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Agenda 21 Is Being Rammed Down The Throats Of Local Communities All Over America

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United Nations FlagHave you ever heard of Agenda 21?  If not, don’t feel bad, because most Americans haven’t.  It is essentially a blueprint for a “sustainable world” that was introduced at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.  Since then, it has been adopted by more than 200 counties and it has been modified and updated at other UN environmental summits.  The philosophy behind Agenda 21 is that our environmental problems are the number one problem that we are facing, and that those problems are being caused by human activity.  Therefore, according to Agenda 21 human activity needs to be tightly monitored, regulated and controlled for the greater good.  Individual liberties and freedoms must be sacrificed for the good of the planet.  If you are thinking that this sounds like it is exactly the opposite of what our founding fathers intended when they established this nation, you would be on the right track.  Those that promote the philosophy underlying Agenda 21 believe that human activity must be “managed” and that letting people make their own decisions is “destructive” and “dangerous”.  Sadly, the principles behind Agenda 21 are being rammed down the throats of local communities all over America, and most of the people living in those communities don’t even realize it.

So how is this being done?  Well, after Agenda 21 was adopted, an international organization known as the “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives” (ICLEI) was established to help implement the goals of Agenda 21 in local communities.  One thing that they learned very quickly was that the “Agenda 21” label was a red flag for a lot of people.  It tended to create quite a bit of opposition on the local level.

As they try to implement their goals, they very rarely use the term “Agenda 21” anymore.  Instead, they use much more harmless sounding labels such as “smart growth”, “comprehensive land use planning” and especially “sustainable development”.

So just because something does not carry the Agenda 21 label does not mean that it is not promoting the goals of Agenda 21.

The goals of Agenda 21 are not only being implemented in the United States.  This is a massive worldwide effort that is being coordinated by the United Nations.  An article that was posted on discussed some of the history of Agenda 21…

In simplified terms, Agenda 21 is a master blueprint, or guidelines, for constructing “sustainable” communities. Agenda 21 was put forth by the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development, and was adopted by over 200 countries (signed into “soft law” by George Bush Sr.) at the United Nations Rio Conference in 1992. In 1994 the President’s Council for Sustainable Development was created via Executive Order by Bill Clinton to begin coordinating efforts at the Federal level to make the US Agenda 21 compliant.

The same year that Bill Clinton established the President’s Council for Sustainable Development, the International Code Council was also created.

The International Code Council has developed a large number of “international codes” which are intended to replace existing building codes all over the United States.  The following is a list of these codes from Wikipedia

  • International Building Code
  • International Residential Code
  • International Fire Code
  • International Plumbing Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • International Fuel Gas Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • ICC Performance Code
  • International Wildland Urban Interface Code
  • International Existing Building Code
  • International Property Maintenance Code
  • International Private Sewage Disposal Code
  • International Zoning Code
  • International Green Construction Code

These codes are very long and exceedingly boring, and those that write them know that hardly anyone will ever read them.

And for the most part, they contain a lot of things that are contained in existing building codes or that are common sense.

But a lot of poison has also been inserted into these codes.  If you read them carefully, the influence of Agenda 21 is painfully obvious.

Unfortunately, even most of the local politicians that are adopting these codes don’t take the time to read them.  Most of them just assume that they are “updating” their existing building codes.

So what often happens is that there will be fights in local communities between citizens that are concerned about the encroachment of Agenda 21 and local politicians who regard such talk as nonsense.  The following is an example of what is happening all over the nation

Summit Hill Borough Council last night unanimously adopted the “2012 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code,” but not before some audience members expressed vehement opposition to it.

An overflow crowd of 34 people attended the meeting, with some there to specifically voice their displeasure.

Sandy Dellicker, a borough resident, said she was against using an “international” maintenance code, arguing that it falls under the plan of Agenda 21 of the United Nations; an agenda for the 21st Century.

She said, “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all human beings in the world.”

“This is not a conspiracy theory,” she told the council. “This is for real.”

She said the International Property Maintenance Code had been adopted in Montgomery County, but the county “has already gotten rid of it” because of its dictatorial direction.

“This is not what Summit Hill and the United States is about,” she said.

Council members pooh-poohed her assessment. “In my opinion, the International Property Maintenance Code is to protect citizens,” said Council President Michael Kokinda.

It would be great if these codes were just about public safety.  But that is simply not the case.  Sadly, these codes are often used to fine or even imprison homeowners that haven’t done anything wrong.  Sometimes “code violations” are even used as justification to legally steal property from law-abiding homeowners.  A post on the Freedom Reigns Radio blog detailed some of the things that are often done in the name of “code enforcement”…

1) The ‘Code Official’ – anybody the jurisdiction calls – a ‘Code Official’ – is the sole interpreter – no due process – Gestapo!

2) Every day an offense occurs is a separate mandatory misdemeanor – $555/day and/or a month in jail in Charleston, W.Va. They can fine you out of your home and jail you at their whim!

3) Anything the ‘Code Official’ says is not in good working condition – sticky window, dented or plugged gutter, torn window screen – whatever he says is not in good working order – hundreds of dollars of fines per day and/or jail time – usually a month – for every day the offense occurs.

4) Any unsanitary condition – whatever the ‘Code Official’ says is an ‘unsanitary condition’ – empty pop cans – puddles – dog droppings on your property – same deal – same fines and/or jail time – every day.

5) Any plant that the ‘Code Official’ says is a ‘noxious weed’ – same deal – same fines and/or jail time – every day. He can steal raw land.

6) He can fine you out of your home and jail you with no due process. Any court proceedings are window dressing as there is no remedy associated with this ‘code.’

7) It can be ‘adopted’ – just by an ‘administrative decree.’
1) Enter your house whenever he – the sole interpreter – deems reasonable.
2) Prevent you from entering your house.
3) Tear your house down with your stuff in it.
4) Bill you for the demolition.
5) Place a lien on it for fines and/or demolition charges – steal it.
6) And ‘best’ of all, no insurance I know of will cover your losses.

You’re left w/a house and your ‘stuff’ in a landfill – and any remaining unpaid mortgage, any remaining fines, any remaining taxes, and any remaining demolition charges after they steal your property

These codes restrict what homeowners can do with their own properties in thousands of different ways.  If you rebel against one of the codes, the penalties can be extremely harsh.

And there is often “selective enforcement” of these codes.  That means that they will leave most people alone but they will come down really hard on people that they do not like.  You could even end up with a SWAT team on your doorstep.

Just ask some of the people who have been through this kind of thing.

Even if you have your mortgage completely paid off, that doesn’t mean that you really “own” your property.  If you don’t pay your taxes and obey the “codes”, you could lose your property very rapidly.

The philosophy behind all of this is the same philosophy behind Agenda 21.  The elite believe that you cannot be trusted to do the “right thing” with your own property and that your activity must be “managed” for the greater good.  They believe that by controlling you and restricting your liberties that they are “saving the planet”.

Unfortunately, you can probably expect this to get a whole lot worse in the years ahead.  Our society is shifting from one that cherishes individual liberties and freedoms to one that is fully embracing collectivism.  So our politicians will likely be making even more of our decisions for us as the years move forward.

Do any of you out there have any “code violation horror stories” to share?  If so, please share them with us by posting a comment below…



  • Colin

    Deatra Loomer? You couldn’t pick a more well-known and reputable blogger to espouse your right wing nonsense about the United Nations and Agenda 21.

    • Simon

      Hooray for Left-Right paradigm zombies! ‘Meat on the table’ to feed the beast.

      • MeMadMax

        They’ll be the first to go, they think milk comes from “the grocery store”… Sadly, the end won’t be quick, starvation takes a few weeks… oh well, survival of the fittest I always say…

  • Mark

    The code is made up of small changes. They might not seem to be important, but in the end we will look back and wonder how this all happened. I have been following Agenda 21 since around 1995 or before. The internet brought out loads of information on this subject. Dr. Henery Lamb, who writes for World Net Daily has done a lot of work on Agenda 21. Simple things like the hunting of mountain lions in Oregon. A law was passed a few years back that you could not hunt them with dogs. People in the city have most of the votes, so they pass laws that they know nothing about. It just sounds like it feels good as they are just a big kitty. So the population of big cats go up and they eat more deer, elk and livstock. You really can’t hunt them without dogs, but the city people do not know this.

    The government wanted to pass a rule that if you owned land out in the country with stream frontage you would have to fence off the stream, 60 feet on both sides for a wildlife corridor. You see part of Agenda 21 is to take huge tracts of land for the exclusive use of animals. Mans footprint should not be there. They start small and take existing national parks. They then tie these parks and national forests together with wildlife corridors. These corridors are supposed to allow wildlife the ability to migrate between the larger pieces of land. It all sounds nice and sweet with no harm done, right. Well, the control freaks want the land owner to maintain the fences on each side of the stream, even though the bears, elk, deer and other animals don’t try to be gentle when coming over the fences when entering or leaving the wildlife corridor. They also want you to continue to pay property taxes on the land that you still own, but can’t use for your own use.

    Another small change for the common good is the use of smart appliances. They combine this with smart electric meters. At a main power hub, a tech can monitor the amount of power you are using. If you go over the amount the the control freaks allow you to use, they can shut off things in your house with a command in a computer. Do you want someone telling you that you have used up you allotment of power for the day and turn you off even though you are willing to pay for more?.

    This list of small things can go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

    • Ralfine

      In the city its even worse. property owners have to remove snow and ice in front of their property, even if they dont own the pavement, or face fines if someone slips and breaks bones.

  • K

    Michael, well written. Let me add one. Large tracts of land designated, wildlife only. I live in such an area. Under Agenda 21, at some point they would attempt to drive me off my own land. It is all about control. The control of almost everything. The game is drawing to an end. Those that have the real power, are just two moves from checkmate. The sad thing is the general public, does not even know the game is being played.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      Very good points.

      And you are right – it is all about control.


    • raoul

      you’re wrong buddy


      • K

        Sorry, the American public is not asleep. More like a Coma. To all here who are fully aware, Merry Christmas.

  • Mark

    I remember watching a program on one of the control freak stations onTV one morning. I just happened to come across it chanel surfing. It was some enviromental group that wanted to buy a huge chunk of forest land from a timber company. They would finance the property with selling tax free bonds. The guy went on to explain that they would have to continue to log the forest in order to pay the bondholders. They claimed that they would be more gentile than the timber company that owned the land that they wanted to buy. After the bonds were paid off, the forest would still have to be logged to pay the property tax and etc. He then at the finish stated that the most important reason for buyting this forest was that zero real estate development would ever happen on that large piece of land. Other items the control freaks want is to kill the local economy in the country so that most will have to move into the cities .If you own land in the country, you could finish out your life there but you could not sell it ti anybody else. I suppose that your life would end early since with a local economy gone, doctors, grocery stores, hospitals, schools and many other things that people want will not be there. The control freaks could go so far as to round people up as in Glenn Becks book Agenda 21 and put in a gulag camp.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Good link Rodster.


  • Makati1

    One world government anyone? One easy step at a time. They are currently destroying the world’s financial system so they can implement the one world currency and financial system. One step at a time.

  • Rob

    The coming new gun control laws are going to be part of this. It is much easier to take your property when you cannot shoot back.

    • And this will bring civil war…

    • Ralfine

      You should stop sleeping. It is easier to overpower someone who is sleeping.

  • David Lef

    If “code enforcement” officers “disappear” at a rapid enough pace then so will the problem

    • Flossie

      Got it in one, David. Quickly and quietly. Alexandr Solzhenitsin made the same point about the Bolsheviks’ takeover of Russia: If the officials making the nighttime arrests had faced only occasional life-threatening resistance, the whole evil undertaking would have screeched to a halt. Is it any wonder TPTB are driving strong to the hoop for gun control?

      • The occasional life-threatening resistance will generate larger organized gangs of “code officials,” all armed and supported by swat, then military. Nevertheless, resistance will continue. We can infiltrate them using a Muslim tactic of getting to know the officials personally while keeping quiet about what we don’t want them to know.

        • Code enforcement officials in Texas are already armed. I agree that any resistance will be met with increasing violence and ever increasing numbers of law enforcement including military.

          • will

            Seems to me that any public official voting to accept A-21 is in violation of their oath of office to protect and defend our constitutional rights. Perhaps it would be a good idea to send the local mayor a notice and demand to inquire where’s the authority to bring int’l law into our communities. On the surface this looks unconstitutional which could lead to further legal action.

        • using a “muslim” tactic??… thats kinda really offensive.

          • StephenWV

            We should not stoop so low even if their sick tactics are effective.


    That is how they do things a little at a time.As for a garden in the front yard I wouldn’t do it, because when things get bad your front yard garden will disappear. I have plenty of room in the back and I keep the shot gun by the back door. When the geese start honking what ever is back there is dead meat..

    • Ralfine

      Went volunteering the other day. Helped the rangers in laying hedges. Quite nice these hedges. If done correctly and consistently, they can keep animals at bay, small ones and big ones.

      If ever you have the opportunity to travel to Ireland, get a car and travel along all those small back country roads. Between those hedges left and right. Often 3-4 meters high. England has them, too. Scotland not so much. The weather is too harsh, not enough green stuff to grow. They rely on ditches along the road, and fences.

  • Seen

    Protecting citizens through control schemes are not protections

  • stingray

    ok when will we have agenda 21? right now? or just future?

    • Orange Jean

      Try the past 20+ years (in some places!) I know this for a fact because I used to work as an environmental planner in Orange County, CA from 1989-1992. There were many projects my company worked on that reflect this agenda (little known to me at the time)… they were actively pushing what they called sustainable development even then. AND CA environmental laws were more extensive than the EPA (which is why CA is allowed to have it’s own EPA).

      And while some of it sounds “innocent” – it’d be the cumulative effect that would get you.

      For example – in the City of Irvine, it is not possible to own your own land – unless you are a member of the family that was given that land as a Spanish Land Grant (back when CA was part of Spain). You can lease the land when you buy a house – but that’s it! Also some of the local Irvine zoning laws in effect at the time controlled the following:

      – what color paint your house was allowed to be painted (could only chose from a limited list of colors)

      – what color curtains you were allowed

      – what color paint you were allowed to use on the interior of your house (the assumption being if it could be seen from the street, it was not your choice to make)

      – how many minutes per day you were allowed to keep your garage door open (you could be ticketed and fined for keeping the door open longer).

      etc. etc.

      I’m sure this type of thing is what gave precedence to such offenses as veterans and other citizens not being allowed to fly the American flag .. people not being allowed to garden in their own yard, etc

  • Ralfine

    we never had that in socialism at home. everybody could do what he wanted, as long as he didnt talk bad about the government.

    enjoy your freedom of speech and your guns. its probably all you have left.
    and merry christmas, especially to those on minimum wage.

  • Ralfine


    And you are probably wondering, why Europeans and Chinese are laughing at you?

    Here one more: in some communities in the US it is illegal to dry laundry outside on a laundry line.

    In others you are not allowed to use rainwater to water your garden.

    You’d have to pay me to live in the US. Lots.

    • Ralfine

      BTW, all this has nothing to do with Agenda21. Just the opposite.

      Sustainability asks for front-yard veggies instead of lawns, wind-dried laundry instead of tumble-driers.

      What you have is fraud, corruption and monopolism.

      • Mark

        Agenda 21 is control of your life. It is a combination of a new religion based on the ideas of PETA, Earth First, and pagans.The earth mother Gaia or another name of a leader will become the new prophet. Progresives will use this as a means of forced control of your life. You will under their system be attacked for practicing the Christian faith. It is occuring bit by bit around us today. This will be a modern version of the Dark Ages. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme with some bends in the road we can’t see. The elites are blind to the truth that man needs to be free to grow. They are the natural man. ” But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:14 Agenda 21 reeks of corruption and the control of man. The elites that control you use a good idea such as growing a garden or drying your clothes on a line to start a green movement and warp it into another form of control.

        • Ralfine

          Seems the myth about freedom in the US is just a myth.

          Seems you all live in FEAR. FEAR of your “elected” government, FEAR of your neighbor, FEAR of the future.

          I should pity you.

          • Mark

            No,I do not live in fear. I live with my eyes open. I do want our future generations to live free. I have seen through out history different groups of people that seek power over others. Some start with evil intentions and others start with good intentions that go bad. The end result is the same. The death of millions of people. For the last one hundred years the progressives have changed our country towards less freedom. It will take time to reverse this back to more freedom. This is one reason that people like Michael write blogs such as this one so that people can express ideas with others. When you say fear of an elected government, this government has bought its way into power by printing and borrowing money inorder to trade gifts for votes. This will end with a ruined economy. I do not fear my neighbors as we discuss ways that we can work together to prepare for hard economic times that all of this printing and debt will bring to us. The future is not to be frightened of as freedom loving people can work together to bring light to a darkened world. Merry Christmas to all of you!

          • Ralfine

            and because you fear nobody, you buy guns?
            the way i see it, you elect the winner of three talk shows as president. and the senate and congress are not much different.

            And you need sellers to have buyers.

            If you dont like the laws, why dont you elect people who make different laws? And btw, the UN has no power anywhere. Anything the UN decides, only becomes law in the US after the US parlament makes it so. and in a democracy it is the people that elects the government, starting in the village, the county, the province, etc.
            Therefore, every people has the government it deserves.

          • Mark

            I suppose we do deserve the ones voted into office. That is the point of these blogs so that another idea other than the main stream media comes to the floor.You do not understand why our founding fathers wanted us to own weapons. Through out history, those that were not armed were crushed by governments in power. This land was being crushed by the english king,so the best way to stop that in the future is to have a well armed public. It was their hope that this would stop any future government from crushing the citizen population. The progressives have used a different way to crush the citizens up to now, one little step at a time so that mosy would not care. They have been given hand outs by the government inorder to create a dependant class of supporters. I am sure that the progressives would prefer to print and borrow to keep the masses happy and in their control. When this breaks down and people are hungry they tend to get violent and make demands. At this point if they have been sucessful in disarming the public, they retain control. If an armed public still exists,those trying to keep power for themselves will have a problem. Our Founding Fathers meant for those control freaks to have a problem. That is supposed to be built into our system.

          • Ralfine

            Yes, I understand why the 2nd Amendment was made, some hundred years ago. Basically the same reasons why countries had the draft, so that every male is trained in weapons to defend the country against its enemies.

            A private or professional army is maybe more efficient, but also more difficult to control.

            Conscripts are usually not so keen on killling, or shooting on your own people.

            But as far as I understand it – England was a foreign power? And ever since the English you are afraid of your own government, and have guns at home?

            You are very easily controlled. You are told to fear the commies and possible rogue governments, so you arm up.
            Then you get the usual criminals, so you need to buy more guns.
            Then the legal guns get in the hands of kids, and you are told you need more guns.
            And then you are told, that someone will take away your guns, so you need to buy even more guns.
            And you neeed to have an armed security guard in every school, supermarket, residence, government building, bus, subway, pavement, taxi, elevator, bathroom, bedroom – all for your own safety, of course.
            And then you need cameras to supervise all those criminals, and everybody is a potential criminal, right?

            I’m wondering when you will be required to replace your wooden houses by glass houses so your minister can see with whom you sleep and your government can see, whether you have the right gun and watch the right TV station.

          • Mark

            Ralfine, after reading your posts, you really don’t understand what our Founding Fathers set up in this country.We have an army controled by our government to deal with a foreign power. The founders wanted the citizens of this nation to have weapons to defend themselves from their own government, here in the US, if it became a tyrant. In turn the threat of the citizens rising up against a government would keep the abuse of power against the citizens in check. As for armed guards everywhere, we do not need them. I would rather see citizens carry and take care of their own security. We do not need cameras as that is the same abuse of power as those that want Agenda 21. Your wondering about a minister watching you is crazy. and sounds more like Agenda 21. I live a very free life, we do not even have to lock our doors. The schools that my children went to do not have gates, bars on windows, guards,etc. There are a lot of guns around where we live and we have very small amounts of crime. We have very few policemen in our county and they could not stop a crime from happening as the distance to drive is long.We live on the honor system around here. The people here are for the most part conservative and mind their own business. This is one of the things that made this a great country was that people could be trusted to be honest. In many parts of the country that has now changed and is very sad.

          • Ralfine

            “This is one of the things that made this a great country was that people could be trusted to be honest.”

            You are just describing my socialist home country, where I grew up. Funny, isn’t it?

            Anyway, I still don’t understand it.

            If the people could be trusted to be honest, and you elect your government out of these honest and trustworthy people – how do they become tyrants?
            And how fast?

          • Ralfine

            Gates? You mean lockable gates against cattle? Or doors against rain and snow and wind?
            My parents started to lock the doors, after I left the house while sleepwalking.

            So the government is armed? And when they hold their meetings, everyone has a gun with them? And you can only overthrow them by having your own guns? You cannot just go there and tell them that you want them gone – after all, you don’t have armed guards in public buildings.

            You know, when the wall came down in Germany, it was done by unarmed people.

          • Ralfine

            How can your colt protect you from the drones, carriers, smart bombs, missiles of the USA?

            Your colt is a tool to perpetuate the mistrust among the lower class. If the lower class keeps busyshooting each other they have no time watching the upper class filling their pockets.

          • Priszilla

            In Gernany it’s a bit different. The people are (were) trained on weapons. Private gun ownership is controlled. And everybody has the right to fight against a rogue government. Even with arms.
            No need to buy them. Just take them.

          • cooltruth

            Buy guns so you won’t have much of a reason to fear anybody not because there is necessarily anybody you fear…

          • Priszilla

            It’s winter soon. Better buy a snow shovel.

          • cooltruth

            I don’t bother to shovel it, I just wade through it or wait it out until it thaws to get things done. I get enough garden shoveling done without having to shovel that snow in the winter.

        • Ralfine

          You see, anybody who wants to control somebody needs somebody they can control.

          Anybody who wants to make profit needs somebody that works for him and generates this profit.

          You want to control me? OK, bye bye. Control yourself.

        • Ralfine

          The Internet is a progressive tool that enables people all over the world communicating.

          If you are so afraid of progress, why don’t you go back to your confession booth and keep telling your priest how often you thought last night about playing with yourself?

      • TRY planting your veggie in the front yard in some areas now…

        • Ralfine

          I don’t live in some areas.

          Anyway, now is Winter. And most of my front yard is taken up by the garbage tons. The rest is taken up by weeds, some bushes, and hopefully next year some tulips.

          Anyway, I wouldn’t plant veggies there. Because the neighbors’ cats use our front yard as their loo.

          Every other day I shovel their poo out to the street.

          So usually I throw any seed I can take hold of into the front yard, then what grows that grows, and at the end of summer, there is no visible soil left, and I have no more cat poo.

          Anyway, try root veggies. Or put pots in the front yard.

          Try grass. In my parent’s garden the grass is usually high enough for the kids to play hide and seek. And they have dozens of different kinds of butterflies.

          And – for a good harvest you need pollinators. So, use flowers in the front yard. Butterflies, hover flies, bees, beetles all need plant food to survive.

          And when the government comes and talks to you about Agenda 21, show them the parts about biological diversity, and growing the role of the farmer.

          If they do not budge, shuck them out next election day. Elect some front yard gardeners instead.

          Or is there a law that only millionaires can be elected?

          • StephenWV

            Under Agenda 21, whose name was changed to “sustainability,” no matter where you live, you will be told what you are free to do with your property… if it is not seized for the greater good.

          • Ralfine

            If you can isolate your property, you can do whatever you want.

            If you use your property to pollute the air and water around you or spread diseases and GM pollen, then you need to be reigned in, as you encroach on my freedom.

          • StephenWV

            There is no isolation of property since all urban and suburban property is controlled by the regulations of the incorporated towns and cities. Obama’s Presidential Executive order took control of all other property by the Federal Government. So you would prevent me from smoking a cigarette or lighting a fire in my fireplace because it adds pollution to YOUR air. My septic system you would also ban. Not unlike banning 32 oz sodas since it helps raise the cost of healthcare for you restricting your freedom to spend your money on something else. We are free to do what ever you tell us to do. I am sure you would not restrict anything that you want to be free to do.

        • Ralfine

          my veggies are known as weeds by most others. brambles work well, too.

    • Jeremy Poynton

      Uh? Agenda 21 is being implemented all over the UK. Nobody knows anything about it. Nobody has been consulted about it.

      • Ralfine

        If NOBODY knows, how come YOU know? And if YOU know, why didn’t you tell EVERYBODY?

        • StephenWV

          You are obviously an idiot.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The Chinese government would be faced with an ineffective and UNARMED “protest march.” Ditto for the UK.

      Remember Tiananmen Square?

      • Ralfine

        China has 50,000 unarmed protests against local village and town governments per year. looks like the protesters dont care much about guns and tiananmen.

        • liberranter

          There’s usually a very simple reason for this. Such protests involve relatively harmless (to the Reigning Local Elite) issues, involve a very small number of people, and are usually ignored by the local PTB. It’s like a cluster of gnats swarming an elephant: a minor annoyance ,nothing more.

          • Ralfine

            Yes. That may be the case. When I lived in China, the local bus company increased the prices. The shuttle bus was the only direct and the fastest connnection from the estate to the city.
            Then at the weekend, I found myself in the middle of a protest.

            Next Monday, the protesters had chartered a different bus, that offered the same service for the cheaper price.
            The result after one week: the original bus company didn’t reduce the price for a single ticket, but sold 25 tickets for the price of 20. Which was OK for the residents.
            Buying your own car isn’t an alternative, when you have to pay parking fees at the office, in the city, at home, and have all the other costs involved – insurance, license plate, technical inspection. Fuel wasn’t an issue. The government set an upper price limit. But you couldn’t get a used car at that time.

          • Ralfine

            Yes, but those people stand up and protest when they don’t like things. They don’t just whine in some blog. They do that too, and they use SMS to organise these protests.

            But even they don’t have guns they are not afraid to say what they don’t like.

        • StephenWV

          They do not have much of any other recourse. Under Obama and his progressive socialist liberals, it will not be long before we will be in the same boat.

          • Ralfine

            so, what do you have? you have 31 political parties but only alternate between 2 and hope each time they will do better than last time.
            repeating and repeating in the hope of a better result. wont work.

          • StephenWV

            I agree. The Democrats have gone so far left they are losing support. The Republicans have gone so far left they are losing support. Both care more about power, control and reelection than what is best for the people and the country. They are both about to spawn a third party that will become a force to be reckoned with.

          • Ralfine

            From an European perspective the Democrats are so far right, they don’t even scratch the middle/

    • Richard Downey

      Sounds to me like the mayor owns a laundromat and a lawn-care service.

  • Karen

    The world elite want to blame us folks for the problems on this earth and yes we cause a lot of harm to the environment world wide but the elite cause most of the damage if you have not heard of chemtrails go research this the skies are covered daily with these chemical you breath them in and many get sick and these chemicals harm the atmosphere along with the wildlife and plant life also the protective magnetic field surrounding are earth also they use the HAARP along with weather modification also the CERN these things cause much damage to everything we see.

    • Ralfine

      Oh, did you know? Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist at CERN, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989.

      Chemtrails are coming from airplanes, mostly used by free people who would balk at you if you restricted their right to travel when and wherever they want.

      But travel can be controlled much easier – restrict the salary and wages you pay people. Then they can only travel between work, home and shop.

    • leebo

      perhaps the bigger issue is public ignorance?

  • Santa

    They are putting so many in flight international codes and animal activist that that this could be my last Christmas . They now want to tax him on all my manufacturing operations and the unions are now on the elf’s to unionize and demand all types of benefits that will put me out of business . Leave it to them to ruin everyone’s Christmas . Next the Easter Bunny … I’m getting depressed.

    the end..

  • Cleo

    In the end, the American people will win.

  • Syrin

    Yeah, and this is what the dumb assss zombies we call liberals like GARY voted for. This has been known about for years now. I just hope those that voted for this tyranny, like GARY, are the ones who feel the full effects of it first.

  • noworldorder

    Code this!

  • sheridan

    ON The weBSite, freedomadvocates .org – the mention of HOW communities are getting rid of Agenda 21 control issues, primarily pulse radiation smart meters that have proved to cost much more money to the end user! The whole commie control mess outlined in the recent book, ‘Behind The Green Mask’, is run in Bonn Germany. Therefore, it’s illegal for another country to dictate laws and rules to the U.S. citizens. democratsagainstagenda21 .com is a great one for the left side thinkers. It is NOT a right/left issue! The control freaks want us divided so they are able to conquer, duh.

  • Jim Lovell

    I must weigh in on this. Some of you may recognize me as ‘Jim from West Virginia.’ They hit me with this – and what I must tell you is that this is something WE CAN DO – LOCALLY. Hold this stinking rag they’ve made up in their face – then watch them cut ‘n’ run! Get busy. Go to your courthouse. Find others who have been hit with this. Contact them. Schedule conference calls – free service available on the Internet – GET TOGETHER AND FACE THE B-WORDS DOWN – WHERE YOU LIVE! (and sometimes it hides under different names. Download it. Read it. Get ticked off. DO SOMETHING!!!!!

    • Ralfine

      That’s what I mean. Laws are made by men, they can be unmade by men. Sometimes laws are over the top. Democracy isn’t over after the election. Need to monitor all elected personnel. Don’t just watch their talk shows, watch them in office, what they are doing. What laws they are passing, what they are not doing.

      Next election – ditch them, if they didn’t perform.

  • Ralfine

    Which is my country?
    I live in England, but wasn’t born here, and most of my adult life I lived in Asia. Encountered no violence in Asia. Neither in Bangkok, nor in China. 20 years unarmed in Asia – day and night. dark streets and bright streets. No problem.

    Why should someone invade my home? This is a very poor neighborhood. The rich live at the other end of the town. But even they are not rich. This town is run down. All industry gone.

    And in my neighborhood – better to use your nose and find out the weed factories and dealers – they have weed and money.

    Anyway, the houses here are made from bricks. Need to run a truck into. But the truck is blocked by the cars parking in front of the house, and the litter bins parked between the house and the cars.

    Most violent crimes in England are done with knifes between teenagers who think they can use a knife for defense. Can’t. Can’t pull the knife fast enough to defend yourself against a knife attack. Better use your feet to run away.

    But when you open the first newspaper next year – teenager knifed down.

    • william penn

      maybe no one wants your stuff, maybe they just want to snuff your ugly annoying ninny face? listen here bruce lee, your country sucks and i could care less where you come from. since they took your guns away violent crime has gone through the roof in your country. you can keep your Ginsu pal, as for us Americans are happy with their S&W. pack that in your weed pipe and smoke it.

      • Ralfine

        Interesting enough, the USA is the country with most violent crimes, apart from Africa and Latin and South America. 25% of the world’s prisoners are imprisoned in the USA.

        I lived in Hong Kong for a while, no gun ownership, no shootings. It’s the most peaceful place on earth.

        And excellent for business. No government debt, 15% max income tax, 17% max company tax, tax-financed public health system, no VAT.

        Best public transport on earth.

        70% of the area is country park. I can go hiking the whole day up and down the mountains, seeing scarcely any people, lay in the pool below the waterfall for hours, then walk a bit, take the bus and the subway, go home take a shower and be in the opera house in the evening.

        • william penn

          until they change the title of this article from America to any of your socialist countries, no one cares what you think. do you get paid by the post or is it a flat salary rate to be a troll?

          • Ralfine

            Merry Christmas to you, too.

          • leebo

            once again, you are the only Drooling troll i have seen on this article. Let the smart people handle the conversing and perhaps join us after a bit more reading. might i suggest your local barns and noble, or maybe thats too expensive. Im sure you have the ability to find a library nearby. The internet is not for the ignorant. they might find themselves “lost” given enough time.

          • Most other countries may not have murders by gun…but that doesn’t mean they don’t have violent crimes…Rape for instance in India is unbelievable ( 100s per month in some cities ) … abuse of women is un bearable in many eastern countries Crimes are only counted among men) … They are quick to count the low murder by gun rate, but ignorant of all the other problems they have. And unknown to many of the socialistic cummunities is one important fact the government is trying to hide; and that is that they are broke !!!

      • leebo

        no offense william penn but countries dont suck they are inanimate objects. Although, some of the people within these countries do suck. You are one of them. your ignorance reeks and your insults are below par, yet you feel the need to express such thoughts from a mind as impure as yours. Maybe your sucking country will teach you a lesson in the coming years.

  • Mark

    LOL, Rafine, just who are you going to give all that power to inorder that they can make all of those items happen.You will have a tyrant in control. I would rather make my own decisions.

    • Ralfine

      How about giving yourself the power to make things happen? Why wait for a tyrant to decide things for you and to make things happen?

      You just need to understand the principle of sustainability – continue business without having resources running out, food sources polluted, people harmed, prices going through the roof.

      Reduce consumption (what you consume is gone), increase investment (to reduce operating costs).

      Can’t be that difficult.

      You can surely decide things in your area of influence without having to wait for permission?

      • Mark

        I am sorry to ask this, but are you all there up stairs? We been talking about the bad side of big government. You list the surface of Agenda 21 and seem to support it. It takes big government to put it in place and control it. With Agenda 21 you as a person will have no power. Do you not understand where big government take you. You lose freedom as big government take more control of your life.You become part of the collective and you will not have any area of influence.

        • Ralfine

          Government needs to set the framework.

          For example: government needs to make it law that workers shall be paid by the corporation they work for and not by the taxpayer (minimum wage).

          Now you come and say this restricts the freedom of the entrepreneur, right?

          Government says, you shall not kill your neighbor.

          Now you come and say this resricts your freedom of expression, right?

          Government say, you shall not pollute the groundwater and the atmosphere.

          Now you come and say this restricts your economic freedom, right?

          Or not?

          So, if you do not voluntarily behave in a way that does not harm your neighbor, your children, your grandchildren, then obviously the government steps in. That’s the only reason why we need a government.

          And in order that they don’t go over the top, we restrict their term to 4 years, and shuck out the ineffective ones and get in more promising ones. And we have elections on all levels, from village to country. Right?

          The only ones that are not elected publicly are the leaders of corporations. They are still treated like kings and emperors. So you need to take care that you don’t give them too much power, or you can’t control them anymore.

          They have more cash than any government. They can buy whole armies of mercenaries. I think, there is potential of danger.

          Walmart buys Blackwater and secedes Texas, Then you’ll need the 2nd amendment or a strong government. Or you move to Texas as well.

  • Mark

    As I am writing this the government called me on the phone and told me that they were sending me a form to fill out about my farm. I was told that it did not matter if I no longer farmed and that I had to fill it out. I was then told that the form was my voice and the form was my future. The noose contiunes to tighten folks …….Agenda 21……


  • william penn

    geez, this guy doesnt have an agenda … na. nor does he sit in his basement on a 10 year old computer and get paid to be a troll. whos opinion are you trying to sway chuckles?

    • william penn

      heh, this “blog authority” has spoke? he’s “suspicious of the fear mongering”? ever since you piped up with you bologna sucker, we’ve been suspicious of your agenda. this clown wouldnt know real data if it was beech slapped up side his head? he’s probably one of those conspiracy theorists?

  • Ralfine

    Agenda 21:
    Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Combating Desertification and Drought

    Didn’t you just have a drought, which isn’t really over if you check the drought monitor?

    Don’t you think, people should be restricted in exploiting the country for their own gains and on cost of everybody else?

    You need continuous evaporation to form clouds over land. And you need humid and cool air for rain.

    Tornados form usually over areas, where you have wide fields and not so many trees.

    But not in the Amazone Rainforest, where you have lots of trees and not so wide fields.

    Mini tornados also form over waste land, where laminary flow of air can develop and dosn’t find too many obstacles to form turbulences. You probably have seen these dust devils.

    So, why is that so, and could this be a start of research to reduce tornados?

    If then tornados only form over Miller’s farm, which is the only one that doesn’t have any trees, would you like to know about it?

    (Just as an example.)

  • Ralfine

    @John Adams (your post is still under moderation)

    I don’t live in the US, so I don’t need guns.

    You see, you in the US live in the box.

    know all of what you just told me about the USA, it was told to us in
    school 30 years ago. Everybody knows it, except US-Americans.

    now we have these Internet blogs, and you don’t have just people in the
    government talking at each other, but people from all over the world
    engaging in discussions about anything, bypassing those governments.

    That’s progress, don’t you think?

    So I continue.


    Instead of “is being” it should read “has been”. This is over and done with. YOU are under Agenda 21 rule.

  • Allison

    Land of the Free and Home of the Brave — NOT anymore! My father fought in WWII for freedom and almost lost his life. I inherited the family business which consists of rentals. The city where these rentals are threatened me with 6 months of jail and a $6,000 fine if I did not submit to their licensing fees and control. I fought them in court asking for clarification on the Constitutionality of these so-called city codes. I could see that the attorney the city hired and the judge were in cahoots in trying rail-road me. Fortunately, the case was moved to a higher court. However, that judge would not answer the complaint either but said that if I pursued an answer he would sanction me. So much for justice. I thank our Heavenly Father for extricating me from their evil, controlling and greedy hands. Without knowing what our rights are, we do not have any. We need to be better educated than those who are paid the big bucks.

    • We have no rights under the corrupt government and legal system. There is only one defense = and it sounds like you know what it is.

  • Graham

    Standing ovation Peace angel!

    Watch how things shape up for around early spring. The tactics will elude most as they roll out more of what your excellent research has disseminated in here.

  • Fred

    In Washington state this is called the ‘Critical Areas Ordinance’ and it covers the entire state. You cannot even cut down bushes on your property without doing an environmental impact review first. And yes the fines and govt force SWAT teams to back it up are all part of it.

    I wrote to a ‘Code Official’ there and he could not understand why I might not be in total agreement with the idea that ‘he’ and he alone got to decide if my property was considered ‘critical’ or not.

    These people are completely out of control and we are going to have a civil war because of it. This is just destined to get completely out of hand in a nation of 400+ million guns – which is why they need to disarm us regular people first.

    Good luck with that plan. LOL

  • leebo

    As a reference point of what this is like and where and when it might end I allude this to Harry Potter. The “Code Official” is near the same as the “High Inquisiter” that Professor Umbridge plays. The real agenda is sinister and unseen and it isn’t until everyone has there rights snatched from them that the majority wants something done. They turn to the underground secret rebel societies for answers only to realize they don’t have them all. War ensues before freedom is reinstated. Everything will get Much Much worse before any real action is taken. Watch what you say carefully in the coming years. There will be a time to rebel but chose your battles wisely.

  • Vern

    lets vow to stop referring to these dickscums as Elites!. That word denotes excellence in your chosen area. These are NOT excellent people, they are bullies and Psychopaths, certainly NOT elite. Let’s call them what they are–The Super-Rich. Which sounds better? The elites took my home: or “The super-rich took my home” They want class warfare, let’s give it to them.

  • Gary

    Perspective of a small
    business owner…

    Prior to moving to NE
    Nevada in the fall of 1982, I had been involved in the organic farming movement
    in California,
    but switch over to construction in adapting to the mile high climate.

    After working in the
    trades for the required number of years, I acquired my own licensed and began
    contracting on my own. The annual licensing fee was $95 and industrial
    insurance was provided by the state which was paid on employees at the end of
    the month. If no work was done that month, a $10 service fee was charged to
    keep the account open. This was a very business friendly arrangement,
    especially for small operators.

    The first major change
    that occurred was when industrial insurance was privatized and a minimum $4,500
    deposit was required to open an account.

    The annual licensing fees
    climbed to $400 per license and then a $100 state business license was added to
    the state contractor’s license. The fees for building permits and inspections of
    course rose, as did city and county fees for secondary permits (sewer, water,
    electric, septic systems, etc.) With the housing bubble underway, this was all
    accepted as the cost of doing business.

    But then about the time
    the housing bubble was about to burst, a series of regulation were implemented
    that made me decide to close up shop.

    A dispute between the Division
    of Manufactured Housing and the local County Building Dept. over the amount of
    foundation venting required led to the DMH opening their own office in the
    county and requiring a separate set of building plans, inspections and fees.

    The state adopted the
    International Building Code and began requiring that contractors and state
    business licensing fees be paid for two years at a time.

    The state also required
    that all employees go through an extensive OSHA training course at the employer’s
    expense. This also came with a mandatory annual audit and contractors were
    threatened with a $1,000 fine for any employees found to be without their OSHA
    certification. Owners and supervisors were required to go through and advanced
    training course at their own expense.

    Small commercial repairs
    and renovations, for companies I had been contracting with for years, were told
    by their insurers that all contractors must have a minimum one million dollar
    liability policy.

    There was also a noticeable
    shift to a more dictatorial posture in the governmental agencies.

    I didn’t stick around to
    see what other regulations and fees were in the pipeline and decided to take
    earlier social security to get the money I had paid in while it was still

    I would rather still be in

  • Rubycooks

    If Glenn beck hates it; I’m all for it. Have any of you read this ‘Agenda’…? Think about it, though.

    if the big money interests hate it; it’s probably good for people and a profit blocker somewhere.

  • When they come for your guns, give them the lead first. We know that the Elite, because they are ‘necessary’ will be exempt from this drivel. They’ll have their Gulfstreams, their Limos and their lavish parties plus their armed guards.

  • My Fire District applied the IUWIC requirement to me when I built my new house west of Denver in Jefferson County. I was requested to install 50,000 gallons of underground water storage for personal fire fighting. This delayed my project one year and cost me huge effort and money to overcome. It would have been at least $100K if I was made to ultimately comply. A year lafter the initial request the fire board changed their minds and revised the requirement to 10,000 gallons which I did. After that I got elected to the fire board and rescinded the IUWIC. It was a huge fight. All codes written by the ICC are incredibly onerous as the article says. The author is right and stated – few of our elected officials even read what they adopt. Its a crime to see our property rights eroded in by these subeversive and ignorant folks.

  • Richard Downey

    Building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes can have addendums included in them in accordance with state requirements.

  • They don’t want you to be able to eliminate the enforcers………..Why do you think they want and need the guns so bad. De-dang the dog, you won’t get bit. We are in for Evil times people and they will stop at NOTHING to get what they want done. Human life is nothing and means absolutely nothing to the eliteists running the puppets of this government who make are rules. All I have to say to them …………..THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH!! REMEMBER THAT!!

  • Richard Downey

    Oh, yeah….code officials are supposed to be trained in constitutional and statutory law….and those rights be protected during the execution of their duties. Retired plumbing inspector…Viet Nam veteran…second amendment supporter. Get rid of the UN.

  • Have an of you read the series Left Behind? It’s happening!

    • only you aren’t getting raptured before the tribulation. You are going to go through the tribulation.

  • jeb

    thats what i thought, for rwnjs only… moderate this moron

  • hermitgypsy

    sure like the bank of america ad right after the article…ironic /////?????

  • You dimwits make me want to cry. Your country is overflowing with real immediate problems, and you have to make up “problems” that don’t exist to be afraid of.

  • Bill Sanchez

    The root problem is not UN AGENDA 21. It is that we have had an unelected, above-the-law world govt in place since the 1940s. It’s name is the BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS. It is privately owned and it coordinates the activities of 162 privately owned central banks worldwide, one central bank in nearly every country.

    The BIS supports communist regimes since monopolies are philosophically aligned with the goals of communism. UN Agenda 21 is the local program for impementing communism at the local level. The BIS uses its access to infinite free money to purchase the media, politicians, governments, corporations, resources, everything.

    It heavily influences public opinion by spending massive amounts of money on social engineering through the media and schools.

  • RON

    Agenda 21 in action. Go to CountyOfDelNorte youtube channel and watch Pacific Shores Land Owners Meeting video. Here is an example of Federal, State, and Local government working to tear up roads to private homes for wetlands. Violating the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

  • StephenWV

    The power of code enforcement is disturbing. I doubt there is a property in America free of all violations, there are so many requirements and they are changing constantly. On top of the International codes there are the local codes placed for the good of the community. The power to fine, imprison, tear down your home, and bankrupt you is quite tyrannical.

  • jessiejames

    any asshole code enforcement officer try to enforce UN rules on me,i will give them two loads of buckshot from my double-barrel or put a 13 knot hangsman noose around his or hers scawny neck

  • Pam

    This very thing is happening Clarksburg, WV. Several court cases are pending regarding the theft and bogus condemnation of properties in that city. My father, retired Vietnam veteran, has had numerous properties illegally seized by the city without due process. He would very much like to contact you, if possible.

  • Guest

    These codes were adopted in my last town after I bought my home. The houses were an average of 100 years old. In brief these codes combined with FHA loans being the only available loans during the downturn (their requirements mesh with IBC) have collapsed the town because middle class people can’t afford to bring 100 year old homes up to that kind of code. I put $16,000 in repairs into it and incalculable hours of labor and only got what I paid for it 13 years later. People are walking away from their homes and only people who can pay all cash (investors who to legally rent do the cheapest incredibly ugly code compliance) can buy there. These codes have destroyed the fabric of this and undoubtedly many other working class towns.

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