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Are Black Friday Riots A Preview Of The Civil Unrest That Is Coming When Society Breaks Down?

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If Americans will trample one another just to save a few dollars on a television, what will they do when society breaks down and the survival of their families is at stake?  Once in a while an event comes along that gives us a peek into what life could be like when the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is stripped away.  For example, when Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey there was rampant looting and within days people were digging around in supermarket dumpsters looking for food.  Sadly, “Black Friday” also gives us a look at how crazed the American people can be when given the opportunity.  This year was no exception.  Once again we saw large crowds of frenzied shoppers push, shove, scratch, claw, bite and trample one another just to save a few bucks on cheap foreign-made goods.  And of course most retailers seem to be encouraging this type of behavior.  Most of them actually want people frothing at the mouth and willing to fight one another to buy their goods.  But is this kind of “me first” mentality really something that we want to foster as a society?  If people are willing to riot to save money on a cell phone, what would they be willing to do to feed their families?  Are the Black Friday riots a very small preview of the civil unrest that is coming when society eventually breaks down?

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving was not really a commercial holiday.  It was a time to get together with family and friends, eat turkey and express thanks for the blessings that we have been given.

But in recent years Black Friday has started to become even a bigger event than Thanksgiving itself.

Millions of Americans have become convinced that it is fun to wait in long lines outside retail stores in freezing cold weather in the middle of the night to spend money that they do not have on things that they do not need.

And of course very, very few “Black Friday deals” are actually made in America.  So these frenzied shoppers are actually killing American jobs and destroying the U.S. economy as well.

The absurdity of Black Friday was summed up very well recently in a statement that has already been retweeted on Twitter more than 1,000 times

“Black Friday: because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.”

It has gotten to the point where it is now expected that there will be mini-riots all over the country early on Black Friday morning each year.  The following are a few examples of the craziness that we saw this year…

-“Fights break out when stores open on Black Friday

-“Black Friday madness at Georgia Wal-Mart

-“Black Friday Frenzy: 2 Run Down in Washington, Man Pulls Gun in Texas

-“Black Friday 2012: Rush at Victoria’s Secret Pink at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kan.

-“Black Friday shoppers smash door at Urban Outfitters

-“Black Friday Shopping Hysteria From Around The Country [PHOTOS]

-“Disturbance leads to scare at Westroads Mall

-“Teens In Custody After Woodland Mall Fight

-“Boy Robbed During Black Friday Shopping At Arundel Mills

-“Shoppers Were So Obsessed With Black Friday Deals They Left Their Infants Unattended

Fortunately, many Americans are starting to get fed up with Black Friday.  In fact, one activist named Mark Dice actually went out and heckled Black Friday shoppers this year.  I found the following You Tube video to be very funny, and I think most of you will too…

In the end, it is not that big of a deal that people want to fight with one another to save 50 dollars on a cell phone.

But this kind of extreme selfishness and desperation could become a massive problem someday if society breaks down and suddenly millions of extremely selfish and desperate people are scrambling for survival.

With each passing day our economy is getting even weaker, and the next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching.  What are people going to do when the next spike in unemployment hits us and nobody can find work?

To get an idea of where things are headed, just look at Europe.  In both Greece and Spain the unemployment rate is over 25 percent and civil unrest has become almost a constant problem in both of those countries.

So what kind of riots will we see in the United States when the economy gets much worse than it is now?

Already there are signs of social decay all around us, and most Americans are completely unprepared for what will happen if a major disaster or emergency does strike.

Sadly, the reality is that most Americans live on a month to month basis.  Most families do not have any emergency savings to speak of, and one recent poll found that 55 percent of all Americans only have enough food in their homes to survive for three days or less.

To me, that is an absolutely insane number.

We just came through a summer of extreme drought and global food supplies have dropped to a 40 year low.  Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and the global financial system could fall apart at any time.  Most of us just assume that there will always be huge amounts of very cheap food available to us, but unfortunately that simply is not a safe assumption.  The following is from a recent article in the Guardian

Evan Fraser, author of Empires of Food and a geography lecturer at Guelph University in Ontario, Canada, says: “For six of the last 11 years the world has consumed more food than it has grown. We do not have any buffer and are running down reserves. Our stocks are very low and if we have a dry winter and a poor rice harvest we could see a major food crisis across the board.”

“Even if things do not boil over this year, by next summer we’ll have used up this buffer and consumers in the poorer parts of the world will once again be exposed to the effects of anything that hurts production.”

When I watch my fellow Americans trample one another to get a deal on a television or a video game, it makes me wonder what they would be willing to do if they went to the store someday and all the food was gone.

Desperate people do desperate things, and someday if there was a major economic breakdown in the United States I think the level of desperation in this country would be extremely frightening.

So what do you think?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I hope that everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving. And hopefully everyone avoided the violence at the Black Friday sales. 🙂

    Personally I prefer to shop online. And usually the Black Friday deals On are superior to what you will find in the retail stores anyway.

    A few people have reported having some issues with the new comment system. Most of them are using older versions of the Internet Explorer browser.

    If you update to the latest version of the Internet Explorer browser that will help, but I cannot in good faith recommend the Internet Explorer browser to anyone these days. It is just way too buggy.

    For most people, I recommend either Firefox or Google Chrome. Both of them are free, and both of them seem to work much better then Internet Explorer.

    Also, for those that are not familiar with The Truth, I wanted to mention that I have posted a new article over there that is getting a lot of attention…


    • cpgone

      google 10 reasons to not shop at amazon

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        #1. Amazon recently agreed to charge California residents the California state tax, highest in the nation.


        • cpgone

          Yes the CUSTOMERS of Amazon now pay the state of Ca. ax,
          Amazons tax rate is about 3%.


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            California’s basic sales tax rate is 7.75%, plus local levies in some areas. The basic rate in the city of Los Angeles is 8.75%.

          • cpgone

            Apple paid about 9% corp . tax in 2011.
            It was GE that paid 3%.
            Dont know where Amazon is HQed, probably Delaware.
            Id agree to a 10% flat tax for all, corps and individuals.

    • Incurablewound

      The truth………But only if its politically correct!
      Michael you are better than this!

  • Jagrick

    I watched the local news this morning and 95% of it was devoted to the sales at stores and the mall like they was the infomercial for them.

  • DaytoDay

    Well, it’s getting worse by the year… Because who is willing to wait in a mob-line for 6-8hrs in the middle of the night? Poor people… And as the economy continues to get worse, we’re going to see more and more people being squeezed, and so, Black Friday is really an opportunity for those of us who are less fortunate to be able to buy “Big ticket” items for cheap.

    However, there is no excuse for people acting like animals… but in modern America what do you expect?

    And to answer your question Michael, these “people” probably wouldn’t make it past their front door in an economic collapse.

    • I completely agree with your final statement. These are the same people that Alex defines as individuals that can’t even tie their own shoe laces. They’re the same people that think they’re “informed” because they watch mainstream media. The social Darwinian effects that come from an economic collapse will not treat these people nicely.

  • cpgone

    Sounds like Mark Dice. Alex Jones hater. Envy is ugly

  • mainstreeteconomist

    Desperate people do desperate things, and someday if there was a major economic breakdown in the United States I think the level of desperation in this country would be extremely frightening.

    This is one of those rare cases where Michael and the US government are in total agreement!

    (1) Halliburton subsidiary KBR gets contracts for building and maintaining FEMA camps.

    (2) FEMA camps are now open for business.

    (3) Department of Homeland Security purchases enough ammunition to wage a 7 year war on desperate Americans.

    • Madashel

      Yea, using tax money they took from the very same desperate Americans.

  • During Japanese Tsunami last year, I remember, people had lost everything and yet, when foods were distributed, everyone stood in line and waited for their turn. Their was not even a single incidence of violence, loot and rioting during Japanese Tsunami aftermath.

    I’m not from America, This is completely unacceptable even if it had happened in my country. As a human species, we need to totally reject these kinds of act. This is not about “deals” or “money”…Its about cosmic respectability. This shames the entire human race.

    • condaggitt

      But then Japan has no Black people either, Black people are the entitled race, heaven forbid they act like civilized people and wait their turn…

      • Yo mama

        Yea, thanks to 400+ years of filthy threat ent. Have you ever considered being in their place before?

        • condaggitt

          We have achieved MLK dream in America and people are judged on the Horrible content of their character…….Ohbewannas legacy is the Death of Political Correctness…and it starts NOW!

        • Incurablewound

          Check yo mammas other loving statements-No Racism here!

      • Dude how ignorant can you be!! You will see how civilized people are in general when no one have any food or been put in a messed up condition by their oppressors. You and the people who gave you thumbs up are paranoid bigots. You best look out for your own people like you do blacks. The economic collapse will affect everyone. This won’t be pretty.

        • condaggitt

          Hopefully we will round up the blacks like we did the Japs during WW2 and put them in Fema camps so some order is restored….this is not a racist statement but realty, Why aren’t Lithuanians or Greeks,or even an African Tribe doing the looting? heck even the war torn Somalians come here and live peacefully.

          • “Why aren’t Lithuanians or Greeks,or even an African Tribe doing the looting? heck even the war torn Somalians come here and live peacefully.” That’s a good question. The reason why most African Americans act like this is because when we were taken from our land by European Christians and “Jews”. They took our name, culture, religion, and humanity when we were bought to America. Plus 400 year of oppression. That is why blacks from other countries act more cultured than us. Just to let you know the government will put people in general in fema camps as the economy declines. I don’t want to be in this country when that happens.

          • condaggitt

            What utter crapola….Maybe if Blacks learned how to read,write and speak ENGLISH their lives will be much better off.

          • Dude, how ignorant and racist can you be!!!! Maybe if you learn how to be fair and reasonable. The non-white people of the world wouldn’t be bombed by racist Anglo-Saxon Americans for their natural resources to maintain their crumbling, economically, bankrupt, declining powers of the west empire.Your days of rule is coming to an end because of your racism and ignorance of colored people of the world. Your disagreeable to reason with. Stop generalizing all black people. How would you like it if I called all white folks pedophiles, racist, child molesters, and serial killers. I would be ignorant like you. every race has their mess ups. Remember ted bundy and dude who shot up a movie theater while batman was playing.

          • condaggitt

            Stop with the racist stuff goku, Political correctness is over…over and done with….now its time for TOUGH LOVE

            Lets see 30,000 black on black murders during Oh’s reign more then under Bush and you have 4 more years of this..

            Blacks kill blacks in Africa for diamonds….yet Black women especially will not stop buying blood diamonds shall we go on? Remember it was White people who boycotted African gold and diamonds during apartheid

          • Incurablewound

            Facts are no longer allowed at this site-Only political correctness.

            Really SAD Michael!
            Goku is clearly a racist and yet he gets a free pass to post hate!

          • Incurablewound

            You sick cracker. Stop following us on the internet. This is a black website.-Goku 27 says!!!
            I suppose this one gets to stay?????? huh michael!

        • Incurablewound

          Check out Goku27s other great posts by clicking on his name!!!!!

        • Incurablewound

          White people are sick!!!!!! goku tell us how you really feel.
          All those posts about white women are great-NO HATE THERE!

          • Incurablewound

            Have you ever heard of RESEARCH Michael!!!Or do you always choose the politically correct route first….

    • Japanese culture still reveres learning and and dignity. The USA no longer has a single culture, education and social responsibilties are no longer universally respected.

  • They do this every year… Really nothing special…

    • Jagrick

      True, but this year seems to be more of it.

  • Why are Americans so dumb?

    • why are you so fat?

      • Fat? You must be thinking of someone else. My point was that only Americans are dumb enough to trample each each other over Chinese trinkets that advertisers convince them they need. Watching these videos makes me embarrassed to be an American?

      • Incurablewound

        Its OK to call people fat here,just dont say anything about race.-Thats not allowed

        • And don’t call me fat either (even though I am).

  • irishrover69

    We have become Rome. The mob wants bread and circuses. Goodnight and good luck

  • chilller

    Anyone who has worked in big cities knows all food is brought in by transport to supply their local eateries of which they all depend. Any interruption to this lifeline is immediately catastrophic.

    “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”

  • Gee…now I know why they call it Black Friday!

  • rwbenjamin

    Are Black Friday Riots A Preview Of The Civil Unrest That Is Coming When Society Breaks Down? – LOL….

    Black Friday riots have been going on every since there has been Black Friday… I see nothing different about society today as I did as a kid in the 1970’s, except today there is the internet to keep the conspiracy nuts ranting….

  • Jodi

    My husband and I went out later in the day after the mad rush was over. We went to Cabelas to see if they still had the bullets they had on sale and a sales person told us they sold out in 5 minutes and people were stealing them out of other peoples baskets. It’s truly sick how greedy & ruthless people have become.

    When I was growing up, I can remember how crazy Black Friday was but I don’t remember any kind of violence just to get some cheap plastic crap from China. It’s a mine and mine only society we are living in today.

  • Patriot

    Many people were sitting in the cold for days to save $$$ on plastic, chinese electronics. The entitlement sheeple I call them. Evidently they don’t work. Many are welfare recipients for voted for the obummer socialism. This is the mentality that won the election. There are now more takers than makers. This whole scene is very sad indeed, how peoples’ focus is on entertainment and comfort and the latest tech device or HD TV, rather than focusing on what is happeneing to America. The fact that obummer got re-elected saddens me and angers me. But, what angers and saddens me more is the socialist mentality that is rampant in society today. We have too many people who could care less about the Constitution and freedom and the future of this nation, and I am including illegal immigrants, welfare reciepients, and even people with state jobs. You think state workers want their gravy train to end??? No way!!! These people are selfish, or as the Bible declares in the end times, people will be “lovers of themselves” read the book of Romans.

    As long as there immediete needs are met, who cares about freedom, Constitution, etc.

    All the while, many in the Southern states view the North as the reason for obummer getting in. This is not true, but the the demographics in the liberal Northeast is very entitlement/welfare minded and Constitution un-friendly. I am so disgusted at what America has become, and the lazy, entitlement mentality amongst the people. Just wait, when the dollar collapses, and the money for welfare, foodstamps, medical care, immigrant entitlements, ends….then we will witness riots as we have never seen before, and millions will die in the civic war that is coming.

    • kenfrombayside

      This situation of a hostile parasite class can’t go on much longer. We have to be alert to possible civil unrest.

  • It’s only going to get worse. We are all zombie’s. Just because you didn’t go shoppoing doesn’t mean you aren’t part of the problem. Stop looking for someone else to blame. Americans turning on Americans is not the answer.

    The revolution has started! It’s just waiting for you!

    “Be Smart!” –

    (Revolution 2.0)

  • kenfrombayside

    Listen to what I have to say:
    For those who oppose massive legal and illegal third immigration and, above all else, the changing demographics, you will have to speak out loudly: join an immigration reform group, like FAIR (strength thru numbers); when you get a political fundraising letter, return it, with no money, and state your opposition to the immigration tragedy; call a radio talk show to let thousands of listeners know we exist; write/e-mail your local newspapers to express your opinion (so far, three item were printed in The York Post); and, finally, fax your rep in congress. I am sure they delete e-mails concerning this subject very quickly. More can be done on this front. Do your own gardening; don’t go to restaurants. You would be amazed at how money you save. PLEASE FORWARD THIS!!

  • usmcmailman

    YES !

  • AshleyAlmany

    My daughter and I started reading Little House On the Prarie (Laura Ingalls ) books. In the books she tells about how at Christmas they were so excited because they got their own cup to drink from and a piece of candy. They were so happy! Now, American parents and adults behave in unthinkable and terrible ways to purchase things they dont really need for kids that arent even going to be greatful or truly appreciate them.
    In public school they taught me that we as a nation are progressing yet when we truly study our history you see us falling. Not just financially but morally. God help us all to see how blessed we truly are and gather with our families and be thankful.

  • Guy in the video sounds like Randy Marsh from South Park lol

  • condaggitt

    agreed …….that’s why we need TOUGH LOVE now, and what did you people elect?? a racist freakin WUSSIE……Do you think obewanna is going to call out the Black looters on rockaway beach for making black people look bad??? Heck they let em go….no foolin…

    Its looking like everyday like the top powers really do want a race war…..

  • Incurablewound

    Michael I do not like your CENSORSHIP!

  • Incurablewound

    Economic collapse blog = FUBAR!!!!!!

  • condaggitt

    Come on everybody give Michael some slack…he’s done a great job with this blog….

    But now comes the time for him to grow out of his shell of Political correctness and start thinking outside the box.

    Remember its racist only if its not true.

  • Patriot

    Michael, I have not seen you ever address the 2nd Amendment or firearms rights in any of your articles. Perhaps you are anti-gun??? You talk a lot about societal collapse and loss of freedom. Gun rights are on the forefront of issues right now because obummer wants to take them away or at least regulate and tax them heavily. You should know, that if guns are attempted to be taken from law abiding folks, revolution will occur.

    This is one of our freedoms as Americans. This article shows that rioting could be widespread across America should anything ever stop the delivery of food, water, gas, food stamps, welfare checks, cheap chinese electronics, etc. The boys in blue will not be there to protect you when a gang of looters is breaking through your windows or knocking down your door. These usually have more than looting on therie mind, ( L.A. Riots)

    You also don’t mention anything about the “Manchurian Candidate” theory about the Colorado Theatre shooting…..too many things don’t add up about the shooter and the crime scene……This most likely was a planned event to furthur the globalists agenda to de-arm America. Nothing has been mentioned about the U.N. Arms treaty that obummer said he would sign????????

    Wake up people!!!!!!!!! Turn American idol off and pay attention to the freedoms being taken away from us. If you do nothing, then you deserve to live in socialism/communism/facism. Don’t cry when your freedoms are lost, once they are gone they are gone forever, unless revolution brings them back.

    Freedom loving, Constitutional Americans(obummer voters don’t apply here) need to start getting united and organized.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I am definitely not anti-gun. On this site I mostly try to stay focused on economics.

      For articles from me on guns and on a broader array of topics, please see these two sites…


    • asketh

      It only took one mass murder in 1997 in England to get a full ban on guns for everyone except the rich on country estates. Look up Dunblane, you won’t find much the official record was sealed as a state secret for 100 years. This was done by the Prime Minister all Americans loved Tony Blair. He has incidentally been given a job on the board of Goldman Sacks and is the Middle East Peace Envoy

  • asketh

    I figured this out 20 years ago. Some people are really slow on the uptake. Read about a guy named Darwin for your future. And if your really somewhat intelligent another guy named Malthus.

  • Mark

    I just want to take a few moment to say that I am thankful this thanksgiving and to thank Michael for his blog on the economy and how to prepare for the eventual collapse.

    Waiting early hours in the cold and dark for items that would put me into further debt is not my idea of fun. It is a completely foreign idea to go into credit card debt to pay for big ticket items. I save money in advance to afford big ticket items. Majority of these items such as big screen TVs and electronic gadgets will no longer be in style next year. It’s all a bread and circus show, in today’s society with TV and internet it is always easy to keep the “circus” going but when the “bread” runs out it would not be pretty. I suspect that over the next year or two you will have an upward price creep in which more and more people will be dependent on food stamps and less food and fuel to be bought. Imagine how better off those people actually saved gold and silver instead of paying off high interest credit card debt.

I am glad that I am aware of the situation and doing my best in preparing for my family.


  • Hammond12

    After reading the comments below, I am seeing people turn on each other. Why all the mean-spirited comments? Why all the personal attacks?

  • condaggitt

    I KNOW where the money is coming from…….

    Millions maybe tens of millions are NOT PAYING THEIR MORTGAGE!

    OHbewanna says NOTHING….let the deadbeats stay in the “banks” home….people are over 5 years in foreclosure and still living rent free…

    Why did you idiots vote this Wussie back in office?

  • They weren’t riots. Geez, it piles up fast here.

  • Rogoraeck

    I’m not surprised when the Jew call the American “goyim” (cattle).
    Just look at those pictures, it look like a cattle run!

  • Joshua

    In answering your closing question, “what do you think?” I think and wonder the same things you expressed… the whole situation can be downright scary, and it is complete idiocy NOT to prepare for what is obvious in the economic forecast… (not to mention the tyranny forecast…) if we don’t prepare, it’s a sad thing to say, but people will get what is coming to them… and i do not say this heartlessly…

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