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29-Year-Old Welfare Parasite Would Not Accept An $80,000 A Year Job Driving A Truck

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Truck North DakotaWhat should be done with a 29-year-old welfare parasite that believes that in addition to practicing with his rock band, his main job in life is to “make sure the sun’s up and the girls are out”?  Most people that receive government assistance truly need the help and do not abuse the system, but there are definitely others that do abuse the system and do not make any excuses for doing so.  When 29-year-old Jason Greenslate was recently asked if he would be willing to take a job driving a truck in North Dakota for $80,000 a year, he said that he would not.  He would rather keep purchasing sushi and lobster with his EBT card and hanging out with his rock band.  Greenslate seems very happy with his taxpayer-funded lifestyle, and he says that he wants “to thank the United States of America, and the situation — the way things are set up”.  Is this really what we pay taxes for?  The rest of us are taxed into oblivion so that we can fund the endless partying of parasites like Jason Greenslate?  What in the world is happening to this country?

If you have never heard of Jason Greenslate, let me get you caught up by quoting the article that I wrote about him last year

When he was asked if he ever had any interest in actually getting a job, his response was “not whatsoever“.  Instead, he says that his job is to “make sure the sun’s up and the girls are out” and he would rather spend his days partying.  Of course every American should be free to live their own lives as they see fit, but the problem is that Jason Greenslate is using food stamps to help support his lifestyle.  In fact, he took Fox News into the gourmet section of a local supermarket where he purchased sushi and lobster with his EBT card.  Sadly, he is just like millions of other young men in America today that seemingly have had the drive to succeed and to be independent totally sucked out of them.  But what is the future of America going to look like if we continue to produce millions upon millions of young men that have absolutely no desire to make a living, get married and start a family?

Just recently, Sean Hannity had Greenslate on his program and asked him if he felt bad that his fellow Californians are being taxed at extremely high levels in order to pay for his lifestyle.   Sadly, this does not appear to bother Greenslate.  The following is from a recent Fox News article

Hannity pointed out that Greenslate rides around in a Cadillac Escalade and frequents strip clubs, all while receiving government assistance and not working at a job that actually pays.

When Hannity asked Greenslate who he thinks pays for his food stamps and free health care, Greenslate said, “Government, taxes, us, the people.”

“Not you, because you’re not paying taxes,” Hannity responded.

Hannity went on to point out that nearly 60 cents out of every working Californian’s dollar goes to taxes. “You’re taking their money and you just don’t seem to care,” Hannity said.

“Who says I don’t care?” Greenslate asked, adding that he was “thankful.”

Hannity even asked Greenslate if he would take a job as a truck driver for $80,000 a year, and Greenslate refused

Hannity went for broke: “If I could get you a job that would pay you $80,000 a year driving a truck in North Dakota, would you take it?

Greenslate paused for a moment to think about it: “No.

Of course most Americans actually do want to work, and only go on government assistance if they really need it.  Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of “Jason Greenslates” out there, and their numbers are growing with each passing year.

And without a doubt, life is tough if you are trying to survive at the low end of the wage scale these days.  It is hard enough to take care of yourself, much less an entire family, on 9 or 10 dollars an hour.

For many, it is simply easier to give up on working for a living and depend on the government instead.

Not that it is easy to find any kind of work these days.  The percentage of low wage jobs in our economy has steadily risen, and the competition for those jobs can be very intense.  Large numbers of college-educated workers are now finding themselves forced to apply for low wage jobs, and this is forcing many less educated workers out of the labor force entirely.  The following comes from a recent CNBC article

Today’s low-wage workers are also more educated, with 41 percent having at least some college, up from 29 percent in 2000. “Minimum-wage and low-wage workers are older and more educated than 10 or 20 years ago, yet they’re making wages below where they were 10 or 20 years ago after inflation,” said Mr. Schmitt, senior economist at the research center. “If you look back several decades, workers near the minimum wage were more likely to be teenagers—that’s the stereotype people had. It’s definitely not accurate anymore.”

But when many college-educated professionals start working these sorts of jobs, they find that they require extremely hard work.

For example, posted below is an excerpt from an article entitled “My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish, and Poor” by reporter Joseph Williams.  Let’s just say that he didn’t really care for his time working in retail after he unexpectedly lost his job…

It didn’t matter if it was at the beginning of my shift, if the store was empty, or if my knees, back, and feet ached from hours of standing. Park your behind while on the clock, went the unspoken rule, and you might find it on a park bench scanning the want-ads for a new job.

Another quick observation: Working in retail takes more skill than just selling stuff. Besides the mindless tasks one expects—folding, stacking, sorting, fetching things for customers—I frequently had to tackle a series of housekeeping chores that Stretch never mentioned in our welcome-aboard chat. Performed during the late shift, those chores usually meant I’d have to stay well past the scheduled 9 p.m. quitting time.

Mop the floors in the bathroom, replace the toilet paper and scrub the toilets if necessary. Vacuum. Empty the garbage. Wipe down the glass front doors, every night, even if they don’t really need it.

Yes, working in retail can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.

I know this from personal experience.  In my younger years, I worked a number of retail jobs.

But nobody should be afraid of a little hard work.

That is what built America.

If you do have a job, you should be thankful.  The truth is that there are millions of Americans out there that would do just about anything for a decent job at this point.

Of course the U.S. economy should be doing better that it is right now.  I truly wish that it was like the good old days when any hard working person could easily find a decent job.  Thanks to decades of incredibly foolish decisions by our leaders, those days are permanently gone.

And if you think that things are bad now, just wait.  The U.S. economy is already heading toward another recession, and the next great financial crisis is rapidly approaching.

So let us enjoy this period of relative stability while we can.

Very soon, millions more Americans will be losing their jobs and the number of people that actually need government assistance is going to go even higher.

  • Paul

    Due to a lack of job security and all the bad economic news I have lapsed into a clinical depression. I have been susceptible to anxiety and depression in the past. However, I did not have to deal with a bout of depression for about 5 years. I am writing this as a wakeup call to other people who may be feeling what I am feeling right now. I am extremely angry about the rampant corruption, laziness, hubris, and ignorance that is permeating through society today. I have shifted between anger, apathy, and sadness. However, I have family that I must protect. One of my purposes in life is to give people hope. Also, below is a list of actions I took to combat my depression.

    · Take up a new hobby. Dancing helped me.
    · Take stock of how your life impacts others.
    · Prepare for harder times ahead. This is extremely empowering.
    · Engage in acts of kindness. I found a twenty dollar bill on the floor at a store. Instead of keeping it I gave it to lost and found at customer service. I also removed a sharp piece of wood from the middle of a residential street.
    · I remember the saying “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” Feelings of sadness, anger, hopelessness are transitory. If you have thoughts about taking your life please get help.
    · Typing this has made me feel better.

    I will continue to fight my depression. I am in a dark place right now. However, I am searching for the light.

    • Marco

      Everything is relative. Turn to Jesus, friend. When you realize that your fate in this life is infinitesimal compared to your fate in eternity, you will experience peace. A peace that is beyond normal human comprehension. Keep turning away from the darkness and into the true light. This world is corrupted by sin, but you do not have to be of this world. I’m praying for you and know that others are too.

      • manny

        Agreed. Give your life to Jesus. This world will get you down, it will tread on you, it is short and it’s yoke is heavy.
        You can never get ahead in this world, you will never be good enough
        for it. Whether you are rich, successful, and have friends, family, and
        everything you can possibly desire. Your day will come, and you will be
        dead like the rest of us. But by accepting Christ into your life, you
        have a peace no one else can give you. Before I was saved 3-4 years
        back, and knowing all the conspiracies and how evil the world was and
        where we were heading, i.e. Martial Law, Slavery, Starvation, Suffering,
        Torture, Death, and no one else listening to the truth because they
        believe the world and government, I thought what hope is there, we’ll
        never win against the NWO, they own the banks, governments, biggest
        companies, militaries, technologies, and most of all, the minds of the people. How can we win against that, when everyone is walking into their slavery, and creating it for others?
        Then Christ revealed himself to me he was real, and over the years,
        studying his Word has given me peace, and though sometimes I may be
        afraid, it is only for a twinkling of an eye. I welcome my own death, I
        cannot wait to die. There is nothing in this world I want, it’s full of
        corruption and evil. But the next, the next world is full of love,
        happiness, with an inheritance that this world with all it’s riches
        would pale in comparison. You could give me all the world, money,
        friends, family, and governments. But I’d reject it, for only a small
        piece of the next life. And the best thing with the next life, is
        everything’s good, love, happiness, wonderful, full of riches. And it
        lasts forever! Forever! Everlasting, eternal! Even though I would never
        want to, but if I was tortured from birth to my death for 80 years, that
        80 years would be nothing when compared to eternity. I don’t understand
        why anyone would choose an eternity of torture, instead of an eternity
        in a paradise. Makes no sense. So once when I was scared of the NWO and
        thought what’s the point of fighting it. Now I have peace, because I’ve
        already won the war. Even so, come quickly Jesus, Amen.

        • Whereeveryougothereyouare

          Allelujah brother! I was once scared and lost as well, until Jesus revealed himself to me in a dream some sixteen years ago. Since then — though ironically my worldly, physical situation has gotten considerably worse — my interior state has improved by leaps and bounds. This is the miracle Jesus Christ…Though the world might be going “to hell in a handbasket,” we have a hope that the world can’t take away. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

      • prestodo

        Jesus wants you to work, so get a job or create a job for yourself…start a business if you can.

        • Syrin

          I thought Jesus believed the answer was to forcibly take more away from the productive and give it to societal parasites. Surely GARY wasn’t wrong? After all, my fair share of his stuff is at 100%, determined by myself. Punishing productivity is what makes a nation great.

      • Hank Kingsley

        Why would I want to believe in the invisible imaginary thing that the elites invented?

        Religion was invented by the elites to keep ordinary people dumb and keep them from challenging why the rich looted the place.

        • Marco

          Hank, there is a big difference between religion and faith. When you really get to know Jesus, you will understand. Read his word and get to know Him. You’ll get it.

        • Pclages

          If memory serves, Jesus and the disciples were all working-class.

        • Mary

          How do you know?

    • Kim

      I am so sorry u went through that. I did too. One thing that snapped me out of it was I heard a song on the radio by and 80s band called Quarterflash called Harden My Heart. I did. That isn’t to say I harden my heart toward good things or bury my head in the sand. But, I had to just literally block out all the bad, hurtful stuff and just move ahead. Your tips are great. Helping others really helps a lot. And yes, suicide is a permanent solution to a very temporary problem. Iupd add to your list saying drugs and alcohol do not help. I went down that road too, and it only made things worse. I would also add that prayer helps, and reads Psalms. Knowing there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel give us hopes. Stand strong. We care and u are loved.


      • Paul

        Thanks for the touching words Kim.

      • Hollow Ash

        ‘And yes, suicide is a permanent solution to a very temporary problem.’


        Suicide is a temporary n unfruitful solution to eternal n relentless problems..cause its follows you till instead of thinking of suicide (‘i cant take it anymore..lets end this miserable life/job..maybe in next life/job i wont have these problems’)..well guess what..your problems are back again..good morning fools..sleeping n ignorance (and suicide) is never the solution..don’t run the matrix..when Neo stops running.. turn back and fight the your family..your people..your nation..and even if you die least u fought the good fight rather than dying a coward death..and those who die a brave warriors death, mostly come back Neo came back as ‘the one’..good luck everybody..take care

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      The key is to keep fighting and to never, ever, ever give up.

      At one point I was at a very low place in my own life. But God took the broken pieces of my life and transformed them into a beautiful thing.

      Please keep on battling, and if anyone out there knows of a potential job opening for Paul please feel free to post it here.


      • Paul

        Thanks Michael. To the other replies thank you! There is hope for humanity.

    • Mondobeyondo

      It’s extemely easy to get depressed when you lose your main source of income, which for most people is a job. It’s like a rip tide. It pulls you further out to sea, you swim and struggle, and if you’re not careful, it will pull you under. I know the feeling.

      The typical response is to lash out and blame someone or something. No – it’s not Obama’s fault, unless he personally signed your pink slip. And no, it’s not necessarily your fault, unless you were caught using illegal drugs on the job or something. Life is what it is. Fight on. Fight on.

    • CharlesH

      Hi Paul – Thanks a lot for your empowering letter, I really appreciated reading it. You’ve done a good deed for today.

    • K

      Paul you can see a lot of good advice here. And yes Jesus is the best and the permanent answer. Know that it is evil, that wants you to end your life, fight it. Look how many have responded, you are not even close to alone. To you and anyone else out there feeling the same. I will tell you a secret many do not understand. Evil only has the power you give it. Give it no power, it has no power. Jesus already defeated it, it just hopes you do not know that.

      • Paul

        Great advice K. Thanks a lot.

    • davidmpark

      Fight it, mate. We are all here to experience hardship, loss, and trials – the misery is optional.

      You can beat this. Remember what a great wise man once said, “There’s no such thing as a no-win situation.”

      Fight it!

      • willkes

        Misery is optional… I love that.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Don’t count on money or fame to give you satisfaction in life..It can’t, and it won’t. Many people are hurting, and that includes the ones you have no idea of.

      1 John 2:15-17

      Case in point: (I first read this news this afternoon)

    • Charlotte

      Good luck to you fighting your depression.
      Thanks for having the courage to speak up and reach out to others about what you’re going through. The silence surrounding mental illness prevents many from seeking help, so any time someone speaks out on it, it helps other feel comfortable doing the same.

    • Bubba Johnson

      However, I have family that I must protect.

      You typed the best answer for yourself.

    • Daystrom

      Luke 4:18 (Jesus said) The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me
      to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the
      brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of
      sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised

    • mikeymike61

      I felt the same way many times since the early 2000’s, too many bad things happening at once, I got fired from my job in 2006 for the first time in my life because I made it known in no uncertain terms the owners son was a moron. The company went belly up 12 months later and took a major bank with them. Ahhh karma. Given my age I could not find a job making what I had made 10 years earlier. I knocked around a year or two with the dream of starting my own company. Everyone told me it wouldn’t work, no way it will work. I had no choice, I had to start my own thing, it was the only way out. A lucky break here, bustin my rear end there, very hard work, staying up late at night working hard. The last three years have been the best in my life. Its been great. The absolute best feeling in the entire world is walking into a bank to make a large deposit into your corporate account with money you earned while everyone you know told you no way could you make this work. Sadly, the gimmedat and welfare leach class of citizens will never experience that joy.
      So Paul, everyone has something they are good at, something they enjoy doing. You gotta find that thing and make it happen. You may fail, hopefully you succeed, just don’t stop thinking ahead and looking for opportunity. Its a hard thing to do, you gotta make yourself do it. I work all the time and have not watched tv in years. And I love it. Think positive, you can do it.

    • Bill

      Paul, you are an inspiration and hope to many, keep writing. We need you. Be like Mike. He writes and gets paid for what he enjoys.

    • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

      Don’t depress for these morons. We are all on the same boat. If you depress, go out, do sport. Get your mind busy.

    • Ad

      Hey Paul why stick inside the same border area we were all born free. Check out for options outside the man made border(so called countries we live in). World is beautiful. Shri Hanuman will guide you. Study Kundalini Yoga.

    • Azariah Yisrael

      Kudos sir! your attitude is refreshing and you had the resolve to change your outlook of things … Me too! 🙂

    • PaulC1

      “He that hath Christ, being a pauper, hath all things; and he that hath not Christ, possessing a thousand worlds, possesses nothing for real happiness and joy.” – Spurgeon

      Friend, may the Lord guide you to Himself, the fountain of living water.

    • squashpants

      Paul, I started on a prescribed anti-depressant when I was in therapy, and after I finished it, I continued to take a maintenance dose of it daily. However, I recently switched from that medication to an OTC supplement, which has been quite an effective alternative. It is called 5-HTP, and it is very reasonably priced. You might try that and see if it lifts your depression a bit. Can’t hurt at $12 per bottle of 150.

    • Ronald Burton

      Keep thinking those positive thoughts and keep God and Jesus on your mind as much as possible. Exercise is good also, a short 10 minute walk in the sunshine is very beneficial. Also, remember that where ever you are, there is always signs of God’s existence, whether it be birds chirping, seeing the sunrise or sunset, or just a fresh breeze in the air, these are all made possible by God and Jesus. Be thankful for the new day. A good Bible verse to keep in mind is from James 4:8 Come near to God and he will come near to you….Take care and God is with you.

    • cherylmeril

      Jesus is the only true answer who offers eternity in heaven and true fellowship through His Holy Spirit and Word to the lost blind souls. Repent and turn to Jesus because these worldly things in this article are nothing of any importance comparatively.

    • Michael

      John 14:27

      King James Version (KJV)

      27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

    • duan

      look to god brother i am expiriencing the same things you are and he has been the light of hope in my world of darkness…please consider taking his hand if you have not already…had i not i would not be here typing this to you right now

    • Roy

      To Paul, Pray to GOD in Jesus Name and he will hear you and save you. All men are commanded to repent of our sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. Whether rich or poor. I saw someone recommending yoga for you to relax. I recommend you do NOT do yoga for it will “Yoke” you to a demon spirit. Yoga is of Satan and it cannot be disconnected from its source. Do the research on yoga is demonic or yoga is of Satan. Read the New Testament & you will see that this life is depressing to all who believe on Jesus but yet we still have Peace in the Prince of Peace who is Jesus Christ our Creator and Lord and Saviour. I read that yoga comment and it made my blood boil. I always read GOD’s Holy Word before bedtime. GOD’s Word is Life unto our souls. Most of mankind is blind to this. Jesus said that few enter into the Kingdom and Eternal Life. And no man can come unto GOD the Father but by way of Jesus Christ alone. So, when you hear all these so-called prominent names…popes, priests, etc… Dismiss them, they have NO authority but to deceive. Jesus Christ is your life for he is the Resurrection and The Life. He is also the Light of the WORLD. All these attributes belong to Jesus Christ alone for he alone IS our Saviour. Obey GOD, leaning not to your own understanding, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. May GOD Bless you and Your house! signed Roy.

    • Pamela Bowers

      Aw you poor thing. Perhaps knowing for a fact that, you are definitely NOT the only one, may help you feel a little better also. In my case, I’ve LONG SINCE given up hope of a job, or a decent, or prosperous, future. God bless you my friend. I sincerely will pray for you and I hope things turn around for you.

  • wk

    I think it is sad that I have to wait in line for someone at the gas station to get a bag of chips and pop and use food stamps then pay cash for a pack of cigarettes.

  • Crat

    I would blame the gvt. and people that vote in the politicians that enable such behavior. This person is making a conscious decision to pursue what is best for him. Don’t establish such programs and then become upset when someone uses the program

    • Kim

      nothing wrong with using the federal safety net(s), IF you need it, but an able-bodied man should work for his own sustenance. Wouldn’t you agree?

      • Crat

        I am upset with the system more than the person. The system is the enabler.

        • Kim

          I get it.

  • Kim

    I saw this story last summer. What a douchebag.

  • Navelkist

    Good for him. He’s just soaking the Fed. Not taxpayers. Rather someone like him enjoy life surfing, being with friends, and exploring creative stuff on the Fed dime rather than 1 person getting 50m bonus/stock options.
    If you think your tax dollar pay your clueless. The debt is 17T and going up exponentially. That’s what is paying.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “He’s just soaking the Fed. Not taxpayers”
      Oh goody. This ignorant bilge is why this country is in the state it’s in.

      • Navelkist

        Really? That explains 17T+ in debt? Welfare state benis. NOT.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Oh, you may wanna actually reference the part I quoted so you aren’t attacking me for your something you pulled outta thin air. That’s called a “strawman”.
          But while you’re on the subject, 15+ trillion for the war on poverty ring any bells?
          How about close to 40% of the fed budget?
          Meh, there’s only so much I can do. Run along now poopy pants.

      • davidmpark

        Mal, check out the bills passed by the state legislature – a lot of liberties and rights restored! They actually listened this time!

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Ya, good stuff.

    • Kim

      The FED is soaking the tax payers. And anyone else who uses the dollar.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Too bad Mr. Greenslate didn’t let me know about that job. I would have taken it in a heartbeat… $80,000 a year? That’s a gold mine!

    • toadsticker

      Hannity posts the jobs on his website.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    The long term issue Jason is going to have is eventually the party is going to end. The US is 17 to 18 Trillion in debt and the unfunded liabilities run into the hundreds of Trillions. So either you kill the dollar or the welfare state. It’s happening all over the world. One or the other has to go either will be bad for Jason. I’m not angry at this kid, I feel sorry for him because he doesn’t have a skill, and not much brains by sound of it. I know of plenty of young men raised by unmarried mothers who made stupid decisions in men, but thought all they needed was love to raise a man. Now these young men are pretty much worthless and one had a young daughter. Life’s hard it’s a lot harder when you’re stupid.

    • Orange Jean

      Generalizations though… some bad apples yes, but you can also find that in “intact” families.

      I was a single parent at 18 and raised my son along. I kicked the man to the curb when I found out he was well on his way to becoming a heroin addict plus “working” B&E with guns. My son, who never met his father, has had a job since he was 15. He taught himself IT and was made a manager in IT in his early 20s.

      He is now in his early 40s, was recently promoted to Chief Technology Officer at his company, owns his own home, and is raising a step-daughter with a women he married who had been raising a daughter on her own (working by the way, and supporting the child, after divorcing the husband who was cheating on her). I think they are working out well.

      However, we are fortunate, in being smarter than the average bear!

  • Ellen

    You are wasting time with this article. That’s ONE person. And a hypothetical job. And the ever-hysterical Faux News. Seriously, a truck driving job for 80k? This kid is NOT the problem of what is happening in this country. You KNOW that the vast majority of people in this country are hurting badly and that SNAP etc. helps them through hard times.

    • libsfellatetheobamacock

      the point is that libs are excrement. Gary is garbage

      • davidmpark

        Gary is a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean we must be uncivilized.

        Trust me; tone it down.

      • TR

        Have the Conservatives found the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

        • willkes

          Yeah ha !! Turns out they were sent to Syria !! Really, really dumb question, to divert attention. Everyone, including the woman the dems want to be the next president (not gonna happen, but I digress) thought they were there, in fact had intelligence they were there, but it was too late, S. Hussein had already moved them over to Syria. You’ve seen those wmd, right?

          • Gay Veteran

            what WMD???

          • willkes

            Well, I know it’s up for interpretation, but those chemical weapons didn’t just magically appear in Syria.

          • Gay Veteran

            like Syria was incapable of making them?!?!?

          • Gay Veteran

            NOT saying this applies to you, but anyone STILL defending our war of aggression against Iraq is a psychopath

          • willkes

            Yes, that’s exactly what you are saying. No, I’m not defending, and not a psychopath either. But I don’t think Syria made all the chemical weapons either. I’m allowed to have an opinion without being called a psychopath just because you disagree. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do here, give opinions ?

          • Gay Veteran

            if it doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply to you

        • PointofVue

          Yes, the White House & the Senate of the 113 congress.

        • libsfellatetheobamacock

          how’s that obamacare workin’ for ya?

          • TR

            Nice attempt at trolling.

        • libsfellatetheobamacock

          please continuetofellateobama

    • Zoltar

      He’s a symptom of the problem.

      As are you.

  • davidmpark

    WHAT THE @#$%!!!

    $80,000.00 USD per year – this guy turned down a house and future to act like some 13 year old!

    We have to be on these programs (wife’s disabilities – won’t recite the story). I HATE being on them! It’s a quite oppressive existence; we only get $380/month to support a family of 5! That’s it!!

    The wife doesn’t mind too much as she sees it as a gift from God to help us… what a sweetie. 🙂 I see it as such also, but the good Lord also gave us a small rental with a very understanding landlord and created small livestock and the bounty of the land that fits our very needs! Yes, fine; I’ll admit that we do need assistance due to no fault of our own, but I’m human! I wanna work, to build, to grow, and better what is my stewardship!! So what that my sweetheart is injured beyond repair – she is my wife and has every right to demand the best of me. And I have every right as mandated by the good Lord to do so, as is my privilege!!!

    Sorry for the rant. Parasites who wish for such things…
    This is no way to live. Man must stand for better.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Yes, parasites like Jason Greenslate actually divert resources from those that truly need the help.


      • davidmpark

        Mike, I miss dinners; how they used to be. It was large and filling, made with only homegrown foods from the gardens, orchard, hutch, and coops. The rabbit meat was so dense and rich. The greens kicked you in the throat – it was that flavorful. Dessert of a homegrown/homemade apple pie with home churned ice cream on top.

        All was innocence and pleasure…

    • davidmpark

      From reading the comments, I think many have got this situation out of context – especially for the sake of politicizing it. That is unethical. The people that truly need these programs have difficulties doing basic things. Many have severe cognitive/mental impairments to the point that they cannot live without assistance. Politics has nothing to do with getting their food cooked, cleaning up ’til 1 AM, nor making sure their medications are filled and taken properly. No legislation or bureaucratic decree will physically do that.

      When one does caregiver duties, the last thing on the caregiver’s mind is which party or ideology is to blame. The focus is on caring for that person: helping out, sometimes on little sleep ’til one can celebrate the disabled charge’s accomplishments. The focus is on their welfare alone. To politicize the life of another for the sake of garnishing votes, getting an election donation, or to have photo-op with the people that those politico’s, ideologue’s, 501-3-c’s, and so on that have no real intention of helping said individuals is disgusting. Worse when those same precious souls are co-oped by one side to sling mud at the other in some attempt to claim moral superiority.

      Is Mr. Greenslate a parasite? Yes; he is able-bodied, was capable of carrying on a discussion with Mr. Hannity, and demonstrated full knowledge of his actions. Mr. Greenslate has no business being on these programs. And to arrogantly thank the American taxpayer for his lifestyle proves he thought out the best counterargument. He is capable of employment; yet, unlike those of his afflicted brethren and those who lost employment through no fault of their own – he chose to be on those programs to stay dependent and supplement a fantasy lifestyle. The amount of funds isn’t infinite as many have said. The debts must be paid; the accounts must balance.

      This is exactly why the control of welfare programs must be sent to the states and kept there. Public pressure is more effective in the states. Many of the programs must follow both state and federal laws; to place in the hands of states, the chances of the Mr. Greenslate’s getting cut off are much higher. Those who are truly needing some assistance can get it easier when meeting state personnel face-to-face rather than some appointed judge or bureaucrat based outside their community. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but it’s an improvement.

  • Veronica

    Prime example of the problem with the bureaucratic welfare state. The benefits are not carefully monitored by the state, and there is no time limit to be on them (thanks, Obama). So losers like Jason milk the system, as well as illegal aliens. Time to limit the benefit periods and cut off the losers. FYI I live in CA; benefit cuts will never happen here.

  • Seen2013

    Apparently, California’s works program isn’t being enforced; otherwise, I’m astonished Greenslate isn’t on his 5th or 6th sanction by now rendering him respectively ineligible for 1 year and 1 month or 1 year and 3 months ineligible for assistance. At the very least, Greenslate should be attending his 30-56 hour per week work assignment depending on his aid assistance benefits or attending college as his assignment depending on his benefits and case worker.

    “Hannity went for broke: “If I could get you a job that would pay you $80,000 a year driving a truck in North Dakota, would you take it?”

    Greenslate paused for a moment to think about it: “No.”

    Based on the interviews, I’d wager Greenslate’s case worker isn’t even going to challenge for Greenslate for just cause within the welfare guidelines to remain in compliance for turning down the job offer. $80,000 is also high enough that he wouldn’t even be required to report just cause for any issues at a job like that unlike Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, and the majority of jobs offered these days.

    I honestly don’t know which part that I’m most astonished about. The fact he probably should be at his 5th+ sanction, or the fact he was confident enough to turn down such a job offer without his case worker challenging him for just cause within the guidelines of compliance.

    In either case, the welfare queens will probably riot when the guidelines for compliance are enforced across the board rendering them ineligible in relation to the number of sanctions already on their case beginning at 1 month for 1 sanction, 3 months for 2, 6 months for 3, 1 year for 4, 1 year and a month for 5, and so on…

    • none

      Seen2013 President Obama does care for the poor. Ever notice the mother in law that accompanys them on every vacation?
      She also needs a wardrobe and support in between to.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Let him starve.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Let him eat cake. It’s probably healther than those sea cockroaches known as lobster.. heh!

      • Tatiana Covington

        Lobsters? With Fukushima’s leaks? I don’t think so!

  • GSOB

    239 people on board. 10 days missing…
    Captain Zaharie Shah…. What happened?

    Imagine your friend or family on that flight.

    • Mondobeyondo

      The latest version of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy can (allegedly) track where you’ve been. And those are just smartphones. You’d think a Boeing 777 would be capable of doing the same. Someone knows something…the mystery deepens.

      • FO

        I fly these things for a living. Trust me, they know more than they are telling you.
        But lets not forget the 20 electronic warfare specialistes that were on board.

  • sharonsj

    One asshole (who was paid by Fox to use food stamps to buy lobster) does not mean the entire public assistance program is bad. I know plenty of old folks, and I have disabled friends, all of whom need food stamps to survive.
    Why doesn’t Sean Hannity find an unemployed guy who would jump at the chance to drive a truck for $80,000?–because that doesn’t fit the Republican agenda. I know plenty of people who would take that job.

    • Zoltar

      “Paid by FOX to buy lobster”?


      Do you live in the real world?

      Most people know plenty of deadbeats and entitlement junkies like this guy. Nothing surprising here.

      • Charlotte

        Yep. I know three people who turned down full time jobs because it would have meant an end to their welfare checks. I knew many more who received welfare money but saw it as a way to free up more of their own money to buy expensive phones, clothes, TVs etc. because now they didn’t have to buy their own food or pay for childcare. For every genuinely responsible welfare recipient, there’s one who takes it completely for granted and uses it to enable irresponsible financial choices.

      • sharonsj

        If you bothered to do any factual research, you would have learned that Fox news paid that guy to go out and buy lobster and sushi. Seriously.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          and ‘if you’d bother to do any factual research’, you wouldn’t be the mouth breathing low-info leftist you are.

        • Zoltar


          Provide a link.

          I bet it’s an Obama shill site.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Excellent points. The people that I have seen on welfare barely get enough to eat bologna and beans for the week. I have no idea how they eat the rest of the month. I have read pleas in the paper from the local soup kitchen and food bank that told how the last EBT cut has placed a huge demand on those places. They are trying not to turn anyone away, but even the food pantry is struggling to keep food in the pantry. It is truly heartbreaking.

      I know plenty of people that would be grateful for a job that paid $80,000 per year. One can’t judge all apples based on one bad apple.

      • sharonsj

        First time I was on food stamps in PA I got $10 a month. Second time, it was $25. Two years ago, it was $50. I’ve heard from people in other states who are getting now the same $10 I got five years ago. Anybody who thinks we’re out there buying lobster needs their head examined.

  • Mondobeyondo

    You can buy a lot more lobster on an $80,000 a year paycheck, than you can on an EBT card. Shame that Mr. Sushi Rockstar doesn’t get it.

  • cpgone

    Oh , I got no problem with him.At least he is “honest” Its peanuts compared to what the military industrial complex
    (MIC) wastes.Its like Fox news focusing on obama phones ,when Cheney and his buds made 100 times that by ripping off the US taxpayer,
    IMHO do articles on the MIC and or liars faking disability claims.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Of course, the military industrial complex you’re whining about uses about 20% of the budget and actually has a use.
      On the other hand, your useless eater buds consume some odd 40% of the fed budget.
      So no, it’s not really peanuts compared to.

      • cpgone

        The MIC has a 1 trillion dollar plus budget.More than 1/3 of the total and about half of the collected (not borrowed revenue)
        We don’t have any business anywhere except on our borders guns pointed out. Ok you’re a marine ,check out Gen Butlers book ,”war is a racket”

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          You can argue all day long about whether it’s 20 or 30 but it’s still WELL BELOW the entirely unconstitutional welfare state spending.
          And budgeting for and having the best military on Earth doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with having them deployed all over the world. On that point, I’d mostly agree with you though. We don’t need to be everywhere.

          • cpgone

            WELL BELOW the entirely unconstitutional welfare”
            Wrong, You didn’t research it. I don’t agree with our welfare state either.

            Turn off Fox news and read Gen, BUtlers book.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Um no. I did. Clearly you didn’t. Thanks poopy pants, I don’t have cable in my home.
            Sounds like you should stop listening to CNN and huffpo like they propagate facts.

  • Dave

    All the other ethnic groups are getting a disproportionate share of government assistance. Why not a white guy, too? It takes no courage to call a white guy a parasite. I dare you to call a minority that. Why alienate your readership with offensive language? Most of us are probably working-class White guys who have been displaced by political correctness and massive legal and illegal immigration.

  • mr.kuntz

    Micheal if you believe that sensational welfare story….
    No one can buy sunshine and lobster without running short half way through the month or less. And who wants to live in north Dakota???? Ill regardless of that, I think this story was used to make the poor look completely bad. I do agree that there are many system abusers but this story is just sensational

  • willkes

    So, don’t bother with trying to fix it ? I disagree.

  • TtT Engine

    “A man unwilling to work is not entitled to eat”. 2 Thessalonians 3:10. A man, with nothing better, who turns down an $80K job = a man unwilling to work. The thought of working during the day and learning a new trade at night requires a good core value system, a work ethic, both of which come from a traditional and sound family upbringing. Lefties have corrupted all of this. Welcome to life in the U.S.A./2014. Christi Fidelis !

  • Isabel

    This is baloney, math does not add up.
    How many lobster dinners EBT 180 dollars a month buys?

    There are no jobs. You may get a trucker job if you have at least five years of experience and a flawless record as a professional driver, competing with 100 others for the same position.

    • Worthless POS

      Michael is a good example of a “loving christian” who incites hatred towards poor people by writing about this fictious “Jason the EBT lobster guy” numerous times.
      Everyone who knows what poverty really is knows that you cannot buy lobster everyday with some f’n EBT card. I mean seriously, that is propaganda to make the low-wage workers to hate poor people who are seen as the “parasites” and “worthless eaters”.
      The wealthy truly want everybody to hate the poor and that they would be seen as parasites because that is the good excuse what they need to send poor people to FEMA camps for extermination without any resistance.
      In the future whem I am in the FEMA gas chamber inhaling zyklon-b, I will remeber Michael and his “loving” christians who gave the elite the perfect reason to send me to my own death, because, as a poor unemployed man, I’m truly a worthless eater.

      • Jenny

        I don’t think you are worthless and I agree Michael is promoting propaganda about the liar Jason Greenslate. He probably got paid to do the fake interview and promote this mindset that all the people on food stamps are just like him. They are not. Many want to be off public assistance but Michael has not done an article about how hard they make it to do that also.

      • k

        Idsagree. I have been reading michael’s articles since a year, and nowhere do those articles incite/he indicites hatred towards the poor. Infact in this article too, he indicates twice that not all welfare receiving people are like this, and they truly need it.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Shhh, you’ll make the mouth breathers stumble over their agenda.

    • Yasha7

      I suspect that “Jason” has an unreportable under-the-table income. Maybe a couple of them.

  • John3:16

    Once the majority take this position, it becomes moral and normal. As a community organizer, I believe Obama helped to create this situation and help people get their fair share.
    Liberalism a mental disease and a majority of people living in the USA are infected by it.

  • ScotA

    Free time is worth a great deal. Without realizing it, he shows that he’s wealthier than others that must work to eat.

    That’s really the great scam of public assistance. Good people sell their valuable time, their life, just to put food on the table while he gets to keep his.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      So true. Most Americans are not really free as they do not choose how they will spend their day. Americans already work more than any other industrialized country, according to some studies, and some employers are demanding more time for less pay. Then, to top it off, some employers require more and more education. So, by the time some Americans spend their whole day at work, and school just trying to keep their job, and meet society’s demands, is it any wonder that the American divorce rate is so high, and that so many kids feel the need to join gangs just to feel like they have a family? Is it any wonder why so many Americans are obese, are alcoholics, or self medicate with drugs? Also, many Americans that work strongly dislike their job. However, if they really love doing another job, they sometimes cannot afford to do the work they live as the job simply doesn’t pay enough for them to live on. If someone else, an employer, society, etc. decides how every human will spend their day, how free is that person?

      “Show me. Which one of these people are free?” -Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the movie Jack Reacher

  • davidmpark

    Can I throw some more ranting out here? This situation really steams me.

    There is a way to solve this: transfer all welfare controls to the states. The administration has completely bastardized disability and poverty designations to include practically anything. The only one’s that should be considered are intellectual disabilities or related conditions, severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), physical disabilities that completely impairs employment, and moderate to severe Autism – less than 1% total US population. The rest are the slackers and freeloaders that should be dropped in it. After the rules are solidly in place and enforced, then have everyone on welfare resubmit their claims for review. I know this will be a pain in the #$%, but it’s needed. I would do it for my wife also. For families working to care for a disabled family member, zoning restrictions in states should be lifted for those families. This means they can grow, produce, and have any sort of safe, productive business at their home so they can care for their ailing family member and work out of inevitable poverty.

    Another help for these families is to streamline the processes. Instead of filling out paperwork for multiple agencies, have them fill it out with a specific state division (out here it’s the DSPD). Upon approval for that division’s services, a certificate can be issued to replace the applications and stretched out approval and renewal processes for other agencies that offer the afflicted assistance. That’s if the individual states decide to keep these programs open for the general public. I really hate filling out bibles worth of paperwork and supporting documents and constant reviews.

    As for limits on what can be purchased on these cards… part of me says no; another part says yes. The cards are meant to provide good nutritional opportunities. That’s why here we can’t use food stamps for hot foods or fast foods, alcohol, tobacco, or seasonal candy. But one should have the sense God gave to the lowest creatures not to overspend on lobster tail and sushi. So, I guess the best method is what I said earlier; new restrictions, everyone resubmit paperwork, go through that state agency for the absolutely disabled and the quarterly review.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Wow! I can’t believe every welfare recipient in the country hasn’t moved to California. There is a disabled vet that told me that he only gets $15 per month for food from the government. Even though he is disabled, he has asked several people if they have any work that needs to be done around their homes. He is so skinny that he makes one think of that old joke that if he turned sideways he would be invisible. So, I don’t think that disabled vet is living it up on sushi, lobster, or steak. Go to Appalachia and ask those that have to be on welfare how much they get and if they want $80,000 people year and employers paid job training. Take a look at their duct taped car that they hope makes it another week while asking them.

    I did listen to a radio show where a C-store clerk called in and said there was a known drug dealer in that area who drove a Mercedes and bought high dollar things on his EBT card. The C-store clerk said that guy had $5,000 on his card.

    It is so sad that the bad apples would take advantage of other’s kindness. It does a disservice to those that really are in need. However, I do know that God sees everything, and God sees the people that take advantage of those that are trying to feed the poor. What is so sad is that I have met people that are working by probably should be on disability for their medical conditions, but they can not get disability. Meanwhile, I have seen what looked like a 20 year old with a boob job wheel up into the handicapped parking with their handicapped tag and get out of the car and practically skip into the store. Then, while at the register, heard them tell their friend how happy they are that they got their disability. It was like the girl that went on the daytime tv judge show and stood in the courtroom telling the judge she couldn’t pay because she was on disability. It came up that this person had been on several vacations, gone to the store with people, etc. The judge finally asked “How old are you and what is your disability?” The girl answered that she was 24 or so and was agoraphobia. The judge asked her if she even knew what agoraphobic meant and questioned how she was able to show up in court. All of those scammers should be sent to a single state where the scammers can scam one another instead of good hearted people that are trying to help the truly needy. Again, God sees all of it though.

    There was a time that welfare paid for college (read the book “Dewey the small town library cat). That gave assistance and also helped someone become a taxpayer, which paid the system back. Of course, it has been said that Berkley was free to all in the 1960s. If job training and college were free, that might make a path to jobs for those that want to work. What excuse would that guy have then if they told him he was not eligible for welfare as he was healthy enough for job training?

  • He’s from San Diego and this is all a publicity stunt, I know people that know him and he doesn’t even use the cards anymore.He does seem like a douchebag though.After finding his FB page I realized he was in San Diego.

  • chilller

    I think you’re all being a little hard on Jason. As a tax payer myself, I’d like to give Jason Blankslate a personal gift on behalf of all tax payers. A size 11, steel toe work boot deposited directly and deeply into his sphincter. He would have to wear it to all his jam sessions and gigs as any attempt to remove the work boot would result in more brain damage than he already has…

    • Tom_F

      @chilller, best post on the thread. Please make sure to shine your boot up first, so Jason Blankslate will taste the shoe polish on the roof of his mouth.

    • none

      CHILLER: I notice you have a piture of a growing dog for you pic!
      After reading your post I think I know why.

  • Angry Jesus

    So I’m supposed to get upset that this young man turned down a hypothetical $80,000 a year job as a trucker? If Mr. Hannity could please provide the location for said job, I’m sure there would be many applicants that would be more than happy to fill that position. Regardless of Mr. Greenslate’s stance in life the work is still there and always will be. Unfortunately, the people have given themselves as slaves to the corporate world of the moneychangers and suffer in ignorance. Ignorance in this case being the inability in differentiating between what is productive work (wealth creation) and jobs (corporate slavery). And yes, I’m still angry.

  • sam

    Please can we stop with the religious stuff. It’s really putting me off coming here.

  • Steve Taylor

    What’s Hannity ever done except being a ridiculous right-wing radio/TV commentator, who did odd-jobs in his youth?

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      He was a professional house painter.

  • K

    It is wrong for people to misuse EBT cards. The system should be modified so that people like jason should not be able to take undue advantage of it. Other people on welfare who genuinely need it, will suffer because of people like him.

    And michael, you said people are no longer having a desire to have a family. Its not rocket science to understand the main reason behind it. Bad quality jobs!

    A person on a low paying/bad-hours job, will never have an interest in raising a family.

    How will he/she have the money and the time to do it?

    So outsourcing should be stopped and reversed in order for this to happen. And ofcourse taxes/regulations on businesses should be reduced too. Even if they are valid taxes and regulations.

    Both of these things should happen.

    And of course modifying the welfare system, which i mentioned above.

  • K

    and bonuses to CEO’s should be limited, and corporate welfare to corporations that really dont need/deserve it, should be stopped too.

  • Geoffrey Zeger

    Here’s another example to consider (based in truth): A Mom with two children (the dad is long gone) who had to move back in with her mother who is on disability due to a herniated disc with multiple failed surgeries. The Mom works 2 – 3 jobs because the jobs don’t want to giver her full time hours and health insurance, She is a devout Southern Baptist, receives foodstamps and the children are on Medicaid. She lives in an economically depressed area. When she is working her mom (the children’s grandmother) is watching the children. The Mom constantly has to juggle issues such as “if I try to get a better job it is 2 hours away which means less time with the children and more money spent on gas” or “if I work more hours locally then the children’s grandmother resents me for ‘dumping’ my children on her.” The children are taking advantage of the physical limitations of the grandmother and not doing their homework which results in the school calling the Mom in for a parent teacher conference but this interferes with the Mom’s work schedule and puts her job and finances at risk! The list of competing priorities and catch 22’s goes on.

    I like this site (economic collapse blog) but this article promotes the erroneous idea of ‘everyone on government assistance is taking advantage of the system.’ As someone who is knee deep everyday in the human services field, I see individuals with government assistance desperately trying to be independent. I have seen my share of “oh my aching back I can’t work please fill out the forms for disability” but this is THE EXCEPTION and NOT THE RULE.

    Please do not be fooled by case studies which are amplified to seem like EVERYONE is abusing the system. For those who take the FOX news position, I would invite them to do a real life trial run of living with limited resources and multiple competing priorities and see if they can “just pull themselves out of poverty by hard work.”

    • Jane Weller

      You are right. This article is pure hate speech. I wonder what has gotten into Michael.

      Why does he kowtow to the rich and wealthy ho utter this nonsense?

      • xander cross

        Because that is how he gets paid. He knows the game and it’s to blame the poor and to support the rich like Senator Rand Paul.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Excellent points. Thanks for joining the discussion.

    • xander cross

      So, there are white people that are on food stamps. From this site alone, every white person on here blame black people for food stamps. It’s nice to see the other side of the tracks.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    A misleading headline. Hannity may have pulled some nonsense out of his a**, since being in the trucking industry for 23 years NOBODY OFFERS ROOKIE, UNLICENSED DRIVERS $80 K A YEAR!

    • Tom_F

      @Thomas, get a clue. Hannity wasn’t offering a real job, it was an example and the punk thought a moment and DECLINED AN $80K/yr JOB! There is a reason you are driving a truck for 23 years, and it isn’t your deductive skills.

      • Thomas J.Stratford

        29-Year-Old Welfare Parasite Would Not Accept An $80,000 A Year Job Driving A Truck”..That’s why my post said ” A misleading headline” I’m sorry if that’s confusing for you.

        • Tom_F

          Headline is accurate. Offered and declined, hypothetical or not. Sorry that’s confusing for you!

  • Frank Bell

    SHAME ON YOU, Michael.

    This “welfare parasite” talk ist not helping poor people at all.

    I am really disgusted.

    • Jane Weller

      I completely agree.

      It’s not these people we need to worry about, but the parasites in the banks and the super-rich that have Washington do whatever they want.

      The super-rich are tax-exempt – and nobody cares. Instead, most of us hope that the trickle-down effect will work – but it DOESN’T.

      WAKE UP. Our enemies are not the poor, but the rich to transfer our jobs to China so they can earn even more.

      • ConcernedAmerican

        Yes, the true parasites sit at the top of the food chain. They do little to no real work and get rich off of the backs of the working class people.

        • Tom_F

          True in the case of government workers.

    • Mal Reynolds

      And how would you help the poor pitiful poor?

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Well except that it’s a presumed job, thought up by Sean Hannity, in other words it’s nonsense!

  • voltaic

    Your anecdotal BS has it’s limits. This one clown seems to be the right wing nut jobs entire argument against any form of government/taxpayer assistance. It’s like saying “I saw a duck with two heads” and then saying “all ducks have two heads.” WTF. Where do you guys come from? You should focus on your corporate overlords who are robbing this nation blind. How about the fact that corporations are parking more than 2 TRILLION $$ in profits offshore to avoid paying US taxes? How about the fact that corporations receive at least $150 billion $$$ in corporate welfare each year? How about the fact that corporate blood suckers like Walmart have so many of their employees on food stamps because they don’t pay a living wage, yet the right screams injustice when talking of raising a pathetically low minimum wage. How about companies like KBR receiving no-bid contracts, doing shoddy work that electrocutes troops and then being able to walk away without any criminal penalties? How about banksters receiving trillions in free fed/taxpayer money for crashing the economy and then giving themselves huge bonuses? You focus on one fool who beats the system while ignoring the corporate state that controls the system… your own peril.

    • Mal Reynolds

      Taxes feed the beast you speak of. The banksters own and run the Gummint. Tax payer assistance an oxymoron … those receiving Gummint assistance are not paying taxes … they are the foot soldiers of the banksters and Corporatists that own the Gummint. You rail against the Corporation(s) but seem not to notice that they have captured Washington DC. The Red vs Blue spectacle is like Harlem Globetrotter basketball both teams have the same owner …. hint it is not we the people.

  • I’ll do it

    I want that job!

  • Amazed

    I really love how you inserted the “buying sushi and lobster on my EBT card”. Really? Foodstamp recipients get so much money on their EBT/SNAP card that they can afford lobster?
    You obviously have absolutely no clue. Sure, you COULD buy lobster with an EBT card. Just have fun trying to eat for the rest of the month.
    Honestly, the amount of uneducated tripe that’s posted here, based on incorrect and/or unfactual misperceptions is amazing sometimes.

    • Tom_F

      @Amazed, this was a national news story last year, I’m amazed you didn’t register it. Google “greenslate lobster EBT” and you will see the national news story on video and tons of articles. You are the one who has no clue, and you owe Michael an apology for your ignorant, snide post.

    • Charlotte

      EBT/SNAP is supposed to supplement a person’s food budget, not replace it entirely (hence the ‘S’ in the acronym). Too many people forget that critical point. Just because he blows his whole food stamp allowance on lobster and sushi doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to starve the rest of the month because he is still expected to pay for at least some of his food out of his own pocket. Plenty of people use their EBT card exactly like that -as bonus money to buy fun extras they wouldn’t buy with their own money.

  • DJohn1

    As much as I hate to admit it the young man is right.
    The government that feeds him is wrong.
    Let us go over the real rules of living in the USA. Because this is the real source of the problem.
    Even if he made 120 dollars an hour, the system is designed to take the money away from you. So his idea is why work if you get nothing for it down the road.
    Our system of medicine is wrong. We pay doctors to keep us sick. How many people are permanently on prescriptions designed to make cash cows out of them?
    If you end up in the Hospital, your out of pocket expenses will bankrupt you in short order.
    If you have no visible source of income then the government begins to pick up the tab. It is called Medicaid.
    We live approximately 40-110 years on this planet. We sleep approximately(it varies per individual) 1/3 of that time(8 hours a day). If we work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, we are literally donating that time to the system that takes it all away. So that leaves maybe 7 hours a day(transporting takes at least an hour a day) for a life. This young person obviously wants a little more out of life than stepping on a treadmill for a third of his life.
    Any intelligent person(not the average person) is going to go for a deal that puts him in a form of virtual slavery? It is slavery because there is no way to keep the money you earn on a long term basis.
    Even if you are a boss, and he is certainly executive material, eventually you lose it all.

  • Kent Harris

    What happens when the economy has an excess supply of workers you have war to reduce their numbers. The situation oversees continues to worsen. The Blood Moons and the solar eclipse by Jewish scholars means war for the Jews and for the world.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Another good article. The democrat war on poverty continues.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    Look Michael, nobody will give you a 80k$ jobs as a truck driver and you will not make a living by working full time in a fast food neither. Get real! Even Airlines pilots are now paid 20k(per year) before tax.
    The only way to make some real money is stay at home and get free money from the government.
    There is no future any more. We live on a low cost society.
    Cheap cheap cheap… Everything must be cheap! This is why the entire industry has left to China. One day, we will all be replaced by robots… What about that?

  • Jake

    You all realize that this Greenslate guy is not really on food stamps right? This is just a media/government propaganda schill to make people demand that government entitlements be taken away from those that truly need them. Food prices in CA are ridiculous and no way could this guy eat lobster but once a month on his small stipend. Honestly Michael I expected better from you as you should know by now when there is something amiss.

    Same with the healthcare B.S. that they now spew about how the uninsured are making the rates higher for everyone else. To that I say again B.S. the uninsured who want to pay when they need health care are treated to rates that are 4-5 times higher than the average insured person pays. How is that fair or right? So to fix it we now have Obamacare which is even less affordable and in turn has raised the rates for everyone else (which was the goal the entire time).

    • Tom_F

      Come on. People are able to use EBT cards in strip clubs, gambling and card clubs, and can buy items like sushi and lobster. That is the problem, not the non-existent threat of removing legitimate entitlements.

      • Jake

        The money they are taking out is not from actual food stamps but the cash assistance portion of their welfare benefits. Yes you have people that game and play the system that is inevitable. However, the point is that Jason Greenslate is a real person acting and playing a part. The sensationalism the media did with this story was just bad news reporting. As he was never asked how much in benefits he receives every month.

    • FirstGarden

      “You all realize that this Greenslate guy is not really on food stamps right?”

      Sources, please.

  • Tom_F

    This Imperial Beach-living, Escalade-driving, young white male, aside, let us all be grateful he hasn’t yet spawned children.
    People need to stop having children they cannot pay for, or have the interest to raise properly. Always sorry when somebody runs into a rough patch, but these “single mother raising multiple kids, and no job skills” stories are beyond depressing and usually avoidable.

    • k

      Spot on.

  • Dimitrios Kirkos

    This is one of the few things Greece did right. In order to get ANY money as an unemployed person, you have to go to the job-finding office and apply for a job. If they find you a job and you don’t show up, no more help for you. Of course a loophole is to work completely un-insured, so you are technically unemployed, which is the reason unemployment help is provided only for a limited duration here.


    this whole story was bogus. nobody on welfare lives good unless they are working for money under the table or selling drugs. I believe he was an actor to just stir the pot. this site makes money by posting articles like this . calling him a parasite is a violation of googles hate rules and this site should loses its adsense account . I will report it

    • Tom_F


  • Jodi

    This guy is stupid.

    I think what Hannity is doing is wonderful, keep it up.

  • smallergovnow

    “Most people that receive government assistance truly need the help and do not abuse the system”… Not sure how you came up with that “stat” Michael but I sorely disagree. IMO it’s 50% or greater. I know lot of folks too on disability that is simply a lifestyle and excuse to drink and smoke all day….

  • FoonTheElder

    So who in America makes $80,000 driving a truck? If you actually want to make $80,000 driving a truck in ND, then plan on living in your truck, because there is nowhere else to live at a reasonable cost.

  • cherylmeril

    Jesus died for us, rose from the dead and sits on the right hand side of God. He freed us from this worldly bondage. You don’t have to work for His gift that frees us from sin and the prince of this world, it was given freely. Grace from God gives us time to get to this point recognizing He’s the only way. Our mortal lives are nothing compared to eternity. It will be heaven or hell, Jesus leads the way to heaven as the true and only Messiah.

    God gives us freely His gifts through His Son who died for us, and all else is nothing. Look to God, eternity and let go of this world and all of its misery pain and bondage. Accept the Holyl Spirit. I listen to Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. David Jeremiah and Pastor Chip Ingram of Living on the Edge Ministry. God is living and available 24/7 through prayer and His Word. Let go of Satan’s world, repent of your sinful life asking for God’s forgiveness and move on to obeying God through faith, trust and acceptance of all the precious treasures He has to offer.

    • becky

      You listen to Charles Stanley? That explains a lot.

      • GSOB

        Dr. Charles Stanley…

        He is confusing to listen to most of the time.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…He would rather keep purchasing sushi and lobster with his EBT card and hanging out with his rock band….”
    has anyone proven this story??? sushi is expensive

  • Paul

    The government has no Biblical sanction to give freebies to it’s citizens. Here’s the Apostle Paul’s instruction on the matter of working. They had freeloaders in the early church.

    “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.
    For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies.
    Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12

  • cpgone

    Its like this guy was walking down the road , saw x dollars there and picked it up. I don’t approve or like it ,but many would do the same.
    Change the system.
    This heathen has no real concept of much beyond his d*ck and stomach.Trying to understand him and or give him Biblical advice is fruitless.It does make good TV ,though.
    This is what society looks like on fiat money backed by the biggest killing machine in the world before collapse

  • Priszilla

    So? There will be other people taking that $80,000 job.

  • xander cross

    This is a fake report to get white men even more upset about people (usually black people) using EBT cards. Funny, because years ago, white people thought that food stamps was beneath them and that they’re superior to black people that was on it. Many white people thought like that, so now, that there are more white people on food stamps than black people, white people still blame black people for food stamps.

    • Justin Case

      Whites are ashamed to be on it. Blacks demand more of it. Blacks school each other on how to fleece the system of more.

  • ArkJean

    Give me that opportunity. $80,000/year I’ll take it in a heart bit. I have two Jobs, as a Elevator IP800 Unit assembler in NY and at night I drive Medical specimens from long island to Manhattan. I get paid well but not $80,000 a year well, Yes definitely I would take it.

    • Justin Case

      Then go to a truck driving school, learn the skills and start trucking.

  • Captain Beefheart

    Don’t let society dictate to you wether you choose to serve Mammon or some sleazy trucking company. When the SHTF there will be no hiding from The Beast 666 or the dark ones. You inbred low IQ idiots better look in the mirror cause your souls will be judged sooner or later. Most of you or your fornicating family members wont make it. God Bless Paul and his depression can be fought back by not letting stupid people judge you on how much money you have.

    • Jax

      Someones a little angry and bitter. Guess you need to re-school yourself on the fruits of the spirit.

      • Captain Beefheart

        The truth stands. Prodestant.

  • voice in the wilderness

    What we all need to focus on and never forget is that God has a plan for us and the earth..Jesus main teaching theme was the Kingdom of God . God has permitted humans to rule over themselves (in essence deciding for themselves what is good and bad) for the last 6 thousand years.
    But make no mistake, God is in complete control of his purposes and soon will (by means of his son Jesus Christ and his angelic armies) rid the earth of all the obstacles that are preventing true peace and security namely corrupt human governance. This is his earth and he intends to cleanse it at the appointed time now near and have it filled with obedient appreciative people who let him be soveriegn in their lives.
    Real peace and security (especially economic) will be enjoyed by all.

    • Jax

      Ummmm OK whatever you say. Seems like the appointed time is just a salve to make the people feel less restless. I mean c’mon if Hitler, Stalin, etc was not bad enough you have to wonder what the heck is God waiting for? Oh I know the answer nothing because that is just a myth cleverly created by men.


    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
    If someone doesn’t want to work that should be their choice.
    That $80,000 a year truck driver job will be filled by someone else who thinks it is worth the money and their time.
    Maybe some people would rather not become full time slaves (job and a mortgage and taxes) and instead become partial slaves (government welfare with a lot of free time)
    Personally I think we need a lot more of these so called “parasites” so we can bring this rigged game to an end and start a new fair game where people actually keep the fruits of their labor.

  • Gary Ark

    I would rather pay him welfare than have him driving a truck!

  • Carlos Slim

    Michael, love the blog and what you do BUT…

    You need to think about the source here! There are lots of people abusing welfare but this is Faux News propaganda, distract, divide and conquer BS.

    “Jason Greenslate” is most likely an actor.

  • Troy Bardenhagen

    Jon Stewart: “Congratulations on finding your food-stamp abuse Bigfoot. That one guy you found is certainly not someone that the food-stamp program itself would probably point to as its greatest success story. But we make fun of you not for finding him but for pretending that he somehow represents literally millions of Americans. “

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