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3 Of The 10 Largest Economies In The World Have Already Fallen Into Recession – Is The U.S. Next?

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Global RecessionAre you waiting for the next major wave of the global economic collapse to strike?  Well, you might want to start paying attention again.  Three of the ten largest economies on the planet have already fallen into recession, and there are very serious warning signs coming from several other global economic powerhouses.  Things are already so bad that British Prime Minister David Cameron is comparing the current state of affairs to the horrific financial crisis of 2008.  In an article for the Guardian that was published on Monday, he delivered the following sobering warning: “Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.”  For the leader of the nation with the 6th largest economy in the world to make such a statement is more than a little bit concerning.

So why is Cameron freaking out?

Well, just consider what is going on in Japan.  The economy of Japan is the 3rd largest on the entire planet, and it is a total basket case at this point.  Many believe that the Japanese will be on the leading edge of the next great global economic crisis, and that is why it is so alarming that Japan has just dipped into recession again for the fourth time in six years

Japan’s economy unexpectedly fell into recession in the third quarter, a painful slump that called into question efforts by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to pull the country out of nearly two decades of deflation.

The second consecutive quarterly decline in gross domestic product could upend Japan’s political landscape. Mr. Abe is considering dissolving Parliament and calling fresh elections, people close to him say, and Monday’s economic report is seen as critical to his decision, which is widely expected to come this week.

Of course Japan is far from alone.

Brazil has the 7th largest economy on the globe, and it has already been in recession for quite a few months.

And the problems that the national oil company is currently experiencing certainly are not helping matters

In the past five days, 23 powerful Brazilians have been arrested, with even more warrants still outstanding.

The country’s stock market has become a whipsaw, and its currency, the real, has hit a nine-year low.

All of this is due to a far-reaching corruption scandal at one massive company, Petrobras.

In the last month the company’s stock has fallen by 35%.

The 9th largest economy in the world, Italy, has also fallen into recession

Italian GDP dropped another 0.1% in the third quarter, as expected.

That’s following a 0.2% drop in Q2 and another 0.1% decline in Q1, capping nine months of recession for Europe’s third-largest economy.

Like Japan, there is no easy way out for Italy.  A rapidly aging population coupled with a debt to GDP ratio of more than 132 percent is a toxic combination.  Italy needs to find a way to be productive once again, and that does not happen overnight.

Meanwhile, much of the rest of Europe is currently mired in depression-like conditions.  The official unemployment numbers in some of the larger nations on the continent are absolutely eye-popping.  The following list of unemployment figures comes from one of my previous articles

France: 10.2%

Poland: 11.5%

Italy: 12.6%

Portugal: 13.1%

Spain: 23.6%

Greece: 26.4%

Are you starting to get the picture?

The world is facing some real economic problems.

Another traditionally strong economic power that is suddenly dealing with adversity is Israel.

In fact, the economy of Israel is shrinking for the first time since 2009

Israel’s economy contracted for the first time in more than five years in the third quarter, as growth was hit by the effects of a war with Islamist militants in Gaza.

Gross domestic product fell 0.4 percent in the July-September period, the Central Bureau of Statistics said on Sunday. It was the first quarterly decline since a 0.2 percent drop in the first three months of 2009, at the outset of the global financial crisis.

And needless to say, U.S. economic sanctions have hit Russia pretty hard.

The rouble has been plummeting like a rock, and the Russian government is preparing for a “catastrophic” decline in oil prices…

President Vladimir Putin said Russia’s economy, battered by sanctions and a collapsing currency, faces a potential “catastrophic” slump in oil prices.

Such a scenario is “entirely possible, and we admit it,” Putin told the state-run Tass news service before attending this weekend’s Group of 20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, according to a transcript e-mailed by the Kremlin today. Russia’s reserves, at more than $400 billion, would allow the country to weather such a turn of events, he said.

Crude prices have fallen by almost a third this year, undercutting the economy in Russia, the world’s largest energy exporter.

It is being reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been hoarding gold in anticipation of a full-blown global economic war.

I think that will end up being a very wise decision on his part.

Despite all of this global chaos, things are still pretty stable in the United States for the moment.  The stock market keeps setting new all-time highs and much of the country is preparing for an orgy of Christmas shopping.

Unfortunately, the number of children that won’t even have a roof to sleep under this holiday season just continues to grow.

A stunning report that was just released by the National Center on Family Homelessness says that the number of homeless children in America has soared to an astounding 2.5 million.

That means that approximately one out of every 30 children in the United States is homeless.

Let that number sink in for a moment as you read more about this new report from the Washington Post

The number of homeless children in the United States has surged in recent years to an all-time high, amounting to one child in every 30, according to a comprehensive state-by-state report that blames the nation’s high poverty rate, the lack of affordable housing and the effects of pervasive domestic violence.

Titled “America’s Youngest Outcasts,” the report being issued Monday by the National Center on Family Homelessness calculates that nearly 2.5 million American children were homeless at some point in 2013. The number is based on the Education Department’s latest count of 1.3 million homeless children in public schools, supplemented by estimates of homeless preschool children not counted by the agency.

The problem is particularly severe in California, which has about one-eighth of the U.S. population but accounts for more than one-fifth of the homeless children, totaling nearly 527,000.

This is why I get so fired up about the destruction of the middle class.  A healthy economy would mean more wealth for most people.  But instead, most Americans just continue to see a decline in the standard of living.

And remember, the next major wave of the economic collapse has not even hit us yet.  When it does, the suffering of the poor and the middle class is going to get much worse.

Unfortunately, there are already signs that the U.S. economy is starting to slow down too.  In fact, the latest manufacturing numbers were not good at all

The Federal Reserve’s new industrial production data for October show that, on a monthly basis, real U.S. manufacturing output has fallen on net since July, marking its worst three-month production stretch since March-June, 2011. Largely responsible is the automotive sector’s sudden transformation from a manufacturing growth leader into a serious growth laggard, with combined real vehicles and parts production enduring its worst three-month stretch since late 2008 to early 2009.

A lot of very smart people are forecasting economic disaster for next year.

Hopefully they are all wrong, but I have a feeling that they are going to be right.

  • K

    I think we all know it is coming. The number of homeless children is heartbreaking. This Country will be judged for many things, homeless children will be near the top of the list.

    • Bill

      America has been looked up to as the world’s role model for many years. That has come to a sad end with the imposter in the White House. Unfortunately America’s children are going to be suffering even more in the devastation about to hit.

      • Priszilla

        In economy you see the first results of policy change after 5-10 years. In companies thats 2-4 years.
        Real changes in behaviour of societies need at least 2 generations a 25 years.

      • peace angel

        THIS ended long before Obama. We were the most hated nation on earth long before Obama because we are the MOST CONSUMPTIVE nation in recorded history and we drove up prices for basic goods and services worldwide.

        Obama made us a laughing stock all over the world along with Hillary, Holder, Pelosi, Reid and on and on and on.

    • seth datta

      Its time for all of us to find God, as the next few decades will be hellish; it already has been for some. You don’t need a book of revelations to figure it out, but some people are shills and even more have the blinders on. God allows suffering as per his own plans, and we have been far too lenient in the west in the past few decades, professing to know and love him whilst doing actions which spoke the complete opposite.

      Its time to get right with him before its too late. Even the evil and wicked among us can be saved if they truly seek his mercy.

  • Guest

    I don’t talk about the economy much anymore with those who know me. I have to admit that I’ve been wrong. Will I be proven right eventually? I don’t know. I never imagined things would continue this long. I just go to my menial job each day, work hard, go home, eat and get up the next day and do it all over again. That’s my life nowadays. I don’t care. It’ll be over soon.

    • James Rogers

      I’ve stopped talking about it as well. It seems I get shouted down by people who claim the economy is fine and doing well. People are just ignorant. I’m sick of the stupidity

      • Guest

        Well, the economy is pretty good in my area. It really is. If I didn’t know the truth from reading sites like this and Zero Hedge, I too would say there’s nothing to worry about.

        • James Rogers

          Fine, but you realize how rude that seems to. People suffering. .

        • peace angel

          The US is the most propagandized nation on earth, especially since BUSH and Obama started LYING to us all.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            I’m sorry, what lies did Bush tell?

          • Katie

            He told whatever lies he needed to keep him in office. It doesn’t matter who the president is; as soon as the next guy or gal gets elected, he or she is going to be a mouthpiece for the people who put them there (and if you want to know who, then look at the financiers). All this “GOP” this and “Democrats” that is just to give people the illusion of choice and of individual power. Maybe it wasn’t always, but now it’s all about money.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            Specifically, what lies did he tell?

          • chris

            Saying God told him to invade Iraq in 2003?

          • SAM

            So many lies. Where to begin. He ruined the lives of many including Iraqis and Afghans. He deserved to be hit with that shoe.

          • peace angel

            HE deserves to be shot. THEY all do.

            BUT that shoe thing is a really big deal to THOSE people and it was funny.

            FUNNY when it happened to Hillary also, but she has NO sense of humor. GOD did not give her that.

            HER servants for 12 years in the ARK. governors mansion called her EL DIABLO.

          • peace angel

            SO I posted a ton of links of BUSH lies. HAVE you read them???

          • Growing

            During his campaign for election as President of the United States, George W. Bush’s foreign policy platform included support for a stronger economic and political relationship with Latin America, especially Mexico, and a reduction of involvement in “nation building” and other small-scale military engagements.

            Me thinks we were fooled and you still are 🙁

          • Donald Wilson

            And POWER…The End

          • Gay Veteran

            uh, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Iraq has ties to al Qaeda, etc.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            So when Bill Clinton’s national security adviser said, “”He will use those
            weapons of mass destruction again, as he has ten times since 1983.” on Feb 18 of 1998, she was just bulls#itting?

          • Gay Veteran

            are you talking about the chemical weapons the U.S. helped Saddam develop during the Iraq-Iran war?

          • peace angel


          • FortuneSeek3rz

            Why don’t you ask Sandy Berger? It’s her statement. Stop shifting blame to compensate for your own misguided notions.

          • Gay Veteran

            sounds like you still support our war of aggression against Iraq

          • Lugnut Mon

            You mean Sandy Hamburgers,milk shakes and fries!

          • dockilldare

            we didn’t help develop anything. we gave him the weapons and the ability (plans for the production sites and reciepes for the chem weapons) to produce more.

            of course the plans reciepe for producing mustard gas and sarin is not exactly classifed.

          • Raymond Chow

            Is that it? What has the economy got to do with that?

          • Meepo


          • Bruce Hayden

            What was the question again?

        • alan

          I live in the south and its absolutely horrible. I have had to work overseas most of my life. I just helped my son move to Colorado Springs. Lots of jobs there and people are nice. He is really happy there.

          • Mike Smithy

            Yes, the Colorado Springs/El Paso County area IS what America once WAS.

          • peace angel

            AND DENVER is the new underground headquarters for the ILLUMINATI


          • Gary

            ? Somethin bads about to happen in Colorado. Please ellaborate.

          • peace angel

            I am really busy tonite an have to go. BUT go to Before It’s News and search for the ILLUMINATI ties to the Denver airport and the plans going on right now to make it a second DC headquarters.

          • Guest

            You are freak show,
            Go look for help.

          • peace angel

            JUST because you are uninformed and unresearched as I am NOT, does not make me a freak, but does make you a moron.

            I am the help for hundreds of people over the years and don’t need a thing for myself. BUT I do have forty years of researching these things and being paid well to do that research and WHEN you have the same time under your belt, hit me

            I ONLY get paid for the truth and not the LIES daily coming out of every white house for the past four decades.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            Just because you are insane doesn’t make you intelligent. Go find a bomb bunker somewhere where you can’t have contact with civilized beings.

          • peace angel

            LAST chance to stop trolling me.

            I am EXPATRIATING to a safer nation and IF you knew me at all I am not the prepping, underground type.

            AND my civilized friends love my company.

            I am very funny when not talking to uninformed trolls about really serious subjects that YOU do not get, because you troll instead of researching anything.

          • Guest2

            Don’t try to talk sense to this stuffed shirt. Remember, she knows everything. And you don’t know jack.

          • GoFUself

            She knows nothing, just wasting countless hours on web reading BS.
            Same as this nut job who is writing this BS blog.
            Ebola blah, blah, blah.
            Economy blah, blah, blah.
            Middle class blah, blah, blah…
            You are all fi_icked up on this mlog.

          • Priszilla

            Any idea why aliens would choose the US?

          • peace angel

            They did not choose just the US. THEY chose the world to invade a long time ago, like thousands of years.

            THEY have underground bases all over the world, BUT they were here long before we were in the US.

            THEY have been living underground and underwater all over the world but they are most concentrated here. I believe the reason for that and the reason they target the UK and Australia and New Zealand is because humans in those nations have been interacting with them for centuries.

            THERE is a whole lot of eye witness testimony out there from those who have interacted with those humans who the eye witnesses always have said are shape shifters.

            THEY say that the Royals in the UK and the politicians in the US and other leaders around the world shape shift from humans to alien lizards.

            THIS cannot be seen with the naked eye, but does appear regularly on camera.

            WHEN I found the trunk four decades ago it has pics and lots of accounts of this happening.

            THE eye witnesses claim to have many times seen the EVIL Queen Elizabeth shape shift and many, many other famous leaders as well.

          • Guest

            You are so gullible and will believe anything…

          • peace angel

            An opinion from the uninformed gallery.

            So that you know doing forty years of research is not the same as being gullible or believing anything.

            YOU refuse to spend the days and hours I do on research for the past forty years on this subject, so that means you are happy with being propagandized instead of doing research. AND that just makes you stupid and nobody can fix stupid.

            WHY do you use “guest” as a way to communicate with people online, so no one knows which guest the snarky remarks come from??

            Pretty shady. How about use troll or snarky or foolish or uninformed instead of guest.

            TELL people a little more about your mindset.

            HOW ‘BOUT THAT?



          • Guest

            So judgemental. It seems like the more you post the more crap you post from BIN. I am hardly uneducated. I just don’t believe everything I read on BIN. Seems like your 40 years of research on the NWO has made you blind to reality that meets somewhere in the middle.

          • peace angel

            Calling a person gullible and starting thee drama is SO JUDGMENTAL (correct spelling) and to me unbelievable for anyone to do without doing your own research.

            I ONLY found BIN a few months ago. I originally found a trunk filled with the same info on BIN forty years ago and then I began going to the library and using the material I copied from that trunk OVER several months in my barn to submit articles to political publications and the FBI visited every time I did.

            I spent two decades at libraries across the country getting the same info I found in the trunk and today all of it is on BIN. NOT CRAP, BUT FACT. ALL of this stuff is DOCUMENTED in gov. drafted documents. IT is easily verifiable.

            AND during that two decades I was working writing speeches/LIES for BOTH DC parties I saw and herd all this first hand from Senators and Congressmen.

            THEY speak about the NWO and “thinning the herd” and “false flags” ALL the time behind closed doors.

            NOT only that since the FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT was passed ALL of this in on TV on lots of channels.

            I JUST don’t believe everything I read on BIN. IN fact, I actually only use about 15 different sources for the underground political news I do today.

            AND I have lots of my own sources that I developed while I was in DC as well.

            I KNOW what is real and what is NOT real, so I have no problem KNOWING who is LYING and who is a gov. disinformationist or misinformationist.

            WHEN you know the truth no one can bamboozle you. I am sorry you and others don’t care. WE could have stopped all this.

            LOTS of Americans are EDUCATED often by mis and dis informationists in public schools and liberal colleges.

            THAT is not the same as being INFORMED.

            IT is easy today to send people to BIN for PROOF of what I say, BECAUSE IT IS ALL THERE.



          • X-Ray

            Hey Guest, bow down to Peace Angel – the Belligerent Windbag.

          • peace angel

            Excuse me “belligerent truther”

            BIG difference Jr. high name caller.

            AND no one is asking anyone to even believe anything I say. NEVER. I expect people to do their own research and NOT believe anything I say.

            But most just name call and keep trolling.

          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

            You’re an a s s h o l e. It would be EASY to dredge up all your posts and make a huge compilation of all the NAMES YOU HAVE CALLED PEOPLE.

            Next time you go shopping, buy a brain. Because the one you have now does not exceed the parameters of a pea.

          • peace angel

            SO guest2 you made up a name especially for me.

            I am beginning to think that you and the last two guys are all the same TOOL/TROLL.

            YOU ARE OUT. I believe Michael has told me he can get you deleted from Discus also. Emailing him right now.

            NO ONE in more than a year has ever talked to me or anyone else on this site like you talk and IF you come back again, I will KNOW it.

          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

            Read the book of Proverbs. It is all about you, full of contrasts of the wise and fools. You fit the latter to a T.

            There are so many techy workarounds to websites. But, you assume much:

            You assume that I would WANT to come back.

            You assume that I am the same person as others, who perhaps were trolls.

            There is so much for you to know. So much for you to learn.


            – OR –


            I prefer to believe the latter.

          • peace angel

            STILL not reading your garbage, but now hear this.

            DUE TO THE FACT that NO ONE has EVER since the very beginnings of the internet spoken to me like you have and no one has come out of nowhere jumping into other convos with other people BUT you, it will be really easy to know if you come back to stalk me ever again, so don’t.

            I also have a cousin who is an NSA military intelligence agent in charge of internet tracking and hacking.

            If you do not stop stalking me then he will be in YOUR computer and connected to your IP address and YOU will like him FAR less than you like me.

            I do not tolerate stalking and you are and have been stalking me for days.

          • Guest

            Is the Earth round or flat?

          • peace angel

            “What difference at this point could it possibly make??? ”

            hillary clinton on the benghazi hearings to congress

          • X-Ray

            Bow down to Peace Angel – the Belligerent Windbag.

          • guest2

            Hey Puss “Angel” – We are so tired of hearing your self-aggrandizement about your forty years of research. As though no one else knows anything around here. You are a massive insult to the community. Hurry up to Ecuador where you think the sky is not falling, Chicken LITTLE.

            Folks here know a lot more than you give them credit for. And many of them are prepping. And those unsure come here for useful info that might substantiate the things that they are already sensing. They are looking for answers, but have to look AROUND that boastful, stuffed-shirt WINDBAG to see straight, and get good reliable info.

            And, it’s not that the info YOU give is inaccurate or incorrect.

            It’s that you wear so much hostility on your sleeves and belittle anyone who even questions you.

            You are such a wimp inside, just dying to get some notoriety, and the OOs and AHs of everyone for your forty years of research.

            The truth is, you are WAYYYY over-focused. Like one who takes a nickel and put it right in front of their eye with the other one shut. To that person, all the world is a nickel. All kinds of people do that. The psychologist studies psychology, then, (if he’s not careful), sees the whole world thru the looking glass of psychology, without context, objectivity or other points of reference.

            And this is what you have done with conspiracy theory (however true or untrue it may be – that’s besides the point.) The point IS that you have lost context. It has all gone subjective to you. And you can’t handle anyone trying to offer you a little objectivity. You immediately demonize them, or ridicule them, and ALWAYS talk DOWN to them. You make yourself out to be superior, a know it all.

            And after a while, no one gives a rat’s behind about your self-aggrandizing, self venerating and exalted “forty years of research.”

            Who cares, when you makes such a TOTAL A S S out of yourself???

            You sound like a broken record, and you can’t learn anything from anyone.

            You make a total bummer out of this place. Who wants to hear you carry on, huffing and puffing, always blowing another’s house down?

            You a such a sorry, miserable old shrew, who demands obeisance from everyone for your forty years of research.

            How can you claim to know anything about God when you are so busy worshiping yourself??

            How can you even TALK about God and Jesus??

            For those who are looking on at your caustic, acidic rants, and your self-exalting obsessions about yourself, they would ask themselves:

            “Is this what God is like? Is this what Jesus is like? Or someone who claims to to know Him?? If this is what God is like, then I want nothing to do with it!”

            Try wrapping your very. very small mind around THAT!

            Lastly, reincarnation comes from Hinduism, not Jesus Christ. You are so delusional to claim that Jesus requires cyclic rebirth of us, to be readied, as it were, for heaven. You are way out of your league here. Saying such things reveals enormous ignorance on your part. Stay out of religion, lest you do it more damage here.

            Anyone who is really aware and studied does not buy into such New Age idiocy. I don’t care what you claim to have seen or heard. Countless real scholars in this area can easily destroy such fashionable notions coming from the whims and wants of a would-be revelator. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. It’s embarrassing to see such words come from you, because you claim to know so much.

            Satan can transform himself into an “angel of light”, and quite frankly, you wouldn’t know the difference.

            You go by the name “Peace Angel” and you are neither peaceable nor angelic. You are more like unto a satanic “angel of light”.

            How can I say this?
            “Out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks.”

            If you could suddenly see yourself, and what an object of manipulation you have become in the hands of satan, you would scream and want to crawl under the nearest rock.

            But you do not have eyes to see, to spiritually discern, and so go on following the deceptive tweeterings of your own heart.

            Others have tried to speak into your life, but you would not listen. But a time is coming when you WILL listen, because you will be dead.

            No longer will you be your own god, aggrandizing yourself over so-called learnedness and puffed up imaginings.

            Again, not because you don’t know anything, but because you seem to think you’re the ONLY one who knows anything; and if others do not dot the “i” and cross the “t” like you do, then they instantly become the object of your ridicule and derision.

            You are extremely immature, malignant and foolish. The worst thing you could do to yourself is carry on just like you have, because you are so obvious.

          • guest2

            Research THAT, your Highness..
            since you’re so high on yourself.

          • Guest2

            Well, if you don’t believe every little thing the Blowhard says, then you are a “moron.”

          • Gary

            Thank you Peace Angel. I have read most of that material and viewd a lot of the videos. For a long time, a very long time that information consumed my life. Today I do not worry about it at all. I can’t live in fear.

            Fear casts it’s shadow, but that is only possible because there is a greater light behind it- watching over those in the shadow. That Light is Jesus Christ. It is Him I fear.

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            You need serious help or a hobby.

          • peace angel

            LOOK that is enough. I do not want to rock back and forth with you, so stop thinking you KNOW anyone online or that YOU are a doctor and prescribing help for anyone.

            I have many hobbies and engage daily, but my move is taking up a lot of my time. I do believe everyone should have one. ALL mine revolve around doing volunteer work and mentoring young blacks and lots of fun beach playing, swimming, skating, sailing, water skiing and going to the gun range with my girls. I’m good in the hobby department. I am very busy and active.

            NOW—STOP trolling me. THAT is not allowed here either. I do not have time to be reading anything from anyone who is living with their head in the sand. PERIOD.

            I am over the insults and name calling, so go away.

        • Lugnut Mon

          Money is the most evil stuff around.It’s the cause of every ones problems. It’s Satan’s toy.

      • Priszilla

        The shares of the arms industry grew by 10% at the beginning of the new war against is. Raytheon bagged 215million tax money for new tomahawks.

        • Gay Veteran

          no war profits without war!
          the government screams “terrorism” and the government seizes more power and the military industrial-surveillance complex steals $TRILLIONS of our tax money

          • Priszilla

            Nobody steals the money. It is given to them by non-voters who don’t care. They believe it’s a protest.

          • Gay Veteran

            non-voters? doesn’t matter, Democrats and Republicans are 2 sides of the same coin

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            Same thing for people who vote Republican or Democrat. Either way you vote, you’re one in the same.

          • Priszilla

            Only 30% vote – half rep half dem. 70% don’t replace them with an alternative.

      • kay

        yeah but maybe we, the readers of this blog, are the ignorant ones. if its gone on this long, tptb will keep it going forever,everyone know all the #s are lies,,,but so what, economy still working.

    • guest

      You’ve still got time to prepare.

      • Guest

        I have been preparing for many years now.

      • peace angel

        HOW do you prepare for a total take down of the US???

        WHEN 40 guys with military tanks and SWAT teams and MRAPS and military grade weapons and ammo kick in your door in the middle of the night, HOW do you prepare for that???

        • Priszilla

          Don’t live there. Get a better door. Remove all street names like the English did.

          • alan

            LOL, Hum no GPS back then.

          • peace angel

            Don’t live where? Get a better door?? WHAT do you mean?

            WHEN did the English remove their street names?

          • Priszilla

            You asked how to protect against us troops kicking down your door.
            Simple physics don’t be where those swat teams are. They can’t be in two places at the same time.
            The English removed their street signs in ww2 to befuddle the Germans.

          • Guest2

            Careful, you might p i s s off the P i s s Angel.

          • peace angel

            WE have no problem communicating without getting pissed off, but thanks for getting involved. I love name callers. Just like Jr. High

          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

            You were baptized in p i s s.
            YOU ARE THE NAME CALLER. Now suck your thumb and go crying to Michael because someone DARED to call you in for what you are.

            You are absolutely incapable of humbling yourself, so it’s easier just to get others banned so that you can continue to diss and p i s s – because you are THE p i s s “angel”.

            You are so evil.

          • peace angel

            So, at night time people should not sleep in their own houses and then what?

            I still don’t get it.

            AND that is what I thought you meant about the street signs.

            DID it work and with GPS wouldn’t that not work today?

        • alan

          There won’t be. Its slowly happening and you won’t even know it when it hits. It won’t even make the news.

          • peace angel

            I don’t understand what you mean. There won’t be what?

            SWAT teams coming to take you away?

            THEY already are. Obama has not quietly rounded up the homeless he has taken to the camps even.

            In my state the round up was on the MSM news with footage on the news of cops literally dragging people off the streets and into cop cars with the mayor in the same news report justifying dragging them to a FEMA camp.

            IT is brutal. Citizens are getting footage in LA, Chicago and Miami of the same thing. It is making the news but not the White House news which is the only news on TV.

            But these things are in alternative news all over the place.

            It is now against the law to grow any food for sale without using the gov. mandated poisons to grow it. SWAT teams are on alternative news rounding up mom and pops for side of the road vege stands, most of which have been in their families for generations.

            All over the country SWAT teams are doing no knock raids on people and televising that. IT is so scary and horrifying.

            AND the master plan which is believed based on insider and whistle blower reports is to cause a major disaster nationwide and to initiate Martial law and to door to door evacuate everyone, just like they did in NOLA and to disarm everyone just like NOLA and herd everyone to the camps.

            HOW will all that not make news?

            HOW can they round up 300 million people without that being news?

            I don’t understand what you are saying.

    • alan

      We are 7 years into a collapse. So with that said there are some good days, but bad are the norm. We are slowly being suffocated and don’t realize it. You don’t die over night from cancer.

      • WK

        I wouldn’t call it a collapse, unlike Michael, but I would not call if the Great Recession either. It is not a recession (or a depression even for that matter) if the economic performance does not rebound to the original levels.. By most unbiased metrics I have seen, we are in a newly calibrated state commonly referred to as the ‘New Normal’. I call it a realignment, to a new level of lower performance.

    • Kaspar_Goering

      Why not just shoot yourself?

      It may sound harsh, but the truth is you will be as happy as you make up your mind to be.

      If you hate your job so much, take a risk and go to the nearest Labor Union in your town and apply to become an apprentice. You may learn a new trade and make more money than you are now.

      • Guest

        Wow. That’s pretty crass.

    • Guest

      Never underestimate the power of the elite to kick the can once more (or twice, etc). The real economy is a lot more resilient than most people think….. it can (&has) taken a lot of abuse….. but we are probably getting pretty close to the end – IMHO……
      & BTW, we have & the rest of the world has been in a depression or recession for a few years now, regardless of what the B[L]S states in their manipulated data set(s)

      • alan

        Yep lots of money still in 401k’s if they act fast. People are starting to use them to live off of, inflation is a bugger. My sister borrowed heavily from hers.

        • peace angel

          THE bankers already are raiding 401K’s and most people have no clue they do it.

          AND they have a plan to start cutting their values in half or more.

          Two days ago a new law passed making the FDIC no longer responsible for insuring people’s money.

          ANY money in a US controlled bank is at high risk of disappearing overnight.

          THREE of the largest banks in the US are on the verge of total collapse. THIS law makes sure the money is not insured when they crash. Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan are upside down.

          Obama is trying to steal Gold from the Philippines. According to Karen Hudes, lawyer for the WORLD Bank they are broke. Ft. Knox is an empty vault and the US is beyond broke.

          THEY are coming for the citizens money next just like they did before when Americans were ordered to sell their gold to the government for far less than it’s worth. ARMED military went door to door to get it and now it is gone.

      • peace angel

        It is a depression.

    • Gary

      Sorry to hear such sadness in your reply. I am also careful who I share this information with. It isn’t for everyone.

      Understand, most people are comfortable in blissful ignorance. But regardless, this economy will collapse and all will need a crow bar to get their jaw off the floor.

      We have the great fortune to have great enough forwarning to mentaly prepare and more importantly spiritualy. It is time to clean house and I mean thoroughly.

      I know it seems as though this has been dragging on and on, but now is not the time to hide in a cave or a bomb shelter. We are called to be witness to this great unraveling.

  • James Rogers

    The children are homeless because the mothers were hypergamous sluts who chased after bad boys and got stuck with a felons kids. If they married a decent men that kid would have a home and a dad to provide. The nation won’t be judged for these kids, the mother who spread her legs for a loser thug man will

    • K

      Wow, so none of these kids had parents that died? Or a parent that lost a job? All of them had mothers, who were sluts? There is much anger in you.

      • Guest

        Well said.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      You have no problem with the dads that abandoned their kids?

      • flailer

        OPEN YOUR EYES: Birth control, if you’ll look at the TRUTH, is 100% within the Woman’s control. 0% under Men’s control. Men, they have NO birth control what so ever. And women are throwing themselves at Men (i know this for a FACT)
        EVEN when the Man says “No” I don’t want to be a daddy, she can and often does it anyway.
        My ex totally TRAPPED me by getting pregnant, and MILLIONS of men can say the same.
        These men, like me, had their sense of HONOR & DUTY & KINDNESS & CARING used against them by a Woman. A Woman WITHOUT the honor or duty, or kindness or caring that HONORABLE men have.
        So, Men have WOKEN UP, and seen that their HONOR is being used like a WEAPON, against them, stabbing them through the heart. Through the heart in divorce court, family law, they lose their kids, house, car, 401K, and future earning for years, or even decades….
        So, now you tell me: just why in the FLYING F should men be honorable, and prop’ up this EVIL MAN HATING system that Feminism built?
        And don’t tell me it is the 18th century, ok?
        You can call me MGTOW Gone Galt, Because women are NOT worth the RISK, and the system is stacked against Men, I’ll NEVER marry again, I’ll keep all my Gold, and do my best to NEVER pay another dime in taxes to the FSA (feminist states of america) (lower case letters on purpose)
        good bye,

        • peace angel

          Ever heard of a condom??

          IT is this amazing BIRTH CONTROL FOR MEN

        • Orange Jean

          You could avoid pregnancy by not sticking your wick into the pot you know. I’m not saying it’s “FUN”… I’m saying it’s an option. Also, you picked her (whoever it was that makes you so angry)… why did you pick that particular woman?

          Also the condom, though not 100% perfect, can work well if it’s used consistently… especially if another method is used as well. Sponge plus condom has pregnancy rates nearly equal to the birth control pill.

          And personally, I’m not a big fan of “feminism”….

          • flailer

            BEST reply!! Thank You!!
            MGTOW (men going their own way) is the ONLY viable option Men have. reference the book: Men on Strike, by Dr. Helen Smith

        • alan

          My Asian wife’s advice to my boys was…stay away from the white women. One married a white women the other Japanese. The white one is a train wreck in every way. The other an absolute doll.

          • Big Mike

            So what happened when you woke up?

          • flailer

            Good reply. At least one woman in this world is not training her Sons to be cannon fodder; to be totally spousified (trained into servitude, “manning-up” nonsense)
            BUT, that non-western woman, after being exposed to western toxic females, will become much like, or even worse than Western Women.
            NEVER trust a woman, as selfishness & duplicity are the primary driving forces.
            Don’t get me wrong, Women have & will continue to help Men, BUT only in so much that it benefits themselves.
            Watch out guys, she is seducing you in order to pillage your resources. When staying with you no longer serves her purpose, she will use the court system to RAPE you, steal your kids, and your will to live.
            Women, it is your Duplicity that is killing your soul. Quit blaming Men for your emptiness & dissatisfaction. Feminism: Thank you for helping Men to see the light about Womenkind’s nature behavior.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…My ex totally TRAPPED me by getting pregnant, and MILLIONS of men can say the same….”

          moron, ever hear of a condom?

          • flailer

            So, it’s my fault? It is my fault that she sabotaged the birth control?
            White Knights like you, that always BLAME Men, are the morons. You are the useful idiots that keep other men under the thumb of an oppressive culture.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey Einstein, were you using a condom?
            try taking some personal responsibility

        • Daystrom2012

          Did you ever hear of waiting until you’re married to engage in such activities? I know it’s a quaint notion but it works everytime it’s tried.

          • flailer

            Waiting for marriage rarely, very rarely solves the problem. It’s called Divorce, of which women file 90% of the time, and Men are TRAPPED in servitude, paying support, while she gets the house, the car, the kids, the 401K…. and he lives under the threat of being called a dead-beat & jailed.
            Put simply: Women. are. NOT. worth. the RISK

        • Orange Jean

          Also, of you know you don’t ever want to be a father… consider the vasectomy option. Or only go with women who are post-menopausal or who have had their tubes tied.

          • flailer

            ^ Second best option right here!! Best option: Stay. Away. From. Women!!! At arm’s length. Better yet: out of ear-shot.
            Even if a man gets a vasectomy he is still risks false rape charges, imprisonment, rape in prison, losing EVERYTHING in defense of himself, while after being proved innocent there is NO CHARGES, no ramifications on the woman that just destroyed his life!!
            I’ve seen it happen, first hand. career destroyed, job credentials still valid but on one will hire him, lost his wife, kids, his entire family distrust him, moved out of state, and finally decided it to end his suffering, & killed himself.
            Isn’t Feminism Fun?

      • chris

        In the UK as i suspect in the USA also it is pretty much generally accepted that young women with no prospects of getting a job or no desire to work for a living chose the option of getting pregnant to secure council paid accommodation and a life on benefits paid for by all the working people. It keeps millions of the unemployment figures so i suspect that whatever they say the politicians actually are happy with this.

        • deisad

          What did you expect?

          When you have so many people out of work and the UK being the worst of all the western industrial nations, people will continue to live on benefits.

          No jobs= welfare dependancy.

          No need to worry. The whole system will collapse soon. Its inevitable. No jobs, more welfare, more “free” NHS healthcare, no need to pay back student loans etc.

      • David Mowers

        I have a problem with a central bank that abandoned it’s people and spends all its efforts saving the wealth of the super rich from the effects of inflation and deflation.

        Maybe if it worked for the poor instead they would not be poor to begin with?

    • peace angel

      Hypergamous means “marrying up” and does not fit here with felons and not marrying??

      Does it matter that the MEN all left the women and children??

      • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

        Thank you for saying that. I am annoyed by some of the men who post here just to express their bitterness, railing against one half of the human race, all because of the few individual women who did them wrong.

        • K

          Do not be annoyed, pity them. For their rage has unhinged them. As a man, I have experienced many of the same things, they have. But I have always recognized the problem is with humankind, not any specific gender. Men and women, betray, and backstab, equally as often. The effect it has had on me, is I do not trust people as easily as I once did. Sadly in today’s society that is not so much a problem, as an asset. It is a sad and divided society we live in.

          • flailer

            WRONG. the problem is a legal & governmental issue.
            But I do agree that it is NOT right to demonize Women. After all, they are only taking advantage of the system that Feminism built for them. Men would be doing the same if laws were so biased against women.
            You da man!

        • James Rogers

          Spoken by the gender who ignores 80% of men. The gender that treats men like atm machine and sperm donors. .

          • peace angel

            DUDE you need therapy and this is NOT the place for your compartmentalized anger.

            GET a grip. THERE are websites just for scorned men and you should find one.

          • James Rogers

            I’m here because the single biggest reason we are in this situation is due to feminism and female hypergamy. . Women. Like you. Boomer women caused this, stole. Men’s jobs, divorced them and stole their homes. Stole their kids. Men refuse to marry now due to women just like you. The truth hurts. . Women are the cause of those economic disaster. Look at the National debt and see it explodes when women became the majority of voters. Women are using men to get a free ride via Alimony and child support. . You are an old woman so stop acting like you are bossing any man around.

        • peace angel

          THIS clown’s language is highly inappropriate and I told him that he will stop that kind of talk OR I will email Michael. HE will kick him off in a heart beat for you or me. He has a new site he is very busy with and I send him lots of new people BUT I didn’t send anyone here like this guy and NONE of us have to put up with that.

          THERE are a lot of new people here all of a sudden and a lot of them are using the internet for anger management and this guy is attacking the whole female populous over ONE woman and he needs to stop trolling and get some real therapy.

          HE is an idiot.

          What kind of last name is Gaeta?? Greek?

          • James Rogers

            Your female privilege is astounding

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta


          • peace angel

            I emailed Michael about this troll and he deleted his comments and banned him from the site in an hour.

            NONE of us need to listen to his vile comments and name calling of women. He needs help.

          • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

            He was getting us way off topic anyway. Stuck in self-pity mode.

        • flailer

          Wrong. (at least from my part) It is the SYSTEM that has messed it up. Feminism as a political movement, has rewritten laws so that Men’s civil rights are null & void. This “empowers” women at such a rate that they now have MORE incentives to screw men over, than they do to stay & be kind.
          She gets the house, the car, the kids, the 401K, future payments, payments from uncle sam, and now has the time to go out partying at the pubs. And can drag home any guy she chooses, into the house & bed that the ex bought and paid for, and is STILL paying for.
          She has more time, more money, more freedom. Why shouldn’t she divorce? Hell, she doenst even have to share the bathroom any longer. … While he lives in a van down my the river, or if he is lucky, the trailer park.
          Geee. Isnt feminism fun?

          MGTOW is the only viable solution men have today.

          book: Men on Strike, by Dr. Helen Smith spells it out pretty well. And no, i have no association with her.

      • James Rogers

        Women file for 80% of divorces. . A man has a right to not want a child and if a woman tries to trap a man he can leave. It’s on her. She attempted to get her way and force another human into doing things her way. It’s childish and women ruin their child’s lives doing it

        • peace angel

          WOMEN file for most divorces because the men in their lives have no clue what is going on at home.

          AS a relationship counselor I have heard a million times. “I had no clue we were not okay” and “no clue she was not happy” and “no clue she was leaving” in spite of the FACT that she had been telling him she was not getting her needs met and was not happy for YEARS.

          CLEARLY this is YOUR personal experience you have projected onto all women in the human race and IF you cannot see how skewed this is, then take it from a PRO. YOU need help.

          • flailer

            So, if, as you admit, that the majority of Women are filing for divorce, HOW in the world can you give blanket excuses for the how and why?
            Your Gyncocentrism is showing. (yes, I agree, my gynocentrism shows up far too often too)
            In short Women must be accountable for their behaviors, just as Men are.
            Don’t just let them off the hook.

          • peace angel

            You KNOW nothing about my relationship with men and I don’t want to hear anything from you about your relationships with anyone.

          • K2

            Women file for most divorces because they get the most out of divorces. Also about needs not being met, sometimes they are really not met by men, and sometimes they really have more needs than the men in their lives can satisfy. It is not a black and white world where only men or only women are at fault in marriages or society.

          • peace angel

            You jumped into a three day conversation which began with an article about Bill Cosby.

            THE comments that were deleted by Michael, dozens of them started with a raw and filthy attack on all women in the world.

            The commenter showed very early on that he HATES all women and he has an OBSESSION with feminists and feminism. I explained I once had a two hour convo with the Pres. of the Nat’l. Org for Women demanding she cease and desist in telling the world that SHE and NOW speak for ALL women.

            I explained to this guy that I have fought against the divisive nature of feminism.

            He used the worst words known to any of us to attack ME and all women.

            HE alleged that ALL divorces are filed by WOMEN. ALL of them and that ALL women file for divorce so they can marry up, using the word
            hypergamous to say “marrying up” a word I have never heard and had to look up.

            HE clearly said that this is what happened to him AND that today he is obsessed with hating all women. He is convinced that ALL women divorce broke men to marry a man with money, when in FACT the opposite has been true over the past three decades. During my adult life far more MEN have left their wives and families to marry their much younger secretary or co-worker or whatever. Betty Broderick was one of literally millions of baby boomer women this happened to.

            THE reason it really stood out is because NEVER in the history of mankind has this happened on such a broad scale to a whole generation of women anywhere.

            Yes, it had happened before in history but not to a whole nation of women over a couple of decades.

            MOST of these women were NOT feminists and they chose to parent and not work and most of them had NEVER had a job in their lives and had to go feed their families while he lavished his new concubine.

            Families all over the nation were destroyed by this “baby boomer” phenomenon. AND it was in the news all over the world as families here broke apart as the men abandoned them.

            During the middle of this phenom of course Gloria Steinham was all over the place and ONE day I heard her on Oprah saying

            “A 40 year old woman with a child or children has a better chance of being hit by a train than she has of finding a husband.”

            IT was the only thing she ever said that I agreed with but she was right and as a relationship and rape counselor I began to alert women to this fact and encourage them to JUST raise their kids and to NOT be bringing strange men into their children’s lives.

            SO, this was a long and disturbing thing that as I said lasted for days.

            I stopped talking to him when I realized how sick he is and of course was talking with Michael about it in emails.

            From the first posts he was deleting all his comments and he came back over and over with a new name and would jump back into this thread and pretend he was someone else in ONE post and then go psycho and out himself in the next.

          • K2

            a) I know its a three day old conversation. b) I am not condoning what he said.c) He is wrong that all women who divorce divorce to marry up d) You are wrong that men who divorce, divorce to marry someone younger. After divorce, when men find and marry someone younger it doesnt mean they divorced ‘because’ of that. Same with women who marry someone richer after a divorce.

          • peace angel

            I am siting a three decade trend among men that has not happened to any other generation any place around the world.

            I did lots of research on it for a couple of lawyers who were writing a book on the subject and they and many news sources called this an unprecedented epidemic for men to leave their wives and marry younger women they were already having an affair with. That is what my research was about. This did not happen to me, so unlike deleted guy, this is not personal to me. I just researched it and one of the lawyers died before they ever got the book published or I would refer you to their book.

      • flailer

        By far (i’ll say it again) BY FAR, the majority of divorces are filed by Women. Over 80%.
        Often, when Men are filing, they feel that they are forced to, due to infidelity of their wives. That takes the rate of divorce into the Woman’s control (& responsibility) to well over 90% of the time.
        So YES: Hypergamy is PLAINLY & CLEARLY being practiced by Women DAILY.
        I know this first hand, as this is what my ex did, so I looked up, and continue to research the matter.
        MGTOW is the ONLY rational option Men have in a world where Women are so empowered by laws, rules, regulations, and our culture, as to nearly ALWAYS be presumed innocent; While the man is demonized, daily.
        Going MGTOW isnt enought. Me, I’ve also gone Galt.
        ref: Men on Strike, by Dr. Helen Smith if you want the REAL FACTS.

        • peace angel

          So I get you kicked off this site and your VILE comments deleted and you immediately come back here with a new name BUT are using the same rhetoric.

          WHAT is wrong with you???

          YES, the women file the divorces because their men re cheating with other women OR they are dead inside and no longer part of the family union and for many other reasons.
          AGAIN, the men usually do not file because they are clueless they have been caught cheating and/or are clueless that there is a problem.

          No one KNOWS who or what MGTOW is or GALT but these are YOUR issues to deal with and an economic blog is not the place to do that.

          NOW I have to email Michael again and tell him you came right back here.

          • flailer

            Censorship much? I am not the same guy!
            Why are you allowed to generalize about Men, and demonize them, while your generalizations about Women let them off the hook?
            Look up the term Gynocentrism, and learn!

          • peace angel


            WHAT guy???

            IF you are not the same guy— HOW is it that another guy jumps on this site, out of nowhere and goes directly after me with the exact same story as you were using yesterday to attack me and all women with??

            IF you are not the same guy, then HOW do you know that guy???

            I haven’t demonized anyone and YOU are CLEARLY that guy. I have told you to go away and you will not. YOU really need help. YOUR hatred for women and misrepresentations of women and filthy words you use to describe ALL women are NOT wanted here.

            I already alerted Michael, again already. AND if you come back and troll me some more, I will know who you are. I know the names and people on this site, but your rhetoric and the FACT that you came back after me would not have fooled a 5th grader.

    • Gay Veteran

      self righteous a ss

      • James Rogers

        That means alot coming from you. Gay vet?

  • Mike

    Germany just avoided recession by growing by 0.1%! Let’s see how they do over the winter with the whole EU growing only 0.2%. Looks like it may all fall apart early next year.

    • Priszilla

      Germany and the rest of Europe are soaking up refugees from the middle east and Africa.
      Any improvement of the economy has to be tackled In those places.

      Arms control, land ownership, water rights, rule of law.
      And when you take away their brains you start ahain.

      • Phil from Germany

        Im not racist by any means, however, the amount a refugees here is astounding. A massive strain on local authorities. The mainly African refugees seem to wander about aimlessly, not understanding a word ogf German. No, I dont think they are ever going to leave, and will present a permanent problem that needs to be fed and housed for the rest of their lives

        • Priszilla

          That’s what happens when you make war and cut developing aid. Just transferring money so their dictators can go shopping at heckler&koch and Sig Sauer does the rest.
          The industrialised countries promised publicly to spebd 0.7% of gdp in aid. But none of them ever spent that much.

        • Priszilla

          When will the Germans start selling their property in those refugee camps and move away?

      • Mike

        The United States is being over run by the same from Mexico and South America. Of course Obama will make it worse tomorrow night.

    • Phil from Germany

      So happy I dont have any need of natural gas. Going to get cold here next week.

  • Bill

    I’m afraid the Ferguson decision will be the turning point for America. Riots couldn’t come at a worse time to destroy the happiness of the season and the financial boom that goes with it. This will be the catalyst that takes the stock market into a death spiral. From there the long awaited manure will be well into the fan.

    • kenfrombayside

      Don’t ecpect riots over P.O Wilson being acquitted. The thugs don’t like the cold and will prefer to stay indoors.

      • peace angel

        THEY have been organizing and planning to riot on a national level for weeks now with the help of Obama and the Black Panthers who are being funded by Obama to start riots there.

        HE has been spraying agitation and anger producing chemtrails over Ferguson since all this began.

        THE KKK is also organizing a run on the blacks in Ferguson after this begins.

        THE National Guard is there already.

        • Guest

          Proof/sources for your statements?

          • peace angel

            Yep there are a dozen or more articles about this from different sources on Before It’s News.

          • Guest

            And how do you source/fact check the info on BIN?

  • tree

    The end is here. This is not a recession, but a depression. There never was a recovery and never will be. As the population continues to grow, more jobs and businesses are being destroyed.

    And at the same time, the politicians, corporations and the banks keep getting more corrupt and evil by the day.

    I’ve given up on humanity. Only religion can help save our souls. If you are an athiest, start to take God in your heart and save yourself while you still have time.

    There is no hope or light at the end of the tunnel now. The end is here and civilisation is now collapsing. Brace yourselves.

  • CharlesH

    If more people were just honest with themselves, they’d see the slow unwinding of things in this world. Most economies are going down – the United States has never recovered from the last recession although the government said it ended in 2009 – hardly. Hardly anything feels “right” any more – I know it’s just not me. I have a very grave concern for the United States. There’s almost a heaviness in the air as if something foreboding is about to unfold. Time will tell I guess.

    • Douglas M. Green

      Sounds like the very beginning of the book Atlas Shrugged. I agree.

    • peace angel

      THAT heaviness in the air is the poisons emulating from the soil, water and air that the government has been poisoning for many decades.

      NOW the FUKUSHIMA radiation is poisoning the entire west coast’s food supply and water.

    • Gay Veteran

      yep, as Gerald Celente says, when all else fails they take you to war

      • peace angel


        PUTIN is telling the whole world that WWIII is inevitable because of all the false flags that Obama is pulling and blaming on Russia.

        THE beginning of the end.

    • HYMN

      Something “foreboding” has accured, the republicans have control of the house and senate.

    • James Rogers

      Feels like we are in the years leading up to a great depression or some catastrophic collapse.

  • RBurns

    The economy is regressing to the norm where there are more people in a lower economic status than middle or high. The middle class is a brief invention emanating out of post WW II. Most have had to work in low paying jobs and back in the day there was no competition for white males in the better jobs. Not so now. Politicians came up with the idea that there ought to equal outcomes for all. At the same time they believe in Darwinism only they reject survival of the fittest and in this case the best connected. College educations have been way overrated and simultaneously made hideously expensive. What a disconnect. We are watching Darwinism in action. No matter what, there will be winners and there will be masses of losers. Some prospered in the Great Depression. The little guy got crushed. The wage guy. As I drive around my area, I am amazed at how many hole in the wall businesses there are and wonder how in the world they survive. The nation won’t collapse apart from being brought down by cyber attack which is possible. But all other things being stable, it will not collapse. There will be a lot of pain for many especially those in debt. Those who are in cash will do fine. Gold will be outlawed as a medium of currency. The government will never tolerate competition with the official currency. Count on that.

  • DJohn1

    Everything you have said is true.
    In the process of greed, the corporations have moved to countries that give them no opposition to turning workers into slaves. Where work ethics do not exist.
    The problem is that the people in charge do not seem to understand how the big picture actually works.
    Economies run on the money that people have left over after they pay their bills. This money is called discretionary income.
    We are talking about the average person out there and what they have to spend after everything necessary is paid.
    One person suggested that we immediately double the minimum wage in this country to give people money to spend to revive the economy.
    I suggest a different approach. Put the money back. I mean put the money that we are now having to spend to keep our heads above water back to a level that people can afford.
    That means anything that has eaten into that discretionary income has to be repealed. Like Obamacare, for instance, cutting into discretionary income by up to 40%.
    Level the playing field. If places like China and India are causing our people to lose jobs it means that their currency exchange with us is all wrong.
    Places like China, India, and even Japan, do not have Anti-trust laws under which they must work. We handled this in the old days by putting stiff tariffs on anything they imported into the country. Making it basically impossible for them to compete with our people.
    Now our people suffer with antitrust laws and their people cooperate to make better products than we do. Honda, Toyota, Korean cars, and soon, possibly Chinese Cars are all operating under different market conditions than our people are. That is plain wrong. Level the playing field and they cannot compete with our companies right here in the USA.
    Our companies have not been angels. GM, Ford, and Chrysler have the worst records of repairs of anyone in the auto industry. That is no accident.
    They have been “improving” that record for 25 years that I know about with no success.

    So the number one American Car right now is Toyota. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Our cars are also overpriced compared with the “WORLD” competition. For a similar car made elsewhere, it costs close to 5,000 less than the American Competition.

    It is all right to have a world market place. It is not all right to have an uneven playing field with the competition due to imcompetent government and government rules.
    Those rules cripple our own businesses.
    Bringing work back to this country? Only if we change a lot of laws and make our businesses competitive with every one else’s.
    Congress has reduced the tax benefits of the average person. They have done this gradually over an enormous amount of time. No one realised it was happening.
    I took finance and appraisal in accordance with state laws and in conjunction with the local junior college.
    I was a real estate agent at one time.
    Taking finance and appraisal I realised we have a floating currency value.
    Where we went wrong is not adjusting that value to the original Income Tax laws. So money we make today is inflated. The tax laws are not inflated. They are made so that when people get raises they move into new tax brackets. Well it has finally gotten to the point where by keeping the numbers the same as 1915, where only 3% of the people paid anything into the income tax, we now have almost everyone paying into those same tax laws.
    It has gotten to the point where the average person is spending 25-40% of his money on taxes.
    The government loves it. They have a whole lot of money to spend that they didn’t have under the original law.
    My point is that they have drowned the average man in debt with these laws.

    No one knows exactly what is going to happen. We all expect a crash never before seen in the history of our country. It is mostly because of the fraud of devaluing constantly the amount of money the average person has to spend.

    • Gay Veteran

      U.S. corporations also ship jobs to countries with little or NO environmental regulations (like China).
      we need to repudiate all of the “free trade” agreements and bring back tariffs

      • DJohn1

        I totally agree with you in theory.
        The problem I have with tariffs in the current situation is it will raise the cost of living to the point where no one can afford anything.
        Look in any WalMart or other store right now and everything seems to be made in (fill in the blank). It can be any one of about 4 countries.
        Every dollar store in the country is filled with goods that no one could afford if we placed them on tariffs.
        Too many of our population is dependent on those goods right now.
        What has to happen is we have to wean ourselves off those goods gradually or it will present an economic disaster worst than what we have now.
        The other problem is the corporations. They are not willing to be reined in. And that is what it will take.
        I suggest a graduated tariff that gets higher as time goes on to give the public a chance to adjust.
        I suggest a tax structure that penalizes corporations for taking the work out of the country.
        It has to be a penalty they cannot live with and still remain abroad.
        I suggest we revise the labor laws to allow people to negotiate contracts as unions. Those unions do not exist today because of the free trade agreements and the Right to Slave states. People have to unite if they are going to change anything.
        It means an adjustment that will cause massive inflation and the people hurt by that are those on pensions. Those pensions cannot keep up with expenses. They are not keeping up right now.
        The alternative is the bankruptcy of the entire country.

        • Gay Veteran

          good points, but reform is impossible with our fascist government.
          fascism=merger of state and corporate power

  • Mike Smithy

    Many people are asserting that the Japanese economy is the weakest link and in the event of a sovereign default, the domino effect will commence in earnest.

  • Priszilla

    Here goes your tax money:
    At the first attack on Syria, 47 tomahawks were fired. Costs: 1.4 million each.
    Return on investment: nil

    • Gay Veteran

      return for the military industrial complex was millions

  • DeadManFromIndia

    we are hitting natural limits. Italians and Japanese don’t have a growing population, so how can they grow, old people don’t spend and like to sit and relax at homes, they are not going to be more consumerist as well. They have three choices
    1) more immigration, like how the US tries to attract best of the world.

    2) retire gracefully into the sunset.
    3) encourage baby making.

    It is their choice, of course.

    • Priszilla

      Why would their economy need to grow while the population is shrinking?
      If capitalists want more consumers maybe they should ban birth control?

    • smallergovnow

      why do we have to grow? why can’t we simply have a sustainable existence?

      • Priszilla

        Sustainability is a swear word in the US. They beoieve it’s a master plan to steal their guns and force them to live in stone houses in torbado alley.

      • Mike Smithy

        Unfortunately, the fiat based, credit/debt pyramid ponzi scheme that the central banksters created is unsustainable without growth.

  • Priszilla

    Remember the corset?
    That’s how the econony works right now.
    when there is a crisis there are cuts in research, education, wages. When the recovery raises profits for a short time, the cash is removed from the company, additional products thrown onto the market without raising the income of the buyers. Each time the slack grows smaller. In the end the beautiful wife suffocates.

  • peace angel

    WHY is it never reported that Corruption and Illegal thieving of the coffers of the people is the reason the US is plummeting into economic depression like in other nations, like Brazil??

    • Guest2

      Why are you asking a question?
      Since you already know it all.

      You have a phone and a pen.
      Time to get some more folks banned for disagreeing with you.

      • peace angel

        SO that we are real clear.

        LOTS of people on this site disagree with each. NO ONE gets kicked off for doing so.

        THIS fool who just came back here with a NEW name and talking the same crap that got him kicked off for will be kicked off again.

        THE reason I asked Michael to get rid of him as YOU could have also done, is because he has been doing NOTHING since he showed up here BUT call women horrific names and down grade and degrade women.

        IN over a year of posting here, I have only done that one other time and for the same reason.

        NO ONE would get banned from a website for disagreeing with each other OR there would be NO websites to visit.

        AND you can also be banned IF you troll and harass one person in particular as you have been doing with me.

        IF you like a really mean or nasty site where you can say anything you want and troll anyone you want, I suggest BOSSIP or Yahoo or some other place without moderation.

        BUT leave me alone, now.

  • chris

    “Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.”

    That’s odd, i thought all these people said that they never saw it coming the last time, but they must have done if red warning lights were flashing back then!

  • alan

    The collapse will not be televised. When it happens no one will know, carry on… business as usual.

    • Priszilla

      In UK: carry on and get drunk
      In US: carry on and shoot someone

      • Mike Smithy

        Yes, I do love my guns.

        • Priszilla

          I should buy some ammo stock.

          • Mike Smithy

            I compare ammo stawks to that of paper gold. I’t better to stockpile physical stuff.

          • Priszilla

            I have no use for ammo. But with ammo stock I could earn while you waste your money.

          • Mike Smithy

            Living in the UK, I suppose you don’t have a use for ammo because the tyrannical oligarchs neutered you long ago by taking away your god given right to keep and bear firearms.

  • chris

    ‘Crude prices have fallen by almost a third this year, undercutting the economy in Russia, the world’s largest energy exporter.’

    Deliberately done i would say. USA once again making use of Saudi Arabia to try bring Russia down?

    • smallergovnow

      going to bring down the USA shale plays with it….


    The Four Horsemen of the American Economic Apocalypse
    1) Obama Care – beginning to bite like a savage wolf.
    2) Amnesty – 30MM new mouths to feed
    3) ZIRP – why save when it makes you a fool
    4) Obama – 793 days and counting.

    • Mike Smithy

      I’m not convinced that America will last another 793 days without a civil war.


        Truth be told, Mike, neither am I.


        Got the book. Savage is a Great American. He tells it like it is,

        • DaFunkenStein


  • Kaspar_Goering

    All of this economic turmoil can be traced back to when Ronald Reagan Illegally fired the PATCO strikers in 1983.

    Since labor unions have been made so weak through years of over legislating their operations, the workers at the bottom are not making enough money to produce a healthy economy.

    When the wealthy own everything then no wonder why the People cannot buy anything?

    If you really want economic success, then the people at the bottom need to make more money.

    • VegaVic

      Out of all comments, yours has the real life beginning of the end. PATCO started the downward spiral of the middle class. I worked at G.M for 31yrs, lifting 60 pound hoods,10 hrs. a day, 6 days a week. In ’83 we had over 12,000 employees. When I left in ’98 there were 800 left. Outsourcing and robots had the remaining jobs. 2 new knees, torn rotater cuff, 3 herniated discs later, I’ve survived. The country needs a sit down strike like the Flint, Michigan one in’37. It used to be; WE; now it’s”I got mine and don’t give a crap if you get yours”.

      • Kaspar_Goering

        I hear you, brother. Many old timers I talk to say there should have had a general strike in 83. It’s not too late. Many young people have become excited at the prospect of revitalizing the Labor movement in America.

        Solidarity forever!

  • chris

    The UK PM knows that the UK economy is another basket case supported by government borrowing of £100 billion every year and a government backed house price bubble. Nothing has been sorted or solved from 2008 and the only way they have chosen to get growth is by getting the population and government to borrow more. UK government and personal debt is now around £3 trillion combined. Meanwhile the majority of new jobs seem to be part time and low paying and all the while wealth is being transferred to the top of the pyramid resulting in greater inequality. He knows it can’t last and he’s trying to blame his failure on external sources. Lucky they engineered the Ukraine crisis wasn’t it?

    • Priszilla

      It was £3trillion in 2007.

      • chris

        Using some figures from credit action debt statistics plus government debt at the time i make it approx 1.4 + 0.7 = 2.1 trillion in 2008 ish. Either way a lot of debt but adding 900 billion to overall debt after 2008 has papered over the UKs problems…for the time being.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    The falling prices of natural gas and gasoline could be a game changer in the U.S. Fracking these shale formations has opened up huge reservoirs of energy and that has taken the fear out of domestic markets. We will be exporting LNG in the next 3-5 years and that will help tip the trade deficit back into our favor.

    • Gay Veteran

      unfortunately fracked wells are rapidly depleted (and are unprofitable is prices drop to low), so it is a myth that we will be energy independent

      • FortuneSeek3rz

        Sure they are. In the mean time maybe the Oil Drum will be able to go online after they reverse the trend of ““scarcity of new content caused by a dwindling number of contributors”.

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you

          • FortuneSeek3rz

            That’s usually how these arguments end. Do a little more research next time.

          • Gay Veteran

            practice what you preach

          • Guest2

            Don’t bother talking to the in-house bottom-feeders. Gay Vet is one of them, but not half as bad as P i s s Angel. She always threatens to have folks banned if they disagree or challenge her.

            It matters not what the topic is. If you irritate her highness, the acid comes out and burns you.

  • jakartaman

    What we are seeing are the death rattles of the world economy. The world for the most part have been living way above there means for decades. WE have run out the game and time to pay up. Analyzing the minutia only confuses the tress with the forest.

  • underaged

    One minute you are complaining about bubbles, the next about recessions. Make up your mind already.

    • Mike Smithy

      In the new normal, they are not mutually exclusive concepts.

    • Jodie Lynn Gaeta

      Bubbles eventually pop.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Gold and silver down, oil down, jobless claims down. But hey, America’s teenagers can continue bitc#ing about how slow their new iPhone OS update is downloading.

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  • peace angel

    USE that word ONE MORE TIME and any other seriously disgusting words to paint the entire female race with a black brush and I will get you banned from this site.


    NO ONE agrees with you and you just keep using those WORDS to describe YOUR ex and as we all KNOW there are two sides to EVERY story and I don’t think any of us, male or female would want to LIVE with you, buddy.

    Grow up.

    • James Rogers

      I speak the truth. Women are destroying society. . They are sluts. I’m sorry you don’t accept the truth. . This isn’t about one female, but all of them. I seem to have touched a nerve. That’s because the truth hurts.

      • peace angel

        THAT is it. I am emailing Micheal to get rid of you and your filthy comments.

        YOU don’t know any truths about me.

        • Guest2

          What you are shouts so loudly, it’s hard to hear what you’re saying.

          • peace angel

            “what you are shouts so loudly” makes no sense.

            BUT if you mean the caps. I used them for three decades for emphasis and DID not stop when the Millennials decided it meant shouting. I also use them late at night when I don’t want to use reading glasses. NOT your business.

            PLEASE don’t read my comments. You are only trolling.

          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

            “what you are shouts so loudly” makes no sense.”

            Of course not. It’s a direct quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

            Try to expand your awareness and consciousness beyond your infinitesimally small brain parameters. This begins with finding a way to get past your self – something you worship incessantly.

            “The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom.”

            You obviously have no respect, no sense of AWE for the CREATOR’S wonder and splendor.

            If you knew anything at all that’s really worth knowing, then you would speak something other than this endless parade of pride.

            “PLEASE don’t read my comments. You are only trolling.”

            Again, you display such colossal ignorance. You don’t even know what a troll is.

            You are a legend in your own mind. But are a shameful disgrace to this, and any other forum.

            We KNOW our faults, our shortcomings, our weaknesses. And we are able to admit them.

            You, on the other hand, do not have a drop of conscience or remorse evident anywhere in your postings.

            This is textbook asininity. It’s a waste of time talking to you, because you are about as unrepentant as they get.

            God help you!

        • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

          Too bad he can’t get rid of filthy you.

  • Guest

    Gene Simmons is a very wicked man. I wouldn’t listen to anything he says.

  • Steve

    All these articles are interesting to read. I have no doubt that the situation is dire, and it’s good to be informed, but I have the feeling that we’re all on a runaway train heading for a cliff, and there’s nothing we can do about it at all.

  • SSG Tony C.

    We did find WMDs there jackasses! And yes they were from all over; mostly Europe. Al-Queda was already there, just not in strength. Like ISIS/ISIL they were busy trying to take over small Islamic “republics” and start building their damn Caliphate. Y’all’s perpetual Bush derangement syndrome is ridiculous and childish. Obama is the result of your stupidity and the lapdog media is also to blame. We will hit another recession soon, I’m guessing next year. It will be very painful. The progressives will try to shove another stimulus and the leftist will whip up their base and cause trouble in the cities. I hope that you all have been preparing? I personally can’t wait to see the cities burn. I loathe the uppity, ignorant, self absorbed city folk. I will take great pleasure watching them suffer.

  • El mico

    I like how all the media reports say the Japanese economy “unexpectedly” went into recession.
    More like they’ve never been out of one, like most economies that have the figures doctored by their governments.

  • flailer

    EXCELLENT! See, there are fine and honorable Women out there (millions of them in fact).
    The problem is sort through the mess of people (men & women both) that feminism has created.
    SUPER HUGE thumbs up!!!

  • Guest2

    Talk is cheap. It would be helpful to see a little Jesus IN you.. not just hear about it.

    • peace angel

      SO, you want me to invite you into my daily private life. YOU want to come to my town and SEE a little Jesus in me???


      • guest2

        No, we would just like to see a little character, not your idiot rants at everyone who disagrees with you.

        Are you so dense and stupid to think I would “want you to come to my town and SEE a little Jesus in you”??? It shows thousands of miles away, across the net. It is so obvious to everyone except to a proud, despicable, putrid braggart like you.

        “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Jesus Christ)

        And, “God knows the proud FROM AFAR!!!!

        Try wrapping your extremely small mind around that!

        That’s how you show forth your ugly being.

        The earth can hardly bear you up. You are so abusive and disgusting. Like a dodo with its head in the sand and it’s a s s sticking out. Everyone can see you except you. You are so house-blind!

        Then on top of all your unspeakable hostility, you have the colossal gall to act like you own the place, then stick you thumb in your mouth, and threaten to get everyone banned – who dares to stand up to your belligerent Windbag hate and abuse.

        You probably drink your own urine. Is that why you are so p i s s y? What an awful, horrible person you are. And deep inside, you know it.

        • peace angel

          GO AWAY and LEAVE me alone. You are very sick.

          I have gotten two people kicked off here in two days.

          Michael is very busy and I have a promise to him to do so.

          NOTHING you have said about me is true and I am over your trolling. I know Michael is busy right now as we have been emailing back and forth for days now.

          HE will not tolerate you garbage and hatred and LIES and nor will I.

          DO NOT contact me or anyone else on this thread again looking for a fight or you are gone too.

          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

            Just one question:

            Who changes your diapers?

          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars

            “GO AWAY and LEAVE me alone. You are very sick.”

            It’s in the eye of the beholder. If that doesn’t make sense to you, just know that it’s a direct quote from Shakespeare.

            Oh, but no one is so learned as you.

            “I have gotten two people kicked off here in two days.”

            Well ain’t you somethin’.

            I’m leaving anyway, so don’t bother regurgitating your rancid stomach acids on him.

            “Michael is very busy and I have a promise to him to do so.”

            You think Michael values you and not others???
            How audacious. How assuming.

            “NOTHING you have said about me is true..”

            You are deceived. Your heart is hardened. Your conscience has been seared over with a hot iron.

            You have proven yourself incapable of discerning truth – even the most OBVIOUS things about yourself. You don’t heed anyone’s warnings. You are digging your own ditch, and it is deep.

            “… and I am over your trolling. I know
            Michael is busy right now as we have been emailing back and forth for
            days now.”

            This is so insane of you, because I am NOT a troll. Never was, and never will be.

            “HE will not tolerate you garbage and hatred and LIES and nor will I.”

            Well ain’t *you* somethin’.

            I have no need for acceptance in such a forum, which is sadly becoming your playground for licentious ugliness. You gave you a JERK license anyway? Not Michael. He’s an honorable man. It’s amazing that he tolerates YOU!!!!

            And, it is NOT RIGHT that you take ownership of him, or his blog website. That you fancy yourself as Sooooo prized. In truth, you are behaving like a manipulative witch.

            Michael won’t have to ban me. I’m gone. But I’m afraid he’s stuck with you.. to run wild all over his blogs and trample on others with your self-righteous windbag, blowhard croaking, as though we all should fear you.

            “DO NOT contact me or anyone else on this thread again looking for a fight or you are gone too.”

            Well ain’t YOU somethin’.

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            You are indeed a most horrible, lowdown, disgusting being with no shame, no real love that is evident to anyone here. And no, we don’t want you to come by and show us your private life. Ever heard of “consistency of character”???

            I know this is hard for you to fathom, because you are so cerebrally challenged and stuck on stupid. And you KNOW you are.

            No one believes you.
            Even YOU don’t believe you.

            I only wish you well, but it’s two against one here. Myself and your conscience. Oh, I forgot, you did conscience in long ago, when you killed that precious child within you, and chose the dark side.

            What a diabolical, ugly witch you have become, so drunk on yourself, and your 40 years of research.

            I’ll tell you straight:

            You are a relational WIMP.

            You are a gutless deviant mutant who lives a complete abbheration for a lifestyle – which is really a death style.

            You cannot acknowledge, face and deal with your own issues. Instead, you blame-shift it all on the other.

            You are too scared to see yourself for what you really are (have become), via a lot of bad choices.

            You will not own up, “woman up”.

            YOU ARE A COWARD.

            And little more than a handmaid of satan..


          • WordsOnDeafFallenAngelEars


            Ever heard of “consistency of character”???

            I forgot to explain that one to your deaf ears.

            No one on EARTH is all nice at home, a “peace angel” in their community, and a demon elsewhere. That is NOT consistency of character!

            No, you are the same heartless soul wherever you go. Even some of the most simple, elementary concepts of human behavior you fail to understand. It’s all just too much for your pride… that you could actually be wrong. :-O

            It’s so obvious and so thick about you, that you could cut it with a knife.

            But you enjoy being blind, ever chopping off the heads of others that you may feel taller.

            You weak-minded, intellectually lazy, overemotional wimp.

            No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

            And you obviously don’t, you sorry, poor excuse of a human being!!!

            Goodbye, cruel one.

          • Bruce Hayden

            OOga booga both of you. What if someone threatened to do more than both of you getting kicked off here? Just sayin’

        • peace angel

          I will not read this. IT is too vile and so are you.

          I have had two other disgusting trolls kicked off of here, and IF you contact me ONE more time or SPEAK to anyone on this site like you just spoke to me, you are GONE.

          Michael and I have been emailing communication all week. We are friends and confidante’s and you do not belong here.

          He sent me an email today after kicking off what he called “that horrific troll” and told me he is only able to view this site twice a day and going into the holidays he is going to be a lot busier. I agreed to monitor this site FOR him.

          SO, You need to delete you vile comments to me and anyone else you may have disgusted OR I will email Michael to do it for you. PERIOD

        • Bruce Hayden

          Doesn’t your ‘life partner’ need a bj or something?

    • Bruce Hayden

      Well then take a pic and stfu!

  • peace angel

    Blacks do that here as well.

    It is an 80’s fashion thing that will not go away. It is sooooo repulsive to see that many states have outlawed it.

    RECENTLY EBONY magazine, I think did a survey to find out how many black women LIKE this fashion statement and ONLY 10% of them said they DID like it and I believe there was some big dude with a gun pointed at them as they answered the survey questions.

    WHEN Americans don’t get what they want KNIVES, HATCHETS, MACHETES and GUNS appear out of NOWHERE. LOL

    As a massage therapist every single time I see a guy with his pants under his butt, it reminds me that MOST humans need butt wipes by their toilets. EVEN just out of the shower there is still likely something up there. SERIOUSLY

    YOU just drop a tiny drop of oil in that crack and the aroma in the room changes immediately.

    • Priszilla

      I prefer to have a shower and a sauna before a massage. Otherwise I’d just feel unckean and embarrassed. East of England you are naked in the sauna. In Germany even mixed genders. In China segregated. I prefer a Chinese sauna temple. You only need to bring yourself and money. There’s hot water, pools, massage, manicure, pedicure, hair dressing, fruits, dinner, and when you leave your shoes are polished and the socks washed.

      • peace angel

        I don’t work with anyone who is NOT just out of the shower.

        I lived in Lake Tahoe and we had a LOCALS nude beach where all of us hung out in the summer.

        IT was about a half mile down a steep hill and then you had to hike back up, so everyone who went there had to be REALLY fit. THAT made it such a great place in a really big, white sandy cove on one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world.

        We had a HUGE hot springs Pool like the size of two Olympic sized pools with a bench all the way around. We went there after snow skiing and could have wine and then they had a COLD pool. We went from the hot pool to the cold pool or the snow all around the pool.

        GOOD TIMES

        How often do you go to China?

        Orientals really do KNOW how to pamper people, for sure.

        And Oriental men pamper themselves BUT the women seldom do so, from what I have observed.

      • peace angel

        I don’t work with anyone who is NOT just out of the shower.

        I lived in Lake Tahoe and we had a LOCALS nude beach where all of us hung out in the summer.

        IT was about a half mile down a steep hill and then you had to hike back up, so everyone who went there had to be REALLY fit. THAT made it such a great place in a really big, white sandy cove on one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world.

        We had a HUGE hot springs Pool like the size of two Olympic sized pools with a bench all the way around. We went there after snow skiing and could have wine and then they had a COLD pool. We went from the hot pool to the cold pool or the snow all around the pool.

        GOOD TIMES

        How often do you go to China?

        Orientals really do KNOW how to pamper people, for sure.

        And Oriental men pamper themselves BUT the women seldom do so, from what I have observed.

      • peace angel

        I don’t work with anyone who is NOT just out of the shower.

        I lived in Lake Tahoe and we had a LOCALS nude beach where all of us hung out in the summer.

        IT was about a half mile down a steep hill and then you had to hike back up, so everyone who went there had to be REALLY fit. THAT made it such a great place in a really big, white sandy cove on one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world.

        We had a HUGE hot springs Pool like the size of two Olympic sized pools with a bench all the way around. We went there after snow skiing and could have wine and then they had a COLD pool. We went from the hot pool to the cold pool or the snow all around the pool.

        GOOD TIMES

        How often do you go to China?

        Orientals really do KNOW how to pamper people, for sure.

        And Oriental men pamper themselves BUT the women seldom do so, from what I have observed.

  • frank1569

    Seriously – we all agree a major financial crisis is on the way.

    And we all know there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. Period.

    So, instead of whining, and blaming, and fear, our only – repeat, only – option is to prepare accordingly.

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Fema death camps? Hahahaha Please find a bunker and stay there. Society doesn’t need nut jobs like you.

    • peace angel

      NO, what nobody needs is uninformed trolls.

      ON A GOOGLE SEARCH THERE are literally MILLIONS of pages of


      I did not use the word “death” camps. YOU are.

      I have NO knowledge of anyone dying in any of them BUT I do KNOW there are AT LEAST 800 of them and I know that REX 84 authorized the building of them under Bush Sr.

      I KNOW that as early as 1992 that a video was made at one and that the RED ZONE signs were visible and I KNOW that at that time the same video and article name locations that by that time had been built and were up and running.

      I KNOW that I watched the episode on Conspiracy Theory in which Ventura filmed one identical to all the hundreds of OTHER ones I had already seen videos from over the years long before his TRU TV show went to one.

      I KNOW that the MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN who were behind the DOUBLE RAZOR wired fences that pointed inward instead of outward as in our prisons that ONLY have ONE fence around them as these all have two were SO drugged up they did not NOTICE a huge caravan of large TV production vans which WE often see in the beach street in our town.

      I KNOW that the building that Ventura interviewed THREE US FEMA staff members in front of had ZERO names on the camp or the building and I know they were NOT allowed to tell Ventura what KIND of facility this was as he fired lots of questions at them.

      I KNOW that when he asked WHY the people looked so drugged up and did not notice the production team from ONLY yards away THEY all ran.

      I KNOW that Obama had the episode banned from TruTV and it has been removed from the archives and I KNOW that Obama got the entire show taken off the air and ran Ventura out of the country over the episode.

      I KNOW that the episode can still be seen in it’s entirety on INFOWARS and I KNOW that millions of pictures and eye witness accounts and videos cannot all be lying.

      I KNOW way more than you do about all things Illuminati, NWO and all other truths and just because you CHOOSE to be uninformed DON’T waste your life attacking and name calling people you DO NOT KNOW.

      IF you were not new here and if you bothered to read anything else I have commented on, YOU would KNOW that I am leaving the country for good as soon as my second passport arrives.

      LOTS of people have needed me over the years. I have taken almost a hundred of other people’s thrown away kids and THEY all needed me.

      YOU cannot compare being informed to being a nut job, intelligently, apples and oranges.

      AND HOW is it you speak for SOCIETY. HOW does that work??

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    Let me try once more (likely in futility) to calm some of the board participants who believe in things like the Illuminati, FEMA death camps, UFO’s and a pending global nuclear war:

    1) The U.S. is in a better position from a global economic perspective than any country in the world. There is enough wealth within her borders in the form of natural resources, patents, real estate, equity ownership, human capital, international business contracts, skilled laborers, formal educational institutions, etc. to insure that she will remain the land of opportunity for years to come. Like Dave Ramsey says, in America today you be stupid and still get very wealthy. It’s just that easy.

    2) The U.S. has a huge sovereign debt, but the dollar value of all assets on U.S. soil is also huge. You believe that one day the U.S. will default on a succession of bond payments that will trigger economic pandemonium and that is nothing more than a sign of you ignorance.

    3) The U.S. has the most advanced and powerful military in the world. It’s not about whether or not you believe violence is the answer. You see, a strong military is a factor many countries consider when doing business with potential peers. This flies well over the head of most of you tin foil hat wearing know-nothings.

    4) The Walking Dead has nothing to do with reality. It’s fine for entertainment, but trying to splice the concept into the immediate future of the U.S. is nothing more than your own sick delusions.

    5) Gold and silver ownership is a marathon. Stop trying to make it a sprint. You thought that half ounce buffalo you bought on Ebay in 2011 was going to be your lottery ticket. Think again.

    6) We are living in the greatest era (the information age) in world history. If you choose to let the rising price of a McDonald’s extra value meal derail the pleasure you get out of instantaneous access via the mobile device of your choice to weather, news, stock alerts, streaming video, sports, movies, social media, and answers to virtually any question you have, you are overreacting. I wish I could transport you back to 1890 and watch you ride a horse bareback 10 miles to the general store to haul back a 30 lb bag of sugar. Then you’d know what a tough life is like.

    7) Stop blaming George W. Bush for some sensationalized idea that he orchestrated the collapse of the Twin Towers so the U.S. could go to war with the Middle East. There have always been government conspiracy trolls, but you are taking things like Fema death camps, the Illuminati and the New World Order to a level that would have made someone, like Hitler for instance, question your sanity. The X-files died several years back, but the effect it had on society obviously lives within you.

    8) The U.S. economy is not perfect, but it is much better than hundreds of other countries. The U.S. is the tallest midget and second place isn’t close. Deal with it. If you hate it so much, why not move? I hear that with just 1000 American dollars you can live like a king in Venezuela. Any takers?

    9) Go for a walk. Talk to your grand kids. Get off the internet. And burn whatever is in your medicine cabinet. Spending your twilight years hoping that Armageddon is just around the corner while propagating fabrications is a waste of human life. Do something beneficial for society.

    10) When you’re on your deathbed and you look back at your life, how much time will have been wasted thinking the world was going to end when in reality it had barely begun? You just weren’t smart enough to realize it. Time wasted is time lost. It ain’t coming back.

    • Guest

      Thank you for this…glad to see someone thinks like me!

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  • Bruce Hayden

    I only fear two things in this life. Women and God. Those are the only two things that can hurt me.

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