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$5.25 Million For Senate Hair Care And 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

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Barack Obama John Boehner Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid Mitch McConnellIf you want to live the high life, you don’t have to become a rap star, a professional athlete or a Wall Street banker.  All it really takes is winning an election.  Right now, more than half of all the members of Congress are millionaires, and most of them leave “public service” far wealthier than when they entered it.  Since most of them have so much money, you would think that they would be willing to do a little “belt-tightening” for the sake of the American people.  After all, things are supposedly “extremely tight” in Washington D.C. right now.  In fact, just the other day Nancy Pelosi insisted that there were “no more cuts to make” to the federal budget.  But even as they claim that things are so tough right now, our politicians continue to live the high life at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.  The statistics that I am about to share with you are very disturbing.  Please share them with everyone that you know.  The American people deserve the truth.

According to the Weekly Standard, an absolutely insane amount of money is being spent on the “hair care needs” of U.S. Senators…

Senate Hair Care Services has cost taxpayers about $5.25 million over 15 years. They foot the bill of more than $40,000 for the shoeshine attendant last fiscal year. Six barbers took in more than $40,000 each, including nearly $80,000 for the head barber.

Keep in mind that there are only 100 U.S. Senators, and many of them don’t have much hair left at this point.

But hair care is just the tip of the iceberg.  The following are 21 other ways that our politicians are living the high life at your expense…

#1 According to Roll Call’s annual survey of Congressional wealth, the super wealthy in Congress just continue to get much wealthier even though they are supposedly dedicating their lives to “public service”…

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) is the richest Member of Congress for the second year in a row, reporting a vast fortune that in 2011 had a minimum net worth surpassing $300 million for the first time.

McCaul is followed by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who reported a minimum net worth of $198.65 million, and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who reported a minimum net worth of $140.55 million. The two lawmakers swapped places since last year’s list.

The lawmakers who round out the top five, Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), also flipped positions from 2010 to 2011, with Warner’s reported minimum worth rising about $9 million to $85.81 million and Rockefeller’s minimum worth rising slightly to $83.08 million.

#2 Amazingly, the 50th most wealthy member of Congress has a net worth of 6.14 million dollars.

#3 At this point, more than half of those “serving the American people” in Congress are millionaires.

#4 In one recent year, an average of $4,005,900 of U.S. taxpayer money was spent on “personal” and “office” expenses per U.S. Senator.

#5 Once they leave Washington, former members of Congress continue to collect huge checks for the rest of their lives

In 2011, 280 former lawmakers who retired under a former government pension system received average annual pensions of $70,620, according to a Congressional Research Service report. They averaged around 20 years of service. At the same time, another 215 retirees (elected in 1984 or later with an average of 15 years of service) received average annual checks of roughly $40,000 a year.

#6 Speaker of the House John Boehner would bring home a yearly pension of close to $85,000 if he left Congress when his current term ends in 2014.

#7 At this point, quite a few former lawmakers are collecting federal pensions for life worth at least $100,000 annually.  That list includes such notable names as Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Dick Gephardt and Dick Cheney.

#8 The U.S. government is spending approximately 3.6 million dollars a year to support the lavish lifestyles of former presidents such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

#9 Nearly 500,000 federal employees now make at least $100,000 a year.

#10 During one recent year, the average federal employee in the Washington D.C. area received total compensation worth more than $126,000.

#11 During one recent year, compensation for federal employees came to a grand total of approximately 447 billion dollars.

#12 If you can believe it, there are 77,000 federal workers that make more than the governors of their own states do.

#13 When Joe Biden and his staff took a trip to London, the hotel bill cost U.S. taxpayers $459,388.65.

#14 Joe Biden and his staff also stopped in Paris for one night.  The hotel bill for that one night came to $585,000.50.

#15 When Biden and his staff visited Moscow for two days in 2011, the total hotel bill came to $665,445.00.

#16 During 2012, the salaries of Barack Obama’s three climate change advisers combined came to a grand total of more than $370,000.

#17 Overall, 139 different White House staffers were making at least $100,000 during 2012, and there were 20 staffers that made the maximum of $172,200.

#18 It is estimated that the trip that the Obamas took to Africa cost U.S. taxpayers about 100 million dollars.

#19 The Obamas only have one dog named “Bo”, but the White House “dog handler” reportedly makes $102,000 per year and sometimes he is even flown to where the Obamas are vacationing so that he can take care of the dog.

#20 There is always at least one projectionist at the White House 24 hours a day just in case there is someone that wants to watch a movie.  Apparently turning on a DVD player is too much to ask.

#21 In one recent year, more than 1.4 billion dollars was spent on the Obamas.  Meanwhile, British taxpayers only spent about 58 million dollars on the entire royal family.

So who pays for all of this extravagance?

The American people do of course.

Unfortunately, what most of our politicians fail to understand is that most families are struggling tremendously right now.

This week, Yahoo featured the story of a 77-year-old former executive that is now flipping burgers and serving drinks to make ends meet.  He says that he now earns in a week what he once earned in a single hour, but he is thankful to have a job in this economic environment…

It seems like another life. At the height of his corporate career, Tom Palome was pulling in a salary in the low six-figures and flying first class on business trips to Europe.

Today, the 77-year-old former vice president of marketing for Oral-B juggles two part-time jobs: one as a $10-an-hour food demonstrator at Sam’s Club, the other flipping burgers and serving drinks at a golf club grill for slightly more than minimum wage.

While Palome worked hard his entire career, paid off his mortgage and put his kids through college, like most Americans he didn’t save enough for retirement. Even many affluent baby boomers who are approaching the end of their careers haven’t come close to saving the 10 to 20 times their annual working income that investment experts say they’ll need to maintain their standard of living in old age.

So many Americans are barely making it from month to month at this point.  Most people work very, very hard for their money, and it is very discouraging to see our politicians waste our hard-earned tax dollars so frivolously.

Fortunately, there are signs that the American people are starting to get fed up with all of this.  According to a stunning new Gallup survey, more Americans than ever before (60 percent) believe that the federal government has too much power.

So what do you think?

Do you think that the government is too big and too wasteful?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • kathy k

    Yes the government is WAY TO BIG & has been wasteful for years. It is time for the people to WAKE UP! & vote these greedy lazy indesisive (sp) individuals out of office. Enough is enough already!

    • hussflier

      What good does voting them out do? The new elects take their place and income with perks

      • toadsticker

        so what’s the answer?

        • GSOB


    • Kim

      We did. And more were voted in. As a result, I no longer vote. I don’t want blood on my hands.

      • K

        hussflier, and Kim, kathy is correct. However not if you continue to vote for the 2 major parties. They are the problem, not the solution. Perhaps third party candidates would not do much better. But before we give up, do we not owe them the chance?

        • Kim

          A third party will be assimilated by the system– the status quo.

      • Hambone

        I still vote, but for every one of me, there are two dead people cancelling out my vote.

  • kathy k

    To K Thank you for your informative reply the other day about winter being the time to watch out for. It helped alot

    • K

      It is for people like you, that I post. When you reach a certain stage in life, sharing what you have learned is a privilege.

  • Rodster

    Does the $5.25 million include $3 million for Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery and botox? Does it cover Joe Biden’s hair plugs? Just asking. 😛

    • Tim

      I can only imagine how much the House of Reps spends to keep Eric Cantor looking so pretty. LOL.

      • Rodster

        Lot’s of facial makeup for Lady Graham. I bet that racks up the bill.

  • Kim

    And on top of everything else, they don’t work. They do nothing but sit around, talk on the phone, surf the net and take vacations.

    • Rebecca in TN

      I really hope you are just talking about Congress. A lot of federal employees work very very hard. I never have time to sit and surf the internet, and I frequently have to work through breaks and lunches in order to meet very strict deadlines. I get NO bonuses and my health insurance for me and my family costs me about 250 bucks a month. I live paycheck to paycheck because I can barely afford to feed my family and I work my butt off all day long.

      • Kim

        Yes I am talking about senate/ Congress.

      • squashpants

        There are so many perqs, little bonuses, and expenses paid for Congresspersons that even though they may do worthy (if not grueling) work, one cannot be blamed for thinking that they must not be doing enough of it to deserve the niceties they have at our expense.

        • txlady706

          Grunts like you and me only constitute as MINIONS – we don’t count as people. Therefore, just like the rest of America – the commoners are there to SERVE them, so that they can “serve” us – in their feeble minds, they actually believe that they are throwing themselves on some sort of gauntlet and are “sacrificing” for the “greater good” – they are THAT brainwashed.

      • erheault

        move to DC.

      • Bosnian Serb

        $244 just for wife and i, why do you complain?

      • JS

        Health insurance for you and your family is only $250 a month?? WOW… must be nice.

        • rosa

          some of my family members (cousins) working federal and there is a waste of money going on paying vacations and sick days are too much money pay for nothing ,benefits and medical insurance are way to much .meanwhile the rest of the nation is struggling to make end meets

        • SOT

          Try $600 a month. That’s what we pay!!!

          • TooLittleTooLate

            Yup…. I’m at 500.00/mo…. but, I expect to be paying a lot more soon.

      • davismauldin

        Pay check to pay check huh!?… my two vehicles are 2003 & 2005… how
        ’bout yours? How big is your house… mine’s 1400 square feet and does not have central heat/air. Under Obamacare my wife’s healthcare will be about $1000/month… I can’t afford Medicare so I use the VA. Sorry Rebecca, I can’t feel too sorry for you. Try living in the REAL world. I would be embarrassed to work for the federal government.

        • AutAut

          What healthcare provider did your wife use pre-obamacare?
          I read that North Carolinans can expect to pay triple market rates- (Double Down: Obamacare Will Increase Avg. Individual-Market Insurance Premiums By 99% For Men, 62% For Women….Forbes 9/25/13)- so I sympathize with your situation.
          I can imagine what you/wife are going through but whether you realize it or not, there is a greater drag on your wallet out there than ‘Rebecca in TN’. It is both political parties and the corporations funding the PACs that influence their actions. Most all of these politicians spend their entire term raising campaign cash, not to mention media who get fat from the entire process
          It might make more sense to make the above named cabal the recipient of your frustrations.

          • India Jones

            Is north Carolina participating in the state option ? I think I read they were not. If this is the case you can look to you State elected officals to thank for those prices!

        • K

          Guess you spend a lot of time embarrased. If you qualify for VA treatment, you did work for the federal government.

        • Adrian

          What’s embarrassing about working for the federal government?

      • Mal Reynolds

        Waaaaa! If it is that bad why do you stay? Great bennies and retirement? Great Healthcare? Power?

      • suelark

        Perhaps, BUT you will receive a very nice retirement check every month when you do decide to leave. Most Americans did not work for the govt and did NOT get any kind of pension. Be thankful you got that job instead of working in the private sector. By the way, your 250 a month for health is nothing.!!@!

        • Orange Jean

          Actually, maybe you should do a little research before you posted that first sentence.

          I also work for the Feds and with FERS (the “new” Federal pension system that kicked in something like 20 yrs ago)… if I worked for my current salary for 20 years my “very nice” retirement check would come to just under $400… LESS than a single mom on welfare with 1 kid in some states.

          The last furlough and possible shutdown wouldn’t bother me quite so much … except for knowing that most of the people in my department are contractors, who were NOT furloughed and not threatened by possible shut down and will be paid. They cost the government more than most full time GS employees (a contracting company typically charges at least 3x what they pay an employee)… and most of the ones we have are far less experienced, and only a very few are veterans.

          Just sayin’!

          • Tom Graham

            No Federal or state employee should get a pension. They should all have to take risks in the market with their retirement just like the others must do in the private sector. They are servants; they are not royalty. Equal treatment for all.

          • K

            People in the private sector used to get pensions, until people like you came along. People who think workers do not deserve any benefits. People who do not think workers should be paid hardly anything at all. The only question is have you gotten rich off the backs of your workers? Or are you yourself a worker, with a bad case of self hate?

          • tg

            I never said that workers should not be paid for the work they do and I never said they do not have the right to negotiate their pay. Do not spin what I wrote. The foundation of a proper economy rests on supply and demand and that applies to what labor demands of employees.

            The problem is that pensions given by the government are Ponzi schemes. The money being paid out to retirees comes directly from those who are currently working. That type of system is illegal and immoral. It is also mathematically impossible to sustain.

            If you drafted a plan right here and now that stated that government employees would only be paid a pension based on what they paid into the system and invested (just as with a 401K in the private sector) and not based upon what is collected from the current work force (AKA: a Ponzi schemes) then I would sign it. That is the proper and moral way to create a pension system.

            The politicians will never embrace such an ideal because they will never be able to promise such things like a 8% return year over year on a pension fund.

            And stop with the accusations of hatred. Going down that path of calling people racists, or bigots because you disagree is a logical fallacy to the Nth degree. I am attacking the mathematics and the ethics of the Ponzi schemes. Just because I disagree with that system does not mean I hate anyone. I do advocate putting those in prison who propagate that system just as I would if it happened in the private sector. That is not hatred. That is justice.

            I openly admit that I do read federal and state bills and laws, I find out what companies lobbied for them and who will benefit from those laws, and I invest my money into those companies. In that regard, I throw my ethics out the window and try to ride the coat tails of the kleptocracy as best I can.

          • India Jones

            You mean to tell me if you got a government job you would turn it down? If your answer is yes your a liar. You would jump at it an you know it. This is all sour grapes cause YOU are not a Federal Employee.

          • tg

            Do not spin the discussion buy trying to ask irrelevant questions. The only thing that matters here is that federal employees get all kinds of kick backs and promises for their political support of the elected officials.

            And I have worked for state governments and it completely sucked. I was treated like garbage. I make far more money in the private sector and investing my money as I see fit.

          • patriot

            This public servant went to combat for your tail. Why so much hating for all federal public servants.

          • tg

            You help propagate the Ponzi schemes and debt that we have. Trying to ignore those unethical behaviors and unsound mathematics by saying that you fought for your country overseas solves nothing.

            And you did not fight for me. You fought for a paycheck.

        • India Jones

          My husband worked 30 years in the ptivate sector. The last 15 years of his working career he worked for the federal government. I am grateful he did otherwise we would not have had retirement. People take the jobs they can GET . Most americans cannot afford to be pickey about thr jobs they qualify for.

          • Orange Jean

            I agree completely. There are also a lot of government agencies that do NOT have any kind of pension either. I think some of the people here who are so anti-pension aren’t aware of the fact that at best it was a form of deferred compensation (i.e., work today, but only get part of your salary today – the rest you … involuntarily… get to “defer” until later).

            I worked for 8 yrs for Boston’s Public Health Commission (no defined pension, only a 401K which performed about the same as any one’s market based savings or investments did over the same period). I did not voluntarily add any of my money to, when I found out they had no idea where any of the money was that people paid into it was for over a year.

            Then I worked for the County of San Diego – which at the time had a pretty modest salary scale, but a pension plan… which cost me almost $1,000 a month (because I was 50 when I started working there); which I did not stay long enough to vest in (I was there 4 yrs) so the only thing I get back is what I put in plus any interest that was earned… hey, same as the market based savings or investments. I kept it in there only because they were getting a pretty good interest rate at the time I left, but it will have cost the County nothing.

            Then I worked for a year for the State of NC. They had a modest retirement plan; you also paid into it (also involuntarily) but I took it out (at no cost to them, since I didn’t get vested in that one either)… and rolled it into the mutual fund I put my wee little retirement IRA into.

            Currently yes I work for the Federal government… AND I am also a taxpayer (paid about $25K on my Fed & state income tax last year)… and I pay something monthly (again involuntarily), for that very modest pension plan. I do also participate in the TSP, which is pretty much a 401K, with a modest matching from my employer… and which also is also subject to the same exact marketplace ups and downs as anyone.

            In all these job moves, I was just trying to get ahead a bit, and now I am likely to be furloughed for 2nd time on Tuesday… I do not feel guilty for working my butt off and getting paid what I can. The health insurance BTW is the worst I’ve ever had in any public or private company in the past. My current job also required me to have at least a Master’s degree with 3-5 yrs experience, skills in medical coding, statistical analysis, SAS programming, writing etc. The pay isn’t bad but it’s hardly excessive for 20 yrs experience.

      • Marilynn

        Rebecca, I’m sorry that some here felt they had to jump all over you because you work in government. Maybe they would prefer you go on welfare. I’d like to know how many of them pay income tax, which supports warfare as well as perks for the Congressional bloodsuckers. Talk is cheap…

      • Adrian

        Keep up the good work, Rebecca. Ignore the comments from the gargoyles and haters on here; their mothers never breast fed them.

    • chilller

      Let’s not forget playing internet poker while in session…

      • clementinesalmassi321

        my Aunty Morgan got a nearly new red Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupe
        by work using a laptop. Read Full Report J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Jake

      That’s what I do at work. Welcome to America!

    • jokyjo

      I can’t believe that you actually got a down vote for that comment. Must have been a congress critter or a paid troll.

    • AngryOldWhiteMan

      Kim, where do you get this absolute rubbish?

  • Tim

    “In fact, just the other day Nancy Pelosi insisted that there were ‘no more cuts to make’ to the federal budget.”

    A few years ago Judicial Watch obtained documentation from the Department of Defense showing that Nancy Pelosi’s use of Air Force jets for travel in a two-year period cost U.S. taxpayers over $2 million! This included over $100 thousand in food and alcohol expenses.

  • K

    First off please read what Michael wrote carefully. Your local federal park ranger, mailman, and others who actually do the work are not the problem. As to the rest, he is totally accurate. Just remember politicians do not do any better, then Senators in ancient Rome did. But then again we know how that turned out.

    • Hambone

      Rest assured there is a lot of dead weight in the federal government that is outside of Congress. I was in the Army for nine years, in a branch that dealt with the Civilian side more than most (finance), and you didn’t have to look long or hard to find a piece of government “furniture” collecting a paycheck.

      With no disrespect intended toward Rebecca in TN, there is plenty of fat to trim in the federal government. And bear in mind I only witnessed a small fragment.

      • K

        Your not wrong. I did over 30 years working for various agencies in the Federal Government. I could go into an office and spot what you are talking about, in less than an hour. Most of the time it was some big wigs cousin. But I have also seen that in the private sector. One CEO had his wife working in accounting for 280 grand a year, no one could remember the last time she had showed up. All I am saying is whether it is a VA nurse, or a Postman, or a Park Ranger. Most of these folks do a job that needs doing. And no, most do not bring home a fat paycheck. Hambone you are not one of them, but some people think no Government employee earns their paycheck.

  • markthetruth

    …………………4 Words………..

    ………… Insider Trading and Lobbyist ……………

    and you can’t prove it as they have so many ways to get around getting caught !!! They be doing it forever. Cheaters

    the end…

    • seth datta

      Does it count as genocide if people die from lack of health care. Does that make Barack the new Hitler??

      It truly is Obama’sCare.

      • amerikagulag

        No it would make him the new STALIN.

        • markthetruth

          Lenin and Stalin where brilliant Mass organizers of their economy.

          Obama is neither.

          the end…

          • Mal Reynolds

            Sarc on Lenin and Stalin?

          • Bushisugly

            Lenin and Stalin were not very good as, shall we say “human rights advocates”, but they sure turned the economy around. Mind you, the impoverished russia became a economic and military superpower in 50 years despite a devastating war in between. I would call that briliant mass organizing of the economy regardless of my political believes.

          • Goodyeargirl

            meanwhile, the people starved under Stalin as the government took over the farms since gov. could “do it better” and the people didn’t have food to eat. The only people to get rich under Stalin worked in the government. I have to disagree that the USSR was an economic superpower. Most of the money in Russia was spent on the military. (and Olympic athletes training). And USSR continued to be impoverished.

      • MeMadMax

        Hitler actually cared for his people. The idea of 5 day work weeks and 2 week paid vacations came from him.

        • AutAut

          Those two insights are both patently false!

          • MeMadMax

            No no, I know how henry ford and others had used the 5 day/8 hour week as a model, but hitler was the first to put it into LAW, along with the 2 week paid vacation model.

          • AutAut

            I trust that Wikipedia disclosed correct information. See beneath the heading: History:
            “The first five-day workweek in the United States was instituted by a New England cotton mill in 1908 to afford Jewish workers the ability to adhere to the Sabbath.” which may have served as the model Ford used and copied by A. H.

            My comment to you was based on your initial post before you stated Hitler made it the law of the land which, if so, was pretty magnanimous

        • Ralfine

          Check for 8 hour day: Introduced in England by Rovert Owen in 1817, in New Zealand made law in 1840s.

    • Bedley Smutler

      NSA spy grid would be a great means of facilitating insider trading, not that our honest folks in government would ever do that.

      • markthetruth

        Yep, Why bite the hand that feeds you

        the end…

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    This is an absolute disgrace. A Rockefeller is only worth $83 million. I remember when a Rockefeller was always the epitome of extreme wealth. And only half of Congress are millionaires??? Aren’t they learning how to steal andmake themselves filthy rich like Gore and Dubya have?

  • simpleman56

    The more write my representative’s the more they send back bull crap replies! I wrote about the lack of coverage by our MSM of the Radiation the US has been hit with from the Fukushima nuclear power plants melt downs & I got a answer that did not say one thing about the subject. The point being they don’t face reality period, they live for the power & wealth they get from the lobbyist who run DC! Not the people period!

  • Elihu Wygant

    There seems to be no stopping these nefarious, greedy, self-centered bozos. TERM LIMITS AT ONCE!

  • Rick Caird

    The Fed and ZIRP are killing us. They are killing pension plans, but most of us who retired and plan to live off the the income from our saving are ending up having to eat our seed corn.

    Rick Perry was right. Bernanke is guilty of treason. The Fed needs to be shot and put out of our misery.

    • Tim

      You’re right. However, if interest rates begin to rise we’ll have much bigger problems to deal with. This is the end game. The Fed is trapped.

      • Jimbo

        Most western economies are now surviving by spending money that hasn’t been earned yet and by robbing stored wealth that was earned in the past. That is what ZIRP is all about. Creating favorable markets for credit and destroying saved earnings.

        These economies are finished because to revert back to higher interest rates is now impossible.

      • Ralfine

        Time to reduce your debts.

        And reduce your operational costs so that you won’t need loans in the future.

        Stability requires buffers, savings, storage. You cut off the peaks and put them into storage, so you can fill valleys. It’s like building a railway.

  • Syrin

    “It’s good to be the king”.

    -Mel Brooks, “History of the World”

  • Jodi

    What sucks the most is that they are a bunch of losers & they don’t give a crap that most Americans are struggling.

  • Tobias Smith

    a pension of 90k, 7,500/month is not gigantic

    • Tim

      What??? I could live like a king on that!

  • Ralfine

    you dont like the government? well, then dont run to the government to ask for jobs. blame the corporations for not creating jobs, blame yourself for wastijg your money on cheap trinkets made by big corporations in far away countries, instead o saving and then buy something worthwhile from your neighbor.

  • Admiral Kirk

    I don’t want to hear any complaining. Stop your bickering and do something about it.

  • muchobrento

    Wanna know why the president has their own projectionist? It’s so that he has somebody to get past the FBI Warning at the beginning of every movie, before he walks in the room.


  • edward emmell

    America needs a revolution. We need to get rid of the crooked politicians. Run them out of office and make them pay back all the money they have stolen. Some Americans are tired of our government stealing from us. Most Americans are blind and do not care but the small some of America group is sick and tired of our corrupt government. When will the American people put a stop to it.

    • Ralfine

      Before a revolution you better work out some alternatives.

      It doesn’t pay to kill all the rich doctors and then having nobody after the revolution who can fix an appendicitis.

      • edward emmell

        You don’t kill them just put them on a island send them food and water by airplane and let them live the way many Americans do

  • 2Gary2

    good post Michael! This excess is because our politicians are so very out of touch with how the rest of us live. I am sure they think it is perfectly normal to have the perks they enjoy. We elect the top 1% who cater to the 1%, who have a revolving door between the private sector and government, and then wonder why wealth and income is so unequally distributed.

    Before cutting food stamps congress etc needs to cut their fat out.

    • Tobias Smith

      yeah, so vote for hillary in 2016, right?

  • jj

    yes they waste and yes they know it pisses the public off but they don’t care they feel entitled just like the welfare roll but they will defend it to . as a matter of fact that’s probably why the purchased 1.3 billion rounds of hollow point ammo so they can keep there cushy jobs and make u like it…

  • Walter

    Our Constitution missed it on 3 minor points.
    1) Lottery for all SELECTED officials, No elections, elections always go to corruption and evil. Criteria is fine, but have SELECTION DAY. Those that want the job, put your name in the hat and on selection day, a name will be selected.
    2) For all government staff jobs, 5 years maximum, no more period. No career government jobs, no matter what.
    3). 100 employees maximum for any and all companies, entities, whatever. 100 employees max, for this will insure true capitalism. true competition. No more mega corporations that have to build products that will break so that they can squeeze us again. With 100 employees or less, products will be built to perfection. and Standardization will occur and things will work together and cooperation will be business as usual.

    Every company, entity, even the military, all government facilities, Remember, Necessity is the mother of invention, and we humans will figure it out.

    The idea is to build a system for which we humans can not exploit it for our greed, our self agendas, our evil and selfish natures.

  • GSOB

    Vote for me!

  • piratemarshal

    I assumed as much, but it doesnt make it any less outrageous. Capital Hill is money drunk from the FED punchbowl and don’t care, they are used to this “good life” at the expense of morality and ethics. Though really since the US prints as much money as it wants, the FED is ultimately paying for it, deepening the debt well with extravagant and needless government spending because these prissy entitled assholes can’t go to Supercuts like everyone else. Anyone on the governments payroll should make a maximum of minimum wage. Still think it would be around $8 if that were the case?

  • Nic

    “Don’t ask what government can do for you. Ask what you can do for them….”

    The American dream.

  • Bill

    If the DC Beltway Factory operated like Walmart —-

    When inventory grows too fast, orders get cut. This seems to be “good news” to the DCBF as it seems to be their intent to destroy the middle class.

    It’s a difficult to connect the dots without writing a book but this might be a clue as to the false government/economy.

  • Alex

    No, I don’t blame them… I blame those stupid people who vote for these corrupt pigs and have faith on them…

    As long as these brainwashed or stupid people are like that, we should not have any hope or expect anything or any change in Washington…

  • JailBanksters

    People don’t become Politicians to become Rich, they already were either rich or famous or were a high ranking officer. Being a Politician just allows you to maintain your wealth , power and status. There are not many from a Poor background or People living a humble lifestyle. None of these have any Idea what it is like to life an average life where you have to work for a living. And I’ll bet a lot of them have never had to work in their entire life, and that means their Kids also don’t have to work.

    • Tobias Smith

      i think that is true in “only” 99.99% of the cases

  • Tobias Smith

    there is no intelligent life here. Kirk out.

  • Nexusfast123

    It’s like the decline and fall of the Roman empire. The elites party and gorge themselves while the empire falls apart.

  • DrLexus

    Great story. Please publish more like this. It’s great to read some real news instead of the propaganda that comes out the main stream media.


    Increasingly, Imperial Washington has all the trappings of an Occupying Power, treating the rest of us like Slaves.

  • Carol

    Time for term limits at every level of government and elimination of the lavish “pensions” they give themselves. Furthermore, all the outlandish and unnecessary “fact-finding” trips they take need to stop for good. They can also live on their hefty salaries, and eliminate the per diems. Then let’s see how much they want to remain in “public service.”

    • nekksys

      HERE!! HERE!!!

  • RB

    But they can’t “afford” to be on Obamacare, so they voted themselves a subsidy (paid by us) to pay for much better health care.

    • mannasage

      That’s not set in stone I’m told. The AFL/CIO
      are preparing their own objections in the most legal manner, so Congress better be careful they don’t commit benefit suicide.

  • DJohn1

    Excellent article on Congressional wealth and expenses.
    There is no relationship between what you make in wages for a living and what you do for that money.
    Ask any electrician, plumber, or lawyer, because they all overcharge as much as the market will allow. And all depend on a government generated monopoly to make that money.
    Roughly 99% of the Congress have law degrees. That means 4 years of college, then 4 more years of law school, taking and passing a bar exam, and an internship in a law firm.
    The courts favor this group over all others. Most of the laws written by this group favor lawyers making money without having to work for it. Ask any Estate Attorney, Civil law attorney, any real estate attorney, and I am sure the list is longer than my arm.
    Add about 6-12 years to this list of education and you then have someone running for Judge over one of these courts. Most have to practice law for that amount of time to be considered.
    That does not mean it is stress free. It can be a hard job in some circumstances.
    But the s******g of the average man goes on and on. There is even a book by that title from the 70s. Nothing has changed since that book was written and if anything it is worse than it was in the 70s.
    The difference between a robber baron union and the law profession is that the Lawyers have done it right. The American Bar Association is the greatest professional organization on the planet for Lawyers, by lawyers, and dipping into the public pie like no other organization has ever done on this planet.
    If I had the brains to become a lawyer I certainly would have become one just for the benefits alone.
    And in their hands, the Congress, most of which are professional lawyers, we have placed our destiny. And that in a few words is why we have such a problem as things being so expensive.

    • joseph

      We have far to many lawyers in this country. Don’t know if I agree with you about having brains to become one. I think if you are able to memorize cases and laws you can pass the test.

      • DJohn1

        The natural law of economics will slice the number of lawyers out there eventually. The natural ratio of working people to professionals is 85%/15%. The 15% is the high end number of professionals supported by a population. When we get more than 15%, nature starves a few out.
        That is why we will go through a depression! The ratio right now is way out of proportion to what it should be.

      • nekksys

        I could pass the bar and I haven’t been to law school…

  • MOOSE4U2

    Unbelievable throw all politicians out & start all over with all new people. Taxes would be half what they are now & businesses could flourish creating new jobs. Also no illegals in this country to steal the few jobs we have left ANY COMPANY HIRING ILLEGALS CONFISCATE ALL THEIR ASSETS they do it to drug pushers so why not for people hiring illegals???

  • SovereignMary

    These arrogant, narcissistic plunderer’s need to have their heads flushed down a toilet!

  • FounderChurch

    NO SALARIES OR BENEFITS FOR ANY PUBLIC OFFICIAL AT ANY LEVEL PERIOD! Anyone could live on SS or welfare and serve in any position. If any of these America hating parasites want money let them get it by honest work in the private sector. Google “founderchurch”

  • robertoV05

    So I guess if Cruz becomes president and fires the dog handler, that will be seen by Republicans as progress?

    • mannasage

      Another liberal assh*le!!!

    • Tobias Smith

      hey, lets raise the debt ceiling

  • M W

    Shame on you and your dog walker citation. Did you let that skank Michelle Bachmann write this column?

    • mannasage

      HEY ASSH*LE, there is no need for that kind of language, what do people call your women???

  • mannasage

    Most members of Congress don’t care what you think of their perks, how many refuse them anyway? Let’s not forget that ALL politicians & their staffs, I’m sure there is all kinds of abuse ongoing, a sad state of affairs t/b sure!


    Ivancencu Ivan


  • Stephanie S

    This is blatent anti-animalism, to imply that Bo (a black dog, I might add) doesn’t deserve to have his own qualified handler which I doubt can be obtained at the local pet store. I suppose you want some random dog groomer to handle this poor hound, indifferently tossing him his kibble and sporadically walking him? Oh, the inhumanity! Just more conservatard teapartying insensitivity, next you’ll suggest the Obamas cut their next vacay short.

    • nekksys

      Sarcasm has been duly noted and accepted…

      Now that is funny right there, I don’t care who ya are!!!!

  • Wally

    We all know Congress has been raping us financially. This isn’t news to me or anyone else. I have a lot of questions that are not being answered and I want answers!

    1. Why is the Nuclear meltdown in Fukishima not being treated with greater urgency?

    2. Why aren’t reports of the State Department supplying weapons to our “enemy” not being dealt with?

    3. Why hasn’t the killing of innocent Americans and our Ambassador in Benghazi and the resulting cover up been dealt with more swiftly?

    4. Why can the NSA invade or privacy? With congressional approval?

    5. How can IRS legally target some groups?

    6. How come violent or any criminals that are here illegally not being sent back from where they cam from?

    7. What is being done about murder rates in Chicago and other big cities that are skyrocketing? It is safer in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana right now then in a lot of areas of Chicago!

    8. Why is the Federal government buying tons of ammo?

    9. Why is radical Islam being catered to by this government?

    10. Who is making the decisions?

    11. Why Syria? Why the lies?

    12. What is being done to protect innocent Christians that are being killed in many Islamic countries? Why is Islam being protected but not Christians?

    13. Why are there 47M on food stamps?

    14. Why is the middle class being destroyed?

    15. Are we fulfilling a Saudi Arabia agenda?

    16. Are we fulfilling a NWO agenda?

    17. Why does the US have the highest rates of many diseases?

    18. Why is the gay mafia allowed to push their agenda?

    19. Why is society degrading at a rapid pace?

    20. Why are immunizations being forced onto parents?

    21. Why are illegal executive actions and orders being allowed to take place?

    22. Why are anti-American radical Mosques allowed to operate in this country?

    23. Why are military bases using unarmed security?

    24. Why isn’t the Ft. Hood attack called terrorism?

    25. Why are we not told about Fort Knox and the status of our “Gold Reserves”?

    26. Why has the debt not risen in more than two months?

    27. Why haven’t we spent money on fixing the electrical grid vulnerabilities?

    There are more questions about suspicious things going on then in any time of our history. We are in for some very very bad times I am afraid. I think millions may die. If we had a false flag EMP that lasted for only a few weeks that number would be easily reached. There would be no place to go. Maybe you are a serious prepper and you have a years worth of supplies and after a year you emerge to find most of society gone. Maybe the US population is now only a 100 million. Your money is worthless. All of your earthly possessions except what you had in your bunker are gone. What would you do then? Any Gold and Silver you might still have is worthless because it has all been confiscated and is now illegal to own. No work so to speak of. The remaining people have all been re-educated and you will be the outsider. No good access to food or water as all has been confiscated.

    I think my scenario is a heck of a lot closer to the coming reality then to the reality that this will work itself out or this will be a slow moving train and won’t have any real affect for decades. Very serious things are happening right now almost by the minute. Maybe this is the end of time, maybe God has seen enough. If you don’t know God I suggest you find him and if you already know God I suggest you pray for grace and mercy for yourself and your loved ones.

    • Nickelthrower


    • Sandbagger

      You have questions, God has the you so rightly pointed out Wally.

      Original sin is the reason for all of this. Man has a fallen nature. Lucifer’s time is short and he’s working overtime to take as many souls to Hades with him as possible.

    • K

      Wally, prayer is always a good thing. I can answer all your questions with one answer. Evil for now, has the upper hand in this Country. Freewill allowed the people to choose it, and choose it they have. Now they will have to live with it. At least for a while. I can tell you one thing, 100 million survivors in the U.S. Is overly optimistic, the number will not even be half that many.

  • Marilynn

    “Do you think that the government is too big and too wasteful?”

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  • Derf

    I worked until I was 81 years old. Because I worked I had to pay 300% more for my Medicare insurance. My wife did not work, but since she was married to me, she also paid 300% more than some slob sucking on a Coors, sitting on his couch, and watching TV. (Probably CBS).
    Thanks for listening, DERF

  • Dave of OK

    What gets my goat is every time your turn around Obama is “campaigning” for his legislation issues by going around the U.S. talking before various groups. How much is that costing us. Shouldn’t he be staying close to home and working with congress on the various legislative issues coming before them. How much is that costing us for him to travel with all his entourage? Stay home Mr. President and get something done!!!

  • Leslie G

    Shear insanity! Public service means the public serves the politicians.

  • Daniel

    Want to see an atrocity. Look at the salaries that Amtrac employees make.. Antrac is federally subsidized. it is a sickening system and grossly unfair. Amtarc employees are paid VERY well and yet they complain. The problem is too many people do ot live in the real world

    • ChrisK

      Everyone should have a liveable income. Everyone

    • Lydia D York

      There’s a reason for that – they risk their lives everyday just to go to work. The stress that entails is probably at least partially compensated by the salary they receive.

  • ChrisK

    Its all part of the plan. Grab every thing you can and leave the U.S. citizens holding the check. Were the ones in debt to China not them. They are going to leave us under martial law while they and there hair dressers live the good life in Dubai. Wake the f up. Were in so much trouble the world is going to forclose on our us not the ones that got us here.
    Watch Zero: 911 investagation on you tube.

    • ChrisK


  • Steve Myles

    The bricks have fallen

  • jokyjo

    Sad, sad, sad state of affairs.

  • Adrian

    Michael, I am thankful for the articles you post. As I go about my daily business, I am always amazed at just how asleep seemingly everybody is: everything’s fine, no worries, we’re #1, USA USA! Meanwhile, our civil liberties are under attack from both “parties”, the state is militarizing against the population, programs and services everywhere once considered routine that we all took advantage of are being cut back, despite the claims of economic recovery. Infrastructure is falling apart, a government shutdown looms, and people continue to try to scrape by on fewer resources, working harder than ever. Reading these articles is seriously a way for a rational person to retain his/her sanity. Thank God there are a few others out there who know what’s going on.

    • Jimbo

      The dominoes are lining up ready to be toppled but there are just a handful of us that can see them.

      Are we cleverer, more aware than most (or are we insane?).
      Peter Schiff said there would be no taper and he went against the viewpoint of every mainstream economist on the planet. He was laughed at on CNN even though he has an eerily accurate track record of economic predictions.
      So what is happening? Are the 500 or so regular bloggers on this site the only ones that know what is coming our way?
      My main concern is that I know what is coming but when I try to warn people I am treated like Peter Schiff on CNN. I want to tell people about what is about to happen. I don’t want to say “I told you so”

      • Adrian

        That’s a great question, and one I often ask myself. I say this only half-jokingly, and am not trying to imply some supernatural explanation, but have you ever seen Stephen King’s The Stand or read the book? There were only a select few people who had visions of what was coming, and they were protected from the initial plague while the rest of humanity was wiped out. I’m not saying people are going to be wiped out, but perhaps those of us that see what’s coming with the economy won’t be as shell-shocked as everybody else living in their ivory towers. I often envy those people who have 100% faith in the system in which they live, the righteousness of their country and its leaders, its causes and dogmas, there must be profound comfort in that. Thinking differently and questioning everything around you is akin to being shut outside the comfortable walls of the city, out in the blizzard. LOL, I’m glad there are others out there who wonder the same things I do.

        • K

          No, I think some of us are just wired a little different. Think of life as one big magic show. Most are there to enjoy the show. They go there to be fooled, they want to be fooled. Then there are the few. The ones that know an elephant can not disappear. They are there to figure out how the trick is done. Look at all the people who attacked Rebecca. They have been fooled into believing, that what they get is all they are worth. They are so fooled they do not see, that what Rebecca is getting, is what all of them should be getting. They are so fooled, they will pull her down, rather than build themselves up. You see the desire to be fooled, may start out as good clean fun. But then the manipulators get involved, and it is no fun at all.

          • Adrian

            Yes, that’s a good point. Cognitive dissonance plays a big role, as you allude to.

          • Jimbo

            The obvious thing is that the people who own and run the system are those who benefit the most from the system.
            That applies to all systems as well including communism.
            The owners create an energy transfer method so that our energy expended by working becomes their wealth. The Egyptians used slavery, the Europeans used feudalism and now we have capitalism.

            When the MSM profile rich people they always choose to write articles about the self made billionaires like Branson and Gates et al.

            This is to give the illusion that anybody can be very rich and if your are not rich it is your own fault.

            Average Joe six pack accepts all of this as the norm. As long has he has a big TV and a can of beer he is happy.

          • Adrian

            Very well-said! I agree completely.

  • Jay

    What are your sources for this information? It’s easy for them to deny these things. Or for others to say, “Well how do you know that?” and toss the tinfoil hat at you. I want to know that this info I’m to spread is based on facts.

  • hyio

    Vietnamese and Chinese communist party members ALSO live in a high place which most of them are millionaires / billionaires ($USD), even though most of the regular citizens have to manage living on $2-4 a day.

  • nekksys

    Frankly, I’m looking forward to a gov’t shutdown and the coming economic collapse…

    OK, for some of you, that is going to come across as insane but hear me out. I can see the writing on the wall and it isn’t good…for any of us…not even our precious gov’t employees or the rich will be left unscathed.

    With the Fed pumping billions of dollars into the American economy daily, the rest of the planet looking for a way to dump the dollar as the de facto currency, the Euro still in danger of collapse and massive banks literally stealing the reserves of private citizens, there must be an end for it somewhere. Quantative easing in the U.S. will only last for so long and when it fails, the largest financial bubble in this planet’s history will come crashing down only to _crush_ the collective global economies. The end result will be the global masses hungry and seeking to end that hunger. Take a good look at the French Revolution and you’ll see what happens when the PEOPLE become fed up with the status quo, tired of rampant corruption and hungry to the verge of starvation.

    In the coming collapse, there WILL be wholesale slaughter in the streets of those responsible this catastrophe. People will turn against each other simply to find a meal. This, my friends, won’t be pretty. You will not enjoy this. It will not be over quickly…

    As for me, I live rurally and can provide for myself and my own. Those in my vicinity know I will help them as much as possible provided they provide other goods or services for which I do not have the capacity or materials; such as protecting our collective group, managing crops, repairing equipment, etc…

    So I say let the gov’t employees have their money. Let them all go whatever way they wish. As long as they have their heads in the sand the same way the rich and majority of the American public does, the rest of us should be OK in the aftermath of all of this.

    Let’s all just sit back and watch as this house of cards falls… Let’s see what we can do to rebuild in the aftermath.

  • Bill

    News conference—-3:45 et
    What did the imposter just say about the deficit declining since he has been in office? Please someone tell me I didn’t hear what I heard !!!

  • Ronnie Gregg

    The government doesn’t think. If they did they would realize that most barbers would gladly trim the hair of a known poltician for nothing more than apprecxiation.

  • jenny

    government employees are leeches on our society just like a large number of welfare recipients are, but the difference is the government employees can and do watch porn on my dime, have better healthcare than I do on my dime, a pension for life on my dime and a BLOATED salary on my dime. And last but not least…WILL NEVER GET FIRED REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY DO!
    Politicians are the scum of the earth. THEY SERVE THEMSELVES not the American people! They sit up there in Washington and have the audacity to pass laws which WE have to follow and they EXEMPT themselves from those very laws! They vote themselves raises during the WORST ECONOMY in history. They LIE through their teeth and are NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT! They all make me sick especially the democrats and as a life long democrat, these democrats in our congress today are more communist than Americans of a democrat party. THEY ALL EMBARRASS ME!

    • ConcernedAmerican

      The true leeches are the politicians and the others at the top of the food chain. CEOs have bloated salaries off of the backs of the working class.

      Many on welfare are victims of this economy but they were part of the working class before this recession/depression. Now, with gas so high it is barely worth driving to work for some low wage working people.

      • Missalou

        YES YES YES! When will we demand they live on a budget? When will the accountability actually take place? I agree!

  • Lolita

    You’re all peasants. He’s the King. Bow down.

  • Michael

    Since when did the gov’t become our masters instead of being our servants, wakeup people. If they don’t work for us, fire them instead of voting for the same BS all the time. We get what we deserve, after all the voters put these incompetants in gov’t so the voters are to blame

  • cecilhenry

    Meanwhile, government policy is:


    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Every country in the Western country is setting a date when the White race will become a minority.

    Non-whites call in to talk shows and rave about how great it is.

    But any White person who mentions it gets the word “racist!” shouted at him.

    There are calls for more ‘Diversity’, which means
    fewer Whites.

    There can be NO discussion.

    He is told:
    There is no such thing as the White race, and then he is told that the
    White race owes the rest of the world reparations.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    Being a politician should be volunteer only. There should be no paycheck, no bribes, no benefits. Money should not change hands at all in politics. One should be a politician because they love the country and want the best for it. Politicians should have a real job, like the Founding Fathers did. Politics should be part time and nobody should be there for life. Any law politicians pass, they have to live under too, no exceptions.

  • dave

    McCain and Kerry married into their money, so they have what they have because they are rich. Politicians are not rich like the really rich are rich. They dont get rich until they retire or lose reelection and become lobbyists. We taxpayers pay for them, and we consumers pay for the rest of the rich. If you have any savings earning interest, the really rich are getting most of your money.

  • MT

    Why is it relevant that most Reps are very wealthy? It’s expensive to run a campaign if you aren’t and the job uncertainty in politics means politicians need a lot of money in the bank. The amount of money someone has doesn’t have anything to do with how well they do their job or how much they care about the American people

  • trucker 01824

    Time to recall them, cut them out if they wont cut the waste!

  • ninainid


    The new law being passed by President Obama feels

    I grew up in life believing certain rights were mine as an
    American; To name just a few:

    -The right to Vote

    -Freedom of speech

    -Freedom of CHOICE

    Our President says that if you have a car payment and you
    don’t pay it, you don’t save money;” YOU ARE A DEADBEAT…. “While the same
    applies to a home loan…. It doesn’t save money not to pay your bills…. I
    interject by suggesting that this requirement to purchase insurance and pay
    ANOTHER bill hinders us from paying the bills we are already scraping and
    struggling to pay now. We will now be faced with a bigger challenge to not
    become DEADBEATS. So we are faced with the lesser of two evils by paying out of
    our annual income anyway instead of paying for this required insurance. Some
    Americans are already paying for insurance just for themselves; they can’t
    afford to insure their families as well. Now they will have to drop that
    insurance to pay the fines to offset that cost!

    It feels like we are living in less of a democracy and more
    and more of a dictatorship here in the good old United states of America! I am an
    American taxpayer and I am now expected to absorb another BILL disguised as
    INSURANCE because it is my DUTY?!

  • Martha Jane Twenter

    We think they need to be voted out of office. Then we need term limits and no pensions when they leave office. Besides their pensions, most of them have other income so why should they need it. How many of the middle class working people who pay these taxes have that luxury?

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