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Most Americans Are Slaves And They Don’t Even Know It

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Chain - Public DomainMost Americans spend their lives working for others, paying off debts to others and performing tasks that others tell them that they “must” do.  These days, we don’t like to think of ourselves as “servants” or “slaves”, but that is what the vast majority of us are.  It is just that the mechanisms of our enslavement have become much more sophisticated over time.  It has been said that the borrower is the servant of the lender, and most of us start going into debt very early into our adult years.  In fact, those that go to college to “get an education” are likely to enter the “real world” with a staggering amount of debt.  And of course that is just the beginning of the debt accumulation.  Today, when you add up all mortgage debt, all credit card debt and all student loan debt, the average American household is carrying a grand total of 203,163 dollars of debt.  Overall, American households are more than 11 trillion dollars in debt at this point.  And even though most Americans don’t realize this, over the course of our lifetimes the amount of money that we will repay on our debts is far greater than the amount that we originally borrowed.  In fact, when it comes to credit card debt you can easily end up repaying several times the amount of money that you originally borrowed.  So we work our fingers to the bone to pay off these debts, and the vast majority of us are not even working for ourselves.  Instead, our work makes the businesses that other people own more profitable.  So if we spend the best years of our lives building businesses for others, servicing debts that we owe to others and making others wealthier, what does that make us?

In 2015, the words “servant” and “slave” have very negative connotations, and we typically don’t use them very much.

Instead, we use words like “employee” because they make us feel so much better.

But is there really that much of a difference?

This is how Google defines “servant”…

“a person who performs duties for others, especially a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.”

This is how Google defines “slave”…

“a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.”

This is how Google defines “employee”…

“a person employed for wages or salary, especially at nonexecutive level.”

Yes, most of us might not be “legal property” of someone else in a very narrow sense, but in a broader sense we all have to answer to someone.

We all have someone that we must obey.

And we all have obligations that we must meet or else face the consequences.

At this point, Americans are more dependent on the system than ever before.  Small business ownership in the U.S. is at a record low, and the percentage of Americans that are self-employed has fallen to unprecedented levels in recent years.  From a very early age, we are trained to study hard so that we can get a good “job” (“just over broke”) and be good cogs in the system.

But is that what life is about?

Is it about being a cog in a system that ultimately benefits others?

Perhaps you don’t think that any of this applies to you personally.

Well, if someone came up to you and asked you what you truly own, what would you say?

Do you own your vehicle?

Most Americans don’t.

In fact, today the average auto loan at signing is approximately $27,000, and many of them stretch on for six or seven years.

What about your home?

Do you own it?

Most Americans don’t.

In fact, overall the banks have a much greater “ownership” interest in our homes and our land than we do.

But even if you have your home totally “paid off”, does that mean that you actually “own” it?

Well, no, not really.

Just see what happens if you quit paying your property taxes (rent) to the proper authorities.

So if they can take your home away from you for not paying rent (property taxes), do you really own it?

That is something to think about it.

What about all of your stuff?

Do you own it?


But a very large percentage of us have willingly enslaved ourselves in order to acquire all of that stuff.

Today, the typical U.S. household that has at least one credit card has approximately $15,950 in credit card debt.

And if you do not pay off those credit card balances, the credit card companies will unleash the hounds on you.

Have you ever had an encounter with a debt collector?

They can be absolutely brutal.  And they use those tactics because they work.  In fact, they are so good at what they do that many of those that own debt collection companies have become exceedingly wealthy.  The following is from a recent CNN article

Yachts. Mansions. Extravagant dinner parties. Life is good for the founders of one of the nation’s biggest government debt collectors.

That firm, Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, rakes in big money from government contracts that allow it to pursue debtors over toll violations, taxes and parking tickets. While the debts often start small, the Austin-based firm charges high fees, which can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the bill.

After growing this business from a small Texas law firm in the late 1970’s to a nationwide debt collection powerhouse, the firm’s founders and top brass have walked away with millions of dollars.

And I haven’t even mentioned our collective debts yet.

We have willingly chosen to collectively enslave ourselves on a local, a state and a national level.

It is bad enough that we are doing this to ourselves.  But we are also cruelly saddling future generations of Americans with the largest mountain of debt in the history of the planet.  The following is from my previous article entitled “Barack Obama Says That What America Really Needs Is Lots More Debt“…

When Barack Obama took the oath of office, the U.S. national debt was 10.6 trillion dollars.  Today, it has surpassed the 18 trillion dollar mark.  And even though we are being told that “deficits are going down”, the truth is that the U.S. national debt increased by more than a trillion dollars in fiscal 2014.  But that isn’t good enough for Obama.  He says that we need to come out of this period of “mindless austerity” and steal money from our children and our grandchildren even faster.  In addition, Obama wants to raise taxes again.  His budget calls for 2 trillion dollars in tax increases over the next decade.  He always touts these tax increases as “tax hikes on the rich”, but somehow they almost always seem to end up hitting the middle class too.  But whether or not Congress ever adopts Obama’s new budget is not really the issue.  The reality of the matter is that the “tax and spend Democrats” and the “tax and spend Republicans” are both responsible for getting us into this mess.  Future generations of Americans are already facing the largest mountain of debt in the history of the planet, and both parties want to make this mountain of debt even higher.  The only disagreement is about how fast it should happen.  It is a national disgrace, but most Americans have come to accept this as “normal”.  If our children and our grandchildren get the opportunity, they will curse us for what we have done to them.

So can we really call ourselves the “home of the brave and the land of the free”?

Isn’t the truth that the vast majority of us are actually deeply enslaved?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…


  • totally enslaved and programmable and also completely fake and inauthentic

  • Guest

    Well, I wish I didn’t have to work for someone else. I work very hard at my full-time job, but I make very little money. I don’t have health insurance. It’s available to me through my employer, but I can’t afford the weekly premium. And I’m tired of dealing with lazy coworkers who don’t want to do anything and a boss who lets them get away with it because he too is lazy. But I get up and go to work every day because I have to eat and have some place to live. I have no debt. I have two credit cards that I use for all of my purchases, but I pay them in full every month. I use them to maintain a credit history. My FICO score is currently 806. If I were smart enough to make a living online life would be grand.

    • Liberty First

      You have your self respect. Do not give up. Keep learning.

    • Ray

      I agree .. What do you mean by make a living online? Is it that you don’t want to commute?

      • Guest

        Some type of online business that generates enough income to cover my monthly expenses so that I wouldn’t have to work for someone else. I don’t mind the commute to my job as it’s only 20 minutes from where I live. What I don’t like is dealing with coworkers. I’m also very efficient at my job, and I often get my work done several hours before the end of my workday. I could leave early, but I’m an hourly employee so I only get paid for time worked.

        • Dealing with co-workers and bad bosses was my curse as well… I learned how to create blogs and do affiliate marketing back in 2008 and now am my own boss. Look up “info37 40 a day” for an easy way to start earning income online.
          Best of luck to you !

    • john haggle

      Sounds like you are a good, productive, and conscious person.

  • Erik Bergum

    It is a sad thing to be in debt. However, Obama does not seem to care if we are in debt or not. However, the Bible states that the lender must not charge any more interest to the borrow, even among the poor. Sadly we are seeing lenders doing that today and using the higher interest as a way to put more money in their pockets and increase more profit for the company. More profit means more money in their pockets.

    • Richard T.

      As Christians, when I lend money to brothers and sisters in Christ, we never charge interest and we always carry out things clearly in the open and in love. And my family has been on the receiving end of no interest loan and even more amazingly, being forgiven of debt as the code of Jubilee instructs. Yet, it has to be something that people are doing out of their faith in God. We cannot expect the non-Christians to loan money without interest and forgive debts (Jubilee) in 7 years or 50 years cycle. We can only do what we are convicted to do ourselves.

  • Ncmist


    I’m sure you must have touched on a related subject but if so I missed it. What do you think will happen to all the debt everyone owes when the dollar collapses? Will creditors seize all the assets and just have them sitting around? And will people just let it go or fight back? I’m curious about your thoughts on this.

    • Hoha Tatt

      I destroy the devil in the name of Jesus now.

      • Mike

        You do nothing of the sort. You leave the most bizarre comments.

      • old fart

        Must be god weed but smoking is bad for your health.

  • Bill

    When you have debt slavery and add government regulatory slavery to it you have a society that has completely lost both bravery and freedom. The sad thing is we don’t realize that we ARE just a nation of sheeple.

  • Winston Smith

    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength

    • jsmith

      You got that right Winston! It is remarkable how 1984 is now taking place day by day. Even televisions are monitoring your conversations.

      • laura m.

        We disconnected the cable last year because we got tired of increased rates and TV junk shows. We have streaming console (Roku) and stream from You tube and Hulu 2. Others get Netflix. Other wifi consoles incl Google, Apple or Amazon. We love travel shows and educational TV, PBS, etc. Also have rabbit ears and get 11 stations local. Cut cable folks, no one can spy on you then. Save money and get real shows worth watching!

    • Mike

      Winston Smith is a liberal commie!

  • Dave B

    with no grexit…..???? now the blog can only write about personal debts? Michael know the collapse aint coming

  • DJohn1

    The Powers That Be have set up a system in which there is no winning for the average person out there.
    The only way to win is to be in business for yourself. And that path is pretty much closed down by the IRS. They go after small businesses more than any other group of people in the country. The number of people that survive in a small business past 5 years is very small.

    Let us say you have a steady job until retirement. You might go from making a salary 52 weeks a year counting paid vacations in that year, life insurance, pensions(not really they copped out with 401Ks instead of pensions), and eventually Social Security.
    Social Security and all pensions are set up on 12 monthly payments. 12 months equals 48 weeks, not 52. So you are absorbing a month’s worth of losses if you are on pensions and Social Security over a year’s time. Every 3 months there is an extra week. So 3 months is actually 13 weeks not 12. Medicare does not cover you completely if you get sick. Medicaid kindly picks your pocket to the tune of everything you ever saved before it kicks in with a communistic zeal.
    The “working” person gets stuck with most of the taxes in this country. The “working” person is becoming extinct as more and more businesses subcontract the work to places like India.
    The college education was promoted first by the U.S. Military by insisting that any officer after world war II had to get a college education or face demotion to the ranks.
    The rules put in place by the country club we call the Congress was instituted mainly by people that were multimillionaires and most inherited that money from previous generations when the rules permitted one to own and thrive in a business.
    So go figure where the current game rules of business and taxes and health care all came from.
    We are not alone. Most places have similar rules to keep the peasants in place.
    It gradually came to what it is today. It did not happen over night and it will not change over night by any way I know of.
    It used to be that buying a home was a way to prosperity. The Congress has done an excellent job of ruining that for everyone.
    Those Real Estate Taxes were designed to rob the rich, not the middle class. But inflation of house prices and wage increases to match have put an entirely different meaning to the word “rich” to include most everyone.

    This is coming to an end. The housing market has crashed and those taxes do not cover school expenses or anything else right now. I have seen a 32,000 dollar reduction in the value of my property in 8 years.
    The only people that can “own” a car today are people that are car techs willing to restore a vehicle that is down. The government has made sure that cars are not fixable in a barn any more.
    The EPA has had a hand in that.
    The “system” is to keep the common person broke their entire life. If they do happen to beat that system and get savings behind them, then they get caught in the health net and are eventually broken financially before they can die and children can inherit anything.
    My advice would be to find a boss that is nice to you. One that treats his slaves good. Don’t work hard. It is not appreciated by the people over the top of you. Figure out how to work just hard enough to get by.
    Work smart, not hard. And if by some stroke of luck you find something to sell to the world that everyone wants, get someone else to do all the work of making you the money.

    • Liberty First

      ” Figure out how to work just hard enough to get by.”

      I cannot tell if you are being facetious or not with this statement, but I actually rather agree. At least to the extent that, at this point in history, it makes little sense to kill oneself with the goal of getting “rich” one day by working for somebody else.

      After a number of years working as a lawyer (what a hideous profession, and industry), I have decided to change direction into something I enjoy doing. Won’t make me rich but the field tends to attract fairly decent people.

      As for cars, I buy cheap used and for some reason arrive at work on time on my wheels, same as the fool borrowing $30K or more. Freedom is a matter of degree, and while I am making less money now I feel more free.

      We gotta be creative in these times to find happiness, at least those of us who want to live honest lives and retain a modicum of self respect. I have seen far too many high earners who were utterly unhappy in their lives, with broken families, who never get the point.

      We are all going to take a dirt nap one day. Might as well enjoy being here. And if you get a bit lucky and the right opportunity comes along, and you earn big bucks, that is great. Just do not sell your soul and your health for it.

      • Randy

        Someone who has figured it out. God bless you!

      • steve

        we all end up in the Dirt,but our spirit/soul is never dead.Where will you be spending eternity? in Heaven with the Lord or in the Lake of Fire? that is what matters the most!

        • john haggle

          You are making us actual Christians look bad. Stop it please!

          • YD

            Very much so. All those bigots and religious fanatics are a plague to humanity, being Christians, Islamics or what have you.

      • Heddles

        Right on the money there buddy…
        I live in South Africa where the getting rich part is obviously something of the distant past. But the country is beautiful, the land lush and rich and the opportunity is there to enjoy it off the grid. Never felt more free in my life…

    • quercus454

      I am in the few it seems. I own my property, vehicles and have no CC debt. Of course I drive 20 year old vehicles that I can repair myself, live in a small place that I built myself, and live off grid. There are ways of getting independent, but it takes sacrifice, planning, and for the most part a complete change of lifestyle. I travel 24 miles to get groceries. Most people wouldn’t like my life style, but I am pretty much free. I have no neighbors, no city officials, no utilities. Just my family, myself, the cows and coyotes. No obligations other then property taxes, internet and car fees.

      • DJohn1

        You sound like me. Though I live in a plat of homes with all the stores close by. We are the select few that have not fallen for the slave routine.
        I travel 2 to 4 miles to get groceries. I have an old apple orchard back of my yard.
        I am not that mechanically inclined but need had me fixing my own 97 Honda Accord last year with a new starter. I have an old 6 cylinder Toyota Camry sitting around waiting to be fixed. It has no compression on the sixth cylinder. It is either a valve or a piston gone wrong. Either way it is a job I am reluctant to start.
        I am in mourning for my mechanic. He died about Thanksgiving two years ago and worked cheap for me. He was a retired marine. But he really knew cars and all the tricks to keeping them running.
        Be careful around the lazy bums in banks and insurance companies. They will trip you up if they can.

      • NoMeansNo

        But the thing you miss here is that you do not ‘own’ your property. The State has a perpetual Lien on it through property taxes. Decide you are sick of paying those and refuse? Guess what? Pretty soon that property you thought you ‘owned’ is up on the auction block downtown. This is one of the hardest things to deprogram out of the minds of people, it seems, as they continue to buy into this. You are either free or you are not. There is no gray area. You can flit about the edges all you like and try and convince yourself you are, but in the end, you are not. Bottom line.

      • George

        I have 90% of my groceries Delivered and you can too plus they are way more healthier than the crap you get at the grocery store full of chemicals and other who know whats. You can to just go to www. G-H. THRIVELIFE COM. or you can try to grow them yourself which doesn’t work for me.

    • laura m.

      We already got more back than what we paid into SS, as we’ve been retired eleven years. Agree with you that few in next generation will inherit much. We buy new cars and trade them in, paying the difference with money saved up, just before the warranty expires on the trade in. Kia and Hyundai have five year warranties, only cars we’ve bought in many years.

    • nekksys

      Bingo… You nailed it.

      Although, there is a way “out” of the slavery trap. It’s encompassed in a statement I recently read:

      “Civilization has nothing to offer a man once he has become a savage.”

      Think about it..

      • john haggle

        Ha! Great quote.

  • anonjon

    “Kids, you know the old saying that ‘crime doesn’t pay?’ Well, that’s bs. Crime pays and pays big unless you are poor and without political connections in which case you will likely join the American gulag and soon.

    “And that rule about always telling the truth? How can I put this gently? That’s bs, too. Liars, good ones, rise to the top of government and corporations. They are sociopaths by nature and have no empathy for anyone other than themselves. They are sick, but they are rich. You can make more money from five minutes knowing the right insider than you can from a lifetime of hard work.

    “And, finally, about that Biblical ‘suggestion’ to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you?’ Well, that will get you a job selling printer cartridges at Best Buy or teaching yoga to the woo-woos if you are limber.

    “No, my children, If you want to make it big in this world, smile, lie, follow the money, suck the ahole of those on the fast train, step on the little people and f anyone who gets in your way.

    “Make Daddy proud.”

    • Mike

      Bad advice.

      Here’s some good advice from God in the flesh:
      Matthew 10:28
      “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

      Matthew 8:36
      “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?
      My cousin was taken off life support today and died. Do you think he’s wishing he had sold his soul for some momentary pleasures or is he rejoicing in the presence of Almighty God because his sins were covered by work of Jesus on the cross!

  • toadsticker

    It’s all a game where people are trained to think they have to have a big house, a new car, an expensive college degree, lavish vacations, big screen tv, investment accounts, etc. Those in the know figure out how to get people to work for them indirectly while the people think they are working to help themselves.

  • Robert

    Respectfully, I do not understand this article. All economies, all societies have most people working for someone else. So what? Where is there an obligation for an employer to “be nice” to an employee? Who says you have to go into obscene debt? There was a time when families lived under one roof and pulled together but now we ridicule people still living at home. Why do you need a TV never mind several? Why do you need internet? You can use it for free at a library. Why do you insist on a house that will take you most of your adult life to pay off? Why do you overeat and just sit in front of a tv damaging your health? The days of working at the same job for a pension are gone but that is the way the work world was before WW II and most of history. We are returning to what is the uncomfortable norm in societies. Why did we buy into the idea that a college education was essential? Universities have morphed into money pits gouging students and delivering a third rate education product. When did a trade become shameful? Again I am surprised at the column and will reread it. The world has changed somehow. We have come to expect a benign economic environment but that is not the human condition. Never has been except in seriously socialistic nations such as France and look at that train wreck of a country. People are their own worst enemies. We make poor decisions and we teach our kids that they are somehow special and deserve to be winners just because that is fair. Every kid gets a trophy. Nonsense. Wake up and wake up your children to the realities of the world of work.

    • Liberty First

      I agree with much of what you have written, I think Michael was trying to get a point across that we are voluntarily doing this to ourselves.

      I do not recall households 50 years ago where both parents slaved for 50-60 hours a week to make ends meet. We get into debt to buy baubles and trinkets and then sacrifice our families and our time and our legitimate leisure pursuits slaving away for bosses.

      • laura m.

        Agree, (I rem fifty yrs back when moms baked good cakes, pies, and stayed home) Now more women incl me and friends chose to be child free and in the workforce, because of the cost and hassle of raising kids with a zero future, as I knew this country was trashing downhill in mid ‘ 70’s after reading and going to speakers conferences with my elders.. I would suggest to folks not to breed because of the expense (women need to work, cost of day care) and the fact this country’s future is zero and no one is doing a damn thing except letting it go downhill. Where are the patriots today? I guess most all are in the cemetery. I’m now a retiree and pity the young. America’s trashing is picking up speed as Muslims pour in the country, etc.

        • Liberty First

          We have one kid and she is great, but I cannot fathom how people make ends meet on more than one. Add the debt we have piled onto the next generation and worrying about just one decades from now will probably take years off our lives!

    • Lorungee

      Did you type your statement from a library ?

      • Robert

        Not at the hour I wrote it but I do use my library much. I am guessing your one liner was meant to be sarcastic which is another problem with the internet and with our social condition, How often do we read articles where lives have been ruined or ended because of Facebook. We have become a society of exhibitionists and voyeurs. But to get to your comment, I have and use technology that is useful to me and that I can AFFORD. I do have internet. I do not have catv or satellite. I get my tv over the air with a thirty dollar antenna. Get all the main networks. Have a ten year old car with 172000 miles on it. I was in debt once. Never again.

    • john smith

      Robert, you are mostly correct, however, there is still a huge drain on our lives in the form of a parasitical government. The taxes and inflation that they propagate are destroying us incrementally. If you took the state out of our lives and we could just save real money (gold/silver) from our work, we would be much more prosperous and could still raise a family on a single income. There are, however, criminals at the helm since sociopaths are attracted to power. And this is the main problem: the majority of people are propagandized into believing that they need the state. This is what ultimately has brought us down – letting them slowly boil the frog. Jesus said “the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you may have life”. That is true now and has always been true and will be true until He returns. The thief will receive justice – just not necessarily on this earth.

  • DesertPaine

    As an employer, offer employees the option of not receiving W-2s/1099s. Almost all will reject the anti-slavery offer.

    As an employee, discover that a workmate figured out effective ways to tame IRS. If you are the employee who does not become incensed that someone else unshackled themselves then you are the exception. You may be that exception who seeks to learn. But most of the rest of the people you work with will insist that the co-worker re-shackle themselves. And one or two of them will call IRS if the person doesn’t.

    As a homeowner, you learn how to challenge an assessor’s property tax claims. For free. Then watch neighbors mock your effort if it doesn’t first succeed, and become filled with ire when you do.

    Yes. A few, some, many, most Americans are so deep into slavery they can’t even conceptualize what liberty means in day-to-day life.

    • Liberty First

      Agreed. It takes a lot of insight. Kind of like taking the red or the blue (or was it green) pill in The Matrix.

      Sometimes I wish I did not see it so clearly.

  • Hoha Tatt

    Get those god damn demons out of this world fast. I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus.

  • Liberty First

    We stopped being land of the free and home of the brave years ago. I get a kick out of it when I hear that song these days. Something of a joke, I would say.

    • kfilly

      I agree. Whenever I hear the last line of the national anthem, I cringe. We don’t live in the land of the free, and we definitely are not the home of the brave. A majority of the sheeple are enslaved cowards that are afraid of their own shadows.

  • kfilly

    Great article Michael! I have been saying the same things about property ownership for quite awhile. We are all debt slaves owned by the government. We are collateral for the debt the government racks up. As proof of our slavery, we cannot legally own property. You explained that fact in your article. If the government can confiscate property for failing to pay property taxes (government rent), one cannot own property. The same can be said for vehicles that must get registered through the state. Yep, we are a nation of slaves. It is too bad a majority of the people want more aid from the government (protection or freebies), and they are siding with their masters in the process. Most Amerikans do not know that history repeats itself, and they will learn the hard way that socialism is banker imposed slavery.

    • TraditionalNaturopath

      The lack of land ownership angers me the most. My house is paid off but I will never own my property because of property taxes. How did this ever become law? There should be a limit to property taxes. For instance, you should never have to pay more than 20% of the value when you purchased it. You can pay it up front or over a maximum of 20 years with minimal interest. Half of my property taxes go to the public indoctrination school system. I have no children in the “system.” School funds should come from other taxes or those with children in public schools whether or not they own a house. Makes me want to sell my house and buy an RV or one of those tiny houses that qualify as RVs. But then you need a driver’s license for it which is another pet peeve. We can’t drive freely without a driver’s license although we have constitutional rights to do so. I’m sure driver’s licenses will soon be micro-chipped if they aren’t already. WE ARE SLAVES.

  • jsmith

    Great article Michael, short and sharp to the point. What is amazing is that I mention that 18 trillion dollar debt to family and friends, and it’s like it goes in one ear and comes out the other. People just can not absorb such a huge number. I don’t even think the majority of the people are even aware of it, or the implications of that debt.
    Even when I point out to them the difference in our currency, comparing a real silver quarter to the worthless token 25 cent piece of nothing that we feel in our hands, they just react like not even amused. You know that look they give you of “what’s the point ?”
    And the irony is that they have more to lose than I!

    • jox

      I have the same feeling. People that are the big losers, losing their job and house, don’t really care about monetary policies. They don’t see the relation of the actions of central bank and government with their ordinary life, even when they are the ones who pay the consequences!

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    If everyone is truly worried, here’s how we fought the state and won (this will take a lot of time):
    1. Gather every ounce of paperwork you can and create a paper trail. Establish exactly what the state, county, city, etc. is doing coupled with documentation of what it’s doing to you. You must show there is a hardship directly caused by their actions.
    2. Harass everyone. I’m not kidding; send your representatives copies of your paperwork with a detailed explanation of what this all means in your view. Many politicians will claim to take this on and YOU NEED TO DOCUMENT EVERYTHING THEY SAY AND CLAIM. They will not come through at first.
    3. Remind them every so often, espeically during election season in the presence of registered voters, the problem that exists and the promise they made and that it’s not been solved. Be vigilant and persistent.
    4. If they haven’t given in, sue the government for a HUGE sum. Sometimes this is the only way they’ll take your problem seriously. Agree to mediation instead of court (faster and simpler) and with a well-documented complaint they will have to deal with your grievance.
    5. If this fails and no justice comes, bring everything before Heavenly Father and ask for justice. They will not be able to wriggle out of what’s to come… and it’s brutal.

    Also look into land patents. And if a higher education is desired, study on your own and then go for a certification test. Cost is a couple hundred dollars instead of hundreds of thousands. Did this for a few things and passed the tests!

    There’s always a solution. Look for it. We did and were very persistent. I’m going back to work at the end of the month. 🙂 We also won our rights back to urban livestock, non-commercial home production, and am awaiting the county to overturn closed utility system restrictions (and will get my power plant running).

    This corruption can be fought. Now fight it!

    • Guest

      Umm no! The correct thing to do is to seek GOD first!!! The bible says woe to him that makes flesh his arm. Translation: there is no human on earth that can match the power of a GOD that knows all and see all !!!! Stop trusting people, they will always let you down even if their intentions are for good. For me, I trust in GOD only, and make my petitions only to him!!!

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        This is Christ’s method from D&C 101. And coming to the Lord first is obvious; didn’t think it needed repeating it since we’re all adults.

        • Guest

          “5. If this fails and no justice comes, bring everything before Heavenly Father and ask for justice. They will not be able to wriggle out of what’s to come… and it’s brutal.”
          These are your words not mine. I guess it wasn’t too obvious to you or you are not an adult, based on your reasoning since it was 5th on your list. Just sayin.

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            What’s your point?

            Wait, never mind. I really need to stop responding to folks like you. No, you didn’t “win” – I shouldn’t feed insanity.

  • GSOB

    Imagine no Hollywood in film industry
    No fiction to recall.
    Then he bible would be.

    Imagine all the people
    knew and what they’d say

    You may say that I’m a believer
    But I’m not the only one.

    I pray one day you find Jesus
    and you become God’s son.

  • Genada

    The real problem is that we convinced ourselves that vice is virtue and virtue is vice. Debt was looked at in a very negative way at one point, now it’s become something that’s looked at as a positive. The debt will be defaulted on at some point because there’s no other option but we should of never allowed ourselves to be in this spot in the first place.

    The Native Americans sold themselves for beads and other trinkets to people that wanted to take advantage of them. We sold ourselves out and our children out for cheap trinkets and cheap credit. The Native Americans at least didn’t know what was to become and were taken advantage of. We knew what we were doing and didn’t care.

  • RageHard84

    It’s sad not only how widespread debt is, but how difficult it is to avoid. Many people manage to pay off their credit card monthly. But with th’increasing cost of college, college debt is hard to avoid. It’s also been hard to avoid mortgage debt for many years.

  • Priszilla

    In the end, the government is just a mirror of the people.
    Add those 11trillion to the 18trillion debt of the government and you’ll get 29trillion assets of the banks.
    Then add the interest and we are talking 60~100 trillion assets.
    Now those 200 trillion derivatives don’t look so scary anymore.

  • Zip

    The problem is that people are not taught how to stay out of debt, especially bad debt. For the most part any debt other than your home is bad debt and that can be bad too.

    If you go to college, work your way through. If it takes you a couple of extra years because you can’t handle a full load while working, then take the couple of extra years. If you can, get a job in your field of study, so that by the time you graduate, you already have lots of experience.

    Never buy a car with payments, always pay cash even if it means you have a crappy car, as long as it runs. Never carry a debt on a credit card. Save as much money as you possibly can, which is easier than it sounds when your not paying the bank interest every month for all the bad debts you’ve accumulated. Live cheep, live simple, and save your money.

    When you buy a house, buy way less than the bank says you can afford and get a 15 year fixed interest loan. 30 year loans only help the bank not you. If you follow these rules, In the long run you will be paying yourself instead of the bank. Your savings will grow and an opportunity will come along that you will have the money to take advantage of. It might be a business that you can start or buy, or a house that you can buy and rent out or whatever.

    I get that sometimes things happen that can’t be controlled and people get stuck with bad situations, but for the majority of people the reason for their debt is simply that they don’t have the knowledge or self control to stay out of debt. There’s more to this, so educate yourself. A good place to start would be to read the Millionaire Next Door or one of Dave Ramsey’s books on how to get out of debt and put your money to work for you instead of the bank. One last thing, always give something back along the way. It’s the right thing to do and has its own rewards that are priceless.


      Paying off the house sounds nice but under our progressive tax system as your balance and interest paid decreases, your taxes increase. For many, the home interest deduction is the only major deduction they have. Just something to consider. Also, a paid off home is just a seizure target for the government, a lawsuit or an angry spouse. This is why some of the well to do I know lease or rent everything except the clothes on their backs. Serious assets are kept….somewhere else. I long ago came to the realization that “home ownership” in America is nothing but a sophisticated leasing agreement between you, the government and the banks. Sad but true.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        I am 52 years old. I have owned my home for 12 years. I bought a new home put down a 20 percent down payment and financed it for 15 years. Every bit of overtime I got went towards my home. My wife and I paid it off in 5 years and 1 month. I have never been sorry.

        Every person I have ever heard give reasons not to pay off their home were people who couldn’t pay it off if they wanted to.

      • laura m.

        Makes sense on renting or leasing, just make sure to get a good landlord who keeps up the property.

    • Richard T.

      Another great resource is compass one dot org. It is a Christian ministry aimed to help people get out of debt and build a healthy financial life.

  • Sam

    Again, you just refer to “Americans”. I hate this superiority complex that Americans have that they’re more important than the rest of the world. This article describes the situation not just for most Americans, but for the majority of people all over the world, and people from all over the world read this blog, so why can’t you entitle this post “Most people in the world are slaves and they don’t even know it”?????


    Advice to the Young: Get a Government Job! Join the Union! Document everything and once you have tenure do not hesitate to sue over every slight, real or imagined. Brown nose shamelessly. Move up in the ranks. Pad that pension at every opportunity. Retire at the earliest opportunity and then…get another government job. You can not lick them, folks, join em! Think of it this way, the taxes you pay come back to you in your paycheck and pension. The alternative is self employment (be prepared to work many hours a week and be a target for the tax collector) or taking the crap shoot in private industry (maybe you advance to the corner suite but more likely you will end up as a cubicle rodent easily disposed of). You must be predatory and mercenary. Review The American Dream on Youtube by George Carlin. Good Luck! You will need it.

  • jox

    In Spain is very unusual to have student loans and credit card debt. Only 6% of the families have credit card debt, with an average of 900 euros. Most of the debt here are mortgages for houses. There were until recently a big bubble in house prices. Today the bubble has burst.

  • jox

    There is an exit of the debt trap. You americans should read about the proposals of the American Monetary Institute. Big economic minds of the 30’s designed a plan called Chicago Plan. But as you can imagine, neither goverment or bankers wanted to implement that plan, and people was too ignorant to care.

    This institute is trying to reactivate such plan. You should collaborate.

  • We are not slaves. At every juncture in which we become more indebted, we CHOSE to become more indebted. Not one single person has ever come to me and forced me to do ANYTHING. I made the choice to buy a house. I knew before hand that there would be taxes collected and if I didn’t pay those taxes, that they could sell my house to get the taxes due. I WILLINGLY and KNOWLEDGABLY chose to enter into this contract with my lender and the local governments. I also have the choice to not pay my mortgage or taxes. I know what will happen. There is no guessing. I could have just as easily made a choice to live out in the woods and be totally and completely self dependant. I could have just as easily made a choice to move to Africa and live in the bush. But I didn’t. I made the choice to live here and be a productive member of society. Stop blaming others for your choices and you’ll be a much happier person. Really.

    • Lorungee

      As much as I hate so-called “property taxes”, you have to look at it in this way. Ready ? Here goes. Would you rather pay a fat county treasurer 1400 to 1800 dollars a year…one time. OR. Pay a greedy “landlord” 800 to 1000 + dollars every month of the year ?

    • jox

      You don’t need a luxury car, yatch or mansion, but you do need a house, college (for you or your children) and healthcare. If the price of those first necessity items goes so high that you need to go into debt, you can say that in certain way you are being forced to go indebted.

      Ok, you always can live in the woods, or even suicide. But I’m talking about serious and austere strategies for a normal life.

  • webeers

    Unfortunately the only way out of this is the collapse of government. And this very well could required violence and bloodshed. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” Declaration of Independence

  • sth_txs

    I was telling people they are corporate government slaves 15 years ago, but no one wants to pull their head out of their butt and understand reality to it could be changed.

    I’m disgusted by the thousands I’ve paid in taxes and into social security. If we had stable money system with some mostly honest banking we could all be fairly well off and still be able to help a neighbor.

    But the people are mostly stupid, and that includes plenty with college degrees who happily vote for more slavery whether it be a tax or another regulation that allegedly keeps us safe.

  • Great Scott!

    In the legal dictionary “Black’s Law Dictionary” the word employee is defined as being synonymous with “Servant”. According to the 13th amendment it says that involuntary servitude and slavery is abolished, however the word “application” (such as one for employment) is defined as a request or petitioning of something. so they make use “voluntarily” request our servitude. Its pretty crazy. So I guess since servants are in “bondage” our JOB means Journey-Of-Bondage?

  • Bruce

    People need to understand! Republicans and Democrats are the SAME. There is NO two party system. It is all smoke and mirrors. People are blinded to the truth with catch words like conservative, liberal, left wing, far right and on and on and on. It is ridiculous!
    Politicians are ALL the same. They are there for their OWN selfish good and for their OWN familes and cronnies. They could not care less for you if they tried. They lie to us every single day and people eat it up. I laugh at the blabbering idiots who campiagn for them, go to the rallies and cheer their little ignorant heads off..


      Must see on YouTube: The American Dream by George Carlin.

      • NoMeansNo

        I am convinced that this is why the powers that be took old George out, courtesy of that heart attack weapon; the same one they used on Breitbart a couple of years back. George was getting way too close to the truth near the end there, people listened to him, and the PTB couldn’t take that chance, so they arranged for George to take an exit.

        • steven

          I don’t believe that at all,because only few even cared what he would say unless it was something degenerate or God-hating

      • steven

        Why would I want to listen to that God-hating potty mouth?


          To hear the truth perhaps but…your choice.

          • steven

            The TRUTH is Jesus Christ,not some God-hating degenerate….He spouted “some” things that were true,but he was far from the truth and now that God-hater is in Hell

          • XSANDIEGOCA

            May I make a suggestion. How about exhibiting a little Christian Charity and pray for George’s soul? What may have been his fate is between George and God, as it is for all of us. Hate the Sin but not the Sinner. Peace.

          • steven

            Friend, He has already sealed his fate.He died as an Athiest.He blasphemed God,cursed him and had hatred for God.(the majority of people do).Prayer would not save his soul at all.It’s now too late…He died in his Sins and now he is paying for it for eternity…

          • NoMeansNo

            What if you die and all that stuff you believe in turns out not to be true? What then?

          • steven

            Oh but it is TRUE 🙂

          • NoMeansNo

            You’re taking it on Faith, not on any physical proof. It’s fine to do that, I suppose, if that is your thing, but what if it is NOT true? It may be. It might not be. We won’t know until we get there, will we?

          • john haggle

            “Many will say “Lord, Lord” (… or “Jesus, Jesus”), but their hearts will be far from me.” “Steven”, READ THE WORDS OF THE CHRIST DAILY. Then you will receive the Spirit of Truth, not the Spirit of Deception. don’t be too upset with what I’m posting though, it’s okay. We are all born in sin. None of us are perfect. All fall short of the Goodness, Honesty, and Glory of the Ultimate Source of All Things. Good Luck Steven!

          • Angelo_Frank

            That’s your belief steven. The collection of beliefs, rituals, and mythology originating in ancient Greece also took the form of both popular public religion and cult practices.

          • EuterpeMuse

            Αυτό, ξαναπέστο. Όλα τα έχουν κλέψει και τα έχουν οικειοποιηθεί οι δύο δημοφιλέστερες θρησκείες. Έφαγαν τον Ερμη τον Τρισμέγιστο με το κουτάλι και μετά του γαρνίσιραν σάλτσα και το σέρβιραν ως νέες θρησκείες. Εν πάση περιπτώσει το θέμα του άρθρου είναι άλλο. Είναι οικονομικής φύσης. Αν και είναι αληθές και τεκμηριωμένο θεωρώ πως οι περισσότεροι αμερικανοί δεν μπορούν να το κατανοήσουν… είτε γιατι δε θέλουν να δουν την αλήθεια, είτε γιατί συμμετέχουν στο ψέμμα. Καλά ο Στέφεν είναι στο θρησκευτικό του κόσμο και τα χει με τον Τζωρτζ που σφράγισε το πεπρωμένο του πεθαίνοντας άθεος. Επίσης το παίζει και Θεός ο ίδιος λέγοντας πως οι προσευχές πλέον δεν μπορούν να τον σώσουν…χαχαχα steven you must be God himself…

          • john haggle

            Again, read the actual words of Christ daily. Seek to know, understand, and obey them. In fact, these are his words which he commanded at the Last Supper. Stop regurgitating demonic messages of hate and abuse from preachers and probably an extreme emphasize on Old Testament, talk show radio hosts, and T.V. news. Start exercising, eat fruits/vegetables, organic, etc. Focus on creating a better world. Stop making we True Believers look bad by claiming or implying you are one of us. I WAS LIKE YOU ONCE. Experiencing a better more Godly reality is transforming. Good Luck!

          • Steve F1

            Judges not that yea may not be judge and those without sin cast the 1st stone. Those above could never be a follower of Christ with those attitudes

          • 14west1

            So you’re going to pass judgement and speak for God? Glad you have all the answers. Judgemental jesustard. You should read the bible and follow it.

          • Infidel51

            Spot on.

          • Jason Huth

            “God” as most people think, does not exist. The creator of the creation is a part and parcel of the creation. it is not some separate being floating around on a cloud in some magical place called heaven waiting to judge all of its slaves as being “good” or bad”. Creation is neutral and all things progress and evolve through time by learning in the negative and positive ways. There is no heaven just as there is no hell. There is life and unlife and that is all. All else is religious delusion that is a prison for the minds of humans created by the minds of humans

          • john haggle

            Sounds like you’ve described your religion.

          • Jason Huth

            I have no religion other than logic and scientific understanding

          • Heddles

            Someone who is walking this planet with open eyes.. Refreshing to see. Sad to see so many believing the teachings of books that aren’t much more than propaganda, which to those with open eyes, do little to promote the peace and tranquility they claim.. Reviewing discussions about anything of any interest regarding government and life in general, it will be noticed that even on this level, animosity and aggression are displayed in the discussions, where it is insisted that religion in is the way. Or even not the way. This in itself should be noticed as arguable in the quest to “spread the love, peace and word of God”. It should also play part in the understanding of how easily debate is turned into dispute about religion. The slightest disturbance of air, by the butterfly’s wings, at the heart of the hurricane.
            Getting back to the topic though, how long do we believe that enslavement has been going on..? Because it has been here since the beginning of the time of mankind. It doesn’t take much to realise that it has been developed to the point of no return. The interesting thing is that we refer to the “system” without questioning neither its existence or its identity. Maybe that should be the focus of investigation and research. Because the “holy preachings” do little more than blinker the believers and allow them to find comfort in their ignorance..

          • whostory

            The books are tools of enslavement of both mine and spirit,and often body.

          • sick of it

            I’ve read enough. Way to keep on-topic, people. Take your religious reteric and choke on it.

          • whostory

            Jason speaks the truth.

          • Templewind

            Jesus explained and expanded on the Jewish concept of sin and hell. In fact, He spoke particularly of hell in a double digit percentage of His recorded Words. He also died a “sinner’s” death (with it’s punishment, hell) so that man could finally experience an epi-genetic graft of the literal LIFE of God, thereby rescuing that individual soul from hell once his natural life expired; and also a direct connection once again to the Voice & Will of God.

            Unfortunately, modern Christianity (at least in the USA) has traded the daily experience of the above truth, and has replaced quality time with God for the pursuit of fulfilling base needs so much so that most have no idea of what I speak; their spiritual senses so dulled, and easily deceived to follow preachers who tickle their ears and keep them right where they are. If these are truly spiritually re-born Christians or just will worshippers I cannot judge, but if the former, they are babies in the Faith.

            Be that as it may, I’ll go with Jesus’ Word on the subject of heaven AND hell over any man’s guess….every time, any place.

          • ssol4569

            God is being shut down in America to pull out our moral foundation and to take away our Rights – Good luck to the younger generation (if we make it that far).

          • TR

            I’m glad you were present to know what God’s decision about Carlin was,being you had a ticket to the event & God ask about your opinion.

            BTW,There is no proof of the existence of any deity other than in the minds of the brain washed.

      • Reina Shelby

        I love your profile pic!


          Thank you. The General was a frightening looking man and fearsome fighter for what he believed in. Not to be trifled with. He commanded respect from his men and his opponents.

          • Reina Shelby

            one of my all time favorite general! we live not too far from his HQ in Columbia, TN 🙂 it’s a tragedy that kids are not taught the REAL history in school.

    • laura m.

      Bruce: We haven’t voted since G. Bush Sr. traitor was elected and sold out jobs offshore with NAFTA/Gatt and friends lost jobs in the textile/clothing mfg. jobs. Other leaders followed same path. Politicians are greedy scum-bums who get paid for being robots that are told what to do even down to local levels. All these bastards care about is grant money and will go along with leftist agenda for it. None can be trusted. Also, we stay out of so called tea party groups, etc. all are phony promote Rep. party which cannot be trusted as they are same clique as the dems. I will not participate in a corrupt system of rigged/phony voting.

      • old fart

        Psst Nafta was signed by the peoples hero Clinton And he also voided Glass seegall act freeing the banks to make any type of loan and investments hense the Housing disaster.

    • Jason Huth

      All these people below arguing religion are just trying to derail this conversation by interjecting nonsense

      • john haggle

        I imagine they are mostly sincere, but you might be right in that it does distract from the message in the article.

    • MickeyG

      Amen! Great post! The truth of the matter is this, the politicians should be nearly irrellevant to use. They have no powers over our inalienable rights. Their revenue is constitutionally tied to commerce, not the private property (money) of the people they serve. Learn the real Law and protect your rights.

    • William Esancy

      very true my friend.

    • daledor

      Historically that was not true but now the New World Order international banking cartel owns about everything or controls about everything including almost all the Dem’s and far too many RINO’s in Repub ranks who always jump with the Dems on sponsoring and going along with the NWO controllers.

      I do surmise that there are those who are sold out to the NWO in both ranks, also who take bribes for votes, and also those who vote out of threats and intimidation and constant beatings to get in line with the ‘so called leadership’. We can criticize those afraid but how many of us would be brave like those who don’t cow tow to the NWO mandates.

      Even worse we have a president who is totally out of control and if he does not get his way writes mandates, orders, and even goes to the United Nothing (against what is good for America) to get his desires achieved. Problem is he bypasses the other two branches of Government defying the Constitution and even the will of the people.

      I applaud those who stand courageously against threats, intimidation, slander by the controlled media, and try to do what is right. Even death threats go on. You threaten my family and I will be in your face and you act against my family and I will be on you fast. This is also the way courage should be in those we elect so they don’t cave in. How about a whole Congress full of marines who would keep the president in line and fire judges on the Supreme Court who are traitors to the Constitution.

      I would like to send a truck load of exlax to DC to FLUSH OUT the scum (the willful traitors). Problem is – there would not be much left. Then again that would be better than what is presently going on with so many cowtowing to the NWO and it’s UN and screwing America up.

      I have not mentioned International Corporations that control most media, Hollywood, Medical, and so many other things – including politicians who are run by the International banking cartel that sponsors and runs the NWO. Those fools who want to rule the world will one day be in underground caves and caverns the government has built and like the Bible says, “cry out that the mountains fall on them so that they can escape the wrath of the One Who comes (God)”. They gloat in the power, wealth, and control over so much of the world that their master Lucifer/Satan has given them but soon they won’t be so proud and arrogant when justice comes.

  • Richard T.

    Whether on this earth or in the life beyond, we always will have authorities over us. We were never “master of our own fate” or the “captain of my own ship”. We are created. We belong to the Creator. Since the fall, we have pledged ourselves to the king of this World, and we belong to Satan. So either you have reconciled with God and now belong to God again, or you are still under the reign of the Prince of Darkness. So either way, we are slaves or if you prefer, servants of God or servants/slaves of the Devil. There’s no other way. However, we do have a choice in whom we serve! Make that choice wisely and choose the correct master!

  • jakartaman

    True story: In 1966 I was a lineman for the phone co.
    The company went into a affirmative action mode.
    One morning in the summer I was given a new helper – Leroy.
    Leroy sitting next to me in the truck cab -said” you know you are a slave to the Phone Co. I said how so Leroy, He said the phone co. tells you when to get up, when to come to work, when to eat lunch what you have to do for work and when you can go home”
    I said “LeRoy in a way you maybe right but every Thursday the give me a pay check. LeRoy quit one of the best jobs in the area a week later – too cold!!!

  • ThomasThePaine

    Make no mistake about it: Americans ARE the slaves and legal property of the government!

  • NoMeansNo

    By the time the house is paid off, the borrower has paid for the house 2 or 3 times over what the original price of it was. And then, after all that, one still does not ‘own’ it, and never will, due to things like Property Tax, and other hoops, such as HOA’s, zoning laws, etc. There are all kinds of traps set to snag the unsuspecting home buyer. The biggest con of all is that a house is an ‘asset’. It is not. It is a money pit, for all intents and purposes. Always requiring fixing this, replacing that, etc. There are no property rights in the USSA. But the banks keep propagating the lie that everybody should aspire to being a ‘homeowner’ because they are making beaucoup bucks off the interest amounts that accrue on the long term life of the mortgage. It’s a win-win for them, no matter how one spins it.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I’d say we’re serfs. I also think maybe the debtors are onto something. Let’s face it many have no intention of paying off their debt. Then there is us fools that pay our bills. Who is ahead in this scam? And who is causing the most trouble for our masters?

  • Alice Maxwell

    Just entering life sets the rule. A baby is born but cannot progress without its mother to feed, clean and nurture it. If there is a father in the picture, he must provide too. Slavery, employee are just legal terms for what begins with life itself.

    All of us are helpless without attachments to parents until we can walk about and begin to think. We have to be trained to accept responsibility which is what maturing is all about. We have to be mentored, given some instruction as to how to live with not only family but others and recognize our affiliations.

    Most communities, even just family ones, set the time of liberation of children when the girl becomes able to be a mother, reproduce and the boy when he can “father”, aid in the reproduction. Some human species appear to have different timelines for this but generally it is about the 13th year for both sexes. Some societies “liberate” children at that age and allow them to go their own way but most like to hold them within the family until they are trained to find their way in our complex societies. Most societies have conjured up religions to codify this progress from birth to maturity as adults to set permanent guidelines for the progression of life from birth to death.

    Life demands certain prerequisites to even live so whatever created life set the Ages of Man in stone and we are stuck with them.

    I have not raised the issues of age and the end of life but both figure prominently in the life’s equations. The fact is we are all governed from birth to death and we must make the best of it. A free society is not free, it is dedicated to giving choices and these ways of living are in very short supply in our world. It is best to not try and define slavery no matter how exciting ii is semantically since you could be handing those who decry free choice their greatest weapon against it!

  • Randy Townsend

    Americans are doing this to themselves. We have confused “want” with “need”. We don’t actually need satellite TV, smart phones, multiple vehicles, a really large home, $150 athletic shoes, flat screen TV’s, restaurant meals 3 days a week, $5 a cup coffee daily, multiple credit cards, electronic book readers, and more. We have chosen to saddle ourselves with debt of money we don’t have for things we don’t need. There is a simpler and better way to live. Choose it, people.

  • Diana Smith

    I have always believed that in a national crisis, if the Govt wants to control the populace, they will do it through our debt. And darn it, I’ve gone and let them do it. Working on it, though. One step at a time, just hope to get it over with before anything bad happens.

  • John Pate

    The banks own the workforce, so we’re all slaves. Slaves are ‘free’ to choose the type of work they are best suited for, making it easier for the owners to place slaves in the right places. Some slaves are allowed to employ other slaves and are rewarded by having higher levels of debt. Other slaves are allowed to serve the workforce by creating laws and regulations, as instructed by the banks.

  • john haggle

    Very interesting comment. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Handog

    I’m a white slave.

  • TBonePickens

    Ok, paying property taxes is NOT like paying rent. Do you like the town you live in? Do you like roads being paved? Do you like schools? Do you like local government services?

    • TBonePickens

      If we’re going to go down the road of calling taxes a form of slavery, I’d have to rethink my general agreement with what is in this post.

  • Spencer

    Hegel made it clear many years ago that the master-slave relation is innate to human ways of being and will always be so. Its all there in his Phenomenology of Spirit.

  • Anthony

    Sadly, achieving the American Dream is near impossible for todays youth who face a lifetime of low wages, high debt, increased taxes and fee’s, and a government that does little to support the working class.

  • Sister

    If only everyone knew that we all are creators of a great estate which we sign away to the government by signing a birth certificate. Since the “New Deal” in 1933 we have owned nothing. We offer up our personal responsibility and estate property to the government every time we register or license something. We sign our lives over as wards of the state at every turn and cannot act in competent ways to self govern to save our lives. Granted the system has been built in education, nutrition and mind controlling media to keep us in this state but in the end it is a personal choice to allow this to control our lives if we really want to evolve beyond cattle. The self discipline, research, and dedication it takes to ascend from this system is no joke and the “sacrifices” of evil distractions we become accustom to is often just too much for the average person. Its all been designed to ensure this and every day it gets harder and harder to navigate out of the matrix so to say. It seems those few that truly devote themselves to this cause of ascending into god given rights, freedoms, and becoming who we were meant to be are successful in moves the system allows a competent move however will erase that path behind the person. Basically it ensures that each persons achievements in getting out of the system is a solitary path because no path will be exactly alike. Sounds like a right of passage. If only we would start to wake up and become dedicated to change in our personal lives and the work it takes to get out of this mess perhaps we would have a 100 monkey scenario and we can began to really live the way God meant us to live. He gave us free will, we need to use it in the right way. Nothing is given and no one else will ever save us. Start the great work for yourself, learn true history and facts about our government being in a state of emergency and bankruptcy almost 100 years. There is no constitution in a state of emergency status, that is not a road to follow it leads nowhere. Understanding IRS and Government statutes, Common Law, Ecclesiastical Law, and who YOU ARE beyond this life and body.

  • stupidamerkin

    How does Google define Google? The Ministry of Truth?

  • Helper


  • Joy Williams

    When we had a small business our accountant, Abe told us America was set up so that we must all remain in debt. everything worked better that way. That went against what we believed at the time, we were not sophisticated enough I guess. We tried to stay out of debt, but ended up in trouble when the economy collapsed. All our money was saved in IRAs. We quickly sold everything and “rebooted”, I went to work too. Kids with babysitters in the summer months. I didn’t like that. We got back “on top” again and decided to invest in a property with land, my dream of having a farm. Then 2008 came along, rug pulled out from under us again. Now our investment has been losing value since then. We are retired, and cannot sell without losing a huge amount of money invested in property. Wasn’t that a safe investment? IRA’s suffered during 2008 depression. Then our land investment.

  • Capitalism is good for you !

    Your debt slavery starts with your first diaper ! As each product contains already interest costs. And continues with your first apartment, as its rent consists of – as the name implies – more than 80% interest costs.

  • anna miller

    good article, but remember as well, that our youth are now straddled with college loan debts, loans that are exempt from bankruptcy laws. I noticed after 2008, that ticket prices for automobiles skyrocketed. I think this was because people stopped taking out mortgage loans. In our society, one must rely on a car. These controllers want to get you one way or the other.

  • Reina Shelby

    absolutely correct! most of us ARE enslaved and it’s time we take our lives back!!!

  • Guest

    really, no. Nothing experience by most Americans comes close to the
    abomination that is slavery as practiced in this country.

  • Garrett K Lagan

    really, no. Nothing experience by most Americans comes close to the
    abomination that is slavery as practiced in this country.

  • guest

    Once again, an outstanding and incredibly informative article by Michael Snyder. Which I can’t share with anybody and that nobody outside of our circle of alternative news will read, for no other reason than that it comes from a site with the inflammatory titled “Economic Collapse Blog.” You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I’ve been following Snyder’s work for years since I was introduced to it by SGT Report. It blows my f’in mind how many more people we probably would have been able to reach, possibly millions, had the blog simply been called something else. Because the articles are otherwise written in a reasonably well mannered, very accessible and unexaggerated fashion, with GREAT sourced data.

  • Chippo

    How wonderful to read the comments of the twin factions of the Biblists, like the Shiites and Sunni of Islam. The one side is pro monarchy and the other is pro democracy, Independence and dependency. One in the interest of the victor the other in defence of the vanquished.

  • prairiedogwoman

    People just seem to complain but never due anything about it….

  • prairiedogwoman

    People just seem to complain but never do anything about it… Why? Why does everyone keep funding an organization that is corrupt? If everyone said NO there is nothing they can do.

  • arestark

    thats true, people need to understand…

  • Moshe

    Stop your mental menstruation… if you need a house and can’t pay cash for it you must get a loan. You are free individual and have a choice to NOT enslave yourself.

  • The1stDukeDroklar

    I’ve been shouting this for the past 40 years. The conditioning is so “state of the art” and so pervasive that I have lost all faith in people being able to wake up to the truth.
    Those few of us that actually are awake and refuse to be domesticated slaves by standing up for what’s fair and right bear all the burden and consequences.
    Small example: just started a new construction job and I just found out the boss does not pay overtime unless you work over 80hours in a 2 week pay period. This is a clear violation of fed labor law.
    I told the boss I will not work over 40 hours per week unless I get OT. However, since all other employees at this company knuckled under it will not surprise me if I am terminated or “laid off” for some non related bs reason in the semi near future. Will I be able to prove this… no. Will any worker there have the courage and moral fortitude to testify?… highly unlikely. So, I am in the right and will most likely lose my job regardless of how hard a worker I am.

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