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22 Reasons Why Starting World War 3 In The Middle East Is A Really Bad Idea

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Tomahawk cruise missileWhile most of the country is obsessing over Miley Cyrus, the Obama administration is preparing a military attack against Syria which has the potential of starting World War 3.  In fact, it is being reported that cruise missile strikes could begin “as early as Thursday“.  The Obama administration is pledging that the strikes will be “limited”, but what happens when the Syrians fight back?  What happens if they sink a U.S. naval vessel or they have agents start hitting targets inside the United States?  Then we would have a full-blown war on our hands.  And what happens if the Syrians decide to retaliate by hitting Israel?  If Syrian missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv, Israel will be extremely tempted to absolutely flatten Damascus, and they are more than capable of doing precisely that.  And of course Hezbollah and Iran are not likely to just sit idly by as their close ally Syria is battered into oblivion.  We are looking at a scenario where the entire Middle East could be set aflame, and that might only be just the beginning.  Russia and China are sternly warning the U.S. government not to get involved in Syria, and by starting a war with Syria we will do an extraordinary amount of damage to our relationships with those two global superpowers.  Could this be the beginning of a chain of events that could eventually lead to a massive global conflict with Russia and China on one side and the United States on the other?  Of course it will not happen immediately, but I fear that what is happening now is setting the stage for some really bad things.  The following are 22 reasons why starting World War 3 in the Middle East is a really bad idea…

#1 The American people are overwhelmingly against going to war with Syria…

Americans strongly oppose U.S. intervention in Syria’s civil war and believe Washington should stay out of the conflict even if reports that Syria’s government used deadly chemicals to attack civilians are confirmed, a Reuters/Ipsos poll says.

About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.

#2 At this point, a war in Syria is even more unpopular with the American people than Congress is.

#3 The Obama administration has not gotten approval to go to war with Syria from Congress as the U.S. Constitution requires.

#4 The United States does not have the approval of the United Nations to attack Syria and it is not going to be getting it.

#5 Syria has said that it will use all means available” to defend itself if the United States attacks.  Would that include terror attacks in the United States itself?

#6 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem made the following statement on Tuesday

“We have two options: either to surrender, or to defend ourselves with the means at our disposal. The second choice is the best: we will defend ourselves”

#7 Russia has just sent their most advanced anti-ship missiles to Syria.  What do you think would happen if images of sinking U.S. naval vessels were to come flashing across our television screens?

#8 When the United States attacks Syria, there is a very good chance that Syria will attack Israel.  Just check out what one Syrian official said recently

A member of the Syrian Ba’ath national council Halef al-Muftah, until recently the Syrian propaganda minister’s aide, said on Monday that Damascus views Israel as “behind the aggression and therefore it will come under fire” should Syria be attacked by the United States.

In an interview for the American radio station Sawa in Arabic, President Bashar Assad’s fellow party member said: “We have strategic weapons and we can retaliate. Essentially, the strategic weapons are aimed at Israel.”

Al-Muftah stressed that the US’s threats will not influence the Syrain regime and added that “If the US or Israel err through aggression and exploit the chemical issue, the region will go up in endless flames, affecting not only the area’s security, but the world’s.”

#9 If Syria attacks Israel, the consequences could be absolutely catastrophic.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising that any attack will be responded to “forcefully“…

“We are not a party to this civil war in Syria but if we identify any attempt to attack us we will respond and we will respond forcefully”

#10 Hezbollah will likely do whatever it can to fight for the survival of the Assad regime.  That could include striking targets inside both the United States and Israel.

#11 Iran’s closest ally is Syria.  Will Iran sit idly by as their closest ally is removed from the chessboard?

#12 Starting a war with Syria will cause significant damage to our relationship with Russia.  On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the West is acting like a “monkey with a hand grenade“.

#13 Starting a war with Syria will cause significant damage to our relationship with China.  And what will happen if the Chinese decide to start dumping the massive amount of U.S. debt that it is holding?  Interest rates would absolutely skyrocket and we would rapidly be facing a nightmare scenario.

#14 Dr. Jerome Corsi and Walid Shoebat have compiled some startling evidence that it was actually the Syrian rebels that the U.S. is supporting that were responsible for the chemical weapons attack that is being used as justification to go to war with Syria…

With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.

You can examine the evidence for yourself right here.

#15 As Pat Buchanan recently noted, it would have made absolutely no sense for the Assad regime to use chemical weapons on defenseless women and children.  The only people who would benefit from such an attack would be the rebels…

The basic question that needs to be asked about this horrific attack on civilians, which appears to be gas related, is: Cui bono?

To whose benefit would the use of nerve gas on Syrian women and children redound? Certainly not Assad’s, as we can see from the furor and threats against him that the use of gas has produced.

The sole beneficiary of this apparent use of poison gas against civilians in rebel-held territory appears to be the rebels, who have long sought to have us come in and fight their war.

#16 If the Saudis really want to topple the Assad regime, they should do it themselves.  They should not expect the United States to do their dirty work for them.

#17 A former commander of U.S. Central Command has said that a U.S. attack on Syria would result in “a full-throated, very, very serious war“.

#18 A war in the Middle East will be bad for the financial markets.  The Dow was down about 170 points today and concern about war with Syria was the primary reason.

#19 A war in the Middle East will cause the price of oil to go up.  On Tuesday, the price of U.S. oil rose to about $109 a barrel.

#20 There is no way in the world that the U.S. government should be backing the Syrian rebels.  As I discussed a few days ago, the rebels have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda, they have beheaded numerous Christians and they have massacred entire Christian villages.  If the U.S. government helps these lunatics take power in Syria it will be a complete and utter disaster.

#21 A lot of innocent civilians inside Syria will end up getting killed.  Already, a lot of Syrians are expressing concern about what “foreign intervention” will mean for them and their families…

“I’ve always been a supporter of foreign intervention, but now that it seems like a reality, I’ve been worrying that my family could be hurt or killed,” said one woman, Zaina, who opposes Assad. “I’m afraid of a military strike now.”

“The big fear is that they’ll make the same mistakes they made in Libya and Iraq,” said Ziyad, a man in his 50s. “They’ll hit civilian targets, and then they’ll cry that it was by mistake, but we’ll get killed in the thousands.”

#22 If the U.S. government insists on going to war with Syria without the approval of the American people, the U.S. Congress or the United Nations, we are going to lose a lot of friends and a lot of credibility around the globe.  It truly is a sad day when Russia looks like “the good guys” and we look like “the bad guys”.

What good could possibly come out of getting involved in Syria?  As I wrote about the other day, the “rebels” that Obama is backing are rabidly anti-Christian, rabidly anti-Israel and rabidly anti-western.  If they take control of Syria, that nation will be far more unstable and far more of a hotbed for terrorism than it is now.

And the downside of getting involved in Syria is absolutely enormous.  Syria, Iran and Hezbollah all have agents inside this country, and if they decide to start blowing stuff up that will wake up the American people to the horror of war really quick.  And by attacking Syria, the United States could cause a major regional war to erupt in the Middle East which could eventually lead to World War 3.

I don’t know about you, but I think that starting World War 3 in the Middle East is a really bad idea.

Let us hope that cooler heads prevail before things spin totally out of control.

  • Boo-urns

    There is no need for a *world* war. Just let them all kill each other; the sooner the world is free from the idiocy that abounds throughout the entire middle east — including Israel — the better off the rest of us will be.

    • 2Gary2


  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Does anyone out there see this ending well?


    • Rodster

      The US and it’s Allies don’t care what happens in the Middle East. In fact it’s my view that they would prefer absolute chaos and a full blown out war.

      As the mantra in 1992 Elections…”It’s all about the economy stupid”. And the same applies here as well. This is all desperation as the US knows what’s coming economically. If they can ramp up their Military Industrial Complex it could help boost the economy. That is the primary business the US is in. It’s all about war and spying.

      I do hate constantly repeating the man but it’s needed here as well. This all played out during the Great Depression except this time all the fiat based currency nations are in the same boat as the US and this time they have nukes

      “Trade wars, Currency wars, World wars”
      – Gerald Celente

      • Adrian

        On the contrary, a few may benefit…the CEOS and huge shareholders of Halliburton, Ratheon, etc…but the economy would be hurt by threats to oil, decreased stability in the ME, and so on. They don’t care about the economy, if they did they would have implemented stark programs to bring millions back to work. Instead, it’s been business as usual with downsizing, QE 2,3, 4, and shipping jobs overseas.

    • davidmpark

      No. It won’t.

    • Bad Kitty Cat

      Not at all… and I also wonder how many US allies are going to join in! I truely believe there is a strong desire for war!

      • old fart

        As usual they will join in for the first few months then slowly fade away leaving the US stuck with the whole mess. it has happened every time this time we are having a revisit to the crusades,, That mess lasted for 200 years and was never settled it just quieted down for a mutual draw.

    • Hambone

      Short of the second coming, I see no happy endings to this play.

    • cateye

      No good ending. Cataclysm perhaps. I got a bad feeling about this whole thing….like the US is being led like a lamb to slaughter.

      • Colby Williams

        We should just back off of the whole Syrian thing, its not worth it.

    • JustanOguy


    • tom

      No I don’t Michael. Thank you for keeping us informed on many fronts. I share your work everyday in e-mails and on FB. I hope that people are listening to what you are saying

    • MeMadMax

      Ochooma’s ego will kill us all…

    • lupa

      There would be plenty of sand for the building trade! or Rebuilding trade!


    I think we are on the verge of a economic collapse and a world war. With everything going on in just this country i will be surprise if we make in till the end of Oct. I have said this before. The train is just about to go over the cliff.

    • Yes. true…I believe its a distraction. September is Illuminati New year and they do some crap during the Month of September like 911…

      What is coming to Americans next month could be 100 times worse than what they would do to Syrians.

      Americans needs to be more prepared and ready than Syrians it seems …It could be a distraction to cause chaos in America.

      They know no one wants war in America and even lame stream is publishing that story and 99% of comments on main stream news sites like CNN is against war….

      I believe America is their next target not Syria even though they are making it look like its Syria and Iran….

      Even if this does not turn out this way…Americans need to be prepared for all scenarios….as they are center of all problems created by the cabal. good luck….Make friends and join forces….Unity is Strength….

      • patricia666

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        • old fart

          How much was she charging per lay?

      • Sueychop

        When the stuff hits the fan every American should make sure to shoot at least two Russians before they get shot themselves. That way we win.

    • seth datta

      How can this not be a part of/prelude to the End Times? And yet ignorance and apathy are the order of the day for most folk.

    • Tim

      @Richard, I couldn’t agree more. I think this October we will have our eyes opened. This train is in full speed. I have been stocking up for the last 2 years on food, ammo and sanitation. The biggest problem I have run into is income and cost of ammo. The ammo price has come down and some sites are catching up (midland and foxtrotgear seem to be the best prices). The ammo shortage hurt the last year, but my income seems like it has dwindled over the last 2 years.

      • Josh

        It has been a rough couple of months. I always check ammoseek and it seems like bulk ammo and foxtrotgear have the best bulk prices. Don’t forget sanitation, food and medical. Keep your powder dry.

      • MeMadMax

        If possible, keep a full tank of gas at all times. It seems like things are going faster than what we know.

    • Gay Veteran

      as Gerald Celente says about the economy: when all else fails they take you to war

  • Beanodle

    Oil at above $150.00 per barrel will decimate many economies. Especially it the suppliers demand Gold or a currency other than U.S. dollars for it.

    If Obama starts a foreign war without Congressional approval can he be impeached? Would his impeachment placate Russia and China?

    • Celery Muncher

      Impeachment didn’t faze Bill Clinton and it certainly won’t faze King Barry the rodeo clown. These people will simply laugh at the impeachment proceedings and there are not enough congressmen with guts to remove the putz from office even if he was impeached. Obama will go on his merry way doing what he pleases because everyone is so scared of being branded a racist that their balls are frozen in their pants….

    • Gay Veteran

      There is bipartisan agreement on empire abroad and the national security/surveillance state at home

      • obama_drama

        Bingo dood!

  • Arkaden

    “If the President takes us to war without Congressional approval, I will call for his impeachment. The Constitution is clear. And so am I.” -Joe Biden, 2007

    “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” -Barack Obama, 2007

    THIS time must be different.

    • Hambone

      It’s sad, but those lying, two-faced hypocrites will never be held accountable for their words and actions by a great many of the lemmings in this country. We are truly getting the government we deserve.

      • myrna652

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    • Adrian


    • CorrectionSir

      Actually, the president can authorize military action, short of declaring war, if it is in support of allies, treaties or through the request of the UN. That’s the way things have been changed and rejiggered.

      • Gay Veteran

        and NONE of those apply in Syria

      • Ralfine

        Attacking a sovereign country is an act of war. And an attacked country has the right to defend itself, i.e. by sinking the attacking fleet.

    • squashpants

      He said that in 2007? Afghanistan started in 2001, and Iraq in 2003. What war was Biden referring to?

      • MeMadMax

        Prolly georgian conflict.

    • GodHelpUs

      Over amount of years U.S. prospered with the highest public debt. Without wars on it’s territory and so on.. Economy collapse is inevitable. To hold it over, U.S. needs to seed unstability and war in other countries. To keep ourselves stable country, to keep dollar high value (but without gold – dollar is just a paper). We intentonally made that “Arabic spring”, changed management of all those countries. Who didn’t agree – was murdered (like Kaddafi), who did like Egypt – was changed by our man. Now we expect another wave of economical collapse. We NEED to seed fear and distable east. And it’s not Obama! He’s just a puppet.. We made hugest and well trained army with the top weapons on other countries money 😀 But It won’t last forever…

    • churchill

      o aye pal for sure its diffrent obama changed his bacon for weetabix he goes for a 5 mile run now before thinking about war and fat soldiers not being able to run from their turbo tanks it takes an american soldier at least 2 hours to put his make up on first

    • Elelei Guhring

      Notice how neonics found in many pesticides most manufactured by Bayer/Monsanto and which have killed up to 70% of bee populations around the world are not an imminent threat to the nation, even though this action is considered Terrorism under US law: any action that endangers the food supply IS terrorism.

  • davidmpark

    We accepted our orders for NBC gas masks today. 2 adult sizes; 3 children sizes. Got them online for $6.99 ea/free shipping.

    Also got some extra med kits, potassium iodine, and more food.

    We will get hit. The US will get struck again and no country will cry for us. Could we take on the international community? Only if we use WMD’s on them, too. China, Russia, and Iran will retaliate.

    Congress needs to move to stop Obama as this is enough to prove he and his entourage are incapable of ensuring the welfare of the United States. Impeachment needs to be done, arrests need to be made, trials must commence… and sentences if judge and congressional jury find guilty anyone for crimes against this people.

    We must support such actions by Congress, or we will pay the price; not them.

    • ?huh

      Where did you get the masK? Were filters outdated? That is cheap!

      • davidmpark

        They’re IDF leftovers bought on Amazon. I also bought the new canisters – assuming the included cans are expired.

        • ?huh

          I looked and the Amazon review show the items are old and may not be useful and attack. Some are as old as 40 years.

      • davidmpark

        If you are worried about gas attacks, you can make a filter for an air conditioning unit.

        First, get all of the supplies you can: a lot of baking soda and wood charcoal (not briquettes), piece of wood, a scale (any kind), a large pot, 2 pillow cases, a plastic or metal box, and duct tape.

        Pour the baking soda into a pot and weigh it. After recording the weight, place on heat source and cook it for a few minutes. Remove and re-weigh, then repeat. When the scale no longer shows change in weight, pour the powder into a pillowcase and make more if necessary to fill to pillowcase about half way or more. This process converts the sodium bicarbonate into sodium carbonate (soda ash, or activated carbon).

        Now pour the charcoal onto the pot and use a piece of wood to crush the charcoal into smaller pieces, about the size of wheat grains. Pour into pillow case and make more if necessary to fill to pillowcase about half way or more. Some dust will fall out – let it.

        Now, drill or cut two holes big enough to snuggly fit the air intake hose of your A/C unit into the plastic or metal box on the shorter sides. Place the bag of soda ash on one side, the bag of charcoal on the other side. Seal with duct tape generously. Now attach the air intake hoses of your A/C unit on the unit with the air entering the charcoal first, and the soda ash second. Duct tape generously on both ends.

        We built this last year when the ash and smoke from local wildfires were choking the air around us. We were supremely comfortable with filtered air. Will it work for chemical weapons? The soda ash is the same ingredient used in gas
        masks, but I really don’t know. Works great for smoke and ash, and chili cook-off’s, but I have no real data that it will work for WMD’s. Can some experts chime in?

    • Truther

      Two easy reasons to understand: Racial Guilt and Desire for Something for Nothing. There you go.

    • saintmatty

      A very good chance that we will get hit. Major city and who knows where else. Get some food and water together. Might be inside for a few days as chaos occurs in the streets.

      • davidmpark

        One of those times a carbine would be handy…

    • Keywee

      “Why did such a good nation decide to #$%& itself over this bad? We’re so much better than this!” I think that as a nation you became complacent, distracted with trivial “entertainment”. The world banking system got it’s claws back into you after all that hard work by the founding fathers to escape it. Hopefully once enough of your own people are affected by the actions of your government you will rediscover your revolutionary roots.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Congress needs to move to stop Obama….”
      you assume they disagree with him

      • davidmpark

        I’m hoping they’ll do their job for once.

        • Gay Veteran

          we will all be disappointed, because there is NO difference between the 2 parties

    • Ralfine

      All people have the government they deserve.

  • Syrin

    Here’s how this could play out. We invade Syria. It’s a leaping point to go to war with Iran who has already threatened war with Israel if we invade. Obama will sign the UN Small Arms Treaty, and Russian troops have already been training on US soil for over a year to disarm Americans. I believe they will stage some false flag event in FEMA region 3 which has been urgently stockpiling by “no later than October 1” according to all their requests for supplies. (do a search, they are stockpiling a A ton in FEMA region 3) Martial law will be declared enforced by our militarized polive, some Iranian patsy will be blamed, and they will jump from Syria to Iran. Obama had a behind the scenes meeting with the highest level financial people in the US last week. The last time this happened, they took out gold. I think they will use the war and false flag events to perform a simultaneous engineered collapse of the economy because they know we cannot recover from our debt burden hoping the no information GARY voters will blame the evil Syrians for our economic problems. Just like Nazzzi Germany, we become a dictatorship overnight.

    • davidmpark

      Okay, I looked it up about the stockpiling for region 3. That makes good sense to concentrate around there for the sake of the powers in DC. They’d want to make sure they don’t have any disruptions in their cocktail parties and lasciviousness.

      They stockpiled around the furherbunker during the battle for Berlin. Makes sense to do that sort of thing when they make unpopular and more blatant illegal actions against their own people.

    • K

      Excellent comment. The idea behind Russian troops was, it would be easier to get them to fire on civilians. I wonder if the puppet masters every gave any thought to the fact, that would cut both ways.

      • K

        E4B spotted in Turkey yesterday. I have never heard of them deploying them outside the Country before.

    • The Check is in the Mail

      Over the top but I understand the concern. It is not like the fools in DC have earned any trust.

    • old fart

      How can that be after all Zero won the Nobel Peace Prize.

    • xander cross

      I blame white men who are profiting of the weapons dealing. Of course, all of you will ignore that fact. Smh

    • Jason Mckenzie

      1st Oct came and went, ya rumour-monger..

  • K

    Ever since they passed that war on terror resolution in 2001. It seems no President feels they need clearance from anyone. Can this end well? Only if a backdoor agreement has been made with Russia and China. A certain number of missiles fired at certain agreed on targets. In exchange they stick to just stern words. If such an agreement does not exist. Then the first salvo, could easily cause everyone in the area, to bring out their new toys. And that will not end well.

  • A D

    OIL is naturally occurring – GOD created the earth & everything in it. There is enough OIL in the USA, but the eco-nazi’s and other idiots will not allow them to drill. Just like AIR now carbon is a threat, so many idiots believe all of the LIES trumped up by elites.

    • davidmpark

      “OIL is naturally occurring…” Yeah, the Abiotic Oil process. We won’t ever run out of oil.

      • Ralfine

        Any idea why it’s called organic chemistry?

    • Trainwreck Coming Fast

      That will change. It is ALL going to change once the fur begins to fly domestically and abroad. Things that will be different:

      –Even the liberal fools will be begging to drill. But they will not understand that decades of no new refineries means terrifying shortages caused by them.

      –No more discretionary spending on music, entertainment, parties, etc. Sure, it will occur, but a tenth of what is evident now. The boards, extra houses, luxuries, will no longer be part of life. Maybe not so bad.

      –Roving bands of gangs and criminals will be put down by law abiding citizens with guns. People will no longer accept crime. Bring back the death penalty and frontier justice. It is coming. The “I was disadvantages” growing up will only get a bullet in the head. The nation will no longer be able to afford and tolerate the rape of society.

      –Healthcare will be a disaster. Obama and the Left will blame it on the GOP but that will only work for the hardcore remnant of his supporters. The rest of the nation will marvel at its stupidity for not pushing back sooner. But they will realize the system has been so destroyed that it will take years to bring back what we had.

      –WHERE TO STOP? It is so obvious.

    • Gay Veteran

      at what cost? yeah you can have all the oil you want here at $500 a barrel

      • Ralfine

        And, to get one barrrel you have to spend 5 barrels in energy.

        • Keywee

          Yay! Someone else who actually gets it!

  • A D

    AIR, WATER, OIL you name it, the eco-nuts and elitist will do whatever it takes NOT to let a good crisis go to waste.. quoted from OHBOMA thugs.

  • ResilientNews

    one of my local tv stations had a poll on their website if the u.s. should strike Syria and the results were 100% NO.

    • Bill

      Best poll of many asking the same question shows 25% in favor. Still doesn’t show the idiot in chief is listening to we the “real”people!!!

  • Lennie Pike

    The thugs who control the U.S. are allied with those who control China! Birds of a feather (elite Godless fascists) have joined forces for totalitarian worldwide rule!!!)

    Our industry and gold has been intentionally transferred to China.

    Expect to see Chinese militery in the U.S. – not Russian – if Russia allows it.

  • clemster

    The Russians will never look like the “good guys”.

  • Tatiana Covington

    It could be that a coup d’etat will be required.

    I hope not.

    • GodHelpUs

      Over amount of years U.S. prospered with the highest public debt. Without wars on it’s territory and so on.. Economy collapse is inevitable. To hold it over, U.S. needs to seed unstability and war in other countries. To keep ourselves stable country, to keep dollar high value (but without gold – dollar is just a paper). We intentonally made that “Arabic spring”, changed management of all those countries. Who didn’t agree – was murdered (like Kaddafi), who did like Egypt – was changed by our man. Now we expect another wave of economical collapse. We NEED to seed fear and distable east. And it’s not Obama! He’s just a puppet.. We made hugest and well trained army with the top weapons on other countries money 😀 But It won’t last forever…

  • Bill

    It’s ironic that we have a war brewing as the debt limit comes to a head —–again. Big drop in the 10 yr as $ leave the stock market for the “safety” of bonds. Any guess where the 10 yr will be in 90 days?

    • Tobias Smith


      • Bill

        A free market or controlled market price?

    • squashpants

      As I have said elsewhere on Michael’s site, whatever goes up is also likely to go down. I can understand completely getting excited as the interest rate on 10s starts marching towards 3.0, but I have been following the rate for weeks now, and it goes up and then it goes down, and then it goes up, but not quite as much as it did before, and then it goes back down again. I don’t have much faith in the catastrophic view of events; usually things change slowly, and slowly enough that the powers that be can adjust to them and pull their gonads out of the fire. I could certainly be wrong, but I think interest rates fall into the same category. We shall see, eh?

  • tacoma

    As the history of 200+ years shows, you can always count on the U.S. government starting or get involved in war the moment the last war quiet down a bit.

    There is truly something exceptional about the United States. The love for the glory of war, of battle, gun and bombs, blood and flash, simply cannot stop. It’s a drug addiction. The $750 billion annual funding the military is a monster on auto-pilot, with bombs and missiles overflowing the warehouses, and officers itching for war promotion and glory.

    The Syrian civil war was started by Syrians for their own reasons. The country is on the other side of Earth from America, with absolutely no threat to any and all US interests no matter how minor.

    No matter. The president of the USA must police the world, teach ‘moral’ lessons, demonstrate American military power, at his own choosing. Dozens, thousands will be killed to satisfy Obama ego. The war machine will make money. Leaving Syria in a bigger mess.

    Then what?

    Then impeachment. Then The Hague war criminal indictment. Then cancellation of his Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…The Syrian civil war was started by Syrians for their own reasons….”
      funded by the Saudis

      “…Then impeachment. Then The Hague war criminal indictment. Then cancellation of his Nobel Peace Prize.”

      on what planet?

  • Toodles

    Why not left Obama’s leftwing supporters be the boots on the ground? Seriously? I mean, they are always telling the troops that they cannot pray anymore in certain spots, cannot smoke cigarettes, are serial sexual harassers, etc.

    This is a PERFECT chance for them to put their money where their mouths are. If Obama is so flawless, why not just follow him into the jaws of hell.

    Seriously, folks, I mean . . . ?

    • Gay Veteran

      well how about the right-wing? they’ll be cheering the war on

      • obama_drama

        Seriously guys the partisan stuff is old, can’t you both see its all the pols, the left is the right and the right is the left it all a matter of perspective the 2 party system if full o crap. Case and point face the nearest person then both of you put out your right hand your both pointing right but they are opposite directions. Now try the left same thing. Perspective is different. Now one hold out the left and the other the right now you see that its an illusion, just as the republican/democrat thing. Both party’s grow federal government period. They figured out how to keep everyone going in the direction as long as its not a straight line, no one notices they stand behind one another and direct the public either left or right but always forward toward their ultimate position. welcome to the new American political system and the end of the USA. Time is running short for whome the bell tolls…

        • Gay Veteran

          totally agree

  • Toodles

    I will just note in passing that while a Christian I do not generally buy into the Rapture stuff, etc. Yes, I think Jesus will return but in a way we cannot understand at this point.

    Still . . . it IS a little strange all of this stuff in the Middle East right now. Michael’s analysis here is brilliant. I have never seen such a clear exposition of what could end up happening.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you for the compliment. I think we all are trying to do the best that we can to make sense of a very complicated world.


  • Guy

    Reason #23 The US just can’t afford it anymore to be the world’s policeman.

  • efsmithlaw

    Pray for God to protect the innocent civilians of Syria from the forces of hell being unleashed by the Whore of Babylon on the Potomac.

  • saintmatty

    I am totally against any military action by U.S. in Syria. The Congress should get off their assess and get to work on this issue. Since when did “the people” become so powerless? We as American people better wake up and get back to the constitution. That’s what makes us united.

    • Celery Muncher

      We have never been more divided since the Civil War thanks to Obama the Rodeo Clown. We have become a balkanized country filled with tribal groups snapping at each others throats…

      • Boo-urns

        Let’s place the blame where it belongs: Obama, the liberal mainstream media, and the talking windbags on talk radio and Fox News. Both sides specialize in whipping up irrational fervor against the other side, because in the end that’s all they’ve got.

        Anyone who supports either party has been indoctrinated by the media they listen to.

        • Gay Veteran

          totally agree

        • obama_drama

          Now you guys are getting it! Turn off the t.v. (indoctrination device) and go meet your neighbors create bonds and return to normalcy

  • markthetruth

    We are going to create more ” Osama bin laden’s ”
    they don’t want our help and we will Upset the whole Middle East . And we will be the Terrorist to them !!!

    the end…

    • markthetruth

      Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself

      The Definition ” LEGAL” Now Means
      ” Dependent on your Interpretation ”

      WOW !!!!! Goodbye To Women’s Rights !!!

      She Looked 18 to me Judge so I’M the Victim !!!

      the end…

  • glamandvamproundthetree

    I was so hoping that things would somehow stabilize this summer while I have been waiting tables in Utah….This doesn’t seem to be happening, if anything things are getting less stable every day. Good time to save every penny you can and lower your expectations of what kind of life you can seriously hope to have.

    • Hey there! Remember me? Quit the cafe at the end of July and started my new job 2 weeks ago. Am a lunch lady at the kids school:) Less pay….but no STRESS!!!!!!

      • squashpants

        Congratulations, Beth. Sometimes the money isn’t worth it. Better to have some peace of mind.

      • glamandvamproundthetree

        Good to hear Beth…..yes Food and Beverage is very stressful for everyone in it lol. I am doing OK here in Utah and am saving everything I can…..another eight weeks and I am back to being unemployed again, but at least I will have savings entering it this time…..And getting rid of stress sounds WONDERFUL! Good for you!

  • 2Gary2

    To heck with Syria–how about we fix Detroit?

    If Obumer is so gung ho about war with Syria then that lame MF needs to send his daughters to fight and he needs to be on the front lines instead of leading from behind like he always does. Typical conservative war monger. No Obumer IS NOT in any way progressive.

    • JustanOguy

      Glad you finally woke up and realized Obama is a fraud.

  • Adrian

    What proof exists that it was Assad? All I’ve seen are dead women and children. Where are the dead military-age males….the fighters that would inevitably have been targeted by Assad’s forces? I’m sorry, but after the 2003 Iraq lies about WMD, I won’t be fooled this time. As Bush once said, “Fool me once, shame on…shame on…you. Point is, you get fooled once, you can’t get fooled again!”

    • Ralfine

      And when Assad gave his OK to send the UN inspectors, they were shot at by snipers.

      Who shot at them in rebel controlled area?

      • Adrian

        Good point, I’d say the rebels.

  • wally

    Please people….This is very serious stuff. This isn’t a game. This isn’t Israel fighting with the Palestinians…Please prepare in anyway you can. Get water and food right now. Today…Tonight…If this goes down and by all reports it will. Do not be surprised if Martial Law is enacted to “protect” the American people. This is a much bigger threat than at any point during the cold war including the Cuban Missile Crises…This isn’t a joke…

  • euro

    Well if we in the eurozone have any money left we will back u up. Its us against Russia and China. :):)

  • Bill

    Seems to be no control of oil prices as a new 18 month high has been reached tonight.

    • Ralfine

      If you drive a diesel, you can use used cooking oil. That’s what ecofreaks would do.

  • Anonymous

    “A monkey with a hand grenade.” I do believe the monkey is more likely able to show restraint then the gov. Save for the grace of God, those fools are absolutely, and incorrigibly psychotic. (I.e. completely divorced from reality.)

  • Colin

    Though the decrease in Dow Jones can be attributied to aciton against Syria, it can be also said that the Dow Jones is acting in response to Republicans openly speaking about shutting down the government in an effort at defunding Obamacare. The health of the world’s economy will be affected by this action, and there is growing uncertainity on whether the Republicans are serious or are bluffing.

    • Tobias Smith


  • David Fuhriman

    It looks like the American eagle is headed for a crash landing. It seems that American leaders are incredibly blind, stupid, or being controlled from behind, maybe all of the above. There is no reason to attack Syria. This is their civil war. They didn’t attack the U.S. or NATO! Why intervene now? The damage in Syria is already done. Their civil war has weakened their country so much that it will take decades to recover. Syria poses no threat to the U.S. in such a condition. They weren’t much of a threat in the past. Russia can not stand idly by and see their friends in the region fall like dominoes. Russia’s position is stronger than America’s. Their military is not worn out like America’s. Their economy is stronger than America’s. They may decide to swat the American eagle out of the sky once and for all.

    • squashpants

      You know I have never heard the case put the way you have here, David, and what you say makes great sense to me. Never stop asking “Why?”.

  • Ant

    War keeps the rich rich… Just moving our armies on the front door of Russia and laying stake to oil and gas… so easy to see!!

  • smallergovnow

    cooler heads will not prevail michael. these are narcissitic pupets…

  • Keywee

    “…we are going to lose a lot of friends and a lot of credibility around the globe…” USA has been losing credibility for a long time, people all over the world are sick and tired of the resource and power grabs thinly disguised as helping oppressed peoples. The attitude of entitlement and superiority that the US government displays is that of a character in some sick black comedy, but sadly the only ones laughing are those who profit from these wars.

    • MelArk

      I just meant that the money they’re taking from us now anyway should be better applied in our own country, as opposed to using it to fund a war. It shouldn’t be removed from our paychecks in the fist place….and what is levied on our wages should be going back into investments into infrastructure, education and our defense budget to protect what we have here, on our continent…it shouldn’t be used to fund foreign wars where other people profit at the expense of the American populace….it shouldn’t be taken from us in the first place….but it is, in the form of income taxes….and what is used should be used toward helping the problems that we have here….within our nation….not to fund a distant, foreign war

      • Keywee

        I know exactly what you meant and I agree. I was having a laugh.

  • MelArk

    Excellent article….the last thing we need right now is a costly war overseas when we have so many problems here at home….money should be given back to the people who live here (i.e., not taken in the form of income taxes in the first place), or at least reinvested in maybe our country’s infrastructure, which is quickly failing across much of the country….into our education systems, which are very sub-what-should-be-standard and lacking in so many ways…back to people through the excessive income taxes levied on the working class….there are so many other things to use the capital of this nation (not that we have any because we’re operating in the red, but I digress) than to jump into an unnecessary war that is going to further put us at odds with China and Russia, who, if we annoy too much, will very likely put us in our place.

    • Keywee

      Gasp! Don’t ever suggest that taxpayer money be spent on taxpayers. People will start calling you a filthy socialist 😉

  • Larry Porter

    With Iran supporting Syria and able to supply weapons to anyone who asks and with so many Muslim cells in this country now, I think when this war starts we are going to see the first invasion of war come to our continental shores in the form of the kind of terrorism we’ve had the privilege to watch from the comfort of our armchairs throughout the rest of the world these many years. I wonder aloud what affect this will have on the libs who have been so loud in their condemnation of “Islamaphobes.” Let’s see what they have to say when their families are blown up by suicide bombers.

    • konseptikon rekords

      That’s a ridiculous claim. You think ‘Libs’ will see the light because people we want to bomb and kill will try to bomb and kill us thereby proving what animals they are? Up yours Larry Porter. Your brand of stupidity is what is wrong with this country. Here’s a thought; Stop invading other countries giving them cause to hate us.

      • Keywee

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. “It’s ok for us to attack them, but not for them to retaliate.” I believe Larry is suffering from the superiority complex that has infected many in the US.

    • Gay Veteran

      it’s called blowback

  • randy

    but he does have the power to strike you did not read the fine print

  • SafetyViking

    Things will unfold as they must, but a word on any American “obsessing” over Miley Cyrus…or any other ‘celebrity’.

    Die. Now. Your usefulness to society has reached its zenith & we no longer need you breathing our air.

    Thank you. That is all.

  • jakartaman

    Next week we will be all saying what was the big deal. A few tomahawks that hit some strategic telecommunication and military sites.
    No blow back from Russia, China, Iran- Hezbollah launched a few missiles into Israel who responded with bombs.

    • ian

      more than likely.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I agree a war is the first choice for distraction. Its compounded by the disciples of Leo Trotsky penchant for constant revolutionary chaos (aka neo-cons) What really depresses me is the US is now new evil in the world that needs stopping. How did it ever come to this?

  • pissobama

    I think what Rogozin meant to say was a “monkey with a cruise missile”

  • cherylmeril

    There’s no reasoning with the criminals in power,they’re insane. America’s become a very evil nation, why should anyone be surprised at all what’s unfolding? God’s just and His judgment forthcoming is true to His Word!

  • “V”

    All to distract from Obama’s many, many scandals.

  • 2Gary2

    More corporate welfare–tax the MF hard and spread the wealth!!!

    More than one-third of the nation’s highest-paid CEOs
    from the past two decades led companies that were subsidized by
    American taxpayers, according to a report released Wednesday by the
    Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal think tank. “Financial
    bailouts offer just one example of how a significant number of
    America’s CEO pay leaders owe much of their good fortune to
    America’s taxpayers,” reads the report. “Government contracts offer

  • Vermaphax

    I’m gonna throw up. But just in case the fit hits the shan Learn a teachable skill, woods,leather, metals, look up Pemmican recipes and make sure its grass fed meat so it has vitamins, Get a decent knife, small hand saw, 10 pack of lighters, Paper maps. With this small list anyone can get out of a city with a bag no bigger than a ladies purse. Find people and offer physical labor as trade once you are far away. Yeah I might be paranoid but it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t try to help.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Me thinks it is too late already.

  • maddog

    All the bad thing the story suggest will happen to America is what Obama’s friends have said they have wanted since the 60′. obummer WILL give it to them.


    Giving BO War Powers is like giving the car keys and a quart of whiskey to teenage boys.

    • Gay Veteran

      think you have much of a country left after 12 years of Bush and Obama?


        Not much at all.

  • BlackDog

    The ONLY WAY to get out from under the mistakes our politicians have made for the last 3 decades is WAR. I know it, you know it — how come our ‘leadership’ (and I use that term extremely loosely) doesn’t know it??? Because THEY DO KNOW IT! It is the ONLY WAY for them to save face, and their lives. Because if they start WWIII, you better bet the American People will compile their OWN hit list — and guess who’s gonna be on it?

  • Gregge K Johnson

    Read your posts Michael ! The Global financial Crisis . Wars MAKE Money. What do you suppose would happen if they Bombed Belium ?

  • Thomas

    “Convention on Duties and Rights of States in the Event of Civil Strife, 1928, Art. 1. To forbid the traffic in arms and war material, except when intended for the Government, while the belligerency of the rebels has not been recognized, in which latter case the rules of neutrality shall be applied.”… the US Government is guilty of war crimes already, as far as Syria is concerned……..

  • Ray

    How have we made it this far – its a evil mess…yet each day passes like everything will keep chugging along forever. Of corse it will not but it feels that way sometimes

  • Gay Veteran

    Gerald Celente says there are 2 main powers in the U.S.:
    (1) military industrial/surveillance complex
    (2) Wall Street banksters

  • Gay Veteran

    the pressitutes in the corporate media spread government propaganda

  • Absolutely Absolute

    This guy is absolutely out of control! Five times…FIVE TIMES! He used the word FIVE TIMES!!! This is absolutely sickening, somebody absolutely needs to stop this guy…

  • Colin

    I am opposed to our government getting involved in this war. This war in Syria is not only a political war, it is also a religious war and a proxy war. This is Sunni vs Shia. This is Russian-backed allies vs American-backed allies. This war is a complicated mess. And, our country has a sorry and pathetic history of resolving civil wars. Each time we get involve, we seem to make matters worse for ourselves and for the people we are supposedly helping.

    I am looking at the map of Syria and noting where the different factions are located. The rebels are losing, with them being largely relegated to the eastern hinterlands of Syria. The largest cities of this country are under government control. I don’t think the rebels are capable of winning this war, and I think by “helping” them with cruise missiles hitting government targets, I feel that we would be prolonging this war. Let the Syrian government win this war. We know the caliber of al-Assad’s character and administration.

    I don’t think this war will bring forth World War III. Early proxy wars, such as Vietnam, didn’t bring the world to a global maelstrom.

    • WhammerJammer

      Colin – You used grammar, punctuation, and logical thought in your post…it’s very refreshing to see for a change in these comments! Congrats.

      A bit of research would show Russia’s historical interest in Syria, and as you pointed out, this is a proxy war between Shia and Sunni factions, and it won’t end well.

      Obama isn’t the Anti-Christ, the world is probably not going to end in October, I’m not going out and buying 55 gallon drums of beans, rice, and ammunition, but this could spiral into a full-fledged regional dust-up before it’s all over.

      Thanks again for one of the only literate, considered posts I’ve seen on this site.

  • Cody Stark

    #12 I believe is wrong. What he said was “the west treats the middle east like a money with a hand grenade”

  • Steven

    I think that World War III is just around the corner, glad that we are somewhat prepared.
    Keep ready for rouges

  • xander cross

    White men always at war that they created. Smh.

    • Michael Conner

      Huh, I did not realize that Syrians, Iranians and Egyptians were white. What about all of the killing and war in Africa, or hell for that matter all of the murders in Chicago amongst all of the thugs. Of course we all know it is all white peoples fault being the cause of all evil in the world.

      • WhammerJammer

        Wow…a glimpse of insight finished off with a dollop of bigotry. You covered a bit of ground there MC.

  • Aaron Davis

    It’ll really depend on the balls of our Congressman. If the Money Changers have their way, we’ll be in the war cuz they are already funding the rebels and now they’ll be funding the US as well. But it looks like the Money Changers will prevail

  • Trailer Park Investor

    With the economy about to explode that is their only option to start a war to take our minds off the dollar and the economy. It’s already decided so sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh by the way it gets real bumpy here on out, so buckle up.

  • Tosheba

    You mark my word, Obama has set this whole thing up so at the end of all this drama and military posturing, he will suddenly decide NOT to attack Syria and come out as ‘peace maker’ and ‘hero’. The weak minded won’t know the difference.

  • michael york

    Unfortunately this type of scenario was always in
    our future. Remember Lord Acton’s statement.
    Mankind is deceitfully wicked at heart and that
    wicked rebellious spirit which is at work in the

    world has been waiting for the time and circumstance
    to plunge us all into chaos. This is not a fatalistic
    point of view just an inevitability. This is needed to
    prove to mankind that the Utopia that we sought
    was always an illusion, and that we, left to our own
    devices would eventually destroy ourselves.
    Remember when you told your child not to touch
    that because it’s very hot and it will burn you!
    We’re just big children with the same limited
    understanding of the bigger plan to expose the
    foolishness of mankind.God needs only to speak
    once at the end, after the deeds are done, and all
    they who maintain their rebelliousness, will have the opportunity to be eternally separated from
    their Creator. The last moment when the child
    slams his hand on the red hot burner with a
    wide grin of willful defiance UNTIL!

    • GSOB

      1.) God is in total control.

      2.) We all are born slaves to sin.

      3.) Jesus Christ is the centrality and universality of God’s economy.

  • Mike Smithy

    Wake up and smell tyranny sheeple.

  • GSOB

    “Syria, Iran and Hezbollah all have agents inside this country, and if they decide to start blowing stuff up that will wake up the American people to the horror of war really quick. ”

    Enough said.


  • Melachi

    The world will never know peace as long as their is profit from war…

  • Sunflower

    I am no afraid to be taken into heaven by Jesus Christ. If he calls my family and I tomorrow into his house.

    I will not shed one tear for what we as a people who have betrayed him and worshiped other masters have made of this gift of a planet he left us.

    Repent now and trust in Christ.

    The hour will soon be at hand…

  • Ralfine

    “A war in the Middle East will be bad for the financial markets. The Dow
    was down about 170 points today and concern about war with Syria was
    the primary reason.”

    Or, a war will reduce the price of some shares so people can buy more of them? Remember – buy low, sell high.

    People with money get richest fastest during crisis, when panic selling sets in.

  • The Brown One

    Your absolutely right… You told the truth and folks don’t want to hear,people are set in their evil ways

  • So…that renown peace-lover Netanyahu has made it publicly clear that he, with all his nukes and other WMD, is totally prepared to strike back powerfully against pathetic Syria. Now, would it be impolite of me to ask, “Given Netanyahu’s demonstrated capability of dangling Obama from his little finger whenever he can claim that an issue has any conceivable impact on Israeli security, why does Netanyahu take such a gung-ho attitude toward the possibility of a U.S. attack on Syria?” Why does Netanyahu not just pick up the phone, call Obama at home in the evening, and tell him that the complete collapse of law and order in the Mideast might cause harm to the people of Israel?!?!

    I mean, gee, you know, I really don’t want to say this, but it sounds just like he is actually looking forward to it!

  • Joshua Shafer

    This is Ridiculous, America needs to learn how to stay out of other countries affaires. We can’t afford to go through a war and come out successful

  • Tom

    I see it this way, God warn us all about greed,money and evil hearts in this world. Now we will destroy each other because of it. It will be to late to call for help, mankind has made up their choice and love the Devil and his evil ways. The price of sin is death, we all have been warned!

  • jeezy

    god isn’t real

    • Angel Peace

      You are entitled to your beliefs just like I am entitled to mine. God Bless and take care…

    • Sueychop

      Yes He is.

    • Satan

      yeah yeah neither are you you little devil

  • FounderChurch

    It is all about good management of the national interest. Obumbler is totally incompetent. Remove him. We need a Reagan team to run this country and there needs to be a negotiation with Russia to restore things to where they were.

  • Butch Fritz

    I agree with the risks and possible dire consequences of attacking Syria. However, do we really need the permission of the UN to do anything? Have they paid their debt to the U S Treasury? What friends? The ones who take our Foreign Aid (BILLIONS) and spit on and burn our Flag, attack embassies, kidnap US citizens and laugh at us for giving them the billions worth of help? Your stance against strong military action, I believe, is correct. Your reasoning is not!

  • dan

    This will be the trigger for WW3 and it’s taken Satan two others to set up the One World Government…. we were told it would be like this and to expect persecution…
    but if they persecute you in one city flee to the next.

  • poptoy1949

    Anybody every think that obama and putin are in cahoots and this is just another part of the plan to bring America down? I know I have. I don’t trust any communist..obama or putin.

  • Lida Yanneth Ariza Fontecha

    Mi respuesta: Admito que mi lectura es a veces demasiado objetiva, es decir choca con posiciones extremas!!!

    1. “Ciudadanos EEUU en contra”: Afortunadamente las guerras siempre serán impopulares. Sin embargo es un dato vacío para los generales (afortunadamente).

    2. “más impopular ciudadanos que congresistas”: Triste sería al revés: ver un gobierno débil que no es capaz de defender un pueblo que lo exige.

    3. “aprobación del Congreso por Constitución”: Ese es el imperativo de la Democracia: el estamento militar no opina y el ejecutivo no manda, sólo gobierna. Cuando eso no se respeta se cae en autoritarismos mandados a recoger.

    4. “sin aprobación ONU”: Qué peligro!!! Pero no el hecho de actuar sin autoridad de la ONU, sino todo lo contrario: Un gobierno mundial, que audite, vigile, controle y decida por todos, es lo que menos necesitamos.

    5. “Defensa Siria con todo lo disponible”: La pregunta es: ¿quien ataca, también? Sobre todo si lo planeado no es de rápida y limpia ejecución, si se complica mucho… repetirían con una grande?

    6. “ministro: dos opciones: rendirnos o defendernos”: Están en su derecho, por lo menos de intentar una salida digna.

    7. “misiles antibuques”: EEUU posee los cañones anti-misiles anti-buque más avanzados. Siria puede tener hasta nukes… si hay-que atacar (es la orden que llegó hace rato) eso no los detendrá.

    8. “Siria ataca Israel…”: Aunque algunos escenarios son plausibles, gastar las energías restantes en otros es acabar de debilitarse internamente.

    9. “Si Siria ataca a Israel…”: Pero esta sería una causa para atacar… es decir, provocar que esto suceda le beneficia a USA, no veo lógico este punto como contra para no atacar.

    10. “Hezbolá ayudar a Assad”: Otro ilógico, pues si Hez los ataca (a usrael) tienen la excusa para destruirlos más rápido.

    11. “Siria es un aliado de Irán”: Por eso mismo hay que atacar!!! Diría USA (no yo).

    12. “relaciones USA + Rusia”: Hoy día no, antes quizás, pero la subsistencia de Rusia es más importante que las malas relaciones por terceros.

    13. “relaciones USA + China”: Similar al anterior y hasta menos complicado. Son riesgos que vale la pena correr (diría USA)

    14. “pruebas fueron los rebeldes”: Afortunadamente las acciones de guerra no se pueden determinar por lo que los civiles piensen, hagan, digan ó “demuestren”. Para eso existen los organismos que recopilan información.

    15. “sin sentido régimen empleara armas químicas”: La pregunta, entre varias posibles, es: Assad qué tanto controla su ejército?.

    16. “EEUU no ser intermediarios de sauditas para derrocar a Assad”: Está insinuando que la US-Army es un ejército mercenario que libra guerras por petróleo? Grave acusación!!!

    17. “una guerra muy, muy seria”: Que un ex-comandante lo diga es cuando menos grave: ¿Acaso no toda guerra es algo de extrema seriedad, que se sopesan con total cordura y responsabilidad todas las causas, consecuencias y variantes antes de iniciarla?

    18. “mercados financieros impacto negativo”: Depende de quién lo mire, para otros es bueno: más armas se venden, más ganancias por el petróleo no afectado, más caras las colecciones robadas… todo depende.

    19. “precios del petróleo”: Bonanza para algunos de LatAmérica, entre otros… y claro sus principales petroleras que son gringas!!!Triste, pero cierto.

    20. “La Casa Blanca y Al Qaeda”: Una de las mejores formas de ganar guerras ha sido consolidar mercenarios en otros países. Ojalá no se les vuelva a voltear el tiesto y de nuevo todo empiece (Gran negocio el de las armas).

    21. “civiles inocentes”: Daños colaterales que se deben asumir ante el peligro de la apropiación de armas químicas por los rebeldes y que luego lleguen a ser usadas contra occidente en nuestro propio suelo (diría USA).

    22. “EEUU perder amigos y credibilidad”: Amigos? si solo tiene los que están en estas mismas: .uk y .fr, de resto aliados que jamás se opondrán realmente a nada (.de .cn .it .ru .es .co .ar .br …) Credibilidad? A qué Imperio le inquieta ser creíble? Necesita es control, de todos y en todo nivel (para ser imperio, no para gobernar su país, claro).

  • Lida Yanneth Ariza Fontecha

    translate: Google… sorry!!!
    My answer : I admit that my reading is sometimes too strict, that is extreme positions strikes!

    1. ” U.S. citizens against ” Fortunately always be unpopular wars . However it is a vacuum for general data ( thankfully) .

    2. ” Citizens unpopular Congress ” Sad would be reversed : see a weak government that is unable to defend a people required .

    3. ” Congressional approval by Constitution ” : That is the imperative of democracy : the military and the executive does not think sends not only governs . When that did not fall into authoritarianism respects errands to collect.

    4. ” without UN approval ” : What danger ! But the fact of acting without UN authority , but the opposite : a world government , to audit , monitor , control and decide for all , is the least need.

    5. ” Defense Syria with all available ” : The question is : who attacks, too? Especially if it is not planned to run fast and clean , if complicated much … repeat with a big?

    6. ” Minister : two options : surrender or defend ” is their right , at least attempting a dignified exit .

    7. ” anti-ship missiles ” USA has the anti – gun anti – ship missiles more advanced . Syria may have up nukes … if there is, to attack ( is the order that came in a while ) that will not stop .

    8. “Syria attacked Israel … ” : Although some scenarios are plausible , spending in other remaining energies is internally weak finish .

    9. ” If Syria attacks Israel … ” But this would be a cause to attack … ie cause this to happen will benefit USA , I see this as logical not to attack against .

    10. ” Hezbollah help Assad ” : Another illogical , because if Hez the attacks (a USrael ) have the excuse to destroy them faster.

    11. “Syria is an ally of Iran ” That is why we must attack ! I’d USA (not me) .

    12. ” USA + Russia relations ” Today not before perhaps, but the survival of Russia is more important than bad relationships by third parties .

    13. ” USA + China Relations ” : Similar to the above and even less complicated. Risks are worth taking ( say USA)

    14. ” rebels tests were ” acts of war Fortunately not be determined by what civilians think , do, say , or ” show ” . For that there are agencies that collect information.

    15. “nonsense employ chemical weapons regime ” : The question , among several possible , is: Assad how much control your army? .

    16. “America not Saudi intermediaries to topple Assad ‘ : Are you suggesting that the U.S. Army is a mercenary army waged war for oil ? Serious accusation !

    17. ” a war very, very serious ” : That an ex – commander says it is at least serious : Is not every war is something of extreme seriousness, they are weighed with full sanity and responsibility all causes , consequences and alternatives before starting ?

    18. ” Financial markets negative impact ” depends on who you look at , for others is good : more guns are sold , the more oil revenues unaffected stolen most expensive collections … it all depends.

    19. ” oil prices ” : Bonanza for some of LatAmérica , among others … and clear its major oil companies are gringo ! Sad, but true .

    20 . ” The White House and Al Qaeda ” : One of the best ways to win wars has been to consolidate mercenaries in other countries. I hope they are not turning the pot again and again all begins ( Big Business the arms ) .

    21. ” innocent civilians ” collateral damage to be assumed before the danger of appropriation of chemical weapons by the rebels and then come to be used against the West on our own soil ( say USA) .

    22. “America Lose Friends and credibility ” : Friends ? if you only have those who are in the same : . uk and . fr, of other allies who never really oppose anything ( . than . cn. it . ru . ‘s . co. ar . br … ) Credibility ? Which Empire is concerned to be credible ? Need is control of all and at all levels ( for empire , not to rule his country , of course) .

  • jayb1

    Syria is the bad fighting the bad. Even the women & children are involved in the fighting. They carry ammunition & messages as well as on the front line. It’s the West that can’t bear to imagine women & children being involved.
    If the West supplies the rebels with weapons they will be using them against us later. The Regels want to gain control of Syria so they can start a War with Israel, backed by Iran, then the rest will join in. Egypt was supposed to as well led by the Muslim Brotherhood, but that’s been put on hold.

  • Jeff

    This is a extremly bad idea! If the US attacks Syria the whole United States will be in jeporty of being attacked. We don’t want another 911 on our hands.
    Listen to the people of the United States,and say out. It is sure to be the beginning of the end fro the US!!!! Please let’s not get involved!!!!!!!! NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!!

    • illuminati

      You really still think that 911 was ”terrorists” fault?

  • peace angel

    America is famous for starting wars based on lies, propaganda and misinformation. Obama does NOT decide anything. As a 30 year CIA and community organizing puppet he has been tasked to start WWIII and the Bilderberg group who bought him a 48 million dollar retirement home (compound) last year in Hawaii expects him to do exactly that and try as he may, he has failed and refuses to make a decision either way.


    AND the whole world knows it except the ostrich nation of the banana republic of America, but as Micheal says everyone knows about the bad behavior of our entertainers and Hollywood morons.

    There are many active duty military and DHS whistleblowers who are risking their lives and imprisonment to alert the brain dead nation that the economy will be collapsed in September or October of this year and clearly THIS is the excuse they will use to do it. They are saying that they will blame a banking VIRUS on terrorists or Syria or who the hell ever and that will be the last time Americans will see their money being housed in banks.

    America is Over no matter how it happens, IT IS THE PLAN. Obama is just a distraction to the plans of the machine running the world.


    The world has been on the verge of global conflict for a long time now.
    If this isn’t the trigger something will be and soon I imagine.

  • Okeydoker

    Nut wads all.

  • shannon853

    time congress slaps the crap out of their tin god and regain some common sense. they need to charge him with treason and get him out!

  • WhammerJammer

    This is a childish, limited, and slanted excuse for journalism. Th world has plenty of problems, but everyone needs to take a breath and step outside the circle-jerk for a moment and think for themselves…these are exceedingly complex problems.

  • Sueychop

    Everyone in Gaza, south Lebanon, most of Israel, Syria, Jordan and southern Turkey is going to die.

  • 666


  • dan3333333333

    Congress needs to charge this turd in the white house with some sort of contempt for America and get him the hell out of the captains chair. He has along with those nut jobs over there had this planned all along! Get him out!

  • mohsensamiei

    thumbs up

    • Warren Yee

      Hey look its december =D

  • F

    We need to impeach Obama.

  • kabir

    I hope the people have got to know who is supporting al khaida and who has done the chemical boombing in syria who is starting a war and who is a terrorist now if you guys still dont want to see the truth then it will happen to you soon then you will realise

  • Mike_in_Kyiv

    This article is a terrific summary of the situation. Well done.

  • kabir

    You removed my comment do you think pepole will not get to know very very poor of guys you can’t hide the truth

  • kabir

    Hope the people got to know who is supporting al khayda ? Who is boombed chemical gas in syriya who is starting the war and who is terrorist and if you still dont want to see the truth dont worry it will soon happened to you and you will realise

  • GodHelpUs

    Over amount of years U.S. prospered with the highest public debt. Without wars on it’s territory and so on.. Economy collapse is inevitable. To hold it over, U.S. needs to seed unstability and war in other countries. To keep ourselves stable country, to keep dollar high value (but without gold – dollar is just a paper). We intentonally made that “Arabic spring”, changed management of all those countries. Who didn’t agree – was murdered (like Kaddafi), who did like Egypt – was changed by our man. Now we expect another wave of economical collapse. We NEED to seed fear and distable east. And it’s not Obama! He’s just a puppet.. We made hugest and well trained army with the top weapons on other countries money 😀 But It won’t last forever…

  • titolinio

    You are bad guys, not Russia, you always were.. sorry for bursting your bubble 😉

  • moudi

    why cant they send in navy seals/sas take out assad and force a change in the governing body that way.

  • Sarah the Syrian

    You are probably the most ill informed person to write an article on the war going on in Syria. It is very clearly you have absolutely zero understanding of Middle Eastern, let alone Syrian politics. Firstly, the current regime in Syria has been the main protector of Israel and Israeli borders, they will never attack Israel. Secondly, Syria attack America? Is that a laugh, and how do you propose Syria will ever achieve that incredible feat, and why would they? Syria protects Israel and the US knows that, this is why Obama’s speeches always reiterate limited and targeted strikes in Syria, but not to over throw the regime. Bottom line is it is not in America’s and Israel’s interest to overthrow the regime, and Syria’s threats to attack Israel or other American allies are just that threats, empty threats to add fuel to this propaganda war the West so loves to participate in.

    My second point is your ridiculously ignorant statement about the rebels being “rabidly anti-Christian, rabidly anti-Israel and rabidly anti-western”. Mate- I suggest you find another career path in writing fairy-tales stories. Have you ever heard of the term propoganda? The Free Syria Army is a non-sectarian opposition. They are not rabid anything, they are fighting for the true cause of freedom from fear, freedom from corruption, freedom for religion, justice, equality, all those beautiful slogans Americans sing about at every basketball game. This is a war, and a propaganda war at that. Which means that those rabid factions committing human rights atrocities are operating independently yet under the opposition’s banner. And why would they do that you ask? Because they, such as the Al Qaeda linked Jabhat Al Nusra, were created by the Assad regime during the Iraq insurgency to create instability. So to clarify, these are Assad-loyalist factions created and operating to infiltrate the Free Syria Army, independently and discredit the the revolutionary cause.

  • rachel147155

    World War 3 is a bad idea
    American government should really think about it
    It would be literally the end of the world

  • Reasonable posts

    Why would we start a war? It’s no use and all it is going to do is kill people. Like, what good did it do in World War I and World War II? People are just stupid enough to start a war.

  • Jiang Xiaong

    Asia And Africa And Russia Deserves to win WW3 They are new communists!

  • key-key

    i stand by the contitution

  • key-key

    i stand on the conitution, plus why would we attack first? this world war 3 thing is stupid.

  • unknown

    Well then….


    white people are illegal invaders in north America and should all be deported.GET OUT OF OUR LAND!


    white invaders are all going to DiE!

  • keiran

    If a war started off through the americans,i wonder who would ally with them… Would the british wage war war with or against them.

  • Ed Hartwell

    The U.S. Shadow Govt insists America be at war. It makes a bunch of money as long as we keep making weapons and sending our young people to go lose their limbs and lives. It is actually, the poor young people who do the shooting and the dying. We fight because it makes us money. Why else would we do this? Think about it. Look around. Absolutely no Americans want to fight a war. Especially for another country. That does not matter. Our troops are pretty good at following orders. I insist we leave now. We’ll get the planes lined up and one will take off every hour on the on the hour until all Americans until all Americans come home. No more troops, military dependents, or contractors. Americans could, of course, be there, but it would be at other than the American Taxpayer’s expense.

    I think it is time we spent $1.12 Billion on American Domestic programs, NOT Afghanistan security. I don’t mind anyone taking up a collection for that, or doing a car wash for other countries. I just want to keep our money in America with us. — Ed Hartwell, U.S. Navy (Retired), American Taxpayer, Voter, Veteran, and an American for America.

  • Samuel

    Wars and rumors of Wars. God is Supreme and he said it will happen. I fear not as God is with me always. To live is Christ to die is gain. Greed of mankind causes Wars. Peace will not come until Christ returns. Until then, are you one with faith in Jesus. Do you believe in what he did for you? We are all sinners saved by grace. God loves you so much. You are precious in his sight.

  • Drew

    Hasn’t anyone else played Civilization? Strategic Resorces people… It’s better to have them, it’s best to have them all.

  • Gladofear Putin

    God is on Holiday in Russia

  • The Darkies

    The new gas made at the secret location in England is not so secret if i know where it is so do the russians and the secret weed factories which the goverment are trying to hide yeah 7 factories producing weed near kent aint so secret either our james bond secret agents cant keep their mouth shut and the new secret weapon thats been built is a lada with a tazer stuck on the front of it should give em a shock in russia the price of gas would kill you alone in England

    • Fracken Gas

      Putin this way its all gas at the end of the day

  • Montys

    Push of America sick listening to your crying you cant buy what your not made of and you lot where made in hong kong

  • Madyank

    How much for a war these days

  • St George of Accrington

    Putin should watch braveheart hes a modern day William Wallace and he has a thin army skinny army lets have a whip round for them they look as if they need a good feed haw putin oot the bins im sticking a tin of curry beans in the post for you and you need a new shirt putin that one has been on since the cold war o aye same old putin (putin it about )

  • drop the bomb

    putin is hitler expect the unexpected

  • Malaz

    im syria soldier 83 country send a criminal groups about 10 milion attacker ok let me explain all the world attack us lol they are low because we still attacking and defending our familes and country when usa think to attack us we will remove usa from the map there is no choice i repeat we will remove usa from the earth map because usa who has destroy our country the 1st missle will fall in israel and the second in the white house will be black house we are not criminal but usa delete all the options no way to back ,anyone can tell me why obama said we are ready to attack syria and after 48 hour we will start the war and now nothing happen he is afraid i ll tell you the secret ,allright obama saw a report about our power and the report has syrian army has s600 missles and scoud and neuclear bombs that’s can arrive usa construcers then obama stoped his troops ,we are ready for any incoming war we will defend our selves in the right way

  • Elelei Guhring

    The Muslims already started WWIII, but they call it Jihad. They’ve been working toward this for a long long time now. When their Caliphate collapsed early in the 20th century the Muslim Brotherhood sought to re-establish it and then to conqueror Europe, something which Islam had failed to do previously. They are now well on their way, with millions of settlers now in Europe. Once a conflict with Russia emerges we can expect mass muslim violence within Europe in an effort to destroy it from within. Once they have conquerored Europe, America is next. They think that with Europe they can then conqueror the rest of the world, having achieved significant arms including nuclear weapons. The rules for their Jihad are contained within the Koran, something everyone should read today to gain an understanding of just how savage a political group can be. Yes, it’s just as bad as the Capitalist’s agenda for a global police state.

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