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89 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression

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89 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic DepressionWhat do we need to do in order to prepare for the coming economic collapse?  Are there practical steps that we can take right now that will help us and our families survive the economic depression that is approaching?  As the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, I get asked these kinds of questions a lot.  Once people become convinced that an economic collapse is coming, they want to know what they should do.  And so in this article I am going to share some key pieces of advice from some of the top experts in the entire country.  If you are not convinced that economic disaster is on the way, this article might not be for you.  Instead, I would encourage you to go to my website where you will find more than 1,200 articles that set out the case for the coming economic collapse in excruciating detail.  For those of you that are interested in getting prepared, I apologize in advance for the outline format of this article.  To examine each of these points in detail would take an entire book.  In fact, I am the co-author of a book that will soon be published that discusses many of these things in great depth.  But you don’t have to wait for a book to get prepared.  Mostly, it comes down to common sense.  In this article, I share 89 common sense tips that will help you get prepared for the coming economic depression.  Hopefully a lot of people will find these to be very helpful.

This first set of tips are 11 things that I strongly encourage my readers to do…

#1 Have An Emergency Fund – This is so important that I wrote an entire article about this recently.

#2 Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs Into One Basket – In addition to having an emergency fund, you will also want to have gold, silver and other hard assets.  It is also a very good idea to keep a limited amount of cash at home in case you can’t access an ATM during a major emergency of some sort.

#3 Reduce Your Expenses And Get Out Of Debt – During a time of crisis you want to be as “lean and mean” as possible.  If you simplify your life and reduce your debt load now, you will be in much better shape when the next economic depression does arrive.

#4 Move Your Money Away From Unsafe Investments – When the financial world falls apart, you don’t want your finances to be exposed.  Markets tend to go down much faster than they go up, and during the next great financial crisis millions of Americans that have their life savings in stocks and bonds are going to get totally wiped out.

#5 Store Food And Supplies – Your dollars will never stretch farther than they do right now.  You probably will not need emergency food and supplies in the short-term, but the truth is that none of us ever knows when a major emergency will strike.  During 2014, my wife and I felt more of an urgency to stock up then ever before, and I hope that people are using this brief period of relative stability to do what they can to get prepared.

#6 Learn To Grow Your Own Food – Anything that you can do to become more independent of the system is a good thing.  This includes growing your own food.  And the truth is that some of the most expensive items in the grocery store these days are fresh fruits and vegetables.

#7 Defending Yourself And Your Family – As our world become increasingly unstable, people are going to become a lot more desperate.  And desperate people do desperate things.  You are going to need to have a plan for that.

#8 Move Away From The Big Cities If Possible – For a lot of people that are dependent on their current jobs, this is simply not possible right now.  But if it is possible for you, this is something that I strongly recommend that you think about.  Being stuck in the middle of a major city is not going to be a good place to be in the years ahead.

#9 Be Ready To Bug Out – There may come a time when you are forced to evacuate from your current location.  This may happen with very short notice.  If this ever does happen to you, the key will be to be prepared for it.

#10 Build A Community – Your neighbors and close friends can be an invaluable resource.  A cord of multiple threads is not easily broken, and if you have people that you can depend upon during a crisis that can make a world of difference.

#11 Have A Back-Up Plan And Be Flexible – Mike Tyson once aptly observed that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. The years ahead are going to require a great deal of flexibility, and you may find that the plans that you have made need to be altered.  So don’t get fixated on just one approach.

When there is a major emergency, some of the most simple items suddenly become some of the most important.

The following are 11 items that I recommend that every household have on hand…

– an axe

– a can opener

– flashlights

– battery-powered radio

– extra batteries

– lighters or matches

– fire extinguisher

– blankets

– sewing kit

– duct tape

– tools

And here are about a dozen more key items that should be on your list from Survival Mom

  • Lightsticks.  You can pick up one of these every time you wander into a Home Depot.  They don’t need batteries and can be hung around the neck with a string making it easier to spot everyone in your party when it gets dark. An alternative is the UVPaqlite, which never needs batteries.
  • Wool socks and sweaters.  People have literally frozen to death wearing their layers of cotton knit tees and hoodies.  For true survival conditions, nothing beats wool.
  • Upholstery needles and thread.  What if a sleeping bag or tent rips and you have no way of mending it?
  • Roll of quarters.  Handy for phone calls, although payphones aren’t as common as they used to be, and laundromats, but if you put it in a sock and wield it like a sling, you have a handy-dandy weapon! If the quarters are pre-1965 and 90% silver, you have a whole new type of currency.
  • Pencils.  Forget the pens.  They can run out of ink and freeze in cold weather.  With a pocket knife, you’ll always have a sharp pencil.
  • Super glue.  Professional hockey players always have this on hand to seal up small cuts, and the glue itself is harmless.  Unless you get it in your eye, like I did.  But that’s a story for a different type of post!
  • Rubber bands.  String just doesn’t cut it when what you really need is a rubber band
  • Tampons in a cardboard tube.  Did you know a tampon can be fit snugly into a bullet wound?  Guys on the battlefield carry these with them.  Just be aware that the blood in the wound will begin to clot.  Leave it to a medical professional to remove the tampon from the wound.  They’re also good for kindling.
  • Paracord belt.  It’s an accessory and survival tool in one!
  • Waterproof wrist watch.  Makes perfect sense.  I had just never thought of it.
  • Animal repellant trash bags.  Use these when you’re camping and animals will stay the heck away from your trash.
  • Safety pins.
  • Dental floss.  Besides helping to keep your teeth clean, it makes sturdy thread for mending.

But don’t just get focused on acquiring things.

Some of the most important elements of preparation involve things that we need to do for ourselves.

Acclaimed survival expert James Wesley Rawles has put together a “personal list” of things that everyone should think about before a crisis strikes.  A lot of these things are topics that “preppers” never seem to write about…


Spare glasses.

Prescription and nonprescription medications.

Birth control.

Keep dentistry up to date.

Any elective surgery that you’ve been postponing

Work off that gut.

Stay in shape.

Back strength and health—particularly important, given the heavy manual tasks required for self-sufficiency.

Educate yourself on survival topics, and practice them. For example, even if you don’t presently live at your retreat, you should plant a vegetable garden every year. It is better to learn through experience and make mistakes now, when the loss of crop is an annoyance rather than a crucial event.

“Comfort” items to help get through high stress times. (Books, games, CDs, chocolates, etc.)


If you have a serious illness or disease, that is going to need to be one of your top priorities when making preparations for the coming crisis.

This next tip comes from an excellent article that Dave Hodges published recently…

If you or your family has a chronic health condition, it is critical that you have 6 months to a year in medicine. Also, you should research natural alternatives to treatment for health conditions in case you are not able to meet this goal due to the inability to obtain prescriptions. Don’t forget to obtain some pain medication and antibiotics in case of unforeseen emergencies.

Probably one of the most popular topics for preppers to write about is food storage.

But those that are new to prepping are often very confused about how to get started.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you start out by focusing on staples that you eat all the time, you should be in great shape.  The following are some recommendations about food storage that Pat Henry of the Prepper Journal has shared…

  • Rice – First off, buy a 50lb. bag of rice. These contain 504 servings and I don’t know too many people who won’t eat rice. It is simple to cook and stores for years if you keep it cool and dry. This bag at Sam’s costs about $19 now.
  • Beans – Next buy a bag of dry beans. This will check off the Beans part of your Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids list. A good size bag is about $5 and makes 126 servings. Buy two if you think your family would like them.
  • Canned meat – Cans are great for fruits and vegetables and anyone can find something they will eat. For canned meat, I recommend tuna or chicken because it tastes a heck of a lot better than Spam and you can easily mix that into your rice. For the meat you will need approximately 35 cans. Each can has about 3 servings and this will be the most costly, but they last over a year usually and your family probably eats chicken or tuna on a semi-regular basis anyway so restocking this should be simple.
  • Canned Vegetables – you will need about 40 cans of vegetables and again this can be whatever your family will eat. Expect to pay around a dollar each so $40 for veggies to last your family a month.
  • Canned Fruit – again, simple fruits that your family will eat. These can even be fruit cocktail if that is the safest thing. At Costco they have the #10 cans of fruit like pears or apple slices and each of these has 25 servings. 5 of these will cost about $25 and give your family their daily dose of fruit.
  • Oatmeal – Good old-fashioned oatmeal is simple to cook and store. A normal container has 30 servings each so purchase about 4 of these and your family won’t starve for breakfast. At $2 each that is about $8 for breakfast for a month for a family of four. Could you exchange Pop-tarts? Maybe, but I find oatmeal more filling and less likely to be snacked on.
  • Honey– Honey is a miracle food really as it will never go bad if you keep it dry and cool. Honey will last you forever and Sam’s has large containers that hold 108 servings. You can use this in place of sugar to satisfy the sweet tooth. Honey even has medicinal properties and you can use this to add some flavor to your oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Salt – Same as honey, salt will never go bad if you keep it dry and helps the flavor of anything. You can buy a big box of salt for around $1 and that will last your whole family a month easily.
  • Vitamins – I recommend getting some multivitamins to augment your nutrition in the case of a disaster or emergency. Granted, rice and beans aren’t the best and you won’t be getting as many nutrients from canned fruit and vegetables so the vitamins help to fill in the gaps and keep you healthy. One big bottle costs about $8. You will need to get a kids version too if you have children small enough that they can’t or won’t swallow a big multivitamin.

And as I mentioned above, another key to getting prepared is self-defense.  If you make all the preparations in the world, but somebody comes along and steals them from you, they won’t end up doing you any good.

The following are some basic tips about home security from prepping expert Todd Sepulveda


Front Door – Your front door is a layer. But it shouldn’t be your only layer. Besides reinforcing the strike plate with 2 inch screws, you should have a solid deadbolt. Another layer could be a storm door with a lock or even burglar bars. A good latch is valuable too! If you want to add even more layers, utilizing a security door bar is a good idea. But you don’t only want to make sure that your front door is securely layered. Take some time to layer all the doors in your home.

Windows – Every window has a lock. But you can add a layer by including sliding window locks for about $5. Other options would include tint or blinds, which would make it harder for someone to look inside your house.

Burglar Alarm – A burglar alarm is a serious layer. Alarms can be monitored by an alarm company or they can be self-monitored. Self-monitored systems have greatly advanced and will even allow you to view your home on your smartphone.

Dogs – A dog or dogs can be a great layer, especially if they bark. My dogs alert me the minute someone is in the front of the yard. They run and bark at the door and don’t stop until I open it. Outside dogs are a layer to your perimeter. A big dog on the other side of the fence will make any criminal think twice.

Outside Lights – Lights that are mounted on the outside of your home, especially ones that are triggered by motion sensors are a must! Roaches run when you turn on the lights! Someone who is watching your house will not want to approach it if they know the lights are going to draw attention to them.

Outside Landscaping – Bushes can be a layer around windows. It is important that you don’t create an environment that will create a hiding place for someone to lay in waiting. Make sure that the bushes you choose to plant are thorny and cause a lot of discomfort if someone wants to go through them.

Personal Defense – A firearm is a layer that you would want to have if needed. If you want to use something that is not so deadly, you can always pick up a can of ColdSteel Inferno to spray in someone’s face. Having a few of these cans hidden in different parts of the house is a good idea.

Safe Room – A safe room would be a last ditch layer. Some people are putting them into their homes. If this is a scenario you want to take, you should research the necessary components for a “safe” safe room.

Neighborhood Watch – Although a Neighborhood Watch isn’t just focused on your home, it is a layer that could cause the bad guys to go looking in a different neighborhood altogether. Neighborhoods that have a Neighborhood Watch usually post signs in the entrances of their neighborhood.

Neighbors – Even if you don’t have a Neighborhood Watch, you should get to know your neighbors, especially those pesky ones that stay in everyone’s business…because they are going to keep a lookout! You gotta take some bad with the good!

Street Lights – Sticking with your neighborhood, it would be a good idea to immediately report any street lights that are out to the city or county that manages them. Again, light causes the roaches to run for cover!

Signs – Don’t underestimate the power of a cheap sign. A sign on a fence that reads “Beware of Dog” or a Security company sign on the front lawn somewhere will cause the bad guys to think twice before attempting to break into your house.


If you do need to leave your home during a crisis, you should have a “bug out bag” ready for each member of your family.

The following are 7 key items that Survival Cache recommends including in each bug out bag…

1. Water

2. Food

3. Clothing

4. Shelter

5. First Aid Kit

6. Basic Gear

7. Weapons

Finally, it is important to remember that nobody is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes.

The following are 14 common mistakes that Backdoor Survival says a lot of preppers make…

1. Failure to inventory stored food supplies

2. Failure to perform a risk analysis and prepping for the most likely disruptive events first

3. Preparing mostly to bug out rather than bugging in

4. Failure to evacuate at just the right time

5. Having the gear but not knowing how to use it

6. Underestimating other humans as a threat

7. Spending your entire budget on gear instead of on food, water, and medical supplies

8. Lacking the knowledge to properly store your food supplies

9. Buying gear and supplies while ignoring the need to develop skills

10. Relying only on yourself and ignoring like-minded members of your community

11. Just because someone else does something does not mean that you should do it to

12. Falling victim to prepper procrastination

13. Obsessing about being behind the curve-ball

14. Forgetting that there is a life beyond prepping

Are there any additions that you would make to this list of tips?

Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…


  • Hambone

    I am a big fan of chickens. Whether or not the collapse happens, they are a good investment. They eventually pay for themselves, especially if you can get them to breed, and they are amazing garbage disposals. Imagine repurposing your kitchen waste into food. They eat anything (even chicken).
    Not only that, but they’re fun. They are friendly, funny, and very good with kids.
    If a collapse happens, or even if you find yourself struggling financially, you’ll be happy that you have a steady supply of nutrient rich, inexpensive food.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      I love chickens!

      Here’s another idea: build a coop above a tilapia pond with 1/2″ hardware cloth on the bottom – the chickens manure will drop into the water and encourage algae growth to feed the fish. This greatly increases food production with a small space addition.

      • Maddog

        I use the chicken crap in the garden. Many people are shocked at the amount of yield we get from the space we use. If using it for fish, you can use the fish waste instead for the garden.

      • Kaspar_Goering

        Yes. Tillapia were developed because of their peculiar habit of eating their own feces. Just think of that when you see those frozen fillets from China in your grocery store.

      • ralph

        great idea

    • hed fa da choppa

      fema camps don’t allow chickens,only the clothes on your back and government issued ebt card.marshall law and gun confiscation will happen long before the economy takes a massive crap, once those mraps shop up at your house to drag u off all that preppin won’t be worth squat

      • alan

        A slow economic collapse would see everyone to pawn there guns to eat.

        • Information_overload

          “their” guns

          • Maddog

            Woh, u ar greate at speling. Wich my skool was not a guvernmint endocrinasion senter.

          • Tatiana Covington

            Fugn rite I lern al my splg in them gummint skuls. N stuf lik that.

          • Thin the herd

            Too funny! Great one….

          • PJ

            Have you brushed your tooth lately?

          • curenado

            Grammar nazis and other types of metrosexual will save you a lot of chickens and it’s what everyone has wanted to do with them anyway for years. Bon apetit’!

          • Pscottparker1

            LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, how do you know that the “toothbrush” was invented in Kentucky? A: Because if it was invented anywhere else they would have called it the “teeth brush…” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • MadAsHellYankee

          With very little money made on them, with the glut of weapons around now.

        • Glenn

          LOL a man with a gun can take what he wants to eat. No Lie!

        • Pscottparker1

          No, wrong Alan. At least not among those who have a working cranium. Dimwits…well, that is another story….

      • Information_overload

        “martial” law.

    • Wayne

      chickens? chicken little,,sky is falling!
      yes things will change. but its wont be a crazy reset collapse.
      i used to thing collapse but differern bloggs over and over
      with same stories.
      10 yr bonds,dierivatives,oil, stocks not connected to reality,lies in main stream.etc etc etc.
      Exactly lies and fraud. It will all continue.
      yes buy some food insurance but stop waiting for collapse.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I think that is a very good tip Hambone.

      But a big learning curve for anyone that has never had chickens before.


      • anomouse

        Chickens aren’t a big learning curve at all they are super easy to raise. If ya have ever had a cat or a dog you can raise a chicken.

      • Hammerstrike

        “For example, we learned today that December retail sales were down 0.9% from a year ago,”

        Does that include inflation?

    • Rabbits. While chickens are great especially for the ongoing supply of eggs and the better fat content, rabbits are great “stealth” suburban meat producers. Relatively low maintenance, quieter than chickens, and can be passed off as pets if the locals get uppity about farm animals.

      • Lancifer Wildwood

        Add a simple cinder block structure (waist height with a rat proof screen below), add red wriggler worms and viola! Worm castings for your garden, worm ‘tea’ for your garden and extra chicken feed you don’t pay for. Look into taking a local introduction to permaculture course as well.

        • Pam Pruitt

          Do not do like a neighbor years ago and put the rabbit hutches over their worm beds. The urine will kill the worms and the manure needs to dry somewhat before adding to the worm beds.

    • Glenn

      My city forbids it. LMAO

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    Oh, I have a lot.

    To add to #6 growing your own food: raise rabbits (1 male, 3 females) and be ready to feed, breed, and harvest them; have a water collection and filtration device; and have some basic tools to garden with. Look into vertical techniques for growing potatoes – some folks claim you can get 100 lbs. from a 24″ L X 21″ W X 44″ T box. Also grow wheat – very easy to grow and harvest.

    For home defense: I built a quarter circle sandbag bunker inside the home. Sandbags made from pillowcases or bags about 16″ X 34″ roughly. Nothing big, just 4′ high and with some battlements – set against interior walls. Keep the equivilant of a bug out bag, some firearms, and fire extinguishers within. Anybody comes for a rumble; there’s a safe place.

    And prepare to rebuild. Not many folks do this. Need to have plenty of reference manuals available. And for goodness sakes, practice it all before a collapse happens – during a collapse is no time for scaling the learning curve and the mistakes that happen.

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    One more thing: build your community! It’s vital for not just bare survival but rebuilding and thriving. A single family or person will not survive for long, much less thrive.We were made to need other people.

  • K

    Ok here are a few thoughts. My experience with light sticks, they become undependable after a few years in storage. The gist of this article seems to assume city water and power will continue during such a depression. Perhaps it will, but if things get bad enough, will you be able to afford it? My advice would be to prepare for, no electricity, no running water, and no phones. If you prepare for this, and any of those things are still working, you are ahead of the game. Also prepare to defend yourself, both physically and mentally. A firearm is of no use, if you hesitate to pull the trigger.

    • Donald Reid

      I very much agree with your post, K. Remember that it was only 155 years ago that the Carrington Event, a solar storm CME which caused an EMP strong enough to literally start fires in telegraph offices happened. Should that happen again today virtually everything which relies on solid state electronics would be disabled. No electrical grid, no pumped municipal water, no cars trucks or trains manufactured after about 1970 or so running, no telephone, no computers, no internet, digital money lost etc.

      It wouldn’t require a solar storm to generate such an EMP. It is very doable with a few high altitude nuclear bomb bursts.

  • rat28

    We still got a long way to go before depression hit us.. The US economy is far too resilient. .At the mean time, just relax and chill out..

    • alan

      It started in 2008.

  • JailBanksters

    Wait What, there’s a collapse coming ?
    When did this happen all of a sudden ?
    I might have dozed off a bit, but I didn’t think it was that long.

  • alan

    Great list to get started with for sure. It would seem over whelming but just being aware of the situation and looking around were you live for things. I’m not going to say loot, but to survive I think after a few days looting becomes recycling.
    I always thought that if something happened, October / November would be the worse months to happen. April to June the best, based on growing season and surviving cold weather.
    I still think this will be a series of mini collapses and a slow grind for another 10 years.

    Don’t live in northern states.
    200 watt solar panel and battery and inverter for laptop, light, TV
    or fan power.
    Alcohol, cigarettes and ammo to barter with.

    Need a source of water too.

    • MadAsHellYankee

      It could collapse in a month, or two, or three. Denominate whatever period of time you want to.. however, currency wars never end well.. especially when the one who starts them has a printing press economy to begin with.

      It seems overwhelming, however lets face it.. food doesn’t count for inflation in the official numbers so having extra only saves you money long term anyway. A lot of these are just things you should have to begin with.

    • Gay Veteran

      barter sugar too

      • pdxr13

        Sugar in HDPE sealed buckets (30# is 5 gallons) has an indefinite lifespan. Sugar is not so good for you as a major component of a diet, but WAY better than not having calories or using fake sweeteners. Honey is better and more expensive than industrial white sugar.

        Barter sugar is way better than barter .22lr cartridges.

  • Orange Jean

    A few things I would add to the list of “stuff” for if the SHTF big time:
    1. Toilet paper (don’t tell me you forgot that!)
    2. Stash of pins, needles, thread (plenty of all and these are cheap) scissors (several pairs, including heavy duty in case you need to ), zippers, good supply of fabric in a range of weights and types. My understanding is back in the colonial days needles were worth their weight in gold pretty much. Ever try sewing without one? Can you figure out how to make one yourself (I would think very difficult… getting that little hole so you can thread it)

    3. Knitting needles (range of sizes), yarn and fabric (in a range of weights and types)

    And a few suggestions on things to learn how to do:
    1. Cook some vegetarian meals (the rice+beans will be a lot tastier if you actually know quite a few things to do with them, variety etc.). Cheaper, and doesn’t mean you need to quit eating meat!

    And a note on honey – some honey has water added and will not store well. Raw honey is best, but don’t give it to babies as they can get botulism from it for some reason.


      Small shards of splintered animal bone were often used as needles in many early cultures .A hole was drilled to create an eye. A simple bow drill could be used or a knife with a small blade. The yucca plant provides a ready-made needle with a thread already attached as well.

      • Orange Jean

        I am not surprised, but bone is really hard to work with I think. Back when I was a teenager, in the 60s… I tried making a “Tiki” necklace out of beef bone with my jacknife. It took forever to get even a scratch on the thing and I gave up!

        So though it may be what we have to do eventually (and good to know HOW), I’d still see it makes sense to stock up on a bunch of needles before hand.

  • MadAsHellYankee

    Check out Zero Hedge guys… the headlines pretty much scream down anyone who thinks that these low oil prices are a good thing..
    Shame too. If the price of oil was low due to a truly strong economy, and not some ill conceived currency war, it’d be happy days are here again.

  • horndickdaddy

    89 tips?* 89 clearly defined tips? Steer clear of this article, it offers no such thing!

  • Kaspar_Goering

    Wouldn’t it be better if we all just became responsible citizens and tried to make our world a better place instead of looking forward to a collapse to do it for us? It would seem that most so-called “Patriots” have essentially “Given up” on the idea of America.

    What if those freezing soldiers in Vally Forge did the same thing? Their circumstances were much, much worse than anyone here can claim.

    What do you tell your children? “That’s alright you got an F in math, Johnny, because the world is going to end soon anyway.”

    • Scottsman

      Of course it would- but look at the differences now. Back then, the population was a fraction of the size of today and much more homogeneous in every way – same language, same culture/ traditions, same race and most importantly same values ? I know ” Diversity ” is what Lib’s worship but it doesn’t help us in this matter does it ? We are more divided in more ways than ever by a long shot. This to me is the biggest problem to try to change our Government which is what is necessary to change our world as you say. Secondly, the gap between the Power of the Government in terms of force and the people seems to me to be wider by a magnitude of ___.. My opinion only, but back then what was differences really – Continental army could get Muskets which was the main weapon, then maybe cannons etc… I suppose throw in the ships etc.. Today, conmmon southern or Rural US man may have a rifle, shotgun, pistol etc… – not even in same universe as military, police etc.. So I guess it seems to me at this time, all I can do is vote, call my Congressman, Senator – but alot of good that does me. So other than that, what can the average guy do ? Forget about the label ” Prepper” what’s wrong with a little preparation ? Not talking about obsession here but a little preparation just in case. You can still live your live the same as always

      • Kaspar_Goering

        So you think the problem is that America is too ethnically diverse? That we need to have a sort of ‘Ethnic cleansing?”

        The gap between Government and the People is no further than your mailbox or telephone. Most Americans who are satisfied are not so worried about such things.

        And, indeed, do you really think that a bunch of fat white guys with AR-15’s can defend themselves against a platoon of US Marines? Let alone a platoon of sanitation engineers from the Coast Guard?

        Watch this little video and see for yourself what Americans can do if they stick to it:


        • Scottsman

          I don’t even know how to respond to you – you are all over the place just as you were in your first post. Your first post basically said forget about preparing and make world better than tied it into the revolutionary war and what if they were just preppers and not willing to fight to make world “better”. Than you finished with well may as well tell your children, WTF, world is ending anyways. Now for you 2nd post, I will start with where we may agree – yes “fat white” guys or young fit black guys are no match for the Gov or a Platoon of Us Marines. That was my point – unlike the founding of our country – we are as far as I can tell, stuck with the Government in terms of some armed conflict. Now you suggest I think America is too ethnically diverse and in need of “Ethnic Cleansing ” ? Typical Liberal playbook stuff – nice try. To try it another way, people come here from all over the world and really don’t care to assimulate any more like they once did. Therefore we are more divided than ever before in common language, culture, traditions and most importantly values. This makes it harder to unite around a common cause. As for you suggesting calling writing or emailing politicians has any effect – WTF ? Are you in the US ? Our politicians don’t even read the bills/laws they pass anymore

          • Kaspar_Goering

            I see, so you have “given up” on America. If you plan to retire in Costa Rica, remember you can never be a Costa Rican, but a Costa Rican can always become an American.

          • Scottsman

            Nope – not giving up – just cynical about future with debt, deficit, taxes,welfare expansion,open borders. To circle back to the whole prepping thing ( I really don’t much at this time but may start) I think many folks, including myself feel alot of our nations problems could be fixed or at least alleviated with a much smaller Federal Government footprint. Simply push more power down to the states and local communities as much as possible – really as it was originally intended. I think perhaps we could agree or most of us that the Fed just seems drunk with power – never enough taxes for them never enough control. I hear the latest is Obama wants to designate the Internet as a Utility – for more taxes and control.

            So back to your Valley Forge comment, I don’t think many serious minded people think we can go that path again so we are left with voting. And sure, I vote, call my congressman from time to time but I feel like I have about 0 % influence in anything. Especially with King Obama “Mr I have a phone and pen guy. They will just keep doing what they want, passing huge bills without reading them while exempting themselves. SO – I think prepping to a degree empowers people a little in the face of feeling helpless otherwise. Just my .02 cents.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            You seem to be a rational person. However, most of the “right wing Conservatives” are batchit crazy very concerned as well.

            By devolving power back to the states, all it will do is multiply the problem by a factor of 50.

            There is a reason why we have a Federal system in America. To keep from having 50 independent nations try and get together on it’s primary purpose: To protect and defend Americans. As the founders put it so eloquently:

            We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

          • Scottsman

            Well I appreciate that – you also seem to be a rational person. I for sure would be considered Right Wing by the left and I suspect you and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum here which is good. I would much rather have a reasonable dialogue wtih someone I differ with than agree with. Besides, I approach it from the position that I will not likely change your mind, nor will you ilkely change mine but maybe we can come away with an a better understanding of the other opinion and perhaps even find some common ground.

            I have heard it said that both parties have shifted so far to the left, so much so that the Democrats of JFK ‘s time would be more conservative on most issues than the Repubs of today – I believe this to be true.

            The Founding Framers wanted a very limited Government. Yes I am considered Right Wing ( proud of it ) and have a libertarian streak but I am not an Anarchist. We need a Fed Government for National Defense as you mentioned, some regulation, commmerce and even a safety net for the most poor and helpless among us. Beyond that – leave us alone. Give the Feds and inch and they will take 5000 miles. My guiding principal is where the choice is between more Fed Gov, or less, more liberty, freedom and control of an individuals own destiny or less – with rare exception – I will side the Individual and less Government.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            I understand you Jeffersonian dream of America being a group of yeoman farmer intellectuals. However, the realities of Industrialization has made a strong, central Government a requirement for the success of American corporations and the eventual need to protect the Citizens from those same corporations. In spite of what many Libertarians lie about, the regulatory nature of the Federal government is something the People want. For it is the People who are responsible for the representatives they have sent. More often than not, the Citizens have demanded protections from THEIR Government against the corporations.

            There are no “individual” rights without a Government to protect them.

          • EgbertThrockmorton1

            Scotsman, creatures like “Kaspar” always have to have an enemy. They cannot think for themselves, and have to be told what to do, say and think by the organs of propaganda from their own political myopia. let him “attack” as he calls it, he’s just a flatulating gas bag at best, with no real sense of purpose of character, nor does he have integrity.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…indeed, do you really think that a bunch of fat white guys with AR-15’s can defend themselves against a platoon of US Marines? Let alone a platoon of sanitation engineers from the Coast Guard?….”

          ROFLOL, and how did that work against a bunch of goat herders in Afganistan? or Iraq?

          • Kaspar_Goering

            Which ones? The Marines or the Sanitation engineers from the Coast Guard???

          • Gay Veteran

            doesn’t matter. the mighty U.S. military couldn’t defeat goat herders in Afghanistan or Iraq.
            trying to remember the last time the U.S. actually won a war

          • Kaspar_Goering

            That was the one that was run by Democrats. You know? World War 2.

          • JayC777

            ROTFLMFAO. As a former Marine myself, I can guarantee that the fat white guys with AR-15s will be fighting with the Marines and not against them.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            Not according to most of your colleagues. They say that it is inevitable that a clash between “da Gubment” and “da (white) People” is gonna happen.

        • JF1962

          Many of us are prior military and many more with combat experience.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            Yes. Combat experience with an entire nation supporting you – very different from the guerrilla warfare that yous guys fantasize about.

            No “airstrike” for you. YOU will be the ones who will be napalmed.

            No close air support.

            No quartermaster to draw supplies from.

            No armored vehicles.

            Oh yea. Yous “fat white guys” are going to have fun.

          • JF1962

            Those illiterate goat herders in Afghanistan don’t have any air support etc, but they can’t seem to be defeated.
            The US military will be in disarray, as at least half of the troopers will not fire on citizens.
            By the way, I’m not a “fat white guy”, I’m Hispanic, so stop being racist and picking on minorities.
            Maybe its time to get out of your parents basement and see the real world.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            Afghanistan’s greatest military resource is its geography. Steep. mountainous terrain with deep, narrow gorges make perfect ambush territory. Would the Afghan fighters be any more successful in, say, the Jungles of Vietnam, or the wide grass steppes of central Asia?

            Considering that if there were a military conflict in America, it would most likely be involved in semi-built, suburban areas.

            So, do you consider the “white man” as a minority? BTW, I am a white man. However, I have learned to see beyond a tribal outlook and see humanity as one big tribe.

            And I don’t live in my parent’s basement. I live on a 5 1/2 acre farm in central Texas. Like the prayer says “…on Earth as it is in Texas!”

    • EgbertThrockmorton1

      I consider myself to be a patriot, and I’ve not given up on God, the US Constitution, OR our family preparations. Never have wanted to be a welfare rat, waiting for the EBTs, or crumbs from the FEMA Committee.

      • Kaspar_Goering

        You must be a young person. Remember, we ALL grow old. That is why we have Social Security.

        One day you will need to fill your EBT card, unless you enjoy eating dog food.

        • JayC777

          Social Security is bankrupt. I’m on the back end of the baby boomers and I’ll never see a dime of it. I’ve been a responsible citizen and everything is still going to hell in a hand basket. We are beyond the point of no return. But, hey, keep dreaming.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            If Rand Paul can keep his hand off of Social Security, you will have it when you are ready.

            If you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe Ronald Reagan:


        • EgbertThrockmorton1

          Age is relative, I am 60 at present, and no, I won’t have to use or fill an EBT card and I highly doubt what I’ve paid into Social Security will be available for me, IF, I decide to retire. I would rather thrive on our preparations than try to “survive” with FEMA.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            You are obviously uninformed as to how Social Security works. What you have payed into Social Security is irrelevant. However, the fact that you did pay is more important than the amount that you have payed. Social Security is totally funded by the tax payed by Employer and Employee. By paying Social Security you are supporting those who are on Social Security at present. When you retire, the money that you will receive will be from the people who are working. That is why it is so vitally important that young people are able to go to school and make lots of money so as to fund our retirement.

            Yes. I want to live. Anybody can “survive.” That is why I support our country by paying my taxes and doing my civic duty to vote and do jury service.

          • EgbertThrockmorton1

            You, Kaspar, are making grossly uninformed assumptions about people. You have obviously chosen to forget how much the SSA’s “trust fund” has been robbed every single fiscal year, by Congress and the Senate and is now hopelessly underfunded. No, I have an excellent knowledge of how the SSA actually works, is allgedley supposed to be funded and have reviewed the public documents available to anyone who cares to read them about how purposefully underfunded the Social Security Administration’s “Trust Fund” actually is. I do wish to thank you for the sophomoric “lecture” on how you “think” the SSA actually works. No sir, I won’t every see a single dime at all, good thing we’ve planned to NOT get it at all, no EBT cards for us.(and no political “kool-aid” either.)

          • Kaspar_Goering

            The only people wishing for the demise of Social Security are those who hate it already. You wish to think that your financial savvy will save you from needing Social Security. Just as all of those people who lost everything in 2008 what they think about that.

            What people like you hate the most is that Social Security makes all Americans dependent on each other – like a team. And you don’t want to be associated with the Americans you don’t like – like the nigras and the chinks.

          • EgbertThrockmorton1

            Sorry, Kaspar. Once again you are a flat-out liar.You’ve made complete false assumptions based on your own political ideology, your own false prejudices, your own political myopia. I’ve never said nor espoused in ANY public forum anywhere, the utter excrement you’ve claimed here. In short, sir, you are just another liar, for your own selfish interests. Your own bitterness makes YOU what you are. I’ve never said, nor intimated that I “don’t want to be associated with Americans I don’t like”. Sorry, Kaspar, your own bias and animosity is readily apparent to anyone with a third grade reading comprehension. Also, you still do not have the slightest inkling of HOW the Social Security Administration actually works, or is funded. You’ve never tried to debate the points I made at all, you’ve only attacked me personally and done a pitiful job at that. Your “opinions” cannot be substantiated at all. If you area going to try to “debate”, be an adult, not a petty, bitter little man by hurling false accusations at others of whom you know absolutely nothing. Your racial and political biases are astoundingly illiterate. Again, you personally cannot handle anyone who has a different view point than yours, and that my friend, IS the very definition of prejudice and racism. Well done sir, you’ve reached a new zenith in your inability to communicate.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            Considering your detailed response to my charges of your veiled proclivity towards racial prejudices it would seem that you actually DO harbor such feelings.

            As long as there are people working there will be Social Security. One complaint from Conservatives such as yourself is that most Americans don’t pay Income tax. That is true – because most Americans DO NOT MAKE ENOUGH to pay income taxes. But everyone who works for a living pays Payroll taxes. And its these taxes that fund Social Security.

            If you don’t believe me then maybe you can believe Ronald Reagan:


            And here is something to remind you why Our President, Mr Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents – in spite of the propaganda of the Conservatives:


            Social Security is built to last:


          • EgbertThrockmorton1

            Sorry, Kaspar, another huge fail for your assumptions ab out my alleged “veiled proclivities”. Sheer asinine assumptions. I am glad that you personally are putting so much faith in the long-term viability of Social Security, in spite of not having been able to debate a single thing about it’s lack of funding by all sessions of Congress/Senate. In short, you choose willingly to take the myopia of the sheeple, that somehow those checks will keep on coming. They will not, Congress and the Senate have pillaged the SSA Trust Fund for decades, with worthless IOUs, and the General Fund is in no better shape at all. I have zero faith in Social Secuirty, and you are merely trying to use this blog as a method of propagating your own personal unsubstantiated political beliefs and hopes. History will determine the “legacy” of Barack Obama, however, so far, he’s not doing well at all. His inability to have his own people fact check the lies he told during the State of the Union Speech, prove their incompetence, or their own bubble-myopia. Political differences aside, I cannot in good moral conscience rely on the government for my “retirement”, and I’ve not chosen to go down that route. It’s fine by me, if you have, however, I have done the research and for me, relying on an under-funded (and robbed) “trust fund”, for my retirement is absolutely a non-starter. I’ve already secured our financial future without a social security dependency. I sincerely hope it works out well for you and your family. For the record, I’ve never considered wikipedia or youtube posts to be solid “evidence” of anything at all, it IS the lazy person’s guide to effluvium. Best of luck to you for the remainder of you future, you are indeed going to need all the luck you can get.

          • Kaspar_Goering

            I feel sorry for you. You seem to have the same attitude as most Conservative “Patriots” have concerning America.

            Just remember, if America fails, no matter how much you have saved, you fail as well.

  • Ranier Wolfcastle

    More paranoid doom-n-gloom to drive clicks on the site.

    • STRTGY101

      F. U.

    • 23tony

      It succeeded in getting your click.

  • Trailrider

    I have been reading this blog for a few years and have never posted. First I would like to say hello to everyone and I appreciate your articles Michael. IMHO the signs are everywhere. I live in Michigan about 50 miles from Detroit and own my own Business. Since 2007 I have had to downsize, watch several of my competitors go out of business, look at all the foreclosure signs, watch all my friends loose there jobs or be cut to part time. Ive seen the cost of goods I sell more than double, seen the electricity skyrocket, food prices go up and malls all but close with only a few businesses left.I have got out of debt and bought myself a retreat in the U.P of Michigan.Got fruit trees producing apples,pears, plumbs. Garden every year, have a fresh spring water running threw both properties raise chickens, have wood stoves for back up heat. Lots of tools mechanic knowledge and true homesteader experience. I sleep very well at night and I hope all of you do as well. Michael keep the articles coming I show them to all my family and friends and have woke a few of them up. What gets me is we prepare for everything,Like car insurance, house insurance, life insurance but alot of people wont prepare for there own insurance.

    • Orange Jean

      I’ve been to the UP. Very peaceful and pretty when I went there but sure would be cold in winter! Any place you can hear the grass blowing in the wind… that is a place I call peaceful.

    • laura

      There’s no place I’d rather be than in Michigan. I’m half hour south of Traverse City. We live on a lake with plenty of fish, have abundant wildlife, and are surrounded by good, God fearing men. The U.P. is beautiful. You’ve got a great bug out location.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you for the kind words, and I loved the comment.

      Now that you have started, I hope that you will participate in the discussions more in the future. 🙂


    • Carolyn Bridget

      I had all that & 4 1/2 acres.. Wood stove burned my house & Contractor from Hell took 2 years to finish, Husband lost his job and we moved to a townhouse! Hope he gets another job so we can get an independent house again!

  • Jack

    Follow the G”s guns, gold, a garden, good water, a generator, gasoline, generic medicine, and God for wisdom

    • Daddyotis

      Follow the “G”s. Love it, Jack! Thank you.

    • underaged

      guns – can be used against you when you sleep.

      gold – not likely to get your hands on it. Your broker will keep it locked up and send you a check.

      garden – only works if the timing is right.

      good water – can’t keep enough of it.

      gasoline – six month lifespan.

      god – does not exist.

      • Stephen

        So I guess your planning to die – good to know. Your comment shows your missing the big picture (the commonsense that should accompany these items & their use).

        1. Guns – obviously when providing security, it goes in shifts that cover a 24 hour day. If its just you, then you need to obviously get with like minded individuals and help each other out.

        2. Gold/precious metals -Not likely to get your hands on it??? Seriously? Precious metals can be delivered to any address and I have NEVER had the problems you speak of, nor have I heard from anyone I know having problems like you claim (and I know a lot who do).

        3. Garden – timing??? Plant in spring, harvest when grown. Been gardening for years and its too easy. Even our 5th grader had their own garden – or are you saying your dumber than a 5th grader?

        4. Water – can’t keep enough? Can keep any amount you want and/or learn the means to purify the water. Might be a problem is your in a desert but I highly doubt your live in one. If you don’t want to learn, the good riddance.

        5. Gas/fuel – there are gas and diesel treatments that allows fuel storage for years. Even if you don’t buy additives simply rotate you fuel with normal use and its a non-problem.

        6. God – not even going to broach this topic because you don’t have the means or mental ability to fight your way out of a wet paper bag as proven by your previous statements.

        Either you are stirring the pot to get a negative response (congrats) or you are clueless. If clueless take my post as shotgun blast, if it applies – use what is good and discard the rest.

        • Jack

          Thank you you said it better than I did.

      • scottbashaw

        also gas can last for years if you add PRI gas treatment and i’ll have to go with GOD is real

      • GPackers

        You are pretty much a FOOL!

  • Luis

    My two cents:

    Get out of the cities and into the country where you can grow your own food. Potatoes are a super food- easy to grow, and store nicely right in the ground. Also, many of those annoying weeds all around you are actually edible.
    Last but not least- if you are a Christian, memorize Psalm 34:7. Claim it, believe it, plan on it because you’ll be needing it.

  • Luis

    You got it… my wife and I learned the hard way to do this as well. We recently forgot to reseal one of the plastic buckets in the basement and I heard, and then saw a mouse come right out of it. Thanks to a mouse trap with a little peanutbutter on it, that mouse is no longer in the land of the living, but it sure is a relentless warfare keeping supplies fresh.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Get a passport. I beginning to think prepping will be negated by the confiscating all our possessions. Preppers will likely be first in the fema camps.

    • pdxr13

      GET A PASSPORT! It is the best “proof” of nationality and legal status.

      State non-driving ID can be easy to fake, forge or have very low requirement to get (Store loyalty card, voter registration card –that has NO requirement but a valid address!– and mail in your name). A dead person your age may have their identity taken-over and continued if there is no fraud/crime committed (like benefit fraud), with no consequence. Most ID is crap.

      Passport is the best ID in that it doesn’t give away an address or State with every showing. Just a face that matches a name.

      Valid 10 years is pretty good.

      • pdxr13

        Oh yeah, The US Passport office is incapable of making enough passports for all US Persons. 24/7 production with 10 year renewal MIGHT be able to provide them to 100M Americans.

        Remember what happened to Iraqis who COULD NOT LEAVE Iraq in 2002-2003 due to no papers.
        That could be you and your family.

      • Cecil Eshelman

        I agree, a passport is handy for small emergencies, such as if your Aunt is overseas and has a medical emergency. You can buy a ticket and go, unless you need a visa, and even then you need a passport to get a visa anyway.

  • GSOB

    The whole world is anxiety driven.

  • Orange Jean

    GOOD point! I was going to mention that (the need to control bugs, I don’t know about the methods) and I forgot to. I had to live for almost a year on about 50 lbs of buggy wheat … because I had stored it in a large galvinized trash container, but apparently not tight enough to keep the bugs out. I had to kill them off and (being squeemish), figure out how to get them out of the wheat before grinding it. I settled on rinsing in water, the dead bugs rose to the top, I drained it off … then I had to dry the grain again. LOT of work. But those gross squirming things I couldn’t handle!

    Not only some sort of bug control… but something to control mice and rats! I have some “reusable” plastic mouse traps that work very well… from Tom Cat, they look like jaws. But I imagine they wouldn’t last forever.

  • GSOB

    “The Apocalypse was written before he had witnessed the
    coming of Christ and the close of the Old Dispensation, in the mighty
    catastrophe which, by the voice of God in history, abrogated all but
    the moral precepts which had been uttered by the voice of God on

  • durango

    A good sleeping bag and a tent should be at the top of the list.

  • Debra M Lowe

    I have chickens, turkeys and two dwarfed goats, use the milk. Also have rabbits to raise for butcher. Everything I plant goes in jars. Plus orchard full of fruit trees and Berry bushes. I knew that this world was going to be crazy one day, reason I planted fruit trees and raised chicken/turkeys Plus rabbits. Another thing I do, I have a friend that traps beaver, I use the meat to can as well. Same with rabbit. One thing I don’t do is broadcast what I do. Less that know the better.

  • iguana one

    I agree about the chickens. I started with two. Now I must have four. That’s 2.5 dozen eggs a week. I don’t kill my chickens for food.
    But if I had to, I would raise them in droves. That’s a different story.

  • Hillbilly

    Am I blocked from this site as well?

  • Kaspar_Goering

    I’m sorry, but posting in a friendly forum seems redundant. I’d rather face the enemy head-on and show them for the fools they really are.

    If you are conservative then I can guarantee that it is you who has political myopia.

    • JayC777


      • Kaspar_Goering

        Yes. A great example of what happens when a great city has been compromised by Republican business ethics. Instead of taking responsibility for their terrible actions, Management just blamed it on their workers. It was the guy putting on fenders that caused Detroit to go bankrupt, not tax cuts for the most wealthiest. Even when they were responsible for the terrible management of their companies – and STILL got million dollar bonuses.

  • PJ

    I feel like 89 tips is selling us short. why not 97, or 153? Cmon man!

  • no one

    fishing hooks and line, every kind of first aid item you can find, extra work gloves, “buck” saws (when the chainsaw quits), axes, hand tools, extra salt, lots of socks (we’ll be doing a lot more walking, a sturdy bike and spare tires and parts, bike trailer for hauling stuff, 12volt motion sensor lights (lowe’s or Home depot- about $30), propane and 12V lights from old wrecked motor homes, extra dog food (A la “One minute after”) google “thermo-electric” and see how your wood stove can generate elec., meet your neighbors, a tough, large-wheeled cart to haul heavy stuff, a couple old CB radios, sealed or “Dry” 12 volt deep cycle batteries….. and the list goes on.

  • MontanaMel

    @ Mike S>
    Hate to poke another one at you…but, we may be about to get the ‘ol 1 – 2 punch… Economic crap storm to start with…maybe real soon now.
    THEN…IF the signals our SUN has been sending are correct: we may be in for a real mess for maybe 30-40 years of COLD and CROP FAILURES during successive years! Both Hemispheres.
    Refer to the Little ICE AGE of the early 1600’s in EU for a snap shot of possible effects… granted, they managed to have some major WARS running right then too, that sort of magnified these effects – but, the world didn’t have 8 to 9 BILLION mouths to feed then either.
    The reference is: DARK WINTER, by John L. Case, ex of NASA. Being a Ham radio operator, I look at our sun daily for propagation info, etc… That’s what got me to John’s book/theory in the first place. The Low point/center appears to be 2031 … with 2025 to 2036 being the most nasty. The true bad news is that EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANOS appear to also increase their activity during these Grand Minimums too… Not good…bad ju-ju.
    Stay loose…flexible in your plans…become a Sea-Bee, “Can Do”..
    Check-6 … KD7DCR, out.

  • Lorie

    You know its really sad, I read this and know it is going to happen. It is something you just feel and know inside your heart. I have 4 kids and live in the city and all I can do is watch. I am poor, do not work, and no matter how hard I try, I just cant save food or money. I save a lot of seeds, and I grow what I can, where I can. It would be nice if someone could help come up with ideas for poor families too. Things we can collect and trade, tools we can make, ways we can help our families too…. More and More families are not poor, down to one income or worse…. You ideas are good, but for some very unreachable….

    • Serenabit

      Lorie, One thing that you can do that does not require money is to educate yourself. Learn basic first aid, physical defense, gardening, or a myriad of skills that will be of value to a larger group. If you know how to sew and make soap from wood ash, that alone may be enough reason for a larger group to take you and your family in. Cleanliness keeps people healthy as well as makes them feel more at ease and “normal” in a stressful situation, so soap goes a long way when all the stores have empty shelves.

  • IdahoGrandpa

    ..against anything…God…may throw at you?

    Sounds like the salesman selling tickets on the Titanic…before the iceberg that is. “Not even God can sink this ship..” Yeah, right.

  • GetHubNub

    So sad the author left out the most important thing you’ll need, a relationship with Jesus Christ. A Bible is a necessity to have.

  • Phil Li

    Same about meat rabbits

  • Hal

    I would include a file and knife sharpener in the list of tools.

  • ralph

    Excellent list. I would add in that it is very important to know how to grow food. Any major disaster that experts see coming will leave you without food resources for a very long period. So knowing how to grow food and what it takes is important. For you city people who have a yard. You need to have chickens now. A great source of protein from eggs and most cities will allow you to have them. Just not roosters.

  • CR&JRW

    I would add this about chickens and other egg-layers: the brooding instinct has been virtually bred out of most breeds on purpose. So, it’s helpful to read up on incubating eggs, invest in some inexpensive equipment, and practice raising your own chickens. I say “practice”, because very few of us get it right the first time!

  • Jerry Dale Stubben

    Train to be the attacker and not the attacked.

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