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25 Facts About The Fall Of Detroit That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

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Detroit - Photo by Bob JagendorfIt is so sad to watch one of America’s greatest cities die a horrible death.  Once upon a time, the city of Detroit was a teeming metropolis of 1.8 million people and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.  Now it is a rotting, decaying hellhole of about 700,000 people that the rest of the world makes jokes about.  On Thursday, we learned that the decision had been made for the city of Detroit to formally file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  It was going to be the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the United States by far, but on Friday it was stopped at least temporarily by an Ingham County judge.  She ruled that Detroit’s bankruptcy filing violates the Michigan Constitution because it would result in reduced pension payments for retired workers.  She also stated that Detroit’s bankruptcy filing was “also not honoring the (United States) president, who took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy“, and she ordered that a copy of her judgment be sent to Barack Obama.  How “honoring the president” has anything to do with the bankruptcy of Detroit is a bit of a mystery, but what that judge has done is ensured that there will be months of legal wrangling ahead over Detroit’s money woes.  It will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out.  But one thing is for sure – the city of Detroit is flat broke.  One of the greatest cities in the history of the world is just a shell of its former self.  The following are 25 facts about the fall of Detroit that will leave you shaking your head…

1) At this point, the city of Detroit owes money to more than 100,000 creditors.

2) Detroit is facing $20 billion in debt and unfunded liabilities.  That breaks down to more than $25,000 per resident.

3) Back in 1960, the city of Detroit actually had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.

4) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit.  Today, there are less than 27,000.

5) Between December 2000 and December 2010, 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in the state of Michigan were lost.

6) There are lots of houses available for sale in Detroit right now for $500 or less.

7) At this point, there are approximately 78,000 abandoned homes in the city.

8) About one-third of Detroit’s 140 square miles is either vacant or derelict.

9) An astounding 47 percent of the residents of the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate.

10) Less than half of the residents of Detroit over the age of 16 are working at this point.

11) If you can believe it, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

12) Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, but over the past 60 years the population of Detroit has fallen by 63 percent.

13) The city of Detroit is now very heavily dependent on the tax revenue it pulls in from the casinos in the city.  Right now, Detroit is bringing in about 11 million dollars a month in tax revenue from the casinos.

14) There are 70 “Superfund” hazardous waste sites in Detroit.

15) 40 percent of the street lights do not work.

16) Only about a third of the ambulances are running.

17) Some ambulances in the city of Detroit have been used for so long that they have more than 250,000 miles on them.

18) Two-thirds of the parks in the city of Detroit have been permanently closed down since 2008.

19) The size of the police force in Detroit has been cut by about 40 percent over the past decade.

20) When you call the police in Detroit, it takes them an average of 58 minutes to respond.

21) Due to budget cutbacks, most police stations in Detroit are now closed to the public for 16 hours a day.

22) The violent crime rate in Detroit is five times higher than the national average.

23) The murder rate in Detroit is 11 times higher than it is in New York City.

24) Today, police solve less than 10 percent of the crimes that are committed in Detroit.

25) Crime has gotten so bad in Detroit that even the police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.

It is easy to point fingers and mock Detroit, but the truth is that the rest of America is going down the exact same path that Detroit has gone down.

Detroit just got there first.

All over this country, there are hundreds of state and local governments that are also on the verge of financial ruin

“Everyone will say, ‘Oh well, it’s Detroit. I thought it was already in bankruptcy,’ ” said Michigan State University economist Eric Scorsone. “But Detroit is not unique. It’s the same in Chicago and New York and San Diego and San Jose. It’s a lot of major cities in this country. They may not be as extreme as Detroit, but a lot of them face the same problems.”

A while back, Meredith Whitney was highly criticized for predicting that there would be a huge wave of municipal defaults in this country.  When it didn’t happen, the critics let her have it mercilessly.

But Meredith Whitney was not wrong.

She was just early.

Detroit is only just the beginning.  When the next major financial crisis strikes, we are going to see a wave of municipal bankruptcies unlike anything we have ever seen before.

And of course the biggest debt problem of all in this country is the U.S. government.  We are going to pay a great price for piling up nearly 17 trillion dollars of debt and over 200 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities.

All over the nation, our economic infrastructure is being gutted, debt levels are exploding and poverty is spreading.  We are consuming far more wealth than we are producing, and our share of global GDP has been declining dramatically.

We have been living way above our means for so long that we think it is “normal”, but an extremely painful “adjustment” is coming and most Americans are not going to know how to handle it.

So don’t laugh at Detroit.  The economic pain that Detroit is experiencing will be coming to your area of the country soon enough.

  • Ralfine

    “6) There are lots of houses available for sale in Detroit right now for $500 or less.”

    Does this include the land on which these houses stand?
    Is there any obligation when you own land, except paying property tax?

    • Canadian Consumer

      It’s probably with the land too since one of the 39$ homes have 0.1 acres of land included..
      But who would want to live in a crime ridden area where people are desperate and hungry they would do all sorts of bodily harm for 25 cents.

      I’m Canadian,and I would wish to see a house selling 1 square foot for less than $500.00…
      A tiny cottage sells for at least $250,000 in the countryside and a tiny house sells for over $800,000 in the cities.

      Owning land may have obligations like clearing sidewalks in winter or maintaining the lawns..

      • Ralfine

        i dont have to live there, i could employ people to clear the sidewalk.
        in 25 years i could sell the place to the chinese for their new detroit theme park.

        • reality5

          Not a bad idea,but most likely you would be hit by property taxes as much as $5,000.00/yr.But if no taxes,why not?

    • Jack Frost

      Might as well move out to an off the grid place in the middle of Alaska or Wyoming or Montana. Would be much safer because they two legged wild animals are the worst. You won’t get much with a 58 minute response time by the PD except a ride to the morgue.

    • TtT Engine

      Assuming, you can purchase suitable body armor, will the Bkrpt municipality waive the tax liens ?

      • Ralfine

        Why would I need body armour if I don’t live there? I just want to own some land, pay a few cents of tax, sell it in 50 years to some farmer or scrap collector.

  • Joe


  • Ralfine

    “14) There are 70 “Superfund” hazardous waste sites in Detroit.”

    I’d probably make the owners of these waste site clean up those sites first.

  • Hammerstrike

    17) Some ambulances in the city of Detroit have been used for so long that they have more than 250,000 miles on them.

    Seriously, who are the manufacturer?

    • Detroiter


      • Jack Frost

        Sounds like a preview of the nation under Obamacare. Bet all their goodies were free too!

    • Traffix

      Must be Toyotas or Nissans.

    • Kareem OfWheat

      The correct pronunciation for da hood is “amber lamps”.

  • Canadian Consumer

    I clicked on one of the links and 39$ for 0.1 acres of land in Detroit? How is that even possible??????????????

    So this means that even house prices can go to nearly $0 when STHF?

    $39 can’t even buy me a square foot of condominium space where I am living.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You can buy a house in Detroit for one dollar. True story.

      • JailBanksters

        Lets say, you did buy one. Fix all the doors, windows etc. Would you feel safe sleeping there or would you be waiting for the zombies to come and eat your brain?

        I’ve been in a “Haunted” house and nothin’, but living in these would scare the bejeepers out of me.

        • Jack Frost

          Forget zombies, the city taxmen would literally rip you to shreds as they sucked the economic life out of you in your one dollar abode! And when your broke carcass fell to the floor, one of hte city citizens would murder you to see what was in your pockets.

        • Kareem OfWheat

          buy the house for $1. tear it down, and wait 10 to 15 years for “gentrification”. remember, you can build a house, BUT you can’t build more land. Eventually, DeToilet will be worth more, A LOT MORE.

          caveat—-also wait for the “element” to be gone. as with higher prices, the boogies will be forced out.

          • JailBanksters

            Your still going to have maintain the land and pay local government every year.

            And in the end it could all be rezoned and still not worth a sausage. It would only work in your favor if you can afford to buy and maintain a whole block. Who can really afford to do that for decades, the Banks.

          • Kareem OfWheat

            I can probably get a brutha’ to mow the plot for $10 a week, that is, if he doesn’t steal the mower first. As for the taxes, i have no idea of the rate there, do you??? I am really interested to know. here in Jersey , I pay almost $8000 for a 50x 100 lot with a 2 fambly on it.

          • boudreaux

            I was there in 82,same stuff going on,nothing changed,just gets worse,couldve bought a house the same way and new speculators that did.The problem with that is you need to show financial proof you can renovate it and you have a given time period to do so.P.S. Dont worry about someone to mow the grass,that will be stolen also.

          • JailBanksters

            No Id
            But I’ve read the average Joe has less than $1,500 in the Banking Monopoly, and if they loose their Job…..The Bank will end up owning everything

      • mantispid

        Yeah, but you’ll be paying $2000 a year in property taxes for that $1 house…

    • condaggitt

      there is probably is $10,000 back taxes owed and the house and land isn’t even worth that much…

      • InnerCityJudy

        This is true

    • Scott

      That house would never be worth any more than that ever. You wouldn’t even be able to pay me enough to live there.

    • texican

      You’re obviously living in civilization… and not in a cesspool…

  • Canadian Consumer

    And to think that these homes and buildings used to be priced in the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in the housing bubble of the 2000s.

    What is interesting about this article is that Detroit was once considered the car manufacturing capital of the Western Hemisphere in the 1960s..

    The Canadian city of Windsor, near to the Michigan border has a high unemployment rate that thousands of people from Windsor, Ontario are flocking to the nearby cities for jobs.

    The Detroit scenario isn’t confined to one state. It could happen anywhere once the financial crisis comes again whenever it comes.

  • JailBanksters

    Death by 1.8 Million Debts

  • pundat

    Detroit takes in 11 million/month in tax revenue from the casinos.Are casinos accepting EBT cards now?

    • bbgunplinkplink

      Yes they are

  • Sack man

    Great buying opportunity long term. The homes and land. Mark my words. The end (not).

    • Mondobeyondo

      Got my eyes on a couple of those $1.00 fixer uppers. Yes, that’s $1.00, as in one whole dollar.

    • Mondobeyondo

      The end of the begining, or the beginning of the end?

  • Mondobeyondo

    Those of us of a certain age, can remember when Detroit was one of America’s greatest cities.Home of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Home of Motown (“the sound of young America”) – the music empire that gave birth to the Temptations, the Supremes, the Jackson Five, etc.

    How the mighty have fallen. IDetroit is just the beginning though. New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, Atlanta, Rapid City, Chicago, Duluth… they’re all headed in the same direction.

    • Michael L Harp

      Seattle will be the last one on that list to fall. I live near there, spend a bit of time there. It’s doing okay; for now.

    • Varian Wrynn

      I was going to get upity about your mention of Phoenix, then I remembered it’s a Democrat city and an illegal immigrant safe haven.

    • troyfromSD

      Why do you think Rapid City, SD will fail may I ask? Tourist town, Military town? I don’t think there financial status was that bad

      • troyfromSD

        “their financial status was that bad” sorry

      • batcountry

        Obama is gutting our military, so town’s around bases are at even greater risk.

        • I am Incognito

          Some, yes. But, some are growing at alarming rates because others are closing and the troops are being sent to other posts. It is generally the smaller posts that are being closed down, so the impact is affecting smaller towns, not really major cities. I know the town I grew up in was an Air Force town and the base was closed in 1977. It was hard on the community for awhile and some businesses close to post that catered to the military did shut down. But those business owners opened new businesses in the area and eventually recovered. By the early-80’s, it was thriving again. The town even had enough money to buy the old air force base from the federal government. They turned the housing into Section 8 housing, used the old hangers as warehousing for local manufacturing plants, and even boasted having a runway that private corporate jets could land on. Manufacturing boomed in the area.. However, in 2000, they went from having a white government to having a black one and by 2004, the town became as much a cess-pool as Detroit. It has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. The manufacturing plants that were there relocated – not to Mexico, but to other counties. Why? Because the education system was so destroyed by the new government that the manufacturing plants couldn’t find enough employees locally to staff up with.

        • eyepharted

          Got a source for that other than where the sun don’t shine?

          • batcountry

            Obama let 8 combat brigades go. Look it up for your lazy self. Why I despise Progressives, they are more than willing to let someone else do the work for them.

  • Shmeggle Marxist

    when looking at pics of ancient ruins, I wonder how it got to that point. Detroit is a modern day example.

    btw, about 1,300 homes available under 25k. Look at their property history, some sold for 125,000 in the early 2000’s.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Good question. How did Detroit arrive to its current despicable condition? Some say politics are to blame. It’s what 50 years of Democratic rule does to a city. Maybe so.

      I can only say (and certainly I’m not alone in this assessment) – it is really sad to see a great American city go to pieces.

      • InnerCityJudy

        I say blame it on the democrats and the unions and did the auto industry’s fall drag Detroit down?

      • C4LCNCPLS

        It boils down to greed by corporations and greed by unions. They just could not work together for the betterment of all involved.

      • reality5

        The Blacks. Once a population gets to 70% black and all of the government entities are run by blacks,that area is doomed.Escape from Detroit lays it out. Truth hurts.

    • pissed off

      This is not just happening in Detroit re: the housing market. I lived in a suburb of Detroit in 2000 and my house was appraised at $130,000. In 2004 it was apprised at $145,000. In 2007 I was downsized, couldn’t find a job for 8 months and started having problems paying my mortgage. Tried to get a “re-evaluation” of my mortgage. My house appraised for $50,000! Lost my house in 2008 to foreclosure and the bank sold it for $16,000!!!!! (of course to a speculator…not to me, heaven forbid). Oh, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the house (no pipes stripped, flooding, etc. etc.) This is how neighborhoods are trashed…not just those in Detroit.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Detroit is not a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Steve

    You left out the fact that Detroit has been run by Democrats for 50 years.

    You left out the Unions that vote for Democrats like lemmings.

    You left out the fact that Detroit has had a predominately Black government for most of those years.

    You left out the fact that most of the crime is Black on Black.

    I could go on but you were oh so politically correct in facing the major issue – African Americans showed us what they can’t do; run a city or live in it as productive citizens.

    I know I will catch flak for this post but I am sick of the truth being avoided because people are afraid (politicians too) of stating the truth for fear of being having the race card pulled on them. And everyone knows many other major cities are headed the same way for the same reason.

    • jakartaman

      Excellent post and until these issues are addressed vs ignored for PC, it will not change!

    • Syrin

      If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit.

      • headinhome7

        He does…..It`s Chicago AND D.C. with the rest of the U.S.!

        • Melissa Welch

          I get your point but..Chicago is still a beautiful world-class city.I don’t know how to get where we are trying to go.Well,I have tons of suggestions.Ones I know would work.I won’t really say a thing though.I don’t wanna get yelled at.There not icky horrible things(not by any means)either.I know Detroit will be back.I know when it is, it will be minus the riff-raff.


            “I won’t really say a thing though.I don’t wanna get yelled at.”

            (YOU) are one one of our problems!


          • realfan

            Not in your lifetime dreamer !!

          • Melissa Welch

            Yes it will..Things always turn around.I’m the most pessimistic person you’d ever meet.I see bad in just about everything.This I don’t though.We’ve built NYC from a crumbling triple x

      • realfan

        Unfortunately he has many cities in his influence and is heading all of them in the Detroit path.

      • Fed Up

        He has a country instead and it is in worse shape ……. America!!!!! Obama needs to go!!

    • markthetruth

      This is Top Down Economics at it’s Best.

      How low have we stooped that our Mentality of American Prosperity and Solutions are
      ” Casinos ” (Prostitution,Drugs, and crime )

      the end…

      • You had me until the racist bit.

        • markthetruth

          It’s not racist, it’s the truth !
          They where given opportunities but have wasted them and don’t have a right to complain when they destroy what they where given.

          the end…


            The whites left of their own accord, because they didn’t want “integration”, and took their money with them. Then the middle class blacks left, too, leaving only the poorest, most illiterate people of any color. So how is this all black people’s fault?

          • MikeNice

            I take exception to the reasoning for the people to leave. Each individual and family that chose to leave based that decision on their own needs, and I know that most of them had nothing to do with “integration”. When companies are shutting down, when education quality declines, when neighborhoods become dangerous, if you are smart, you leave, even with just the clothes on your back. Unions and government incompetence caused the economic and education decline. The thugs (of any color) caused the dangerous neighborhoods.

            Any of the 3% could have cleaned up their neighborhoods instead of vandalizing them. They could have invested the effort to make things better long ago, but didn’t. Many in the 3% no doubt were getting government money, which leads to an entitlement mentality (society owes me everything I want). When what they get handed to them isn’t enough, some people will resort to violence to take it, justifying their actions with that same mentality.

            So, did the people left in the slums have anything to do with them becoming slums in the first place? I argue that they did.

          • yourmom

            because “white flight” isn’t a real thing that has been recorded before, on a regular basis right?

          • Brian O’Connor

            Spot on!

          • markthetruth

            I don’t buy that one bit, i watched a show about the drug dealers and they are not illiterate but they use the excuse that it’s the only way to make money. BULL ! hows about lazy. Start up a clean the neighborhood org. And with a clean neighborhood
            they can make a positive outcome.

            the end…

          • Stephen Zeigler

            so your thinking rich kids don’t have a drug problem ? Tell Martin Sheen, ask Charlie Sheen about is clean neighborhoods….

          • markthetruth

            He ends up going to the bad area’s to feed his addictions . Nobody is immune to things that get pushed into people’s faces. It has to exist for him to get it.

            the end…

          • Stephen Zeigler

            well let me spell it out for you….if YOU committ crimes, rob, rape, destroy schools, etc. I would move and of course take my money. Your thinking I should stay and put up with the abuse so YOU have something to do ? Your a liberal …..right….thinking I owe you ….how about you owe me for all the crap we have to have replaced, all the police we need to keep the animals at bay, the schools I have to support and yet pull my children out so as to protect them from radical nutjobs, which tell them it’s ok to have an abortion at 13, or to experiment sexually. They denie our country and reap the rewards of living here. Get real !

          • realfan

            Why did productive people leave ??

          • reality5

            You need to visit East Saint Louis for a few days. Just make sure you make your funeral arrangements before you leave.Delusionary Crackers don’t last long there.

          • Your two posts are at about 124 positives right now and only four negatives (two of which are mine…). So I can only assume this is either a racist site or a racist site is linking to this article. There is ZERO difference in people because of skin color. Culture? Huge differences, yes. Detroit sucks because it’s poor and liberal. Has nothing to do with black people. There are plenty of poor, liberal white people. They have the same fruits.

          • reality5

            Time for you to move to Detroit. Set up a blog and keep us stupid honkies posted.Can’t wait to see how it will turn out.Post pictures of your new friends.Ha,Ha.

        • thetruthhurts

          The truth is that what most of these people are saying sounds bias and they don’t realize it.

    • Louise in MO

      You are Right On! And, you had the guts to say so. I noticed you have the highrest “like” score that I’ve seen on this blog. Good job!

    • Michael L Harp

      I want to argue with you, one of my very good friends is a black man. I WANT to argue with you….I just can’t.

    • a visitor to your site

      I want to argue with you … and I will. Quit generalizing and putting people all in one category. Until that happens- and until we can quit labeling each other in broad categories and look at *people for the content of their character* these problems will continue. Because you’ll ignore the fact that there are proportionately a great number of White american’s in debt. If there weren’t then the whole real estate bubble of failed mortgages… wouldn’t be what it is. Blacks are *still* not a majority of the population in America. Just as people are PC and look away from the fact that there are some Blacks who don’t want to do better, and are just occupied with consuming media and making money for the least work that they can do, there are also people of every race that are a part of the problem and not the solution- including those that brand a whole group of people by what is happening in one city.

      • sybille

        Haha so you say people should quit categorizing wrongdoing according to race. (And by doing so giving blacks a free pass of course) All this while hundreds of thousands of blacks are busy at this moment rioting and breaking things because they are acting racially

        • Andrew Payne

          Where are these hundreds of thousands of people rioting at I think I would have heard about it on the news or something.

          • noname4u

            Depends on the news source you watch. Of course Digg isnt going to link it and MSNBC and CNN talk about anything but.

      • Arno Krause

        But NOBODY told those now-in-debt Whites to go and get 200,000 to 400,000 $ mortgages and abandon their cities without firing a shot, and just running like cowards.

        • FistYourself

          And that’s worse than committing violent crime?

          • Yuri Nator

            Yeah. An individual suffers when a violent crime is committed. An entire society suffers when people run from their mortgages.

    • Defiant White

      I have no love for either blacks or Democrats. But what are you saying . . . that things would be different if Detroit had been run by Republicans or whites? That’s baloney. I can show you a thousand old mining towns and farming communities out west that died because the mines gave out, or the market collapsed, or the railroad decided to build elsewhere. What happened to Detroit is no different – it was an economic collapse leading to social collapse. The smart people (whites) left, and the dumb ones (not white) were left behind. Don’t make Detroit out to be a racial thing.

      • noname4u

        Ok but those so called mining towns arent ranking high on the crime rate indexes are they?

        • Ross Andrew Simons

          Obviously they’re not. Because they are not major cities where people are packed like sardines and living in horrible poverty.

        • Defiant White

          Kind of a silly comment. No, because the population cleared out. Blacks in Detroit were too dumb to leave, or simply had no place to go that would be any better. The white man seems to have an aptitude for starting again and re-building that blacks seem to lack. But again, that doesn’t make them responsible for Detroit’s downfall . . . just makes them stupid.

      • eyepharted

        That’s mighty white of you.

      • NoFNway

        “Don’t make Detroit out to be a racial thing”? IQ= 0 “The smart people (whites)…the dumb ones (not white).. ?? Oh, what’s that, you think you hear Aunt-Mama calling?… Hicktard!

    • Tiaraak


      Every single one of these comments, and “votes up” truly shows how ugly of a people this society has become… I can’t even put into words how sad it is for all of you to sit here and be this nasty. Most of you don’t even know the half of what’s REALLY going on in this world. I highly suggest some of youget right with God, cause the way Isee…

      Things like this shows where people are going.

      • Anti BS

        Are you suggesting getting right with GOD (and maybe flying a plane into a building?)

      • Vincent Lawrence

        Really..”Get right with God”…combining politics with about fueling the fire. Keep YOUR beliefs about God to yourself.

        • Stephen Zeigler

          Vincent…your a liberal….WOW… about you be a little more “liberal” in your thinking….AS IN ….if he wants to talk about God….he has the right to do so….be more compassionate ,more willing to hear that which others think, and you have the right to stfu…….

    • How dare you dishonor our Dear Leader by saying these things! LOL

    • BiteMeRepubs

      And who was it that sold the manufacturing out from under our feet? Guess you forgot about that part.

    • tom cook

      Steve, you won’t catch flak from anyone with a brain–you hit the target squarely. Blacks cannot administrate–look at the “president” of the United States and his attorney general. Any city with a black government and large black population will end up the same as Detroit. Believe it.

      • sicandtired

        The first black mayors of major U.S. cities were elected in 1967. Since
        the 1970s, nearly every large city in America has had a black mayor at
        some point over the past 30 years.

        City of Detroit…what about the cities that came before Detroit and those that will come after?

        Other City and Locality Bankruptcy Filings:
        — City of San Bernardino, Calif.

        — Town of Mammoth Lakes, Calf. (Dismissed)

        — City of Stockton, Calif.

        — Jefferson County, Ala.

        — City of Harrisburg, Pa. (Dismissed)

        — City of Central Falls, R.I.

        — Boise County, Idaho (Dismissed)

        I didn’t know these cities all had black admins?

    • Sven2547

      You left out the fact that Detroit has had a predominately Black government for most of those years.

      How is this relevant? Are you saying blacks should not be allowed in government?

      Aren’t you running late for a Klan meeting?

      • Mr Plankton

        Are you saying blacks should not be allowed in government? Unless you want your government to look like Detroit, Haiti, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Etc. It’s probably not a good idea for blacks to be in control of the government.

        • Yuri Nator

          The whites decided to take their ball and go home in all of those communities rather than see themselves as equal to the blacks.

          Thanks for making Sven’s point.

          • Mr Plankton

            So are black people incapable of competent governance without whites? Reality and examples say that they are.

          • Mr Plankton

            So are you saying that black people are incapable of competent governance without white people?

          • commandergreen

            No they would probably do well under the boot of the chinese as well.

    • I am Incognito

      You can blame the democrats and you can blame the way the government was run, but you can’t blame the unions. Even though most unions purport to back democrats, the unions themselves have no vote. The members do and, from my experience, they vote about 50/50 dem/repub. It is the black people that almost exclusively vote democrat. That is where your democratic control came from, not the unions. Stockton, CA has already filed bankruptcy and Birmingham, AL is on the verge. Neither are heavily unionized areas, but they do have high percentages of blacks. Watch out Atlanta! You’re next.

    • John

      Just going to take an educated guess that the ‘down’ likes are Dems.

    • eyepharted

      what you’ve just written;… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent racist diatribe were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • yourmom

      You left out how 200+ years of diabolical enslavement left black culture regressed and how white people who actively made this culture never fixed it but continue to whine like Steve. Steve’s government and or ancestors caused this negative culture and never fixed it, and keep complaining, because if their one thing dumb white people like Steve know its how to complain and not do anything to justify your complaints or fix the problem. You also forget to mention all the greedy white people who moved their companies overseas to make a few more dollars at the expense of the community. Or that those white business men through loophole laws they wrote pay less than they should in taxes. If you want to talk about Detroit failing, talking about these reasons asshole. Oh and go kill yourself, it will be the biggest gift you can give to humanity 😉

      • Mr Plankton

        Sounds like you’re the one that’s whining.

        • yourmom

          being historically fair and accurate sounds like whining to ignorant and intolerance people such as yourself

          • Mr Plankton

            Blaming white people for black problems is whining, No matter how you slice it. You’re being neither fair nor accurate, you’re just making excuses for the failures of black people.

      • Guest321

        “Dumb white people”??? Nice grammar moron.

        • yourmom

          wow i guess grammar is more important than logistical or historical value eh? go jerk off in a dictionary

    • mara

      Isn’t Atlanta, GA predominatly black and doing well?

    • Penny Lantz Mccubbin

      there are just as many BAD white people as black. the white ones dont make front page news. and the U.S. money prouble is PURE GREED.

    • Reynaldo Neggle

      People that collect entitlements will always vote to keep and expand such. This is why ALL entitlement programs will ALWAYS be a corrupting influence over legislation. Entitlements operate just like feedback loop. they grow themselves and the more they grow the more they grow themselves, and on and on. We as a people who think that safety nets for people is the human thing to do need to understand this. They might be humane, but they will eventually destroy your economy.

    • Jack Bing

      This is why Conservatives are called racists when we aren’t. Detroit isn’t dead because black people can’t run a city or live in it as productive citizens. The color of the people in the city has nothing to do with it. Liberalism can’t run a city or live in it as productive citizens. All other things being equal, had Detroit been run by white people or people of any other color it would still be in exactly the same state.

      This isn’t a color issue. It’s a stupidity issue. Liberalism destroys and Detroit is just the end result of decades of Liberal policies.

      You had some good points Steve until you went to the race issue. Too bad really. How many people will read what you wrote and ONLY focus on that piece when the rest is what really mattered? Unfortunately you leave us with little choice.

    • BuckJohnson

      So the other municipalities when they go bankrupt will they be ran by blacks, have massive black crime on crime and be democratic? No they won’t, and you know that.

    • erikz

      That’s because when you put it like that, it deflects people from the problem and puts it as a race and party issue.

    • PMM

      You are exactly correct!

    • Illusive Man

      Can we blame whites for the US economic crisis, and the larger global crisis.

    • Illusive Man

      Can we blame whites for the US economic crisis, and the larger global crisis?

    • Luke Prescott

      LOL you called a guy on his PCness THEN used PC by called them African Americans. They are NOT African Americans, they are AMERICANS OR BLACKS OR NEGRO’s!

    • Chad3434

      I have tried to figure out just what is wrong with blacks. They touch it they screw it up. Most would not work if you gave them a job in a pie factory tasting pies. Most are free loaders especially in large cities. 80% of the children are born out of wedlock. I mean really what is wrong with these people and how on earth do you fix it? I have no idea except we start calling a spade a spade and stop with all of this we might offend them.

    • Robert J Knight

      Amen to that. Speak the truth the only one you have to fear is your government.

    • Alex Westphal

      Wow, Steve. For being such a smart guy like yourself, it’s surprising you didn’t link to any empirical data that can prove your racist hypothesis. I’ll generalize, too – I’m guessing you surround yourself with people who find it easy to hate, and your not black. Am I right? And you also vote conservative? Hmmm too easy.

    • Gerald Atherton


    • Lulu

      Yes, and now that Detroit has fallen to pieces they are all coming to the west side of the state, we’ve had a recent influx of Blacks in the past few years, and guess what robberies , and other crimes are on the rise.A whole group of them moved into my previously quiet Neibhorhood , and since then our vehicles have been broken into and things stolen from our yard.I don’t consider myself racist, but what choice are they leaving me?

    • Joe blow

      they also forgot that the U.S. was in the Black before a WHITE President took over and when he left we were in the red by Almost 10 trillion dollars, the housing market was doomed, Wall St crashed, our schools system destroyed and medical and insurance cost soared…..when you talk truth Steve, try to talk about all people and not your bigoted one sided thoughts.

    • Craig

      You left out the fact that most of the jobs left due to increasing automation and relocation of the plants.

      You left out the fact that the boneheaded management of the auto manufacturers are more to blame than the unions.

      You left out the fact that you’re a huge racist.

    • koremega

      So deport all the black people? I mean we have a lot of their males in prison. What would you propose? Genocide?

    • commandergreen

      Yup but the libs will never get it.
      From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe from breadbasket to basket, and over there they are actually killing the white farmers (of course you wont see that on the mainstream anti-white media). How about haiti, did you know they killed all the whites and we see how well that went for them.

    • Oli

      hmm Black prez and spent more than all prez combined… See big pic Detroit?

    • hillbillyhustle

      wow. based on the number of your likes vs. dislikes. it is easy to see the demise of our educational system. So, when the rest of the country goes broke and cities file for bankruptcy, will it be because they are black and/or democrat? your idiocy baffles me.

    • bill

      I am pretty sure you just pulled the race card, not to say that some of what you are saying is not correct, but I would not call this a “black problem”. Black people are not running the car companies nor are they sending all of the jobs overseas. Black people are not controlling the Federal Reserve and the greedy banks that get bailed out while this city is thrown to the wolves….

    • larry burdge

      Tis’ true,, BUT, In today’s America half of us know it but don’t talk about it as we’re Soooo “racist” ,,,,,,, don’t cha’ know. The other half know it but refuse to accept it as it would show that Socialistic Liberal engineering just doesn’t work and they will continue to try to “get it right” even if it kills all of us,,,,,,,, AND America goes down the toilet,,,,,,,,,, don’t cha’ know. The “plan” is working great,,,,,, don’t cha’ know.

    • baregil

      Black Detroit. Yeah!!!

    • Sully

      You forgot the crack epidemic of the 80s

    • John

      And racists are ruling the world.

      African-Americans on average don’t have the same advantages and opportunities white people have. The reason they still live in Detroit is because they haven’t been able to afford to move out like all the rich white people. We live in a racist state in the hands of rich white men.

    • mac

      Ya, the failing automobile economy is because of African americans. Lets try and blame global warming and world poverty on them too

    • robin

      no excuses blacks are the blame for the ruin right its happening all over america in the city I was born in 1958 the cities were not war zones until the blacks took over feel sorry for me privilege has ruin this country

    • Bill-D

      Good post. Tell the truth and screw them. The Blacks are destroying everything they touch.

    • Neal Feldman

      Nice little racist teatard.

      Now go iron your white robes and pointy hood.

    • Dr.Frank

      we must also point out the fact that the “white” politicians that held the office positions saw the down fall coming after taking Detroit’s tax dollars to build the suburbs while doing little for the city itself. After seeing the poop about to hit the fan they decided it was best to fill the positions with the local “blacks” to sort out the mess much like America itself in presidency. However we cannot place bankruptcy solely on race, though it does play a factor, simply because we must also remember that “blacks” weren’t given the advantage of “white” history and education. While “whites” were given the advantages of education and experience the “blacks” were simply told to “catch up” with little help or in some cases none at all. This is why most do not try and play the race card because when doing so you must think of how “whites” must hold some responsibility in the failure of such a beautiful city. Yes flack will be remarked for the race card but that still doesn’t explain the condition of America’s overall bankruptcy.

    • Maureen P Retting

      You are dead on. I’m on internet today, looking for comparison’s and similar mismanagement’s of cities, for Atanta, ga. and others like Detroit. The over expenditures and lack of care with police, fire, schools, libraries, and public services and so much more are rampant in Mayor Kiseem Reeds agenda for Atlanta. Its not if any more , it’s when. Of course, the he keeps getting voted back in due to the high population of the Ethnic overload. Thanks to the exodus of Detroit and The Whole Katrina Ordeal. Its crime is out of control. The police are so understaffed as well as way behind on “Fair Pay” it goes on and on.

    • disqus_OTVrUbUXR6

      You’re just racist trash.

    • JoeDokes999

      Doesn’t matter. Both parties support insane subsidies that help suburbs grow while encouraging cities to die. In fact, the suburbs around Detroit are some of the richest in the U.S. Both parties support shipping jobs overseas, while other countries (Germany, for example), do the opposite – they encourage jobs and factories to stay in Germany. Guess what? You don’t have dying cities and pockets of urban poor in Germany. Wonder why?

    • Rayvyn007

      So that means that when Detroit was booming, it was being run by Democrats. OK got it!

  • K

    Detroit was a 1 trick pony. It was tied forever with the auto industry. As long as everyone was driving American cars it would prosper. The day many turned from American cars, for many reasons, it began to go down the drain. You can argue politics, who lives there, and all those side issues. The simple fact is the big corporations and the elites, turned off the money spigot to Detroit. Look at all the superfund sights. Move the financial district out of NY city, in twenty years it will look like Detroit. If the big corporations, bankers and elite, need your area it will continue. No matter who is running it. If they do not need your area, then no matter who is running it. It will start a downward spiral. Too few, control way too much.

    • Jack Frost

      They turned off the money spigot after blacks assumed power and began demanding tributes and other paybacks. When workers became too lazy or stupid to do anything productive, the businesses left. The left fails to realize an economy based solely on racial grievance is destined to fail without actual real successful businesses to guilt or extort payments from. Most of teh money owed by the city is to city unions who sold their votes over the decades for payback in retirement. They owe 18 billion dollars. Time for everyone to get a bite of the sandwich now..

      • K

        You may think as you wish. I think it had far more to do, with not paying to clean up those superfund sights.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      Japan ate their lunch :::burp::

    • gfmucci

      It had more to do with Union greed and weak corporate leadership. The excessively high wages and benefits that resulted stifled corporate profits and killed competitiveness with foreign manufactures, ultimately killing the Detroit auto industry. Rapidly declining population and skyrocketing welfare payments were the final nails in the coffin.

      This is why most economic development experts promote the concept of diversified industries. One greedy union seldom controls more than one business sector and a temporary economic downturn seldom crosses ALL business sectors at the same time.

  • mjalton

    A few observations about Detroit – while the auto industry has widely left the city and contributed to the loss of jobs one should ask why? Unions have contributed to high wages, which never fluctuated even during difficult times. The mentality grew that any job was a good job regardless of whether they produced anything. This creates people making money by sitting on their couch or quiet rooms in schools when poor teachers can’t be fired. Spending without productivity is basically socialism.

    The city did not compete to for other businesses to come to Detroit or even stay. Unions keep wages high and factories have moved to Right to Work states in the south to protect margins and lower wage costs. BTW – when given the choice, many people choose not to pay union dues.

    Thirdly, unions and politicians – yes Democrats leveraged ballooning pensions at the expense of taxpayers. During the decline of the city, there has not been any reduction to city spending. Now, the judge has made a political statement by denying the bankruptcy as a favor for union members not to take a haircut. What about the taxpayers? The ones that could packed up and left.

    The wealthy moved out of the city to better schools and police depts. Detroit dug their heels in on policies that don’t work.

    Other cities have choices not to make these same mistakes but Chicago, New York and many others are close behind.

  • Rodster

    The fact that Detroit will NOT be an isolated case should be a wake up call to the rest of the country. Sadly the populace doesn’t care because of the processed news churned out by the govt media complex hides the facts from them.

    Meanwhile as the next Detroit makes the list and the list grows and grows, the govt along with the NSA, just like Santa will be making a list to see if you have been naughty or nice. The govt at some point knows they will be facing Egypt and Greece style protest and they are prepping for that eventuality.

    Too bad the dumbed down populace can’t do the same. 😉

    • SafetyViking


      I’m kind of surprised that Cleveland, Cincy, Chicago, and a host of other rust belt cities haven’t already gone the way of Detroit. When this DOES happen, I believe we will see the same sort of unrest as we have in Greece, etc…

  • SafetyViking

    It’s a little frightening, to be sure, but Detroit -to me- is just a very, very large ghost town that folded after it’s last boom & bust cycle. Whether an individual, a household, or a municipality, you simply cannot survive on ONE revenue stream; like auto manufacturing.

    For that matter, I think it’s time people get over this “America has lost X million manufacturing jobs” mantra. People are going to buy what’s LESS expensive. So are corporations. Why would anyone buy a widget for $20 when they can buy the imported version for $5? This isn’t the 1950’s…

    • Rodster

      And therein lies the big problem. When you buy the least expensivewidget from overseas, you just bought something with a non american job. So there goes another US job.

      Continue to multiply that by the millions and you get to see why we as a nation have become poorer and more dependent on the govt for subsistence.

      • SafetyViking

        True, but people just don’t think that way. They will always go with price over civic duty…

        • Rodster

          Until they realize that they are NOW Detroit. Then they will ask the question why can’t they find GOOD paying full time jobs? It’s because they are NO longer needed thanks to their buying decisions.

      • Jack Frost

        Any business that pays more than its competitors for the sake of good feelings won’t be in business long due to their higher prices. Competition is what lowers prices, they are undertaking to make money. Workers making money is only one aspect. Look at USPS-average yearly salary of $50,000. When was the last time you wrote or read a handwritten letter? Neither has anyone else. Those jobs, with the wages and benefits inflated by unions, are disappearing like the saddle and bridle people at the turn of the century. The entire agency could be run easily by minimum wage young people as an entry to the workforce. But the unions killed GM, the unions will ride USPS into the ground as well. The auto plants in Ala and Ten are non-union. They pay great for those areas. What would happen if the UAW was successful in organizing them? Their costs would rise and hte plants would close or move elsewhere. It is simple economics.

        • RarefiedSnotress

          One point on the bright side for USPS though. While the general snail-mail letter system has gone down significantly, e-commerce package shipping has increased.

        • K

          The USPS tried your idea. They were called temps. It seems they spent as much time stealing credit card numbers, and other personal information, as delivering mail. You get what you pay for.

          • FrankenFoods

            Union employees could do the same..and yes people get what they pay for that is why some those overpaid teachers are so dumb they are making headlines in most newspapers nearly every darn week.

          • K

            Union employees could do the same, yes but they did not. A person paid a living wage wishes to keep their job. Minimum wage people could care less, most of the time. The decline of unions is why only 47% of employees have full time positions. It is why the pay levels are dropping like a rock. Just remember unions formed only after companies literally started using private police to murder their employees.

        • Rodster

          It’s so much simple economics. It’s more of the Corporateist State we now operate under. It’s all about special interest and the pwerful lobbying the govt to have laws changed or implemented in their favor.

          As Ross Perot once said regarding the implementation of NAFTA. “You will hear the Giant Sucking sound of the US economy”. How right he was.

          At one point in time we had local shoe stores, local pharmacies, local hardware stores etc, local farms all run and feeding the local economy and creating jobs for that local economy.

          Those have been business typically are gone, replaced by Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens, Monsanto, Home Depot, Lowes. You see the pattern?

          Those conglomerate corporations DON’T NEED the local economy to exist. Their inventory will come from the lowest bidder, usually China. Which was manufactured by Chinese workers with lower quality control and overall lower quality.

          I’m self employed and I am willing to pay a slightly higher price to feed my local economy when possible. The global economy has made that much harder as small businesses can’t compete with the behemoth big box stores.

        • Louise in MO

          I agree! I call it Union Greed.

          I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. The steel mills were king in Pittsburgh. Good salaries and benefits.

          But, the unions kept pressing for more. When there was a strike over 13 weeks vacation demanded, the mills collapsed and No ONE had a job, including the $$ that others made.

        • Pauly

          The US Postal Service is vital to may small business’ and is the one thing that gov has created that keeps cost down. With the post office out of the way Fed Ex and UPS will have their way w/ shipping cost.

          • LovethePostOffice

            That is so true. With UPS to send a 1 LB package it is 10.00 or more from my zip code. With the post office and priority mail it is about 5.45 or slightly more depending on the zip code. I love the post office and hope it never goes away. UPS and Fedex are out of control with their rates and the post office is the only thing that keeps my customers shopping with me as I do not get the big discounts Amazon and the other bigger companies get from Fedex and UPS.

      • jsmith

        Rodster, you are one of the few people that make the connection!

        When you buy a foreign product, you put an American worker out of his job. When enough Americans are out of their jobs, they will eventually put you out of “your’ job”!

        • bbgunplinkplink

          most “American” brands aren’t made here. My Toyota was built in Kentucky though.

      • Louise in MO

        With millions and millions of Americans working at underpaid and minimum wage jobs they can ONLY AFFORD the $5 widget. It’s all a vicious circle, like a hamster cage, going around and around with no real exit.

    • jaded

      Because you get what you pay for….

      • SafetyViking

        No argument there…

        That’s why I drive a BMW instead of a Cadillac….


    California, HO!

  • Anonymoose

    Detroit is but a foreshadow of America tomorrow…

  • jaxon64

    Just 2 things—
    number one: that judge has got to be the biggest brown-noser in history. Talk about pushing for a federal appt. I can see it now, the next Czar of “Urban Pension Protection”
    the other thing that had given me an aha moment—#’s 6 and 7 on your list. These millions of abandoned buildings and cheap homes–Wall Street has been gobbling these up and somehow makes money off of them leaving them abandoned ( maybe our tax payers money is bailing out their “losses”). This also is probably where they come up with these silly stats that show that “housing sales are at their highest in 5 years”..even though mortgage applications are at their lowest since 2007………hmmmmm

  • Tom_F

    ***23) The murder rate in Detroit is 11 times higher than it is in New York City.***
    Old joke alert: A lot of people don’t know this, but the people in Detroit aren’t any more violent. They’re just better shots!

  • Bosnian Serb

    19.23% of population in Fl are on food stamps…,

  • condaggitt

    I dont see why our racist president just doesn’t get congress to pay for the tearing down those buildings and making parkland or better yet…FREE land no taxes…to businesses creating jobs in Detroit… and when you sell the business then you pay us back the present market value of the land.

  • FounderChurch

    FounderChurch says: Detroit Destroyed by Demon-crats or Demon-rats, your choice. The devil and his demons are destroyers, and the Demon Party is their political tool for doing this dirt. I

    f the supposedly best person in the world were running as a Democrat vote for the worst person in the world if it were his Republican opponent. Every criminal is a Democrat and every Democrat is a Criminal, no exceptions.


  • RarefiedSnotress

    Basically, it sounds like Detroit got run over by gangs causing non-elitist car workers and car jobs to leave. Sounds like the police and prison system wasn’t doing its job right. When the US car industry took a dive, there wasn’t much to envy about being in Motor City.
    Only handfuls of cities have let themselves get similarly bad. If you’re not near the handful, your odds against becoming a victim greatly improves.

    • FounderChurch

      Detroit is coming to a town or city near you very soon.

  • GSOB

    Cancel all debt except the amount $$ for retired community pensions obligations. Start over.

    A bankruptcy is a needed new beginning.
    I agree with the judge, in that she did not overlook the retired folks.

    • FounderChurch

      Pensions is the very first that that should be bankrupted. Read Luke 12 about retirement. Retirement is totally evil.

      • GSOB

        Easy for you to say and annoying to read what you say.

        Luke 12? What the?

        You do have a strange way of interpreting scripture FlounderC, but not unique.

        Luke 12 has nothing to do with the folks the judge is looking out for, except maybe to comfort the believer if he or she loses their hard earned dough as a Christian in the USA.

        Having a retirement plan or not does not make a difference about salvation. You think it does.
        How immature and childish.

        You my friend, need to realize that retirement is not totally evil, as you preach.

        It’s not evil at all! You are a religious nut who espouses answers based on a skewed understanding.

  • Dave Webb

    My Dad always used to buy GM cars in his youth. He took a 1946 Chevy and hauled a small trailer from Dayton, Ohio to San Francisco in 1951.

    He did the same thing in 1953 only he went the route South. I remember the transaxle on the trailer breaking in two in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona that year.

    He bought Oldsmobiles, Buicks, and even a Ford or two over the years. Then suddenly he stopped.

    GM used to guarantee their cars to be the best in the world. They stopped doing it. The year that GM stopped guaranteeing their cars for 100,000 miles my Dad stopped buying their products.

    In his later years he bought Toyotas. I still own his last car which was a Honda Accord. He gave it to me. He couldn’t drive anymore at 87 years of age.

    He was going blind and deaf.

    My point is that Detroit quit first. The GM went from being great motors to what I call Garage Sale Motors.

    Consumer Reports has for many years surveyed automobile customers to see what goes wrong with the cars they own. They do this for every car currently on the market including trucks. The survey only goes for 5 years back. It is not a Consumer Report review of cars. It is biased. It is biased by the customers that own the cars.

    On a grade scale from A to F like in school of years ago, the American Manufacturers of cars have fell flat on their faces. They have more F rated cars than anyone out there.

    The consumer market place killed Detroit when they quit producing cars that were going to last the length of time it takes to pay for them.

    It is going to happen to Toyota, Honda, Kia, and every other stupid company that doesn’t continue to value their name over everything else.

    I ran a Plymouth Duster with a small slant 6 engine for over 8 years. It was a great American Car. Then a Ford Executive took over Chrysler and produced K-cars. They were the worst cars on the road. They are continuing to do so. At least that is what people that buy them report.

    Until they fire the engineering departments of all these companies producing products to fail in a world market they are going to go bankrupt.

    It takes better engineers to design products to fail than it does to produce engineering that make a product last.

    In the 80s, I ran a Ford Escort. It was the last new car I ever bought. They designed that car to fail. I went back to the car dealer and the mechanic told me it needed a new engine after less than a year of service. I took it to a barn yard mechanic and we took the overhead part off the valves. It had an EPA device that fed dirty fumes. The device went through the overhead and was designed to kill the engine. It was the width of a ten-penny nail. It was going to clog up regardless.

    I got approximately 3.5 years out of the vehicle after the barn yard mechanic fixed it. Would I ever buy a Ford? Would you?

    I am sitting on a 1985 Toyota truck that still runs. That is what I bought when I traded the junk from Ford in to a Toyota dealer.
    My point is that even if they have changed their ways after all these years, the big three have gained a poor reputation for quality.
    You want me to buy an American Car then put your money where your mouth is. Anything at all that goes wrong with that car, let the car manufacturer fix it for free. Labor and Parts, everything. Give free oil changes and maintenance.
    Put a price on it competitive with the foreign competition. I don’t think it can be done.
    If they did that, you would see a car that the world has never seen before. A car that lasts 20 years.
    Detroit is in ruins because the big 3 planned it that way. Yes they have abandoned the American Flag and our people. They are going to produce everything overseas in slave labor nations. Why? Because we have let them with our UN based laws of free competition all in favor of foreign nations isntead of fair competition. Blame that one on Congress and Presidents that have sold us out.

    • boudreaux

      I own a 48 olds with 29k miles on it.Sill runs,and its built like a tank.

      • FounderChurch

        How many kids did you have, and how many kids have they had. Face up to that and you have the answer to all our problems. People who kill their own children with birth control should get the death penalty.

        • James

          What about blo jobs? Does god allow them ?

        • boudreaux

          Im 65,4 adopted kids,15,13,twins9,13 foster kids,numerous kids thru the church,work everyday for a living,been a survivalist/prepper all my life,own everything outright,no debt,dont buy what I dont need,sow into the life of kids and community and dont rely on the government assistance.was in detroit 1982,not much different in Louisiana.THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE is coming to a city near you,dont be scared,be prepared.

    • FounderChurch

      When we turned the country over to the Democrats in return for some free lunch chump change we lost everything. Democrats have destroyed America which they have wanted to do since that party was founded around 1800. Never was a good Democrat in all history, NOT ONE. The veritable party of the devil himself.

      • BiteMeRepubs

        Yeah, it was terrible when Democratic administrations beat fascism. Oh right, that’s your political slant.

      • FistYourself

        Almost considered your comment, then saw your user name and avatar… will downvote and move on.

      • eyepharted

        ts;dr: “Waaaahhh, it’s always someone elses fault!”

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As The Banana Republic of America (formerly Los Estados Unidos) slides deeper and deeper into the Third World abyss, you will see different
    economic scenarios in different places. You will see basketcases like Detroit and Camden, and you will see ultra-gentrified, overpriced yuppie ghettos like Seattle, Denver, NYC, Boston and San Francisco (the urban equivalent of gated
    communities). The neolib types like Ian in Denver (that is, those who can’t handle nuance and have a hard time processing complex thoughts) will say: hey, all my yuppie friends at Whole Foods and Starbucks are doing great, and therefore, there is no economic crisis in this country. That’s how people think when they fail to look at the big picture and view the world in very simplistic terms.

    But even in a Third World country, you’re going to have yuppie enclaves and gated communities. And that’s what the future will look like in the BRA: a poor majority, a prosperous minority, and a small or nonexistent middle class. You’ll still have yuppies who shop at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods), while millions of formerly middle class Americans will wind up living in shantytown slums just like the ultra-poor in the favelas in Brazil. The BRA’s favelas will become breeding grounds for kidnappers gangs and all kinds of violence and criminality. Some yuppies will be in denial about the Third World conditions—that is, until they
    are kidnapped and tortured and their bank accounts are drained by the hungry, the angry and the desperate.

    Things are going to be increasingly dangerous and unstable in the Banana Republic of America.

    • Varian Wrynn

      with 71% of Americans getting government subsistence, are we not already at the doorstep of “a poor majority, a prosperous minority”? Yep – give it until 2025 and your vision should be pretty accurate.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Varian Wrynn: The fact that the number of Americans receiving food stamps has increased by a whopping 30 million since 2000 lets you know how far the BRA has sunk. I have a friend who moved from Philly to Bogotá, Colombia for a high-paying job, and I told that Bogotá (with its chi-chi neighborhoods in the north part of town and wretched slums in South Bogotá) is what the BRA will be like the future.

  • llk29

    “Detroit, America’s Atlas Shrugged Theme Park”. In addition to the rest, 90% of births are out of wedlock. Some stats show high school graduation rates as low as 26%. Detroit is morally bankrupt, and there’s not a “chapter” for that one. Under leadership like Obama’s, someone will write this same article one day, but it will be about America.

  • elchaporules

    El Chapo will come and buy all this land in cash to cultivate dope for you all

    • FounderChurch

      More whining is not needed.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    “Extremely Painful” Just another nice way to say, You will be eating rat, cat, dog or small children etc. cooked over a camp fire and enjoying it soon enough.
    And probably living in a cardboard box down by the river.
    Enjoy those McDonald’s burgers while you can.

    • Mark Caldwell

      Down by the river! Where no ambulances go.

      • FounderChurch

        Put that wine bottle away.

    • FounderChurch

      What are you doing for God or Country or your human fellows, except to whine, whine, whine.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    The riots in Detroit during the summer months of the late 1960s sure didn’t help. Those looters and arsonists sowed the wind and have reaped the whirlwind.

    But it’s nice the Detroit City fathers and mothers can give hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare so a billionaire can build a new hockey arena. That isgetting your priorities right.

  • Kevin Wright

    I predict that the label of “3rd world country” will be changed to “3rd world world” by the year 2050.

    • FounderChurch

      The human race has the motive, the ability, and the self hate to commit worldwide suicide, which I expect at some point.

      • GSOB

        You excluded, of course.

  • Janet

    I never used to hear that Detroit was a successful city; I heard that it was a city that made cars and was run by thugs.

    • FounderChurch

      Like the rest of America.

    • jwpegler

      Detroit was one of the most prosperous and beautiful cities in the country.

      During WWII, poor whites and blacks from the south flooded into the city to pursue jobs in the auto industry.

      They brought their racial issues with them and there weren’t enough jobs to go around. Blacks got locked out, so they turned to crime (rather than entrepreneurship.)

      As crime escalated, whites fled for the suburbs.

      My mom and dad escaped to the suburbs in 1960, six months after I was born.

      That’s the real history that decimated Detroit.


    And we sat by the rivers of babylon and wept and wept and remembered and we remembered

    • FounderChurch

      Are you OK?

    • GSOB

      Psalm 137

  • tinus42

    Cities can’t really go bankrupt. They can just refuse to pay their bills and tax their citizens to oblivion. I’ve worked for governmental agencies, they were the worst debtors even in good times. They will keep the trainwreck that is Detroit churning on for a long time.

    • FounderChurch

      All governments throughout world history are genocidal, criminal, murderers, including our own.

  • seth datta

    Nwo bankers are destroying the usa and western nations.

    • FounderChurch

      No, bad as they, WE are worse. Our HATRED of children that has led us to kill all our own children with various Birth Control Methods including the Pope’s favorite killer, so-called “Natural” Family Planning.

      • StopBeingSheep

        Explain to me why children are the answer? Large families of the past were needed to work farms. It’s not the 1800’s any more gramps.

        • FounderChurch

          Clearly you think you know it all, like most children, so no one could possibly explain anything to such a wannabe know it all.

  • headinhome7

    I want to argue the reason for our national predicament is the “Atheistic Attitude”the U.S. has morphed into.We have kicked God out of everything except a handful of churches. God Rest The USA.

    • InnerCityJudy

      That is truth

    • StopBeingSheep

      Religion divides people. That’s all it does. It has caused more wars than it has prevented. End all religion and there will be peace.

  • Leo 1973

    So sad seen this coming years ago! America will be a third world country… It’s unfortunate.

    • FounderChurch

      Quite right, but it will be worse. At least the 3rd World has babies, White Americans are not men enough to even be able to make babies. This is the last century there will even be an America.

      • Kareem OfWheat

        it is not that we are not man enough, it’s that we are sooooooo tired after a long, rough day at work supporting all the blacks and illegal aliens on welfare. they have all day to do nothing but breed like flies.

        • GSOB

          All men are made in God’s image, including you.

  • Kareem OfWheat

    as the black element breeds like flies in a city ,so goes the city. The blacks are a parasitic bunch that knows nothing except “da gibs me dats’. they know NOTHING of the work ethic. MORE BLACKS = MORE crime.

  • InnerCityJudy

    Detroit should be a city on their knees, praying….

  • coco

    no money for bankrupt cities but plenty of money for Karzai.

    • geezer117

      Money wasted in both cases.

  • Afi Keita James

    All thanks to NAFTA.

  • lynnybee

    ‘WE’ are going to pay a great price ? why aren’t the criminal bankers & politicians going to pay a great price !?

    • StopBeingSheep

      Cause they get our “elected” officials elected. Only the people can hold them accountable. The day is coming maybe not in our lifetime but its coming.

  • jwpegler

    Please don’t equate the Detroit’s problems with Michigan or the auto industry.

    I grew up in the Detroit area.

    The city of Detroit collapsed because of racial problems and escalating crime due to racial problems.

    Whites started abandoning the city for the suburbs shortly after the 1943 riots.

    By the 1967 riots, more than 800,000 whites had already left the city. Another 500,000 whites left after the 1967 riots.

    Detroit didn’t face serious competition from Japanese and other foreign auto companies until the late 1970s — long after the city of Detroit was already dead.

    The sad fact is that Detroit’s collapse has little to do with the auto industry or globalization. It’s 99% about race and crime.

  • jwpegler

    Detroit was one of the most prosperous and beautiful cities in the country.

    During WWII, poor whites and blacks from the south flooded into the city to pursue jobs in the auto industry.

    They brought their racial issues with them and there weren’t enough jobs to go around. Blacks got locked out, so they turned to crime (rather than entrepreneurship.)

    As crime escalated, whites fled for the suburbs.

    My mom and dad escaped Detroit to the suburbs in 1960, six months after I was born.

    That’s the real history that decimated Detroit.

  • EvilRealist

    Nothing and no one in Detroit is worth saving. Burn it, and them, to the ground.

  • a visitor to your site

    So… a simple question. Are you saying that this applies to all Blacks? That all Blacks are (and have been) raised in broken homes for the past 40 years? And that no Whites are in the same conditions?

    • Jeramiah A Bruner

      no he is say 3% of the population are responsible for 50% of crime and those 3% happen to be black also that same group of individuals also cant seem to live together peacefully because they kill each other at an alarming rate and when you give them a city or neighborhood for that matter of their own for the last 30 years you end up with Detroit and every other all black neighborhood which are every getto in the us

      • a visitor to your site

        My point is that you’re making it a race thing, when it’s not. Go to rural america in the trailer parks where the meth epidemic is overwhelming and killing youth and people are robbing from their own relatives even to get their fix. And if you’d actually look at facts rather than just what you want to believe, you’d find that actually it’s not a majority of Blacks, just like it’s not a majority of Muslims that bomb and commit terroristic acts. So you’re lumping a whole race in with your generalizations, when the facts don’t support that it should be so. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant- continue to say the same things instead of putting the blame and responsibility squarely where it belongs- politicians of all stripes. Not Democrats, not Republicans. They’re all the same, and they’re all to blame.

        • Rob

          No… again he is saying that 50% of the crime is being perpetrated by black males.

          You are trying to turn this around and say that whites are just as bad. Not to be used as an excuse, the whites you are describing are on drugs… and even if they are 15% of the population (5 times more than the stated blacks), they aren’t committing the other 50% of the crimes.

          • Jack Bing

            Probably because they are too stoned to get out of their own way.

            It’s really a shame this has turned into a race issue discussion. Just like the Travon BS, race had nothing to do with what happened but because people want to ignore the real issue and avoid the truth they focus on race. It’s the sign of a weak mind really.

          • John Rodgers

            You remember that, when the POTUS stands up there referring to Martin as someone representing his child! Obama set us back 50 years or better, when it come to race issues.

          • mjfv23

            3% of black males… not all of them.

          • Swedishiron

            Blacks are often raised and born in areas lacking opportunities to work in decent jobs. If you control for the much higher unemployment rate amongst Blacks crime rates are no higher than other Racial groups in the U.S. Also don’t forget it was illegal for Blacks to Vote and attend most Universities in a large segment of this country until last 50 YEARS.

          • Leon Welch

            I will agree that where you are born and your surroundings play a role in how you turn out but it does not have to. We were born poor as barn yard rats and we were white. Now I am talking dirt yard poor. Never had an opportunity to attend college. But as poor as we were our parents did give us some moral values and we all turned out ok. I worked my rear end off and sent my two children to college with NO help from the government. To say I was born poor and then blame your out come on it is nothing more than an excuse. This is one reason I will never buy this sob story. This is American. You can be anything you want to be if you will get up off of your rear end and stop with the whining. Every had the ear ace and the only thing you had to try and stop the pain was to piss in a spoon and pour it in your ear? Don’t tell me about poor.

        • stmaybe

          The difference is we can talk about that, we DO talk about that, we punish that, we don’t make rap songs glamourizing that, etc.

          • JeanbearTheImmasculator

            Except for hollywood, death metal, novels the military etc.

        • Denise Matzavinos

          No it has nothing to do with race. But the American black community is decimated by abortion, unwed mothers, no marriage or 70% divorse rate. Over half do not even finish high school. Anyone would be hurt by all this. If you get someone born and raised in Ethiopia or Kenya, they would do just fine in the US.

          • realfan

            All those things are true because of government hand-outs making a life of no effort possible

          • Ivan

            how could the black community be decimated by ABORTION?

          • reality5

            And what is the name of the nice liberal city in Maine that was going to show how loving Liberals are as opposed to the racists. So they imported Somalians and they now live in the garbage can.Good. Hope they stay there.

        • It is a cultural thing. Nothing is genetically programmed into any human race to make them incapable of running a City but cultural factors in the USA today do leave many blacks with a different set of ethics and values that do not lend themselves to successful management careers.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            You can think the liberal rats for that, as in LBJ. How’s that little war going for ya.
            Just to throw out some numbers. 8,000 blacks killed in Chicago last year. 98% black on black. The 2% was listed as “other” which would include whites, spanish, etc.
            10 young black youths killed the same weekend of Zimmerman and Tray. This year some 70 blacks were killed on the weekend of July 4th.

          • Ivan

            I wouldn’t blame LBJ. The lack of the black family is the result of this. Too many single parent black families and kids born to druggies. The problem with chicago is after the projects were destroyed the gangs in the projects moved to the South SIde. When this happens 10 gangs will turn into 100 gangs in a few years.

          • Chad3434

            Lets not forget the black women. Drop another child and get a new car. If this so called government we have would stop dishing out the mother load every time they drop one we could put a stop to this. One black woman had thirteen kids and did not know exactly who the daddy’s were.

          • Chad3434

            Darn those numbers are hard to argue with.

          • Swedishiron

            What PERCENT OF WHITES WERE KILLED BY OTHER WHITES IN THIS COUNTRY LAST YEAR? Most WHITE victims of crimes are attacked/robbed/ etc by other Whites.

          • WindyCityJoe

            500 were killed in 2012. 11 killed July 4th 2013.

          • Leon Welch

            The blacks will have to fix their on mess. We can pump money into them until the cows come in and it will do no good. They have to want to fix their own mess. We can not fix it for them. Sorry whites will have to do the same. If you get hungry enough you will go to work if that is the only option you have. Either that or you will steal and rob and hand out dope all of which can get you killed. Just another fact of life.

          • James Benchia

            Excellently put. In urban black areas it is a cultural problem, not a racial problem. People would be wise to understand the difference and foolish if they dont.


          NO – You are doing the lumping, When the majority of a specific area of one race are causing the majority of the problems it’s never “ALL” but it certainly is the majoprity -what is it about truth that you hate… The fact that the “nanny state” is a failure and the model as operated by Detroit for the last 60 years of Liberal Leadership is the perfect identifier to the current Liberal effort? WAKE UP – NO FREE RIDES FOR ANYONE – not for long anyway…;-)

          • Leon Welch

            We have thrown money at this problem with no results. Now we have ran up a debt that will kill us. A debt that will continue to climb with no end in site. Even if our politicians had the desire to turn this mess around they could not. It is to far gone. I think there are more people on food stamps than we have working. I could be wrong about that. Our condition will continue to deteriorate. Make no mistake the Democrats and Republicans both know we are heading down the road to doom. In the end it will turn into one huge nasty mess so we all may as well get ready for it. Hate to push out the doom and gloom but I have faced reality.

        • Stephen Zeigler

          so you tell someone not to”lump” all people as the same, then refer to “all ” politicians as the problem. How about all the people that voted for and re-elected those politicians….YOU are to blame.

          • Leon Welch

            I got so sick during the last election I did not even vote. Oh but not to vote is a crime. It is not a crime when you know that you are voting for the fall of your country if you vote for either. If they want us to vote then give us some one to vote for. The Republican Party shoved Romney down our throats. They did not shove him down my throat. There are a huge number of people in this country that want change, I for one, and I will settle for nothing less. As far as I am concerned they have two choices. They can give me some one who I know will try and fix this mess or I will let it burn right down to the ground. I can handle it I just hope every one else can.

        • Ivan

          white americans don’t embrace “Thug Life”

        • John Rodgers

          Per your example of white trash manufacturing meth in the trailer courts, how many are shooting up the place killing children next door? Police even have harder times finding and persecuting these individuals because they maintain such lower profiles and flash less “BLING”.

        • Leon Welch

          It has nothing to do with black or white. It is just a fact.

      • BiteMeRepubs

        That 3% also happens to be the poorest. Why do you say black and not poor? I know why.

        • Stephen Zeigler

          why do you used the name “bite me Repubs” or you a bigot ? You have some fetish and like to be bitten, like that knida stuff do ya ? You hate Republicans but use their name instead of your own. You listened to a lot of Zappa back in the day ..right ?

        • Chad3434

          Black, poor, blind crazy, purple, green or white. Sorry is sorry. If a white person is sorry then he is sorry. I could care less if he is white. Just because he is white will not get him any slack with me if he is to sorry to hit a lick at a snake.

        • James Benchia

          Its silly to ignore the fact that it is black communities there that are in the worst conditions. Political correctness wont solve the problem – objectivity will.

        • Leon Welch

          You are the one who can not get black out of your mind/

          • BiteMeRepubs

            oh looky, yet another one. big whoop!

      • Nick Koenig

        Um, Detroit has quite the large Hispanic community as well. Granted, the city is 87% black. So, instead of bashing a culture why not come up with solutions?

        I see positivity in Detroit; I work with positive groups making a difference–in some of the worst neighborhoods. Things can change drastically if the community works together. For those in poverty, who can’t afford decent food, there’s been movement towards urban farming. Detroit is a large town with lots of land to use for growing fresh produce!

        If only we can help to store faith and hope in the young and old, and older, educate them, play sports with them, help them lead active, drug and violence free lives then we can restore this once awfully powerful city! It can be done. Hopefully, it will be done!

        • Chad3434

          Are you kidding me? Most of those people don’t even know what you are talking about when you say grow something. The government has been throwing money at them faster than water pours over Niagara falls in the wet season and they are still going down the rabbit hole. Problem is the government hands them money with not strings attached. How about you grow tomatoes and we give you $2.00 a tomato and you can even keep the tomato. They would starve before they would grow that tomato.

        • James Benchia

          Acknowledging that there is a cultural problem is the first step in solving the problem. Also, it cuts to the core of the issue and gets past all the unnecessary racial BS that may come with the conversation.

          There is a problem in that culture. There is misery there as a result. As for solutions, I really dont have any. Maybe they should model successful, thriving cities’ and try to do what those cities do. But that still doesnt address the cultural problem they have, which is just straight up self destructive.

          The people there, as a whole, need to change their attitude and approach to life. Maybe they should try being productive and open up a legitimate business rather than working the black markets.

          • Runt

            Detroit is a beautiful city on the verge of a comeback. Some of the politicians are corrupt down there, I am a white suburbanite and watch my back at all times when there, but there is so much to do and so much renewal going on, these facts are not all correct…..

          • Leon Welch

            You got it right. I don’t care if they are black, white, green or yellow, bottom line they have a problem.

        • Werner Rottenkrotch

          Unless that fresh produce can be rolled into a joint the scum that live in Detroit will never use it!

          • reality5

            Relocate the blacks,including their politicians,to the liberal Northeast and Detroit will come back.Whites built it,blacks destroyed it,and whites can re-build it again.Not going to happen. Detroit is a Zombie and will stay that way.

        • Leon Welch

          You have to want to help your self. With out that you can thrown tons of money at it and you can help until your fingers bleed and nothing will change. I don’t think they want to help them selves. Sorry but that is the way I see it.

      • Swedishiron

        Detroit’s situation has a lot more do with than Blacks killing each other; Crime is an symptom of the economic decline in Detriot that been going on for decades. When people lack opportunities they often resort to crime.

    • Chad3434

      No one is saying that. But we are saying that 80% of all black children are born out of wedlock. There is no family structure in the black race. That is a pure 100% fact and that is their major problem.

      • Nicole

        Out of wedlock isn’t the only issue. The cycle of abuse hasn’t been broken. Even if they had a father figure they will still develop a violent behavior if they are being abused. I’m not surprised that children who grew up poor and abused are committing crimes. Not only are their parents lacking the faith in them but people here are spouting off that they won’t amount to anything because they lack good examples. Why would you not try to be that good example and believe that they can make something of themselves?

        • Leon Welch

          Not saying you are wrong but I was born very poor. But my dad, even though poor always set a good example for me. I think anyone would be willing to set a good example for these kids but for the life of me I have no idea as to how that can be accomplished. Personally I try and respect every one I come into contact with no matter who they are. Maybe that would be a good start. But I have to admit that it is hard with boom boxes splitting your ear drums while at the same time spouting out ever four letter word known to man. But as you I think something has to be done to turn these young people around. Hope some one has some good ideas.

    • Leon Welch

      I don’t think any one is saying that. I know I don’t. I see some whites that are as sorry as they come. Not all blacks are takers but if I am honest I would have to say a very large percentage are. They certainly do have a major problem. Just stating facts.

  • Bravo23delta

    Lincoln should have repatriated them after the Civil War.

  • Richard T.

    “Honoring the US president”? Are you kidding me? Are we living in the Empire of America? Is Obama the emperor? How would declare bankruptcy dishonor His Majesty? “Honoring the Emperor” sounds better and more logical! All Hail King Barack!

    • GSOB

      The Judge may have been appealing to the king’s kindness, … on behalf of those who are retired, at the end of their lives in Detroit..

      • EdWatts

        That judge is sucking up, hoping for SCOTUS consideration. She is probably as qualified as Ginsberg, Kagan, and Sotomayor.

    • Thomas Mrak

      With the way he acts and the way people worship him as the Savior, instead of allowing the market to fix things, yes. He sort of his.

  • jokyjo

    If the MSM spent as much time talking about what is REALLY happening with the economy and Detroit as they spent talking about the stupid Zimmerman case then more people would wake up to what is happening and maybe we could turn this thing around. Unfortunately most people are still asleep or in denial and we will collapse and fall very hard.

  • Lovice

    Actually the problem is sin, not a race problem. We now live in a country that care more about themselves than others. People want what they want even if it hurt the next person. I know professional Black people who run their business, and do it well. Our nation is corrupt and if we don’t repent and return to our first love, it WILL get worse, no matter the race.

    • boudreaux

      I believe you actually got a handle on it.People need to learn you reap what you sow,if you plant corn your going to get corn,works for saint or sinner alike.Its quite simple to weigh up any situation to Gods word.We as a nation have been infected with materialism for to long,and I believe we’re about to enter an adjustment period.

  • Julio Mosquera

    What is clear for me from all the previous comment is that Marx was right. All of you reveal that the problem is class struggle. A poor white is not more different from a poor black.

  • John Johnson

    You left out the fact that the city went down when blacks ran it. Black (overly) liberals that is.

  • T Keern

    Too bad the Detroit area isn’t prone to major natural disasters, the city could use a Katrina.

  • GSOB

    Unless you are born of water and of Spirit, you can not see the kingdom of God.

  • ashkan

    Those blaming Obama (and I’m not an Obama fan) are only expressing their profound ignorance of economics and finance. They have NO IDEA that this plan for America to become gutted has been in the works for decades by the Jewish central banking elites. If you don’t know who Allen Greenspan, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, and Ben Bernanke are (just to name a few of the aforementioned bankers) and who they have been serving in this elaborate plan to destroy America then you really should not speak…

    • Robert Tulloch

      Oh come on. Stop the Jewish conspiracy stuff.

      • Thomas Mrak

        Don’t forget about the gay conspiracy. We all want to make the world a more fabulous place.

    • Hitler



      They killed Jesus (JEEEEZUSSSSSS) and now they want to destroy GOD’S COUNTRY!!!!

      • sbozich

        Actually, didn’t the Romans kill Jesus? And today, the Romans are the Catholics…I blame Joe Biden.

        • TtT Engine

          The Jewish Sanhedrin requested Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, to crucify Jesus Christ because the Jews did not have the death penalty. The CCB is largely akin to the Jewish Sanhedrin in their adultery with the U.S. Government and the heretic catholics Kennedy, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, et. als. Christi Fidelis !

  • colllaro

    Its too black to fail. +FD

    • teapartydoc

      “Racism” will probably be the meme the Dems and the press pick up on to accuse anyone opposed to a bailout of Detroit.

  • lordonlow

    Let’s see, some 10 tril of consumer equity was wiped out by bankers, politicians and insurance co’s during the economic meltdown of 2008 (em08). The fed and it’s maniacal chief are printing money out of thin air at historic rates and since sept 2012, with qe3, have ushered in the nastiest form yet: toxic mortgage purchasing to the tune of $85 bil. A MONTH. We now know that the world’s biggest banks have been fixing the mother interest rate – “libor” – and has been for decades.

    But you want to demonize black folks.

    Wow, seriously?

    • Andrew Payne

      I’m only replying to the economic portion of your post. 10 Trillion is approximately our gross domestic product, I don’t think this happens to be the same number as the amount of equity wiped out by banks.


      Seriously, you forgot to mention that those toxic mortgage bundles were forced upon lenders by your liberal progressive democrat machine in congress so blacks could “own” a house and in return give their 8 votes each, back to the “machine”.

      • jacquesdaspy

        It’s a violation of Federal Law to mention Clinton’s Contribution, be careful!

        • ZipR22

          Its called the New Economy

          Layoff / Closing List
          Dailyjobcuts com

        • Jack Bing

          Clinton was too busy getting Lewinskies to bother caring

        • John Rodgers

          OK I will!! The libs loved CLINTON! Gave your jobs to Mexico with NAFTA and allowed the banks to make all those nasties when he broke the Glass Steagall act ( and of course this got everybody a little house with a picket fence). Pretty much all at the end of his administration so people would blame every potus after him for the impending failure of America.

          • Chad3434

            Electing Hillary after Obama would be my worst nightmare squared and raised to the power of ten. Oh please do not let that happen.

          • baregil

            After all maybe Americans deserve the Hillary for President.

            First Obama bin Hussein, then the Hillary thing, the Kaboom!!!

            Maybe this will shake the white trash Americans out of their couch slumber and stupidity. Stupidity fed upon them by the Jewish controlled TV networks and politicians from both parties.

            The US has become a dysfunctional democracy where there are no true options and choices but more of the same.

          • skd

            Obama bin juden, mind you…

          • Leon Welch

            I was a Republican all of my life until I finally got smart and figured out that both parties are broken, the Democrats more so. Don’t know what choices we have any more. Looks like down hill from here on in. We no longer need a third party in this country we now need a second party. One big huge mess we have on our hands.

          • Andrew Lore

            I was a Dem all my life until about 20 yrs. ago when Political Correctness got to the point of total ad-nauseam. It has gotten so much worse since then …and the hypocrisy of the so-called progressives is beyond stupid. The only thing progressive about liberals is their unabated mental disorder.

          • Angie

            Democrats more so? The country is struggling and all the republicans care about is being obstructionists to Obama. They focus on things like reproductive issues and Christianity. Some are even downright crazy.

          • Doug Murray

            You would rather let the democrats ruin the country with communism and amnesty. If you have children, they will grow up in a third world country due to idiotic democrat policies.

          • Franklin Bacon

            Republicans love their Corporate Socialism. In place of helping the poor, they give tax breaks to the rich. Trickle Down is a myth and complete lie.

          • NDXUFan

            As a trained Economist, that concept does not exist in any Economics textbook, anywhere.

          • Franklin Bacon

            Dems compromise all their principles. Do they really stand for anything beyond the same corporatism the Reps do?

          • Randy

            What we REALLY need is a neck-tie party for ALL of the pols and then go to a strict merit-based system with a double event lottery to select people from a pre-qualified group! No more than five years in any government job and no more than 20 years total if you get lucky more than once. No lavish pensions or perks in office, only pay that is average for any “typing pool” worker. Malfeasance in office gets you 20 years mandatory hard labor on the rock pile.


          • Michael Smalley

            Heh. Another anti-Semite posting crap inspired by the Elder Protocols of Zion. You people and your fixation on Jewish conspiracy theories never cease to amuse, and not in a good way.

          • baregil

            No, you are wrong here, not anti-semite since I have nothing against Arabs (real Semites), not like Jewish (religion) Khazars, which are not Semites but a Turco-Mongol tribe.
            In any case call me anti-Jew. This I can accept. I don’t like Jews and have good reasons for it.

            I have all the right to like and dislike certain people, same as you. For instance, you may not like me and I don’t object to that and couldn’t care less. You have all the right not to like me. At least we can agree on this point.
            In an open and free society one can express publicly one’s likes and dislikes, without having some cretin be upset because of that.
            Instead of going against my likes and dislikes, try to counter argument the fact that I state that the Jews control the media in America. They themselves brag about it.

          • Michael Smalley

            Back up your bollocks. Show where they “brag about it” and how they “control the media.”

          • escapefromobamastan

            All you have to do is a quick internet search on who controls the media and their comments. It’s no secret, not at all. Five major corporations control it.

          • Elmo Blatch

            All Jews control the media? Or perhaps you mean to say a handful of Jewish criminals control the media?

          • baregil

            Neither ‘All Jews control the Media’, nor ‘A handful of Jewish criminals control the Media’ are true statements.
            What is verifiable by facts is that all Media that counts is controlled by Jews.

          • Eric

            Jews care about $$ and themselves, that is it. They are some rotten bastards…One step above the damn Pavement Apes.

          • Anything but the Jews!

            How can you be amused ” not in a good way?” Oh, must be a Jewish thing.

          • Michael Smalley

            I’m not Jewish but you, you are a moron.

          • escapefromobamastan

            Whoever penned the Protocols have been right on haven’t they?

          • C-Ann-C

            “Jewish controlled TV networks”? When will you religious-racists radicals stop at these anti-Semite acctacks that are the real problem in this country?!! The MAFIA is still well and alive these days & they have influence on the Unions and networks more than what you know! I lived in a MAFIA state that controlled local networks predominently! Get off the anti-Jew kick, you moron, radical-religious-racist!

          • baregil

            When Jews themselves say publicly what I have stated here, that they control the media, nobody bats an eyelash; but if I say so, people call me an anti-Semite and use ‘ad-hominen insults which are not arguments.

            I mention facts and not vituperate people for their expressed opinions. Don’t you think I deserve being treated equally?


          • Cory Donath

            Get ready for it, unfortunately.

          • cmacker73

            Sorry Nafta was signed by daddy Bush and Clinton! Im not a Democrat just stating a fact. Clinton was a big supporter, but it was started by Bush and the presidents of Canada and Mexico.

          • me

            lol we don’t have presidents here in canada,try again

          • You know what cmacker73 meant.

          • shredr

            America hasn’t had a president since Reagan

          • Taylor

            Since John Kennedy

          • Wayne Chipman

            John Kennedy was our only Good President. He ordered the US Mint to start printing Real Money not the Fiat Currency we use. The Banksters had him killed for it.

          • Andrew Lore

            We haven’t had a “Democrat President” since Kennedy. A “Republican President” since Reagan.

          • Progressive Republican

            Since Eisenhower.

          • Cory Donath

            Yes yes yes!!!

          • Sarah Kathleen Martin

            presidents of Canada… smh

          • EG

            I’ve noticed Cons tend to forget facts when proving their points

          • Franklin Bacon

            The debates of 1992 had Mr. Perot warning us about the big sucking sound.

            That was not addressed in any depth by the other candidates.

          • Michelle O. Valadez

            Learn your history before you comment. George Bush senior was responsible for NAFTA and tried to get it signed into law before the end of his term but ran out of time. Instead it was passed onto Clinton to finish and Clinton made changes to protect American workers before signing it into law. Without the changes things would be much much worse. 132 REPUBLICANS and 102 DEMOCRATS supported NAFTA. Did you get that? 132 REPUBLICANS!! It also passed the Senate with majority REPUBLICAN vote!! Both parties are a disaster and your comments just prove why. You vote! and you don’t even know your political history.

          • John Rodgers

            Actually wasn’t denying Republicans had a part in it. I so much wish Ross Perot had won against Bush instead of Clinton in ’92.

          • Angie

            Never agreed with NAFTA or the repeal of Glass Steagall and put the due fault on Clinton. However, he did those things to be ‘moderate.’ Nafta passed the house and senate because republicans voted for them. Republicans still think the repeal of Glass Steagall was a good thing. The hands of both parties are dirty.

          • meme

            agreed ,hillary should be fired


          I’ve got a great hiding place, I’ll be come a transvestite banker.

      • sk-lansing

        Ha! You obviously don’t get it!

        The subprime mortgages were sponsored by big bank lobbiest that were pushing for the cash cow! We the tax payers were played fools while “liberal ideals” were left holding the bag. Those banks KNEW the mortgages were junk and default. They were counting on it! The loan defaults prematurely, the bank is paid back by the gov’t, the bank buys back the property at a fraction of value, then resells to do it all over again. The bank just dropped their 30yr investment down, got their money back, own the property and sell it again. We the people got scammed by the white collar folks that pushed the legislation under the impression of “spreading homeownership” – we all be d*** fools while the guys at the top laugh all the way to the bank. No pun intended. Try seeing the bigger picture rather than just the blame game.

        • realfan

          Poor SK, a great example of a democrat brainwashed dillusional victim

          • larry burdge

            You saw that too, huh? They make it so obvious don’t they? The liberal mind would be an amazing thing to analyze if only there was something inside the can besides mush.

        • Chad3434

          Let’s face it. Big bankers will feed at the troth of liberal greed and dependency. It is like the farmer who would throw out a small portion of grain each day. The crows would come in for a free lunch. After the farmer got them all coming in he raised up with his double barrel and blew them to pieces. Works every time.

        • siquijorisland

          why avoid Clinton’s part in this foolishness

        • Robert

          This is dead on. At a town I live in, the owners of a small motel went into default on a 1.4 million dollar loan. Between the bank, and real eastate people, this is the story.

          1) A couple defaulted on the loan. First the bank gets to write the whole default off as a total loss on their books. Besides the “loss” the bank writes off on the books, the bank also gets an amount of tax payer money based upon the default. One banker said 60%, another said 90% of the face value of the loan.

          2) Motel goes up for auction. Bank places minimal bid on the place of $600,000.00. This does a couple of things. First it puts a floor on the bidding so somebody doesn’t walk away with the motel for some stupid number such as $1000.00. Secondly and most important (according to the banker) is that with the bid the bank has created a brand “new asset” on their books that is worth $600,000.00.

          Then the bidding process goes forward and somebody say gets high bid on it of $800,000.00 and starts paying the bank on the bank’s new asset. If the new owners go into default, then the process happens all over again.

          So in summary, the bank takes a total loss on the default, they get some kind of payment from the tax payer, they create a new asset, then sell it again. Then if the new buyer goes into default, they do it again and perhaps again.

          My friend the banker point blank told me that the government, let that read tax payers is paying the bank to foreclose on home and business owners. That is why the banks really aren’t interested in working with people!!!

          • larry burdge

            So you’re trying to tell me that a banker doesn’t know how to count money, no matter who’s it is? Why leave out the politicians that required the banks to make the low grade loans to the low grade people that the bankers knew would not be paid back by the lowlifes signing for it.

          • jimbo

            It’s the same with bank deposits. You put $1000 in a bank. The bank can now loan out $9000. That loan is deposited in another bank. That bank can loan out $8000. That loan is deposited and on and on and on. All these assets banks claim they have is fantasy. The only money that is real is what you earned and deposit. Anything you borrow is smoke. If you don’t pay it back what has been lost. Smoke?

        • Jim Bob

          If you want to see how this works, watch the documentary, “Inside Job” narrated by Matt Damon.

        • Snurd Gerbly

          And I’d bet London to a brick those bankers where white folk.

          • Alpaca_Dean

            What does their skin-color have to do with anything??

          • Snurd Gerbly

            Take a look at all the comments above, trying to blame black folk for all the world’s troubles. It’s the greedy bankers (the people you obviously worship) who created the economic collapse, and again, I’ll bet very few of those oligarchs are black.

          • Eric

            I would rather get ripped off via white guy that a black thug with a 9.

        • Leon Welch

          So what Problems do we have? Democrats, liberals, Republicans and big bankers. In that order.

        • thehawkdr

          The whole picture!! Corruption, unions, Washington, inner city blacks, liberalism
          ( blacks, vote hugely liberal) & blacks dominate major cities and their governments.
          All of us to a degree have dropped the ball.
          The obvious facts of major cities , blacks, public unions, corruption , broken family life
          ( black inner city culture family life is a choice made). Matin Luther King Jr, would be so upset with the way blacks have wasted and destroyed their chances in life. Truly he would.


          Ha! YOU are the one with narrow vision. Look at where the constant plan of RACE FOMENT has moved to . . . FRONT AND CENTER!
          You’re just jealous because somebody else cheated more than you! You worry too much about your MONEY! Get your head out of your bank account and look at what’s happening to your COUNTRY!

      • Stephen Zeigler

        gee….don’t mess with their heads like that…you know the truth hurts them….

      • Chad3434

        Man we need to put every one in a new home. Lets all face it the Democrats and the Republicans have sold us down the river.

        • larry burdge

          You mean the bad republican GW Bush that tried to get the Democrat controlled congress to do something about the pending financial train wreck but was blocked by Dodd and Frankfurter?

          • Leon Welch

            Look I was a Republican. Delegate to the last RNC. Bush was pumping this “give every one a new home” as much as any one. Just stating a fact. I am now an Independent. I finally realized that both parties have had a major hand in the mess we are in. Politicians love to spend not matter what the flavor. It is in their blood. It gets them reelected.

          • larry burdge

            Tell me something I don’t know. BUT, Democrats are notorious for their social efforts (vote buying) without paying for it. Easy to do when you run Congress for over 40 years. When you give a child a candy bar, you stole without paying for it,, then someone tries to take it back, who’s the bad guy in the child’s eyes? I am also an Independent but I see some (a little) good in the Republican Party. What do I see coming from the Democrats? Not much, in fact,,,,,,,, a lot less.

          • larry burdge

            Leon, I’ve always felt that our Constitutional forefathers were great thinkers and I know that there was considerable argument over/until the final draft. BUT, I have also believed that the one thing they didn’t take into consideration was the moral decline of the common man and surely the moral decline of the politician such as we have today and have had for generations. No pity deserved for America and the mess we have allowed ourselves to degenerate into….. God, Please don’t save the King. Let us try to save ourselves.

      • John Grimes

        I remember picking up the Atlanta Journal while Clinton was in office. There were multiple articles in the paper about the banks being forced to give mortgages to poor whites or blacks or else. Look where that ended up.

        • carl007

          In Addiiotn, The Banks of Texas were sued by HUD and fined $6 Billion for refusing to give loans w/out proof of income. Obama and the Black Caucus (Black Racists) cheered HUD success. ALso, Bankers Homes in Chicago suburbs were harassed by ACORN (Obama disciples) to give loans to Blacks just because they are Black. Now, the Liberals are blaming the banks!

          • Leon Welch

            What you say is correct. But do not make the mistake of trusting the big bankers aka federal reserve. Nothing would please me more than to see the Fed and the IRS go by the wayside.

          • larry burdge

            Couldn’t agree with you more. Though to get any of that done the unions would have to be eliminated or killed off first. At least, have their teeth pulled and mouths sewn shut.

        • Swedishiron

          The banks were WAY over leveraged long before any Federal strong arming to “give” loans to minorities. If you believe a few million under qualified minorities in the US receiving housing loans caused an economic collapse I have an ice bridge to sell you in Las Vegas.

          • larry burdge

            Nope, It wasn’t the banks and the bad loans that they knew were bad. It was the investors that bought those bad loans and then resold them, over and over. Who ended up with most of them? Fannie and Freddie. That’s who. Who paid for them in the end? Me and you , that’s who. Who made the money? Wall street and the crooked politicians (Barnie Frankfurter’s boy friend, and Chrissie Dodd, among others).

      • Swedishiron

        If you believe the small Percent of Blacks who actually bought houses and over extended themselves caused an economic collapse in the U.S. you are a FOOL manipulated by Right Wing Media. Blacks make up maybe 13% of the US Population and only fraction of those by houses yet the even smaller fraction of those who defaulted caused an economic collapse – PLEASE.


          The problem with being BLACK in America is both YOUR parents were white and YOU can’t be black no matter how hard you try. I’ll bet you LUV hip hop and Obama too.

      • Grace

        Or was it China needing a new frontier to invest in and the only thing left was equity in American soil of land and the promise of payment in more mortgages to a larger population where Bush opened the gates to interest only balloons to lower the monthly payments so the books looked good for the big Chinese investors to play the very last huge ticket item left on the planet? They knew it would fall and fail but the greed was satisfied for a few short but incredibly profitable years.

      • Dennis the Menace

        Not just “blacks” but a lot of people who could not have afforded mortgage payments. Then the government that pushed this policy cut the rug out from under the home owners and forced the banks to raise interest rates which in turn make the homes worth less than the loan value and increased the payment amounts beyond these folks ability to pay. This wasn’t about color or race, this was pure government mismanagement.

      • Collin Hawkins

        Um, that’s not even close to true. Bankers blinded by greed bundled mortgage tranches and sold them to other investors who gambled on an inflated housing market. Also you’re racist.


          Collin you have to spend some time in the “core” before you invest your emotional capital on a culture that sucks your blood. I’m prejudiced but not racist.

      • Neal Shultz

        The accusation that the housing crisis was government created isn’t true. For one thing, the banks and ONLY THE BANKS created the obscene mortgage backed securities. No one forced them to do that. They invented those things — and the even more sickening Credit Default Swaps — out pure, unadulterated greed. In fact, the reason they created these instruments is that governments didn’t regulate them.
        For another, go check your Congressional Record; almost all housing expansion laws were proposed by REPUBLICANS. (Though it’s true that Democrats went along for the ride.)

      • thehawkdr

        Politics & the Federal Reserve !

    • stmaybe

      Well, I work in banks, and there are black folks working in them as well. Thus, this is merely a non-sequitor as the issue discussed above has preceded even 0bama’s poor handling of the economy by generations.
      You can feel free to point out what is generally held to be the root of the destruction of the family unit: welfare, food stamps, the DoE, income tax, etc.

      • prtyfdup

        You are right in that this is a long time coming but the facts are the facts. Anything the democrats get their hands on is destroyed. It’s only a matter of time.

        • Leon Welch

          If we would all just be truthful and stop with this Democrat and Republican blame game we would be a lot better off. Both parties are crap the Democrats more so but I for one will no longer let the Republicans off of the hook. What we need in this country is a third party which will never happen.

          • larry burdge

            Voters have been played like a fiddle by both sides of the political criminals.

          • GE

            Eliminate the entire party system. All should run independently on their own merits. No party loyalty voting.
            Vote on the merits of the legislation or candidate only.

          • carl007

            Third party vote has repercussions . I voted for Ross Perot. Perot got 18% of vote. Clinton only got 3 % more votes than Bush.

            In effect, my vote was for Clinton. If I and 2-3% others did not vote for Perot, Bush would have been President.

    • Jim Gross

      “violent crime”
      not the crime you did to yourself and blame the bank

    • Jim Hinnant

      Apples and oranges, sir. Apples and oranges.

    • John Rodgers

      TOXIC MORTGAGE !!!!!! THINK ACORN and LOW INCOME HOME OWNERSHIP!!! YOU BIG DUMMY!!!! Detroit had over 100,000 creditors. How many low income LIBERAL home buyers did the banks have that couldn’t meet their responsibility? I’m sure they also have been voting DEMOCRAT as long or longer than they have been missing their payments!

    • Chad3434

      You are correct. Never and I mean never trust a big banker. Do not trust the Federal Reserve and in most situations you can not trust a politician. But we have the black problem also. We all need to start telling the truth.

    • barrashee

      Financial system is a problem, but his comments about crime and the consequences of the disintegration of the black family and the failure of public education are true as well. Enough of trying to avoid one hard subject by switching to another hard subject. Deal with whatever is on YOUR plate,

      • Leon Welch

        The black family structure is complete toast. Over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. No education system. Some graduate and can not even read. If you were to start now and COULD

    • larry burdge

      Seriously? Yep. (And by the way, You left out Lawyers).

    • Brian Brown

      I don’t think anyone was demonizing black people, as they were point out that the injustice that has been done to our homes, leading to fatherlessness, has been seen more in the black community, and the effects of such fatherlessness is nothing short of apocalyptic. As men we have no idea what it means to be a man, and so we are no longer active in our children’s lives. Similar effects have been seen in animals in the absence of a strong male role model. It’s time we step up as men and play the part.

    • NeoconsNailed

      He’s right. Let’s not leave it at black folks but examine the Jewish agenda that has left blacks, whites, America and the world in the sewer while enriching and glorifying its own adherents. Blacks deserve great discredit for their poor showing, yes, but it’s Jew moneybags and mandarins that have institutionalized their vices and weaponized them against whites. Divide and conquer on a massive, long-term scale. Don’t believe it? See ihr dot org; JewWatch; anunews dot net. Search THE ALIEN GRIP ON OUR NEWS…. if you dare.

    • Michael Hale

      Truth hurts doesn’t it? The Fed is controlled by Obama.


      You conveniently left out the main players of that banking scandal – Maxine Watters, Barney Frank and Franklin Rains. Two Black’s and an anti White Jewish queer.

    • WildBill51

      Equity was wiped out because people bought houses they couldn’t afford. Real estate shot up at an unreasonable rate. For example the house I lived in in high school sold for $110,00 Oct 2001. Then it sold for $215,000 Aug 2002, less than a year later. Then 2 years later it sold for $360,000 and now it is on the market for $140,000 after the buyer, who paid $360,000 could no longer make the payments. When my parents sold it for $21,500 in 1972 they were glad to get rid of the ‘dump’ as they called it. The unqualified buyers, competing with the qualified buyers, drove the prices to unreasonable high prices. Real estate should double every 12 to 15 years. But in the late 1990s to 2008 some properties were doubling in price every 12 to 18 months. That wasn’t sustainable.

    • LarstheRed

      The problem with your pointing out the banks, insurance companies, etc., is Detroit has been falling down long before that final nail in the coffin.

    • techD

      lordonlow, you nailed it on the head. glad to see your blinders off, as a great many have bought into this pyramid scheme. for those that have bought the BS, do ur homework in history, and check out eddy bernays..he created public relations

    • AB

      Dude, that is such a rad cool smart comment! Good job! – AB in SoCal

    • Adam Braun

      Ahh yes, The Jews and their money schemes.

    • J Moore

      Yes blaming blacks for the root problem is like blaming the infection for the cut. Corporations, the wealthy and police have created a lot of the poverty that creates most of the crime. Our vindicitve politicians HATE each other and do no work to fix the problems. The republicsn debates are similar to watching jerry springer. I can remember when we didnt like the others policies but still worked towards something. Now its just contempt for the other side.

  • Tiaraak

    Im gonna pray you get some sense…

    • AntiBS

      There’s one of the answers right there. Praying = Doing nothing. The radical religious are doing the same to the US as all religious regimes are doing to their countries. Deny education needed to promote progress and replace with religious preaching which does the opposite. Amen

      • t t

        “Deny education”? Really. You don’t know your history at all, do you. It was Christians that created the first Universities.
        Perhaps you’ve heard of Pepperdine University, Biola, Georgetown or Notre Dame? Just about every major University in America was started by Christians.
        Christian men like Rene des Cart, William of Acham, Goethe, Michaelangelo, da Vincie actually BEGAN the Renaissance, which was a rebirth of science, literature, Philosophy.
        Feel free to present your evidence that Christians are suppressing education.

      • Illusive Man

        People who read the Bible know it is foolish to pray and not attempt to do something. You mostly pray for help and guidance to do things, not for things to be done while u sit idly.

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    If Your political party feels its ok to spend more than is given voluntarily in tax revenues, then you Too will see this demise sooner than later!

    • Thomas Mrak

      Liberals destroyed Detroit as they have many other cities by preying on the fear of the lower Middle Class and the poor.

  • Joe

    I think we just have to accept that blacks are not intelligent enough to function effectively without white supervision.

  • Dominica

    i believe the reason this is happening to Detroit is not a race issue but penny pinching profit mongering decision by the “big 3” to out source the car industry to Asia and south America pure and simple

  • Becky Taylor

    I am already poor. I really could not get anymore financially worse off. I am not in debt though. Everybody else has something to lose. They will just end up living a life more like mine. A rented house that is not very nice. Living paycheck to paycheck with a low class job if they are willing to work at one. It gets more depressing at certain times but In a way I am used to it. What ever you do, do not turn to drugs. Use your hardships to grow closer to the Lord. This world is not my home and I have mansion in heaven.

    • StopBeingSheep

      Religion isn’t the answer. It’s the problem. Education is the answer. And it doesn’t take a 60,000 piece of paper to become educated.

  • What’sYourName?

    Any job that doesn’t make a profit puts us all in the hole. Take drugs out of the hands of our overpaid and you will immediately save money and lives. If all drugs were seen as a health issue and not a war against OURSELVES, 3/4 of all these problems would be gone. Someone will be needed in the future with big enough balls to stand up against our ignorances. How much money has Detroit paid directly and indirectly on the war on drugs. How many lives have become non profitable because of our blindness due to the war on drugs. I’m telling all of yous, we reap what we sow. Aren’t we tired yet of paying for adult supervision with our taxes, I bet you Detroit is. It has unfortunately only just begun. I see a day, when there will no longer be 2 types of Canadians (and Americans). Those who don’t vrs those who do. Then and only then will we ALL be free and not just those whom you WISH to be free. A WAR against ourselves is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Think a war is cheap?

  • Javier Pacheco

    He thought? He was being followed; that a fact.

    • stmaybe

      Lucky for Zimmerman – and everyone else in the country – that’s not a crime … until you enter private property or a government installation.

      • Javier Pacheco

        Apparently not everyone is lucky. Only the cowards.

  • Zag Zorck

    “One of the greatest cities in the history of the world…”. US-Americans are funny–no sense of history whatsoever. So Detroit had a good run in the 20th century in the US (the greatest country on earth that go ever created–tgcoetgec), ergo its one of the greatest cities in the history of the world? Your ignorance of the world outside of the USA and of the history of the world before tgcoetgec is simply astonishing.

    • StopBeingSheep

      I’m not from Detroit but that phrase isn’t far fetched. The automobile has done more for civilization than most entire countries have and Detroit was the car Mecca for decades. What has Paris, Moscow done for civilization?

  • JesseMace

    the trolls are trying to deny the obvious, greedy unions, corrupt politicians and black crime killed detoilet. that’s it folks, if you can’t get it, then you are stupid.

  • Loubo

    Hey I know, let’s send another couple billion dollars to our prez’s muslim terrorists, oh excuse me, I mean freedom fighters in the middle east. What was Obama’s promise?

  • ld

    I grew up in this once great city. (I left in 1972 to take a job out of the state.) Some of it’s issues were present before the riots in 1967. Detroit began to lose population after that. Bad decisions on the part of several mayors, corrupt, mayors, judges, city bussing…..all led to a major decline.
    A huge brain drain when the city law that said, if you were on the city payroll you had to live with in the city limits was declared unconstitutional, didn’t help. People left because there were no jobs as well as a declining school system. It hurts me to see the pictures.

  • Randy Townsend

    Detroit is a macro example of relying on government. Individuals who count on the government (at any level) to pay their bills will face the same situation in the coming years: “Broke” isn’t a relative term and government is broke.

  • Israel still gets its’ 3-4 billion $ just like clockwork….

    • Instead of anti-semitism, trying whining about Obama’s 100 MILLION dollar vacation and his 7 BILLION pledge to Africa. That’s a lot more than supporting our only ally the M.E.

  • John

    Just a glimpse of what Democrat America will be in the near future

  • PopeJamal

    I agree, the Blacks and Democrats have, very literally, ruined EVERYTHING on our entire planet. We are doomed!!!! Jesus save us!!!!

    • Try eating that sarcasm when TSHTF and you’re wondering where your next meal is coming from.

  • Chuck Bennett

    Sooner or later those mobs of “Unruly Youths” are going to run into an armed person. The next day will be a ‘make or break’ day for freedom.

  • Denise Matzavinos

    People are going to have to face the fact that the heydays of the 80s and 90s are gone. We have been living outside our means for decades. Young people please…..finish high school, get meaningful job training, wait for marriage to have kids, and try not to divorse, (unless your are in an abusive relationship). If you do these four things chances are excellent that you and your family will be middle class.

  • Rodney Heard

    The last Republican mayor of Detroit was Louis Miriani. He left office jan. 1962

  • 11Hotel

    Congrats – you just made Rush Limbaugh’s program!!

  • Robert (qslv)

    Just finished reading your book, Michael. Couldn’t put it down. Looks like the first in a series. I wait for the next one. As I write, Rush Limbaugh is reading your 25 facts about Detroit on his radio show, giving credit to the Economic Collapse Blog.

  • Barry L. Ickes

    Detroit is the Utopia or Nirvana of democrats and leftest!

  • mrdog

    Communism at it’s best?

  • Glen Graves

    In 1950 and 1960 GM was strong and selling cars with big V8 engines. Cars were made in the USA back then.

  • guest

    Time to send in RoboCop!

  • Matthew Jeffers

    Just the inevitable outcome for any proud “Chocolate City” that drives out the businesses and the producers, subsidizes the criminals and the non-earners…this is what you get.

    NOT rocket science here, folks.

  • Matthew Jeffers

    Broken people mean broken families. Broken families mean broken homes.

    Too many broken homes, you get a broken city. Too many broken cities, you get a broken nation.

    Too many broken nations and you’ve got a broken world.

  • R. Taylor

    Martin didn’t THINK he was being followed…he was, by a man with a gun. We have only GZ’s word that there was any fight…but if a man with a gun confronted you, would you try to defend yourself? You demonstrate racism at its’ finest.

    • Rick

      You only have GZ word? Where tell me oh intellectual person, did his broken face come from?
      Where did the bruises on TM knuckles come from or the blood splatter from Zimmerman on TM clothes come from?

    • Stephen Zeigler

      or you stupid or just high on something ? Tray attacked a guard for their neighborhood. At what point could Tray just ask, dude what’s up, are you following me ? Many people called in to report a fight and state they saw a man ( not boy) on top pounding on someone on the bottom. Tray saw the gun and went for it, it was then and only then Z used it. I’m surprised and shocked he waited as long as he did, really ow many times do you let someone pound your head into concrete before defending yourself. Shuks..blackman just shot a white kid a few days ago, for comming at him. Never laid a hand on the black guy…no charges at all. Wooo…didn’t see that one comming. How about the two blacks kids shooting the baby in the head….it’s ok right….just some old white trash needed taking out.

      • Illusive Man

        Who has time to ask if you are following me if you are in fear of your life? Ever been jumped buddy? No time to talk, you just react. Or maybe you think Georgie came up to Martin trying to sell girl scout cookies. Which is it?

    • Lee

      Ive read allot of stupid today but comment just made top of the list.
      You just make this up as you go?

    • Kaar_Vooj

      You insane. The evidence is on GZ’s head.Serino lead detective said GZ told the truth and the evidence backs up his story.Get a job moron.

  • disqus_lxUSd7Ui7V

    Michael, @ 2:20 (eastern) 0n Monday,7/22/2013 Rush Limbaugh mentioned the Economic collapse site and this article on his program! Keep up the great work your doing!!!!

  • Reynaldo Neggle

    Detroit’s biggest industry – Hardcore Pawn.

  • Yuri Nator

    To TM’s defense, Zimmerman was following him in a large SUV. If you were 17 years old and some stranger was following you in an SUV, the first thing in your mind would be “this strange man might want to rape me” and not “he’s the neighborhood watch captain”.

    • Rick

      My thoughts would be to run away and or ring the police.

      If yours thoughts are to beat that person up, then our thinking are very much different.

    • realfan

      A call to the police rather than a conversation with R. Gentel would have been appropriate.

  • Cihat

    I have very bad news for you fellow Americans.. I am visiting USA after 23 years and ı am astonished how this country is still wealthiest nation with no manufacturing jobs all starbucks and walmart services jobs for the poor and financial gambling jobs for the rich.. I wrote to 100 s of companies ‘asking to buy’ did not get responses to more than 3… and for selling jobs it is a disaster the rate not replying at all.If I wrote same article in Alibaba 100 chinese will be chasing me for business !! I think USA should take another look at itself and manufacturing again.. once Yuan becomes a Money of exchange and iif you follow same routine I can tell you better look to move .. I am not amazed at Detroit after seeing the current business environment… By the way you sitll have window type airconditioners which are very unenvironmental using a lot of energy.. they area antiques in middle east, forget europe.. still wooden electriciy poles 🙂 concrete ones are changing to stainless steel all over the World ! wake up shopping malls won’t take America much further!!

  • anotherinterestedreader

    Very interesting. I would like to know where the money went with each year’s $100 million deficit. Were city employees overpaid? Were fraudulent purchases made? I understand a former mayor was found guilty of something – but I don’t know what. Was there graft or other criminal activity among the elected leaders?

  • Joeg126

    Dr. E. Michael Jones explains how this happens in his book ” The Slaughter of the Cities”
    It should be required reading for every high school and college student!

  • David Ross

    If only we could have *all* states run by liberal Democrats for 50+ years. Man that would be great huh?

  • Jim Oliver


  • NoFNway

    In the previous comments and post leaning heavily to the right no one mentions the fact that most of this urban decay was the result of greedy men in high offices pumping millions into a political process that assured them the ability to steal the wealth of this nation and cause this economic down-turn. And for all of you bigoted, racist hicktards who think you are telling some “truth” as a way of choosing some color other than your own as the reason this city and others like it are in jeopardy, ALL of the banks, large loan corporations and businesses that caused the economic upheaval putting a bite on us all… were owned and operated by WHITES! The rest of your rhetoric “truth” has only merit in the fact that you choose , as racists, to blame all on non-whites, those with the least power politically and economically! But don’t you worry, a change is comin’!


      awwwww, a self loathing liberal LOL

      • NoFNway

        So explain the “self loathing” part? Or maybe it is just YOUR partisan blindness (like most of the left) that tells you to ignore reality, once again in favor of the right wing brainwashing rhetoric. Seriously, if you state a lie over and over again it
        doesn’t make it true to anyone except those too weak minded to seek the truth for themselves as opposed to the banter and droning of others intent on hiding it.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Romney was right when he said last year that Detroit could not be saved by a bailout.

  • hockeyfreak

    Many things have combined to put Detroit in the state that it is in and many things will have to combine to pull it out there were 1.8 million people back in the day that worked in the city and paid taxes they left to get work else where and left 700 thousand in the city why not send tax bills to those who left the city? After all if you were to move away and owe money on an item a bill collector would come after you the city looked after the people when they worked and helped raise there children time has come for the million plus to pay their dues.Oh and don’t say they can’t cause they can trace anything they want if they want it bad enough and if they want the money bad enough they could go after wages.

    • dredzo

      The people who left did not owe money. You are insane.

    • Max_Rebo

      don’t be dense. everyone would abandon detroit if they could afford to move. the 700,000 are the uneducated destitute, the employed family and friends who won’t leave them, and the businesses that make a profit from a captive citizenry (including the govt).

  • Smacker

    Um Zimmerman was following him, after he was told by 911 not to. So you’re a dummy.

    • Rick

      Are 911 operators people of authority derived by earning the representation of the people?

    • Stephen Zeigler

      well there we have it ..the wisdom of the sage. Z was doing what he was suppose to do, observe. The dispatcher can NOT tell him what to do or not do. it’s the law, dummy. Your watching CNN so no one expects you to know the truth. Smacker, had Tray broken into your home that night after Z spoted him, and could no longer tell the police where he had gone….would you have sued ? Betting you would have as your claim would now be Z failed to observe and report. As such you got raped, robbed but then you wouldn’t want to Z to follow a hooded man walking in between buildings after a number of break-ins….would you ? No of course not…your not some dummy….

  • Darren

    This is the end result of tricke down economics

    • JimmyInFlorida

      This is what happens when you run out of other people’s money.

  • Does anybody think that the “free market” economy moving all those manufacturing jobs to foreign countries may have contributed to the decline of Detroit?

    • Alexander Smith

      Does anyone think that the riots of the late 60’s and the subsequent white flight and 4 decades of Black racist corrupt leadership may have contributed to the decline of Detroit?


      and the lovely tradition of burning buildings down and killing Whitey on Halloween for over 20 years, had nothing to do with it? LOL, it’s Reagan’s fault. Liberals are delusional retards

      • Really? You equate halloween pranks to the manufacturing base leaving the area?

        Ok. You can crawl back in your hole now.

  • thecrud

    ) In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit. Today, there are less than 27,000.

    Why your grand parents did so well and you not so much.

    They could afford the car house education of them and the kids and have a retirement and carry no debt, on one income.

    All the while republicans telling you your number one.
    Until we get back to this, remember every politician and political party is a loser.

    You see we know what we once had. And not one person had ever heard the words income disparity.

  • pleaseelevateyourconsciousness

    please educate yourselves on the pyramid scheme you live in before you post ridiculous, irrelevant comments…the pyramid is collapsing.

  • G3K762

    For all the talk about “white flight” and so forth, people need to understand that there is no law that says people cannot want to live amongst those most similar to themselves. Same reason you have Polish enclaves, Italian etc. Wanting to live in a neighborhood with people of similar backgrounds, values and interest isn’t a crime, it’s your right. Forced integration is denying one’s right to self-determination.

    It’s ok to have Black History Day, Puerto Rican parades, German or Steuben Day parades, but those folks must then disperse into their multi-cultural enclaves? I don’t think so.

    If you’re black and you share the same values and interests as me, come on over and be my neighbor, I would really love to have you! We’ll have good summer BBQs and long chats, but if you want to come and tell me how much my people suck and that we’re all racists, we aren’t going to get along very well.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Heinlein once mentioned “the one-second slum clearance plan”. I.e., the hydrogen bomb.

  • Ann Marie

    As a Canadian living across the border in Windsor, I still hold out hope for the city. It has great avenues for sports, concerts and restaurants, Mexican and Greek being my favorite and not to forget the great shopping we used to enjoy. I will continue to think differently than all the naysayers and with hope and a wing of prayer, maybe Detroit can go down a different road and arise out of the ashes.

    • CromCrom

      Mexican food in Michigan. LOL Yeah, right.

  • Redgal

    All you have to do is look to Haiti. See how well that country turned out.

  • Revo Colin

    Most of us deserve what we are getting, no matter what color you are. The last 100 years or so have practically destroyed the constitution and along with it our chance to clean up this mess and have our freedom. We voted for left wing tyrannical socialism with politicians we elected and we voted for giant company gluttony and indifference with our dollars and threw away our voice with American Idols. Buck up and take your medicine or shut up.

  • imntacrook

    Why is it that no one posting on this site knows grammar or spelling? Did you all go to public schools?

    • mtman2

      “Well” im, it’s not a grammar class or the point!
      Many of us work hard all day and stay up late to share because WE care about the American gift from the Wise and Faithful Founders. We choose to major in the majors not minor in the minors, while their is time yet left to have Liberty and be free!

  • Kurtis

    Honestly, if parents would step up to the plate and do what God put them on this earth and bring up their kids with some discipline, we wouldn’t be having this problem. Yes the government is full of greedy people, but that doesn’t mean we should just sit back a watch it fall. We have a responsibility to this nation to keep it running and this nation was built on giving the power to the people… So really, if we want to blame something, we can only blame ourselves. I hear way too many times, “I don’t pay attention to politics, I just don’t understand it”, or “I don’t care who is in office as long as my taxes get lowered.” It is sick, but I can’t be here and say this without me being hugely hypocritical. I have some work to do.

    • mtman2


  • curran54

    our country better wake up,the roman empire fell too,which no one thought would happen either.

    • FounderChurch

      And Rome and Greece fell for the exact same reasons we are falling today. Decay and rot is decay and rot in all times and all places and all circumstances. And thy name is the Demon Party that is now 10,000 years old. Of course always under different names and with different faces.

  • Harrison Terran

    Our politicians lack the competence to deal with the many problems arising from the economic crisis. Perhaps they need advice from professional economic crisis specialists, maybe like the Orlando Bisegna Index, specialists in the economic crisis, have developed a program that has helped various counties with debt problems, business failures and unemployment. The program has arisen from their development of a unique index based on 206 diverse
    indicators that measures the intensity of the economic crisis in the G20 countries and other Euro countries, so in my opinion they can improve the economic situation of a lot of families.

  • Edward Cook

    democrats and unions is the cause of all failure’s in the auto industry.

    • David

      Republicans and the wealthy are the cause of all failures in the American economy.

  • thetruthhurts

    @Mr. Ditba and Steve
    I disagree, the Zimmerman trial showed that killing a black person is not as important as killing a dog. You left out the black teen that was arrested and choked out in florida for staring at a police officer. You left out that there was no proof of Martin committing a crime and you assume that Martin started the fight. Regardless of race I now know if someone is slightly racist just by your comments. Dissapointment..

    • Leon Welch

      You go by the evidence. The evidence said not guilty. Move on.

  • Illusive Man

    If blacks can be blamed for the fall of Detroit than whites surely can be blamed for the US economic collapse, housing crisis, and any of the other events that preceded and led to the Great Recession (or depression) and the larger global economic crisis. So basically, we can blame white people for all the problems in the world and thus they showed us what they can’t do – manage powerful countries and live as productive and honest global citizens.

    • Speaking Truth

      Did you ever notice the people that cry ‘racism’ are usually the most racist?

  • thanksgop

    this is reagans legacy. thanks to free trade deals and removal of tariifs, jobs went east. put the blame where it belongs.

    • dredzo

      Are you seriously that stupid?

  • Illusive Man

    Racist website.

    • John Rodgers

      Nothing racist about big government, and strong unions killing an economy.

      • Illusive Man

        I made several comments that got deleted. I ask if blacks are blamed for detroit why are whites not blamed for the US economic crisis, Great recession, or the larger Global economic crisis?

  • Change something

    Are you people serious?! It’s not a race thing anymore!! We have white, black, Mexican, any race people doing these things. We also have people of all races doing very well. A child will be raised how ever their parents raise them. It’s 2013! Every race is discriminated against! Change something! Go volunteer, be a role model to these children. Help show them how to be a better person. Show them good morals! If everyone would give as much as they bitch we probably wouldn’t be here.

    • Todd

      FYI, I’ve been called every name in the book from kids in the D, they are brought up to be EXTREMELY racist to white people, even if I’m handing them a sandwich, its sad really cause I can barely understand what they are saying due to a lack of schooling.

  • dredzo

    But they do, to avoid liberal overtaxation and over regulation. And let’s not forget the higher costs of labor, especially UNION labor, in the US, that can be easily avoided by moving overseas. So get over it, because YOU ARE THE CAUSE.

  • Kizmiaz

    Detroit is nothing short of a septic tank. The people who have managed the city and the labor force are nothing more than bowel sucking parasites. Let the unions, the democrats and all those wonderful folks living there take care of the city with their own money. Detroit needs to be left to die.

  • Don

    How does the City of Detroit support the Pistons, Tigers & Lions? Fans continue to come to the games, so not everybody in Detroit is destitute.

    • Todd

      because most of the people left for surrounding suburbs, that doesnt mean everyone is poor just the people that live IN the city. Actually the surrounding suburbs are quite nice. It’s kinda like an area that was nuked, the center is well waste the outer rings are fine.

    • mtman2

      Casino workers, administration folks/politicians, govmint worker[SocServ etc], drug dealers, prostitutes, govmint contractors, teachers and taxi drivers+co.

  • Evan

    Burn it down.. start over. Thats what happens in Flint. See it every day.

  • Spooner

    I would pose that Detroit never was a great city as its initial prosperity was seen by the Union jobs granted by entitlement, legislation, and courts that supported all those decisions. So they had the highest wages and growth booms because the money was stolen from those who paid taxes and didn’t receive those wages, the rest of the country basically. It goes back to the fallacy of a high minimum wage improves the economy. Its a Marxist fallacy. I’ve never been impressed with Detroit.

    • mtman2


  • Chad3434

    I just hope we do not do it with our tax dollars.

    • Melissa Welch

      Yeah,I hear you there.

      • Leon Welch

        Correction-I should have said with the printing presses. We already got out tax dollars spent.

    • reality5

      After Obama is finished with you,you won’t have any more tax dollars.

  • jason

    democrats which unions support are the reason that Detroit got as big as it was and that it had the highest per capital income in the United states it’s because they were all working for the big three making cars. and had great union jobs. The Management of those corporations got greedier and started cutting corners on their cars to make more money per car. It cause the name of the American automotive industry to get ruined which they are still coming back from. Also don’t say that’s it’s blacks. That is plain ignorant. Their biggest mistake was not saving money when times were great….

    • mtman2

      Started outright Jason only it was the greed and ridiculous cost of placating UNIONS + union wages, bennies w/big + early retirement. Vehicles had become more expensive then the average first hous and was junk in a 1/2 a dozen years. Tucker and Delorean tried but were crushed when building cars that would last a lifetime. Like ALL industrial + Ag equipment does; you rebuild motors, trannies etc periodically but all of’em are reusable if maintained and can be passed down generations. Why not cars? The American people just accept the junk that costs a fortune. Toyota’s etc made here is non-union in RIGHT TO WORK states.

  • kstu

    I am just so relieved that Obama is fixing all of our problems right now.

    • mtman2

      Just great! Hey, I ah got this bridge…..

  • Chad3434

    Want the truth? The black race is beyond repair and all we can do is blame our selves. We made them that way. We did the same thing to the Native Americans after we stole their land. Threw them on reservations and started to feed them. Most of them turned into drunks. And to think they were once a proud people.

    • mtman2

      Go back to Europe then to assuage UR guilt. Of course then there’s that darn British Empire’s takeover, but before that the Irish Celts made slaves of the English, but then there’s that pesky Roman Empire that took over most of the West, plus Ghengis Khan Attila the Hun, Alexander the great, the Hittites and then the darn Egyptians. But Hitler killed millions though the Japanese did too an the Spanish then of course there’s the French Imperialists. Of course the commie Ussr killed 30-40 million and then the Chi-coms killed over 70 million of their own. Worldwide the commies have killed another 30+ million.
      Where could you go to getaway from the horror of the USA. Definitely can’t be the Muslim countries they’ll kill U for not going Muzzy like they did killed [still-are] countless millions over the centuries in over 30 countries even making them slaves, oh my they started the African slave trade with the help of African slaver tribes. Can’t go to Australia either and of course definitely not South America all kinds of horrors have taken place there for 500-yrs. Even India has been a horror story of discrimination.
      Guess U’ll have to stay in the least of imperfect histories dark past. Try to help make things better in UR own life here!.Of course Indian tribes were always killing each other off and taking slaves, women and children. Couldn’t WE make this country the best it could be as Founded to Liberty + freedom?

  • ralfyman

    I think households have around $13 trillion in debt, corporations more than $30 trillion, and banks exposed to over $400 trillion in unregulated derivatives.

    • mtman2

      Don’t forget the 299-trillion unfunded mandate on top of the now 17-trillion over budget! Oh yeah, the senate hasn’t even passed one in three[3] yrs!
      Criminal at best….

      • ralfyman

        And a global derivatives market with a notional value of more than a quadrillion dollars.

  • Susan P

    You fail to mention that those broken homes are a product of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. A welfare program that refused to pay IF a father lived in the home with his children and their mother.

    • Leon Welch

      And let’s never forget that he Johnson gave our S/S away. You know the S/S that is now bankrupt. He gave it to the HEW. I remember it like it was yesterday. Boy that sure made a difference didn’t it. Worse thing he could have ever done to the whites and the blacks.

  • NoahFence, but…

    Why is nobody talking about their “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” (CAFR)?? Wikipedia explains:

    By 1946, the various levels of government—federal, state, local and municipal—each began producing a CAFR to catalog an accurate picture of institutional funds, enterprise or financial holdings, assets and total investment incomes for those government and nongovernmental entities using the report. This measure is above and beyond the budget process and replaced what was regularly an “off-the-books” practice called the “general fixed-asset account group”.
    General Purpose government “budget” reports did not reflect accounting of this financial data, only reporting on the budget or “rainy day” funds or pension fund investments. By the 1970s, the CAFR became the nationwide paradigm for local government accounting.[4]

    • mtman2

      1944 the Bretton-Woods Agreement, WE were sold, though WE can buy OUR selves back.

  • Rich

    One word, “ROBOCOP”

  • Who is John Galt?

    • mtman2


  • Alex Westphal

    You’re one wrong person. The only fact that the Zimmerman trial established is that an armed man shot an unarmed kid… after HE approached and accosted the kid. Getting snacks at 7/11 is hardly violent behavior, you idiot. And the doctors even said that Zimmerman’s injuries weren’t severe or life threatening in any way. Come out of your cave, once in a while, alright?

  • Mike in MI

    60 years of liberalism

  • Private_Eyescream

    90% black city. 90% parasites.

  • big K

    Race. Big Banks. What about the 269,000 manufacturing jobs that have left Detroit since 1950? Don’t you think that might have anything to do with that city’s financial demise? I am not saying that race and the banks are innocent, they also have their share of the blame in this mess. And why hasn’t our illustrious president said or done anything about this situation? I guess that he feels that his time is better spent trying to persecute one single white man for defending himself then trying to help out the 700,000 odd remaining survivors of that once great city.

    • TheFreeStuffArmy

      he isn’t white, he is hispanic.

  • Dwightmannn

    We need to save the historical significances that Detroit has. It is a great part of the fabric of this counbtry, that needs to be mended, not destroyed. I would move there, if I could carry a gun to protect myself, but the government says I can not have a gun, because I used to indulge in a product of god that they have said is illegal. Since when is something that god made a mistake. I think that there is a real mistake here, and it is men trying to administer themselves. . .
    We need to follow Gods law. . .

  • Brian O’Connor

    This is a problem. It is exacerbated by the fact that the people who leave urban areas do so because of the violence and crime (Duh). People simply want safe environments in which to live. However, once those people leave, none of the people remaining pick up the ball. They just continue to live off the dole, avoid work, and demand more. What is really scary is that these people are now realizing that they can’t continue this in the urban area and are now moving to other places in the country that do not have the “poverty” problem. Now, thanks to this cascading effect, my hometown is going to go in the same direction.

  • ExServicemanCurrentTeacher

    I cant believe ya’ll POS racist. Detroit sends jobs overseas for decades and you blame black people and minorities? Blame Chrysler and Lee Iacoca for the decimation of the economies of the Detroit Metro area. Racism. Sad, hating has left ya’ll too stupid to get over yourself. White people have no problems and are the saviors of the world, hah! Greedy mofos who have no sense of country or what this country is/was really about. When fascism finally hits home it’ll be whites killing whites cause no one else will have a pony in the race.

    • bobalouski

      It was the Democrats and the unions. The blacks leftover are the result. They just don’t help.

    • ded2me

      You are right. The corporations accept tons of bailout money and ship the jobs overseas. This mainly started in the mid 1990’s with NAFTA and GATT. Something Mr. Bush started, and Mr. Clinton signed in. All highly supported bipartisan. It would make the Wall st tycoons super rich, and further destroy any chance for an American Middle class.

      • mtman2

        Notice how Congressman go in average incomes but have or leave with millions in the bank.
        That IS insider trading at the highest level. It is criminal but they escape personal exposure[media is complicit].
        This is why TERM-LIMITS would be effective. It’s isn’t a career or lifestyle, it should be a true public servants calling for just a time to effect good direction for OUR nation. Not a personal enrichment plan, to bilk trusting citizens

  • Kyle

    I would like to comment that this is not the Dems fault Please realize that Dems and the GOP are one in the same. The collapse of Detroit is part a global plan the destroy US cities and force it residents to live in poverty. If you don’t believe me take a look at countries such as Spain and Greece.

    • TheFreeStuffArmy

      actually it is the dems fault. they have run the city for 50 years. no republicans.

      On the other hand, you are right, both the reps and dems, now, are no different and they are only playing to the tune of world global banking elite. Our new lords.

      Obviously you have to see the irony in Obama leading us all into slavery…after all, he’s a puppet who knows what’s going on.

    • ded2me

      You are right Kyle. Although its frustrating to see people trying to blame a certain group for the problems. These “politicians” are just front men/women for the real criminals operating in the shadows. Ultra rich elites who have a god complex.

    • mtman2

      Good, BUT the GOP does not benefit from the stolen union dues they give to the Lefty-Dems to ‘bed’ their protected status and future control.
      Lib/Progs + Conserv/libertarians are on two different plains + dimensions!
      Liberal/Progressives created Spain+Greece’s downfall. Spend, spend, spend + borrow, borrow, borrow!
      WE conservs/libertarians rue that, yet RINO’s are Lefty-light and go along to get along. WE don’t want to “go-along” with waste + irresponsibilty, hoping to get a share from the “tax-payers” stolen-labor + the Lefty stolen table.

  • bobalouski

    Democrats, unions and blacks have destroyed Detroit. If anyone tries to convince you of any other reason, they belong to one of those 3 groups.

    • mtman2

      You can leave blacks out of the equation as they’ve been relegated to the Lefty-Dem plantation WE all pay for and they think is a ‘fair’ position or would do as many have! Get out, like Elbert Guillery did. Check out Thomas Sole, Dr. Walter E Williams, Allan West, Alan Keys + Milton Friedman.

  • Lord Byng

    Three trillion dollars spent in Iraq … for what, now, remind me? … would have gone a long way to repairing what’s wrong with Detroit, wouldn’t it.

    • ded2me

      Yeah but it doesn’t help the Military Industrial complex. You know, the ultra rich wall street types who have infiltrated the federal govt so that they can suck every last dime from America.

      • mtman2

        Like the Union/Lefty-Dems+big-Gov. for the last 100-yrs? $$$ comes from business + investors, Wallstreet IS American business! The Russians have the Russian mafia, so go there! It’s the federal govmint that infiltrated Wallstreet and ALL aspects of OUR lives now with intrusive Obacare by O’Bomb-a.

    • mtman2

      More then that has been spent, stolen and wasted in 60-yrs of De-troit, it wouldn’t help, just get flushed again. It is a result of ideology that has only gotten worse.

  • 0.o

    I love how all these comments are focused on pointing the finger instead of solving the problem. This is why America is the way it is.

    • mtman2

      Only some can be right, THAT is the American phenomena, wing-nuts can vote as well as real people.
      Who are they U ask? They are the ones that actually get done the basics on + in the ground, everything comes from the ground originally. Whether food, water, timber, minerals or oil/gas. EVERYTHING else emanates from the raw materials procured by those people!

      • 0.o

        You’re going on about nonsense please stop talking politics like you actually have a clue.

        • mtman2

          My toe nail clippings are more informed than your reaction to the relevance, distilled to basic form! My statement stands as the palladium of truth of how+where everything WE have and use comes from. Cities are removed from the value of that reality UNTIL food/fuel trucks don’t show up at the store/gas stations/generation plants the night before. Unions, corporations, govmint -ie-American people are nothing without the real people on the ground and cutting edge of supplying the necessities for real life. If they + WE can’t produce on either end of this spectrum it collapses. Get off your lazy unproductive parasitic A$$es or starve! Be part of the solution or be the problem! WE can afford your BS any more. WE are broke and the wing-nut in Liar Chief W/lying Lefty Dems gotta go….it’s unsustainable!

        • mtman2

          “Well”, moron! It’s the 70% of the American business $’s that come from small businesses, that produce, transport and feed UR thankless A$$, that keeps the country afloat! It’s Lefty wing-nuts like U who don’t have a clue.
          Meanwhile the REAL people are being crushed by the socialist policies of over taxing, over regulations, double fuel, prices and super inflated dollar -OVER printed daily- by the Progressive FED trying to control OUR economy.
          Detroit -Mr.Wizard of O.o- is a forerunner of what’s to come, IF things aren’t brought into realistic terms.

          • 0.o

            Who said I’m left wing? Don’t assume things you don’t know. This is why you’re wrong.

          • mtman2

            You did and as so offer no truth or direction. Attempting to bolster your ego by childish putdowns when confronted by relevance IS proof; ie-means your majoring in the minors and vice-versa which is a Lefty trait.
            Being part of the solution is a positive note and not falling into being part of the problem or of no relevance to clarity.

          • 0.o

            Yeah, and I”m the one with the ego, no where have I stated anything about myself nor you so I don’t see how anything about this is childish except for the name calling and assumptions you call intelligence.

  • Mark Dial

    You have to understand that black families were not always as such. In the 1960s the CIA had fronts sell drugs in these communities to corrupt and destroy them threw their funded propaganda.. This money was laundered threw big banks that also today runs about 500 billion in the U.S. alone a year. As cash that can not be traced for black opps. The government also gave them vaccines with VD in them to study after death. Because the media is owned by these banks you can remember the sudden gangster rap changes they made in the 1980s noted MTV. For culture more change. They also stock own the prisons for profit.

  • Oli


    • mtman2

      That covers it! “Well”, except the party in bed w/unions……

  • Derek

    wtf I’m white as they come and if someone was following me I would be scared and assuming the worst. your racism here is apparent. how can you interject something like this in a story about detroit? That is the problem with white people today. You simply try to find fault with blacks as you did here.

  • Catalin Oancea

    Can Detroit be ground zero for martial law? I am thinking that the crime rate will get so bad, that the army will have to enter in town and start patrolling the streets to maintain “order”. This will create a precedent and will cause any city that will go above a specific rate to be declared under martial law. I’m just saying, it’s kind of suspicious that no one does anything regarding the amazing “less than 10%” crime solving percentage; it borders on insanity that out of ten murders, only one gets solved.

  • ziggy2003

    In 1950, there were about 296,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit. Today, there are less than 27,000″

    They let the Japanese in and now they are letting the Indians in to destroy their economy and their way of life. All because they believe in a dream… Wake Up !

  • RenRen

    well aren’t you too a couple of feisty crackers??? and what kind of idiot are u to take someone following to where you live….had zimm gone to target like he said he was doing of said he was neighborhood watch instead of saying no when supposedly asked if he had a problem zim caused the whole thing & killed someone…he must be your heros since it doesn’t seem like u think black people have the right to live eh? and I guess u don’t see all the white fatherless kids with crackwhore mothers livin in the trailer park or the hatefull white teens killen animals for fun & destroying public property & graves & robbin old ladies….race has nothing to do with the generations getting more stupid, hateful & vicious as they go on…this is what society has created only doomed to never get better, only worse…and politricks??? ur very gullible to trust or believe any….

  • Cathy Thomas

    Only the truth of life will save America from collapsing and ultimately will save YOU.
    Google “Truth Contest” and open The Present.

  • sarah

    Crooks and criminals come in all colors ,shapes and sizes. Our goverment has them all so there is your proof.So as a natural born American Stop placing the blame on the color of ones skin.We all have red blood pumping through us.

  • sarah

    Crooks and criminals come in all colors ,shapes and sizes. Our goverment has them all so there is your proof.So as a natural born American Stop placing the blame on the color of ones skin.We all have red blood pumping through us.

  • reality5

    Ha,Ha.Take two aspirns and get a good nights sleep.

  • Scott Goldman

    Detroit was a Sh!thole 30 years ago. This isn’t anything new.

  • Bronxboy

    Was it the Unions that made Detroit unable to compete. The Democratic leadership made every wrong and self serving decision possible. Or is it the Drugs that put the final nail in the coffin. Pick your poison.

  • PtC

    If you want a world class city, you have to pay for it. Just like if you want the biggest and most expensive military in the world, you have to pay for it. You either need to raise taxes or lower expectations and service levels.

    • mtman2

      That IS conceptually errant advice! A healthy robust economy turns over REVENUE exponentially to create wealth and royalties to ‘needed’ administrations, agencies and bureaucracies.

  • Josh

    Steve: cmon men, that is poor judgement and not true… you are blaming everything on blacks..blacks have only controlled the white house 2 times since forever its naivete to even add teenagers to this mess. 1 percent of the population get most tax beaks and you blame black men. Treyvon was a neenager and was tactically wrong about his decision what do you have to say bout columbine and the likes or even KKK…dont individualize a bad person makes a mistake and thats it i understand your frustration but generalization is ignorance

  • Anonymous

    wow. The racism in these comments is astounding. No wonder your country is going under.
    a smug Canadian who was raised to see people, not colour.

    • mtman2

      That’s right, and IF WE go under where will that leave U? Oh, that’s right U were the one that fought with the British against us and could have been American but ran and hid over the border to hide UR shame and A$$ from the very nation WE built that gives U the safety to squeak UR ignorance of what is really going on. Just be grateful WE are here to ensure UR safety, wing-nut!

  • Idiot

    I am an idiot.

    • mtman2

      Hey, don’t feel lonely there’s lots of compatriots on this site!


    al sharpton an brutha jackson are poverty pimps…they should both be forced to move there…and solve the problems….since they are such great leaders….what a joke…

    • mtman2

      Excellent point, but there’s no money in it for these two race baiting parasites that live from creating misery for ALL concerned.

  • irish7_1sg

    You !@#$%^& liberals are amazingly stupid. Democrats were in charge of the city during the entire period of decline. Yet, you blame the Republicans and corporate America. See if you can comprehend this: Liberal policies such has high taxes, excessive federal regulation, overpaid union wages and weak law enforcement that panders along racial lines, ALL DROVE THE MIDDLE CLASS OUT OF THE CITY AND THE BUSINESSES OUT OF THE COUNTRY! The decreased tax base was not figured into the city’s budget, so Detroit borrowed to perpetuate their failed policies. Over the decades of these poor ideas, more people and businesses left the city, but Detroit just kept on borrowing. Now, the bills are due and there is not enough money to pay them. We are doing the exact same thing on a national level. But, the Left clings to this moronic ideology. As always, it is someone else’s fault.

  • saganhill

    Steve, you left out the fact that republicans gave incentives for manufacturers to move jobs over seas. If you’re going to play the blame game play it correctly.

    • MaxEffectUSA

      The biggest incentives to move industry out of the US is to decrease company profits by 1) Increasing taxes in the US. 2) Unions increasing wages to much higher than foreign labor can be paid overseas. The last I checked the Democrats just ended the Bush Tax CUTS. Unions are losing power and membership because in some states because in some states employees can no longer be FORCED to join a union to get a job.

  • Grace

    Major fallacy: the rest of the country will not be like Detroit in that the rest of the country does not have a 47% illiteracy rate.

    • jesmeen9


      check it now.

    • mtman2

      “Well”, WE are getting there, albeit slower.

  • Leon Welch

    Then show me something, show me anything. I have seen nothing but a city turn into a rat hole. I have more compassion in my little toe than you have in your complete body. I am just a firm believer in helping your self. So far I have not seen any evidence of this what-so-ever. I will show compassion but I will not feel sorry for anyone who will not get up off their rear ends and do something.

  • MaxEffectUSA

    26) Detroit has been run by Democrats for the last 60 years.

  • Detroit has failed. it’s time to shut the city down and level it. Also, the Democrats responsible for this should be tarred and feathered.

  • Mark Lech Jaworski

    Do not forget that so called racial riots in Detroit or Watts were not between whites and blacks. They were between poor blacks brought there by Martin Luther King with Soviet help, and middle class blacks who had a jobs in Detroit. Soviets were fueling union demands which cost about $2000 per car, for pensions of former emploees.
    Japan, South Korea and Germany benefited by billions of dollars.

    • mtman2

      Partly very true, however MLK-jr was NOT involved in creating violent riots but peaceful marches for specific purposes. ‘Detroit’ was not of his jurisdiction.

  • Leon Welch

    This is how our government works. A person comes to another person and says, “look I am having a hard time and I can not feed my family”. The other person says, “look I will lend you this acre of land and I will give you the seeds and tools you need to plant and grow you some food”. Now if you are to busy sucking dust up your nose or just to sorry to plant then we will do the same deal next year in hopes that you will do better”.

    Here is how our government should work. A person comes to another person and says, “look I am having a hard time and I can not feed my family”. The other person says, “look I will lend you this acre of land and I
    will give you the seeds and tools you need to plant and grow you some
    food”. Now if you are to busy sucking dust up your nose or just to sorry to plant then we will feel free to let you starve.

    • mtman2

      Reality is the best teacher. As children develop they must be allowed to fall, fail and try again + again to gain confidence + self respect to then respect others person, property + accomplishments.

  • royals85

    Detroit is a great place! I love Hard Core Pawn.

  • JanetMermaid

    Why don’t these companies that outsource everything bring those jobs back to Detroit. They can buy buildings/land for pennies on the dollar. There are thousands of unemployed people available to hire. The South Bronx was saved. Why not Detroit?

    • Binky

      Probably because the thousands of unemployed people left in Detroit are uneducated; illiterate; have never worked; don’t want to work; are on welfare/food stamps; or are drug users. Any combination of the above, you pick.

      Buy buildings, land?? You have obviously never been to Detroit.

  • Jerrold

    America is no better than any other country in the Rothschild money system. It will destroy the world.

    • mtman2

      Partly true however America is not any other or like any other country, there is major differences in a multitude of ways that have allowed us to sail above the fray of world events other than OUR ability to save the world from itself for 100-yrs[not-perfectly but who is?]

  • Shawn Walsh

    waiting for new detroit and robocop.


    Look at any city, or country for that matter, with a large Black population and you will find illiteracy, filth, corruption and high crime rates. That is the Black lifestyle and White’s have nothing to do with it.

    • Zaidi

      Says you, who clings tightly to your badge of “white privilege.”

      • IBWHITE

        You lefty loons with your constant excuse making for Black behavior has pretty much played out. This country (White taxpayers) has spent billions if not trillions of dollars trying to help the Black population without the slightest positive result. Yet libiots like you still want to snivel and bellyache about violent, criminal Black behavior being Whitey’s fault. If you really believe that Whites are at the root of all these problems then you and your ilk should demand immediate racial separation in this country. But you won’t – because the leech needs a host and you know it.

        • Frimp

          I have a question for you: what comes to mind when you think of a Korean person? Humor me, if you will.

          • mtman2

            Sadness for the North Koreans, gladness for the South Koreans.

        • mtman2

          It’s not a white/black issue it’s the result of the undignified “Great-Society” for the black vote by keeping them dependent to the Lefty/Dem/Lib/Prog elitist power and control plan for the future. The ‘black-community’ is to be kept here used as pawns. Conservs/libertarians wish to let everyone do well as an individual working in league as equals in the pursuit of the American dream, w/self-respect+sufficiency; NOT handouts – a hand-up!

          • IBWHITE

            Nonsense! Blacks behave the same way wherever they live – be it Detroit or Sweden Blacks rape, murder and rob. It’s simply a race issue but some people are to thick headed to realize the truth.

          • mtman2

            Well that’s not the history or the case, unless it’s UR unbending narrative to believe this as the case. When the Christian message impacts all races the pride of life[swagger, power-dominance] is vanquished and the true understanding of the Samaritans message is the case. ANYWHERE in the world but America as de Toqueville said IS the Christian exception in ALL history!!!

          • IBWHITE

            My unbending narrative is based on facts, you fool.But go ahead and preach the bible while Blacks slaughter Whites if it makes you feel better about yourself. And if you look at FBI statistics you will notice that Asians don’t behave this way and they’re subjected to the same liberal/democrat propaganda as Blacks. People like you are as much of the problem as Black criminals are because you excuse their behavior with self righteous tripe..

          • mtman2

            “Well”, I’m far from a fool but will take a little time to school you in UR limited knowledge, grasp or vocabulary. Asian people IB, that come here have seen the worst of humanity to ever exist in mans cruel history. Whether Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean or Japanese. Murdered + butchered by the millions at the hands of their own or even one another. Coming to America is like a dispatch to heaven on earth;
            [THE shining city on a hill]. Liberty + freedom is of great worth and opportunity to their posterity. The black family in America had a higher rate of -married birth-than whites, until the LBJ’s-Great Society encouraged + paid families to not stay together, eventually not even bothering with marriage having multiple fathers who aren’t there[72%now]. They did NOT come from societies that knew how opportunity works]
            [like Asian peoples] but from slave camps then ostracized to isolated farm-camps+ghettos of despair eventually used as drug fodder for mob drug profits. Those that find their way out by Faith, hard work and education, since Fredrick Douglas, Booker T. Washington thru to Dr. Walter E Williams, Dr.Thomas Sole, Dr. Benjamen Carson. Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Dr. Alan Keyes or Alan West, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Dineen Borelli and many more greatly accomplished black Americans are assets to ALL of us.
            What I have noticed is UR “unbending” ignorance to NO end!? Don’t you have anything better to do on the planet these days, like take a few years to actually research + study useful geo-political history before showing no knowledge with no hope or answers! People read U as a racist! Your mindset really doesn’t allow for enough knowledge to carry on a useful conversation for actual hope and potential. This is not helpful for you or others. Try to work harder, it will pay off with useful wisdom. Hatred won’t help anyone. Good luck.

          • IBWHITE

            It’s not hate if the facts back me up fool – and you are a fool. Asian’s have been subjected to the same lib/ dem nonsense as all other races in this country yet their rate of criminal activity is well below that of blacks-check the FBI statistics instead of blubbering some bible quote for a change. Look at rape statistics; A White female is much more likely to be raped by a Black male than a male of any other race. However a Black female has as much chance of being raped by a White male as she is to be struck by lightening. These are verifiable facts. As far as being called a racist it doesn’t bother me in the least so save your name calling for someone who cares. People like yourself who endlessly grasp at any reason to excuse Black behavior is our biggest problem in this country. It makes you feel morally superior while other people pay the price for their unending violent acts. This is my last response on the matter since I have much better things to do than argue with a fool.

          • mtman2

            It’s obvious UR upset + disturbed ! Name calling hasn’t been directed to U, what everyone can see was stated. To help UR future grasp of the bigger picture when U mature enough to realize these things were put to UR scrutiny, U have none yet + won’t learn until U can value solutions, Death seems to be UR only answer though unspoken. That is a ‘skinhead’ mindset, handed down from scammers for control over UR life. Evidently it has been effective + closed UR mind. UR pride must be forfeited to move up the ladder of human understanding. Facts are manipulative tools that can be used thru various relevant omissions. U must learn discretionary wisdom as the tool to speak truth to real power, which only emanates from a Godly perspective.

  • me

    Even though I think its really sad what’s happening; “one of the greatest cities in the history of the world” is a bit of a laugh.

  • roberta

    society needs to live within their meens, it has nothing to do with color or status. i’m sure there are people out there that are doing fine no matter what their income level because they didn’t overspend and saved some money.

    • Chitown Jason

      Well said !

    • Franklin Bacon

      Those who had income took it with them…those who had problems with their money, for whatever reason, remain…they were unable to afford to move, then their property values dropped and they were even less able to sell at a price that would allow them to buy elsewhere.

  • Chitown Jason

    The people of Detroit I truly feel empathy are the ones that had jobs and were not being stupid and signing every loan that the bs banks and market pig blowing snorting whore buying creeps were trying to shove down these people’s throats.Truly empathic for those real decent people who tried on their own steam and their will.

  • Chitown Jason

    A lot of society thinks that they are entitled to this that a new car house loans’s called selfishness and self will .yet enough power and sweet talk Henry Paulson to convince you ,its A ok to sign and buy.That guy should stand trial ,but were is Henry Paulson .

  • Kimberly

    Tear down the derelict houses and buildings. Fill in with good soil and teach the people how to grow community gardens. Everyone works them, everyone shares the food. A sense of pride and purpose all at the same time.

    • Franklin Bacon

      Would you happen to have the money to pay for tearing them down? Yet, then what have you left? Empty lots full of weeds and trash. No one wants to invest what it would take to educate locals how to grow gardens.

    • mtman2

      Nice idea but that was tried by the Pilgrims before they learned the hard way a large % of people will eat from the commun-ity plot without any work. So they then said work your own or don’t eat[this IS free enterprise ie the American dream].

  • blah

    None of this would happen if bankers ever went to jail.

    • mtman2

      That would mean the federal regs ensconced in Fannie Mae + Freddie Mac[aka Baawny Fwank and Chris ‘waitress-sandwich’-Dodd.
      As well as ACORN and Maxine Waters, with the-lot of corrupt Dems in charge.

  • Alan Westerman

    Those who blame problems in Detroit on Democrats are misinformed and naive.

    The problem in Detroit is simple. Build a city around one big industry that chooses at some point in its history to outsource its jobs to foreign countries in an attempt at higher profits, then have that industry fall far behind the Japanese in nearly every way.

    The American Automotive Industry is to blame. It is not a question of which political party is at fault. If what Americans refer to as “Liberalism” were to blame, most of Europe and Canada would look like Detroit. It doesn’t. So learn facts.

    • mtman2

      There’s only one fact that has prominence here UNION corruption[in bed w/Dems]!

      • Alan Westerman

        Or you can refuse to do research and instead believe what the pundits tell you to believe. I really don’t care.

        • mtman2

          My research Alan goes back to the 50’s when the writing was on the wall with the corrupt unions then. I, don’t need ‘pundits’, I stand on the truth of reality! The corrupt unions bled these companies at the sheeple public expense for way over cost for cars and wages/bennies/retirement for 1/2 hearted work[because I’m in the union+ can’t be fired]! It NEVER was the real world of balanced outcome, this was inevitable!!!
          It’s the same with govmint bureaucracies/bureaucrats/agencies as mostly parasitic. Real world business people CAN NOT survive wast, fraud and poor production.
          The only way ANYBODY can understand this is to work hard enough in their own business to be successful or even go broke to truly understand how the reality of the free enterprise system really is + functions as a valid necessity for society to be healthy.
          To be in shape, you must be in shape; IF you don’t understand that reality you will miss the point of what it is + means.
          THE FACT is that the big unions have ALWAYS backed Dems, which both have become more Left at every turn starting in 1913. My research Alan would terrify the average ner’do-well for thousands of hours spent! Per year.

  • Or maybe…

    Did anybody read this? It says Detroit lost close to 300,000 well paying jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, yellow or purple, you can’t do anything without an income. Your main industry chose to move to Mexico in order to make more money for themselves. That has nothing to do with race or political affiliation. It has to do with corporations abandoning the people that built them. And neglecting the folks that actually pay for their products. America doesn’t need another race war. It’s ridiculous. All the poor folks pointing fingers at each other while their government gives huge subsidies to huge corporations/rich folk who don’t invest it back in America. You’re all Americans. Stand together for God’s sake. That’s what made America great in the first place. People working together – free and capable. Your neighbours are not your enemy – no matter how much sun light is reflected by the pigment in their skin.

  • Brian

    What ignorance in these comments! Detroit is broke because it continues to give massive subsidies to corporations and build hockey stadiums while raiding pensions. Capitalism gone amuck.

  • Andy

    All the while the suburban “Detroiters” who claim the city as their own, know nothing about why the city they associate with is the way it is. There’s a lot of factors contributing, and this is no new news. There are clearly a lot of issues that need to be addressed. But negative press is FAR from what Detroit needs right now. If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Quit sharing this link on Facebook saying “SMH” then doing nothing about it. If you don’t engage in the city, you’re supporting it’s demise. Shame on you, “Detroiters”.

  • Jesse F Goodwin

    A lot of these so called facts are exaggerations or outright lies without documentation and a few are part of the propaganda strategy of our Emergency Financial Manager . The financial problems of Detroit must be viewed in the context of events that it had little or no control over such as population loss, decreased State support, the recent recession,unemployment, state laws that encouraged city employees to locate in the suburbs etc. This does not absolve criminal actions of members of the past city administration where justice has been met. This unauthenticated article about Detroit is unfair and dangerous.

    been forced

  • Collin Hawkins

    Jesus, is this website a Stormfront affiliate?

  • IstvanIN

    The biggest reason: it has the same demographics as Haiti.

  • schwabsauce

    A big factor in this (familiar) urban situation is that the suburbs serve as tax shelters for people who make extensive use of the programs that the city budget pays for. It’s not a simple problem to fix, but it’s the one that makes the most sense to focus on. Refer to regional tax sharing in Minneapolis for one alternative. Myron Orfield can help!

    • PostTosties

      This well be fixed by “smart growth”. Anytime the government uses SMART. Means it will eventually stink for the citizens.

  • Joe Mama

    Chicago will be next.

  • Artstrada Magazine

    Time machine back and eliminate the GW Bush presidency and use that money that was burned in that funeral pyre to reinvest in Detroit

  • A sensible man.

    Steve. Reagen got the US into a tremendous amount of debt. So did G.W.Bush…His wars on ‘terror’ (a non-specific enemy in a non-specific place) is what has caused your country to be in such spectacular financial ruin. Democrats are infinitely better than ‘freedom loving’ republicans that want to ban abortion, curb gay marriage and ban everything that a civilised society should acknowledge as right, so don’t give me that redneck, southern, racist BS. Black americans still face prejudice… If you travelled to England you’d know that black people get on fine with their daily work and on the whole cause very few problems. The fact that most people in your country are scared, packing heat and openly racist and ignorant doesn’t help. Good day.

    • Donkey Kong

      Sure why dont you go save Detroit, go get beat up and murdered by the blacks and tell me its ok.

  • Neal Shultz

    Eight grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in 12 lines.

    • Cade Fuxan

      Way to address the argument. I’m not about the whole black thing, but he’s not wrong about liberals running the motor city into the ground.
      And the writer of this article may not have used those very words, but I do think he’s intelligent. he definitively knows what he is writing about! He pretty much hinted at it being liberal policies in the beginning.
      I witness this rough adjustment headed our way everyday living in a democratically run New Orleans. I love my city, but it is shameful that we focus on spending tax dollars on ripping out historical statues that racially offend people, wrongfully so, when we have potholes that will total an F-250 and sewage infrastructure still hanging around from the 1800s. But we should probably spend our citizens money on a statue project and more welfare handouts. Right?

  • Janelle

    The police response time is 58 minutes?! Ha that would be great! They just don’t show up at all in reality!

  • starumbra

    You also left out the fact that the city was run by Corporate America, whether Dems or Repubs, and that the people of America abandoned the auto industry and the city/state didn’t diversify. This didn’t happen over night.

    • IndyMike

      If that’s true, how come ALL 11 states that are in the death spiral (more people on assistance than working) and all the failed cities have been under liberal democrat control for decades, and NOT ONE has had conservative Republican leadership in less than 40 years????

    • mtman2

      Nope, it was run by unions with power and expensive tastes, with no concept of reality and it’s future.. And that is who BHO bailed out, not the car co.; the investors money was lost in this faux bailout. In their lack of realistic perspective Lefty Dems were installed regularly and were just as corrupt and crooked as the unions.

  • Joe Montoto

    Did you watch STOSSEL’s show on Detroit last night? Pretty funny that when the “authorities” in Detroit are asked to sell off assets (such as hundred million dollar paintings in their museums or a barrier island that an investor group is willing to pay $1 Billion for), the immediate kneejerk reaction of the socialist thieves who’ve been elected to run the place into the ground is to bloviate that the (island or paintings) BELONG TO THE PEOPLE! How cute, and how communal comrade! Unfortunately, these idiots and their followers are too stupid to realize that technically, they belong TO THE LAWFUL CREDITORS THAT LENT THEM THE $$$ THEY SQUANDERED!!!!

    But in an age of Obama Cash For Clunkers, and Obama Mortgage and Student Loan Forgiveness, and Obama Phones, why would they pay attention to a little technicality like that?

  • Binky

    White flight didn’t really begin in earnest until after the 1967 riot, which was the #2 worst riot in the USA.

    “Lucrative” businesses left the city because they could not control the losses due to shop-lifting, theft, vandalism and poor police protection (they were busy with the “murder capitol” of the USA business)

  • Lindros

    You idiots think that it’s a red or white issue… Truly amazing how retarded most of you are!!!

  • Epiminondas

    We could easily destroy our enemies by merely air dropping the population of Detroit into their midst.

  • STeve

    I agree with Steve below. Tired of supporting them too!

  • Eric

    If you make politically based arguments, you’ve already lost. Reset, read and try again. Oh… it’s a choreographed white-flight, repurchase under tax breaks type of method in place in this state for decades. A means for corporation, whether domestic or foreign, to be able to trade and hold assets in exchange for the debt instrument you call the dollar. Once you connect some dots, you will see the structure of partisanship as a tool of the bankster.

    • PostTosties

      You are probably young and wasn’t here in the 50/60’s. The U.S. was very different before 1965.

  • mvhdheu

    Everyone who had the money to leave Detroit has. The only people left are the very poor and with that comes countless social problems.

  • Donkey Kong

    The blacks have created this

    • PostTosties

      The government created this..there are no jobs. They sent all our jobs to other countries. This would not have been acceptable in the past. We had manufacturing here. Now they allow illegals to enter the U.S. and take our jobs. The government can break the law we can’t.

  • Thehopefulcynic

    Steve you’re obviously a bigoted individual with a mini brain in a box. Why don’t you go and find out the race of all the CEOs of the banks that failed as well as the car companies; now bigot your way out of that. I guess white collar crime gets a pass in your book as opposed to lowly “colored” blue collar crime. People like you always look for a scape goat in someone you view as inferior. At one point Detroit was one of the most prosperous US cities and it was full of blacks. Which way do you want it?

  • Sniper

    Blame the CIA for the Fall of the city of Detroit. The CIA needed money to Remove from country of South America any President or Business who did not like the USA Government. The CIA introduced DRUGS like Cocaine and Mariguana in the city of Detroit and in less that 2 years the city started to have a lot of Violence, Rapes and Murgers because the Drug Addicts wanted more Drugs. The CIA at first gave them Pure 98% Cocaine to attract new customers but then they reduced the taste and purity of the Cocaine to 40% so the Drug addicts had to take a lot more Drugs to get the level of Drugs of 90% purity to santisfy their needs. The CIA went Laughing all the way to the Bank after they got 2 Billion Dollars selling Drugs in the city of Detroy to fight Secret Wars with Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. In fact Dan Mitrione the Chief Torturer of the CIA that was working in South America he kidnapped poor Christian people from the streets and experimented on them Chemicals, Waterboarding and Electric Current, all that was paid by the CIA from the Drug Money they got from the city of Detroit. The CIA is responsible for DESTROYING the city of Detroit. The funy thing is that no one and no Senator from the city of Detroi wants to take the CIA to the High Court for what they have doen to the city of Detroit. The CIA has Terrorised the city of Destroit by selling Drugs and then the CIA went on to TERRORISED the coutries of South Americans. Then the Americans goes on to say “Why no one likes America?” The Senator and Mayor and Police and Lawyers from the city of Destroit kept their mouth SHUT and did nothing to go after the CIA. Look what has happened now to he city of Detroit, it has FALLEN and soon enough the entire country of the USA will FALL too if your Muslim USA President Barack Obama goes to War in Syria. Your USA President Barack Obama should NUKE the Islamic Kingdom of Saui Arabia because they want the USA to Fight a War for them in Syria. Sauri Arabia knows that the Economy of the USA is GONE and to speed up the FALL of the USA the Muslims of Sauri Arabia wants the USA to get into another War. That means, that other cities in the USA will FALL just like Detroit because no one wants to STOP the CIA from being friend with Sauri Arabia. The CIA are training Al-Qaida and the Muslim Brothehood in Syria and they do not care if the USA gets a Nuclear ICBM Strike. Get Rid of the CIA before other cities stars to FALL like the city of Detroit.

    • Melissa Welch

      Are you even from the US? Your attitude is way overly crappy to start with.You have NO idea how Detroit had it’s down fall.Obama’s a Christian.His home Church is a Church of Christ on the South Side of Chicago. (Church of Christ is a denomination of Protestant Christianity-He had attended there for 20 years.) I knew from even the very beginning of your post that you’re pretty much just interested in arguing.Central Intelligence Agency? Wrong group if you’re gonna accuse any US outfit of anything.They deal with classified information. They don’t do stuff to people.It’s not like it is in the movies.

      • mtman2

        “Well”, Christian in name only. His words “I sought out Marxist + radicals”, ALL his mentors were radicals and card carrying communists, including his parents and grandparents also with Gamaliel-Muslim networking. ‘Rev’ Wright IS a radical socialist[but lives in a multi-million dollar home in a gate community]! Basically an obvious hippocrite that deludes his ‘congregation’ with -another gospel.

  • Boon Doggle

    Quite simply put Detroit slowly became a completely ‘Black’ populated city, as they moved in – the whites moved out, largely for their own safety, and the safety of their children. There are lots of other Black Detroits emerging across America. Their Citizens are semi functioning illiterates who can hardly communicate in many cases even with each other. I strongly suspect that Haiti’s ‘Port au Prince’ capital is better run than the now black held political fiefdom of Detroit The Democratic Party will do nothing but let it continue to disintegrate. It is their false pride and joy at ‘Black Can Do’ leadership chaos and hard achieved poverty, so that they can successfully demand yet more Washington DC Black Program Funding. 47% percent total illiteracy is quite some achievement ! The best way to imagine the City of Detroit is rather as a future Los Angeles was depicted in the old Charlton heston movie – “The Omega Man”. But this is what the ilk of the Obama & Clinton Cultists have in store for the rest of us throughout the Country. Citizens Beware you are about to reap the whirlwinds of the deliberate debasement of America by the Democratic Party Elitists !

  • mtman2

    No one left good jobs! The unions broke the co. one piece at a time by unbridled greed through easy power and corruption! The jobs left them and the co. didn’t change with the times aka gas shortage+prices[Jimmy Carter and energy shortage policies].

  • mtman2

    What are U 10? You haven’t a clue about anything……?

    • Melissa Welch

      You could’nt be more wrong..

  • mtman2

    Yeah, Scott Walker + Ted Cruz!

  • mtman2

    Unions bankrupted the Co. and the taxpayer “bailout” was only to save their retirements w/bennies. Repubs were miles from all that, unions fund the Lefty Dems, always have, it’s their golden goose! Both are killing that bird with greed, corruption waste! Tax-payers-$$$ is used to save+bail’em both which is treasonous theft. It’s looking quite dark where UR head seems to be!

  • mtman2

    Scott Walker is one!!!

  • mtman2

    Wright wants the tax payers to do the ‘other-gospels'[socialism] work, not him, he doesn’t need it “he be good”; he’s a charlatan! Christian Love and lifestyle doesn’t enter his ‘love’ of $$$+power; he would then give it away.
    Melissa, it’s not what people say, it’s what they do that IS the manifestation of who they really are + will be judged by.
    “…no greater Love than he who lays his life down for his friends”.-Christ himself.
    The other gospel IS social-ism/commune-ism. This nation wasn’t not Founded on these but has been pushed now in that direction for 100-yrs.

    Read Dr. Walter E. Williams/Milton Friedman/Thomas sole, learn whats what, then read Aaron Kleins-The MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT.
    Without these essential foundations of ‘what-is’, you + I have no common ground for any mutual understanding.

  • jacobthomas

    This is coming as whole of UAS

  • Kurier

    What about the infiltration of Islamists? Liberalism, progressivism go hand in hand with Islamofascist ideology.

    • mtman2

      Tho the Jihadists WILL kill them 1st when they get power!

  • Tired

    Wow!! this is where all the racist, illiterate nuts meet. I am so sick of hearing your derogatory, uninformed, narrow minded narratives about African Americans. Detroit’s problems does not stem for African America controlled government READ YOUR HISTORY. Oh I’m sorry you probably can’t read.

    • mtman2

      OUR history says your one of the wing-nuts without a clue! Mrs. Gump said …”Stupid is as stupid does”. Spending more money than you not only don’t have but could never possibly pay back is a sure road to bankruptcy AND we are close now.
      Passing that type of debt on to BOTH your children and grandchildren is not only criminal it’s TREASON!
      Color is irrelevant, AMERICANS must be united for fiscal + moral responsibility with economic viability.
      LBJ’s “Great Society” passed by the Dem controlled Congress robbed OUR Social Security ‘lock-box’ to put black Americans on their plantation paid for by working PEOPLE. SO now multiple TRILLIONS of-$$$ have been stolen from posterity since then to run the…”war on poverty”!
      So today, there’s MORE folks in poverty %-wise of population than in 1967! And they all vote for the now FAR Left Dem party. And that mentality is what’s run Detroit for 60-yrs; fiscal irresponsibiltiy is eventually toxic onto death of even cities.

    • John P Sullivan

      That’s funny coming from a likely member of Obama’s illiterate base. Please tell the world your tales of how industrious and law abiding the black race is. The world already knows enough about American blacks to reach their own conclusion. It’s on display in almost every major American city east of the Rocky Mountains. Newark, Baltimore, Camden, Philadelphia, Richmond, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Gary, Atlanta, Wilmington, DC, Cleveland, Cincinnati…I could go on all night. The crime. The blight. The illiteracy. The illegitimacy. The complaining. The lack of motivation to do anything but to pick up their EBT card from the mailbox.

      You’re tired because your race is called out on it? We’re tired of your race polluting the culture with vile rap, ruining our cities with blight and crime, and depleting our national budget with payments to the chronic, lazy poor who are unable to lift themselves up, even with gov’t holding your hand.

      And yes, blacks helped ruin Detroit.

  • AW

    Who do you think will take you seriously with that username? Dumbass.

  • mtman2

    Pied-Pipers do well at leading rats and the young to their doom, for a price!
    Tho the ‘parents’ refused to do as promised and paid the price as OUR so called ‘public-Ed systems’ has done and is doing by stealing OUR children…..

  • FounderChurch

    Roads Disgrace USA by FounderChurch

    American roads have become a national shame and disgrace. We throw Trillions of dollars down Rat Holes at home, and all over the world, while our roads and infrastructure generally descends into the toilet.
    I-95, the lifeline of the nation, has become just aboutdysfunctionaal, for just one example.

    The condition of our rotting and collapsing roads, bridges and other public utlities which includes our electric, gas pipeline, rail, and waterway, grids is a national shame and disgrace.

    The fault lays with those fake maudlin sob-sisters among ourselves who profess to love everyone and every country on earth, while hating America, which supposedly is their own country.

    Sadly some of these phony charity pimps are slobbering agape so-called Christians, along with ALL Democrats, Communists, Socialists, and assorted criminals.

    There are thousands of companies, so-called non-profits, and governmental departments at all levels, who profiteer off of destroying this country. They all need to be prosecuted criminally and given life sentences at hard labor.

    Every single time an American worker is held up in traffic, due to insufficient and inadequate roads, a family is damaged, the economy is hurt, Job creation is stymied, and our national security is impacted.
    Let’s clean our own house before telling other nations how to clean their house

  • Sophie

    I’m English and am I think possibly we are the ones who can stand back and see the utterly appalling disgusting way African Americams are treated and have been treated by your country . Use them as slaves to build your country and a hundred years later moan that they are involved in crime etc!! Treat someone like a dog and they’ll behave like one . If I was a young black male with no opportunities on life I think I’d be angry ! V Angry !! Never mind tho I’m sure you’ll cheer at the next ball game you go to when all the strapping amazing black athletic win the game for you !!!( or win the 200 m sprint in the Olympics)
    Steve boil your head

    • PostTosties

      Oh shut up Sophie. Black have not been slaves for a long time. Some of the richest citizens in the U.S. are blacks.

    • John P Sullivan

      Between welfare, Section 8 housing, food stamps/EBT cards, Medicaid etc. the US government has distributed over a trillion dollars of wealth directly to blacks since 1965 in order to “lift them up”. Then there’s affirmative action. And quotas. That doesn’t include the costs of policing high crime black areas, or the process and incarceration via the criminal justice system (most of the VICTIMS are black…so don’t even think of bringing up the “racist justice system”). Not to mention the costs of vacant house demolitions. Or lost wealth via much lower property values. I could go on and on….

      Sophie, I welcome you to come to America and live in a black neighborhood for a week. But I’m sure like most white liberal hypocrites, you’ll live in a hip white area with outdoor markets, art galleries, and a few upscale blacks to make you feel good about yourself. You have a lot to learn.

  • Taylor

    that is so incredibly racist. yes i will admit some blacks are like that, but not all of them. a lot of the peple who are dear to me are black and they werent raised in a broken home and they dont commit any crimes. and are you forgetting that our own president is black?
    dont forget that white people commit crimes too. every race does. we are all human beings. we all have the same rights, and thats how it should be. how would you feel if someone was basically saying that your race is worthless and is the main cause for a city’s failure? Jesus people. its everybodys fault. not just one individual race or political party.

  • mtman2

    Chile was socialist and collapsing at 40% poverty, then went totally free enterprise going down to 14% poverty and a robust vibrant SS[like in Texas], use the Milton Friedman capitalist systems panel; unlike OUR bankrupt/robbed system circa LBJ/Dems + “The Great Society”.
    Check out Jonathan Norberg Chile/Zambia profile.
    Learning-Oo, is up to you. Start here, google if you like, tho they are Left all the way thru just like….!
    Detroit owes 150,000 creditors now. This is just like the direction DC is going, bankruptcy and that means US!

  • PostTosties

    All you have to do is check out vintage photos of Detroit. It was so nice. As was the U.S. before 1965 and the horrible 1965 Immigration reform act.

  • PostTosties

    One Detroit cop was on a message board complaining that he had no pension and no SSI. Imagine they don’t have to pay pensions when they default. Nice.

  • dougkojak

    Gotta love them unions

  • Dave M

    Me and a friend dressed as George and Trayvon (in blackface) and won 1st prize at a Halloween party.

    A skittles pack was used as a compression bandage. LOL

  • Calle

    How about instead of all of you going comment-crazy blaming whoever you want to blame, GO OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT ALL. Good heavens. I’m a college kid and even without an in-depth knowledge of our political history in the US I can see that things have not been right for a long time. But instead of whining about it on any social media I can find, I’m planning on DOING something about it. Doing my research, and putting my vote (when I can) to people who I believe can do something to enact GOOD change, not the crap Obama promised. You are all INSANE if you think complaining and blaming whoever you can get your fingers on is going to fix the USA’s problems. Pathetic.

    • jack

      Bravo to you for refraining from cynicism.

  • Mark Schlager

    Did we fail to mention that Detroit is black majority, including Governors? Not one mention of white flight and why law-abiding citizens, mostly white people, FLED the city due to BLACK crime and black-on-white rape statistics. Ignorant fools never want to face the facts.

  • Mark Schlager

    Well said, brother! U.S Army veteran

  • Alucard_the_last

    The same thing with Zimbabwe. Take out whites and a society is doomed.

  • N’GGERS!

  • John McNay

    Let’s keep in mind that Detroit’s decline parallels the rise of Reaganomics. That disinvestment in America is a deeply Republican-held principle. As both public and private treasuries were looted to provide the top 1 or 2 percent of the population with enormous windfalls, the majority of Americans were left hanging by a thread. The Republican “greed is good” mantra has destroyed American civil live with Detroit as only the most obvious casualty.

  • DL

    How’s that free trade working out eh?

    Ship any job not nailed down overseas, or off to the many prisons that can now also compete with workers by producing goods and services for the private sector at twenty cents per hour.

    And this is what you end up with.

  • MeanGene

    The main reason behind the failings is the loss of manufacturing jobs. They have declined by more then 90%. And that was mostly, not partly due to your replican President Mr. Reagan. When he opened free markets across borders the flood gates were open. I am sure he didn’t realize the impact it would have on our economy, but thanks to Reganomics, you can see the obvious disaster behind that decision. It resulted in sending our most treasured job market overseas. So before you start blaming blacks and democrats, do your home work and stop pulling out your race hatreds on our countries failings.

  • Adam Braun

    You fail to mention the 85% black population.

  • Name

    Free trade policies destroyed Detroit. And its the CIA/Military complex that is bankrupting the US.

    So, what needs to be fixed are the trade deficit, and endless warmongering/military spending.

    Notice the main targets of media propaganda and wars are energy producers not allied with Israel. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • Alan David

    There is 13000 abandoned homes here in Dayton, OH

  • Joy comes in the Morning

    Look up the song Cowboy by Kid Rock it will show people what spirits they are dealing with. If we can combat these on our knees things can change but first we must know the idols/ spirits we are dealing with.

  • Mark Schlager


  • Dealmaker

    I agree with Steve below. The black Mayor was corrupt and didnt give a s___ about the people. Everyone including people in Toronto Canada where I live always pull the ” race card”. All the violence with guns in Toronto is black on black people and sometimes killing white people randomly.

  • Orlando Coombs

    Detroit is rebounding and black entrepreneurs are part of that rebound.

  • ALew

    This was just an article about Detroit, but of course, closeted racists have to show their ugly faces even when it is completely unnecessary, just because the internet has given them an anonymous voice.

    First of all, Manufacturing jobs have left the US because rich white corporation CEOs and stockholders have figured out that they can lower costs and maximize profits by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and stealing manufacturing jobs from Americans. Since Detroit was a manufacturing city, this obviously has a heavy impact on them. When you take away a cities livelihood, violence, poverty, illiteracy, and a lack of funding are a trickle down effect.

    Also, Caucasians have been the more influential race in America and have caused it to go down the drain by focusing on their bottom line when it comes to their finances, their unfounded and ignorant racial inferiority, and their ridiculous focus on self rather than people, and lack the foresight to see the long-term effects of their greed and ignorance.

    You can down black people, or Asians, or Jews, or Arabs, or any other random minority group you decide to direct your hatred at that day, because for some reason you’ve shown that historically your group always has to have someone to persecute to feel good about themselves, but the fact remains that if you don’t get a more holistic approach to your view of things and don’t start viewing all people who live in this country as your people and thinking what can I do to help rather than initially pointing a finger to blame, the whole damn organism is going to die.

  • Dem Ruins

    Steve said it best. Basically its coming to a “demokrat” run town near you.

  • crankyd

    Are most of you retarded? I think so.

  • crankyd

    you should be murdered.

  • lizabeth

    This is horrible our government can not bail this state out where is all our tax money going oh I forgot to birth control and abortions . This will happen state by state Goodbye UNITED STATES

  • inyourmindseye

    You forgot that you had plenty of time…5o yrs. in fact to get out of there…did you….? Why wasn’t your situational awareness at it’s peak then like it is now? When will you realize it’s your own damned fault for staying? When will you people accept that you made all this possible? You U!

  • Frank

    It is funny that many racists will change the topic to focus on black people. The industrial collapse and real estate collapse of Detroit was not controlled by black people. In fact none of the major industries of Detroit are owned by blacks. They are owned by caucasions and jewish bankers. Through over 200 years of free market manipulation and false investment instruments leading to things such as hedge funds, mortgage backed securities, hyper inflated tech stocks, insider manipulated short trades, inflated real estate values, and a myriad of schemes. Many minorities are pawns in the macro economic game. As we see the collapse or near collapse of the mega retail and industrial real-estate infrastructure do to outsourcing, online markets and shrinking consumer class as a result leading to mass unemployment, it is false to blame the impoverished victimized minority.

    • NurseRatched

      you SUCK and SMELL, MORON!

    • NurseRatched

      Ever hear of Dave Bing? YOU are a MORON!

    • NurseRatched

      yada yada yada

    • NurseRatched

      Prayed for a big DIK, but turned into one instead ~~ ^

    • NurseRatched

      The real racist is you!!!!

  • Rashional

    I laugh at how you believe Dem’s are left leaning socialists and Rep’s are right wing capitalists….there reality is….one is right of center and the other if further right. There is some good in unions….thus the strenght of Detroit in the 60’s…..a happy, healthy relatively low crime city….free trade/globalization comes in companies are able to outsource to cheaper countries with less stringent labour laws and cheaper labour as a whole. The sad thing is the only people that win are big business, the politicians that pick up fat paycheques from the Lobbyists…before getting your knickers in a knot and thinking you are being anti American unless you crap on unions, government etc…. think and realize that if we could structure a balanced less extreme (all or none) mentality around what is best for the country…the USA might actually start to function better. GDP/GNP is not a worthwhile measure of a country’s true health. And as for blaming black’s on Detroit….honestly…shame on you it’s not because they are black…it’s because of their socio-economic situation. It’s this current inability of people to see outside of their political pigeon hole that has caused the USA’s problem….and the current political set up will only ensure it goes on for generations to come until it is too late. Fix the politcal system…get rid of the Lobby, Super PAC’s and allow a country to be run by the people for the MAJORITY of the people.

  • disqus_OTVrUbUXR6

    I knew racists would come and spin this into a race issue. The mayor is white and the deputy mayor of economic policy, planning & strategies is also white. So thanks a lot for continuing to be stupid and racist. Just like trying to do the same thing to Africa when Europe and the west have their dirty hands in that too.

  • Eric

    That crook Clinton is largely to thank for al this housing mess and how he also sold out this ENTIRE COUNTRY when he was all pro-China getting into the WTO, great, super swell move for the US…NOT!!!!!!

  • Grom Hellscream

    Don’t forget responsible for 80% of homicide (2013 statistic publish by the Federal government.) 16% of the population commit 80% of homicide. it isn’t racism, it is call statistic. Police killing Black should be their last concern, they kill themselves faster than anything.

  • simonthuondungu

    Zimmerman Did What We Call A Setup………Basically You Provoke A Young Man Without Discernment….. Knowing Exactly How He Will React And Of Course Your Excuse For Killing Him……It Is The same Us An Off Duty Cop Dangling A Fat Wallet In his back Pocket In Front Off A Delinquent……Detroit Grew Because Of The Vehicle Industry……Whatever Causes A town To grow Is Exactly What Will Lead To It’s Demise…..UAE (Oil)..Copper For Some countries….Woe On to Some States If An Alternative Is Found To Cotton….It Has Nothing To Do With Blacks….There Are Tall Blacks…short blacks…Rich blacks…Poor blacks…Clean Blacks…Dirty Blacks..Blacks That Will Go To Heaven…blacks That Will Go To Hell..etc Same With The Caucasian And Mongolian……..

  • warnerathey

    This is what the Democrats would like to do to the the whole country.

  • Marcia

    I love this post! Believe it or not, this is refreshing to hear the truth! I predicted almost 10 years ago that America was going to be like ,”Pottersville,” in the Christmas movie, “Its a Wonderful Life”. We are experiencing so much corruption with our government , selling out our nations sovereignty, taking our manufacturers to other countries, giving our wealth to foreigners. We have all become so politically correct that we are afraid to face the truth of what is happening to our country, that we have been silenced. By not admitting what is and has been happening is living in falsehood and fear. Please speak the truth, God bless your witness ànd evangelism outreach!

  • David

    What you totally left out was the cost of living in Detroit. I grew up in Detroit and there are some amazing and still good properties in Detroit. But, I would never buy one. Why? I live in Texas. In Detroit i would be paying the state and city income taxes. Add to that the high property taxes on these cheap properties and lack of services. Why would anyone with money buy in Detroit? Beats me.

  • Rick

    detroit fell because of the blacks. all the white middle class people that once stimulated the city are gone, and there is only blacks there. I think something like 30 percent of detroit is inhabited. the other 70 percent is vacant, and in disrepair. the black city government, the black crime, and the democrats led by unions, tore detroit open, and to this day are still blaming it on white people, the govt, and conservatives.

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