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The American People Are Utterly Clueless About What Is Going To Happen As We Enter 2015

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Wrong Way - Public DomainThe American people are feeling really good right about now.  For example, Gallup’s economic confidence index has hit the highest level that we have seen since the last recession.  In addition, nearly half of all Americans believe that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was, and only about 10 percent believe that it will be a worse year.  And a lot of people are generally feeling quite good about the people that have been leading our nation.  According to Gallup, once again this year Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America and Barack Obama is the most admired man in America.  I don’t know what that says about our nation, but it can’t be good.  Unfortunately, when things seem to be going well common sense tends to go out the window.  A couple days ago, the Guardian ran an article entitled “Goodbye to one of the best years in history“, and a whole lot of people out there are feeling really optimistic these days.  But should they be?

Sadly, what we are experiencing right now is so similar to what we witnessed in 2007 and early 2008.  The stock market had been on a great run, people were flipping houses like crazy and most people were convinced that the party would never end.

But then it did end – very painfully.

The signs of trouble were there, but most people chose to ignore them.

Sadly, the exact same thing is happening again.

On Monday, the price of oil hit a brand new five year low.  As I write this, U.S. oil is sitting at a price of $53.76 a barrel, which is nearly a 50 percent decline from the peak earlier this year.

There is only one other time in history when the price of oil has declined by more than 50 dollars a barrel in such a short time frame.  That was back in the middle of 2008, shortly before the worst stock market crash since the Great Depression.

Unless the price of oil starts really bouncing back, the U.S. economy is going to be hit really hard.

Since 2009, oil industry employment has risen by 50 percent.  And jobs in the oil industry pay quite well.  One figure that I saw put the average weekly wage at about 1700 dollars.

But now we aren’t going to be gaining those types of jobs.  Instead, we are going to rapidly start losing them.

Already, the oil rig count has dropped for three weeks in a row and is now at an 8 month low.  And as the oil industry suffers, all of the industries that it supports are also going to start feeling the pain.  In fact, Business Insider is reporting that Texas business executives are “freaked out” about what is happening…

Business executives in Texas are worried about the drop in oil prices.

On Monday, the Dallas Fed’s latest manufacturing survey showed that activity in Texas was slowing down.

The latest composite index came in at 4.1, widely missing expectations and down big from November’s reading. Expectations were for the index to come in at 9, down from 10.5 last month.

So while most Americans are feeling really good about the coming year, many of those with an inside view are becoming quite alarmed.  One Texas business executive went so far as to say that the stunning decline in oil prices was going to make things ugly … quickly.

Meanwhile, the 9 trillion dollar U.S. dollar carry trade is starting to unwind.

The following is an excerpt from a recent Zero Hedge article

Oil’s collapse is predicated by one major event: the explosion of the US Dollar carry trade. Worldwide, there is over $9 TRILLION in borrowed US Dollars that has been ploughed into risk assets.

Energy projects, particularly Oil Shale in the US, are one of the prime spots for this. But it is not the only one. Economies that are closely aligned with commodities (all of which are priced in US Dollars) are getting demolished too.

Just about everything will be hit as well. Most of the “recovery” of the last five years has been fueled by cheap borrowed Dollars. Now that the US Dollar has broken out of a multi-year range, you’re going to see more and more “risk assets” (read: projects or investments fueled by borrowed Dollars) blow up. Oil is just the beginning, not a  standalone story.

If things really pick up steam, there’s over $9 TRILLION worth of potential explosions waiting in the wings. Imagine if the entire economies of both Germany and Japan exploded and you’ve got a decent idea of the size of the potential impact on the financial system.

And that’s assuming NO increased leverage from derivative usage.


And yes, as that last excerpt mentioned, derivatives could soon become a massive problem.  The big banks are holding trillions in commodity derivatives that could blow up if the price of oil does not rebound.  Overall, there are five U.S. banks that each have more than 40 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives of all types, and the total global derivatives bubble is at least 700 trillion dollars at this point.

At the same time, many are becoming concerned that the unprecedented bond bubble that we are witnessing could soon implode and trillions of dollars of “wealth” could disappear into thin air.

In fact, Bloomberg says that we should “get ready for a disastrous year” for bonds…

Get ready for a disastrous year for U.S. government bonds. That’s the message forecasters on Wall Street are sending.

With Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen poised to raise interest rates in 2015 for the first time in almost a decade, prognosticators are convinced Treasury yields have nowhere to go except up. Their calls for higher yields next year are the most aggressive since 2009, when U.S. debt securities suffered record losses, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

That certainly does not sound very optimistic, does it?

Anyone with even a minimal amount of intelligence should be able to see the massive financial bubbles that the central banks of the world have created, and anyone with even a minimal amount of intelligence should be able to see that we are heading for a massive financial implosion which will be extraordinarily painful.

Unfortunately, as I wrote about yesterday, the American people have become “zombiefied“.  Instead of thinking for themselves, they let “the matrix” do their thinking for them.  And right now “the matrix” is telling them that everything is going to be just fine in 2015.

If you do not think that there is a propaganda machine that tells us what to think, I want you to watch the video posted below very carefully.  This video makes it so obvious that even a small child can understand it…


  • DesertPaine

    The study of history shows the recurring blueprint of societal collapse. A question that always arises in those studies, learned while reading a book, warm and well-fed and safe, is ‘how did the people just sit by and let it happen, lobotomized?”

    Now its happens in our lives. Suddenly Rome, the Ottoman Empire &c &c &c make much more sense.

  • K

    There are none so blind, as they who will not see. The American people are blind, by their own choice. Much like the German people were, when the fascist took over. Some of them went to their graves, never believing the truth. I see no difference, in the U.S.

    • Fact

      Nein, the German people saw and they saw that it was good.

      • K

        Thank you for proving my point. Another one who chooses to be blind.

        • Fact

          Nein, you are the one who chooses to be blind.
          Put short, Hitler´s regime made Germany from a second-rate country into a united nation and great power once again, this is what the German people saw.
          Today, Murica and Zeropea are going into the exact opposite direction, weak third-world countries everyone laughs at.
          Hence your comparaison is laughable and stupid. Intellectual laziness and dishonesty such as yours is why the slide downward will not be stopped.

          • Glenn Festog

            Hitler wasn’t “evil” until he encouraged Germany to take control of its currency. All wars are Bankers wars.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Godwin? I guess I must have missed the invasion of Mexico by 6 millions US troops part. If you want a valid historical parallel, better take the Soviet-Union under Gorbachev and the Yugoslav civil war.

      • Glenn Festog

        So you missed the whole Mexican/American War? Early 1800s too far back? How about the Cristero War? Oops, I forgot, that was one where the US just supplied guns, ammunition and artillery so that the communist Mexican government could cleanse Mexico of Catholics. Sort of like Germany and Jews, don’t you think?

  • Ideas time

    And to think people still trust the canned news.

    • Paul

      Everyone says they don’t, but actually they do.

    • Roger Smith

      If “so called” news stations can be so corrupt, and controlled, can you imagine what messages public school textbooks are pushing on the kids? I wonder what kind of propaganda gets crapped out at these all-state, union backed, teacher workshops…..

      • Mike Smithy

        The implications of a scripted mass media is Orwellian and equally terrifying.

  • reasonsformoving

    But what to do about it all?

    • Guest

      The only thing we can do is prepare for the hard times that are ahead. We may have a few years before things get really bad. I don’t know that for sure. Nobody does. But it’s better to be ready now because this could all come down real soon.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      You do what has always been a good idea- stay diversified in your investments and try to better yourself where you can.

      • Crashed_and_Burned

        I’m deversified, gold, silver and lead, mostly the full metal jacket kind of lead.

        • FortuneSeek3rz

          Guns are an excellent store of value outside of their practical utility.

          • alan

            You should be able to pick them up laying all over. Its the ammo that will be valuable.

        • Priszilla

          And what do you eat?

  • FortuneSeek3rz

    It was a great Christmas at the FortuneSeek3rz house. We ate filets, shrimp, kale, apple pie. We opened presents after sitting around the fire discussing recent events. We displayed images from our cell phones on a big screen television and reminisced about people and memories that were important to us all. Then we retired to therapeutic mattress where we slept wonderfully with full bellies, only to awaken the next morning to homemade waffles, gourmet coffee and a steady stream of current events via mobile apps.

    And the U.S. dollar paid for all of it.

    It’s past time we all acknowledged we are living in the greatest epoch in human history.

    • Guest

      We ate peanut butter sandwiches for dinner on Christmas Day. We bought the bread and peanut butter with our EBT cards. We didn’t have any gifts to open because we couldn’t afford to buy any. All of our money went toward the mortgage payment and the electric bill. That night we slept on our 10-year old mattresses because we can’t afford new ones. The next morning we had oatmeal for breakfast. Times are tough for us.

    • paller

      dystopia is for real, we’re just too “comfortable” to see
      how utterly powerless we are.’

    • horse777res

      We are living in end times! Nobody is going to be immune to the devastating future events that are going to come upon the earth. Rich or poor, death is a democracy.

    • T.

      There were Millions of Souls like you who made those same statements as you have just done – on Christmas 2007. A year later on Christmas 2008 – They had lost their ’07 high paying job; They had lost their nice home and their nice cars; and They were drawing unemployment and getting toys for their Children from the local charities for Christmas. You need to thank Almighty God for those pretty “things” you are enjoying Today – Because Tomorrow, They may be GONE.

      • Lone Star State Mama

        I literally had this thought this morning but I took it further. In 200 years everything I am and have will be dust. It won’t be here. And it will be ok.

        • T.

          Yes – But ONLY if one is a Christian – Are you?

          • Lone Star State Mama

            Absolutely! Jesus is my LORD and Savior, my Rock and Shield, my Father Abba. (I know Abba means Father but as a fatherless child, I know it to be true!)

            Thank you for being concerned enough to ask. Blessings –

          • T.

            YES. Wonderful

    • Eventually the debt-backed, privatized US dollar will have to stop, and someone will not be in a chair when the music stops. That someone will be the American middle class, whose tremendous mortgage debt, auto-loan debt, student loan debt, and consumer debt quite literally creates dollars that go straight to the banks.

    • Agitator9

      Ah, the arrogant complacency of the elite. It’s unmistakable. And how did the U.S. dollar pay for it? Flipping houses? Working for the banksters or their financial corporate minions? Feeding at the trough of human exploitation that has fueled the world financial crisis we now face? Certainly not hard work. In these times, comfort costs too much to be earned off the nickels and dimes corporate America tosses its laborers; it must be stolen by empty suits sitting around a boardroom. Only when the sheep quit trying to win at the fixed lottery of crony capitalism and turn on the wolves guarding the fold can we devise a system that actually works. Meantime, you’d better build yourself a comfortable fallout shelter–be sure to stock plenty of brie and caviar for the tough times ahead.

      • Hot Rain


    • Hot Rain

      Passion of the Christ.
      On Christmas morning I watched the Son of God be beaten to a bloody pulp. Near death, he was then hammered onto crossed planks. He cried, I cried. The skies darkened with His last breath..
      As I have fallen on hard times, this keeps me humble, grounded, and focused.

  • Harold

    “It’s okay, You can admit it, if you bought and item or two or ten for yourself….” I didn’t count the different broadcasters who repeated that line but it had to be about 15 or so, WOW!!

    • Mike Smithy

      Yes, I saw the same thing on YouTube. For anyone who believes that the USA has an independent media are kidding themselves. Who writes that crap and more importantly who disseminates it?

  • Kirk

    My family and I went to the Best Buy in Augusta, GA two days after Christmas and the place looked like almost nothing had been sold, inventory everywhere. It was a real eye opener as they have all their inventory stacked up on shelves along the walls and all you have to do is look around to see all that did not sell. I told my wife that I expect the store to close early in 2015. I imagine what I saw was the same in most areas.

    • Lone Star State Mama

      We went to Target the day after christmas for wrapping paper and chocolate (stock up now and have it for later especially since cocoa is suppose to rise in price) and we couldn’t believe how small the clearance area was. Normally it is filled with stuff but this year there was so little. My husband speculated that Target didn’t buy as much because of the economy. I am noticing it more at other stores as well. Bare shelves where they use to keep them full. It is weird to see it in the flesh.

      • piccadillybabe

        Same here in my area. Usually, there is lots of stuff on sale after Xmas in the stores but not this year, not even Xmas candles. Asked one of the girls working there and she said, they hardly got anything in for Xmas this year, they kept their inventory low. No doubt they were anticipating a low volume in sales this year, even with all the Canadians coming down to shop.

        • Scott

          That’s what happened before I closed my retail store of 35 years. The dwindling shelves are a sure sign of trouble

          • piccadillybabe

            Sorry to hear your retail store closed. This could be a sign that China is starting to slow down their production in a big way. The stuff we do see in the near future will probably be high priced and of limited supply. Guess we better get what we need while we still can.

          • Keywee

            Another sign their production is slowing is that they are not buying up as many raw materials from Australia. The Australian economy, which has managed to avoid much of the problems of other countries because of it’s vast and accessible mineral wealth, is starting to tank. Where will people point to now to prove that everything is going just fine?

          • piccadillybabe

            These big mining corporations want to mine in pristine wilderness areas now. Many are being denied due to states wanting to keep what little is left from becoming a wasteland. The more we protect the earth, the better and richer our lives will be.

          • Geoff

            Wrong! Oz is going just great….. never better. In fact, our PM Tony Abbott is STILL pushing for new mums (who already get $5,000 cash for their new bub) to get FULL PAID LEAVE for 6 months after birth (or is it 12 months? Who know in the Socialist Utopia of Orstralia)
            IT’S WONDERFUL NEWS! Oz is doing great and all this money will come from…BIG BUSINESS! Yep, charitable big business will NOT pass on these costs to their customers, Tony Abbott guarantees it. He’s another product of Oxford. What a dumb, useless Marxist he’s turned out to be.
            But after screwing up our country, like Gillard, Rudd the dud, Frazer the turn-coat, Whitlas the imbecile & the rest, he’ll retire on a fat, indexed pension for the rest of his useless life. Sickening. Totally sickening.

  • we_have_one_that_can_see

    its like we are living in orwell 1984,..the brain washed dumb down masses. i work in a industry where the state health department mandates that we take a flu shot,..or we have to wear a surgical mask at work,…the flu shot is useless,..and full of Neurotoxins , i refuse to take the vaccine,..the flu virus has infinite possibilities that it can mutate into ,..and their is really no way to vaccinate against it. when im at work with my mask on,..workers are contentiously coming up to me and asking me,..why didn’t i take the flu shot?

    i ask them,.. why did you take it?,..they all answer with,..because i dont want to get sick,..when i reply with,..the flu shot does not prevent you from getting sick, only have a 30% chance that they got the correct strain of flu,…they look at me like a deer in head lights,..and when i ask them whats in the flu shot,..they all reply with i don’t know ,..why are you asking me?,..then i ask them if there shot had Thimerosal in it,..a highly toxic neurotoxin,..they usually reply with,..why are you asking me these question,..and i reply with,.. because you took the shot,..and didn’t ask these questions!. I wish i could incert (jackass)but i walk away

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      You are more likely to get the flu and die than you are to die from the vaccine itself.

      • Paul

        You are more likely to suffer a slow, uncomfortable decline through auto-immune disease and neurological deterioration by having shots than by having the disease itself.

        • If you’re looking for the “big pharma” boogeyman, then you should know that hospitalization is far larger of a money spinner for them than flu shots are.

          • Firstname Lastname

            An ice cream shop sells vanilla AND chocolate, not just the one with the larger profit margin.

          • 1555

            Flu shots made people die – and quite quickly- in Italy. Every penny spent on drug company products is welcome to them…Hospitals are bigger ‘ticket’ items, yet millions of flu shots costing very little to produce are a great income augmentation.

          • I’ve already explained elsewhere why vaccines are in fact helpful.

          • Over21

            Yeah, make you sick with the vaccine so you can go to their hospital.

          • Vaccines are safe on the whole, except for certain populations who should not get vaccinated, or a small percentage ineffective or dangerous vaccines. If you understand the biochemistry behind them, the vaccine’s sole purpose is to elicit the creation of antibodies against a certain pathogen in order for the immune system to identify it easily.

          • Medusa00

            Except YOU have no way to know for SURE what else is in there. You wanna let these pop. control loonies shoot you up? Go right ahead.

          • I’ve yet to see reasonable evidence that vaccines cause more infertility than the diseases they prevent. Vaccines have saved millions of lives from the natural “population control” of diseases like smallpox and polio.

          • I’ve seen no evidence that as a general rule vaccines reduce fertility. However, it is well-established that many diseases such as mumps, etc. can and do curtail fertility and cause other disabilities. I personally am only alive and healthy today due to modern medicine.

        • Eric

          Wow, people actually think the government wants to keep us healthy? I’m glad some of us are “Awake”.

          • Bruce

            A slow, profitable death is what big pharma wants from it’s customers.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          If people are really worried about this stuff then get hold of the “Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Encyclopedia” collection and actually see what’s in this stuff and how it’s made.

        • James Clander

          Proof please ?

          • 1555

            Well hidden as always. Those who ask for proof usually know exactly where to find it.

      • we_have_one_that_can_see

        im very unlikely to get the flu,..if i get enough sleep, properly,and exercise, on a regular basis,.. my immune system will be a peck performance

      • DontLikeWimps

        Haha….you are crazy!!! The flu shot even has insect DNA in it….it totally destroys your immune system!

        • FortuneSeek3rz

          Wrong. I’ve gotten several flu shots and my immune system is working fine. Don’t spread misinformation.

    • hhabana

      I’m a pharmacist and you are so right!!! My company pushes the flu shot (like all companies that advertise it) and they want us to use the multi-dose flu shot. 20 injections in 1 vial. It has Thimersol and formaldehyde in it. Now tell me why would you do this? They say because they make more money with the multidose vial (charging you $29.99) vs. the single, preservative free shot. I personally do not take it because the flu is constantly mutating. Many times the shot doesn’t even help. This is just medical mumbo-jumbo and many MD’s agree. This is the same attack on thinking that they (the elites) use on our attitudes. The economy is great and go into debt and borrow more on my house and now even cars! Why? So, I can project success and happiness like in the Corporations’ commercials. This is a sick society and I think we need to mobilize a movement for less debt, less trinkets, and the truth.

      • Richard O. Mann

        Arrest this man! We cannot have people saying bad things about the industrial complex and the masters who run it. Spend, spend, spend, even if you don’t have it. Borrow! This is the way to wealth and riches! Would we lie to you? HA
        I’ve been with out a job now for over 3 going on 4 months. Things are not looking all that great from where I sit. As for the flu shot, I have not taken one for years for the reasons mentioned. It’s more the medical companies making a buck than actual protection from the flu. I think 2015 is going to be a bust for the whole world, Just not sure exactly when it going to hit.

        • Mark

          I don’t take shots of any kind. Needles are my phobia and my doctor years ago told my mother the reason I was so healthy was that I never took shots. It took mother, father, and two nurses to hold me down when I was a child just to give me a shot. I didn’t even go to the doctor when I got bit by a 4 1/2 foot cottonmouth. I just stuck a screwdriver in the sparkplug wire of a 4 wheeler and shocked the bite area and never had any trouble. The snake had already shot me up with poison why would I let a doctor shoot me up with some more? My child has never been vaccinated and he is perfectly healthy, Damn vaccinations!

          • Al Pi

            While I don’t agree with shots, shocks sounds a little worse…

      • The OGS

        “This is a sick society and I think we need to mobilize a movement…”
        Yes! Almost 2015 and you’re just waking up now?
        Better late than never (like so many) I s’pose…

      • Crashed_and_Burned

        I got a bad case of flu in 1980. I survived and have never been sick since. I guess I now have a lifetime immunity. If you like your flu shot, you can keep your flu shot.

        • Jakob

          Me too, I had the flu back in the early 70’s and passed out….damn nearly died home alone…I have never had the flu sense but I do get the yearly shot…..

          • vasseyu

            poor soul

      • Millennium

        I dont take flu shots. And dont get the flu. Just dont be a dirty butt and wash your hands through out the day.

    • piccadillybabe

      At least, you did not get fired for not taking the flu vaccine. A few years back, they would fire people in the healthcare industry if you did not submit to the shot.

      • CharlesH

        I remember years ago when I was in the National Guard and everyone was ordered to take the Swine Flu shot. Penalty was courts-martial if you refused. People were getting so sick and many died from the shot. SO many people refused they just gave up with the threats and it became voluntary. .

        • piccadillybabe

          It’s a relief to hear that in many areas now parents can opt out of the vaccine program for their kids. I am sure they are made to feel like they are doing their children an injustice by the medical community but at least they have a choice.

          • Keywee

            We are also made to feel we are doing other people’s kids an injustice. Herd immunity and all that. If there is just one case of measles or whooping cough it is treated by the media as an epidemic or outbreak. I imagine a time when the hysteria takes over and people are begging for mandatory vaccinations. Many people already are. Sheep.

          • 1555

            The most idiotic part of making parents of unvaccinated kids look irresponsible is the obvious lack of logic. Vaccinated kids should be immune – that is the reason they are getting jabbed – or is it ?- So logically an unvaccinated child cannot infect a vaccinated one. –This needs to be clearly brought up EVERY SINGLE TIME when there is an outbreak…Because all these outbreaks are happening to VACCINATED population.

        • Eric W

          I worked in a hospital four years ago. The H1N1 shot was voluntary. Those who took it had severe joint soreness…..inflammatory response.

          • nekksys

            From Thimerasol and Squaline, no doubt…

        • General Jack D. Ripper

          I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

          Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.

          • Mandrake

            Dr. Strangelove!

          • James Clander

            You absolute WANKER ! Only a dumb A$$
            Yank would call everything a Communist Plot . Retard !

          • mec

            and you must be a not see?

          • Anonyplatypus

            It’s the Rothschild campaign for a global communist hegemony where they’ve succeeded in stripping all morals and indigenous cultures.
            (though it often poses as capitalism or democracy, etc.)

          • L O

            Im pretty sure the fluoride
            scare is over with.. 50 years or so of a nation guzzling fluoride and Im still not seeing the fluoride zombies eating fellow humans yet.. however,you can spot the the soda pop zombies.. they all are fat with diabetes ..

        • robert h siddell, jr

          Most weekends at boot camp, Vietnam Era Vets got about 6 massive doses of vaccine from the airgun type machines in each arm. If you flinched, you got sliced and bled a lot. Those guns would shoot vaccine 8 ft into the air. The shots always made me sick and one infected my Deltoid muscle for years after but the tropical diseases were often fatal.

          • Over21

            Thank you for serving and Happy New Year.

        • Jason

          I believe you

    • Eric

      Thanks, I also work in a hospital. Too bad that only about 3% of us refuse to take the shot.

      • Bus’sisgood

        I work in a morgue! By all means people — get your flu shots — keeps me in a job!!!

        • piccadillybabe

          Yep. People who contract and survive MMR, go on to live long lives due to natural immunity. The horrors of the medical community and their motive to make us weak, sick and penniless.

          • 1555

            In my generation in Europe there was no vaccine for MMR. I have also never heard of any child that had a problem with being sick with any of these so called “childhood diseases”. Yet these days deaths and damages from MMR vaccine are fairly common. Very unfair to the children and their families to force them to take the MMR vaccine.

      • Over21

        Isn’t it funny how when Ebola was and still is big in West Africa, it wasn’t worth the drug companies money or time to find a vaccine for it. But, wow, bring it into the United States, and all of a sudden they have incentive to create a vaccine for it. Well, I for one, will not get that vaccine either. I would rather go naturally.

        • mcasey

          …and why do you think Ebola finally showed up in the U.S. and our troops are in Africa doing the R&D on a vaccine at taxpayers expense while the Pharmas can make the profit.

          • Curious_SLE

            worse, google it… defense funded companies run trials of ebola medications right there where no the outbreak is (and there used to be no ebola threre). Probably just a coincidence.

    • DontLikeWimps

      I don’t take the flu shot either…anyone that blindly takes any medicine without knowing what’s in it is an idiot!

      • Over21

        I don’t get any shots either but sadly to say, we eat our food and we don’t know what’s in it either, from the air to the dirt it is grown in on to the manufacturers.

        Haven’t been sick in years and am no spring chicken anymore if ever I was.

    • Leo

      Plus “Brave New World”, as all info is available yet most don’t bother.

    • walcon

      I love it!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Ol’ George was only about 31 years or so late, but he’s not far off the mark. Not at all.

    • Vaccines do work and have been responsible for eradicating smallpox, nearly eradicating polio, and containing a host of horrific and often fatal diseases. I am not a government agitator but vaccination for the purpose of herd immunity is a policy that I support.

      • we_have_one_that_can_see

        yes but you are not required to take the smallpox,..pollo,..and a host of horrific vaccines every year,…they want you to take the flu shot every year,..children twic a year.,,,,,good luck

      • qweztionz5

        A lot of infectious diseases were curbed by advances in sanitation, hygiene and housing conditions since the end of the nineteenth century. There are charts on the net (sorry I don’t have a URL to hand) which show the drop off in the diseases before vaccines for them were available. That is not to say SOME vaccines have been valuable but a blanket statement cannot be made for ALL of them.

      • Nick

        You are clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the historical record! Read about how disgusting and unsanitary conditions were in the US at the turn of the 19th century etc. People lived in absolute squalor in places like NYC etc. Before there was no concept of sanitation i.e. sewage, running water etc. people were dying of all kinds of diseases people wouldn’t even think about nowadays. Hands down the number one reason childhood diseases declined was because of better childhood nutrition AND sanitary conditions. Vaccines were a moot point! And herd immunity has nothing to do with vaccine acquired immunity. It’s a concept based on naturally acquired immunity in the wild among HERD ANIMALS! Academics have tried to extrapolate the phenomenon with vaccines but it doesn’t work. There are certain processes that take place when the human immune system is exposed to a naturally existing live virus or bacteria. For example, the stimulation of the mucosal immune system does not happen with vaccines. Many of the childhood vaccines are completely ineffective. The pertussis vaccine is a perfect example of complete vaccine failure. Wanna know why??????? ACT! Look it up! Adenylate cyclase toxin is THE Toxin that causes whooping cough in a human host by attaching to the cilia in the lungs. IT’s NOT EVEN IN THE VACCINE as an antigen because they can’t figure out how to put it in there and isolate it from the bacteria. So that’s why outbreaks our happening and during most outbreaks unvaccinated kids are seen to be the least affected by the bacteria if they even show symptoms at all. A bacteria like the whooping cough bacteria probably gives off hundreds of different toxins and there are an endless amount of antigens they could probably use. That’s how vaccines work. They are literally a hodge podge of antigens that may or may not work correctly. The most tragic outcome of all this mindless worthless childhood vaccination especially among girls is we as a society are losing our natural immunity to all these mild diseases.
        Also we are starting to realize the important of things like viral latency. Meaning some of these natural acquired diseases actually have a way of protecting us later in life or against other more common infections and diseases. It’s evident that varicella aka chicken pox actually protects the host from bacterial infections like listeria. Fascinating! Again you are a clueless mouthpiece on a subject you really know nothing about.

        • I’m sorry, but NaturalNews and similar sites do not make you an “expert” on the topic. I understand that conditions were highly unsanitary at the turn of the 20th century in the United States, but improvement in sanitation does not account for improvement in health outcomes immediately after the introduction of vaccines since the former is a gradual process, the latter a quantum change.

          Adenylate cyclase, also known as adenylyl cyclase, is a commonly occurring substance in eukaryotes which is needed for signal transduction pathways. Whatever websites you use are just fear mongering to sell their own products, latching onto a scary-sounding name to fool you. I read the papers on the subject, and they point to the bacteria injecting adenylyl cyclase directly into human cells and disrupting normal signal transduction; it is immunity to the bacteria that is needed, not the adenlyl cyclase. “Immunity” to adenlyl cyclase, which is biochemically ridiculous anyway, would mean death within minutes.

          We need immunity against the bacteria, not the various toxins they produced. Many such toxins are in fact vital biochemical components of the human body, but are over-expressed by bacteria to the point that they cause illness. The anti-vax sites don’t realize this and continue to deal in fear to sell their products.

          “Natural immunity” is conferred by vaccines, but in a much safer fashion than contracting the disease itself. You cannot gain humoral immunity to a disease without contracting it, and without the B lymphocytes producing antibodies in response. Were a disease blocked by the primary immune system no humoral immunity would be conferred. Since vaccines do not affect the primary immune system they cannot be said to damage the “natural immunity” you mention. It seems intuitively true that they do, but in truth it does not work that way.

          As for the rest of your statements, they cover only the corner cases. Much like general relativity did not truly disprove classical Newtonian mechanics, your statements do not disprove the classical theory of vaccines. They merely add nuance to it and identify cases where vaccines don’t work. I, for one, am not one to state that vaccines are without side effects for certain populations, such as the immunocompromised and those with autoimmune disorders taking immunosuppressants. Definitely a few people will react adversely to vaccines, and vaccines may not always work well (such as this year’s flu vaccine, by virtue of its being of a different strain than the one that actually struck). But the vast majority of vaccines work for the vast majority of people.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Wow! Did your homework!

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Um, no. Those chemicals in the vaccines are well below minimal safety amounts. Formaldehyde content is below 0.05 ppm, Thimerosal is in 7 vaccines, 6 contain below 0.01 ppm – one has 0.07 ppm. These are safe levels.

      Creating vaccines requires culturing what is most likely the prevalent flu virus of that season and then culling out the weaker viruses en mass. Those weaker viruses are then cultured and exposed to chemicals (mentioned above) that weaken them further – not to kill. The medium of damaged viruses with their foods and toxins are then packaged in vials and further processed. Some are irradiated with gamma rays to ensure a sterile product, but most flu vaccines are alive or the body won’t bother to fight it off.

      And no, I don’t work for the government or a pharmaceutical company. I just like to play with chemistry.

      • Nick

        Another clueless poster on the subject of vaccines. The flu vaccines given to adults in the US are ATTENUATED! Meaning they are NOT the live virus. You don’t even understand the concept of antibodies and antigens and how they work. The body mounts a response to antigens in the vaccine after they are injected into the body. You can inject just about anything into the body and it will mount an immune response to it. I.e. this is why some of the adjuvants in vaccines are also used as an antigen i.e. aluminum. Most vaccines contain parts of the virus or bacteria and/or toxins that are released by the bacteria.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          So, you never read the medical manuals.

      • 1555

        There are no safe levels of mercury ! If you like to play with chemistry – why don’t you break a thermometer and play with the nice silver balls !

        Any mercury is detrimental to our body system. it is a well known neurotoxin. Formaldehyde does not belong in blood stream either – and you should know it.
        This looks like a troll post,

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          Formaldehyde and methyl mercury are naturally occurring chemicals you come in contact with daily. The amounts are not detrimental. And the mercury used in medications is ethyl mercury – not absorbed into the blood stream but cleaned out quickly by the kidneys.

          And no, I don’t work for pharmaceuticals or government. I said previously; chemistry is something I like to play with. It’s part of my preparations.

  • Crashed_and_Burned

    Those gifts to myself…
    24 Tattler canning lids
    Vacuume sealers for large and small mouth jars
    A new solar charge controller
    One 100 watt solar panel to add to my current array
    An upgrade to my hydroponic system
    One Fortress gun safe
    On my extended list
    One box of 5.56 ammo, 420 rounds
    500 rounds of .308 soft point jacketed.
    And last and most favored, a Springfield Armory M-1 to go with my wonderful Ruger American Sniper Rifle.
    I would add some body armor, but I figure I’ll get that from the first UN “Peace Keeeper” I drop.

    A 1500 watt power amp for my Ham radio would also be nice…

    • Mike Smithy

      Excellent Xmas list.

    • Liberty First

      Wondered lately about getting a Ham radio. Can you elaborate more on how it might come in useful?

      • Priszilla

        Ham radios work on short wave. Wich means they work when all telephone systems are down, including mobile phone systems.
        If you know morse, giving and listening, you can transmit messages when the connnection is not good enough for voice communication.

        With a short wave radio you can communicate with people all over the world without any other infrastructure needed between you and the receiver.

        While mobile phones use higher and higher frequencies and get shorter and shorter distances, short wave radios use lower frequencies and can reach farther.

        • alan

          A good way to pick news from other locations when the Internet kill switch is thrown.

        • johnnymule

          You might mention batteries and assorted power backup systems. Also smaller shortwave radios. It is, as you know, extremely important to at very least to be able to listen.

          • Priszilla

            I find myself happier and more relaxed when on holidays I have no access to news. For emergency I have a flashlight and a hadio with a handcrank. They don’t need batteries. Crank crank crank and they are ready to go.
            If I’d be wanting to go off grid, I’d get a hometrainer with a generator. For charging batteries the generator in the bicycle shouldd be sufficient.

        • Tilie

          thanks nice to know

      • Crashed_and_Burned

        You can study for the exam on line. It’s a multiple choice exam. The cost is generally less than $20.00. After the collapse a license will be irrelevant, but until then go for it. You do not need a license to buy radios and you can get a hand held multi-band radio on line for less than $100.00. A sub $100 radio will likely break the first time you drop it, but otherwise they generally work as well as a $400 hand held radio.

        • Liberty First

          Thank you.

          • Crashed_and_Burned

            I have a Yeasu hand held. It was about $200.00. Get a full length antenna for about $30.00 and extra batteries for about $30.00 and your in business. My Yeasu has been knocked to the pavement three times when my dog bolted on his leash and it still works fine.

      • RockyMtn1776

        You can buy a good used ham radio and antenna fairly cheap. You can receive but you need a license to transmit. You no longer have to learn Morse code to get a beginners license. Depending on your needs a shortwave radio may fit your needs.

        • Crashed_and_Burned

          My charge controller arrived yesterday. It’s a Windy Nation controller. This little gem can tell me how many amps my solar panels are delivering to the batteries and how many amps my ham radio or lights are drawing from the batteries. It also display’s battery voltage. My old charge controller had 3 LED lights and basically told me nothing…

    • T.

      Oh America, America ! What has taken hold on Thee?
      “Fool me once – shame on You – Fool me twice – shame ME” ! ! !

    • velisetremis

      Do you also sit around on your bed naked at night oiling your rifle and dreaming about who you get to kill first?

      • K2

        My thoughts exactly 🙂

      • Michael Sievers

        No, they worry about who they will have to kill, because they did not prepare and decided steal to survive from those that did prepare. People like you.

        • velisetremis

          I’m counting on homeland security to outgun you hillbillies and protect normal people! RIP!

          • Randy Townsend

            LOL… You actually believe the government will protect you? Well, of course you do… You’ll be among the first to RIP with that attitude…

          • velisetremis

            Partner, if the US people are stupid enough to wait until it is too late to change the path it’s on until it’s us vs the government military, then the government will win in the end. It’s like you hillbillies are showing up for a hockey game without a stick!

          • Randy Townsend

            You’re changing the focus of the question (intentionally). It isn’t about us vs the government. It’s about you relying on the government to feed, house, and provide for you, or dying when they don’t. Those of us that are self sufficient won’t need that should the day ever come. You will.

          • velisetremis

            Don’t worry about me partner just because my survival plan doesn’t include shooting UN peace keepers!

          • Randy Townsend

            You brought up shooting, not me. Interesting that’s where your focus is… Good luck, my friend.

          • velisetremis

            I didn’t bring anything up to you…I originally responded to crash and burns comment on this thread. Guess what we are still on his thread! Focus man…focus!

          • Michael Sievers

            And when the UN come for your guns, ammo, food and water, your going to meekly go to the camps for orderly disposal?

          • Crashed_and_Burned

            When the UN troops come (and they will) I will give them every opportunity to surrender, otherwise me and my neighborhood will NOT play by the rules and they will go home in a box. Until they come, I will continue yo prepp.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            And how will a citizen militia take out the UN’s tanks, helicopters, artillery, mortars, snipers, supply lines, and such? Just relying on .50 cal’s, molotov’s, and camo won’t go very far anymore.

          • Crashed_and_Burned

            Obviously you have no idea how easy it it to make thermite, basically a mix of aluminium dust and iron oxide AKA rust. Pour it into a tin can and add a July 4th sparkler for a fuse and it will burn at 5,000 degrees, burning through the top of that tank and frying everyone inside. At least this is what I read about in a novel once upon a time…

          • Crashed_and_Burned

            The North Vietnamese won because they did not follow the rules of engagement, what makes you think Patriots will follow the rules?

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            I don’t think patriots will follow the rules of war because war, by it’s very nature, has no rules apart from win. My concern is many patriots will rely on bravado, hunting gear, and poorly made homebuilt munitions while the UN/USSA uses newer technology and easily defeats them. Thermite and such is good but only if one gets a chance to use it on the target, and if said target is still vulnerable to it. Tanks in WWII were vulnerable to a wine bottle molotov or .50 cal rounds while tanks of today have no such weakness.

            Remember the Art of War – only fight after victory is already secured.

          • The UN has got no power of any sort and in any case is a worthless tinpot dictatorship that has done nothing to create and enforce equity and democracy worldwide. I would be more afraid of mafia elements and the private armies of the rich than anything else.

          • velisetremis

            By the time it’s civil war you have already lost, fight now like the Pro-Justice people are doing after Ferguson! Wait until civil war and the country will be rubble! Put Cheney, Bush, and Obama-nation in jail where they belong!

          • velisetremis

            How do you know what I have in place, are you psychic. I don’t recall describing my preparedness with you. FOCUS MAN, FOCUS! Apparently you have comprehension issues and can’t read….Good LUCK!!!

          • Michael Sievers

            Tell that to the Russians in Afghanistan, and the United States in Vietnam. Gorilla warfare tends to win.
            And what are we waiting for? The first to shoot loses the moral high ground.

          • velisetremis

            I wouldn’t count on it.

          • Aubryn

            The US military will not stand with obama.

          • Gay Veteran

            doing so right now

          • Mike Smithy

            Yep, just like the cops not standing with Mayor DeBlasio. The cops and the military know the score.

          • Aubryn

            More and more are becoming Oathkeepers, and others realizing that they always were. Velistremis shows all the signs of being a government agitator, attempting to lure people on this forum into saying things that she/he can then report them for. Unfortunately I see these shills everywhere and rarely bother to comment anywhere.

          • Crashed_and_Burned

            Nope, not at all. That’s why Barry fired all those capable of a military coup.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Exactly! We can change the course of government along with the course of everything else that led to this mess. The second amendment is useful for self-defense and against tyranny, but we still have legislative processes to go through before any such military action is warranted. And even when we get government to behave it will go right back to tyranny because of the culture feeding the oppression. Strengthening and fortifying the traditional family is where to start, followed by local government and business ethics.

          • Mike Smithy

            Have you had a chance to read Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”. I happen to believe that real change might be possible via a Constitutional Convention of the States to reign in Federal corruption and misdeeds.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            We need a convention of the states right now!

          • ian

            Mark Levin is a whiny moron. America uber-alles mentality.

          • velisetremis

            The economic protocols of all western democracies is a PONZI SCHEME. Government balance sheets and their ability to borrow money is ultimately dependant upon a growing population in order to increase tax revenues and increase GDP. This is exactly like a Ponzi scheme in that in order to support the scheme new dupes must be incorporated into it to sup[port the payouts to the people higher up in the pyramid. If the population does not increase(new participants) then government spending ceases to be sustainable and the system collapses as unfunded government liabilities like pensions and medical care become cash expenses.
            Japan is the eminent example of this Ponzi fraud and collapse!

          • TheLulzWarrior

            You are counting on Homeland Security to feed worthless eating mouths such as yourself when SHTF? Have you learned nothing from Katrina back in 2005?

          • velisetremis

            Your mom licked excrement off the floor and this is how you began! LOSER!!!

          • velisetremis

            ISIS is a militia group running around the open desert in the back of Toyota pickup trucks in spite of US radar, satellite surveillance and advanced aircraft. It’s the allowed fantasy of a bunch of hillbillies with guns and pickups taunting the US military… you should fight for ISIS,they would welcome your kind of military genius I am sure!

        • johnnymule

          Exactly, also…there are places, although they may seem remote, they are not so, that like minded folks are welcome…no matter how prepared we are our chances are better as communities than alone

      • Crashed_and_Burned


      • Diamond_Jim


        • velisetremis

          Genius…good argument!

    • K2

      Buy guns and ammo (infact everybody should) but not that much that you go broke.

      • Douglas M. Green

        Very good point. When things get bad, police will be stretched thin. Then you have to be prepared for whichever punk thug or group volunteers for death by breaking into your home and threatening your family.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Have you looked into building an alternator? It’s not that difficult.

      • Crashed_and_Burned

        I have a 500 watt wind turbine. Set it up for about $300.00. I have an old tripod and I can mount the turbine on it if I have no other options.

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          Sorry, should’ve been specific; meant a gas powered alternator. A few of the wind turbine power plants in sequence turned by a small motor. Building a 56 kWh plant right now: just waiting on delivery of more magnet wire.

          • Crashed_and_Burned

            I have looked into an old fashioned steam turbine. That may be able to drive several alternators. I have also used my solar power to generate hydrogen and or HHO (brown’s gas). Believe me it’s highly explosive, enough to power a home made canon or cook a meal.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Have you looked into methanol or methane?

    • Crashed_and_Burned

      Well my Tattler lids have not yet arrived. The Food Saver vacuum caps did. I have some quart size Mason jars, I filled one with .308 ammo, capped it with the canning lid, applied the Food Saver top and then I used a Harbor Fright hand held vacuum pump to evacuate the oxygen in the Mason jar, and presto! My .308 ammo is now stored in an oxygen free container. I’ll do the same with rice, flower and beans.

  • JailBanksters

    2014 was not exactly a great year, but there have been worse. I don’t think the people in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine have seen a dramatic improvement in their lifestyles. And knowing the Wall St Banks are continuing their charade of Mortgage Fraud, Securities Fraud, Stock Manipulations, Commodity Manipulations, there is no way 2015 can get better.

  • DJohn1

    Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    I too do not take flu shots.
    I stay out of doctor’s offices as much as possible.
    What is bound to happen here is the entire house of financial cards is likely to crumble.

    I always ask the wrong questions. Like is there anything I can do about it? Don’t think so. If there were, I would have all ready done it.
    So we do what Americans have always done. We ignore the facts, go on with our lives, and hope everything turns out well in the end.
    The devil here is in the details.
    I went to Best Buy long before Christmas. I think I was in future shock when I saw the prices on everything.
    Will Best Buy go under? Probably. Same goes for Sears.
    Then someone will take their place. Hopefully with a better price.
    This is going to happen. Part of the capitalist way of things is if you do not keep up, then you crash.
    The government is likely to crash also.
    They are doing things to extort money for health insurance?
    Obamacare? None of us can change the rules of how things work.
    When Obamacare does not work, it will fail.
    The difference is the government has the resources to last a lot longer than any private business out there. But when it happens, it will go bust, just like a business that does not keep up with reality. Reality is the program is too expensive for people to buy.

    • Joe

      Best Buy, Sears, K-Mart, radio shack, jc penny’s, macy’s, probably some other stores I can’t think of atm are going to be gone soon. I’ve noticed where I live more and more of the empty retail space is being filled with Payday lenders. Also there’s this one really big space that they ended up having to break down into smaller and smaller portions because they couldn’t get anyone to fill the entire thing.

      • Hot Rain

        Down here in the Gulf region it’s the same. Car ‘pawn shops’ are popping up. Rent to own RV where the interest rate is double purchase price. Most fast food places are ghost towns, except Chick fil A, full day and night. Pawn shop where I buy movies now takes designer purses. They are so full of stuff you can hardly walk. Business district is now bars and jazz clubs. This whole area is nothing but high- end beach condos. Most are vacation rentals. Everyone else lives like crap.
        The stores you listed are pre- bankrupt. There are sites that have lists of these companies, and casinos too.
        People need to stop psycho-analyzing politics (me too) and post the truth. Like what they see or hear and how things are changing. I think the words “Economic Collapse” is putting it mildly.

  • MeMadMax

    Oil prices wouldnt need to be high if it werent for weak dollar.

    Everything always comes full circle to the dollar…

  • Bill

    So glad the Guardian article was mentioned. When I read it I wanted to scream. Where does the optimism come from when we have more people people capable of working that are sitting idle than we have actually working. That fact alone explains more than anything where America is headed. Just like the Twin Towers were destroyed from the inside out, the same process is being used to destroy our entire country. Perhaps optimism is encouraging to some but the facts just do not support it !!!

    • Priszilla

      Went to Sainsbury after Christmas. The place looked like ransacked.

  • Hot Rain

    Preparing the Masses for the New World Order.
    Most of the people simply drifted along. They didn’t know what was happening or where they were headed. Even the churches failed to notice the rising hostility toward God’s teaching, truth and values.
    “There is no god and there is no soul” ranted John Dewey.
    “People of faith are often afraid to open their minds” Al Gore.
    “The Church of the past must die. It simply cannot evolve fast enough. Change will be radical”. Bishop John Spong.
    “Jesus was a poor Black man who lived in a culture controlled by rich White men”. The Romans were Italians -which means they are Europeans, which means they were White, and the Romans ran everything in Jesus’ country”. Jeramiah Wright, Pastor to Barack Obama.
    Buckle up. It’s gonna be a hellava ride.

  • Buy gold and silver, now. It will get you by, for a little while. Then you will need ammo.

    • Mike Smithy

      Lead will soon be the new gold standard.

      • alan

        I’m thinking the same. Might be better off to diversify into these other metals.

    • Priszilla

      Tin cans should come first. And water bottles. And soil buckets to grow veggies and fruits. And plant some trees. Chestnuts grow very large trees, providing lots of shade, and also starchy fruits to feed a family.

      Do some guerilla gardening, especially in the city, on bare plots. Drop seeds everywhere. Tomatoes grow like weeds. Orange and citrus seeds need to be in soil soon after they leave the fruit.
      Can grow peaches from seeds.
      Yes, there will be those who will use weedkillers on anything they deem too green. Just collect all your seeds and disperse them, instead of just dropping them into landfills.

      • Hot Rain

        I wish you were my neighbor.

    • Gold and silver are unlikely to be useful in any way, shape or form. What will be important is that people have marketable products and services that they can trade with others.

      As far as payment will work in a post-collapse scenario, it is likely to revert to personal credit for most day-to-day transactions, as was common in societies where most people did not have significant liquid wealth to participate in the national economy (rural United States until the early 1900s).

      Over time, liquidity providers will spring up on a local scale along the lines of the hawala system in the Middle East and India. These providers will create banknotes of their own which will circulate in the local community and can be turned in to the liquidity provider to purchase goods at the prevailing market rate. For long-distance transactions, inter-broker transactions will require the payment of commissions. Nothing will be legally enforceable and everything will be based on the honor system, so communities may be cut off from the national economy except through a (nearly worthless) national currency from time to time.

      A modern banking system and uniform national currency may take a decade or more to be built to facilitate payment processing nationally and internationally. Hopefully by then we have sovereign money, not debt-backed private bank notes.

      • Mike Smithy

        Throughout history, when fiat currencies collapse, (they all eventually do), gold and silver has always been the default currency. Why do you believe the next time will be different?

        • Because gold and silver were rarely used in the post-collapse Soviet Union (the closest analogue to the US), and because currency itself started out as a medium of exchange between two parties backed by the personal productivity of those two, before becoming more versatile and expansive.

          • Mike Smithy

            If you have a chance, read Dimitry Orlov’s comparison between the USSR collapse and the projected collapse of the USA. In the former USSR as he stated, most people didn’t have much in the way of precious metals (PM) because it was illegal to own PM’s leading up to the collapse. As a default, people resorted to a barter system that included vodka, seeds, prostitution, labor etc.

            Another good read is Adam Fergusson’s book: “When Money Dies”.

          • Drud

            Dmitry is great for a couple of reasons: first, he is an engineer, not an economist, second, he has seen collapse first hand. Barter systems will spring up almost instantly if/when the banks fail and our little plastic rectangles are no longer accepted. I think gold and silver will have their place, but they are not a catchall solution to anything. Really20 nailed it when he mentioned marketable skills–Orlov says the exact same thing. No one can predict exactly how this house of cards will fall, but I am a certain as I can be that recovery will be measured in decades, not weeks or months. Having a pantry, gold/silver, alcohol or anything else you can easily get off the shelf today is a great start and a every wise thing to do, but at best, any amount of hoarding is only a short-term solution. We are all going to have to adapt to a new normal for how we live our lives. The thought of that is terrifying to some (often to myself, as well) but ultimately we WILL adapt, because we MUST adapt.

          • Gay Veteran

            “… I think gold and silver will have their place, but they are not a catchall solution to anything….”

            Totally agree. You also need things to barter, like sugar, tobacco, booze, etc.

          • You’re right – I spoke too harshly. Of course, some will accept gold and silver, but those in the most desperate of circumstances who are completely cut off from all but local trade will have little reason to do so and will, most likely, take payment in kind or in personal credit (deferred in-kind payment).

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Very true. Gold, silver, and copper are great investments so long as it’s balanced with some industrial metals like iron, zinc, and lead. I’d add wheat, sugar, and salt into that as well. You need something for them to buy instead of sending your precious metals away.

          • Rocketman

            Really20: That’s because the old Soviet Union had CONFISCATED ALL THE GOLD AND SILVER from it’s civilians decades before it collapsed.
            Geesh Guy, study some history will you?

          • So our government will *not* try to confiscate precious metals as the collapse approaches? At the very least, mountains of gold and silver will make a tenuous state apparatus appear strong.

      • Gay Veteran

        “Gold and silver are unlikely to be useful in any way, shape or form….”

        really??? tell that to the people in Argentina during their terrible economic troubles

    • Joel

      I understand the idea of having some Gold and Silver for shopping. But if I had to gather some metal I would prefer useful metal like copper, tin and aluminum. Eventually lead.

      – With copper and tin you make bronze alloy
      – With copper and aluminum you make duralumin alloy

      They are relatively easy to melt – especially tin and aluminum (soda can are everywhere, easy to find then).

      With a little bit of DIY you can make some tools. (youtube is full of example of how to melt these on a small scale)

      Also some empty battery (heavy duty specifically or zinc-carbon) – it is composed of a carbon rod useful for electrolysis, and zinc useful in alloys also (brass).

      Electrolysis is useful to separate water into its two component hydrogen and oxygen. etc…

      btw, these metals can also enter into the shaping of ammo…

  • Love this site, however

    I use to buy silver until I realized that it has never been traded in a societal financial collapse unless you go back to the times when it was actually used as currency. Greece is a modern example, dollar collapses and they create a new one. I’m sure many in Greece had silver…and still have the same silver. Possibly wasting money stocking up on it. Basic research will show you the truth. I love this site but to a certain extent many of the comments are as false as the news is real.
    If Im wrong then someone please give me a legitimate example of a time a financial societal collapse happened and gold and silver were traded!? I’m open to seeing it!

    • YuppityYup

      Precious metals are insurance and a store of value. If you held precious metal in Greece, you would be able to trade it for the new currency, when it is created, at fair value. If everything you held was in the Greek currency that collapsed, everything you have is now worth a whole lot less (possibly even worthless). If you were to trade the the collapsed currency for the new one, you would get as much as your near worthless currency is worth.

      Look at the US Dollar. If you had a 1933 $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin and a $20 bill issued in 1933, both had the same purchasing power. The US Dollar HAS collapsed. Which one has more purchasing power today in 2014? The Gold Eagle by a LONG shot (60 times more), even after the massive pullback in price.

      • Priszilla

        The Greek Currency that “collapsed” is the Euro, which is as stable as ever, being used by China as reserve currency in its basket of foreign currency reserves.

        How many people are still alive who were able to buy a $20 Eagle for $20 and hold on to it over the times?

      • Guest

        You are sharp!

      • Chris

        That’s the equivalent of saying that if you invested $20 in an index fund like in 1950 and a $20 bill, what’s worth more? Obviously anything that has the potential to go up will always be worth more. And you would have clearly made more than 60 times your investment in an index fund than a $20 bill, who’s value will always be $20. You’re comparing apples to oranges.
        I am not saying that the dollar is not collapsing, what I’m asking for is an obvious example of a time when somebody was able to use precious metals to hedge against a collapse. I’ve never been able to find an example. People do you keep saying “if you have this it’s like insurance”, however there’s no real examples of that.

        • sharonsj

          I can’t afford gold and trying to trade either a gold or silver ingot, much less store them safely, is impractical. Instead I buy cheap gold and silver jewelry. Anybody who survived WWII or the Middle East conflicts will tell you that jewelry hidden in your clothes was the only way to get out alive.

        • YuppityYup

          Modern example: Bretton Woods. Countries decided to make the US Dollar the reserve currency after WWII because it was “Good as Gold” (since we had the hands down largest store of gold in the world because of the war) and redeemable for Gold. Many of the countries in the world were hedging against the collapse of their currency by pegging it to the “Good as Gold” US Dollar.

      • Chris

        Did some quick math: $20 invested in 1933 at a rate of 10% annual return would be worth $40,971 today. And 10% is the average S&P 500 over the past 70 years.
        Makes that gold eagle coin look small!

        • YuppityYup

          Since I was talking about a STORE OF VALUE, the correct scenario would be to have a gold coin and a $20 bill sit in your drawer as time passed and see the change in their value.

          You are absolutely correct about investing, and that’s why Warren Buffet would rather buy farmland and railroads than gold. The only difference is that gold has zero counterparty risk. Any investment is an investment because it introduces risk for a return.

          Another interesting calculation is that your $40,971 is equivalent to about $2,303 1933 dollars due to inflation. Ouch! You grew your value of your wealth 115x over 80 years by putting it to work.

        • Gay Veteran

          unless you had to sell in an off year!

  • John

    Conan for president!

  • Priszilla

    Low oil prices might be bad news for the fracking industry.
    But for everyone else for whom oil is a cost factor low oil prices are good news.

    Especially for home owners who still use oil for heating. And all those transport companies, and chemical companies. And even the steel industry uses oil and gas to heat the steel nefore working on it.

    I think the low oil price will give us a breather. We can use lower production costs and lower transport costs to speed up investment in energy efficiency and alternative energy production, to prepare for the next oil price hike.

    • V

      Gasoline prices were reduced… But have you noticed… Diesel is still over $3… Businesses aren’t receiving a break…

      • Priszilla

        Diesel in UK is 1.25 pounds per litre. Don’t tell me you have it hard.

    • Gay Veteran

      the oil industry added lots of good paying jobs, those jobs will be disappearing with nothing to replace them

      • Priszilla

        In Germany the biggest job creator is the energy efficiency industry, renewablle recources industry, alternative energy industry.

        Heat insulating bricks, triple-paned windows, PV panels, solar collectors, installers of PV and solar collectors, burglary-proof doors and windows, rollling shutters for windows, insulation material for all sides of the house – the flooor, the walls, roof; sound insulatiion for floors, flooring from tiles to laminates, wood, cork; underfloor heating installers, different types of room heaters, gas fired, oil fired, heat pumps, solar-supported, water-water-heat pump, air-water-heat pumps; heat recovery from exhaust air, combined heat and power generators for the home, fuel cells; further electric vehicles, trains, train engines, trams, wind power, geo-thermal power generation, growing nettles for fibres, using cellulose for insulation, there are lots and lots of opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises.

    • Gay Veteran

      from Zero Hedge:

      Falling Energy Costs And Economic Impacts

      “…The majority of the jobs “created” [in America] since the financial crisis have been lower wage paying jobs in retail, healthcare and other service sectors of the economy. Conversely, the jobs created within the energy space are some of the highest wage paying opportunities available in engineering, technology, accounting, legal, etc. In fact, each job created in energy related areas has had a “ripple effect” of creating 2.8 jobs elsewhere in the economy from piping to coatings, trucking and transportation, restaurants and retail.

      Simply put, lower oil and gasoline prices may have a bigger detraction on the economy that the “savings” provided to consumers….”

      • Priszilla

        Yes, the fear factor of the oil industry.

        It might have been more prudent to invest in ALTERNATIVE energy industry, which is independent from oil.

        There is still time. With people now having to spend less on oil, they can spend more on home improvement.

        • Mike Smithy

          Oh, like Solyndra. Been there done that.

  • Priszilla

    Better become largely independent from volatile markets.

    The “secrets” are storage and bypass.

    Use storage to store mild surplus and discharge during mild drain.
    Use bypass to protect your system from sudden surge, and a suddden draught.

    Usually stockmarkets amplify volatility, leading to the boom and bust cycles.

    Buying gold and silver is a measure to remove liquidity from the market as gold and silver can’t be used as payment in daily life.

    Alternatively you could invest that money into your home. Build a strong foundation that protects against flooding and provides a fortified basement. Build strong walls and a proper roof that remain standing in wind and protect against snow and insulate them against cold and heat. A strong house can serve as “safe” to protect possessions against loss.

    While your neighbours need to buy a new fridge after each storm, you can use that money for further fortification and making life more comfortable. Save some money for example to pay your kids’ college from cash instead of them needing to work or get a loan.

    • K2

      Better not remove all money from the markets. Keep some in stocks that are growing BUT an eye should be kept on them every single day!! And sell stocks that are going down and use that money for everything else.

      • Priszilla

        I don’t have the time to watch the stock market every day. Anyway, watching the stock market is not enough. There you’ll see only reactions. You need to watch the news and policies, and new laws enacted.
        And if your chosen company uses resources from Thailand, better watch Thai news to see any disruptions.
        So, no money in stock markets.

        We only have cash in competing banks. And some cash at home. Savings are invested in the home, nephews, nieces, teeth, eyes, that sort of thing.

        • Mike Smithy

          If anything, the new normal has taught us that fundamentals are irrelevant in the stock market. Henceforth, bad news is goods news and good news is bad news. Why would anyone play in a casino that is rigged and manipulated.

          • Priszilla

            The PROMISE of riches. Fast money without work.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            I would like to know which stocks or markets the government is sending QE’s into. Having a hard time finding that info.

        • K2

          If a person has stocks then they should. If one cant keep an eye on stocks then they shouldnt own them. Reactions of stocks are important because a news cian swing the market in anyway that its hard to anticipate which way.

          • K2

            And stocks by definition are not bad. Its a good way ti grow money, because these days salaries alone are not important to help with all expenses home or kid related. As long as it is done right and carefully its possible to earn more than to lose.

            I am not asking you to do it, but dismissing it as useless for everybody isnt right.

          • It is exactly this mentality which causes unnecessary asset-price inflation to collateralize loans which are used in the real economy to purchase real goods and cause inflation in the real economy, which is damaging to all involved.

          • K2

            Asset price inflation is caused by many many things not just stocks.

          • Mike Smithy

            I suspect that when the Fed decides to pull the plug on stawks, things will unfold quickly. As a result, the bag holders will head for the exit doors, but will not be able to divest in time. I can think of numerous scenarios whereby a precipitated and contrived black swan event is plausible.

          • K2

            Thats why i said an eye should be kept on them everyday. That is if people want to earn money from them.

          • Priszilla

            You shouldn’t follow just panic jitter. If your company fundamentals are healthy, you will need to buy more stocks when the market goes down. But for that you will need to know those fundamentals. You need to be able to read the P&L statements, as a starter.

          • K2

            Those too, i never implied people shouldnt do them. I made my original comment using layman terms.

            Also apply your comment about not following panic to yourself because you were the one who said ‘Better become largely independent from volatile markets’.

    • Mike Smithy

      I beg to differ on your assertions that “gold and silver can’t be used as payment in daily life”. As a small business owner, I gladly accept gold and silver as payment. I actually prefer it over fiat paper. To your second assertion, gold and silver is a measure to remove liquidity from the market. Gold and Silver is a store of value. Think of it as a whole life insurance policy.

      • Priszilla

        And your scale is calibrated and I can trust you don’t have it manipulated in your favour? Gold is quite impractical.

        A reservoir is a storage for energy, but you still need pipes and turbines to use that energy to make usable electricity.

        • Firstname Lastname

          Scale schmale. Ever hear of metal coins?

          • Priszilla

            Sure. I collect coins. Especially #2 coins.

            Try it yourself. Collect $0.01 coins in a cola can, as a gift to a kid or a homeless at Christmas.

            We collect all coins found on the street to give away as donation.

        • Gay Veteran

          calibrated scale? have you never heard of gold and silver coins???

          • Priszilla

            What’s wrong with copper and steel coins?

            If you can make gold bars from tungsten, you could do the same with gold coins?

          • Gay Veteran

            please provide evidence that the government mints have been producing fake gold coins

          • Priszilla

            Why the government? Don’t you have criminals producing fake things?

          • Gay Veteran

            criminals do produce fake things, but silver coins make a very distinct sound when you drop them on a hard surface.
            and lots of people buy silver and gold coins directly from government mints

          • Priszilla

            When you use coins as means for payment, you get them from your taxi driver to buy your bread?

            And who is to tell where the taxi driver got them from?

      • Chris

        And if you do research on whole life policies most people, including Forbes, will tell you that it is impractical for most. Sure, people with over “$5 million estates “Are recommended to use whole life as an investment. However, for the average Joe whole life is never recommended.
        I own some silver, so I’m not knocking it. However, to continuously accumulate more is impractical. If your store except silver, that’s great. But that is one store in 1 million.

        • Mike Smithy

          Point taken. My analogy to a whole life insurance policy is weak, and yes, perhaps not everyone will accept gold and silver in a bartering situation. Therefore, diversification into stable commodities with a long shelf life is best. For example, ammo can last 50+ years if stored in a cool dry environment. The same for alcohol. Most canned goods can be safely eaten several years after the expiration date.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Gold and silver is legal tender in Utah for all purchases and taxes. One really doesn’t need to work in USD anymore.

  • alan

    There has to be a generated event to hide all this junk under so the bankers can walk away clean.

    • Diamond_Jim

      The events you speak of were generated in the first half of the 20th century: The Federal Reserve Act & the FDIC. When the bankers lose, you pay…It’s the American way.

      • Gay Veteran

        uh, back in the day the FDIC strongly regulated the banks


    Hear that flock of Black Swans flapping their wings?! One good shock could send us over the edge. The meltdown in the financial markets would be immediate leading to panic in the streets, an indefinite bank holiday, rioting and and imposition of martial law. One could be excused in thinking this was all deliberate.

    • Mike Smithy

      My thoughts exactly.

  • sherlock32555

    Anybody that is awake knows better!! We have a lot of people that is asleep at the switch! SO we will have a hard fight to wake the naïve ones up .Until it hits home their is no hope for us.

  • MadAsHellYankee

    You forgot to mention the fact that the 1.1 trillion spending bill has language in it for bail-ins. So, when the banks take a dive they get your money and you get jack.

    The other thing is, are you surprised that the two scumbags mentioned are the “most admired?” Gruber was right, Americans are totally stupid. So full of vice, so duplicitious, so willing to sell their own family for cheap to get theirs.

    This currency war with Russia is the start, the fuse is really lit now. When it blows up, and it will, you want to know who the most dangerous to you is? Not the looters, and not the cops. It’ll be your own family and those closest to you.

  • usmcmailman

    Most are…….but NOT all of us ! Our Government is of Satan.
    We Christians are of God !

    • rach

      The number of christians out numbers the number of non christians in America (according to statistics). YET this country is pretty messed up and filled with all kinds of corruption. Thus one can conclude that the christian faith is in the mind of the believer and not anything that can bring about change and that there is no power in the so-called getting saved mentality.

      This is another reason I stopped believing a long time ago. People need gods, scriptures and false belief in something they cannot see or hear to make themselves feel good about the world we live in.

      • V

        Churches are a racketing scheme just like every other business. There is just as much corruption inside the 4 walls of a church as there is everywhere else. People tend to seek security; some find it in religion. Ah Christians…. believing in life after death.

        I will say this…. The one good thing about the Church in a SHTF situation, I would expect the Christians to band together and help one another. (Because this is the Christian way… right?) Having a pipeline of trade with trusted friends and the diversity of skill sets that would be compiled in a single church could be beneficial for survival-ability. Not every American was trained to be a killing machine with the ability to adapt and overcome a dream come true like the at our front doors as we speak…. Its knocking…. Someone please open it!

        Molan Labe

        • Hot Rain

          Alex Jones is a CIA shill- actor created as a disinformation specialists. In the real world he is Bill Hicks.
          Molan Labe is his attempt at gun control-Martial law.

      • Guest

        Did you stop believing I gravity as well? I don’t remeber the last time I was able to “see you hear” that yet it still exists! Just sayin…

      • Guest

        Yes because it seems that doing it our way is really going over well doesn’t it? I’ll make a prediction: doing it our way and excluding God is only going to dig us a deeper hole into a life that’s more messed up and chaotic. Would you let a 5 year old run a house hold and make important decisions? Of course not! And that’s what we’ve done!
        We also are children, children of God. We don’t want to listen to our Dad, and we want to make “adult” decisions. Well, we are living with the outcome of those child-like choices…and so far it’s not really working out for us. Every parent wants to help out their kids but the kids have to turn to their parents for help!
        Time to turn around and save is place, God, help us…us kids made poor choices and now have a mess on our hands!!

        • Jack

          The truth is every action, thought and deed made is by choice. Not god. Thus one chooses to do good or evil. Of course my definition of what is moral is quite different than someone else’s.

          If the power of christ changed people then with the majority of people claiming salvation then the United States should be a virtual paradise. Unfortunately the truth is that their is no power in jesus. Only a person deciding to do something good or go above and beyond what most people would. Even a non-believer is capable of doing this and it is not a character trait reserved only for christians.

          The human mind is mysterious, powerful and can cause heartache in many as we are a product of upbringing, environment and genetics and sometimes things get twisted and unnatural.

          Most of us will never know the full potential that we are capable of as we are taught from childhood that we are powerless and that an unseen force is the only thing that can save and help us. The truth is that we are that force. It is in all of us and we are all capable of extraordinary feats of great love, kindness, generosity, strength, endurance, etc.

          The flip side of that coin is that we are all also capable of great hate, anger, jealousy, selfishness, weakness, fear, etc.

          Religion is a tool used by the elite to enslave us and keep us from realizing our full and true potential on this earth. Imagine how different this world would be if instead of praying and waiting for an answer, christians just did what was right and did not hide behind the whole waiting on an answer for god excuse.

          • chris

            So to that i’d say how do we know what is right from wrong? Where did morals come from? According to the bible, which has yet to be proven wrong, morals came from God, started way back in this garden called Eden with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you don’t believe in God than how can you believe in something from Him? If you don’t believe in God, than I presume you are atheist.
            If you don’t believe in God, then you by default can’t believe in right and wrong. So, correct me if i’m wrong, but then you’re in a precarious situation where you have to believe that things just happen because thats the way they happen…no right and no wrong…just events unfolding as the cosmic stars have allowed them to happen. So a child rapist is no worse off than mother Theresa seeing as without a God there is no good and evil.
            You see, whether you want to admit it or not, and obviously don’t realize it, deep down we have the traits of a God, including the ability to choose right or wrong. Its like a child, as previously mentioned, who can choose good or bad but clearly has the knowledge of both. Example, a child sharing toys, good, or my niece pinching her sister…knowing its bad. We know from an early age because God put that in us.
            I would agree that religion has been highjacked and its increasingly more difficult to find a true bible based church these days.

            In the end this all doesn’t change the fact that we still have to stand before God and answer for what we’ve done!

            Its like waking up and saying you’re not going to face gravity today….doesn’t change the fact its there whether you admit it or not.

      • Lone Star State Mama

        Why do you put the burden on the faithful when you are not even a part of us? Also, if the LORD Almighty states that this is how the world would be then what else would you expect?

        I do not believe so I feel good about this world we live in. I believe because I know I’m in need of a Savior but also because I can see beyond this world. I should not expect the world to be good because Jesus says there is not one among us who is good.

        There is power in the Blood. You don’t believe so how would you know of it? The power of a Christ changes the person. It doesn’t mean you will see it in society such as ours.

      • Joe Woolf

        Why do you blame God for what people do?

        I’m not trying to pick a fight but, if you are putting your faith in people or what they do, I can assure you that you will be disappointed.

        Most people don’t find God when they’re in a happy place…. most find him when they need him in their life and, to those that find him that way, I can assure you that he is no figment of your imagination…. and, no matter…. you can never convince someone who isn’t ready to receive him to do so….. and, the proof is in the pudding but, to get it…. you must become humble and ask with humility…. you may be surprised what you may find.

  • energizedmortal

    Bring it on 2015! I’m sovereign and will live my life how I want to. I am willing to die for what I believe in no matter what the consequences are.

    • Leave it to Beaver

      Why die for humans or their commander Satan? It’s quite evident not many walk with God otherwise we would be at peace with one another.

      • energizedmortal

        Do you have evidence to disprove why people live and die? How do you know what I would die for or not without knowing me or any of my beliefs?

  • The video is hilarious. It’s funny, but is also sad. People, we can’t go on doing business as usual, we have to always be in survival mode. Things are definitely not as good as the media would have us believe. Wake up!

    • Diamond_Jim

      I don’t find it the slightest bit hilarious. Laugh tracks and applause signs don’t make bad jokes funny.

      • I totally understand. I mentioned the video is also sad in my comment. I found it funny and yet odd (media must think people are just that dumb) that all media outlets said the very same thing (used almost exact same words). While I watched the video I laughed, but I was also shaking my head at the same time from utter disbelief of what I was hearing. The editing of the video is what I find hilarious, definitely not the message. If you think that, you are sadly mistaken. The media is not the best place to get real news. I am one person who definitely knows what’s going on. Just want to reply and clarify why I said what I said.

      • Mike Smithy

        Did you notice that the video depicted affiliate stations from all 3 networks, ABC, NBC and CBS.

  • RUSS

    Hi! Patrons Of Economic Collapse Et. Al.:
    If the blind lead the blind, will they not both fall into a ditch? Sense the American people are blinded by the stock market being stimulated higher and higher by QE etc., is staying blind to the eventual negative consequences mere ignorance or merely ignoring the obvious? My problem today with the rising US $ and rising stock markets is found in the Chart Book anyone can purchase for around $10 from The American Institute For Economic Research in Great Barrington, MS., (888) 528-1216. Without many words it illustrates what happened to the purchasing power of the US $ sense 1971 when then President Nixon closed OUR US Gold Window, after reneging on gold payments to foreign creditors etc. From a peak of around 140 pennies of buying power the Institutes’ Chart Book reveals that the US $ fell to around 2 cents per US $. So, if you invest your $’s when the US $ is 140 pennies into a $10 stock and hold that stock until it reaches $20 but each $ is worth only 2 cents, aren’t you throwing away purchasing power? That’s what the Institutes’ Chart Book taught me whether I liked such a picture or not. At some point in time we have to wake up to what OUR $’s will buy don’t we? Right now they seem to be buying more gas with oil prices plummeting but will that last and remain the deflationary force they are trying to feed us; when true deflation means the extermination of great volumes of the currency involved in the equation? From my various readings, however, gold will be well worth holding whether we have inflation, deflation, stagflation or neither of the three. Silver will also become useful as money we the people can spend on various acquisitions. An efficient society/civilization can NEVER subsist using barter, because all forms of barter slow down purchasing and the payment of wages. Less Schwab for example can use only so man tomatoes for tires on any given day but he can subsist and retaining hard money like gold and silver to make all the purchases he needs to make to stay in business supplying we the people with his tire productions plus pay wages but not so with tomatoes etc. The entire range of ramifications are certainly bind boggling aren’t they? Even OUR senators and congressional representatives would be completely clueless and lost without the aids of an entire and whole range of services provided them by civilization wouldn’t they? Those of you interested might also enjoy learning more, by reading such articles as Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dixon White who was the co-founder of Cornell University as a PDF File on the internet; the Inverted Pyramid by John Exeter who stated: “There is a giant contest going on in the world between paper, I Owe You Nothing, paper money and gold but gold will win this contest in a bigger and better way than anyone has ever imagined!” Find this article also on the internet plus see if you can find a copy of The Triumph of God by Dr. Franz Pick. Dr. Pick, prior to his decease, was a world class consultant with banks regards currency values. His book came out around 1987 and in it he announced: “The biggest industry operating in the US is corruption being five times the size of the entire automobile industry with one exception which is it pays NO taxes! He also wrote that government bonds would become certificates of guaranteed confiscation. It was the International Speculator and International Man, Doug Casey, who has stated that, when the inevitable flight from paper money into gold arrives full steam, it will resemble trying to empty Hoover Dam through an ordinary garden hose. It is my hope and dream that you dear reader can benefit from these remarks and use them in whatever way you deem useful, in order to benefit yourself and many others about whom you care. Remember His admonition to US: “You are my friends, if you keep my commandment to love one another!” In the end game of all life in my opinion LOVE NEVER FAILS especially love that is shared among friends. Remember no greater love has no man than he lays down his life for his friends. However, to qualify we first of all need friends don’t we and so love and friendship will win all OUR major battles when the end inevitably comes will it not?
    RUSS SMITH, CA.(One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money Corrupt States)

    • Billzo

      Good post and good info.

  • david dorian


    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • Leave it to Beaver

      Why worry about it? White people aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The only thing that should concern anyone is where do they stand with God.

    • 35wormhole

      so we can fundamentally transform america

      • Mike Smithy

        Dope and Chains.

    • Please quit posting this nonsense, white people colonized (and continue to rape, loot, and pillage) Africa and Asia, with the active collusion of local notables and wealthy people.

  • Hot Rain

    Within 5 years there will be basically no more mailmen. We will be assigned to large mail centers. (?) Let the herding begin.

  • Alleged Comment

    Someone reported the Sheiks are trying to squeeze out the shale producers who have borrowed heavily to finance their operations.

    Someone is gambling with your money.

    • Mike Smithy

      Yes, I wonder how many pension funds are heavily invested in junk bonds supporting the fracking industry. I suspect the carnage will be revealed by Q2, 2015. I am sure the banksters are frothing at the mouth to kick off QE4.

      • Diamond_Jim

        I pity the fool investing in a bond fund in 2015. You might as well invest in cocaine.

  • Ameri Pat

    I am shaking my head why the people in Conan’s audience are clapping, hooting, and hollering after he gave them an example of how they are being controlled through the media. Is that something to be celebratory about? Not in my world.

    • Leave it to Beaver

      Why are you watching Conan? Turn the TV off except for your favorite old shows like The Munsters or maybe the local news. But be warned reality will hit you like a ton of bricks after a year or two of “deprogramming”

      • Lone Star State Mama

        I’m pretty sure he was referring to the embedded video Michael shared in this post.

      • Ameri Pat

        I only watched the clip associated with this article. I don’t have cable or Satellite TV. I watch local channels off the roof antenna and then only long enough to catch the local headlines and weather (15 minutes a day, maybe). I turned off the cable about 2 years ago and as a family we are better off for it.

        • Leave it to Beaver

          Me too Pat. Antennas rule. No more snow just pixilation lol.

    • Diamond_Jim

      The studio audience is told when to laugh and applaud. It has nothing to do with how funny the material is. If it’s on TV, it’s fake, created for your entertainment, not your intellect.

  • mike d

    Very happy to see things going in this direction just like the bible accurate and right on point… Babylon the great has fallen! Babylon translated means confusion and boy I can’t think of a better way to describe the average American.. Dumb and confused..

  • Leave it to Beaver

    Put your faith in man, the world, and money, you are always going to be disappointed. The Ouroboros chasing it’s tail. That is mankind.

  • Billy Dare

    In the ’90’s, I had access at work to “free” flu shots. After each annual shot, I lost at least three days work from, what else? the flu! After five years of flu, I stopped taking the “free” shots and for 15 years, I have not had any flu! Colds, yes–who is exempt from those. Never the flu. Another unstated issue: Hong Kong A and B were two major strains of flu, A in the early ’60’s and B in the late ’60’s. I had them both. Most current strains of flu carry either the -A or -B in their names; therefore, regardless so called mutations, the human immune system is marvelous in spotting and destroying those related variations. I remain flu free still.

    • Diamond_Jim

      Agreed. I’ve never had a flu shot, and my last bout with the flu was 1996.

  • jim_robert

    No time to read this, think about it, or be intellectually honest about what it reports. Gotta get to my weekly “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” mindless chant-in!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Most people aren’t paying attention. Some people actually don’t care. They think the world revolves around them. No, you narcissistic sheeple, it’s the other way around!

  • CharlesH

    Besides all the other horrid information, when it stated that Obama and Clinton are the most admired man and woman in America – I just threw my hands up in disgust. We really are doomed as a nation and other than trying to make myself as comfortable as possible (prep) there isn’t a damn thing I can do to stop what is going to happen. I can literally feel us sliding down – further and further.

    • Afi Keita James

      Got that right.

    • Lone Star State Mama

      I know what you mean. That sinking feeling of reality right in front of you. I believe in Christ so my trust is in Him. I do worry for those that don’t have the promises of Christ.

  • velisetremis

    The author of this article should clue in;
    US banks will not become insolvent, the FRB will simply allow them to recapitalize by increasing their credit limits and borrow capital at 0% interest!
    The US government will not default, they will simply print more money!
    This will all continue until, and if the rest of the world keeps supporting the US dollar! The US dollar is on a rip right now….no signs of weakness….DREAM ON!!!

    • Joe Woolf

      Hmmmm…. I’m not sure why you’re name calling.

      Much of what you say is true….. I’m not sure I agree with all of it….. in 08 things got pretty serious.

      The banks seem to be able to get themselves in trouble but, the taxpayers always seem to be on the hook for their mistakes.

      Derivatives are out there…. after seeing what they did with Greece…. I doubt they’d ever call a default “not” voluntary.

      The dollar is still tied to oil…. not sure for how much longer but, for now, there will be a need for dollars and in the near future.

      What is my largest concern is that the banks are all interconnected and, it doesn’t seem to take much anymore to set off a lot of unintended consequences and when it becomes global, there may be a point that it doesn’t matter much what we do and that, it won’t be enough.

      By the way: I write software for a living…. I’m not a hillbilly.

      There is little doubt that our dollar is propped up with the US military…. lol… just look at the middle east.

      • velisetremis

        How about we demand justice and hold people in power accountable. It seems that being a cop is a licence to murder, being a president is a licence to torture, that being a banker is a licence to fraud…there is plenty of evidence and the crimes are not laughable like selling cigarettes from an open pack!
        Capital and Bank Credits within a network of banks under a central bank function as a single organism. Say one of these banks has $1000 in capital. By issuing bank credits between banks based upon the $1000 capital and bank credits this $1000 can be used to write up to $100,000.00 in loans, this is called fractional banking.
        The central bank could easily extend credit to failing banks at 0% to make sure they are solvent by increasing their capital. The central banks might risk insolvency themselves but you likely will never find out; the US Federal Reserve does not allow auditing of it’s books, and I think many other central banks may be run similarly. Central banks are privately held and are not required to release financial statements unlike the banks typically under their jurisdiction which are and do.
        The paper gold market is similar in that the exchange can sell 100 times in paper the actual physical gold that it possesses; again this is based on the fractional banking system of ALL Western Banks!

        I’m name calling because that seems to be what I receive…go back through the posts!

        • Joe Woolf

          I haven’t looked at responses to your other posts so, no worries.

          The FED may allow banks to extend even more credit at 0%…. I hope not because you can’t solve a credit crisis by extending yet more credit…. we all know this….

          • velisetremis

            It gets difficult because the US has openly encouraged it’s puppet governments to print currencies in the hopes that relative valuation of US dollars will keep it strong compared to other currencies. It’s a joke but seems to work.
            This ponzi stuff could go on for a very, very long time.

          • Joe Woolf

            when they have to evaluate their currency and trade it for dollars to buy energy… it’s worked for us very well since 1973 since they park it in our bond market…. it won’t change overnight but, that paradigm is changing now with the Russia/China energy trade thing…. actually more like the BRICS thing they’re doing…. or starting to do….

          • velisetremis

            This is true, but how many decades will it take?

          • Joe Woolf

            no idea…. could be tomorrow or never…. I won’t attempt a prediction. I could be some external event that causes it but, it comes down to confidence in the currency…. there are rats running around and setting up a mouse circus around us while we’re at the fair…. when it gets set up and something happens with us…. there will be another place for everyone to go to soon if we’re not careful…. ( speaking of energy )…. because, at the end of the day…. it’s all about energy….

          • velisetremis

            A barrel of oil is the equivalent of 6000 man hours of labour. It is a highly leveraged source of energy as a result and important.
            At current debt levels the average American works over 4 months a year to pay his various taxes and receives little in return…it’s a form of debt bondage.
            He participates in a system that harms his health, and his physical and his financial security.
            Because of limited shareholder liabilities in corporations, and no accountability in governments the quality of life continues to erode.
            Pharmaceuticals are the fourth leading cause of death, followed by medical errors(number 3) the whole system is dysfunctional. Is this the system we want to force on everyone else in the world?
            The per household debt currently exceeds $200,000 and is rising rapidly. This does not include state and municipal debt that you also inherit.

          • Joe Woolf

            Not me… I don’t like the one we’re living under….. I could have been happy about 120yrs ago….. LOL… In 1983 there were 3600 SWAT raids in one year…. last year there were over 86,000 of them…. we have changed but, not that much…. we have a growing police state that has nothing to do with the enforcers and everything to do with the lawmakers.

            Every country can only be as successful as how much energy they can control… because without that… you can’t make things, you can’t make food and you can’t win the economic game.

            Since 1973 people had to give their money and goods to us to buy bonds to park so they could buy their energy in our dollars…. we’ve been able to export our inflation…

            I don’t even think anyone could think that the way we have been living could change…. My parents that lived in the depression remembered…. I heard the stories when they were alive…. LOL… you may find yourself on a watch list if you keep too much food now and, it used to just be smart.

          • velisetremis

            The american native was the richest hunter-gatherer society the world has ever seen with an eight hour work week. His food was abundant as the plains buffalo, and he could drink water right out of the stream. The air was safe to breath and if he survived childhood his life expectancy was into his seventies. He lived in harmony with the rhythms of the abundance and scarcity of nature. He hunted, fished and camped….in short he lived well. Today people work 50 weeks just to get a 2 week experience of living like that. And they feel better afterwards. There was no disruption of population levels or fear of fatal contaminations of the environment!
            What do we have left today…a mortgaged future!

        • VigilanteCaregiver

          Okay, calm down; mate. People call me names on here a lot. Just let it roll off because you’re better than that! A lot of what you’re saying has merit – keep backing up those facts. When they call you names it means they have no counterargument and you’re breaking through their reality bubble. Keep it up!

    • Joe Woolf

      To respond to the last part of your statement: While here, we do vote…. there aren’t many honest brokers… at least in my opinion…. left and right both want NSA spying, drones over your heads and the patriot act….

      I’m not sure exactly what your point was about IDEAS NOT GUNS but, the fact is that every government regulation has a gun pointed at you at the end of it. If you do not think so, don’t pay your taxes next year and resist and see if it doesn’t end up with a gun pointed at you eventually…. have some minor infraction and eventually the government will come at you with a gun…. that poor SOB in NYC was selling cigarettes on the sidewalk that had not been taxed and he’s dead….. and even though he was an idiot…. these are regulations enforced at the end of a gun.

      I’m not advocating going against your govt. with a gun…. that is not at all what I am saying…. my point is that your government is a bully with a gun.

      I can assure you that I can change a flat tire…..

      • velisetremis

        The constitution was a set of ideas, it was the USA! Now the USA is destroyed not by force but by a destruction of the real source of it’s power.
        Anything that happens from now on is not important because ideas have consequences, and the paradigm has been changed to a that of a grunt level!

        • Joe Woolf

          I can’t disagree with anything you just said.

          As we got fat and happy… the voters got dumb…. allowed corruption and, we don’t have a constitution anymore…. we have crooks… paid off crooks… paid off judges…. and a SWAT team at every federal agency to enforce lawless politician’s wants and illegal laws and policies.

  • giniveltri

    This author is a tard.

  • giniveltri

    And all of you commenting are just as ‘tarded….jesus H christ

    • Joe Woolf

      please drop some pearls of wisdom on us then please… your comment is not helpful….. and by using words like ‘tarded’, it makes me think you can’t understand the big words.

  • Teodoro Cervantes-Leon

    All of us suffer from limited insight. We can never know what tomorrow will bring. Yet we can see trends. And when we see a storm on the horizon, we would be wise to take actions to protect ourselves. If it never occurs, or is not of the type or ferocity we expected, we can be thankful. But not taking action is foolish.

  • Priszilla

    Child kills concealed carry mother with her own gun: Will the toddler get the death penalty?

  • Rufus T Firefly

    2014 was a great year. The DJIA was up 13%. And with such wise leaders as Barack Obama and John Boehner, 2015 will be even better.

  • june

    The only thing sheeple care about is sharing pictures on their dumb-phones.

  • ihavetopickastupidname

    CDC is in charge of the Flu vaccine. We now are seeing epidemic levels of infection. Govt at work.

    If they could cure/prevent flu and the other pesky things we eventually wouldn’t need the CDC.

    Wonder what’s in store with the IRS in charge of healthcare coverage?

    • guest

      From this RN to every ear who wants to hear, the flu vaccine is a scam. Ive read endless research articles and can’t find anything that truly supports the effectiveness of the shot. The media overinflated the numbers year after year! The CDC’s own website posts the flu deaths per year and they are usually less than 2000! In ”good” and ”bad” years the deaths don’t vary, CAUSE THE SHOT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!! Check the CDC website yourself!

      PS: its now even thought that the Spanish Flu was actually a virus and not the Flu!

      • Orange Jean

        I have a hard time believing you are an RN… due to your “PS”. If you are, I’m not too impressed with your “knowledge” of the subject. They’ve known for many years that influenza (including the Spanish Flu) is a virus… no mystery there! The deaths reported from flu are more often due to complications like pneumonia (they report a combination of influenza and pneumonia deaths because of this).

        I’ve had one disease that actually made me want to die, and that was influenza. I’ve had one disease that made me think I might be dying… and that was Norovirus.

        The truth is, I used to get the flu at least once a yea for years… 20 years ago I started getting an annual flu shot and haven’t had it one time since. I realize it’s a crap shot, in terms of the fact that it’s possible they got the strain wrong… but I am grateful I haven’t had the flu in years and will continue getting a shot every year.

  • ddearborn


    Actually rather than being “freaked out” as you put it, I think you will find that the 10 largest oil companies in the world were well prepared for the current decline. Big hands were holding big bets that the price of oil was going down hard (shorts) and guess which groups was holding a pile of those shorts? The big 5 banks, and of course big oil………Oh absolutely this was a really big surprise, for the rest of us. Those in the know were perfectly situated (again) to reap massive profits from the decline. Good grief this entire “collapse” has been rigged since day one. In fact if you look back to 2008, who do you suppose was betting huge that oil prices would skyrocket? Again 3 guesses people…..the big banks and big oil. What an amazing coincidence—again! Some people just have all the luck right?

  • Sylvester

    I wonder how many readers of this article understand 911? That is drones into The Towers, no lane crash in PA, no plane @ The Pentagon and of course no highjackings. Please help w/ survey.

  • Buyerakd

    no……plain and simple

  • Buyerakd

    we hear this crap every year……remember 2000??? A bunch of “worry warts”.

  • Gay Veteran

    Russia wants to be respected, and they will not become an American vassal. Thus the need to improve their military.
    You don’t seen any Russian military bases surrounding the U.S. You don’t see them going halfway around the world to start wars like the U.S. does.

  • Gay Veteran

    get your money out of the big banks and into small banks and credit unions
    have money at home in case of a “bank holiday”

  • Mondobeyondo

    The coming New Year will be Rocky.
    There will be Horror.
    And, you’re gonna wanna leave this Picture Show five minutes after the movie begins.

    If you insist on “doing the time warp again”, realize that what’s coming will be a combination of 1933 and 1968. It will not be a pretty picture. At least the Mona Lisa is a pretty picture…

    Happy New Year.

    • To Infinity and Beyond

      Whether we hype things up and print articles left and right about preparing for the worst, there are somethings that can’t be ignored.
      Every 7 years, and I believe it was on this site I saw it, recessions have a tendency to occur. We can certainly debate the coming future but can’t debate the past, whats said and done. With that said, this would be the 7th year since the last major financial blip on the radar and could be a rocky one!
      Heres my personal take. If smaller Eurozone countries can collapse and slowly crawl their way out of the mess…slowly that is…then we will too. I don’t believe its going to be marshal law and return to the wild wild west, but i do think it may get rough socially.
      Bottom line, things may get very bad but in the end things will get better. People will die in the chaos, but thats life. Things will get better, history recent and afar, has shown us that. If it doesn’t get better than none of us will be around to write about it anyways!

  • Mondobeyondo

    The thing that I fear most is the rise of a totalitarian police state. You don’t think it can happen in the United States of America? Think again. That’s what Germans thought in the 1920’s. Nope, never could happen here.

    The signs are everywhere. It’s happening right under our noses, and people don’t even realize it. When they finally do realize it, the First and Fourth Amendments will be suspended indefinitely (hey, why not just suspend the entire Constitution?!) Police will be able to barge into your homes without probable cause or a search warrant. Just word of mouth. “Your next door neighbor called us and told us you were a patriot and a rabble rouser. Come with us…” That’s not cool. It most certainly isn’t American.

  • daveycrockett

    what a bunch of dorks – 90% think everything is gonna be peachy?! I hope that number is wrong, if not, God help us..

  • Lone Star State Mama

    Thanks for sharing that.


    If you haven’t noticed Isis is pumping stolen oil like there is no tomorrow financing there claim to terrorist fame. The Kurds are pumping oil like there is no tomorrow to finance their fight against ISIS, and maybe in the near future Bagdad and Iran.. Iraq Shiihites in Bagdad are pumping oil like there is no tomorrow to finance their chance at survival since they have brought in Iranian militia who are pillaging the North of Iraq and alienating all Sunni Tribes and Kurd forces. Saudi is pumping oil like there is no tomorrow because ISIS hates them and so do the shiites of Iran, Iraq, and the Kurds. The US should be doing the same since Iran calls them Satan, Bagdad thinks they have no business in Iraq arming Kurds, who they hope to subjugate and enslave along with the sunni tribes people, and Turkey is thinking about joining them because they have subjugated a large number of Kurds who, with American arms may be getting strong enough to gain their freedom from them and take a large chunk of Turkey with them when they free themselves and join the Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq. I don’t know how that is going to wash out, but if ISIS is eliminated, Bagdad learns not to try to kill their own people, the Kurds gain their freedom and Iran is put back in its place, well the sooner the better for everyone. With that settlement goes cheap oil prices. Obama has now created an unbelievable mess in the near east. Now a comment about our system that tries to make Americans dependent and slaves to them…Some of our formaceutical companies are heartless and selfish beyond belief. I travel in Asia often and formaseuticals that cost hundreds in America sell for a dollar a card (a complete treatment dose) in Asia. I went to the V.A. for a check up and they tried to get me to take Satins for high blood pressure. Satins guarantee diabetis so I ate oat meal and lowered my salt intake instead. lowering some of the other “Bad Readings” also. Speaking of the V.A., I have waited up to 3 years for a doctors appointment so I don’t think they are really trying to take care of you either. They did out wait my need for them so I wasn’t sick when I finally got to see someone.

    • tayronachan

      I think that was well said, on point and I’ll drink to it. Do you mind if I share that?

  • BellsNwhistles

    If vaccination worked the reported immunity would be contagious and the disease would die out, instead the immunity is short lived and the disease grows stronger.

    • Humoral immunity, that conferred by vaccines, cannot be “contagious” without a blood transfusion.

  • Radioactive Man

    How much longer are you going to keep posting the same crap, when none of your “predictions” ever come true? My guess is, for as long as you continue to make a living off of your numerous sky-is-falling websites.

  • James Clander

    NO ! Its time to get ALL the Jesus worshipping religious stupidness out of America. Your country is full of walking talking fruit loop religious nut cakes.
    There is no God you brain dead dreamers.

    • VigilanteCaregiver

      Please read the 1st Amendment.

  • Piglet

    When talking heads on TV tell me that things are good and getting better, I think of the line in the disaster film “2012”: “The guy’s an actor! He’s reading a script! When they tell you not to panic, that’s when you run!”

  • 1555

    I am curious where did they get the information about Hilary being the most admired woman in America ? Personally NOBODY I know (several hundred people) agreed with that statement. The entire matter seems to be entirely invented by the media.

  • ian

    Iam saving this article, so i can read it for giggles when once again, NOTHING HAPPENS.

  • rick

    i is from da gubmint and i is here to helps you!!!!!!!!!!!! AH RIIIGHT!!

  • S Lynn Hastings

    My neighbor works the oil fields in Bakersfield, CA. He said they’ve laid off 1200 people since Christmas, closing down rigs which employ 15-20 people on each. And then there’s the vendors who support the oil industry. His last day is this coming Friday. Bakersfield will suffer as a lot of its economy is oil industry driven.

  • battle

    Propaganda machines cant even get thier own lines to say. they are all exactly the same.

  • zeus

    America is clueless about anything.Proof look at our elected government. Those with a brain cell,not many,dont depend on the morons on Washington.

  • Bob

    Yup totally brain dead.

  • Witness to the truth

    The big question is, are you all ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ? The things spoken here are nothing compared to the times that usher his return. Read, “There Will Be No Republicans In Heaven.”

  • Dr Micheal Ibadin

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  • Deborah Yates

    @Guest… What end times would that be? You are just another sheep in the heard. Don’t bother educating yourself on the intricacies of governmental power over the people until you first clear your brain of the savior syndrome. You have been brainwashed into believing an illogical religious dogma by those in charge, and are one of the walking dead. Do you not see the irony of it?

  • dfr

    Most people would prefer to ignore a hard fact rather than face it.

    Many feel that Obama has been even worse than imagined. Nothing has improved. The US has more debt, more war, more tyranny, and more illegal immigrants today. The economy is stagnant. Wall Street fraud hasn’t been prosecuted.

    The USA now has enacted curfews, banned guns, started NSA wiretapping, set up checkpoints, allowed forfeiture, eliminated the right to silence, ended the right to trials, banned free speech, started torturing people, ended the right to travel, set up kill lists and no fly lists, started searches without warrants, allowed private prisons, enacted mandatory minimums and 3 strikes laws, set up DNA databases, enacted CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA, has TSA groping, allowed FISA courts, and has started training for martial law. Aren’t you just a little concerned?

    The US is no longer a democracy and is a total police state.

    After the disasters of Bush and Obama, the USA is setup for Trump, Sanders, Clinton, or Rubio to implement full-blown Fascism or Socialism. The only thing left to do now is tighten a few screws by canceling elections, closing churches, burning books, requiring Americans to be implanted with microchips, and sending Americans to concentration camps.

    Do you feel safer?

    There is no left vs. right anymore.

    There is only tyranny vs. freedom.

    Know your real enemy.


  • Lynn Winkelman Scott

    you tell us what is about to happen and you tell us to get food and water, but no one ever tells us how we are going to pay for our house pmt or rent if we lose our money,income. Will we be kicked out onto the street?

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