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Is “Dr. Copper” Foreshadowing A Stock Market Crash Just Like It Did In 2008?

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Stock Market Decline - Photo by NodulationIs the price of copper trying to tell us something?  Traditionally, “Dr. Copper” has been a very accurate indicator of where the global economy is heading next.  For example, back in 2008 the price of copper dropped from nearly $4.00 to under $1.50 in just a matter of months.  And now it appears that another big decline in the price of copper is starting to happen.  So far this year, the price of copper has dropped from a high of $3.40 back in January to a price of $2.95 as I write this article, and many analysts are warning that this is just the beginning.  By itself, this should be quite alarming to investors, but as you will see below there are a whole host of other signs that a stock market crash may be rapidly approaching.

But before we get to those other signs, let us discuss copper a bit more first.  I cannot remember a time since 2008 when there has been such an overwhelming negative consensus about where the price of copper is heading.  The following is from a CNBC article that was posted this week…

Cascading copper prices have multiple root causes that lead to one conclusion: The anticipated global economic recovery may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Consequently, analysts are in virtual unison that the extended-term trajectory is lower for the metal often used as a growth barometer. Copper futures are off more than 12 percent in 2014 and 7 percent over just the past three days, though they rose less than 1 percent in Wednesday trading.

A slowdown in the global economy, forced selling by Chinese banks and technical factors have converged in multiple calls for more weakness in a commodity known by traders and economists as “Dr. Copper” for its ability to accurately make economic prognoses.

Of course there are some out there that are trying to claim that “this time is different” and that the price of copper is no longer a useful indicator for the global economy as a whole.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, there are lots of other signs that the financial markets are repeating patterns that we have seen in the past.  For instance, the level of margin debt on Wall Street just soared to another brand new record high

The amount of money investors borrowed from Wall Street brokers to buy stocks rose for a seventh straight month in January to a record $451.3 billion, a potential warning sign that in the past has coincided with irrational exuberance and stock market tops.

We saw margin debt spike dramatically like this just prior to the crash of the dotcom bubble in 2000 and just before the great financial crisis of 2008.  Just check out the chart in this article.

Shouldn’t we be alarmed that it is happening again?

If you listen carefully, there are many prominent voices in the financial world that are trying to warn us about this.  Here is one example

“One characteristic of getting closer to a market top is a major expansion in margin debt,” says Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum Capital Management. “Expanding market debt fuels the bull market and is an investors’ best friend when stocks are rising. The problem is when the market turns (lower), it is the market’s worst enemy.

And of course margin debt is far from the only sign that indicates that we are in a massive stock market bubble that is about to crash.  The following is a list of 10 signs that comes from a recent article by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management

I was recently discussing the market, current sentiment and other investing related issues with a money manager friend of mine in California. (Normally, I would include a credit for the following work but since he works for a major firm he asked me not to identify him directly.)  However, in one of our many email exchanges he sent me the following note detailing the 10 typical warning signs of stock market exuberance.

(1) Expected strong OR acceleration of GDP and EPS  (40% of 2013’s EPS increase occurred in the 4th quarter)

(2) Large number of IPOs of unprofitable AND speculative companies

(3) Parabolic move up in stock prices of hot industries (not just individual stocks)

(4) High valuations (many metrics are at near-record highs, a few at record highs)

(5) Fantastic high valuation of some large mergers (e.g., Facebook & WhatsApp)

(6) High NYSE margin debt

Margin debt/gdp (March 2000: 2.7%, July 2007: 2.6%, Jan 2014: 2.6%)

Margin debt/market cap (March 2000: 1.8%, July 2007: 2.3%, Jan 2014: 2.0%)

(7) Household direct holdings of equities as % of total financial assets at 24%, second-highest level (data back to 1953, highest was 1998-2000)

(8) Highly bullish sentiment (down slightly from year-end peaks; still high or near record high, depending on the source)

(9) Unusually high ratio of selling to buying by corporate senior managers (the buy/sell ratio of senior corporate officers is now at the record post-1990 lows seen in Summer 2007 and Spring 2011)

(10) Stock prices rise following speculative press releases (e.g., Tesla will dominate battery business after they get partner who knows how to build batteries and they build a big factory.  This also assumes that NO ONE else will enter into that business such as GM, Ford or GE.)

All are true today, and it is the third time in the last 15 years these factors have occurred simultaneously which is the most remarkable aspect of the situation.

And for even more technical indicators such as these, please see Charles Hugh Smith’s excellent article entitled “Why 2014 Is Beginning to Look A Lot Like 2008“.

So do all of these numbers and charts actually prove that something is about to happen?

Not necessarily.

But if we do not learn from the past then we are doomed to repeat it.

At this point, even representatives from the big Wall Street banks are warning about the “euphoria” on Wall Street…

The stock market entered “euphoria mode” late last year and has remained there, except for a week in February, as “speculative froth” bubbles around the market’s hottest sectors, Citi’s chief equity strategist told CNBC on Tuesday.

And even market cheerleader Jim Cramer is warning that the stock market is now exhibiting “top behavior“…

The parabolic moves of stocks such as Plug Power and FuelCell Energy have the stock market exhibiting “top behavior,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Wednesday.

Cramer said he has tracked the fuel cells stocks since his days as a hedge fund manager. Runups in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae also had him worried.

None of what you just read above guarantees that the stock market will crash this week, this month or even this year.

And nobody knows the exact date when the next stock market crash will happen.

But one thing is for certain – this massive stock market bubble will burst at some point, and when it does our economy is far less equipped to handle it than it was the last time.

Based on my research, I am entirely convinced that the coming economic crisis is going to be substantially worse than the last one, and that is very bad news for the United States.

So what do you think?

Do you agree or do you think that I am nuts?

Please feel free to share your opinion by posting a comment below…

Stock Prices Have Fallen For Six Weeks In A Row

  • Paul

    The price of Iron Ore has dropped like a rock as well. I believe it is down 21% so far this year. On March 10th the spot price of 62% grade iron ore dropped from $112 a ton to $105 a ton. I read a Seeking Alpha investment article stating some analysts are concerned Cliffs Natural Resources may go bankrupt in the future. Cliffs Natural Resources is a Fortune 500 company. Title of Seeking Alpha article was
    “Industrial Metals’ Dramatic Drops Show Miners Probably Have A Tough Road Ahead In 2014”
    Ya Think!!

    • Kim

      And iron ore inventories are at an all time high.

  • K

    It is never a good sign when Industrial metals decline like this. As to whether you are nuts, yeah you are as nutty as I am. We both hope to reach at least a few more people, before it is too late. Most would tell you in the current situation, that it is unrealistic to hope for that. So take your choice, are we both Nuts, or just unwilling to give up without a fight.

    • R.A. Brown

      According to the folks I’ve tried to reach–they think I’M NUTS: “Conspiracy theory”; “fear mongering”; “You CAN’T be serious, ha, ha, ha!”

      Well, as the old time barkers used to say: “You pays your money, you takes your chances.” Let the future tell the truth….

      • davidmpark

        I hear you!

  • 68Impala

    How safe are dollars in a savings account actually? Put them into stocks? That seems dangerous. Precious metals don’t seem so safe anymore. Under the pillow? With my luck the house burns down that night.

    • Rodster

      Buy food and what you need now. That’s what i’ve been doing. The problem is when everyone starts to realize this that’s when you have a run for the exits and hyperinflation kicks in.

      • quercus454

        I offered the same advice you just gave to a friend of mine just starting out.
        It does no good to keep money as inflation eats it up. Your better off with stuff you need or can barter with. A shovel, firearm or ax maybe worth more then their weight in gold when times get tough.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      681Impala: In the BRA, savings accounts and IRAs are vulnerable to: (1) a “bank holiday”, (2) a formal devaluation of the currency, (3) a bail-in looting like Cyprus, and (4) all of the above. As Gerald Celente says, “current events form future trends”…..and events in Argentina, Cyprus and Greece foreshadow some of the “fun” things that await the BRA.

      “When this thing collapses, you won’t be able to get your money out of the bank. They’re gonna do it like they do in every Third World country. Our forecast is for a
      bank holiday and a formal devaluing of the dollar.”—Gerald Celente

    • Guest

      Precious metals are the safest place anyone can put their money.

      • nekksys

        I’m gonna go with food production stuff and an air rifle powerful enough to hunt small game. Anything larger, I can trap or snare.

        KNOWLEDGE of how to survive in the toughest of situations will never lose value or be replaced by gold, silver or other precious metals.

        • xander cross

          Excellent post of the day.

          • Mike Smithy

            XC, it’s nice to see you cross pollinate from Zero Hedge. I always enjoy reading your insights.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      One place you definitely DON’T want to keep your gold is in a bank. Keeping gold in a bank for “protection” is sort of like asking a carjacker to look after your vehicle.

      • Guest

        Yes. In my opinion, it is best to have your precious metals in your possession. If that’s not feasible, the next best option is fully segregated vault storage. Many of the precious metals dealers have partnerships with storage companies, like Brinks.

    • Mike Smithy

      Well stated. There are no safe havens.

    • Syrin

      Precious metals are by FAR the safest place to put your money. The price has been artificially suppressed for over a year now while China and central banks accumulated it by the ton at firesale prices. It looks like they’re letting the market do it’s thing with gold going up steadily the last month and $20 today alone. When the dollar collapses, gold will be worth at least $5000 an ounce. If the NWO forms a single international currency backed by gold as many speculate they will, I have read estimates that gold will be worth in excess of $60,000 an ounce, and no, that’s not a typo.

      • carefix

        If we do go throught the same old path and get an international gold back currency (to start with) then it seems to me that all the wealth in the world can be expressed in this new currency i.e. gold. This makes 1 toz gold = $41,600 = £25,000 = E31,000.

        Prior to this initial stable situation we may have spike in which gold revalues to equal all the currency in the world or something in the $200,000 to $250,000 /toz range and rising as the money presses thunder. At this point I would not sell for currency but trade for stock or hold.

      • Stuey

        If the collar collapses, how will gold be worth 60k an ounce, because the dollar will be worthless and won’t exist if it is collapsed? I understand your point though, but my point is we got to quit comparing the value of things always to dollars.

        • Syrin

          It would not be worth that in US dollars. It would be worth that in the new currency

        • Drud

          It is all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? We have all become accustomed to using dollars as a measuring stick for value and for cost, but does this make sense? How does it change the way we look at things to say: right now a dollar is worth 1/1200 an ounce of gold, if hyperinflation occurs, a dollar may be worth 1/60000 an once of gold. The math is identical, it is just the measuring stick has been switched. the same logic can be applied to EVERYTHING we now purchase with dollars. For instance, a pound of ground beef has FIXED value of something real (calories, protein, vitamins, nutrition, etc.), if the dollar devalues, this will NOT change. SO, does it not make more sense to say a dollar is now worth ~1/5 lb of ground beef, rather than to say ground beef is $5/lb. To me the answer is clear, and that is the transformation that must take place. Currencies are not a true or fair measuring stick for value. Bankers know this and use it to their advantage everyday. We need to turn the tables, and it starts with an adjustment to our perspective.

        • mike

          Gold is big time suppressed to make the dollar look strong, its real money, period.. China knows this. The FED are going to slowly drive up inflation and commodities with rising interest rates until you slowly go broke, at which time the banks will come in and own everything. They are doing this now., inflation is much higher then they, say, look at gas, food and housing. Houses should have never been leveraged this high. The average working guy is dead in this country.

          Agenda 21 is in full force.

    • pulltheweeds

      Dig a hole , buy two dobermans and the fun begins .

  • wk

    So I am guessing that this means that there is less demand for copper.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Not necessarily true. Thieves know a good investment when they steal one.

      • Tim

        You’re right. Here in South Carolina copper theft is such a big problem that the state legislature passed a law a few years ago requiring one to have a permit to sell copper. You have to go to the Sheriff’s office of the county where you reside to get the permit. Yet copper theft continues despite the law. Thieves are going out of state to sell it.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The too-big-to-fail godzillabanks are even bigger than they were when they got bailed out in 2008, but they haven’t cleaned up their act. In fact, they’re still playing russian roulette, but with higher stakes than before. It’s only a matter of time before they crash and beg for an even bigger bailout than before. But The Banana Republic of America has record deficits and currency debasement, much worse than in 2008. So this time, there will be both a bailout and a bail-in a la Cyprus. The precedent that the banksters set in Cyprus was very dangerous, and it’s only a matter of time until banksters loot bank accounts in the BRA, including IRAs. When that happens, all hell will break loose. You will see widespread unrest and mega-riots that will make the L.A. riots of 1992 look like childs play. And the response of our fascist bankster government will be swift and deadly. As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, the Homeland Security/Patriot Act/NDAA junta is not there to protect us from terrorists. It’s there to protect the banksters and viciously put down civil unrest.

    “More and more prominent people all across the political spectrum are leaving America because they can see the serious signs of tyranny.”—Alex Jones

    “This is unprecedented in world history where so many major countries are printing all this paper money backed by nothing. This Ponzi scheme is going to have to end at some point.”—Gerald Celente

    “The harmless activist is now the criminal, while the actual criminals—banksters—run free. I’m glad this government has its priorities straight.”—Abby Martin

    “It is probably going to be the messiest, darkest time that we’ve experienced in this country. I’d be very willing to bet that.”—The Patriot Nurse

    “Even in my direst predictions about the way the EU bosses were behaving, never did I think that they would—in a completely unprecedented manner—resort to stealing
    money from people’s bank accounts.’”—Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party

    “The U.S. dollar is not really a currency anymore. It has no intrinsic value. The U.S. dollar is just an excuse to commit war crimes.”—Max Keiser

    Welcome to The Greatest Depression. Welcome to World War III.

    Welcome to hell.

    • Jason7189

      It’s all leading to a new currency and the Mark of the Beast.

      I say this, because it fits perfectly with Bible Prophecy and the and the end of this age.

      Along with Isaiah 17 & Jeremiah 49:23-27 happening in Syria
      Isaiah 19, concerning Egypt.
      Zechariah 12:3, Joel 3:2 concerning Jerusalem being a burden
      Psalm 83 starting
      Ezekiel 38 forming rapidly, concerning a Russia/Iran alliance
      Daniel 9:27 a 7 year peace treaty, (Kerry/Obama) forcing on Israel
      1 Thessalonians 5:3 calls for peace and safety

      Jesus Christ’s numerous and detailed descriptions of these days, there’s also signs in the Heavens:

      1493-1494 4 blood moons, Jews expelled from Spain
      1949-1950 4 blood moons, Israel became a Nation
      1967-1968 4 blood moons, Israel recaptured Jerusalem
      2014-2015 4 blood moons, Israel will build the Third Temple (Referenced in Daniel 9:27)

      There won’t be another 4 blood moon Tetrad, for another 500 years. Plus, it’s only happened 7 (now 8) times since 1AD.

      Like a thief in the night or the days of Noah, our Savior and High Priest, Jesus Christ is coming soon to rule as King.

      • Annette Smith

        Boy, I sure hope so. I don’t see hope for any of us. We may be here for awhile, and then…we may be gone and they won’t know what hit them!

      • Daniel Yuhasz

        I think when it goes next time the evil in our system may be the ones to go- it may take out our economy like a big tree falling but once down we may be able to get a real recovery. Many institutions may be found to not be trustworthy including the federal Reserve and the Vatican which if it falls will take the Euro with it- they are truly a worldly kingdom and if they fall our worldly affairs will be taken down too. good riddance though- they have dominated and killed enough people. all of the Churches are involved and are not on the good side it seems- just look what members of high clergy belong to and you will be surprised they hid a lot from us even in Church.

      • Gay Veteran


      • GSOB

        Blood moon = bad theology

        Good movie coming out soon…

        All other scripture you quoted has been fulfilled.

        • Kim

          GSOB you are being deceived if you don’t see the relevance of the blood moons

    • mattshab

      How will Investors IRA’s exactly be stolen by the banksters?

      • boozie boo


      • El Pollo de Oro

        Mattshab: The banksters will do the same thing in The Banana Republic of America that they did in Cyprus. When they run into trouble, they’ll simply reach into accounts (including IRAs) and help themselves to a percentage of it. The banksters set a very dangerous precedent in Cyprus when they looted bank accounts. So whenever some Obamabot calls Alex Jones or Gerald Celente “paranoid,” I have one word for them: Cyprus.

        • Eric Lopez

          I don’t see it happening here. Why would the central banksters do that when they can just as easily add credits and not alert the public via Fed Inc manipulation/inflation tax?

    • tayronachan

      Ann Barnhardt is good too.

  • Mike Smithy


    • Tim


    • Scared Economist

      Same way the Roman Empire fell. A slow agonizing decline until it got to the point where theirenemies just walked in and looted what they wanted.

      • Annette Smith

        aren’t we opening the door for them to come in now? you betcha’!

    • CharlesH

      I agree with you, I too believe we’re already in the “collapse”. The final blow to our once great nation will be the collapse of the stock markets. Even stupid, uninformed Americans will not miss that. The U.S. economy is on one knee now, it wouldn’t take much to completely bow us over,. This whole thing makes me sick.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      That’s exactly how I see it: death by 1000 cuts. Or maybe death by 100,000 cuts.


        When the QE stops, look out.

      • ChingatchCroute

        Trillions of cuts! (QE)


      The Crash was in 29 but the bottom was not reached until 32. There were some positive developments after that but things started going off the rails again in 37 and 38. What finally pulled us out of the Depression was WWII.

    • Eric Lopez

      If 100 years of dollar devaluation didn’t clue you in sooner than 4 years ago, I’m not sure there’s hope for the middle class getting out of this in tact. The founding fathers of America would have predicted the collapse in 1913.

  • jj

    I am not so sure the copper is down due to a lack of demand. In fact warehouse inventories at the LME and comox are near 5 year lows. I think it is more likely a liquidation by a hedge fund perhaps. Either way, seems to me that copper is providing a awesome contrarian trade opportunity and I will pick some up in the morning. Just way to many people talking negative about it, so it will likely have a nice bounce up.

  • Wakulla Prepper

    Recent new car sales have been in large part to folks with very low credit scores (about 600). This can only mean sales will collapse as soon as the economy turns down, or this bottom of the barrel demand is satisfied. Car prices will then drop significantly, as they did in 2008, good news for those who wait to buy until such time. After this downturn in US cars sales I would expect to see the auto manufacturers to go bankrupt along with much of the retail sector in the next recession. So if one can afford it this could be a last chance to buy an American car. European car sales are already in major decline.

  • Bubba Johnson

    After reading numerous articles here, my feeling is a great big YES, I AGREE. Meaning you are not nuts. MADNESS

  • DJohn1

    Copper is a very interesting factor.
    For instance all our cent coins are made of it. Or were . . .
    I suggest the copper cent is probably worth more than the coin value right now. I wonder what they will make future cent coins out of?
    Both copper and silver are a useful indicator of the worth of a currency. Theoretically at least these metals back up the worth of a currency. Paper seems to have no value.
    There was a movement to do away with our copper coins. It seems to have misfired.
    Then there is the use of copper in all our house wiring. How many houses have been abandoned and then stripped of all the copper wiring in the building?
    So to a lesser extent, copper is a commodity similar to gold.

    • jaxon64

      The US cent has not been made of copper since 1982.
      You are right about one thing- the value/cost of the zinc cent (which is copper plated “clad”) is almost 2c per coin.
      A wonderfull example of govt efficiency–a cent that costs them 2c to produce and a nickel whose metallic content is worth 7.8c each…amazing we haven’t nuked ourselves with this level of brain-power running the country

    • goldminer

      ??? our modern coin money is just as worthless as our paper money.
      Just FYI. Meltdown values of 2014 American coins.
      Penny 95.7% Zinc = .01cent. A roll is worth 27 cents meltdown value.
      Quarter. Made out of a little copper and nickel. 4 cents meltdown value. A $ 5.00 roll is worth 1.65 at todays prices.
      The presidential dollar? its worth a whopping 5 cents meltdown value.
      Our coins have been made out of worthless metals since 1982 when they quit making copper pennys.
      They quit putting silver in coins in 1970.
      modern coins aint even worth melting down to cast bullets. Too light weight.
      Paper or coin. Our money is worthless.
      Unless it is real silver or copper.

      • Mondobeyondo

        As an amateur coin collector myself – you are correct.
        I try to save as many pre-’81 pennies as I can. In 1982, the Mint released both 97% copper pennies (large date) and 95% zinc pennies (small date). That’s how you can tell the difference. 🙂
        Since 1982 untll March 2014, it’s been all zinc pennies with a copper coating.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I forget what it’s called…
        Gresham’s Law?!?
        “Bad money chases out good money”… How many pre-1965 dimes and quarters do you run across? And how many pre-1981 pennies?

  • Rufus T Firefly

    I think you are nuts. You asked for it.

  • Nicknakthetruthspeaker

    Nuts? No, why? We have a worldwide crisis every 7 to 10 years. So it could be in 2015 or in 2018.
    Could be today too.

  • DJohn1

    When I evaluate the currency I look at factors.
    The price of a gallon of gasoline.
    In 1968, it was approximately 34.9 cents per gallon with fluctuations of about 5 cents. Today it is around $3.75 a gallon in my community. With fluctuations of about 20 cents.
    The price of an ounce of gold. In 1968 it was 35 dollars an ounce. Today it is around $1500-1700 an ounce and it fluctuates wildly.
    The price of groceries. Milk prices are up about 20 cents a gallon over last year this time.
    What does it take to rent an apartment or a house? In 1968, i rented a two bedroom apartment for $85 a month. For $129 a month, I bought a small brick home. Now we are looking at about $500-$700 for the same apartment and about $800 a month for a similar house.
    Basically we are looking at a devaluation in actual value of about $1=$10 on basic commodities. With exceptions on various commodities.
    So if you made a salary of $85 in 1968, to equal it would take about $850 in today’s money. This is all very generalized and not true in many cases. But it is a good rule of thumb.
    Now the income taxes on $85 do not come close to the income taxes on $850. So there is a discrepancy between what we were able to purchase in 1968 with an $85 income over what we can purchase today with $850.
    If you were married in 1968, the taxes favored married status. Today it is the opposite.
    I maintain that this godless bunch of bureaucrats in our government are responsible for the downgrading of the middle class of this country. The above generalized facts are rule of thumb proof that this is the truth. Until we get rid of this bunch down in D.C. and find people that are honest to take their places, nothing will change, except it will get worse.

    • carefix

      In 1978 I bought a 3 bed fully modernised house in the UK on a 25 year mortgage and it cost me £11.50 a week which I guess is around $18 a week using current exchange rates. It was pretty amazing even then! At the time a typical weekly wage was around £100 ($167) a week.

      • warp

        I’d think an exchange rate of ~4:1 would make more sense for then, but I don’t remember it.

        • carefix


          You might be right on the 4:1. Certainly in the 1960s we called the half crown a half a dollar and there were eight to a pound. Still my house at the start of the mortgage was about 11.5% of the typical wage. I did once nearly buy an entire house for £25 back then!

  • btb

    It is amazing to see the state of delusion america is in, we have been so dumbed down through a pathetic educational system, discussting Hollywood movies and a culture obsessed with self gratification, to name a few. I’m afraid for America, in many ways we aren’t ready for whats coming.
    Thank you for keeping us posted Mike!

    • phillip

      Hooked on phonics, eh?

    • ian

      nothing is coming but more of the same for many many many years. Calm down.

    • Josh Baca

      Self Gratification, and INSTANT gratification. I took a friend’s son fishing this past weekend, and he couldn’t leave the line in the water for more than literally 20 seconds. He wanted to go home and play minecraft. Pathetic….

    • Annette Smith

      disgusting movies, for sure! and tv is now no different.

  • dontcallmeafool

    I spent some money today buying one once silver coins. I understand that silver is under $21.00 an ounce but the coins were selling at $26 each. I wonder if this says something about where we are headed if silver can be expected to sell for so much more than it closes at on a given day? I hope I’m not the fool for spending money buying some coins…..

    • R.A. Brown

      Get more! Remember that pre-1965 coins are only 90% silver. Be careful out there buying precious metals.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You’re not a fool for saving up pre-’65 dimes and quarters.
      One pre-1965 Washington quarter is worth- $3.55
      But as others have said, be careful. There are coin scammers out there, just like evey other business it seems.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Were you buying Morgan or Peace dollars by any chance? It’s normal to have some sort of a markup… 1) Age of the coins, 2) Retailer has to get his profit

    • carefix

      You have dealer premiums over spot for PMs. The silver market is manipulated by the banksters and the spot price is now below production costs for primary silver miners. If you shop around you can get about $2.50 over spot but you are buying at a very good time. Silver is immune to infaltion and world supplies are very low. Medium and long term prices will skyrocket. They may be on the move now so buy much, much more. I have a big shipment coming later in the week.

  • Ideas Time

    Let’s look at Ideas and questions. The fed is likely creating 200 plus billion a month while telling the public they are tapering. Why would they do this? To enhance the illusion that everything is okay. It has been reported that 1/2 of all stocks are counterfeit. Money is so why not stocks? Don’t forget that the fed said they bailed out the system with monopoly money and it was leaned later that they pumped reserves up to 16 trillion to their buddy banks. Why would they do it? Simple because the money in US dollars is huge and they can get away with it for a long time while feathering their nests at the expense and value of existing money. The whole system is a fraud and backed up by the fake legal system. They get to spend it first and buy up valuable assets all over the world.

    When the system collapse again it will be our fault and a false flag followed by war to bring us all in line. They will tell us we need to get behind them to support their war effort and kill of the bad guys that include us.

  • Ideas Time

    Watch shipping and Wallmart.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Keep your eye on the Baltic Dry Index.

    • k

      Shipping doesnt fully reflect demand side growth economics, mostly supply side. Same with baltic dry index.

  • davidmpark

    I think you have valid concerns.

    We “invest” in copper coins as often as possible (meaning I get a box of pennies from the bank and take out the pre-1983 coins and return the zinc ones – no loss, and I go through it when the insomnia hits). This and the nickels are pretty much the best we have, and can afford.

    A market crash is inevitable. And to throw it out there; I don’t think all this is being orchestrated by international banking cartels or secret societies – I think we are going through this because those nasty institutions and such are going through their own collapse. They have been exposed for the last while, their choices in leadership are childish morons, and they already went too far. That’s why the bailouts and crackdowns are going on right now – they are desperate to hold onto power; not trying to take over. They never possibly could take total power and have already failed: this is their death throws, and we are all suffering for their presence where it shouldn’t’ve been.

  • Putin is going to put his boot in Americas spokes.
    It will not be his fault.
    That will belong to Obama & Co.
    Putin will steer China, India, Brazil and a few more into investing in a basket of currencies allowing them to abandon the Petro dollar.
    Then the most awesome God damned event to ever take place on the planet for all time will be well under way.
    Good luck everyone.

  • Mondobeyondo

    There’s been lots of burglaries involving theft of copper wire, copper pipes, etc. Those burglars may be on to something.

    • FirstGarden

      I saw a funny sight today. I was walking down the sidewalk near work and saw 3 TV’s. They were all opened and gutted, except for the picture tube.

  • frank1569

    ‘But if we do not learn from the past then we are doomed to repeat it.’

    “There’s a financial crisis every 5 to 7 years.” ~ JPMorgan Chase CEO Jami Dimon, testifying to Congress.

    2008 + 5 to 7 years = tick… tick… tick…

  • Nick-Dog

    I think you are nuts, but definitely agree. 🙂

  • k


    In 2008 both the mainstream economy and the financial markets collapsed.

    But i feel this time that everything that can be done, will be done to prevent a crash/collapse of the most important financial markets ( Some commodity markets like oil markets, banks, derivatives etc, stock markets in countries that matter economically). And also by preventing problems of the mainstream economy from spilling over into them. If rumblings of an economic crash begin.

    i say the same thing to my friends, girl friend.

  • Jonas Van poucke

    copper tanks and inflationon food is way up. So as copper is priced in dollars it’s down even more for the chinese!!!

  • Adam

    I love how Michael always says ‘none of this means the crash could happen this year’ after acting like it will happen tomorrow. All his articles act like it is just about to happen. Four years ago he wrote articles like it was just about to happen. Guess what? You all are as good as dead if it happens so live your life and stop worrying about things that are out of your control. Then again, all the advertisements and the money they bring in is the main reason Michael writes the same article every other day anyway. Oh, and Michael, people are destroying your poorly written book left and right on Amazon. Many of them say you write like a five year old.

    • A Creative Writing Major

      I saw a few problems with the book upon reading the first couple of pages on Amazon. The biggest tings that stood out to me were: use of passive voice (the phone rang not the phone was ringing) and long dialogue that did nothing but tell and lecture to the intended audience. I just did not see the urgency for Tom to buy a plane ticket and see Hannah based on the dialogue. Nothing that would make me drop everything, no immediate sense of danger or any type of action to speak of.

      My recommendation before the next book is attempted is to go to the library and check out a book about writing fiction. Oh wait a minute; do people go to the library anymore?

      • Guest

        I think you’re just jealous that he has actually written a book and that it was published.

        • A Creative Writing Major

          It is not about being jealous moron. It is about stating some tips that he can use for his next book. Get over yourself. Michael knows this critique is 100% on the money.

          • thegreatplains

            If your the expert explain this long winded gibberish.

            “The biggest tings that stood out to me were: use of passive voice (the
            phone rang not the phone was ringing) and long dialogue that did nothing
            but tell and lecture to the intended audience.”

            Here you may copy and paste this proper edited version.

            The biggest things that stood out to me. Were the use of passive voice. “The phone was ringing” should be. The phone rang. The long dialogue also did nothing, but tell and lecture to the intended audience.

            please note the corrected spelling and properly constructed sentences. This is 100% on the money

          • Ray

            Oh did the lap dogs get their feeling hurt because their BFF was given some helpful instructions?

            Jeez you must also be in the Ron Paul is God and can do no wrong camp.

            PS lap dog your first sentence where you put a period after the word me does not make any sense.

            I just love hero worshipers they are my fave because they can’t separate their man love from the truth.

          • Sarah

            Your ‘corrected’ sentence, isn’t even correct. Back to primary school for you.

    • FirstGarden

      Say, how’s the pay for trolling?

    • Sarah

      Took the words straight out of my mouth. These articles are so extravagant, because he needs to keep the ads that are running down both side of the page, coming.
      I also hate how he acts like the crash is coming in the next month, and then adds an out clause for himself ‘but all this really means nothing, and everything I just geared you up to happen, may not actually happen at all.’
      All you storing up food; expect the food to rot before any of this actually comes around. And the reality is, if it did happen, I would be in your house and gone with your stores, faster than you could blink.

      • Adam

        Michael is a greedy d-bag who is clueless to peak oil prices.


    -Obama wants to add another trillion of debt. We are on our way to 20 trillions by the end of 2016. Next stop, 25 trillions. Right now, interest rates are low. When they return to “normal” levels, the “vigorish” will devour us. How shall we pay for this? We won’t.
    -Boomers turn 65 at the rate of 10K/day. This will go on for the next 16 years. The unfunded liabilities for SS and Medicare exceed 60 trillions and more depending on who you read. How shall we pay this? We won’t.
    -We are told the production of pennies and nickels is too expensive. Need to switch to cheaper metals. LBJ pulled this trick way back when, replacing silver in the coinage with copper. I was a paperboy way back then. An aged customer, a Depression survivor, advised me to hold onto all silver coins.
    -We are facing another Cuban Missile Crisis in the Crimea. The War Drums are pounding. My money is on the KGB colonel. If Obama thinks he can best Putin in a Vodka Drinking Contest, he is wrong.
    -Due to QE the dollar is a loser as the Reserve Currency. The World wants a “reset”. When that happens, it will be a replay of the Day the Earth stood still.
    Michael gets a lot of flack about writing Doom and Gloom. I remind everyone that only a very few realized we were facing catastrophe until 2008 was on us! Give me the date of the collapse and I shall be richer than Soros. We do not know when Vesuvius will erupt again but we can hear the rumblings.

    • Mike Smithy

      Well stated. The Globalist want a reset. However, the New World Order will be without a middle class.

  • ian

    Are we going to see this article next year and the year after and the year after. Until the next republican sham artist gets into office, then it will probably stop, and everything will be magically alright again, and people will be called traitor or ‘america haters’ for saying we are in a recession. This is all that is going to happen in the next 6-8 years, so put away you rifles and your stockpile of canned goods.


  • Richard O. Mann

    Throw in China, Russia, and all the other hot countries in the world right now, and I would say “yes, some thing is about to happen”. The exact date is hard to pin down, but I would say that by the end of 2014, the status quo as we know it, will not longer be.

  • Guest

    Most people tend to become more pessimistic as they reach mid-life. The notion of their on demise, the demise of those whom they love and the demise of those whom they hold in high esteem brings on a sense of foreboding toward everything and everyone around them. This negativism is hard to overcome, but the first step in overcoming it is to understand its presence. Michael, I think you need counseling. There is a place for pessimism, but to make pessimism your life’s pursuit is a little strange.

  • Guest

    Most people tend to become more pessimistic as they reach mid-life. The notion of their demise, the demise of those they love and the demise of those they hold in high esteem brings on a sense of foreboding toward everything and everyone around them. This negativism is hard to overcome, but the first step in overcoming it is to understand its presence. Michael, I think you need counseling. There is a place for pessimism, but to make pessimism your life’s pursuit is a little strange.

    • chris

      I find Michael to be a far better read than the MSM, which is usually hopelessly optimistic.

  • CIA

    The stock market crashes every 3 to 7 years on average. 2001, then 7 years later in 2008. Where are we now? In my opinion, there has never been a real recovery. What can the FED do this time? They have already pulled every trick in the book to try to keep the ship afloat.

  • MadMoto

    Your doom and gloom is becoming a bit old. While I do believe some of the information you give is great and very telling, your ability to accurately predict “The Event” has been proven as fallacious as the banker’s growth numbers. You’re no better than they are.

  • 2Gary2

    While (the southern conservative is) living in a run down single wide
    with 5 kids by 25 years old and thinks the person going to bat for them –
    Obama – is a Muslim. About as uneducated as you can get.

    Another conservative owned by a liberal:

    BURR: On average, how many Canadian patients on a waiting list die each year? Do you know?

    MARTIN: I don’t, sir, but I know that there are 45,000 in America who die waiting because they don’t have insurance at all.

    • Guest

      Oh, you’re one to talk. Some time last year you mentioned that you’re wife was divorcing you. Did she go through with it?

      • guest2.0

        He is right about people in America who die because they do not have insurance and cannot get medical procedures that would save their life.

      • 2Gary2

        Yes she did. I did find out it is amazing how easy it was to meet women on the dating sites. Said women are not afraid of getting physical. I have made a lot of lemonade out of a bad situation.

        • whodunnit

          So what you’re telling us is that, you’re into ‘water sports’ ?
          You like the occasional golden shower while screaming “punish me Obama”…… Wow, waaay too much info dude.

        • Killer Virus

          Did you copy and paste your wedding vows?

  • Martin

    Here in Canada , the Pennies were taken out of ciculation a few months ago, everything is rounded to the nearest dime now, I havent seen a Penny in a while now. Did that factor into the price of Copper?

  • fx1012

    I think your articles are always well researched and timely
    Michael… keep up the faith and the good work…

  • Daniel Yuhasz

    I think it will be ok for 2014 but then get out of risky assets and be completely out by 2016. Maybe metals will do better then. I feel like we did not yet have a real recovery from 2008- just an artificially created recovery in stocks. it did help but may not be a lasting recovery until we really address the issues in our economy. I just wonder what will happen to the dollar. Will there be anywhere safe to put your money?

  • none

    Counties are now printing more coins out of cheaper metals. SInce you can melt them down, and get more than you paId for them.
    Also the amount of debit cards has increased!

  • JasonD

    Copper has many industrial uses, including wiring, manufacture of circuit boards, alloys, and PLUMBING. Today, copper is becoming thoroughly obsolete for use in plumbing as everybody is now rapidly adopting PEX, and few are using copper pipe. Most old work and new work is being done with PEX. That is at least a very big factor.

  • Hammerstrike

    Michael, you have an idea how bad 2008 crash really was?

  • tbill618

    I think everyone shouldn’t lose sight of one thing. The bigger the fall the greater the buying opportunity. Just look at this collapse as a huge bull market in cash.

  • Wholewitt

    I would expect the price of copper to drop in any slow down and while the trend is down lately it is not down by much. It seems a good idea to keep an eye on it from your article. I think the major problem will be China’s credit bubble.

    Its too bad the Rupublican House has sought fit to block meaningful legislation to stop derivatives by the major banks. This has allow the US to walk up to the financial cliff again and like the Ted Cruz’s attempt at financial terrorism (government shut down and attempt to default on our debt) they will be the cause of our downfall. All those who vote for them are also responsible since they love to elect the nut cases.

  • Lars Lonte

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