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20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic

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Drought Monitor July 8 2014When scientists start using phrases such as “the worst drought” and “as bad as you can imagine” to describe what is going on in the western half of the country, you know that things are bad.  Thanks to an epic drought that never seems to end, we are witnessing the beginning of a water crisis that most people never even dreamed was possible in this day and age.  The state of California is getting ready to ban people from watering their lawns and washing their cars, but if this drought persists we will eventually see far more extreme water conservation measures than that.  And the fact that nearly half of all of the produce in America comes out of the state of California means that ultimately this drought is going to deeply affect all of us.  Food prices have already been rising at an alarming rate, and the longer this drought goes on the higher they will go.   Let us hope and pray that this drought is permanently broken at some point, because otherwise we could very well be entering an era of extreme water rationing, gigantic dust storms and crippling food prices.  The following are 20 signs that the epic drought in the western half of the United States is starting to become apocalyptic…

#1 According to the Los Angeles Times, downtown Los Angeles is now the driest that it has been since records began being kept all the way back in 1877.

#2 The California State Water Resources Control Board says that nearly 50 communities are already on the verge of running out of water.

#3 In a desperate attempt to conserve water, the state of California is considering banning watering lawns and washing cars.  Once implemented, violators will be slapped with a $500 fine for each offense.

#4 It has been reported that a new social media phenomenon known as “drought shaming” has begun in California.  People are taking videos and photos of their neighbors wasting water and posting them to Facebook and Twitter.

#5 Climate scientist Tim Barnett says that the water situation in Las Vegas “is as bad as you can imagine“, and he believes that unless the city “can find a way to get more water from somewhere” it will soon be “out of business”.

#6 The water level in Lake Mead has now fallen to the lowest level since 1937, and it continues to drop at a frightening pace.  You can see some incredible photos of what has happened to Lake Mead right here.

#7 Rob Mrowka of the Center for Biological Diversity believes that the city of Las Vegas is going to be forced to downsize because of the lack of water…

The drought is like a slow spreading cancer across the desert. It’s not like a tornado or a tsunami, bang. The effects are playing out over decades. And as the water situation becomes more dire we are going to start having to talk about the removal of people (from Las Vegas).

#8 In some areas of southern Nevada, officials are actually paying people to remove their lawns in a desperate attempt to conserve water.

#9 According to Accuweather, “more than a decade of drought” along the Colorado River has set up an “impending Southwest water shortage” which could ultimately affect tens of millions of people.

#10 Most people don’t realize this, but the once mighty Colorado River has become so depleted that it no longer runs all the way to the ocean.

#11 Lake Powell is less than half full at this point.

#12 It is being projected that the current drought in California will end up costing the state more than 2 billion dollars this year alone.

#13 Farmers in California are allowing nearly half a million acres to lie fallow this year due to the extreme lack of water.

#14 The lack of produce coming from the state of California will ultimately affect food prices in the entire nation.  Just consider the following statistics from a recent Business Insider article

California is one of the U.S.’s biggest food producers — responsible for almost half the country’s produce and nuts and 25% of our milk and cream. Eighty percent of the world’s almonds come from the state, and they take an extraordinary amount of water to produce — 1.1 gallons per almond.

#15 As underground aquifers are being relentlessly drained in California, some areas of the San Joaquin Valley are sinking by 11 inches a year.

#16 It is being projected that the Kansas wheat harvest will be the worst that we have seen since 1989.

#17 The extended drought has created ideal conditions for massive dust storms to form.  You can see video of one female reporter bravely reporting from the middle of a massive dust storm in Phoenix right here.

#18 Things are so dry in California right now that people are actually starting to steal water.  For example, one Mendocino County couple recently had 3,000 gallons of water stolen from them.  It was the second time this year that they had been hit.

#19 At the moment, close to 80 percent of the state of California is experiencing either “extreme” or “exceptional” drought.

#20 National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Boldt says that this is “the worst drought we probably have seen in our lifetime“.

Most people just assume that this drought will be temporary, but experts tell us that there have been “megadroughts” throughout history in the western half of the United States that have lasted for more than 100 years.

If we have entered one of those eras, it is going to fundamentally change life in America.

And the frightening thing is that much of the rest of the world is dealing with water scarcity issues right now as well.  In fact, North America is actually in better shape than much of Africa and Asia.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources“.

Without plenty of fresh water, modern civilization is not possible.

And right now, the western United States and much of the rest of the world is starting to come to grips with the fact that we could be facing some very serious water shortages in the years ahead.

So what is the solution?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • Rodster

    Woeful mismanagement of resources has got us in this mess and as Michael pointed out, it’s not just us. Sixty percent of China’s drinking water is so polluted it’s not drinkable.

    Industrialization and modern civilization has created this mess of rapid resource depletion that NOW is starting to rear it’s ugly head.

    A top ranking BP official recently said that the world has 53.3 years left of fossil fuels.

    • edrobar2978

      Indeed, the BP report says 53.3 years left of fossil fuels, this has been calculated with the current level of energy consumption worldwide. The International Energy Agency in its last Energy Outlook warned that the world needed to invest 48 trillion dollars to meet the energy needs by 2035. Now, the energy independence that the US government and the media is selling to the people comes from the fracking, technique that requires monstrous amount of water which cannot be reused for animal/human consumption, thus, at some point we will need to rethink our society because we are now heading to Collapse of this Civilization.

      • McKaila A

        Yes, indeed COLLAPSE is imminent. One would have to remain a FOOL not to see the hand writing on the wall. However, there are huge volumes of oil in the U.S. [Alaska, ND, Montana, etc] that are NOT being properly utilized due to unreasonable environmental controls by progressive groups. Fracking is a plague on mankind that is more closely aligned with F-ing or being RAPED by the corporate FASCISTS!

        • Priszilla

          oh, the bad progressives and their protection of food sources.

          or where did you think your food is coming from? the supermarket?

      • Priszilla

        the current level of consumption is a interesting number.

        but right now the average chinese uses a tenth of what the average american uses. let them pick up on living standards.

        and the 1200 million indians, too. and the 150 million nigerians, 250 million indonesians, 300 million russians, etc.

    • David Wilson

      53.3… are you sure that’s not 53.4? A suspiciously accurate figure. How was it calculated and what are the error bars? This is figure which is almost impossible to even estimate as there are too many variables and unknowns both technical, geological, and economic.. not least of which we have no way of knowing what scientific breakthroughs and technological advances will be available to turn more of the total resource into available reserves, or reduce demand by making alternatives moore competitive. If it wasn’t for the development of fracking the USA would by now be deep in the doodoo as regards natural gas supply – as was being predicted only 15 years ago.

    • Jay_Sherman

      53 years? In the 1970’s they said it was all gone already! Guess they had to recalculate….

  • K

    The question is, are we right in calling it a drought. Or is it the ending of a prolonged rainy period. Could we be witnessing that entire area, reverting to historic norms. Once you are west of the Mississippi, lack of rain seems to be the norm historically. Think of the dust bowl. Think of the con men called rainmakers that used to travel that area. Go back even further. Many of the native american tribes from that area, had a ceremony called a rain dance. History seems to provide many hints, that a lack of rain is the norm for the area, not the exception.

    • Fed up with stupid people

      Any your point is??? Millions of people are still without water that they are accustomed to and if it continues, thing will get worse. You can call it a reoccuring hydrationless dispensation and that will still change nothing.

      • Rancher

        I believe the point is as obvious as the nose on your face. To many people have over populated regions which cycle between long wet and long dry periods. Now it could be going dry as it has in the past and with millions more people since all the cycles before they are really screwed.

        There is no solution other than riots, internal water wars, a massive change in the landscape and a die off. I have no dog in their stupidity and the results of their endless lusts. They can not sell to relocate when no one will buy so they are stuck there.

        My fields have been hayed now and are coming back green and we do not water them. Never have and never will because we learn to live within Mother Natures cycle swings. Pay back is a Bitch is the old saying and that Bitch looks like it is setting up shop in the once deserts which man has over watered and over populated as they lusted to live in the endless sunshine.

        It take thousands of years to replenish the under ground aquifers man has drained in one hundred years and is ramping up the final pumping now to sustain an unsustainable life style.

        All we can really do now is sit back and watch as “Stupid is what stupid does”. Sow and reap baby….

        • Ghost11111111

          You are amazing. You hit the buttons. U R Sharp. Thumbs up to You. Very Poetic, and on point. May peace be upon U (Salam)

          • kp24

            keep your muslim crap to yourself…your not wanted in our country

          • Ghost11111111

            Your Country?? At one point we were all immigrants to this country. Muslim crap huh? Whats the crap about it? U have a bachelors degree in CNN/MTV?

          • rrrr

            I second kp24.

          • Ghost11111111

            The American Media is owned by a few corporations, the information given to the public is biased. The media shows you what the puppet masters want you to see to justify their presence in the various “regions” they are in.

          • Johnny Paleswine

            When did your family arrive? Did your family harvest the crops and build the apt where you live while benefiting from a generous welfare system? Did anybody in your family fight in WW1 or WW2?

          • Ghost11111111

            Yes, my grandpa was in WW2, and I pay taxes like you. We were created from many different nations and tribes so we may get to know one another. Where is the sense of community? Where is the unity? Where is the understanding?

          • jaishen

            I and my ancestors are not immigrants. We were here when the rest of you arrived.

          • Ghost11111111

            Your telling me you are native american?

          • Whites were here long before the so called native Americans. On both the east and west coasts and up and down the Mississippi. They were just in smaller numbers when the “native American” crossed the land bridge. The native Americans killed off the small numbers of whites. Then we came back and killed them off. Don’t trust me do your own research

          • Fr. John+

            NO, we were NOT immigrants. We Anglos FOUNDED this country. And the ‘native Amurricans’ were not ‘native’ – clearly, you’ve never heard of the Solutrean Hypothesis, Kennewick Man, or the Kensington Runestone.

            Go back to YOUR desert, and stop making our land accursed.

        • K

          Good summation Rancher. That is indeed my exact point.

        • McKaila A

          Well said Rancher, You have adequately summed it up…nothing more to add

        • Bruce

          Same goes for the oil. It took millions of years to put there and we will suck it up till it’s all gone. No energy will be far WORSE than ANY drought because it will be world wide not just the east coast. It will destroy any and all of an economy. 90% unemployment sounds about right.

      • Jess

        “witnessing the beginning of a water crisis that most people never even dreamed was possible in this day and age.”
        This situation is overdue. Many have prepared.

      • old fart

        Everybody knows it is Bushes fault. Do not give up hope as Obama has a plan to save us and only costing a few Trillion dollars.

    • Mondobeyondo

      It’s a drought here. No denying it. May be flooding elsewhere, but it’s bone dry here.

      • Barefoot in MN

        I’m in northeast Minnesota & we have been having floods & excessive, above-normal rainfall and snowfall for a couple years now. If the dear sweet government wold allow us peasants (American citizens) to have jobs, we could make a pipeline & share our water with you.

        • aedelaossa

          Their is only money to build pipelines to carry oil across the country, not water!

    • shahidk

      The difference being that then the population of the drought stricken region was less than a couple of million: today it is more than a hundred million. If it continues tens of millions will have to leave.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Fusion power, enabling desalination on a scale so grand as to enable us to return the southwest to pluvial conditions. Refilling Lake Lahontan would be a good test piece. Then proceed with reclaiming the entire Sahara, which 20,000 yr ago was green, well watered, with good soil, etc. Then the Ice Ages ended and the climate belts shifted poleward.

    Once the Sahara is green again, that’s good practice for the Mars Terraform Project (ca. 2200–ca. 2900).

    • davidbyrden

      Tatiana, those grand projects are all aimed towards enabling the existence of more people.
      Couldn’t we just have fewer people instead?

      • Ian

        Are you volunteering?

        • Malfador

          If we stopped all the illegals coming across that would be a start. How about we get rid of all the ones in California. L.A. would look like a ghost town.

          • Priszilla

            A good start would be not to bomb their homes and recall all soldiers to rebuild the sewage canals and tap water system so that less water is lost along the way.

            In South America the US better stop supporting the corrupt governments which have the only qualifying property that they are not communist.

            And slap a hefty tax on all arms exports. 200% should do it for a start.

            Use the money to build a fence.
            Produce the fence in the US.

          • Malfador

            A fence won’t work, we need a wall.

          • Priszilla

            I’m glad that you agree that the soldiers shall be recalled and the wars ended, and the arms exports.

          • Malfador

            That’s all fine. As far as rebuilding anything anywhere that’s not going to happen. We’ve given enough money time to turn off the faucet.

          • Priszilla

            You (the taxpayer) have given money to dictators so they can buy your (private corporations) weapons systems.

          • Malfador

            You may have had a break with reality. Nothing you just said has anything to do with the prior statement. You know this article is about drought not the military right?

          • Priszilla

            if you wouldnt spend all your money on the military youd have more for infrastructure projects, and creating local jobs.

            china gets 70% of their gdp from infrastructure investment. they create about 5 milion jobs per year. and they dont have an aircraft carrier fleet in every ocean with military bases on leased islands around the world.

          • Malfador

            They also have dozens of ghost cities. If nobody is living in the city there is no revenue.

          • Priszilla

            There will people living there. They still have a population growth and need additional housing for millions of new families each year.

            Right now there are about 8 million more youngsters leaving school each year than seniors going into retirement.

            How do you build 4 million homes each year?

            And yes, like in all capitalist countries there will be some overshoot.

            They just need to connect those cities to power and there will be life very quickly.

            These cities are built by private investors, and if they ask for too high a price to make a good profit, they won’t sell anything.

            Greed. Like everywhere else.

            There will be streets and new factories, and schools, and shopping malls. I have seen it all happening in China before while I lived there.

            One year the streets are wide and empty and the kids play football during the day, and two years later the cars are bumper to bumper, and the flower pots are removed to build another lane.

          • Priszilla

            Who’s faucet do you want to turn off in the drought?

          • Malfador

            I see reading comprehension isn’t in your wheelhouse. You go back and read and you tell me which faucet I said is now off.

          • Priszilla

            The faucet of endless money for the military? Most likely not, since “this article is about drought”.

          • Malfador

            I clearly stated that we should give no money for rebuilding! I fear you are an idiot.

          • Priszilla

            Rebuilding what? And where? I thought we were talking about American infrastructure to help preparing against weather and drought and getting the money for it?

  • Mike Smithy

    At some point, southern California needs to seriously consider pulling their potable water from the Pacific Ocean via the de-salinization process. However, large amounts of electrical power is necessary to accomplish this effectively and efficiently. I.E. Nuclear Power. However, I can certainly understand the environmental concerns in light of the Fukushima disaster.


      Life is full of risks. Surely we can manage them. Build the nukes in geologically stable areas, then build the desalination plants. Another factor, the Central Valley and the food supply. No water. No food. Praying for Rain no longer cuts it out here.

    • selaretus

      Yeah…desalination. There’s a sustainable plan.

      • Mike Smithy

        How is it not sustainable? Are you concerned that the Pacific Ocean will run out of water?

        • Priszilla

          no, california could run out of sun.

      • smallergovnow

        What is your sustainable plan nut-job?

      • Mondobeyondo

        Oh yes. Desalination. Sure thing!
        One problem: the cost.

        Too expensive! It’ll cost us a fortune!
        And it will.
        Hmmm, does this remind you of another place without water? Really hot with no relief? Ever?

    • edrobar2978

      Desalination process won’t meet the needs of any country because it is too expensive energetically speaking, and also we have a problem with the energy production.

      • Yolanda

        Desalination could work, there are many new energy devices, such as Neumann engine, however the too powerful monopoly corps use their power, greed and money to prevent new ideas and paradigm shifts

      • Rodster

        Bingo, a Gold star for you !

      • Mike Smithy

        That is precisely why Nuclear generated power production is necessary to run the desalination.

        • Priszilla

          As you have seen in Fukushima you need water to operate nuclear power plants.

          • Mike Smithy

            Nuclear power generating facilities use a closed loop system and the same water is used over and over again in perpetuity. Typically, the amount of water necessary is about the size of an olympic sized swimming pool.

          • Priszilla

            Yes, and that closed loop heats up and is then cooled down how exactly?

          • Mike Smithy

            Closed circuit systems utilize hyperboloid cooling towers. They rely on ambient air flows to cool the water and dissipate heat.

          • Priszilla

            In in the dry desert air no water evaporates?

          • Mike Smithy

            Now you are just making things up. Water evaporates quite rapidly in dry air.

          • Priszilla

            OK, stiil not clear is the final deposition of nuclear waste, and the safe containment of properly shut down nuclear power plants after their lifetime. Not to mention even accidents and their containment.

        • Spinnerbait

          So has Israel for decades

      • Priszilla

        No. Desalination is quite cheap and can be done in every household that has access to the sun on their roof.

        google watercone

    • Priszilla

      There is the sun. It provides enough heat to evaporate water. And to provide the cooling power to condense that water again.

      The technology is quite old. 19th century.

      No need for nuclear power. Every house could have a desalination plant.

      Those houses with an aircon produce their own water anyway, which is probably just evaporated or let away into the sewage system.

      Just need to collect and filter it.

      • esqualido

        I rank that right up there with Chairman Mao’s dictate that every family should have a pig iron smelter in his back yard (talk about a carbon footprint!)

        • Priszilla

          Your own private desalination plant only works during the day, when the sun shines. It doesn’t need any other energy. Just a few pipes and valves and ammonia and water to fill.

          Talk about carbon foot print – about the same as the manufacturing of your car’s aircon, and less than the manufacturing of a household fridge.

    • esqualido

      It is nowhere writ in stone that California must be the national cornucopia: when I was a kid we were taught about Long Island and New Jersey truck farmers (!). The point being that the many parts of the county with adequate rainfall pick up the slack. (even without nukes(!!)

    • Robert (qslv)

      You can use solar mirror system to distill the water. the real problem is what to do with the contaminated salt by-product.

  • JT

    There are many areas like the Red River Valley in North Dakota and the High River area of Alberta Canada that flood virtually every spring. Why not build water pipelines that can divert this extra water every spring into some of these areas that need it.

    • frankensteingovernment

      Why don’t the people who want water in California just relocate to North Dakota?

      • Mike Smithy

        Don’t give them any ideas. It would be a shame to Cali-fornicate North Dakota.

        • Bill Goode

          I don’t think anyone has to worry about that. People in sunny California like their warm temperatures too much to tolerate sub-zero temperatures in North Dakota.

          • Mike Smithy

            Whew!, That was close, you had me worried but I feel better now.

          • old fart

            Calexico is a annex of mexico so the water problem belongs to Mexico not our problem.

          • Bill Goode

            So you think Mexico will consent to pumping water across the border to Calexico? I doubt it.

            If Calexico is having a water problem, and well they might, it is Calexico’s problem, not Mexico’s, not the rest of California’s, not Arizona’s or the US federal govt.

            If it gets too dry for people in Calexico, they have the free choice to move elsewhere. Perhaps they can move across the border to Mexicali. Then it will really be Mexico’s problem.

      • Bill Goode

        Much better idea. Some years ago California wanted to build a canal to transport water from the Columbia River in Oregon to Los Angeles. You can just imagine how Oregonians felt about that.

      • Jay_Sherman

        Because they are so used to thinking that the gov’t can solve all of their problems just by taxing everyone and building things, while ignoring it’s long-term sustainability and the impact to everyone along the way…. Perih the thought that people should live where conditions permit them to live. They put someone in jail in CO. for collecting rainwater on their own property in a barrel; but to build humongous cities and steal the water from millions of other people is a state-sanctioned welfare program.

  • karryokie

    I just wish that the drought was limited to Nevada,as I put a curse on them a few years back for not allowing NJ to rule themselves by crying to Congress about sports betting.I put a curse on Paterno for covering a point spread in 1995.That one took 16 years,but what a payoff!

  • Captain Canuck

    Anyone denying global warming at this point might as well be denying that the earth is round, and travels around the sun.

    • You would not know it here in Western Canada.
      Last two summers and winters coldest on record.
      We had unprecedented cold and rain up to last week.

      • Captain Canuck

        The prairies I assume you’re talking about. Yet another symptom of global warming. Extreme flooding in some regions, extreme drought in others.

        • bmr22

          How about just climate change. The climate has never stayed the same lakes, seas and deserts come and go. We have just been living in a small stable period a small blip in climate time scale.

          • David

            I can remember a general science teacher telling me in 1959 that very same thing – that were all in our lifetime likely to see the return of more extreme and unstable climate in the western hemisphere.

    • Scared Economist

      We just suffered through one of the coldest winters ever here in the Midwest.
      I heard Climate Change scientists at the South Pole are a little worried— the sea ice has extended farther than ever recorded that supply and transport ships can’t get in. They may be stuck for a while running out of supplies.
      Polar bears in the Arctic are in trouble because there is now too much ice so they can’t find enough breaks in the ice to hunt seals.
      Climate goes through cycles. During the Medieval Warm Period grape vineyards grew as far north as southern Scotland and southern Greenland had trees and a temperate climate.

      • David

        Antarctic sea ice is also now the heaviest on record.

        • Priszilla

          Where does the ice come from? Melting on land and flowing into the sea?

    • goldminer

      I dont deny the climate is changing on earth. But I do deny that it is man caused. MCGW is just a bunch of junk science. Solely designed to part people from their ever shrinking wealth and transfer it to the rich people like algore.

    • Jay

      I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the earths magnetic field weakening leaving much of the Western Hemisphere more exposed to the suns radiation… Just sayin.

  • Paul

    We need to build desalinization plants. This will help create thousands of jobs and address water shortages. Also, people need to be educated about the importance of conserving water.

    • Priszilla

      It’s not as profitable as selling fighter planes to tje taxpayer for fights against terrorists somewhere.

  • mARC

    You can’t trust water, even a straight stick turns crooked in it

  • Kent Harris

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse comes to mind. All that is occuring and we still will not return. Hollywood stands in judgement.

    • Tom Martin

      America stands in judgement

      • laura m.

        Yet, most all the churches remain silent keeping the dumb masses entertained. America is under a curse/down the crapper; and will fall.

        • McKaila A

          YES! ‘Clergy Response Teams’ in collusion with Homeland Insecurity. 501(C)(3) apostates that have sold their collective soul to the devil. Mystery Babylon is FALLEN, FALLEN!

  • mARC

    Things change…..the Sahara used to be an ocean

    • Bill Goode

      Yeah, I think that was a few million years ago. So we only have to wait a few million years. Wow, what a plan. Let’s move Las Vegas with its 60 golf courses to the Sahara.

  • Snowman 2

    Stop the chemtrails, and we stop the drought.

  • chilller

    What about the dozen+ golf courses in Las Vegas? They suck up water like there’s no tomorrow. Oh but wait! We wouldn’t want to deprive any elitists from chasing their little balls around on fresh, green grass now would we…?

    • Bill Goode

      It’s 60+ golf courses in Las Vegas. More than that in Los Angeles. About two dozen within 20 miles of Monterey, which has had a building moratorium for 20+ years due to lack of water.

      • David

        Lack of water in Monterey may be real, but it and many other ‘environmental emergencies’ are primarily a ploy the elites have long used to get what they want without opposition / public debate.

        • chilller

          Couldn’t agree more…have you seen pictures of Lake Mead lately?

          • Bill Goode

            I’ve driven around it and right up to the shore. Looks pretty bleak. Las Vegas may wither away. No sympathy for that loss.

        • Bill Goode

          Yes, the lack of water around Monterey hasn’t affected the golf courses, where all those elites play. like Pebble Beach. The golf courses get all the water they need. But the moratorium on new construction stands. One cannot even add a hose bib or toilet to one’s own existing house.

          • libbydbone

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          • Bill Goode

            Does this have anything to do with water? Is she selling water?

          • Bruce

            GO AWAY SCAMMER

          • monicadsmith

            my classmate’s aunt makes $68 every hour on the
            computer . She has been fired for 7 months but last month her paycheck was
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          • Bill Goode

            Is she selling water? Else what does this have to do with this issue? If she sells a gallon of water a minute, that’s about $1 per gallon. I can do better at the tap.

          • Whizleader

            $15495 @ $68/hour is 228 hours/month = 53 hours/week. Is that what you call a few hours? You scammers need to learn how to count…

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          • Bill Goode

            You made all that money selling water to the Monterey golf courses? I’ve got some extra water. If you want to pick it up, you could sell it.

          • michaeljashley

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      • chilller


    • Dawn Weaver

      Last time I saw any numbers on it, there were more than 130 golf courses in the Phoenix metro area.

      • chilller

        That’s plain nuts…


    Massive desalinization plants! Skip the “crazy train” and build the plants. As the water is drawn in and shipped out, it can power turbines, generate power! It is the only answer. Conservation is fine but we are too large to depend on fickle rains.

    • Bill Goode

      Yes, desalinization plants by all means. Los Angeles & Las Vegas are plundering water from Colorado, Utah and Arizona. California needs to take responsibility for itself. Got to dump the California Coastal Commission to do it. The people of California created that absurd agency and now they will either get rid of it or die of thirst. Their choice.


        Indeed! Wait till they try and impose those $500 fines! I’ll countersue for incompetence and malfeasance!

  • Bill Goode

    The city of Las Vegas has never had any justification for it’s existence. Las Vegas has been plundering water from upstream on the Colorado River, since the city was created. Is the city of Las Vegas going to shut down its some 60 golf courses that it has to feed from Lake Mead? Obviously I have no sympathy for the city of Las Vegas. They are drawing water by immoral federal mandate from Arizona, Utah & Colorado ranchers, upstream. If Las Vegas shuts down, good riddance. The people there can move elsewhere. Plenty of water down in the Amazon. They can move there.

    In the case of California, the state should long ago have built desalination plants. Yes, they are still expensive, but as more get built, the cost will go down. The island of Malta is entirely dependent on desalinated water. Such plants are widely used in the Middle East – Israel, Dubai, Saudi Arabia. So there is no reason they can’t be built in California.

    Monterey County has proposed a desalination plant for some 20 years, but the residents keep allowing the politicians to stop it, arguing over who owns the ground water near the proposed plant and conflicts with the California Coastal Commission. It’s absurd. Now they are claiming a drought is the cause of their water shortage. Nonsense. It’s their own damn fault for allowing such a state agecny as the California Coastal Commission.

    Similar problems in Los Angeles, which is plundering water from the Sacramento Delta, Owens Valley (putting ranchers out of business) and the Colorado River. The people of California need to decide whether to desalinate, move elsewhere or die of thirst.

    Several years ago California dreamed of building a canal from the Columbia River in Oregon to supply water to Los Angeles. Thankfully that got shot down real quick.

    I live in Arizona on well water, quite some distance from the Colorado River, well away from the Colorado aquifers.

    • Jess

      There is a 100′ white bathtub ring around lake Mead from the mineral deposits left as the water disappears. They are frantically spending millions to install deeper intake waterways to supply LV.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Critics will say that there is no justification for the existence of Phoenix either – given the past history of the region (the Hohokam Indians, etc… – but here we are with plenty of water and air conditioning… FOR NOW.

      • Bill Goode

        I agree that Phoenix has no basis either. However, Phoenix is not plundering water from 500 miles away across three other states, like Las Vegas is.

        • McKaila A

          Excellent commentary, Bill Goode…you sure know what you are talking about & your points are well taken!

    • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

      I am from Malta, we had enough water even without the desalinization plants back in the 70s….we were taught ” waste not, want not”. And as I commented before, this is a man made drought. There are a lot of great comments here from very intelligent people, but no one has mentioned Agenda 21….could it be cognitive dissonance ?? And while you all are researching this, throw in CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

      • Bill Goode

        Glad to hear from Malta.

        Sure Agenda 21 is really nasty and needs to be done away with. But blaming everything under the Sun, Moon and stars on Agenda 21 gets a little trite. We need to get more specific than simply laying the blame for everything on Agenda 21.

        I agree the water “crisis” has been man made. But let’s deal with that,

  • Bill Goode

    It’s not the money. It’s politics and the California Coastal Commission. In Monterey County they are arguing over who owns the ground water next to the proposed desalination plant. When they get thirsty enough, they will dump the Coastal Commission.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    No lawn anywhere on earth should ever be watered. What amazes me with this current immigration crisis is that no one is talking about water in the Southwest.

    • drew

      We have over 12,000 fresh-water lakes, the third largest river on Earth. We water our lawns whenever we want.

  • eg

    California is a desert, dummy. so is las Vegas. because the EPA prohibits new reservoirs, their spring rain flows to the sea.

    the globe has been in an unusual wet cycle, and now returns to normal.

    Samuel Clemens said history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.

  • Reh

    if there was gonna be a collapse, it would have been here already. think about it. seriously, its so bad out there but why no collapse yet?

    • bmr22

      The collapse is happening right before all of our eyes most are just to blind or distracted to see it.

  • Rancher

    Rancher here.
    Hey as plain as the nose is on your face this nation has long term weather cycles. I believe the nation has way over populated and over built during the pendulum swing towards a hundred year rainy season and it will all suffer greatly if the pendulum is actually swinging back towards a normal much drier hundred year cycle.
    Even southern Idaho was water wars and water is registered down there. He who owns the water rules…period. Make no mistake here the govt owns a lot of it and I feel will keep expanding it’s self appointed authority to lay claim to yet more.

    Here in northern Idaho where I have lived most of my life and Michael the author here has recently relocated to enjoy huge lakes which are lowered during the winters to make room for spring run off. Our fields are green while Oregon fields are brown. We must wisely conserve up here even though we are fat in water.

    If not we will suffer what a great amount of others are suffering because they willfully exploited Mother Nature. Rather than sipping they lusted and now will get their just recompenses. I neither care nor feel sorry for the reaping of unchecked lusts and reckless behavior.

    We are planting more food producing trees and gardens while most others are boating…. we are expanding our own water reserves while others are buying bottled water…living in northern Idaho does not necessarily mean you are smart 😉 but at least we have water and one lake here is almost 2,400′ deep and that my thirsty friends is a whole bunch of fancy bottled water.
    Water is life….

  • bmr22

    The whole country and world lacks the money. The world is broke we are running on fiat created paper.

  • Rob Peverini

    OK people, Lockheed Martin is working with a material called Graphene. It has the ability to remove salt from salt-water, at a much more cost effective level than established technologies…

  • MadAsHellYankee

    Does that mean that the NSA center in Utah gets it’s water flow shut off to help conserve water for the public?

    Nah? I thought so. Hey spying on the public is more important than people having access to clean water.

    • McKaila A

      We should all collectively be MadAsHell and say, “We’re not going to take it anymore!” Your sarcasm is appropriate and spot on! The NSA SPY Compound [with the APPROVAL of the State of Utah in collusion with the Mormon church] has allowed this ABOMINATION to be built to oppress the people of the U.S. & the world at large! They use over 1.7 MILLION Gallons of water per DAY!!!!

      • Jay_Sherman

        1.7 million gallons a DAY?! Darn! That’s a lot of waterboarding! (

      • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

        Agenda 21…CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

  • Rancher

    Converting salt water to fresh IS A HUGE POWER CONSUMPTION requirement. Just where do they get said power? The over taxed grid? Not a hope. The construction costs are huge and CA. is broke.

    • Priszilla

      try the sun. california should have lots of it.

  • Hildy_K

    “Sin City”, Las Vegas. the place with the lights that flash 24/7. Time running out. California, the left coast, where so much filth proceeds from, time running out. The US of A, time running out. Synogogue of satan, time running out. Take your last shot. You lose for eternity.

    • Jay_Sherman

      Amen, Hildy_K! Back in the 30’s, they started turning many places into desert by siphoning the water- taking and/or ruining people’s property/farms, just so these filthy cities could be built. They may have gotten what they wanted initially, but sooner or later the time comes for them to pay for their illicit crimes. They caused the desert to spread, by siphoning water from so many places which were not desert- now they’re being enveloped by desert- the desert they created. Unjust stewards! This country is under judgment; nay…this world is coming under judgment.

  • Mike Smithy

    They should ask President Zero to pull out the magic credit card.

  • D

    If weather modification truly exist – why is it not being used to help in this situation? Are we to believe it can only work on hurricanes and the likes or are we to believe this drought is “caused” by weather modification.

    It’s to bad weather modification is not real…

    • drew

      They’re testing on how to turn your country into a desert. Weather weapons. It rains/snows almost everyday here for a couple years now..they’re testing flooding..

      They don’t deny weather modification so why are you? Research it and find out it’s real and that you are way slow.

    • evoval

      Do a search on Ben Livingston and listen to what he has to say or remain an ignoramus.

  • Chetly

    Dig canal or install pipeline from gulf coast states where it rains all the time. Problem is solved.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Too many people. Not enough water and food. Death comes to visit in a big way.

  • Bill

    Lack of water sure doesn’t lend support for more aliens any more than obummer’s $50m for the purchase of a luxury resort to house them.

  • David

    At least in the present era, the same weather patterns that drive western drought also drive extreme wet conditions in the upper Midwest. Too bad we can’t build some big canals to move great lakes/upper Missip. water west in their wet years.

  • wally

    Reported yesterday. California Governor Brown made a plea for people to conserve water and instead of dropping water usage actually rose by 1%. You are wrong the $500 fine is not for washing your car it is if you didn’t have a water nozzle installed allowing water to flow freely then you would be fined.

    I just came from Vegas and there was a big report on Lake Mead in the paper along with some amazing photos. When Lake mead was formed it buried communities in its tracks that sat at the bottom for many years now as the lake is drying up these former community remnants are now seeing the light of day again. They are also working tirelessly to add a new lower suction pipe to the lake.

    If you live in a drought area like California I recommend buying a reverse osmosis water filter to remove the salt from the ocean…Oh wait for get that with Fukishima radiation that probably isn’t a good idea either.

    Not a pretty picture is it.

    • f0ster

      i live in LA and have a reverse osmosis water maker. I also have a geiger counter 🙂 the sea water is fine. At lest for now…

  • Chuck

    Desalination plants. No lawn/car washing. Replace all old toilets and shower heads. Turn water off when soapng up. MAybe 1 shower every other day. Import water using ice bergs. Just some thoughts. Move away.

    • Priszilla

      ice bergs. sure. fly them in from greenland?

      get a map.

  • DJohn1

    I find it interesting that the areas most hit by this drought are also the areas that the Sinners come out to play the most in.
    It is the area of extremes. Such as politicians corrupted beyond any redemption. Such as utility companies hitting the public with raises all over the place. Such as an EPA going crazy with rules that hurt people rather than help.
    We have a fine state there that is home to some of the biggest corporate lawyers in existence. Could they have upset nature?
    I live in Ohio and we have had rain every other day. Got a great crop of tomatoes this year.
    Haven’t watered them once.
    I find it interesting that all this unusual weather happened AFTER the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Talk about a center of influence on weather, that oil spill did it.
    It is where the Atlantic Current begins. This appears to be a current(ocean going river) that provides Europe with milder temperatures in a zone that is almost sub-arctic.
    Britain almost parallels Montreal, Canada.
    The key is the surface tension of water. With a film of almost invisible oil all over it, there is no rain. This film has gradually gone away. We are returning to a lot of rain in the Midwest after years of no rain. This is a time bomb situation and California will get huge amounts of rain when it goes off. That might be years from now.
    There are other currents. One is off the coast of Japan. It serves the same function as the one in the Atlantic. Only by the looks of things, it might be sending us radioactive water, thanks to the nuclear accident in Japan. Sure makes me want anything to do with nuclear power(not).
    If I were an engineer designing a system to provide water from oceans, I would concentrate on a cheap method of powering solar furnaces, which in turn would provide clouds for rainwater. Since most of the winds on this planet go West to East, I would concentrate on floating barges about 50-100 miles off the Coast of California. On these floating barges we would have huge furnaces that push the water into vapor that becomes clouds, that in turn water the entire coast.
    That kind of engineering existed here in Ohio at one time.
    Patterson and Kettering practiced it. And they built a series of Damns capable of storing huge amounts of water all over this side of the state. Today, they would be confronted by the EPA and not allowed to do it.
    So get rid of the EPA and watch closely as freedom allows engineers to resolve the problem.

    • Gay Veteran

      “I find it interesting that the areas most hit by this drought are also the areas that the Sinners come out to play the most in….”

      and tornados strike the Bible Belt

  • William Zabel

    I wonder how much of this is due to the chemtrails and how much of it is natural? Remember that this drought has been around since 1999, the exact same time as people in California started seeing the chemtrails in the skies.

  • Chuck

    Shut down all water wasting beer plants and take 1 shower per week. Maybe 2 days per week as needed. Import ice bergs. Desalination plants. Do what it takes. Move people out.

  • Chuck

    Also could use stillsuits like they did on planet Arakis in ‘Dune’ book series. Just a thought.

  • EconomyTrap

    The “California State Water Project” allowed the state of California to control the flow and delivery of all water resources for the entire State. This “water crisis” is manufactured. This manufactured water crisis allows for the Federal Government to have a reason for more litigation (i.e. to give federal control of water), and to cover the real reasons for food price inflation that the Federal Reserve has caused. Now the mainstream can say prices of food are going up because of this “water crisis.”

    Weather manipulation is a very real thing. Remember how china caused it to rain to clear out the smog for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The week before the opening ceremonies it rained for days, only to end right before the olympics started.

    If they can control the rain, why not make it rain in California, which replenishes lakes, rivers, and aquafers providing fresh water???

  • Jay

    Where do you think the middle east get their drinking water from? They use Desalinization plants to convert ocean water to fresh water, many of these models have become increasingly more cost effective (about 5 cents per gallon.) I personally don’t see why California should have a problem with fresh water supply at all. The problem is lack of planning, and mismanagement by big government that is far more interested in spending taxpayer money on welfare, and illegals then in building these desalinization plants to provide the taxpayers of Cali, with the reassurance of an infinite supply of fresh water.

    You all need to ask yourselves, who your reps are truly serving. Remember, they are supposed to be public servants.

  • callmecordelia1

    I went to Las Vegas on a business trip last July (a year ago this week, actually). The whole time I was there, I was just amazed that people actually choose to live there. If water or power were shut off to Las Vegas, there would be a mass exodus. I was SO glad to get out of there!! The drought is very frightening.

  • goldminer

    Lake Mead is currently at around the 1080 (Elevation) foot level.

    Power generation will stop or be cut way back when the level reaches 1050 feet.

    Where are people going to get power for desalination plants?

    • Priszilla

      what if you would put a roof on every parking lot and street and cover all roofs with photovoltaics?

      Would that create local jobs?

  • Nick Nadhob

    desalinization water plants on the west coast will solve the problem. there is an endless supply of water from the pacific. but now it is more than just salt that needs to be removed . radioactive isotopes from fukushima must also be removed

    • Mexifornia Overworked Taxpayer

      With the Idiot NIMBY’s No Nuke Kooks and ignorant politicians shutting down power capacity in California, and if the dams on the Colorado stop generating due to low water, there wont be enough power for desalinization!

      • Priszilla

        there should be enough sun to evaporate water and cool it down again. read up on solar cooling. heating by solar power should be a no brainer.

  • Nick Nadhob

    google “bohdan mazur “

  • Mondobeyondo

    Nearly all of Las Vegas’ water supply comes from Lake Mead.

    This does not bode well.

    California is in trouble. So is Arizona. “Big deal”, you say? Get ready to pay higher prices for your veggies and avocados. Much of the nation’s fresh produce is grown in California. Grains and meats, not so much. But don’t worry, they’re next. Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, etc… take heed.

    • Mudpie

      Well, I guess we could let Mexico annex California and turn it into their problem. Why not? It pretty much already is part of Mexico anyway.

  • Joeseph Williams

    why do you think the reservoirs were all built? For this reason, the on and off years of rain. We have no drought, we have the army core of engineers draining all of the reservoirs for “safety measures” and “maintenance reasons”. It is all an oligarchical manufactories fictional drought. Read up on the draining of the lakes the last two years on purpose.

  • Joeseph Williams

    remember, they drained lake mead for the “replenishment” of the sand bars along the Colorado river. This is all a oligarchical made!!

  • Telebender

    California pulls water from the pacific through desalinization
    And gets radiated from Fukushima.the pacific is toast.

    • Mudpie

      Come on, that is silliness.

  • peace angel

    Hi Micheal,

    I just read this on the Before It’s News website. When did you become a contributor with them??

    I am so glad. That is the best daily update on the NWO and all related whistleblowing news. Good to see you there.

  • Mudpie

    Solution? Stop requiring years to permit a water desalination plant, begin building off the coast of California, throw all environmentalist wackos who complain into the ocean, and pump the water and pray for good luck.

  • DesertPaine

    Solution. 1. Bring in the Navy. They run entire city-sized organizations on 35 gallons per person per day. Drinking, cooking, washing, everything. 35 gallons. 2. Contest with huge prizes — say, $25,000 — for the water customer who in the most recent twelve-month period used the least amount of water. And a bevy of smaller prizes for another 25g.

    • Priszilla

      bring in the germans. german households use 120l water per day, on average.

  • Vincent Dow

    In Los Angeles no one ties their rain gutters into rain barrels. They could recycle bath and shower water to their lawns and gardens. Washing-machine water is also fine. Saves the cost of treating it and pumping into the aquifers. Americans have gotten terribly used to everything being made convenient. In Japan, bath water is recycled into washing machines. it ain’t rocket science.

  • Priszilla

    We had hosepipe bans in my childhood. And England had a hosepipe ban just two years ago. Followed by the wettest summer on record. 🙂

    It only makes sense to ban private car wash as a professional carwash uses much less water and can recycle the water even.

    It also looks like the draught is moving west wards. Two years ago your draught was all over the counttry, and California had none. Now it is just in California. I would think that the drought will be gone in two years.

    Until then maybe people should start replacing their lawn with something useful. Something that doesn’t need so much water, provides more shadow and keeps the soil in place. Weeds come to mind. Anything that’s green and grows by itself.

  • uyk7

    Just curious, are the golf courses shutting down? Probably not.

  • Priszilla

    In China, people would start growing a lawn to get paid by officials to remove it.

  • Hansa Junchun

    The Colorado river hasn’t run to the sea in decades. Its called irrigation. But this is what the SOBs get for not planning ahead. If they’d built NAWAPA in the 1960s paying for it with a water tax on farms draining the Ogalala aquifer, there’d be plenty of water and food prices would be cheaper due to the expanded acreage of irrigated cropland. But why am I preaching here? Only apocalyptos read this stuff.

  • Ross

    Don’t ask any questions about geoengenering. Water creates food and thus can not be allowed, as we need to eliminate most of the worlds population. For the same reason no CO2 can be prodused as it would allow plants to grow witch could of course be used to feed people.

  • Priszilla

    We don’t water our front yard. We don’t put fancy flowers or, god forbid, a lawn there. On walks we collected seeds of wild flowers. These and seeds from fruits and veggies we scatter into the front yard. If it grows it grows, if not then not.

    Now, three years later, we have a green jungle there, with flowers and shrubs and butterflies, and bumble bees and beetles.

    If I could, I’d cut down the thuja in the backyard and grow fruit trees there, and berry shrubs, and whatever else takes hold.

    Cherry grows on itself, large trees, giving lots of shadow. Tomatoes are like weed.

  • riskybiz

    hydroponics would be one solution but they have failed to plan in this area as they have for desalinization or drip irrigation which together would all be viable solutions. Israel turned a desert into farmland with drip irrigation.

  • benb

    Weather Weapons! HAARP GeoEngineering Induced Drought! The fools posting here are clueless. This is the implementation of UN Agenda 21. The globalists controlling the puppet government are making the water play. While they privately buy up the aquifers… T Boone Pickens, The Bushes, etc. They are driving people on ranches and farms from the countryside.

    • riskybiz

      agree my only question is could haarp actually produce the 2000 mile long 4 mile high, high pressure ridge over the pacific that is causing the drought. no one knows what is causing the ridge.

  • Babylonandon

    The California situation wouldn’t be ANYWHERE near as bad if the da^n econutzies hadn’t wrecked their water management system to “protect” a bunch of stupid batefish.

    Not to mention how no matter what everyone else is doing to conserve water … it is continually being undone to keep the stinking golf courses green.

  • Raymond Chow

    Reduce the population…for starter get rid of illegal aliens. Millions of them in CA alone how much water does each one of these parasites use up per day?

    • Mexifornia Overworked Taxpayer

      Many many many gallons more when their stupid kids open fire hydrants on hot days!

  • Cameron

    This is a prime example of the failure of government. It has been obvious for years that an emergency loomed. Our “benevolent” government, both in Washington D.C. and Sacramento, could have constructed desalinization plants up and down the entire west coast. The money for them could easily have been provided had we not been engaged in endless wars based on lies. We could have contracted with Washington State, Oregon and Canada to construct water pipelines from their abundant water supplies to Nevada and California. Had private corporations been the suppliers of water rather than inefficient government, the prices of water would have been increased by these corporations to limit the use of water.

    So now we have an emergency that could easily have been avoided if our paternal government really cared.

    • Mexifornia Overworked Taxpayer

      With the Idiot NIMBY’s No Nuke Kooks and ignorant politicians shutting down power capacity in California, and if the dams on the Colorado stop generating due to low water, there wont be enough power for desalinization!

  • rushLIMBAUGHurinatesONliberals

    quick, by a big berkey water filter

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    The issue I think most people are missing is this is not some madness we can fob off on quote “The Kids”. Most of the people reading this blog will live to see at least the front end of what’s coming. As Rancher (See below ) has pointed out the west was never to support this number of people. It will take centuries just to refill the aquifers.

  • Discipleof Jesus

    Can anyone else smell the lies ? Look here it does NOT take a magician to take salt out of water . With all those supposedly “bright” minds over there , there is only one reason why massive Desalination plants have not been allowed to be on the western states . That is judgement from the Almighty Father due to Him hardening their hearts . Look this technology probably was perfected back in the 50s and yet is still not there? I fell so sad for those in those states .
    Time to come back to Jesus Christ ye sinners , break up the fallow ground of your heart which is in your head , not that beating fleshy thing in thy chest .
    Everyman no MATTER what has a faith , even atheists
    faith = believe
    so atheists believe in nothing = a faith
    There is only one faith prescribed by the Creator of Everything , to believe in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ ,
    repent and believe ye hardened hearts before He destroys thee

    • Mexifornia Overworked Taxpayer

      Its the Idiot NIMBY’s and stupid Politicians that wont allow desalinization

      • Priszilla

        actually, it is your own fault not reading up on it and not building one on your rooftop.

        its 19th century technology, not rocket science.

        get your aircon or fridge technician build one for you.

  • Mexifornia Overworked Taxpayer

    Whats going to happen to the power supply if every dam on the Colorado has to stop generating due to lack of water?
    The stupid NIMBY’s, No Nuke Kooks, and Barbara Boxer forced the shutdown of San Onofre
    And the coal plant at Laughlin and Chula Vista are gone and soon due to stupid state rules they will stop using cheap coal power from Utah, Colorado and Wyoming,
    I see a very long dark future for California!
    And I see states like Texas just salivating at the thought of all those jobs that will be pouring out of California when the tap goes dry and the lights go off!

  • Mexifornia Overworked Taxpayer

    Since they wont build the Keystone Pipe line, how about they build a big pipeline from the flooded upper mid west to Southern California or bring it in by rail,
    Expensive? yea! but what are you willing to pay for that water when the tap goes dry?

  • Josh Earnestly

    Beware of photos of Lake Mead that show a bathtub stain where the water level used to be.

    Since 9/11 the Federales demanded the level be lowered to ease stress on Hoover Dam – in addition, federal agreements give lots more water to Mexico than it used to.

    In other words, there is an aspect of this drought that is man-made. Or perhaps I should say GOVERNMENT MADE.

  • blagostwin

    There is and has been a solution. The same solution they have used for many decades in the middle east, desalinization plants. Convert saltwater, it isn’t cheap and tree huggers will probably fight it, but what choice do you have. So what have you been waiting dumb liberals?

    • GetHubNub

      We can pull humidity out of the air and extract water. I have a water generator from Ecoloblue since 2009, works well.

      • blagostwin

        I didn’t even think about it, they have been selling them on Info Wars for years. Good job and best of luck to you. I would assume that large quantities of water could be produced from that system.

      • Priszilla

        every airconditioner draws humidity from the air. and so does every fridge if you leave the door open.

        read up on absorption refrigerator.

        it has a hot surface (on which saltwater could be evaporated), a cold surface (on which water vapour could condense and run off to a reservoir), and is operated by a heat source (gas, or electric heater, or the sun). no moving parts. just need to remove the sole.

        the amount of clean water to get is a function of the surfaces.

  • Goatman71

    I just have one question….where is the water going? Pretty sure all the oceans are connected, the sea levels aren’t rising much to speak of …Are some aquifers actually filing up while others go dry?? Are the ice caps growing so large and thick in places that this is where some of the water ends up??

  • Miss Kris

    come on people. There is a way turn salt water into fesh water. Not sure of the name – something like desalination. Point is we have the technology. There should not be a afresh water shortage. But if we convert sea water to fresh water then the control over people is gone.

    • GetHubNub

      Better yet, there’s a way to extract humidity from the air and turn it into water. I have a water generator from Ecoloblue for my drinking water and it’s worked well since 2009.

  • GetHubNub

    I got an Ecoloblue water generator back in 2009 that provides me with drinking water pulling humidity from the air. They are very well made. I paid $1,200.

    • Dan

      i have been thinking of getting one for years. How is maintenance? How often do the filters have to be changed?

    • Priszilla

      mine is simply called dehumidifier. bought about 20 years ago, removes humididy from indoors, reducing risk of mold.
      i dont drink the water, but it’s perfect for everything else.

  • TtT Engine

    Over the last 50 years instead of being “wise men” and constantly improving our infrastructure, we grew government and the welfare state. We shipped our jobs overseas and we have now have 24 million governmental leeches, combined state and federal, taxing/pensioning/sucking the life out of the U.S.A. Had we been building reservoirs, quality road, bridges and state of the art power/electrical systems, we wouldn’t been in the busted out financially and broken down state we are in. Had we been harvesting and producing our own energy for the last 50 years, we would be the icon of the world. You leftist swine lost your souls prior to and most notably on 8+15+1969 and you have wrecked this country from top to bottom. I know, it’s man made global warming. Antarctica just had a record freezing June. Facts don’t matter to Godless leftist liars. Maybe if that shake down, taxing huckster Al Goreleonie can implement a world-wide enviro-tax, we can fix this, eh ? I pray that God spare the faithful from the impending death by thirst. Christi Fidelis !

    • K2

      In the south pole, june is winter. And ‘record’? Cite your sources.

  • David Wilson

    “#3 In a desperate attempt to conserve water, the state
    of California is considering banning watering lawns and washing cars.
    Once implemented, violators will be slapped with a $500 fine for each offense.” From the point of view of a Brit living in Spain , it seems irresponsible that they have not already done so. Southern Spain occasionally experiences years of drought. During the last, mains water was only available for 3 hours a day, hosepipes and car washing banned. Mains water was unfit for human consumption due to to excessive salt levels (I live near the coast – sea water was getting into the main wells – plastic bowsers of drinking water were provided at major road intersections. Don’t leave it till it’s too late and you have no water at all!

  • JJ

    The solution is to turn to God with everything you have. The drought is only one of the judgements bearing down on the people. The Great Tribulation is roaring to life and many are going to perish in hell rather than repent. Read some very sobering prophecies at revelation12(dot)ca

  • Ranger

    The best way to squeeze more from the people is to scare them into thinking that something is becoming scarce.
    Peak Oil in the 70’s, yet there’s more oil coming out of the ground today than 7 Nations know what to do with.
    The only thing scarce in this nation is an Educated and Well Informed Public.

    • Moon Warrior

      Nice Post

  • Ranger

    Visit thecorporationnation and learn what your government has done to all of us.

  • Dave

    If California could build an aqueduct 500 miles long, more than 100 years ago, why not a 3000 mile aqueduct from New England to California and the southwest? We are having flooding rains in New England, and most of this fresh water flows out to the sea. If this water could be impounded in giant reservoirs, it could be sent to any dry area of the country as needed, if an aqueduct network criss-crossed the nation.

    • Priszilla

      and if you wouldn’t spend all your money on guns and bombs you’d have even money to create jobs to build and operate those pipelines.

      • Publius40

        Or have those pipedreams

  • T.j. Thomas

    NPR just had a feature yesterday that various places in California, including L.A., were considering fines not just against those watering lawns and washing cars but anyone who “overused” water. Nothing has happened with this yet, though, since nobody seems to be able to define “overuse” or decide how strictly it would be enforced.

  • Herb Dorsey

    California needs to seriously consider solar powered sea water desalination.

  • Blither box

    Apocalyptic? Why? What does it reveal about the place? Maybe we should write it off and put a fence around it.

  • Jay_Sherman

    Build huge densely-populated cities in the desert, and then act surprised when there’s not enough water??!! Los Angeles has been stealing the water from half the rest of CA. since the 30’s! Places like Inyo county used to be verdant farmland; then L.A. took their water, and they became high desert. Ditto for many other places in CA. NV. and AZ. Now it’s payback time.

    Look at old pictures from the gold-mining towns in the 1800’s- dry as a bone. And yet, they built huge cities and sprawling suburbs, and siphoned water for a thousand around- creating a man-made drought for many places that were once very sustainable. Can that go on forever? Yet the same loony lefties who sponsored all of that, have a fit if someone wants to disturb an owl.

    You reap what you so.

  • sirflailalot

    And then the Lord’s wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven, that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit…

    california is as sinnful a place as all have ever seen.
    Homosexuality, Violance , and immorality of all kinds.
    This is most certainly a judgement upon that liberal , leftist state.
    The people there are totally unthankful to God for what they have and so now even the most basic human necessities (water)is taken away.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Homosexuality, Violance , and immorality of all kinds.
      This is most certainly a judgement upon that liberal , leftist state….”

      and yet the tornados always strike the Bible Belt.


      • SusieQ

        You bible thumpers are a riot. It has everything to do with the lunatics in charge and very little to do with God-Almighty. Grow up.

  • Geezer

    It is going to get worst every year till the return of Jesus Christ. Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured.

    • stashgal

      If you believers had taken the time to read your bible, you would have found about 5 references where it was alleged that Jesus said he was to return while the people he spoke to were STILL ALIVE. Well fella, he didn’t & he never will.

      You will get ruptured long before your ever raptured.

      ALL “gods” are human inventions designed to control & rob you blind while selling you a bunch of BS.

  • Priszilla

    according to the drought monitor the drought in the west is improving this week compared with last week and also compared with last year.

  • Jarell

    Who cares, it’s California.

  • douglass davis

    How come this isn’t in the lamestream media like Detroit water crisis? Lol and the Great lakes region don’t have this drought problems. Oh, I know why,because they want to tarnish Detroit.. Meanwhile they’re UN/zionist trying to privatize the water for themselves

  • Priszilla

    actually, the earth is flat. the church said so for centuries.

    • einundselbe

      The only flat earthers today are the GW crowd who discount the sun in their climate predictions.

      • Priszilla

        You mean: The sun heats, the earth so I insulate my house to keep cool and save energy?

  • Houtex77

    If you think it’s bad now, just wait until after the rapture.

  • Dawn Weaver

    So the answer is…invite millions of illegal aliens to live here? We supposedly don’t have enough water to support the people already here, but we can add tens of thousands more to places like Las Vegas and Los Angeles?

  • Publius40

    America needs a zero population growth policy if we want to be able to enjoy the environment we now have.

    It would be great if we could reduce the population by 10 -15 million people. Geez-z-z, how could that happen? Let’s see , , , it has been stated many times we have between 11 to 20 million ILLEGAL aliens living in our country.

    Do you mean that if we only enforced our immigration laws we could dramatically cut water usage as well welfare rolls, and stop creating population growth that approximates building a new city the size of Miami, Florida ever year?

    Yep. That’s what it means.

  • ManAboutDallas

    What’s needed is an effort similar to the “Manhattan Project” but this time directed at de-salinsation on a mass scale.

  • stashgal

    Southern California is a desert & yet million of people exist there. There have been droughts in the SW that lasted hundreds of years.
    The entire world is overpopulated & totally dependent upon the temporary resource of fossil fuels. As they decline, less people can be fed, watered or moved & there will be a terrible collapse down to about 1 billion humans.

    Climate change will add to our misery, cutting crop yields because of extreme heat, drought or flooding.
    There is no way to prevent this collapse, it’s just a matter of time & time is short.

    When fossil fuels become too expensive & difficult to extract, southern California will return to desert, Los Vegas will just be dust, much of Florida will be under water as will New Orleans, the US will also lose hundreds of millions of people to starvation, disease & wars.

    So enjoy putting around in your big fuel wasting truck or SUV & the air conditioning in your home because that life is coming to an end.

    • Moon Warrior

      You buy into the overpopulation BS, America could feed the world with what we waste on Lawns. Fertilizer, Gas, Equipment and Time.

      Think Gardens Not lawns. We were meant to exist with the Land. It is what our Souls thrive on. Our Earth is an endlessly producing Organism, Oil is produced by our World constantly. We are running out of Nothing.

      Overpopulation is a Luciferian concept. Our World is vastly empty.
      Leave a City, it might open your Eyes.

      • makeupdiva

        very accurate – 95% of the US is virtually empty

        • reallybearish

          Good, so we can expect you to move to the Bad Lands some time soon? After all, it’s “empty”.

      • reallybearish

        Our agriculture is fossil fuel dependent. The results of overpopulation won’t be shortages of food. It’ll be climate change (which practically all climate scientists support but the science illiterates who watch Fox News don’t), pollution, wars over water and arid land, reoccurrence of diseases long thought conquered, etc. Just what we’re beginning to have now.

        As for getting out of the cities, you should try visiting China. You may never see the sun during your trip because of smog and the water in your hotel will be undrinkable. That’s the future you and your religious friends are hoping for.

        • Moon Warrior

          All Climate Scientists are payed by one group, kind of skews the information I would say. Funny the stuff you just wrote about happening at this time, was told by my Bible 2000 or more Years ago.

          Me and my religious Friends are actually looking forward to this as it will usher in a new Earth, why all you have to look forward to is the Blackness of Death.

          • reallybearish

            The old silly myth that thousands of climate scientists working for a variety of institutions around the world are paid to perpetrate a hoax of global warming, but a handful of science whores working for energy companies and Texas oil billionaires aren’t paid to perpetrate their own hoax? You obviously don’t know much about the real world do you?

            OK, who is this “group” that pays off those thousands of climate scientists?

  • Moon Warrior

    Some of us are readying for the revolution that should have happened in 1913

  • Betsy

    Proverbs 3:5 & 6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    lean not to your understanding.
    Acknowledge Him in all ways,
    and He will guide your path.

    We as a nation have failed to acknowledge GOD. Evil is now the norm and Godly living is bad. We have given lip service to God with our hearts being far from Him. The droughts, wars, unlawfulness, abortions, more turbulent weather, no peace in our lives is the result of turning from God’s precept as put forth in the Bible. God’s word tells us if we turn from our wicked ways He will be merciful and heal our land. Is it too late? Time to Kneel in prayer
    Stand in courage
    Wait in hope
    Walk with God

    • makeupdiva

      where was God when the holocaust occurred, when 9/11 happened, now?

  • rogerinflorida

    What is required is to build a water distribution system similar to the electrical power system. there are many areas of the country where flooding is a problem. A partial solution at least is to build water distribution infrastructure, however this is unlikely to happen because of the dominance of left wing eco-lawyers in the Federal bureaucracy.

    • makeupdiva

      so true

  • The future

    Its called Global Warming, simple as that! And if you think its already an awful drought its going to get a whole lot worse. Global warming is inevitable because the only way to stop it is to stop all of the carbon emissions around the world which is impossible. Welcome to your future of hell! Your destiny awaits you!

  • bh9

    Given the abundance of arable land in other states, the concentration of mega-farming into California is to some degree a self-inflicted wound.

  • observing57

    This administration is quite responsible for the water problems of today and smaller governmental agencies. But 1st, the immigration is one to overburden our water supplies, which takes us back to the federal government that will not enforce the laws they have put down. They are not doing their job on this and so many other fronts. When they do nothing, which is what this Federal Administration does, nothing, then depleted aquafirs, and rivers that don’t reach the ocean any more, take many times more water to recondition them to quality of use. Obama, Dept. of the Interior, EPA, add a few more agencies with their sticky fingers, are all on a different self serving agenda, and do not care one bit about how Americans are at all. These self serving pigs need to be taken from their positions and not allowed to have a word towards the lives of American people. Everything these people touch turns to dust, literally !

  • jamesrav

    For CA it gets serious next March (assuming sub-normal rainfall again from November-March) since the ‘rainy’ season ends in March. Until then it’s just wait and see. People are so accustomed to thinking we ‘control’ our situation and since yesterday was hunky-dory, so will tomorrow and next year. If next winter is like the past one, it’s going to get interesting. And two more winters in a row like the last one? too scary to imagine.

  • Yes and don’t forget open the borders to allow unlimited immigration as well. The 40 million thus far in the last 50 years is just not enough.

  • Milburn Graham Jr

    Maybe the owners of all the golf courses should start using artificial turf, just think how much water could be saved…

    • Rod

      The golf courses, at least the ones here, all use reclaimed and treated sewer water for watering. It solves the problem of how to dispose of that waste water because no matter how well you treat it, nobody is willing to drink it.

  • Bruce

    In my home state of SC we are okay water wise thus far. I suspect if the west keeps drying up we will see a mass exodus of people fleeing the west and many of them coming all the way to the east coast.

  • rwe2late

    City Planning and zoning have long been recognized as needed to avoid haphazard detrimental development. But nation-wide haphazard detrimental development has been allowed in the pursuit of short-term profits.

    Any food problems are exacerbated by destruction of farmlands near auto-dependent commuter cities. Cheap land has made it profitable for developers to build for unsustainable populations in desert regions, flood zones, and to the detriment of ecologically beneficial swamplands and coastal areas. Fresh waters have been polluted to “save money” short-term. In a vicious cycle, big farm and food businesses have increased dependency on distant transport and ever more polluting herbicides and pesticides.

    I could go on, but the “drought” problem is less a drought problem than a combination of problems. That combination requires a radical shift away from the policies made by the present self-serving economic/political establishment..

  • Beatrice Hornfluffer

    Don’t Calis embrace Sodomy and mock God? Well enjoy the drought next comes the big one (Quake)

  • JI

    I’ve always felt that one part of the solution is to require the use of desalinated ocean water within X miles of a coast (and I have no idea what is the best number for X). As for inland areas like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, etc…, those cities allowed developers to run rampant with no accountability (with the exception of Tucson which fought, and lost, the battle back in the mid- to late-1980’s).

  • Martha Jane Twenter

    You know when I was growing up (I’m 83 ) we were taught that there are limited resources and everyone needed to conserve those precious resources. Now the younger (and not so young) generation think there are unlimited supplies of every resource. Like so many of the comments………..using large amounts of water for golf courses and other unnecessary things doesn’t bother these people in the least.These are not the only resources that are being wasted. We were taught, “Waste not, want not.” We shall see.

  • VeraSt

    This drought is man-made — chemtrails are laid down to break up rain clouds — why? who profits? Answer: Monsanto profits thru sales of their “drought-resistant” GMO seeds

  • Mike T

    Crisis drives innovation. So good bye food production as we know it. No more worries about GMOs and other terrible stuff in the food supply. If water use for farming and all other forms of food production and processing was reduced to zero, we would have all the water we would need to support our population and not even worry about the golf courses. Impossible! Well, at one time, man could not fly or go to the moon. So will the innovators create the solution before Food becomes our next dinosaur! This would really mess up Wall Street; but, everyone else would be better off, health wise.
    Got any good ideas? Maybe its time to get started.

  • Audrey Lou Squire

    My brother is a geologist, who says all the water that was ever on the planet is still here. although polluted, so where is it? Florida is also drying up, due to water companies pumping millions of gallons a day out of the ground, and hauling it north. Have you seen the NASA picture titled ALL THE WATER ON THE EARTH? Worth looking at.

  • Jake Eli Liz Dillard

    Do research on this my friends. You will find thst OUR water is being stolen from us and then sold. Check out NESTLE for starters. Sad but very true !!

    • Bill Goode

      Colorado River water is being sold to golf courses in Las Vegas. Sacramento River, Colorado River and Owens Valley water is being sold to golf courses from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. Who do you think plays on those golf courses? The poor people, making a few hundred dollars a week, who can barely afford a bottle of water from Nestle? More likely the CEO for Nestle USA in Glendale.

      Yet people are not allowed to water their own lawns or wash their cars in their driveways. People in Los Angeles County are not allowed to drill their own wells for water, as all the ground water in the county has been claimed by DWP.

  • Joffo

    Drain Lake Tahoe. Why is nobody suggesting this?

  • Drought with thick clouds?

    How can you have record drought when there is so much moisture in the air that all summer long that it is thick overcast and damp until noon every day, and generally is overcast by dark?

    How can you have record drought when there is so much moisture in the air that there are surreal halos around streetlights streets & traffic signals.

    How can you have record drought when there is so much moisture in the air that anything smooth is dripping with dew as soon as the sun goes down.

    This drought is by design. Geo Engineering AKA as chemtrails. It was called cloud seeding in the 1930’s.

    Particulates (aluminum, barium, strontium, etc.- good toxic heavy metals) are introduced into the atmosphere (you know, the air we try to breath)

    The toxic particles dumped in our air for this purpose are called condensation nuclei (1particle = one drop). When they dump more of these toxic particles on/above us than there is moisture to cause each one to form a drop heavy enough to fall as rain, the moisture is “locked” in the atmosphere until it acquires enough moisture to make each nuclei heavy enough to fall, or they spray a different combination of poisons like ethylene dibromide – a super toxic fumigant on/above us (we don’t have to worry about that one here in calif.) – They are stealing our rain, locking it up to blow over the Rockies to flood the Midwest last year, now sent who to destroy lives and wreak havoc who knows where. They get away with it because so many refuse to just
    Look up in the sky,
    Look up Agenda 21 of the united nations.
    Look up Geo Engineering AKA chemtrails,
    Look up California Sky Watch.

  • EJ

    If you want sustainability you can’t beat Aquaponics. Using 10% of regular farming water supply. Constantly recirculating the water for plants and fish. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

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