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Only 44 Percent Of U.S. Adults Are Employed For 30 Or More Hours Per Week

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Jobs - Public DomainJim Clifton, the Chairman and CEO of Gallup, says that the percentage of Americans that are employed full-time has been hovering near record lows since the end of the last recession.  But most Americans don’t realize this because the official unemployment numbers are extremely misleading.  In fact, Clifton says that the official 5.6 percent unemployment rate is a “big lie”.  Gallup regularly tracks the percentage of U.S. adults that are employed for 30 or more hours per week, and it is currently at 44.2 percent.  It has been hovering between 42 percent and 45 percent since the end of 2009.  This is extremely low.  As I discussed the other day, there are 8.69 million Americans that are considered to be “officially unemployed” at this point.  But there are another 92.90 million Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force”.  Millions upon millions of those Americans would work if they could.  Overall, there are 101 million U.S. adults that do not have a job right now.  But you won’t hear that number being discussed by the mainstream media, because it would make Barack Obama look really bad.

Most Americans just assume that the economic numbers that we are being given accurately reflect reality.  That is why it is so refreshing to have men like Jim Clifton step forward and tell the truth.  His recent article entitled “The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment” is making headlines all over America.  The following is an extended excerpt from that article…

There’s another reason why the official rate is misleading. Say you’re an out-of-work engineer or healthcare worker or construction worker or retail manager: If you perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at least $20 — maybe someone pays you to mow their lawn — you’re not officially counted as unemployed in the much-reported 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

Yet another figure of importance that doesn’t get much press: those working part time but wanting full-time work. If you have a degree in chemistry or math and are working 10 hours part time because it is all you can find — in other words, you are severely underemployed — the government doesn’t count you in the 5.6%. Few Americans know this.

There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.

And it’s a lie that has consequences, because the great American dream is to have a good job, and in recent years, America has failed to deliver that dream more than it has at any time in recent memory. A good job is an individual’s primary identity, their very self-worth, their dignity — it establishes the relationship they have with their friends, community and country. When we fail to deliver a good job that fits a citizen’s talents, training and experience, we are failing the great American dream.

Gallup defines a good job as 30+ hours per week for an organization that provides a regular paycheck. Right now, the U.S. is delivering at a staggeringly low rate of 44%, which is the number of full-time jobs as a percent of the adult population, 18 years and older.

And Gallup is being extremely generous.

I certainly would not define a 30 hour a week job at minimum wage as a “good job”, but Gallup does.

So the truth is that the percentage of U.S. adults that do have “good jobs” is actually far lower than 44 percent.

In the video that I have posted below, there is much more from Clifton about our current employment crisis…

Pretty strong stuff.

But Clifton also understands that there is danger in speaking out like this.

For example, just check out what he told CNBC during one recent interview…

“I think that the number that comes out of BLS [Bureau of Labor Statistics] and the Department of Labor is very, very accurate. I need to make that very, very clear so that I don’t suddenly disappear. I need to make it home tonight.”

So why are there so few good jobs for Americans?

Well, for one thing, our control freak politicians have absolutely murdered job creation in the United States.

Traditionally, small businesses have been the primary engine of job growth for the U.S. economy.  But for each of the past six years, the number of new businesses being created has been lower than the number of businesses that have died.

Prior to 2008, we had never seen this happen before in all of U.S. history.

Thanks Obama.

Meanwhile, we continue to ship millions of good jobs out of the country, and millions of good jobs are being replaced by technology.

A confluence of factors are coming together to create a perfect storm that is going to be extremely bitter for American workers.

Spending our wealth is not a path to prosperity.  We have got to create wealth in order to be a prosperous nation.

But instead, we continue to buy far, far more from the rest of the world than they buy from us.  We just learned that the trade deficit increased to 46.6 billion dollars in December, and the total trade deficit for the year was more than half a trillion dollars.

This is complete and utter insanity, but at this point the trade deficit is not even a political issue for either major political party anymore.

And the really bad news is that this is about as good as things are going to get for the U.S. economy.  The next major economic downturn is right around the corner, and our employment crisis is going to get much, much worse once that strikes.

Already, layoffs in January were 17.6 percent higher than they were in January a year ago and businesses all over the country are shutting down following a very disappointing holiday season.

In addition, the Baltic Dry Index has dropped to stunningly low levels.  In fact, it is already lower than it was at any point during the last recession.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Mac Slavo

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is used by economists and stock traders alike as a leading economic indicator because it predicts future economic activity. The index tracks in US dollars and measures global supply and demand for commodity shipments among bulk carriers including raw materials like lumber, coal, metallic ores, and grains. What makes this particular measurement so distinct from others, according to economic Howard Simmons, is that the BDI “is totally devoid of speculative content” because “people don’t book freighters unless they have cargo to move.”

On Thursday, the Baltic Dry Index was sitting at 564, That is not too far above the record low level of 554 that was established in July 1986.

So don’t be fooled by all the happy talk from the mainstream media and from politicians like Barack Obama.

They are lying to you, and their lies will soon be evident for all the world to see.

  • Lovinit

    Well maybe people should consider moving to Grand Blanc, MI. GM pays people a salary of $60,000 a year just to research and find the lowest parts suppliers. Seriously…Anyone with half a brain can do that job. Gotta love those union paid wages. Nice work if you can get it and you do not even need to have a bachelors. The saying is true. If you have an in with someone you can get paid really well to do a relatively easy job.

    • Orange Jean

      I bet what they don’t mention is it would take $30K just to keep warm in such a cold place…

  • K

    It is very simple D.C. never tells the real truth. It is nothing more than a sewer, filled with greedy lowlifes. The other day, when McCain yelled low life scum. I assumed, he was looking in a mirror.

    • T.

      Low life Washington corporate Politicians – Living the high life at the expense of everyday working (in the minority) Americans. Their American Dream – Everyday Americans Nightmare.

      • Tim

        Well said.

    • Bill

      Me too. He’s a great DC icon in that regard.

  • Tim

    And tomorrow morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics will treat us to more propaganda when they release the January unemployment rate. It really doesn’t matter what they report tomorrow. The monthly jobs “creation” and unemployment update is so misleading that it’s meaningless. If you want to know what’s really going on read economist John Williams’ site (Shadow Government Statistics).

    • Libertaria

      Today is another day of progress for our human race and its furrie allies, chocolate rations have now increased from 37 g a week to 29 grams a week, not only that but the percentage of roach fat will go down from 47% to only 53%.

  • GSOB

    yeah, ….

    and Satan is not attacking the institutionalized Christian church,….

    he is joining it.

    • JasonD

      …and Jesus and his lawyers.. Are coming back…

      • GSOB

        we’re here now.

    • Guest

      What? I don’t understand your comment.

      • gfmucci

        I think he means that the church looks inward, building up itself, making members all comfy and cozy and doesn’t give a flip about what is going on on the outside – the nation, the economy, moral decline. The chuch has taken “separation of church and state” to insane extremes. They basically have checked out.

        • GSOB

          Uh, yeah….

          you can include that.

          “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

          No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

          Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.”

      • GSOB

        As far as God is concerned there is a sweet, wholesome fragrance in our lives. It is the fragrance of Christ within us, an aroma to both the saved and the unsaved all around us.

        To those who are not being saved, we seem a fearful smell of death and doom, while to those who know Christ we are a life-giving perfume. But who is adequate for such a task as this?

        Only those who, like ourselves, are men of integrity, sent by God, speaking with Christ’s power, with God’s eye upon us.

        We are not like those hucksters—and there are many of them—whose idea in getting out the Gospel is to make a good living out of it.

    • laura m.

      Folks, get out of these gov controlled 501c3 IRS churches. Ministers and priests are recruited by DHS/FEMA as response teams to round up the sheep (members) to fema camps when the shoe drops. Ditch these money pits/social clubs now. Home church or get with small group low key. The large denominations are a major cause of our gov being out of control, as cowardly church hq., leaders and ministers are muzzled,gelded and sold out for a paycheck/perks (cast/cursed into outer darkness). Hitler and Stalin used the churches then for same agenda and turned in names for roundups. I have tried to wake up people in my area about this issue, but they’d rather be in the social club, blind leading the blind.

  • GSOB

    Jeremiah 23:24

  • Bill

    Volumes could be written about the significance of the BDI. So glad you addressed it Michael. Also it is very significant to have the CEO of Gallup addressing the manipulation of unemployment statistics.

    And speaking of manipulation, the roller coaster ride of oil prices is becoming so extreme that it is really unbelievable.


    • Mike Smithy

      Yes, the BDI at present is 564. The all time low of 554 was set on August 6, 1985. I suspect that we will set a new all time low sometime this month. The media/administration apologist/enablers will provide spin and suggest one or more of the following as an explanation:

      1. Too many cargo ships.
      2. Most goods are now flown in via airplane.
      3. Thanks to NAFTA, cargo is now shipped via train or trucked into the USA via Mexico and Canada.
      4. The new economy is information based and the internet has replaced cargo ships for our daily needs.
      5. The NSA and CIA have created a molecular transporter similar to the one on Star Trek and it has been kept secret until now.

      • Bill

        Interesting thoughts.

  • jaxon64

    Thank you Michael for this article. I needed some fresh infusion of gratitude and this was just the ticket.
    Lately I have been feeling worn down as my wife and I are around 50 years of age and still both putting in 50 hours a week–I sometimes think, “life was meant to be so much more than working oneself to weariness day after day after day. Then a day ( or sometimes 2 days) of recuperation on the weekend–so we can get up Monday and go toil away again for the next week.
    For what? Broken down bodies, all used up and end up in a state run nursing home sitting in my own piss for hours on end?
    Well at least I have a pretty comfortable life right now compared to many, and I don’t have to worry about food, shelter or paying the bills—drudgery it may be…but at least I’m not starving, freezing, in ill health or in a state of constant financial worry…..I am sincere in my thanks for articles like this that remind me to get off my pity pot–so what’s a little fatigue? Spring is just a while away…..

    • apeiron

      I’m 54, jaxon64 & in a similar situation. Gratitude, clean food & regular exercise go a long way in taking the edge off that weariness. At least we’re still able & have something productive to do , thank God.

      • K2

        and sufficient sleep.

    • CharlesH

      You expressed my feelings to the T. Thank you Jaxon64.

    • Julie

      Isaiah 14:3-7

      3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve,

      4 ¶That thou shalt take up this aproverb against the king of bBabylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! thecgolden city ceased!

      5 The Lord hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers.

      6 He who smote the people in wrath with a continual stroke, he that ruled the nations in anger, is persecuted,and none hindereth.

      7 The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing.

      Jesus Christ is coming soon! Get excited!!!

    • Priszilla

      50 hours is a bit much. Unions were fighting for the 40 hour week since the early 19th century. And industry found out that less work means higher productivity.

      The Ford Motor Company advanced the idea in 1914, when it scaled back
      from a 48-hour to a 40-hour workweek after founder Henry Ford believed
      that too many hours were bad for workers’ productivity.

      I’m down to 37 hours, and my partner scaled down to 33 hours every other week.

      It’s also better for the economy of the country when more people work less and sleep more, and spend less time at the doctors and consuming drugs.

      And if you have kids, the benefits are even greater.

  • Imaplaneiac

    I saw Jim Clifton doing this interview on FNC this morning, Yesterday ( Wednesday ), I heard him on Herman Cain’s radio program; having a longer discussion about these same issues. So, why is it that the Re-FLUB-licans in CON-gress haven’t begun impeachment proceedings against His Highness King Obey-me the Dictator?! This action SHOULD have been No. 1 on their agenda! Their LACK of action to do this proves to me that the Re-FLUB-licans are complicit with ( or to ) the DEMONcrats!

    • laura m.

      This is why many quit voting long ago. Politicians are scum bums only interested in a paycheck and grant money for their districts (federal, state, local) Politicians on all levels of gov are the scum of the earth. voting is a real crock of dung, it is a farce accomplishing zero..

      • Imaplaneiac

        Laura, as you know, in early January, the Re-FLUB-licans voted to RETAIN Kick-back Mitch ( aka The Gobbler ) and Caver / Kisser Boehner as their so-called ” leader “!?
        I’m compiling my comments to soon send an e-mail to Austin Scott – my so-called ” representative in the House. Shortly before the vote for so-called ” Speaker “, I sent him a message directing him to vote for Louie Gohmert

  • Mike Smithy

    How dare you for telling the truth Jim Clifton. President Zero will have to sick the DHS/FBI on you as a possible terrorist and order the TSA place you on the “No Fly List”. At the very least you will likely be receiving an audit from the IRS and Gallup will be officially listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    • K2

      You ruined it by bringing global warming into the discussion. Criticise the administration but not that.

      • airedale

        Tell me you’re kidding!?

        • K2


  • Ian Beattie

    American Dream or American Fantasy. The reality is we are all controlled by banks and government. You think you own your house, the bank does. You think you own this country, government does. We the people are not people anymore. We are just a number (social security). Father God help us….in Jesus name.

    • David John Mowers

      “I say the Fed is independent, by this I mean independent within the Federal Government but not independent OF the Federal Government for we are part of it.” -Dallas Federal
      Reserve, William Martin, in testimony before Congress.

      Quote from Netflix documentary; “Money For Nothing.”

  • Old timer

    Who does Gallup actually poll in their stats?? Cant say i have ever been approached to fill out a survey or poll…seems like garbage stats to me….

  • Makati1

    Misleading headline: 44% of which adults? Does it include the retired? The disabled? Females? At one time (in my life time) woman ran the home and the men worked for the paycheck. THEN, less than 30% of adults were employed in ANY job, full or part-time.

    • In what way is this headline misleading???
      As far as I know, Michael take people reading his articles as intelligent enough to understand that the adults referred to are those in age to work, and being part of the workforce

      By definition, if they are retired they are not part of that number – if they are, then they are not retired, they are working.

      As for the disabled, if they are working, they are supposed to be part automatically of the working statistics. Why should they not be part of the working statistics given by the BLS.

      As for being female or not, who cares. This is not a sexist article, it includes both gender.

      Disabled, Healthy, Man, Woman – if they are adults that’s what it means –> whoever is in age to be part of the workforce, which is logically what the BLS understand also…

      • WK

        While I accept the basic thesis for this blog, many times it would be nice since Michael is so astute on so many sides as to what is wrong, for him to postulate suggestions or countermeasures to improve things. The world is not going to fall apart in spite of all the negative rhetoric. Like he pointed out, the metrics have been down for years yet here we still are. New Gov. Rauner in Illinois was coming up against the same criticism, yeah OK we know it’s bad, what’s your plan on what to do about it. Some of us can read between the lines what Michael is getting at, but yes, it would help to see specific action points spelled out. Michael maintains he cares about America, OK then show it a little more than just carping about the bad news all the time. I agree there is plenty of bad news. Don’t just maintain it is fully hopeless, because I do not know many who would agree with a fully hopeless outlook. Put your research and expertise to work and do better by offering good ideas for improvement.

        • Peter

          “carping about the bad news”,The man is just stating the obvious problem. Its only through understanding the problem, can it be fixed. Unfortunately, most do not even understand there is a problem, when they are consistently lied to.Solutions are possible but are much more complex. They require a completely new mindset. Free trade, austerity, bail ins or bail outs global warming are engeneerd to keep us poor and holding the bag, while the 1 percent get richer. The international criminal corporate elite, are only interested in extracting the last dollar from us.There is no right left, as they are both funded by them. What needs to happen is a return to the rule of law. How do we allow private banks to print our money charge us interest to the point of bankruptcy, When we can print the money our selves interest free.

          • WK

            How many people come to this blog that don’t recognize the points Michael is making, and has been making for years? Granted I am sure some may be clueless, but I suspect the majority are not. My point is meant constructively, his points carry a lot more weight in my view if he comes through with some summary or judgment as to improvement suggested or areas that can be cited for action to improve. yes, we need a reminder that there are a multitude of negative metrics, but instead of appearing to be a permabear, some suggestions could change that perception to a damn smart blogger or someone that is not just focused on what is bad only. I realize this is a collapse blog, so I expect doses of heavy or bad news, and anyone who doesn’t shouldn’t come here.

  • Gil G

    Being told you will not longer get a safe, secure, decent paid job for life would have been shocking in the early ’80s. Nowadays it should considered business as usual.


    Between legalizing the illegals, the offshoring and the inshoring (H1B, etc), the Middle Class finds itself in the cross hairs. When the Messiah leaves office, the nation’s debt will have doubled and when interest rates rise the ability of this country to service it is very much in doubt. Default on the debt is almost certain along with default on SS and Medicare. America will have ample leisure time to consider how it was hoodwinked by the Community Organizer.

    • apeiron

      I heard a report on the radio that 100% of job gains in this tepid ‘recovery’ have gone to immigrants both legal & illegal.


        The native American has been marginalized, written off as Road Kill by the Elites. Walker for President.

      • K2

        immigrants are more likely to get a house, have kids …if they get a job, than the citizens. Thats why the economy is being structured around them it seems.

        I am just speculating ofcourse.

        • K2

          I am not condoning it.

    • kenfrombayside

      Re Immigration. If say or do nothing about this criminal third world invasion, you are part of the problem. Keep in contact with your elected reps; consistently go to the polls and vote against the true enemy of the white race: the Democratic Party; do yourgardening, don’t eat out and do your own laundry; go to numbersusa and join other organization that advocate a reduction in immigration. Make no mistake, this third world assault is a form of genocide against America’s white.


        I have not remained silent

  • TBonePickens

    Uhh if you mow your neighbors lawn for an hour for $20 bucks and you’re unemployed, you’re still counted as unemployed, As David Pakman pointed out the other day on his radio show. Clifton’s first point doesn’t appear to be correct in the excerpt from his article.

  • Mary Kotomski

    In case any of you haven’t heard, the dockworkers union on the U.S. west coast are all on strike and in a week or so, the 12 western ports will be completely shut down. The supply chain will be interrupted. Has anyone else heard of this on the news or the Glenn Beck show where I heard it a few moments ago?

    • Mike Smithy

      Yes, Zero Hedge posted an article about it yesterday.

  • Pastor Glenn

    What nobody is speaking about is the fact that a respected corporate leader actually has seriously spoken out about where this country now stands. His comment showing his fear about speaking out and how he’d really prefer to stay alive, speaks volumes about where our nation is at – none of it good.
    Pastor Glenn

    • Mike Smithy

      Perhaps a FEMA re-education camp is in his future?

  • Megalon

    I’m sure they will try a ‘Vince Foster’ special on him.

    • Guest

      I hope not.

  • DJohn1

    The key to economic prosperity for an individual used to be starting a business producing a product that everyone wanted at least one of. Now I suspect the IRS would shut it down.
    Bill Gates started in his garage. Now the zoning people would shut him down for running a business out of his garage.
    The great depression of the 30s has been argued to have lasted as long as it did because of government interference. Eventually Europe went bankrupt in world war II putting our currency in as a replacement for the British Pound in all international transactions. The pound went from exchanging with dollars at $5 per pound down to about $2 per pound over the years. At one point it went down to a $1.19 per pound but Thatcher and others restored the country’s credit with extreme austerity at least that is the fairy tale. That was in the 70s. I think the exchange is still in the $2 range.
    The key here is everyone owns dollars world wide. So if we go down, they go down with us.
    And that is what frightens bankers and keeps them up at night.
    If it goes down the derivative market goes with it bankrupting them all and us with them.
    Everything crashes world wide!
    The key here is to stop the bureaus and put them out of business.
    To create an atmosphere where new business can survive is going to take a huge dismantling of government. I look to Chris Christy with a line item veto might do that.
    Giving him line item vetoes? That is an enormous amount of power for any one individual to have in government.
    I think we have to fire the Keynesian Economics people in government. What takes its place? It could just as easily be someone else that becomes President. Unless they are thoroughly incompetent in picking a candidate it will be a Republican President presiding over a Republican Congress of both houses. Then what is the Republican answer when the ball is in their park?
    You cannot destroy power bases without nature abhorring the vacuum and replacing it with something worse. And our bureaus are power bases.
    The reasons behind our current debt and future debt are fairly obvious. Our people do not or will not balance the books. They are paying for things by devaluing the currency and have been for a good number of years.
    Well it is coming back to haunt them. SO they are desperate to find the money to keep things going as they are now. That includes draining everyone’s savings and putting us all in bankruptcy if necessary.
    It means nationalizing every pension in the country and giving back less than you are getting now.
    It means a complete overhaul of Social Security. Lots of luck with that one. I think they cannot even keep things straight for people that are on it now.
    The key to all of it is commodities. How much food is out there to be purchased at a price people can afford?
    Like the land grab that reduced beef production in the Southwest.
    So now beef goes for much higher prices? Well less beef, less ranchers able to survive, so higher prices on beef.
    It means total control over our lives from several key bureaus. That just happened with EPA ruling wood stoves to be illegal to use.
    The IRS will shortly fine a good portion of the population for not having proper health insurance. The assumed date was April. It is actually the middle of February. The law reads that they can take 1% this year of your gross income or a minimum whichever is greater. The February date is for next year and is 2%.
    That could amount to 5,000 dollars in some cases. People assume it is a paltry sum of the minimum. That is not true.
    The problem I see here is everyone is going to be broke. If no one has money to spend all our retail stores will go out of business with terrible unemployment shortly to follow. It means unemployment insurance will not work.
    Over regulation is the biggest problem in the US Government whether it be Federal, State, City or County governments. That is going to change only because it is to the point of bankrupting everyone to keep it as it is.

  • Annette Smith

    Anyone reading these comments who is looking for full-time employment, please move to Phoenix! We don’t have part-time jobs to be hired for, just full-time. Call the different temp agencies and there is no more part-time…just full-time “temp-to-hire” only!

    • Mondobeyondo

      I live in Phoenix. There’s not much to offer here if you don’t want to be a burgermeister, barista or a landscaping guru. Grab your leaf blower, we’ve got another blow…um, not gonna go there!

      • Annette Smith

        You must not be in the health, insurance or internet industry…tons of jobs…let me know if you need any leads…I get emails all day long for jobs, but I don’t want a full-time career at my age…if you are a tree trimmer or lawn care guy, I think it could be difficult for you…but there is a lot of activity in Chandler, Tempe, and Scottsdale for the industries I mentioned. I just turned down an $18.00 an hour position for just data entry….the work is there…you might have to change the line of work you are in?

        • Mike Smithy

          My sister-in-law makes $18 trillion per year stuffing envelopes and printing fiat in her basement. Send me $19.95 and I will send you the how to video. Sarc

          • Orange Jean

            Ha ha… but you forgot to include the ginge knife set (or whatever that was called)… the old “but wait, that’s not all” ads.

        • Orange Jean

          That doesn’t sound right to me… although it may be true for data entry (the most awful boring job in the world, if you ask me!)… and most likely just “temp” jobs.

          I’m an epidemiologist which is at the high end part of the health industry, requiring at least a Master’s degree, computer programming skills, etc. I’ve looked into AZ as an option, because the weather there is better for my health, but the only jobs I’ve seen posted in AZ for that pay much less than the going rate… less than half what I could make elsewhere.

          • Annette Smith

            I wish you luck,Orange Jean. Have you looked into the large hospitals here?

          • Orange Jean

            Not yet, but I will check that out.

            I was a single mom myself, and also did my share of data entry work… but I really have a hard time believing they are not leading you on with that offer (see my other post about a job with Maricopa County). Something doesn’t add up.

            In the sense they may be willing to pay someone that for a short term job, but I doubt it would ever really be “temp-to-hire” because the salary is way too high for that type of work compared to other work in the health care field. At one point in my life I was looking for work and tried getting temp work while I was looking, but I was being honest and told them that and they almost never came up with a job for me even short term. I suspect that the temp agencies just say that to weed out people who are not serious, but they don’t ever plan on actually hiring anyone long term. I think of temp agencies as the politicians of the world of work.

          • Annette Smith

            btw, that boring job pays $18 an hour, and that is awesome for a single mom!

  • Mondobeyondo

    The America most of us grew up in is disappearing fast.

    Be sure to tell your children and grandkids what it was like in the good old days… when people had well-paying jobs, worked 40 hour weeks, and stayed at the same company for 40 years, looking forward to a nice pension plan and a gold Rolex watch.

    That America is already gone. Enjoy what’s left while you still can.

    • Bill

      We look out the same window.

    • jakartaman

      Our forefathers warned us. Reagan warned us.
      Government is not the solution its the problem
      I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s – The government was just worried about Protecting America – not changing America

      • Nick

        Reagan warned us? LOL Haha EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENT of the last 60 years has been part of the problem! I never understood this clap trap Reagan worship coming from the conservative right. Did he do away with the FED? Did he abolish the IRS?

      • David John Mowers

        So you grew up during the greatest economic expansion in world history when the majority of Americans were in unions and the Fed pushed finances toward banks that lent to small businesses.

  • It’s like the propaganda from the old Soviet news agency “Tass”
    Remember back in the 80’s?

  • Robert C.

    Radio Shack is out of business. They filed for bankruptcy.

  • Orac4Prez

    The US government is not the only place where fiction and fantasy reigns! In the effort to make themselves look good, by redefining “unemployed”, etc., they have lost sight of the fact that lower earnings by employees and companies means less taxes. If most people are earning at pre-1990 levels then the gov. spending has to drop to those levels to avoid budget blowouts. (yes, I know governments overspent even then!)
    The government hasn’t even worked out how to get the “too large to fail” companies to pay a fair share of the tax – how often has there been a report that some of the largest only pay a few cents in the dollar in taxes, but avoided them but clever accounting and offshoring?

    Big corporations like Google and Apple are “on the nose” in many countries because they have avoided tax. It was even on the agenda at the G10! Think of the improvement to the gov. budget if they paid their fair share!

    But I ask you why doesn’t China allow a lot of access to their markets? I suggest it is all to do with trade and taxes? Do you think China is going to let all the commerce and profits be siphoned off to another country? Do you think they are going to allow corporations to avoid taxes? Half of the Asian countries have huge tariffs on selected industries – especially ones where the west is seen to have a distinct advantage.

  • victor

    This is for Michael, I’m new to Your site, enjoy it very much. I’m a Christian and believe about the New World Order that will take place one day. I feel all this stuff that is happening is only bringing us closer to that day. I just wonder how it could be implemented, if all countries would start at zero say, debt balances wiped clean.
    I once heard this pastor say, and didn’t realize this, but You would have to take the mark of the beast, just to work, we all heard to buy or sell, as it is in the bible.
    I’m not afraid, I just find it amazing that everything is coming to pass, I’m 52, and know growing up the middle class has shrunk, seen the spike in food prices over the years, and quantities shrink so it still makes it seem like Your getting it at the same price.
    Also the politicians are more self serving, they only care about us when it’s time to get re elected.
    Thanks, Victor

    • Imaplaneiac

      Victor, welcome aboard! Michael has another superlative site: . It’s equally as superb! I’m a reader of both since the messiah ascended his throne; beginning his reign! Subsequently, I’ve been in Crisis Management Mode; preparing and managing my personal affairs in every conceivable manner – expecting the worst to eventually occur! Furthermore, I’ve told innumerable people about BOTH of Michaels’ sites.

      There are numerous fellow Christians who regularly post their comments to Michael’s articles.

      • victor

        Thanks for Your reply, I added the other web site to my favorites and will check it out. Like Your take on Your crisis mode. I like to listen to Jonathan Cahn and Mark Blitz from time to time, especially from the Jewish perspective. I really like Mark Blitz and check him out on YOU TUBE once in a while. I also believe about the Shemitah, makes sense to me, and Jews are still under the Jewish calendar.
        Like to talk to You more, have You read Michael’s book? I want to check out this guy Paul Macquire too.
        God Bless, friend

  • Cynical_Guy42

    You make good points. A person who works only 10 hours a week is not unemployed because they’re working, but the majority of the working population being in such jobs is far from ideal, unless these 10 hour jobs pay very well per hour. (Which I would not expect to be typical of such jobs).

  • d-dectiri

    Say, does that jobs data include the roughly 3 million illegals who got work permits…..?

  • Bill Rice

    There are at least 3 Big Lies being disseminated by the federal government and accepted and spread by the mainstream media: Unemployment rate, inflation rate and GDP. I eagerly await the whistle blowers of great courage. They will warrant the “patriot” label.

  • chilller

    The Uliar States of Amerika…

  • JailBanksters

    The economy is doing that well that people only need to work 30 hours a week, that’s progressive, that’s a result. But by the time you take off their always late, leave early, long lunch’s, smoke breaks, coffee breaks, general chit chat, their probably only working 20 hours.

  • autofixer

    Somebody is going to be getting an audit…or worse, have a nail gun accident.

  • Rocketman

    I know the economy is good and companies are hiring. How do I know?….I have three jobs. What the main stream media fails to report is that many of these new jobs equate to nothing but a revolving door. For every hire, there’s a fire. Then the terminated person either does not file for unemployment, or drops out of the workforce. Employment numbers are easy to pad as are the inflation numbers.

  • Joseph Larson

    Today the Federal Government is the nation’s largest
    creditor, debtor, lender, employer, consumer, grantor, property owner, tenant, insurer, pension guarantor, and now health care provider. Does this sound like limited government to you? The issue is no longer what matters the federal government is involved in, but what matters it is not involved.

  • I think the idea that 30 hours is becoming the new normal is a bad idea. Idle hands and Lucifer’s workshop etc. But in trying to find out any information on the 40 hour week, the information seems to be all over the place; from 1790 to 1923. But my question is, did people think this was a bad idea at the time? I’m sure some of the factory and mine owners weren’t happy, but this time it seems different. It’s not as if people were clamoring for this change. Rather it seems to have been forced on us do to the regulations from the affordable care act.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Unemployed? NOT ANYMORE!!!! Got a decision yesterday from my constant appeals – I am now legally able to go back to work! APS and DCFS are backing off: claiming they “never should’ve restricted (client) employment as he’s clearly demonstrated that (client) has done everything in his power and ability to care for his spouse.”

    I can legally work outside the home and care for my family better! As for her care and supervision we are now allowed to have Church members and neighbors come over as needed instead of constant supervision.

    Another part of the Welfare State down!


  • Phillip Mezzapelle

    The Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential elections will have a field day with these false numbers. However, I have a question. If a Republican takes the White House in 2016, will he or she be honest about the TRUE condition of the economy, or will there be more skewed numbers?

  • Bob

    Hi Michael:
    Everyone here should read the book “Oh Yeah?” by Edward Angly. It is a book with newspaper clippings and quotes from 1929-1931 about government and business leaders telling the public everything is good in the economy and the depression is over. You would think you are reading a book of newspaper clippings and quotes from 2008-2015!

  • krinks

    I blame the parasites that year after year keep voting for Demonrats that destroy the economy so that they can get more parasite voters.

  • not me

    Another sign of a booming economy!

  • J

    You are spot on with this article. I live in rural Eastern PA on an 80 acre farm and I am getting contractors approaching me asking me if they can park their travel trailers on my land for $350/month. They have no place to live so they roam the country living in travel trailers. Is this what this nation is coming to? I unfortunately allowed one carpenter to stay for a few months but he is flat broke and burned down my smoke house trying to stay warm after he ran out of propane heat in his trailer. He might work for a day or two per week only to be unemployed again and have to look for work. There are no jobs and the 5.6% unemployment rate is pure BS.

  • GSOB

    In socialism, everyone becomes a federal employee.

    • Priszilla

      Yes, the whole country is basically one enterprise.
      And just like in any other enterprise the chairman is selected by a small group of old men.
      There’s only a slight disadvantage: the economic embargo by the so-called free market economies, who don’t like to share their free market with just anyone.

      So unless you have something the free market people really dearly want, you can’t buy anything on the free market.
      But there’s always the black market – drugs, art and arms.

  • GSOB

    “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.

  • ian

    A huge percentage of Americans are trust fund babies who never work a day in their life.

  • Holger Jahndel

    EIR NEWS – Join the LaRouche Movement for a New Glass Steagall

    Forum for a New Paradigm

  • “FounderChurch” Portal: There exist at least 2 full time jobs for everyone in the world, but there are governmental blocks that prevent people from doing those jobs. If these blocks were removed there would never be any unemployment.

  • K2

    They must have manipulated the data that shows the ‘extent’ of warming, not warming itself.

  • sharonsj

    Rule # 1L Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Rule # 2: Know your sources.

    The author of that article is described in Wikipedia: “Booker put forward a view that the public is being unnecessarily “scared”– thus he argues that asbestos, passive smoking and BSF have not been shown to be dangerous. His views on these matters go
    against scientific consensus, and as a result have attracted much criticism from other journalists as well as public bodies. His
    articles on asbestos and on global warming have been repeatedly challenged by George Monbiot of The Guardian and the UK Health and Safety Executive has repeatedly refuted his claims about asbestos.”

    Booker wrote a book refuting global warming. “Booker’s position required the reader to believe that (1) Most of the world’s climate scientists, for reasons unspecified, decided to create a myth about human-induced global warming and have managed to twist
    endless measurements and computer models to fit their case, without the rest of the scientific community noticing. George W Bush and certain oil companies have, however, seen through the deception. (2) Most of the world’s climate scientists are incompetent and have grossly misinterpreted their data and models, yet their faulty conclusions are not, as you might imagine, a random chaos of assertions, but all point in the same direction.”

  • Randy Townsend

    Of course they lie. Can you imagine the response if the public were presented with the truth? Millions of our fellow countrymen are languishing idle through no fault of their own, the government does nothing but send them a check and tells them things are getting better…. I think it scares the pols to death, the idea that the public would understand just how bad things really are, because they are the ones that will be held accountable – and they just can’t have that, can they?


    Some Americans work 60+ hours per week but make minimum wage. If those out of work were working, that would provide better work/life balance instead of having one person working such long hours for such low pay.

    Supply and demand has lowered wages. That is why there is massive immigration as the employers are purposely flooding the market with workers to cause low wages. Watch Food, Inc.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    Americans are lazy and don’t want to work. No doubt, 5 years from now, the percentage doing any kind of work will be around 5%. The rest will be lounging on welfare.

  • Zach Watkins

    Dear Michael: Great blog! No joke that Americans are hurting for well paying jobs, career jobs I may, and have been for what seems to be a decade.

    Horrible jobs are the reason so many people of my age group, 18-40, are moving home with mom and dad.

  • Revolt to save America

    was wondering who you follow, like Schiff or celente or Harry Dent as he’s using trends and looks interesting, let me know, thanks,,,

    • Priszilla

      Sorry don’t know any of those guys. I usually follow myself. “Green” direction: using less resources to save money.
      Less consumption more investment.
      Investing in technology and procedures and people to save operating costs.
      Save money to invest.
      Financial markets are casino-like consumption, not investment.
      That sort of thing.

  • Steve

    Bottom line: the United States of America has been distilled down to The Corporate States of America, with a corrupt Congress thrown in to make it Industrial Strength.

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