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Americans May Be Getting Poorer, But At Least We Are Getting Fatter And Sicker

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I know, there really isn’t any good news in that headline.  Americans are steadily getting poorer, fatter and sicker and yet most people continue to operate under the delusion that things are somehow going to get better.  Sadly, not only are we not better off than we were four years ago, the truth is that things have been getting worse for a very long time.  Median household income in the United States has declined for four years in a row, and it has fallen by more than $4000 overall since Barack Obama has been in the White House.  Yet the media insists that we are in the midst of an “economic recovery”.  A higher percentage of Americans are obese or severely obese than ever before, and Baby Boomers are much sicker than their parents were at the same age.  Yet we are supposedly a “health conscious” nation.  Technology is advancing faster than we have ever seen before in human history, but the life expectancy of poor Americans has dropped significantly in recent years.  So exactly what in the world is going on here?

It seems like there is a health food store or a vitamin store on almost every corner, and yet as a whole we are in much worse condition than our parents were.  The following is from a recent news story by the CBS News affiliate in Washington D.C.….

Obesity among baby boomers is more than double the rate of their parents at the same age, and boomers with three or more chronic conditions was 700 percent greater than the previous generation.

But it isn’t just the Baby Boomers that are obese.  Sadly, obesity has become a raging epidemic in America and all of the numbers show this.

For example, a study by the RAND corporation discovered that the percentage of Americans that are severely obese rose from 3.9 percent in the year 2000 to 6.6 percent in 2010.

That is a huge increase in just a decade.

And the numbers are even more sobering when you look at the percentage of Americans that are just obese (rather than being severely obese).

As I wrote about the other day, 36 percent of all Americans are considered to be obese, and it is being projected that by 2030 that number will rise to 42 percent.

To put that in perspective, it is important to note that only 13 percent of all Americans were obese back in 1962.

Sadly, not only are we getting fatter, many of us are also living shorter lives.

In a previous article, I quoted a CBS News story that discussed recent research which shows that the lifespans of poor Americans have been dropping rapidly in recent years….

Overall life expectancy has dropped for white Americans who have less than a high school diploma to rates similar to those of the 1950s and 1960s, new research finds.

The study found non-Hispanic white men without a diploma lived on average until 67.5 in 2008, three years less than they did in 1990. The drop in lifespan was even bigger for non-Hispanic white women with low education: They live five years shorter than 1990 rates, from 78 years old to just 73.5.

Why are people not living as long?

Well, our lifestyles certainly are not helping things.  The average American watches 28 hours of television every single week.  That is not conducive to a long and happy life.

But of course a lot of other factors are at play as well.

When you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t afford to eat healthy and you can’t afford to go see the doctor much.

Unfortunately, average Americans have steadily seen their incomes drop even as the cost of living has continued to go up.  The following is from a recent article posted on….

Since 2009, the middle 20% of American households saw their average incomes drop 4%. In 2011 alone, they fell 1.7%. The poorest 20% have fared even worse under Obama, Census data show. Their incomes have dropped more than 7% since 2009, and are now lower than they’ve been at any time since 1985, after adjusting for inflation.

Median household income (adjusted for inflation) fell in 41 U.S. states between 2000 and 2011.

So which state saw the worst decline in median household income during that time period?

Would you be surprised to hear that it was Michigan?

Between 2000 and 2011, median household income in Michigan dropped by a whopping 18.9 percent.

I have written extensively about how Detroit is a perfect example of where most of the rest of the country is headed.  The manufacturing facilities are being torn down and Detroit has become a rotting shell of what it once was.

You can see 30 pictures of the ruins of Detroit right here, and you can view a great video of a homeless man giving a very creepy tour of Detroit’s abandoned Michigan Central Station right here.

So what part of the country do you think has done the best over the past decade?

If you guessed Washington D.C. you would be correct.

Median household income in Washington D.C. increased by 18.1 percent between 2000 and 2011.

Of course this “prosperity” for the D.C. area can be directly attributed to the explosion in the growth of the federal government.

Members of Congress and government workers are living the high life at your expense, and much of it is being done with borrowed money that we expect our children and our grandchildren to repay.

You would be absolutely shocked to learn what goes on at some of these federal agencies.  For example, the following was revealed by a former Social Security Administration employee recently in the Baltimore Sun….

It is not uncommon to see employees taking lunches lasting up to two hours. Often, a day at the office is nothing more than seeing people sleep at their desks or watch movies on their computers. With a few exceptions, employees with goals and expectations of some sort are nowhere to be found inside the walls of SSA.

I once saw an older employee take 10 smoke breaks in one afternoon and do absolutely no work when he was at his desk. He told me he was just waiting it out until he could get more retirement money. Several elderly individuals literally died right at their desks because they refused to retire. A lack of professionalism was obvious in the way the employees dressed and most apparently in their juvenile, non-professional language.

Would you like to have a job where you can sleep at your desk, take two hour lunches and watch movies on your computer all day?

If so, then working for the federal government might be for you.

Of course this does not happen at all federal agencies.  At some agencies the employees actually are very professional.  However, there are other agencies that are even worse than the Social Security Administration.

The sad truth is that what is wrong with our society is not limited to the White House and Congress.  They are simply a reflection of who we have become.  Our problems are very wide and very deep.

So why do you think Americans are getting poorer, fatter and sicker?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Rodster

    That must be Gary1 and Gary2 in that picture. 🙂

    • Gary2

      I learned a long time ago that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Sorry I was out Gary and couldn’t respond sooner. I was doing my part to annoy a liberal this week. I went hunting in a national forest.

        Anyway, I’m gonna venture that it has something to do with how shockingly ignorant you are of life’s basics and cannot support yourself beyond minimum wage.

        Ya, you dont eat well when you’re broke.

        • DownWithLibs

          Please tell me that you drove your SUV with the broken muffler and that pro-2nd amendment bumper sticker on it?

  • Kevin2

    A calorie is a calorie, obesity is self inflicted while starvation almost always comes from another source. Exercise? Work like my grandparents did and eat pasta and beans as your main source of calories with sausage high in saturated fat thrown in on occasion and regardless of that carbohydrate input you’ll be a lot thinner.

    An awful lot of society’s problems have come from government but one can push themselves away from the table and drink water rather than soda.

    We have the fattest poor people in the world.

    • J.M.

      Besides the ignorance that a calorie is a calorie BS you are right, obesity is almost always self inflicted, but the food in America is just trash (most of it) devoid of nutrients and essential minerals.

      Anyone with eyes to see can confirm it. You can google if you wish, how an apple in your grandparents time was worth almost 20 apples of our time in nutrients.

  • believer 2012

    i feel its over…im just waitin for the rest of the sheep to catch up..i realy thought your artical said it was right on.thank you.

  • Attend church, pray, read the Bible, and get involved would contribute to a longer life. If not, than you will reap what you sow.

    • Michael

      Good advice Kent.


    • GSOB

      You reap what you sow regardless what you sow Kent

  • Mondobeyondo

    Not only poorer and sicker, but fatter, dumber and happier. 🙂
    But not necessarily smarter though.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Wow, that cat at the beginning of the article….

    A bit too much caviar, eh?

    • Michael

      I hope my cats never get that large.

      But we do tend to spoil them.


      • Mondobeyondo

        Meow! *burp*

        That kitty needs to go to L.A. Fatness for a serious workout!

  • mark

    Well if the average life span goes back to 59 years old when social security was started that debt will be gone and the government will not have to use the death panels for medicare. Sorry but thinking out loud. We really need to get in shape starting with me.

  • James


    What about starvation do you think it is happening or will happen in the United States as it is in European countries such as Greece and Spain?

    • Michael


      I think that when things get really hard in this country that there will be a whole lot more people digging around in the dumpsters behind supermarkets and fast food places.


      • Gary2

        Michael–the dumpsters are now locked at most of these places.

        • Michael

          I think in the future we will see most of them locked.


          • Gary2

            Here is the sad part–my son and daughter both work at the local big chain supermarket (not walmart) and the amount of food that gets thrown out is shocking. It is way more than you think it is by far. You would almost need to see it to believe it.

        • Pro-victorian-reaganist

          Cut off the locks of these dumpsters with power tools, that will teach these ****.

    • Eisenkreutz

      Without a doubt. Stock up on foods.

  • George

    largely a lifestyle choice, the less challenging alternative to getting richer, thinner and healthier.

  • Tim

    Have you ever observed the number of diet books there are in your local Barnes & Noble? It seems like there’s a new diet book every week. Many of the books claim that it’s the last diet you’ll need because on this particular diet you will lose weight and keep if off. But obesity is not something I have to worry about. In fact, I have just the opposite problem. I have to eat large quantities of food just to keep from losing weight. Yeah, I’m one of those. I’m 6’2″ and I only weigh @%& lbs. 😉

    I remember flipping through the channels one evening, and The Biggest Loser was on. One of the contestants on the show was over 400 lbs.! I just shook my head and wondered how a person gets that big. But it gave me an idea for a new television program. It would be called The Biggest Gainer. I’d get a bunch of skinny guys together, including myself, and we’d compete to see who could gain the most lean body mass in a certain period of time. We’d eat at least five meals a day. I think it’s a great idea. Any skinny guys here interested?

  • Trevor

    Sloth and gluttony are of the 7 deadly sins. I see it all the time in the hospital I work in. I see rotting toes and strokes because of diabetes and heart attacks because of poor diet. Americans have become a stupid, lazy, ignorant people.

    • “I see rotting toes and strokes because of diabetes and heart attacks because of poor diet.” Say What? What about removal of salt, minerals, vitamins, and good drinking water? What happened to nutritious non-GMO food supply?
      If that’s what you forget actually contributes as primary causational factors towards obesity and disease in our consumer population, then please, do everyone a favor. Find another line of work. Ill-informed medical professionals are stupid, lazy and ignorant people.

      • maybe

        “I see rotting toes and strokes because of diabetes and heart attacks because of poor diet.”

        Too much sugar/calorie(diabetes) stuff in the blood can clog the veins, and produce plaque in the blood vessels, corrupt blood circulations. right?

  • Nick

    A lot of nurses in the U.S. are quitting private hospitals to work at government military or non military hospitals because they get great taxpayer funded benefits and much less stress. There is much less accountability in government work. Things are so bad that American nurses are not even staying in the nursing field. Most last about 6 years and then move into something else. There is no nursing shortage. The working conditions for nurses and other mid tier medical professionals are appalling in the U.S.

  • Newton

    wasn’t it you who just recently asked, ” are we working ourselves to death” ?

    I’d say you’ve answered that one with this one.

    The real problem is that this nation has totally gotten away from
    a society whereby people think for themselves. We have become a nation of freeloading leeches.

    50 years ago; every town in America had it,s own butcher, dairy farm,
    Apple orchard, chicken farm, greenhouses, hog farms, brew house,
    Water system, berry farm, sawmill, coal house, charcoal plant etc. Etc. Etc.

    Now, we are happy little leaches to travel to one of the millions of Walmarts to pay what we percieve

    • k

      I agree…everyone is a free loader right from the poorest to the richest.

    • Gay Veteran

      “50 years ago; every town in America had it,s own butcher, dairy farm,
      Apple orchard, chicken farm, greenhouses, hog farms, brew house,
      Water system, berry farm, sawmill, coal house, charcoal plant etc. Etc. Etc.”

      as Gerald Celente points out our economic decline is partly the result of Big Box stores (like Wal-Mart) putting Mom and Pop stores out of business

    • Irritable

      Because of population growth little towns get too big, and things have to expand.

      This sort of contradicts all the people who think we need to procreate more.

  • tappedops

    Poor= Financial Terrorism (Banksterism)

    Fat= GMO/nutrient deficient/starvation

    Sick=H20 toxicity/Chemtrails/GMO/Big Pharma

    Pretty basic to us…but to a sheeple—forget it…this stuff wont come out till the earth has been scorched…rebuilt and then scorched again…

    • k

      good one.

  • Alvin

    Jenny Craig

    Went from 180 to 120 – The food tastes OK

  • Newton

    To be bargain prices for imported crap of dubious quality. I mean ‘c’mon
    Does it take a genius to figure out that asparagus from Chile might not Beas good as it would be from the farmer down the road 10miles that we put out of business 10 years ago because we were to damn dumb
    To give him our business?

    When crops are in season, they are fresh, cheap and healthy, but alas! It takes thought and work to process those 5 bushels of apples that you had to pick yourself for 10 bucks a bushel !

    Worked to death indeed ! By thinking all the wrong thoughts and doing all the wrong deeds.

    priorities !

  • Mustard Seeds

    So why do you think Americans are getting poorer, fatter and sicker?

    For starters….

    1. The dollar has been devalued since the inception of the Federal Reserve….everyone is poorer….even the rich compared to the wealthy people pre Fed days.

    2. Too much of the “food” is GMO, chemical sprayed, toxin filled, GARBAGE that slowly kills you.

    3. Healthy food (whole, organic, non GMO) is E X P E N S I V E!!!!!

    4. The medical industry isn’t designed to cure you. The corporations want life-long, repeat customers.

    5. Most people could care less about 1-4 above.

    • Mustard Seeds

      4. The medical industry isn’t designed to cure you. The pharma corporations want life-long, repeat customers dependent on drugs.

    • Randome-11

      Don´t blame the GMOs, “organic” is not that organic at all.

      • Mustard Seeds

        The only organic I trust is what’s growing in my back yard. And it is all non GMO.

  • A.S.

    All Part of the NWO. Want to get healthy? Get off of your butt, stop watching watching TV, and take a jog for a half hour a day. Then eat as healthy as you can afford. That means fresh, raw ingredients. If it comes in a box, bag, or can, most likely it is poison. And consider 100% of what the government, media, and general population tells you about any subject as lies, because this all came from the NWO to deceive you. If you cannot do these as a minimum, then you are already lost; there is no chance to save your life.

  • Kirk

    Hey the picture with the guy on the left is comedian Gabriel Iglesias. I had to run audio for him at the casino I work at. He is pretty funny and he is a big dude.

    Ok though back to reality it is no surprise that we are fatter than ever. If you look down any main street USA what do you see?: Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King, Winchells Donuts, Dairy Queen yadda yadda the list goes on. Combine that with 50 -60 hours of work a week, and guzzling gallons of soda every week, we have a recipe of fatness. I know I used to be in great shape but got sucked into the rat race and bad habits of eating. Once you become overweight it’s ridiculously hard to shed it. Mostly it’s due to the excuses that we make.

    Really it takes time and cooking skill to eat healthy and exercise. I have cooking skill but the time is lacking. The other problem to healthy eating is the cost. It’s really not cheap to eat right and it’s only going to get more expensive. It’s one thing to eat healthy by yourself, but when you have 3 other mouths to feed the cost is outrageous. I am working on shedding the weight though which I am proud of. Also I live in a small house with a tiny yard but I would like to grow a small garden year round. That would give me more exercise and healthier food to eat!

    Happy Healthy eating and weight loss to everyone!

  • Stef

    When watching the Detroit’s fall photos, and then after the old ones from good days, one is stiken with one obvious thing…

  • Kirk

    With the picture I meant the guy on the right is Gabriel Iglesias.

  • Irritable

    I’m not a cat person (actually dislike cats), but whoever let that cat get that obese (in the main pic) is guilty of some form of animal abuse.

    Actually, for me and my husband, we’ve both lost a lot of weight during this depression. We are walking everywhere looking for work and moving from place to place (just like in the 1930’s) looking for work, and eating very little — like one large meal a day (sort of), interspersed with snacks. We also never watch tv and we actually despite it.

    I can understand that for those people still working full-time jobs that they dislike, eating is often used to overcompensate for the stress they go through. I can understand that because I’ve been there. I used to have a very, very stressful job where my life could be on the line, and my husband also had a job that was similar in nature. But many people overeat because their jobs are boring, dull, repetitive, and they don’t find any true spiritual satisfaction in such a situation. Then again, these are the same people who, if you could give them money and they’d never have to work again, would probably spend everything on new televisions and other forms of entertainment, so maybe in the end people dig their own graves by what they consume, both materially and on a spiritual level.

    It seems that overeating, like any other addiction, is just a response to a frustrating life condition, but again, people bring these things upon themselves.

    That’s why I don’t understand people who immediately start to raise a family when they haven’t even figured life out themselves. They’re just perpetuating the misery and the cycle of abuse. When you think about it, all of life on this planet, from the top to the bottom, is a cycle of abuse. Why don’t people try to FIX themselves first and the system, instead of just producing more slaves for our system? My husband and I remain childfree for that very reason. There is no need to subject more souls to the suffering of this world in my opinion.

  • K

    “When you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t afford to eat healthy and you can’t afford to go see the doctor much.” That is indeed the main reasons. Also some studies indicate, that current high volume crops, are far less healthy. Most of the crops in question, are about a decade old.

  • TN

    I take umbrage with your statement “When you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t afford to eat healthy”. You can eat healthy without spending a lot of money but it takes time, and a knowledge cooking. Sadly cooking is a lost art here in America. Also most of our natiosn poor are on food stamps. I see them in the store all the time and I can tell you they are fat because they buy prepackaged crap to eat. Like Mac and Cheese and chips and soda. They are not much on Vegies and Fruit.
    That’s why they are fat

    • Mondobeyondo

      So tell me, how does a person with limited income live on a healthy diet? Most of the “cheap food” out there is fa(s)t food – Happy Meals, Big Macs, McFish, McEggs, McBacon, french fries, etc… McDonald’s knows this, and they gear their products towards the busy American consumer. It’s not just the big fat food corporations though. The Arizona State Fair is coming up later this month, and a big attraction is deep fried butter. Oh gosh. I didn’t know you can deep fry a stick of butter. That’s 20-30 extra pounds right there! I’ll take the salad, thank you.

      And they even cater to kids! Wow! Why are so many kids obese? Because they hate blueberries and strawberries? I doubt it. When I was a kid, I LOVED blueberries. As an adult, I still do. Perhaps it is because fruit is “not cool”. Unfortunately, the blueberry marketing executives are being outdone by the McMeal folks.

      Fast food corporations should market fruit more often for breakfast, not the McPlasticEggStuff that’s in an Egg McMuffin. That’s not an egg. I’ve seen a real egg. I’ve cooked real eggs for breakfast. Eggs have a yellow part (the yolk), and the white part (egg white). An Egg McMuffin is NOT a real egg. Don’t know what that thing is, but it’s not an egg. Probably something some scientist whipped up in his laboratory, with a little corn starch and styrofoam thrown in. There isn’t even any yolk. Where’s the yolk??! Everyone knows eggs have yolks!

      Reminds me of the old Miller Lite beer parody of “Tastes great! Less filling!”:

      “Wastes great!”
      “Less killing!”

      • Mondobeyondo

        As a side note, if you are a current or former McDonald’s employee, you are more than welcome to chime in.

        My first job was at Burger King. Flame broiled burgers RULE!!
        Heh heh.

    • Bone idle

      In my city the greatest proliferation of fast food joints – maccas etc are in the lower income bracket suburbs. The more affluent areas have many less.
      Take away junk food is expensive.
      I.M.H.O. I don’t think you can actually lay the blame on fiscal classes.

      In my country food was the third largest expensive of the average family now its telecommunications and internet provision. A family of four – with two teenage children can easily have a monthly smart phone and internet bill of $1,000.00.

    • Eisenkreutz

      Most people these days cant even cook for themselves.

  • ScotinOz

    I am not American but I lived in CA for a few years, I noticed that most Americans think that for anything there is a pill or medicine to solve a problem.. poor diet then just swallow a vitamin pill or 2. Cant sleep properly take tylenol. Overweight.. take some supposed miracle weight loss drug… TV advertising is to blame for a lot of this, the amount of drugs peddled on tv for everything from prostate issues, to restless leg syndrome, just take a pill and your problems are solved. You never see any commercials advocating proper diet or how to lose weight naturally through proper nutrition and exercise as there is no money to be made with that approach

    People will often tell you that they have no time to be able to go out and shop or cook proper meals. But if you look at what they spend their time doing then you will see that if they cut out TV then they would have plenty time to do those things.

    The fact that Romney and Obama will spend billions of $$$$ on campaigns whilst a huge % of kids will not have 3 squares per day is beyond belief. Somewhere US has lost its way, it has become so self absorbed and totally dependent on other nations to buy its debt and sell cheap plastic crap to keep people “happy” that most people wouldnt know what to do if they had no TV or iPhone.

    I enjoyed my time in CA, it was just before the collapse… I dont think that I could go back now, California is a financial basket case and seems that those in power think that it should be your average Joe who should dip into their pockets to fund the deficit so that unions can continue to strangle the life out of whats left.

    • Whilst? You must be from England, home of equally fat people, or Scotland, home of the truly obese.
      just sayin’

      • Mondobeyondo

        Hmm, let’s see:

        Fat – definitely!
        Dumb – we’re getting there
        Happy – yup, we’re pretty content

        Looks like we’ve covered all the bases!

    • Irritable

      Oh please. I have been in northern Ontario lately and everywhere I go I see fat people. Canadians eat more grease and deep fried food than anyone else on the planet, especially French Canadians.

  • markthetruth


    Anyone with logic can figure this out , just think about it.

    Just denominate the earth to a one 100 mile round island surrounded by a globe of water .

    Then figure out how many humans and ,animal , and all creatures can habitat the island that you can fit, feed, grow, natural resources before we look like a million ants on a crumb with no where to go expect float on a stick in the water.

    these genius are trying to tell you we can fit a square peg in a round hole! so they
    create imaginary tools to try and make the hole bigger and bigger until they destroy the puzzle.

    there is only one solution and anyone with any kind of common sense should know the answer.

    the end…..

  • From Lille (France)

    Americans are getting poorer because America is importing poverty since the 1960s.
    Americans are getting fatter because they are force-fed with food merchandising.
    Americans are getting sicker because many can’t afford insurance their whole life.

    But Americans shouldn’t worry as Europeans are following the trend too.

  • Michael

    The one thing I hate about all this, is how ignorant everybody is about what’s really going on in the world. I’m not talking about just this post, but I’m a senior in high school and I feel like I’m the only one that even thinks about stuff like this. And if you bring it up to peers or even adults they all look at you like your crazy and that none of this could actually happen, well except few. And I hope none of it does, but like you said simple math and common sense can tell you that it’s going to happen, or at least possible.

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t want to be in high school these days.

      Keep hanging in there.


    • Eisenkreutz

      Youre a promising young man. Read about the Kronstadt sailors.

    • Lori

      I hate to say it but college isn’t any better (assuming you’re planning on going/can afford to go).
      Unless the job you want REQUIRES a 4 year degree, don’t go to college. You’ll take on huge debt for nothing. There are jobs out there that require skilled labor (think tech school training) that they can’t find people for because we’ve gotten to the point that anyone who doesn’t have a college degree is stupid. Or whatever.
      I wouldn’t be in college if not for the fact the job I want requires a degree.

    • Mondobeyondo

      High school was much different in my day. But keep the faith, brother.
      P.S. Date a football cheerleader. It boosts your street cred. Hee!

  • Che was a POS

    Yea but have you noticed how cool the president is?!

    • ScoutMotto

      He gave us Obamaphone!

    • Me No Likey

      Obama is a PR hologram for the ruling elite…but you knew that. What’s sad is how he’s brought his least common denominator background to the that already bankrupt office of the prez. Then we get his bankrupt attempts to appear cool (depending on the audience): the shots of him with no tie, or sleeves rolled up, or open collar, or singing al green songs, or doing some kind of idiot dance, etc., etc. Next he’ll be throwing an opening pitch to a ballgame wearing a jacket that says prez on the back like that old kevin klein movie…but don’t worry, “if you on welfare, you low income, you on disability”, you’ll get that free phone–with minutes!

      • Me No Likey

        Hold on a minute, pardner…by “least common denominator backroungd” i am not referring to obama’s race. who gives a damn about his race. he could be E.T. and it wouldn’t matter, because the office of the prez has been purely symbolic for decades. in a corporatocracy, does it really matter who the mouthpiece is? lcd background refers to his slick folksy manner while delivering his lies…at least you knew bush was a snake when he opened his mouth. btw, hitler called and he wants his propaganda manual back…

  • Orange Jean

    On the “fatter” question – 1 word:


  • The E.Nigma

    There are many reasons why. First, for a large part, not all, people are lazier. They want everything done for them and for free. No longer is an honest days work for an honest days pay used. Its gimme, gimme, gimme. Secondly, population explosion and rising. Food is now so genetically modified to mass produce, few ask this simple question. At what cost to our heath? Those who recieve, ugh, ” government benefits “, buy Monster energy drinks, beef jerky, chips, take out pizza, etc on my hard earned tax paying dime at the convienience stores. And dont care. A double standard set by the current administration. And laughing about it. It has to end. The fiscal cliff is too close. For those who choose to be lazy and want the hand out. Good luck when the SHTF, dont knock on my door! There is a difference between a hand out and a hand up.

  • SmallerGovNow

    One word Michael, apathy, we have gone the complete cycle that all democracies go through. We are Rome in modern historical context. Thanks for this site and your insights…

    • Eisenkreutz

      Were not supposed to be a democracy. The government is supposed to be a check the idiocy of the populace, and vice versa.

  • TJ

    This article was very depressing but thanks for telling the truth. I learned some things from this article about the income decline of Michigan & the income gains of Washington DC. Notice how all of the harmful policies they want to pass use Detroit in them but don’t benefit the city at all.

    Detroit is a complete hellhole. For example, just today the chief of police got caught up in another sex scandal. Mayor Dave Bing constantly walks out on town hall meetings because of citizens yelling at him. Also the all of the prominent city officials really live in suburban Detroit. Most of the people here really do not pay taxes because they are on government assistance. But they wonder why services are getting cut. If Mayor Bing really wants to rebuild Detroit, encourage small business growth & get rid of the harmful laws that kill this once great city.

    All of the people that want to own businesses leave the city in droves. Here is a interesting fact, Detroit is one of the most materialistic cities in the country. A lot of people here rather spend their money at Somerset Mall (an upscale mall in suburban Detroit) than in the fixing up the city. Welcome to the socialist capital of the USA. This city has been in debt since the late 50’s.

    On top of that here in Michigan, the state & Matty Moroun is battling it out on who is going to building a new bridge to Canada. I also want to mention how both parties are guilty of neglect in the city of Detroit. Both parties constantly preach that this new bridge will create jobs for the state & Michigan taxpayers will not have to foot the bill for the bridge. They also never showed the designs for the new bridge & who is going to get contract to build the bridge. We don’t want another San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge incident with the contract to build the bridge going to foreigners.

    Michigan politicians don’t care about the people leaving the state in droves. Yes, I agree that this nation is getting poorer fatter & sicker. Michigan is leading the way in it all.

    Keep up the great work, Michael !

  • We’re also committing suicide at record levels.

    All symptoms of a spreading hopelessness epidemic.

  • Gary2

    Michael–which one of those guys in the bottom picture is you???

  • Gary2

    So, Romney/Ryan are 2 peas in a political pod. Romney dismissed 47% of us and Ryan dismissed 30% of us as useless. Contrary to their math I can add, which makes 77% of us that Romney/Ryan have no use for and they expect 77% of us to VOTE for them?

    Would R/R like to know who the BIGGEST welfare recipients are in the USA? The 1%. THEM. Multi-millionaires and billionaires who want Read More… our government to benefit themselves and the 1%-ers even more and to he_// with the rest of us.

    —By not taxing offshore blind trust accounts, of which Mitt has 7, the USA loses at least a $100 billion dollars a year in revenue.
    —The corporate welfare tax dodgers cost the USA hundreds of billions of dollars per year in revenue: ExxonMobil, BofA, GE, Chevron, Boeing, Valero Energy, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, ConocoPhillips, etc.
    —Corporate subsidies: We the people pay hundreds of billions in subsidies to many of the above-listed corporations. We pay this for the privilege of their doing business in our country, and if they’re BP, they can pollute our oceans practically for free because we the people have to pay to clean up their mess.
    —The Military Industrial Complex takes the biggest chunk out of our budget every year and keeps us in perpetual war and weapons. They have been doing this for 70+ years and I say it’s time we give Peace a chance.

    Romney became a multi-millionaire on the tears and sorrows of American workers and American companies that he fired and bankrupted respectively. Ryan has received over $2 million in salary for his 14 years as a congressman, his wife is a multi-millionairess and he has two family trusts worth anywhere from $500k to $5 million.

    Meanwhile, we the people go to work, pay our taxes and support our country, including the military and the salaries of this worst rated congress in our history. Romney/Ryan cannot say the same for themselves and neither can their billionaire buddies in the 1% club. They want to live here, prosper here, but also siphon off their billions into offshore accounts and hoard the rest of their money that they hardly pay taxes on. They are un-American and anti-America. Imagine how different the economy of our beautiful country would be right now if corporations, billionaires and millionaires paid their fair share of taxes? But they don’t, which makes them the biggest recipients of welfare in our country.

    Obama/Biden 2012 & the straight Democratic ticket!!

    • SD

      I’m waiting for the day you post an original thought instead of just copy/pasting from Huffpo or MSNBC.
      I’m not holding my breath though.

  • Eisenkreutz

    Were not supposed to be a democracy. The government is supposed to check the idiocy of the populace, and vice versa.

    • ScoutMotto

      The people are supposed to keep government in check, not the other way around.

  • slip

    Ok when did smoking almost any where become
    not allowed ?

    Not that is a good thing But to me it seems
    thats when it all started.

  • Eisenkreutz

    This really isnt all that difficult. Eat organic. Eat smaller portion sizes. Work your muscles and cardiovascular system. I have a gorgeous, perfect body here in sunny South Beach and I show as much skin in public as I can. Every day I hear some fat slob whining about how hard it is to lose weight. Well, what do you think happens when you stuff your face with this GMO garbage loaded with growth hormones and lard, fatty? Gluttony is the first of the seven deadly sins for a reason. Most of the women these days are either fat hogs with multiple chins or skinnny toothpicks with no curves. Look in the mirror and ask if anyone would want to date you. Fat people need to be ostracized until they change their bad behavior and conform to the rest of society. The economic collapse will help by restricting access to medical care, forcing people to take better care of themselves.

  • Ras Erasmus

    Good eating habits would have a revolutionary impact on our country. Changing out diets and getting more exercise would save our health care system many billions of dollars. Individual lack of self-discipline leads to national disaster. People who pig out on processed foods and support fast-food restaurants need to be shamed. They threaten the well-being of everyone.

    • I agree Ras.

      I question the argument that because people are poor, that is why they are fat (i.e. cannot afford good food). How many people did we see waddling around the streets of NYC back during the Great Depression? I would submit to you that the vast majority of the time people are overweight because they choose to be overweight. A bag of apples doesn’t cost that much, and exercise has always been free (unless you pay to join a gym).

      I don’t want to hear about how expensive “healthy” food is from “poor people” who probably have iPhones and big screen televisions from Rent-A-Center in their apartment.

      For the most part it is complete lack of self discipline combined with an ever increasing sedentary lifestyle (accompanied by excuses like “I just don’t have time to stay in shape.”) This lack of self discipline often manifests itself for about the first 3 weeks in January when a flood of new people join gyms all over the country. They workout 2 to 3 times, realize it actually IS work, and quit.

      Nobody has to eat all organic food, weigh their meals on a scale and count every calorie. By simply using moderation when it comes to food, combined with regular amounts of cardiovascular/muscular training most of this epidemic could be avoided. Since that isn’t the case we struggle to place blame on anyone but the actual individual who chooses to order the double big mac, super-sized fries and washes it down with a milkshake.


      • SD

        Nailed it prepper!!

    • GSOB

      Ras Erasmus
      Your suggestion is equal to more and more socialist propaganda

  • I loved the response from Mustard Seeds. I only disagree on the point no. 1. Its not the FED that is to blame. It is the politicians who are creating deficits like there is no tomorrow. But don’t worry, all the debt will disappear in thin air when the Hyper Inflation hits in a couple of years. The solution will be fast and effective. Yes the situation will be very bad for the next 5 years. But its better than a few decades of continuous and slow suffering.

  • Old Man

    Getting poorer, fatter and sicker?

    Want a quick fix? No problemo.

    Just work a year in a typical Chinese factory. Let me guarantee you, there are no fat and sick in them. Just poorer.

    • Irritable

      Chinese and most Asian people have lower body fat and muscle genetically though, and their frames are smaller. They don’t get as “big” as caucasians. A typical western European man who stands 6’2” and weighs about 200 lbs (which is in my opinion healthy for a man of that height) would starve on the same caloric intake required for a naturally thin Asian man with low muscle and fat volume.

      You can’t even compare the two. I’ve not seen many Asian men who are “built” and the same goes for the women.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Just work a year in a typical Chinese factory”

      We used to call them slaves. Read all those Apple/Ipod news stories and read between the lines when they say things like, ‘The workers are locked in dormitories above the factory’, or ‘the workers are forced out of bed in the middle of the night to work’.

  • Soon these will be called the good old days, the good times. These are not bad times. The bad times haven’t arrived yet.

    When you live above your earned lifestyle by borrowing, then it can come as quite a shock when the bills come due. Of course, we haven’t seen anything yet. What happens when nobody will loan us money, because we are in debt up to our eyeballs? What happens when everybody dumps the dollar? I guess the Fed won’t be able to print us out of this problem.

    Is the US just a bigger Spain, who just happens to be a bigger Greece?

  • chiller

    It’s been discovered that the ptotein gliatin, found in the wheat grown today, stimulates the opiate receptors in the brain causing many people to over eat by as much as 440 calories per day. It’s like people have become addicted to anything with wheat in it, which fast foods contain large amounts. When I discovered I had a gluten tolerance problem, I cut out eating most wheat products and lost 50 pounds over a years time as a result. My whole well being has transformed and I feel so much incredibly better!

  • Mondobeyondo

    *Off topic*

    How to become a Beatlemanic, in 3 easy steps:

    1) Listen to this YouTube clip:

    2) Listen to it again.

    3) Congratulations! You are now a Beatlemaniac!

    Okay, now that I’ve gotten my Beatle fix out of the way… One of the obvious reasons Americans are so obese, is the diet we eat.

    Do we have a choice? Of course we do.
    So what’s preventing us?

    1) Fresh fruit and vegetables are unaffordale to the average American family.

    2. Avocados taste icky.

    3. McDonalds’s rules the world.

    If you picked number 3… winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    Okay, it’s 2:00 am and I’m off to listen to more Beatles songs. Yes, I’m crazy.

    • Mondobeyondo

      That last sentence needs some clairication.

      I meant to say “crazy like a fox”.
      Sorry about that.

    • Irritable

      Avocados are delicious. I don’t understand people who dislike them.

  • the ragged trousered philanthropist

    I read your article and all the comments but neither you nor your contributors mentioned something that has disturbed me for years.
    That nowadays there appears to be a disproportionate number of “obese” young women in today’s population.
    This cannot just be due to lack of excercise or overeating but MUST be due to something more malign.
    I am neither scientist nor doctor but have enough common sense to see something is awry here and ought to be investigated.
    I’m old enough to remember when most adolescent girls looked like perfect and alluring young women just as they should at thet age and not like the huge wobbling hippopotamus’s that a huge percentage do nowadays.
    Consider! and comment!

    • Momof4

      I’ve noticed also. We have two daughters (adopted from Asia). I have to say that when they arrived in the U.S., the foods I gave them were the same foods they had there which they absolutely craved here….rice, chicken, watermelon, and water. Both of them still love basic, non-processed food. They love fruit, they love chicken or other meat, and they love rice. They, of course, would prefer soda, but I point out the benefits of water. The kids here in the U.S. are just bigger in general. I’ve often wondered if it’s not from the formula they have as infants and then the processed food on top of it they start to eat as toddlers???

  • James Wood

    In reading the earlier comments on this story I am inclined to wonder when people will stop blaming each other for being fat, stupid, lazy or whatever and insist that sensible policies be reinstated no matter what.

    People clearly fear someone will get something for free too much. This is extremely dangerous. It is said that one cannot earn Heaven. It can be entered only by the grace of God.

    The future economy is likely to be very similar. Technological unemployment is likely to be growing in leaps and bounds in the next few decades. When machines can do it all, what are you all going to do?

    When all that is left are handouts what are you all going to do? And who is offering the handouts and why are they in a position to do so? Think it through.

    When there is no work for whatever reason, there is no work. What are you going to do? Justify starvation just because there is no work? Who will put an end to this masochism?

    Get mad, get organized, discover and fight for positive, sensible policies!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      ” am inclined to wonder when people will stop blaming each other for being fat, stupid, lazy or whatever and insist that sensible policies be reinstated no matter what.”

      So, you wonder when people will stop blaming others and then you look to someone else’s policies as the fix? I swear some peole dont think about the stupid things they say.

  • The Standard American Diet (SAD) has become so dominated by salt, sugar and fat that obesity will be the new norm. “A calorie is a calorie” only applies in short term survival terms. Eat only sugar and see how long you live, eh? Fact is that nutrient dense and diverse diets satisfy the body on a molecular level, thus preventing cravings and increasing energy.

  • sally mae

    Poor people tend to buy cheap foods. Go to the grocery store and check prices. Fresh meat and vegetables – expensive. Starchy stuff like spaghetti, macaroni, potatos – cheap. Calorie dense but vitamin lacking for the most part.

  • Note from Idaho

    A nation without “discipline”

    A forgotten concept.

    • GSOB

      Tagging on to ‘Note from Idaho’,

      True, but that’s because ‘discipline’ has been forgotten in our modern day christiandome,… long ago.

      Church hopping is sort of like bar hopping nowadays.

  • Bill

    Part of the problem is Geneticaly-Modified-Food Crops. Today, over 75% of what we buy at the grocery store is genetically modified while independent studies have shown that GMO food has less nutrition and can actually harm your body rather than help it. Gary Null is one of the most vocal critics of the dangers of GMO foods, yet despite the evidence, do a quick Google Search on the dangers and you’ll see how the Monsanto thought police are dominating the search engines.

    For example, take GMO corn. For years, GMO Corn has produced a bumper crop of high-yield corn to feed our meat and corn-based fuel diet. The corn is resistant to “Round-Up”, which is a highly toxic herbicide that poisons water supplies. Now after years of using large amounts of Round Up on corn fields, a Round-Up resistant Ragweed has cropped up that’s strangling corn fields. Monsanto’s solution – AGENT ORANGE! Yes, the same herbicide used in the Vietnam War responsible for perminant brain damage for anyone who came into prolonged contact with it will now be in your Cornflakes, soda, animial feed, and gassing out through the tailpipe of your car!

    The crazy thing is that this use of AGENT ORANGE has been reported in the western media and nobody seems to be pointing out the INSANITY of using a known neurotoxin for weed control! Have we all lost our collective minds or does Monsanto have such a stranglehold of the message that we all just follow along like sheep to the slaughter?!

  • AlreadyLeft

    I left the States a few years ago. When I went back I was shocked to see the number of obese people. In that two-week trip I gained about 15 lbs. just eating at restaurants. Thankfully I’m thin and healthy now. Forget restaurants! Don’t earn enough money to eat out, and I like controlling my own diet.

    I work in an offshore call center that serves the U.S. Mostly I enjoy talking with the people. A lot of them are bright and entrepreneurial, or they’re employees and good at what they do. But there are a lot of them are demanding and dependent, which makes it very difficult to help them solve their problems. This type of person seems to not be able to reason or think, nor do they seem able to do simple arithmetic. They call in with an entitled attitude and complain bitterly when things don’t work.

    This type of person can be extremely rude. They can be miserably cruel to some of the reps, many of whom are highly skilled and multilingual – some medical students, lawyers, and others with advanced degrees who make a little bit more working in a call center rather than in their fields.

    I’m not in favor of globalization, but I think that because of our ignorance and lack of respect for the rest of humanity, our country is digging its own grave. Companies are not going to move jobs back to the U.S. unless they’re forced to, because bright hardworking people can be found around the globe.

    We are not exceptional or more deserving than anyone else – sorry if that’s bad news. It’s just a fact. When we realize that and forge connection with the rest of humanity we’ll be be able to win back our dignity as humans from the bastards that are taking it away from everyone except the few. But it will take hard work, courage, thoughtfulness, and a lot of critical thinking.

    • Irritable

      What does it matter anyway if the jobs don’t come back? It’s not like every other country other than the USA is going to prosper. Anyone who thinks for example that China is going to come out of everything unscathed and “the victor” it crazy. The USA economy and Europe’s will take EVERYONE down with them.

  • Molly

    I think they are adding things to our food to fatten us up.

    MSG, growth hormones, etc.

    even GMO’s add to the obesity.’s-gmo-corn-causing-weight-gain-disrupt-organs/

    Europeans and others are not staying svelte because Americans are all bad, horrible, lazy people in comparison.

    of course when our fast food and GMOS are imported to the rest of the world, people get fatter and sicker.

    Stress that is unrelenting raises cortisol levels too, ergo more FAT and in the poor as well.

    We are being fattened up purposefully by the NWO. Endocrine diseases like thyroid, and the rest are out of control due to all the toxins.

    Add in stressful lives, with lack of leisure and social activity and other good things and its a miserable picture.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Europeans and others are not staying svelte because Americans are all bad, horrible, lazy people in comparison.”

      It’s the American’s fault that Europeans are fat because we are bad people? I swear the posts are getting dumber and dumber the further I get down the page. Honey, shouldn’t you be renting a hotel somewhere by the hour?

      • Molly

        What part of my post did you not understand? Svelte means thin.

        Learn to read please.

        What does being a prostitute have to do with this issue, is this what you say to every woman who disagrees with you? Do you visit prostitutes since you are so familiar with the rent by the hour hotels?

        You missed the point completely.

        or are you an internet change agent type who needs to deflect an issue really quick lest someone starts thinking….

        about why Americans are being fattened up like crazy, and the European gov’ts care enough to outlaw GMOs and another tactics being done here like the over-freeding of antibiotics to cattle?

        or are you really that stupid?

  • Jodi

    Well, we know people have become increasingly lazy but I know one thing I have been reading about lately is GMO’s (Genetically Modified). The food that we eat is making us fat and causing other health problems. Even if it looks like it might be healthy, it probably isn’t. This is also another thing the MSM is not talking about. People are just not getting educated properly.

    I found that has a lot of articles on GMO’s. It’s scary!

  • woodlander

    Hmmmm…probably preaching to the choir…throw away the TV, get off your butt, stop eating ALL fast food, educate yourselves wih alternative means, learn how to take care of yourself healthwise (going to be important), stop relying on everyone else to take care of you, start paying cash for everything, take responsibility, and stop feeling so damned entitiled. My sad generation (babyboomers) think that the world owes them..bull…if you choose not to become more indeendent and it takes a lot of hard work, then plain and are LOST. Now get going and find some like minded folks and start building community. Unplug completely from the worldly stuff…NOW

  • Healthy food really simple. Get a blender and put a cup of organic, raw fruits and veggies in, add filtered water and honey to taste, some lemon or lime to neutralize some yucky veggie taste, add some ice. It takes time getting off junk and meat but it will do you good. If possible grow your own backyard garden, too.

  • socialism (the equal sharing of misery)

    The affordable food at the sack ‘n’ save is all caca. GMO’s in just about everything with no warning label, high fructose corn syrup in just about everything. The only drinks I have found to be free of HFCS is some green tea and apple juice. Here is a page with a comprehensive list of GMO foods, readers of WRH will know all about this but not everyone reads WRH:

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Your name should read “socialism (the equal sharing of poverty and misery)”

  • Sierra Dave

    I suspect part of the problem is corporate Frankenfoods. Soy is NOT healthy in the quantities we find it. It’s used as filler in many foods. Women sites have many posts about going off Soy products and becoming regular with their menstrual cycles. Plant estrogen in the quantities we are eating is NOT safe.

    And I don’t trust these supposed safe pesticides and herbicides.

    There’s a reason Autism births are skyrocketing.

    I suspect Corporate farms cutting corners to produce stuff that isn’t healthy long term.

  • Billy

    I have a kid in public high school (9th grade in a fairly decent part of town) and although school has only been in 2 months (+or-) my kid has already told me about school-mates being busted for dope, alcohol and if thats not enough, HEROIN.

    This is what you get when you take GOD out of our schools, government and businesses.

    There are two GREAT Christian busineses that all good people should shop at frequently: Hobby Lobby and Chick Filet. They are proud and unremoseful Christian organizatons and we need many, many more like them.

  • nowwthen

    Fear not. The government is on the case! High school kids are now limited to 800 calorie school lunches. 87 lb. 9th grade girl — 800 calories. 260 lb. 11th grade defensive tackle — 800 calories. After all we’re all the same in the government’s eyes so what could be more fair? Besides, when they get home the pantry is filled with cookies, chips, twinkies, soda etc. courtesy of food stamp largesse. We just want them hungry at school so they can concentrate on learning???!!! I hear a fix is in the works. Kids may be permitted to bring in carrot sticks or celery for snack time. If this 800 calorie lunch policy doesn’t let people know where our facist government control freaks are trying to take us then nothing will. I hope at least the kids get it.

  • New Govbernment work incentive program:
    Work = eat
    Like living indoors?
    Then work for it. NO work = NO living indoors
    Like flush toilets? Work for it, NO Work = NO Flush toilets
    Like driving or riding your bike? Work for it, NO Work = NO driving
    Like medical insurance? Work for it, NO Work = NO Medical insurance
    Like Dental insurance? Work for it, NO Work = NO Dental insurance
    The list goes on but you get the picture. NO more free ride, everyone pays their way. Only people on welfare are the truley disabled, blind, quadraplegic etc. And even then you can still find them SOMETHING constructive to do to help pay their way.
    Sorry there IS NO MORE FREE LUNCH, were broke…

    • paul

      Define work.

    • exodus84

      So, genius, considering you’re talking to a very tiny part of the population, what’s your solution for the sick, disabled, mentally handicapped, children, wounded vets, and retired senior citizens? While you’re at it look up the workers at Sensata in Freeport, IL. They’re currently FIGHTING FOR THEIR JOBS to stay in the US instead of being offshored to China. Many of them have been WORKING there for multiple decades. You going to call them lazy and put them on your program too? About all you’ve done with your “New Govbernment work incentive program” is proven the extreme ignorance of the right and yourself.

      • Highlander

        So you would rather mak excuses for people and let them moulder in thier own vomit them make them participate in life? From an old beat-up vet who is also a retired person still limping my way out to care for the farm animals and one hell of a lot of other stuff. No one is worthless until they are grabed by people who think someone else should do it for them. Stop creating “victims” most people will do just fine if you leave them to it.


      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “About all you’ve done with your “New Govbernment work incentive program” is proven the extreme ignorance of the right and yourself.”

        Versus the overwhelming success of the left and yourselt that’s destroyed generations of people with welfare. Just look what you people have done TO blacks.

    • Gary2

      you left out all the corporate walfare which is orders of magnatuite higher

      • Tall Tom

        Getting rid of Corporate Welfare would cost people their jobs. You cannnnnnnn’t dooooooooooo thaaaaaaaaaaat. Oh No.

        Then they won’t be able to work…whatever that means anymore. They might have to give up their Cable TV and maybe Gardern, or EXERCISE. That is just toooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuch work for many of them…whatever work means anymore.

        Typing on a keyboard, watching TV, and stuffing their faces full of that yummy food makes them just as docile and controllable as a child’s Teddy Bear. Now dats what da Gubmint wants.

        ******** that they would have to think. *********** that they’d have to get off their FAT BUTT and do something.

        Naaaaah!!! That is what da kids are fer. Now I gotta get back to mah TV Football Game and see if dem Bears can score agian.

  • Karen

    You need to look up the books called fox fire books these books took place in the early sixties men in there seventies building homes from the trees they cut with the tools they made themselves science says people did not live long ages years ago well there full of it because they lived long and much healthier because history is written by those in charge I grew up in the sixties and early seventies I never new of a child with type 2 diebeties nor did I see to many people so over weight as they are today there was no such thing as ADHD because all children have lots of energy and should be let to put that energy into a cause for them but instead parents don’t want to deal with it and listen to all these doctors whom have no idea because all there taught in med school is to issue pills folks years ago raised there own food from soil that was not so destroyed from chemical fertilizers they raised there own meat with out growth hormones natural all your factory animals are feed growth hormones and people live of of microwave foods and fast food diet soda which are the worsted thing you could ever drink sodas are designed to deplete your calcium in your body you can go research all of this and find out for your self

    • Michael

      The series of books is called “Foxfire” and one can download them as PDFs for free here, there are at least 6 volumes:

      • Gary2

        I thought that was the name of an internet browser???

  • Karen

    I forgot to add something Gerald celenta has a video out called war has already started in the 21st century in his Vedio he talks about seeing fat on people he has never seen before folks the world elite are wanting you to get sick to kill your own selfs from your health issues don’t help them out over come them by taking care of your selfs.

  • Andrew

    A DECADE ago a friend of mine spend whole summer in Chicago;
    I asked him just one question when he came back home: ‘What really shocked you there?’
    He answered right away: everywhere
    2.endless tv commercials

    • Gary2

      as for #2 get a DVR. I have seriously not seen a commerical for 3 years.

      • Tall Tom

        I haven’t seen a commercial in two years because…I DO NOT WATCH TV.

        I ‘hit canned my service. I suggest that you do the same. I am a lot happier and spend less money at the same time.

  • Dave

    Hi Michael,

    I deeply appreciate your writing, and often use it when discussing or teaching endtimes prophecy. I’m aware of two blogs: this one and “the end of the american dream.” Someone said that you had another one and if so I can’t seem to find it. Please send me the e-address for it if there is one.

    Thanks and God bless you for testifying to the truth!


  • Maya

    It is the low quality/calorie dense foods available. People have been eating foods which consist of flour (corn or wheat), fats, and sugar and that is making them obese.

    Those foods are also the cheapest to make and buy, the most satiating and the worst for health.

    People have to learn some discipline and stop eating garbage.

    • Shamaka


      The problem is the corporations seeking to get ever more profit and dont care about anyone. Just take something as simple as milk. They take out the fat as a marketing gimic and replace it with milk permeate. Thats the left over stuff after they make cheese, etc and is largely lactose and water. Its pumped back because it is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) and it saves the companies from treating the waste. So if you are on a diet and think “I am avoiding fat” you are right, but you are now getting more calories from lactose than ever before. …And if you had a minor problem with lactose intolerance too bad. There is nothing on the milk containers to tell you the elevated lactose levels. Its natural!!

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “We’re Snooki stupid and junk-food fat.”—Gerald Celente

    100 years ago, obesity used to be sign of affluence. Now, it’s the opposite. Go to an affluent neighborhood (Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia), and people tend to be thinner. Go to a poor or lower middle-class neighborhood, and you see a lot more obesity. And as The Banana Republic of America slides deeper and deeper into the financial abyss, you’re going to see a lot more fat people because you’re going to see a lot more poverty. Eating processed dollar store crap will keep people from starving, but it will also cause them to die younger. Of course, there will always be some politically correct bonehead running around screaming about “fat acceptance” and insisting that it’s perfectly healthy to weigh 250 pounds at 27 when you’re only five feet tall. Yeah, right! Being obese is perfectly healthy; that must explain why a morbidly obese woman I knew dropped dead of a massive heart attack at the ripe old age of 39.

    • Oh right, and skinny people are skinny because they eat healthy.
      Apparently you’ve never been to a crack house…or anorexic bulimic rehabs… Fatness 100 years ago was due to genetics not wealth (look at the pictures). Nutrition, digestion, and genetics have a lot to do with how the body stores fat when it perceives starvation. Bellies blow up due to lack of food. Bellies blow up due to the lack of digestion. Bellies are sometimes big because of genetics (again look at the pictures) When talking about the propensity for people to eat what they are offered due to scarcity, then rats feed GMO’s develop tumors and eventually die of cancer. So…what’s your point?

      • Remember! The Powers that want to be (that will never be):(Create) PROBLEM, (Promote)CRISIS, (then meagerly, feigning, humbly offer) SOLUTION.
        Why do you think stores are offering probiotic drinks, yogurt, kefir dip, acid reducing, heartburn dissolving, tums up solutions? We are literally being blown up from the inside out! Blog that!

        • And now Liposuction is going for a swelt $1,249.00! Gastric by-pass is a steal for $6,999! Need we say more?

      • El Pollo de Oro

        You didn’t disprove my point. All you proved is that crackheads and junkies are skinny because they don’t eat (crack and junk have a way of taking one’s appetite). And yes, there is a correlation between obesity and eating a lot of processed crap (also known as “frankenfood”).

  • Mondobeyondo

    Put your faith in Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God, and the Holy Bible, the written Word of God.

    If you do so, you will get through this Mess we are all in. It won’t be easy. You won’t have any parties. No nights out at Red Lobster. The wife will have to cancel her shopping trip to Tiffany’s. But that’s not important. Survival is the issue here.

    If you don’t do so… well… things will be very bleak indeed.

    Proverbs 3:5-6

    • onething

      That sounds like a threat.

    • Mondobeyondo

      No, not meant to really be a threat. Just shows what will happen when people reject God. It’s our choice.

      Remember, God does not send anyone to hell. People choose to go to hell.

      • Gary2

        God created hell, therefore he is 100% responsible for any one and every one who goes there. He could wave the magic wand and no more hell.

    • Paul

      Better off putting your faith in Smith & Wesson when the SHTF.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Why is it that every single major network morning “news” show is a toned-down version of TMZ? It’s all celebrity gossip trash. Every one of them. The Daily Show on CBS, Good Morning America on ABC, the Today Show on NBC – makes no difference. And I am sick and tired of it.

    No. I do NOT care what Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is wearing.
    I do NOT care about the latest car crash Lindsay Lohan was involved in.

    Okay, I do care about Justin Bieber. Most notably because he, um, lost his lunch at his kickoff world tour concert here in Phoenix. (Yes, he really did vomit on stage. Do a Google search, if you don’t believe me.) You see, even Justin himself can’t stand singing his own songs. *giggle!*

    But please – how about some honest, hard hitting news for once?!! Seriously. Oh, Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow… why did you have to die?? (LOL!!)

  • Chemgal

    Regarding the SSA: I can only note that the organization is based in Baltimore. If you have ever gone there, you may have noticed that it is an East Coast variant of Detroit, although not yet quite as bad as Camden. The SSA takes its employees from the local population, and that is the root of its problem; the local population is at best very poorly educated, and this is not predicated upon ethnicity. The local administration years ago decided to raise property taxes to the eye-bleed level to “improve” schools, etc. That precipitated the flight of virtually all productive elements to the outer suburbs, and eventually relocation, in many cases, to the DC or Wilmington area. What was left was virtually uneducable, and subsists mainly on government handouts, and whatever they can steal. The few of that milieu who manage to graduate from something resembling a school compete for these lower-level jobs in government, and are subject to some version of a background investigation. While it is true that there are many who abuse the system, there are also many–who have attained higher levels of education, primarily–who do not. I rather suspect that the elderly employees referenced are also sick and tired of seeing hugely unqualified people being hired, and are adopting their own method of protest. Most of them are probably from an era that required passing the Civil Service Exam, at the very least. The exam was ditched wholesale during the Civil Rights era. OPM is now tasked with determining whether applicants qualify, and granting certification for a position. That system, for similar reasons, is also fraught with problems. How, after all, can a high school graduate of recent vintage possibly evaluate a candidate for a position that requires higher degrees and specialization? I work for a bureau in a Department that specializes in overseas deployment. Most kids these days can’t even identify the most basic countries (or, for that matter, states) on a map, let alone produce a work product with correct grammar and spelling…and that applies to those WITH degrees!

    • I hope everyone is hearing what Chemgal is saying…”The SSA takes its employees from the local population,…”virtually uneducable”,… “rather suspect that the elderly employees referenced are also sick and tired of seeing hugely unqualified people being hired”,…”after all, can a high school graduate of recent vintage possibly evaluate a candidate for a position that requires higher degrees and specialization?…” Oh, you say you are a college professor, an engineer, an honest police officer but you suddenly LOST your job? Your employer KEPT that muddled fubblehead that can’t even add or write? WTH?
      That my friends is the sound of our collective up side down backwards ass, bottoms up, inaffectual, employment- future. Read her comments very, very carefully… Everyone should stand aghast-what she’s pointing out is exactly what is happening in hiring new employees throughout this country. NEW Corp-o-rape-tion qualifications? Ineptitude, inefficiency, apathetic demeanor. Got Bad? Then you’re IN! Gone, gone, gone are the hard working, efficient, profit making excellent worker. OUT WITH THE OLD!!! IN WITH THE NEW!!!, (DIS) ORDER THAT IS!!!
      Oh, goodness Virginia, no, (by the impotent but highly aspiring not ever going to happen powers who wanna be) there will be no, (since it’s really up to them and not us), there will be no more happiness (or hiring good productive workers) on this planet anymore…(signed the New World (Dis) Order).
      People!!! People!!! People!!! Please! Start banding together in your community and recognize that there is AN enemy at our door! Get prepared!!! This time they mean business! And you and I ain’t invited!

  • I reject your findings. I’m not fat and sick, and nobody in my family is. I work with hundreds of people, and very few of my coworkers are fat and sick. I think the “obesity epidemic” is a myth. And because of this myth, the Obama Administration is starving our kids at school by making them eat tofu and bean sprouts instead of the high energy foods that growing bodies need. That’s why high school kids all over the country are protesting out loud about it. It’s a pity that they’re too young to vote.

    • uncle bill

      u r of asian descent, your family are of asian descent, and the hundreds of coworkers you work with are probably also mostly asians. you eat boiled rice. in small quantities. As far as I can see every american reality tv show looks like the biggest loser.

  • Washington

    How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis!

  • Chestertonian

    It is very possible to eat nourishing food for less money than most people spend. First, avoid all espresso stands, fast food restaurants, and most of the displays in supermarkets. Pass up all bottled or canned beverages, chips, candy, and alcohol. I’m not morally against alcohol in moderation, but if you need to survive on little money, you can do without it. Second, use whatever amount of ground you have (large pots and tubs on a balcony if nothing else) to grow a garden. This is mainly limited by the amount of time you put into it. More time spent can result in more produce. Third, cook from scratch. Brown rice and whole wheat flour and dry beans are cheap. Bake your own muffins and bread. Fourth, eat fewer calories than most Americans. We consume too much food and drink, period. Eat less, but make sure that every bite is real food.
    There are other more “advanced” steps possible, but the four above are do-able without shopping in health food stores and without belonging to buying coops, both of which are good ideas. One more suggestion for those in or near rural areas: get to know small producers who have chickens, cows, pigs, etc. They often use less pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics than does agribusiness, or none at all. Buy direct from them. Start looking and inquiring at farmer’s markets and in health food stores. Also inquire at custom meat-cutting businesses that exist in small towns near the countryside. You will eventually find them. If you are truly frugal you can feed yourself for a day for the price of one French vanilla latte. Your food doesn’t have to be “convenient”; but it should nourish you.

  • onething

    It is somewhere between very difficult and impossible to find good food in this country. Humans need about twice the number of elements to be in optimum health as plants do. So you can have a plant that is healthy in every way, and yet it will not support your health. Raise vegetables in real, organic soil so the plants take up what you both need, and you don’t have to worry about such things. We are getting what we deserve. You sin against the Holy Spirit and you pay. Not because the divine is mean, but because it is a sin against life itself. You take beautiful sentient creatures and torture them in tiny boxes for their whole lives, and you end up dying of cancer and heart disease. Humans need omega 3. Guess who provides it? Grass fed beef. Guess who doesn’t provide it? Big Ag raised beef on corn. The list goes on and on, but why not just return to nature and basic decency toward animals?

  • Randome-11

    I love how some blame “poverty” on being fat.

    Too poor to eat healthy but still can afford computers, video games, restaurants every night and 1.5 kilos of potatoes in whipe-cream as breakfast, riiiiiight…

    The morbidly obese, you bet they live on welfare: They often stinks (too fat to wash properly) and their deformed bodies repulses the client, they litteraly can´t go to work that easily since they simply cannot do anything physical ( many can´t even walk), even tape on a keyboard is difficult when enormous manboobs hiddes it from their eyes, also eating that much cost a lot of ***ing money.
    They are hard-pressed to even go to the local k-marts, KFCs and macdonalds without cars and specialized vehicules to carry their humongous loads.
    Others depends on relatives to feed them, someone gotta shovel down the pizzas and the burgers.

    Also remember, there is no inner beauty at work, their hideous bodies reflects an even more hideous inner self.
    Yes, I blame them and their lack of control over their own urges. Not glandes, not GMOs, not society, not wall street or Chinese industry.

    The bible called gluttony a deadly sin, ja? Well, there is certainly a reason why it does! It is both a sin and it is deadly.

    Nope, society shouldn´t have to pay a single dime for whatever self-inflicted health problems these half-walrus and half-leeche humanoides gets. Don´t feel bad for them, feel bad AT them.

    • Yeah, we hear ya, you’re feeling the same pressure to produce also, but please, do everyone a favor and drop the blame game. It’s human experience we’re talking about here. There’s an enemy and they BEES (in honor of your colloquilism) hunting for all of us. Make peace with your family soon and tolerate in love.

      • Randome-11

        Nope, it is fatties that plays the blame game, blame everyone and everything else but their surrender to their own gluttony, laziness and general lack of self-control, which is what should be blamed.

        Don´t equate them with the rest of the human specie, they ARE one step below it, their grotesque bodies are only the product of an even more hideous inner self.

        If they repent, have enough will and self-control to escape such hideous condition, then they deserve consideration for overcoming that. Just as well, the rest, the majority that doesn´t, deserves only contempt and disguste, as is only right!

        Your concept of humanity is corrupt. It is not weakness that cuts humans from the other animals, it is the will, it is self-control, individuals and societies achieving mastery over emotions and instincts, not the other way around.
        Intelligence and even ethics did not emerge within the human specie because of the false, politically correct idols of love and tolerance.

        Seeing that these notions are today used as an excuse to justifie sin, I categorically reject them!

        • linda

          *******! Looks like poor ‘randome’ got stuck with a 28-day prescription on a 31-day month…
          Go lie down awhile…

    • Mondobeyondo

      People who can’t afford healthy food eat cheap food.
      McPoop, McApplePie, French fries, etc. are inexpensive (affordable).
      Not necessarily healthy, but your 5 year old kid can at least eat.
      In the long run, is this good? Nope. But hey… you do what ya gotta do, right?

      There’s a 5-6 year old girl who regularly visits my favorite grocery store. She’s… oh, I’d say, hmmm, obese for her age. Let’s just say, this sweet little girl would have a starting role as a Teletubby on TV. LOL! I call her “Butterball”, and it has nothing to do with the turkey of the same name.

      Please honey, eat some fruit and veggies! Here, I’ll buy you some apples and broccoli! Carrots too! You know carrots? They are these orange colored stick-looking things. Not necessarily yummy, but they sure are healthy! Poor thing! Do you even know what a blueberry or strawberry tastes like?!

  • Kim

    The hatred in the comments about fat people is absolutely atrocious. FYI fat does not make you fat. It is the carbs and sugar that are responsible for packing on the pounds.

    Of course most people including many who commented here believe the main stream media commentary about saturated fat and how terrible it is, etc.

    If you eat a diet high in fat, moderate in protein and between 50-100 grams of carbs per day max. You will lose weight, not be fat and not be hungry.

    Although many who read this comment are just to mind controlled by the food pyramid created by our dear sweet father government to even accept this fact.

    I guess it is in the genetic makeup of all of us to be fooled by propaganda.

    Enjoy your low-fat, reduced fat fraken foods.

    Me…I am going to eat my butter, coconut oil, chicken with the skin on and more.

    • Randome-11

      Our disguste and contempt for fatties is fully justified.

      Not only are fatties eyesores, they are so because they have surrendered to their own degradation, allowed themselves to become like that. No evil illuminati boot forces them face first into their own filth and live like pigs.

      No, they are worst than pigs, pigs doesn´t live in their own filth if they can avoid it.

      • Kim

        I am so glad for internet comments. It allows the true thoughts and feelings of people to shine through. If we all knew what people were really thinking we may all just lock ourselves up in our survival bunkers…alone and never come out.

        I am thankful that we can’t read the thought of others.

        Oh and you spelled disgust wrong. There is no e at the end. And it is worse not worst. Perhaps a spelling class may be a good way to spend your time instead of thinking such hateful thoughts about others.

        • Caroline

          Thank you, Kim! I was literally feeling ill from the hatred that was spewing from those comments. Truly frightening to know that people can feel such hatred towards those they don’t even know.

        • Paul

          Kumbaya my Lord. Kumbaya

          • Baz

            Paul, my thoughts exactly. as if half of these ‘do-gooders’ practice what they preach anyway. deep down they know its true. the west needs to toughen up and start getting their shit together. do you think non western asian countries have similar concerns?? no, because they have a work ethic, discipline, a much simpler diet, an excitement for what the future holds and a healthy culture, while we in the soft west are completely fractured in everything that we once held to be good and true. less namby pambying about peoples feelings getting hurt and start doing, FFS!!

  • tbiggs

    I don’t preach about it, but I pretty much gave up on grains and sugars, while increasing my consumption of healthy meats, fats, and locally grown foods. In 8 months, I easily shed the weight I’d gained over almost two decades. And I wasn’t “dieting”, or calorie counting – eating the same amounts, just a different mix of foods. It seems 80% of what’s in the stores and restaurants is made of grains, sugars (HFCS), and unhealthy oils. It’s easy to get obese with the Standard American Diet, and moreso if you’re eating “cheap” food, or preprocessed “convenience” foods.

  • Traffix

    Romney said it all tonight, less government.

    • Randome-11

      I laugh at republican fake outrage at big governement, what Romney will most likely do is make the federal governement even larger. Even more lavish spending for the TSA, the CIA, HS, “democracy” in the middle-east, the Pentagon etc.

      Reagan increased governement, Bush junior increased governement, Clinton is the one that actually reduced it.

      • Kevin2

        Clinton despite pledges to the contrary signed NAFTA into law and even twisted arms in Congress to get it passed. He did likewise with China Free Trade and then repealed the last parts of Glass-Steagall putting the Financial Fox in charge of the Investment and Banking chicken coup legalizing corruption in the process.

        Bill Clinton gave the elitists far more than any Republican could and in the process did the most damage to the middle class.

  • Optimistic Pessimist

    Condensed idea: Eat right, Sleep right, Exercise right and Educate yourself right on a regular basis.


  • Ellipser

    Many Canadians think America is actually getting better. Watching CNN and those smiling over confident sluts spread it (lies),and bobbing their heads as if they’re sucking knob. No wonder Americans are they way they are. Clinton getting sucked-off in the whitecumhouse chair, he’s now a hero more than ever, the cumback king. Lies , divorce, excess and messed-up minds are what America great today. You are gods, just like lucifer.

  • John

    To into perspective just how bad things are in the USA I’m going to break down certain facts. The median individual income in the USA in 2003 was approximately $33,000 (only counting individuals older then 25, or else it would be even lower).

    That equals to approximately $15.86/hour. So the average American made around $15/hr back in 2003. Flash-forward to 2010 the median income has fallen to $26,197 or $22,094 by 2003 standards (after adjusting for inflation). This means presently the average person in the USA only makes $10.62/hour!!

  • Sofia

    Brown rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, mangos, bananas, avocados, cheddar cheese, fish, green beans, plain yogurt, roast turkey leftovers made into soup with onions and celery, bean tacos with cabbage slaw, water with lemon lime or orange squeezed in, whole wheat oatmeal raisin cookies, trail mix, sprouted grain toast with fruit preserves, oatmeal with honey and blueberries, washed lettuce with tuna, olives, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. WE LOVE OUR DIET and we are not fat. And we don’t spend a fortune.

    • DownWithLibs

      Thanks for the tasty listing!

  • Scott

    Eating healthy and exercising are very challenging, but possible. The reason we have such high medical costs can be attributed to the sicknesses and diseases of the obese. My wife and I regularly take her elderly (mostly healthy) mother to our local Kaiser Perm facility for checkups. While they are inside, I observe the folks (young and old) going in and out the front door. Most of them are extremely obese, very few thin people. Fast food may be convenient, but it’s deadly. Remember the guy from “30 Days”? He alomost died from eating fast food for only one month. Not only did he gain weight, the food was damaging his kidneys and liver, and most certainly his heart. To the person who said that God could zap away Hell. Not possible. God created Hell for Satan and his followers. People go there because they they refuse God’s merciful offer to spend eternity in Paradise with Him. He gave His son Jesus to die for YOUR sins. And, you are a sinner, if you’re willing to admit it. If you are willing, why not take His free gift of SALVATION through Jesus’ death on the cross? One day, YOUR life will end. You have the power to choose your eternal destiny. Choose life, eternal life for yourself. Choose Jesus, choose heaven, choose to live. There’s is only one other place for you to go. And it’s not “party time” with Satan.

    • DownWithLibs

      Well said!

  • linda

    American’s income has been in decline for nearly 30 years, long before Obama took office, so blaming him is just silly.
    The thing about measuring a “median” of anything is that the figures can be way off if the figures at each end are extremely high or low, as they are today. If you take 1 person making 20 million/year, and three making 20 thousand/year add them together, the halfway point would be at about 10 million, obviously not a true reflection of income distribution.
    I realize that formula was extremely simplistic, and more goes into the calculation, but I offer it as an example of how carefully we should approach statistics.
    Perhaps a better example would be to use the old “flat tax” argument. A lot of people think this would be THE answer. And it DOES seem fair on the surface…everyone pays 20%, rich, poor and in between, no exceptions.
    But what they fail to consider is that a percentage of something is unknowable unless you take into account the size of the entity you are taking 20% OF…
    Take 20% of 20 million, and all that happens is a zero or two gets knocked off a bank balance. Life does not change at all.
    Take 20% of a 22,000 income, and you have just thrown a working family onto welfare.
    Obviously these two are NOT shouldering the same tax burden, even though the actual numbers seem as fair as they can be.

  • I don’t think it’s lack of funds for healthy food that is causing obesity. It’s easy to eat healthy on a budget. My family and I do it every day.
    I think it’s the so-called ” ‘health’ ‘food’ ” that’s causing obesity. How often have you been in the checkout line and seen fat people stocking up on “diet” foods? Are they working? Clearly not!
    Americans have forgotten how to eat healthy, thanks to government propaganda saying that fat, salt, and cholesterol are bad for you.
    Eat whatever you want and don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t overeat. Obey your hunger. It’s as simple as that.

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