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27 Statistics About The European Economic Crisis That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

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The economic crisis in Europe continues to get worse and eventually it is going to unravel into a complete economic nightmare.  All over Europe, national governments have piled up debts that are completely unsustainable.  But whenever they start significantly cutting government spending it results in an economic slowdown.  So politicians in Europe are really caught between a rock and a hard place.  They can’t keep racking up these unsustainable debts, but if they continue to cut government spending it is going to push their economies into deep recession and their populations will riot.  Greece is a perfect example of this.  Greece has been going down the austerity road for several years now and they are experiencing a full-blown economic depression, riots have become a way of life in that country and their national budget is still not anywhere close to balanced.  Americans should pay close attention to what is going on in Europe, because this is what it looks like when a debt party ends.  Most of the nations in the eurozone have just started implementing austerity, and yet unemployment in the eurozone is already the highest it has been since the euro was introduced.  It has risen for 10 months in a row and is now up to 10.8 percent.  Sadly, it is going to go even higher.  As economies across Europe slide into recession, that is going to put even more pressure on the European financial system.  Most Americans do not realize this, but the European banking system is absolutely enormous.  It is nearly four times the size that the U.S. banking system is.  When the European banking system crashes (and it will) it is going to reverberate around the globe.  The epicenter of the next great financial crisis is going to be in Europe, and it is getting closer with each passing day.

The following are 27 statistics about the European economic crisis that are almost too crazy to believe….


#1 The Greek economy shrank by 6 percent during 2011, and it has been shrinking for five years in a row.

#2 The average unemployment rate in Greece in 2010 was 12.5 percent.  During 2011, the average unemployment rate was 17.3 percent, and now the unemployment rate in Greece is up to 21.8 percent.

#3 The youth unemployment rate in Greece is now over 50 percent.

#4 The unemployment rate in the port town is Perama is about 60 percent.

#5 In Greece, 20 percent of all retail stores have closed down during the economic crisis.

#6 Greece now has a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 160 percent.

#7 Some of the austerity measures that have been implemented in Greece have been absolutely brutal.  For example, Greek civil servants have had their incomes slashed by about 40 percent since 2010.

#8 Despite all of the austerity measures, it is being projected that Greece will still have a budget deficit equivalent to 7 percent of GDP in 2012.

#9 Greece is still facing unfunded liabilities in future years that are equivalent to approximately 800 percent of GDP.

#10 In the midst of all the poverty in Greece, several serious diseases are making a major comeback.  The following comes from a recent article in the Guardian….

The incidence of HIV/Aids among intravenous drug users in central Athens soared by 1,250% in the first 10 months of 2011 compared with the same period the previous year, according to the head of Médecins sans Frontières Greece, while malaria is becoming endemic in the south for the first time since the rule of the colonels, which ended in the 1970s.


#11 The unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 23.6 percent.

#12 The youth unemployment rate in Spain is now over 50 percent.

#13 The total value of all toxic loans in Spain is equivalent to approximately 13 percent of Spanish GDP.

#14 The GDP of Spain is about 1.4 trillion dollars.  The three largest Spanish banks have approximately 2.7 trillion dollars in assets and they are all on the verge of failing.

#15 Home prices in Spain fell by 11.2 percent during 2011.

#16 The number of property repossessions in Spain rose by 32 percent during 2011.

#17 The ratio of government debt to GDP in Spain will rise by more than 11 percent during 2012.

#18 On top of everything else, Spain is dealing with the worst drought it has seen in 70 years.


#19 The unemployment rate in Portugal is up to 15 percent.

#20 The youth unemployment rate in Portugal is now over 35 percent.

#21 Banks in Portugal borrowed a record 56.3 billion euros from the European Central Bank in March.

#22 It is being projected that the Portuguese economy will shrink by 5.7 percent during 2012.

#23 When you add up all forms of debt in Portugal (government, business and consumer) the total is equivalent to approximately 360 percent of GDP.


#24 Youth unemployment in Italy is up to 31.9 percent – the highest level ever.

#25 Italy’s national debt is approximately 2.7 times larger than the national debts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal put together.

#26 If you add the maturing debt that the Italian government must roll over in 2012 to the projected budget deficit, it comes to approximately 23.1 percent of Italy’s GDP.

#27 Italy now has a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 120 percent.

So why hasn’t Europe crashed already?

Well, the powers that be are pulling out all their tricks.

For example, the European Central Bank decided to start loaning gigantic mountains of money to European banks.  That accomplished two things….

1) It kept those European banks from collapsing.

2) European banks used that money to buy up sovereign bonds and that kept interest rates down.

Unfortunately, all of this game playing has also put the European Central Bank in a very vulnerable position.

The balance sheet of the European Central Bank has expanded by more than 1 trillion dollars over the past nine months.  The balance sheet of the European Central Bank is now larger than the entire GDP of Germany and the ECB is now leveraged 36 to 1.

So just how far can you stretch the rubberband before it snaps?

Perhaps we are about to find out.

The European financial system is leveraged like crazy right now.  Even banking systems in countries that you think of as “stable” are leveraged to extremes.

For example, major German banks are leveraged 32 to 1, and those banks are holding a massive amount of European sovereign debt.

When Lehman Brothers finally collapsed, it was only leveraged 30 to 1.

You can’t solve a debt crisis with more debt.  But the European Central Bank has been able to use more debt to kick the can down the road a few more months.

At some point the sovereign debt bubble is going to burst.

All financial bubbles eventually burst.

What goes up must come down.

Right now, the major industrialized nations of the world are approximately 55 trillion dollars in debt.

It has been a fun ride, but this fraudulent pyramid of risk, debt and leverage is going to come crashing down at some point.

It is only a matter of time.

Already, there are a whole bunch of signs that some very serious economic trouble is on the horizon.

Hopefully we still have a few more months until it hits.

But in this day and age nothing is guaranteed.

What does seem abundantly clear is that the current global financial system is inevitably going to fail.

When it does, what “solutions” will our leaders try to impose upon us?

That is something to think about.

  • Stan522

    Europe…… a window to our future.

    • Michael

      Europe, UK, USA are exactly in the same situation, but use 3 different ways to find answers. Economically, the best potential is in Europe, but politically, it’s the worst !!!!!

      UK continue to believe at 100% in their financial businesses. true mistake !!!!

      USA is trying to prepare the end of dollar as a major currency. Tough period !!!!

  • Another Richard

    True. As the Debt Collapse starts in Europe – it will soon spread to US. This is the Plan of the New World Oder (I mean Order). Their timeline for the Collapse to occur is by the End Of 2012. It will be Sudden and Severe and Startle and Frighten us all. The Elite have planned it to so.

    • tex

      The debt collapse will be worldwide- a gigantic Rube Goldberg chain. War and disease will follow.

      Depopulation of the world to 19th century levels is the goal. The elite will be in their bunker cities.

      Guns and gold won’t be enough for the rest of us.

    • I honestly don’t think that is the case, while I do believe in planned chaos being part of an overall plan it appears that this has gotten way out of control for the “powers” that be. I think they are afraid, very afraid of what is actually happening. Besides, in the so-called NWO there are several factions, each with an agenda and there appears to be no overall consensus in general. The Asian factor is pressing against the EU factor and the EU factor is pressing against the Anglo-American elite, it is a house divided and their controlled demolition seems to have gone beyond their actual control. Besides, there are other factors that are always beyond the control of anyone in power though they may exert pressure attempting to control them. My feeling is that they have lost any control they once had and are, in fact, losing more and more as the situation worsens.

      The thing they fear most is revolution, bloody and vengeful, where their own heads could be placed on the block. The internet is one of the main avenues of resistance against the elite, yet they can’t pull the plug on it, it has gone too far to do that. Even any hint of attempting to control in, at least in the west, has been met with an overwhelming protest.

      The fiat monetary system is rapidly dying and although they may attempt to replace it, the structural foundation of the monetary system has been cracked, they now are grasping at straws attempting to find anything but gold and silver to save their monetary system, it will not work, it has never worked. They know that once gold and silver are once again allowed to function as monetary metals they lose the economic platform and when they lose that they no longer can do as they please. Without monetary control they have no control.

      Let it crash! The quicker the better and let their heads be placed on pikes in the public squares of every city as a warning for future generations that the justice of the people will be swift and complete for all those who seek to subjugate the people.

  • Erin

    Hey Michael,

    I just read an article where Bernanke warned Congress that if they don’t cut federal spending we are close to economic destruction.

    Things must be really bad if Ben is saying that on the record.

    • Michael

      Yes, eventually austerity will come to America too and it will not be pleasant.

      What we are living in right now is an economic fantasy.


    • Martin

      Lots of people have warned congress to cut federal spending. Those voices have been ignored with every debt celling increase in the last 40 years. The only difference now is that the debt is too large.

  • Rodster

    Epic read Michael !

    I heard today on the radio that countries are moving away from cash and trying to convert it all to electronic money. I wonder if they know what we know they know? 😛

    If so they can shutdown Gary2’s $250 bank account. That would make him even angrier. 🙂

    • Michael


      I am glad that you enjoyed the article. 🙂 Our world is changing so rapidly these days and there is never a lack of things to write about.


      • Papa Charlie

        Well Michel,
        I didn’t enjoy it at all. And that is because I know you’re right. Till about a month ago I sometimes could believe the euro might just survive long enough to see the dollar collapse. Then the euro would follow, but now I start to believe the euro will lead way.
        For a while I thought our ministers of finance had done the right thing for Greece after all. Then the news came out that the interest for Spain was starting to increase, due to lack of confidence. It meant Spain had to cut an extra 26 billion euros for this year.
        We, in the Netherlands, are struggling to cut on goverment spending for an extra 18 billion euro. And we still have triple A-rating. If we lose that rating and the interest on Dutch loans increases, we have to cut several billions more… And that we are unable to.


    • Bone Idle

      European countries may be moving away from cash into digital currency because it’s much easier to suddenly exit the Euro this way.
      (a) Restrict cash transactions by limiting the amount of cash you can withdraw from the bank (Italy has already imposed this).
      (b)Declare a bank holiday and convert your country into a new local currency overnight. All bank accounts within the country converted to the new currency
      (c) devalue by 25% overnight
      (d) wait for the currency to level out by market buying.

    • Michael

      In fact , moving from cash to electronic money is NECESSARY to avoid a MASSIVE DEFLATION. Cash is Rare :::: less than 10 % of money avalable in western countries.

      However, from my part, electronic money is not the best idea.

    • tex

      The conversion to electronic money is all about taxation.

      The underground economies virtually disappear when there is an electronic record of every transaction for the tax man. The next news story will be about the IRS hiring accounting grads for audit positions.

      The only dodge left will be barter.

  • Glenn

    Student loans approaching one trillion. People in our society becoming less responsible and dependent on others. National debt approaching 16 trillion, negative real interest rates, fed money printing, political dopes in office! What a powder keg!

  • Marc

    George Carlin -“Who Really Controls America”

  • Eva

    Don’t you wonder why the Democrats seem to enjoy running off a cliff with eyes wide open, while expecting to keep running at the bottom of it, with Obama proudly at the lead?

  • Stan522

    Michael, I have been reading Economic Collapse for a couple of years now, but finally decided to post comments. If I had to assess your blogs, I say they are mostly pessimistic. However, like most who respond here, it seems we all believe the world as we know it will implode and we all will be left with something less than what we have now.

    In your opinion, what will that be? Will we all be living off the land like what we see in the movie, The Postman with Kevin Costner, or some place short of that? What are you doing and what are your friends doing and what is your family doing in preparation?

    • Michael


      I am so glad that you are leaving comments now. 🙂

      And when will the economic collapse be?

      Well, it is going to play out over time. In general, things will be worse in the long-term (10 years plus) than in the short-term.

      And what are we doing to prepare?

      I will be writing more about that soon. 🙂


  • mondobeyondo

    #3 and #4…

    This is not a good way for a young person to begin their working life, to say the least.

    #9… America is not far behind.
    Our unfunded liabilities include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Our senior citizens will scream bloody murder if any of these are cut, and rightfully so. They were promised these benefits upon retirement. They worked their entire working lives, contributing to these programs. Too bad, the bank vault’s empty. Sorry, no soup fo’ you! You talk about being pissed…!!!

    A hard rain’s about to fall. Get ready. This will not end well.

    A bit of irrelevant comic relief (we’re going to need more of this in the days to come)

    Winner of Kazahkstan archery championship – theme from “Borat” played at award ceremony:

    For those who didn’t understand the lyrics played, here’s the text:

  • Jodi

    I think we will collapse before the election. Does anybody else think so?

    • Another Richard

      The elections are Not an issue. The Elites Own both Romney and Obama. The Collapse will occur by the End of 2012. That is the timetable the Elites have set. The world will Change in many ways as 2013 begins, Never to return to the way the world was before.

    • NickelthroweR


      I think that you misunderstand the nature of the collapse that we are already in. It isn’t something that we’ll be able to point a finger at and say “then! there!”. It wont be that easy.

      Think of it, instead, as an old car that you’ve stopped performing maintenance on. Things that break just wont get repaired. Eventually, the tires will be bald and the oil will be filthy and the belts and filters will be worn. The car may continue to drive like this for a while but eventually something critical will give out.

      That is the state we are in now in this country as we have an aging infrastructure that we are not bothering to maintain very well. Our kids rank dead last in math and science compared to other industrialized nations. Our Judicial system is a disaster and government at all levels is corrupt.

      How long we can continue to run with these problems remains to be seen. I suspect that one of our bald tires has gone flat and we are currently just limping along. As long as the rims don’t fall off we’ll be OK.

  • Paranoid

    As an aside; Walmart just finished a 2 week sale of N-Pack, freeze dried food in the Spokane, area. Rosauers food stores just started another. Possibly the public isn;t quite as dumb as some think

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder points out that malaria is making a comeback in the southern part of Greece. Think about it: malaria. Malaria isn’t a word one normally associates with developed countries in Europe—more like countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. But this is what happens when a country UN-develops. This is what happens when a developed country becomes part of the Third World. This is what happens when so many people who used to be part of the middle class become the neo-poor: tax revenue plummets, conditions go from bad to worse.

    Algunas lágrimas para España…….e alcune lacrime per Italia:

    in the past, I’ve ranted about how explosive a situation is when 45% of the youths in the 18-25 demo are unemployed. Well, that rate has climbed over 50%, as Michael noted. We’re talking major powderkeg. And Italy’s problems are very troublesome in light of the fact that Italy is the third largest economy in Europe. None of this can end well.

    There are some European countries that have much lower unemployment—The Netherlands, for example. But here’s the thing: when major economies like Italy and Spain are in cardiac arrest, the effects will be felt in other parts of Europe as well as in The Banana Republic of America (formerly Gli Stati Uniti). And make no mistake: this country has a very sick and diseased economy. Economic recovery in the BRA is a myth, and things are going to get much nastier. Get ready for food riots, shantytown slums galore, violent crime galore, and a lot of angry, violent people who don’t like being kicked out of the middle class and into crushing poverty.

    “Far too few have much too much, and way too many have much too little. So when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

    And a lot of blood will be flowing in the streets of American cities when the you-know-what hits the fan. There will be no happy ending for The Banana Republic of America.

  • i fail to see how sharing this link will solve anything. inevitable crisis is….inevitable.

    • Another Richard

      There are preparations we can make.Michael has said that he will be sharing Some of them with readers soon.

  • davidmpark

    There are two major sea trade routes in Europe: the Gibraltar pass and the Suez Canal. And all the air shipping done overseas. If Europe falls, we loose a lot of our oil shipments and a lot of trade.

    Right now, China and the rest of Asia are slimming back on exports to us. Combine a trade war with the economic turmoil of Europe – along with the calls by the Leftists for revolution and blood in the streets (yeah, the writings, audios and videos of them declaring this are everywhere – look it up), coupled with our current problems: we have the perfect storm.

    Do your best today; this will get nasty.

  • mark

    I guess at this point we should question the real value of fiat money. The bailouts transfered debt from the banks to the taxpayers. But since the central banks just keep creating money out of thin air, how much longer will we trust it’s use since it is not backed by anything of value. If the new world order tries to force electronic credits on us, whoever controls the computer system that does the accounting of our debit cards will be able to add or take away credits to whomever and whenever they want. The power over that key board can make you wealthy or poor with just the stroke of a key. When people lose trust in the system bad things can happen.

  • JackieG

    America believed the service economy would sustain them when Clinton came along.
    Now they are paying for it.

  • Gary3

    Tax the poor hard!!! I deserve what you have produced because I am me and breathe!!!

    I don’t feel sorry for government employees who take pay cuts because there never should have been so many of them and they never should have been paid so much.

  • Save the Republic

    Whenever it is stated that a reduction in government spending will result in an economic slowdown, that is an indication that the game is over. A government cannot be the driving force behind an economy that is growing, because the government doesn’t create anything, it just feeds off of those that do, which will only start shrinking the economy. The more a government spends, the more it sucks the lifeblood out of the economy to do so. Unless the sucking stops, eventually the parasite will kill the host.

  • Craig

    With either Romney or Obama as president, they won’t bring middle class jobs back from China and Mexico. And, neither will stop the invasion of Mexicans from our southern border of about 4,000/day. I’m not saying I dislike Mexicans, but I’m saying how can our unemployment possibly go down given these 2 facts? Middle class jobs are not only not coming back, but the elites continue to send more offshore every day. Don’t you agree?

  • TtT Engine

    Per U.S. owes $15.6 trillion on current debt-$118 trillion long term unfunded liabilities. There is no money or desire to buy US debt. We have a ponzi scheme brewing between the Federal Reserve, Goldman&Wall Street. Old man Buffet hinted the U.S. Gov. is going out to market to get the $4 trillion per year it has ballooned spending to. Who’s A is that coming out of ? Not cutting any spending. Nice work brown Bone man and the boys whispering from the wilderness. Have not heard from DeMint in a long while. Has he given up or did he buy an iglew and seeds somewhere ? Hey, I thought Bernie was in on the crash. Maybe he’s starting to get cold feet. $16 trillion in debt, $16 trillion in off shore accounts. There’s your balanced budget guys ! Christi Fidelis !

  • Wids

    If a dollar was equal to 1 mile (US debt level 15.5 trillion), it would take approx 2.65 light years to pay it off. The speed of light being 186,000 miles per second, or well over half way to the nearest star which is 4.3 light years away. The speed of light would travel over 7 times around the equator per second.

    Nothing to worry about, everything going to be just fine.

  • Paul

    Last year, in 2011, Germany’s export value exceeded for the first time one trillion euros.

  • Paul
  • Paul
  • Jack

    I read an article recently about food banks in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the most wealthy nations in Europe, but even here things are starting to collapse. Dutch food banks have given away more food in the first quarter of 2012 than in all of 2011. Things are tough all over.

  • chiller

    Thanks for spelling out the real picture the LSM won’t. M E D I A = Making Everyone’s Daily Information Ambiguous

  • Eric

    The reason why digging deeper into debt to stimulate the economy is no longer working is that any added new debt does more damage than good.

    This trend of diminishing returns was well known long before the TEA party came to town. google: Laffer curve.

    Simply put, we have already gone over the cliff. The only thing we are looking at now is the grace with which we crater into the ground.

  • Easy Rider

    I wish many of our civil servants had to take a 40% pay cut. Then they’d be paid only twice what they’re worth.

  • Tim

    “When it does, what “solutions” will our leaders try to impose upon us?”

    That’s the million-dollar question. It’s kind of scary to contemplate what TPTB will do when the house of cards collapses. What an interesting time to be alive.

  • Tobrojo

    I just went to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning the other day, with insurance I pay for mind you, but I was talking to the dentists son who has recently gotten his degree and went to work with his father.
    He was telling me how many of his peers from college and across this country are graduating with law degrees and many other white collar degrees and it is almost, in his words, laughable how few jobs there are for them to get. He went into a tirade about student debt and how there is no way you can pay it back if you cant get a job.
    I thought, “here comes Greece to a town near you”. I also was glad I have multiple tradesman liscences and can build things to barter with when this finally comes to the US.
    Also, good article Michael.

  • Sasha

    Too bad there’s Keynesian thinking in this article. Cutting government can only help the economy.

    If the Oligarchs really wanted to stimulate things they would have their puppet governments cut taxes. But the they want a complete collapse of all Western economies so that they can consolidate things into one government.

  • karen

    You can be sure we are heading in that direction, but are’s will be different, as the article quoted: 5 reasons why American riots will be the worst in the world. This country is full of self-imposed glory, better than thou gloty, arrogance beyond speaking of. Over the countier drug use beyond belief, over a 100,000 military on perscription med’s prozac and much more, welfare state like no other in the world, you owe me attitude, selfish self-centered, greedy. Everytime you turn around a shooting just had one in Ohio AT A CRACKER BARREL can’t even sit down to eat because someone goes on a shooting rampage, killed a girl and a women, good god, what the h#$$ is wrong with people. So when are turn comes and it will and folks loose everything they will turn and start killing anyone around them, and what is the worst they will take it out on their children. You think shooting spree’s are bad now, we haven’t seen nothing yet, why do you think the gov bought millions of rounds of ammo to protect themselves, because people will turn in to living zombies, like the night of the living dead.

  • jox

    Europe has very serious problems with the debt, the US too. The difference is in the reaction. European governments are taking drastic cuts, which of course have a price in terms of grow and unemployment. In the case of Spain, the target of deficit for 2012 is 5,7%, and 3% for 2013. This implies hard measures, painful but needed.

    On the other hand, US government cannot afford those kind of measures in an electoral year. Thus the debt continues growing and the Fed printing.

    My bet is that in Europe, specially in the south, we are going to live 5 years of suffering, but the US will experiment a full collapse due to the rollover of debt. Only a war can change this, and there are already powerful groups working to get this war started.

  • DAS

    I think they can “kick the can” alot longer than most people think. A few more years maybe. You still got time…..

  • matt

    Austerity will come to U.S.? Michael, I live in S Florida. if and when they cut the apron strings to the masses addicted to the handouts… watch out. I know these folks, they truly believe they deserve and are due their free cheese. If it is enacted it will be at the end of a gun

  • Evie

    Planned destruction. People paid into pensions,ss,iras etc. money squandered and stolen by elite. People thought the elite wrre for their best interests. I do not see them sacrificing or doing without. The poor and middle class are expected to support the elite by ging into debt?

  • ken knohe

    The crash of Europe is a historical necessity. The people are living way beyond their means, producing less and less. Today is Friday: Try getting anything done on a Friday afternoon after 4pm! Fantastic lifestyle? Maybe but eating the capital. Soon there will be nothing left. People are unemployed because they are unemployable. They produce too little for the salaries and especially social services they expect. It won’t be the end of the world but certainly a tectonic change. Welcome!

  • goldnguns

    You mean to tell me you can’t run a country by letting people retire at 50 with a 100% pension indexed to inflation, and by borrowing 60% of your budget YoY, and having 35% unemployment among the youth (but they are not REALLY unemployed, they are just looking for work very slowly) so that they have to live with their parents, and the government is feeding 18% of the population, and promising free healthcare for life?

    Man, am I glad I live in Amerka – oh – wait a minute – is Obama running the PIIGS too?

  • Paul M

    Mind boggling that we are in this mess. Thanks for writing the article Michael. Knew the financial situation was bad in Europe but not that bad.

    Remember watching Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN. He expressed optimism about the health of our economy. My thinking was the mainstream media always trys to keep the American people in the dark.

    People think I am goofy for stocking up on food,buying a gun, and trying to find an appropriate bug out location if the situation gets really bad in America.

  • mike

    gary2 doesent need the $250, hes got welfare while hes sitting on the couch reading and blogging

  • Rudolf

    Grettings from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Excellent article as always, Here in Latin America all the countries are growing so far, but for sure there is somenthing that is not going to last for a long time. Right?

    • Rudolf

      Sorry by my english….

    • Craig

      I’ve been to your beautiful city and also Rosario. It’s one of my favorite places.

  • J.J.C.

    My little boys (who are honor students)are expecting to go to college. I desperately hope in the future there will be reason for them to go to college.

    • Ian

      really. Have them learn a trade. College is a complete scam for the majority of people, and as an employer myself, i could give a rats ass if little Johnny wasted 4 years at an overpriced college, yet has no skills or experience.

      seriously, dont fall for the trick that a college degree equals more money earned. It is false. (unless they want to be doctors or lawyers, then by all means go to collage, but even those industries are taking a hit.)

      • John W.

        Lawyers are having it tough. Friends of mine who have a law practice advertised for a para legal type to replace one who was leaving. They received over seventy resumes from fully accredited lawyers for the para legal spot. They were amazed to get a lawyers level of skill for the price of a para legal. Times are tough and since it affects lawyers who cares?

  • Bo

    I realize this is relative to each individual,but I am sincerely looking for feedback.Do the readers think having say 50K in physical gold and silver will be enough to weather the upcoming disaster?

    • Another Richard

      That’s a very good start for yourself and maybe help some around you who will have Nothing, ie. (no preparation at all).

  • James

    Hey Michael, I have an idea for the two of us.

    Ok, we’ll start taking investments for your blogs. We’ll get people to invest at least $10,000, and promise returns of up to 649% over the next 5 years.

    Then, we’ll split the money 50/50 (50 for me because I came up with the idea), hide it away offshore, then you can file for bankruptcy.

    See, if we can just monetize your blog and model it after the world financial systems already in place, we can be rich in no time.

    Shoot me an email and we’ll work out the details.

  • John Rambo

    Michael, why don’t you write an article about how SINGLE MOTHERS are destroying America?

    Two ways:

    1. They are leeches and are sucking the government dry (through MEN’s tax dollars) thru welfare and other programs for single mothers

    2. 70 percent of criminals in America were raised by single mothers. So the bastard children of these single mothers are destroying society by becoming criminals since they never had a father figure around to discipline them

    SINGLE MOTHERS are the greatest cause of the social, economic, and political collapse of America today!

    • Saq

      spoken like a man. While i agree about woman who have multiple children and live off welfare……. If ALL you men folk wrapped your winkies, these single mothers would not exist.

  • Laura

    Are the European unemployment numbers U3 or U6? I want to be sure we are comparing apples to apples. Real US unemployment is something like 18%.

  • Rodster

    Stock markets have fallen in the US and Europe, led by bank shares, as worries over Spain re-emerged.

  • Proftel

    When Israel (the tail) will no longer wag the dog (the U.S.)?

    Interesting question to do before the joint biggest crisis (economic military) that we are facing.

    Think about it and check it out:

    1 – On the shelves in supermarkets here just manufactured the West Asia, the “shelves” of these pumps is manufactured in the USA.

    2 – Grains (poorly produced – with too much venom and GM are challenged throughout the world – see Argentina, India, Brazil etc. Causing mortality in children, old and applicators).

    3 – Overweight people around the world where these are chemical companies. Today to see a person “lean” in Africa alone – causing many to miss).

    4 – “bartering” (exchanging one product for another or services) is practically prohibited by “law” in most developed countries (and this goes for prostitution – the oldest profession to the plumber and electrician) because it does not collect “taxes “.

    5 – Houses are built to last the time the mortgage (if there are termites before), sometimes even less.

    Greed and turnover, these are the main evils.

    Unfortunately joined these two things at once, so we’re going to rock bottom.


  • The USA could be OK, if ONLY the Politicians were not in the pocket of big business. The USA could be energy self sufficient, but NO we keep giving valuable US DOLLARS to countries that hate the USA. The USA will follow Europe unless the electorate get rid of the corrupt politicians.

  • tappedops

    Austerity will never come to the homeland… we will just all be helping to keep us safe,free,and green—everyone will want to pitch in to save the world…after-all, we are the greatest nation on earth…lets all do our part…

  • Steve

    Isn’t a ;ot of the changes do to the fact that the government can no longer prop up the industries anymore?
    They should have slowly died out or updated long ago?

  • FabGalluzzi

    Funny. I knew that actually total debt in US (gov,biz,consumer) is much higher than in EU, and the money created by fed more than ecb. Some statistics are fake too. Great in diverting attention of own problems to others. Enjoy.

  • Our turn is coming

    I have heard things are bad in Greece,
    Some town is using bartering for goods,
    But people still have the very very basics food water and shelter, but most have no future beyond that, no career, no hope.
    Quite a few top economists say it is just a matter of time before that same situation comes to the USA. I hope people here will be able to cope with such a drastic change.

  • Mark

    Spain, Greece, Portugal, and even Italy… no surprise these countries can’t do it alone, and need (cattle) prodding to get themselves together.

    These are countries and peoples who have had to historically act as parasites and invading organisms to support themselves and their way of life for a few thousand years, from the greeks to the romans, and then the papacy.

    Good to see the Germans put them under the whip!

  • luis

    sorry us but i must leave if i stay im going to get lock down in the us by new world order big war is going to happend in the us so im out is not that im a chicken but the us is a mess right now thanks to the people in power :[

  • Arthur

    Micheal, I have been following your blog for few months, you provide a great insight but how about propose some viable solution to solve these problems?

    • Michael


      I will try to talk about solutions a little more. 🙂


      • Tom


        One solution we desperately need is a political party which will represent the American people and a decent future for America’s children. We can no longer afford to have the old/worn-out Democrat/Republican model taking us down the road to horror. We have to stand for something greater than either a massive/all-controlling government or a bat-blind policy of simply supporting corporations which have removed millions of jobs from America.

        We need a new way of doing things – while safe-guarding our liberties and our Constitution.

        In this regard, we need to support free enterprise (not crony Capitalism) and small businessmen, who are the backbone of free enterprise.

        Viable and successful local and regional banks need to be safeguarded. And the investment banks need to be broken-up. If they’re too big to fail, they’re too big to exist. The scams, the excessive leverage, and the economy-killing derivatives must go. We need no more of this evil.

        The Fed must be taken off the backs of the American people. Possibly, we should consider Ben Franklin’s way? But whatever the case, teh Fed has to go.

        The American job base must be rebuilt, and the American middle class must be priority number one – not protecting and enhancing the power of those who put us in the current situation.

        We must have dynamic energy program which will for a solid foundation for future growth, and be the linchpin in bringing our trade imbalances under control. To accomplish this, we need a new “moon shot,” or a new Manhattan Project aimed at securing our energy future.

        There are many things which must be accomplished in the shortest time humanly possible. You have touched on nearly all of the problems confronting us. What we now need is an action agent which will confront the evil looking us in the face.

        My thanks for all that you do.

  • Erik

    As long as enough people believe in the ponzi, it can drag on. But I would add, when that psychological shift happens, the collapse will happen quick.

    • John W.

      The first month the transfer payments do not go out will be interesting.

  • Steve (Australia)

    Great article Michael. Outlines my thoughts almost exactly. Also reflects the views of the world economy and where it is headed by many Christians who believe the forthcoming collapse will usher in a world government as per biblical prophecy. The current economic crisis is one sign of the many such as severe weather events, geo political tensions and social turmoil that together indicate the world on the verge of the great tribulation period Jesus warned would unfold in the last days just prior to His second coming.

  • mhamilton

    Please folks go to your first wealth , that is food . Paper is worthless , the metals market has “Uncle Ben” with his thumb on the scales. Stock , bonds are bought and sold in the Wall Street Casino. What is coming up is going to be very ugly . Many will not make it.

  • Karol

    Hi Michael, I know you are not on their side. Thank you for letting me vent.

  • Karol

    Mr. G, thank you so much. I really appreciated your comment. Good luck to you too.

  • Brenda

    How do we survive what do we do to prepare?

    • PatHenry2012

      This is the question most people who all of a sudden ask. What, how did this happen? First rule, dont panic. A collapse may be on th ehorizon. But you have today to prepare. In this order; Food, Water, Shelter, Guns, Ammo, essential medication, silver, skills (gardening, canning, raising livestock, etc)

      A great sites to start at are and both have great prices. Patriot Provisions has a variety of gear, food, water, clothing. has some great low premiums on Silver bullion. Get out of your 401K if possible, or at a minimal take out the maximum loan on it, convert it to staple items you’ll need in a collapse. The key is to survive to the other side. is another good site for mre information on the financial system.

      Good Luck

      • Mick Brown

        You’ve got to be kidding…we can do without this pseudo-military-michigan-militia stuff, even if your suggestions are well intentioned…we don’t need ammo for starters

        • vinnie stjohn

          Mick, you’re a liberal I see. You hate guns and think the govt will support you from cradle to grave. AS soon as the shit hits the fan, all the dirt bags will be out canvasing homes like maggots, pillaging, raping, and killing along the way. I’m 110% ready to defend my home, and have 6 months provisions. You think you’ll be able to “talk nice” to them like a little weasel liberal. They’ll cut your throat, rape your wife, then take what they need. I’ll survive, you’ll perish, I’m sure of it.

      • hecatesmoon

        What do you do if you have old debts you can’t pay, including an old student loan? What would they be able to do if you personally don’t own anything? How much trouble would someone be in that just flat could not pay?

  • Seratone

    This is completely unrelated. But did anyone see this article?

    Why is Government cracking down on preppers?


    • hecatesmoon

      I haven’t watched the show, but when the commercials for it first came on, I said, “WHY would anyone go on national tv and advertise that they had provisions. Why would anyone do such a thing as to broadcast who they are, where they are at, and what they have???” Are people really surprised that someone told the world they were getting ready for something, and they got smacked down for it?

  • puzzled

    The above pictures remind me of the Watts riots. There was a video of a black woman shouting [at whites] “I will kill every f*cking one of you” WHO, may I ask, will get the blame when social sevices start to crumble? WHO, has the best jobs? The nice cars? A house in the burbs stocked with food? Majority rules. Everything this man writes about is the absolute truth…..

    • vinnie stjohn

      That’s right. White people will be the first targets, the “suburbs”. Easy going, cow towing their whole life to minorites, now will become food for the scum of the earth. Not in the mountain’s though. Lazy scumbags can’t climb and hate the cold. Easy targets from a high vantage point. Climb up, and get shot. You’re not robbing me scumbags.

  • Tom

    I’ve long appreciated your articles on what is occurring and what is coming. My thanks for your great service.


  • Debbie Joann

    There is no doubt that European citizens are suffering and see no light at the end of the tunnel. Here the New York Times reports on suicides throughout the eurozone:

    Here National Public Radio reports that brutal austerity measures are killing people in Portugal:

    • Paul

      New Austerity in UK:

      The libraries are firing, the army is hiring.

  • Proftel


    What happened?

    Does not release any further comments?

    If dead, give a way to let us know!


  • Sarah

    The main difference between liberals and conservatives has nothing to do with compasion or protecting a working middle class, as soom liberals would have you think, So here it is,
    Liberals could not exist without conservatives to defend their rights and freedom and support them economically. Conservatives,, on the other hand do not need liberals and could live and exist quite well without liberals. Thats not opinion, thats a fact!

    • Ian

      Really? can you show me the statistics?

      every liberal i know has a full time job and support themselves just fine, and are upstanding members of their community.

      I have lived my entire life without a handout and without even coming in close contact with a conservative and have lived quite nicely.

      i have never needed a conservative for anything, so how can you make a blanket statement that liberals cant live without conservatives. In fact i woul argue the complete opposite.

      • knightowl77

        Really? disband the military and see how long you last before your are forced to learn chinese or russian

      • DAS

        Ian in your whole life you never came in close contact with a conservative? Yet you judge them. Why am iI not surprised…

    • DAS

      Sarah will you marry me!

    • S

      There’s no substantive difference between liberals and conservatives. They both have no problem destroying the economy and eroding civil liberties. There’s no difference between Obama and Romney. There’s no difference between Obama and Bush. So far, Obama hasn’t met a Bush policy he doesn’t like. Whether it’s torturing, assassinating, locking suspects up indefinitely without a trial, trying suspects in secret courts with secret witnesses and secret evidence, domestic spying, offshore drilling, the continuation of the wars on drugs/terror/freedoms/whatever, deficit spending–you name the Bush policy and Obama is likely for it, and Romney is likely for it as well.

  • Newton

    Not too long ago Donald Trump did a really cool thing — he put a “net worth on America” – you can google it; it is most interesting as he put an actual cash value on everything from coal and gas and oil to fisheries and water and manufacturing capability & real estate.

    I figure – worst case scenario; this country is so vastly rich; we have at least 7 years of what we have right now before we even have to start to really worry.

    Currently; the USA is the “least bad” and will continue to be the place where excess capital goes – if you don’t believe me; come to Key Largo

    • Another Richard

      Debt is to Finance what Natural Resourses are to Material Wealth (Manufacturing has been decimated in USA last 40 years) of a Nation. The old proverb rightly states that “the Borrower is the Servant(slave) to the Lender”. Unpayable Debt enslaves both persons and Nations. The USA has Unpayable Debt today. I do not really want to fathom AmeriKa 7 years from now and what it will be like, because it will be vastly different than today and I’m afraid it will not be pretty.

  • TomL

    “2) European banks used that money to buy up sovereign bonds and that kept interest rates down.”

    Now I can see a possible reason that Jon Corzine has not been charged with anything. His alleged misuse of customer funds to bet on sovereign debt was probably deemed by the economic and political elites to be beneficial to the cause of holding off European financial disaster.

    These elites are not concerned with the personal funds of common people such as farmers and other small business owners or petty bourgeoisie.

  • DMyers

    Another Richard
    I can only hope that the acceleration of time will consume the Elite along with the rest of us and that their destiny is the same destruction they have “planned” for the rest of us.

    Very succinctly said.

    One of Ravi Batra’s interesting observations was that when a point in the economic cycle is missed (e.g. a 30 or 60 year correction), the eventual correction which must occur is magnified in its devastation. We have artificially deflected the 1999 60 year correction for 13 years now. Tension is building in the tectonic plates of economic ruin. Earthquakes are hard to predict. They do what they do when they do it.

  • Matt

    I agree with all of this by and large and in my mind have assumed about a 60/40 chance of a complete economic collapse in the US and have tried to plan accordingly. There are 2 points that preplex me however. 1) How has Japan managed to incur a national debt of over 200% of gdp without a complete collapse? I still do not hear of any impending catastrophe there. (I know their economy has been quite weak for years now, but definitely not a ruinous collapse) 2. To what extent can the US’s reserve currency status allow the Fed to implement various types of QE (this is impossible for the Europeans to implement with the same results)? I know it can’t forever, but what kind of timeline will it be? Months, years, even decades?

    • Debbie Joann


      Michael is not the only one who is willing to take an honest look at the economic situation. Kyle Bass has been saying the same thing for years. He is frequently sought out for his common-sense views on the economy and was one of few who saw what was happening with the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Bass answers your questions in a recent blog post:

      April 03, 2012
      Kyle Bass: Japan is next to face Sovereign Debt Crisis
      According to Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital, Japan is the next in line to face a sovereign debt crisis and very soon the markets’ focus will turn on it. He expects deflation that will lead to a correction in equity prices because such economic shock will spread to the world economy and if he proves to right, economic growth might go to minus 3 – 4%. That will lead to a stock market correction of 40-50% and that will be a time when investors need to have cash to buy cheap stocks. He believes that it will be the best time to buy equities, right after these big restructurings. He mentions that Japan is next after Europe but it is still unclear to us whether the European debt crisis is finished or not. We believe it is not and before we move to Japan, we will have more problems in Europe and probably more restructurings.

      According to Kyle Bass, it depends on Japan and Europe, how long time USA has until a debt crisis. In his opinion it is 3-5 years away. If he proves to be right, it might be wise to hold significant cash portfolio weighing.

      Background on Bass: Kyle Bass, an American hedge fund manager, is the Founder of Hayman Capital. He received extensive coverage in the financial press for profiting $590 million by short selling the sub-prime mortgage bond market, before that market crashed. In 2011, Bass initiated a huge position in Greek sovereign debt through CDSs. Media reports were that he could profit up to 650 times his investment should Greece default on its debt obligations.

  • Mark C

    Do you know how to raise pigs ? –,put some corn out by one side of a fence,and wild pigs will come and eat it. 2nd week, put 2 sides of a fence up by the corn .3rd week put 3 sides of a fence up, 4th week put 4 sides of the fence up with a open gates –thats how you raise pigs

    • Paul

      I tried, but all pigs are run over on the highweay.

    • PatHenry2012

      That is how you capture pigs. Raisin’ pigs is different

  • sigfried

    hi from italy

    all terribly true

    and here most of people can’t believe or better won’t believe if you tell them

    I think there ‘ll be a bitter awake

    thanks Michael for your work

  • Andy

    Funny part of this article is that American debt is 20% higher that overall debt of EU… 100% against approx. 80%
    Current account deficit of USA is about – 500 billion $.
    European is practically 0!

    Euro is 30% stronger against US dollar compared to time of its inception.

    Private American debt is much higher than average of EU.

    And you are worry about European economy…!?

  • Pat

    PLEASE! I live here in Spain. Why are Americans so stupid? I have lived in Europe for the past 12 years and I have watched how these people systematically inflated their balloon and then popped it in front of the world. They whined about fascism. Then they whined about socialism. Then they were fooled by the socialists who wasted and stole the money with crappy food, crappy schools, crappy money, crappy socialist programs, crappy medical, crappy social policies and laws and regulations.

    The people were forced to join the EU that no one wanted. It was shoved down their throats. Now they want a one world government to save the planet? This is nothing more than the Three Card Monty. Any thug in the streets of New York knows that trick. But you still watch the TV trying to figure out the game. Right. Are you that dumb?

    You deserve to lose everything. You constantly allow yourselves to be scammed and can not see the forest for the trees. You are so busy watching the Monty that the thief can pick your pocket while you watch.

    The EU raced to harmonize everything in Europe from the roads to the bridges to the train stations to the shopping malls to the airports. I wondered why everything was exactly the same in every town and city of Europe. Where did that money come from? It came from the tax payers by borrowing against tax revenues.

    That’s right. Over here we have all new rail lines, new tunnels, new airports, etc. They never talk about that on the news. The news shows you cars burning in the middle of the street. People marching through the streets holding hands. People angry and wanting jobs. School kids wanting books and desks. Wait a second. It is true that we have no money in Europe. But more to the point is the little known fact that the people of Europe have no backbone. That was bred out of them a long time ago. (Did you know that almost all protests and so called natural disasters in Europe are contrived? They are orchestrated by our own government? This is not just a theory but a fact. But I digress.)

    We have no industry in Europe, It has all been shipped to China or India. You all thought the new Airbus A380 would spark growth and jobs and homes and families. How could the development of one airplane employ millions of people and save the day. What a joke. I grew up in New York City. I know a scam when I see one.

    And we in Europe just like America kept spending money and buying Chinese goods and believing that there was a thing called free medical. As I teach my kids, there is no such thing as “free”.

    So we elected these bums who are communist and socialist, believing they would take care of the people. They financed these fantastic projects with our own money, created an artificial bubble, fake hope and then they popped it.

    I have one question: Where did the money go? Answer: They stole it.

    For example, in Barcelona they have a brand new airport just like in Malaga, Gibraltar and every place else in Europe. We have a high speed rail line just like every other country in Europe that no one uses. It costs billions. These gentlemen and ladies hired their own construction companies to build these massive projects with the people’s money.

    My little village of 3000 people has a number of unfinished projects started by the Junta; hospital, senior citizens residence, housing for battered women, worthless museum, etc. Just the shell of these buildings sit for years with signs stating how the Junta financed them.

    The money was allocated but now it is gone. So all over Spain and Europe unfinished projects collect dust and they say there is no money to complete them. We elected the socialist politicians because of these projects. These are not socialists or communists. These are thugs like you can fine in any urban area.

    They throw around the people’s cash like someone in a rap video.

    It is even worse in Central and Eastern Europe like Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia etc. They have never seen prosperity in the last 100 years. They too are part of the EU.

    People in Scandinavia have no money either. They hide their poverty very well. All stolen. And you Americans sent your trillions here to help us out. That money was stolen as soon as it arrived. The people never even knew you had given us any money.

    My point is, there are no accidents in this world. This was deliberate and is nothing more than thievery disguised as economic calamity. Will you allow this to happen to you in America? Are you a “number one stunner”? Or will you stop buying into the hip hop hype and protect yourself with real money.

    • Pat

      The above comment is from Goldenladyfun

      • Another Richard

        Wow, Godenladyfun you are Absolutely Correcto.

  • puzzled

    Dear Admin; Although you might not agree as to what I have to say, you should still defend freedom of speech. Apparently my comment was a bit much? Leave the censorship to Big Brother..

  • puzzled

    ps: please post the comment

  • Highspeedloafer
  • Inky

    Everything that has a beginning also has an ending, well, the Human race had a beginning,
    “Go Figure”..

  • Rusty

    Yeah, I’ve been hearing about how bad it will get for years now (in the U.S.).

    Things were supposed to get horrific by Winter 2010. Didn’t happen.

    I remember that idiot Celente saying in the beginning of 2009,”People will be giving fruit cakes to each other for Christmas of this year.” Didn’t happen!

    You people are in an echo chamber and need to start getting out more.

    • Tim

      Many smart people are surprised that the global financial system hasn’t already collapsed. For example, Chris Martenson, a very smart man, said in a recent interview that he never imagined that the collapse would take this long to play out. But you can be sure that it will collapse.

      • Paul

        I was already taught about the coming collapse of capitalism 30 years ago in school.

        But what’s 30 years compared with a million years of human development?

        The first stock exchange was founded in the 15th century. If capitalism is declining now, maybe it will take another 600 years until we see the last stock exchange?

        • GrantF

          Any way you slice it, we’ll all be long gone from this lifetime before the final bell tolls on the concept of making money, and all that is associated with that both good and bad.

          If the global economy actually does collapse within the time frame that most experts and prognosticators expect (within 20 years, tops), then some fool will make the mistake of picking up the pieces, determined to start all over again.

    • Another Richard

      Hang in there Rusty. Rome was neither built in a day nor Destroyed in a night. Just hang in there a little longer Rusty boy – it’s comin to a street near You.

    • Alasha

      lol. what about the numbers tho, Rusty? Facts are facts, right?

    • Diane C

      Rusty – that’s because the FED keeps throwing money into the mix and buying up it’s own debt and kicking the can down the road. It is going to happen. Many will be ready because of people like Michael who spends a lot of time doing the research that we don’t do.

  • Mark

    When will Greek politicians figure out that the Greek State can simply start to print billions of its official currency … THE EURO … and spread that money among its population?

    Non of the other EU member states can prevent that, except with a military invasion.

    There are plenty of advantages for the Greeks themselves. It will stimulate the economy … more taxes to pay off debs. It might start a panic reaction in the EU … the Euro might collapse … (hyper)inflation … it will be easier to pay off Euro debs. And if Germany can avoid a collapse, well, it will be up to them to adjust the Euro circulation.

    At a certain point, it will be much cheaper for the Greeks to simply keep the Euro, but make sure with high inflation levels, than to simply leave the Euro.

    • mike

      Really, how can Greece do that? Please explain that to me, because Greece does not have the ability to “print Euros” They are part of the ECB euro system and are bound by charter to maintain a debt (deficet spending limit on an annual basis of not more that 3%) so you are just spounting BS..

  • mondobeyondo

    The European Central Bank has reached into their bag of tricks to save their banks, much like the Fed reached into its bag of tricks to save our banks in 2008. A wave of the magic want…hocus-pocus money printing – with a little bit of blackmail thrown in, of course.

    “Hey Congress! Give us what we want, or else the entire banking system will crash! If you don’t approve this bailout, there will be another Great Depression, etc. etc.”

    Congress gave the banks what they wanted, despite the objection of the vast majority of American people. The banks were bailed out using taxpayer money. Would have been better just to let the system crash and start again from the beginning.

    Will the same thing happen in Europe?

  • Two analogies come to mind, many have called wolf, now the wolf is at the door and many ignore it’s howling, as if it’s just the wind.
    The signs of the times are quite clear, yet it is taboo to say, this is the second coming…opens one up to ridicule, by the less knowledgable.
    Folks, it is coming down, a new world order is set to take control, in time. And that will be the kingdom we have all been waiting for, the kingdom of God. In the mean time, prepare. God, guns n grub, guys n gals, the new 5G network, spread the word, get prepared. We the people will have to go retro on em before it’s all done.

  • Ghoder

    It isn’t the elites fault, it is the publics fault this is happening. We allowed the elite to scoop up all the power and wealth while we sat back and sucked at the teat of government debt… Don’t worry though they have plenty of head busters in place to keep the lazy dummies in line when the EI benefits run out, and the food stamps run out. Think about it. If the people really wanted to improve it they would of decimated the republicans and the democrats in the last election and it would of been fixed by now. The people wanted this debt, and they elected the finest debt runner they could find – Obama. So what if your all going hungry they’ll give you free medical coverage… Take responsibility for yourselves and stand up take action.

  • SNo

    Can you run up all these numbers for USA.
    You would be surprised by the result…
    Now all the stories about New World Order and PTB and whom control who are just a reflection of the resignation of Citizens and of their surrendering of their rights.
    Liberty is not a given, it is an every day fight. and when you keep choosing as it is said in French between “bonnet blanc” and “blanc bonnet” i.e. “White hat” and “hat white” you should not be surprised by the result.
    “If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.”
    Winston Churchill

  • Paul

    Hope you had a nice weekend, too.

    Finished my first cat cage in the garden. Now all neighbours’ cats will need to find a different place for their loo. And I can grow some herbs.

    Had two hours of grooming in the bathroom on a lovely and sunny Sunday morning, then went to the city and spent £10 on a fish spa, letting fish nibble on my feet.

    I wonder who will eat the fish later.

  • David

    The leftist in our country are truly blind when they see what is happening in Europe and still want to go down the socialist road. The gang we have in the White House now is the most corrupt bunch of thugs since Al Capone.They could care less if everything people have worked and saved for goes up in smoke. They have and are getting theirs.I’m sure it is offshore and is in gold!

  • James Tomson

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