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Almost Everything Is A Crime In America Now: 14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For

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Doesn’t it seem like almost everything is becoming a crime in America now?  Americans are being arrested and charged with crimes for doing things like leaving dog poop on the ground, opening up Christmas presents early, not recycling properly, farting in class and having brown lawns.  But is it healthy for our society for the police to be involved in such silly things?  Every single day the United States inches closer to becoming a totalitarian society.  While there are some that would welcome this shift, the truth is that throughout history the societies that have experienced the greatest economic prosperity have all had at least a certain level of freedom.  Business thrives when people feel free to live and work.  When a government tightens the grip too much many people just start shutting down.  Just look at places like North Korea.  Even though the rest of the world is sending them huge amounts of food starvation is still quite common in that totalitarian regime.  That is why it is so disturbing that it seems like almost everything has become a crime in America now.  As we continue to criminalize relatively normal behavior our slide toward becoming a totalitarian state will only accelerate.

We are throwing anyone and everyone in prison these days.  It is getting absolutely ridiculous.  Today, the United States leads the world in the number of prisoners and in the percentage of the population in prison.  The United States has 5% of the world’s population, but approximately 25% of the world’s incarcerated population.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, as of the end of 2009 a total of 7,225,800 people were either on probation, in prison or on parole in America.

That is a sign of a very, very sick society.  Either we have a massive crime problem or the “control grid” that our leaders have erected for us is wildly out of control.

Or both.

But how in the world are we supposed to have a healthy economy if our entire nation is being turned into one gigantic prison?

Sadly, it is not just hardcore criminals that are being rounded up and abused by authorities these days.  The following are 14 of the most ridiculous things that Americans are being arrested for….

#1 A Michigan man has been charged with a felony and could face up to 5 years in prison for reading his wife’s email.

#2 A 49-year-old Queens woman had bruises all over her body after she was handcuffed, arrested and brutally beaten by NYPD officers.  So what was her offense?  The officers thought that her little dog had left some poop that she didn’t clean up.

#3 A 56-year-old woman who was once a rape victim refused to let airport security officials feel her breasts so she was thrown to the floor, put in handcuffs and arrested.

#4 In Milwaukee, one man was recently fined $500 for swearing on a public bus.

#5 Several years ago a 12-year-old boy in South Carolina was actually arrested by police for opening up a Christmas present early against his family’s wishes.

#6 In some areas of the country, it is now a crime to not recycle properly.  For example, the city of Cleveland has announced plans to sort through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.

#7 A 12-year-old girl from Queens was arrested earlier this year and taken out of her school in handcuffs for writing “Lex was here. 2/1/10″ and “I love my friends Abby and Faith” on her desk.

#8 Back in 2008, a 13-year-old boy in Florida was actually arrested by police for farting in class.

#9 The feds recently raided an Amish farmer at 5 AM in the morning because they claimed that he was was engaged in the interstate sale of raw milk in violation of federal law.

#10 A few years ago a 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged with a felony for bringing a small steak knife to school.  It turns out that all she wanted to do was to cut up her lunch so that she could eat it.

#11 On June 18th, two Christians decided that they would peacefully pass out copies of the gospel of John on a public sidewalk outside a public Islamic festival in Dearborn, Michigan and within three minutes 8 policemen surrounded them and placed them under arrest.

#12 A U.S. District Court judge slapped a 5oo dollar fine on Massachusetts fisherman Robert J. Eldridge for untangling a giant whale from his nets and setting it free.  So what was his crime?  Well, according to the court, Eldridge was supposed to call state authorities and wait for them do it.

#13 Once upon a time, a food fight in the cafeteria may have gotten you a detention.  Now it may get you locked up.  About a year ago, 25 students between the ages of 11 and 15 at a school in Chicago were taken into custody by police for being involved in a huge food fight in the school cafeteria.

#14 A few years ago a 70 year old grandmother was actually put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail for having a brown lawn.

Why in the world would anyone approve of the police arresting ordinary Americans for such things?

It seems like ever since 9/11 the whole country has gotten “security fever”.

Suddenly we need to “get tough” on everyone.

Yes, crime is making a comeback, but once upon a time the police in this country were able to handle crime quite well and be courteous and helpful to ordinary citizens at the same time.

But today it seems like nearly every single encounter with police ends up being negative.

It does not have to be that way.

The rest of the world sees what is going on in this country and many of them are deciding that they simply do not want to spend their tourist dollars here anymore.  That is not a good thing for our economy.

As the government continues to get even bigger and exerts even more control over our lives, many of our own people are getting sick of it and are moving abroad.

America used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

That is no longer true.

Now we get thrown to the floor, handcuffed, beaten and arrested for things that we did not even know were crimes.

If America continues to move in this direction it is going to ruin our economy, our reputation in the world and our national spirit.

Unfortunately, history has shown us that once a free nation starts to lose that freedom it is hard to reverse that slide.  Perhaps we will be different.  Perhaps the American people will stand up and demand that we restore the principles of liberty and freedom that this country was founded on.

Do you think that will happen?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

  • I just wrote a comment on Gonzalo Lira’s blog, about the same issue.

    America didn’t become a police-state overnight. Americans like order and so they get a good deal of it, and then some..

    As I mentioned to GL, the US is the only country in the world where I have been reprimanded by private citizens for jaywalking!!! (In L.A. in the 90s).

    Having said that, a declining empire is doomed to sink into excess, of one nature or another.

    Ancient Rome had to deal with the madness of its emperors Nero, Caligula and a few others.

    It seems that the US will have to deal with a national feeling of insecurity, a paranoia which will most probably grow with time, leading to ever more extreme measures.

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • roadrunner

    the law is an ass

  • Michael

    The USA will eventually become several independent countries. We don’t have very long.

  • William

    All of this trashing of YOUR civil rights comes from the evil and super wealthy of New York and Florida and California. All of this comes right out of the Bolshevik Cheka playbook. Do YOU know who vastly disproportionately manned the Cheka?? Do you know who formed most of the leadership of the Cheka??
    The US Constitution has become a joke. Bush trashed it without consequence. But, these super rich and “elite” are becoming worried. They know that the “average” American is becoming fed up. Are you going to be silent and complacent as the DHS and its evil spawn the TSA run roughshod over you?? It is sad that Americans will not look at the FACTS. America is dying. It has been killed by the very same people who attacked America on 911. But, you do not REALLY know who they are, do you??

  • i hope change comes soon,, but to many are brain dead

  • Beth

    hey, we have to prop up the economy somehow! what with so many jobs being outsourced our local economy needs some way to bring in revenue!

  • HJ

    Once upon a time the police in this country “discriminated”.
    They were permitted to exercise their “discretion”,and thus were able to “determine” who really needed his head cracked,and who did not.

    Once upon a time the police in this country were thinking “professionals”,now,many of them are perfunctory enforcers at best,or revelers in their militarized authority at worst.

    As we all know “nature abhors a vacuum” well..
    When a nation kicks God to the curb,the “tyranny of man’s law” will not hesitate to fill the void left behind.

    Some form of law will reign in America!
    Which,is entirely up to us?
    That choice now,either way,like a wound left to fester,will be far more painful and costly to address.

  • PatriotRider

    “Perhaps the American people will stand up and demand that we restore the principles of liberty and freedom that this country was founded on.”

    Nope…not a chance…not till it’s too late.

  • thegreedyturtle

    “but once upon a time the police in this country were able to handle crime quite well and be courteous and helpful to ordinary citizens at the same time.”

    Which country are you talking about? ‘cuz I’m sure it’s not America, where the police were often known to swap their Police cap for a white hood.

  • Lennie Pike

    Americans don’t agree with this unconstitutional and therefore illegal crackdown, “We” are not allowing it as the author wrote – it’s just that we can’t do anything about it without using the same tactics on “them” and Americans no longer have the willingness, knowledge, or courage to fight these thugs.

  • Reminds me of something I would hear on that great show Newsradio. The fact that it is real is insane. What would top it off is if the parents didn’t fight against it.

  • Kinoki

    What we are seeing is the end result of a deliberately dumbed down ding-dong Pavlov education system. Couple that with mind numbing vaccines, GMO food and fluoridation. Add to that propaganda based “news”, mindless music, celebrity worship, extremely violent video games, porn and a shift away from religion[any religion] What is the result? Well, have you talked to anyone recently? The results are in- your- face stupidity bordering on idiocracy. We now have a ‘society’ that has no values, ethics or morals. That is why we are moving faster than light into a police state [cue DHS at Walmarts] As to people standing up for freedom? Not a chance. We are way beyond that chance. The majority will fade into a Marxist state, glad to be “protected” from the perceived ‘bogeyman’ [i.e.. terrorists] And the children? They are being indoctrinated to the ways of the NWO [see above article] They will never know the joys of true childhood and will grow up in a “1984” type country. As to what we are seeing today, one can only imagine what we will see in say, 5 years. Sadly, I watch this great nation slip into darkness at the hands of madmen…..


    Unfortunately this time it wont turn around. Most americans out there are morons who have no idea, about the freedoms that our founding fathers died for. The primary culprits for this are the public school system and television.

    So as long as parents pawn their responsibility to educate their children on the system and then turn around and let those kids watch 40-70 hours of television a week, there is no hope.

  • mondobeyondo

    The above incidents are enough to make China sound like an absolute beacon of liberty.

    It is a shame that this is actually occuring in the United States of America. And add to those, the atrocities being committed by that bastion of security, the TSA. On the dawn of 2011, a little schoolgirl can get felt up by a TSA agent, then get arrested for bringing a steak knife to school. Disgusting.

    Unless we return to the fundamental rights and freedoms written in the Constitution, there is no hope for America.

    “In a land that’s known as freedom, how can such a thing be fair?” – David Crosby

  • Tnigs

    You forgot smoking weed.

  • FJ

    Looking at American people these days, no, I don’t think that will happen. Our country will further degenerate into a populace of half-wits who are fine with any external authority force exerting control over their lives, so long as they can have plenty of entertainment fed to them from the comfort of their couches.

  • Brandon

    We are screwed! Get out while you still can.

  • My wife and I would love to see the people of the United States stand up for their principles. But we don’t think it will be successful. The US government will print money until people are far more worried about where they can find affordable food than they will about their rights.

    That’s why we’re providing info to people about Cuenca, Ecuador, and living in this wonderful country that sits on the equator.

  • I will give credit where credit is due.

    A couple months ago I schooled you on economics because you needed. Your understanding and presentation was horrible and quite frankly dangerous to the wellbeing of this country and the entire world.

    I rarely comment here, but I do read.

    On this article I have to say you are spot on 100% This security mentality is making this country go down the freaking drain.

    I don’t feel more secure when I see the police. What I feel is apprehension and worry if this time they are coming for me concerning some law I did not know about.

    I do not want my words used to justify the removal of good laws that do make our society safer, but we need to start at a local level a policy of nullification of laws that are cruel and unusual.

  • michelle

    They stopped sweeping the streets in San Diego – not enough revenue being brought in from the tickets due to so many people moving their cars in time – it was never about clean streets, just giving tickets – will look forward to them stopping other fining programs disguised as public services – dismantling the police department seems like a good idea when I see the videos of them kicking down doors, shooting children and puppies, over a joint…or mistaken identity.

    Protect & Serve – what a joke!

  • The only thing on that list that I spotted that wasn’t ridiculous was being fined for not recycling. We already know that we have limited landfill space. Fines for not sorting your garbage is simply the next logical step. When we, as a society, need to revamp the way we’re doing something for our own collective safety…. One of the best tools we have to enforce a change is our law and justice system.
    Well, you. I’m not from your country. Still. I think it’s a good move because we are ALL affected by lazy people and their decision not to put plastics in the separate bin. How hard is that? Seriously?

  • Roger

    It is stunning to see people on TV endorsing the TSA and their many violations of the 4th amendment! They really believe this nonsense is keeping them safe! It is so transparent when you consider that anyone can come into this country, simply by crossing the border.Transportation safety is the responsibility of Big Sis Napolitano, but so is the security of the border. Does anyone see a small policy practice gap there? When are we going to wise up?

  • Almost everything . . . except REAL Crimes like Fraudclosures, Banksters stealing Trillions of taxpayers’ grandchildren’s future, War Crimes of genocide committed in Iraq and Afghanistan against their people (think DU and its 4.2 billion half-life), the global eugenic/population control effects of GMOs (invented and perfected by American Corporations of Hell) and mycoplasm (invented and perfected by the US Military), and on and on and on.

  • Cat

    Sounds like you’re a big whiner to me…

    You defend the right of stupid people to be ignorant, selfish wasteful & rude and on no hard evidence or actual quotes from arrest records, but vague “urban legend” type snippets and use this as reason to “stir folks up” that a “totalitarian regieme” is at hand cuz someone is threatening your right to swear on a public bus or waste thosands of dollars in food and people’s time in a school cafeteria???

    Give your head a shake!
    Too bad their families didn’t teach them all better manners, then there’d be no need for this nonsense!

  • Allen

    Out-of-control cops, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  • starviego

    If you want to see more examples, go here:

  • The Sojourner

    Prisons are big business, and the hypocritical drug laws also help keep the fires stoked.

  • Mariposa de Oro

    “Perhaps the American people will stand up and demand that we restore the principles of liberty and freedom that this country was founded on. Do you think that will happen?

    Not chance. The American people are pretty much braindead.

  • Welcome to the New World Order……its only going to get worse and NOBODY is going to do anything to stop it. So enjoy.

  • Charleigh Patriot

    In fact the problem with this country is that the Progressives have shoved their communistic, marxist, and socialistic ideology down America’s throat. Someone mentioned earlier that the police (at one time) traded in their caps for a white sheet. The problem with ideology is that the white sheet wearers were in fact progressive-liberal democrats! What needs to happen is the Constitution needs to be upheld, liberal, progressive, marxist, communists and democrats need to move back to the countries they came from and try the same crap they are trying here. It OBVIOUSLY didn’t work in their homeland countries so they try to shove it down America’s throat. One day they will be punished for their stupidity and America will rise again. When it does, all of those responsible for destroying America will pay dearly!

  • John

    We are being terrorized by the U.S. government.

    By federal law if you are aware of terrorist and do not report then you are also a terrorist.

    Report the terrorist to the terrorist at Dept of Homeland Security.

    Or Else!!!

  • Daniel Bowers

    The people need to realize that the UNITED STATES is a foreign, “for profit” corporation. It is not a government – it masquerades as a government. Under this corporation, there are 185,000 more corporations.. which are also “for profit.”

    Your city is incorporated. Your police department is incorporated. You can look up their Dunns numbers on the internet. People are not “breaking laws” —- they are breaking “statutes” which then results in these corporations getting paid.

    There really is a lot to learn about this. There is a peaceful revolution taking place based upon the truth of the usury happening in America. It really is time to get involved so that our children can be set free.

    Restored Republic:

  • Tom

    Ron Paul is a religous right facist. The Homophobe from Texas wants the state to “regulate” sexual activity. No thanks. That bigot wants to take reproductive rights away. Ron Paul has been on the goverment payroll for over 25 years. He gets goverment healthcare but opposes us having healthcare. Ron Paul is a hypocrite.

  • Tim

    The churches are taking away rights faster than anyone. They want their judgemental fairy tales to rule all of us. Mainly they spread hate and intolerance. Now they are in politics and the result is less freedom for us and more money for them.

    Churches are the problem.

  • sam

    the government propaganda has begun. wake up people.

  • FWM

    “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

  • 4 adults, 3 were cops can’t handle 6 year old, they tase him.

    Cops taser pregnant woman in stomach for loud music.

    Man arrested for wearing ‘peace’ T-shirt in the same mall he bought the shirt in.

    Man arrested for not leaving a tip.

    Student arrested for bringing steel scissors to school.

    Woman Arrested For Chewing candy.

    7 year old arrested for plastic 1 inch knife at school.

    Cop tase 86 year old woman to correct her behavior.

    8-year-old Arrested, taken to adult jail For throwing basketball at another kid.

    61-year grandmother hauled off in handcuffs for growing her hedges too high.

    Girl visiting NYC during the Republican Convention, NOT a protester, gets thrown into a makeshift prison. (Thousands of people not associated with the protesters were arrested.)

    Jr. high school student arrested for having steak knife in lunch box.

    Eat a candy bar or french fry, go to jail Woman Appears In Court For Eating Candy At Metro Station.

    Cop shots 80+ year old man in wheelchair with bean bag shotgun because of his aggressive manner.

    People/children being arrested and detained with handcuffs for eating candy in Washington, D.C., subway stations.

    Schoolteacher hauled off cruise ship for not paying a fine for leaving marshmallows at a Yellowstone campsite. Judge finds she actually did pay the fine in the first place.

    Cops taze, hit, pepper spray, and kick 71 blind woman until her eyeball falls out, because she had an unkept yard.

    Charges against a Vietnam-era veteran who flew an American flag upside down to protest the war in Iraq.

    Pregnant Woman Arrested For Talking Too Loudly on Cellphone.

    7 year old with paper gun put in jail.

    Students tased for not talking to cops.

    Kids skip school, parents go to jail.

    Young student arrested for Lego gun.

    Student arrested at school for nail clippers.

    Man jailed over house extension.

    Police brutalize nonviolent protesters.

    High school honor student arrested and held for 4 inch nail file.

    Judge witnesses cops commit hundreds of felonies. They beat up hand cuffed, downed non violent protesters.

    3rd grader arrested for disorderly conduct.

    Shopping protesters arrested for “nothing.”

    Family members arrested and tased at wedding for being to loud.

    Marlins fan spends a night in jail for curfew violation, A deputy didn’t think the game was a good excuse.

    Woman Wearing ‘President Bush You Killed My Son’ T-shirt arrested.

    Jr. high school kids arrested and tased for food fight.

    9th grader tased for doing cart wheels and flips when she had been ordered to stop.

    15-year-veteran officer used his Taser on a 12-year-old girl who was playing hooky from school.

    $185 fine for dropping a sunflower seed.

    Woman arrested for talking too loud in public.

    Man gets arrested for giving a cop a documentary tape.

    Student, 27 said she saw police throw one protester’s glasses in the busy street. ”He was begging them to give him his glasses,”

    Hurt veteran arrested by Homeland Security as a terrorist for calling the VA to much.

    Wrong House gets SWATED, beat up 50 year old and arrest him.

    Cops Taser 14-Year-Old Who Wouldn’t Drop Game Boy.

    Cops tackle and pepper spray protesters walking backwards with their hands held high chanting, “We are Dispersing, We are Dispersing”.

    Cop uses taser on 7 year old school girl.

    Detroit officer severs woman’s finger, trying to cuff her for traffic stop.

    Cops pepper spray infants faces, held in mothers arms at non violent protests.

    A teacher’s weighted bookmark gets her arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

    Woman arrested on domestic violence for calling her boyfriend “offensive names and throwing baby wipes” at him. also charged with child abuse for holding child while throwing the wipes.

    Police arrest 8-year-old after scuffle with another 8-year old. Boy handcuffed, charged with battery. Both boys were not hurt.

    Domestic violence case. Throw a crayon, go to jail.

    A deputy used pepper spray on a 12-year-old girl and wrestled her to the ground when she ignored orders to stop jaywalking.

    Television pictures of a policeman punching a child in the face. Police attempted to deal with a picket staged by fishermen and their families. The footage shows a policeman involved in angry exchanges As the argument continues, the policeman advances and punches
    the child in the face.

    Man who shot police beating video arrested.

    Have a costume/replica musket at school play, get arrested and go to jail.

    Peaceful protester, get pepper shot and beat up by cops.

    Student goes to jail after saying prayer at prep rally when principle tells him not too.

    Old, confused, arthritic 75 year old woman visiting a friend at a nursing home, get tasered by cops to help her leave.

    Police Use Taser To Subdue Wheelchair-Bound Man.

    It didn’t take any time at all to find these stories. They are in the papers every single day. If you want the original link or more on the details, I and others have posted them at google forums at copwatch if the link doesnt work . There is no trickery or cop frame ups, they are all documented and
    show how our freedom is stripped everyday. 95% of these abuses happened within the last 24 months.

    I could go on and on and on and on.

    More information on Loss of Freedom and the Police State:

  • I won’t go over these examples one by one, but I will say there is a lot of information missing as to the complete setting of some of them. I think if you want to say opt out of a trip and not be frisked by TSA, that should be an option without being arrested, it is a personal choice. As to food fights,they kids need to clean up behind themselves and teachers and school athorities should be given the right to place appropriate punishments on the offenders. Including spankings, and fining the parents. Cops should not be needed, however we have taken the right of the school to administer punishment away, coupled with a falling away from the teachings of a Church and God, leave the school with dangerous uncontrollable children, maybe the cops were the only answer in this case. One thing I know for sure, 99% of the population calls the cops when they feel endangered, or are in trouble or threatened. Most of these issue are a result of uninformed people going up against foolish laws and regulation, plus police who have never been properly trained. But I do think we will pull through this stressful time and be stronger for it. 2012 will provide another chance to clean house and senate, plus get rid of this sad excuse of a president.

  • Gary2

    Private prisons need inmates to make a profit. They therefore lobby for harsher sentences.

    It is sickening to see police sitting in their car trying to catch speeders when there is much more violent crime/gangs they should be dealing with. No one cares about people speeding. I know an officer and he told me that there are a lot of lazy cops who would rather sit in their patrol car all day and issue tickers for speeding. He said real police work was too much effort for them. His number was 55-60% of the cops are the lazy ones who want to sit with a radar gun all day. These are his numbers and not mine, however, anecdotaly they are very believable.

  • Los Angeles county is throwing homeless veterans in jail……for being homeless; giving them criminal records for life that will prevent them from getting a job or from renting an apartment , thus, KEEPING THEM HOMELESS!

  • Jonathan

    Plan B is expatriation. Plan A is The Good Fight and is currently flailing. Time will tell, though it’s very important that Plan B take place BEFORE Plan A is an absolute failure for at that point Plan B may be impossible.

  • We are moving from this mad house as soon as possible.

  • William F. DeVault

    I agree there are abuses, but many of the items you cite we need more information on AND some of these laws have been on the books for decades (public swearing, got news for you…I knew of people arrested for that 40 years ago, was at the trial of one). Yes, many of our laws are ridiculous. And yes, I bemoan the loss of personal liberty that our cowardice and paranoia has brought into vogue since 20 terrorists killed almost as many people as die in alcohol related traffic accidents every couple of months, but I don’t see us picking and choosing our targets well or doing much that actually makes us either more secure, or a society that is worthy of being more secure.

  • Kevin

    Any guess on how LEOs behaved before the possibility of being videoed by civilians? The only thing new is the taser replaced the night stick and black jack.

    Most cops are not brutal but good cops for the most part protect bad cops. That’s just the way it is and has always been. It’s the one of three classes cops put everyone into; cops, family of cops and then everyone else.

    Power corrupts; it’s as simple as that.

  • What about being arrested and beaten for sharing vegan meals with the hungry? I did nearly 2 years in jail and faced life in prison for sharing food in San Francisco. The police made over 1,000 arrests of people for sharing food in San Francisco and other cities across the United States. One of our arrests will be heard in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta the week of February 14th.

  • mondobeyondo

    “Don’t Taze Me, Bro!!”..


  • mondobeyondo

    One of the problems with the government, at least where it comes to “security”, is that it tends to be reactive, instead of proactive.

    Prior to 9/11, flying passenger jets into buildings wasn’t even on the security chart. Hijackings? Where are they going, to Cuba?

    Taking off your shoes at the airport wasn’t even a consideration until Richard Reid (the shoe bomber guy) decided he’d try to light his Nikes ablaze. Now, grandma has to take off her slippers to board a plane.

    Body searches weren’t a consideration until Mr. “Fruit of the Boom” decided he’d try to light his tighty whities on a plane. Now, you’re having to go through scanners and body searches.

    We need to think outside the box, like the terrorists do. God forbid if some loony with an agenda decides to blow himself or herself up in the middle of an NFL game, or Times Square in New York. (Or let’s say, a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon).

    And how do we balance our freedom to watch live sporting events, shop, go to the movies, nightclubs, etc. and still feel safe against the idiots and twisted minds? Well, Israel deals with this every single day.

  • Beverly

    We were pulled over in Prescott Mi for cigarette ASHES out the vehicle window. I showed the officer my butte and that I had only put the ashes out the window and had not littered he informed me that putting ashes out the window was illegal as well! Hmmm… Who’da thunk it??

  • Dawn Conklin

    Disgusting….. Plain and simple.

  • mondobeyondo

    Just remember…

    “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”

  • David Temsike

    A month ago, a good friend of my oldest son got arrested for spanking a kid. Before his parents spent somewhere around $15K, he was facing two felony charges for child endangerment as was looking at 12 years in state prison.

    Now, he’s facing one misdemeanor charge. He will be on probation for three years and has to attend 52 weeks of anger management.

    Since 1990, my wife and I have been feathering our nest in a country outside of the USA. IMHO, this country took a bad turn with Richard Nixon and has been going steadily downhill since.

    We’d like to live here until July 2013. We’d like our youngest son to graduate from his US high school. But things are falling apart quickly in the USA. We may have to bail out sooner than planned.


    America with all its arrogant pride has past the point of no return in thinking it will not faulter or fali. It has the attitude it cannot be brought down. Think again Babylonian America. Rome had the same attitude as did Greece, Medo Persia and the first Babylon. All throughout histor great and powerful empires have rose and later crumble to ruins, America is no different.

  • bob

    Hey its like this. Easy crimes is an easy crime to solve and its another notch on the cops belt. Plus the DA now can ad another notch on his belt. Production, and easy crimes to solve. It cost money and time to solve difficult crimes. My wife has dementia, she called the cops, they made her sign a statement totally false, but allowed them to arrest me for DMV. It was totally false. But had to hire an attorney, and after 5 court appearances, it was dismissed. I ended up losing my home, my business, and they tried to plea deal, I said no way. But the damage was done. The money involved in police and courts is incredible. It keeps a lot of govt workers working.

  • 1angrywhitemale

    As Gerald Celente says, “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it”. We’ll see some serious riots and street violence as the economy worsens in 2011, plus a LOT more murder, assault, robbery, theft, home invasions, shoplifting, etc.

    Cash-strapped cities and states will rapidly reduce or eliminate essential services, while increasingly targeting the law-abiding for inane “crimes” to generate more revenue (e.g., the cops won’t be there when you need them, but you’d better not break any gun-control laws as you try to protect yourself).

    The sheeple will be worried about the fast-rising costs of food, gasoline, and other necessities—NOT their actual natural rights. I also suspect we’ll see more “terrorist” (real or false flag) events, which will increase the sheeple’s call for “more security”.

    As usual, the REAL criminals (amoral banksters and other elitists who steal TRILLIONS of dollars) will continue to profit (at least for a while longer), while trivial (by comparison) “criminals” will receive increasingly more severe and more capricious punishments.

    When you add up the deleterious effects of pharmaceuticals, a notoriously malnutricious Western diet, no exercise, mind-numbing miseducation in government schools, shallow and distracting entertainment and managed news, you end up with a huge herd of sheeple who’ll be caught like so many deer frozen in the headlights when things get really dicey.

    When that shock turns to anger and desperation, look out….

  • William

    I don’t trust cops. Period. Control freaks, every one of them.

  • Excellent article!!! This is what the Jesuits have carefully planning for decades, to call evil good and good evil!!! It’s come down to America being a police state!!! Here real soon, several states are going to break away from the rest of the states and run themselves!!! If your interested in finding more truth go to: Another source for unbiased news, that the main stream media cannot touch with their lies!!!

  • seriously?

    Hey i have an idea, why don’t all of you ******* shut the **** up and do something about it? you think talking about not doing anything is doing anything? **** no, of course not. if you’ve got time to gripe then DO something.. form a protest march, write to your representatives, stop using airplanes to give the TSA the middle finger. AND as far as the youth in america…well the parents are to blame of course, not the government. when the hell did it become so wrong to spank your own kids? we’ve become too damn sensitive. pc this po that. too passive. STAND UP PEOPLE

  • seriously?

    p.s. – all those kids probably deserved getting tased

  • Susan

    I live in Australia (Thank God). It is not so bad here (yet). The cops there are over-reacting for sure, but the question is: Who is educating/disciplining the kids? Answer: The media. What the hell do you expect. Look back 100 – 150 years ago. You had polite, obedient, honest children because thier parents whipped them if they got out of line. Police are now doing it for them! If you want to object, teach your children to behave as well.

  • Brent

    We can talk and complain and rant all we want but until we get angry enough to take action, it will only get worse. The masses are ignorant sheep and have been conditioned because of their inability to think critically to believe that politically correct behavior is a good thing. And we are all too busy chasing our tails to make a buck and then to spend it on shinny new 24 inch rims for our ride. How about some priorities? So what do we do that won’t result in our unlawful arrest? They people in charge are the real enemies of the State, But they also have the biggest stick.

  • Celiene

    I have three words: For-Profit Prisons. Publicly traded and stockholders to be held accountable to. Someone has to populate those prisons so that money can be made.

  • JohnZ

    There are several reasons for this nonsense:
    1: It generates money for municipalities.
    a) creates a corporate prison slave system
    2: The American sheeple are too dumbed down and butt stupid to realize what is happening:
    a) the creation of a police security state
    3: the result of the Illuminati’s control over America towards a one world government.
    a) The New World Order
    4. The result of corruption in the government which then travels downward through local governments.
    a)The obsession to completely control Americans in every aspect of our lives.
    b) criminalize those who don’t “comply”.
    5.To create an atmosphere of fear and suspicion among the Sheeple who in turn allow so called law enforcement to do whatever they want.
    a) The creation of a Police state
    b) Out of control cops, some who are using steroids exhibit overly aggressive behavior to the point of extreme violent actions against the general public.
    ” Those who give up essential liberty for the illusion of safety deserve neither and will have none.” Benjamin Franklin
    ” When tyranny and oppression come to America, it will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” James Madison
    “The only way for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”
    According to Janet Nazipolitano most of us are either terrorist threats or extremists. The TSA gestapo has ruled we do not have the right to travel by air. Soon it will also include travel by bus or rail. I predict within 2 years,TSA road checkpoints will be established. You will then be harassed just to go to the grocery store to get a gallon of milk.
    Welcome to the late great America! Just another nation that will join the scrap heap of history.
    I guess it’s time to make travel plans….someplace else to live.
    See you later. Take care and good luck.
    You’re going to need it.

  • nikhil

    I am in india and the police here sometimes do behave strangely like arresting a two year old for murder. And a 93 year old handicapped blind man for armed robbery. This is what is done by the police to show that they are doing some work. The instances mentioned in the blog Never require the police to butt in for such silly matters.

  • Jacob

    Senior citizen (67 yrs)arrested for so called trespassing in neighbors yard. Neighbor (nurse) claiming fence as hers, trying to extort money from 67 yr old. Nurse trying to cover up having an unlicensed dog, dog barking, chemical smells & having her landscaper steal trees to name a few of what the nurse is hiding. For cover up & trying to extort funds from 67 yr old – nurse made up lies to get 67 yr old arrested.

  • Michael2

    I am always taken aback at Americans who are intimidated, incarcerated and in some cases persecuted for tax violations, especially in light of the reoccurring large scale criminal scandals in the governmental, banking and corporate worlds. How can citizens be made to feel like criminals with their own hard earned money? It leaves me speechless too that corporations and government have the imperial-like power of Eminent Domain, while Squatter’s Rights have long ago, mostly been abolished. And it also seems now that homeless is as well a crime. Some of the criminal actions in the juvenile system are scary and breathe taking too in my humble opinion. For instance here in Pennsylvania a few judges were convicted of corruption charges involving them receiving financial incentive to incarcerate children in certain facilities in the juvenile justice system. I have read stories of sanctioned under ground fight clubs and stories of sexual abuse in several juvenile institutions across America. And I have read stories of sex crimes involving children and members of Congress too.

    The get harsh on Americans attitude seems to me to more coincide with the financial crisis, rather than as a response to 911. The militarization of civilian police has long been occurring with the expansion of the “Drug War” as many have noted. In fact I have read so many stories of the police raiding the wrong homes and actually killing people and pets, I have long thought the doctrine of “War time Collateral Damage” applied to the Drug War as well. What is scarier is more and more some officers look more vigilante like, rather than like objective law enforcement officials. We see footage all the time of officers dispensing a little street justice or rough justice as is said. Another thing that is really getting intense is the high speed chases/crashes law enforcement is involved in that is popular on youtube and TV shows. Some of this stuff looks like scenes right out of the Mel Gibson movie, Mad Max. I have seen footage of cops hitting fleeing suspects with their vehicles and I have to be honest, I cringe when I see it. And to finish off my rant, lol, 🙂 I have not seen much mentioned about corruption that is rampant in some police precincts across America.

    All that said I want to say, I know there are good law enforcement people out there. And to be honest I would be far more fearful if there were no cops or more bad cops than good. So I am grateful for them given the shape our society is in. I guess it’s just a case of taking the good with the bad.

  • Dano

    Plant multiple flags to ensure your safety of assets and person. Always have an escape plan…

  • TC

    It’s not going to change, but get worse. I left the US in 2005 for the greener pastures of New Zealand and have not regretted it. Good luck to those still stuck behind the Information Curtain.

  • The Beast

    Is this USA you’re talking about, or NAZI-Germany?

  • Americans are the only people in the world who eat biotech genetically engineered food stuff. Genetically modified crops has been banned in Europe and many other countries. Research has shown that animals refuse to eat the stuff. When rats are forced to eat it, research shows they end up attacking each other and most of the rats end up dead after a few months. Why would it different with humans? Americans are not stupid, they are just being poisoned.

  • uthama narayanan

    Could anyone think the difference between etiquette and refinement? The above said article is the answer.

  • Steve Adore

    #9 #9 #9….the Amish Farmer arrested for the milk wasn’t because his milk was bad or illegal!!!!! NO!!!!! DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT A TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY!?!??! #9 happened because the Amish farmer decided not to tag his cows with RFID chips because he is Amish and RFID chips (being electronic and the Mark of the Beast) ARE COMPLETELY AGAINST HIS RELIGION! The Feds made Amish people tag their livestock with RFID chips AGAINST THEIR RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!! Phuck that! I had to get a Biometric RFID chip which I feel is the Mark of the Beast to keep my job!!!!! TWIC it’s called!BUT EVERYONE IN AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A BIOMETRIC RFID CHIP IN THEIR DRIVER’S LICENSE SINCE 05/11/2008 CALLED REALID!!!!!!!! PHUCK ALL YOUR BIOMETRIC RFID CHIPS AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER HORSE THEY RODE IN ON!!!! WOW! I better shut up or Adolf Hitler might hear me and turn off my chip or put me on some life-destroying LIST! NAZIS!

  • Charles Grey

    A preview of the near future?? What you could call a post-American order.

  • Ted

    If law enforcement goes to a call, someone is going to get charged. It’s the standard M.O. now and it’s because if they do not and something happens, the city/county/state could be liable.

  • Nadia 123

    “Perhaps the American people will stand up and demand that we restore the principles of liberty and freedom that this country was founded on.Do you think that will happen?”
    No, as it stands , I don’t think it will happen. American people are in the state of slumbering, having been lullabied for way too long by the propaganda oaf powers that be, and its cronies. Being told that you live in the greatest country on earth, you’ve got it best, no one else on earth has it good and it’s free as you are… this does something to the psyche of the society and it’s people. Sadly, it takes some of f us who are “the outsiders”, to see reality as it is, and then when we do speak it, exposing it, we’re shunned away and ostracized, being labeled as “hating America”. I hav lived in this country few decades now, and have seen it’s constant , steady demise and downloading… But American people will have to hit the rock bottom, in order to rise up and go go to the fat cats in power, clenching their fists and demand the REAL change. I tell you, people, posters and smiling faces to pose fora TV cameras won’t cut it! But that seems to be the idea of protesting in this country! It’s no wonder America is crumbing. There is hardly any backbone found in it!

  • Keith

    David Temsike – This is the greatest country on the planet, I am glad people like you are leaving! Most people who post things like this don’t look at the entire story. There is usually other items involved. For example, I am sure the women with the dog probably caused her issue. I can’t imagine that happened because she didn’t clean up poop. It probably happened because a police officer asked her to clean up her dog’s poop and she went nuts. Police aren’t the bad guys, and I for one am thankful we have such a great police force in this country. Sure there may be some bad cops, but there are bad people in every profession. Again, if you don’t like this country, leave as soon as you can and don’t bother to come back to collect Social Security or if you ever need a major operation. Take care of yourself in your new country!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Hello to all. Sadly, this article is dead accurate, and it is only going to get worse. The thing is, I’ve been quietly studying all manner of different nations over several years (and I have lived overseas outside of the Untied Status of Amerika twice in the past, over a total of nearly a decade out of my over 5 decade life). Let’s say almost 1/3 of my adult life has been outside the US.

    With the over-reaching by the powers that be in terms of deciding that only the wealthiest and most powerful can do as they wish (i.e. have something resembling freedom to leave WITH their wealth), it is increasingly difficult if not impossible to “legally” leave.

    This honestly leaves the Untied Status of Amerika much more akin to Eastern Germany than many think. We not be hemmed in with a physical Berlin wall, but there is a “legal” one (which is ironic, since for all intents and puposes, the current regime and prior regimes going back for decades in the US are illegal entities – because those in power are refusing to obey the foundational law of the land. This makes them, and the nation, and all of the laws – ILLEGITIMATE).

    Just like East Germany was considered ILLEGITIMATE (but only after the wall fell).

    I have considered several nations, as I mentioned, and am fully grown-up enough to realize that there won’t be anywhere on earth which is ‘utopia’ and if there were, just whose ‘utopian vision’ would it follow? It might follow mine, but those of a different mind-set might find it hell on earth. Likewise for me, if I didn’t like it. No, I don’t expect ‘utopia’ – but I’d like to see something resembling freedoms for those who are responsible instead of punishment and excessive taxation for the responsible.

    I haven’t found anyplace yet, worth even considering.

    Which means I therefore must attempt to make the best of an increasingly bad situation here in this country.

    I’m beginning to conclude that there are maybe 1% of the population “awake, aware, and willing” to stand up and see things as true patriots might. I do not believe this is sufficient to carry the day, to be honest. I believe history shows that something like 5% of the population in Colonial days, were very much for independence from Britain, and the forming of a new nation. This 5% inspired enough of the majority to pull together and form a (once) great nation. But 1% cannot do it.

    In conclusion, I strongly believe that the United States will dissolve within a few years, into several nations in much the same way that the Soviet Dis-Union occurred, with many of the same results. About a decade or more of misery, followed by a new group of powers that be glomming onto the majority of power and money and the cycle starting all over again, this time without a coherent Constitution.

    We have absolutely no idea how far we have to fall in this nation. Or at least, most of us don’t. A few of us do have some idea, and we cringe even to think of it.

    But I’ve read ahead to the end of The Book and know that NOTHING can separate me from the Love of Christ, so all will be okay for His believers in the end.

    May God help us all. Maranatha (“Christ, please return soon.”)

  • Jeff Smith

    Of course everything is a crime now: a law-abiding society is just not as profitable as one where everyone is a criminal. Just think of all that revenue the prison/court industries generate. Since crime rates have been dropping, they have to try to turn people into criminals who aren’t. Unfortunately, this country is so stupid that they don’t realize this and are thus powerless to do anything. Even if they did realize, it would be a matter of seconds before they just forgot and went back to playing with their smart phones.

  • Are you kidding me! I would like to know who wrote this crap for people to read. First, if you want to complain about LEO’s then don’t call us when you need us, try calling a criminal that’s plugging up our prisons. Second, the girl that wrote on the desk should have beened charged because that’s vandalism and it wasn’t hers to write on. No different than if she wrote on your house you would call cops and want her punished. Quit crying and allow LEO’s to do what they are trained to do!!!!!

  • Steve

    Too many Barney’s. Not enough Andy’s

  • Scott

    5 AM in the morning? As opposed to 5 AM in the evening?????? But only on the 4th year anniversary, I take it! 🙂



  • El Pollo de Oro

    Benjamin Franklin famously said that those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, and the sad irony is that as The Banana Republic of America (the Third World horror movie formerly known as the United States) becomes more and more of a police state, it will also become increasingly violent, increasingly dangerous, and increasingly crime-plagued (not to mention increasingly poor). I’m not talking petty crime like gypsies snatching your wallet at Termini Station in Roma. No, I’m talking violent crime: violent carjackings, violent kidnappings, violent home invasions, violent confrontations between drug cartels. I’m talking Johannesburg dangerous, Caracas dangerous, Port Moresby dangerous, Guatemala City dangerous, favelas of Rio de Janeiro dangerous, Barrio Bravo de Tepito de la Ciudad de México dangerous (orale, que tengan cuidad en el Barrio Tepito, guay, porque no cabe duda que es muy peligroso).

    Are some Americans clueless enough to welcome a police state with open arms? Absolutely. There are still plenty of neocon idiots in the BRA who support the Patriot Act, consider Ron Paul, Naomi Wolf, Justin Raimondo, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Dennis Kucinich and other anti-imperialists “traitors” and think that a police state will make them safer. But it won’t. The BRA is only going to become more violent as it becomes poorer and more repressive.

    Welcome to Fall of the Roman Empire: The Sequel. God help the rotting, decaying, collapsing Banana Republic of America.

  • Bill

    Now hang on folks, The American People are waking up and beginning to stand against this socialist hogwash that has been infecting our country.

  • ed

    Ooo. Ooo. William. I know. It’s the joos.

  • Allisio Rex

    For 30 years I’ve been writing to members of Congress and States legislators about their unconstitutional power grab.
    I was thanked for writing but I never received an answer to my many questions.
    I totally agree with the above poster “Seriously” on the need for visible activism.
    This Country,the USA, is a Dictatorship now,exactly! Wasn’t it supposed to be a Republic?
    Our founding fathers are turning in their graves. If only a few of us can get their act together and hit the streets, march and protests and if we can get long haul truckers on our side,as they do in Europe, we can paralyze,halt the entire Country and get States and Congress to change all those inhumane,stupid,oppressive laws.
    In the meantime you may want to see what others have to say:

  • Aurora

    Keith said: “David Temsike – This is the greatest country on the planet, I am glad people like you are leaving!”

    Keith, what other countries on this planet have you lived in, in order to know that?

  • Mike

    This is what happens when we allow government to get out of control. People are to lazy to govern themselves and they look to Uncle Sam to solve their problems. Take back the power that belongs to you.

  • bos6078

    Some of the comments here, and for that matter, comments about other articles, are indicative of the problem with America…exaggeration. If you want your comment to be heeded, then stop with the hyberbole.

    I’m a cop in small-town America, 26 years worth, and I guarantee that most of the cases cited in this article came about because another CITIZEN called in about it! You can’t believe the stupid crap I’m called to deal with. You think I want to fool with idiotic stuff? Think again. I used to love my job but now I get so many stupid calls about nonsense such as that above that now I can’t wait for retirement. The vast, vast majority of police officers are honest people who believe in your civil liberties very seriously.

    The stupid laws we enforce are the result of pressure by CITIZENS who make a big deal out of stuff to their elected officials.

    It used to be when there was a domestic dispute, we were allowed to mediate, if possible, arrest when the victim pressed charges. Now, I am REQUIRED to to make an arrest if I see evidence of a crime. The victim has no say and neither do I. And what’s worse, any type of crime under the umbrella of “domestic violence” will result, if there is a conviction, in the defendant losing his 2nd Amendment Rights. If you walk up and push some dude on the street and you’re charged with harassment, you’ll probably just get a ticket, go to court and if found guilty pay a small fine and maybe 6 months unsupervised probation. No other repercussion. Do it to your wife or husband and you go to jail – no bond, must see the judge on Monday, temporary restraining order (including your kids) and on cinviction, lose your right to bear arms! Did the cops do this? No way! The National Organization of Women got this passed. I hate that kind of crap with a passion. It’s called “No Tolerance”. That means no discretion on anybody’s part. Think about this before you vilify the cops. We enforce the laws, we don’t make them.

    On a side note, I see all the comments about “standing up for ourselves” and the predictions of rioting, etc. Do any of you really think that will happen? Other than anarchists or ghetto dwellers who just like to tear stuff up and have no rational agenda, I’ve never seen it. Ain’t seeing it now, either. Our form of government was great but now its just special interests and lawyers. What I propose is a National Lottery of Legislative Service. Everyone not insane, a felon or mentally handicapped is eligible to be picked, at random, for a 6 year term (or whatever term we find acceptable). No more and not eligible for a term later. The pay would be very well. The person would be re-hired at their old job, if they want it, no questions asked. No special retirement package. All levels of government (pay commensurate with responsibility) – legislative duties only. President voted on, judges appointed but only for 10 years, perhaps, no lifetime appointments.

    My proposal may be a pipedream and not fleshed out, but hey, it’s a start.

  • Sabrina

    The first one would be legitimate. If it’s illegal to read someone else’s snail mail, it should be illegal to read their email as well. That’s invasion of privacy.

  • talmidthree

    Rev 18:1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
    Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
    Rev 18:3

    (it’s not talking about illegal “aliens” from across the border either but rather look to the heavens)

    For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
    Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
    Rev 18:5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
    Rev 18:6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
    Rev 18:7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
    Rev 18:8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

  • William Mc.

    Now, NOW, Not every one is asleep at the wheel over here.
    More and more people are realizing whats going on around this country of ours.
    I can assure you that WE ARE WAKING. Friends are talking and the notion of a government that is too overbearing is at the top of many a discussion and our voices are loud. Loud enough for our congress and senators to hear for sure.
    Sheesh…have a little faith.

  • Lennie Pike

    mindy peck:

    You have serious emotional problems – you just don’t realize it. You have no business being a police officer. It seems most police sound just like you. I had a very elderly retired life-long police detective in my cab. He told me almost all people who want to be police are the wrong type of people for the job. He was speaking of mean control freak nut jobs. I already knew that what he said was true, but it was interesting to get that kind of verification.

    On the other hand, it’s a depressing job that not many normal people would want to do – so thanks for doing the best you can – just don’t be thinking you have the right to tromp all over our Constitutional Rights – the main one being the right of Juries to not only judge innocence or guilt – but to also determine if the penalty fits the crime, and also to find a defendant not guilty even if guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt just cause we feel might feel like it that day. In other words, we are the law and the jury, not you, so try to keep it under control a little bit.

    p.s. When I was a kid, me and just about everyone else wrote on their desks and nobody gave a damn. We sure didn’t have cops showing up and tasing us. The teachers almost encouraged it because they knew we were only acting like normal developing young human beings. I know for sure that if a cop had done something like that, there wouldn’t have been one student’s father who would not have tracked down that cop and at least whipped his or her ass – with no repercussions from anyone because everyone would have been in agreement that it was the right thing to do.

    The U.S. has changed unbelievably for the worse.

    You should read the Constitution before you go to bed every day and be constantly thinking about what it means and why it is a good thing, because your type can easily totally ignore it thinking that you make the law and not us. We tell you what to do – not the other way around – believe it or not.

  • Owen

    Apparently most Americans are comfortable with what goes on in our airports now. Most of those whom I have spoken to about this assure me it is better to be safe than sorry. As for me, I have given up flying. I do not intend to fly again until the day of the rapture of the church, which I believe is imminent.

  • James

    mindy peck
    December 29th, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Are you kidding me! I would like to know who wrote this crap for people to read. First, if you want to complain about LEO’s then don’t call us when you need us, try calling a criminal that’s plugging up our prisons. Second, the girl that wrote on the desk should have beened charged because that’s vandalism and it wasn’t hers to write on. No different than if she wrote on your house you would call cops and want her punished. Quit crying and allow LEO’s to do what they are trained to do!!!!!

    Words from another fat headed cop, with no common sense.

    As to your comment,
    “don’t call us when you need us”
    I don’t rely on you to protect me. I protect myself, and I will call you, when and if I want to. You work for me.

  • Doug

    All public officials have taken an oath of office to defend our constitution. If an individual does not commit a crime against a person or property…they have not committed a crime. If an officer of the law arrests a person who has not committed a crime…they can be sued in their private capacity. Take them to court and sue them, that will make them think twice! …Restore the De Jure Grand Jury!

  • Melissa

    Wow! I wish America would expect people to pass a test to reproduce. Every day I am expected to parent children who have absent parents. I take care of MY children, pay for their extra-curricular activities and make sure they get to each activity. I’m doing my job and then some and I have had a pay freeze for the last 4 years. Because I have been an inner-city teacher for 10 years and have seen no changes, I am getting out and will try to affect a change without being inside the system. If you see a foundation from a financial company, know I made a difference because I tried to help!

  • AnarchoRationalist

    Quite simply put, the government and police are terribly paranoid. I mean, have a conversation with your average police officer and you will find them justifying the most bizarre behavior.

    We have gone far beyond the imaginations of Kafka or Orwell. They couldn’t have conceived of anything as invasive and insane as piss testing, and that’s a fairly innocuous violation of human dignity.

    It only takes a little research to reveal police handcuffing men face down on the ground and shooting them in the back, running down bicyclists and parking on top of them (then hiding a gun on the body), Putting on face masks and posing as “Anarchists” at protests in order to incite violence.

    Why, in my town the police are most famous for comitting rapes, and my roommates are regularly harassed by the police, illegally detained at gunpoint and searched just becaue we live in a poorer neighborhood.

    The other day the police were staging one of their regular “drug busts” down the street. As my roommate passed by he overheard the officers bragging, “Well, if we don’t get these guys we can always bust him”.

    There is no excuse for this, and no defense, whatever service the police provided in the past, they are simply gangsters today.

    I say we take away their monopoly rights.

  • Jeff F

    This is quite misleading. The list is of “The following are 14 of the most ridiculous things that Americans are being arrested for” yet a number of the examples do not involve arrest, but only minor fines.

  • Anne

    bos6078, it figures that the one law you’d pick out to dislike is the one that no longer allows men to beat their wives.

  • Ayn Rand saw this coming over half a century ago.

    From Atlas Shrugged, during a scene where Dr. Ferris of the government’s State Science Institute is attempting to blackmail Hank Rearden into handing over his trade secret metal formula:

    “Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them broken.”

    A little later, Dr. Ferris continues:

    “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted — and you create a nation of law-breakers — and then you cash in on guilt.”

    Boston attourney Harvey Silverglate also addresses this subject in his most excellent book Three Felonies A Day.

    “Why do I carry a gun? Because a whole cop is too heavy.”

    “When even one American – who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth – then all Americans are in peril.” – Harry S. Truman

  • mindy peck wrote:

    the girl that wrote on the desk should have beened charged because that’s vandalism and it wasn’t hers to write on. No different than if she wrote on your house you would call cops and want her punished.

    Well now, that’s the whole problem, isn’t it?

    We’ve become a society obsessed with punishment, rather than one that metes out justice. Instead of insisting on restitution, we chuck people in prison, rendering them incapable of righting their wrongs.

  • Smash

    Anyway our (seemingly more fascist) government can tax us they will. Until we revolt there will be one bullshit tax after another…
    A ruling class, separated from a formerly passive people by the privileges of power and property and culture, has remained isolated, has decayed in function, in leadership capacity, and in motivation toward measures needed for the growth and advancement of the society of community.

  • all I can say is that america can go phuck its-self. government giving billions of bailout dollars to banks while the citizens are starving, unemployed, losing their homes, and struggling to pay their bills. whats that say about our government….they care more about the big greedy buisnesses and could care less about the average citizen. and by the way, all that bail out money is’nt in the economy, the banks are sitting on it hoarding it like a miserly old man. the whole purpose was to use it to get people loans and mortgages but now a days you have to have damn near perfect credit to qualify for any kind of loan, let alone a mortgage. how’s a government and a bank expect our citizens credit score to be immaculate with all the lost jobs, unemployment, and foreclosures. I am very pissed off at all these big banks and often fantasize about driving some planes into their greedy phucking money hoarding buildings

  • dvd

    You are a puritanic , prunish, egocentric and boring society, what do you expect?

  • zack

    “As the government continues to get even bigger and exerts even more control over our lives, many of our own people are getting sick of it and are moving abroad.”

    Bingo. I just met several expats on my last trip abroad that did exactly that. Not only are they able to live a freer existence outside America, but prices are lower and the quality of life is better. Food in particular contains far less hormones/antibiotics.

    Our company Path to Asia helps Americans move to Asia for jobs and prosperity. Visit our site for details.

  • Tim

    It would be nice if we could share this and other articles by EMAIL. There are a dozen alternative ways to share from this website — many of them obscure — but no email forwarding ability. HELLO?????

  • neilo

    I’d also like to ad that almost everything in a relationship can be construed as abuse, and then be portrayed to be a pattern which is illegal and will surely seperate you from your children, your freedom, and your dignity.

    Check this out-

    Is one parent spending a lot of time at work? That’s an indication of big problems, and abuse is right around the corner folks.

    Do both parents spend most of the day with the children? One parent (guess the gender)is controlling and basically holding your spouse/kids captive and exploiting them.

    Did you grab the wrists of your spouse while they were trying to attack you? This is a well known form of domestic violence and you are guilty. You are supposed to simply walk away.

    Do you walk away from your significant other during an argument? If you do it ‘too fast’ then you are abusing by emotional withdrawal.

    Are you struggling to pay child support, and you try to keep enough working capitol on hand during hard times so that you can, say, pay a plumber or get a tire repaired on your car? You are a deadbeat parent and trying to exert control after the fact.

    Teh abuse industry and social services are the closest thing to the secret police that we have today in this country.

  • shozzy

    were all boned… its just a matter of time. wake up america, wake up before its too late

  • bos6078


    I certainly don’t condone a man beating his wife or a woman beating her husband (which occurs about 30% of the time in my police experience). The point I’m trying to make using domestic violence laws as an example is that a crime committed against a stranger will result in one type of punishment where the same crime committed against an intimate partner results in a substantially more severe punshment. AND requires mandatory actions which may not be suitable. However, if we don’t arrest in a domestic violence case when there is evidence of a crime, we commit a crime. This forces us to make a bad arrest once in a great while. That bothers me immensely. If we had discretion, I’m sure there would be fewer bad arrests in these cases. This is the same as with the kids that bring a steak knife to school to eat their lunches with. There is a no tolerance policy there and forces bad arrests. The laws/policies are the result of complaints brought by citizens and stupidly acted upon by legislators. Anne, read the message – nowhere in my original message do I say I condone domestic violence so don’t exaggerate.

  • Allisio Rex

    On a side note, I see all the comments about “standing up for ourselves” and the predictions of rioting, etc. Do any of you really think that will happen? Other than anarchists or ghetto dwellers who just like to tear stuff up and have no rational agenda, I’ve never seen it.

    boss6078, I’m not against the Police. If I got three or four traffic tickets over forty-years driving I deserved them. I should have paid more attention at my speedometer!
    We need the Police…honest,professional Police Officers. However, too often,untrained police Officer shoot and kill people just because they have a stick or a small knife or other object in their hands even when they and others are not in danger of anything and could very well use non-lethal force to restrain the individual who may be in a condition not to understand the order of a Police Officer. I’ve seen many of these incidents in real TV to make anyone to tremble.

    As you said, at times your hands are tied,you have no choice or discretion and must make the arrests, Fair enough.

    No, but I’m against a Government which has become too oppressive. Whether is Congress (Federal Government) or the States they’re are not acting in the name of the people. The fact is that once the legislators take their power from people,elected by the people, they are totally on their own and pass all the laws they want whether we want them or not!
    This is not what this Country is all about. This is not what our founding father created when they severed the bonds with Great Britain and organized a Republic and reserved substantial power to the people.
    Today the people have almost no power. The Federal Government usurping their limited authority, under the non-existing inter-State Commerce Clause, meant to regulate,facilitate and not to punish inter-State Commerce, is passing statutes criminalizing anything which takes place within a State,if Congress wants, making it a federal crime. According to what Justice Clarence Thomas once said, almost anything can be a federal crime. So why we have the States and their State Constitutions?
    The fact is that Justice Thomas, Scalia and all the others forgot that there is the 10th Amendment watching over their shoulders!

    Millions of people,in fact, are in Jail or end up with a criminal record for acts which are not within the Constitutional powers of the Feds and State Governments.

    The victim has no say and neither do I. And what’s worse, any type of crime under the umbrella of “domestic violence” will result, if there is a conviction, in the defendant losing his 2nd Amendment Rights. If you walk up and push some dude on the street and you’re charged with harassment, you’ll probably just get a ticket, go to court and if found guilty pay a small fine and maybe 6 months unsupervised probation. No other repercussion.

    You loose your Second Amendment Rights even if you shoplift a $150 item, bounce a check for the same amount in State or Interstate Commerce (federal here), under-paying taxes of a few dollars and anything else whose maximum sentence is more than a year in jail regardless or whether the defendant serves time,gets probation or is fined.

    The Domestic Violence,I understand your point,under the anti-American Senator Lauthenberg from NJ carries a lifetime Second Amendment Rights prohibition however, I believe, that a federal Court has overturned this permanent disability under the rationale that it’s not classified as a felony.

    Our form of government was great but now its just special interests and lawyers. What I propose is a National Lottery of Legislative Service. Everyone not insane, a felon or mentally handicapped is eligible to be picked, at random, for a 6 year term (or whatever term we find accept ……….


    Under our US Constitution any born citizen can become President of the United States of America. The other requirements are: age and time of residence in the USA. Under the same Constitution any US Citizen born or naturalized citizens can become Congressman/women or US Senators. Our founding fathers felt that the only disqualifying “crimes” were Treason and Harboring the Enemies. It should remain this way.

    An advice for all. Try not to get fingerprinted even for a violation. See if you have an option to pay or avoid arrest for trivial charges because you’re not getting into Canada as it will show up as you cross into Canada. They’ll run your name and check your FBI files for any arrest or conviction and yes even an arrest for driving without a license (not me!) will stop you from entering Canada and the same happen for Canadians trying to get into the USA as they’ve been doing forever. No more!

    I thank the writer of this article. Excellent article. There should be more like this one here because many people have been deprived of their “pursuit of happiness” because of our numerous laws making almost everything a crime.

  • isabelle barnes-berutto

    Reading this I only can say communism is slowly setting in.

    • Michał W. Solański

      Communism? How is this heading towards de-legalizing private property and political parties?

  • Gerry

    “All it takes for EVIL to triumph, is for GOOD MEN to do NOTHING!!!”

  • Up to 5 years in jail simply for reading your wife’s email? Ouch! The above-mentioned crimes are, in reality, not serious enough crimes to throw Americans in jail. Costs more money on tax payers…. makes no sense.

  • Gary2

    I think it should be a crime that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes. It should be a crime for hedge fund managers to only pay 15% capital gains taxes on their income.

    Tax the rich and spread the wealth.

  • James

    If you don’t live in cities, your chances of being arrested for these silly things is almost nil. There aren’t that many cops to patrol every mile of the country. There are no surveillance cameras out in the country unless a farmer had them installed. Otherwise, if there are any, you should be able to spot them. I am wondering how the guy who read his wife’s e-mail was caught. Did she turn him in? Some wife huh? This country needs to grow a set of balls and fight this tyranny

  • brent davis

    The beatings will continue until
    morale improves.

  • anon

    Funny how some have the misguided idea that anarchism is violent. Anarchism, as a political philosophy, promotes a stateless society. Anarchy is the absence of a central state or government. Violence, these days, seems a practice engaged in primarily by central states and governments.

    Some anarchists that I’ve met are typically quite peaceful and not nearly as unreasonable as the majority of those populating the established political parties.

  • Frances

    Don’t you think that by now over the years the American people have quite adequately and elloquently described our problems in detail? All have arrived at the same conclusion: “something must definitely be done about the situation” or “people need to stand up???” Okay, now let us move on. I for one would like to hear about some real common sense solutions from people who are supposed to be intelligent “experts.” Is there anyone left in this country that can do more than just describe problems?

  • Helen

    Ayn Rand is constantly villified these days, and that also is part of the MSM agenda, with its claws reaching into the alternative media, as well. I found a very revealing essay about her real beliefs, and the plot to destroy her. It’s at

  • Unholyjake

    Cops have sworn to uphold the US. Constitution…very few even know what it is and the people that make these laws…damn sure don’t. People that are arrested for the kind of BS that’s in this article, should start sueing the cops that arrest them in civil court for violation of their Constitutional rights. If a cop thought he or she was going to going to be sued personaly for arresting people for this kind of crap, they would think twice about it…but what the hell…this country is self destructing and the line of no return to common sense has been crossed. In the next ten years there will be checkpoins along every road and you’ll have to stop and be body and vehicle searched before you can go to Walmart and buy your “made in China” shit, that you will pile in shopping carts that have cameras in them that recourd your every move, like the ones that will be in your cars. Don’t you love it?

  • rita

    i remember when i was a kid, if you wrote on the desk you were given detention and cleaned desks in detention. what is so hard about that? it is called discipline. something our children don’t seem to be raised with and our schools no longer seem to be able to mete out. i beg people to be outraged! why can’t the people of this country see what is happening? even their votes are stolen so the ptb can put in whomever they wish. come on folk, WAKE UP!

  • Fred

    I support the use of police in the case of issue #9, the Amish Farmer selling raw milk. What almost 100% of you don’t know is that raw milk has a huge risk of carrying tuberculosis and other diseases. All that stuff about natural things being healthy isn’t always true. Give thanks for pasteurization and homogenization, without them your children would die at the rates they did 200 years ago, thanks to jackasses who sell raw milk to the public because it’s “healthy”. If you think that’s healthy, try eating raw sewerage, it contains loads of vitamin B12, no seriously, it does, no jokes.

  • The solution is here. We the people have restored our de jure lawful government where people are actually protected by the law instead of molested by public statues. All of these travesties happen to 14th amendment corporate citizens, not to American nationals outside the jurisdiction of the corporate U.S. Educate and free yourself – republicfortheunitedstates[dot]org

  • walt

    I’m glad to see this article. It is something I’ve wanted to get out for a long time.
    Laws authority is made to extend to a punishment for a crime committed, not for the possibility of a crime. And a crime is harming another person or property. It is much wiser to allow a person to correct their crime than to sit in a jail and learn nothing.
    It has gotten to the point that when some one breaks a law, I think “So what”…??….it’s all BS anyway. Our laws have downgraded to the point, it means nothing anymore. Just like the “Nobel Peace Prize”- it has lost it’s standing since awarded to Gore..LOL!!- it now means nothing!

    Laws are man made, so are criminals- therefore, it doesn’t mean a bad person, it means nothing to the higher laws which are just, never change and are created through wisdom, forgiveness, and an eternal destination. These are the laws that make us human.

  • 4 – Thieves

    I know an oppressed citizen, who has been incarcerated, since Aug 05,2010, but there are no charges filed. Americans are treated worse then terrorists, thanks Homeland Security.

  • It will happen unless people start running for candidacy themselves than writing about it or hoping someone who is not of the ‘establishment’ runs on their behalf.

    First they “laid off” the workers,
    Those weren’t workers said nothing;
    Then, they plundered the farmers,
    Those weren’t farmers said nothing;
    Later, they arrested the human rights lawyers,
    Those weren’t lawyers said nothing;
    Even later, they imprisoned liberal intellectuals,
    but the lowly city residents, still didn’t say anything;
    Finally, they came for the lowly city residents , and there was no one left to stand up to speak for them.

    Stop writing from your armchair and run for election if you care so much.

  • Hey Tim, Start a blog and share it with the world. I have about 16,200 visitors since May 2010. Its not much but it helps spread the word.

  • jimmy

    You cannot wake up the mentally disabled. Big Pharma has many on the very drugs that disable them. The rest are scared or too poor to affors to get out and scream. Sucks to be alive right now.

  • V.

    All are dumb except for the first one. Maybe this guy shouldn’t be an idiot going through his wife’s email.

  • Alex

    Now you become the nazis. See how these things go?

  • Lo Phatt

    All too true, I’m afraid, and the bulk of the populace trying desperately to show that they’re “good Nazis” and go along with their “betters”. Really, to anyone who’s been paying attention, it should be obvious that the “public serpents” don’t work for us and don’t care what WE think.
    Looking to the source of the problem for a solution is a bit silly. This march into a Soviet Style Amerika is not what WE want, but somebody does.
    It’s happening all over the world. Every time we act as if we must depend on their tender mercies for existence we make it so. The trick is to ignore them, totally. I know that sounds simplistic, but it’s the best hope, for now. Just agree with whatever they say and go right ahead and do what you were going to do anyway.

  • Tom

    Republicans want abortion illegal
    Republicans want gay marriage illegal
    Republicans want medical marajuana illegal

    The list goes on….

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Can you say: “Grand jury?”

  • k

    now the average white person in America understands a little of what is to be black.

    -underemployed and overly criminalized

    of course three sayings come to mind:

    – an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
    – evil occurs when good men do nothing
    -the chickens come home to roost

    What is happening in America today is nothing more than the result of its over 200 hundred year tolerance of injustice towards blacks.

    This overly intrusive penal system used to essentially re-enslave blacks has now decided that it needs new and more raw material: now everyone is fair game.

    You critisized and insulted people like Jesse and Al when they fought against injustice when you should have been fighting with them at best or being neutral at worst. Now your women, children, husbands, wife, will now be victims of a voracious and cruel system that seeks to do nothing more than extract every ounce of money from them and -enslave them.

  • Emil

    “After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small, complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till that nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.” — Alexis de Tocqueville

  • “As the government continues to get even bigger and exerts even more control over our lives, many of our own people are getting sick of it and are moving abroad.”

    Yep. Left almost 30 years ago and haven’t missed it once.

  • Christopher Nelson

    You know, when given a fine for something ignorant. You can get back at the government by paying in change. Imagine counting 500 dollars out in change. They have to accept it, it is Official US currency.

  • Kaptain Kanada

    Sorry to break the news, but the USA has been a police state for a loooooooong time. The “crimes” have changed a bit over time as have the groups and individuals that the State attacks, but the USA was NEVER “the land of the free” and the cops were NEVER nice, polite chaps who were helping people.
    The big change is that middle class white Americans are now being (mis)treated the same way that the native peoples, blacks, Mexicans and others have been ever since the Mayflower ran aground on the shores of Massachusetts.
    Learn history; you’ll get fewer shocks that way.

    • Michał W. Solański

      At least there’s some big progress in equality then. 🙂

  • william wesley

    well German style Nazism is too politically incorrect for America, we will practice equal opportunity oppression, if your a liberal you die what ever your race religion or national origin.
    When a star goes super nova it leaves behind a neutron star or a black hole, when a society goes super nova the same thing happens
    Neutron star or black hole, its going to get very heavy here in the USA

  • Gar

    Doing something:
    Turn off the propaganda box in the living room. Homeschool your kids. Read up on “The Frankfurt School”, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt. Believe very little “accepted” history or science, read other versions…even if the authors are demonized by Newsweek, the WSJ, CNN, Fox News, etc. Ignore the MSM. Learn to live simply. Follow and Try to not get to depressed by people posting stuff like “tax the rich”, “spread the wealth” (which always leads to people wanting to create wealth to be confiscated-NOT), understand that governments CANNOT CREATE jobs, wealth, security, rights. Government can only steal, kill, bully and tyrannize some for others. Understand that “we” do not ALL have to agree, live the same way, think the same things, worship the same gods. Understand that worldview is nearly ALL “religion”. Realize that ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY is much more valuable than a JOB.

  • Bob

    I fear the police and the government FAR more than any private thug or criminal.

  • Richard Carpenter

    Because we can never be sure we have not committed a crime, we must NEVER talk to law enforcement officers. If a cop asks you how you are doing, tell him to talk to your lawyer. Young people seem to be getting the message. A recent TV story told of a murder on a college campus; police tried to interview students who knew the victim. Most of them told the police to talk to their lawyers. A police officer complained that such behavior makes it difficult to solve crimes. Yes, it does, but the problem is not that students do not wish to help solve the murder. The problem is that no student can be sure talking to police will not result in unrelated charges for some other petty crime. So many petty crimes will make it more and more difficult for cops to solve real crimes.

  • Holland Simms

    Some states have certification for milk cows that allows sale of raw milk products. Raw milk is far more nutricious than pasturized milk,easier to digest.Amish are probably the finest farmers that have ever existed on Earth.Certification of disease free herds is relitivly easy.Whether a government agency could handle it that is the big question.Government can’t handle regulations it enforces.Homogenizing milk has nothing to do with safety of milk .Homogenization is a means of dispersing the cream into even suspension of the cream into the mass of the milk as cream would naturally float on top.
    The whole matter is that government is a vicous master.The problems of food safety is not a matter of making new laws.It is a matter of actualy enforcing what is on the books now in an even manner and moving the inspectors around so there is less likelihood the inspectors get corrupted by unscrupulous producers.
    Perhaps much of the problem is the cost to the producers to comply with regulations paperwork and corners get cut by some in actual compliance to regulations.
    I once worked for a family run bee-honey operation and 3/4 of the workload of two employees was filling out government paperwork.At the same time there was an influx of cheap imported honey from Brazil that was undercutting US producers that were caught by the costs of compliance with US regulatory paperwork.In the meantime there was very lapse inspection of the imported honey and sometime when inspected the Brazilian honey was found to be blended with corn syrup.
    It is a cliche but so very true that government is not the answer but the problem.Government seldom solves problems as government solutions seem to produce problems expotentialy
    worrying an Amish farmer totally preclude the very nature of an Amish community.I would not want to be an Amish farmer that got a repution for producing nothing but the best.The Amish are pretty self regulating to very high standards within their communities.They difer to the diety as their authority.

  • Josh the vet

    “But today it seems like nearly every single encounter with police ends up being negative.
    It does not have to be that way.”

    When you empower people (police) to initiate violence against individuals who have not engaged in violence against others, what we have today is the ONLY forseeable result.

  • TJStarfire

    The ever increasing weight from law enforcement is a natural progression in the beastly nature of mankind as more and more Americans turn anti Christ and refuse to forgive others for their trespasses.

  • MoT

    The laws are meaningless until some tax-feeding louse actually implements them. That is to say the “teeth” in any laws are the costumed clowns who draw a salary, on your dime, and enforce these diktats. There you will see the true criminals: police, law enforcement, military and the goons who back them up.

  • Mick

    Blame the people. It’s our fault. For a democracy to function we have to stand up and say no when things are going wrong. That’s our duty. We must vote. We must revolt. I see that we are turning out a lot like ancient Rome. Were losing our values and getting weaker. I am about to move to another country if people don’t act because it’s becoming clear that this is a racist, sexist, homophobic, and bigoted society. We were built on anarchy and rebellion now were worse than the UK which we fought so hard to break free from for freedom. The new regime in my eyes is Anti American and the liberal vs conservative crap is ridiculous, all these parties are interested in is their own agenda. We need a party that wants what right and good for our country.

  • MoT

    @Fred about the milk “raid”. It was a FED raid and not a State raid? And it boils down to simply this… Do you “own” yourself or do you not? Can I not put in my body what I wish, for better or ill, or am I a slave? You evidently don’t have a problem with licking the sewage off of your masters boot.

  • Smash

    @Allisio Rex
    The police are not your friends. “To protect and to serve”? my ass!
    As you say ” I see all the comments about “standing up for ourselves” and the predictions of rioting, etc. Do any of you really think that will happen? Other than anarchists or ghetto dwellers who just like to tear stuff up and have no rational agenda, I’ve never seen it.”
    Well none of us have ever seen it either, but it is the attitude of people like you that stop it from happening. Have you seen the events happening anywhere else in the world? The burning of the banks in Greece, the rioting in England, any of it? It is possible for Americans to “stand up for themselves”! We just need more people with “can do” attitudes, rather than attitude of “that will never happen”! Mark my words IT CAN HAPPEN AND IT WILL!

  • ackthpt

    This just in: your country sucks. Land of the free? More like land of sucker ass suckas.

    • vbscript2

      This just in: if yours isn’t the U.S., it’s probably worse. As much as our freedoms have been eroded, they still exceed those of almost anywhere else on the planet (unless you count anarchies.)

      • Michał W. Solański

        No, I’m fairly sure their country is not any worse. They have access to internet and good, vivid English, for instance. 🙂

  • charlie b

    I think the only way to beat this encroaching evil to be a policeman. A “rather join, than fight” kinda thing…

  • Tory II

    Police will do almost anything to enhance their image. Since 9/11 they can ignore the Constitution (to enhance their images).

    Americans (mostly unarmed or disarmed) are afraid of being targeted by Terrorists.

    Amerika has become a nation of nazis.

  • Toby Geralds

    Sorry, but #11 is rubbish. David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi are extremist Christian thugs who have helped to create a climate of fearmongering about Muslims.

  • ddnlj

    I believe that life as most of us know it is coming to an end. In a few years we will have a glut of college graduates with outrageous debts to pay and no jobs available to them. The average middle class will be gone. In it’s place will be struggling workers unable to meet the demands placed on us by a greed-driven government run by corporate entities.

    Predictions now are that gasoline will be $5.00 a gallon by mid 2012. If this doesn’t create massive hardship in America nothing will. Everything we have worked hard for will be gone as prices for everything from homes to utilities to food to taxes will rise. The wealthy will continue to grow wealthy while everyone else edges closer to poor.

    What we’re experiencing right now is the takeover of a plutocracy and through the propaganda fed to us by the media and the way wealth and government controls us our lives will never be the same if things continue this way.

  • boo

    you people are idiots. your so hot and bothered over this causing a big fuss online because your just a name on a screen. 99% of people who have been at event where people are being arrested for something stupid sit the shut thier mouths and do nothing. I have been in such a situation and when nop one did anything and i shouted out my own family pulled me back and told me to keep quiet.
    if you dont have the balls to actually stand up for injustice then shut it and dont pretend to.

    also: believe half of what you see an none of what you hear.

  • Jack

    Perhaps it is time to make a new country. That won’t be easy.

  • BlazeEagle

    While some hide behind their online names, An online name is merely & OBVIOUSLY the alias of a living, breathing & hopefully reasonably intelligent actual PERSON.

    Not all cops are bad, Our government is just so control intoxicated that even cops are afraid to stand up for USA’s principles & civil liberties.

    Some are downplaying these abuses of power & this down player attitude is part of my countries problem.

    It’s a fine, fragile balance between security & intelligent freedom.

  • Rich

    Anyone surprised that the Homeland Security Videos are coming to Wal-Mart, instead of perhaps…Macys, Von Maur, Parisian!

  • Doug

    “Perhaps the American people will stand up and demand that we restore the principles of liberty and freedom that this country was founded on. Do you think that will happen?”


  • Ann

    Number 11 is questionable to me because the people who were doing it weren’t just “handing out the gospels” they openly preached hatred and fear of Muslims; promoted Isamophobia and racism towards Arabs. IMO they were there to condemn Arab people as all being terrorists who refuse to convert to Christianity.

    • Facepalm

      The freedom of speech also includes saying things people do not want to hear. As long as it is a non-violent protest, it is their right. People need to get over words hurting their feelings.

  • This past rafting season, a raft guide was arrested in Idaho for rescuing a girl from the swirling water of a river. He ws supposed to wait for the “authorities” to act the heros, but observed he was in a better position to accomplish the rescue. No good deed goes unpunished!

  • What these ridiculous statutes (not “laws”) have in common is they are unconstitutional, for a variety of reasons that people aren’t taught to understand these days. It is is mistake to treat them as mere wrongheaded policies. They are that, but they are also constitutionally illegitimate, and we are not going to solve the problem unless or until we get back to strict constitutional compliance. That means people need to acquire a much deeper knowledge of the law, especially constitutional law, which is not what is being taught in law schools.

    • Cindy Ray

      You hit the nail on the head, Jon Roland. Well said!

  • bos6078

    Allisio Rex

    good, reasoned arguments. Thanks

  • O. B. Server

    Conspicuously absent from the above list: drug “crimes”. That’s a big and telling blind spot.

    Once we agreed that it was just fine to use government to use totalitarian methods – just for drugs – then there was no reason not to expand the totalitarian mandate.

    So, voila. That (a creeping totalitarian police state) is what you got, thanks largely to swallowing drug war propaganda. Marijuana “crimes” with no injured victims to complain should top that list, above. Whopping ugly blind spot.

  • Haecceitas

    Toby Geralds is way off with his characterisation of Wood and Qureshi as “extremist Christian thugs”.

    Anyone who’s interested can check the facts here:

    Video evidence trumps made-up accusations, which is why the jury found them not guilty.

  • Join my Facebook Group and Help fight the Power!

    United We Stand: Together to fight against injustices in the nation we live in and world we tread. Things can be changed, but people need to stick together to do it. What do you believe in and are you willing to fight for it?

  • ERIK

    America you are doomed !
    Wake up sheeple!!!!

  • Bob Villa

    My 90 yo grandmother had a short barreled shotgun shoved into her face and forced to get on the ground while she screamed “I CANT I CANT”, when asked why, she said because “Im 90, I havent been able to in 20 years”. Why did this happen? Because a Drug Task Force in SW WA believed she was involved in selling marijuana (as a spiteful neighbor told them this to be true) . Believe me, Catholic school my entire life… she did not use or sell marijuana! No charges were filed.

  • Son’s Of Liberty

    When they came for the Jews I said nothing
    When they came for the Ploes I said nothing
    When they came for me there was no one to say anything

    AND THE CONSTITUTION ! For this is what makes us great.This is what makes us free.
    This is what makes us special!

  • Dan

    this is america re: #11 if someone wants to hand out gospel so what. are they breaking the law!!!!!!!! The problem is we are to consumed in work to provide for are families and pay bills. except of course of the dependents. that we have people in gov’t illiterate to the constitution and we do noyhing about it. most if not all of the shit that comes out of dc in the last 20 years is unconstitutional.

  • mark 1

    challenging constitutional tort, standing up to injustice, following your conscience is one thing. But evangelical zeal Muslim, christian or whatever shepherd one follows is quite another. Faith and spirituality is a personal and private matter. Get out of my face with your belief system.

  • Malcolm Wilson

    Odd how how the replies are not concerned with 3% of Americans being involved in the prison system at any one time – and this represents a far higher percentage of 17 to 30 year old males. Instead the replies pick holes in details (see referrals to #11) or just bang the drum about the constitution but so little concern about imprisoned people. The problem is the law and order voters who just want to tell others how to live; they get really angry with their neighbours about dog poop or sorting trash – and then hate it when they are told what colour to paint their house or what height their fence can be. The moral is ‘Do not vote for Law and Order politicians – ever’

    • Thebob

      Need to get them out of office first…Term Limits..

  • J from CANADA

    You AMERICAN idiots get what u deserve. You all deserve to die slowly and painfully just like you kill the world around you. you ignorant, overweight, fear mongering, jesus freaks….Go back to where u invaded from


      LOL Go cry to your bearded daddy “aboot it” you aloof dunce.

  • missy

    J from Canada
    HATE MUCH!!!!! I feel so sorry for you and people who think like you..You are an ugly soul and it’s people like you who are killing the world around you. It’s time to grow up and stop playing the victim… Have a blessed New Year:)

  • Mike

    This is such a scary topic, I’m 29 and from Canada. It’s not just the U.S. that is in trouble., we sent far behind!

    My softball team got in major trouble a few years ago, when we had a couple of beer in the parking lot after a game on a hot summer evening. I’m talking about 1 case of beer for a whole team. We even invited the other team over.

    We were not getting drunk or causing a ruccas we sat in the back of 2 pick up trucks and watched the next game from a distance.

    The GOV is taking away our liberties 1 by 1 so that over the next 10 to 20 years we will be slaves to the mighty corperations.

    My generation is going to be in for a shock very shortly. This is a corrupt world we live in.

    Life is cheap and it’s creepy!

  • Angry Voter

    Well the joke is on the police.

    They will be used in the prime of their life by the elite and then when they go to draw a pension it will have disappeared via Goldman-Sachs and the other banksters.

    Many police will end their days like the homeless military vets abused and beat down by new younger police who will be as deaf to their pleas for mercy as the police are today.

    And deep in their heart they will finally admit that they deserve it.

  • JS

    What probably happened is that these peope gave the cops a hard time. And the food fight one is completely legitimate (it’s called inciting a riot).

  • Lennie Pike

    Angry Voter:

    Who are you? That sounded like it came from a very old and wise American Indian Chief sitting in his tepee. Very good.

  • Frank

    Number 11: You have to be kidding me! Do you really think that offending another persons religion by telling that yours is better, is “a good thing” or morally correct?

    F#@%ing fundamental american christians should all be locked up!

    • Jackboot thug. Let me guess – You support Occupy…

    • David

      You, sir, are an ass. Try re-reading the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, if you’ve ever read it in the first place. Good or moral has nothing to do with it.

  • Doug

    Wake up, wake up, wake up, before it’s too late.

  • Dan

    It’s amazing the way people pick out #11 and fight over it. Islamophobia? Hello? That’s what happens when four of our large airliners are run into the WTC Towers, the Pentagon, and into the ground and we see Muslims in various nations dancing with joy. It’s what happens when this is followed up by a fight to establish a Mosque on ground zero. It’s what happens when 14 year old girls are sent to do a suicide bombing mission. It’s what happens when radical Muslims burn down between 500 and 600 churches in Indonesia, and Indonesia is one of the best, most kind and tolerant of the nations that are predominantly Islamic. In Saudi Arabia, a 15 year old girl could be sentenced to death for leading another girl to Christ. How much freedom do Christians have in atheist North Korea where people flee to China of all places to get away from religious persecution? And how tolerant was atheist Stalin of people of various religious persuasions? So you fire back the words, “Inquisition” and “Witch Burnings”. Inquisitions were Catholic and many of the victims were Christians of a different persuasion, some of which retaliated with violence while others were entirely peaceful, such as the Mennonites, the Amish, the Quakers who don’t even go to war let alone murder people. Yet about 170,000 Christians are martyred around the world each year, mostly in silence because few talk about it. How about Orissa, India where Hindus burned a village of Dalits or members of the untouchable caste for leaving Hinduism to become Christians? What was the reason for that? And why did the government turn their eyes away while the radical Hindus did this? You don’t usually find Hindus doing that. You don’t usually find most religions doing that. Do the Sikhs in the Punjab region go around butchering Christians for their faith? Do Bahais? Do Zoroastrians kill Christians? And yet you can pick up a Koran and read the very words of Mohammad where it says that a person who kills a person of the Book (a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim) has no chance of going to heaven. So, then, why do Muslims kill Muslims, Christians, and Jews unless it is their intention to prove they regard their prophet to be a liar? What blasphemy of their own prophet could possibly exceed doing something their own prophet explicitly forbade? Hello? What appears to be the case is that those Muslims who people fear are not those who stay true to their religion, but rather those radicals who hypocritically call their own prophet a fake by going against his commands. But, then they pull out another verse that promises heaven to those who die as martyrs defending their religion from other religions. So, if that includes other religions such as different types of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, then you have to ask those murdering radical Muslims which time Mohammad was lying–when he said they would go to heaven for killing, or when he said they would go to hell for killing? If Mohammad was telling the truth in both verses, then this whole Jihad thing could not include killing Muslims, Christians or Jews, which means you’re better off abstaining from killing anyone at all ever just in case they happen to be one of the three peoples of the Book.

    So, Islamaphobia is not about fearing real Muslims, but those who believe Mohammad was lying when he said you could not go to heaven after killing a person of the Book. Those kinds of Muslims are terribly dangerous. The real ones aren’t.


      tl; dr.

  • Erin

    Unfortunately I feel as though this trend will continue until the American people start to fight back and I’m not really sure how long this will take.

    Just to comment on some of the idiots from other countries- If you’re not going to be constructive about your criticisms- shut up! I’ve traveled in many countries and I am living in a foreign country for the second time in my life. EVERY country needs to make changes, some more than others, but just stating that America is screwed and we’re all idiots is just IGNORANT!

  • Jc

    What did you expect ?Since 2001 America is becoming a police state not because of the new laws but because of the people’s silence to all the bullshit going on.And since the jail system has been privatised the companies runing it need more and more money.In the end isn’t it about money anyway in the US.Since WWII America has taken a very bad turn with this war monger mentality,it’s getting sicker day after day.The only hope people have is that they still have the right to posess weapons otherwise Big brother would have already enslaved half of the population.Wake up America the world needs you waking up.

  • “Perhaps the American people will stand up and demand that we restore the principles of liberty and freedom that this country was founded on.”

    Ah, really? Ask native Americans what they think about that sentence …

  • cozza

    The American Jail Population is a source of very cheap labour for the American manufacturing industry, this is encouraged as a good way to try to compete with China. The American prison population is dominated by young black men and so you could say that a new form of slavery has emerged in the U.S. The problem is that the American media is very simplistic and often politically biased so that the average american doesn’t know or think about such issues. I agree that Americans need to wake up and look for inspiration in their original constitution. Obama is better than Bush so maybe there is hope for you.

  • Andy

    This article is right. I live in the UK and i refuse to travel to America now to go on holiday, my last experience since the 9/11 situation was ridiculous. My two year old daughter forced to have fingerprints and eye scans taken at the airport for f*cks sake! Since the attakcs its as though the whole of America has reacted like its the only country on earth thats ever suffered from terrorists attacks, well NEWSFLASH to you Yanks, we here in the UK have been dealing with bombs and attacks for decades with the IRA, and when they were supported by the Irish Americans and funded by them, what did you do when we asked you to help us stop them? you did nothing! So when the Tailban blew up the Twin Towers, as much as i was saddened for the loss to innocent life, part of me said ‘there you you know what it feels like’
    Since then your security has gone way, way overboard, i simply wont travel to New York, Disney World or LA anymore on holiday and i know plenty of people here in Europe that feel the same way.
    Sad fact is, Americas dominance in the world is coming to an end, everything has its day and you’ve had yours, China will be the next world superpower, you’ve blown it.
    Im just glad i dont live in America it must be terrible for the people who live there


      And us Americans are glad you don’t live here either.

      • terriblyposh

        “we” Americans. Retard.

  • John 14 is the new one world religion

  • General

    Number 11 is accurate, there is a video on youtube where they were handing out gospels of john about 6 blocks away I believe from the Muslim festival and eventually eight police officers came up to them and arrested them. This is different than there actual dealings at the event prior to this.

  • mr. fed up

    1.i store food , like to government said to. – criminal act now
    2. i love the constitution and the bill of rights
    3. im pro life but hey if you want an abortion go for it its your soul.
    3. I go against just about everything Obama stands for…
    $. im waiting for the cops to arrest me for one or more of these things some day soon… who knows what other laws im breaking when i go to the bathroom on a rainy tuesday during a full moon phase or something …

  • Roge

    Had 3 police officers swarm me because I was at a park near the beach in Massachusetts. They questioned me for 10minutes asking me if I was on the beach or going to the beach with the dog. They checked to make sure I had a poop bad.

    I asked them if I could go on the marsh with the dog, since it was not the beach. That was a big mistake.

  • “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals.

    Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.

    One declares so many things to be a crime
    that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

    ~ Ayn Rand

    • “Governments need enemies to justify their existence.” Edward Abbey, “The Monkey Wrench Gang” In the case of the USA, the enemy is the citizens.

    • Thebob

      Those who give up liberty for a false sense of security; deserve neither liberty nor security.

  • mike diewald

    We have become a nation of cowards. We are ruled by fear, afraid of ourselves.

  • slimjim66

    Wake up GOATS , big brother has failed Americans , Obama really SUCKS . liar

  • slimjim66

    Obama and his new police nation , vote RON PAUL 2012 , SHOCK THE SYSTEM …

  • biggingeryeti

    Ruin your reputation in the world? Lol.

  • All of those silly laws are based in ignorance, fear, prejudice. No religion is better or worse than any other. Non of those laws are valid in any way. Laws are supposed to protect and defend the rights of the people, not punish them. The first rule should be, “Does this action harm me or others. If it does not, it should not be illegal.
    Gay marriage? doesn’t affect non gay marriage. It should be legal.
    Drug use? It mostly affects the user. The danger to society is that it is illegal, making it a profit center for drug pushers who are violent and run a business based on exploitation. Make drugs legal, and they will become less available. Right now your children can buy drugs on the street from strangers or from friends in school. It would be less likely if there were only one place to get drugs from government run facilities similar to liquor store where they would be sold only to adults who possess a special card showing they are drug addicts. The drugs would be cheap and safe. Drug dealers on the street, and the cartels that smuggle them would disappear. After all, who would risk arrest to buy unsafe and expensive smuggled drugs and risk arrest when safe cheap and legal drugs could be purchased from the government?

    • dwinkle

      This will do nothing to prevent a constant supply of new users, who cannot get these “cheap drugs”. People love getting high, and supply will always exceed demand.

  • nedmorlef

    the sad truth here is that, the gov’t does such a good job snowing the average american into believing that, their neighbors are a threat and the police are their friends.

    • Thebob

      This all because of the 4th branch of Gov’t, the MSM Propaganda Dept.

  • Baggysmurf

    Trust me not all of us Canadians are like J from Canada, but I guess every country has at least one idiot.
    Before I retired I was a long haul truck driver and spent a lot of time in the U S. I met a lot of good people and some bad, but the same applies here.
    Anyway, I have no hate or distrust against Americans. What I do hate is your Government with their big secrets, and your proclivity for constantly moving closer to a police state.
    Some of the laws you have are completely outrageous as proven by some of the incidences posted on this page.
    If you want to regain your freedom you need to stop moving in you current direction. Turn around and start heading back toward your roots before its too late. Or maybe it is too late already.

  • stupid, but this is america

  • bentsea

    Why should reading someone’s email, even a spouse’s, be considered any less of a crime than a real honest to god letter? That is an incredible invasion of privacy if it hasn’t been consented to. I generally agree with the absurdity in the rest of the list, but seriously… number 1 should be a federal crime. People need to treat privacy online more seriously because soon it will be the most important form of privacy.

    • oodlesiggy

      you are a complete idiot

      • No, he’s spot on. Mail fraud, e.g. opening someone else’s mail, is a crime. Why should email be any different? People receive bank statements and other official documents by email. It speaks volumes that you don’t tell him why he’s an idiot.

        • IrelandMan

          You are also a complete idiot.

          • Igor


        • Ted

          By law email more than 6 month old is considered abandoned and thus not a crime. This is how your isp, the gov etc can access it without a warrant

    • Jackie

      its their own damn wife..when you marry you share your life.. what do have to hide from your own spouse to be arrested for…lmao that’s a joke

    • Michał W. Solański

      I’m definitely not an expert on US law, but 5 years seems like an extreme punishment, even if it was a letter of a stranger…

  • JB

    Land of the We, Home of the Slaves.


    It is a law to recycle for a reason. If one person does not abide by this particular law, especially if they go their whole entire life without recycling, it negatively affects everyone on the long run.

  • Cal Gravatt

    all of these are out of context and exaggerated…please dont read this garbage

  • Crazy!

  • Yes, the USA is quickly becoming a totalitarian police state. It certainly is no longer a free country.

    So long, America, it was nice to know ye.

  • Matthew Carpenter

    Women will agree with #1. I agree with #4, but maybe lower the amount of the fine?.

  • “Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words
    will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and
    for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is,
    there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there?
    Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you
    had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now
    have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and
    soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well
    certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be
    held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the
    guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know
    you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a
    myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of
    your common sense. ”

    Alan Moore,

    V for Vendetta

  • mabeljean

    this is becoming a police nation it sad that americans are allowing this atrocity we need to bring the government back to it people it starts at the top and trickles done to states and police in every state americans must unite and honour our what America was founded on

  • JoeCushing

    I think that eventually, I’ll be leaving.

  • jimf

    as long as we have prisons for profit (outsourced to private companies), those wealthy, influential businesses will lobby for more and more “crimes”

  • K.e. French

    Thank you for this article. I think you wrote it well and the topic is very important. I agree with everything you said. I just hope we are able to turn this around.

  • Random Person

    Its crazy how people are scared to stand up for small government but get mad when they have 20 cops and a helicopter on them because they ran a red light. If Americans want something you have to be an active voter.

  • J Day

    Being the worlds biggest economy and the ‘Land of the Free’ the US is now becoming the joke of the world after the shut down of your government for the last three weeks. You guys need to man up and do something about it. I’m glad I don’t live over there as I would live in fear of being beaten up or shot by your gun happy police. Come to Britain and not get shot or arrested for farting,or just being a normal person.

    • Thebob

      Gov’t shutdown doesn’t mean crap, 80% of the gov’t is still running even in a shutdown…guess what, the gov’t shuts down every Friday night until Monday morning….Have fun with your new Muslim trash neighbors…Britain will just arrest you for speaking out…Good luck on that.

  • TheEnd

    Careful, Big Brother is watching.

  • hafaza

    I am a disabled veteran that served my country to protect our freedoms.
    I consistantly refuse to obey any unjust foolish rule imposed on me by the sheep in this country.
    I am just waiting for the day some officious official stops me and says
    “Papers, please.”
    I suggest that everyone commit random acts of non-compliance against officious officials
    reclaim your rights as free citizens

  • Goldberg

    This article is full of omitted facts and half truths.

  • K-Rad


  • Reading e-mail must not be considered as a crime or we can say that laws must be created for the same, such as if someone hack your password and read your sensitive information then charge must be filed agaist that person.

  • Ciaib

    I have always maintained that the American way of governing is anything but democratic

  • Cobra

    Amerrika… though the school of thought is that we are the land of the free, it is a lie. Oppression rules the day.

  • Ben

    i don’t believe half of these and the others are shaky at best

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