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America: Land Of The Unemployed – 3 Unemployment Charts That Will Absolutely Shock You

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UnemploymentWith the unprecedented spending by the U.S. government over the past year and a half, shouldn’t we at least see some jobs being produced by now? After all, if we are putting our children and grandchildren into perpetual debt from which they will never emerge, shouldn’t we at least be able to put American workers back to work? Unfortunately, as you will see from the charts in this article, that is most definitely not the case. In fact, unemployment is reaching levels in the U.S. that have not been seen for decades. The high paying manufacturing and construction jobs that were the bedrock for the American middle class for decades have disappeared and they are simply not coming back.

Despite the reckless spending of the U.S. government, the U.S. economy continues to bleed jobs month after month.  In fact, December was the worst month for U.S. unemployment since the “Great Recession” began.  The U.S. labor force contracted by 661,000 in December.  The number that actually “lost” their jobs in December was much smaller than this.  The 661,000 number includes thousands upon thousands of American workers that have given up on employment and have simply dropped out of the system. The broader U6 measure of unemployment in the United States rose to 17.3 percent in December.  That is staggering.

In fact, the civilian participation rate in the employment pool has nosedived and has now reached levels not seen since the recession of the early 80s…..


In particular, the construction industry has been hit particularly hard.  As you can see from the chart below, construction employment boomed during the years of the housing bubble, but the bursting of the housing bubble has been absolutely catastrophic for construction employment….

Construction Employment

But not only have millions of people lost their jobs, they also can’t find jobs once they start looking for work.  The average duration of unemployment is already at record levels and it is shooting through the roof….

Duration Of Unemployment

It is really easy to tell someone to “go get a job”, but in many areas of the United States there simply are NO jobs.

In fact, there have been reports of people literally getting down on their knees and begging for a job at a city dump in Florida.  In other areas of the U.S., hundreds of people line up to apply for fast food jobs.

Without jobs or even the hope for a job, many families are now existing on the edge of survival.  Millions of men and women would be more than willing to work if something was available.

But nothing is available.

All of their jobs have been shipped off to Mexico, China and India.

For the last several decades the politicians in Washington D.C. have sold out U.S. workers and have sold out the U.S. economy and now the day of reckoning is here.

Unfortunately, as is too often the case, it is the working man that is feeling the pain first.

But eventually we will all feel the economic pain.

The great American economic empire is crumbling and the fall will be very great.

The economic despair that is coming in the years ahead is going to be so great that there are no words to even describe it.

You better get ready.

  • Wade

    We are no longer in a Recession in this Country; it’s a Depression.

  • Robert

    I am hoping the article is inaccurate, but my soul indicates disaster in the looming.

  • I like the comment “All of their jobs have been shipped off to Mexico, China and India.” Why is this the case? High labor and benefit cost? It seems American workers feel entitled to high pay. Unions are the worst, demanding 10,15,20 even 25% pay spikes. And now Obamacare and Cap & Trade costs coming; how mnay more jobs will be lost? I read the Cap & Trade bill that was put out a few months ago and there are 20+ pages devoted to welfare benefits for displaced workers. Historic election; I’ll say. The joke is on us.

  • Thomas G Fruge

    I just watched a video on YouTube call “Possum Living.Living with little or no money”
    About a book that was written by Dolly Freed.
    Its how Her and her Dad live without working for others.
    They farmed and Hunter gathering.
    Doing odd jobs and living off of 1500.00 a year.
    Of course this was in the 70’s
    But still I think its the answer to the peoples problems.

  • This article is very true. We can’t sustain this debt much longer its only a matter of time. See my vdeos on youtube that are meant to educate to the need to prepare and how. Start with

    and watch the rest and read my blog and Prepare. God Bless all who help themselves with proactive steps.

  • sharonsj

    Blaming the unions is incorrect. Only about 10% of workers belong to unions and I don’t think any of them ever got a 25% increase in pay. My nephew belongs to a union and his latest pay raise is an extra ten cents an hour!

    The unemployment increase is due to (1) Congress giving tax breaks to corporations who move off-shore, (2) home buyers being conned into adjustable mortgages they can’t afford, (3) illegal aliens who work for less–and no benefits–and foreigners brought in to take our better-paying jobs, (4) high credit card interest rates, (5) increasing rates of inflation for property taxes, school taxes, utilities, food, education, medical costs, etc., while income remains flat, so no one has any “discretionary” money left.

    Without extra money to spend, our consumer society is collapsing and businesses close–because consumerism accounts for 70% of our economy. The rest belongs to “service,” which ranges from fast-food outlets to Wall Street. However, Wall Street produces nothing; they get rich by pushing around pieces of paper and collecting fees each time that paper changes hands.

    Unless we go back to producing products here, putting tariffs on imports, and buying American, we will remain screwed.

  • lbj

    the money the gov’t is pumping into the economy is mainly for fat cat bankers and w.s brokers so they afford that second home in the hamptons or palm beach. that new bmw or fully loaded bentley were bought with “stimulus dollars’, whatever left goes for bonuses and to pay unemployment benefits till infinity.

  • joe

    Okay lets all just face the facts!! Unions are alot ofthe problem period!!take for instance,all government jobs be it county,state,federal or your local police,sheriff and all politicians,have better health coverage ,retirement pensions than the average person that goes out to work everyday!!we are luckey to be able to get paid holidays, vacation,let alone sick days.We also have to save for our own retirement with what little we can save!! they get all of this handed to them!!and i’d be willing to say 75-80% couldn’t put a honest full days work in!!You and i are paying thier saleries!!Through taxes upon taxes!!turn pike fees,hunting and fishing liscenses, tags on yer cars,smog fees,and fines,why do you think they keep making new laws!!so they can write more tickets and finesso the can creat revenue!!so lets get back to the basics less goverment equals less taxes and we can keep more of what we work for!!PERIOD!! then maybe we might have sum money to save for our future!!

  • Dan

    WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!! You have been asleep and it is time to WAKE UP..

  • mickey

    No silly its not the unions..They were your last hope of a good blew it because you were too cheap to pay your small dues so you would have collective bargining power and legal protections from the wealthy owners of your factories and your greasy politicians who were afraid of the unions.. the reason your life sucks is that you are in competition for survival with the third world..You will loose every time until you live just like the poor of the world a grass shack with no water or electric..that is what globalazation is all about..selling you down the river so the rich get richer and the poor (thats you) can just die and get out of the way.. If more of you spineless sheep had stood up for yourselves and joined the workers unions that you had, you could have fought for your right to have a decent life the overlords and billionares and big business would not have outsourced your lazy hides and ruined the future for your kids and grandkids if you had not let them do this to you.. If you don’t like it..leave the USA..they are looking for qualified well educated highly motivated workers to mop floors all over the world..

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