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32 Statistics That Obama Neglected To Mention During The State Of The Union Address

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Barack Obama State Of The UnionShow this article to anyone that believes that the economy has actually improved under Barack Obama.  On Tuesday evening, Barack Obama once again attempted to convince all of us that things have gotten better while he has been in the White House.  He quoted a few figures, used some flowery language and made a whole bunch of new promises.  And even though he has failed to follow through on his promises time after time, millions upon millions of Americans continue to believe him.  In fact, you can find a list of 82 unfulfilled promises from his previous State of the Union addresses right here.  Soon we will have even more to add to that collection.  At this point, you have to wonder if Obama even believes half the stuff that he is saying.  Of course it is extremely unlikely that he is going to come out and admit that he has failed and that he has been lying to us this whole time, but without a doubt the gap between reality and what he is saying to the public is becoming ridiculously huge.  To say that his credibility is “strained” would be a massive understatement.  No, things have not been getting better in America.  In fact, they continue to get even worse.  The following are 32 statistics that Obama neglected to mention during the State of the Union address…

#1 According to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, only 28 percent of all Americans believe that the country is moving in the right direction.

#2 In 2008, 53 percent of all Americans considered themselves to be “middle class”.  In 2014, only 44 percent of all Americans consider themselves to be “middle class”.

#3 In 2008, 25 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket considered themselves to be “lower class”.  In 2014, an astounding 49 percent of them do.

#4 Right now there is approximately a billion square feet of vacant retail space in the United States.

#5 There are 46.5 million Americans that are living in poverty, and the poverty rate in America has been at 15 percent or above for 3 consecutive years.  That is the first time that has happened since 1965.

#6 Barack Obama says that the unemployment rate has declined to 6.7 percent, but if the labor force participation rate was at the long-term average it would actually be approximately 11.5 percent, and it has stayed at about that level since the end of the last recession.

#7 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 32 million to 47 million.

#8 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the percentage of working age Americans that are actually working has declined from 60.6 percent to 58.6 percent.

#9 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the average duration of unemployment in the United States has risen from 19.8 weeks to 37.1 weeks.

#10 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, social benefits as a percentage of real disposable income has risen from about 17 percent to nearly 21 percent.

#11 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen to levels that we have not seen in nearly two decades.

#12 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, median household income in the United States has fallen for five years in a row.

#13 While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline has gone from $1.85 to $3.27.

#14 At the end of Barack Obama’s first year in office, our yearly trade deficit with China was 226 billion dollars.  Now it is over 300 billion dollars.

#15 Workers are taking home the smallest share of the income pie that has ever been recorded.

#16 Sadly, 1,687,000 fewer Americans have jobs today compared to exactly six years ago even though the population has grown significantly since then.

#17 One recent study found that about 60 percent of the jobs that have been “created” since the end of the last recession pay $13.83 or less an hour.

#18 Only 47 percent of all adults in America have a full-time job at this point.

#19 It is hard to believe, but an astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

#20 The Obama years have been absolutely brutal for small businesses.  According to economist Tim Kane, the following is how the number of startup jobs per 1000 Americans breaks down by presidential administration

Bush Sr.: 11.3

Clinton: 11.2

Bush Jr.: 10.8

Obama: 7.8

#21 You can still buy a house in the city of Detroit for just one dollar.

#22 The U.S. cattle herd is at a 61 year low.

#23 It is being projected that health insurance premiums for healthy 30-year-old men will rise by an average of 260 percent under Obamacare.

#24 According to the most recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, an all-time record 49.2 percent of all Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program each month.

#25 When Barack Obama was first elected, the U.S. debt to GDP ratio was under 70 percent.  Today, it is up to 101 percent.

#26 The U.S. national debt is on pace to more than double during the eight years of the Obama administration.  In other words, under Barack Obama the U.S. government will accumulate more debt than it did under all of the other presidents in U.S. history combined.

#27 Right now, there are 1.2 million students that attend public schools in the United States that are homeless.  That number has risen by 72 percent since the start of the last recession.

#28 Only 35 percent of all Americans say that they are better off financially than they were a year ago.

#29 Only 19 percent of all Americans believe that the job market is better than it was a year ago.

#30 According to a recent CNN poll, 70 percent of all Americans believe that “the economy is generally in poor shape”.

#31 According to a recent Pew Research survey, only 19 percent of all Americans trust the government.   Back in 1958, 73 percent of all Americans trusted the government.

#32 According to another poll that was recently released, 70 percent of all Americans do not have confidence that the government will “make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”

Barack Obama State Of The Union

  • Imaplaneiac

    As I watched Faux ( aka Fox ) News, this morning, they reported on the State of the Dictatorship Speech. ( I NEVER watch / listen LIVE to the Divider-in-Chief ). I noticed Caver / Kisser Boehner seated behind His Highness. He had a deep tan. I am CERTAIN he didn’t get it while in the District of Criminals or back ” home ” in Ohio – during Winter! So, he must have gone to Florida or another ” Sun ” location for a vacation. Caver Boehner must be exhausted from CONTINUALLY caving to creepy Crazy Harry and Obey-me; exhausted from kissing their rings!! Since the Senate seldom is in session he has time to play golf or fish; while the Divided States moves closer to its demise!

  • Baxter2014

    I’m 32 years old now. I grew up in the 1990s. That era will be remembered as the final glory days of this country. God, it was a wonderful time. My grandmother was born in 1923 and doesn’t see what I have to complain about. Perhaps a economic depression like the 30s will be good for America. People will come to appreciate what that have more. Probably going to have riots and mayhem and killing first though.

    • JustanOguy

      No doubt. I had just gotten out of college in the mid ’90’s (pretty much debt free because I had a good job while going to school) and had multiple job offers with good pay and great benefits.

      Today’s average kids that just get a regular degree don’t have a chance. You need to have an advanced technical degree just for a chance…. which pretty much means saddled in debt with the cost of tuition nowadays.

      • Priszilla

        Here is an idea – pay as you go.

        Don’t take out a debt, but study after work and pay as you go.

        This way you only pay what you can afford. And life-long learning isn’t just a slogan.

        I have a friend who started as a waiter, and is now working on a CISSP.

        • dedStik

          You are seriously comparing a degree to a certification?

          • Priszilla

            As long as it gives you a job?

            My friend has a bachelor degree in hotel administration and IT.

            He studied in the evening while working the last 20 years or so his way up from waiter to bartender to network administrator and IT manager, adding more of those certificates from hardware and software vendors, and the companies he worked for.

            No debts.

          • Consti

            Most of the time I consider one to be an indoctrination mixed with some education while the other is actual direct learning. I will take the cert every time as most college graduates shock me with their political and general ignorance not to mention their liberal indoctrination.

        • JustanOguy

          Priszilla — Problem with that (which was not such a problem when I went to college in the 90’s) — Tuition prices have skyrocketed. $$ per credit at the college I went to have tripled since I went) and the jobs available while going to school that don’t require a degree (or a certificate) that pay a wage decent enough to pay for that tuition for somebody out of high school are slim to none.

          • Priszilla

            The world is large.

            It also depends on what living standard you expect after highschool.

            I never owned a car, for example. I travelled by bicyclee 5,000km per year. In university I lived in the dorm (6 people per room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen shared with other rooms, shower in the basement, shared with the whole house)

            Would you sacrifice comfort for knowledge?

            I don’t have debts. And since I still lived moderately when I finally landed that manager job at 30, I was able to buy that house from cash when I was 40.

            I still don’t have a car. No insurance payments, no tickets, no fuel.
            Yesterday I walked 10km for shopping.

            My tip for pupils: imagine your life and live it. You want to be a druggie and alcoholic and die young, start young.

            If you want to be a scientist or engineer, start young to find out how things work and why. Ask questions.
            Tinker with stuff you get your hands on.

            Cooking, gardening, coding are creative activities.

            Try onions.
            They are cheap. Eat them raw, cut them in different shapes – cubes, rings, wedges, cook them in water, steam them, fry them. Juice them, crush them,
            Cut them, sprinkle with sugar, let rest for a day, drink a teaspoon of the juice every hour to bring relief when you are coughing.
            See what happpens to the onion in the process, how the taste changes.
            Mix them with chilli, or pepper, or salt, or pineapple juice.
            Write down your observations.

            Try other veggies and fruits.

            Try to mix them. Create interesting tastes. Green mango with chilli?

            Chicken and green papaya soup?

            With cooking comes gardening. At first with herbs, then all kinds of seeds. Pots on the table, pots on the window sill. Shelves in the whole window. Plants that grow well together, support each other; plants that hate each other.

            No need to wait for college to get knowledge.

      • Anonymous

        And once that debt gets paid off, they want people to go back to school again, and get into debt again. There was a time when a High School diploma was enough for a job one could comfortably support a family with. Then, it was an Associates. Then, it was a Bachelors. Now, I see a lot of job ads that demand a Masters and work experience. Demanding more and more is a way those in power control the population, and dictate how and where our time is spent. Americans are not free to decide how they spend their time, how much school they want to attend, or if they prefer to spend their time with family instead of in the halls of indoctrination. Also, for those that believe they should not go into debt for college (“owe no man anything”), they are punished with low wage, undesirable jobs.
        The people that made a mistake and went to jail, those poor people can rarely find forgivness, or decent work in our “forgiving” “Christian” nation. Yet, they are expected to start a new life, when almost nobody will hire them. It is o.k. that Christ forgives those that feel they are superior and wonderful “Christians”, just as long as no “Christian” has to forgive, or give a second chance to other humans, or someone that paid their debt to society (“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us….”).
        In my opinion, demanding that Americans work and go to school all of the time, leaves no time for Americans to spend with their families. That is one way those in power have destroyed the family and driven up divorce rates in America, in my opinion.
        “Show me. Which one of these people are free?” -Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the movie Jack Reacher

        • Boo2

          Such a shame that you have a problem with Christians. You ‘lump’ all Christians together. That’s really not fair. Just because someone says they are a Christian does not mean they are. I’m a Christian. Butt I also know I’m FAR from being Christ-like. I’m still a sinner saved ONLY by grace & faith in Jesus Christ. I have MANY faults butt the difference is I ask to be forgiven daily by Christ. Makes you wonder why He would continue to forgive…over & over & over again. Butt He does! That’s the beauty of Christ. No one is perfect. All people have bad days, moments. And most don’t care or think what they are saying or doing is wrong or hurtful. Especially so-called Christians.
          Now that I’ve run-on….forgive me. He’s still working on me! And you will still read some bad, probably nasty posts I make on different blogs. As I said before I’m far, very far, from being perfect.

        • Lion

          I’m a high school drop out from the 60-70’s era. I’m telling everyone that although a formal education is good, it isn’t necessary to serve the Lord, or to support a family or to get ahead in life. I’ve managed to live comfortable throughout my life and I attribute this for the grace of God. I’ve raised five wonderful children, all who are successful and happy. Happiness and contentment comes from the Lord by way of your faith in Him. The Lord said not to worry about your daily needs, He will provide, however in order to live a successful life we must do His will by loving Him and our neighbours, forgive all, do good to those who hate us. And by all means tell others the good news of the gospel. The Lord showed us a simple, loving and caring life is the best life of all. Blessings, Lion

      • k

        Thank globalisation and free trade for all these…americans now have to compete with millions if graduates from other countries for all these jobs…in exchange for having those countries to open up their markets for american goods and vice versa.

        • JustanOguy

          Competition is fine with me… today’s high tuition rates in the U.S. have more to do with handing out loans to anybody for any degree and the colleges know this.

          Kind of like the housing bubble. Give everybody home loans with nothing to little down and home values go through the roof.

    • Uh-huh

      I have to agree with you. I have been a “prepper” for over 40 years and I am appalled at the skills that have been lost through the years and how things have changed for the worse in so many ways.

      However, I have to also say that I am truly appalled at the arrogance that is being displayed by people who ARE prepping towards the ones who haven’t quite “got on board” yet. There is almost a glee at the thought of the nonpreppers’ potential hardships ahead and/or demise. I would caution the preppers to not be so cocky and maybe a little more humble and grateful that they were given the chance and the good forethought to prep because karma has a way of evening things out…as the saying goes: But there for the grace of God go I.

      • Consti

        Wait…you have been prepping for 40 years? Worry much? Yes I agree prepping is necessary but you sir have been very paranoid for some time!

    • MeMadMax

      I’m 32 too and I know exactly what you mean. Since the 2000’s started up this country feels like it has just gone to hell in everything, culture, attitude, everything. Party was over in 2000….

    • Mondobeyondo

      Riots: There were a few, the most notable being the “Bonus Army” riots of 1932.

      Mayhem: Lots of bank robberies and robbers, like Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, etc.

      Killing: Yup, a few murders here and there.

      This time around though, it’s going to be far worse if the bottom does fall out.

      • davidmpark

        You’re absolutely right. The Barrow gang, Machine Gun Kelly, and the like had to wait a few days for their crimes to make the papers. Today, they can live stream it to all the other sociopaths and parasites out there.

    • Jodi

      I agree, I graduated from high school in the 90s. I remember those being the final glory days too.

    • Zenithon

      When your grandmother was your age, it was 1958, pretty much the height of the American empire. I don’t know what her situation was or yours is, but I know that finding a good job to take care of a typical family at that time would have been much easier than it is today. She was a child or young adult during the dark days of the depression and WWII, so I’m not sure she had to deal with a similar situation that you may be facing now at your age. That said, there is still opportunity in this country, though for how long I don’t know. God bless and the best of luck.

    • Alex

      The 2000s were rather good too. I made my career in the 2000s and i’m grateful for it too. Could never do it today.

  • Paul

    Barack Obama is a filthy liar. It is sad that millions of Americans blindly accept the drivel that spews out Obama’s mouth as facts. Americans must unite and put differences aside in order to enact positive change. Too many people are worried about what Justin Bieber is doing. Finally, the White House is considering a petition to deport Bieber to Canada. Shouldn’t the White House be worrying about addressing the unemployment and debt crisis currently ravaging the United States? Oh I am sorry Obama was worried about saying “Omaha!” during the SOFTU address. Barack wanted to make the SOFTU address more exciting. Omaha is a play called uttered by Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning. This shows where Obama’s priorities are at.

  • JustanOguy

    At least he admitted that the rich have been doing very well and the middle class / poor are struggling SINCE he took office.

    Pretty sure it was a slip by his speech writers…

    As for the rest… just another speech full of rhetoric with no substance.

  • GSOB

    MyRA. Thanks President Obama.

    But once your MyRA balance reaches $15,000, you’ll have to roll it over into a privately managed IRA.

    Useless propaganda…

    Employers don’t have to contribute to it and the government will manage it.

    They are just setting up another source of revenue to skim from.

    • tom


  • GSOB

    Raising the min. wage for contracted, Federal employees is appropriate. I don’t think that will affect to many people.

    He sure got boring quick. A Leftist for sure.

    “Michelle and I have received so much help and now we want to do the same for you”

    It is what it is….

    • davidmpark

      It’s illegal. Congress has that power; not the Executive Branch.

      It’s metaphorically like the old west mayor robbing the saloon, the bank, and church to pay his supporters for their votes and calling it legal ’cause he’s the Mayor.

      • Anonymous

        “When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal.” -Richard M. Nixon
        “For there is no respect of persons with God.” -Romans 2:11
        “……….God is no respecter of persons.” -Acts 10:34
        “………..To every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think……….” -Romans 12:3

        • davidmpark

          Hey! Who gave this a negative?! This is concise!

  • larrythelogger

    Yeah but is Beyonce okay and what will Justin decide, Marine Corps or jail? One thing’s for sure, voting is so cool! Especially if I can do it twice in one election!

  • JailBanksters

    Like all speeches before him, they all have one thing in common. Nothing he said will ever get implemented, it’s only what the Public wants to here.

    Here…Here, Amen, and God Bless Umerica.
    Yippie-Kai-Yay, Mother Trucker

  • lameduck barry

    after last night campaign speech ,barry is officially a figurehead,the pressure on him to quit will become unbearable. he did accomplish what he set out to do, get elected and reelected, it was always about the campaign, governing and leadership was never a priority

  • DMyers

    All you can say is, Obama’s a glass half full kind of guy . All this other is not very pleasant to bring up. Build it and they will come must be revived as the National Faith. Don’t mention that we are broke, and maybe, in one of those just amazing moments that all good liberals believe in, we’ll discover that we really aren’t!

  • Kevin

    This would be stronger is it wasn’t laced with false implicature. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pleased with the Obama at all. Epic failure. Huge. Disaster. Can’t stand the polices. But I also know that there are many forces working against this economy, including the Federal Reserve….congress etc. So correlating complex problems to just one guy is not as powerful as other rhetorical approaches.

    • Bill

      He is supposed to be leading the country not destroying it.

      • Drud

        Only if you believe that he is truly working for the American people. Do you?

    • Eric Quintero

      Obama is really just a puppet. Nothing more. Blaming him is like blaming the small tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic, without realizing the tip represented a much larger, and stronger force.

  • Bill

    Give it to him Michael, your right on target. How the so called leader of this sad country can face Congress and the citizens and tell lie after lie is way beyond me. The applauding members of Congress should be ashamed of themselves. We who care should VOTE TO FLUSH out the dc criminals.

    • Anonymous

      Politicians are not chosen by the voters.

  • 2Gary2

    Make these scum bag corporations pay their own employees or go out of business. Wal-mart et al privatize the gains from their employees and socialize the costs to the tax payer. They are rich and can pay more.

    According to the report, the cost of Wal-Mart’s low wages isn’t just
    felt by workers like Stinnett, but also transferred to American
    taxpayers. The report zeroes in on Wal-Mart in Wisconsin. That’s because
    the state releases information on how many workers are enrolled in its
    public health care program broken down by employer.

    At the end
    of 2012, there were 3,216 Wal-Mart employees who were enrolled in
    Wisconsin public health care programs, more than any other employer. Add
    in the dependents of Wal-Mart workers and the total jumps up to 9,207.

    Factoring in what taxpayers contribute for public programs, the report
    estimated that one Wal-Mart supercenter employing 300 workers could cost
    taxpayers at least $904,000 annually.

    • WildBill0283

      If there were decent jobs available, the entry-level jobs at Wal-Mart wouldn’t be an issue.

    • davidmpark

      “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
      Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
      Drink and the devil had done for the rest
      Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
      The mate was fixed by the bosun’s pike
      The bosun brained with a marlinspike
      And cookey’s throat was marked belike
      It had been gripped by fingers ten;
      And there they lay, all good dead men
      Like break o’day in a boozing ken.
      Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.”
      – Fifteen Men (Bottle of Rum); 1st verse

      Or will your kristallnacht involve music from the Lumineers or Gotye? Make sure that Guy Fawkes mask stays on.

    • tuna fish


  • Colin

    The State of the Union address is not the place for those details. It is used by a president for proposing solutions to issues faced by the nation. Most proposals are rarely acted upon by Congress. Consider the SotU as a wish list.

  • davidmpark

    Obama probably doesn’t think he failed, since he made it perfectly clear that that he wanted to harm us, has been openly wreaking our country, and trying to transform it into a weaker country.

    What happened is he failed the people. He’s getting the narcissistic supply and joy of harming people without punishment; it’s what all psychopaths crave.

    • Joe Shmo

      “Under my plan, energy costs would necessarily skyrocket”! – BHO

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s funny… my former boss (long, long ago… back when I actually had a job) was sooo looking forward to Obama being elected. She had seen how the Great Recession (Depression) had nearly wrecked our company in 2007-2008. She voted for Obama.

    In 2009, the company I worked for went under. 25 people unemployed on the spot. I have yet to find work since.

    No, things are NOT getting better under Obama.

    • davidmpark

      Hope things work out for you, Mondo.

    • Annette Smith

      Mondo, how bad is Phoenix? Are there lots of stores closing?

  • Mondobeyondo

    No doubt, Obama’s mind was on his next vacation in Hawaii and the next tee time on the golf course. He forgot to mention that part in his speech.

  • g

    Get ready my fellow Americans. Calmly and diligently stock up on things cause here we go. You heard the President last night cyber attacks are coming.

  • VegasBob

    I was born while Harry Truman was President, and grew up in the 1950s.

    I remember the dismal presidency of Jimmy Carter, and thought for many years that Carter was the worst President in my lifetime.

    After Reagan, Bush the Smarter and Clinton, we got Bush the Dumber. It wasn’t long before Carter was sleeping well at night, knowing that Bush the Dumber had seized the “worst President” crown.

    Then we got Barack Obama, and soon both Carter and Bush the Dumber were sleeping soundly at night, knowing that Obama had taken the “worst President” title.

    Unfortunately, I fear that we are going to get Hitlery Clinton in 2016. If you think things are bad now, wait until we’ve had 4 years of Hitlery. She is a pathological liar who will make the Obummer’s whoppers look like little white lies.

    And then Carter, Bush the Dumber and the Obummer can pat each other on the back, knowing that Hitlery has taken the crown for “worst President” in modern times.

    • critical

      What do you people see in these a$$holes?

    • k

      why was carter considered worst?

      • Jane C.

        We had 70’s inflation under Carter. I would make Nixon the worst President, and not because of Watergate. He’s the worst for taking our currency off the gold standard in 1971.

        • Priszilla

          So, since the 70s you had bad presidents and still voted for Reps and Dems again.

          Who was it that said insanity is when you do the same again and again, and expext different results?

          Why do you need a Messiah or Fuhrer or President anyway?

          Just to blame someone when everything gets bad?

  • chilller

    People who voted for Ovomit are like people who get suckered into buying one of those gas saving devices for their automobile. Just because they spent and lost money on the device, they will never admit it was a useless waste of time and money and swear it works great. It’s called “blind denial”. They’d swear it works great even if it crippled their gas mileage and doubled their cost in gas…

    • rentslave

      The Fuel Doctor works fine for me.It increased my MPG from 22 to 25.It probably doesn’t work on all cars.

      • Glenn54321


        That think has been thoroughly debunked. My guess is that you took some lead out of your foot when paid for the device in order to support the reasoning of your purchase.

        Confirmation bias at work…

    • Glenn54321

      Yes, obama sucks. But he’s just the next logical step in the ever-expanding government. Romney would have done the same.

      That being said, there’s also something called “confirmation bias” where you seek out information to support your conclusion. That’s how sites like this exist and prosper.

    • Rastus

      I believe Mark Twain once wrote: “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  • DJohn1

    Ross Perot was right. That sucking sound you hear is our jobs being sent overseas or down to Mexico and places south.
    The lies stop when these people all get voted out of office. But to make that happen you have to have honest elections. Don’t see that happening any time soon. The system is rigged so that only Democrats and Republicans can get elected in most states. This was done by both parties a very long time ago.
    Now we are beginning to see the foolishness of having only a two-party one policy country. It is basically a fixed game with both parties doing about the same thing from a different angle.
    What this system allows means that the general public has very little say in what happens in our country.
    So what do we do? I suggest we put both parties under a really good magnifying glass and make the money trail public knowledge where ever possible.
    But that will hurt Republicans too. Yes, it will and rightfully so. It used to be that the image of the Republican Party was one of helping Big Business. The Democrat Party was for the working man. But both parties are full of people that are rich. They have the best benefit package in the country even though they don’t need it. They have the best working conditions in the country as well. The trick is to get elected to Congress.
    Did you see the members of Congress at the state of the union speech? These are the people representing you and me. Didn’t look that intelligent to me. It did look like an exclusive club.
    Most of the members of our Congress are lawyers. Not all but most are lawyers working to keep the legal system as it is which is for law through money.
    Our economics people all think we need a world economy. That tariffs are not practical in today’s world. That was the evil solution of the 30s. We closed the gate on cheap retail goods from every poor country in the world. It also protected our jobs. That same period started labor negotiations with union groups. That in turn started the middle class in this country. Less than 11% of the labor of this country still has a union. Most of that in government jobs where it is the law to have a union representing you.
    The scheme was to raise wages on a regular basis through group negotiation with the corporations and companies of this country. Then print more money to make the wage increases invalid. It worked back then.
    Now we have a good number of states that want “right to work” laws. That should be translated: “Right to slave without supporting the groups that want to raise wages.”
    One by one our Congress has dismantled the entire solution to the 30s depression. It isn’t just Unions that are going under.
    In dismantling that solution the country has dismantled the tax system that made it wealthy. Every foundation this country was based on has been gradually dismantled by this and other governments both Republican and Democrat.
    So place the blame where it really belongs. Place it on the President and the Congress.
    It is no coincidence that the Head of the House of Representatives had little if anything to say in rebutal of the state of the union. Instead they put a middle aged mother of three children in place to do it for him.
    I must say she made a better job of it.
    Until there are consequences for the lies of this President, then it will continue until a new set of liars takes his place.

    • k

      Two parties….one policy country!

      Well said.

    • Drud

      The 2-party system if a scam, and it is a method of continuing a system that should have long ago been destroyed. Voting can no longer make the slightest difference. The only thing that can is to cut off their funding. If 50 million people decided, at the same time, to claim the maximum deductions on their tax forms, the system would crumble within weeks. The government and the world would get the message and know who is really in charge. This would work. Getting enough people on board? Never happen.

    • Anonymous

      The sucking sound is coming from DC.

      • DJohn1

        Good post!
        And all that implies about their AC/DC inclinations.

    • Bernie

      Ross Perot is now making a killing off that great sucking sound.

  • Jodi

    He forgot to apologize to the cancer patients who lost their insurance & doctors. Oh wait, that’s right! Nothing is Obama’s fault.


    Three more years?

  • Nicnak

    My Swiss parents told me that in 1967, 1 US$ costed 4 Swiss francs. At this time a usa tourist coming to europe could buy many things… Being a US citizen was :”wooww u are lucky “. USA was for people a country of freedom, liberty,… That many people all around the world envy.

    Now, 1 US$ cost less than 1 Swiss francs. (0.9 francs)

    So your money worth only 25‰ now than 40 years ago and USA has a very very bad reputation all around the world.

    In a few years I expect the usa $ to be half 1 Swiss francs…. And then I will buy 1 dollar for 1/4 Swiss francs.

    • Mondobeyondo

      The power of inflation…

      • Nicnak

        No. It s not. the inflation is same in Switzerland. It s just you are poorer than before. A lot poorer. And Swiss richer. Much richer. Every second I m richer and richer!

        • davidmpark

          This guy might be nuts, but he’s got a point. Where’s the money flowing?

        • Anonymous

          Doesn’t it cost about $700 USD annually to attend University in Switzerland? Look at the cost of a degree in the USA. A lot of things are extremely expensive in the USA. Americans have purposely been impoverished. It is easier to control poor people.

  • Tractor

    In Ohio you can vote 12 – 15 times as long as your voting for Obummer

  • Glenn54321

    Another list presenting a case study in how to remove data from context and insert into narrative.

    Are things bad? Sure. But, for example, is one billion sq ft of empty retail space normal? High? Low? How would you know? Neither this page nor the referenced page present what percent that is or gives any idea of what “normal” is…

    After 30 seconds of painstaking google searches, one billion sq ft represents ~10 to 15% of the total available. While this might seem high, it is no higher (as a percentage) than a peak reached in the early 90s and is on a downward trend. Also not considered is the impact of internet sales over the last 20 years on brick and mortar outlets… when considering that, it’s amazing that the vacancy rate isn’t much higher!

    So, just take these items with a grain of salt. A website called “theeconomiccollapseblog” might (just *might*) be oriented toward one interpretation of context-free data points… and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re selling stuff to protect yourself from their conclusion!

    • xander cross

      Excellent comment. It’s always one sided with this site.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Oh, well by all means, enlighten us as to the good news.

        • Glenn54321

          No one is claiming things are good; they’re not. But this site has an explicit goal of making things seem as bad as possible. Just beware of their mission and motives… that’s all I’m saying.

          • Drud

            That is true Glenn, but it doesn’t matter. It is up to each individual to apply skepticism to everything they read, here and elsewhere. It is entirely up to Michael to post whatever comment he chooses and it is entirely up to each reader to come to the site and read said content.

  • Mondobeyondo

    1958 ~ 1963 was the zenith. It started to fall apart after that Friday afternoon in Dallas. Vietnam.Drugs. The counterculture. Watergate. Government cynicism. Yada, yada, yada…

  • jakartaman

    Ya – so what
    Obama has shown us such great presents and auditory skills as our leader. He has been humble and bowing to other world leaders. He is tryig to shift this wasteful gluttonous country to be more like our European brothers and besides he inherited the worst economic conditions ever.
    Just kidding – He is a ideologue and not a leader.
    He will be gone but we still will have 51% low IQ voters!!

  • jakartaman

    The framers warned us about a BIG tyrannical government – DAH – What is this wussy generation gone to do about it? – Nothing but to shut out the lights.

  • Mondobeyondo

    There is a difference between a statesman and a leader. Statesmen are leaders on a mission or a purpose, whether by choice or by circumstance.

    Lincoln, Gandhi, MLK, FDR, JFK – these were statesmen. Obama is just a leader – and not a very good one at that.

  • 12Gary2

    This is the future–get over it conservatives-your world view is discredited and your world is changing. You will adapt or be left on the sidelines. Maybe you can retreat to your compound somewhere in Idaho.

    Imagine: Living In a Socialist U.S.A. is at once an indictment of American capitalism as the root cause of our spreading dystopia and a cri de coeur* for what life could be like in the United States if we had economic as well as a real political democracy.

    The polar ice caps are melting, hurricanes and droughts ravish the planet, and the earth’s population is threatened by catastrophic climate change. Millions of American jobs have been sent overseas and aren’t coming back. Young African-American men make up the majority of America’s prison population. Half of the American population are poor or near poor, living precariously on the brink, while the top one percent own as much as the bottom eighty. Government police-state spying on its citizens is pervasive. Consequently, as former President Jimmy Carter has said, “we have no functioning democracy.”

    • Drud

      SO … the answer is obvious … vote Democrat. Then tax the rich and waste the money …. then when people are p!ssed off and no longer want to vote Democrat … pass laws that say they must vote Democrat under penalty of the law … then they could be assured to tax the rich even more and waste more money … only then will we have functioning democracy. It can’t fail.

      • DiscouragedOne

        It can’t fail to fail.

    • davidmpark

      Oh goodness sakes… the Gary’s are breeding. 😛

    • tuna fish

      the 12 must be his IQ

  • Piglet

    [#31 According to a recent Pew Research survey, only 19 percent of all Americans trust the government. Back in 1958, 73 percent of all Americans trusted the government.]

    They shouldn’t have believed the government then either, and if they’d been aware of what was really going on, they wouldn’t have done so. Remember the words of Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs during the Vietnam War: “Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? Stupid.”

    • Drud

      IMO, that is a tremendous stat. We just need people to begin taking the next step: from simple distrust to active disobedience.

  • Drud

    I didn’t watch a minute … I simply see no point. Obama is a disaster, sure, but no worse than Romney would have been or any other person who looks good in a suit and can read a teleprompter. I did hear about the MyRA program and that I must say I have long been expecting. It is easy, if you understand the game: 1) the US government is insolvent, it is obvious to anyone with a brain, 2) in order to keep things going the government must sell bonds (debt), 3) Foreign powers (namely China, but there are others) will no longer buy them, the Fed can’t buy as much as are needed or else they lose credibility (LOL) in the world currency markets, SO.. they must market to the only group on the planet dumb enough to buy their worthless debt: US citizens. Every move they make is obvious and predictable once you recognize the scam. After the next stock market crash (who knows when?) they will go after virtually everyone’s retirement accounts. It is the easiest money to go after politically because they can claim to be on our side and protecting us from evil Wall Street and the vagaries of the Stock Market. Also, people don’t use their retirement money everyday, so they don’t miss it as much when the government takes it. Watch and see. This will happen sooner or later.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I agree. Romney would have not made a difference if he had been elected. BUT– the people would have looked at the current (cooked, manufactured) numbers, as regards to the alleged job growth, lowering unemployment, etc – and they would have said, “Romney is so much better than Obama! Romney is our hero!!”

      I repeat: no difference.

      • Joe Shmo

        I think I will need to politely disagree with you guys on this one. Not that I’m a fan of Romney (I’m not). But, he did not set out to “Fundamentally Transform America”, like BHO did. Look at all the Czars, the regulatory agencies. Do you think Romney would’ve worshiped at the church of Global Warming like the prez does? Do you think we would’ve shut down the coal industry? I think not. Romney was far too soft of a candidate, and that is exactly why the media loved him. So they could HELP tear him apart.

        • Drud

          I completely understand where you are coming from, Joe, but the way I look at it, none of this is about the “issues” of our time. Global Warming, immigration, gay marriage, abortion, etc. These have their place, but it my mind it is like this: our nation has stage for cancer and these “issues” are the equivalent of skinned knees. This is about tyranny. Our government cannot solve any problems, it cannot be fixed. It must be torn down and rebuild from the ground up and about 1% of the current size. The pithy line from Claire Wolfe is overused but accurate: “It is too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” This is the lens through which to view my comment. BHO is right we do need to “:Fundamentally Transform America” just not in the way he wants to. We need much much more liberty and much much less government. Romney is in NO WAY the person to remake this country in that fashion, so he is no better a candidate than BHO. I realize that I may sound like an extremist, but personality-wise I am most certainly not. Never have been. i simply realize that the circumstances are extreme and people need to wake up to that fact.

          • Joe Shmo

            We are in agreement that the “system” needs to be burnt to the ground and started over. But I still think that BHO went into the office with a desire to bring America down in stature, and I don’t think Romney had that mindset. He told us so. “Americans can’t expect to keep their thermostats at 70 °F, and they can’t expect to eat whatever they want”. I remember him saying those words. The bureaucracy is an unaccountable monster that will NEVER
            willingly relinquish power. See: the NSA exposed. They were caught with their hands in every type of electronic transmission and what happened? Not one d*mn thing. People indicted? Zero.

          • Drud

            “BHO went into office with a desire to bring America down in stature.” I don’t know. We can never know what is in another person’s heart. Also, remember Hanlon’s razor – “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.” Not sure if BHO’s action can be, but again, I don’t think it matters. It is far too late to change anything through voting. Probably has been since ’92, when we actually had a chance to secure a solid future. That opportunity no longer exists. A painful collapse followed (most likely) by years of war (WWIII or a Second Civil War are both in play) is the inevitable outcome here. Like you say, he powerful will never willingly relinquish their power, but ultimately they will lose it (that is also inevitable) but they will do a lot of damage on the way down.

          • Joe Shmo

            I applaud your stance on giving the benifit of the doubt. However, when we read his books, listen to his words, and understand that he attended a church for 20 years that promoted black nationalism, well I’ve seen enough to make up my mind. I encourage you to watch a DVD that came out a few years ago called “Dreams of my Real Father”. It’s quite eye opening. We will have to agree to disagree on that one point. I’m with you on all the others..

      • tuna fish

        we would have the obamacare disaster. we wouldn’t have 17 trillion in debt. gary would have to go out and get a job.

        • blackciti_fo5

          Who is this Gary I keep reading about lol?

          • tuna fish

            he is the site owner logging in under a different name

  • jane k

    a collapse woud have happend will ust be slow adjustment. a collpase is a collpase. this aint a a collapse

    • jane k

      a collapse woud have happend will just be slow adjustment. a collpase is a collpase. this aint a a collapse

      • nekksys

        A collapse takes time when it’s on a global scale. We are seeing the beginnings of just such an event now. It make take a year or two before the full extent is known/revealed.

        • Nickelthrower

          People mistake the signs of collapse. It goes like this: a civilization that can no longer sustain itself.

          People are obsessed with the idea that the collapse of our financial system will herald some new dark age. They try to predict when it will all happen based on the shifting value of invisible numbers.

          To me, the death of a fictitious construct is preferable to the collapse of, say, our watersheds or our electrical grid.

  • wcmdeaf

    I watched CNN’s pre State of the Union discussion with people. What really scare me is the widespread acceptance of Executive Orders. They said “Go ahead and bypass Congress”. I was like “Whoa such disregard on US constitution”.

  • Mondobeyondo

    “Unemployment is falling like a rock! It’s falling like a meteor!”

    Um, yeah. You do know what a meteorite supposedly did to the dinosaurs, right?

  • Annette Smith

    Hey, Isn’t China supposed to default tomorrow?

  • Annette Smith

    If you had been born in the 50’s, you would have a lot more to look back on…families were still families, then. There were moms and dads.Most kids had both. What did we have to worry about? All the kids in the neighborhood would go outside after dinner to play hide-n-seek. We would hide in the backyard of one friend, the side yard of another, and so on. We ran all over the place, and didn’t htink of anyone harming us. That just didn’t happen then. There were al ot of us kids, it was just after the war, and the economy was good. We al lwent to Sunday School and had a culture that included God in thehome and at school. On Sunday nights, we would watch Disney. The Ed Sullivan Show came on after that, I believe. Take a look at Lawerence Welk. That is the kind of music we grew up on. And look at how people dressed. Women weren’t called “bitches” ot “hoes”. There was respect. Sorry you missed the 50’s…it was a very good time.

    • Bernie

      You mean there were no “Baby Mommas” or “Baby Daddys.”

    • Alex

      OK, but don’t forget you also had just witnessed some of the most horrendous carnage in human history. You can’t see that kind of inhumanity and think it won’t affect you.

  • tuna fish

    ignore gary and obama, they are excrement

  • tuna fish


  • 2Gary2

    Let me make clear one thing-There will NEVER be another conservative president EVER. Conservatives are the party of suck and their days are numbered. There will always be a few inbred southern dolts who vote against their own self interest but as a party conservatives will never ever be president. I love this.

    • tuna fish

      liberal pieces of excrement are the party of a 17 TRILLION deficit

    • tuna fish

      ^ the party of NAZIhate

    • tuna fish

      oooooo hoss, you sure got the American people on that one

    • Drud

      I thought you were an advocate of Democracy Gary.

      • 2Gary2

        I am and the democracy will never elect a republican president again. Demographics are destroying the republican party. I love this.

  • tuna fish

    Let me make clear one thing-There will NEVER be another liberal piece of excrement president, NEVER. bwahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa liberals are the effeminate party of suck

  • kenfrombayside

    Keep the pressure on your reps in congress. Giving 11 – 30 million (nobody knows for sure) criminal lawbreakers legalization pure insanity. Plus, they could sponsor their relatives; that would bring the total up to about 50 million aliens in our midst. Of course, these new citizens will vote for the vile democrats and their socialist giveaways. Most of them will be unskilled, uneducated, low IQ etc. Stop this outrageous bill now. Don’t sit on the sidelines.You are not wasting your time. The American people don’t want this bill. You have to do all you can do to stem the third world assault:
    – Contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress.
    – after biz hours, leave a message on your DC rep’s voicemail. All US Senators have multiple offices so it would be a good idea to hit all of the. Remember, be civil and don’t threaten
    – go to NUMBERSUSA then go to the take action button. You will be able to send faxes to your 2 US Senators and congressional for free. (I also gave a $50 donation).
    – use Business Reply envelopes to state your opposition to America’s insane immigration policies and the proposed amnesty. Don’t give the parties any money.
    – join an immigration group like FAIR. Strength thru numbers!
    – go to the RNC & DNC sites to email them.
    – Use the media: call a talk radio program; write a letter to your local paper. If the media outlet is liberal, then talk about economic impact of massive third world immigration.
    – text everybody in your cell phone queue now.

  • gullibleamericans

    #33 If Obama could run for a 3rd term most idiots especially the Obama phone receivers would vote for him

  • bjamnjm

    Excellent observations…

    Besides the obvious, your thoughts about US Citizens being sucked into diversionary issues is especially relevant.

    As long as there is division among us due ____ we are unable to gain proper perspective requisite to a thorough scrutiny of the proper function & integrity of Our Republic’s, Democratically elected, public servants/leaders, appointees & bureaucracies.

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