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27 Huge Red Flags For The U.S. Economy

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Red FlagIf you believe that the U.S. economy is heading in the right direction, you really need to read this article.  As we look toward the second half of 2014, there are economic red flags all over the place.  Industrial production is down.  Home sales are way down.  Retail stores are closing at the fastest pace since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  U.S. household debt is up substantially, and in 20 percent of all U.S. families everyone is unemployed.  In so many ways, what we are witnessing right now is so similar to what we experienced during the build up to the last great financial crisis.  We are making so many of the very same mistakes that we made the last time, and yet our “leaders” seem completely oblivious to what is happening.  But the warning signs are very clear.  All you have to do is open your eyes and look at them.  The following are 27 huge red flags for the U.S. economy…

#1 Despite endless assurances from the Obama administration that we are in an “economic recovery”, the number one concern for U.S. voters is “Unemployment/Jobs” according to a recent Gallup survey.

#2 Historically, sales for construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar have been a pretty good indicator of where the global economy is heading next.  Unfortunately, sales were down 13 percent last month and have now experienced year over year declines for 17 months in a row.

#3 During the first quarter of 2014, profits at office supply giant Staples fell by 43.5 percent.

#4 Foot traffic at Wal-Mart stores fell by 1.4 percent during the first quarter of 2014.  Analysts seem puzzled as to why Wal-Mart is “underperforming“.  Perhaps it is because the U.S. middle class is being steadily destroyed and U.S. consumers are tapped out at this point.

#5 It is being projected that Sears will soon close hundreds more stores and will eventually go out of business altogether…

The company said this week that it may sell its 51% stake in Sears Canada, which operates nearly 20% of the company’s stores worldwide. It has quietly closed nearly 100 U.S. stores in the last year. Next week, it’s expected to announce dismal fiscal first quarter results and possibly yet more store closings.

“They have too many stores and they’re losing a lot of money, burning cash,” said John Kernan, an analyst with Cowen.
Kernan expects the company to close 500 of its 1,980 U.S. stores in a few years and, ultimately, to go out of business.

“The lights are going off at Sears and Kmart,” he said. “There are tumbleweeds blowing through the parking lots at Kmart. They’re basically completely irrelevant.”

The “retail apocalypse” just continues to roll on, but the mainstream media is treating this like it is not really a big deal.

#6 The labor force participation rate for Americans from the age of 25 to the age of 29 has fallen to an all-time record low.

#7 According to official government numbers, everyone is unemployed in 20 percent of all American families.

#8 As families struggle to pay their bills, many of them are increasingly turning to debt in order to make ends meet.  Earlier this month we learned that total U.S. household debt has increased for three quarters in a row.  And as I noted in one recent article, total consumer credit in the United States has increased by 22 percent over the past three years, and 56 percent of all Americans have “subprime credit” at this point.

#9 Interest rates on student loans are scheduled to increase substantially on July 1st

As of July 1, federal student loan rates will edge up. Rates overall will be up 0.8% compared to current rates.

Federal Stafford Loans for undergraduate students will be 4.66% — up from 3.86%. Federal Stafford Loans for graduate students will be 6.21% — up from 5.41%.

Federal Grad PLUS and Federal Parent PLUS Loans will be at 7.21% — up from 6.41%.

This is going to put even more pressure on the growing student loan debt bubble.

#10 U.S. industrial production fell by 0.6 percent in April.  This should not be happening if the economy truly was “recovering”.

#11 Manufacturing job openings in the United States have declined for four months in a row.

#12 Existing home sales have fallen for seven of the last eight months and seem to be repeating a pattern that we witnessed back in 2007 prior to the last financial crash.

#13 In the real estate bubble market of Phoenix, sales in April were down 12 percent year over year, and active inventory was up 49 percent year over year.  In other words, there are tons of homes on the market, but sales are going down.

#14 The homeownership rate in the United States has dropped to the lowest level in 19 years.

#15 Trading revenue at big banks all over the western world is way down

Late Friday, it was JPMorgan who said trading revenues will be down 20 percent this quarter. Now Barclays says trading revenues in the first three months were down 41 percent. The company cited “challenging trading conditions resulting in subdued client activity.” Like JPMorgan, Barclays also warned they were seeing no improvement in trading in the second quarter.

#16 Jan Loeys, JPMorgan’s head of global asset allocation, is warning that the Federal Reserve is creating a huge financial bubble which could “push us into a credit crisis“…

Where do we go from here? To this analyst, still very subdued economic growth, both at the US and global level, implies continued easy monetary policy. The risk is that bond yields rise no faster than the forwards. Financial overheating (asset inflation) proceeds much faster than economic overheating (CPI inflation). Before CPI inflation has a chance to emerge, and before monetary policy is truly above neutral, a financial bubble will have popped up somewhere and will have corrected, pushing the economy down. That is what has happened in the past 25 years. The behavior of central banks gives us no confidence that this time will be different: Central banks talk about financial instability, but appear to define this mostly in term of bank leverage. Each successive boom and bust is always in another place. A bubble can emerge without leverage. It is not possible to project exactly where this boom and bust cycle will take place as knowing where it will be would induce evasive actions that should prevent it from occurring. One possible ending, among many, is that ultra-easy rates having induced credit markets to grow much faster than equity markets, combines with reduced market making by banks (many of whom have become like brokers) to create a liquidity crisis when the Fed starts the first set of rate hikes. This could then be bad enough to close primary markets, and thus push us into a credit crisis.

#17 Peter Boockvar, the chief market analyst at the Lindsey Group, is warning that the U.S. stock market could experience a 20 percent decline once quantitative easing completely ends.

#18 A lot of other big names are telling CNBC that they expect a significant stock market “correction” very soon as well…

A bevy of high-profile names have warned lately that the market is on the doorstep of a major move lower. From long-term market bulls such as Piper Jaffray to short-term traders such as Dennis Gartman, expectations are high that the major averages are poised for a big dip, with calls varying from 10 percent or so all the way up to 25 percent.

#19 The number of Americans enrolled in the Social Security disability program exceeds the entire population of the nation of Greece and has just hit another brand new record high.

#20 Poverty continues to grow all over the country, and right now there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity.

#21 According to Pew Charitable Trusts, tax revenue in 26 U.S. states is still lower than it was back in 2008 even though tax rates have gone up in many areas since then.

#22 Barack Obama is doing his best to keep his promise to destroy the U.S. coal industry

The EPA is about to impose a new regulation that will reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants starting June 2 and will become permanent in 2015. The new regulation, according to Politico, is the “most dramatic anti-pollution regulation in a generation.” Because the new regulation will further cripple the coal industry, as coal-burning plants will be severely affected, American power will become more dependent on natural gas, solar and wind.

#23 Climatologists are now saying that the state of Texas is going through the worst period of drought that it has experienced in 500 years.

#24 It is being reported that “dozens of Texas communities” are less than 90 days away from being completely out of water.

#25 It is being projected that the drought in California will cost the agricultural industry 1.7 billion dollars and that approximately 14,500 agricultural workers will lose their jobs.

#26 Due in part to the drought, the price of meat rose at the fastest pace in more than 10 years last month.

#27 According to recent surveys, only about a quarter of all Americans believe that the country is heading in the right direction.

  • Rodster

    Inflation is rearing it’s ugly head. Recently on my way to the local supermarket a half gallon of organic ice cream went from $4.59 to $5.49 overnight. A 10 pound bag of white rice which used to cost $3.70 is now pushing close to $6.

    Needless to say i’ve been stocking up on non-perishable foods at least as a hedge against inflation.

    • Rodster

      The price of that rice was over a couple of years.

    • Spitty bob nex

      Greek yogurt 7.00 a quart for name brand. Cheese 8.88 for wal mart brand 2 lb. many items I decided not to buy due to sticker shock. Prices way way up on many items that were reasonable not long ago. The less expensive food edged of slowly and will continue but something’s shy rocketed at a quicker rate almost doubling in price. Next time I shop I’m going to actually document the increases.

      • bmr22

        I think it’s finally coming out between the debasement of the dollar and our on going drought here and other counties they just don’t seem to be able to hide it anymore. I suppose you can only make that bag of dog food, jar of mayo, pack of bacon or anything else so small before it’s a joke. Hamburger 5.50 a lb come on That’s more than I pay at the farmers market for grass fed beef. Thank god for my chickens, goats, pigs and garden.

    • MeMadMax

      I’ve been doing the same thing.
      First I started with canned stuff.
      Then I started rice and beans.
      My wife was like WTH when I showed up with 20lb bags of rice.
      Rice and beans: Never go bad if stored properly and will keep you alive in the face of a meat shortage.
      But my real reasoning is because we are in the middle of the city. It will take me a while to get the family into a area like in oregon/washington(we are in los angeles) and I will also need some time to sharpen my old hunting skills =D

      • Stephanie S

        In cast the SHTF (such as a dollar collapse) you’ll need to move very quickly, the place will become a trap when the 405, the 101, the 118, the 5, and the Grapevine are all backed up with those who think they will get to their safe place and live off the land.

        • MeMadMax

          Well, I live in Van Nuys, so its the 405/5 for me. Not exactly the middle of the city, but might as well be. As an alternate, I could hit the 101 and follow the beach, which isn’t a bad idea as we could stop and fish on our way up.

          • JF1962

            Van Nuys, good, you’re a little bit out of the main part of LA and you will not have to attempt to travel through the worst areas (ghetto) which would probably be impossible unless you have APC.
            Once out of the LA area it shouldn’t be too bad, especially along the coast.
            I don’t know all of the freeways in NorCal, but obviously avoid areas like Stockton and Oakland.
            I would have to believe there will be security check points (TSA, Homeland Security). They may stop people from escaping large cities.

      • Rodster

        Yeah, i’m just doing it as a hedge against inflation. Prices are now starting to creep up. Might as well buy basic food stuff not so much for when the SHTF but to guard against inflation. Food stock also doubles as perfect barter.

        • MeMadMax

          Ahh. We have zero assets so inflation is a direct attack on our means to live. The higher she goes the less we have to live off of.
          So, please excuse me when I say “The faster/sooner the SHTF and it all collapses, the better”
          Why? Way, way, way too much competition.

      • JF1962

        Brother, I work in LA as a parole agent (I live an hour away in the Inland Empire) in the worst areas.
        While at work, I often wonder what LA will be like when it hits the fan, I hope you can make it out.
        It will be a hellhole with the massive amount of people there and the streets will be full of cars.
        I hope you have handgun and M4/M16 type rifle, plenty of ammo and magazines. Good luck.

        • MeMadMax

          Unfortunately I don’t have any firearms(I never really got into it) but I figure that when the SHTF, there will be plenty layin around on the ground to snag. This will also avoid having to put up with what is sure to be the gun grab that is coming our way.
          Inland empire is not too bad, head north or east towards bear lake and be fine lol. I’m actually in van nuys so same deal, head north or west. I plan on following the coast line till san fran then north/east to bypass it then back to the coast till ether washington or alaska. Or I might just forget all that and buy a boat. I was in the Navy, good times and good sea-going skills were acquired lol.

  • Rodster

    According to some posters on Zero Hedge, the gas deal between China and Russia fell through. If that turns out to be true that will be a huge blow to Russia.

    • Tim

      A number of articles about Russia and China’s failure to reach a deal have been posted in the past few hours. Many were saying it would be the beginning of the end of the dollar as the reserve currency. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

      • watchmanonthetower

        Ever watch a Fencing match? A well-executed Feint diverts the eye, mind and attention of opponents and observers alike.

        The demise of the Dollar is a done deal; like a mob hit, there’s no going back.

        If shoving a shiv into the US Dollar is on the agenda, then the energy pact will happen. Misdirection and media-muddying are usually employed to fully exploit whatever timeline is favorable to the partners.

        Classic media theater.


      • Rodster

        Well the deal was signed this morning their time. $400B over 30 years.$13.4B per year which Is a LOT LESS than the previous numbers thrown around. Russia needs China more than China needs Russia and it’s purely symbolic.

        • Tim

          I’m glad to hear they reached a deal. I wonder if we’ll see more foreign nations follow Russia and China’s example.

    • Mike Smithy

      I hope you are wrong Rodster. The sooner the dollar implodes, the sooner we can get back onto the road to recovery and reclaim our country from the bankster/politician class that stole it. Let’s face it, the U.S. Dollar is finished. I liken the current anguish to that of a slow swirl going down a long drain.

      • HecatesMoon

        I don’t know that we would get a great reset or recovery in the sense of starting over “the way it used to be” or the way it should be. May be if everything goes down the tubes there will just be a bigger shark to swallow us all. 🙁

        • Rodster

          There will be a great reset when everything collapses. Once the dust settles we will probably be faced with an IMF SDR backed by goal. It will be more of the same as the Globalist still pursue an “infinite growth model”.

          • HecatesMoon

            Just an FYI for everyone. I just read over on Business Insider– Russia and China just signed a gas deal.

    • tacoma

      They did not announce a gas deal in their agreement. I think what’s holding things up continue to be the massive cost of building the gas pipeline extension to China, and the sharing of cost. Also, for the 10 year supply deal, China will want absolute guarantee of supply and prices. But that will be very difficult.

    • Syrin

      Really ??!?! They had said it was all but a done deal. I’ll check it out.

  • Tim

    The 10-year Treasury yield is currently at 2.51%. If the Fed were truly tapering it’s monthly purchases of U.S. Treasuries, the 10-year yield would be rising as prices fall due to lower demand. How do we explain this? This situation with Belgium, which purchased $141.2 billion in U.S. Treasuries from Nov-13 to Jan-14, is certainly suspicious. Paul Craig Roberts suggests that the Fed hasn’t really tapered and is laundering its purchases through Belgium.

    • jaxon64

      Excellent pick-up on the Belgium/Fed Reserve fiasco!! Belgium which is tied to the struggling Euro and in dire fiscal shape, somehow comes up with the CASH to purchase $141+ billions of treasuries????
      Seriously–the Fed’s tapering has not even begun yet. They have merely found a method ( which resembles laundering–treasury laundering?) to continue to artificially control interest rates and also continue to pump money to the banksters—someone needs to go to jail for this!! Forget Benghazi–this one is huge fraud….Benghazi is just more treason from the America hating progressives–it appears that most Americans in their apathy don’t care about the fraudulant devaluation of their money or our president funneling weapons to Al-Quada and murderous islamist terror groups….this really is a slow painful death.

      • tacoma

        Ha ha ha! The US Fed is now using another country, Belgium, to buy US Treasury, in effect launder its QE. Even the Romans in their dying days can’t ask any of its defeated provinces to help launder its much depreciated coins!!

    • Mike Smithy

      Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner. You are very perceptive in your analysis. There is no taper, only manipulation. The Federal Reserve backdoor shenanigans with Belgium buying bonds is very suspicious indeed.

  • Day2Day

    This is a little off topic, but for people who read these articles and aren’t sure how much to believe the predictions from these experts, let me share with you a personal story.

    For years I have listened to Alex Jones and others including Michael, talk about how Obama-Care was going to triple heath insurance premiums… This was before it was passed in Congress…

    Now as recently as a month ago I was telling my mom, that Obama-care (aka, the affordable care act) was going to quite possibly triple her health insurance. Of course I got the usual response… “That’s nonsense, from racist tea-party republicans” Well, my mom is a nurse and no longer works in a hospital and her only insurance option is a HSA plan where she has to come up with the first $3,000 out of pocket… So I said to her, why don’t you try to get on Obama-Care and she say’s, “This girl I work with who makes about the same as me and is the same age, tried to sign up for it and it was going to triple her monthly premium!”

    So, I want people to understand that not all of what you read or hear is “kookie” The economy and our society is far worse shape than people realize, and there are some people out there who see it and know what they’re talking about, in my honest opinion Michael is one of them.

    But the sad thing is, when I told my mom “I told you so” it didn’t open her eyes, she didn’t say wow, these conspiracy theorist aren’t crazy… You were right son. No, instead I got a solemn look and it’s back to business as usual…

    Hollywood couldn’t make this stuff up…

    • jakartaman

      I agree – but it is taking a long time and we keep kicking the can – something has to snap the straw I am always talking about.

    • Mike Smithy

      I can appreciate your heartfelt story about your mother. Much of America has been hoodwinked into believing whatever the MSM and puppet masters tell them to think. However, I do believe that many are waking up to the reality that we have been conned and manipulated for far too long. I can’t help but think that your mother has awoken and is in phase 2 of the grieving process:

      1) Denial
      2) Numbness
      3) Shock & Disbelief
      4) Depression
      5) Anger
      6) Acceptance

      About a year ago, I moved from phase 5 to phase 6. Don’t feel bad, many of my family members are behind the power curve as well.

      • Mudpie

        I agree. Even the tenor of articles on mainstream conservative websites is getting more and more intense, the comments more straight on, than in the past. A sizable minority of both pundits and laypersons is waking up. How large this group is, however, remains unclear.

        We need to rollback, drastically, regulations passed by the federal govt. Cut them back 50% or more.

        Even if the GOP wins in November, I fear they lack the courage to do this. Big corporations love their regulations. We will see.

        • Support the AUS

          The west is not corporatist but banksterist.

          • denis

            This thing goes with the age, under 25, fast learning, under 35, quick learning, under 45 slow learning, under 55 painfully slow learning and above 55….good luck, they are old to learn. I’m talking about people with more than average comprehension of the real world, so the age does not matter if you are the type of the average reality TV viewer. What is bad about the above age ranges? The older people votes more frequently than young people and that’s a big problem, specially for an honest politician. Does anybody remember an honest and incorruptible politician who was attacked by the right and left and the MSM joked about ? Well that one was the good Dr, Dr Paul

          • chipmunk

            I’m 56, and have been watching and preparing for this train wreck for 5 years. I have voted accordingly against the liberal/progressive agenda, and stand aghast at the younger folks who won’t vote. I tell them that if you don’t vote, you really can’t complain about what you get.

    • pissedlizard كافر ‏

      This is the furthest thing from a “kookie” site. This and Zero Hedge are consistently spot on.

    • davidmpark

      Good points!

    • Syrin

      You can’t cure the willfully blind. The indoctrination has been very thorough.

      • RedPillPlease

        Two famous quotes come to mind …

        “It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”
        – Patrick Henry

        “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.””
        – J. Edgar Hoover

        • catnap

          Thank you for those quotes. I remembered the Patrick Henry quote, but not J. Edgar. Both are spot on.

          • RedPillPlease

            Perhaps one from more than a millennium ago, which best describes America today?

            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor
            moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
            -Marcus Tillius Cicero

      • Support the AUS

        Rationality is man’s basic virtue, the source of all his other virtues. Man’s basic vice, the source of all his evils, is the act of unfocusing his mind, the suspension of his consciousness, which is not blindness, but the refusal to see, not ignorance, but the refusal to know. Irrationality is the rejection of man’s means of survival and, therefore, a commitment to a course of blind destruction; that which is anti-mind, is anti-life.

        The virtue of Rationality means the recognition and acceptance of reason as one’s only source of knowledge, one’s only judge of values and one’s only guide to action. It means one’s total commitment to a state of full, conscious awareness, to the maintenance of a full mental focus in all issues, in all choices, in all of one’s waking hours. It means a commitment to the fullest perception of reality within one’s power and to the constant, active expansion of one’s perception, i.e., of one’s knowledge. It means a commitment to the reality of one’s own existence, i.e., to the principle that all of one’s goals, values and actions take place in reality and, therefore, that one must never place any value or consideration whatsoever above one’s perception of reality. It means a commitment to the principle that all of one’s convictions, values, goals, desires and actions must be based on, derived from, chosen and validated by a process of thought—as precise and scrupulous a process of thought, directed by as ruthlessly strict an application of logic, as one’s fullest capacity permits. It means one’s acceptance of the responsibility of forming one’s own judgments and of living by the work of one’s own mind (which is the virtue of Independence). It means that one must never sacrifice one’s convictions to the opinions or wishes of others (which is the virtue of Integrity)—that one must never attempt to fake reality in any manner (which is the virtue of Honesty)—that one must never seek or grant the unearned and undeserved, neither in matter nor in spirit (which is the virtue of Justice). It means that one must never desire effects without causes, and that one must never enact a cause without assuming full responsibility for its effects—that one must never act like a zombie, i.e., without knowing one’s own purposes and motives—that one must never make any decisions, form any convictions or seek any values out of context, i.e., apart from or against the total, integrated sum of one’s knowledge—and, above all, that one must never seek to get away with contradictions. It means the rejection of any form of mysticism, i.e., any claim to some nonsensory, nonrational, nondefinable, supernatural source of knowledge. It means a commitment to reason, not in sporadic fits or on selected issues or in special emergencies, but as a permanent way of life.

        Ayn rand quote

    • Eric Quintero

      Back to business as usual! Yup, sounds about right.

    • MeMadMax

      I find that the people that react in the similar fashion as your mother are:
      1. Women(not all thou, of course)
      2. Democrats
      3. Have misplaced hope on the gov.
      4. Are single(which reinforces 3).
      5. Like to repeat “catch phrases”
      6. Like the “catch phrases” because of 3.
      7. Don’t research anything because of 3.
      8. Are actually angry.
      9. Are followers and not leaders.
      10. And finally, in reality, don’t care(3 again)

      • John Williams

        Single mothers look at the government as their husband.

        • catnap

          kind of a generalized statement. While that may be somewhat true, the FATHERS of those children are often living with the mother without benefit of marriage so they can suck up the welfare benefits. Lazy, good for nothing slobs – and often they do this while the mom is working one or sometimes two jobs.

      • catnap

        I’m single and 1, 4, 5, 7 & 10 do not fit me at all, although I am a single woman. I AM angry – at the freaking despot who is ruining my country – a country I’ve been proud of my whole life.
        Just sayin’. My brother in law is a kool aid drinker from way back and 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10 (and possibly 1) fit him to a tee.

    • RedPillPlease

      It is truly amazing! I see similar stories such as yours, being those stuck in that rut of denial, unwilling to open their eyes and take notice of what is “hidden” in plain site. With the ever growing volume of lies emanating from the Whorehouse, that can be traced dating all the way back to the Obamanoid’s initial campaign run, it’s impossible to grasp the lack of accountability coming from the highest office in the land, especially in light of the Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, Syria, Obamacare [sic] rollout and recent VA scandals to name just a few.

      Personally, I see this Administration easily topping the Clinton era of cover-ups, scandals and bald face lies, something I doubted was even possible a few years ago … but here we are!

      Some say I’m lucky being retired, debt free and with my wife also retiring later this year. But I’m in that stage of life where health care issues have hit hard in some areas. While having my own private health insurance, just how long can I expect that to last? When the full impact of the Obamacare nightmare explodes on the scene, I expect to be in the same boat as so many others which is very troubling to even consider. Reports I’ve read with the shortage of trained physicians (some analysts claiming stats of 50,000/yr) with an alarming rate of those leaving the country, coupled with the growing number of potential medical students deciding on a different career path, having realized the tangled web of deceit that is “socialized medicine,” the outlook is dismal to say the least.

      Change? With the number of dumbed down morons who’ve reached the voting age, including millions of their predecessors who are also incapable of thinking for themselves outside that idiot box they’ve come to worship in their own livingrooms, trying to maintain a positive attitude becomes more and more difficult with each passing day.

      Perhaps the life expectancy stats is a plus in my favor, as I’ve become absolutely ashamed to consider myself as being an “American” citizen of late!

      • Mexgirl

        Absolutely true…sadly.

        • RedPillPlease

          And what everyone of us should become aware, I recently watched an interview by one I perceived as both credible and knowledgeable on the subject (can’t remember the name), claiming that what we are now witnessing with the egregious operations tormenting our vets in the VA hospital system, is exactly what we can expect once Obamacare [sic] is fully implemented! In the very near future, we will have a bureaucratically functioning healthcare operation, staffed with unionized employees, which will be completely broken, unmanageable, and rife with idealistic cronyism.

      • catnap

        Try being a nurse and looking at the future. I was going to retire, but now think I must work as long as I can, an doctors are not as numerous as they used to be. It’s a scary time – I’m 60 now and will probably work another 10 years if I can do so physically. It is a scary time, for sure.

    • Jodi

      Yep, I’ve had similar conversations with people about this. They don’t seem to care if you’re right.

      • peace angel

        BECAUSE you are only right if you have facts and his facts changed when we got into it. READ our other comments.

    • Mudpie

      No kidding.

    • bmr22

      Yup you got it right it’s like talking to a wall. They don’t see it because they don’t want to see it and if they don’t see it then it just is not so. I gave up awhile ago trying educate anyone on any of these issues. If I meet someone new I can tell within the first few minutes of conversation if they are enlightened or not. If they are not I can still talk with them I just wont go in that direction I will just smile and nod along and agree with them. It’s far better than getting the look like you have two heads.

      • Mexgirl

        The youth of today like the ostridge have their heads buried in the sand… except that these are the cellphones, heads buried when driving, walking, talking ando etc… following the latest kardashian trends…very disheartening.

    • John Williams

      I work with people that are retiring early because they can use Obamacare to get cheap insurance until they get SS as long as their income is below $25k for them and their spouse. Cost per month? $60 for the gold plan. Yes, it is the absolute truth.

      Are they hard up for money? No, the average yearly income is over $80k and they all have healthy 401k accounts and other assets. If they can show their income is $25k or less a year (husband and wife combined), they qualify for subsidies. If they have no debt, that is a livable income. Once they qualify for Medicare, their assets can then be used and live the good life.

      The vast majority of Americans are not in that situation, but the above story is 100% factual.

      • peace angel

        Where do you work with these people? Because I research what is happening with the CRASH of Obamacare DAILY across many news sources and there is not another story out there like that. I KNOW the White House is putting fake stories out there but their authors of those are clearly paid hacks.

        I have seen the enrollment form and

        they have to list their 401K and other assets which go against their subsidy qualifications.

        IN yesterdays news it has been reported that 50% of all those who signed up for OBC are refusing to pay their premiums because they are much higher than they originally were told that they would be and today it is being reported that the White House in NOT paying any of the subsidies. TO retire and put their trust for years until they qualify for medicare into this administration could prove to be devastating for their futures. I wouldn’t depend on Obama for my next meal. He is clueless.

        • John Williams

          I am not a paid hack, and have posted here before. I am not saying it is a good thing either what I posted. Neither am I suggesting Obamacare is a success for America. It is however true what I posted.

          While my co-workers get to retire early, the rest of us are subsidizing them. Remember, they have no debt and all their assets are tied up in 401k and whatever else they have, and I can assure you it is substantial.

          Again, if their (spouse included) INCOME is less than $25k they qualify for subsidies. One just retired a few weeks ago. Two more are retiring in June.

          • peace angel

            SO, now you know ONE person who works at a company you will NOT name who made really good money as you say and whose retirement pension or subsidy as you call it will be less than $12,000 per year or $25,000 for two people—-which is terrible by the way and this ONE person even with other retirement income STILL does not make $25,000 per year and he or she is GETTING the you DEAL you describe that NO ONE else in the US is getting—– by the way.

            YOU say that you know two more people who have NOT yet retired and who will have the exact same crummy pension, 401K, etc. and that you KNOW they will get the same amazing DEAL the other guy got???

            DO I have this right??

            THERE are lots of fake stories like this all over the internet. Obama pays people to write them and post them. HE as about 3500 people as his tax payer paid hacks/Liars who post such outrageous stories like this one, NO ONE believes them and they are very transparent.
            THIS second post of yours is already very different factually from the first one and they make these mistakes ALL the time when questioned. I have been dealing with them since Obama took office. THEY regularly hack into my computers and crash the hard drives.

          • John Williams

            I made no mistakes. $25k for two people with no debt is a livable income. No kids to support, All make $80k/year or better. Base pay for the first example was $32/hr, worked 50+ hrs a week as far back as I can remember (I’ve been here 19 years). Burden rate is $63/hr. For the hourly employees last union contract the company bought out the employee medical package for a lump sum. His wife still works, and he cannot draw on his pension until age 62. This is not a 30 year and out company.

            The other two are salaried engineers, non-union also at or turning 60 years old this year.

            I don’t really care if you believe it or not.

    • BigAl D

      Thanks for your comment. A similar thing happened to me, I receive health insurance for me and my family through my employer and beginning this year we now have a $3,000 per person out of pocket deductible which we never had before. On top of that, my monthly contribution went up significantly. So now I get to pay more for less.
      I seem to remember being told that if I had insurance, and liked it, I would be able to keep it without change. Lied to again!!
      Welcome to the new Socialism in America where the government will eventually control every aspect of our lives. If you think all of this big government control is the way to go, just look at the situation with the VA.
      I see the right to die eventually becoming the obligation to die with an aging population, rotting economy, and gov’t control.

    • KansasGirl

      Sounds like you know what to do to protect you and yours.
      Be safe and good luck.

  • K

    The warning are getting louder every day. People who continue to ignore them, do so at their own peril. And while you watch things slowly get worse here. Some world news. Thailand is under marshal law. Ukraine continues to get worse. China is building up troops on the border with Vietnam. The whole world is slowly going mad. I am sorry to say, this is only the beginning.

    • Rodster

      “I am sorry to say, this is only the beginning”

      Where’s Michael to plug his book? What a segue. 🙂

      • K

        True, I guess that is more his catch phrase. Maybe, you ain’t seen nothing yet? 🙂

    • Wakulla Prepper

      Makes one long for the good ole days when the biggest concern was Greece going broke. The world’s big dogs are positioning themselves for territorial expansion. Stock ammo now, before war, and rumors of war spike demand and prices.

      • K

        Even now, we will one day call these very days. The good old days.

        • bmr22

          Yeah thats the scary part

      • quercus454

        Actually it makes the good old days of the 60s cold war era seem cheery.

        • Question

          If the 1960s Soviet-Union had been as economically powerfull compared to the United States as China is today, population would have been absoluetly terrified and the cold war would have escalated drastically. 3 years draft in the US and so on.

          Right or wrong?

    • steve

      You should learn to spell. Martial is rule by the military. A marshal is a civilian lawman. If you don’t spell words correctly, you seem uneducated,, and your message becomes ineffective.

      • K

        Ah well, since you understood what I meant, close enough. I post here to inform. And I am far from perfect.

        • Bruce

          I completely understood your comment and agree. The spelling police are like a boil on one’s butt!

          • peace angel

            ONLY if you can’t spell but K’s miss was a very small one. She clearly did not deserve the slam.

      • Guest

        and YOU used too many commas–LOL.

    • peace angel

      I agree with everything you say except that “people who ignore them do so at their peril.”
      THEY are doing so at My peril and YOURS.

      THIS takeover of the US and the world to create a NWO started 130 years ago with two NAZIS who now are the Bilderberg group who own and rule the world and who are using the US as the model for the world for the one world order.

      I have been writing about this and screaming “fire in the theater for forty years” and the Ostrich Nation mentality here is more prevalent than in the entire past four decades.

      WE, the baby boomers rioted in the streets against this takeover and against waging
      war on the world and against inhuman and unconstitutional government to NO avail.

      Many gave their lives in support of this takeover beginning in VietNam. Today 22 of our war vets going back to Nam are taking their own lives and those of their families. THEY have gone mad because of the horrors of these wars and come here and have to go to work at Walmart if they can find a job.

      Since Nam 90% of the kills have been of civilians women and children and their “brothers” in the military and when these trained killing machines come back home many cannot live with the horrors of their time SERVED for these blood thirsty politicians.

      My generation truly NO longer cares. I speak to them daily in my primarily retirement beach area on the Grand Strand of the South Carolina coast. THEY are tired and are NOT having the retirement the worked so hard for. THEIR kids aren’t working or work in retail and are on food stamps.

      THEIR kids and most Americans have been brainwashed to believe that God is dead, that Common Core is brilliant and that government cannot possibly be as evil as you and I know they are. Most of America under the age of 35 KNOWS far more about the Kardashians than they know about Obama or his evil takeover executive orders. I do volunteer work in the Hood in my area which I have been doing nationwide for decades and they KNOW nothing about anything outside their own neighborhoods. THEY think having a black man in the White House who is racist and increasing entitlements is fantastic.

      Nothing short of an armed run on the White House will stop this moving train and I don’t see nearly enough people caring to do that.

      The ONLY people caring and fighting are the older baby boomers because they are daily losing EVERYTHING and the land grabs are happening nationwide and finally that is getting a little coverage, but the poisons the US has been inflicting on the soils and food and water for 6 decades along with the RX drug epidemic in the US

      has successfully and intentionally created a nation of zombies and as you walk through the populous this can be clearly seen on the faces of MOST Americans. The only thing most seem to be able to handle today is what they are having for dinner that night.

      • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

        Kardashians? what s that? monsters of star treck series?

        what is “nam”?

        • peace angel

          ARE you joking about nam?

          • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

            no joke here… I am not a us person
            . lucky me I m free from fatca land!

            Nam stand for Vietnam?
            I m not very far from Vietnam and life is good here…

          • peace angel


            YES it stands for VietNam and soldiers over here call it Nam. Where or what is fatca land?

          • Ahhrr Yekidding

            FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. The US Government now wants you to pay US taxes even if you live abroad. In addition to whatever taxes you pay to your host country.

    • Chooch

      Your comments just reminded me of a song from the 60’s…”Eve of Destruction”.

  • davidmpark

    Okay, times up. The feds must back off this Progressive/Leftist utopian suicide: they’re criminally incompetent and incapable of governing.

    Replace most of Congress in the upcoming 2014 election with hardened people who adhere to constitutional principles and separations of power. Obama Administration must be held accountable by the citizenry. Obama and his entourage, along with many (hopefully former) members of Congress must be impeached and brought up on treason charges for giving aid to Al Qaeda in Syria and elsewhere, Fast and Furious gunrunning and 200 murders, IRS targeting, VA hospital deaths, etc.

    If this doesn’t happen or is corrupted then a Convention of States must take place to accomplish the first objectives.

    The new Congress must pass a Constitutional Amendment that limits federal pay for all political and elected offices to $12,000 above poverty level, $10,000 above poverty level for staffers and all levels of permanent bureaucrats. No benefits, no overtime, no paid vacations, no pensions – they will pay for that themselves. All existing pensions and benefits will be struck down upon passage: no grandfathering. Refunds of what the employee paid in will be returned to them. If they want more pay – then they must do cut backs, liberate markets and people, and properly encourage people to work themselves out of poverty. Military will have current pay levels but all the international USAID payouts for dictators should be ended. The amendment will include an abolishment of all public sector unions: their allegiance is to the United States – not the union or their own will; the taxpayers will decide what their compensations will be.

    Term limits for all levels and branches of governments will be placed by Amendment or Convention of States. Best balance will be two terms (8 years max) for Pres. And Vice Pres.; Neither they and their spouses will not be eligible for election to any other office – they’d be finished. Senators, all Bureaucrats, and all Federal Judges (including Supreme Court Justices) limited to 3 terms (12 years max). Representatives and Federal Prosecutors to 8 years max.

    Scale back the overbearing regulations or allow the states to perform those functions without federal oversight. This means a total repeal of Obamacare as well. All unconstitutional branches and divisions must be closed. This includes the EPA, BLM, NFS, Etc. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be handled lower down on this list for the most vulnerable. The federal governments concerns will be a lot less domestic; only a few things nationally. This also means that enforcing gay marriage, abortion, and all social laws will be handled only on the state level, too – regardless of reinterpretations of the Federal Constitution as these functions are already deemed state functions under the 9th and 10th Amendments.

    All states have divisions that seem to mimic the feds departments. So, with that, the federal offices that did those functions must be dissolved. States must roll back their zoning regulations to allow for more home production of foods and needed items. After these scale backs are done, then the open markets will determine the poverty rate; this is how the federal government will base it’s compensation. BLM, FS, and National Park’s lands also transferred to the states. If the States want to keep these as parks or controlled, then the people must vote for it.

    At the same time fully secure the national borders and no more talks on amnesty. The illegals need to go home now. At this time we cannot support nor supplement 47% of the population that is in dire poverty from the actions of their Governments. Military trainees and part-time active duty will patrol the borders for military experience and to cut down on expense. State borders remain open.

    After these are accomplished, Congress must unlock 30-50% across the board raw material reserves: crude oil, shale oil, coal and all mining products, all rangeland types, water, lumber, minerals, metals, etc. and send control to the states. This is all BLM, FS, USDA lands. The states can auction off the resource rights to state citizens only. The states can also open up the rest of their own trust lands, according to their strengths. Some states have better soils, some have rocky terrain with deposits, while others have great fishing, and so on. More of these areas need to be opened up. They must also lift restrictions that are hindering private claims to be processed, and lift some of the overreaching restrictions in the health and safety category. Raw material reserves are estimated at $120 trillion in the US; with $300 trillion in renewable resources. We need about $18 trillion right now to pay off the debt with another 4 trillion to rebuild the national military.

    Next will be interesting. The Fed Reserve Bank must be
    automatically diminished then audited, and the dollar’s control in every aspect returned to the Treasury Dept. Congress must also vote to attach the value of the dollar to oil and natural gas production. Treasury must be fully open and honest about the strength of the dollar so measures to strengthen it can be taken. Individual state’s should look into adopting Texas and Utah’s laws allowing gold and silver to be used as currency alongside the dollar. These laws on the state level should be expanded to include nickels and 95% pure copper pennies. Banks must return to pre-Fed Res rules to keep enough on had to cover majority of loans.

    Transfer all welfare controls to the states and have everyone on disability resubmit their claims for review. I know this will be a pain in the #$$, but it’s needed. I would do it for my wife as well. The Obama administration has bastardized disability designations to include practically anything. The only one’s that should be considered are moderate to severe intellectual disabilities or related conditions, severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), physical disabilities that completely impairs employment, and moderate to severe Autism – less than 1% total US population. The rest are the slackers and freeloaders that should be dropped in it. Right now, there are over 10 million people on the disability rolls, but medical audits say the US actually has less than 1 million disabled citizens that need to be on disability. For families working to care for a disabled family member, zoning restrictions in states should be lifted for those families; so the caregivers can have a home-based business in a lot more fields than now. This means they can grow, produce, have any sort of productive business at their home to can care for and possibly train their disabled member to be productive also (depending on disability).

    Close new student loans and let state’s manage grants to under two-year technical training programs only to train for the newly opened production field jobs, or employers can fill this function and the state funding can be closed down. This will make the actual freeloaders go to work as they’ll earn more than being on disability, and can keep the disabled from falling through the cracks again.

    We can pull ourselves up. It will take a lot of work, but the rewards are SO worth it!

    • Mike Smithy

      I like the way you think. Have you read Mark Levin’s new book?

      • davidmpark

        Yeah, this was quite long – bound to miss one important point. Thanks 🙂

    • Syrin

      Did you hear the Butcher of Benghazi talk economics last Friday? It might as well have been GARY standing there talking. If there was any doubt she had no earthly idea how an economy works or how businesses operate, “she” removed all doubt.

      • davidmpark

        Yes, I did. More to the point; she shouldn’t even be in public office at all. That stuff about her health: the falls, the incompetence, the absences, the odd comments and speech patterns, the obvious balance problems – I think she does have a neurological issue that requires retirement. I’m constantly with my wife and have observed TBI and neurological conditions; there’s a lot of indicators that Madame Hilary’s compromised. There needs to be an impartial neuropsychological exam to ensure the public she’s capable. Just the fact that she’s was in such a position in the US Government with doubt-able mental health is enough to call a lot into question with this administration.

        • Fannie

          I appreciate Carl Rove for being a man with a pair. We need more people to speak out on Hillary and her ill health. It’s time for her to retire and be a grandma.

    • K2

      You are a n**w*t thinking that its only the left that is responsible.

      Use your bloody head!

      Polticians on both sides have been responsible for this, since a long time coming.

      • K2

        It is not purely leftism or purely rightism to blame. It is the extreme implementation and improper of leftism in some sectors and rightism in some, that is responsible.

        • K2

          improper implementation.

        • Bruce

          Be it left or right, conservative or liberal on and on and on with these silly damn labels. The problem is GREED! Pure and simple

          • quercus454

            Ralph Nader has a new book out.

            Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.
            From what I have read it talks about exactly this topic.

          • K2

            Greed was responsible for that improper/extreme implementation.

            I used the term left and right to make a point to the original poster whose used similar terms.

          • K2

            by implementation i mean the implemenation of those left leaning/right leaning economic and governance policies.

            These are not just ‘labels’.

        • and it’s too many people who have gone to Washington as a career choice. They go to get rich and don’t give a damn about their constituents other than their votes.

          • K2


          • Fannie

            And guess who is exempt from the ban on insider trading? Yep, Congress can do it. Eric Cantor killed the bill somehow that would forbid them from doing it. Yep, bunch of criminals…

          • Peter Schweitzer said it best in “Throw them all out.” One of my Senators, Whitehouse. is one of the worst.

      • quercus454

        The left right dynamic is an illusion to keep the country divided. If the right and left came together, those who are running things would have a serious problem.

        • K2

          There is a real divide, but politicians are using it to come to power and to stay in power.

      • davidmpark

        Progressives are on both sides. The progressive/left has the most blood on their hands. The progressive/right is just as bad, but are not in power right now.

        • K2

          You say they have, and they say progressive right has more blood.

          This blood measuring contest never ends.

          • davidmpark

            The Progressive/Left is more willing to shed innocent blood; this doesn’t make the Progressive/Right more attractive. This is a measure of who must be dealt with first and immediately according to threat level. Neither should escape.

          • K2

            How is the left more willing to shed more blood?

          • davidmpark

            I’m not their therapist. Don’t know what’s going on in a person’s head. All I’ve got to go on is their actions and results; intentions don’t carry weight anymore. There’s no need to cite examples – just ask anyone who’s not of them about the intimidation and fear they currently have. I’ve got so many scars and internal injuries to prove it on my end. All one needs to do is disagree with a progressive/leftist publicly, and the reactions of both parties prove this point.

          • K2

            Okay then tell us their actions. You brought it up, so dont tell me to ask others.

          • davidmpark

            Ask them. All I’ve got is the videos, photos, police reports nationally, and the scars on myself to prove a good number of them have committed violence. Their true motives are a mystery, but I’m leaning toward some mental imbalance.

        • K2

          Sorry for using those words. I usually dont speak like that.

    • K

      Well David. I agree that Congress should be replaced en mass. However Mitch McConnell just won his primary race. There are other folks in D.C. who are just as bad. But in my opinion not any worse. We can come up with the most brilliant ideas since the Founding Fathers. It will not matter, so long as the majority, refuses to see.

      • Bruce

        The ignorant masses will vote the same idiots right back into office yet expect different results from them. That truly does define insanity

      • davidmpark

        I’ve been rethinking that the majority refuses to see. The majority may be too scared to see, and that’s exactly why these kinds of ideas are really needed out there. I believe that a large majority are wanting solutions: they want stability and calm. They’re hearing and witnessing the furies from all these different sides and experiencing the results if their ideals; that’s why there’s such anger, distrust, and iniquity today. People must deal with the consequences of their chosen leader’s actions, and some believe the only way out is civil war. New perspectives heard from outside their circles of influence might infuse people with some sense of calm and that the situation is not lost. That violence is not a foregone conclusion – peace and prosperity can be had again through non-violent constitutional means.

    • quercus454

      All good ideas, but be careful what you wish for. You will never get all of Congress replaced at once. Those that are not replaced will still control both houses.
      Do you think that the bozos who have lead us down this road are going to correct it? Do you really want those same political parasites tampering with the Constitution? I wouldn’t trust any of them with writing a first grade essay, let alone amendments to the Constitution. We have no Jeffersons or Madisons. The reality of what your proposing is that we would have corporate powers changing our Constitution. Think Obamacare.

      • davidmpark

        No, corporations do not have total power under a constitutional representative republic. Corporations exist under tax and legal codes. Those didn’t exist early on – legal codes only covered individuals. As a nation, we have really changed a lot since founding.

    • Gay Veteran

      why not toss in a unicorn for every family while you’re at it

      • davidmpark

        Unicorns. It’s come to that? That’s really the best you can do?

        • Gay Veteran


      • disqusted

        While I disagree with your opinions, I would still like to thank you for your service to our country. Happy Memorial Day!

        • Gay Veteran

          don’t think anyone for their service unless they were IN America defending America, not in our imperial wars

          • disqusted

            The customary response is generally ‘thank you’ but I guess politics trump politeness, huh?

          • Gay Veteran

            I don’t serve the empire

          • aghast

            Oh but thou art most strident in serving Satan’s empire.

          • Gay Veteran

            so that’s where I saw your mom

          • aghast

            Don’t expect anything rational from GV SnagglePuss. He’s here for the sole purpose of arguing..

          • disqusted

            So I’ve noticed. Thanks.

        • aghast

          You can’t have a constructive conversation with GV SnagglePuss. Even when you try to be positive with him, it always ends up negative.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Day2Day has hit on a ongoing theme for me. Anybody paying attention (FYI not listening to the MSN). Have read most of the above over the last couple of weeks. The main issue as I see is it what was once called “Uninformed opinion”. I.E. people who are either not paying attention or listening to the propaganda and happy talk coming out of the MSN. People are waking up but not quickly enough. The next down turn is right around the bend, more people will lose their jobs more people will make less money. Frankly things haven’t started to bite yet.
    I don’t subscribe to the fast total collapse narrative, but to a stair stepping to less and less complexity. When the total collapse happens nobody will notice, because things will be so bad. That could take decades.

    • Mike Smithy

      The economy has already collapsed, it’s just not the dramatic collapse that I expected. I liken it to “Death by a Thousand Cuts”.

      • Eric Quintero

        I dont think we’re at the climax yet. The bubbles are all still inflated. Wait for them to burst. It going to be horrific.

    • Oldphartbsa

      Mike Smithy’s ‘boiling frog’ comment is spot on. We’ve been in the pot for the last thirty years as the heat has gradually increased. The water is roiling around us. All that is left is the final death. And that will be a total collapse…’quick’ and ‘sudden’…after the last thirty years.

    • Bruce

      I respect ypur opinion but somewhat disgaree. True that we will have a stair step down pattern as is happening now. But, it will not stay that way all the way down to the bottom. A point will be reached where we will go exponential in our decline. At that point it will become a fast collapse. Therefore, IMO it will be both a gradual decine and then a gut wrenching fast crash.

    • Drud

      The fast total collapse ( I call it the Hollywood collapse) where everything is fine one minute and all hell has broken loose in the next, is not in play, at least the odds are very much against it, but I think the collapse will happen fairly fast and we will accelerate to an unknown “bottom.” The most likely scenario I can envision is a stock market meltdown (1-3 days). The banks will begin to fail and the Fed will try bailouts, which will work for a few weeks because the American people will buy it, but the rest of the world will start to get out of the dollar and the banks will ultimately be doomed. After that, there will be a period (several months) where businesses fail, according to their real value and necessity to society. Now, comes the big question: where does this end? The answer lies in two areas: food and utilities. IF the farms/ranches/etc keep producing and the transportation keeps getting food to the store shelves (even though it will be incredibly expensive) and IF most people keep getting electricity, gas and water to their homes (even though it will be incredibly expensive), THEN the system recovers gradually and we face years and decades of depression. IF, on the other hand, the grocery store shelves empty across the country or IF the grid fails at any point during the collapse, THEN it is utter chaos, 50-90% of the population will die until things fragment and re-stabilize in ~5-10 years. I have been reading about collapse for years, I have studied previous collapses and I have put a tremendous amount of thought into envisioning this scenario, so I am absolutely confident that I will be dreadfully wrong. Such is the nature of trying to predict the future.

  • jakartaman

    tick tock tick tock
    What will be the straw
    tick tock tick tock
    Now the military wants to put illegal aliens under arms- hummm Could this mean they will shoot American civilians if ordered – hummm
    Barry has said a lot more executive orders coming down – hummm
    tick tock tick tock

  • liberalsareuselesspiecesofshit

    even the mafia is raising their rates, LOLOLOLOL

  • Mondobeyondo

    Lots of red flags, to be sure. But it’s far, far too early to start flying the white flag just yet. Take back our country!

  • Mondobeyondo

    How can you tell a politician is lying? Their lips are moving.

    I’d trust Shakira before any government statistics. Because I know her hips don’t lie.


    • Oldphartbsa

      Alright…have to agree with this just because it was Shakira, Shakira, Shakira….

  • Mondobeyondo

    Be ever vigilant.
    Do you remember Monday, September 10, 2001?
    Yes, I do. But only because the battery on my truck had died that day, and had to go to AutoZone to get a new one.

    Wonder what happened the next day.

  • tacoma

    Red flag?
    Nothing to worry. Just blame the whole thing on ‘spying’ Red Communist China. And if that’s not enough, blame the whole thing on Putin who grabbed Crimea ‘illegally’ and soon to invade NATO. Start Cold War 2 and all’s swell. At least the generals will be happy, with their trillion dollar Pentagon budget restored.

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    I hate it when “analysts” are “puzzled.” As if “bad news” can never happen.

    • K2

      Eveything and anything as analyst says…is for public consumption. Just like a politicians.

  • hunt4food

    The community I live in is small and has been very good place to raise a family with allot of manufacturing jobs. Ten years a go everyone was driving newer cars houses were getting make overs, today I can show you nine families on my way to work that are living in camps, or campers (once family get aways now there only home). I know of at least 4 homeless people, and a couple that stay at a gas station in there cars every night. Im not talking about the whole town this is just on my small commute back and forth from work. I have a friend who had a great job was laid off from that, and since has had lots of part time jobs tring to stay afloat. He just lost him place to live this week. His two kids went to stay with grandparents and he is now homeless till he can get back on his feet, or maybe if would be better to use.

  • rentslave

    When Las Vegas must be abandoned due to lack of water,will the Democrats in Congress finally allow New Jersey to put into place one of their laws to allow sports betting?

  • Phil from Germany

    Another reliable way of telling if the economy is doing badly is road haulage. If things are not bieng sold or produced, then the movement of items is the first alarm bell.

    • Oldphartbsa

      Prepping for annual audit right now. Sales of Ready mix concrete, aggregate, steel and steel fabrication are down 10% from last year. Our transportation of these materials from our own sources are down 6%, and outside sources 7% (the costs/revenue depends on distance). We were a $60 million business in 2005. We did $23 million for FY 03-2014. In 2005 we had 30% government business, in 2014 we have 60% government business.
      At least we got to build the guard towers for the FEMA camps.

      • Phil from Germany

        My entire point, well said , and thanks for the detail info. A friend, almost ex trucker, is finding it harder by the week here in Germany, to find work. Not forgetting we are the powerhouse of Europe……sorry I need to throw up

  • Bill

    Anyone notice how much easier it is getting to park closer to the front door at Walmart? Best gauge of economic activity I know of and you don’t have to watch or listen to propaganda to get bs’d.

    • Syrin


    • Oldphartbsa

      I’ve noticed that too. Thirty acres of parking and there’s maybe twenty cars in two or three lanes scattered around the main entrance…on a Saturday afternoon.

      • Fannie

        Not too many overnight campers in the parking lot, either. I am watching that. When people lose their house, they go to living in their vehicles, that is, if they still have them. If 20% of all people are unemployed, that means that 80% still are. I really think the 80% that still are employed are holding their cash close to their vests.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You can park right next to the front door at many Sears stores.

      • and you can’t find a place to park at Job Lot or the Dollar Store.

        • Fannie

          Our dollar store went out of business. There are two other dollar stores here in town, and they look like they are okay.

      • bmr22

        Kmart too we were in there a couple of weeks ago the place was trashed empty shelves surly employes.


      That’s a good one!

    • MeMadMax

      Target is next after Sears.

      • Fannie

        You got that right. And it’s sad, cause their household stuff is good.

      • JF1962

        I like Sears, especially their tool department.

    • Fannie

      I have made that statement here before, that Walmart is a great indicator. We knew that the mexicans were leaving Arizona, after they passed the one bill on checking for papers…something like that…and we didn’t see many of them at Walmart shopping. Then the news did a story on how there were tons of empty apartments due to the out flow of hispanics…(this was Phoenix). Where we live, people can’t afford the price of meat, so it gets marked down 30%, and we get great cuts of meat at great prices. Yes, we normally get a place right by the front door. We go at times when Walmart should be full and overflowing, and it’s quiet. I think sometimes that there are more workers there than shoppers. Kmart is closing, Target is close behind. Sears is dead. Who shops there, and for what? Hasn’t Office Depot gone bust, and some of the Best Buys, too? We are back to watching the retail apocalypse happen again.

  • bobcat

    Sears and KMart are both making their way to the elephant’s graveyard. The KMarts near me were closed years ago. The buzzards are circling over Sears now. If the closest Sears lasts through this year, I’ll be surprised.

    • Bruce

      We still have a Kmart. In fact it’s a big K. The parking lot can easily hold 5 or 6 hundred cars a huge place. However, usually there is only 8 to 10 shoppers there. Kmart and Sears still being open to any degree is a magic act.

  • Mondobeyondo

    For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear – what;s happening is as plain as day during a hot Arizona summer.

    Most people can’t – or won’t – see it though.

    It is not an anomaly, it is not “climate change”, it is not a “new social paradigm” and it is not anything else politicians and scientists throw at you.

    Get right with God. NOW.

  • Mark C. Danzig

    Don’t forget that the Baltic Dry Index (shipping of any sort) is way down

  • davidbyrden

    What’s happening here isn’t complex or opaque, at all. It’s very simple and intuitive.
    If you connect two lakes – one with a high water level, and one with a low water level – then there will be a flow of water between them, until their water levels become equal.
    The two “lakes” are the USA and China. The “water level” is the standard of living. They were “connected” by trade agreements, years ago.

    • Bruce

      Interesting analogy and spot on as well.

  • Bruce

    There are dozens of communities in Texas that are only days or weeks away from running out of water. The same situation is apparent in many parts of California, Nevada and several other south western states. Yet, with as much evidence as there is many are still in denial about climate change. I’d bet you won’t find a lot of skeptics in those south western states.
    As bad as the economy is and Lord knows it is bad this climate change catastroyphe “might” take the lead as we spiral down.

    • grumpyhillbilly

      Here in the northeast we’re way colder and wetter than usual. The jet stream is being cruel to both of us. Little old me would like to point out you’re essentially living in a desert that’s been irrigated beyond what is sensible, and I’m not just talking agriculture. How about those lush golf courses and playing fields, green suburbs with pools in many yards, and that pesky population growth? Its remarkable the lack of water in the SW has yet entered into the population increase due to immigration and amnesty

      When I was a kid I went on a field trip to look at the glacier markings in the Pocono Mountains amongst other things. The earth’s climate is a living thing that is in a state of constant flux, and much is beyond human control. Sunspots contribute to heat. The moon works ocean currents, and ultimately wind currents.

  • DJohn1

    Lawyers spend 3 years learning to make problems and 1 year learning to solve problems. This is economic in nature..
    I see the problem, now we need to see the opposition party of the Republicans coming up with a real solution to the economic problem.
    I suspect the solution is a bitter pill.
    Interest rates have to go up.
    We are going to need a way to get the jobs back.
    If you make marriage a tax penalty, then not a whole lot of people will get married.
    These are all common sense things.
    Part of business is making the right decisions as to price and quality of goods in an effort to attract sales. When a business arbitrarily keeps prices high, does not go with the market, then yes, they are going to go bankrupt. A lot of the businesses you have named are doing just that. So they go under.
    Walmart might be an exception to that rule because they do keep their prices low with a few exceptions. Their price on dairy products are not within the market place here.
    The real problem is discretionary income of the average person when it comes to the market place. Keep raising taxes, don’t do anything about poeple’s wages to keep up with it, and common sense says a lot of your retail market will go under.

  • chris

    Meanwhile in the UK the Conservative government regime has deliberately inflated a massive housing bubble to con the public into thinking good times are back again and to get the dismal UK economy moving. UK House prices now exceed the bubble prices of 2007 and the idiot Prime minister thinks this isn’t a problem and would be happy for prices to rise for another four years. Truly the UK and USA are governed by the worst type of politicians ever.

  • DerpDerp

    What’s it matter? I mean, the system has been changed so much in the past decade or so that there isn’t really any way to get people in office to solve the problems. With the introduction of limitless supplies of unchecked money from special interests, the only people that get to run for the positions of power are already beholden and owned by said special interests. And yes, that includes Tea Party candidates too.
    So, what can we expect? More of the same. People in power setting themselves and their big campaign contributors up for more money, more tax breaks, more benefits, while the rest of the population continues to decline. What’s it matter anyway? If the US tanks, they can just pack up and move to greener pastures, while the rest of us are left to pick up the pieces.
    Until people understand the reality of American politics today, until they stop shaking their pom-poms for the republicans or democrats, things will not get better. To the contrary, it will only get worse. And since most Americans are either so blinded by their political partisanship, or so apathetic to what’s going on around them, I don’t expect the People to do anything to change it.

    • DerpDerp

      PS: In Regards to #4, Walmart foot traffic dropping by 1.4%…don’t you think the harsh winter would have anything to do with that???
      Just sayin’.

  • arizonadiane

    But isn’t this the Central Banks and Fed’s plan? One world order, one form of currency and they are in control?

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Folks, our economy and the world’s will continue to erode and decline. Sin – rejection of Almighty God, rebellion of His word, turning to lust and pleasure are all but a few of the characteristics of a dying world – without God.
    There is a remnant, however, that will be ‘known’ by the Lord. Those few will stand strong and with their faith and trust rooted in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, do great things. But … there will only be a ‘few’.

    • blah

      blah blah blah

      This has nothing to do with god, only a weak and pathetic people (Amerikans) who are too afraid to stand up.

      Empires rise and fall. Babylon fell. Rome fell. The Ottomans fell. British Empire fell. The USSR fell. They all believed god would save them and they were all proven wrong. Amerika will be no different.

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        I am glad you wrote God with a little ‘g’. For the nations that do believe in a ‘little’ g, god will ultimately fail … every time.
        American’s have their head in their idolatry-laden, lust-driven and pleasure haven sand pile and most could care less about the real God of the Bible.

        • ian

          and yet there is a church on every corner. What country have you been living in?

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Churches do not mean there are Christians inside.

          • guest

            Yes, preaching churchianity.

  • Captain Canuck

    You’re concerned about drought and severe weather, yet champion coal.

    If America truly wants to be great again, it needs to take that Henry Ford entrepreneurial spirit and become a world leader in sustainable and renewable energies.

    The ’50’s are over.

    • Drud

      Yes, we must increase our use of alternative energy dramatically, but of far more importance is the other side: we MUST drop our energy consumption by orders of magnitude. Period. The problem is our current corporate plutocracy has no concept of “less” or “contraction.” We are locked into a perpetual growth paradigm that must die before anything can really change.

  • Mudpie

    I am lucky my student loans have been paid way down, and I have a J.D. and Ph.D. to show for them. But I see now people with bachelor’s degrees in nonsense subjects coming out with $50,000 or more in student loan debt.

    And law students graduating with $200,000 and not passing their bar exams. Where do they get the jobs to pay these? Even with good jobs, it would be challenging.

    This is a catastrophe ready to explode.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Vicious hoards of blood crazed mobs will go door to door looking for people to kill, (for NO reason) or for food. Murder, rape, bloodletting will reach epidemic proportions. Cannibalism will become commonplace so much so parents will eat their children.
    This is the world without God the world we are ASKING FOR (and we are going to get it)…
    Then the USA, the World will reap the FULL measure of God’s wrath and all he will have to do is turn his back on us and leave us to our own demise.

    • liberalsareuselesspiecesofshit


  • Geezer

    Everyone has a favorite place and or person to get their latest information. My choice is usawatchdog on YouTube and Charles Nenner an ex Goldman Sachs analysis.

  • wally

    This is the least of our worries I am afraid. The globalists put Mao into power. The globalists put Stailn into power. The globalists put Hitler into power. Do you think for a minute that the globalists didn’t put Obama into power? You are very naive to think genocide, gulags, etc could not happen here in the US. They most certainly can. Our freedoms are all gone, the constitution is gone, law and civility are all but gone. The MSM has you believing you still have these things. Trust me you do not. Treat everyday as if it could be your last. Tell your loved ones you love them every chance you have. Get you life right with God and pray that he will show you mercy and grace. Take heed and prepare (physically, mentally, spiritually) any way you can. If the globalists have their way alternative media will be gone and there will be no more warnings.

  • Note

    About Sears and Wal-Mart, that is not because the middle-class is tapped out, it is because the lower-class is tapped-out.

    Understand, this isn´t just the middle-class falling into poverty, it is many of the poor becoming even poorer.

  • Jason7189

    It’s been recently reported,Tepco at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, is releasing 560 Tons of radioactive groundwater into the ocean, to go along with the steady stream of contaminated water already seeping into the Ocean. The price of food, especially Sea Food will…skyrocket soon. There’s mass Animal/Sea life deaths and you won’t hear this on the nightly news.

    Hosea 4:3 “Therefore the land will mourn; And everyone who dwells there will waste away With the beasts of the field. And the birds of the air; Even the fish of the sea will be taken away.”

    Zephaniah 1:3 “I will consume man and beast; I will consume the birds of the heavens, The fish of the sea, And the stumbling blocks along with the wicked. I will cut off man from the face of the land,” Says the Lord.”

    Ezekiel 38:20 “So that the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beasts of the field, all creeping things that creep on the earth, and all men who are on the face of the earth shall shake at My presence. The mountains shall be thrown down, the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.”

    • sharonsj

      If there’s any seafood left, you won’t be able to eat it anyway. And don’t eat farm-raised fish; they are full of bacteria. Meanwhile, the plankton is disappearing. Plankton is at the bottom of the ocean food chain–another reason to worry about humanity’s survival.

      They finally admitted the bee die-off is due to pesticides. But the chemical companies won’t change their ways, so expect to see a lot less
      fruit and nuts for sale. Growing your own food is the only way to stay healthy.

  • Gay Veteran

    we didn’t impeach Bush, why should we impeach Obama?

  • ian

    If things were really a bad as this site claims, there would be rioting in the streets and some pretty pissed off people. All i see is new stores and new million dollar condos going up and people planning weekend getaways. It is getting a little redundant hearing these horror stories when reality is painting a much different picture.

    • mikeymike61

      remove quantitative easing & EBT cards and you will have rioting in the streets

    • disqusted

      That’s like saying that since it is not raining right now, the forecast for rain tomorrow is wrong.

  • toldyaso

    For Obama, all is on schedule, people wake up, this is the plan.

  • Fannie

    Yeah, they’re shopping at Goodwill!

  • All animals form groups to survive when threatened, those who don’t die. Which category are you? FounderChurch is the way forward.

  • Tony

    #’s 4 and 5 are probably due to over-expansion coupled with new trends such as the local food movement and cheaper retailers like the Goodwill.

  • PotHead69

    ?? Really ??

    • catnap

      yes really

  • moovova

    Outstanding “business” plan…mirrors my own. Convert everything to cash and be poised to run.

    Good luck in your endeavors (we’re gonna need it!).

  • Amused

    Take profits (sell everything) on the stock market next week. We are at the top of current bull market. It may drop 20% over the coming months. It may drop 60%. It will drop.

    It will be bad for the economy, bad jobs, and bad for Obama.

    (There is a silver lining in every cloud.)


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  • KansasGirl

    Who are these people that believe our economy is headed the right way? Geez

    • Kristen Marie Embler

      The same people who think the government is going to kick in the door and save the day. Quite the opposite is happening.

      • guest

        Oh no. The government definitely IS going to kick in the door. It won’t be to save your day, but to end your line.
        Don’t blame me I voted for krag…….

    • jackcandobutwont

      If you are getting foodstamps…the amount ya get is up 1/3 in the last 2 years….so those living off the teet of others are doing fine!!

      • KansasGirl

        Still, doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  • DJohn1

    When does the worship of money stop?
    We are all guilty. We make decisions based on the flow of money into our lives.
    What exactly are you willing to do to keep the money flowing into our hands? What are we willing to do to keep our families from starving?
    We have a huge drain on that money in the illegal growth of marijuana for instance. In Colorado, they are trying to lift the prohibition. Other states might follow.
    From a financial viewpoint it makes sense. It takes approximately 42,000 dollars a year to keep an inmate in a prison. Many people are there because of the prohibition of marijuana. Marijuana is a huge success as a taxable income for government.
    Part of the problem is how easy it might be to grow it. I think there are a lot of people that scatter the seed along country roads just off the roads. They later come back when it is grown and harvest it.
    Just like liquor in the 30s, an entire industry is based on the illegal growth of drugs. We have the largest prison population in the world. Again, this is based on the illegality of obtaining these different drugs.
    It has ruined a huge number of people over the years.
    As a Christian, I want nothing to do with any of it. As an individual I have known people all the way back to hippie days of the 60s, involved and jailed because of drug use. I will not even smoke a cigarette. Who is in control? You or the cigarette. Who is in control, you or the alcoholic beverage? And that in a few words is the basis of addiction.
    The question is not one of legal or illegality. The question is what is government willing to do to stem the financial losses in material, people, and addiction. So far, hands down, they are losing the fight against all of it.
    What does that have to do with 27 Red Flags? All of those flags mean that a lot of people are going to be willing to do just about anything to keep the money flowing so they can live. The 28th flag might be the ironic view that the government itself might be the next supplier of drugs.
    I think it is already happening in the CIA and other security agencies dealing with the devil in the form of illegal criminal gangs on our southern border.

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