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America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires In The United States Increasing?

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As America watches large sections of Colorado literally burn to the ground, many are wondering why all of this is happening.  There have always been wildfires, but what we are experiencing now seems very unusual.  So is the number of wildfires in the United States increasing?  As you will see later in this article, the answer is yes.  2011 was a record setting year for wildfires and this wildfire season is off to a very frightening start.  Right now the eyes of the nation are focused on the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado.  It doubled in size overnight and it has consumed more than 300 homes so far.  It is threatening the city of Colorado Springs, and at this point more than 35,000 people have been forced to evacuate – including the U.S. Air Force Academy.  On Twitter and Facebook residents are describing what they are seeing as “the apocalypse” and as “the end of the world”.  But this is just the beginning of the wildfire season.  We haven’t even gotten to July and August yet.

The Waldo Canyon fire is rapidly becoming one of the most expensive and destructive wildfires in Colorado history.  The historic Flying W Ranch has already been burned totally to the ground by this fire.  Local authorities are struggling to find the words to describe how nightmarish this fire is.  The following are a couple of quotes from a CNN article….

Richard Brown, the Colorado Springs fire chief, described it as a “firestorm of epic proportions.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper surveyed the Waldo Canyon Fire, telling reporters it was a difficult sight to see.

“There were people’s homes burned to the ground. It was surreal,” he said late Tuesday night. “There’s no question, it’s serious. It’s as serious as it gets.”

But this is not the only wildfire that is raging in Colorado.  Right now there are 10 wildfires burning in the state.  Overall, there are 33 large wildfires currently burning in twelve U.S. states.

If you will remember, New Mexico just experienced one of the worst wildfires that it has ever seen.  Conditions throughout most of the western United States are ideal for wildfires right now.  As USA Today reports, much of the western half of the country is under a “red flag warning” right now….

Throughout the interior West, firefighters have toiled for days in searing, record-setting heat against fires fueled by prolonged drought. Most, if not all, of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana were under red flag warnings, meaning extreme fire danger.

But wait, didn’t this kind of thing happen last year too?

Yes it did.

In fact, 2011 was one of the worst years ever for wildfires in America.  The following is a short excerpt from an EarthSky article….

Thousands of wildfires raged across the United States last year, 2011, burning a record amount of land, especially in the southern U.S. In fact, 2011 the third-most-active fire season since 1960 (when this record-keeping began) with respect to acres burned, according to preliminary data released from the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in late December 2011. The NIFC will be releasing an official summary report detailing the 2011 wildfire season later in 2012, but for now you can read some of the details in the State of the Climate Wildfires 2011 report from NOAA.

During 2011, a total of 73,484 wildfires burned an estimated 8,706,852 acres (35,235 square kilometers) of land across the United States. Wildfire activity during 2011 was exceptionally high and was only exceeded in the historical record by wildfire activity during the years 2006 and 2007.

We have seen highly unusual wildfire activity throughout America in recent years.  In the article quoted above you can find a chart which shows that wildfire activity in the United States has been far above normal during the past decade.

Wildfire records have only been kept since 1960.  The 6 worst years on record for wildfires in the U.S. have all happened since the year 2000.  The following is from an Earth Island Journal article that I found….

In the United States, where some of the most accurate wildfire statistics are kept, the six worst fire seasons in the past 50 years have occurred since 2000. In Texas, nearly 4 million acres were burned in 2011, double the previous record. This included the Bastrop Fire last September that destroyed 1,600 homes and became the most destructive fire in Texas history. In Arizona more than one million acres were burned in 2011, a new record. The Wallow Fire, which destroyed nearly a half million acres, was the largest fire in Arizona history. The Pagami Creek Fire in northern Minnesota became the third largest fire in state history when it burned 100,000 acres in September 2011, most of this in an unprecedented 16-mile run on a single day.

So what does all of this mean?

It means that the number of wildfires in the United States is increasing and wildfires are becoming more powerful and doing more damage.

So what is causing all of this?

The truth is that this is happening because we are seeing exceptionally dry conditions throughout the western half of the United States.  In fact, according to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. interior west is now the driest that it has been in 500 years.

The eastern half of the country also gets very hot during the summer, but they don’t have as many wildfires because they get a lot more rain.

Many areas in the western half of the country have been experiencing drought conditions for quite a few years, and there seems to be no end in sight for the drought.

If you go check out the U.S. drought monitor, you will see that almost the entire southwest United States is experiencing some level of drought right now.

So what will July and August bring?

It is kind of frightening to think about that.

Earlier this year I wrote an article that postulated that we could actually see dust bowl conditions return to the middle of the United States.  Many readers were skeptical of that article.

But as much of the western United States continues to experience bone dry conditions and continues to be ravaged by wildfires, perhaps more people will understand how bad things are really getting in the interior west.

Just because we have made great technological advances as a society does not mean that we know how to tame nature.  We can attempt to contain the massive wildfires that are popping up all over the place and we can attempt to deal with the drought, but in the end we cannot stop what is happening.

So do you live in any of the areas that are being affected by these wildfires?

Do you have an opinion about why so much of America is on fire?

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below….

  • Cleo

    I think it’s because of the solar maximum which will end early 2013

  • Eva

    I don’t know the reason, but I do know better than to chalk it up to global warming. Climate change, sure. Climate change is a continual thing, like back in the 1300s citrus grew in England because it was so warm.

    • thiscreepingmalaise

      According to monty Python those coconuts migrated! But then, how could a 5 oz sparrow carry a 5 Lb. coconut, it’s a matter of weight ratio.

    • Jorma

      Everyone is a climatologist. Clown

  • Rodster

    Weather patterns without a doubt have become screwy to say the least. Here in Florida we’ve also experienced drought conditions for the last year or so.

    In fact tropical storm Debbie helped with the drought conditions by bringing needed rain. Some think this has to do with “Man made Climate Change” and other experts say this is all part of natures weather cycles.

    I personally think it’s a little of both. I forget the year 2010, but Russia suffered from wildfires as well.

    • Rodster

      Yup August 2, 2010 !

      “Last month, Russia endured the hottest July ever recorded since records began 130 years ago. The intense heat and drought affecting central Russia has been drying out trees and peat marshes, which have been catching fire recently, burning forests, fields and houses across a massive region.

      Some 500 new fires have been reported in the last 24 hours alone, and a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of emergency workers is underway to combat them. President Dmitry Medvedev has now declared a state of emergency in seven regions. To date, over 1,500 homes have been destroyed and 40 lives have been lost. as wildfires continue across over 300,000 acres.”

    • Chloe


  • mondobeyondo

    It is sad to see what is happening in Colorado right now. My prayers are with the good people of that state who are going through so much right now.

    And in Florida, Tropical Storm Debby is dumping 2 and a half feet of rain on the Florida Panhandle.

    So why is this happening? What’s the explanation for all this? The theories are numerous – feel free to take your pick:

    1) Global warming
    2) Climate change
    3) The wrath of God
    4) Sun spot cycle out of whack
    5) Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

    I’ve never been to Denver, Colorado. But even I know that there’s something seriously wrong when Denver has a high temperature of 105’F (that’s 41 degrees Celsius, for those of you who don’t use the Fahrenheit temperature scale). That is not normal.

    Here in my humble abode in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s a comfortable, dry 113’F. There is a breeze, if you can call it that. Feels more like a hair dryer. Ahhh.. summertime. Need lemonade. Must find lemonade… ice cold lemonade…!!

    • thiscreepingmalaise

      Why do you need lemonade if it is only 41 degrees? YUK YUK!

    • Cinderella Man

      Actually Mondo it not all that uncommon to see 100+ temps like that in CO where I grew up in northern WY we would see 105 all the time its just a bad year thats all we had a really warm winter not much snow and the sun is in solar max. Not much you can do about it.

  • mattyboy

    Forest Gump, it happens, what? **********, it happens. That man a lot of money off that.

  • K

    In my neck of the woods, TN. The weather has been very unusual since late 2010. This coming Friday and Saturday, they are expecting 100 degree temps. In TN. this is unheard of. Strange weather just makes everything worse. To anybody local, to these fires, a question. I have been watching coverage on the net. Where are the big tanker aircraft? In coverage I have seen nothing bigger than a C-130. Where are the DC-10s and 747 they converted for fire fighting? I know they exist.

    • Isabel Archer

      Haven’t you been paying attention? Budget cuts in the federal govt’s fire management budget. Did you think all the tax cutting was
      going to HELP??

      • K

        Who cares about the Feds. The supertankers I speak of, are owned by a private company. They will hire out to anyone. Your state could bring them in. Even a couple counties going in together, could bring them in.

  • Ken

    I wouldn’t consider these firestorms “epic”. “Epic” firestorms are like those inflicted by the US Government on the civilians of Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.

    • Chloe

      Apparently history is not a strong subject or critical thinking. We caught a German sub on it sway to Japan because they wanted to do the same thing.

  • Actually, there is an easier answer. As a retired firefighter, I can tell you that we took at look at this and this is the answer we arrived at:

    Wildland fires are a part of nature, and the chemicals put into the soil by burning off dead vegetation are important to maintaining the health of wildlands. For years, we have been fighting fires and putting them out, thus preventing the natural cycle of burning off dead wood from occurring. This greatly increases the fire load per acre of the areas, until finally the area is so fuel heavy that any fire that occurs is beyond the firefighter’s capability to control. Florida saw this happen in 1998, when the wildfires in the southeast became so bad.
    That is why many areas perform prescribed (controlled) burns as a means of simulating the natural fire cycles. However, this is difficult to do when people begin complaining about the ash and smoke that is caused by the controlled burning.
    I’s sure that there are other problems out west, where environmentalists would be worried about endangered tree rats, or something.

    • OLdFART

      And people are moving into areas not previously populated. There is a reason why many of these areas were unpopulated until recently. Much of the American west will revert to desert as the cheap, easy to get water is used up. I hear lake Havaseu provides water for 30MM people. In one stroke, 30MM can be deprived of water and cannot inhabit the area served by this lake.

    • Tel

      The author (DAVID PACKHAM) has been studying bushfires for decades… we get a lot of bushfires in Australia.

      • GaryToo

        true tel, except in areas where they have annual burnoff. The aborigines always did it prior to the white man too. Its so simple, the gras grows in winter, dries out in summer, as well as fallen branches. Burn it off and the flames are small dont burn the big trees. The wildlife gets out of the way, or climbs the trees. The other way where the big out of control bushfires happen wildlife and trees and houses all go up.

    • Jorma

      Yeah, who really cares about mass extinction of plant and animal species. I just want to eat my big Mac while watching American idol on the big screen in my Escalade. I’ll be dead by 2100 anyway. Screw the coasts

    • jdfarmer

      Finally someone with some sense. A poster above commented that the reason was too much C)2? Fire needs Oxygen as fuel. Not CO2. Fire is as natural as rain, in the ecosystem. It frees up phosphorus and potash and removes old dead growth, allowing for rejuvenation of the forest and grassland.

    • Steve

      Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

  • Rodster
  • I move to Kansas City one year ago,we had no winter at all,no snow,hardley any freezing temps,now it is so hot,humidity very high,something is coming,just what it is i do not know,but somrthing is coming!!

  • Kenny

    God’s judgement poured out on America for things like abortion, homosexual acendency, and excluding
    Him for the public square.

    • Dave in TN

      Yeah, dude. It ain’t got nothin’ to do with humans being crappy stewards over the pristine earth He gave us.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Or as I read on another blog, maybe He is punishing Colorado for trading Tim Tebow!

    • Mike

      Keep it to yourself Kenny.

    • Gay Veteran

      poor Kenny, if you want to live in a theocracy then move to Saudi Arabia

      • Chloe

        You don’t think e have a Theocracy now? If not, an Oligarchy is much better….idiot!

    • Otown Right Guy

      I’d like to think God has a sense of humor.

  • RickS

    “Do you have an opinion about why so much of America is on fire?”

    “In fact, according to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. interior west is now the driest that it has been in 500 years.”

    Didn’t you answer your own question?

  • markthetruth

    ~~~~~~ “THE SUN IS ACTING UP”~~~~~

    ” And will change our planet ”

    ” Start building your ark now ”

    ” Millionaires are building underground ”

    ” But the big “QUAKE” is coming this year ”

    The end………………..

    michael delete my last post

  • davidmpark

    There are three wildfires here (I don’t want to say where I live), and we’re getting a lot of smoke in this area. The smoke is choking – I had to outfit the home with air filters to get the kids to stop complaining; I want to know how people can ignore this!

    Most around here don’t care. What is strange is the lack of publicity about the fires burning down homes and farms about 40 miles away. They don’t care that the farms that feed us are dried up and burning! Their food is burning up!

    Our food prices here are already too high. Most folks here are on food stamps, but it barely helps. A pound of beef burger today was $7.34 +tax for 80% chuck. Bell peppers are $1 +tax each. Decent bread is $5 +tax for a 1.5 lbs loaf. We need local farms to grow as much as possible – not burn it up!

    Also, we are running low on water around here. My water bill this month, cause we ran out of the rain water (will build a bigger storage tank), is $60.32 plus fees. We have not seen rain in four months.

    God is asking us to repent and come back to Him. Listen.

    • DaytoDay

      We bought steak for Christmas dinner last year (1st time in 2-3yrs) and it was $13 per sirloin! I’ve never seen meat prices that high… And they wonder why we are nation of fast food???

      • thiscreepingmalaise

        yes, the cow that the sirloin came from was not very fast I think.

    • OLdFART

      Americans are used to having the cheapest food on Earth.

    • HecatesMoon

      “A pound of beef burger today was $7.34 +tax for 80% chuck. Bell peppers are $1 +tax each. Decent bread is $5 +tax for a 1.5 lbs loaf.”

      Holy cow, David! Those prices are insane! I complain when I see something go up ten cents, and it is a little over a dollar or two! lol
      If we were paying prices like that here, we really would be starving. I am that much more anxious for hoping the garden produces enough, that no predators get my chickens, and for trying to figure out just how much I can store for my baking needs now, in case I find myself facing those prices soon.
      $5 for a loaf of bread…
      Jeez…I tell you, it isn’t always convenient, but making bread at home is really very easy. Making egg noodles is too, though they aren’t like what you get at the store.
      Water scares me to death…I fear a lack of water over all things, but I cannot get my boyfriend to take things seriously enough for me to convince him to invest in a cistern or a harvesting system. Instead, I am taking milk jugs, soda bottles, juice jugs…anything that will hold water, cleaning them, filling them, and putting them away. I am also eyeing up the pond behind the house that belongs to the neighbor, wondering if they would mind sharing if necessary. :\
      Good luck, David. Grit your teeth as hard as you can, hold your back as straight as you can, and trudge through if trudging is the only option. 🙂

    • davidmpark

      Our rabbits two weeks ago gave birth to 14 bunnies! Thanks to the Lord! And… this time they all survived weaning, a first for us! That is going to end up as 42 lbs minimum of meat. 42 pounds of meat for the total price of $34.12. That is super cool!

      The water is a major concern. Our city water is do full of chlorine that I have to treat it chemically to neutralize it enough so the tap water won’t burn the plants.

      We have about 3 tons of grains stored and will grow a 20′ X 110′ section of winter wheat this year into next, so I’m not too worried about bread.

      My real concern is the fires moved 5 miles our way last night. If it goes inferno around here; I’m fighting it. Not leaving. We really have no where else to go, and I will not stand before my God and say I punked out. If He says leg it; we’ll go – just don’t know where.

      • HecatesMoon

        I have thought about rabbits but I wasn’t sure if it would actually end up being a cost saver or not. Do tell, because I’ve read on the methods for killing them, what method do you use? If I get any, I will likely end up just shooting.
        I don’t know why, but I can work up the nerve to cut off a chicken’s head, but I can’t stomach the idea of breaking a rabbit OR a chicken’s neck! Maybe it’s because I can consider a weapon separate from myself, but if I use my HANDS I can’t separate myself from the act?? I don’t know for sure!
        I certainly hope the best for you where those fires are concerned! If you had to go somewhere new, a lb of beef is around $4 in Missouri, $1.50 for a loaf- of bread. At least where I am at in Missouri it is. Can’t tell you how much the bell peppers are, because I don’t eat peppers. 😛

        • TX4Life

          I watched a show on the Amish where a teenage girl used some sort of pipe laid down across the back of the chicken’s neck and used something to pull the head back to break the neck. Don’t think I could use my hands either but think I could probably do that. Rabbits will be my next self-reliance project. They stink less than chickens. I process 2 deer a year and make most of it into ground meat for breakfast sausage and “hamburger”.

        • davidmpark

          Mike published a rabbit raising primer article on his self-defense blog that’ll answer your questions:

          As for using the firearm; it’s overkill. I use a plank with a notch carved into it and attached to the rafters of my workshop to do it. And don’t think that it’s murder. It’s harvesting. See, you’re converting a rabbit into meat. It’s a perfectly natural process that, I believe, the rabbit is fully aware of.

        • davidmpark

          It have been a cost saver. A 2’X 2’X 4′ hay bale from around here costs $11.34 at the Ag co-op. The rabbit’s diet consists half of hay and the other half of crabgrass, orange peels, apple cores, stale bread, carrot tops, celery leaves and so on. We don’t bother with pellets. From birth to harvest time takes 10 – 11 weeks.

          We got word that a new fire just broke out in a town 15 miles from here. Caused by a overheating car. Consumed 3 homes already (bless ’em), and might head to the east of us. 910 evacuated.

          • HecatesMoon

            Yeah, see I am new at all of this.
            So far I have only killed one chicken, and oh muh gawd it went terribly wrong start to finish!!! lol I was NOT looking forward to the first one, but after what all went wrong with that first experience, I am definitely not looking forward to the next!!
            My worst fear with all of it is that an animal is going to suffer, that for whatever reason but most of all because of my own mistake the kill will not be quick and the animal will be in pain.
            Well, to the chicken, long story short, my worst fear came true!! And for whatever reason, who knows which of our MANY mistakes in trying to kill and process and all of that, I ended up with a very large pot of chicken and dumplings that tasted like wet feathers!!! lol And from that large pot of feather flavored chicken and dumplings, a single bowl was choked down by yours truly so that the birds terrible death would not be in vain!
            Yesterday, I lost a chicken to the heat I guess. I know what her fate was eventually going to be, but still, it made me rather sad. I liked her.
            I’m tender hearted where animals are concerned, and I don’t think it will ever get easier for me, but I can do this….I think. 😀 You can bet too that if it came down to all out necessity, yes, I could and would kill whether I could do it painlessly or not, and I wouldn’t think twice if it was the difference between a full or empty stomach.
            Hm…well alright then, rabbits it is! I will just have to prep my head for harvest!
            There are fires here in Missouri too. None too close to me though, one about two hours away. The burn ban is in effect, but turns out word of mouth was incorrect regarding fireworks. It turns out they have not banned fireworks, and I am a little concerned about that.
            David, I believe we are all in for an interesting July 4th, and things are only going to get a whole lot more heated from here on out…

          • HecatesMoon

            And thank you for the link! I am reading now and saving it! 🙂

          • HecatesMoon

            David, your article is very good! I like all the no nonsense.
            I wondered about the cost, because other sites I have read talk about unneeded expenses especially with food.
            Can you draw? If so, I wouldn’t mind seeing what your harvesting rig uh muh jig looks like, and see the processing.
            We tried to follow what seemed simple instructions on the chicken. I explained well enough how that went. lol
            We thought we understood.
            We didn’t understand. LOL

            Anyone interested in rabbits, take a look at David’s article!

        • Chloe

          I’ll become a vegetarian….

  • Marc

    Revelation 16:8
    And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

    • R a bare

      This is not the tribulation but definitely getting very close.

  • Barn cat

    Wildfires are more serious because of environmental policies created by the left. Fallen trees should be removed so they don’t serve as fuel for fires when they break out.

    • TX4Life

      As awful as it sounds, do you think the same concept could be applied to people and Obamacare? Have we done damage to our economy and resources by trying to interfere too much with mother nature through healthcare?

  • Otown Right Guy

    God’s judgment for electing a Marxist Kenyan.

    • Barn cat

      Don’t ever make jokes about God’s judgment. God’s judgment is so serious that it’s blasphemous to joke about it.

  • Ranchers wife

    Have been reading for a long time first time to post, first off I want to thank you for all the info you put out I know it takes a lot of work.
    I Live in CO We are about 15 mile from the Weber fire thankfully we haven’t lost any homes. My Husband is on the Fire dept here and they have worked very hard to save homes and turn the fire away from Mancos.
    I do think that one of the reasons the fires are so bad is because of the environmentalist, they will not let ranchers graze cattle like they use to ( So afraid they might get cow poop everywhere.) So there is so much undergrowth that when a fire starts it just takes off . We are so dry here and people in our area have been saying for a long time that we were going to burn up if they didn’t do something about all the underbrush. On the south side of this fire if it gets a little further down we are going to have a bad time of it it is so thick with oak brush you can not get in to it on foot to fight it. I wish the environmentalist would get and use a little common sense but I guess that is a little to much to ask for.

    • Jorma

      Didn’t bush use that excuse to open the national forests to the most logging of all time last decade? Retards

      • Prepping for the Future

        I love the lone Eco nut attacking the truth. Yes it is the Eco freaks who have as much common sense as Gnat talking aobut retards LMAO look in the mirror. Eco freaks have cost us millions of jobs closing off this logging town to the next all over the Western States. Now all the people warn you you know the experts that understand the forest that wildfires would get worst with each year. But the emotional charge brainless Eco freaks said save the 3 toe mouse the hell with working Americans. Now the 3 toe mouse is burned alive all thanks to the Eco freaks closing off the land to logging.

    • Diane C

      This is true. I live in AZ and was close to the Wallow fire. The environmential idiots are causing a lot of this. Forrests are dieing because of insects and lack of rain, overgrowth is rampant because they won’t let cattle in. Papermills and lumbermills are going out of business because they can’t go in and cut. NO I don’t mean clear cut…. can’t even thin the trees.

      Think about what the environmential people have done to this country. Lost farms, water and orchards because of some little rat or fish is more important the saving our country and jobs.

  • Cinderella Man

    Lasst night I watched the smoke pour in from the west and south. There is a huge fire about 18,000 acres near Roundup,MT and another that if it is not stopped will be just as bad as the Waldo fire in Colorado Springs. The Corral fire in my old hometown of Helena is buring right next to hundreds of homes. Four houses have already burned and hundreds are evacuated. Like you pointed out Michael it is not even July yet. There are firework bans for the next ten days it is far too dangerous and stupid to even think about lighting them off. Alot of the problem is the forest service’s policy of not letting fires naturally burn out and everyone thinking they need to have a home in the woods. Another factor has been the beetle killed trees that have devastated the west. The pine beetles attack drought stricken trees and turn them an ugly orange color. Helena is surrounded by thousands of these trees and I knew it would be only a matter of time before we get a hot dry summer that would turn the woods into a powder keg. Another stupid thing they did when they cut the beetle killed trees down is they just left the slash piles on the ground! Great idea! Now the fire has plenty of fuel! As for the Waldo fire its absoultley terrible. My grandma was telling me that people with COPD and asthma have to stay indoors, no barbeques, no fireworks, no camping. So basically the west is in lockdown mode and its going to be a boring summer for those who enjoy the fourth and outdoor activities. I just hope its not like the summer of 2000 when millons of acres burned and it was so smoky you couldnt see half a block down the street. I worked on the Cave Gulch fire that year and when we did get storms it was dry lightning so it would start new fires everytime it struck. I got a bad feeling its going to be an intense summer and I hope that God will be with my relatives in CO and over in Helena. Pray for rain.

  • r.bitting

    Spend some time in Amos ch. 4 and Deuteronomy ch. 28, there you will find your answer. Oh, BTW, Amos forecast calls for continuing drought conditions.

    • DaytoDay

      The answer is simple… (Climate change) The earth is DYING!!!

      Sin = Death

      • HecatesMoon

        Daytoday, if it serves any comfort, the earth will not die. Earth will support us for as long as the capacity to support us is there. Once it is not, we will decline until we are at a sustainable level again, earth regains her balance, or we will be wiped out completely like many creatures before us. Earth would be changed, lifeforms may be altered, but Earth itself will still be.
        Look at the absolute perfection- the timing and balance- just utter perfection involved in the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, and Earth itself, and in LIFE. We are not so grand as to destroy it.
        It is all so perfectly balanced if you think about it that my fear isn’t that we will destroy the earth, but that the earth will shake us off like the little vermin people can so often behave as.
        My…er….comforting…words of the day?

    • Kathy Smith

      Thank you again r.bitting for your bible sharing knowledge. Amos 4 says it all. God bless you

  • DaytoDay

    Wasn’t 2011 a record tornado season also?

  • Jens josefsen

    The answer to this qestion is simple: global warming. because of all the co2 humans has led out into nature the amosphere the temperature has increased and will continue to increase. this has changed our climated even though u see a lot more water in some areas other areas has litteraly turned into desert, and this trend will get a lot worse through the comming years… and it has many other sideeffects to.

    • thiscreepingmalaise

      yes, this is all Al Gore’s fault for inventing the internet. One qestion I have to led out. What is this world comming to?

    • Really

      You’ve contradicted yourself. Global warming and you see a lot more water …… which is it?

      • GaryToo

        a lot more water, not a lot more ice. ice caps are melting everywhere in the world. Few remaining Polar bears are struggling to stand on water instead of ice, pacific islanders and all people in low lying areas such as bangladesh and pacific islands are going under the tide. That si confirmation of the prediction of global warming by the concencus of climate scientists, not contradiction.

    • Cinderella Man

      AWWWW yikes its manbearpig!!! RUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!

  • 2012

    I left the west coast many years ago due to these raging fires. What you never hear about is the smoke and where it travels. People die of smoke inhalation in Vegas when these things flare up. The mountainous terrain does nothing to stop this. Smoke in California makes it way to Salt Lake City! It has been a nightmare for the past few years. Having lived West for 25 years I can assure you, folks in all surrounding areas are having to stay indoors[but they have to go to work]. And they get sick, constantly. Most of the ER’s are standing room only. But you never hear a word about it, or a warning to wear mask? [Yes, people are that dense]. And maybe to shed light on the increasing drought/fires, according to NASA we are in some kind of Solar Maximus. And according to NOAA, were burning up due to melting glaciers not bouncing heat back up. But in any case, I feel it’s time to get spirtual on some level. We have virtually ruined the only home we have. What we are witnessing is the death of a planet, ours….

    • Ian

      Nah…..the earth is not dying. It will be around for billions of years and will be healthy very soon after it has killed off the germ it has called the human race.

      • Really

        Billions? Really, you can’t count that high….

    • David G.

      Really? The death of the planet. Maybe you could suggest to the politicos around the world to get the UN to establish a global warming tax. They take in five trillion dollars. Throw a couple billion at the glacier melting problem, tax every smoke stack on the planet, and then with the left over 4.7 trillion they line their socialist pockets and increase entitlements, all the while driving everyone out of business. Bakers. Contractors. Builders. Farmers. You name it. We have to stop the warming of the planet and the raising of the sea. Silly 2012 person. This scam has been around since the 1970’s earth days. And they’ve got you saying just about the same thing they were saying when I was in 7th grade.

    • Jorma

      These last 100 years will be looked upon like the dark ages for the rest of humankind. The environmental damge we have done is irreversible in the near term. Couple hundred thousand years anyway. I hope all you scared white folks are happy that the gays cant marry and what not, becouse you have sold us all out by voting for Monsanto, big pharm, and the big fat polluters out there. A.k.a. The republican party. Retards

      • Prepping for the Future

        Yes it easy to be a liberal Eco freak remove half your brain chant little sound byte info acting like you have a clue and be arrogant and blind. Oh yes and always say retard a lot to make your lonely pathetic life sound smart. LMAO The Dark AGES yes after the Dollar collaspes. Then common sense and jobs well be more important then Eco freaks feel good nonsense.

  • Tatiana Covington

    As anyone who is rational, skeptical, and science-oriented knows, it is all because flammable material, often laden with highly flammable saps and resins, has dried out. It is also hit by lightning, common in summer.

    Does anyone recall, that dry materials burn much better than do wet ones?

    That’s all this is: physics and chemistry.

    • thiscreepingmalaise

      I thought is was wood and fire.

    • Mike

      Thanks for making some sense here.

  • Matthew

    About a week ago, a wildfire was accidentally started by target shooters near Eagle Mountain, Utah. I live on the other side of Utah lake form that town in the more developed part of Utah County. Smoke blew all the way into Salt Lake County, and then across the lake into Provo/Orem.

  • anduin

    welcome to what happens when the forests are allowed to grow willy nilly “for the animals” instead of being managed properly. we took it over, we should manage it, or guess what, mother nature will…

  • LEE

    The fires that we are seeing in the west are a symptom of extremely dry weather and of invasive insect damage which has killed many trees. These damaged and dead trees are pines which contain materials which burn easily. The fact that man has invaded these areas with their large expensive homes is sad and increases the monetary damage however these fires have burned for many centuries at various levels. The invasive insects and dry and dead brush and trees are naturally kept in check this way. You cannot conduct “controlled burns” as the result will be the cause of more massive wildfires. The issue is one of nature cleansing herself and attempting to maintain balance. There are many pines which are only able to drop their seeds as a result of fire–this is an example of an evolutionary event which depends on these fires which have always been and will continue to be. It is man who is in the way. The Indians know this and simply leave when the fires would come and then return when they are over. The fact that we are in drier than normal conditions is a result of many factors-over use of water resources which are used but not returned, diverting natural rivers by damming,and draining deep underground aquifers in order to supply too many people who have no understanding of restraint or conservation. The overuse, diversion and poisoning of usable water supplies causes scarce water supplies to become diminished, vegetation changes or becomes extinct and natural cycles of rain fall to be disturbed. Destroying the natural landscape where vegetation and other living things once maintained necessary balances in order to clear cut and overwork fields full of mono-agriculture crops continues to cause erosion of soils as well as moisture depletion. Cutting down more and more in order to squeeze the last drop of farm land to feed the world at all of our expense. There are many other factors which go to make these serious issues relevant and not just from a fire perspective. Let it suffice to say that when man takes more than he needs (and he has) and flies in the face of any reasonable form of self control we will all suffer the same fate.

  • Gary2

    I blame Gog and Magog not getting along. The lake of fire is spilling on the places on fire. Maybe it is a repeat of Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Hey I wonder if Lot had high BP due to his wife being a pillar of salt???

    • Really

      Only if he licked her….

    • Defender of the Truth

      When you stand before the Great White Throne, you will answer for all of your mockeries of God’s Word and scoffings at biblical truth. And then you will be cast into the lake of fire, and you will be eternally separated from God.

      “Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded;
      But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you .”

      Proverbs 1:24-27

      This is the last time I will respond to your posts. You’ve been warned.

    • davidmpark

      Technically it’s Gog of Magog: Gog is the guy and Magog is the area he came from.

      And I seriously hope we don’t get brimstone from outer space pounding us: that’s 99.5% concentrated sulpher that is set alight in the atmosphere. Capable of burning solid rock to ashes!


  • David G.

    The biggest problem we have out west is the US government. Land manamgement from Washington have shut off millions of acres of land to grazing that was previously grazed by cattle and sheep. So the brush builds up each year. We now have a decade of ungrazed, built-up brush all over the mountain west. Tinder just waiting for a lightning bolt or a few drought years to set everything on fire. Thank you to all the environmentalists in the USA. We’ll send you the bill to rebuild all these lost homes. And lives.

    • Prepping for the Future

      Great post Dabvid common sense instead of feel good Eco freaks save the gay mouse nonsense.

  • Work Together or Die Apart

    It doesn’t help the water bottle companies are sucking out all the ground water out of the aquifers across the world, either. These aquifers, once drained, cannot be replaced.

  • Utopia is Banished

    Can’t the greatest human being to ever walk the face of the earth president messiah use his powers to stop these wild fires?

    • tyler

      back in the garden of eden, satan basically told god (jehovah) and the angels that he could rule the world better. so in order to prove that satan is not a better ruler of the world to any angels or humans that may have thought so too, god had to let things play out, but only for a relatively short time. we are now at the tail end of that short time…look how things have turned out so far….the answer to your question is yes, gods son jesus can and will soon fix everything when his father gives him the go ahead…but not right now, if god stepped in and fixed things now it would be like hes fixing satans way of ruling and to some it would look like satan is doing an ok job afterall…..god will step in and reverse sin and death, he already has a date picked out, if you truely want to benefit when these things happen then you should HONESTLY PRAY to find the truth about god and his kingdom which is already set up in heaven, if you honestly want to learn about and please god and believe he has the right to rule mankind then you will have the prospect to live in the soon to come better world…:)

  • I think the dry conditions have the most to do with the fires in the west. But when you add in activities from man and equipment the risk goes up and if that were not enough terrorist and nut jobs all add their two cents to the mix and what you end up with is some BAD JU JU

  • Colin

    The weather has been unusual this year. For the first time, since 1851 with the inception of the U.S. Storm Catalog, there have been four tropical storms before June.

    In the opinion of NASA researchers, the year 2012 may turned out to have record high temperatures.

    As for the return of the Dust Bowl, I am not skeptical. I believe it can happen, and it may happen later in this century, sometime after 2050, when scientists predict major drought conditions in this nation.

  • bobinsherwood

    I cannot believe that not one person has suggested what Occam’s Razor is saying. Many of these fires have been proven to be started by arsonists. Burning one’s home or business for insurance or revenge or pleasure is as old as time. Camping accidents have also been around for a long time. How old is Smokey the Bear? Dry conditions are not anything new either. Australia nearly burns down every year and I rarely hear anyone there thinking it’s teotwawki!

    • comnenus

      The arsonist and his/her entire family should be thrown into the fire alive to atone for what he/she did.

      • GaryToo

        dont forget how often the arsonist is a volunteer firefighter, attracted to fire and wanting action.

  • marksrig

    If we were allowed to log and clear the underbrush in America’s forest instead of having our hands tied by the liberal environmentalists, the fires wouldn’t have that kind of fuel to burn. Wake up America and take back your country from the minority that rules!

  • Robert

    The east generally has less wind (at least in summer) and more humidity too.

  • What we are seeing is a natural cycle. You should read up on the “Luis Feinberg Theory of Macro-cyclical Activity”. It explains everything. Remember, the future belongs to the prepared!

  • thom

    The Bible says in the last days the sun will grow 7 times hotter.

  • HecatesMoon

    No fire here (southeast missouri), but for the first time that I know of, there’s a ban even in the county from shooting fireworks this year, because it is so dry. Temperatures in the hundreds- 105, 106, 107, 108…. no calls for rain.
    The grass is pretty much all dead. :\
    We live where there’s no trash service, but obviously, there’s a ban on burning trash too.
    Only trivial annoyances.
    I’m glad I am not in a lot of other people’s shoes.

  • Ian

    look around you. You are a part of the problem. You are a germ on this planet. you are a part of the human germ. And nature is about to strike back and wipe us away. The earth has had quite enough of us.

    • Prepping for the Future

      Good puppet for the Eco freaks taught to hate your only species. There is no hope for stupid people who believe in fairy tales.

  • Cat

    I am by no means an expert, but I can give you an observation that I made last year in Colorado. We drove through much of the state on a two week vacation. My wife and I both noticed that there were so many dead trees on the mountain sides. We asked some locals about it, and were told that a pine beetle was responsible for killing all the trees. There was so much dead timber on the hills, in places the hills looked more rust colored than green. My wife who used to live in Colorado couldn’t believe the damage that these beetles had caused in the 15 years since she left the state. All that dried out timber just sitting in the hills, can’t be helping the flames stay down. It really is a shame, it is such a beautiful state.

  • Shawn

    My family is from Bastrop County, Texas where we have been as a family for more than 150 years. I currently live two counties over and luckily neither my family nor myself suffered loss from the recent fires there. That being said I have many, many friends that lost everything to the fires. My father was the fire marshal in Smithville for a number of years in the 1970s and early 1980s so I have seen the results and complete destruction caused by fire. However, nothing I had ever seen previously could ever compare to the destruction that these fires caused. The area around Bastrop and Smithville is old growth piney woods and is quite beautiful. In fact, several movies have been shot there (Hope Floats, Home Fries, a recent film with Brad Pitt and more) so some of it can be seen if one desires. One result of the fires was to destroy large parts of the natural beauty (along with peoples entire lives). The forests will take more than 50 years to grow to their previous size and as such will never again during my life be as beautiful as I remember.

    • TX4Life

      God bless the people of Bastrop. I cried when we drove through that area after the fires last year that destroyed so much. We also had one closer to our area on IH-45. Seeing the smoldering ruins of so many homes was indescribable. Everyone in the areas of Texas that burned last year can certainly feel the heartache for the people in CO that are experiencing the fire destruction. So glad you did not have a loss.


    EVEN THE MUSLIMS SEE THE SIGNS OF WHY THIS IS HAPPENING!!Signs Before the Day of Judgement!!!The Minor Signs:

    The disappearance of knowledge and the appearance of ignorance (Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, & Ahmad)
    Books/writing will be widespread and (religious) knowledge will be low (Ahmad)
    Adultery and fornication will be prevalent (The Prophet, peace be upon him, said that this has never happened without new diseases befalling the people, which their ancestors had not known.) (Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, & Al-Haythami)
    When fornication becomes widespread among your leaders (The Prophet, peace be upon him, said that this will happen when the people stop forbidding evil) (Ibn Majah)
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    There will be an abundance of food, much of which has no blessing in it.
    People will refuse when offerred food.
    Men will begin to look like women and women will begin to look like men

    • GaryToo


  • Shawn

    One more thing, the drought here (central Texas) is the cause of the extent of the fires. We spent most of last year without any rain whatsoever. As the fires raged around Bastrop, I talked to a local sheriff’s deputy and was told that no less than 5 surrounding counties had more than 8 seperate fires going that were not part of the fires around Bastrop. I actually took 2 pictures last year with my phone of the thermometer in my truck because the temp was so high. One picture showed it at 113 degrees (yes that is correct) and the other showed it at 111 degrees. That was two consecutive days. That kind of heat combined with no rainfall can only spell disaster.



    As recently as 1979 we were offered another vision,this time from Sun Bear of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society. In the Native American earth awareness magazine, Many Smokes, Sun Bear wrote: “I saw people living together in groups sharing and helping each other, Indian and non-Indian alike. I saw the Earth Mother being healed as people began to show real love for the land. But first I saw whole cities become desolate because there was no way left for people to support themselves. I wondered at this when this nation seemed to be all-powerful. Then I saw the vision of the great drought years, a time when the Earth Mother would withhold all increase…

    “I saw camps of people around natural water, such as rivers, creeks, and springs, working hard to produce their food, but thankful to be alive, for only here and there were small bands of people alive, and they were thankful to the Great Spirit that they were. When people came together they embraced with love, even those who were strangers before that moment, because they knew.

    “There were only a few people surviving these changes. I’ve seen major destruction, and people fleeing great cities, and other people dying from pollution, and cities abandoned, and I wondered how, until these last few years when I see California and other places which no longer have the water, electricity, or natural gases to care for their cities.

    “Then I understood what I saw before. We were told that our people would lay as if dead in the dust, and then we would rise up on the land again. We were told that the sons and daughters of the possessors of our land would come to us and accept our ways, and that we would live together as one people sharing the land and sowing love and understanding for each other.”

    • Prepping for the Future

      That one pops every single time a disaster happen. How about mentioning all the thousands of times they were wrong. Remember the white buffalo from the 90″s the first one borned and it was the end of the world according to some Native American dream vision just like what you posted.

      • GaryToo

        you dont make sense why call yourself “prepping for the future” if you dont see that picture painted as the outcome.

  • Peter

    The underlying condition is the drying of these regions. Nevertheless, it is certain that human smuggling, drug smuggling, and arms smuggling is the underlying human element perpetrated by smugglers – and terrorists, as well. We may assume that vicious narco-terrorism and jihadist terrorism are actively contributing to a high percentage of the horrifying acts of arson.

    Our current president is reprehensible in his tacit collusion.


    OH WAIT ILL GO TO CHURCH TO FIND OUT WHY AMERICA IS ON FIRE!!!They say to the seers, ‘Don’t see [the future].’ They say to those who have visions, ‘Don’t have visions that tell us what is right. Tell us what we want to hear. See illusions.ITS GETTING LUKEWARM IN HERE I WANT TO BARF!!

    • r.bitting

      ” For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up to themselves teachers, and they will turn their ears away from truth, and be turned aside to fables ” 2 Timothy 4:3-4. . .

  • Paul

    Rest assured, it has nothing to do with human activities, you can continue as before.


  • Grekko

    Climate change is one of the few CONSTANTS we can depend upon here.

  • Steve

    Well since I live there here goes:

    Waldo Canyon is the home of some very rich and affluent people. Not knocking it but most people that live in Colorado Springs cannot even BEGIN to afford the homes on the slopes of the mountains on the western side of Colorado Springs which is also where the USAF Academy is located.

    Additionally the National Forest Service deserves the majority of the blame for this. You need a PERMIT to just walk into the forest and pick up all the dead wood lying on the ground. So if you just want to pick up wood that is rotting on the ground and take it home for fire wood forget it cause you will have to pay to do so. Instead the forest floor is covered with huge amounts of highly combustible material courtesy of the US Gov’t via the Forest Service.

    It is one of the worst fires cause you cannot not clean it up without paying for a permit to clean it up. But the NSF (National Forest Service) does nothing to clean it up.

    A simple ride up to Pikes Peak on the Cog Railway will show you the dangerous extent to which the forest floor is covered. And just how stupid and greedy our Gov’t is to require a permit to just pick up what has been lying there for years.

    I hope every home owner sues the NSF for gross negligence in not cleaning up the mess that has accumulated for years on the forest floor.

    My God Bless these families in their time of need.

    • comnenus

      Some of whom probably prepared their retreat there to ride out the cataclysm while the rest of humanity perish.

      Good riddance for them. They can probably afford other retreats, but it will take them time to rebuild one.


    The Apocalypse is all laughs and giggles until it gets personal. It is not burning at my house.

  • markthetruth


    The end……

  • Grumpy

    There are too many people living in areas where they can’t sustain large numbers of humanity. Then the idiotic notion to grow large amounts of food in these areas that need to be irrigated, just so you can control all the variable going into the growing. Put those two together with plate movements and sun spots, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Doesn’t help we’re broke and mass producing stupidity. Oh yeah, God is probably decided we need a biblical lesson too. We’re really entering the perfect storm for culling of the human herd.

  • Ben B

    Fires are unavoidable in dry conditions but the effects are made worse in many cases by unreasonable restrictions by the federal government on creating fire breaks around inhabited areas. Concern for the kangaroo rat has resulted in more than a few homes being destroyed by fire that could have been avoided by some common sense thinning of trees or underbrush.

  • These are the days of Elijah spoken of by the prophet Malachi when our spiritual dryness is literally exposed. Pray we can have a turning to the Lord that brings the rain from heaven that we need, not just for western states afflicted by drought but for our entire nation that needs reviving.

  • Dave

    Dumping trillions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for over a hundred years has heated up the old mother earth.

    Folks….GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. Now let’s deal with it.

    • Cinderella Man

      Manbearpig!! NNOOOOO its you again!!!

    • Prepping for the Future

      Globull warming is real then explain how Greenland was perfect for people until the mini ice age?

      • GaryToo

        no answer, you are obviously not preparing” for destruction of our ecosystem. Im curious exactly what you are preparing for. less trees and less marine photsynthesis means less oxygen production . agree or disagree? Forests are being cleared agree? oceans have massive dead spots agree?

        Now, increasing population all striving for GRowth and upward living conditions, all wanting electricity and cars and aircon, all burn fossil fuel right? cars, factories and power stations all create co2.

        decreasing oxygen supply and increasing carbon dioxide supply is simple.

        The atmosphere does not simply vent out to the universe.

        to answer re greenland, the ice age made it a tad cold.

  • jason

    I live in Leadville, CO (10,200). I see watch the sky, I see the chemtrails every time a low press sys is forecast. These trails, no matter your ‘belief’ of them, will affect the weather by local dimming, which will change wind patterns/effects. Drop the ‘believing’ in the main-stream media; start utilizing the facts – BE A REPORTER< NOT A REPEATER! Do the research, it's as close as your keyboard.

  • ct

    The reason is very simple, weather modification via chemtrails.

  • The historical perspective is about the Cliff Dwelling Nataive Americans and tribes in the South West who cut down their trees to expand agriculture. A drougfht killed them all off. I contemplate the parallel with todays modern culture.

    Dont mess with Mother Nature.


  • Jodi

    Yes, I live in Utah, The fire damage has been devastating for the residence around the fire areas. Every time an old fire is contained a new one begins. As of this morning there were three new fires. Utah’s fires have been mild compared to Colorado, but still plenty of damage. I know at least around 25-30 homes were destroyed in one of the earlier fires. I’m not sure if there have been more homes since. Luckily, for my family, we don’t live close to the fires. My advice to people, when planning to build a home, don’t build near the foothills. You’ll be happy you didn’t.

    The biggest problem we are experiencing in Utah, in the 2010/2011 season we had a lot of snow in the winter and rain in the spring which created new foliage in the mountains. In 2011/2012 season, it has been dry, where was no snow all winter and no rain all spring, all that new foliage is dry this year. Unfortunately, I really don’t know the cause of the fires, I haven’t been watching the news coverage because I can’t stand the stupid questions the media will ask firefighters and residents about their loses. Please media, let them recover, they just lost everything.

  • R Jensen

    I’d be curious to know how many of the fires began on US government property. Much of the land is mismanaged. In old days, loggers were allowed to come and harvest some of the trees, clearing out parts for new growth. Now the forests have returned to their old state, where old growth is cleared by fire. The agenda-21ers want it this way; they do not want any humans near their precious “virgin” forests, so this is what is happening. But you also have cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles draining the water table which is not helping either.

    • George

      You’re absolutely correct. The left is taking down this country in ways that are not bound to just the constitution and economics. Agenda 21 is a perfect example. I’m not sure if that’s the cause but I do know that the environmentalists have a major part to play in that. As you said, they refuse to allow the loggers to cut down trees, which is one of the reasons wildfires were controlled over the years. These liberals are nothing short of dangerous, uninformed, useful idiots who are walking the line of communism, fascism and fabian socialism more and more.

    • believer2012

      i believe you are right..

      • mike hover

        He IS right…
        Rightwing, batshit crazy.

  • prepared soccer mom

    Thank you Work Together…. Of course, many people above are correct, but check out the water table in CO and out west! That huge aquifer under the west is nearly dry, “they” have predicted these conditions for a while, especially dust bowls again. Buy your wheat now so when bread doubles in price you aren’t completely caught off guard!!!!

    • John W.

      The Ogalla Aquifier has not dried up it has been pumped almost dry for farming. In a few short years the ability to grow grain crops will be severly reduced. Since there is no where to go to replace that grain one could expect some really lean times in the near future. North America is mostly semi desert in the grain belt area and without irrigation the huge harvests will slowly dwindle away.

    • Yes, there will be dust bowls. Guaranteed. New World (Dis) Order, HAS ordered it.

  • prepared soccer mom

    Very well said Work Together, I agree it’s climate change, etc, but check out the huge aquifer under the midwest and how much it’s dried up in the last 20 years. More people equals more water needed…. I forsee dustbowls in our future also. Buy your wheat now while you can afford it!!!! Be Prepared Folks!!!!

    • Paul

      Which is basic over-population, not this nebulous thing called “Climate change”. Just because it gets repeated a lot in the Mainstream Press doesn’t make it true, as you should well know by now.

      • GaryToo

        climate change which is the concensus of qualified credible peer review climate scientists not media, is nothing to do with draining aquifer. industry and agriculture are motly responsible for that.

  • dfyg4ce

    Many factors are involved. Fire suppression increases kindling. Dryer seasons brought on by cyclical Sun patterns dry fuel, and the Chemtrails are laden with Aluminum Etc. which increases fire intensity. (see “what in the world are they spraying”) Add in a federal budget that cuts fire fighting funds and sprinkle with a Rural redistribution policy (kicking folks out of rural areas and cramming them into cities) to control them better, and you have the recepie for many nasty “Natural disasters”

  • Felix


    2Pe 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

    2Pe 3:4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.

    2Pe 3:5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

    2Pe 3:6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

    2Pe 3:7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

    2Pe 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day [is] with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    2Pe 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    2Pe 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

    • Lynn

      There’s no where to run, and no where to hide-America is under a dictatorship, and this country is under judgment! The whole planet is coming unglued-wars, pestilences, droughts, wars and rumors of wars,the slaughter of innocence, etc., etc.! The only safe place is with the Lord Jesus Christ!

    • Paul

      Can you come back inside please Mr Felix, we are locking the ward for the night now.

      • GaryToo

        sounds like you fit the scoffer quoted in the first verse there paul

      • Rodster

        LOL, that made me 😆

      • mike hover

        Whoa my White brethren, do you not see the lord of lords has chosen you to make an example of?
        The skies empty of his tears to ye scoffers, and the seas rise to cleanse the lands of non-believers who deny yeshua and his malevolent plans to let the republicans take your daughters and sons as their mates, as he gave Moses and his armies the daughters of the philistines.

  • Nancy

    Geoengineering. It’s all the crap they’re spraying.

    • josh


  • That Sojourner

    We can no longer thumb our nose at Bible prophecies. God’s wrath is just beginning upon America. Catastrophic things will engulf the entire country from now on.

    • Paul

      yes, its all about America.

  • nikki

    I live in aztec nm and the reason for 90% of the wild fires are stupid people only 10% are caused by mother nature.

  • DownWithLibs

    Good morning and Happy Obamacare everyone! REALLY????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mike hover

      Happy Romneycare to you too.

  • josh

    connect the dots la la la connect the dots la la la, if youre bored check out the documentary on youtube called WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING.

    it explains why in the past few years wild fires have gone out of control.
    also the odd weather patterns.

    connect the dots la la la.

  • As someone who can see Pike’s Peak and the smoke from the Colorado Springs fire from my house, I would add the following suggestions:

    Colorado Springs has received only 19% of normal rain/snow during the last 18 months, so it’s extremely dry. Blame HAARP for weather manipulation. 😮

    The bark beetle epidemic has killed more than 41.7 million acres in Western forests. These beetle-killed trees are not just an eyesore – they can be highly dangerous fuel for wildfires. Blame the beetles, and blame our government for not removing these dead trees on the forest lands which are close to residential communities.

    We keep building communities that are located in and next to forests, so our exposure is greater. Forest fires are part of the cycle of life on this planet. Blame man.

    And because he’s such a windbag, blame Gary 🙂

  • Andon

    Perhaps a little HAARP is at work here? …

    • I agree Andon. I believe that they are controlling the jet stream across the U.S., so that colder air from the Polar jet stream doesn’t drop down as much, which is leading to record temperatures.

      Through the history of tracking weather in Colorado there have only been 75 days over 100 degrees, and this last week we had 4 days over 100, with a state high temp of 105. And it’s only June.

      By manipulating the lower subtropical jet stream across the U.S., they reduce the amount of moisture that is being pulled up from the Gulf to provide precipitation across the interior states, creating a drought.

    • Haarp, ionspheric, electromagnetic, grid disturbance, crystalline chemtrails, sonic resonance AND bounce! Magnify ants, temp heat up-yep, that’s right. The New Madrid Fault line WILL be cleared of all life forms!!! Get the South out of THERE!!! MAKE WAY!-THE NEW PIPELINE AND NORTH TO SOUTH TRANSPORTATION LINE!!! GO AMERO!!!

      • mike hover


  • AffinityNetNews

    I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life and was born in Colorado Springs. I’ve never seen the forest as dry as it is now! There hasn’t been any rain in the high mountains where I live for many weeks. Only tiny little sprinkles every couple of weeks is all.

    The entire mountain region of Colorado could burst into flames with nothing to stop it at this point. I firmly believe that these fires are being set on purpose. All wild-fire land that is burned on BLM and national forest is turned-over covertly to the World Wildlife Fund under Agenda 21 and the UN.

    I learned many years ago from a relative high-up in the Forest Service that told me: “The goal, is to drive people out of the mountains, and turn the land and natural resources over to the federal government”.

    Well, if you know “who” the Federal Government actually is, then you know it actually means: The Financial District of London City or The Empire of the Crown.

    The Waldo Fire is only 5% contained and doubled over night. What will it be in several weeks?

    The bigger picture: We are now leaving the “Eye-Of-The-Storm”, and by mid-August into fall you can expect the beginning of all living hell to break loose everywhere, as events ramp-up into a real firestorm …

    This is just the beginning…

    • Lynn

      You hit the nail on the head!

  • Jodi
  • Mark H

    Some good answers and some real foolish ones above.But at least we could be fighting these fires better if Obummer wouldn’t have listened to the “greenies” and cut funding for tanker support.

  • Ort

    Al qaida has told its operatives who, like it or not are in the U.S. because of our absolutely gutless government (porous borders), to set fires because they could harm great numbers of us infidels.
    Do I think every fire is deliberately set? No. But that doesn’t mean that one or two weren’t.

  • Pastor Joel

    Fire is the Judgment of God. Has been in the past, is now in the present, and will be in the future

    • So Pastor Joel, are you’re saying that Colorado deserves God’s judgment?

      What about Bangladesh, where this week 100 people died and 250,000 people were displaced from flooding and mudslides.
      Is water the judgment of God too? 😮

      • mike hover

        Those heathen bangladeshi’s arew just beginning to feel God’s wrath for their betrayal of the word, and those godless liberals in Colorado are responsible for the “sodom and gohmorra” ending they’ll get.

  • Gary2

    We won on Obamacare–Suck on that you libertarians and conservatives (is there a difference??). This country is finally doing something sane and helping the poor. Next stop–single payer!

    • Jerry

      Next stop, Republican landslide in November so the B.O. care disaster can be repealed! A vast majority of Americans want it gone now!

      • DL

        Good one! YOU DO KNOW ROMNEY (ever hear of RomneyCare in Massachusettes?) STARTED IT ALL…

        Repeal my astrolabe!

    • Rodster

      Next stop……”GREECE” !!!

      Enjoy your *************** because it’s all going to collapse anyway.

    • Dan

      Your living proof of the statement…”Liberalism is a mental disorder”
      Thank you for reminding me that I truly am on the right side.

    • GaryToo

      Right on cue, an irrelevant to topic (bushfires), diversion into redvblue, mcdonalds v burger king.



  • Some of these fires are being set by the enemy to burn America. There are fires in Israel as well that are being set to burn Israel. This is all apart of a plot to cause us to go into a state of emergency & give certain people a right to enact the new presidential rulings. Beware! Give your hearts to Jesus our Savior before it gets too late to do so. This is our only Salvation. The door to be able to do this is closing quickly as we are in the very last days. Blessings to all who already serve the Only True God, & I pray all the rest of you make the same choice. Choose God..His Son, Jesus died on the cross & paid the supreme price for your sins. Give them to Him, ask Him to forgive you & then just say “Jesus, come into my life, help me to sin no more. Thank You for paying the price for me. Help me Lord. I choose to live for You. Amen! He hears you & will answer you. God Bless. Hope

    • DL

      Yeah. and you know who put out the fires in Israel? PALESTINIAN fire departments! the Israeli’s couldn’t handle all that backbreaking labor! And what do Palestinians get for their efforts? Apartheid!

      • GaryToo

        you mean genocide.

    • Paul

      Why does Jesus always seem to be an American?

      • mike hover

        Cuz were Merikins an we deserve it.

  • Kim Bailey

    Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of a metal powder and a metal oxide that produces an exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction known as a thermite reaction. If aluminium is the reducing agent it is called an aluminothermic reaction. Most varieties are not explosive, but can create bursts of extremely high temperatures focused on a very small area for a short period of time. The thermite is simply a mixture of metal, often called the “fuel” and an oxidizer. Its form of action is very similar to other fuel-oxidizer mixtures like black powder.
    Thermites can be a diverse class of compositions. Some “fuels” that can be used include ALUMINIUM, magnesium, titanium, zinc, silicon, boron and others. ONE COMMONLY USED FUEL IN THERMITE MIXTURES IS ALUMINIUM, BECAUSE OF IT’S HIGH BOILING POINT. The oxidizers can be boron(III) oxide, silicon(IV) oxide, chromium(III) oxide, manganese(IV) oxide, iron(III) oxide, iron(II,III) oxide, copper(II) oxide, and lead(II,III,IV) oxide and others.[1] ALUMINIUM IS HIGHLY REACTIVE.

    • Great point Kim. Like most major cities, Denver and Colorado Springs are being targeted with chemtrails, which dumps the aluminum and barium onto the cities and forests.

    • Dan

      Yes…and used in the “demolition” of the twin towers on 911.

  • Greg Burton
    • GaryToo

      hhhmm, quad-dafti in libya and now ass-sad in syria blame them for their own massacres too.

  • Joe Dirt

    First, you have to have rain too make growth. So these places are getting lots of rain and snow. Second, if you do not cut down growth around your house or property, it dries out when the rain stops, when the fire starts it is too late. Third, do not let some dumbass enviro “mentalists” tell you that you cannot cut down growth. Fourth, do not ever figure that fire fighters are in anyway going to give a damn about your property. Lastly, you and you alone are the only one that can keep your stuff safe,,,,

  • Jennifer

    I agree that this could very well be part of the End Times that are now upon us and the whole world. Also please consider that this is not climate change. we are in a solar maximum and a bad one at that. The sun is hotter then normal and sending us (as we being Earth are in the line of fire for this one), and in the next few years it will cool off again. But all we can do is Pray that God will send cooler temperatures and rain statewide to calm the fires. I live in CO :).

    • GaryToo

      Actually the sun is a star like any other which is slowly on its way to becoming a red giant before burning out. This happens so slowly over billions and billions of years it could never be measured as change in a million lifetimes. So no the sun is not “hotter than normal”. Increased solar flares have nothing to do with record temperatures.

    • mike hover

      But isn’t the Earth the center of the universe?

  • joe

    Droughts and floods due to climate change was predicted to happen now 20 years ago. This is called the effects of Global Warming. The Untied States has been shattering high temp records every month for the last 13 months straight. Right now, it Is 106 in St. Louis in June after having the warmest winter in Missouri in 134 years.

    • Yes Joe, and the best way to keep cool from all of the global warming is to stick your head in the sand 😮

      I like the ‘Untied States’. Even though it was most likely a typo, it seems appropriate 🙂

  • Al

    There was massive chemtrail spraying off the North coast of Spain and across the Bay of Biscay on Monday/Tuesday this week (clearly visible on the satellite feed of the UK Met Office website), yesterday orange dust fell from the sky across large areas of England, and today yet more apocalyptic rainfall has caused flooding across large areas of central and northern England (wettest June on record?), this after one of the driest winters on record in the UK – guess we know where all the rain has gone!

  • Georgiaboy61

    By training, I am a biologist and have experience doing forest fire research. Ironically, catastrophic wildfires often occur as a result of human “management” of forests and other ecosystems. Forests and grasslands, for example, evolved with fire – caused by lightning strikes – as a part of their lifecycles. Many species of conifers, such as white pine, are adapted to release the seeds from their cones when heated above a certain temperature, consistent with that of a ground fire below the tree in question. Natural ecosystems, left alone without interference from humans, will burn every few seasons – esp. during conditions of drought. However, since BLM and US Forest Service/USDA policy on most federal land is fire suppression, dead growth and other under-story (i.e. under the tops of the trees) debris is allowed to accumulate. It dries, creating a tinder box. When fire finally happens, so much fuel has accumulated that an out of control wild fire results. In nature, fires occur more frequently, but also tend to be smaller and confined to the understory more often. These ground fires are essential to the life of the forest/grassland, as they remove debris and recycle nutrients into the soil (ash is very good fertilizer), and clear the way for new growth to come up. Human interruption of the natural fire cycle is thus to blame for many large fires.

    • mike hover

      Contradict yourself much?
      …..”However, since BLM and US Forest Service/USDA policy on most federal land is fire suppression, dead growth and other under-story (i.e. under the tops of the trees) debris is allowed to accumulate.”

      ….”Human interruption of the natural fire cycle is thus to blame for many large fires.”

      Natural firecycle would NATURALLY mean NATURAL forest. UNTOUCHED, debris accumulates.

  • timothy j clark

    Thank Felix For Speaking The Truth….When You See These Things Happening Know That The Great Day Of The Lord Is Near….We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet….Wait Until Damascus Falls….It’s ALL In The Holy Bible

    • Paul

      Yes Felix is certainly spreading something.

  • Funny , about a month ago I was reading WMD blog and the story they pulled was the muslim brotherhood was telling all the muslims to make America burn , burn their woods. Can’t say thats the cause but all of a sudden wow.

  • mondobeyondo

    My guess is that it’s a combination of all of the above – climate changing, global warming, erratic sunspot cycle, chemtrails, cloud seeding, aquifers being drained, and the wrath of God. What do you think lightning is? It’s God raining down fire onto the earth! (Okay, that one was bad.) The Great Plains will soon re-live the Dust Bowl days of the 1930’s…

  • mondobeyondo

    Maybe those ancient Mayans were right after all…

  • Evie

    Maps defaullts in co. so a gov. Agency. Why not fire patrols or sensors to report fires before they get tooooo big? Too much to ask for our taxes to help us, suppose.
    Obama care, the gov cannot take care of what starts as a small fire.

  • Taxed Enough Already

    Glorious day in the Hopetopia comrades! Everything is free! The taxpayers got deep pockets and long arms. The precedent is now set, you can be taxed for anything. Your vehicle is 20 years old? Better get rid of it or this nice tax will be levied. Come January though the kool-aid drinkers will be in for a rude shock when Taxmageddon hits. Get your McHealthcare comrades! One size fits all. Doctors schmoctors a panel of bureaucrats knows what is best for your health.

  • Evie

    Hum just imagine if certain agencies put 1/2 the effort they put into hunting for terro as they do into hunting for fires.
    They are as good as the.banking industry. Spend billions for doing nothing.

  • Stacey

    Did you know Obama cut funding for water carrier planes and helicoptors for colorado.

  • zeva

    I was just wondering how FINING people who can’t afford health care is actually helping them? As for the fires, there are many answers, but ultimately God is in control and is The One we need to ask for help.

  • Seemorerocks

    May I relay a message from Max Keiser?

    “Really? Are you that f****** stupid! Climatologists predicted 20 years ago that AGW will cause huge fires and huge torrential downpours within 20 years. Colorado and Florida are example of this today. Hell holds a special place for AGW deniers:

    • Paul

      Every fire is proof of Climate Change, just as every snowstorm is proof of the coming ice-age. Give it a rest will you?

      • GaryToo

        can you actually argue ANYTHING paul? scoffing is not intelligent, come up with a real fact or two.

  • Aragorn

    If you recall in early May 2012 Homeland Security issued a warning regarding terrorists using wildfire attacks as a new weapon, the story was covered on everything from ABC news to forestry web sites such as

    And here we are a month later with wildfires raging across several states.

  • CJ

    So, those of you who believe it is “weather control”, please know that there is a site called, “” which now (since we learned the truth about what they were doing) has altered their site to route you to other sites to cleverly hide their evil deeds. Foreign countries have accused us and also Russia of stealing their rain. WUT? How is this done, you ask?? HAARP

  • HecatesMoon

    Zeva, originally it was going to be required that every state participate in expanding the cover of medicaid, but that part was struck down by the court.
    The states have the choice as to whether or not they want to expand medicaid coverage.
    The requirement for participation was supposed to protect those people who were too well off to qualify under medicaid guidelines NOW, but also weren’t well off enough to afford insurance.
    Since states aren’t required to expand coverage, they will have to figure something else out to protect those people.

  • David

    OK, so the country is under a little judgement. Its not my fault and I dont expect to share its fate. For example, just because 100-200 million Americans go belly up, I am not. Why? because i have made the Lord my refuge.

    HOW ABOUT THOSE FIRES? they just may be a sign to us. But like the song says, “We didn’t start the fire” These stupid bastards, (I can use that term because we dont necessarily have the same father), committed horrible atrocities against mankind, they need to repent or burn.

    In the meantime, God is not mocked, let’s hope that God takes some of the wicked off our hands. Blessings shall overtake the righteous. So let me ask: Is Jesus Lord of your life???? Peace. see also: Psalm 91:7-10

    • Kris

      You realize that according to scripture rain falls on the just and the unjust? When God judges a nation, any nation, the righteous suffer also! Daniel was part of a remnant who God allowed to suffer along with their entire nation. Their sin wasn’t his fault either,yet in one of the most stirring prayers in the Bible (Dan.9:1-19) when Daniel prays he identifies himself as part of the sinful nation.
      God does not desire the death of the wicked but that they turn from their way and live! As Believers, we do have Peace but we also have an obligation to share that message and pray for those around us who don’t. I for one do not “hope He takes some of these wicked off of our hands” I’m praying He transforms them because I was once one of them but instead of condemning me someone was praying for me and it worked!

  • Erinia

    I am wondering why so many people here see that it is the government and big businesses who are responsible for this (HAARP, chemtrails, etc) and yet do nothing?! Complaints aren’t enough to change things, if we the people don’t want it to be this way, it’s up to use to change it. I am tired of the complaining by people who do nothing to change their situation. Think you can’t do anything? Then you are exactly where they want you to be. They win…

  • DL

    Speaking of fires in Texas…

    In 2011, some guy west of Marfa was welding at a time when there was a burn ban…winds were 60 mph, so he’s out there welding in the open and starts a several thousand acre fire that destroyed several homes and almost burn nearby Ft. Davis. To top that off, Sul Ross State University (the college that started collegiate rodeo) had a series of rodeo events the same day and some dude threw a still-burning cigarette out into the gradd around the rodeo ring and started another fire that took out much ranch land there and almost mde it to Alpine (where Sul Ross is). Then west of Marathon was another fire…and there were other fires as well. that’s what worst drought since the 50s and high winds–and human stupidity–will do for you. The drought was probably caused by a “ls nina” in the eastern Pacific (which took the usual rains AWAY from the patterns that give far west Texas the usual winter and spring rains–we had NO RAIN AT ALL from Sept. 2010 until July 2011!!!)

    There’s a time to blame the govt. and the NWO crowd. Not this time–idiots probably caused these fires!

    • comnenus

      The guys who started these fires should be at the receiving end of Texas Justice.

  • Jason

    This is the Keynesians answer to the lack of jobs. See:broken window theory

  • Flossie

    Naturally the authorities don’t like to publicize this sort of thing, but (as others have suggested) arson is to blame for some of these fires. This has been happening for several years now. Yes, some fires have been started by lightning, and I read just yesterday that 10 or 12 of the smaller fires out West were started by target shooters. But arson is the dirty little secret about these recent outbreaks.

  • Tony

    A lot to think about. Interesting opinions.

  • Old Man

    Wild fires have been around for billions of years. The big one were a millions times bigger than today’s Colorado.

    But of course mankind thought they have conquered much of nature. How else you explain exploitation to the max?

    Wildfires, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes and hurricanes are the occasional reminder to humans on who is in charge. See, mankind have chosen to build all over wild lands, hundreds of home right in the middle of vast forests and the most frequent paths of hurricanes? Such arrogance will be checked and lessons taught.

    I do have sympathy for the Colorado people thus affected. I prefer to see this massive wild fire jump over to those big fancy towers in Manhattan housing notorious dual-surname firms, so that some good will be done.

  • cc

    haarp works by adding moisture or removing it, pitty prince willy wasnt there..but you have obama right….

  • HecatesMoon

    To see a map of all the large wildfires happening now in the United States, visit

  • we are under judgement …for walking away from GOD , abortion , gross sin , child abuse , policies against Israel .
    it is going to get much worse under our dictator.

  • Rancher

    Mike can testify to the fact north Idaho has gotten more rain this year so far than we usually get all year. Which is a lot. It is lush here.

    Removing most conifers around buildings and replacing them with deciduous trees is a good start. Metal roofs or roof top sprinklers is another. Yet another is your own water supply and power systems which keep said water running when the grid burns down and goes away. Spray on “Barricade” is great. Portable rain birds on tripods with timers are good as well. Fire extinguishers on atv gets hot spots. Chainsaws gassed and ready to go to drop a few trees is smart. Green trees on the ground hardly ever burn like the ones standing up do.
    But above all living where there is current good rainfall shows me you are smart enough to read the cards and make the wise moves while you still have something left to sell. If your home just burnt down and you get an insurance check you might think about moving north where it rains and we do not have dust bowls. Just saying…..

  • Rodster

    Wild, wild weather this weekend. I never knew Land Hurricanes existed until this weekend.

    Millions in the Dark this Weekend after some nasty storms including a “Super Derecho”

  • Gold Price Chart so beautiful that you will want to lick your screen:

    Paul Blumenthal, Founder

  • JJ

    In 25 years, the Sahara will no longer be the world’s largest desert. It will be replaced by the Great American Desert.

  • Victorious

    Amo 4:7 And I have also withheld the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest. And I caused rain to fall on one city and caused it not to rain on another city; one piece was rained on, and the piece on which it did not rain dried up.
    Amo 4:8 So two or three cities wandered to one city to drink water, but they were not satisfied; yet you have not returned to Me, says Jehovah.

    Amo 4:12 So I will do this to you, O Israel; because I will do this to you, prepare to meet your God, O Israel.
    Amo 4:13 For lo, He forms the mountains and creates the wind, and declares to man what his thought is. He who makes the morning darkness, and treads on the high places of the earth; Jehovah, the God of Hosts, is His name.

  • Winston Smith

    Divine Warnings…….bombs, elections,etc not going to stop that…

  • Silverbear

    “This they begin to do, and now nothing shall be refrained from them which they have imagined to do. Come, let us go down and shorten the days for the sake of the elect for fear no flesh shall be saved alive.” O.T.
    Our battles are with principalities on high. (I think that means the spirit world, Demons and NEPHLIM (the fallen ones) the giants of old, men of renown that will return in the last days, and were in the last days.)
    HANG ON !!

  • Yirgach

    The annual number of forest fires has decreased from a high of 250,000 in 1984 to 60,000 in 2011. However, the average number of acres burned has increased from 18 in 1984 to 125 in 2011. This indicates a more a policy of poor fuel management than any other reason.

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