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22 Signs That The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Starting To Disappear

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In order for a society to function, there has to be a certain level of trust.  Each day when we leave our homes, we take for granted that most people are not going to attack us for no reason, that there will only be isolated incidents of theft in our community and that rioting and violence are not going to erupt in the streets.   Whether we realize it or not, we depend on the fact that the vast majority of the people around us are going to act in a civilized manner.  Unfortunately, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear.  When I was growing up, I was taught that challenging times reveal our true character.  There are many that believe that the declining economy is causing a lot of the chaos that we are now witnessing, but perhaps what is going on is that these challenging economic times are simply revealing the character that has been there all along.  For decades, a “false prosperity” that was fueled by unprecedented amounts of debt has masked a lot of the internal rot that has taken hold in America.  But now that our prosperity is crumbling, our lack of values is becoming startlingly clear.

Greed, corruption and extreme self-centeredness have deeply infected our society.  We see this on Wall Street and in Congress, and we see this among those that are trying to survive on the mean streets of our largest cities.

Our nation is breaking down on every level.  If by some miracle we were able to fix our economy, that would mask our problems for a while, but it would not solve them.

Unfortunately, as I write about nearly every day, there are a whole host of indications that our economy is about to get even worse.  When it does, millions of Americans will become even more desperate, and as we are now seeing all over this country, desperate people do desperate things.

The following are 22 signs that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear….

#1 In Detroit, 100 bus drivers recently refused to drive their routes out of fear for their own personal safety.  An article posted on the website of the CBS affiliate in Detroit is quoting the head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, as saying that the drivers are “scared for their lives”….

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

#2 In Wilmington, Delaware recently, a man offered to help someone carry a television down the street, but quickly realized that it was his own television which had just been stolen out of his house….

A Wilmington resident who stopped home for lunch about noon today saw a man carrying a flat screen TV down the street and asked the man if he needed help.

He then recognized the television as his own, looked up and saw the door to his home ajar, said Master Sgt. Adam Ringle.

#3 Shocking video has surfaced of a young thug walking up to a defenseless elderly man in a Chicago subway station and knocking him out cold.  In the video, the friends of the young man are cheering him on and laughing at how easy it was to knock the old man out cold.

#4 Beating up old people for no reason seems to be catching on all over the country.  Just check out the following report from a recent article posted on….

AN 84-YEAR-OLD ex-university official savagely attacked by four young punks during a walk in Wissahickon Valley Park earlier this week theorizes that the beating he endured was a cruel game of “get the old geezer.”

Jim Shea, a former vice president of university relations for Temple, from 1968 to 1983, walks up to five miles on Forbidden Drive, in Fairmount Park, three times a week, but that type of stamina wasn’t enough to stave off the lowlifes who not only beat him bloody, but dealt a blow to one of the things he holds most dear – his pride.

#5 All over the United States, police are brutalizing Occupy Wall Street protesters and spraying pepper spray directly in their faces.  Whatever you may think of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the reality is that this is not a sign that things are becoming “more stable” in America.  You can see video of one very disturbing confrontation right here.

#6 Clashes between police and protesters in Oakland, California recently became so violent that at one point the streets of Oakland resembled a war zone.

#7 Unfortunately, as the American people become increasingly frustrated with out system many of them are actually starting to consider violence as a solution.  According to one recent survey, 31 percent of all Occupy Wall Street protesters “would support violence to advance their agenda”.

#8 In New York recently, a confrontation between two female customers and a frustrated cashier ended with the cashier beating the living daylights out of them with a metal rod.  The following is how a local CBS affiliate in New York described this incident….

It appeared to have started when two female customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter while the other woman goes behind the register.

That’s when the cashier can be seen on the video disappearing into the back of the fast-food restaurant. He comes back with a metal rod and begins hitting the women.

You can see video of this violent confrontation right here.

#9 These days, many Americans are so “on edge” that just about anything will make them snap.  For example, a 60-year-old woman in New Mexico recently repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend because she thought that he was cheating during a game of Monopoly.

#10 If you thought that the above example was crazy, just check out what one man down in Georgia did recently.  He actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they did not put enough meat in his Chalupa.

#11 In Cleveland last week, a 49-year-old man was sent to the hospital after a poll monitor working for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections tried to bite his nose off.

#12 Not only do TSA agents make us feel like dehumanized cattle as we go through airport security, some of them are evening making fun of us at the same time.  For example, one TSA agent recently scribbled “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL” on a TSA inspection notice after discovering a sex toy in the luggage of one female traveler.

#13 Identity theft is rising to very alarming levels all over the United States.  For example, a recent article in the Palm Beach Post described what has been going on down in Florida this year….

In the first half of this year, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 20,000 complaints from Floridians whose identities had been stolen — nearly as many as in all of 2010. More than half of those reporting their Social Security numbers or other personal information had been ripped off and used to commit fraud or theft were in South Florida, with heavy concentrations in parts of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach.

“That kind of increase is really shocking,” said Vance Luce, deputy special agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service in South Florida, which investigates identity theft and financial crimes. “The fact that it’s on the upturn doesn’t surprise me at all, but that’s pretty alarming.”

#14 In the Seattle area, an elderly couple in their eighties was recently brutally attacked by a 31-year-old man armed with a crossbow and a hatchet.  The following description of this brutal crime comes from King 5 News….

Prosecutors say 31-year-old John Chase was walking down the highway when he saw Ralph Aldrich, 88, in his back yard. Detectives say Chase shot and killed Aldrich with a crossbow and then went inside the home and repeatedly hit 83-year-old June Aldrich with a hatchet.

#15 As America falls apart, more of us than ever are taking medication for depression.  At this point, more than 1 out of every 10 Americans over the age of 12 is taking prescription antidepressants.

#16 In some areas of the country, people have been literally tearing apart their own cities in an attempt to find things to sell.  I recently discussed this phenomenon on The American Dream Blog….

In Fresno, California the damage caused by thieves stealing copper wire from city street lights is costing the city about $50,000 a month.  So far, about 2,500 street lights have been stripped of their wiring.

#17 As people become more desperate, we are starting to see some truly bizarre crimes in many parts of the nation.  In northern Alabama, one team of crooks has been using a forklift to pull entire ATM machines out of the ground.

#18 Most Americans don’t realize this, but all over the U.S. livestock is being stolen from ranchers in unprecedented numbers.  The following is from a recent Associated Press article….

While the brazenness may be unusual, the theft isn’t. High beef prices have made cattle attractive as a quick score for people struggling in the sluggish economy, and other livestock are being taken too. Six thousand lambs were stolen from a feedlot in Texas, and nearly 1,000 hogs have been stolen in recent weeks from farms in Iowa and Minnesota. The thefts add up to millions of dollars in losses for U.S. ranches.

Authorities say today’s thieves are sophisticated compared to the horseback bandits of the rugged Old West. They pull up livestock trailers in the middle of the night and know how to coax the animals inside. Investigators suspect it’s then a quick trip across state lines to sell the animals at auction barns.

#19 At this point, thieves are becoming so bold that they will steal literally anything that they are able to cart away.  For example, in the San Francisco area a while back thieves actually stole a copper bell that weighs 2.7 tons.

#20 According to the FBI, the number of gang members in the United States has increased by a staggering 40 percent since 2009.  Right now, there are 1.4 million gang members terrorizing citizens on the streets of America.

#21 Down in Miami, thieves have become so bold that they have actually been breaking into parked police cruisers and stealing guns and ammo out of them.  Many of those guns undoubtedly are ending up in the hands of gangs members.

#22 Be careful who you befriend online.  They might just hold you captive and use you as part of a Satanic sex ritual.  The following description of an incident that recently happened in Milwaukee comes from….

Two young Milwaukee women were arrested this week after an 18-year-old Arizona man–who traveled to Wisconsin by bus after meeting one of the suspects online–told cops that he was held captive in the duo’s apartment for two days and slashed and stabbed more than 300 times as part of an apparent satanic sex ritual.

Anger and frustration are growing to unprecedented levels in this country, and all of this anger and frustration is manifesting in thousands of different ways.

As I have written about previously, the rioting, the crime and the violence that we are seeing now is only just the beginning of what is coming.

Unless a miracle happens, our country is going to keep heading down the road toward societal collapse.  For even more examples that show that our country is starting to come apart at the seams, please see the following articles that I have authored previously….

-“18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating

-“12 More Signs That Society Is Collapsing

It won’t happen all at once, but unless our nation changes direction dramatically, we will see things get progressively worse and worse.

Instead of teaching our children to love and care for one another, we have taught them to be incredibly self-involved.  Today, way too many Americans deeply love themselves, deeply love money and are deeply addicted to entertainment.  Each new generation seems to be even more prideful, even more arrogant and even more violent.  As a nation, we are losing our empathy for others, our compassion for the needy and our respect for the elderly.  Our family units are breaking down and thousands of our communities are being transformed into hellholes.

What in the world is happening to America?

If you have a thought on this topic, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below….

  • JMorcan

    Is it really a thin veneer? I’m thinking it looks more like whitewash.

  • Jack

    What are you talking ’bout? There’s growth in the US, the dollar is a safe haven and the rest of the world is getting deeper and deeper in trouble. Expect a massive capitalflight from Europe. US is having its greatest days ahead, not behind.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Can I have some of what you are smoking? Seriously, have you looked at the job situation recently almost anywhere in the country? The vast majority of the population has no prospect of finding and keeping a decent job. At the same time our politicians/bankers are plundering our economy, debasing our currency and engaging in perpetual wars. This nation will not survive in its current form. Think USSR breakup. That is the only way we can turn this around.

  • Andrew Bulles

    Man, these doomy articles of your’s just make me want to dig a hole and jump in… Thankfully, I much to level headed to pursue it. As for myself, I’m finding great opportunity buying the collectables that some people can no longer afford to hold on to such as antiquarian books, glassware, coins, car parts, old maps, art originals and prints… I’m really enjoying swooping up rarity and value.

    • Michael

      The point is not to depress you.

      The point is to wake you up so that you can get prepared for the greatest adventure of your life.

      The years ahead are going to make most Hollywood movies seem like a boring Sunday picnic in the park.



      Andrew Bulles,

      Can’t wait for the amerikan empire to finally die the horrible death it so richly deserves………..

      Seriously? First, I would suppose that instead of hearing truth you would rather be sucked up and glad-handed to. Well, unfortunately President Obama and his merry band of war party killers (Dems/Reps) aren’t likely to oblige you.

      Second, you have laid out the perfect strategy in the face of total economic collapse, collecting garbage to recreate Fred Sanford’s junkyard……….


  • yhung

    Yes, things will get worse with the increasing trend of crimes and acts of lawlessness. Evil is spreading as the holy spirit protection is being lifted…. There is no turning back as we are entering Tribulation period…

  • Joshua10

    Americans have lost their moral compass and what it means to be an American, and once lost, it is lost forever.

  • Maria

    What is happening to America? The same thing that is happening to every other country around the world. Our chickens are coming home to roost.

    People are realizing that fiat money isn’t money at all. The fiat system is a lie. Politicians lie. Corporations lie. Banks lie. They all lie to keep the deception going.

    Soon, the fiat money won’t buy anything, and whole communities will be left destitute. Unable to fend for themselves, they will beg for help.

    The NWO plans to offer a solution….a microchip for your hand. Accepting that chip will get you a roof over your head and food as payment for your work. The modern gulag.

    The NWO will not last.

    God has a different plan.

    Pray and prepare.

  • tappedops

    Looks like another great piece Mr. M … ive book marked for later cause dancing with the stars is on and my fant football team is kicking rump right now… i made some killer trades and my co-workers are hating life cause they know i rock… when im done watching Billo on fox ill let you know whats up with the 22… unless 2.5 men is on…

    • GreenMountain

      Why so snarky? One thing I never got with fellow preppers is this sanctimonious attitude towards pop culture. Why do you people think that being aware of the ******** we are in is incompatible with enjoying the daily diversions of life? In fact, people should watch more football and Dancing With The Stars (although not my cup of tea) to take their minds of from this depressing and anxious reality into which we are thrust; as long as one understands the reality and prepares for it.

      Maybe people like you aren’t jealous of others who have stashed away gold and silver coins…..maybe you are just jealous that you don’t have Aaron Rodgers on your fantasy football team (like I do!).

      Ha ha ha.

  • We all know that our current system is finally and rightfully going down the drain.

    How about thinking about solutions now?

  • Maryanne Myers

    Number #3 really p–sed me off and they don’t deserve freedom for 20-23 years for doing that, speaks volumns for me (as in their ego and intelligence) and it’s totally disgusting. I hope their stupid 12 seconds of fame gets some good prison time.
    – If an economic collapse did happen, expect all the useless morons like them, to REALLY come out. Play like a fainting goat and hope for the best – or else get ready for it.

  • A brilliantly curated snapshot list of what’s happening. Here in the UK, the list includes unprecedented thefts of farm machinery, and copper wiring being stripped from telecom lines and railway lines. The underlying economic problem might be hitting home soon enough for unthinking Joe Sheep as jobs imbalance worsens here …

  • “Civilization” is indeed only a thin veneer covering humankind’s true nature. Given the right (or rather wrong!) conditions, people are capable of exceptional cruelty. Look at what is happening in Africa when famine or political instability strikes. Before gloating too much, just remember what atrocities the highly civilized Germans an Japanese were capable of during WW2, or for instance the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. From biblical times, this kind of thing happened. With overcrowding and overpopulation, more people are competing for the same resources. The current economic crisis, decades in the making, is stripping away the layers of respectability of society. Once the artificial economic system collapses, it will be a free for all, unless the politicians (or their masters) can persuade the sheeple to take aim at someone else.
    They must realise the stakes are high. During the French revolution and the Russian revolution, things did not turn out well for the ruling classes.
    Unfortunately starting wars nowadays are also not easy. How do you wage war without unintended consequences? With nuclear, biological and chemical weapons around, even the strongest nations are exremely vulnerable. Forget hi-tech delivery systems. Smuggling or importing goods is just as dangerous. Just look at how long the mighty USA got stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan in a low tech war.
    What is happening now will get worse and it will do so on a global scale.
    Hopefully things will get better for the survivors of any future clashes, provided the earth is not poisoned by nuclear fallout or other nasty things. In Europe, the Black Plague was actually followed by a period of prosperity. Fewer people had to compete for resources. Able bodied people were in short supply.
    I think what is happening in the USA now, is merely the tip of an iceberg which can sink civilization as we know it.

  • mainuh1

    Greed, broken homes and parents that let their kids raise themselves. Look at how people trample and fight each other every Christmas on Black Friday to save a few bucks or get the latest “toy”. We’re spoiled, lack self-discipline, self-centered and arrogant – what’s not to love?!

  • Ouida Gabriel

    First I wanted to thank you Michael for all your hard work. I am always educated when I visit your sites. Bless you!

    RE the article: Things will not get better for the USA. We have our share of good people, I know that. However, doing what is right is being drowned in our culture. Seeing how the students at Penn State reacted when Coach Joe got fired just proves this. Sports is more important than children being raped. Men who saw abuse with their very eyes and ran away, instead of saving a child at that moment; these are the people we have for our society. The scale of right and wrong is marred. Of course, we know that it would come to this because it was once said “they call evil good and good evil.”

    Come LORD JESUS!

    • Michael


      May you and everyone else that reads this blog be blessed too. 🙂


  • Christian for Israel

    Here’s another one you can add to your list:

    “A 74 year old elderly man was beaten to death with a baseball bat by a homeless man in the sporting goods dept. at Walmart in Lakewood, CA. Police say the attack was unprovoked and appears to be a random act of violence.”


    • Michael

      I had not seen that story. Thanks for sharing that one with us.


      • GreenMountain

        Also, don’t forget the mom who was hit on the head by a shopping cart tossed 4 stories off a Walmart roof in Harlem by two 12 yr olds as she was buying Halloween candy.

        Or the young woman who was stabbed to death in a Walmart parking lot by an illegal Honduran.

        Both random targets.

  • bobbobbobbob

    where rrr the jobs??? the dept of commerce that rebuplicann bed of tarrarist have exported them!!! every rebuplicantarrorist voted4 outsourcing and having uuu pay for the exporting the factories by using tax credits!! the sweeds r doing fine(Soacialistspigs)its amerikkka where > 100,000 die in the streets ea yr. no med ins = die inthe streets uuuinferiors
    amerikkka should be split into4 regions THE stupidsouths /the north/the west//centrals

    • Prepping for the Future

      Your are so right Who was President when GATT and NAFTA was passed. Billy Bob Clinton, You people are so smart.

  • “People are evil not only because they have eaten of the tree of knowledge {which imparted a self-centered nature}, but also because they have not yet eaten of the tree of life {which imparts agape love}.”
    Franz Kafka (brackets mine)

    Maybe we better change our diet – now!

    Bob K.

  • Paul

    So, what’s new?

    I heard those stories already 30 years ago. At that time people said it is socialist propaganda. Nobody believed it. And people went to the streets in Eastern Europe to follow your example…

  • butterball

    and THIS is why the coming economic collapse will be different. whereas in the face of previous economic downturns, most people reached out to one another for support, aid, protection (think great depression) with people sacrificing in the name of morality and honor (think wealthy men offering their place in line for the titanic’s lifeboats as it sank).. no more! every man for himself. it will be bloody and chaotic. anyone who disagrees is a fool and probably will b one of the first to die. sad but true…

  • Patricia Dunn

    I am convinced that we are going to collapse as a nation. Once the foundations of our society are eroded, it is too late. The morality and justice we had were built on the Judeo Christian ethics and law. Today, Christianity is a target for most of the boorish citizens. Respect has disappeared. Lawlessness is rampant. The ONLY solution is that individually we must return to GO

  • Patricia Dunn

    I don’t know what happened to my previous post. I was not finished. WE ARE DOOMED AS A NATION if we do not return to GOD, repent of our sins, and begin rebuilding our lives and our country based on the love of GOD and our fellow man/woman in that order. Notice I did not mention self love-we have an over abundance of that in this culture.

  • Barn Cat

    The Occupiers aren’t the victims. They’re the criminals. There may be isolated incidents of police brutality but the authorities are tolerating anarchy, damage to businesses, and harassment of citizens. There was a story recently in the Wall Street Journal of a man who was assaulted there and the police did nothing about it.

  • Excellent article as usual. You are illustrating one facet of a theory that I have been espousing for the past four years. I believe that most of the current problems are cyclical. Obviously the social cycle is nearing it’s low point. The bigger problem is that there are four other cycles that are reaching their low points at the same time.
    During the great depression of the 30’s the economic cycle was at it’s low point. The weather cycle was also at a low point and thus it made for the hard times that our parents and grandparents endured. Now we see that there are five cycles that are reaching or have reached their worst point. The social cycle as illustrated by this article and the economic cycle are obviously at a low point. It should be rather clear that the weather and geologic cycles are nearing their most destructive phases. A little research will show that the eleven year solar cycle is reaching it’s most harmful aspect.
    If we accept that this problem is primarily cyclical, then we can assume that we are in for some very difficult times.
    Remember, the future belongs to the prepared.

  • Padraic Puissant

    In my humble opinion, There are two main issues we should focus on to change the world.

    1 – Usury, which is lending money at interest was punishable by death in Roman times. We need that back. Down with the Banks…

    2 – Corporate immunity makes crooks of us all. Time to take responsibility over one’s decisions, especially when you run multi billion dollars operations…
    Down with Monsanto, GE, BP and all “their” other holdings.

    • babett

      Padraic: Excellent points. Those 2 things, out of many, must be the first to be eliminated.


  • William

    WHY do we NEVER see any of this on TV news??? I rarely watch TV these days, but today I turned on the morning “news” shows. Each of ABC, NBC and CBS spent most of the first half hour on the Penn State child abuse nightmare. It was not newsworthy to the extent that it was presented. The “news” is so manipulated that it is almost WORTHLESS. Only on the internet can one find the important truths. That will soon vanish as the Cheka of TSA and DHS ride deeper into American society.

    • Paul

      What news?

      Didn’t you watch the trial of Michael Jacksons Lawyer? It was on the “news” for weeks.

      Nowadays I watch Russian News ( and Al Jazeera and read Chinese Newspapers ( I want to know what’s going on in the world.

  • Jules

    It is alll fore told:
    2 Timothy 3
    1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

  • This is what happens when more and more people have no stake in society and feel no reason to care about others. And the more the hopelessness grow, the worse that disconnect will become.

    We’re living in Heinlein’s Crazy Years — except it’s the William Gibson cyberpunk version, with megacorporations run by Corrupt Corporate Executives instead of the theocratic dictatorship Bob envisioned.

  • mark

    America is losing our moral compass. We have removed the active desire of spreading and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ from many of our lives. Our Founding Fathers knew that religious values were the basis of a free society. That without these values our society would fail. They did not want freedom from religion, but the freedom to chose which religion. Our society can absorb a small number of of those that have lost their moral compass, but the numbers today are to much of a burden and our jails with the high costs that come with them are bursting at the seams.

    • DaytoDay


      I read one of your comments on a previous post,from another article that Michael had linked.

      So, I was wondering if it’s still quiet in your neck of the woods, in the country? or has the crime and thievery gotten worse?

      The comment you posted was about 5-6 months ago, and I was looking for a first hand account, of how things are progressing for people.


  • Mr Carpenter

    I fear that things must entirely collapse before they get better, with a remnant of people ready to start over.

    Jesus Christ and faith in Him, is the only way out from this mess, but we’re in a “liberal” town and virtually nobody wants to know. Most of the mainline churches are “itching ear” types and even those are losing people now – not much to go for if you don’t hear The Truth, is there?

    But the thing is, we have a Truth telling Biblical Pastor – and a congregation of about 25.

    Perhaps society after the rebuild will more resemble my Mennonite friends lives. They have 80 in their congregation – out of a city of several tens of thousands. But a more peaceful and civil people I’ve never seen.

    May God have mercy upon us all.

  • knightowl77

    Watch some of the videos of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles back in April 1992…Then imagine that kind of riot in all our big cities when all the welfare checks stop coming…

    If that day arrives (and I believe it will) all the little anarchists will not be able to control what they have started..

  • Fr. John

    Theft is a sin. When a society is moral, Christian, and (need I say it?) WHITE, transgressions against the moral used to be handled by the offended parties- for example, a horse thief was shot, no questions asked, for a horse was a man’s means to livelihood.

    I would ask you to objectively look at the data you have compiled, and, if available, find the demographic data to determine the RACE of all of these perps. Then extrapolate the percentages of these people in the American population at large, and determine WHICH RACE is most to blame.

    Then an there, you will have a greater clue to “Who is guilty?” I have a funny feeling, however, I already know the race of the vast majority of perpetrators…..

    • Kris

      Sin knows no color and therefore cannot be classified as a race problem. duh.

  • tha truth

    Micheal you should watch this 3 hour old school video thats related to what we are going through. what this guy says is the same thing you been saying just with extra things.

    • Michael

      Very interesting video.


      • tha truth

        Is the documentary right? It kinda make sense to me when you put everything together.

  • Hello friend,

    Thank you for your commitment to providing the ‘real news’ that is mysteriously absent from most of the mainstream. I write because you ended your article asking for submissions. Please consider these words and take whatever meaning you can.

    There is an obvious evil force acting un-naturally on Earth. This is not what life is supposed to be like. Humanity is child-like, playful, maybe naive, and co-operative if left alone. The un-natural force has removed this life from Earth and replaced it with fake material rewards at the expense of many other cultures. Most people lack the intestinal fortitude to come to grips with this fact. Most folks don’t know what to do about it, we can’t possibly beat their weaponry right? The ‘what can I do about it’ is very simple yet near-impossible to implement. Once you acknowledge the evil going ons, stop being a victim of it. That is all. This means no more TV, no more fast food, no more GMO food, no more pills, less cell phones, less useless material goods etc. If this seems harsh, educate your self on how these things harm you. Learn how ‘fear’ thoughts affect the physical human form. It becomes quite easy once you start from “Is this for my highest good and for the highest good of all?” to drop un-wanted or un-necessary beliefs.
    If any of this makes sense or if you want to know more, these teachings come from free online books by George Green.

    Be in Love, it conquers all.

    Thank you for an opportunity to share.


  • I thought I was shock-proof. #3, the attack on the elderly man and the ensuing merriment is just inhuman.

  • Tyler

    2timothy 3:1-5 “1 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.” pretty accurate description I think.

  • I walk past my son’s bedroom and see him playing his video game. I enjoy this idyllic moment of security and the comfort of family life until my eyes focus on the screen. Vicarious involvement in extreme violence: at the bottom of the screen the barrel of the weapon is the only thing visible of the perpetrator of this mayhem, while bodies of demons and zoombies and aliens are being ripped apart by the explosive nature of the projectiles. I think I know why the young men had no problem knocking out that old man on the subway platform and laughing about it. Our society is being groomed for such violence.

  • Breathless! People walk the streets every day with mental disorders, personality and character deficits that when stressed, or not stressed, will act out violently. Probably the biggest problem is modern drug obsessions and media ” TV news” since most people are illerate anyway.

    Back around 1066, or there abouts I remember from a Criminology course a woman tossed her husband into a well and killed him. The reasoning recorded was that a traveling troupador was carrying the “news” from another village. What we hear and see in the media can set the unstable off.

    Poverty is a way of existance and is defined loosely as not having material posessions. However when the breadbasket is empty that is real poverty and riots spring forth.

    Ruthless oppression of the masses is one way of historical control, another is buying the masses off with social programs, feel goods and free foods.

    To form a cohesive society it must feel external pressure from the enemy over the hill and they will bond in collective energy to work together. Again, the recent wars of the USA vs” Oil rich countries are not media justified. Some people are better educated and begining to see through this farce.

    The USA is still rich, still in control, but the clock is ticking and in a few decades it will change and you will change with it. In the mean time obtain a Carry Permit, take lessons, board up your windows, get trained slobberimng dogs or move to the sticks and become self sufficent with old time values and peace.

    Old Timer.

  • Don Levit

    I remember my dad telling me as a youngster, that desperate people do stupid things.
    He stressed the importance of sleeping on an idea before implementing it.
    That was sage advice.
    Unfortunately, his answer for desperation was simply to accumulate enough material assets, so that desperation was not a viable alternative.
    What we need to do, while improving people’s financial lots, is to help give them options when desperation seems to be the only alternative.
    I tend to side with Nietzsche (excuse the spelling, please, it’s a tough name for an armchair philosopher).
    Individually, people are okay. It is in packs, in large groups, that evil spreads.
    Don Levit

    • VyseLegend

      Good points there, the herd mentality amplifies stupid ideas and drives men into lunatics.



    I think you know my thoughts on this well enough. But for those that don’t:

    When anyone, a presidential ceasar, a dictator, prime minister, or whoever, asserts the power to kill any of its citizens (let alone actual war combatants) anywhere on earth without producing one scintilla of evidence of any criminal act(s), without charge, without trial, without due process of law or legal representation, just on their flimsical whims as the winds blow, and the population just yawns, well, you pretty much know all you need to know about that wack-job society:

    You are 100 percent correct. Society is collapsing. And it deserves to collapse. A people, a nation, a planet, this stupid to fall for the continued cons and shell games that the power elites put forth, deserve to be robbed, they deserve to have their rights taken from them, and they deserve to be used as cannon fodder for the illegal, immoral and insane wars that have no basis and no merit.

    But hey, amerikans can always console themselves in the knowledge of who won on dancing with the stars.(LOL)

    • babett

      Could you answer this for me: Why don’t the States secede? Separate States under their own laws etc. Throw the false, invented debt incurred by the Federal Gov in all its illegal and unwarranted invasions into sovereign peaceful nations back in the Fed Gov’s face and start fresh.

      Wouldn’t that solve the crisis?

      Cut the head of the Hydra and the rest will die.

      Thanks and best regards,

  • Yes, I already know, your US of A is going to Hell. There is no hope for you americans. This kind of talk is ungodly “fear porn”.


      Perdavid Nygren,


      I agree with you totally that there is no hope for the amerikans. And I do not mourn for the amerikans, because their wounds are self inflicted. Every election cycle 98 percent of the buffoons in amerika vote for the candidate who does the following and only the following:

      1. KEEP THE WELFARE STATE GOING AND INCREASING ITS REACH: As long as the welfare checks, food stamp debit cards, and other government work ethic destroying transfer payments are in the mail, everything else is deemed irrelevant, regardless of the actual consequences.

      2. KEEP THE WARFARE STATE INTACT AND ENTRENCHED FURTHER THROUGH PROMISES TO IMPRISON AND/OR KILL THE MOST PEOPLE, I.E. FOREIGNERS AND MOST NOTABLY ARABS/MUSLIMS: The blood for oil wars are not ending any time soon, if at all, which is what the 98 percent with the
      “flammable mindset” (they drink from a gasoline can daily) truly want.

      Where the hell is Casey Anthony these days?(LOL)


    Also, one dimension that has not been explored on this list is the criminal and immoral actions of the power elite, the government, and the so-called “captains of industry”. I am quite sure you know about the other Catholic Church, er, I mean Penn State child sex scandal. Well, if it wasn’t bad enough that the big wigs of the campus knew about this monster, Sandusky, now a judge has decided to throw what meaning the rule of law ever had into the trash can with the rest of the garbage. This witch gives Sandusky a 100,000 UNSECURED BAIL (meaning he pays no money unless he misses a court date) and as far as we know without monitoring of any kind. Why? Because she herself is a volunteer at Sandusky’s Second Mile charity. Can you say “recuse one’s self”.

    Judge Leslie Dutchcot’s

  • As long as we were mostly of European ancestry there was a feeling of camaraderie. You care for those who are like your family. Multiculturalism has created suspicion and has destroyed trust. Diversity breed divisiveness and no one plans and builds for the future because no one believes there is one. It is every man for himself in this ever increasingly balkenizing cesspool. Melt down and civil discord leading to race war when the entitlement payments stop.
    Didn’t have to be this way but thanks to Ted Kennedy, may he be burning in Hell, all manner of third world degenerates have poured in and now with Odumbo’s open boarders the peasants of Mexico will finish the job of destroying our culture and country.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Your simply not allowed to point these truths out. To the gulag with you! I laugh everytime I see someone here say that “but but socialism works in Sweden!”. That said, the Swedes are hell bent on destroying themselves in the fires of multiculturalism too.

    • babett

      An excellent point. Multiculturalism is one of the tools used by TPTB to extinguish what’s left of our ways and culture.

      In some cities here one feels as if transported to China or some 3rd world country without taking the plane. You look around and you’re the only Caucasian in the place. It’s bizarre.


    • one for all and all for one

      Ska waran! Meaning hello in Somalia. I am not somalian but as American as apple pie. A kind gent taught me the word when I asked to learn the word Hello in Somalian. Maybe if I’m lucky I can learn to dance the Brazilian way, or learn how to make some of those mouth watering Lebanese dishes. Orange is a beautiful color, just ask the indians why. You miss out on a lot when you have bigoted eyes.
      Multiculturism is beautiful. How the world opens up to see beyond your own limited vision the beauty in other cultures when you open your eyes. Reject the idea that european ancestry is somehow superior. It is not!
      Variety is the spice of life. Nature is diverse in her creation. Celebrate the different peoples of the world for all their own personal glories. Reject inhumane aspects of any culture! Including in our own USA, where the self appointed elite- most likely of european ancestry- get away with impovershing the people in a thousand different ways to keep them in their place.

      It is wrong when to deny respect for individuality and allow one heritage to rule over others. Invading and displacing “roots” is wrong. We once had the respect of when in Rome, do as the romans do. This walk in and take over individual customs and culture is wrong. Although, English is a universal language and we should have no shame in adopting a national language.
      Ask yourself why some like to travel to different places in the world populated by people of different culture. Why was national geographic magazine so popular in it’s prime? People had a thirst for understanding beyond their own borders. In America, not so very long ago you could travel to different parts to experience the flavor of regions that were in part populated by peoples of foreign descent who brought with them pieces of their homeland here. Now, we are becoming one big diluted generic place with the same ugly multinational commercial **it everywhere. Damn if I wanted to see another ugly big box store – just stay home.
      To newcomers in the USA I advise them not to lose their own identity, their own culture to the western ideology where a holiday isn’t celebrated for it’s real meaning but advertised to the gullible public as reason to spend money towards big corporations bottom line.
      Enough is enough. Something to give Thanks for this Thanksgiving: The world and all it’s people and their various cultures.

  • josh

    i went to the museum of science and industry in Chicago this last weekend, examples of the lack of morals by people and their kids were seen at nearly every exhibit.

  • Jason

    While all of this negativity is occurring, there are also signs of positive transformation. Large numbers of people are coming together to organize, meditate on peace and plan for the implementation of a new and better system. It will be chaotic for a while, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this change is necessary. Love and light will prevail, but we must first create abundance for all.

  • comnenus

    But at least Boise State should amputate the foot of its field goal kicker.

  • Vince

    These are amazing times. Perhaps the upcoming collapse will bring us all closer tofether as a society in the long run. In the end, life is what you make of it. Here is another great source to keep up with the collapse:

  • Javier

    I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the honesty and candor with which you report the decline of America (and the world).

    I’m so tired of hearing media outlets and “expert” talking heads say that what’s happening has always happened. They say the only difference is that people now focus more intently on problems instead of admitting that we have been slowly descending into chaos and continue to do so with each passing day.

    I think the following excerpt from your article above sums-up what’s happening out there: ‘For decades, a “false prosperity” that was fueled by unprecedented amounts of debt has masked a lot of the internal rot that has taken hold in America. But now that our prosperity is crumbling, our lack of values is becoming startlingly clear’.

    Many people over-reached to buy houses and cars they could not afford to impress people they disliked. How sickening! Now that the paychecks are gone and credit is drying up there’s nothing left to flaunt and they’re furious as the devil.

    You’re doing great work!

    Thank you:)

    • Michael


      You are welcome, and thank you for visiting the site. I truly appreciate all those that regularly visit and that share these articles with others.


  • Publius

    The fish rots from the head down. The nation from the the heads of it’s constituents trapped in a pathological culture of entertainment and gold lust and winning at any cost. The social response is foreseeable as Wilhelm Reich outlined in the The Mass Psychology of Fascism. The social fabric is undone, a new social fabric must be knitted together. Will it be done with concern and compasssion or by frightened people seeking only authority to protect them?

  • JD

    A sign in our kitchen reads “TRUST YOUR NEIGHBOR BUT BRAND YOUR CATTLE”. Sadly that time is over. The livestock thefts have become personal to my family. This summer 25 young lambs worth $10,000 were stolen from us. The theives were experts at handling livestock they must have used a horse trailer to get them. With prices on beef expected to increase another 9% next year I expect we will hear more of this.

    • Michael

      I am so sorry to hear that JD.

      The world really is becoming a sick place.


    • mark

      JD, how far from your house was the live stock? I was concerned during hunting season about my cows. You wonder how bad things will get and when a collaspe will bring out the theives.

  • r.bitting

    Romans ch. 1….. Enough said. Without Christ you will die in your sin.

    • r.bitting

      It’s the most polarizing subject in history.. But that does;nt make it not true, and it does’nt release you from the consequences if you don’t believe it.. It’s that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man will come to the Father except through him… Hence the narrow road that few will find.

      • Otown Right Guy

        r.bitting, you are replying to your own posts. Seek professional help.

        • Doyle

          OTOWN, how is that possible? Where is the so-called reply, if they are all on the same stratum?

        • r.bitting

          I did it as an add on. But, hey, I found someone who agrees with me anyway.

        • babygirlway

          After reading this article and appropriately being scared you-know-what less….your comment to r.bitting brought some much needed levity to the situation. Thanks.

        • mitch

          Dude. You just replied to a guy who replied to himself. You should seek professional help.

        • TX4Life

          Otown Right Guy, Hate much?

      • Pauly

        Take it elsewhere, and learn how to punctuate.

    • Victoria K

      Amen! End times!

    • Iman Azol

      Christians die, too. And it seems 80% of the people on death row are Christians. It doesn’t seem to be much help.

  • JD

    The bastards are after hogs too..
    From FEEDSTUFFS Oct. 24
    “Over the last couple of months approx. 1,000 hogs valued close to $200,000 have been stolen from facilities in Minnesota and Iowa.”
    Speaking of pigs the police in this country are way out of control. They beat and kill mentally ill people to death (see Kelly Thomas case in CA) and most of these protestors are doing nothing more than expressing their first admendment rights but these pigs cave their skulls in. I dont agree with all of the OWS messages but most of these kids are doing nothing wrong. But usually the pigs will escalate a usually peacefull sitiuation into a violent one at a whim. We must stop this bullshit. You cant even film them anymore. Just try it you will get tazed or your property will be confiscated. Go to COP BLOCK.ORG to see how you can fight back.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Americans kill millions around the world, it is time to *************
    in America.

    • Robert Stevens

      How about we **** you?

    • babett

      True, indeed.

    • denny

      You’re absolutely correct. We began the slaughter with Native Americans (Over twenty million of them) and then branched out. Karma has a vicious return and our nation has been murdering families for centuries now.

      • knightowl77

        Oi Vay….name one country on earth where the population of 2000 or 3000 years ago was not overrun and conquered by another group or race…???? You can’t, throughout history peoples have migrated into spaces lived in by others…they we either absorbed or killed…

        There were several peoples in Britain for example, who were supplanted by the Celts, who were supplanted by the Saxons, who were overun by Vikings and then the Normans….Native Americans killed other native Americans…

        You need to get your leftist propaganda straight….No generation owes Karma for a previous generation’s acts….That is collectivist claptrap

    • Mal R.

      bring it on teenie weenie. I suspect you’ll get sent back across the river with your tail between your legs when we smack your arse.

      Americans are the most generous people in the history of the world and have GIVEN more technological advances to the world than anyone. No one comes close to America bub and if you dont like it take your a$$ back to Mexico Paco.

  • ezlivin

    As a former Marine, I have been trained to always be aware of MY surroundings ON ALL FLANKS. I suggest people that are not formally trained to pick up a good book on close combat or youtube it, and start practicing it a few times a week. Besides, if you never use it, you will work up a sweat and be in better shape.


    • Michael

      Great tip.


      • Ron

        That’s not a great tip, that’s a ******************* stupid tip. Yea let’s train in martial arts by watching youtube. Because everything can be mastered by sitting on your fat ass and surfing the web like usual. The internet makes everyone and expert in everything, after all.

        When you get your ass beat due to your fake fighting skills, you can read some books and watch youtube videos on medical procedures to perform your own surgery to fix your broken face.

  • I agree, compassion is becoming more of a fairy tale then a definition of human interaction. What happened to respecting your elders? Here in america we now beat our elderly and throw em away in homes. where as in cultures or countries we consider less then america honor their elderly. The awful way we treat each other is displayed everywhere. Just listen to the radio and you hear “toot and boot it” and ” you look better with the lights off”. This is what our children listen too!
    In hard times we should be uniting as american people instead of badgering each other. Well who controls our media? In my opinion its all part of a plan and we are the ginny pigs. Its up to us to spread the word and inform everyone. If the people do not stand up and make a change now
    I fear the worst. By the way thank you for writing your blogs. I have become and huge fan and your blog has inspired me to write my own.

    • Michael


      I am so glad that I have inspired you to start your own blog. The more of us that are out there trying to spread the truth the better.


  • HeartofShadows

    Haha this has to be the funniest article you have put up.

    • Michael

      Why is it funny?


      • knightowl77

        Because he is total denial, and this conflicts with what is on the government controlled state run media…..

  • Jade

    Dmitry Orlov’s five stages of collapse:

    1. Financial collapse- Faith in business as usual is lost. The future can no longer be assumed to resemble the past. Risk can no longer be assessed, financial assets can no longer be guaranteed. Banks become insolvent, savings wiped out, access to capital is lost.

    2. Commecial collapse- Faith that the market will provide is lost. Commodities are hoarded. Retail distribution breaks down, shortages pervasive.

    3. Political collapse- Centralized control breaks down, legititmacy of government collapses. Laws and politicians ignored.

    4. Social collapse- Backstop social institutions run out of resources, or fail due to conflict.

    5. Cultural collapse- Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost. People lose their capacity for kindness, generosity, honesty, compassion and charity.

    Reasons to be cheerful:

    Not all stages 100% unavoidable.
    Partial recovery after collapse possible.
    Some places may be stabilized.
    Letting a doomed thing collapse is OK.

    • SC23

      Liked this a lot especially..
      “Letting a doomed thing collapse is OK.”

  • BigM

    The video of the elderly man being punched and knocked out in the subway is absolutely sickening.

    What in the world have we become!

    • Otown Right Guy

      “We”? I don’t know anyone in my community that would do such a thing. But then I don’t live in Chicago, the most corrupt city in America, that spawned our current president and many of his evil cohorts.

      • Doyle

        OTOWN, maybe that’s because you sit in the basement and troll YouTube 24/7 under different personalities?

  • jd

    What a depressing inventory.

    You should write about this as well:
    Insider Trading and Self-dealing in Congress:

  • Prepping for the Future

    Sorry but those Marxist Progressive liberals in Oakland need some Police to get them under control. Watch the video those scum don’t represent ME or anyone I know they are MArxist scum that want the street burning…

    • Jim Rogers

      where you dropped on your head as an infant?
      then stop blathering and produce some PROOF

      not an obscure right wing source that just recycles the rumor over and over

      Research proving this?

      you phony baloney

      • Prepping for the Future

        I guess you are too stupid or too lazy to click on the link yourself. The proof is in the video. DUH.

        Just more lazy liberals spreading hate to people.

        OWS doe not reprenst ME or anyone I know FACT.

        Next time kid before you attack someone watch or read the provide link. DUH were you dropped on your head as infant now taking drugs to control you mindless ranting.

      • mitch

        Jim Rogers, you silly old coot. The proof is in the democrat pudding.

        Obama wants this crap so he can tighten the noose of control. Read “The Naked Communist.”

      • Mal R.

        Glenn Beck have been showing the world PROOF through YOUR videos and YOUR words for YEARS and you libtard assclowns still call him a conspiracy theorist. Something tells me that no matter how much proof Andrew or Glenn show you mentally deficient people, you still wont accept it. It’s just not in your mental makeup.

        I think the phoney baloney is in that liberal sandwich you eat every day loser.

    • Jeff

      “Marxist Progressive liberals”

      Hardly. They are just average people who are sick of being financially raped by a system that enriches politicians and bankers while the rest of us “eat cake”.

    • bobbobbobbob

      cee you in med school as a cadaverr

  • TX4Life

    Vandals have stolen a copper sword from the top of Lincoln’s tomb in the past week. No honor.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Dishonest Abe, America’s first fascist, deserves no respect.

      • babett

        True. Murikans have a disturbing history of idolizing their politicians (and their film stars, athletes and so on). This is one their weirdest and most significant traits that render them ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

        Where else on earth does voting in another bunch of criminals, uhm, I mean politicians take as long?

        And where else on earth does the population go into some sort of delirium when one or the other wing of the same bird gets elected?

        Murikans are as stupid as they are dangerous. It’s a scary combination.


      • Opie

        Concerning your comment about Lincoln, your head must be so far up your a$$ that you need a plexiglas-glass bellybutton just to see the light of day.

  • Rlarew1

    The left wing loons are running the show and these are the ill effects of their policies. What a shame.

    • Abi

      Brings to mind an old addage:

      “When leaders are corrupt, violence increases.”

      And I guess the longer corruption is tolerated, the more violent people become.

      A decade of teaching people “might is right” in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and others before.

      No accountability for lies, deceit and arrogant disrespect for international law by the US President, that has resulted in genocide of millions.

      You reap what you sow.

      You are right, it is a shame.

      America/Americans used to be highly respected.

  • Mad Max

    People are starting to wake up and realize that we have to do realy big things.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    *** Free people shouldn’t act or live like slaves ***

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Gee, what do all these “signs” have in common? What do these cities have in common? A very left wing, welfare class group of criminals in cities run by the left wing for the welfare class. Is this indicative of the collapse of our society or just more of the same from the criminal class in cities ruled by corrupt politicians?

    • antistupidity

      Blah blah blah, blame the left wing, blame the “welfare class”—typical right wing reasoning. Tell me, is it the “left wing” that run Wall st.? is it the “left wing” that run congress and mainstream political discourse? is it the welfare class, the poor, the vulnerable that dictate policy? no, no and no. I am beginning to realize that people like you are the “useful fools” of the elite who condition you into believing the “left wing” are the problem, when really it is the elite (corporatists) who are the problem.

      • knightowl77

        antistupidity = but full of it…

        in 2008 who was the biggest contributor to Barry Obama? It was Wall St with Goldman Sachs leading the way…Nancy Pelosi (while considering legislation concerning Visa) was allowed to buy VISA’s IPO (that was not open to the public) and made $100,000.00 in a day…no no its all right wing conspiracy….The establishment of both parties are two sides of the same coin and you are blind to the corruption on the left, so you are the one who is a useful fool…Both sides are guilty and yet see only boogey men with an (R) after their name…

      • Highspeed

        Have you ever heard the old adage ” you catch more flies with honey that vinegar.” Instead of berating people who you consider in the dark, why don’t you take an extra minute out of your day and educate them. You might help someone see the light instead of making them feel stupid. You could do that unless of course you like being a donkey.

  • sharonsj

    Aside from all the jobless and homeless people, the rest of us are finding that expenses have galloped way beyond our incomes. I spent the last few years complaining about price inflation, including to the media, but almost no one seems to care.

    We’re at the point where everybody I know, except for the well off, cannot pay their bills. I have friends who worry if they’ll make it through the winter. I have friends who can’t afford health insurance. I’m told to hurry up and apply for heating assistance because every year there is less and less money for the poor; the rumor is that the agency is so broke I’ll be lucky to get $100–enough for 10 days worth of heat.

    Meanwhile, Congress is living it up and is clueless. I also spent several years contacting my legislators, all of whom ignore progressives like me. So what’s left? Bodies in the street!

    • Mal R.

      “progressives like me”

      Um, unless your definition is different than the one I know, you and the people you vote for are mostly the problem.

      So what’s left? I dunno, try not voting for marxists and those people that would destroy our culture.

    • Jeremy

      What exactly is progressive about social programs that we cannot afford? The real source of our problems are the destructive economic policies of big government (mostly from leftists) which have robbed the dignity and spirit of our population.

  • Peter

    This is the natural result of an overgrown government feeding off of 40 years of exporting inflation. More and more we have been taught that we don’t need to work hard for a living. As government grows our society becomes more and more based on fraud, theft, and violence because that’s all government is.

    • TX4Life

      That’s it in a nutshell….

  • michelle

    people are losing it. The antidepressant use figure is the most…depressing…well, maybe not, they’re all really bad.

  • Robert

    One of the strongest contributing factors to these types of violence is several decades of entertainment that has included violence as an important element. You can’t show people violent, thugish action over and over and expect them never to do anything violent. People are not born knowing how to interact acceptably in social terms, they have to learn how. And entertainment is one of the things that influences people by showing them violent actions which otherwise intelligent people would never resort to if entertainment did not include violence. Also, there is a lot of enthusiasm these days about football and other sports. It is said that sports teaches teamwork, but actually what most team sports instill in their players a sense of hostility and in many cases violence is condoned. So it is no accident America is turning violent. After all, violence is becoming more and more a part of our young people’s daily lives.

    • Kevin2


      No doubt the violent saturation in the entertainment industry is a significant contributor. There is a host of problems with many having economic roots coupled with a family breakdown. I believe the breakdown in family in and by itself is the predominate cause. The remainder are fuel that intensifies the problems.

      Being poor with a strong family unit makes a better person then rich without it.

      • Rodrigo

        “Being poor with a strong family unit makes a better person then rich without it.”


        The current collapse basement is the family destruction and the relative values. I live in Argentina and here are really strange the families in which only the father works, independently of the social class.

        Children grows up alone and without the love of their parents, with this “seeds” is impossible to think in a healthy society.

      • belle614

        along those same lines…we should stop coddling and subsidizing our “single mothers”…what we need to do is sterilize them. We must end the “breeding for dollars” cut off the check and see how fast this problem corrects itself.

    • Abi

      You are so right! All forms of Media have desensitized people, so that violence is no longer anathema, as it is to human beings who have not been indoctrinated to accept it.

    • Bill

      Half right. Exposure to violence WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES is the problem. Check out a martial arts training dojo that teaches using actual contact. You’ll find some very humble, peaceful people that don’t go around looking for fights.

      The problem today is so many young people think that using violence solves everything; that they are invincible; and for the most part they get away with that illusion as there aren’t that many folks around who can (or will)put the hurt on ’em. A big lie is told by far to many that ‘violence never solves anything’.

      And so, we wind up with a society in which far to many believe that violence is to be avoided at all costs, while there is a desperate (and growing) class that believes violence is to be casually used whenever it suits them.

      The end of America is coming and the violence is only going to get worse. Train to protect yourselves!


    It is being said that before 2012 is over anything paper related will become virtually worthless. Everyone must immediately secure physical silver and gold in order to survive what is coming. Greed of governments and corporations have brought this upon us.
    The population must begin making the laws by direct popular vote and not through elected political leaders. The government should have no lobbiest interaction as they do now as with Wall stret banks.
    Wake up America! Kansas doesn`t exist any longer!

    • scott cowie

      For someone calling themselves Archangel your advice is peculiar…

      Jas 5:3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

      So you heap up all the gold you like…me I’ll trust the Lord Jesus and endure.

      • Denise

        AFter a horrible flood, a man was holding onto some floating debris in the middle of a large body of water. A man rowed by in his canoe and asked the man to get in. “Jesus will save me”, was the man’s reply. Some time later, the National Guard came through in a bigger boat and insisted he come aboard. “Jesus will save me” the man firmly stated. a couple days later, a helicopter hovered over him and told him this was his last chance as they were abandoning the area. “Jesus will save me”, insisted the man. Two days later, the man died and went to heaven. He asked why Jesus didn’t save him. Jesus replied, “I tried! I sent a row boat, a speed boat, and a helicopter!”

      • uncurable wound

        Scott Cowie,I trust only in Christ.You are missing something brother.Silver and gold is Gods money,always has been always will be.
        The good old govt told the American people we wont base our money on silver and gold”Gods money”.Instead we will base it on wordly things.We will let the banks decide what our money is worth”CREDIT”.Not one FIAT currency in the world is based on silver or gold!”google it”.
        I feel the spirit of truth,or the counselor has shown myself and many others to prepare,to get ready.
        Brother how many times in Scripture has God told his people to prepare for bad times.
        I believe they were told to do it by the Spirit,It wasnt a lack of faith,but a fulfillment of it.
        This is spoken in Love,not in judgement.
        May Christ be Praised always! Micah 1:9
        Peace to you and your family

  • Nostradamus

    “What in the world is happening to America?”

    It is called the Fourth Turning. Everything is happening as predicted by the Fourth Turning historians.

    The peak of crisis will come by 2015, and a new era will emerge around 2025. It is unstoppable. It is an economic world war 3 and America entered it by bombing itself at ‘Pearl Harbor’.

    • Gary2

      excellent book!

    • KP

      Actually it’s called the Fourth Thunder and the First Trumpet.

  • onecansay

    Maybe call me stupid, but never heard of HOG ranching!

    Oh,and as the song said:

    “Oh, ain’t(sic) that America for you and me,
    Ain’t(sic) that America somethin'(sic) to see baby,
    Ain’t(sic) that America home of the free,
    Little pink houses for you and me.”

    Well, there are winners and losers.

    America. Largest prison camp (stalag) in the world.

    America, the most illiterate, dumbed down society the world has ever encountered.

    Peace out!

    • Sippin shine

      Uh….where do you think your McRib comes from? Bacon, pork chops, sausage? There are TONS of hog ranches, pig farms, and the like. I guess you think the meat fairy in the back of the Piggly Wiggly summons it up with magic dust?

  • steve

    The decline of civilization. Mankind has not shed the ape. It is a sad time for those amongst us who yearn for something better to be prisoners and casualities to the rest of society during its breakdown.

  • These are amazing times. Although the collapse will be brutal for most, I believe in the long run we will all be better off. The current system is a joke and we will need to hit rock bottom before all of humanity wakes up.

    • VyseLegend

      Totally concur there. The ‘system’ is just a vortex sucking anyone near it into oblivion at this point.

  • Ken

    Rather, desperate people without character do desperate things.

  • Gary2

    Just think so many of these problems would be non issues if there was a more equal distribution of wealth and income.

    Yes folks we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth!

    • Jake

      Gary2, CSX railroad is hiring. Get an application and start making some big money so the govt. can take it from you and give it to me.

      • Otown Right Guy

        Jake, you are wasting your time on that one. I am sure CSX wants to hire skilled, intelligent people with a work ethic.

      • Gary2

        What the People Want: Tax Increases for the Rich, No Cuts to Social Security, Medicare Benefits

        Political poll-sorry but more people agree with me-tax the rich and spread the wealth.

        • Ben Dover

          All SLACKERS agree with you. You are a really fart smeller, Gary!

      • Gary2

        I will never relocate for a business only to be let go. I have seen this happen time and time again.

        • Kevin2

          Well hopefully your not in Camden NJ.

          Of course you must relocate if necessary. My grandparents relocated to a new country.

          What the US citizens need is opportunity not handout. There simply is not enough wealth to support their lifestyle forever without new wealth creation. We cannot continue with foreign wealth creation and the US just creating currency to purchase those goods. In order to maintain the Status Quo of US Reserve Currency in the absence of a huge industrial base the US must rely on the use of the Military to threaten (or remove) from power those leaders wishing to sever that relationship.

          The problem lay in the trade agreements and deregulation of the finance sector and the solutions are therefore in the reversal of those policies.

        • Prepping for the Future

          I knew it Gary is too lazy to get a job that pays good. He rather stay a lazy liberal crying and stomping his feet like a spoiled liberal crying about men and women who made it on there own hard work. Tax the poor teach them to work for a living.

    • Terry


      You are a broken record about stealing other people’s money. How can you possibly condone theft, by the .gov or anyone else? Or do you assume that people who have worked all their life, are doing to willing give it to someone else? I’m not. I won’t survive the battle, but neither will some of the others that are sent to steal it from me.

      You absolutely amaze me with your thinking. I’m sorry you and your ilk are in this country, I won’t call you an american, you do not deserve the title.


  • J Stevens


    I think it’s worse than that but I’m going on what I see in my city. I work at a local hospital and I’ve seen kids as young as 7 on multiple psyc meds. Wellbutrin, Prozac, Adderal-all at the same time. The fear among my co-workers is the drug shortage we are experiencing. Some of these patients are truly psychotic. What happens when the no longer get their meds?

  • Kdubs

    If America continues on the path that it is right now, where do you think we will be in a few years? Is this slow and gradual? or do certain events spur on a sudden decline in behavior like this?

    • Erin

      It will be both gradual and sudden. The gradual stuff grinds you down, inflation, higher taxes, lack of infrastructure maintenance. Then you get sudden impacts, like a health related problem, default on mortgage and you drop several notches in the standard of living.

      The trend can be reversed very quickly, it mostly depends on the type of military dictatorship that gets imposed. If the military is corrupt I suggest vacating the country.

  • Joe

    This kind of stuff has been happening for centuries. Sure it is sad and disgusting, but it can not all be attributed to a change in culture or economy.

    The amount of reporters and media outlets that exist now is tremendous. Anyone can be a reporter now a days and that is why there seems to be an increase in this kind of behavior. Not to mention that our population (the US and the worlds) has exploded since the early 1900’s

    A good amount of digging and you will be able to find stories similar to the ones mentioned above that happened a century ago.

  • Tatiana Covington

    People are ****************************.

    • Doyle

      What the heck is *************************** ???

  • John

    I am sorry that I have to read this story on the old man but maybe it’s for the best to know.
    I think that we are all part of the problem in that we don’t care for one another and we have all sorts of reasons to not care.
    I did this walking home from the library today just because. I am no better.
    This is why I want to leave the United States.
    I really more and more don’t recognize my country.

  • WiseAsASerpent

    In a nutshell, the elite ‘New World Order’ (rulers) got into bed with the banking and financial sectors, who then got into bed with the governments of the world, who then got into bed with senior political figures, who then told us, the taxpayers, that all your money will now have to be used to bail them out or face economic collapse. In sum, its financial terrorism, New World Order tyranny, waging war on nations and humanity for profit and power. If central bankers start all the wars, are veterans heroes, or mercenaries and dupes? The evil of world war, plus a global economic crisis and a world plague will devastate and ruin our societies. And that is the point.All this has been planned by the sociopathic and evil ruling elite that hijacked America. They want terror, a global war, a global economic crisis, a global plague, and total global chaos, so they can offer their global government as a solution to these catastrophes. Occupy Wall Street is controlled and coopted by the bankers. That’s why they are all screaming for socialism (communism) which is exactly what the bankers are planning for the peasants in the NWO. In the process, they are bringing all nations into a state of poverty, war, fear, and slavery.Every veteran and soldier assaulted on the front lines of the global protests against the 1% and their enablers, awakens a greater rage in the hearts of their fellows, who already know how little remains on the table for them, regardless of their sacrifice. Every member of the police, who is not completely compromised by the lies and their own surfaced brutality and self interest, is being awakened to the nature of the Draconian laws they are being compelled to enforce. We hold these truths to be ‘self’ evident because that is what is revealing them. They don’t hate us because of our freedoms, they hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called War on Terror is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of Western Asia. This is sending the poor of this country to kill the poor of those Muslim countries. This is trading blood for oil, this is genocide and for most of the world we ARE the Terrorists. The minute we fell for 9/11 we signed our doom. There are so many examples of the establishment media’s censorship of fundamental issues. The truth is regarded as the enemy by journalists, editors, and “news” executives. The Oklahoma City Bombing and the September 11 attacks proved that the American people are sacrificial pawns in the global war against all nations that is being waged secretly by the new world order traitors. No American is safe from the evil of the hijacked federal government and its master, the international banking empire. Every human being is threatened by the demons in Washington and their comrades in Israel and England. The next inside job in America may be a Nuclear 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of Americans may get incinerated by the evil terrorists in Washington and Israel to help gain public support for the coming wars against Iran and Pakistan. America does not have an economy. It has a prison industry, a financial industry, an entertainment industry, and a military industry. Its insides have been gutted. Why does a “loving Creator” allow these things to happen: A: Because the sins of this world are stacked up into the heavens, and there is no REPENTANCE!

    • Abi

      I like your post except the last bit.

      People have free will. They decide to be good or bad. That is what God allows – free will choice.

      There is still time for repentance. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has not tried it. It will set you free from fear and all the influences that would like you to be violent and insensitive to the needs of others.

      Turn the tide from an increase in violence, to a critical mass of love and respect for all our fellow human beings.

      The puppet masters want to make the whole world over in their own image – hateful, spiteful, greedy, psychopathic, homicidal maniacs who are control freaks to the nth degree.

      Love conquers all – don’t imitate the fascists who are already defeated and self destructing.

      Peace, not war! Protest, not violence!

      Arrest the warmongers and banksters for treason.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      They’re called paragraphs… :/

    • babett

      Wow! I hope everyone reads your comment. Every word of it is true. Well done, friend.

    • Tim

      Wise as a false serpent,

      Please provide some evidence that the Occupy movement is backed by the bankers. Whats happening right now is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us. To think that they would ever want that threatned is crazy. The occupy movement threatens them, it wakens more people to their crimes.

  • Gary

    The fact that you gave about widespread anti-depressant use (10%)reveals a symptom of social disfunction and also a potential cause. All anti-depressants have some degree of side effects. It is different for each person but there are mood swings and paranoia even suicidal actions caused by the prescription drugs and inappropriate dosages. It is not good for our communities and the individuals that a high level of people are on maintenance psychiatric drugs. This becomes an aggravating factor. I’m afraid.

    • Ben Dover

      One of my favorites is “Chantix”. It helps you stop smoking, but it may cause agressiveness, suicidal thoughts or actions, etc. Call your doctor of you experience any of these.

      When you go on a shooting rampage, at least there will be no second hand smoke around. Your doctor will be happy about that.

  • Tim

    Focus on the negative and it amplifies. That’s the intention behind the rise of this type of behavior.
    One must understand that a societies mental intentions will raise the negative mental vibration by volumes.
    The solution is positive prayer and medition. Teaching this to the masses is a challenge, yet necessary in order to raise the positive thought form vibration frequency level to counteract the same negative one being pronounced by this website and society as a whole.
    How little faith ye have?

  • mondobeyondo

    This is what happens when some members of society have a lack of respect in general, and a disregard for the rule of law specifically.

    What is really scary is that if it gets completely out of control, the government won’t hesitate to impose its own “rule of law”, like the National Guard and Army.

    • mondobeyondo

      Item #21 is an example of just how brazen some thieves have become. If they are willing to break into a police cruiser to steal weapons, just think what they might do to you…

  • whens dinner?

    I have two things to say.

    1) I love the 2nd amendment and people who support it.

    B) Pharmacy is evil. The word “pharmacy/pharmaceutical” comes from the Greek word “pharmakia” which means witchcraft. I got that out of my english / greek transaltion bible.

    • Ben Dover

      You are right about many of the “wonder drugs” out there. Potential liver damage seems to be mentioned quite often.

  • pryman

    I agree with this article. I’ve always felt that American society was becoming more and more corrupted way before things began to fall apart. But people weren’t feeling the real consequences of their acts because they were blinded by their greed, lust, and selfishness. I watched people over the years fall further and further away from God, as though he didn’t really matter anymore.

    Now that this thing has started to bust, you’d think it would serve as a wake up call. But instead, people are beginning to act worst than before.

  • Steve

    Check out Pat Buchanan’s latest books for an look at the causes of the Republic’d disintegration…..And O. Spengler, volume two for an overview of where we headed and why.

  • tappedops

    Yo GM…
    Are you the 12 stepper who still packs blunt… Go easy Bro … were both on the same side… gladitorial distraction / bread and circus, worked wonders in the fall of Rome… so why not now… im down, so chill… btw didnt i trade you Aaron Rodgers…

  • M.Myers

    From another’s post – “America is losing our moral compass. We have removed the active desire of spreading and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ from many of our lives. Our Founding Fathers knew that religious values were the basis of a free society.”
    — No it’s not. They put it there because that is what they were all taught, that they must pick and god and be religious, wanted to do it how they wanted, and etc…. NONE of the greed and violence has anything to do with Christ and a god.
    -I’m an Atheist. So is my teen. Neither one would dream of being so vile in any way unless it’s self defense. These people are so vile because they CAN be and they get something from it. Money, false pride, fame – even though how stupid it is, etc etc etc It has nothing to do with “christ” and neither does an economic collapse. It is simple human beings doing what they want to get what they want, period.

    • Jeremy

      To deny the positive impact of Christianity on the lives of billions of people, and on societies, is short-sighted and stupid. Just because you believe something else does not mean another alternative is wrong.

      • M.Myers

        …that was a “stupid” comment from you about my comment but I should have known better to post online.
        -I never denied that it had some “positive effect” from it. You totally missed the point! The point was that everyone being a christian would NOT save the world and I am sick of reading how it will, because that is what taught from birth. People do what they want even punching an old man at a subway for no reason, if they are Christians or NOT.

  • Abi

    The American people can save themselves, and save the world from American terrorism that is killing millions worldwide. Take back your government, your military and judicial systems. Change your foreign policy from lies, deceit and genocide in the pursuit of greed. Gaddafi did it in a bloodless coup and ended homelessness; introduced free medical care including overseas specialist operations; introduced free education to graduate level with accommodation, equipment and a stipend until employed; loans all interest free; free electricity; free farm and equipment and seeds to anyone willing to have a go; and much more. Obama and Clinton celebrated his death, calling him a dictator. Who killed more people? America or Libya? Obama/Bush/Reagan or Gaddafi? Gaddafi did not attack his people. Obama did with NATO, killing 100,000 Libyans. Someone in America needs to do a Gaddafi and get rid of the fascist dictator/ship running American politics.

    • Jeremy

      Curious, but are you from Libya? I do not know anything about Qaddaffi’s policies, but I do know he had a crush on Condolezza Rice.

  • ibecruisin

    I was riding my bike home after work and the street on my route was partially closed due to repaving. The flagger had my lane closed and me not wanting to ride my bike through fresh asphalt simply took the sidewalk instead. She, (the flagger) became angry that I didn’t obey her stop sign and began chasing down the sidewalk trying to hit me with the stop sign.

  • DanTheMan

    Sometimes a thing must be fully broken and dismantled before it can be built anew and better than before. Does anyone disagree that God has told us that this would be the outcome of a civilization under the rule of men? The pain provides us with a choice. We can join the world and its wickedness or we can remain personally faithful to Godly principles. God tells us that we are a world set on a course of destiny. Do we have a choice not fulfill that destiny? Most of us are trying to hang in there but perhaps letting go is the better path.

  • Linda Williams

    As mentioned above, one in ten people in the U.S. are on anti-depressants, these are the main cause of the violent and bizarre behaviour mentioned.

    If you check you will find most high school shootings etc have been carried out by people taking these drugs.

  • Worse thing is Federals do not try to follow the constitution.We need an Inspector General who can not be fired by president.President should not be head of the military otherwise our wars will never stop long .We must not allow a foreign country to lead us into unnecessary war.

  • JerryParker

    Well, I knew that ANYTHING can happen in Cleveland (a.k.a. “Clevageland”), but could suchlike be happening in Kokomo (Ind.), Kalamazoo, or Peoria?

  • Tim Brown

    Abrahamic, and religious dogma in general, is not an etiological basis for sustainable morality.

  • Pam

    ONE of the (many) things that has happened to this country, and perhaps the most basic is that women are no longer raising their own children. Instead, children are being raised in institutions. When they are not in day care or in extended day, they are living highly scheduled lives. (These are the children who are not poor or inner city children.) These children are hardly ever home.
    Psychiatrists say that children raised in this manner may not have empathy or a conscience (not all children, of course) because no matter how good their parents might be, they did not receive the love, care and nurturing of someone who loves them. The day care worker is not a family member.
    Mothers come home from a long day at work, cart the kids to soccer, etc., make dinner, help with homework, takes care of the housework…is tired, it’s not true that quality is better than quantity.
    When my daughter was in high school, very few of her female friends had close relationships with their mothers. Those that did…their mothers were at-home mothers. I know that many won’t agree with this….but I remember what this country was like before the women went to work in order to pay more taxes to the government. Those who want careers should wait to have children.
    On another level, people are no longer taught to respect the elderly.
    It doesn’t help when older and elderly women dress like slobs in sweatshirts and jeans in public, either. That does not garner respect.
    We have become a nation of slobs when women wear sweat pants and pajamas to the store and our young men wear their jeans around their knees. We’ve become nation of sluts when our young girls barely wear any clothes. (My daughter has traveled much of the world and is in the Peace Corps, this is exactly how other countries view us because of American tv where the females dress like strippers and have casual sex at the drop of the hat. It is one of the reasons our volunteers are raped.)
    If we have no respect for ourselves and a shred of self-dignity, how do we expect others to have respect for us?
    The inner city life of a child, I cannot imagine.
    Society must change where women who want to stay home wit their children, can. The fathers should make enough money to support their families so that families can become more stable.
    And we should all stopped being taxed to death to give families a further chance for stability.
    We need less of big government and more of state autonomy.
    We need to keep the jobs in this country rather than out-sourcing them.
    We, (like every other country on this planet) need to strengthen and enforce our immigration laws.
    We need to go back to the gold-standard.
    But, above all, we need to become a decent, moral people, again.

    • Pam

      Sorry I couldn’t edit the mistakes in my comment.

  • Kevin2

    Modern medicine has kept me and a host of others alive raising the life expectancy from 46 years in 1900 to 76 years today. The math does not lie.

  • anonymous coward

    Rightiwngers to victim of breakdown: Apologize for being weak

    Check this post where owner of an aggrieved taxpayer’s site we are the 53% wails on an unemployed contributor who is NOT claiming benefits for being a “weak, lazy rat bastard”.

    How is this different to suckerpunching an old man on the subway?

    • Mal R.

      Typical leftwinger. You know so much but so much of what you know is WRONG.

      • Anonymous coward

        Yes, duping poor people into voting for elitists who want to take away everything they have is the biggest and most successful scam in history. Now go back and read that tumblr post in which a mentally ill man who has worked like a dog and never taken out of the system is mocked pilloried for his breakdown.

  • Tony N
  • Brigitte

    I believe we are on earth to grow in the sense of human values and spirituality but almost all the energy we have burnt was for material growth.
    I think we’ll have to account for what we did with our lives, like we would if the boss went on a business trip and gave the staff some tasks to do but instead of doing them we goof off then when he returns we have trashed the place.
    Have we developed and grown as human beings? Most have not.

  • Bribozo19

    All of this and more has all been predicted, and not only by Nostradamus but by much ,much more reliable source, the prophets of the Old Testament&Christ of the living Bible and thats all I need to see what is going to happen, not only to this nation but many, many nations. It ain’t pretty so get yourself prepared to be either slaughtered or saved.I prefer to be saved because we are seeing the very tip of the iceberg. Don’t wait until 2012, we may not get that far.

  • Good ideas everyone. Let’s confront the hard truths, but still hope in each other! Humans are capable of much much more.
    I’d like to point out that many of these societal issues of violence, selfishness, laziness, and worst of all, apathy, all have STRONG roots in our school system!! Think about all the behaviors discussed here, then think about the experience many children experience at school. Look for the connections.

    I think the single most important big picture action that can be taken is to reach out to children, especially young ones, and show them that there’s more to the world than Disney. They’ll absorb ANYTHING that’s put in front of them, which is scary, but also inspiring. Our only hope as a society.

    • Louise in MO

      I ditto your comments aboutt the children in America. This past summer I welcomed a 15 year old girl who I have known since she was five years old. She had been coming to our home for a summer visit for several years. This past school year she was a freshman in high school.

      Her behavior was shocking! She was deceitful, manipulative, cunning and disrespectful. She is self-absorbed and selfish. She is overtly interested in acting “sexy.”

      I made it clear to her she would not be invited back.

      The breakdown in our society has infected our young people and they are the future of America. The lack of moral absolutes and the attitude that if it feels good, it’s alright to do it is at the core of this breakdown.

      History does repeat itself, and we shall go down just as Rome did! Historians say they collapsed from inside due to moral decay. They were so busy eating, driking and engaging in sexual orgies that they didn’t see the enemy at the gate.

      The horse is already out of the barn and it’s too late to close the door!

  • apinoquet

    The US has failed miserably in three things:

    Holding the perpretrators of 911 accountable (it wasn’t Osama), their statanic ritual has proven very effective

    Getting rid of the Federal Reserve, I think its too late now

    Chalenging Obama on nationality

    Everything else comes as a natural concequense of the above. Now all that is left is faith in God, due to the things mentioned humanity is doomed.

    Have a nice day

    • Mal R.

      a person who perpetrates, or commits, an illegal, criminal, or evil act

      Uhh, the perps are dead homie. Perhaps you saw the explosions?

      • Terry

        Dear Mal R., That’s what you’ve been told to think. You’re awfully nearsighted.

  • Why do the nations rage and the people’s plot in vain? ………

  • Frank

    Since news reports have become “politically correct” the ethnicity of the bad guys and gals isn’t shown. Perhaps illegals from South of the border? Perhaps African American? Don’t know do we? And why would that be important you ask, gritting your teeth, thinking I am a racist? Because it is the most significant detail that leads back to what is really going on in our country.

    • Dee

      Sure Frank, because we all know white people never commit any crimes unless it involves killing millions of Natives and stealing entire continents and their natural resources all in the name of gaining material wealth for themselves. This happens TODAY all over the globe under the guise of “commerce” and “globalization”. Same tactics. New name.

      But let’s focus instead on the little petty “brown” criminals that steal $20 from a convenience store when the “white collar” educated criminal from Wall Street, the banking industry, and mega corporations continue to buy your represntatives alligiance and steal trillions of dollars out of the economy and people’s pension funds and are never even mentioned in the media, identified, or prosecuted in any way, shape or form.

      I’ve never been the victim of any crime despite the fact I work as a teacher in some of the worst areas of a city overun by gangs. I avoid becoming a victim by using common sense. However, I’ve lost over 38% of my 401K in the past three years due to bad “investments” done by the good ol’ white folks in suits and ties. Guess what type of criminal I am more worried about because of their covert and insidious operating techniques? Get a clue!

  • VyseLegend

    The 40% rise in gang members in just 2 or 3 years is mind blowing. Thats all the proof you need that more and more people are being pushed out onto the street.

    • Terry

      OR maybe that more and more illegals are getting across our (open) borders to rape and pillage our country, along with all the foreigners that are given visas to get here and join organized crime. All criminals just the same.

      • Dee

        Are you aware of the history of the founding of this country by any chance? The continent was stolen after the murder of millions of it’s orginal inhabitants. Fact. That’s is not what is happening today!

        The media is very effectively using impoverished “brown” people as scapegoats for the mega financial crimes and economic collapse being engineered by the banking and corporate cartels that are given carte blanche to do as they please with the our money.

  • Shithead

    This article is actually only contributing to the problem. Convincing relatively logical, peaceful individuals that a quick course in close combat training is needed. They want you violent. Now is the time to devote your time to your legacies (your children). Educate them. These incidents above are an absolute celebration of ignorance. Society will not break down until a critical mass of individuals perpetuate such a break down. This article is playing a sweet hand towards those ends (this and a million others).

    Don’t show up, when the party starts, don’t be there. Have you ever seen a riot with zero participant. And for the Occupiers, yes, speak, but turn your back on any such violence. Walk strong and sure in the opposite direction. That’s the challenge – don’t ********** it up!

  • Matty

    Got God? Society needs a God to work. Our country needs a God to help be a moral and good people. Without God, we cannot survive as America. America was designed to have Americans submit to God. No God, No America. We had problems in the past because- we are all sinners and make choices. Today we have more and more people without God- and who don’t give a rats a@@ about America. They are self centered- the world all revolves around them and their food stamps and SS checks. I know I have two in my family. What pains in the a@@ they can be! Anyone can get drugs these days. I heard that there are enough Oxycodone pills to give every American 4 a day for one month. You dod not need a Dr. either. There are plenty of these wellness centers that write scripts all day long. We are screwed. We will most likely have a serious battle in our country with the OWS types v. people that do not support then taking out hard earned lifestyles. All this is going somewhere-but who really knows where.

    • Amen! But not just “a” God, we need the one and only true God. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chron 7:14) I too think there are many that feel entitled. God says “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” (2 Thess 3:10)…if our country just went back to Biblical values, we’d once again be in God’s good grace.

  • KaD

    I think part of the problem, as it is at the moment, is that criminality is rewarded and honesty is penalized. Criminality is rewarded both legally, as in the case of Wall Street bankers, and illegaly, through immediate gains. Honesty is penalized, such as the case of many whistleblowers who are fired and blackballed. I’ve been honest and hardworking all my life. That got me laid off.

    • I completely agree with you KaD. I pray you find a job that is worthy of your deeds. If you don’t have one, please check my website and see if it’s for you or not. Wishing you the best!

  • Christina

    The book of Revelation (in the Bible), is going down right now. No bs. Jesus taught the Law of Love. He said you overcome evil with good. Satan manipulates and exploits our pain. people all over are love starved. media tells you nobody will love you if you don’t look a certain way, so on and so on. Children abused, hurting, traumatized people every where. the “unlovely” people are the ones hurting the most. Forget what you think you know about Jesus. Read what he said for yourself in the gospels.

  • Ken

    I know someone who had their car stolen. The car was in such bad shape I am not sure the junk yard would take it.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    One of the worst beatings out there.\

  • A Lot Of People Disagree With The Conceal To Carry Law, Here In Minnesota We Have This Law,And Crime Has Acutally Gone Down,It Took A Long Time And A Lot Of Hard Work To Get It,But It Makes Alot Of These Tough Guys Think Twice About Accosting Somebody, Simply Based On The Fact They Don’t Know If That Person Is Armed Or Not,And Alot Of Them Do Not Really Want To Find Out,They only Seem To Be Tough When The Advantage is There’s. I Do Not
    Believe That It Is A Bad Deal Or A Sad Deal,It Is What It Is-Reality.
    If Somebody Was To Try Something Stupid As Coming After Me With A Baseball Bat Or Whatever,
    I Would Tell Them To Think About What I Would Say To Them,”Would You Like To Meet My Two Best Friends”,Mr.Smith And Mr.Wesson.P.S Minnesota Is One Of The Biggest Liberal States In The U.S

    • uncurable wound

      Already gone.
      Relax brother,you got franken,noseachar,and dayton to protect you…LOL.
      Im here in liberalota with you,thank God im not in the heart of the Msp beast.I carry everywhere,and so does the wife…
      But remember a pistol is just something to use to get to your gun.
      It will be a real bad day,for the baseball bat man when I get to my trunk and introduce him to Mossberg 12,and Dpms 308.
      Then they will reallly hear the fat lady sing!!!

    • Terry

      I’ll go you one step further. All non-criminal, taxpaying (i.e. WORKING) adult citizens should be ISSUED handguns to carry. That should slow crime WAAAAY down.

  • tappedops

    Yo Wiseass…
    Sorry had to go there…
    your post is nothing but pure genius, and even though most blogers here are not awake enough to fully grasp the full spectrum dominance of it all… dont let it stop you from laying down command and control posts of pure truth like that one…

  • alex

    Most of what you are describing: gangs, crime, occupy wall street, can be traced to two demographics, black youths, illegal immigrants, and socialists and communists. What should we do about it? Most Americans are not interested in fighting for their culture, they just want to be comfortable, watch football, internet, etc. They will do nothing because they think nothing bad will happen to them. When blacks and hispanics make up the majority do you think they will treat whites really well, provide benefits, etc? No way.

  • CC

    r.bitting is right, whether people like it or
    not. The truth is just that – the truth.

  • nohomehere

    It must be , in order to expose the wolves in sheeps clothing, this decline that you talk about is not a new phonomonon. These days (the reaping of what has been sown)are not coming without warning. Doing what´s right is hard especially in riotous time, the mob is a strong current to try to swim against . The flood has been released, it is now just a matter of the masses of sleepers to wake up.I would like just one thing from thoses reading this,don´t be surprised . Everone of the wrongdoers will receive judgement like the nouremberger trials. Facists had no Idea that they would be held accountable for there sins against humanity so will all be judged sooner or later . Don´t be surprised ! Not at what is coming! Maybe , you can find the rock to stablize your footing in a world going mad.The world has to choose , people have to make a decision , a choice, select a path , and the generous, the believers,the honest and faithfull, the ones who are looking for a new kingdom will suffer like never before at the hands of those being swept away with the majority . grabbing at you to keep themselves afloat in this deludge,like drowning is a act of desperation so it will be . Only the miracle of God can keep you from desperation and fear. and the trail that is coming will refine everyone to there pure state ! It has to come , society can´t continue with bad apples in the barrel. Don´t be surprised! When it comes,the time to be purified ,what will you be? plus or minus , neg. or or hinderance good or bad friend or foe , If the kingdom were of this world the servers of others would fight. Again I ask , Please ,Don´t be suprised! Greater love hath no man than he gives up what is his (especially his own life ) to further his neighbors life and future good. ¨Don´t be surprised when men revile you and hate you and despitfully use you ¨The whole world groans in birth pains , waiting for the pure children to be born ! Don´t be suprised!!!!!

  • gospelcorgi

    The only hope for the world is Jesus.

    • AMEN! “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” (ACTS 4:12)

    • Terry

      YES! His return, specifically. The King of all Kings will be back here to rule and reign over all the earth, then we will see and know how it could have been all along if we had done it all His way from the start!

  • Racial Realist

    How much of that crime is done by blacks or other minorities? I would say that the majority of it is. This is just common (UN-PC) sense. So there is a racial aspect to this. Seeing as how blacks commit the majority of violent crime in America. Also, blacks are more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than vice versa. Ofcourse the media covers up all of this.

    Black neighborhoods are full of crime. And ofcourse they transport that crime to white areas. Especially when they move into white areas.

    • xander cross

      How racist of you. But then again, I bet you probably one of those white people that supported the Penn State Coach who raped little boys. Old white men who rape boys and yet, they are supported by the college system. This problem is beyond race. You are doing exactly what the elite want you do.

      • Racial Realist Realities

        and your an ignorant buffoon. he tells the truth and you call him a racist. quit being part of the problem, shut up and get out of the way.

  • Paul

    OH, btw. stay away from Germany. The recently discovered Nazi-death squad was probably financed and organized by the internal secret service BfV (“Protector of the Constitution”).

    Foreigners are still not welcome in Germany.

  • Parbar

    The moral fabric that holds democracy together is being shredded. The “If it feels good do it” and “The end justifies the means” mentality leads to every man doing what is right in his own eyes. This leads to chaos. When you take moral standards like the Ten Commandments, prayer and God out of schools and society, it leaves man with no higher accountability or order. Since we have walked away from accountability to God and the order He would like to bless us with, how’s that working for us? If we’re honest, we have to say (as described above) not well. Now if God chooses to shed the blood of His Son to pierce through all this garbage and restore us to our former glory, we have hope. He cares enough to do that. He knows we need it – and is willing to pay the price to restore us to Himself. But we have free will so it is up to us to respond to His overture of love for us. If we do, we engage the fulfilling, purposeful life He created us for, which contributes to society rather than tears it apart.

  • Deuce

    I just had this conversation with my wife. We are all guilty of a total lack of perspective of who we are and why we are here. Since homo erectus almost 3 million years ago until about less than 200 years ago, most of mankind lived alone or in small cooperative groups, working the land and animals to meet our basic needs and free from others having authority, credit, contracts or governance over us. THIS IS WHO WE ARE. This is what is in us and this is what our purpose is. To survive and be free.

    Somewhere along the way our ingenuity tripped us up. Simple machinery and later electricity created convenience for us. A gas stove, good knives, or a blender greatly improved the efficiency of a homesteader trying to manage the task of feeding their family from their own livestock and crops. But somewhere along the lines we became enslaved by these conveniences. We got addicted to the novelty of them and the free time they created for us. And before long many of us became enslaved to them.

    Look at your life. If you are not enslaved to convenience then what are you. You live in a house, connected to a power grid, full of appliances furniture and clothes none of which you produced for yourself. Instead you get up every day and go to a mundane job that crushes your humanity, just to make payments on these things and collect more. This has made almost 50% of you obese. A significant share of you are upside down in your mortgage or owe more than you have saved. And few of you have the skills to tend to your own survival outside of this system.

    And this is the problem. We have lost our purpose. We have become addicted to being addicted to useless INconveniences. A convection oven does not SAVE you time if you have to work 40 hours a week to pay for it. We have become trapped in a cycle of enslaving ourselves just to feed our addiction to things that prevent us from producing for our own needs. And producing for our own needs is the purpose built into us by 3 million years of history.

    Now in good times, when money is flowing freely, there is the appearance that this is ‘living the good life’. Worthless crap comes easy, we live fast and loose within this consumption system, and success is measured by how little you ever HAVE to do for yourself (billionaires don’t have to work). But when in times like these, when the system falls victim to its built in flaws, the extent to which we are enslaved becomes more clear to us and we rebel against it. Yet most don’t even understand why they are mad, or who they are angry at because they are void of this historical perspective and have known no other way. And the result is random acts of violence against anyone or anything. Somewhere inside you your body and mind know their purpose. The more you deny it to them, the more they will rebel against you.

    There is nothing wrong with societies by definition. There is nothing wrong with cooperation amongst like peoples. But when participation requires submission to the financial, governmental, and contractual enslavement that we all live under, it will eventually implode from the reactive force of the human sense of purpose that it suppresses. Decadence and overindulgence have been behind every historical societal collapse in history, and no campaign slogan, or bullshit newspaper headline will change that.

    Shed your dependence on these enslaving addictions. Learn to do and provide for yourself. Shun simple convenience for the opportunity to indulge your human purpose. Step off the path to acquiring them at the expense of your humanity. Or risk being one of these purposeless perpetrators of violence or their victim. The past will not be rewritten. When the present is past, this will still be our human purpose, the only story will be whether we embraced it or how tragically we denied it.

    • Louise in MO

      Deuce…..excellent comment! I agree, but could not have explained it as you so brilliantly did.

  • xander cross

    To all of those who are making racist comments. How about stop defending the Penn State coach. Do you really defend a child rapist like that? I suprised that this has not been talked about yet, but you attack minorites but not the elite. You know, like Henry Kissinger, David Rockfeller, Dick Chenny (who talks about being on the dark side) I wonder why is that.

    • Goatley

      to people like you are ignorant and foolish please kindly be quiet. thank you.

  • M.Myers

    Jeremy, short sighted really? wow.
    Just because it is the majority – does not make a difference. You know what “pack mentality” is right?
    I did not say the other alternative is wrong.
    THEY SAY THAT (that the other is wrong).
    Don’t they.

  • Charly

    Good old Georges Clemenceau had it right when he quipped close to a century ago: “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between”.

  • M.Myers

    And Jeremy – that was a “stupid” comment from you about my comment but I should have known better to post online.
    -I never denied that it had some “positive effect” from it. You totally missed the point! The point was that everyone being a christian would NOT save the world and I am sick of reading how it will, because that is what you are all taught from birth. People do what they want, if they are Christians or NOT.

  • Anonymous South African

    Well America, this is what you inflicted on South Africa with your meddling. What goes out comes around. How do you like being on the receiving end for once? You guys are the global bullies along with your pal England. You have bullied the rest of the world for so long that you think yourselves invincible. Well now you see what happens when your economy gets messed with, the way you messed with ours when you used sanctions as an excuse to keep us from stopping you from going off the gold standard, to which you were contractually bound. Now imagine that we talked the rest of the world into putting you under global sanctions as well? Where would you be then seeing as most of your produced goods come from sweat shops in Asia or from other factories abroad.
    America YOU forced South Africa into accepting a terrorist organisation as our leadership. We have had raging poverty, rampant corruption, unstoppable crime epidemics and worse since then. You express shock and horror at people behaving like thugs towards the elderly? We have thugs chopping our elderly to bits on almost a daily basis here, or robbing them of what little they have, or raping them. That is our daily reality thanks to your meddling. When you meddled with Rhodesia it resulted in the same thing. You are only getting what you deserve and it is not nearly as bad as it is in the countries you meddled with. So quit whining about how terrible it is and deal with it. We have had to.

    • Goatley

      The British put a functional government in south africa. YOU ruined it with the anc. too bad for you.

  • david

    Believers in the Bible are saddened, but not shocked, sobered, but not surprised, by these and other indicators of the real evil that lies in the heart of man. We’ve left our moorings in a transcendent God and eternal truth and are now adrift. It was absolutely predictable. The writer is correct: the hard times only reveal what is already there. The solution is not a return to good times; this would only mask the underlying problem and it would allow the moral rot to progress unchecked. The hard times, hard as they may be, may be necessary for us to make the needed change in our moral direction. I hope it’s still possible.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    I think 3 millions people needs dead to change America. It is 1% .

  • yvonne harris

    i live near that city where the buses don’t run. we are in a crisis in detroit. there is total calaspe and now there is talk that the city will go broke by june 2012! we need to get down on hour knees and pray!

  • Joedakota

    At some point in time, without a major rebirth, we sill be seeing in American what is now happening in Africa and the middle east, gangs of marauders, raiding communities taking what they can and then fleeing. There will be so many the police will be unable to handle it all.
    An armed citizenry will be the only defense.

  • Sulah

    There is no shame in this country…………no remorse, no respect for self or others. This is a godless/lawless country. When America kicked God out of the country, HE removed HIS protection, HIS blessings from America……….now satan has almost full run and really needs little help in destroying America. Americans are doing a very good job of it.

  • Peter Kopylowicz

    The book to read is The Passing of the Modern Age by John Lukacs. I think it was written in the 1960s and the author describes the decline of civilization and the descent into barbarism, which he foresaw coming if the process wasn’t reversed. What are gangs but barbaric tribes? Rome was overrun by the barbarians, but the situation is different now because the barbarians have been breed by civilization itself. Something I sometimes ponder is what Mr. Lukacs predicted could happen: as the chaos spreads and the state’s power declines the gangs (“the barbaric tribes”) will take control over areas. A new aristocracy will thus be formed…

  • Steve Mawson

    so great to see that the god botherers only solution is wait and see…

    should the god botherers not be out helping those really in need ?

    should the god botherers not be selling ludicrous temples to their own importance to use said money to help those worse off ?

    should not the god botherers show example and dress as did their saviour, not regale themselves in silks and finery ?

    should not the god botherers go back to being what their beloved forefathers did…that is produce food, teach and heal ?

    or are the god botherers just as guilty as the rest, not wanting to raise a finger, thinking that this is divine providence, so sit back, watch and wait…

    seems then that the god botherers are as guilty as anyone else of being totally ineffective and just plain lazy

    god botherers…just another self interest group


  • Alasha

    I know this not funnee, however, firebombing a Taco Bell because you did not have enough meat….. J-EEE-PERS!!!

  • Pale Horse

    Regarding # 11, That’s the Saigon whore that bit my nose off!!!

  • Jorge

    This is such disgusting fearmongering. ***************** I’m so sick and tired of this site saying the entire world will collapse every day but it never does. Do you want to sell us some more stuff after you scare the daylights out of us? This isn’t journalism this is just propaganda.

    • Michael

      There is a world of difference between saying that a collapse will happen “tomorrow” and saying that we are in the process of collapsing.

      If you have a specific fact or point that you wish to dispute, please bring it up. I am not afraid of criticism and debate. We should all be seeking to find the truth.


  • Don

    There are many reasons this is happening, one of which is cultural marxism which was started back in 1923. As a way to undermine the social fabric so a comminist socalistic government could be installed without a shot ever being fired. If you remove the name America, and look at the communist manafesto we see much of it is alreading installed. All the central planning you could ever want. Central banks, Lenin said once a central bank is installed 90% of my work it done. Once our sense of patriotism, family values and faith undermined and the state seen as the solution, well they did good job on us. The Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll were sponsored by these people, feminist movement the same. See Gary Allens book, NONE DARE CALL IT A CONSPIRACY. OR Dave McGuires Book, the Day the Dollar Died. Check out Dishonest Money by Joe Plummer. See the movie Cultural Marxism by James Jaeger
    and Invisible Empire

  • Real Historian

    Are you guys kidding me? I could scour the news from any year in the past 250 years and find 22, 222, or even 2,222 similar examples of crime, economic worries, riots, and poverty. Guess what? Civilization still moved on. Give me a break.

  • The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the
    arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments
    to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn’t want to go
    bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public
    assistance. Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), 55 BC

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