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27 Facts That Prove That The Family In America Is In The Worst Shape Ever

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Family - Photo by Eric WardThe family is one of the fundamental building blocks of society.  If you do not have strong families, you are not going to have a strong society.  Unfortunately, the state of the family in America continues to deteriorate.  The marriage rate has fallen to an all-time low, we lead the world in divorce, and about a third of all children live in a home without a father.  Our young people have been taught that getting married and having a family is not a priority, and many of those that would like to get married and have children are not able to get the kinds of jobs that they need to support a family.  The statistics that you are about to see should absolutely shock you.  American families have never been this weak, and this is an incredibly troubling sign for the future of our nation.  What will future generations of Americans be like if they do not have stable homes to grow up in?  Will they be even more messed up than we are right now?  That is a frightening thought.  The following are 27 facts that prove that the family in America is in the worst shape ever…

#1 The marriage rate in the United States has fallen to an all-time low.  Right now it is sitting at a yearly rate of 6.8 marriages per 1000 people.

#2 Today, an all-time low 44.2 percent of Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket are married.

#3 According to the Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of all adults in the United States are currently married.  Back in 1960, 72 percent of all adults in the United States were married.

#4 Back in 1950, 78 percent of all households in the United States contained a married couple.  Today, that number has declined to 48 percent.

#5 100 years ago, 4.52 were living in the average U.S. household, but now the average U.S. household only consists of 2.59 people.

#6 The United States has the highest percentage of one person households on the entire planet.

#7 In the United States today, more than half of all couples “move in together” before they get married.

#8 The divorce rate for couples that live together first is significantly higher than for those that do not.

#9 For women under the age of 30 in the United States, more than half of all babies are being born out of wedlock.

#10 In 1970, the average woman had her first child when she was 21.4 years old.  Now the average woman has her first child when she is 25.6 years old.

#11 According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 69.3 births per 1,000 women in the 15 to 44 year old age bracket in 2007. Now the rate has fallen to 63.2 births per 1,000 women.

#12 The birth rate for American women in the 20 to 24 year old age bracket has fallen to 85.3 births per 1,000 women.  That is a new all-time record low.

#13 The United States has the highest divorce rate in the entire world.

#14 At this point, approximately one out of every three children in the United States lives in a home without a father.

#15 Without a father around, many single mothers in this country are really struggling to survive.  Sadly, approximately 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States are on food stamps.

#16 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point before they reach the age of 18.

#17 Today, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  This is the first time that has ever happened in our history.

#18 The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the entire world.  In fact, the United States has a teen pregnancy rate that is more than twice as high as Canada, more than three times as high as France and more than seven times as high as Japan.

#19 In the United States today, approximately 47 percent of all high school students have had sex.

#20 Approximately one out of every four teen girls in the United States has at least one sexually transmitted disease.

#21 According to one survey, 24 percent of all U.S. teens that have at least one sexually transmitted disease say that they still have unprotected sex.

#22 Instead of being raised by parents, an increasing number of children in America are being raised by movies, television and video games.  For example, the average young American will spend 10,000 hours playing video games before the age of 21.

#23 Americans are tied with the British for the highest average number of hours spent watching television each week.

#24 There are more than 3 million reports of child abuse in the United States every single year.

#25 The United States actually has the highest child abuse death rate in the developed world.

#26 Approximately 20 percent of all child sexual abuse victims in the United States are under the age of 8.

#27 It is estimated that one out of every four girls will be sexually abused before they become adults.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that is not going to be fixed overnight.  Getting the “right politicians” into office will not solve our problems and neither will spending a bunch of money.

The change that we need is a change of the heart.  We need to change how we treat one another and we need to get our priorities straight.

Our families are really messed up, and this is hurting our kids the most.  There is no way that this country is going to have any hope for a bright future unless our families start getting stronger.

Or could it be possible that I am overreacting?

What do you think?

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the state of the family in America by posting a comment below…

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Could it be possible that I am making too much of this?

    Am I wrong to be so concerned about the state of the family in America?


    • CRAT

      Don’t think you are wrong. For a long time, I have seen the deteriorating moral fiber in the country. Many of your examples are the result. Don’t know how it can be turned around.

    • Hambone

      Definitely not. I’ve heard many like-minded people tell me we need to focus on the economy and then worry about social issues. I disagree. While we can’t ignore the issues with the economy, the problems with the soul of America are even more troubling, and I have no doubt they are contributing to our economic woes.

      Here’s one example: working mothers. It’s a family issue with an economic impact. Every mom (of young children) in the workplace takes a job away from a dad somewhere else. If we got our priorities straight, this — and many other things — would move the needle in the right direction.

      • Rebecca in TN

        Please remember that not all working mothers are greedy selfish liberals. I’m a working mother of 2. My husband stays home to raise the children. He sacrificed enough with his service in Iraq and now it’s time for him to heal. Nothing heals the soul like being home with our little girls. But I do agree with you that both parents should not work. The financial sacrifice is worth it and its the right thing to do.

        • Syrin

          No, that’s not the point. After liberals gave us a 100,000 page tax code, and 90,000 pages of regulations, almost all households now need two incomes just to make ends meet. Staying at home and raising kids is virtually no longer an option thanks to liberal economic policies.

          • Gay Veteran

            riiiiiight, that was all the “liberals” fault

      • Ralfine

        Working mothers were created by men at war.

    • K

      Let me start off with you are not wrong about the out of wedlock births, and the single parent families. Both of those situations, make it so much harder for the child as do most of the other things you mentioned The falling birthrate, may be another matter. During times when people sense danger, birthrates sometimes drop. Even though the great majority fail to see what is coming. Many of them do sense that something is wrong. So perhaps that explains that one item.

      • Ralfine

        If men are the ones working, they are liable to have accidents and die sometimes.
        The Indians had an interesting tradition – when the man was cremated, the wife was cremated as well.
        That would solve your problem of single mothers.

    • Jim Davis

      No. You are not wrong. The left has been working to destroy the family for decades. Especially the Jewish left.

      • Syrin

        Look at the black family. it doesn’t exist any more, and it won’t. No black fathers, generations of black men being raised exclusively by black women. Women can’t teach boys how to be men. Boys raised by women will never be men, and never be able to teach boys to be men. The black family now consists of one woman, and her kids, usually fathered by multiple men, living off her Obama endorsed welfare check. What does that tell black girls? It’s saying, “You are f*** toys to be used and abused”, and the boys are receiving the same message. The cycle cannot be broken at this point. It’s like trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

        • Tim

          Dr. Ben Carson was raised by his single mother. He graduated from Yale University and then went on to graduate from medical school at the University of Michigan. Dr. Carson and his wife have been married for 38 years and they have 3 sons. I’d say Dr. Carson’s mother did a fine job of raising him.

          There are many other examples I could give of men who were raised by single mothers.

          • Syrin

            Want me to site the crime statistics, the prison numbers, etc. The exception does not break the rule, moron. Go to inner city ANYWHERE USA and try telling me I am wrong, fhead.

          • Tim

            fhead? Your vulgarity tells me everything I need to know about you.

          • Syrin

            Good, your ignorance tells me all I need to know about you.

          • Tim

            I was wondering, since you claim to be a physician, do you talk to your patients like you communicate with other readers of this site? You’re constantly throwing around the term “F-tard” and the like. Just wondering.

          • Syrin

            Of course not, but my patience for the liberals trying to decimate this c ountry and ruin my children’s future is at an end. AND as I have stated repeatedly, civility on OUR side has emboldened and furthered your side to becoming more rabid and feral, and now we are on the precipice of total societal collapse. How well did that work out for us?

          • Tim

            How does giving an example of a successful black man who was raised by a single mother make me a liberal? Go back and read some of my comments on previous articles and you’ll see that I am nothing of the sort.

            And then you call me “ignorant” in another comment? This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. You have some real problems.

          • Gay Veteran

            2 characteristics of the modern “conservative”: self-pity and blind rage

          • Mavex

            Guilt by association.

          • Gay Veteran

            what association? do your comments ever make sense???

          • Mavex

            You are trying to pin two bad things on a hole ideology and then you are attacking me with an ad hominem.

          • Gay Veteran

            again, what association?
            I haven’t heard about this “hole ideology”. Does it involve donuts?

          • Mavex

            Well some studies claim children without fathers have a higher chance of having negative effects on life for exemple ending up in prison.

        • Gay Veteran

          gee, nothing that JOBS wouldn’t help cure, but the corporations shipped the jobs to China, India, etc.

        • Ralfine

          If the white man throws the black man into prison, who’s fault is it when the kids grow up without their father?

    • chilller

      Dysfunctional families beget dysfunctional nations and your writings shed light on this correlation.

    • Graham

      Keep the facts rolling Michael.

      It is an almighty “incredulous” jigsaw and this is a good method to allow others to absorb all the bits, one piece at a time.

      Astute minds will eventually bridge all of the parts underlying this complex “matrix” and bingo, they “get the whole picture”, or learn which path leads to it.

      You provide plenty of material for others to consider doing further research. Once they learn some basic rules, they will know what to keep on the fence and what to disregard.

      It’s what remains that points to the bullseye and that is what “constructive action” has to eventually ocus on. The exposure stage is well under way, but many other connections have still to be made.

    • WM

      Michael, I don’t think you are wrong at all, in fact, I think you are right on. Its nice to hear someone tell it the way it is and not afraid to share truth, as hard as it may be to swallow.

      You know very well that family, as defined as a man and woman ( sorry homosexual community) and a family that has a moral compass to guide itself through life will be successful.

      The lack of morals and bad atttitudes of most youth today, gives me very little hope for the future of human beings, aside from the mercy of the Lord in preserving a remnant. Add decades of evolutionary brainwashing, irrational violence in media, anti-Constitutional “history” being taught in the liberal cesspools called public (state)schools, and the family unit being redefined as man/man or woman/woman… wonder the youth are so lost and so confused and so rebellious towards the things of the Lord.

      I believe that unless there is some miraculous awakening or revival or something to turn peoples thinking and world view back to Biblical principles and morals, this nation is lost forever and this will be a very miserable place to live , if people lack any sort of absolute moral compass, about right and wrong, what a family actually is, and believe that we are just evolved creatures, and there is no God, no morals, and no accountability, we are in VERY serious trouble right now in this time of human history.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…You know very well that family, as defined as a man and woman….”
        and what about those families headed by a widow or widower?

        • WM

          A single parent home is still a “family” but obviously not as balanced and stable as one with a father and mother.

  • gary2isajoke

    sounds like they can all be pinned on people like gayveteran and gary2

    • Gay Veteran

      you hets are the ones causing the problems

  • vmac

    There are several problems correctly identified above, but I do not think all of them are a problem, please see comments below.
    #1 through #4 and #6 – Marriage rate – If fewer people are deciding to get married, that is a personal decision. I do not see this as a problem. The problem is not the marriage rate but rather the out of wedlock children.
    #10 – Mother’s age – I think it is good that the median age of mothers is increasing from 21 years to 26 years. Being married at so young an age is more likely to end in divorce. Also how can young women get an education and develop professionally if they are pregnant at 20? Too young.
    #11 – #12 – Birth rates – The number of children a woman has is a choice, and today there are naturally going to be fewer children per mother because of work, time available and material expectations (own room, computers, summer camps, etc.). Most couples would prefer to have fewer children and spend more time and money on them.
    I agree with all of your other points above. Truly a challenging problem.

    • markthetruth

      Wrong on #10 mother’s and parent age is a issue i see all gray haired fathers and up to the ages in the 60’s in grammar school. what’s wrong it’s not fair to the children as their parents will be in wheel chairs when their in college and possibly not be around when they are needed.

      #11-12 Most parents have fewer children because they want to but put more attention to Greed and what Cars,electronics,jewelry and Things that cannot Love them back. They married to things and not Life. If you believe this is the way then technology will put us into extinction.

      the end…

      • Hambone

        Definitely. We’ve put our wants (especially material wants) ahead of what is right. Our priorities are so messed up.

        By the way, my wife and I have seven children. I’m doing my part, and I’m irritating the population control wackos at the same time, which is an added bonus.

      • SauronHimself

        Mother’s and father’s age is much less of an issue than it was a hundred years ago. When I was born my mom was 34, and my dad was 40, and they weren’t even close to being decrepit by the time I graduated college. They still aren’t today, and the reason for that is because medical science has lengthened our lifespans and simultaneously improved the quality of our lives as we age. If this era were when homosapiens were still new to the planet, I’d probably be dead because I’ve already outlived the average 25-year lifespan that early humans suffered.

        Regarding your comment on points 11 and 12, do you have any evidence to back your assertions? The burden of proof rests on whoever asserts that something is true. I would be glad to read your peer-reviewed science papers that demonstrate your claims are plausible. Now, before you get hot-headed and sarcastic with me, realize that what I just said is in strict accordance with the rules of logic. If you can’t handle that, I’d encourage you to withhold a response.

  • Swampadash

    If we let grow the idea that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” can we expect anything different?

  • lavista4u

    This is my conclusion on America after decades of research.

    America is the most dangerous country for Americans.

    • Sequoia

      Well said.

  • markthetruth

    I have 4 Children my wife and i love . And there is nothing in this world that can replace the experience of getting the opportunity to watch them grow , explore , their imagination and personalities that Money and Things can’t Replace !!!

    We do get the attitude from people You have 4 kids ! like it a crime these days. What is it of their business of worrying about our Life and Decisions.

    Stop worrying about our Lives and go live your own.

    the end…

    • Hellfire1968

      If you can support them and not rely on the government ever – Good. If not — you and the kids are a worthless strain on the whole country. Someone needs to Clean your Gene Pool.

      • chilller

        And attitudes/comments like yours are worthless, period…

        • Jackie Milton

          I agree with hellfire. Anyone that doesn’t agree is a part of the problem and certainly not a part of the solution. Any person that produces a child and depends on financial support from their neighbor (by taxation) to raise that child is being irresponsible and a burden to society.

          • markthetruth

            You guy’s are IDIOT’S period!

            Read the article it’s about the a Family (a mother, father and the children) not the government , Pharmaceutical and insurance Corps. and other money thief’s that made their way into our lives by force. We been force out of natural birth by the insurance and government. They stole everything natural of a human being. Birth is natural plain and simple. The main cost of raising a family haanyons been tainted by bureaucracy and government . Without their intervening it would not be a burden on anyone else.
            And ou

          • TTS

            Jackie Miltion, with an attitude like yours, I feel very sorry for your children…or HOPEFULLY you’ve not had any. The handouts should be taken away, no doubt, but the CONTEMPT and HATRED for children like you and Mr. Hellfire display is sickening. Go join the devil-worshipping inbreds who created this mess. You are just like them.

          • God gets the Glory

            Amen TTS!

      • Aditya

        you nuts and need help god knows how many like you are out there now. Even in India the divorce rates are going up in Metro Cities, the causes are various.

      • TTS

        Hellfire, your name is SO fitting. Hope you enjoy it.

    • WarriorClass III

      The tax laws have killed state sponsored marriage. It makes far more sense to just be married without involving the government, and declare yourself ‘head of household.’ I’ve been married for 30 years, have 3 children, and have been absolutely creamed by the IRS. Friends of ours have been unofficially married for the same amount of time, have one child. and have paid little or no taxes. Once their child reached majority, they got “officially” married, and it has saved them a literal ton of money.

    • abby725

      as Stephanie said I didn’t even know that a mom able to earn $8737 in one month on the computer. did you read this page w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • Rick

    Oh another coffee break post.

    No mention of feminism.

    No mention of the abuse of child services against men.

    No mention of the corruption of judges against men.

    No mention of police funding for arresting men for domestic violence even if they are the victims.

    No mention of the totally worthlessness of modern women as wives and mothers, but hey in college they already copulated with the whole basketball team.

    No mention of no fault eat pray love divorce.

    could continue but my coffee finished

    • markthetruth

      Your have issues, you should see a Psychologist.

      the end…

      • Syrin

        That response is worse than no response.

        • cyber maniac

          the guy had a point..its just dat u people fail to see it..its not just mens fault..women r part in this distruction as well..if men torture physically..then women do emotionally..if women get distroyed by physical assaults then men also get distroyed by emotional ones..i knew a great man who noone could distroy..untill they used his woman against him..n now he is gone..the end

    • Moore

      Feminism is a plague…and most women in the professional fields, especially teachers, copulate with men and little boys of darker complexion.
      Why do you think white female professionals would want to travel to Africa and the Caribbean? Those countries have contaminated water and high poverty—but this female co-worker I had came back from Africa vacation and spread a gastroenteritis infection to the entire office. Around 5 workers were getting the runs some time that week.

      • Gay Veteran

        obviously men would never do such a thing!

        • Renaissance Girl

          LOL. Good one, good one! ROTFL.

    • Therrion

      You hit the nail on the head! It’s dangerous to be a man and in a relationship.

    • Gay Veteran

      hate women much?

      • Mavex

        Strawman much

    • Ralfine

      Blame the basketball team for landing in college with just their playing credentials. They are brought there by men.

  • Syrin

    This is what we call a liberal triumph, the destruction of the family and value system. Women were indoctrinated to believe that raising children was demeaning so now we have two generations of Americans raised by babysitters and school teachers. The reality was that the gov’t tax and regulation structure destroyed the economy to a degree that women were needed to bring in extra income. Solution? Women’s liberation. Make them believe it’s a good thing to be chained to a desk and not raising your kids. Same thing with the black family, a triumph of liberalism where welfare has UTTERLY DESTROYED the black household. So what did Obamugabe do? He took away the Clinton welfare reforms, the only good thing he did while in office. Now we have “ethicists” telling us women should be allowed to abort their babies up to THREE YEARS AFTER BIRTH. They tell us infanticide is a woman’s rights issue. That must be news to the infant they murdered. What political view was responsible for removing all forms of ethics and religious constructs. Yep, liberals. If Obama had a son, he’d probably abort it or name it Reggie Love. Look it up. The media won’t tell you the truth.

    -liberalism – destroying nations for centuries

    • RarefiedSnotress

      To all you guys who hate feminism and think women’s lives should be lived they way YOU see fit.. good luck with that.. prepare to be lonely

      • Syrin

        Poll after poll shows us women are more lonely and promiscuous than ever. Women out number men 53% to 47%. Facts are not on your side. See feminism has made women actually objects to be used for sexual gratification, not people who should be admired and adored. Why do you think chivalry died with the rise of feminism?

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, women should be barefoot and pregnant and stay in the kitchen!

          • Mavex


          • Gay Veteran

            in other words, unable to respond intelligently

          • Mavex

            Another strawman.

          • Gay Veteran

            you need to look up “strawman”

      • RealityBetraysUs

        I would say the same to feminists: prepare to be old maids who never get married because no man who is a man will put up with you!

        • RarefiedSnotress

          I’ve been living in sin for 9 years with a guy and he’d still like to marry me

          • cyber maniac

            obviously d guy luvs u..but the guy u really love n dream everynight when u sin wid ur guy..WILL NEVER MARRY U..CAUSE A REAL MAN RATHER BE ALONE THAN TO SURRENDER TO SOMEONE TOO FEMINIST..HEHE..DATS D FUNNY REALITY..HAPPY SINNIN DEAR..FEMINISM KILLS BOTH GENDER EQUALLY..if u dont wanna believe..GUD LUCK WID THAT 😉

          • RarefiedSnotress

            let’s hear bout your lovelife .. you sound young and ebonic.. had that welfare baby yet? how many years u been w/anyone?

          • mact

            30 years , 4 children, loving life

          • WM

            Well, then repent of your life of sin, and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness of breaking Gods law, and be saved from the ” wrath that is to come”

            Do it while there still is time, which is running out quickly.

          • Hank Kingsley

            Religion was invented by the rich and powerful to control the masses.

            Looks like you fell for the trick.

          • WM

            So, the rich and powerful created Judaism? Christianity Was a continuing of Judaism and was ” created” by someone who was not rich, he was powerful though.

            Religion has controlled the masses, Biblical Christianity is not about control, it’s about freedom and a relationship with the Living God, natures God.

          • Palmer611

            If he really wanted to marry you, don’t you think he would’ve already? Stop kidding yourself, honey.

      • Paul Patriot

        Wrong. American guys can find more than their share of non-feminist, conservative, beautiful woman from Latin America, Asia, etc. And live very happily, not having to listen the feministic, materialistic whining that far too many young American woman are guilty of.

        Woman raised in the pre- British invasion years……well, all I can say is “they don’t make woman like that anymore” Very sad indeed.

        • Doug Characky

          you most be kidding. What most of these women want is an airline ticket, green card and then it is bye bye

    • Sophia

      My God… you are always bitching around on Snyders news of sorrow and destruction. Get a life!

    • Gay Veteran

      still stuck on “liberals” vs “conservatives”

  • Syrin

    By the way, look at the modern liberal focus. It’s COMPLETELY contrary to MILLENNIA of human history. Most nations and societies throughout the earth for thousands of years have triumphed the family, and the extended family all living under the same household. 99% of ALL HUMANITY EVER was raised this way. What are liberals telling us? You need to toss your 2 year old into an indoctrination camp for their “benefit” and “socialization”. It’s a complete farce as STUDIES have shown the single GREATEST FACTOR to creating happy, healthy and productive children is a stable loving household. Nothing says “I love you” better than dropping them off at a Common Core indoctrination camp at age 2 before they have any ability to develop a sense of security and stability. We are now watching the liberal ideology come home to roost, and is it ever ugly. it is NO COINCIDENCE that the 1950’s were some of our most productive years when we had stable households and a moral fiber, all targeted and destroyed by liberals. Yes, even blacks under segregation were better off than they are now. Now they live in urban plantations as total slaves and dependents to the gov’t.

    • Gay Veteran

      there’s a country that has similar views as you: Saudi Arabia

      • Doug Characky

        Saudi Arabia is far from perfect and has deep seated internal problems. What Syrin forgets is why many women supported woman’s rights movement. Domestic Abuse, adultry were common as was the fact there were single household were women were the head. They were paid low wages with little opportunity

      • Mavex

        Guilt by association.

        • Gay Veteran

          that doesn’t even make sense

          • Mavex

            Yes it does, you are trying to pin his morals to that of Saudia Arabia.

          • Gay Veteran

            he certainly shares many of the morals of Saudi Arabia.
            or are you disputing that?

  • David

    Michael, I have noticed that since you have become a regular on Zerohedge your articles have become quite short. Are you playing a new tune for an attention deficit disordered crowd? I am a big fan but these short articles are for Fortune Magazine. Please go back to the deeper analysis. Thanks.

    • Syrin

      Are you not getting your money’s worth from his articles? You do realize we live in a society whose average citizen has an attention span of half a sentence, right? I like the fact he makes a big impact in a small package.


    Michael, you definately make a valid point. Family are essential to having a strong society. There is something very rotten in America and how we treat our families is at the root of the problem. Taking God out of our families, our of schools and our lives produces results just like you have listed here. We have decline morally down a long and slippery slope. Thank you for bring attention to this issue. We need a revival. It is too bad most of America has checked out on even considering turning and seeking God.

    • Lila

      It is not about taking God out of the family as there are many families who profess God and treat their children, wives, husbands just terribly. Confessing to be a Christian in America means nothing as many confess with their mouth but their actions serve another master entirely.

  • Lennie Pike

    The satan worshipers who control the federal reserve intentionally caused the destruction of the American Family. Whether that makes them liberal or not I don’t even consider – I label them only evil.

    They control the funds needed for the destruction to occur.

    Control the funds – control almost everything (as their founding satan worshiper stated) necessary to reach the desired outcome.

    Very soon the reasons they did this to America (and Europe and soon South America) will soon be well known. They could never reach their goal with an America of the 1950’s. Our firearms are very high on there priority list – actually they are the top priority but should not be because when the
    world’s economy collapses as planned, 99% of all people will gladly do exactly as they are ordered so
    in order to survive.

    • truth thumper

      You are dead on with this reply. There really is nothing we can do. True believers in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob should say their prayers and ask God daily for the strength they will need to endure the coming trials that are about to come full blast upon not only the US but all mankind…

      • Jimbo

        Sorry but your rantings mean nothing to me. If you actually believe that we are in some kind of holy war between satan and the old testament, then I reckon you need help. Men are men and they have evolved the same as every other animal. Winner takes all. I like to think I have diverged from the path of evolution. I am kind to my fellow man and I follow the basic rules of humanity. I try to live my life to the advantage of mankind and never to its disadvantage. I follow no god or set belief system or scripture. I just do what I think is right and not what a preacher tells me is right. I am me. I answer to no god, no politician or employer. I worship nobody. I have one shot at this life and no one is going to tell me how to play my shot.

        • Rebecca in TN

          Evolution is a myth based on zero scientific fact. In the beginning, there was nothing and nothing exploded creating the universe. Then somehow planets created themselves and it rained on the rocks for millions of years. Now we have life that evolved from nothing, rain, and rocks. Sounds like a fairy tale to me.

          • Jimbo

            In the beginning there was nothing. Then nothing created a God and that God created everything else etc. etc. That makes sense?

          • Guest

            No, no. In the beginning, God! God is eternal. He is without beginning or end. He created all things that exist.

          • SauronHimself

            So, to explain this universe that is so complex that we can’t understand it, we’re going to say that it was created by a deity who is even more complex. But we can’t explain how that god came into being, so we’ll just make him eternal, and that solves the problem. Then this god created a universe, waited 9 billion years for our solar system to form, waited another 4.5 billion years for hominids to become reasonable, and then found some illiterate peasants in the Middle East (when we know that the Chinese were already literate and doing science) and revealed the truth to them. Why you find that more plausible is remarkable to me.

          • RealityBetraysUs

            evolutionists are idiots for creating ridiculous timelines thinking that the more time allowed the more plasible their arguments. The biblical view creationists assume the earth to realatively “new’ or young earth theory where the actual age of the earth is only about 7000 yrs old. This was proven by the astronauts when they landed on the moon, and the deapth of the cosmic dust on the surface was evquivalent to a “young earth age model”. If evolutionist view of millions and millions of yrs old then there would have been a lot more cosmic dust on the moon, and the moon would have probably crashed into the earth long time ago due to a decaying orbit over millions and millions of years, you can not have it both ways! New earth =moon still in orbit, Old earth= moon crashed into the earth no longer able to sustain orbit.

          • Gay Veteran

            evolution is a myth! but wonder why all those bacteria are evolving to be resistant to drugs

          • Ralfine

            So you really say, there was a moon landing?

          • Syrin

            According to the quantum physicists, look the term up FHEAD, time didn’t exist before the universe spontaneously came into creation. That’s awfully convenient, and even MORE implausible than a deity. Time just didn’t exist. Can’t explain it so just say it didn’t exist. Show me the proof of dark matter, or dark energy. After all, your math can’t explain where 95% of the mass of the universe is so you create an undetectable, unproven substance and tell us it’s factual because the math must be right as must your theories. Who is living on pure faith?

          • SauronHimself

            I told you not to respond if you couldn’t be rational. I’m not going to spoon feed you the information, especially since it can’t be covered in a series of comments. The science on dark matter, dark energy, and cosmology as a whole is not faith based. It is observed facts coupled with proven equations that, in turn, make predictions. These predictions are verified through experiment. If you’re too lazy to invest the many hours required to understand physics (as I did), don’t talk to me like you know something I don’t.

          • Gay Veteran

            don’t argue with the bible thumpers, facts mean nothing to them

          • Syrin

            I don’t know what side I am on this, but here’s what your “sensiscal view” tells us. EVERYTHING in the universe existed out of nothing in the space smaller than the period at the end of this sentence and time did not exist at that point. Then, for some unknowne reason, everything expanded, except for possibly 7 other universes spontaneously. Then, in direct violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, some matter coalesced, became self aware and reproduced, something that is mathematically so improbable that it is a statistical impossibility. Meanwhile, EVERY single step on the path to self awareness, and EVERY SINGLE step on the path to reproduction violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

            That seems much more probable, right? You arrogant pieces of garbage make me sick. By the way, the actual skeletal evidence does not support evolution, but you knuckle dragging liberals let others do your thinking for you so you get this giant echo chamber in which NONE of you has actually reviewed the science.

          • RealityBetraysUs

            No in the beginning was God and physically there was nothing until he created it! Read Genisis! God is the prime mover not the universe, now you are trying to take the limits of physical philosophy and impose them upon God! God never gave you permission to tie his hands behind his back, after all he is GOD the one and only prime mover or apriori…

          • SauronHimself

            Your ignorance of cosmology, geology, physics, and biology is why you think the way you do. Cosmology, for example, has demonstrated in recent years that our universe could have actually begun from nothing, and we have observational evidence to support it. Read up on some Lawrence Krauss tonight instead of stewing over how angry you are at people who think differently than you.

          • Guest

            GuesYou’re free to believe whatever you want. As a Christian, I believe the Biblical account of creation, as do many others here. The Bible also declares that God is eternal. He’s from everlasting to everlasting. Now, I don’t understand it, but I have been given faith to believe it. Furthermore, the evidence points to a very young Earth.

            I don’t hate those who don’t share my views. If you want to believe the implausible theory of Evolution, suit yourself. It only shows that you don’t have God-given faith to believe His Word. By the way, Charles Darwin had doubts about his own theory.

          • SauronHimself

            This is a typical response. “You believe what you want. I’ll believe what I want. It’s a wash.” No it’s not. There are and are not things which are demonstrably true. Not a single shred of evidence points to any deity’s existence. The “evidence” pointing to a young Earth in the bible has not only failed to demonstrate its claims, but the real evidence shows that Earth is far older than 6-10k years. Next you made the loaded statement fallacy by presuming evolution to be an implausible theory, but you don’t actually defend that statement. I’ll actually give you one great example of why evolution is plausible. If you compare human vs chimpanzee DNA, they are incredibly close, but chimps and other lesser primates have 48 chromosomes, whereas we have 46. How can we possibly be related? Evolutionary theory makes a prediction that if we are truly related, then two chromosomes would have gotten fused at their telomeres somewhere during our ancestry. Guess what? It’s chromosome #2 in humans, which is a fusion of two ordinary chromosomes joined at their telomeres. If you split them apart, they’d match the chromosomes we see in other primates. That’s just one example of why evolution provides a great framework for the diversity of life (not origin of life. That’s abiogenesis.). Be scientifically literate and use your available resources like Google. To deny evolution in the face of mountains of evidence is tantamount to saying that the world is flat.

            If you’re going to end with that pathetic statement that Darwin had his doubts, you 1) haven’t studied Darwin’s life and 2) use appeal to authority fallacies as your source for truth, so either way your argument fails.

          • Syrin

            How do you get around the fact that every single step of evolution violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. At what point did a random collection of stringed loops come together to become sentient, self replicating, and when did time actually start, because according to you, everything just “happened”. No explanation, no reason, it just did. For some reason you claim that a diety isn’t involved without any evidence, but your explanation violates the basic laws of thermodynamics literally trillions upon trillions of times over. Your explanation states the entire universe was compressed to an area smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. EVERYTHING.

          • Syrin

            And even better, you talk about no proof. That’s where we can laugh at your side to no end. See, your mathematical equations fail to correlate with the observable universe. What’s that? 95% of the mass that should be there isn’t? well then there must be this dark matter, and dark energy that occupy the VAST MAJORITY OF THE UNIVERSE, and we can’t see it, can’t detect, can’t even feel or detect its effects, but it must be true because out equations and theories can’t be wrong. That is LITERALLY the summary of your current theory.

          • SauronHimself

            Again, you need to actually study physics and stop spewing ignorance. If you expect someone to spoon feed you the information, you’re both ignorant and lazy.

          • Syrin

            Says the man with absolutely no evidence that he has read anything scientific in his life time. Typical liberal retort. Lazy and devoid of meaning. Just an accusation. Loser fhead,

          • Mavex

            Actually if you claim something and if that claim excludes something you have to supply evidence/links to support what you say.

          • RealityBetraysUs

            Even modern day cosmologist can not come up with a unified theory to explain the larger universe and the smaller universe such as seen in quatum phycsics and form a unified theory that explains explains everything in context! God has no problem with multi dimensions and even gives examples of it in the bible. The real problem is explaining a self creating universe without a God or prime mover outside of space and time. Here is where the bible and theology shine the brightess! If you refuse to believe in God or a prime mover force or intelligence what are going to substitute in it’s place? Oh and by the way you can not assume that you even have simple dirt to start with, you have to create your own dirt! as well as your own “prime mover substitute for “God”.!

          • SauronHimself

            Your argument presumes that a prime mover or first cause is needed to create a universe. That’s fallacy #1. Fallacy #2 is your assumption that things started with “simple dirt”. You have to demonstrate a god exists first before you can use it to validate your arguments.

          • Ralfine

            If you can come up with something from nothing for no apparent reason or cause, then you are no different than god.
            But then, the pulsating universe that was there forever is also difficult to comprehend.
            Well, finally the universe falls together into a huge little black hole that then explodes and creates a new universe.
            And there might even be a multiverse, with tunnels and worm holes between the universes.

          • RealityBetrayUs

            Evolution can only be proven to exist within a species (micro not macro). No argument with the bible, it says God created each after it’s own kind capable of changing but still the same species.Evolution as a theory of origins; requires changing from one species into a totally new and different species.(no evidence for this exists scientifically)!

          • Gay Veteran

            because bacteria have extremely short lifespans

          • Ralfine

            Evolution is the theory of mutations. Accidental mutations. Changes of DNA from parent to children. For whatever reason.

            And this still happens. We find Genes from African men in our DNA, but not from Asian men. But Asian men have the same African genes. Which points to separate developments at one point.

            And we are not talking years here, or generations. We are talking thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of years. The first discovered human remains were dated 5 million years back.

            The dinosaurs lived 250 million years ago. Give or take a few million.

            That’s about the same time our coal was still plants.

            You don’t need many elements for life – oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, that’s about it.

            4 Elements if put together in a big hot reactor could combine in any form and number, until, after a few thousand or million years a few forms started to live and get into interactions with other forms that had combined elsewhere, a few million years later or earlier.

            For more diversity add some more elements. Get some different properties.

          • Jimbo

            Evolution is something I choose to believe in because it makes sense to me. It doesn’t threaten me with eternal damnation if I choose not to believe it. It doesn’t “appoint” spokesmen on Earth to tell me how to live. If I do good things it is because I believe them to be the right thing to do. I don’t do good things because I am afraid of the consequences after I die. I don’t go around knocking doors and telling people that they will be damned if they do not believe in evolution. Last time I checked the news, there were no reports of evolutionists blowing up other evolutionists for reading a slightly different textbook.

          • Gay Veteran

            ouch, that’s goning to hurt

          • Gay Veteran

            and the Earth is 6000 years old!

          • Ralfine

            That makes sense, with Chinese having 5000 year old culture.

          • Gay Veteran

            and Jesus rode a dinosaur!

          • Ralfine

            No, couldn’t, they didn’t make it onto Noah’s boat. But the Chinese, British and Germans could still see the dragons fly.

          • Gay Veteran

            I hope that some good drugs you’re taking

          • Ralfine

            Oh no. Religion is the opium for the people.

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, you going to tick off a lot of people who post here

          • Ralfine

            check out the history of the quote:
            en wikipedia org/opium_of_the_people

  • Hellfire1968

    I hate that people Breed because they have a hole to put it in. Civil Social Responsibility is an elective for these retarded people – yet the whole country pays for their retarded-ness. These Idiots need to be Marked put on display and fixed like feral dogs.

  • Hellfire1968

    FERAL monkeys ARE going to be the new voting Block for the Democrats. Monkeys will have more rights than you or me – shame I can’t allow my dog to vote. My Dog has more common sense than these porch monkeys.

  • Digofthedump

    Please tell me that’s not two men in the photo.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      lol.. it does look that way doesn’t it? what was Michael thinking?

    • Ralfine

      If it helps you, think of them as two brothers with their families, while their wives are trailing behind with the boys, one of them making the photo. :-)

  • Jackie Milton

    I dont believe you’re overreacting at all. Society is crumbling from within. Our morals and culture has seen a dramatic decline in the past 50 yrs that i have witnessed personally.

    • Lila

      Not true. The fact is that people have been the same generation to generation. Some good, some bad. Some moral, some immoral. The only difference between then and now is that we have the internet, news 24/7, etc that brings this issues right into our homes. Whereas in the past you lived in your little bubble, with your circle of friends and assumed that most people were just like you and shared your values and sense of decency (0r indecency)!

      • Syrin

        Not true. Poll after poll proves you wrong. Moral relativism is the rule and that leads to heinous acts.

        • Lila

          Bull…who is conducting the polls? People lie and always want to make themselves seem better than they actually are. Just a fact.

  • seth datta

    NWO on top form. As Brzezinski stated, one of the goals was to divide the family to keep people isolated and therefore more compliant.

    In fact, this is part of the reason for mass immigration, the subversion and deconstuction of the Church, militant feminism etc.. When you divide a peoples in such a manner and get them to fight horizontally instead of vertically (ie against the people in charge), you further weaken the population’s will to be able to resist future negative changes that you wish to impose upon the society. This is basic governance in the form of ‘divide and conquer’.


      Senator Patrick Moynihan called the family the “Little Platoon of Civilization”. The Platoon is under attack from all quarters.


    The destruction of the family unit is the greatest problem this society has. Yes, there are many other problems but solve this one and everything else will fall into line. What has to be done? First and foremost, revamp the tax code so that young, married families receive the lion’s share of government largess. If this is not done, our country and our society will wither on the vine and blow into the dust bin of history. I can see the dustbin.

  • Angela

    1 of every 4 girls have an STD? Where is this from? And why the focus on girls? They evidentially contracted the STD from someone…

    • RarefiedSnotress

      It is likely from a conservative/conformist definition. In this light, if a girl gets a cold sore once, she gets branded w/herpes for life. Same deal w/hpv etc

      • Syrin

        No, it’s CDC data idiot. Chlamydia and HPV are widespread.

        • RarefiedSnotress

          Syrin.. go beat your dog and other useful things

          • Syrin

            Sounds like projection to me. Your fact allergy is showing FHEAD.

            Did you read that Sam. This FHEAD is why I dropped the pretense of civility.

  • Angela

    And why is there such shame placed on parents for needing food stamps? There is no shame there! It is a supplement. It is meant to support not cause shame. 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused/assaulted…how about some stats on how many boys or men will do the assaulting? Maybe do an article on teaching boys not to assault…. So much hatred for women in this article.

  • r.bitting

    Romans CH. 1 and Deuteronomy CH.28. . . Read your future in advance ( truthfully, it’s already here ).

  • Robert (qslv)

    One reason we can’t do anything to correct these problems is the inability to honestly define the problem. Michael, I know you mean well but you left out the lynchpin bit of information concerning these problems.
    If you take another look at these statistics through racial and cultural filters, you will find that this is chiefly a black american problem. There I said it, now everyone attack me for shedding the light of truth on these problems.
    If the case worker finds a man in a welfare mother’s home, she stands to lose her benefits. So, welfare regulations rip the family apart. It makes economical sense for an unwed black woman to eliminate the father from the household, but have as many illegitamate children as she can. This is culturally ingrained, having gone on for generations. It is basically making a whole race of people dependent on government handouts, and in my opinion is one small step away from Genocide.
    Before LBJ’s war on poverty a black culture was developing in northern cities. This ended in the 60’s with the ADC program. Since then, some attempts at welfare to work programs were tried and failed when they were attacked by progressived as being “racist”.
    Black americans need a culture which includes families with a mother and father and both religious and social life in the neighborhoods where they live, like it was pre-1960’s.
    By the way, Michael, I started reading your book and I’m losing sleep cause I can’t put it down.

  • Arizona

    HERES one ,for all you devil worshippers ,”IN florida”,the police gangs go out into the forest looking for homeless families and then KILL all of them ,and then BRAG ABOUT IT,and you shipped all americas jobs to other countries,and now cry about the families who can’t support themselves any longer,because you screwed them ,so you and your family could live like a king,THIS is a mistake you’ll regret………………………………

    • RarefiedSnotress

      Well, I do see police helicopters circling low over homeless camps to harass them here in Fla, but haven’t heard anything like what you’re saying.. links? reference?

      • Arizona

        I lived in FLORIDA for ten years,in daytona beach,I owned a 5 acer piece of property on the out shirts of daytona,HOMELESS FAMILIES lived in the forest ON MY LAND,the police gangs were all the time jumping my fences to attack the homeless,I used to spend time helping them and sat around their camp fires and listened to HORRIFING STORIES about the bearly escaping the police gangs MURDERING EVERYONE IN THE CAMP,WORST,the POLICE GANGS brag about KILLING THE homeless,these are the sick animals who have came down from new england and became cops in florida,THERE IS NO ONE who protects the homeless in southern states…worst,the people on radio,in daytona,think its funny the police gangs do this………………….

        • Arizona

          LET ME add one other thing,I left FLORIDA,one day I was in my back yard,and THE LORD SPOKE TO ME,HE said I’AM going to destroy FLORIDA,you better move to the mountains,cause your house is going to be under 800ft.of water,I started packing the next day………………

          • RarefiedSnotress


  • seth datta

    All the people who work for the oppressive powers. They have things and people they love too.

    They may attack us, but we outnumber them and are more powerful if directed well enough.

  • Sam

    Of course marriage has fallen to an “all-time low!”

    American women are nothing but a bunch of selfish, self-centered w h o r e s. Their standards are so high that not even God can fulfill them, they want a storybook “prince” to ride up and gather them up so they can sit on their useless a s s e s all day watching the telly.

    Divorce is way too easy, if some w h o r e does not believe she is being “satisfied” then out comes divorce court, where the w h o r e can start all over again.

    There is no accountability, no sense of responsibility. Just w h o r e around, society will pick up the tab.

    • Syrin

      You are a living dichotomy, aren’t you? You chastise me for language, then type that post? At least I embrace my anger for the what the left has done to the nation and openly announced that the time for civility passed years ago. Are you in denial of your own behavior?

      • Gay Veteran

        because conservatism, like communism, cannot fail it can only be failed

    • RarefiedSnotress

      Here’s a thought.. EXPATRIATE!
      Find yourself better women somewhere else. or..
      Maybe you can get a mail-order bride who will stay with you a few years till she gets her green card.

    • Lila

      Wow Sam you sound like a real catch for some unlucky woman. Your opinion perhaps is based on the type of women you attract and want to be with. Raise your standards and make yourself into the man a women who is truly special will treasure and adore.

      Problem with many men and women is they choose a mate based on looks and lust not anything else. They ignore signs and signals about how a person acts and behaves and thus the mistake and ensuing fallout occurs when they inevitably divorce.

      I will agree that the divorce courts deck is stacked in favor of women not men. How many men do you know that receive alimony compared to women.

      There are just so many nuances and too many different issues regarding marriage, divorce, etc to really go into.

      If the wife cheats no alimony and vice versa.

      Courts should also not give automatic preference to mother when deciding custody of children. It should be who can provide best for child’s emotional needs.

  • cynicfrombc

    I’ve been married for 27 years. We have five children. We lived simple and frugal lives and received no government support of any kind.They are all young adults now and doing fine. We enjoy good relations with all of them and they have enriched our lives immeasurably. Has it been easy? No. Marriage is hard work. Raising children is even harder work. You need commitment, endurance, self-denial and a sense of purpose in what you are doing. You also need like-minded people around you such as relatives, friends and, for example, other members of your church. In a crisis, you will not be alone. It seems to me that marriage and family are falling apart because people have become lovers of money, lovers of self and lovers of pleasure. Genuine sacrifice is foreign to our culture; it’s been replaced by a culture of self-fulfilment. People feel entitled to having all their desires satisfied and quickly, too. If that’s not happening, they move on to the next lover or spouse. Without a renewal of the family, there is little reason to expect anything other than the further decline of America.

    • Ralfine

      If the support of the family is not there, people more easily jump from lover to lover.
      This is most pronounced in homosexual relationships, as parents dispose of their homosexual children as soon as they find out.

      As an older guy with 20 years monogamous relationship, I am always on call for younger friends who find it difficult dealing with difficult phases in their relationship. I can’t glue their relationships, but I can give them hints and help where they can’t ask their parents for help.

  • lucille rothstein

    The times we live in, are not for having a family. Anyone with any common sense can see where we are headed.

  • Gregge K Johnson

    The last 88 major civilazations were destroyed once the family institution was torn apart !

  • Chesyre

    Follow the money , how many trillions of tax dollars end up in offshore bank accounts ?
    No worries , coming too a time of austerity due to finite resources . RE fossil fuels , fossil water and fossil chemical shortages for food production on a global scale. Back to the good ole days of the 1800’s. That’s 1800 BC and being really optimistic.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Raising a family is hard work even in the best of times, and these clearly aren’t the best of times. The Banana Republic of America (the Third World hellhole that used to be Los Estados Unidos) is a terrible place to raise a family. Between 23% unemployment (according to John Williams/Shadow Statistics), a dying middle class, an ever-abusive police state, a corrupt bankster oligarchy that hates small businesses, a joke of a health care system (which will not be improved by the Unaffordable Care Act), the abuses of the IRS (Immoral Rape Sadists), a crumbling infrastructure, Monsanto (or as Max Keiser calls it, Monsatan) and the high cost of food, raising a kid in the BRA is a nightmare.

  • Ocelot

    Long time reader but first time poster. Keep up the good work Michael – the topics you write about and the discussions they generate have been quite eye opening and have helped me to see through the BS and get a better glimpse of what’s really going on in the world.

    With regards to the declining marriage numbers, today’s society is far less conducive to marriage than in the past. For example, in the 50’s, if you had a good work ethic and were dependable, you could often times land a family sustaining job right after high school, and potentially remain employed there until you were able to retire. People were able to settle down, have a family, and be relatively OK financially. Now young people bury themselves in debt going through college only to spend their 20’s bouncing around between internships and low paying entry level positions all while trying to repay a mountain of student loan debt. Getting married and starting a family has taken a back seat to establishing a career, and by the time many people are comfortable with their life and work situation they are often in their 30’s.

  • Eliot

    Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue. I do not usually comment on forums like this and try to focus on the tone of the article instread. It’s startling when a very clear point is being made and is presented very well objectively, yet all there is is arguing. I have deleted my digital life, meaning facebook alter ego self, and it has been half a year now I believe. I try to live my day to day life doing good to others at any opportunity I get, through work and church and daily encounters with strangers. I am scared by the kids I meet my age and that our younger, meaning the 14-16 age group. I do not believe my generation will be able to speak for itself in the coming years and they are “sheep” being raised by the “sheeple”. No, this is not the case for every family but just having graduated high school I feel like I barely made it out alive. Those kids have no understanding of what goes on in the “real” world nor do they care. When you talk to them about what you think is so important they want to give you the right answer, like they were taught, “so well!” in school, so they can go back to their own little world, which usually involves gossip, complaining, and being your average teenage spoiled brat. When someone says “youtube attention span” it is not a joke. Everything is funny to everyone. It seems everyone is always laughing when there is absolutely nothing funny at all. I get sick of it. I sometimes play along too just for the sake of not drawing attention to myself because heaven forbid, we can never be “too serious”. Yet when I come online where everyone “gathers” and makes “friends” it’s Argue Argue Argue. I have lost all interest in how I am going to make money in the future. I have lost all interest or desire to be apart of these fake social groups everyone seems to be so involved in. Life is not about money. Or phones. Or facebook and twitter. I hear everyone talk about these subjects constantly but see I nothing. I still see the broken faces pointed straight toward the ground with faces glued to phones ipods and the works. Love one another is the opposite of argue. Love is the opposite of picking sides. Love is the opposite of fear. Fear is the opposite of having a friendly conversation with a stranger you’ve just met. I do not believe in philosophy. I do not believe in man made truth or what the god, TV, has to say about anything. I believe in Love. Not hippie blazed out of your mind love. Love that removes yourself and puts others before you. I consider YOU, whoever is reading this, better than myself. I did not come up with this on my own. I discovered this in the Holy breathed Word of God that everyone is so quick to tear down. It is called the Bible. I do not say this intending to sound like a preacher or as if I’m so holy or whatever. I struggle with temptation and sin in my life daily. The times we live in are scary. But if you are on the side of the one who created it all, I do not understand what there is to fear. The time we are in is coming to a close so soon. Why would you want to spend your time arguing like everyone else is doing? What are you accomplishing? I personally hate arguing. If you want to comment back at this and argue, I say go right ahead. I want to know what you really think. But if you say what have to say all I ask is that you be honest, with yourself, in replying.

    • Ralfine

      It’s a bit long to read. I copied it to read later, and bookmarked this site.

      Anyway, just out of high school you are overwhelmed with many things.
      Let me tell you, there is real life out there. And even America is not the only country in the world, and not the only place where to find work, friends, family, future.

      It is worth to keep your mind together and find your goal and your freedom and work to make it happen.
      And whatever you think right now, there are like-minded people out there. They might be Chinese, or Arab or Swiss, but who cares.

  • Eliot

    Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue Argue. I do not usually comment on forums like this and try to focus on the tone of the article instread. It’s startling when a very clear point is being made and is presented very well objectively, yet all there is is arguing. I have deleted my digital life, meaning facebook alter ego self, and it has been half a year now I believe. I try to live my day to day life doing good to others at any opportunity I get, through work and church and daily encounters with strangers. I am scared by the kids I meet my age and that our younger, meaning the 14-16 age group. I do not believe my generation will be able to speak for itself in the coming years and they are “sheep” being raised by the “sheeple”. No, this is not the case for every family but just having graduated high school I feel like I barely made it out alive. Those kids have no understanding of what goes on in the “real” world nor do they care. When you talk to them about what you think is so important they want to give you the right answer, like they were taught, “so well!” in school, so they can go back to their own little world, which usually involves gossip, complaining, and being your average teenage spoiled brat. When someone says “youtube attention span” it is not a joke. Everything is funny to everyone. It seems everyone is always laughing when there is absolutely nothing funny at all. I get sick of it. I sometimes play along too just for the sake of not drawing attention to myself because heaven forbid, we can never be “too serious”. Yet when I come online where everyone “gathers” and makes “friends” it’s Argue Argue Argue. I have lost all interest in how I am going to make money in the future. I have lost all interest or desire to be apart of these fake social groups everyone seems to be so involved in. Life is not about money. Or phones. Or facebook and twitter. I hear everyone talk about these subjects constantly but see I nothing. I still see the broken faces pointed straight toward the ground with faces glued to phones ipods and the works. Love one another is the opposite of argue. Love is the opposite of picking sides. Love is the opposite of fear. Fear is the opposite of having a friendly conversation with a stranger you’ve just met. I do not believe in philosophy. I do not believe in man made truth or what the god, TV, has to say about anything. I believe in Love. Not hippie blazed out of your mind love. Love that removes yourself and puts others before you. I consider YOU, whoever is reading this, better than myself. I did not come up with this on my own. I discovered this in the Holy breathed Word of God that everyone is so quick to tear down. It is called the Bible. I do not say this intending to sound like a preacher or as if I’m so holy or whatever. I struggle with temptation and sin in my life daily. The times we live in are scary. But if you are on the side of the one who created it all, I do not understand what there is to fear. The time we are in is coming to a close so soon. Why would you want to spend your time arguing like everyone else is doing? What are you accomplishing? I personally hate arguing. If you want to comment back at this and argue, I say go right ahead. I want to know what you really think. But if you say what have to say all I ask is that you be honest in replying.

    • Louise in MO

      To Eliot

      I think your comments were from your heart and your understanding of the world around you. Continue on helping others, believing in God, not arguing with everyone and doing as much listening as you do talking.

      You are mature for your young age. Good for you! Stay on the path you have chosen.

  • ramatandra

    There are good treatments for paranoia you should consider seriously…

  • MagenD

    Leviticus 19:29, “Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness”

    This verse explains America (aka Babylonia) to the fullest. To “Prostitute thy daughter” means “Allowing her to dress and act the whore at school, early DATING, et al”. But it’s NOT ONLY the Fathers who will be called/held to count. Also/Mainly it will be the SNAKE JUDGES and LAWYERS of America’s Prostituted/Whore (Morally Bankrupt) Courts and foul Legal System where the mere idea of JUSTICE has become a by-word for who has the time/money and/or whom can we steal it from?! The OCCULTISTs ILLUMINATED Brotherhood/Sisterhood Fraturnities of death and destruction – when the ICBM’s come, when Babylon Falls – it will be for/by/because of them!!!! G-d has a day in store – and they’ll (The FOUL LEADERS of This People, this Sick/Corrupt Nation) NOT ESCAPE!!! AMEN!!!

  • mattjerch

    Dow all time high. really ridiculous. economic collapse?

    • Therrion

      The markets are so manipulated now, the don’t even come close to reflecting the true state of the economy. The market was doing great when the crash of 08′ happened….

    • Jimbo

      The Dow, FTSE etc. are not true barometers of an economy. They will react when news gets bad or good but the reaction is not always what you would expect. The markets at the moment are being kept afloat and indeed bolstered by QE. Monetary easing will continue as long as the underpinning fundamentals are bad. Therefore bad news = more QE = stronger markets.

      • mattjerch

        thanks Jimbp. that makes some sense. down 55% on silver so I guess I am just “salty”,lol….but it really does seem like this QE stuff can go on and on forever. have a nice wknd

  • mattjerch

    harry bent, survive and prosper. market will crash!!!!
    today on cnbc….but this market….noboby knows what the F will happen…..Michael great writer….but he will be writing this stuff 25 years from now plus!

    • Jimbo

      I am not a crashist. I have a good and educated understanding of world economics and politics and I am well traveled. I lived in the UK during the 1970’s and Thatchers 80’s. I lived in China three years ago during the peak of their manufacturing boom. I now live and work in Australia. What is happening now is something I have never seen before. The vast majority of western economies now rely entirely on debt to fund their economies. They run trade and structural deficits, are no longer self sufficient and propose deficit reductions two or three years into the future (depending on economic performance). If my well paid best friend asked me to lend him 5 bucks I would do so without batting an eyelid. If he lost his job and asked me for 5 bucks because he was going to get a job in two years, I would probably still lend him the money. If he hadn’t worked for 5 years, owed me a $1000 and asked me for another 5 bucks I would think twice. The proceeding sentence is where the western economies (USA and UK as prime examples) sit now.

  • Patriot Alice

    Government assistance encourages divorce, dependency, lazyness, dicourages initiative,….Soon the “In God We Trust” will be removed from our currency by the socialists..

  • Gay Veteran

    “…#10 In 1970, the average woman had her first child when she was 21.4 years old. Now the average woman has her first child when she is 25.6 years old….”

    and just how does this prove that the family in America is in the worst shape ever???

    • Lila

      Actually I think those that have children when they are older can be better parents as you are done sowing your oats so to speak and ready to settle down. Of course this does not apply to everyone but a lot of people who had kids just because they were supposed to once married.

  • Gay Veteran

    hey syrin, how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?

  • Gay Veteran

    didn’t realize baking a cake was a protected religious activity

  • Sasshattery

    In 2007 I, a college graduate, had two children in private school, was married to an executive who made 6 figures, and owned a beautiful 5 bedroom home in a lovely neighborhood. In my world if you were poor, it was because you simply didn’t work hard enough, because, hey, look at me, I worked hard in school, at work, at my marriage and most of all, worked hard at being a good mom. I was successful because I worked hard.

    Then I found inappropriate movies and pictures my husband had taken of his underage students.

    I filed for divorce, turned him and the thousands of pieces of evidence in to the authorities, and took my children to counseling.

    Beside awful, all of that was hard work too.

    The result?

    The authorities did nothing with the evidence I brought them. My ex left the state and the case was dropped.

    The divorce court didn’t bother to view any of the evidence. Not even once. Child support was decided on an estimate. Guess how often support it’s paid? And what can I do about it? Hire an attorney to sue? With what money?

    No, best forget that mess and move on and…

    …there are no jobs for a 40 year old woman that will support two children. I had to remove my college degree from my resume to even get call backs.

    I work multiple jobs because even if I never take a sick day or holiday, and work 40 hours a week at a minimum wage job, I will barely clear $15,000 a year – gross.

    My children and I now live in abject poverty. I have no credit cards, no car payment, no extras, and I still can’t pay even our most basic bills.

    In the mean time, my ex is in trouble in other states now. It’s my fault he was initially outed. I suspect he’s behind the dead animals left on my car and knives on my front porch.

    But who is going to believe me? We’re poor – which means we have no status and no voice in America today and certainly no justice.

    And what is the future for my children? They’re great kids, they work hard and make the honor roll.

    They’ll soon have to say good-bye to all their college bound friends because there’s no way we can afford college. Even if we could, where would it get them? My college degree is worse than useless now, it’s actually a liability.

    My kids will be working along side their mom, making minimum – if they are lucky enough to even get a job.

    We’ll work 75 hours a week, at dead end jobs that won’t pay the most basic bills, until we drop dead – or until my ex kills us, which ever comes first. All the while we’ll listen to major media label us lazy and ‘takers’ and they’ll say people like us are the cause of American’s financial woes.

    That’s the future I purchased for myself and my children with unbelievably hard work.

    And there is nothing… nothing I can do about it, no matter how hard I try.

    • geauxgeaux

      So, maybe, divorcing your husband wasn’t the best thing for you or your kids?

      • Louise in MO

        Your reply to Sasshaterry is ridiculous and without merit. You would rather that she stay married to a man who was obviously dabbling in child pornograpny. Oh, yes, you say that she should allow her children to be in a home with such a deviant for a Father.

        You are obviously not too bright.

        • Sasshattery

          Thanks for sticking up for the kids and I. I’m trying to concentrate on your comment rather than the other… but I keep thinking how could I prove how bad it was? Could I prove it but still keep us safe? But it’s pointless I suppose… either way, thank you. Sometimes it’s the small kindnesses that help us putter along.

      • Sasshattery

        My point was sometimes unexpectedly awful things will surprise you and put you in an unearned and undeserved financial position that is impossible to claw out of. I’m bewildered there are people out there who would suggest I whore out children so I could keep my lifestyle. On a side note: as a consequence of his crimes the authorities gave him tens of thousands of dollars in therapy instead of jail time. After therapy he moved and is now in trouble for the same things in different states. Child molesters are not really marriageable material in my view, and my children agree, no matter how much pasta and hand-me-downs they endure.

    • Louise in MO

      I congratulate you for making the decisions that you did. Not all women have done so. I wish you and your children the very best.

  • Puritan Awakening

    This is unfortunately what happens when America turns towards a “more secular world-view” and rejects God and His Law, altogether. Without the Kingship of Jesus Christ in the nation of America, the building blocks of society (the family) will definitely deteriorate… America needs to repent from sin, and return to King Jesus. Only God can “change” the hearts of men towards repentance.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” — only King Jesus is the definitely the “only Answer.”

  • Papabear

    Its a Shame that the Family unit is breaking, Thats why i do use faith as a glue to bond mine, I pray for parents that try to keep the family together when the goings tough, remember nothing more important then knowing your family loves you ..
    my opinion ^_^

    • subo

      The seven deadly sins are alive and well.

  • s

    whats wrong with having a baby at 25?

    • Jimbo

      Nothing. My first child was born when I turned 39. My wife was 38. We waited until we were ready and able to provide. Sometimes a list of “facts” is better kept short and relevant. Sometimes a single irrefutable fact is better than a 100 statements that appear to support the argument but on closer examination prove nothing at all.

  • Kasey Burt

    I am not troubled by smaller family size, waiting to get married at a later age and having children at a later age. These are responsible behaviors. The divorce rate, children out of wedlock rate and the moving in together before married rate and abuse rates, those things are troubling.

  • Ralfine

    Sometimes I hear that a child has the right to father and mother.

    Shouldn’t parents be banned from joining the army, police, fire fighters then? Or at least be kept home so they don’t endanger themselves?

  • Malibu

    Ralfine brings up another point, my friend is in the military & her ex husband & they have 2 kids. He’s been sent over seas for 2 yrs min. & she is sent for days at a time to other states. She relies on her friends & neighbors to take her children for weeks at a time. Oh, and at a moments notice. Even though we do our best to watch them, how is this helping anyone? Kids lose, friends & neighbors are hard to come by for her cause they are trying to raise their own kids, and the parents miss out. Question is, how can military people make the choice to be parents w both of them in? I don’t get it? Family is last in their world. Are they being Selfish? Want the best of both worlds at kids expense?

  • Doug Characky

    This is a complicated subject but it seems to me that the decline in morals is due to an extreme form of narcissism that developed after world war 2. As information, economic opportunities, education and sexual technology expanded societies changed. This became more pronounced in the 1960s and 1970s. More people became interested in their OWN needs that includes men and women instead of doing what is right. This is where the rot of society began!

  • Doug Characky

    Feminism support grew out that the fact that more women were working in the 1960s and 1970s but their opportunities and pay were low. Most American women supported the economic demands for reform. Now my problem is that media focused on the militant feminists who wanted war against men. Most women I doubt supported these nutcases. Militant Feminists are as bad as men who abuse women and children

  • Doug Characky

    The 1950s model family was just that a model family. Divorce, adultry and domestic abuse were common but not spoken about in the public. Even the actress who played June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) was divorced. What changed was No fault divorce laws which was destructive to family structure

  • Doug Characky

    What I would like to see is the divorce, child custody laws changed. Alimony needs to be abolished because it is from a different time. Child custody should not be automatically to the women.

  • Doug Characky

    One comment on mail order brides and the belief that they are driven by pure values. Most often these women are driven by money and materialism. They just need a meal ticket out of their poverty. Once they get to the west it is bye bye love

  • Ivan

    As a public high school teacher, I can tell you from experience working with students is getting much more difficult. You definitely, have to love kids and the job to do it. We continue to throw money at education introduce new academic programs to furth educate our kids. Discipline in the schools is getting harder and harder. Students today have no character, no morals, and no values. They do not respect the adult in the classroom. The result is we are creating an illiterate society that will no longer be able to make important decisions our students who will be future adults will not have the skills to put the right people in office which endangers our democracy. My point being this is all a result of the breaking down of the American family, I know families that have eight children and I think it is wonderful, those families are loving the kids are respectful. Those parents have sacrificed much to raise their children correctly the mom even stays home to raise her kids. They make sacrifices to make that happen. I know those families from church and their students are home schooled or attended a religious affiliated school. In the public schools those children have spent hours watching TV, playing video games with no supervision. The students no longer value education or the adult trying to instruct them. It is vary difficult to instruct students these days as most class time is spent disciplining. Most of these students no longer do their homework or even can pass a basic class. They simply do not value education. Now before everyone gets mad, yes, there are some students that do have values, morals, and character and want to succeed but they come from a family that has a mother and a father and stability. The majority of students encountered today do not have that stability and bring their home behavior to class along with their family problems. We as Americans really need to start promoting the American Family and save it, once that is balanced out and becomes successful everything else will fall into place. School will become important again and and society will not continue to break down. The reality is that is not going to happen. I am afraid the more the American Family, values, character, and morals breakdown the worse society will get. We have created a society of individuals that are selfish and only think of themselves they no longer value life in the form of a baby or the wisdom of the elderly. Our society is turning into a non feeling, non compassionate society. And whether you believe in God or not he needs to be put back into society so people can tell right from wrong. We all need to start praying and asking for his help or pretty soon we are no longer going to have citizens that can function in an orderly fashion or a democratic form of government. Each interacts and supports each other.

  • A Mosley

    As a 21 year old virgin and Christian woman, I feel useless and unloved. Men today do not value chastity, morals, or a God-fearing woman the way they used to. I want to be married so bad but I guess I will just have to accept that times have changed and men no longer want healthy relationships with women. Oh well…………….

    • Dmitriy Gaydukov

      Hi, i’m just in search for woman with strong family and moral values. If you are a real person, please write me something

  • Chancery

    Politicians don’t want to honor the Constitution,the people do not want to honor morality. No wonder we are in such a mess. Freedom as expressed by or Constitution cab only exist with a morally upright populous. And yes, I mean Judeo-Christian ethics. Look at all of the barbarians that base their beliefs on anything else and then tell me we are not headed toward the end of our once great land.

  • lilbear68

    people, ya gotta understand the population doesnt care any more about anything. not snowden, not the wire taps, not the monitoring, not any of the wars. the corruption and scandals have made us all numb. its just too big to let ourselves think about it anymore.
    they have succeded in distracting us. as long as we have our toys and the Big Game is on we dont care.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    All of the above are symptoms.

    All women are expected to remain a size 2 and keep an appearance that never ages in American society. In other cultures, age equals wisdom and respect. On top of that, women are expected to have a PhD as those are the women men are seeking out; even if they don’t love that woman. On top of that, women are expected to take care of a house, a husband, and children. I think some women feel unwanted and overwhelmed. Men are targeted with fantasy in the US, which can cause problems in a marriage. The US economy demands that most to all household members work just to barely meet the bills (some children have reported dropping out of school to work to help out the household financially).Some Americans work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. On top of that, Americans are expected to remain in continuing education for life and are expected to pay for their own training. The above demands do not leave time to nurture personal relationships. There simply isn’t enough time or money to have a family. Most people can’t afford to put themselves through college, so why would they have children and condemn children to a life of poverty? Some European countries are offering to pay married couples to have children because the birth rate has dropped so low. Family is the backbone of many good things. Sadly, the few families left barely speak to one another in some cases. It seems like it is all engineered to reduce the population. Great article/discussion.

  • Curtis VonDoom

    Women have been encouraged to be sexually irresponsible for over 40 years now. Having babies out of wedlock, before 21 years of age, have abortions, & being sexually irresponsible is the new norm now for women. Why? Because society allows it. If you get pregnant fear not. Big-daddy government will support you. The state has assumed the role of the father. It’s wrong & sickening. We as a nation became decadent, and now God will judge us…

  • Sasshattery

    It was Georgia, Gwinnett county. The detective on the case was Daniel Appleby of the Special Victims Crime Unit. The GBI agent on the case was Andrea Anderson. I’m not giving the current detective on the case from NV and CA because those investigations are ongoing.

    I could give you the link from the CBS Atlanta news investigative report from when I turned my ex in originally, but then my and my children’s anonymity would be lost.

    In the next country over (Fulton County, GA) there were protests over child molesters getting custody of the children they molested just last month. One would think that’s a pretty unbelievable story, yet it’s true.

    My ex’s victims include children from Lanier Middle School, North Gwinnett High School, Peachtree Ridge High School, and various drum and bugle corps from around the country. Let’s not forget our neighbor’s children or friends of my own children.

    Of course you don’t believe me. If the authorities blew off thousands of pictures and videos of his crimes, why would a stranger believe me with no proof?

    Yet oddly you comments make me burst into tears.

    We did nothing to deserve the situation we are in, there is no help for us, and in fact, only derision and ridicule.

    And now we know why rape victims don’t come forward.

  • nomoralstoday

    Government and lawyers want it this way. This is a billion dollar business for them. It will only get worse.

  • Joe

    Turn off the TV folks. The corruption of all once revered values starts there. Then forego movies and homeschool your kids if you can.

  • OlderandWiser

    Little late here, but I personally don’t see a problem with younger women (20-24) waiting until they are older, say 26 or 28 years old to have a child.

  • Kevin

    There are many cons of marriage compared to few pros. People have begun to realized this. They don’t need a government certificate or religious ceremony to love each other.

  • j.o.n.

    The time of the cleansing is coming. All will be put right. Choose the moment of action, and what must be will be so.

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