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27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

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27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under Barack ObamaDuring his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, Barack Obama is going to promise to make life better for middle class families.  Of course he has also promised to do this during all of his other State of the Union addresses, but apparently he still believes that there are people out there that are buying what he is selling.  Each January, he gets up there and tells us how the economy is “turning around” and to believe that much brighter days are right around the corner.  And yet things just continue to get even worse for the middle class.  The numbers that you are about to see will not be included in Obama’s State of the Union speech.  They don’t fit the “narrative” that Obama is trying to sell to the American people.  But all of these statistics are accurate.  They paint a picture of a middle class that is dying.  Yes, the decline of the U.S. middle class is a phenomenon that has been playing out for decades.  But without a doubt, our troubles have accelerated during the Obama years.  When it comes to economics, he is completely and utterly clueless, and the policies that he has implemented are eating away at the foundations of our economy like a cancer.  The following are 27 facts that show how the middle class has fared under 6 years of Barack Obama…

#1 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale now earn less money than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#2 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale have a lower net worth than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#3 According to a Washington Post article published just a few days ago, more than 50 percent of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low income homes.  This is the first time that this has happened in at least 50 years.

#4 According to a Census Bureau report that was recently released, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

#5 In 2008, the total number of business closures exceeded the total number of businesses being created for the first time ever, and that has continued to happen every single year since then.

#6 In 2008, 53 percent of all Americans considered themselves to be “middle class”.  But by 2014, only 44 percent of all Americans still considered themselves to be “middle class”.

#7 In 2008, 25 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket considered themselves to be “lower class”.  But in 2014, an astounding 49 percent of all Americans in that age range considered themselves to be “lower class”.

#8 Traditionally, owning a home has been one of the key indicators that you belong to the middle class.  So what does the fact that the rate of homeownership in America has been falling for seven years in a row say about the Obama years?

#9 According to a survey that was conducted last year, 52 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now.

#10 After accounting for inflation, median household income in the United States is 8 percent lower than it was when the last recession started in 2007.

#11 According to one recent survey, 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

#12 At this point, one out of every three adults in the United States has an unpaid debt that is “in collections“.

#13 When Barack Obama first set foot in the Oval Office, 60.6 percent of all working age Americans had a job.  Today, that number is sitting at only 59.2 percent…

Employment Population Ratio 2015

#14 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the average duration of unemployment in the United States has risen from 19.8 weeks to 32.8 weeks.

#15 It is hard to believe, but an astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

#16 At the end of Barack Obama’s first year in office, our yearly trade deficit with China was 226 billion dollars.  Last year, it was more than 314 billion dollars.

#17 When Barack Obama was first elected, the U.S. debt to GDP ratio was under 70 percent.  Today, it is over 101 percent.

#18 The U.S. national debt is on pace to approximately double during the eight years of the Obama administration.  In other words, under Barack Obama the U.S. government will accumulate about as much debt as it did under all of the other presidents in U.S. history combined.

#19 According to the New York Times, the “typical American household” is now worth 36 percent less than it was worth a decade ago.

#20 The poverty rate in the United States has been at 15 percent or above for 3 consecutive years.  This is the first time that has happened since 1965.

#21 From 2009 through 2013, the U.S. government spent a whopping 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs.

#22 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 32 million to 46 million.

#23 Ten years ago, the number of women in the U.S. that had full-time jobs outnumbered the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps by more than a 2 to 1 margin.  But now the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps actually exceeds the number of women that have full-time jobs.

#24 One recent survey discovered that about 22 percent of all Americans have had to turn to a church food panty for assistance.

#25 An astounding 45 percent of all African-American children in the United States live in areas of “concentrated poverty”.

#26 40.9 percent of all children in the United States that are living with only one parent are living in poverty.

#27 According to a report that was released late last year by the National Center on Family Homelessness, the number of homeless children in the United States has reached a new all-time record high of 2.5 million.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

The incredibly foolish decisions that have been made by Obama, Congress and the Federal Reserve have brought us right to the precipice of another major financial crisis and another crippling economic downturn.

So as bad as the numbers that I just shared with you above are, the truth is that they are nothing compared to what is coming.

We are heading into the greatest economic crisis that any of us have ever seen, and it is going to shock the world.

I hope that you are getting ready.

  • Bob

    Great job, Michael! We must all plant fruit trees and gardens to provide an abundance of food and to heal the earth. The soil creates wealth for people and provides everything humans need. Instead of relying on government aid, let us all plant fruit trees and gardens to help stop human suffering.

    • none

      Bob: Michael misunderstood the whole thing.
      When Obama promised to make life better for middle class families. He was referring the state of the Cuban economy!
      Of course the lifeline he threw to the leaders of Cuba will not filter down to the people who live on the island. Just like here in the U.S.

    • Orange Jean

      Idealistic, but alas not feasible for most people. When you have people living in places that they are cramped into with no yards and EPA regulating everything under the sun…

      just in the past year I remember hearing of several people who were ARRESTED for making their small yards into a garden. Happened several times.

      • laura m.

        I’m in town and zoning says gardens in back yard only, esp. HOA’s, non hoa’s preferably with a fence as animals dig and urinate on plants, and people steal stuff. In HOA’s a fence is mandated for this and houses are close together and folks want privacy. clothes lines must be hidden from view.

        • Annette Smith

          No HOA’s for me….no way!

    • UnderpaidWageSlave

      Food, Inc. also advises planting a garden.

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    Our friends in the black community have finally gotten what they wanted since 1969. Nasa budget, 15 billion, food stamps 115 billion. Most blacks dont even believe that whitey made it to the moon, they just cant figure out how they did it, so they didnt. The future of America, isnt it grand?

    • What “Black Community” are you talking about?
      I have a lot of friends who are members of a “Black Community” They all work, play, go to church, and love their family just like any one else except maybe you.

  • DesertPaine

    ‘Middle class’ means having just enough Stuff to make (and require) compromise of values an attractive option. Given a choice between liberty and, say, a house or a car, most people find a way to take the Stuff and convince themselves that the compromises involved were No Big Thing.

    Time to pay the piper.

  • Fiona

    it’s wasted time to complain about politicians. It doesen’t matter which of both partys you vote for- both get paid by the big money and they both give a fckin fck about the small man.

    • Priszilla

      Yes. Vote for one of the 30 smaller parties instead.

      • Orange Jean

        I did that once, but when the candidate I voted for only got something like 3% of all votes I decided it was a throw away of my vote. Which I won’t do again.

        • Priszilla

          And what is it if you don’t vote or vote for the two party system again?
          If you vote for a small party you take away percentages from the large ones. Watch when they are down to 30%

        • laura m.

          Priszilla & O.Jean: save your gas and time, I quit voting long ago. As my elders told me forty years ago: Politicians are worthless bums who get paid for following orders from top dogs, not the voters. I’m now giving out same info. Any real patriot running doesn’t stand a chance since our gov is controlled by a mafia banker corp.type system. Look what happened to JFK for trying to expose corruption.

    • Bill

      It is not wasted time to complain about something that is wrong, however I do agree with the rest of your statement. Most politicians are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • DRE

    Congress – Senators and House of Representatives are the ones who make the laws. They are to blame, both Democrats and Republicans. There is no difference between the two today. Our political system is broken. “Matured” Capitalism has taken over.

    • goldminer

      ‘”Matured” Capitalism” … What??? Capitalism received the death stroke on Dec 23 1913 when Woodrow Wilson created the FED. Capitalisms final death rattle was when the words “Too Big to Fail” were spoken.
      We are a Fascist country run by the central banks with a total fool ( rhymes with tool) at the helm. There is no hope for the Banana Republic of America.

      • kfilly

        Capitalism received the death stroke when the Act of 1871 was signed. Giving corporations the rights of people screwed the country. That act also created the District of Criminals.

  • Mike Smithy

    Over the past 6 years, I have received a 1% pay increase despite the fact that the real inflation rate is running between 4%-5% per annum. Therefore, my purchasing power has been reduced and it is the equivalent to a 23%-29% pay cut. Thank you President Zero.

  • Bill

    Many of us believe these numbers but there are many people who don’t. The bad guys are trying very hard to keep everyone confused. The more confusion the more fear dominates and the easier it is to herd people together and remove their freedoms. Before you know it, the pot of water we have found false comfort in will suddenly be boiling with no escape.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday morning when all is clear as mud.

  • T.

    We cannot say that this President nor this Congress is “Clueless” regarding the state of the Economy or the Middle Class. We can say that they “Could Care Less” – As the Economic Snowball which started at the top of the mountain four decades ago – Is today an Economic Avalanche of destruction about to reign down upon the people of America – At the bottom of the mountain. Numbers of Presidents and Congresses have been responsible for the Demise of our nation. May they all get their just desserts – May the rest of Prepare for the END.

    • Richard

      Er… I think you mean, “…COULDN’T care less…”

  • rentslave

    The #12 is astounding.Also,what is meant by # 9?I don’t understand that one at all.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      I think it means the tenant of the dwelling is either making late payments or has stopped making payments completely.

    • Orange Jean

      I agree with Fortune Seek 3rz on #12 but #9 is most likely referring to people who are “overpaying” for their shelter. If you pay more than 1/3 of your income on housing and utilities, it’s not what you can afford.

  • K

    I differ on only one item. I do not believe these things are just happening. I believe it is all part of a plan, that has been underway, for quite some time. The destruction of the U.S. middle class, is one of the goals. So even if we somehow survive the current administration. The next one will be no better. So long as this Country keeps choosing, between two equally corrupt parties.

    • Priszilla

      I don’t think it’s a plan. It’s rather inevitable when capitalism progresses.

      • K2

        I dont think its as simple as that. Capitalism and capitalism both in their purest form are unworkable for ever. Both need to be tweaked according to a countrys specific need.

        • K2

          I meant to say capitalism and communism.

          • I agree. When the Gov takes over either one they use it for their benefit and the benefit of their cronies.

      • K

        Since the patriot act. I have watched as one piece after another, of the plan has fallen into place. Now remembering how inefficient the Government is. These pieces have fallen into place in a perceptible order, and with more speed than is usually possible. I can not accept, that this is all random chance. Or the result of capitalism progressing.

        • Annette Smith

          There is an evil mind behind it all…whether it is george soros or satan himself

          • Archer Tuttle

            Is Satan George Soros’ cousin? I knew there was a facile similarity. Now it all makes sense.

            O o I get it now George Soros is jewish!?! Therefore he’s related to Satan.
            Silly me for not understanding your logic.

          • Priszilla

            Did you ever try to replace your CEO by an election among the employees and other stakeholders? For example the people getting their drinking water out of the river downstream from your company.

        • HandymanRon

          Read “The Naked Communist”. It will scare the crap out of you. Especially when you think of when it was written and how much of it has come true.

      • LIBERALSareDISGUSTINGgarbage

        The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
        Winston Churchill

        • UnderpaidWageSlave

          Says the man that was a puppet of the monarchy.

          • LIBERALSareDISGUSTINGgarbage

            liberals are human excrement, we all know that

      • kfilly

        The bible talks about socialism. It is satan’s government. Our Founding Fathers had God’s government in mind. Just look at all of the stuff the USSA promotes that goes against God’s will: murder (abortion, fruitless wars), sloth (career welfare recipients), envy (keep up with the Joneses, all the poor need what the rich have), greed (voting for greater gifts from the treasury), immoral behavior (free love-acting according to Balaam, homosexuality is good), and passing laws that criminalize helping others in need (Michael has written articles about this).

        • Priszilla

          Where in the bible is socialism mentioned? Chapter and Verse please.

          • Annette Smith

            I think if you read the Bible, you will find many themes of “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” that are addressed to people who are able to work, but they might be leaching off of people.

          • Priszilla

            Like shareholders, landlords, priests?

          • laura

            Landlords have every right to rent their own property for profit. This is not usary. Priests?? They work everyday and are paid minimal.

          • Priszilla

            But still, landlords don’t work for their money.

          • greetingsfromyonkers

            You’ve obviously never been a landlord. Landlords have to heat, clean, maintain and repair their properties. They have to do so in a way that meets local building codes. They have to collect rent, listen to and address tenant complaints, and take legal action against tenants when necessary.

            My paternal grandmother owned a two-family house in Irvington, New Jersey a hundred years ago. She always said that heing a landlord was the hardest money she ever made in her life.

          • Priszilla

            I’m renting. I heat, I clean, I call the landlord for repair and she calls the plumber.
            If collecting income were work, then all welfare recipients would be working, right?

          • HandymanRon

            Is stupidity a common thread in all of your family, Priszilla? Are you born that way or take pills to do so? You should learn the wise proverb, “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

          • Priszilla

            How come you don’t follow your own advice?

          • HandymanRon

            Priszilla… How stupid are you?? The landlord has worked for and made money. Then he invested it into the rental property. His ‘work’ is either collecting rent, doing maintenance & repairs himself and screening prospective tenants, or paying some of his hard earned profits to hire people (called Property Managers) to do it for him.

          • Priszilla

            Some landlords have worked, some have inherited land from their ancestors who might or might have not worked. They might have stolen the property, or gotten it from their King for kissing his behind, or gotten it from the church. Who knows.

            It’s usually the landlords who have worked for their money that remember how it is to work.

            As I said. I pay rent, as much as I can afford. If the landlord needs to increase the rent, he needs to get a new tenant. Now he gets easy money and has no other costs. The house and garden are well taken care of. I pay the heat and water and electricity, sewage and cleaning, police and fire brigade, and rubbish collection.

            The landlord can decide whether he wants to improve the structure of the house. Or maybe work together with the other landlords in the area to improve flood protection.

          • Veri1138

            My grandmother’s minister drove a new Lincoln every year. Catholic priests may be slightly impoverished, but the upper branches hardly live in poverty.

          • Archer Tuttle

            You are beating me to the punchline on everyone of this throwback’s biblical manifestations.

          • J

            The Bible does say to take care of the widowed & orphaned. We’re doing a poor job of this.

          • It’s in proverbs. About having a bag of wealth in common. Proverbs 1:10 My son, if sinners try
            to seduce you, do
            not consent. 13 Let us find all sorts
            of precious valuables.
            Let us fill our houses with

            14 Your lot you ought to
            cast in among us. Let there
            come to be just one bag belonging to all of us”

            15 my
            son, do not go in the way with them. Hold back your foot from their
            roadway. 16 For their feet are
            those that run to sheer badness, and they keep hastening to shed

          • Priszilla

            Sounds like insurance companies, you know, those that own the banks. They take your premium and find all sorts of reasons not to pay out.

          • No. That’s different. There, you buy a product called insurance. But Communism forces you to give money to the State to a “bag in common”.

          • Priszilla

            Every state forces you to do something. Communism won’t have states, when the people will have decided they don’t need governments and borders and got rid of them as unnecessary costs.

          • kfilly

            2 Corinthians 9:7.

          • Priszilla

            Sorry, I’m not into BDSM.

          • UnderpaidWageSlave

            The greedy employers are mentioned in James 5.

          • Priszilla

            Oh I see. Because the bible mentions trees and there are trees in socialism the bible talks about socialism.

          • Archer Tuttle

            I’m enjoying your jibes. I think you are wasting your time on someone who thinks everything is covered by one book written over 500 years ago and rehashed by anyone with a printing press.

          • HandymanRon

            The Bible is unique. Name one other book which was a) written by more than 50 authors, b) parts of which were written in different languages, c) over a period of more than 400 years, d) in areas more than 1000 miles apart {no cars then, either} and e) have stories which completely match in event description and f) the book has survived more than 1600 years.

          • Gkjohn

            It’s one of the 10 suggestions, Tho shall not steal .

          • Priszilla

            The church is socialist?

          • But for secularism as a (libertarian)socialist tendency, the authoritarian deity, and hierarchical structure, there is something communalist about a congregation.

          • Veri1138

            Open the thread. Enjoy.

          • Veri1138

            Supposed to be Communism along the lines of Stalin. If you look at the structure of the hierarchy, God sits atop as dictator, his angels act as bureaucrats, and humanity is wayward proletariat that must be led toward enlightenment. While Satan and demons and devils serve as the boogeyman.

            You see this pattern repeated down to the Church level, whether Protestant or Catholic. Even down to the personal level. Christians must always have a leader and a boogeyman.

            The problem being, how to reconcile that view with humanistic systems that in no way resemble God-Stalin’s Communism of Heaven. Interesting to note that Stalin’s formative years were shaped by seminary school. Easy to see how such a Conservative individual came to sit atop what is a “Leftist” system.

            As far as humanistic systems go, God-Stalin’s Communism buts up against human wants and needs in the material world. Yet, God-Stalin presents an out: God-Stalin forgives. Believe in Jesus-Pravda. You will be saved. It’s God-Stalin’s Plan/Will. The Christian-Proletariat lives in sin and it is God-Stalin/Jesus-Pravda that saves and forgives.

            It is the intersection of a Heaven-Worker’s Paradise with that of Earth-Capitalist Sin that proves such a conundrum in the mind of a Christian. They have to reconcile to completely different systems (not really, but that is another matter) and this produces conflict.

            Heaven is the Worker’s Paradise led by God-Stalin/Jesus-Pravda. Earth is where the Christian-Proletariat struggle against Sin-Capitalism represented by Satan-Monopolist (monopoly on evil). The Christian-Proletariat must struggle to make Heaven-Worker’s Paradise (which only exists in the Afterlife in Heaven-Worker’s Paradise) while being subject to and participating in Earth-Sin-Capitalism represented by The CEO of Evil, Satan-Evil Robber Baron.

            And that is the problem. It can not be reconciled. So, Christians resort to contortions of logic that cripple them. Witness Sarah Palin’s lampooning due to her recent appearance where she appears to be on Valium or Xanax, after drinking a few martinis.

          • HandymanRon

            Veri1138…I see we have something in common. We both make bets. Oh, but that’s where we differ, also. I, as a Christian, bet that when I die, I will be accepted into heaven to spend eternity. If I am wrong, then my body turns back to ashes in the ground.
            You, on the other hand, are betting there is no heaven and no hell. Well, if you are correct, the best you can hope for is that your body will turn to ashes in the ground. Should you lose your bet though, you will be damned to an eternity in Hell.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Christianity is starting to get persecuted in the American Reich?”
          PROOF please.
          btw, have you adopted any unwanted children? and I would think that God would be more upset with the millions of actual people that have been killed by the U.S. government than “immoral behavior”

          • usmcmailman

            Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes
            of the Lord ………… PERIOD !

          • Gay Veteran

            I bet you got all “excited” writing that, pharisee

          • usmcmailman

            Go blow something sinner !

          • Gay Veteran

            looking into a mirror, eh

          • Gay Veteran

            that’s the “intellectual” dung we have come to expect from you

          • Priszilla

            Jesus: everyone is welcome

          • usmcmailman

            WRONG ! read the Bible !

          • Priszilla

            Did you try Matthew 19:12?
            Mark 12:31
            1 John 4:7
            John 15:13
            1 John 4:8
            1 Samuel 18:3
            John 13:23

            and last but not least:
            2 Samuel 1:26

          • kfilly

            I have not adopted any of God’s unwanted children. It is kind of hard working 24 hour shifts to take care of a child when my employer doesn’t provide daycare and my family lives across the state. Yes, Christianity is in the early phases of persecution. The message is being sent by the MSM every time some tragic event happens, the PS movement banning the saying Merry Christmas, and things like children not being allowed to read bibles in schools (I did not say preach BTW).

          • Gay Veteran

            “I have not adopted any of God’s unwanted children….”

            of course you haven’t, far easier to place the burden on others

            “…Yes, Christianity is in the early phases of persecution. The message is being sent by the MSM every time some tragic event happens….”


            “…the PC movement banning the saying Merry Christmas….”

            Happy Holidays

            “…and things like children not being allowed to read bibles in schools….”

            you do understand that there are Bible clubs in schools

          • kfilly

            Yes, I guess we can install a child seat in the fire truck so that they have a place to go when I am at work during my 24 hour shift. How selfish of me not to think of that? Glad you brought that up. I will adopt someone right now.

          • Gay Veteran

            you anti-abortion types usually have some kind of excuse not to adopt

          • UnderpaidWageSlave

            “Merry Christmas.” How is that persecuting Christianity? December 25 is not listed anywhere in the Bible; it is actually the birth of a pagan god, and the Puritans did not celebrate “Christmas” because Christmas is all pagan traditions (lights, cards, trees, mistletoe, carols, yule logs, etc). Also, there are verses in the Bible about trees that are decorated (Jeremiah 10).

          • Archer Tuttle

            Would it be churlish to say “I believe in Father Christmas”?

          • HandymanRon

            While God may be displeased with the number of people killed by governments, they won’t be judged, nor are they eligible to spend eternity in heaven

        • UnderpaidWageSlave

          Sloth=the CEOs, and some wealthy people. They live off of the backs of the working class while doing no real work themselves. Those who eat richly by not fairly paying others are the true parasites. For those that are Christian, read James 5.

          • kfilly

            I agree with that. Our Founding Fathers also distrusted corporations. They realized the influence corporations could have over the government and the people as a whole. They were not just under the British crown, but they were also under the thumb of East India Trading Company (trade monopoly) and the Bank of England (debt based money that replaced colonial script).

          • HandymanRon

            While the job a CEO does may not be manual labor, and while that may be all you are capable of doing, the CEO did not just decide one day to knock on the door of some large corporation and say, “Hey, I want to run your company,” and be welcomed to take the helm. A CEO works for his money. As a stock investor, I feel that if the company shows me a five to ten percent annual increase on my investment (and of course, all the other stockholders), he deserves a high salary as he has increased the value of the company.
            He may facilitate this gain in any one of a number of ways. Acquisition, cutting expenses, reducing overhead, retooling, etc. It doesn’t matter to me as long as my money is making money. I don’t have a lot of it in the first place, but at least this way, I’m getting more than the 1% the banks are paying.

        • Veri1138

          No, our Founding Fathers did not have God’s government in mind. God is a dictator. God presides over a Communist system in which he provides through his State, Heaven.

          The American form divides power that is supposed to be shared and constrained.

          God’s power is infinite and not constrained.

          Unless you wish to be called a Deist? Where God must act within the bounds of the rules of nature that He, Himself is supposed to have created?

          Impossible, if one reads The Bible.

          You are mixing two different systems using wishful thinking.

          • HandymanRon

            Veri1138, you obviously don’t know or worship the same God as I do. And after reading your comments, I thank my God that I don’t share your demented pagan views, not worship whatever you worship. And thank you for making me more aware of that then ever before.

          • Veri1138

            God dictates in The Bible, and you follow. The OT and NT because Jesus said so, many times. If you are Christian and claim to worship The Biblical God, you better be out there following ALL commands. Pagan? Pfffft… If you are Christian, you are worshiping what appears to be Babylonian and/or Egyptian mythology all mixed up with half-a-dozen other mythololgies. And you dare call me Pagan. Pssttt… God’s Wife is mentioned in The Bible. Ashtar, a corruption of Ishtar.

            I went to Southern Baptist church. Guess what? At the age of 14, the preacher was more schizophrenic than sane.

            And if you don’t follow ALL OT and NT LAWS to the fullest? You are not even Christian. You are cherry picking.

            Now, if you belief in God helps you be a better person without trying to get everyone to believe as you do through government, etc… then I commend you.

            I don’t mind the religious. It’s when they try to enforce their views through gov’t and spewing vile hatred through speech? Then we have problems.

          • HandymanRon

            Now, if you belief in God helps you be a better person without trying to get everyone to believe as you do through government, etc… then I commend you.
            I don’t mind the religious. It’s when they try to enforce their views through gov’t and spewing vile hatred through speech? Then we have problems.

            Based on these statements, you don’t like the Gay community shoving their agenda down the throats of everyone else. Really, in their view, if you don’t embrace their lifestyle, you’re a hater. My attitude used to be ‘live & let live’, but they have made me a ‘hater’ because they want to force me to not only accept the fact that they exist, but also want to control my way of thinking. It isn’t happening.

          • Veri1138

            Nice try. The Gay community is only trying to get the Rights I already enjoy. I can get married. I can have children. Etc. I may disagree with some of their tactics… but here is another important difference: The Gay Community isn’t trying to outlaw Christian behaviour.

            The Gay Community is not an Oppressor Community, such as many Christians are. The Gay Community doesn’t force you to stop hating… however, in any society, when in public, you conform to societal norms; hate in private, put on that happy face in public. Or go live somewhere else. Nazi Germany would have liked to have welcomed you; they gassed the gays and Liberals.

            And the majority says, despite the violent and hateful acts of their opposition on The Right, says: “Gays are here to stay.”

        • Veri1138

          Being called out for idiocy and stupidity is not being “persecuted”. When one steps out onto the national or international stage and says and does stupid things… it is called “ridicule”.

          Big difference.

          Sarah Palin’s recent word-salad performance. I know many foreigners who speak English as a second language, that easily speak better English than Sarah Palin.

          Ridicule does not equal persecution.

          Given someone the same rights as you, such as a business contract called marriage, is not persecution. It would be persecution if we denied you the right to marry in a Christian manner. Which is not the case. Or throwing Christians to the lions, which is also not the case.

          Persecution = restrictions or suppression of beliefs through means, peaceful or violent. Ridicule is none of that.

          Indeed, it is Christians who call for persecution as they seek to deny the rights of others. Through using political power to suppress the rights and beliefs of others.

          • HandymanRon

            Christians preach love. The love of Jesus Christ. We want to share that love. Our view is to live & let live, yet show the sinner the way to Christ and His promise of life eternal. Just because we don’t accept and cherish someone’s lifestyle when it is in direct conflict with Biblical teaching does NOT make us a HATER as the gay community labels us.
            You mention that ridicule is not persecution. Often the line between the two is very blurry. Such is the case of bullying. One student is, in some way or another, different from the ‘norm’. Others, seeing this difference & wanting to ‘enhance’ their social standing, tease the one who is ‘different’. Eventually the ridicule becomes unbearable and the different one breaks under pressure and either brings a gun to school or commits suicide. Where did the ridicule end and the persecution begin??

          • Veri1138

            Jesus commanded that all OT laws also be followed. Killing to enforce God’s law is not murder. Two different concepts. So, when you are commanded to this day by God to stone to death a gay man… you are saving that man from sin. With love. It is not murder – unjustified.

            Christians are free to worship. That is a private matter. Not to be enforced through public. Discussion is fine. Religious laws favoring one religion masquerading as something else? Not fine.

      • Capitalism? Try to open up an automobile manufacturing company without being Government crony and see how far you get!

        • Priszilla

          The government is owned by your competitors.

      • RageHard84

        We don’t have a pure capitalist society. We’ve some socialism with government services and all. One could argue that it’s a little bit fascist with all the government controls. While I disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy, he made a good argument for why our economy is more corporatist than capitalist.

        • Priszilla

          If you want pure, try a laboratory. And even there you won’t find it.
          Corporatism is still capitalism.
          The capitalist owns the means of production and the worker owns his time and strength he has to rent out to survive.

        • UnderpaidWageSlave

          A wise man long ago said “Capitalism will take good, honest Christians to be successful.” Now that many of the Christians are not really Christians, by Biblical standards anyway, that is why greed has taken over and exploited the Capitalist system. Also, it is interesting that Catholics were against those that loaned money charging interest, but the Protestants are the ones responsible for interest.

          What would Jesus think of these modern “Christians” that continuously blame and persecute the poor? I certainly wish Christians would blow the dust off of the book that their entire faith is based on and read it. It will be hard to skip the passages about the poor since there are so many of them like Matt 25:40, Luke 14, Luke 16, Proverbs 14.

          • RageHard84

            It’s true, greedy people have wreaked havoc and exploited the capitalist system. Maybe it’s because of these greedy people we now have a corporatist system. But there will be bad people to exploit any system.
            ” Also, it is interesting that Catholics were against those that loaned
            money charging interest, but the Protestants are the ones responsible
            for interest.” There were things in the old testament that condemned lending of money, but we do it plenty in today’s society.
            Jesus probably wouldn’t be thrilled with Christians who persecute and blame the poor, we’re supposed to help the poor. However, that does not mean switching to socialism, as we’re not commanded to do it via the government. Plus, sometimes people exploit programs created to help the poor.

          • HandymanRon

            Underpaid…You have the same opportunity to raise yourself out of poverty as I had. I came from basically a migrant farm family, worked hard, put myself through college with no help from family and no loans. I studied hard, got a GOOD job and worked harder than many around me who were constantly bemoaning how little they were paid. What I saw though was that they had poor work ethics. My employers rewarded the hard workers with raises and bonuses.
            Now, to your Biblical references regarding the ‘poor’. There are two major types of poor people. One is poor for reasons TOTALLY beyond their control, while the other is comprised of those who are too lazy to work. Our country is overflowing with the latter. There is a smaller segment which could better themselves IF they showed some self control and more wisely prioritized their needs. I see very poor people who are sporting tattoos and piercings, using the latest iPhones and driving a flashy car. They owe, owe, owe because they must have these things and have them NOW. Rather than buying on credit, save for what you want. Instead of a new car, get a used one and avoid the initial depreciation. Don’t go to pawn shops, rent-to-own stores, title loan companies and other predatory lenders. Be satisfied with a dumb phone for a couple of more years. Take a less expensive vacation. In other words, don’t live beyond your means. Save your money, invest wisely, and you too can pull yourself out of poverty.

      • freewheelinfranklin543

        It’s a planned destruction of America! Do some research.Been going on for over 50 years!

    • jsmith

      Yes, of course it’s a plan K! Some dare call it a conspiracy, and that’s exactly what it is. And where does the blame lie? With the banksters, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve and the government. Who else? You know, and I know, and Michael knows, but the 99% have no clue.

      • UnderpaidWageSlave

        So, are you saying those who know are the 1%?

    • Annette Smith

      Wow! You hit it on the head, K! Both parties are corrupt. And, what about the people behind the parties, the guys who finance the parties? You are so right in posting this.

    • Mary Brown

      DC is corrupt, all of it, all the staffers who stay and help the next person in office, the staffers who write the crap that gets voted on

    • Ron

      Yes, this joke of a president is simply doing as he is told. The Rockefellers all along have this planned, so this is no surprise. Now, you factor in the possibility of a major war being ignited over Ukraine, then it’s simply a world-wide disaster in every way.
      Then factor in at how rude, self-absorbed, sexually-deviant, greedy, untrustworthy, simple-minded when a disaster strikes. There will be few neighbors helping neighbors, so the nightmare that is coming will be like never seen before.

    • FJL

      By some time you mean since Ronny 34 years ago.

    • Tom_F

      Why would anyone want to destroy the Middle Class? Serious question. I’m seeing the bottom 50% squirt out children they don’t have the interest, time or money to raise, while the upper 50% are either clawing just to stay in place or doing pretty good at the very top. Either way, the ‘opportunity costs’ of having children are pretty substantial in an uncertain world. But anyway, who exactly is behind this plan and what do they hope to accomplish?

      • kfilly

        It makes people dependent upon the government. When people are dependent upon their master, they can become quite loyal. After all, who will rebel when the government will stop you from eating if you even attempt a rebellion? As for who is responsible, look at the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the Rothschild family, George Soros, and US elitist pigs (Oprah, Ted Turner, Michael bloomberg, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, most Hollywood celebrities, the Rockefeller family, pretty much all modern politicians). Any questions as to why the wealthy support gun control? They are the one percent that profited off of the little people, and they don’t want the serfs coming after them with guns when it all falls apart.

    • UnderpaidWageSlave

      Watch the documentary “Food, Inc.” and one might see that this is all planned. What is the best way to bankrupt middle class Americans? Flood the labor supply with workers in order to drive down wages.

      Only someone awake, alert and thinking would say “I believe it is all a part of a plan.” You are wise.

    • Nemo the Nihilist

      You think this depression is systematized like the U.N. Agenda 21? It would be the quickest way to reduce consumption: just limit the buying power of the masses and they’ll consume less.

    • Marko Markoko

      I do not think that the “interests” really want to destroy the middle class. They are indifferent on that subject.

      What they are doing is liquidating the wealth of America for their own profit. The middle-class wealth and well being is part of that wealth.

    • HandymanRon

      K. I agree with you. There has been a plan in effect for more than 30 years. Our politicians are merely puppets, much like Pinocchio. You can get a more precise idea of what is going to happen in the future by reading the book “The Naked Communist”. It was written in the early 50’s and tells, step by step, what the Communist’s plans were to overcome our nation, without firing a shot. Check it out at your local library. If they don’t have it, ask them to get if from another branch. It’s out there and it’s scary!

  • Gil G

    Why does there have to be a “middle-class” at all? Why does the average American automatically have to have the highest standard of living in the world?

    • goldminer

      WOW! Now those inspiring words above are exactly why our country is swirling in the bowl and being sucked down the hole. Nobody gives a poop anymore.

      • Orange Jean

        Maybe what he means is we should all give up what little wealth we have to the “poor” and become their happy slaves.

        I say this mainly because in the past few days we had an article in the local paper that got my goat! A woman with 11 kids (no dad present, the kids having multiple dads)… and only getting welfare and for some reason also Social Security… had a house that burnt. A local charitable organization spent a year trying to find a new place for them to live (you can imagine if you’re a landlord you might find that 12 people in a rental a bit much)… and finally good. OK, I can see that it’s good that someone tried to help out.

        But the article mostly praised the woman with her many kids, no interest in working ever… and did not put the emphasis on the fact that someone was kind enough to be charitable towards them.

      • Gil G

        If you’re smart and work hard you should become rich. If you’re stupid and lazy you should become poor. So why should there even be a middle-class?

    • kfilly

      There won’t be soon. Enjoy your dictatorship after the middle class gets annihilated because everyone will bow to the master they are dependent upon-the government.

    • Bill

      It was not automatic. America was (at one time) the land of opportunity. That meant if one worked hard and applied moral character there was an excellent chance of climbing the economic ladder. That incentive is what made America the envy of the World and why people flocked here and were welcome. Then came the World’s biggest criminals, laziness, and greed. America lost it’s appreciation for what it had as it accepted criminal leadership. And here we are today Jan 19th 2015. Do you think 0’s speech will make it better again?

      • Gil G

        It could be easily argued today’s Americans are nowhere near as hard-working as they were a couple of generations ago and shows.

        • Bill

          Welfare has removed the incentive for honest hard work.

  • Ian Beattie

    I’m waiting for the next false flag attack, probably on the Vatican. Then they can get these Holy Wars rolling full steam, sucking what little wealth we have left….

    • alan

      Everyone needs to have their police state up and running very soon as things seem to be falling apart now at a faster rate.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a couple military coups this year.

      The bankers need plenty of cover while the looting gets worse.

  • chilller

    Bill said: “The bad guys are trying very hard to keep everyone confused. The more
    confusion the more fear dominates and the easier it is to herd people
    together and remove their freedoms.”
    When I thought of this in the context of dogs herding sheep…it made perfect sense. We’re the sheep and the manufactured “crises” are the sheep dogs. And with enough “sheep dogs”, the crises keep us confused and running in all directions. The powerz don’t wish to herd us necessarily…just keep us scattered and from coming together as a collective. A sheep dog wouldn’t have a chance against a small group of pissed off sheep kicking and biting him…imagine what the whole herd would to to him AND his handlers…

    • antonio

      Good analogy.
      Allied to this “Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you” B. Franklin

  • andyb

    I don’t know how they have kept this game going, it just makes no sense. Here in the UK I see so many people absolutely struggling week to week and yet house prices, rents and household bills continue to rise but our wages don’t. Yet still house prices continue to rise. Yeah the rich over here seem to be doing well but the real people are getting hammered. I don’t know when we are going to wake up over here because the governments answer here is that the poor are the problem and continually cut benefit entitlement and the fact that new jobs are so poorly paid with hundreds of people chasing the same jobs and there are not enough jobs to go around anymore. The poor are screwed and the middle class is dying too and no government is gonna help us.

    • Orange Jean

      Isn’t the UK one of those socialist “paradises” we are all supposed to be hoping for?

  • alan

    Barry Soetoro is simply a front man. He’s paid to give speeches and look good, that’s it.

    The real cause of our misery is the ones he works for.

    • watchmanonthetower

      Valerie Jarrett?


      • Bill

        That’s very correct.

  • kfilly

    Yes, I agree that this a part of a grand plan. I still think Obama is clueless. He is just a puppet paid to read from a Teleprompter. Whenever he speaks without a teleprompter, he proves himself to be the village idiot that he truly is. All the village idiot has to do is follow the script, and unfortunately for us, he is good at that.

  • John E

    China’s prosperity has turned to pollution and slavery, with an elite oligarchy that reaps all the benefits of impoverishing the US middle class. In a true free trade arrangement it would have been for mutual benefit, but trade agreements signed by Bill Clinton are so flawed they completely ignored currency exchange rates.

    Who out there would travel to a foreign country or do business with a foreign country without consulting the currency exchange rate? I hope the answer is no one is that stupid. If you have never had a real job or run a business, spent your whole life scamming people and living on government handouts, and lived in a class of people who were above the law; then deals made solely for the purpose of generating illegal campaign contributions look attractive and without consequences.

    This is what happened to the American middle class….and as we all know when America catches a cold the rest of the world gets the flu.

    Obama and his socialist comrades and cronies did not create the mess, but they did enact systems and barriers to make sure it stays that way.

  • sherlock32555

    What can you say, there’s one born every minute..Thank god I am not one of them .If you steal you will lie and if you lie you will steal. So what do we have as a government a pack of liars and thieves.

  • The left won’t be happy till the middle class is safely residing in high rise soviet style housing, with no car, no guns, and dependent on the state for their very existence.

    • watchmanonthetower

      You might be on to something there, americalsgt! There are plenty of empty Chinese ghost cities, we hear…and it’s just a forced-migration away by container ship. Who’s got the Dramamine?

      • Annette Smith

        Though of that, too…what are they going to do with all of those cities?

        • watchmanonthetower

          The Proles have to live somewhere, Winston. Lots of new jobs opening up at the MiniTru; all those Memory Hole Tech positions will need to be filled by the survivors and…well, we’ve said too much already.

          Thanks for the reply, Annette.
          (Are those stained-glass roses, by any chance?)


    • Gay Veteran

      more left/right BS.
      you think the “left” is running the corporations that have shipped millions of American jobs overseas?

  • Jackie

    It is very sad that we have come to this. How are we supposed to prepare if we don’t even have the resources to get from one pay check to the next? I read a psalm which helped with this sort of anxiety recently so I will mention it in case it helps anyone else. Psalm 33 talks about the so called strength of the powerful people being an illusion, ” there is no king saved by the multitude of an host, a mighty man is not delivered by much strength….behold the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine.”

  • Prut

    Do you not think this is as much a commentary on previous administrations’ economic policies as it is the current one?

    • DesertPaine

      Probably not. But then, no other administration has gifted 11 TRILLION in debt to our kids either.

  • Raymond Jensen

    “The standard of living of the average American has to decline. I don’t think you can escape that.”

    Paul Volcker (former FED Chairman, 1979, to a Congressional Committee)

  • Rufus T Firefly

    My net worth has gone up 81% since Obama became golfer-in-chief. It went up 111% when Dubya was chief fool. If you can’t become rich on a middle class salary, you are stupid and reckless and deserve to eat alpo for dinner in your old age.

  • brimp

    State of the Union speech? I wasn’t sure they still had those. In the past, the speech was one load of B.S. after another. With this clown, there is no hope of getting even one truthful fact about the actual state of the union.

  • brimp

    In the TV show “all in the family”, Archie Bunker was a fork lift operator with no college education and he had a house in Queens NYC with a stay at home wife. Could anyone buy, or even rent, a house in Queens on the take home pay of a fork lift operator today?

  • william mony

    Obama is very successful. He is making more dependent on government, destroying our foundations like Christianity and making a race and civil war more likely with his executive orders and ridiculous actions.

    • watchmanonthetower

      Yup. Fundamental transformation! Crafted for our destruction.

  • AzDi

    All of Obama’s promises are lies. People who paid attention from the start KNEW that.

    He is the one who purposely made the middle class closer to the welfare state. AND I am sick of people saying middle class is $200,000 a year. I am middle class and was lucky to make $40-50,000. a year! So what is poor? Not me cause even I don’t qualify for free stuff (thank God).

    Can’t believe people still listen to this person who is supposed to be our president!

    • Annette Smith

      There is a way that the “poor” live…and it’s actually quite nice. They go from one food pantry a week to another the next, scooping up groceries…nice groceries. They also get free clothing via St. Vincent De Paul. The Salvation Army and the Goodwill supply most everything else that is needed, and with most families losing all their things when they lose their homes, they clean up pretty well. I know of people who won’t go back to work cause their needs are met living this way.

      • Gay Veteran

        my, my, those lucky duckies /sarc/

  • Give men back their dignity, Raise the children it a two parent patriarchal family that goes to church on Sunday. Bring back Industry (which will create Middle class Jobs) to America and it will be a good step toward a unifying culture regardless of race or creed and put the Dividers out of business.

  • watchmanonthetower

    Are you unemployed on Barry’s watch? We hear that there is a job opening in Argentina for a lead prosecutor; B Y O Kevlar.

  • 23tony

    “…apparently he still believes that there are people out there that are buying what he is selling.”

    Sadly, there ARE people still buying it. Lots of them.

  • One of the final remaining planks of the Communist Manifesto and the 45 declared communist goals (as read into the congressional record on Jan. 10, 1963, by the Honorable A.S. Herlong) to be fully implemented in the United States of America, is the total elimination of the middle class, because a strong and prosperous middle class cannot possibly oppose an oligarchical usurpation of our guaranteed Constitutional Republic.

    You didn’t think all of this was by accident, did you? No, it is a long-term, carefully crafted agenda to end American national sovereignty and comfortably merge the U.S. with the Soviet Union into a world totalitarian socialist state. H. Rowan Gaither, former President of the Ford Foundation and co-founder of the Rand Corporation, said that.

    But that is no secret, and no conspiracy theory, IF you have researched the subject at any length or breadth. It is all out in the open, documented ad nauseam in the law, the federal register, congressional record, national security directives, executive orders, treaties, legislation, public laws and white papers. Those of us who actually read and study this stuff have known this was coming and tried to warn the rest of you.

    Well, here it is, a little delayed (the target year of full implementation of the “Golden Dawn” was 2000), but alas, exactly as documented and planned-out decades in advance. God’s hand of protection and favor has been removed from the midst of our wicked, selfish and hedonistic abominations.

    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2)

  • DJohn1

    The basic economic problem is we all need a steady income large enough to give us a choice of discretionary purchases. That goes beyond our ability to keep up with our bills.
    There has to be money left over each week. That discretionary income is what keeps the retail stores in business.
    That is not happening. This year a lot of them are going to cut back to under 50% of what they were doing this year.
    The government system of socialism is partly to blame. In order for someone to actually earn what they make with government welfare assistant, that person would have make at least $32,000 dollars a year.
    With the government assistance you cannot make more than about $20,000 a year to qualify for assistance. The benefits of the government welfare make it equivalent to over $30,000 a year.
    So what do people do to make up the difference?
    A lot of people work for cash only under the table. Though I haven’t seen that in a while.
    The other problem is health insurance. If you qualify, the government will pick up a huge amount of medical bills. The key here is having an income low enough to qualify.
    It doesn’t really make any sense to work for a living under the current system. And that is why Obamacare will fail.
    There is a whole group of assistance programs and they all depend on low income for you to get them. So what exactly is government trying to accomplish?
    If you have low income, you qualify for HEAP. Meaning you get part of your utility bills paid for.
    If you have low income you qualify for health insurance assistance.
    If you qualify your rent is partly picked up by the government.
    We, as a people have fell into a trap. The trap being that everything for the average person out there without a skill can only be obtained with government assistance.
    I look at young people out there. A lot are living with their parents. They cannot afford to get a house of their own.
    That is good and bad. With the proper respect and honor given your parents, they can teach you a whole lot about survival in the real world.
    I look back at when I was in my teens. It is difficult to understand just how ignorant we were when it comes to simple things like maintaining a car and taking care of plumbing and electrical around the house.
    The clowns in the Congress, the clowns in the Justice Department, the clowns in the White House, they are all marching to the same drummer. And that drummer dictates the destruction of the middle class in the next 5-7 years.
    The new class is the welfare state. It is because there is no way any person can make it without government assistance in today’s economic world. There are exceptions but they are far and few between.
    If I got sick tomorrow with something medically expensive, the government will come in and rescue me. Right after they take anything of value that I own.
    Because the system itself is corrupt. The game rules are that just like Wheel of Fortune you occasionally hit the bankruptcy slot.
    You loose everything you have ever worked towards because that is how it is played. So someone please tell me what the incentive is to go out there and work lots of hours and save money?
    I have closely observed the FREE Dinners at the 4 churches in my town. A lot of them are old like me. A lot of them do not have much. A few are people in their 30s. A few are people in their 20s. But the largest group of all are old people simply trying to get by.
    The biggest racket out there is Social Security. O-bum-a has made a farce out of raises for people on Social Security.
    Here is how it really works. There are 12 months in a year. Each month you get a direct deposit into a bank. But you have to divide the yearly amount by 52 weeks to get a correct amount that you can spend on anything (utilities, rent, etc.). So they announce a percentage raise each year. O-bum-a has cheated on that raise for at least 4 of the 6 years with manipulation of the COLA.
    So that 24 dollar raise a month is multiplied by 12 and divided by 52. That means you got a $5 a week raise this year offset probably by raises in Medicare. Every third month has an extra week in it. You have to put the money back to give yourself money on that extra week.
    The fact is with the unemployment out there the best that an old person over 70 can do is work as a security guard or in a fast food restaurant to get themselves out of debt. No industrial pension out there gives raises right now. And I suspect a lot of them will collapse in the coming economic crisis. That skill you earned your living at? It is most likely gone.

  • DJohn1

    Sorry about the length, didn’t know how to cut this one back.

  • Eileen Howie

    Talk about sheeple
    and puppets, the commenters should look at their posts and then look in
    mirror. People have been programmed for
    so long to subscribe to the planned divide and conquer tactic of party loyalty;
    they happily continue to fall into line all while professing their
    individuality and pride themselves as being the all knowing thinkers. This two party system is designed to keep us
    divided and it is very successful. You
    can say you are not part of either party and blame each of the two parties but
    in the end you bash one administration over the other and continue helping to
    divide the country. This mess cannot be
    blamed on either party more than the other.
    I am a liberal but I have worked and owned businesses successfully for
    most of my life. My parents owned their
    own business, my grandparents on each side owned their own business and I have
    never been on welfare. The childish name calling is just part of falling into
    the divide and conquer trap. I am not
    legally affiliated with any party. I
    vote as I see best which isn’t much in the way of choice. I do believe in the conspiracy of the
    destruction of the middle class and the United States and have been aware of
    the evils of the NWO most of my life.
    This mess did not start with Obama and your rants that place blame on
    one administration over the other is very destructive. We, the people, need to find common ground
    and join forces, not continue to fight over the crumbs. But, I do believe it is too late for any of

  • sharonsj

    I know you don’t like Obama, but the blame is squarely on Congress as well as state legislatures. The politicians haven’t done much to help the middle and working classes, but they’ve made damn sure to enrich themselves.

  • Annette Smith

    Thank you for this video. I watch J.D. Farag on Youtube, but this was even more dynamic!

  • Bruce

    Obamanable Wall $treet-theater. Can US callz DEM ObamaVillas, NOW? And declare his moral bankruptcy, foreclose on his subprime 1600 Pennsylvania Crack-house and evict him via Prompt IMPEACHMENT?!

  • Steve

    Michael, all of these trends were in place long before Obama became president. And he became president as the worst financial crisis was unfolding, something he had no role in. So it’s easy to paint this as all happening since, or because of, Obama, but please be a little more balanced than this. A lot of these trends were also exacerbated *because* of the financial crisis he inherited. Your chart showing the steep drop in the civilian-employment population ratio is an example … note that most of the drop took place in 2008 and 2009 … in other words, already well underway. So, cheap shot to make this Obama’s fault. Both parties are to blame … both are beholden to Wall Street and the banks … and Republicans are the most eager to please the big money interests. I am as disappointed in Obama as anyone — he had a real chance in 2009 to make some dramatic changes — but let’s not make this about Obama. It’s not.

  • AntonioOssa


  • Orange Jean

    Thanks, I’ll take a look at it, when I’ve got a bit more time.

  • marc

    Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

  • barbarakelly

    Why haven’t I heard more yelling from the American public. We know that most of the news keeps it hidden so they look good. Well we have these places to express our dis-satisfaction of the bimbo in office. He and his cohorts tells us that the unemployment is at 6 % well people that is an outright lie. It is at 23%. They keep playing us for fools. We are not. We can read and boy have I been reading. They have covered up so much filth its not funny. At least we can give them a good fight for our childrens future.They have been trying to put us in a hole that we can’t climb out We are heading for a crash people so get your house in order And will I be listening to his speech. You guess. I have better things to do with my time. After all he is better helping his friend then us, Right.

  • Dan McDonald

    BHO believes that poor people drive the economy. They must therefore also do all the hiring. The Democrat drumbeat hasn’t changed since the FDR years, when this anonymous poem was composed:

    Father, must I go
    to work?

    No, my lucky son.

    We’re living now
    on Easy Street

    On dough from

    We’ve left it up
    to Uncle Sam

    So don’t get

    No one has to give
    a dam.

    We’ve all been

    But if Sam treats
    us all so well

    And gives us milk
    and honey,

    Please, dad, tell
    me what the ‘ell

    He’s going to use
    for money.

    Don’t worry, bub,
    there’s not a hitch

    In this here noble

    He simply soaks
    the filthy rich

    And helps the
    common man.

    But father, won’t
    there come a time

    When they run out
    of cash?

    And we have left
    them not a dime

    When things all go
    to scratch?

    My faith in you is
    shrinking, son,

    You nosy little

    You do too darn
    much thinking, son,

    To be a Democrat.

  • Christoph Weise

    Having read this kind of reports for many years and living in Europe I find it hard to believe that the American people don’t rise peacefully and put an end to this. Establish an only Internet based party that can campaign in elections at very low cost and get rid of your government. Forget Republicans, forget Democrats! As long as America is ruled by multi-billionaires and there banking system represented by the FED the american people will loose.

  • bankstink

    the banksters are the mudering war gangsters.

  • Rev Kuhlaids

    The O Bomber “spare” change hustle that you can’t still believe in! Ukraine is the bite too big for curmudgeon Tio Sam to get down his geriatric craw and smart Europeans can sense that the war mongering Pentacon nation is at its end, broke and not much more than a Third World Fourth Reich getting by on handouts and foodstamps with printed fiat garbage pretending to be “money”. How long before the “rising” dollar supernova bursts and ceases to exist? The illusion cannot be spun forever after all. When it does the entire anglozio “economic” scam will come apart and the
    US elites will flee the country as the nation itself implodes in a reenactment of all USerland’s color-coded global genocide. As the fiat petroscrip terror backed “global reserve currency” gets flushed from the clogged up Ponzi outhouse of the Wall St casino and as the rigged market “capitalism” Potemkin Village begins to crumble before our eyes smart politicians in the soon to be ex €uro zone are already pivoting EAST, to sanity, energy and peace. Eurasia is clearly the way forward for the independent minded people of the once sovereign European nations. The irony of course being that the anglozionazi Brussels project will be taken over by Russia, lock stock and barrel (using the energy card) without ever having to pull a Kiev and reaping all the rewards of Urupp’s Mercan inspired disintegration while the losers in Washing town rave on about “energy independence” and the shale “miracle” to supply Urupp. Pathetic!

    The European masses are sick and tired of the United States of Europe and the Brussels sinkhole of pedophiles in the politburo there who are no more than a rubber stamp for USer Anglozio interests. The entire Washing town made mess of enforcing insane and psychopathic Monsanto poison “food” and Goldman Suck$ bankster bagmen, fracking policies of environmental destruction and now the TTIP corpofascist scam guarantees the success of parties in Spain (Podemos) Syriza in Greece, Sinn Fein in Ireland and the UKIPpers in UK. The €urodollar toilet paper will collapse. Merkel will be ritually washed and sacrificed by German Industry, sick of the Weimar shenanigans of the banksters. Deutsche Bank is wobbling under 56 trillion €uro of toxic derivative USer filth and it will collapse in a tsunami that will make Lehman look like a minor splash when Goldman Suck$ was “saved” the last time. The jig is up and the foodstamp dollar is dead and the signs are all around US for those with the wits to see.

  • usmcmailman

    Wake-up ! Obama’s job was to bring down America.
    Mission accomplished !

  • K2


    • Priszilla

      Communism is a class less society. No ruling class, no class ruled. The state is a tool of the ruling class to exert power on the ruled. Hence, not needed in communism.

      • Airedale

        Communism is a pipe dream the ruling elitists feed the masses in order to control them. Even Karl Marx knew this. Show me a communist country were this is not true.

        • Priszilla

          By definition there can’t be countries in communism.

          • airedale

            Okay… now you’re talking about the Garden of Eden, pre Satan.
            Communism cannot happen in the real world. A tyrant will always rise to rule and the people will love him, at first.

          • airedale

            The Constitution was set up so that there would not be a permanent ruling class, but we the people became lazy and allow two parties to rule us.

          • Priszilla

            Any tyrant rises through force or promise. If you have nothing to promise me, I might as well ignore you like the preacher in the pedestrian zone, or the doorstop seller.

            Anyway, communism will develop out of economic necessity.

            Whart will happen today, if someone declares himself Knight of Texas, or Pope of North America, or Emperor of Virginia, trying to turn the country into a feudalist country, where knights are promised land or benefits if they fought for the emperor.?

          • airedale

            You can ignore promises, but you cannot ignore force.
            Barter (or a black markets) rises out of economic necessity (or collapse) not communism.
            After WWII, the Elite realized that force does not work well with the masses. Promises (and government dependency) are much more seductive and have worked will in the U.S. and western Europe. Meanwhile, the middle class erodes.

          • HandymanRon

            Quite true. Anyone who doesn’t believe it need only look at where this country had gone in the last 50-70 years.

          • wish in one handism

            Straight into the 5h17 hole and gasping for air.

      • RageHard84

        Can you show me a Communist society where there’s no ruling class? Also, in Communism the state controls the means of production. Wouldn’t anarchy lead to anarchic-capitalist state?

        • Priszilla

          As communism comes after capitalism, and not all countries have yet reached that highest developed state of capitalism, there isn’t any communism yet.
          Shall I say have faith?
          Neither you nor I will see it in practice.

          • airedale

            If I understand your meaning, you see pure communism as absolutely no government or governed. That is not possible. Even a family unit has a ruling class.

          • Priszilla

            Who is the ruling class in a family unit? The children? (All is done for them) The parents? (They are stronger) The mother? (She controls the money) The father? (He earns the money)

      • UnderpaidWageSlave

        If Communism works so well, why are so many from China and N. Korea willing to risk their lives to escape it? Also, if Communism is so great, why aren’t people flooding to those countries? Also, what do you consider N. Korea’s leader if he is not a “ruling class?” Also, why did so many Russians risk their lives to leave Russia if Communism works so well? I don’t want to stand in a 12 hour line with a hope that I might receive shoes that don’t fit, or my ration of toilet paper. No system is perfect. If you have honest, decent, fair humans then Capitalism works quite well. The more corrupt the people, the more corrupt the system. People no longer believe that they should treat others the way they want to be treated.

        • Priszilla

          You can’t introduce a new order by edict. It’s like an arranged marriage.
          Tell me one country where people love their government. Not even in America.

          • kfilly

            That’s because we have been fascist since 1871. This is the government our Founding Fathers set up.

          • Priszilla

            Germany was founded in 1871. Did you know that?

          • airedale

            Many of us love our Constitution. That is the foundation of our government. That is what some of us swore an oath to protect.

        • HandymanRon

          The American public is stupid. They rail against the so-called ‘One per centers’ and consider them the enemy. They are the very ones who are starting new businesses and creating new jobs. In politics, I would much rather vote for one of these men than to vote for someone who has to rely upon banks, unions, and other outside interests for financial backing for his campaign, as the latter OWES a big debt which will be called in once he is elected. He is incapable of fairly representing the people who elected him when he owes his allegiance to those who really put him there. This is what we currently have in our 2 party system and much of it can be blamed on greed. Neither party is always right and no elected federal gov’t ‘public servant’ leaves Washington without his pockets well lined.

          In this day and age, we have the ability, through instant communication, the internet, social media, etc. to find someone who can make real ‘common sense’ decisions and isn’t greedy. We can start a grass-roots movement to elect this person and begin to get our country back on track, reducing the deficit, maintaining our military, making our Federal government more efficient, finding ways to improve the poverty level, etc.

      • kfilly

        You think your banking masters are going ti give you freedom. That’s rich. They are going to impose global feudalism so that you can repay them the debt in the monopoly money they printed. That will be your communism. There will be no freedom for you.

      • K2

        In communist countries there were ruling classes.

        • Priszilla

          There aren’t any communist countries.

          There is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, and the Peoples Republic of China…

          “Soviet” means “elected council”

          • K2

            Although soviet means elected council, but it followed communist policies. Same with north korea. Names doesnt mean anything, its what they follow.

      • airedale

        Communism is a hive mentality. You still need a queen to rule. The worker ants still identify with the hive. Kill the queen and the hive breaks up. Humans have a hive mentality. They must latch onto a collective of like minded people, whether political or religious or geographical.

        • Priszilla

          Who rules the open source community?

      • HandymanRon

        For your description to be accurate, it would have to be in a perfect world.,There has to be a ‘ruling class’ to oversee and ensure the EQUAL distribution of wealth.

        • Priszilla

          Not really. Look at open source. There is no ruling class that ensures that you only download one linux distribution. In fact, you only do, because that’s all you need. You don’t have more time to handle 25 distributions on your laptop.
          And if you need another one, well, then you get one.

          You can only ride one bicycle at a time, and if you do, you can’t drive a car at the same time. And you can’t drive a car while you sleep.

          If you have a car, it stands most of the time somewhere without being used.

          I go volunteering at weekends with the rangers. It’s a good workout. Fresh air, good exercise, good fun to meet other people. No payment. But I can do foraging.

          Yes, there are other people around. Heavy drinkers, violent people who go to pubs and have a brawl afterwards. But I don’t mingle with them. So they have to brawl with themselves.

  • kfilly

    You can keep your global communism. You can take your mark from the Beast. People think communism is for the little people. It is. It a system designed by the banks to enslave ignorant sheep like you.

    • UnderpaidWageSlave

      All systems created by humans will fail, and they will be flawed (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and the other “isms” too). Nothing is ever really for the working people. All systems benefit those that created them, and those that have the power to control and manipulate them.

    • Priszilla

      Yes I prefer freedom.
      You can keep your master. And pray every night that he doesn’t harm you for thinking forbidden thoughts.

      • RageHard84

        I prefer freedom too. Where is the freedom in Communist and Fascist societies?

        • Priszilla

          The development of communism out of capitalism is the result of economic necessity, not political fancy.

          • HandymanRon


        • anonymous

          “Show me – which of these people are free?”
          – Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher).

        • HandymanRon

          Good Point!

  • UnderpaidWageSlaves

    I am still earning less now than I earned in the same industry in the 1990s. After watching the documentary, “Food, Inc.” it is more clear that low wages are all just part of the plan. Some companies bankrupted farmers in other countries, and then went to those countries to offer jobs to those willing to immigrate to the U.S. These immigrants likely preferred to stay in the country they loved among their friends, families, and customs, but instead had to leave because there were no longer jobs for them in that country. Flooding the U.S. with workers pushes wages down due to supply and demand (there were already more workers than there were jobs). Some companies want people to work for almost nothing in poor conditions, so they carried out a plan to get poor, third world workers to the U.S. as they knew many people from the third world could be worked hard in lousy conditions for little pay and they would not have labor laws or unions to protect them like U.S. citizens might have. It is all planned.

  • Not your bro

    The future of the middle class is tied to the fate of Western banks. It’s the fuel in the economic engine. Saudi Arabia is nothing without Aramco, and America without Citigroup.

  • Priszilla

    Ok. In both cases the world is devided into capitalists and proletariat and in neither does the proletariat control the government.
    Pretty easy worldview, huh?

  • Priszilla

    Check the ownership.
    How is using taxmoney to increase the profit of arms manufacturers to the benefit of society?

    • RageHard84

      Admittedly, we’re not purely fascist. However, there is a large degree of government control over businesses nowadays, so that’s why we’re fascist in some ways.
      As for money going to arms manufacturers benefiting society, it could benefit if the government wants/needs weapons.

  • Pastor Troy

    Turning to church pantys! Oh NO!

  • Spellcheck?

  • Holger Jahndel
  • Alleged Comment

    This is one how lives under a negro. Check out Africka where this negro came from.

  • Hank

    “When it comes to economics, he is completely and utterly clueless”…

    I disagree with that statement. Obama knows exactly what his policies are doing to the economy. If you understand Obama`s education, background, and the people that he associates with, you will see that this is what Obama and progressives want to happen to the U.S. economic system. They want the capitalist system to collapse so they can implement a socialist, Marxist, and re-distribution of wealth type of economic system.

  • Marko Markoko

    If you think that Obama is bad, imagine what the country would be like under Romney! Romney is the poster child for the 0.1%.

    He made his money as a leveraged-buyout expert, taking over struggling companies and then strip mining them for what value they had left. Even his biggest “success” Staples was done at the expense of thousands of small print-shop companies.

  • Priszilla

    No you take out a loan to “buy” property. Then use the rent to pay the mortgage and your living expenses.

    • Revolt to save America

      I collect enough in rent to pay bills, now I want to own more of what I have outright, specifically my home. Stocks aren’t a guarantee, saving on monthly mortgage is.

    • HandymanRon

      You don’t get the loan without COLLATERAL!! Good Grief, Priszilla, the more of your posts I read, the more I am convinced that you really are stupid and need to be schooled in economics and finance.
      Tenants do NOTHING to raise the value of the property, but they sure can do a lot to decrease the value of it.

      • Priszilla

        If nobody lives in the property, animals and mold will take over.

        You can have tenants who destroy a property and you can have tenants who maintain the property. Your choice.

      • Priszilla

        Oh well with a mortgage the house you buy with the loan is the collateral.

        • HandymanRon

          Not really. When you consider that the homes value may decrease either from a downturn in the housing market or from a person just letting it run down or tearing it up, it can’t be considered as the collateral.

  • Priszilla

    The companies I worked for never bought their offices. Always paid rent.
    They are all socialist?

    • Revolt to save America

      companies rent and want and need the write off. I don’t need the write off.

  • freedomluchador

    I have to disagree with something… i will disagree with number 24…

  • HandymanRon

    The American public is stupid. They rail against the so-called ‘One per centers’ and consider them the enemy. They are the very ones who are starting new businesses and creating new jobs. In politics, I would much rather vote for one of these men than to vote for someone who has to rely upon banks, unions, and other outside interests for financial backing for his campaign, as the latter OWES a big debt which will be called in once he is elected. He is incapable of fairly representing the people who elected him when he owes his allegiance to those who really put him there.

    • RageHard84

      Sadly, it seems like you need to be quite rich in order to not need funds from outside interests.

    • HandymanRon

      Unfortunately, these are our ONLY two existing options. The other would require a massive grass-roots effort to find and, through social media,circulate the name of someone with a clean background who can use common sense in all decisions, without regard to party politics or public sentiment. This may make him a one term president, but some of our populace would be enlightened to the dangers of our current system.

  • HandymanRon

    Knowing how to write doesn’t qualify him as an economist or a financial advisor.

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