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  • paul

    Banks are just doing what any predatory animal will naturally do:

    Eat whatever they kill and don’t leave any money on the table.

  • Nick

    See what government price controls get you? It’s ugly but banks have to turn a profit as well. Since Senator “D-bag” Durbin introduced price controls, banks had to resort to worse methods to recoup funds. Instead of making money from business insurance funds that generally cover debit fees, banks had to resort to customers instead.

    This isn’t greed, it’s stupidity. Tinker with the markets and risk being slapped by the invisible hand, as the law of unintended consequences is generally vicious in its application.

    If you want to create a shortage in ANYTHING, institute price controls. If only we could institute them for ambulance-chasing lawyers and public unions.

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  • chiller

    For years we’ve been told to never touch our retirement savings. That was before we found out that crooked Wall Street banksters were using our 401k as their own personal pocketbook. Cutoff the supply of money they use against us each and every day…OURS! 2012 will be a very trying year for us all and we can all use a little extra cash. Just for 2012, go on line to your retirement provider and set your retirement contribution to 0%. You can change it anytime and it only takes a few minutes and key strokes. This will give you the extra money you’ll need next year AND you’ll be doing the country a favor by fighting back NOW!

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