processing, packaging and shipping food. When it comes down to yacht vs food, what are you going to pick. That yacht won’t produce food or clothing either, and our illustrious oligarchs would starve just as fast as your average Honey Boo Boo fan should the system collapse.

            Oil is the single most important resource for our economy.

          • K

            No they will not starve. I do not know any of the super rich. But I know a few of the borderline rich. These guys are worth somewhere in the 20 million range. Even they have bug out locations that are quite comfortable and well supplied. Were talking people who could last at least 5 years on what they already have. And yes that includes food.

        • FirstGarden

          It does not mean he’s a fraud. If you feel he has missed something.. that you would like to bring to his attention, then why not enlighten him, and the rest of us?

          Why all the vitriol?

          • Adam

            I have! He never responds because he has nothing to fight me with.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Pretty soon, we’re ALL going to be singing the blues.
    Young men. Young women. Baby boomers. Gen Xers. Senior citizens. Tweens.

    “Young Man Blues” – The Who:

    • FirstGarden

      “We won’t get fooled again.”

  • underaged

    Google ‘Chicken Little’ and this site is pretty much what you get – seriously, I’ve been following this site for a month or two now and it’s the same horror movie played over and over. The only thing it’s missing is underdressed babes running from ugly goons. But, what the heck, we all need a good laugh now and then.

    • goldminer

      If you don’t like this site don’t come here.
      You” Happy daze are here again” people crack me up. You fiddle while Rome burns and laugh about it. You mock the people who are trying to warn you.
      Look around you, open your eyes. Its all falling apart. One domino after the other fall into the next on their way to the house of cards the world economy is built on. But you don’t see… Because it is happening in slow motion and things are ok in your world.
      But the feces is going to hit the rotary oscillator pretty soon. People like you will be caught facing it head on.
      Me .. I will be standing up stream.
      He who laughs last………

  • Adam

    Peak oil and $100 barrels of oil is making it harder and harder for growth for all countries. Peak oil is the death sprial for the global economy and it is happening now. Michael of course cannot see this because he is a biased/crazy right winger.

    • Padraigin

      Peak Oil, as in take a peek, Africa is awash in oil, so is America and numerous other countries, oil, the 2nd most prevalent resource after water. The dollar price of a barrel of oil is an orchestrated scam, oil is produced at not more than 5 dollars a barrel. We are the fleeced and some are more fleeced than others.

      The Global Economy, so-called, is a massive Ponzi, designed to purposely enslave, designed that we live in a cave of “their” making. Right winger, left winger, centre forward or nowhere man, that’s a delusion fueling your confusion, there’s only one side and you are not on it!

      • Adam

        WRONG. Oil was only $30 a barrel not that long ago. All 6 major oil companies reported a decline in production last year despite spending more money than ever. Fracking takes over $70 a barrel just to make a profit. By the way, fresh water is a major concern as well with all the overpopulation in the world. Expensive oil is killing the global economy, and there is nothing anyone can do about it now. There is no mass replacement or it would have been made. The super rich will be eliminated from Earth just like the poor once the oil can no longer run things. It will be game over for everyone.

        • Drud

          The price of oil in terms of dollars or any other currency is not the most important factor: it is EROEI. Energy Returned over Energy Invested. Energy is REAL.Currency is simply an agreed upon (loosely) measuring stick.

  • harleyrider1778

    Stockman – $500 Trillion Derivative Bomb Threatens The World

    Today David Stockman warned King World News that a terrifying $500 trillion derivative bomb threatens the entire world. He also went on to caution about a second danger facing the world. KWN takes Stockman’s warnings very seriously because he is the man former President Reagan called on in 1981, during that crisis, to become Director of the Office of Management and Budget and help save the United States from collapse. Below is what Stockman had to say in part II of a series of powerful interviews that will be released today.

  • harleyrider1778

    The Bank of England has confirmed that economic forecasting is basically impossible

    • Padraigin

      Not sure which is the greater scam, The Bank or England.

      • FirstGarden

        How bout The Bank of England? 🙂

  • harleyrider1778

    Remember Cyprus,hahahha now its EU wide

    First It Was Bail-Ins And Now EU Sees “Personal Pension Savings” As “Plug” For Banks

    • FirstGarden

      The big boys just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

  • harleyrider1778

    Its been said by the end of the year or next it will be a worldwide meltdown.

    • FirstGarden

      Look what you’ve done!
      I’m melting!
      Oh, what a world!
      What a world!

      • harleyrider1778

        Well whatever you do drill a well!

        • FirstGarden

          And hide it. Share with those you trust.
          Bury sealed containers of water. For each one, you can add a drop of bleach to kill the germies.

  • harleyrider1778

    Europe Considers Wholesale Savings Confiscation, Enforced Redistribution’
    By on February 13, 2014

    From Zerohedge

    Sadly, because everything that we warned about in “There May Be Only Painful Ways Out Of The Crisis” back in September of 2011, and everything that the depositors and citizens of Cyprus had to live through, seems on the verge of going continental. In a nutshell, and in Reuters’ own words, “the savings of the European Union’s 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.” What is left unsaid is that the “usage” will be on a purely involuntary basis, at the discretion of the “union”, and can thus best be described as confiscation.

    • FirstGarden

      Reminiscent of the State owning everything, as in Marxism.

      Poor proletariats.

    • Bubba Johnson

      Wish I could earn a little interest on my savings. Pretty soon the banks will start charging US to keep our money. Wish there was somewhere else to live. OH Well now I can preach what my parents always said. Things were different when I was young.

      • puckles

        Why do you keep a savings account? According to the latest IMF guidance, which was reiterated this week by the EU, savings accounts are the means that governments will use to expropriate funds from savers, meaning the middle class (because the upper classes don’t keep their funds in these accounts, typically, and the lower classes have no funds)…
        There are plenty of other places to live, as well as plenty of other ways to make a living, even after you have retired from your “main event.” I have lived and worked in Europe, the US, and Asia.

        Although I have returned to the US and am still working here now, I would recommend Asia to anyone desirous of beginning over at a later stage of life–or at the beginning. I began an English language tutorial business while my husband was on sabbatical, and it flourished–I wept when I had to kill it. I had made invaluable friends along the way. Asians value older people who have value to offer. That is not neccessarily true here.

        The key is to study your target market ahead of time, and make sure you have all neccessary visas, permits, etc. Virtually all of this can be done on the web.

        • pricket

          I gather from your notes that you must feel Asia or some other nation will fare better if there is a major world wide correction of epic proportions. Could you elaborate on any specific country’s that will be sound and without major population turmoil.

  • Stomp

    I told my friend back in the early 1990s this was going to happen and he just laughed at me. He said there would never be a financial collapse and a one world currency. I beg to differ. Apocalypse, in the Bible, tells me different.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Prep of the day
    Storing potatoes
    Use cardboard box with peat moss. Keep in coldest area in basement on concrete floor. Do not stack boxes on top of each other. Its Feb in the midwest and I still have decent potatoes to eat from my garden.

  • James

    They want a one world bank for the New World order. The Rothchild banking cartel are sick of wasting time and money, running hundreds of reserve banks globally, why not centralise and have all money created and controlled at one office. That way they can ensure uncooperative states like Iran, Venezuala, or China can be brought to heel if they refuse social, economic or pretty much any whim of the Global Government (see Rothchild Family). Best way to bring in that change is to: destroy the current financial model by racking up VAST unplayable debt, then charge that bill to the global population. Now with the world holding an unplayable debt, pull the vast amount of investment money the Rothchilds own, out of the stock market, crashing markets globally. As financial institutes call in their debts to cover losses, almost all globally held assets (homes, land, businesses) will be taken by the banks (Rothchilds). Then just as everything looks bleakest, offer the peasants an olive leaf. Tell them all their debt is forgiven and they can start again if they sign up to the new global reserve. Slick.

    • Tom_F

      @James, 1988 just called and said it wants its NWO conspiracy theory back.

      • James

        Your a funny guy Tom, too bad things are so serious. Your are right of course that Reagan and Bush senior both advocated global unity in the 80’s, as did Bush junior and Obama in the 00’s, but the new advocates are the type who are not elected, and therefore are not beholden to public opinion. George Soros is the modern day torch barer for the NWO today, google his late 2012 televised discussion on a new world financial order. Tell me Tom, if some of the richest and most politically influential people in the US are going on live TV and openly discussing this topic today, as they are, does this then still fall in the catagory of a conspiracy theory, or a public fact?

        • toadsticker

          Both Bush’s were domestic socialists. I don’t know why the democrats hated them so much. They did almost everything the democrats asked for.

          • James

            Your 100% right Toad, and that’s because the biggest campaign contributions for both parties come from banks and other financial institutions, like JPMorgan Chase. This of course demonstrates that both parties create policy in line with corporate need, not public interest. Considering nearly all top political leaders have an affiliation with blue chip companies before they win office, why is there surprise that they support those companies after they win office?

          • esolesek

            TRy again, fool. I love hearing Republicans blame Democrats for policies that REpublicans pioneered at least since Reagan – war, total financial deregulation, deliberate stupefying of the population through media consolidation. Yes, Democrats started the Vietnam, and Kennedy wanted to stop it and the CIA and we know what happened to him. Nixon was a Republican in case you forgot and speaheaded the destruction of unions, which may have been due because of the mob taking over. Still, grow up and take Bush Cheney like a man, because they were the product of Republican though not Democratic.

  • Jo sixpac

    yah sure the world collapse “on verge ” I don’t think so will never happen

  • Mary Kotomski

    We keep hearing how things are looking up here in Florida and how the unemployment rate keeps dropping. But they’re lying to us. The only jobs being created are part-time, low-wage jobs.

  • Nicnak

    Don’t worry guys. Our lovely leader Kim of North Korea will fix your problem very soon.

    You won’t feel the pain at all.

    God bless Norh Korea and our sovereign Leader

  • Libsare Ajoke

    kevin sabet,phd –

  • Mondobeyondo

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” – Proverbs 29:18

    We used to be a nation with vision. JFK pledged to put a man on the moon. MLK had a dream of racial harmony and equality. RFK intended to pick up the torch that JFK dropped, and move the country forward. You all know what happened to all three men. In 2014, we actually have to beg the Russians for a ride into space.

    Our visions today? War, free cellphones, food stamps, and Obamacare, to mention a few. Sure, there are a few individual visionaries – think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But they are very few and far between.

    Just a thought…

  • pricket

    Remember though HE said to busy yourself until HE comes. I have total peace, I know the ending, and since I do I must work to help those who do not and prep for those who cannot or who have eyes clouded.

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    Use the fiat currency to become self sufficient.

  • davidmpark

    Nope, not here. Utah Code Title 4 Chapter 1 Section 9: Growing of Food (passed and signed into law in 2012 due to USDA insurrections) – any food grown on a residential premises that is for the sole use of the inhabitants is protected by state law. ANY government official who attempts to confiscate without a legal local warrant can be arrested by the County Sheriff.

    That includes federal officials.

    Water rights here are also set in stone now.

  • GSOB

    Is it always wrong to tell a lie?

    Joshua 2

    Living Bible (TLB)

    2:1 Then Joshua sent two spies from the Israeli camp at Acacia to cross the river and check out the situation on the other side, especially at Jericho. They arrived at an inn operated by a woman named Rahab, who was a prostitute. They were planning to spend the night there,
    but someone informed the king of Jericho that two Israelis who were suspected of being spies had arrived in the city that evening.

    3 He dispatched a police squadron to Rahab’s home, demanding that she surrender them.

    “They are spies,” he explained. “They have been sent by the Israeli leaders to discover the best way to attack us.”

    4 But she had hidden them, so she told the officer in charge, “The men were here earlier, but I didn’t know they were spies.

    5 They left the city at dusk as the city gates were about to close, and I don’t know where they went. If you hurry, you can probably catch up with them!”

    6 But actually she had taken them up to the roof and hidden them beneath piles of flax that were drying there.

    7 So the constable and his men went all the way to the Jordan River looking for them; meanwhile, the city gates were kept shut.

    (No, it’s not always wrong to lie)

  • Selaretus

    It is very encouraging to me that the rich bankers are jumping off high buildings. I can only hope that members of the Fed and CEO’s of the TBTF banks follow suit. Around this, and to show our support for their experiments with gravity and sudden stops, I suggest a T-shirt we can all wear: “We are the 99%. We’ll push!”

    • Bubba Johnson

      HEE HEE I like it!

    • kfilly

      I wouldn’t miss Jaimee Dimon or all of Goldman Sachs for that matter. Jump fellas. I hear it’s fun.

  • pulltheweeds

    obama is a trained corporate stooge

    just like all of the ones before him

  • Libsare Ajoke

    all of this is a lie. everything is fine and dandy in northern Virginia, ahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Mondobeyondo

    Things are getting better, and they are also getting worse. That’s interesting. Sounds like something straight out of “Alice in Horrorland”.

  • toadsticker

    We are living in a time when the standard of living is plummeting. In Flint, MI unskilled GM employees used to make roughly $60,000/year, before overtime, plus health care and pension benefits. Now, they make about $30,000/year with no health care or pension benefits. This is top wages around here, unless you’re a public employee. Some of you might think that is good wages, but the economy and prices in this area were based on the old wages. Houses have gone down a little, but not that much. You can buy a house in Flint for $5000 if you have the guts to live there. Young people are burying themselves in debt to get in a house in a good area. Food prices, gas prices, heating prices, etc. continue to rise.
    I was against the bailout of the auto manufacturers. (Really, the GM and Chrysler employee pension plans.) However, this area has benefitted more than any other in the country from the bailout of the employee pensions and still we continue to slide. Local employers hire retired GM employees for $8-$10/hour because they have health care plus a pension, their house is paid for and they buy a new car every 4 years. They can take a job for $8-$10 and be happy with a little extra cash. But, believe me the local businesses aren’t making money or very little. The driving force of the economy in Flint seems to be retirees and it is still miserable around here. We are living on fumes and when the retirees and their pensions dwindle away it will really be bad. I give it about ten years, 15 at tops.
    Meanwhile, the City of Flint is broke and being run by an emergency manager for the second time. (We had one for two or three years, got caught up and turned the city back to the elected officials. Within two years we were right back where we were or worse and got another emergency manager appointed and that’s where we’ve been for, I don’t know, the last 3-5 years.) The city employees continue to retire in their 40’s and 50’s with lifetime health care and pensions at 80%-90% of their wages in their last year. And the courts say they have to be paid because they have a contract. (In the real world if you have a contract and the other party is broke you don’t get paid.) So the city just keeps sticking it to the residents. 35% of the houses in Flint are unoccupied and 15% are in renaissance (tax free) zones. So, 50% of the taxable properties are paying for all. Flint and Detroit are at the epicenter of the collapse. Detroit has declared bankruptcy, I think Flint will soon. Like they used to say – So goes GM, So goes the US.
    Something to think about. Citizens used to be the largest bank headquartered in Michigan. It’s main office was in Flint. Just before Citizens went under the board put in a female CEO. GM just put in a female CEO, Janet Yellen has just been named head of the Fed and Hillary Clinton is the odds on favorite to be the next POTUS.

  • abinico

    Standard scenario for predatory capitalism – nothing to worry about.

  • Nicnak

    People prefer to watch Netflix or play on their Xbox…
    USA people are a bunch of naive citizen. They brainwashed you at school with stories like usa is the best, no need to look outside of the usa when u are number 1.

    The truth is if you look on line, number 1 countries are Switzerland, Sweden, Norway…. Where is the usa on the list?

    • Libsare Ajoke


    • FirstGarden

      Such generalities do not do you justice.

  • Patrick

    I’ve tried waking up my family to no avail. They simply tell me to stop believing what I read on the internet and get on with my life because they think everything is going to get better soon. They trust the government will do the right thing. It’s very frusterating.

    • Kim

      That must be difficult for you. Especially if you love them very much, which I’m sure you do.

      I’m dealing with the same thing. But never underestimate what affect your words and your example will have on them. Never give up.

  • Kim

    I have to admit, for some time, I had been looking forward to this as a time of deliverance. But I’m not so sure anymore. I don’t think prepping (trust me, I’m not denouncing prepping – I am doing it) will help for very long. I have to admit now, I feel a very deep sense of urgency and fear of what is coming upon us all. It’s going to be comprehensive and far reaching and extremely critical and difficult for everyone one of us.

    • K

      Never fear. do what you can and leave the rest with the Lord.

    • Doug

      I saw you were an Auburn follower from your profile so WAR EAGLE! If you are in Al you should be ok, My wife and I live in NE Bama and we didnt notice 2008 so I have no worries. Funny thing is my wife is a Kim 🙂

      • Kim

        I’m sorry u must be confusing me with somebody else. The only reason I rooted for auburn last year was cause they upset Bama which hated on Oregon. O lost cause Mariota had a leg injury, otherwise O rules.

        I live in Portland Oregon. Before that Washington state, east king county and Yakima county. But your wife has a lovely name! :-pppp

  • Mondobeyondo

    Just in case you had any doubt that our nation’s armed forces have lost respect, not only among the world’s political powers, but among its own hierarchy… I present to you, the jury, this article.

    I am beyond infuriated.

    • FirstGarden

      I abhor disrespect of all kinds, especially toward our military. Yet, I wonder what her actual intentions were here. At face value, it looks like she’s trying to be funny, albeit in poor taste. Other than that, is it really that terrible? Is she actually mocking MIA’s? Or is it just a stupid way of getting a laugh?

      Am I missing something here? Be kind.

      • Gay Veteran

        why does our military deserve respect? they serve the empire, not the republic

        • FirstGarden

          Because they hold an office or position of honor, even if a particular mission is not honorable.

          • Gay Veteran

            doing dishonorable acts means you are NOT worthy of respect.
            and no, I don’t blame a 18 year old for joining the military, I blame the adults around them who should know better

  • Mondobeyondo

    Umm, you know what?

    I fully agree on the “freedom of speech issue”, and so forth. People have bled and died on battlefields around the world for us to hold this right, to express ourselves as we really are, as we really wish to be.

    Having said that..and after I saw this —
    I really don’t know what to say.
    This is absolutely, definitely, NOT, NOT
    what the United States of America represents
    to the rest of the world, or to ourselves.

    If we even DARE to represent our valiant warriors in this manner.. what does it mean to how we treat our enemies?!!

    The very concept of both ideas is sickeningl

    And yet… and yet.. I refuse to doubt that anything is possible.

  • Mondobeyondo

    By “this”, I mean THIS specific article….

    If it’s untrue, it is sickening to even contemplate.I will stand corrected as to any erroneous (?) comments I’ve made. BUT If it is indeed true, it is beyond sickening. Believe me, if I were in an instance of infuential power in this government, and could verify this – HEADS WOULD ROLL. From the top down. You know how poo rolls. From the top down.

    Please prove me wrong. Someone, please prove me wrong. Because I really don’t want to be right about this.

  • none

    GREAT NEWS Michael:
    It looks like your gut instances on fukashima where correct. This video was just released today.
    Fukusima still out of control February-2014
    Sorry for not linking it, using windows 8 now.

  • James

    Thanks OJ, it was a good read. Insofar as Fox being a reliable news source, we are right to be dubious, but you have to remember, they do occasionally tell the sheeple what’s coming next, albeit a happy spin version of what will be dished out in reality. Makes the transition from land of the free, to land of the resource starved, less painless and more acceptable. This is especially so if a cover story is made up to make it feel better, such as fighting global warming, feeding the starving masses, saving little fluffy animals etc. Just so happens that the changes don’t seem to involve stopping the use of fossil fuels, weapons and banks, just higher fuel prices, organic food distruction and corralling of the unwashed masses into high density living areas (the modern day, high tech version of detainment camps); all processes that seem to aid the few giant multinational corporations.

  • jay

    How can we expect our fellow citizens to see an incoming crisis when all is serene on Uncle Sam’s plantation? Also when our public education system has failed to teach us basic economics?

    I think what doomsayers frequently overlook is the fact that as long as the oil keeps flowing, there is no way our current global financial system will ‘collapse’.

    I dare anyone to refute that claim.

    • Mondobeyondo

      But – who controls the oil? That’s a very important key.

  • Alex

    I discussed this with Michael once and we both agreed (as he usually points out in his articles) that the coming economic collapse will be a
    series of events occurring over a number of years that will lead to a slow decline of the USA.
    And although the USA will have an economic decline so will the rest of the world. The only
    difference is that our decline as a percentage of what we are used to in terms of quality of living will be higher then other countries. This is because we have a very inflationary high standard of living.

    Those of you that are predicting “absolute doom” of our civilization here in the USA are shall I say “overestimating” our decline if I put it politely. Those of you that have extensive knowledge of history and economics know what I’m talking about. This is why when I see people quote civilizations like the Roman Empire as an example of “an utter collapse of a superpower” I have to chuckle a bit. They had a SLOW decline in power and standard of living that spanned over a few hundred years before finally stabilizing.

    The USA is just starting its decline which began approximately 2 decades ago. So for those of you that think that that everyone will need to have their own water supply in the next decade or so just to survive are sorely mistaken. It’s not going to happen albeit some exceptional event that could trigger something of that magnitude. But if we prepare for the exceptional you may as well prepare for an asteroid hitting us in the next year because that’s just as likely.

    To be honest mathematically we had a better chance of having a nuclear war with the USSR
    during the cold war days then we have of having an economic collapse of a magnitude that’s going to require people to provide food and water for
    themselves just to survive. Are we going to have an economic collapse? Absolutely! But its going to be like this: If on a scale of one to 10, one
    being the way people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo live and 10 being the USA standard of living; at worst our standard of living will drop to a 5-6.

    I will use some of the worst fatalities in the history of mankind as an example. These count as exceptional event and I will only quote the ones that happened in countries that are vastly under-equipped to deal with them to show you why extreme “doom and gloom” is uncalled for. The Chinese flood of 1931 killed approximately 1-4 million people. Widely considered to be the worst natural disaster mankind has ever faced since recorded history. As we all know China
    was far from economically thriving country at that time, yet the casualty was contained to 4 million being the highest estimate. If we even take the high estimate of 4 million that’s only .88% of the Chinese population at the time that perished.

    Or how about the the cyclone of 1970 in Bangladesh? Another country that’s considered the poorest even among third word countries.
    Some people at that time didn’t even have access to ANY sort of communication system that will even let them know a cyclone is coming. Highest estimates of deaths is 500,000. Which translates to .81% of the population at the time. So even a
    country that’s still considered one of the most backwater countries on the planet was able contain their deaths to a mere .81% of the population 40 years ago.

    How about the worst pandemics? The worst being the Spanish influenza killed anywhere from 20-100 million people. This translates to 1-5% of the world population at that time. The WORST disaster EVER in human history the Black Death reduced world population by 23% and that’s the HIGH estimate.

    So I’m sorry but I have to completely disagree with the doom and gloom peppers on this forum. Based on math (and math never lies) NO economic disaster in human history has ever had even close to the casualties as some people on this forum think will occur. If backwater countries like China and Bangladesh could contain their disasters to such small numbers do you think the USA will be the only exception in HISTORY to allow mass deaths? If you do you are mistaken. Worst case realistic scenario is maybe 1-5% of the USA population. That’s a horrible
    number of people but it’s still a far cry from needing your own food and water supply for long term survival.

    The most realistic scenario as far as an economic collapse is the restructure of the proportion of lower class, middle class and upper class in the USA. To the tune of 75/23/2. With the 75% of people being able to provide only the bare necessities of life by working.

    • FirstGarden

      Alex, I agree with your historic perspective that national decline happens in stages. Folks tend to look back on all sorts of developments in history, focusing on the highlights. For instance, Henry Ford invented the automobile, or horseless carriage, as it were. But in reality, many smaller, overlapping events lead up to the larger, breakthrough event.

      What I would call in question is:

      1 – the assessment you made on the way people will react in a national crisis.

      2 – Also, what has changed in light of modern technology.

      On the first question, people have lived in a more rural, self-supportive setting, up until relatively modern times. The mega metro lifestyle has only increased, due to greater economic inter-dependency, i.e. the job market. Most folks don’t know about farming, gardening, fasting, wild edibles and hunting. Once the Big Mac is out of reach, they panic. But they will hunt.. in a different sense…. for food, wherever it can be had in the forms they’re used to. When the shelves run bare, what will they do? The darndest things!!

      That is why we believe there will be riots, looting, roving gangs and lone hitters, of all kinds. We’ve already seen it on a lesser scale.

      Prepping isn’t necessarily fear-mongering. There’s many levels of prepping.

      I, for one, am no g u n s l i n g e r; nor am I against those who are. But I do find it silly when folks sing, ” Happiness is a Warm G u n” with and all the braggadocio about how they’re gonna blow away all intruders. But what will they do when the they come with bigger & BADDER g u n s. Is it really worth risking one’s life, and the lives of their loved ones. In my view, wiser, smarter planning is called for, not just hunkering down with f i r e a r m s.

      One the second question, we didn’t have the potential of EMP attacks in the hands of smaller but willing players, like rogue regimes who do not have the instinct for self-survival as others do. (Due to their different orientation of thinking outside Western, Aristotelian-logic boxes. And due to extremist religious persuasions of the false kind) We are indeed in unprecedented times.

      Another thing to consider – the snowball effect. It would be a mistake to think of history as a linear progression. It’s far more exponential, especially in this late age, as knowledge double 1/2 the time, then triples in 1/3 the time, and so forth.

      • FirstGarden

        p.s. great post, BTW.

        You stated:
        “The USA is just starting its decline which began approximately 2 decades ago.”

        Depends on how you define decline. Economically, you’re probably correct. But, in the cycle of declines for nations, (historically speaking), other factors typically precede the outward evidences of decline. In terms of moral implosion, the early 60s clearly showcased this. Some would argue that the real seeds of decline, in this regard, began after the 2nd world war.

        • Alex

          Thank you. You’r 100% on the money. I was referring to the economic decline.

          And I have to agree with you regrading the moral implosion. That has played a large part in the decline of our society. We as a nation just don’t have the same value’s and ethics that our forefathers had. Just look at the common words used to describe a typical millennial. It’s just plain sad to think about how far we have fallen as a nation.

        • FirstGarden

          I appreciate the objectivity you bring to the discussion. Diverse views do help everyone to arrive at a greater understanding, as we “fine tune” one another’s perspectives. We may not agree on all things, but a lot of us certainly agree, more than disagree, about a good many things.

          I still think our goose is cooked, but I hope I’m wrong.

      • Bubba Johnson

        “On the first question, people have lived in a more rural, self-supportive setting, up until relatively modern times. ” YOU bet, big difference between City and Country living.

      • Alex

        I pretty much agree with everything you have said. All those threats you mentioned are very real and could potently occur in the future. I
        will address the issue of prepping first. I hope my post didn’t come of in a way where I seemed to be against prepping. In fact I’m a pepper myself. I was referring to the level of prepping we need. I have a 1 ½ month of food and
        water. I also have plenty of firearms and ammo in case violence ensues in the wake of a disaster. I think in all the threats you mentioned the amount of
        supplies I have will be adequate to give me enough time to think of ways to get food if help doesn’t come.

        But if we look at history most likely help will come from the government in most scenarios except the most dire and unlikely ones. An EMP
        attack that can by extremists could at most potentially affect a state or a few states. That’s enough to cripple us in terms of what we are used to but not enough to where half the population will be wiped out. Riots, looting, gangs and lone hitters will take the streets and it’s good to be prepared for them.
        However, the situation won’t be permanent. We won’t turn into a mad max society where there is no law and order. The miscreants would be taken care of; it’s just a matter of how long it would take.

        A setting off of a nuke on American soil would affect us but if we look at the big picture the effect are more shocking than anything else. Even at the worst there is never going to be a scenario like in the show Jericho where terrorists coordinate to set off a series of nukes all across the US. Instead, worst case is that they set off a nuke in the middle of our most populated city. If New York with a population of 8 million was wiped off the map we would only lose 2.2% of our population. This would be extremely terrible in terms of the loss of human life but it’s hardly enough to bring this country to our knees. There may be an economic decline over a period of 5-15 years because of the attack but nothing
        that will destroy our way of living completely.

        But at the end of the day these are all exceptional circumstances. I think we can both agree that any of the scenarios above would
        affect any country on the face of the planet drastically. Most realistic
        scenarios would see our standard of living vastly decline as Jimbo stated. There will be regions where prepping will save your life because of the circumstances
        of that area. However, there will be no need for long term prepping in my opinion.

        As far as how metro areas will fare; we can only make assumptions based on similar scenarios. In a realistic economic collapse people
        would fight over food, riots will ensue, gangs will be formed, people will take with violence, there will be deaths…lots of deaths and our current lifestyle will cease to exist. Look at some of the European countries going through what I just mentioned. They still exist as a country. Greece
        and Spain are prime examples. They haven’t descended into anything even close to a mad
        max society. Our exponential progression of technology is something that will help us adapt to an economic collapse.

        As long as the internet exists, I can literally teach myself rudimentary farming within a day or two. We have more than enough land and
        resources to live off of here in the USA. Take for example Bangladesh. I hate to keep picking on that country but they are a prime example of human perseverance. They have the landmass of Florida with a
        population that’s half of the USA’s!
        Yet, they have managed to survive with limited technology.

        I know I sound like an optimist but I’m actually an extreme pessimist. However, when I look at things from an objective point of view I can’t
        see too many realistic scenarios occurring where there would be a total collapse of American society. But I can definitely see our lifestyle drastically changing in the future.

        • Jimbo

          My prepping is restricted to making sure that the food cupboard is always full and I never let my car fuel tank drop below 3/4 full.
          I have torches and batteries in case of a power outage and I have water storage that is good for a day of normal use or a few months for drinking.
          People who shop daily for their food and run their tanks on empty are just dumb.
          I have some PM’s as a value store but I haven’t invested my entire worth in them. Just enough for emergency use.
          In complex society, it doesn’t take much to disrupt supply lines (power, fuel, water, food) so it makes sense to have at least a weeks worth of stuff in the house just in case. Best of all it is totally free to be prepared this way.

          • Alex

            That’s pretty much exactly what I do. Except the gas part. I should start getting more on top of that.

    • Jimbo

      I believe that we will see a re-balancing
      of wealth from west to east. We will
      need to work 12 hours a day for 7 days a week just as the Chinese do now. There
      will be little in the way of state provided welfare for the unemployed and pension and healthcare provision will be left to the individual to fund.

      It isn’t that hard to see that most western
      economies rely on significant deficit spending to maintain a false standard of
      living. Take away the deficits and live
      within our means and we will see a sharp drop in living standards.

      Most likely it will be a protracted decline,
      a bit like getting old. We won’t wake up
      one morning living in mud huts and eating rats. We will just work a bit longer
      every year for a bit less and our money won’t go as far.

      It is common now for both parents to work to obtain the same standard of living that household enjoyed in the sixties with just one parent working. Our houses are getting
      smaller and they cost more. We have been in decline for 20 years. We have cheap
      clothes and cheap Iphones but only because the people who make these things
      earn less in a month than we pay people on welfare in a week. That is changing.
      The Chinese worker wants more of the cake and in time he will get it. We will pay more for these things, they will get paid more for making them. That is a simple wealth transfer.

      There is still the real risk of a quick
      collapse and the world economy is in a precarious state. However, the ability of central banks to react by kicking the can a bit further down the road will most likely drag this out over a year or two.

      • Alex

        Great post! This is exactly how I think it will play out.

  • Libsare Ajoke

    21. gary turns into a conservative

  • JP

    I have been researching the economy for about two years. I have the same problem when i try to tell people about the coming problems they just say ” i’d rather not know thanks”. I’ve even been met with abuse!! So now i’m only interested in my immediate family and stuff everyone else.

  • AB

    Whenever I speak about the economy, friends and family, just don’t care and don’t take me seriously. I have just stopped talking now. Makes no sense in trying to put sense in those who refuse to believe.

  • FirstGarden

    Why the exclusive focus on Americans?

    You probably don’t mean it, but your post comes across as condescending.

    • Canadian

      Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, FirstGuardian. In no way did I intend to be condescending of Americans. I can see where it would have been understood to have been. That said, the point was specific to the lack of awareness of 1 in 4 Americans re. our orbit of the sun and how that too may translate into a lack of awareness of other things obvious – such as the economic calamity facing the US and consequently, the world. If it’s any consolation, most Canadians are not aware of the economic crisis we are presently in and what the inevitable outcome is going to mean for all of us.

      • FirstGarden

        I guess the rule of thumb would be – Americans can knock Americans; Canadians can knock Canadians. 🙂

        If the twain should mix, a certain national twitch doth trigger. 🙂

        Otherwise, t’would be very hard to undermine such a long-lived friendship betwixt two nations, with the longest unguarded border in the world.

        Oh, but the times they are a-changing, aye?

        Gotta watch who’s slippin through from faraway lands.

        • Canadian

          American government policies and globalist (corporate, financial) have global consequences. Of late, many of the consequences have been harmful, both foreign and domestic. Canada stood-up to the UN, gave-up our seat at the Security Council, we stood up to Russia and China when it mattered. We’ve condemned Afghanistan on women’s rights; are regarded by Israel’s prime minister as their strongest supporter (right, wrong or indifferent), wherever possible, enacted policies and legislation to protect Canada from the global effects of Obama’s QE and there is a growing awareness in this country that Islam is a threat to national security and we’re doing something about it. We are closing loopholes in our immigration policy. We’ve got the back of the US Constitutionalists and are watching very closely the decisions that are being made both by US Congress and Obama (unilaterally). Obama is not a friend of Canada and never was.

          • FirstGarden

            Any U-haul stations up that way?

          • Canadian

            Yep. In just about every city and town.

          • FirstGarden

            Good, cuz we got a few things to bring along.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Prep of the day
    Always keep a loaf of white and wheat bread and some milk in the freezer. Rotate the stock and you will never worry when the next weather storm comes.

  • Libsare Ajoke

    most canadian’s don’t know their hockey teams suck

    • Canadian

      Where did that come from? Ahhh…you must have been one of the 25% that just found out the earth revolves around the sun. Well, good response. You’re right on target.

    • Canadian

      So, do you watch hockey much? How about those Olympic Canadians? Sure suck, eh?

  • Libsare Ajoke

    this site and zerohedge and a bunch of others are run by the same people, they are making a killing selling advertising and posting these non sense articles. they are no different than the regular national media who whores for each other

    • Libsare Ajoke

      and know, let me go to zerohedge

  • Eduardoe

    Si es por mi, húndanse.

  • jagget

    I do believe a lot of these problems are exaggerated. It is not like for example Greece had a great labor market before the crisis, the big difference is people was not aware of it back then. Now media, economy and normal people are fully aware of this. It is not these kind of things that creates crises. It is usually something not known to normal people (like a bolt of lightning from a blue sky etc). The poor situation of S. Europe is of course not good, but it won’t cause no crises. All that happened is that Europe has transformed and should in many cases be considered a nation instead of separate ones. In Sweden the northern parts of population are less productive and usually considered a cost. Evens up with more productive southern part. Same is happening in Europe, but opposite. As long as a couple of strong counterparts can pay up for the less efficient ones it doesn’t really matter who is doing what.

    Argentine is pretty much an isolated economy due to their politics. When did Ghana become a major player in world finance? South Africa and Nigeria might be quite important but we’re still talking about markets so small they won’t really affect US,China,Japan,Europe. Ukraine and Turkey are mostly having political problems, not economical. List goes on.

    I do not believe a crash will not happen, but I do believe that most of the “20 signs” mentioned here are quite weak and non-important in our race towards a Mad Max-styled dystopia.

    • The Founders of our Nation expressed deep concern about the dangers of Government. They provided for a Miltia to protect them from Government. Our Militia is not active. Instead the Government is arming the DHS, The Post Office the private police departments. It would be useful for you to start finding out what is really going on

  • The previous collapses of the
    first three Central banks of the United States.

    The story of the Bank of North
    America, the nation’s first central bank, which was formed even before the Constitution was drafted; the story of the First Bank of the United States, the nation’s second central bank, which was formed in 1791; the massive inflation
    caused by both banks; the causes of their demise.

    The Bank of North America existed from 1781 and collapsed in 1783

    The Bank of North America was modeled closely after the Bank of England. Following the practice of fractional reserve, it was allowed to issue
    paper promissory notes in excess of actual deposits, but, since some gold and silver had to be held in the vault.
    The intended result was that the Bank’s paper would be accepted as money, which
    for a while, it was.
    Furthermore, the Bank was made the official deposi­tory for all federal funds and it almost immediately lent $1.2 mil­lion to the government, much of which was created out of
    nothing for that purpose. So, in spite of the limitations placed upon the Bank, and in spite of the fact that
    it was essentially a private institution, it was intended to be and, in fact, did function as a central bank.

    The Bank of North America was
    fraudulent from the very start. The charter required that private investors provide
    $400,000 for the initial
    subscription. When Morris was unable to raise that money, he used his political influence to make up the shortfall out of government funds. In a maneuver that was nothing less than legalized embezzlement, he took the gold that had been lent to the United States from France and had it deposited in the Bank. Then, using this as a fractional-reserve base, he simply created the money that was needed for the subscription and lent it to himself and his associates. Such is the power of the secret science.’

    The second Central bank “First National Bank of United States existed from 1791 to 1811 and then collapsed
    The Tried central Bank, The second Bank of the United States existed from 1816 to 1836 and then collapsed

    In those years prices increased 72% due to inflation, which is another way of saying that 42% of everything people had saved during this period was quietly confiscated bthrough the hidden tax inflation.

    The Second bank of the United States existed from 1816 to 1836 an collapsed. In that time frame the money supply was increased by an additional $27.4 million another tax payer fleecing of 40%

    When the fifth collapse occurs there is no way to pass on to the taxpayer the total debt of 252 Trillion. that’s called hyperinflation.
    The Fourth Central Bank was created in 1913 and has not yet
    collapsed but it will


  • s. brandt

    We are in a global financial crisis their is no doubt. The fringe that speaks of it and the masses are numb to these economic events. I know now that the level of the commodities are very low and the best way to protect myself and family. Metals last forever paper currencies die. We have an ineffective government so why would I trust the ineffective currency.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Goosebumps. Yes, I got them when I read that too.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Every day I keep up on as much information as possible… regarding the world’s economies, regarding the world’s tensions, etc… I used to talk to my brother about it, but now he has admitted he wants to live without knowledge, and would rather not talk about any of these topics. I’m constantly trying to find new ways of bringing these topics up in every day conversation, but the more people deny things, the harder it’s become. When things get real bad, (and I mean a lot worse than they are) I want to know, and I want to be able survive. Why don’t my loved ones have that same view? They WILL die if they are not prepared. It’s depressing to have all of this knowledge, but no one that you love or care about will listen.

    • geegee

      my loved ones say they are better off not knowing wow , it is a sad day in america

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Seven billion people and counting. The WHO is predicting 10 billion by 2050. We need some innovation fast if we’re going to effectively feed and shelter this many individuals. More tough times ahead as the world’s resources are stretched thin.

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