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A Jobs Report Conspiracy?

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Well, isn’t that convenient?  The Obama campaign desperately needed the last employment report to be released before the election to show that the unemployment rate had fallen below 8 percent, and somehow it magically happened.  Even though non-farm payroll employment only increased by 114,000 last month (not enough to even keep up with population growth), the official unemployment rate fell from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent.  So how did that happen?  Well, the unemployment number is not based on the survey of employers that showed that 114,000 jobs were added to the economy last month.  Rather it is based on a survey of households.  And that survey showed that the total number of Americans employed last month increased by a whopping 873,000 – almost eight times the number that the employer survey showed.  That figure for September (873,000) was the biggest one month increase in 29 years.  And it just happened to come at the exact perfect time for Barack Obama.  So was there a jobs report conspiracy?  Examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

The number of Americans with a job fell by 195,000 in July.

Then it fell by another 119,000 in August.

But somehow in September it miraculously exploded in the other direction and 873,000 jobs were added to the economy?

If you believe that, I have a bridge that I want to sell you.

Somehow, the largest increase in jobs in 29 years happened just when Barack Obama needed it the most.

Nah, that doesn’t sound fishy to me at all.

We are being told that a big reason for the huge increase was the number of Americans working part-time for “economic reasons”.  That number surged from 8.0 million in August to 8.6 million in September.

Why the sudden jump?

Nobody can really explain it.

And if you look at the U6 unemployment rate, nothing has really changed at all.  U6 is still at 14.7 percent just like it was last month.

But the media is not going to talk about the U6 rate.  Instead, all of the headlines are going to be about “7.8 percent”.

According to the survey of employers, the U.S. economy added fewer jobs in September than it did in August, and it added fewer jobs in August than it did in July.

So according to the survey of employers, the employment situation in the United States is getting worse.

But according to the household survey, we just had the greatest month of job creation since the first term of Ronald Reagan.

Something does not add up.

And as I have written about previously, the unemployment rate would actually be up around 11 percent instead of 7.8 percent if not for the millions of workers that the government claims “dropped out of the labor force” over the past few years because they became too discouraged to look for work.

So unemployment in America is still a massive crisis, but the media is boldly proclaiming that things are getting better and that we are on the road to recovery.

Of course Obama looks like the cat who ate the canary today.  He is just thrilled with the “7.8 percent” number.

But the truth is that according to the employer survey, job growth in the United States is actually slower than last year.  The following is from the Calculated Risk blog….

All that said, the economy has only added 1.3 million payroll jobs over the first nine months of the year. At this pace, the economy would only add around 1.8 million private sector jobs in 2012; less than the 2.1 million added in 2011.

Are you starting to see why people are so skeptical of this jobs report?

When the “7.8 percent” figure was released, there was immediately a wave of shock and unbelief throughout the financial world and all over the Internet.

The following is a sampling of skeptical quotes about this jobs report….

Former GE chief Jack Welch

Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers

Chapwood Capital Investment Management Managing Partner Ed Butowsky

I feel like I’m watching a movie. There is no way in the world these numbers are accurate.

Neil Irwin of the Washington Post

“Weird that payrolls are exactly on forecast but household survey is far better.”

Conn Carroll, senior editorial writer for the Washington Examiner

While it is highly improbable that BLS conspired to cook the books, there is still a huge 756,000 job gap between the number of jobs employers told the Labor Department they created in September (114k), and the number of Americans who told the labor department that they got new jobs (873k).

U.S. Representative Allen West

I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, Chicago style politics is at work here. Somehow by manipulation of data we are all of a sudden below 8 percent unemployment, a month from the Presidential election. This is Orwellian to say the least and representative of Saul Alinsky tactics from the book “Rules for Radicals”- a must read for all who want to know how the left strategize . Trust the Obama administration? Sure, and the spontaneous reaction to a video caused the death of our Ambassador……and pigs fly.

Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg

That the 7.8 percent jobless rate takes it to the level that prevailed when the President took office in January 2009 has raised many an eyebrow. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. But I don’t believe in the Household Survey either. 

This notoriously volatile indicator has become even more so in recent months. It showed a 195K slide in July and a 119K decline in August, to only then reveal a massive 873K surge in September.

Radio host Laura Ingraham

“Jobs #s from Labor Secretary Hilda Solis are total pro-Obama propaganda–labor force participation rate at 30-yr low. Abysmal!”

Americans for Limited Government

“Either the Federal Reserve, which has its fingers on the pulse of every element of the economy, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics manufacturing survey report are grievously wrong or the number used to calculate the unemployment rate are wrong, or worse manipulated. Given that these numbers conveniently meet Obama’s campaign promises one month before the election, the conclusions are obvious.”

Rick Santelli of CNBC

“I told you they’d get it under 8 percent — they did! You can let America decide how they got there!”

Of course the backlash in the media against skepticism of the jobs report has been very forceful.

Already, those that are doubtful of the legitimacy of the jobs report are being called “truthers” – as if there is something wrong with wanting to know the truth.

Sadly, that is how things work these days.  If you don’t like the viewpoint that some people are expressing, you just label them “conspiracy theorists”.

And when someone is labeled a “conspiracy theorist”, that is code for “that person is so crazy that you should not listen to anything they say”.

But the truth is that we live in a world where often people do things that they are not supposed to be doing.

When something rather strange happens, it is not wrong to investigate and try to figure out what is going on.

And this jobs report seems very, very odd.

It sure does seem rather strange that the household survey is showing almost 8 times as many jobs created as the employer survey does.

It sure does seem rather strange that 873,000 more Americans were working in September (the largest increase in 29 years) after decreases in both July and August.

It sure does seem rather strange that the unemployment rate dropped under 8 percent at the exact moment when Barack Obama needed it the most.

But perhaps all of this is just a coincidence.

What do you think?

  • Zero

    Putting the jobs number aside, unemployment is still a major problem.
    Many place still laying off or just closing

    We should be more focused on a correct direction.

    Also thanks for all the articles you write, very helpful.

    • quercus lobata

      That is the case out west. Albertson’s Markets is closing 60 stores by the Nov 1st. 19 of them are in California. If the economy was actually improving, most people would see it and feel it. Their unemployed friends, family and neighbors would now be working. New business would be appearing and older businesses wouldn’t be closing. What the government is telling us is a complete fabrication.

      • GSOB

        agree quercus lobata, 100%

    • Glench

      I hate to say it but I think Obama will win the next election… (Mitt Romney just seems to ‘flip flop’ on too many issues… sad that Ron Paul didn’t win the nomination)…

      As far as I’m concerned, Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the economy, such that more and more people have to rely on government handouts in order to just make ends meet… he’s the type that can ‘rest easy’ knowing that those relying on the generosity of the government for welfare, food stamps, etc… will give him their vote…

      The ‘welfare program’ was designed to help people out in dire situations for a short period (under 6 months) so they could ‘get back on their feet’… The Obama regime is ‘turning the U.S. into a giant welfare state’ solely for political reasons, with zero regard for us dudes that see more and more taxes taken off our paychecks each month… Not fair, since most people that are bleeding the system for what its worth, usually work in the ‘black market economy’ doing jobs for ‘cash under the table’…

      I say… those that have been relying on government hand outs for more than 6 months… should have zero right to vote in the next election…

    • bobobobob

      got medical??? dental??? children???

  • Rodster

    Michael, you should have titled this article..”wink wink..nod nod”.

    • Michael

      It’s true. 🙂


  • ScotinOz

    Lies, dam lies and statistics sums this up.. when people who fall out of the labour pool because they cant find a job are not counted as unemployed then it tells you all you need to know about how these “figures” are produced.

    US is mired in a recession and you can paint whatever picture you want to try to make it look better but its lipstick on a pig. The reality is that most average Americans are struggling to keep their head above water. I have a friend who recently got laid off and at 50+ their chances of finding a new job are slim to none.

  • Washington

    Wealth Manager On Jobs Report: “No Way In The World These Numbers Are Accurate”

  • nowwthen

    Like so many others I smelled a rat as soon as I saw that 7 handle and did some cipherin and goesintas.

    Down to 7.8%? Do the math using BLS own numbers. 114,000 new jobs in September and July was revised upward by 40,000 and August upward by 46,000 — don’t know how they missed these in the previous months but let’s play along — for a total of 200,000 more jobs. Somehow, according to Obama’s labor department, this reduced unemployment in a labor force of 155,063,000 by 0.3% from 8.1% to 7.8%. I get closer to a 0.1% decrease (200,000 divided by 155,063,000) which means we’re still at 8% and that’s being generous because remember we’re using their own figures.

    Coincidentally there is an election about a month from now. Obama’s labor department wouldn’t mess with the figures would they? Maybe I need a new calculator.

    Check BLS own figures here:

  • Mike O

    I was in total disbelief today as I heard the BLS jobs report too. Fortunately, I am one of the few Americans who has a job. And being in the labor force, I see everyday the fear that is my co-workers eyes. You see, I work in one of the most volatile industries there is in America – electrical construction (or construction, for short). Lucky for me, I live in Washington DC. (We had a very mild recession here.) But being in this industry, I see first hand the devestation of this wrecked economy. The turnover rate for new workers/old workers is amazing. The old employees do everything they can to keep the job they have, whereas the new employees do everything they can to keep the job they just acquired. And being in this industry, you see a unique view of how the economy is really behaving. (The best word I can use to explain how the economy is behaving in my industry presently is erratic.) I also know firsthand when the economy is doing good, we are building. But the problem is that we are building in spurts. We are not building the way we did before the collapse of 2008 – nowhere near what we used to do. So for the BLS to say that over 800,000 jobs were created in the month of September is borderline scandalous – if not a 100% sham. My industry does not support these numbers. And I am positive the rest of the employed (in other industries) share my suspicion.

    Thanks for your posts. I am glad there are others out there who know that something isn’t right and who aren’t afraid to speak out against it.

  • jaxon64

    Just bizarre..we now live in a bizarro world. Evil is good and good is evil. People who value truth, speak truth and search for the truth are lambasted. Those who flat out fabricate any reality they wish–whether it is imaginary working people or imaginary money backed back some imaginary securities–these people are heralded and placed on pedastals.

    In our world, the kid who yelled, ” the emporer has no clothes”, instead of causing others to see and admit the obvious truth, in our world the public crier would be called names (conpiracy theorist, truther, extremist etc) and shouted down by the useful idiots….

  • Don Levit

    Almost 89 million people were not counted as part of the labor force.
    What percentage of these people are younger than 18, older than 65, disabled, etc.?
    Don Levit

    • uncle bill

      Don, thats exactly what I was thinking when I heard a snippet of obama saying they were losing 800,000 jobs a month on average. I figured that is just astounding. over 4 yrs that is 40 million people. If you consider around 50% of people at least are too young or too old to work, that would leave around 150 million people, lets say 20% of those are on disability or single parent pension, that would leave around 120 million. Lets say prior to that there wasa relatively normal 5% unemployment rate, that would leave around 113million working people, lets say 20% of them are employed by the govt at federal, state, or municipal level so are not part of the real tax base, that leaves around 95 million people

      so subtract 40 million lost jobs from an original 95 million real tax base and you have roughly 55million workers paying in trying to pay for endless wars and SS etc. No wondr that debt clock spins so hard if you stand too close you get blown away by it.

  • Kevin2

    The people that are being employed are those that put lipstick on a pig that caused the 2000 .com crash and the housing bubble economists. They are working OT cooking the books on the jobs report.

    They’re all slight of hand magicians.

  • pavan

    This shows where we will be if BO wins a second term. Government statistics in the USSR were a joke, and they will also be laughable in BO’s USSA. This jobs report is an example of the big lie. A famous socialist leader said the following, “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”.

  • Mark

    How easy is it for the employment numbers to be manipulated? And how easy will it be for BHO to do the same thing with the election numbers? Too damn easy.

    • John W.

      I believe that is the reason he seems so unconcerned. No matter what the actual vote count he will be the winner.

  • Col. Wilson

    I smell something & its not roses (tho the govt would try to make you believe it). These numbers are fixed by current administration.

    If you use the formula that was used in the great depression you get a better idea of the truth.


    • Major Wood

      Col., I can’t stop laughing at your metaphor. Very good.

      Maj. Wood: I smell something. I just stepped in a steaming pile of ***********!

      POTUS: Major, you’re wrong. I believe that was a pile of roses you just skipped through. Smell’s like roses to me!

      Maj. Wood: Sir, I truly believe that’s a steaming pile of *******. The bottom of my shoe is sticky with a non-rose like material that smells much like **********.

      POTUS: Major, you’re wrong, but I can see you need proof. Give me a few minutes and I’ll bring in Ben Bernanke who will confirm my rose smelling ability.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Major, I can’t stop laughing at your name. Lol, funny stuff.

        I was driving home from hunting earlier this week and I swear I saw this sign in front of a small business selling jerky in one of our small towns.

        “You may be able to beat our prices, but you cant …. our meat” The ‘beat’ had obviously been poorly sanded off the sign but I could still read it. I LMAO for several miles…

  • Col. Wilson

    BTW the claim that 600,000 govt jobs is an extra expense to taxpayers – IOW they are not real jobs. They are just another huge expense which means we have to borrow more!

    Please don’t tell obama what comes after a trillion.


  • Tim

    This article is greatly appreciated. You’re a beacon of truth in this world of lies and deception.

  • Ghulam

    Why shouldn’t these numbers be a fraud? Everything else is. The reasons for these wars are the most massive of frauds, and they are the only thing holding up the economy, keeping it going. These are the same people who open bars and whore houses in Muslim nations under occupation and then tell you how much the locals abuse women.

  • quercus lobata

    Yet with all the questions that surround these obviously manipulated figures, the Obama supporters are celebrating. Early this morning I read a few pages of comments over at the WP. Incredibly it appears that O’s supporters are believing this hook line and sinker. They actually think that the job report is accurate and that the economy is getting better. Anyone who even attempted to question the report or provide the facts that didn’t add up were attacked.
    It seems there are none so blind as those who are partisan.

  • Newton

    I am really, really starting to wonder if this is not somehow a plan from above.

    Another 4 years of Obama and NOBODY will EVER be able to dispute
    Who he is and what HE has done.

    • jaxon64

      I wonder about this too. Will the nation that He has blessed so much, and yet has virtually declared war against Him get what we deserve?

      We export war to prtect petrodollars, we consume mountains of narcotics; we are slothful with the greatest populace of lifetime welfare pros in world history. We allow hollywood, tv and visdeo games to indoctrinate our children in their formative years on sexual promiscuity, wanton and random violence and that life has no sanctity or value.
      We export filthy porn of expoited young girls worldwide..we are the most materialistic society in the history of mankind and have made mammon our god. Even those with less–like Gary2–endlessly kneel and worship at the alter of greed and envy, thinking that confiscating from others and giving unearned and undeservedly to him will somehow heal our nation and his inner ills.

      Yes, it could very well be that America is reaping as she has sown. A leader like O is an outward reflection of the deceit, conceit and worldliness that reigns in the hearts of so many in our nation.

  • David Gurney

    After the election,we’ll hear that somebody accidentally entered an 8 instead of a 1 into the final figure,just as Ray Milland accidentally had a bottle outside of his window sill in “The Lost Weekend”.

  • Jonny Boy

    Perhaps the solution is much simpler: the BLS would either send a person to a home or telephone a residence to conduct a Current Population Survey (aka “household survey”) [as defined in their handbook]. However, if the home they visit is vacant or doesn’t respond and the phone they call was disconnected or doesn’t answer, they would move on until they connected to somebody who was there to answer.

    Who has access to a phone or home these days? People who manage to find some kind of way to bring an income in. The people who are homeless, phoneless, or simply trying to evade the debt collectors would simply be excluded from the sample space. Non-respondents are simply not accounted for; they call this the “Noninterview adjustment”.

    I did not see the “noninterview adjustment” in the Employment Situation report. Perhaps I overlooked it, but their handbook has a blanket number of 7% – 8%. From the bottom of the screen it says that the page was last updated in 2003.

    Here are some relevant items from the BLS handbook.

    • Hey Jonny Boy – I think you’re almost on to something. Except when they called and didn’t get an answer, they assumed the person MUST be out working, and included them in the employed column.

  • The unemployment number is so manipulated, even on a “good” day, that it should be seen as trivial. The real number(s) to look at is the employment rate and then maybe the u6.

  • Gary2

    mittens is gonna loose ha ha ha ha

  • Gary2

    Prior to Wednesday night’s debate, the polls were favoring Obama. Conservatives questioned the polls and accused the media of being biased. Today, unemployment figures come out and conservatives accuse Obama of cooking the numbers. Do you see a pattern? Conservatives are sore loser crybabies who just can’t stand to be told they’re wrong. This is why we should never elect them to be our leaders. Who wants an overgrown man-child as President?

    • Malcolm Reynolds


      Prior to Wednesday night’s debate, the highly manipulated leftist polls were favoring Obama and now they are EVEN, at best. Conservatives questioned the polls and accused recognized the media of being biased. Today, highly manipulated leftist unemployment figures come out and conservatives accused recognized Obama of cooking the numbers. Do you see a pattern?

      Yep, the bamster administration is the most corrupt in US history, including Nixon, Clinton, FDR and Wilson all rolled into one.

      • Gay Veteran

        of course the media are biased, they’re owned by big corporations

    • bink

      Theives, conmen,and people like you..
      you ignore ALL THE FACTS – ALL THE WARNING have no natural instincts to protect yourself from them. Even if they came up to your face and told you they would break in your house, and rob you, you would ignore the warning directly from the perp.

      Good Job!

    • Liberty74

      Oh please! Obama got an ass whopping during the debate so then “his government” manipulators came out with a BIG LIE or should we say propaganda so the left wing corporate controlled media will repeat such propaganda. We all predicted Obama would get under the 8% unemployment mark by making up the numbers. The “pattern” here is that Obama lies and so does the government. Real unemployment is 15%. Now go stand in line for your free phone so you can become government domesticated. Oh never mind, you already are by believing the Obama propaganda – 873,000 jobs in one month? A sucker is born every minute.

    • Errol

      Gary2, We already have a pampered manchild in the White House. His name is Barack Whosinsane Oblama (pronounced O-Blame-Uh)! After reading your comments you sound like a typical liberal ass clown. Maybe you should work in the White House, You’d fit right in with the rest of the F-ing idiots, criminals, tax cheats,and lying morons in Wash. DC (District of Corruption)!!!

    • Josh

      So Gary, you actually believe over 800,000 jobs were created in September? Politics aside, you actually believe that? Have you found a job yet? (besides whining of course)

    • Louise in MO

      Gary 2…..we already have a man-child in the White House. He showed up at Wednesday’s debate!

  • Gary2

    Republicans manufacture their own reality. It´s what is expected of a group of people who dispute evolution, who believe the earth is 6000 years old, who take seriously an old tale of forming clay and then blowing on it – Bingo! Adam! -, think they will one day soon fly through the air “nekkid” and lack the education to differentiate between its and it´s.

    Whaddaya expect? They´re the people who are actively working on cementing our 3rd World status. Patriots, my ass.They´re the lowest of the low. Let them cook up their own little world and upholster it with magic. They´re good at that.

    • Trotsky’s Icepick

      Comrade don’t forget about wealth confiscation and redistribution for social justice. Remember to stay on script.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Republicans manufacture their own reality”

      LMAO! Good one Gary. Basically, whatever any leftist says or accuses Republicans of, they are extremely guilty of the same.

      “It´s what is expected of a group of people who dispute evolution, who believe the earth is 6000 years old”

      Stupid leftist fantasy. God is King and the Earth is BILLIONS of years old. Now how about you explain how leftists believe we slithered outta slime in the beginning and then somehow crossed species from monkeys.

      And BTW, weren’t you claiming to be a believer a few threads back? YUP.

      “They´re the people who are actively working on cementing our 3rd World status” I’m sorry, Huh? All third world countries are dictatorial socialist in nature and exactly what is it you expouse on here every damned day?

    • John W.

      Some things never change,you being a moron is a good example.

    • Kevin

      Only thing I see from your posts is that you are another delusional liberal clone… The real “trend” you should have seen (but can’t, with Obama’s cock in your mouth) is that Republicans (more specifically Conservatives) are very aware of the deceptive practices of your group. Calling out two things that are blatantly cooked and false does not equal “crybaby”… It equals “we better get our shit together before the whole country is collapsed by liberal lunacy and lies”…

    • Errol

      And another thing, George Soros owns the company that will be counting the votes so I’m sure that dead people will be voting again along with dogs and cats. The Liar in chief can’t win without cheating, Why else would he be trying to suppress the military vote (the ones fighting for our freedom) because they lean right and not wanting to put in place voter ID laws so that illegals can vote becaause they will lean left. You can’t even rent a video these days without ID. You can’t get into an Obama (mr. and mrs.) speaking event without an ID but you can cast a vote for our most powerful position in govt.!!! If the President of the Dem. party somehow scams his way into getting reelected, Republicans won’t be the only ones suffering…WE ALL WILL…douche bag.

      • Gay Veteran

        ah yes, the mythical voter fraud. Interesting that the state of Pennsylvania could produce NO evidence of voter fraud in order to justify the voter ID law

        • Witness the End

          Wisconsin did prove and prosecute many.

    • bobobobob

      u r great!!! these other readers will work at mitts polo club but they wont have medical insurance!!!! hahahaha how many have died??? hahahaha my son needs cadavers!!!! to disect hahaha

  • K

    Really, you guys did not see this coming? The last President that told the truth, was Jimmy Carter. You ran him out of town on a rail. No President since has even considered, telling the truth.

    • Kevin

      I would laugh, but you liberals make me so sad with your stupidity and delusional concepts that I want to cry.

      • K

        Kevin, thank you for your expected response. All emotion, no facts,

    • Nolan

      And now, on Palestine, Venezuela, and elsewhere. He’s the only former president I respect.

  • Bill

    I think walking eagle counted the 873,000 new job holders for last month. To prove this I want all of you 873,000 to raise your right hand—-let’s see, we seem to be a little short. You rascals you, come come raise your hands or walking eagle is going to be walking in his own do do…

    Guess the bird can’t count. Just one more reason to vote for “No Good” as a write in.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, if I may, here’s another input regarding your PREVIOUS article; regarding omissions of the debate. I sent a link to that article to ,today. Just wanted you to know.

    • Michael

      Thank you for doing that. Hopefully someone over there will take a good look at it. 🙂


  • r.bitting

    Exibit A of why America is under the judgment of God. . . Corrupt leaders with no fear of God. They will answer for destroying this nation, and all those who collaberate with them!

    • r.bitting

      Sorry, it’s exhibit & collaborate ( I really can spell, it’s proof reading I fail at).

  • beaner

    I don’t put anything past this administration. The most corrupt in the history of America.

  • Marissa

    Seriously, you quote Allen West, Rick Santelli & Jack Welch? Oh then it must be true! If you want to make an argument at least quote those who are actually sane and intelligent.

    • SmallerGovNow

      Who would you prefer? Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Jarret, et al? All socialist/leftist liars…

  • Barry the Red Rat

    Nothing to see here comrades move along, all figures are the truth and etched on a stone tablet.

  • Trialboy

    Please stop this nonsense. If Obama was going to jigger the numbers on unemployment that process would have started months ago and continued to this month. Why wait? If you want to complain that the numbers are bogus then when they favored Romney they were bogus too. The reality is that the economy is picking up very slowly and some of that improvement is coming in the swing states which is real trouble for Romney. The data is prepared by civil servants and there is methodology that they use which is well established. Now you are all free to complain that the methodology is flawed and that it has allowed the unemployment figures to look better than they actually are, but to suggest that Obama has somehow caused people at the BLS to skew the numbers is utter nonsense. If that were true, there has to be a few Republicans in the BLS who would blow the whistle. So far all we have is Jack Welsh and Alan West (oh boy, there is a real reliable source) speculating without a scintilla of solid evidence to support their claims.

  • tappedops

    Ive posted this before but heres the skinny…

    The real Un # nationally is somewhere between 23 and 27 (shadowstats) depending on who all you count…27 includes underE/stoppedL/earlyR/selfE/501c3/didntfile/didntqual/…combining all workers who used to be in the workforce,who are presently NOT in the workforce.

    Now the 8.6 or 9% which has been the go to # for years represents all of the 27% who are activly opening a check…which is really the only # they have to go by. People who got laid off last week are not counted because they have not filed yet…AND—the millions of accounts that have zeroed their ballance fall off of the count. So as the checks stop going out, the rate falls—just as the rate climbs as the accounts open—take a guess which end of the scale is logging the most #s.

    Meaning the 9% of people who were getting a check is falling way faster than new accounts are opening—which is even more scary… how many people out do you know who are still out of work and are not collecting—i know alot

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, I just listened to the Trunews program to which you gave a link in your previous article. I urge my fellow bloggers to give it a listen. Similar to what was mentioned at the beginning of this program were the articles in the Canada Free Press, a few weeks ago. They too were regarding a trigger or surprise event that will allow Obummer to remain in office – regardless if he’s NOT re-elected. I think it’s prudent NOT to dismiss such a possiblity!

    I usually comment only on the current article – but it’s important that my present input have maximum visibility amongst fellow readers.

  • Renee

    I blame the American people for believing these stats and the media who report them but then again our very smart students from Madison here in Wisconsin believe that President Obama should have been able to use his teleprompter during the debate….sigh.

  • Gary2

    I wonder where conservatives buy their keyboards….all of them have broken g o o g l e keys.

  • W. R. Flynn

    Secretary of Labor: What percent would you like us to put out?
    You Know Who: Seven point eight sounds so crazy they’ll believe it. Can you do that?

    Secretary of labor: You got it. How many new employed would you like?
    You Know Who: Something so insanely high they’ll smack their foreheads and fall for it. How about up over eight hundred thousand.

    Secretary of Labor: Whatever you want. How about just under nine hundred thousand?
    You Know Who: That would be perfect. Next month we’ll make it seven point six and bump it up a million.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    “The last President that told the truth, was Jimmy Carter”

    What color is the Meth you smoke?

  • mark

    Gee, who would have thought that this would happen. I do not believe much that the government tells us these days. Their reports are revised each month when the bad news is old news.

  • joe osborn

    Barak Obama will be re-elected. Sorry!

  • Old Man

    “Jobs report good this week.”

    Hurray! I am going to vote for Obama now!

    “Mitt said sorry for 47%. Really mean 100%”

    Hurray! I am going to vote for Romney now!

    “Obama attended funeral of slain Libya ambassador.”

    Obama has no good foreign policy. I am not going to vote for you!!

    “Mitt hit Obama for messing up Libya. Said he would send marines and hit back.”

    Hurray! I am going to vote for Mitt now!

    “Housing price reported jumped by a whopping 0.05%.”

    Hurray! I am going to vote for Obama!!

    “Mitt said Obama not telling truth.”

    Hurray! I am going to vote for Mitt now.

    “Obama said Mitt is lying. Only he can save the middle class from themselves!”

    Hurray! I am going to vote for Obama!!

    “Media reports EU president said American politicians are more stupid than the Greeks.”

    Hurray! I am going to expat to Greece!

  • T-Bone

    The economy is on the verge of collapse and unemployment is falling what a joke. I would not be surprised if there was another executive order changing the numbers for national security.

    Incompetence will be the downfall of the USA. Incompetence at the Federal Reserve is turning the fiat dollar into toilet paper.

  • Mondobeyondo

    A conspiracy? Well…

    873,000 new jobs created in September? Amazing!
    And the unemployment rate is below 8% for the first time in Obama’s presidency.

    Come on. Wish there was a poll to see how many Americans actually believe this crap.

    No president has been re-elected who had an 8% or higher unemployment rate, since the Great Depression. President Obama doesn’t want to be the first. So, voila! 873,000 new jobs (ha ha, so funny!) and the unemployment rate is 7.8%. You know, that’s some great magic trick. David Copperfield, eat your heart out! So what other amazing sleight of hand does Obama and his economic team have up their sleeves?

    Something smells very fishy, and it’s not just the salmon in the refrigerator. Someone is desperately trying to make Obama look good. They have 30 days to do it. Maybe they’ll come up with a 7.1% rate when the October “data” is released. Just in time for the election, too! Who knew!?! Ringo Starr would say, “He gets by with a little help from his friends” (like, say, the mainstream media).

  • Scott

    “Why the sudden jump? Nobody can really explain it.”

    Simple. In the household survey just change the criteria for what constitutes being employed, then start counting an unemployed person who mowed a lawn last week for a few extra bucks for example as now being employed, make an estimate for all the millions of households based on that small sample of households in the survey and with the stroke of the keyboard you’ve just created 873,000 new jobs out of thin air. Just like he FED and QE3 the Obama BLS is now printing new jobs.

  • Jessica

    I agree more with John Williams’ unemployment rate. When I read about all of the part-time hiring; my first thought was “How many employers have hired thus far for the upcoming holidays? Are people working these jobs to have Christmas cash? Or are employers foreseeing a dismal holiday retail season, so they won’t be hiring seasonal workers as normal? Aren’t many container ships, which ship in the stuff; sitting empty? Just questions I wish I knew the answer to. God Bless!

  • What my government lies to me?? Well, they continue to say the inflation rate is 1.8% so Americans believe that lie & now unemployment is down to 7.8% which is another lie.

    Our govt. lied about the cause behind the death of the American ambassador & three embassy employees. It’s all lies.

    • Louise in MO

      The lies and attempted cover-up of the assasination of our Ambasssador and three other Americans in Libya will be Obama’s downfall.

      The intelligence agencies are up in arms over the attempt to blame them for the massacre. The real truth is Obama’s ridiculous foreign policy.

      Hillary Clinton also has dirt on her hands, and Susan Rice lied, lied, lied on five different networks no less.

      I really don’t know how these people can sleep at night!

      • Gay Veteran

        “The real truth is Obama’s ridiculous foreign policy.”

        oh, you mean murdering Muslims with our drones?

        but they hate us for our freedoms! LOL

  • Andrew Bulles

    The sheepish look of Obama at the debate was telling… Told Me that he finally met the “REAL FATHER” he could only wish to have… Obama was stunned by age old internal emotions on stage that he was trying desperately to quell. HE WANTS A DADDY!!! Romney’s remark about having five boys just crushed Obama right in his heart. After that remark, he turned into mush.

  • Maybe they should do something new; count all the jobs that prisoners do in prison!
    That will lower the unemployment rate dramatically! They should also make sure that they DON’T count anybody who gets out of prison as a job loss.

  • OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

    Unemployment and Consumer Price Index calculations are run through a ‘black box’ of assumptions that are not made public.

    I have doubted published government statistics since around 1998 when I did a bit of research on how changes were made in base line data. We currently have no way to accurately compare to statistics prior to 1982 (when the base for unemployment was jiggered).

    In 2007 I started monitoring the Labor Force Participation Rate. That is a relatively raw number of those in the labor force that are actively working. (Link here:

    From what I see, GD2.0 (Great Depression 2.0) currently has a 63.5% Labor Force Participation Rate. That means that the offset is 36.5% Labor Force NON-Participation Rate: i.e. UNEMPLOYED.

    I am the Corporate Controller for a Group of Companies in Mining, Ready Mix, Steel Fabrication, Steel Retail Sales, Concrete Recycling and Real Estate. We have had an increase in hiring over the last year. Sadly, the percentage increase YTD for total personel is less than 5%. Most of our hires are for replacements. Our permanent employees, including me, haven’t seen a raise since 2007 when I alerted management to buckle down and prepare for hard times. In 2009 we put all administration on a 35 hour work week and we have maintained that continuously.

    I have to send in monthly reports to the Census on a variety of our companies on our operations, sales, hiring, etc.

    We have locations throughout Southern California and Arizona, and do a lot of work in Nevada.

    During September we hired 40 people. 39 were to replace those that were canned, quit or retired. The 1 additional was a Temp Driver that I believe was canned this morning. One additional hire in the month of September based on a of roughly 200 people is about .5% increase.

    In my area I don’t see anyone hiring additional people. In fact, I see businesses continuing to try not to replace, but to shift the work among the established work-force. There are a lot of outfits here that didn’t take the hard, big changes up front and they continue to discover that they have labor slack with their existing people.

    Since I’m on my ranting soap-box. Let me tell you a few things about the Census reporting that I find asinine.

    #1-The Census will accept best guesses on numbers. A lot of times they want reports that are not feasibly to deliver with final numbers. We simply haven’t closed everything, yet. However, these government morons demand that we certify that our FAX number is correct! The only thing certified in a Census Report is the FAX telephone number.

    #2-We got a survey back in 2009 that essentially asked the following: Assuming that you had an unlimited labor pool, unlimited raw materials, with 24 hour shifts, and total access to transportation, what would be your production capacity in your steel fabrication entity. I answered “Unlimited” and then asked “What are you Bastards planning?” They sent me two more of these quarterly quizzes before I finally told them I would answer once per year.

    #3-In November there is a MASSIVE Census going on with Manufacturers. This comes every four years and it is extremely detailed. They will want to know about labor, hours, power use, kilowatts, meals, transportation, revenue, costs, profits…it’s a bitch to complete. They do not approve of estimates with this census. It all has to tie out and balance or I will be answering calls for the next two years.

    I am ‘MANDATED’ to complete these surveys for all 34 companies, though there are absolutely NO penalties for non response, other than whiney phone calls.

    This time, I’m billing the United State Census for all time and materials plus a mark-up for the hours I and my staff put into complying with these reports.

    Four years ago we put over three hundred hours into this process; this time, I don’t think it will be quite that long, but I haven’t received the survey forms, yet.

    Ok, I’m about to step off the soap-box, so let me end that the ‘Jobs Report’ aka ‘Unemployment Report’ is what ever the BLS wants it to be at any given report. Most times they don’t really have any concern with it’s impact, but they DO control the statistical output.

    We have seen, over the last ten years, unemployment numbers that are counter to intuitive and objective observation. In 2007/2007 they were reporting less than 6% unemployment when many of us were seeing layoffs on massive scale. We continued to see reports that U-3 Unemployment was less tahn 11% though we observed millions of companies fire 100% while others varied from 20% to 60%.

    In my experience we haven’t seen a true government number since at least 1982.

    What we’re told is all bull-dookie and public relations based on presumptions, assumptions and intentions. I give them data, they cook it and book it in some sort of elaborately marzipanned and frosted truffled cake. I don’t even recognize my own input. Nor do I have any way to trace my input through the process.

    Conspiracy to cook the jobs report…come on, you give these weenies too much credit, they don’t need a conspiracy, they only need one or two critical people to jiggle the handle on the black box. Once the flow of calculations matches desired expectations only then are reports released. But conspiracy, pshaw!, these are bean-counting accountants like me; lacking any sort of political, strategic or tactical skills and are such eunuchs that they lack any awareness of their power.

    Come on…who would believe this bull?

    (Remember, the difference between an Accountant and a Lawyer is this: the Accountant knows where the bodies are buried, what was on them, how many kids need to ‘be took care of’ (one way or another), how many shots expended per body, the total cost of the takedown, who benefitted, who lost, who was affected, who got screwed over, who’s next, who’s after that…the lawyer knows the same thing but needs Plausible Deniability.)

    But, no, there was no conspiracy. It was just an adjustment.

  • I forgot something, if the unemployment were to ever drop dramatically, guess what? Wall street will skyrocket like never before!

  • Steve

    I was watching Market Watch yesterday in anticipation that the market would perhaps adjust. Streaming news indicated that the whole world awaited employment figures from the US. All of a sudden the news broke. When I read the numbers, it reminded me of 9/11. I sat in an office watching CNN live, there was 1 World Trade in flames. Nah, can’t be. Some sort of sicko movie trailer. Then, a jet flies into the building. Am I seeing things, is anyone else watching this? Shock and disbelief. It really did happen!

  • You are disingenuous to a fault.

  • Obsever

    One thing is certain the unemployment rate when obama took office was 7.8 and today it is the same. That alone should convince us that obama admintration is a failure!

  • shypuffadder

    I agree with K – after this country crucified Jimmy Carter, who is going to willingly stand up for the best interests of America. Besides, we have known for the past four years that the unemployment numbers were manipulated and we let it slide. Because the lie has been so successful and unchallenged, why not ratchet the lie up when you really really need a good reason to do so? Even with this blatant lie, the sleep-walkers will allow the lie to stand. We know what happens to honest people.

  • bobcat

    The BLS does not count the long term unemployed. Large numbers of people have given up and dropped out of the work force in the past 4 years. They are not being counted. And many of the new jobs that are being counted are low paying or part time.

    That said, there’s nothing particularly new about this bogus methodology. The Republicans didn’t complain about this nonsense while Bush was president. And Neutron Jack has no room to lecture anyone about jobs.

  • Note from Idaho

    High tech surveilance systems tracking our every move.

    Yet… BLS is doing phone surveys (landlines of course in an age of cell phones), plugging into mathematical equations to produce headline unemployment numbers that just happen to benefit Obama…

    Ya…right…my guess,, if the true number of unemployed was in the sunshine, consequences would be much different.

    Obama got his headline, the revision will be back page after the election.

  • Note from Idaho

    “Ends justify the means”

    S. Alinsky….

  • Trimbeaux

    Looks like someone is falling for the Left-Right paradigm, there is no difference between the 2 parties or the Liberal or conservative establishment.
    We will get the same path whether Barry or Mitten’s is president. This jobs report just shows that the elite want too suck out more of our wealth and freedoms while American’s fight each other over meaningless differences in the 2 party system. Some people will never wake up and spend their time defending a bunch of hypocrites because they have a R or D in front of their name.

  • A J

    Michael, first of all thank you for your research and taking the time to write these articles. I read them faithfully and do my own research to keep an eye on what’s really going on. I don’t think we need to look very hard to see that this country, and much of the world, is in very real trouble. When have we ever seen cities in this country go bankrupt!!!! I live in PA and not too long ago the city of Scranton, PA, in order to avoid bankruptcy temporarily cut all civil service jobs, including police and firefighters, to minimum wage. This was a temporary move to cut costs. They were eventually able to BORROW funds to reinstate pay and back pay, but this is a real problem. First, when are they going to exhaust the borrowed funds, and secondly how are they going to pay that money back.

    My analogy regarding our politicians is this. Two men are putting on a puppet show in front of a burning house. Both men are seeking for people to watch their show and declare it the best one, while getting people to ignore the burning the house. The house represents our country and the puppet masters are our presidential candidates.

    I spoke to many people to get their reactions following the debates, and no one seems to be aware of how much trouble we are really in. I hesitate to speak too much about it because the reality of our true condition is so frightening, people want to avoid even thinking about what could be coming. What we’re seeing here really is a PERFECT STORM. A confluence of events and situations that cause a global financial collapse.

    • Michael

      Great comment AJ.

      I always wondered what it was really like living in Scranton ever since I started watching the Office. 🙂


  • K.Mc

    Just a few temporary crappy holiday help jobs. Won’t pay for very much.

  • What?? My government has lied to me (again)? No, No, No, whatever the government says I believe….oh wait, they did lie once about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Oh, they did lie about the Gulf of Tonkin to justify the war in Vietnam.

  • Dave

    Yea….I am just positive that Romney is our savior. Trickle-down has always worked before.

  • PD

    Why would the unemployment numbers bother anyone….if nothing else does?

    What other numbers that the machine spits out are not cooked? Are the LIBOR rates not cooked? What about temperatures, GDP or dropout rates?

    Really, it don’t add up because NONE of it adds up. Questioning the unemployment numbers and raising an eyebrow over ANY machine/aparatchik generated numbers is kind of absurd. We put up with central planning and desrve whatever the central planners feed to us.

    If you don’t believe part of it….you may as well not believe the rest of it.

  • Dave

    I read this blog most days and sometimes good points are raised. But the “unicorn” conspiracy theories are getting ridiculous. Republicans HATE LOSING…and whine and cry everytime one of their beloved plutocrats get stomped. Come Nov.6……Blackenstein 320….Rumdumb 218. Let the WHINING BEGIN.

  • McDanlds went on a hiring spree, hiring illegal aliens for $1.00 per hour and that lowered the unemployment numbers.
    WOW at this rate in a couple of months our unemployment rate will be “0” How great a president he must be.
    I wish I could vote for him twice, wait maybe I can… IF they can cook the numbers like that just maybe I can vote for him 4 or 5 times. he he he
    But wait Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Akron, and many other once great American cities are lying in ruins, but our unumployment numbers are down to 7.8 % WOW what a great lye. He can say anything and the so called “media” will NOT even question ANYTHING he says. What a great job. Lie, cheat, steal, imprision Americans without charges, without legal councel, indefinately WHO can or will question anything he says? And dont forget he will put American and foreign troops on our streets to keep us safe (as long as your a supporter) if not, you will wake up one day in a FEMA camp asking yourself “How did I get here” (AND if you know why you are there) they just might have a cozy FEMA coffin waiting for you too. These FEMA camps are staffed and ready to “Rock and Roll” and they have the FEMA coffins stockpiled millions of them (strategically placed) ready to accept the first “of many” new residents.
    Good Luck on getting out of this one!
    (That is one way to reduce the unemployment rate).

  • WarriorClass III

    Abraham Lincoln’s War Against the States ended with the enslavement of us all and left the Federal Government the final power in this country. If you doubt this you should read any of historian Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s books on Lincoln, as well as “Lincoln Uber Alles” by Emison. “The Party of Lincoln” is no better than the Marxist Democrats, and until people see through their deception, it’s not going to get any better. Another good book is “The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature” by Byron M. Roth, and “Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster” by Peter Brimelow.

  • jt

    Manipulation and lies. It’s all about power. Obama wants power. He wants to destroy the USA. If he gets reelected, he will succeed.

  • larry

    Already, those that are doubtful of the legitimacy of the jobs report are being called “truthers” – as compared to those pushing this crap who we shall call “liars”.

  • blueridgeviews

    The American people can see this for what it is. Can you imagine an Obama supporter going to the water cooler touting this number and no one around that person says: “BS”?

    The debate showed how inept Obama is and yesterdays BLS numbers show how corrupt his administration is.

  • Bill

    FLASH–This must go viral immediately to save our country.

    A friend just emailed me a summary of the book. I Googled “The Obama Timeline” and the first entry was for his (obummer’s) web site saying stand by him. Another coincidence?

    I have read in numerous places many of the coincidences mentioned but Don Fredrick does an amazing job of tying it altogether.

    I pledge to write in “No Good” when I vote because none of the candidates meets my standards for restoring America.

  • coincidence theorist

    Jobs truthers are moonbat crackpots waiting for the mothership to report to their aluminum foil hat frequencies. All news reports, statistics and bureau reports are the gospel of the state. All religions other than statism are fundamentalist propaganda.

  • Prepared Painter

    How much you want to bet that the election numbers will be handled in this way? He is a liar, a socialist, and just a despicable human being… May he wake up screaming in the middle of the night.

  • Prepared Painter

    Oh, and Gary2… I know you are mad at the world because daddy missed to many dance recitals, but I have to demand that you stop being racist toward Romney, I strongly condemn your rhetoric.

  • Any one remember Jerimy Wright’s prayer (Obama’s minister)
    He said “Some people pray God Bless America!
    I say, ************** America”. (with much emphasis and gusto on the Damn part.)
    Looks lke Minister Wright and Obama’s dream, wish and prayer is coming true. With the help of Obama. What they fail to realize is a total financial collapse of America will hurt proportionally more Blacks, Hispanics and Asians as these groups are NOT preping in numbers like Caucasions are. When this event hits it will be every Man, Woman and child for themselves, NO exceptions! There will NOT be any discrimination for beggars, just a firm NO while the door is being slammed shut!

    • Mondobeyondo


      Well, without getting too deep into Jeremiah Wright’s comments… there is a cause and effect regarding sin. This nation is decaying before our eyes because of the many sins we have committed/are committing. Just my opinion.

  • Washington

    Presenting The Most Unemployed Cities In Every State Vivian Giang | Oct. 4, 2012

  • JH

    “We are being told that a big reason for the huge increase was the number of Americans working part-time for “economic reasons”. That number surged from 8.0 million in August to 8.6 million in September.

    Why the sudden jump?

    Nobody can really explain it.”

    I think I can explain it. People that fell off unemployment and stopped receiving checks had to go out and find some pay.

  • Navy91

    Well, there’s the October surprise!

    • 007

      It is so obvious, any person with half a brain should see through this. If our public is so simple minded to believe this “government statistic” I guess we are doomed and deserve whatever we get if we reelect this socialist.

  • Hi all,
    greetings from Munich, Bavaria/Germany.
    Im watching the campaings of the two-headed-one-party-system. Great cinema! Really!
    It nearly tops even the Oktoberfest.
    7,8%? Grand joke. Just ask your neighbour and family members.
    Rate ist 20%, minimum. In Germany it is known fact.

    US is doomed.
    I wait until the next false flag with the following war.

    Then we will see, again after 9/11, a whole nation pleadging alleagance to the ..
    All in patriotic dilirium, with food stamp card in the poket.

    May I copy the footer of this great website?
    “May all of you be blessed with good work, health and peace”.
    Blessed? What does that mean?? Think yourself.

    Cheerio from a German Exchange-Student (73-74, Phoenix/AZ).

    Best regards,


    • MeMadMax

      What do you think we are? British?

  • none

    GOOD NEWS: Micheal.

    There have been a few magazine articles about how the government just “re-calculates”. How the unemployment figures are counted.
    (Three times since 1979)?

    This just goes to show you that the government does not just “stop working”‘. Dur-ring the elections, That they are not just to trying to get reelected.
    Also that they are working year around.

    I am writing this fast without reading your article. sorry limited computer time.

  • Therefore, thus says The Lord: No more shall I withhold My hand, nor stay silent, no more shall I wait; the day is done, and the sun is setting upon this age of men. For My anger is kindled and burns in the heat of My wrath; My indignation has come to the full and must be poured out… Like a dark storm building upon the horizon brings foreboding, as a great torrent inundates a city and running waters quickly overtake a town, like fierce waves beat back the shore or a raging sea capsizes a ship, as the power of the great whirlwind causes widespread devastation, so shall the indignation of The Lord be!


    Hear the WORD of the LORD spoken to THIS modern generation!…

    Letters from God and His Christ, given to a modern man for modern man’s sake!……_The_Day_of_The_Lord

    • Chad Maplethorpe

      Listen folks god isn’t gonna help anyone. If he was, he would of done something by now about the corrupt elites in the WallSt./Pentagon/Clowngress, instead of dosing off in his cosmic Lazyboy there in the sky. Instead of wasting time reading Hebrew fairytales do the following:

      1. Learn how to grow food, raise chickens/goats, fish, and hunt.
      2. Learn how to operate firearms.
      3. Learn martial arts.
      4. Stay fit, exercise, and take care of your teeth (studies have shown people trust you more when you have nicer teeth, important in collapse situation)
      5. Invest in family and/or friends, it’s hard to do that in these times but try your best, read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a better read than the Bible and more useful too.

      • DownWithLibs

        So what happens if none of that works and you get shot and killed anyway? Then what? You may want to take a gander at the Bible yourself. It WILL prove to be the best pepping you could EVER do!

  • Dan

    When the market had it’s down turn in 2008 I got laid off for about a month. Called back to work, and worked a 40 hour work week for about a year. After that our hours were boosted to 48-50 a week, mandatory. Some of the lower employees were never called back. To fill the gap, I am now required to work longer hours. A 1% pay raise across the board for all hourly. Salary workers have received much more, in the last 5 years. Makes me wonder, HMM! Are some company’s taking advantage of there workers to line there own pockets before the market turns good again, and hiring begins.(If the markets do ever come back before a total collapse.)

  • Tall Tom


    What is missing from your analysis is the massive amount of Federal money that has been pumped into the Battleground States regions by the Administration. There Unemployment Numbers have been trending lower than the National Unemployment Rate for quite some time. They are now even lower.

    This was a political move by the Administration to acquire support in the States that matter in the upcoming election.

    My bet is that 800,000 jobs were added in Ohio, Florida, and other Battleground States that are necessary for an Obama Electorial Victory.

    This had been planned for quite awhile. Just like his predecessor George W. Bush, Obama is buying the election. George W. Bush did this by giving everyone a $300 “Tax Refund”. Obama has done it a little less expensively by targeting the residents in the States that he needs to win a Second Term. (At least the frugality of buying the election is applaudable)

    You must understand that it is NOT called Political SCIENCE…BY ACCIDENT.

    I am sorry to report that the numbers are accurate.


  • the sad part of this is there are people out there that still believe that the moon is made out of green cheese and that there fantasy world will never change.

  • linda

    Oh please! This has been debunked, so silly to keep stroking it. Those numbers were NOT touched by the Obama administration, or by any other administration, ever. The BLS is not an offshoot of either party, and guard their secrets very very jealously.. Spun by them? Of course there’s ‘spin’ by both sides. But this is not only ridiculous, the attempt by extremists to cast doubt on the integrity of the numbers ends by destroying faith in the system. If the financial system loses faith in the heretofore accepted numbers, the system cannot hold..what numbers CAN be trusted? Will we see Jim Cramer on CNBC sacrificing a chicken and holding up the entrails looking for “signs”?
    No, my friends, the numbers ARE what they ARE. And were it not for the election, and the fact that Repubs made “8% or under” such an important measurement and worked so hard to keep it from getting there, it would be seen for what it IS…a weak number in a sputtering jobs market.
    Stop seeking “second gunmen in the grassy knoll”! Everything is not a conspiracy! Sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar, and the government official IS trying to do a good job.
    Stupidity, no matter how stubbornly you cling to it, or how many creative reasons you come up with for doing so, is still stupidity in the end. And there has been no shortage of stupid since Obama was elected.
    Some people need to get real…Obama is NOT the antichrist or something. He’s not FDR either, and he’s in over his head…who wouldn’t be? But the Republicans provided plenty of opposition to keep things moving as slowly as possible. Now, we face “the fiscal cliff”? And there is much soiling of Republican drawers over this…this, that they VOTED FOR!
    And all so they can push through more tax cuts for the “job creators”.
    Really? The tax cuts they’ve been GETTING for the past 30 years haven’t managed to coax these promised jobs out of the this exalted creator class…but workers wages sure did go down at the SAME TIME as their productivity and corporate profits skyrocketed, didn’t they? Which MIGHT just have something to do with the increase in people on assistance…
    If these numbers are fake, well then maybe ALL these numbers are fake. Maybe we DON’T have a debt problem…why believe THOSE numbers either? Like 700 trillion in “derivatives”? What the ****** is a “derivative”? And good luck on trying to collect on 700 trillion, you sure ain’t getting any of my stuff, not unless you’re heavily armed. You know what numbers aren’t fake? The ones on my paycheck, the ones on my bills. All these other ‘numbers’ don’t impress me, or scare me….. Screw ’em all…
    Hearing anyone defend this kind of corporate abuse, while berating their neighbors for being deadbeats because they are on assistance, makes me feel sick to my stomach. I don’t care HOW much you hate Obama…if you would hand everything over to the scum who screwed everyone in the first place, you aren’t thinking.
    You guys forget a most important element of survival…being able to tell your friends from your enemies. All the stocked ammo and canned beans in the world won’t help you if you can’t get that straight!

    • 007

      You are very gullible. These statistics are massaged with numerous assumptions, seasonal adjustments, estimated business start ups, etc. The Labor Secretary is Obama’s greatest supporter and controls all of these estimates. The economists making these assumptions are big Obama contributors. Someone should only be surprised if they did not falsify these statistics. But doing it so radically and obviously one month before the election is an insult to the American Public’s intelligence.

    • Timbo

      Linda. You seem like a pretty sharp gal. my nephew has been a staff attorney for the Dept Of Labor for 17 years and several different administrations. He lives in Chevy Chase MD and is a true blue Dem. he told me these numbers are not “Brown” numbers but were carefully calculated….so that they would magically be 7.8%! Basically the BLS will do whatever the White House tells them. Why? Because the mainstream media would never dare question the “Boss”. If the “W” had done this they would have been down on him like a ton of bricks. The media is an important check and balance in the US political mechanism and they have totally abdicated their responsibility in order to serve their Kenyan Prince

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      LMAO! You keep drinking the koolaid in that quantity and they’ll have to remove your stomach.

    • SmallerGovNow

      How’s the view in the sand linda?

    • Educated Doctor

      You are out of your mind. Stay in the matrix, no one wants you around when the shtf!!

  • well you guys are all wrong people walking to the mailbox to get there welfare and s.s.i. checks is considered a job (thats what obama offically said)so that toke our numbers where there at…WAY TO GO OBUMMER I MEAN OBAMA

  • Highspeedloafer

    Only a mindless democrat could possibly believe this report. Obama is the liar in chief.

  • Joe

    Obama is sleazy, always has been. *********** anyone should question his sleazy associations or religous associations or anything else that casts doubt on his character. *********** I wish the leftist useless idiots would just go somewhere else and live.

  • WarrenBuffet

    BLS doth protest too much. Rushing out an adminstration stooge
    to respond to allegations doesn’t pass the smell test:

    The BLS cooked the number with Obama handlers, and had a plan when the obvious math problem blew
    up in their faces.

  • grandpa

    maybe his cell pohone flashmob army is added as part timers.

    • Irritable

      lol! I wouldn’t doubt it! And you should see how crazy and rabid these people who work for him are, I’ve known at least one who is on disability who acts like he is a “God.” It’s really sick!

  • Errol

    I’ve read a lot of these comments and agree with most of them and laugh at some (I’m sure you can figure out which ones I’m painfully laughing at) but this is no laughing matter. The WORLD is in a HELLuva mess. We are definitely living in end times and it’s only going to get worse. God is punishing us.

    I’m a self employed carpenter for at least 12 years now. When W. was in office, or I should say, before Obozo I was making a decent living, bills were getting paid and I had some money left over to spend. These last 4 years my income has dropped quite a bit. I had to modify my mortgage (against my will) in order to keep my home that I’ve invested my life savings in, only to have my home worth much less than what I owe on it but I’m not going to walk away, it’s my responsibility. Even though my mortgage is now $500.00 a month cheaper and 10 years were added to the back end, it’s all I can do to keep the bills paid, and NO money left over to spend. Thanks a lot Hussein! I’ve never been so angry in my life as I’ve been these last 4 years, yelling and swearing at my tv set. I’d like to speak to Obozo face to face and let him know how I feel but I would probably be thrown into prison. At least I would have room and board, 3 squares a day, dental, medical and full time employment…how sad is that.

    If you think about it, all of the things that are going wrong in the world can be found in the Bible. I’m not knowledgable on the subject but from what I understand the Hebrew calender which runs in 7 year cycles will start a new cycle in 2014. This cycle is supposed to be the start of the 7 years of tribulation which takes place after the Rapture. Some one please correct me if I’m wrong. Our time is short. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Mayan calender ending on 12-21-12 only the celestial alignment of the earth, moon, sun and center of the milky way. So get your mind and heart right with the lord for the good, righteous people will be lifted out of here and the politicians, lawyers, criminals, radical Islamists will be left behind to suffer in the world they created!

    • Toni

      Your right on there about the end times. This is it!

  • Colin

    I am not in the conspiracy camp. I do feel that the media on this debate is either fully against the President (the right-wing media) or supporting the President (the left-wing media). I think the media needs a balance approach to this issue, what is happening behind the numbers? I heard one statistician on MSNBC state that statistically there wasn’t much of a difference between 8.2 and 7.8 percent. I am however suspicious when for months the Labor Department has been revising their numbers by lowering the number of actual jobs created, then the Department increased the number of actual jobs created for July and August. Huh?

    Yesterday, I saw the true face of the economy outside my grocery store. I saw a mother holding a sign that said that she had lost her job, her house, and was supporting 2 kids, and that she needed help. A day or two earlier, I saw a man begging for help from strangers because he was hungry and needed something to eat. My mother’s contract ended on 9/21 and the consulting firm that hired her for a 18-month contract at Wells Fargo terminated her on that day. She has been unable to find employment. She has filed for unemployment benefits.

  • linda

    5 posts after mine, not a single answer to my question. I’ll try again…

    If these numbers are “fake”, then why should anyone believe the Republicans when they use govt. figures to bolster their contention that we have a serious debt problem?

    • Mondobeyondo

      For the same reason we shouldn’t believe the Democrats when they use govt. figures to bolster their contention that we have a serious debt problem. Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same coin (wooden nickel).

      Sorry Linda, was a little late in responding. Had to run to the store and buy some spaghetti, ground beef and Prego. Gotta eat, you know?!

    • uncle bill

      I guess because those figures are believable. The oct figure vs the prev months is to believe there was a great big jobs jackpot payout like a poker machine, believe that if u like.

      by your logic u say if you dont believe anything suspect from a source dont believe anything quite mundane from sane source. So If uncle bill says pigs fly backwards and you dont want to believe that you owe a please explain if bill says it is 2012 and you believe it. Sorry linda try a gain.

    • Timbo

      Because the mainstream media is an organ of the Democratic party. The Republicans could not get away with using fake numbers.

    • SmallerGovNow

      Because those numbers do not come from a household survey….

    • Educated Doctor

      Once again, another uneducated comment from someone who is deep in the matrix!!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Latest news concerning the Venezuelan elections:

    Dear Leader Hugo Chavez has declared the official government unemployment rate for Venezuela in August has plunged from 22.1% to 4.6%.

    Chavez is so far getting 99% of the vote.

    (Not true. I made that story up.)

    • Mondobeyondo

      And that’s just from July to August! He must be a miracle worker!
      This guy Chavez is pretty good! Almost as good as Obama. Almost.

  • WarrenBuffet

    The Obama administration has lost all credibility.
    Rule of thumb, when an administration stooge is rushed out
    to give an explanation, there is good reason to be skeptical that the explanation is bogus
    and politically motivated.

    Second case in point: Just last month, Obamas handlers rushed out an administration stooge to spin and give a bogus explanation of the Libyan attack before the obvious terror attack situation was revealed.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter who wins the election in November. The U.S. is about to become Kazakhstan West, with President Borat in charge. We may never have a budget surplus (ever! EVER!!) – but we do have superior potassium.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Q. What do a mosquito, Bart Simpson, a rattlesnake, and Ben Bernanke have in common?

    A. I told them all to bite me!

    Sorry. That’s the best I could offer. Need new comedic material….

  • Curt W

    The household survey samples a very small number and then extrapolates the data.

    I think the pollers are asking did you sell something on e-bay or craigslist?

    You have a partime job in retail!!!

  • Just returned from a huge sale where folks from all over Mo, Kans, Ok, Il go four times a year to sell farm items, coins, God forbid guns, chickens, anything and everything. Odd with 7.8% unemployment the 10,000 car/truck lot of vendors DIDN’T HAVE ROOM FOR ALL SELLERS. I went there to get deals on 5 gallon containers, coins etc and it was heartbreaking. NO ONE BELIEVES THE BS LIE OF 7.8% I talked to Many folks selling things STRAIGHT OFF THEIR SHELVES at their homes, WE ARE IN TOO DEEP May God help us. HOWEVER I read where “the lowest of men lead the nations” and oddly most politicians are megla-maniacs. But the truth is Most of what we use to call middle class is now in dire straights and it was very obvious. So yea we favor Romney but it is too late I think since so many of our country are on the gov’t teet and are fools giving their rights for a piddly check from the puppet masters.

  • Louise in MO

    As soon as I heard the new numbers I knew it was cooked. I’m flabergasted to think that this administration believes everyone in this country is stupid!

    What an insult to the American people!

    • NickelthroweR

      Really? Everyone believed that skyscrapers can fall into their own footprint. The “people” will believe anything.

  • Irritable

    ********, this is so blatant, it’s almost laughable! I can’t believe these lies they are trying to fool people with!

  • Curt W

    My grandpa voted republican till the day he died.

    Now he votes democrat.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Tell your grandpa to vote twice in every election from now on. 🙂

    • Errol

      AAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!Love it. Don’t forget the cats and dogs, aliens from mars,convicts and homeless people voting multiple times!

      If obama is the answer, how dumb was the question? Wish I could take credit for that one.

    • DownWithLibs

      Sad but true!

  • DownWithLibs

    This would be a lot funnier if it wasn’t so serious!

  • TNT

    Read all the books and all the articles you need to understand whats going on, or go to the head of the line and read the Bible, it speaks of these days and the countries involved and the events unwinding.

    Wake up people this is for real.

  • Greg

    Capt Peacock I was just saying the exact thing you were saying sunday at the farmers market it was unbelievable

  • CAngel

    LIE, LIE, LIE, thats all our government knows how to do.

  • GSOB

    The POTUS has control over the media.
    The POTUS also has control over the economy.
    The POTUS has control over the military and goes to war at will.
    The POTUS wants OBAMCARE in full swing asap.
    The POTUS controls the unemployment numbers.

    The POTUS is not the representative of the POTUS.

  • tomana

    We need to get our eyes off the candidates and world affairs and onto Jesus Christ. It’s ok to know the main happenings but that doesn’t take a whole lot of time reading or watching TV news each day.

    Here’s the truth about what is really going on regarding the USA, our leaders, the rest of the world and the events we see unfolding in our own countries and around the big blue marble we call earth :

    Ephesians 6:12 (Good News Translation)
    For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age.

    Regarding the upcoming USA Presidential Election of 2012:

    “It is God alone who judges; He decides who will rise and who will fall” and …

    “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; HE REMOVES KINGS AND SETS UP KINGS;”

    Finally, the pressure if off for election day! Hurray!!! Go ahead, vote for either Obama or Romney; it really doesn’t matter … for when all the votes are tallied, the Lord will put into office whomever He chooses (remember the chads falling out of the voting cards, and the overseas votes that arrived too late, and then Bush Jr became our new leader? Talk about it being obvious 8^)

  • Mark

    So, to obvious question is.. will we or better yet the liberal media (fat chance) ask to review the “Household Survey” that the dem’s are siting as their resouce for the 850,000 new workers? Not! Seems like we are in socialist Russia

  • Reality

    Oh Gary 2 …. Where are you?


    The irony is far too delicious to ignore! First, all you rigtwingers here who think Obama is Kenyan, Muslim, a Socialist, are so far in the rabbit hole even oxygen isn’t reaching you. Which is precisely the problem. Oxygen has been cut from your brains. Same goes for the Obamabot cheerleaders who think Bush’s third term and possible fourth term is going to change anything for the better. Obama is none of these things. Obama is a globalist, a tool and a puppet of the billionaire oligarchs who truly run things. Romney is a tool and puppet of the billionaire oligarchs who truly run things in the world. Voting for either of these two globalist killers is the absolute epitome of what stupid is and always will be. So, for all you rightwingers who think the “Kenyan Prince” is the only problem Amerika and the world has and that Romney the Royalist will somehow “save you”, get your heads out of you know where and start thinking for a change……….

  • Rodster
  • Washington

    Forget A 3rd Party, We Need A 2nd Party

  • Wake up

    There is a growing ground swell against Obama. Is he really the problem??? Oh, he is a problem and probably the most wicked and inept President we have ever had. But is he THE REAL PROBLEM???
    NO!!! He is not the real problem!!! If you are only looking for a politician to blame, then you are looking in the wrong place, and missing what is really going on. The problem is far more vast and serious than this one pride filled arrogant individual. So, what is the problem???
    If you do not understand that EVERYTHING originates in the spirit realm, and then manifests on this earth, you are being deceived, and certainly not seeing things that are happening correctly.
    We are witnessing the prophesied New World Order coming to pass before our very eyes, and that is being orchestrated from the spirit realm BY SATAN. The politicians are nothing more than pawns in his futile attempt to rule the earth with a tight fisted hand through his two counterfeit witnesses, that is, the False Prophet and the anti-Christ.
    We are told in 1st Cor. 4 that he is the “god of this world,” and is blinding the whole earth to what he is really doing. We are told in Isa 60:2, that “darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people.” In Rev 12, we are told that he is the deceiver of THE WHOLE EARTH!!!
    Anyone who thinks that this is NOT affecting them, IS BEING BLINDED BY THAT DECEPTION, and does not realize that they are living on a planet that is FULL OF DECEPTION and covered by blinding darkness!!! The only safe place is to realize this, and seek Jah for the truth, and then be willing to walk into the light to find out what we are believing that is of Satan, and which is truly of Jah. This is NOT an easy road, and I can tell you for a fact, your ego will go to the cross many times in coming out of all the deception that prevails over the earth in this day. If you think because you are a professing Christian that this cannot happen to you, THINK AGAIN!!! You certainly have not read your Bible, nor have you listened to what Christ Himself had to say. Nor have you discovered just how much we are all being deceived. In Mat 24…
    He said that MOST of the ministers preaching Christ in this day would be deceivers, and MOST of the people would be deceived by them!!! That we should take heed TO OURSELVES so that no man would deceive us. How many are really understanding this, and taking heed??? And, that many false prophets would arise and deceive many in this day.
    Avoiding deception, being deceived by the deceivers is NO SMALL MATTER!!! It takes diligent study of the Word to find ourselves approved. That does not come by just listening to some self proclaimed expert in a pulpit.
    Christ also warned us for good reason in Luke 21…..
    36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
    That sounds quite serious to me. How many are praying this at all, let alone, ALL THE TIME??? I have to ask even as I have asked myself, “What happens if you don’t???”
    People that are spending more time in studying the actions of Politicians who are sworn to serve the Edomites than in seeking God and the study of His Word to understand HIS PLAN, are in trouble, and I mean BIG TIME!!!
    We are told in Eph 6…
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    This is very clear. We are NOT wrestling against people, politicians, but the rulers of this earth from the spirit realm, where all instructions, all directions against God and everything Holy, is coming from. This massive hierarchy of rulers is almost too much for us to comprehend. Neither do we understand how men on this earth could actually be worshipping these rulers, and seeking SATAN for his instructions, even as we are to do with God.
    People, we are NOT being moved toward socialism, nor Communism, but to the prophesied END TIME ANTI-CHRIST BEAST SYSTEM, known today as THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

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