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Broke! 10 Facts About The Financial Condition Of American Families That Will Blow Your Mind

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The crumbling U.S. economy is putting an extraordinary amount of financial stress on American families.  For many Americans, “flat broke” has become a permanent condition.  Today, over half of all American families live paycheck to paycheck.  Unemployment is rampant and those that do actually have jobs are finding that their wages are rising much more slowly than prices are.  The financial condition of average American families continues to decline and this is showing up in all of the recent surveys.  For example, according to a new Gallup poll, “lack of money/low wages” is the number one financial concern for American families.  To make ends meet, many American families are going into even more debt and more American families than ever are turning to government assistance.  Right now, more Americans than at any other point since World War II are flat broke and have lost hope.  Until this changes, the frustration level in this country is going to continue to grow.

The following are 10 facts about the financial condition of American families that will blow your mind…..

#1 Only 58 percent of Americans have a job right now.

#2 Only 56 percent of Americans are currently covered by employer-provided health insurance.

#3 The median yearly wage in the United States is $26,261.

#4 The average American household is carrying $75,600 in debt.

#5 Only the top 5 percent of U.S. households have earned enough additional income to match the rise in housing costs since 1975.

#6 At this point, American families are approximately 7.7 trillion dollars poorer than they were back in early 2007.

#7 The poorest 50% of all Americans now own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

#8 According to one study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States were living below the poverty line in 2010.

#9 Today, there are more than 44 million Americans on food stamps, and nearly half of them are children.

#10 According to Newsweek, close to 20 percent of all American men between the ages of 25 and 54 do not have a job at the moment.

So what is causing all of this?

Where in the world did all of the good jobs go?

Well, the truth is that millions of them have been shipped overseas.

Our politicians promised us that merging our economy with the economies of other nations where it is legal to pay slave labor wages to workers would not create more unemployment inside America.

They were dead wrong.

Now we are being told that we just need to accept a lower standard of living.

For example, billionaire Howard Marks says that it is time for all of us to just accept that the standard of living of American workers is inevitably going to decline to the level of the rest of the world….

“In addition to balancing the budget and growing the economy, I think we have to accept that the coming decades are likely to see U.S. standards of living decline relative to the rest of the world. Unless our goods offer a better cost/benefit bargain, there’s no reason why American workers should continue to enjoy the same lifestyle advantage over workers in other countries. I just don’t expect to hear many politicians own up to this reality on the stump.”

Are you willing to accept that?

Well, most Americans appear to be willing to accept this “new reality” because they keep sending most of the exact same bozos back to Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, the job losses continue to get worse.  As I wrote about the other day, as the U.S. economy has started to slow down again we are starting to see another huge wave of layoffs all over America.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where all of our jobs are going.  But unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand what is happening because neither the mainstream media nor our politicians are telling them the truth.

For much more on how millions of our good jobs are being shipped out of the country, please see another article I recently published entitled “How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps“.

But it is not just the globalization of the economy that is destroying our jobs.

The federal government bureaucracy has become so oppressive that it is amazing that anyone is still willing to hire workers in this day and age.

Hiring workers has become so complicated and so expensive that many small business owners want to avoid it at all cost.

For example, a small business owner identified as “007” recently left the following comment on one of my recent articles….

Speaking as a small employer, I would rather have a root canal than another employee. Let’s see. You first have to hire someone you trust without some labor lawyer suing you for some type of discrimination. Then you have OSHA to make sure your work place is safe. Then you have workmans compensation insurance, unemployment taxes, health insurance, liability insurance, now Obamacare. Oh be careful not to be deemed to have a “hostile work environment”. Then you have to negotiate the labor laws. The Department of Labor is constantly cranking out regulation.

Then you get the pleasure of paying payroll taxes both state and federal along with the required filing of a multitude of payroll forms. Miss filing or paying these taxes and you will be crushed with interest and penalties.

Of course, you are competing with businesses that can hire at a fraction of the cost of American Labor and with very little regulations. In this economy, no one in their right mind is hiring into this unstable and declining economy.

If business turns down all you have to worry about is laying off workers. Of course your unemployment insurance tax will go up 200% for years. Then you only have to then worry about a wrongful termination law suit.

The entire system is stacked against American workers.

If you are a blue collar worker, you should give up hope that things are going to get better.  The system has failed you.

You can stop waiting for the “good jobs” to come back.

They aren’t coming back.

That is one reason why I try to encourage everyone to become more independent of the system.

As our economic system continues to degenerate, Americans are going to become increasingly desperate.

Sadly, desperate people do desperate things.  Already we are starting to see signs that the fabric of American society is starting to be ripped to shreds.

So what is going to happen if the economy gets even worse?

There is a limit to how many people we can actually put in prison.  The reality is that the number of Americans in prison has nearly tripled since 1987.

Our prisons are already dangerously overcrowded.  As society falls apart, many communities will simply not be able to shove more people behind bars.

Even with our prisons stuffed to the gills, many of our largest cities continue to be transformed into absolute hellholes.

Detroit is now the 3rd most dangerous city on the entire planet and New Orleans is now the 9th most dangerous city on the entire planet.

So what are our leaders doing about all of this?

Well, they appear to be too busy fighting with each other and cheating on their wives to do much about our problems.

According to Politico, U.S. Representative David Wu is the latest member of Congress to be accused of a sex scandal….

Rep. David Wu has been accused of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with the teenage daughter of a longtime friend, the latest scandal to engulf the troubled Oregon Democrat.

This country is a complete and total mess.  Tens of millions of American families are flat broke and are about to slip into poverty.  Meanwhile, our politicians continue to prove that they are some of the most corrupt on the planet.

There are many out there that still believe that America has a bright future ahead.

It is getting really hard to see why anyone could possibly believe that.


  • Wow, what can be said after reading that. We are in big trouble and the masses don’t have a clue, and many don’t know how to pray. It’s so sad.
    Efoods global storable foods has a way to help others while you help your self . They even offer 12servings for free. Check it out.

    • moses737

      Haven’t the destruction of the Great American Empire inevitable? The International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins have done a great job for their lord Lucifer and his fallen angels. But in the end; they will be paying a horrific and anguishing tormenting for their enslaving the nations and forcing everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in peoples foreheads and hands. And if you take their chip . . .

      And while we are on the renovated and beautified Earth; living like gods and goddesses; they will be screaming and yelling their heads off forever and ever!!

      • bobbobbobbob

        got med ins — no– only partially — practice snake worship

  • John O’Neill

    I have totally switched over to the “getting prepared” mode. Storable food, water filters, guns and ammo, and gold/silver. If you can’t afford to buy precious metals, make sure you have storable food, water filters, and guns and ammo. In addition, try to be as debt free as possible. There are no guarantees in life, but we can at least minimize the risk(s) that can have a profound effect on our livelihood. In other words, by preparing, hopefully, we can lessen the pain. God’s speed to everyone.

    • Ben Dover

      If “preppers are proven wrong over the long haul, they can largely EAT their mistake.

    • DownWithLibs

      Don’t forget first aid and hygiene items. We will be very much on our own as things get really bad. They will also make for safe barter items, too. (Safer than booze, bullets and tobacco)

  • rck

    enraged citizen mobs are like lye,it does sting but it does a hell of a job cleaning.

  • Mr. G

    Well, I have a home that is paid for, so I am at least ahead of the game on that. However, My home is a 30 year old trailer. I am not complaining. It’s real cozy. It is fixed up like a Manhattan penthouse on the inside and on the outside – no one would ever know. I like it that way.

    But, my so-called investments retirement fund is totally trashed, and that was done largely by people who did not pay cash for a 30 year old trailer and fix it up into a nice house. Oh no, they made little and spent it all day long. They spent 30 times as much on their financed homes as I did, and now they are all deperate, and the president is trying to help them out.

    I do not wish anyone any ill will, but come on – who deserves to be helped by the government? The person who really tried and was responsible, or some idiot who signed his life away on a 6,000 square foot house?!

    I am very angry about all this. I am not hopping mad but the bailouts have helped everybody but me. I simply tried to be straightforward and I’ve never gotten any government money, even though I could have filed for a disability years ago.

    But do I even get to be treated like I am smart? No. I live in a trailer. That’s all some people can see. And that is a good thing, because it’s an education. If they are that stupid, then S$%^W them. I’m the one with the paid off house and lot!

    Mr. G

    • Just me

      Well Mr.G,I’d say that you’re in better shape than 90% of the people in America or the world.I’m in almost the same position except I do have supplies here to last me a couple yrs. My place is paid for and we’re debt free,I blew our retirement money making sure the kids were debt free.The real difference between us is that you have a trailer and I have a 2800 sg ft house that I wish was trailer so I could hook on it and move.

    • roadrunner

      Mr. G…I congratulate you and wish you all the best.

    • Gary2

      mr g-we are in the mess due to the wall street meltdown. Do not forget this.

      We are not in this mess because a few folks borrowed on these mortgages etc, although what they did not help. we are not in this mess because of teachers making too much money.

      Put the blame on who deserves it.

      • Ben Dover

        Don’t forget Bush! Tax the needy to help the greedy! (something like that)

        • John B.

          Bush? Clinton is the one that forced the GSEs to lower lending standards. Clinton is also the one that repealed Glass-Steagall, allowing Wall Street into the mortgage business. And hey Gary, there were more than a “few” people that were getting “liar” loans to flip property and live off the equity. And let’s not forget all the mortgage brokers that were falsifying applications. There’s plenty of blame to go around for the mortgage mess.

    • Zantho

      It’s tragic to think our “standard of living” will fall but we should ask ourselves this; what have people been doing with all the free time this easy money society has given us. Watch more movies, consume more crap and become more and more disconnected with the land and each other.

      I think people will begin to realize they can grow their own food and raise their own livestock with less effort than working 10 hour days for $8/hr to buy packaged, unhealthy food.

      I’m not saying the transition won’t be difficult but the end result will be a much greater balance with the environment and sense of community overall. …so forget buying a lot of guns and stocking up on packaged food to last for years. Buy organic seeds. Buy farming tools. Learn about homeopathic remedies. Learn to barter well. Get involved with local co-ops. …watch and laugh as the bankers loose control over us.

  • silver bean

    #1 Does this mean 58% of all 312 million Americans? Are all of us, including elderly and babies supposed to have a job? You are misleading the reader by palying with numbers.
    #2 Interesting. that means 137 million Americans are not covered which is way more that the number used to justify Obummercare.
    #4 Does this iclude mortgage debt? The people responsible ar the people who took on the debt by spending money that they didn’t have. Tough beans for them.
    #6 Does this include the TARP money and various other bailouts brought to us by Bush, Obummer, and the idiots in Congress who don’t know diddly about economics and money?
    #7 Are you suggesting that all wealth be redistributed equally across the board so we each have an equal share? Regardless of how lazy and worthless some people are? Why don’t you start by showing us how to do it by giving all of your belongings away?
    #8 If you keep changing the definition of poverty eventually you can show that 100% of all children live below the poverty line.
    You are making all kinds of wild ass statements and abusing the statistics. Liars figure and figures lie fits well here.

    • Ben Dover

      The “poverty” line is set by the gubmint. It IS infuriating to see some of the things people in USA have and are still considered “poor”.

    • Orion

      #1 – this is a relative indicator; the author could have done more to elaborate upon his position. This 100% nonsense is your business, not his.
      #4 – the author supplied a link to the study in question; find out yourself
      #6 – that datum refers to household wealth
      #7 – again, your nonsense, not his.
      #8 – familiarise yourself with the standards for the Federal poverty line before flapping gums.

      By the way, keep this up and you’ll make enough red herrings to feed the whole country.

    • Aahhh… a liberal who can’t see the U.S. is broke & collapsing.

      Oh well go ahead and live your stain colored glass window world.


  • iamawake

    I agree about the good blue collar jobs not coming back. Businesses are never going to pay us big wages when they can get the same products overseas made with cheap labor. What a shame that the U.S. has fallen so far in the scheme of things. At the turn of the last century we were the juggernaut of the industrial world. We made more cars, planes, steel, etc. than anyone else. In fact at the start of WW2, we made more quality steel than the rest of the planet altogether. Now we are known for fast food and fat people. It is time to get these skills back. Start teaching our children about skilled trades. We need to build things again, build them better than anyone else. We did it before, we can do it again!

  • Forget the war on terroisim.

    Time to wage wars against red tape, government spending, civil servants and ridiculous law suits – these are doing far more to bring America to its knees than the late and unlamented bin Laden could every dream of.

    • sharonsj

      What ridiculous lawsuits? Are you talking about the old lady burnt by the hot coffee? Better do some fact checking because that lawsuit was justified.

      And why don’t you check out the states that already passed tort reform? Those laws did NOT bring down the cost of health insurance. They did NOT bring down the cost of malpractice insurance.

      What they did was to limit how much a corporation had to pay some poor victim for their fuck-ups. For example, a guy who lost both feet due to a hospital screwup, and is now in a wheelchair, was awarded by law a grand total of $30,000. If that happened to you, you’d be screaming bloody murder.

    • Gary2

      tort reform=corporate welfare

  • Colin

    Our country is self-destructive. We, as a people, have squandered our future, and I don’t think the damage can be undone. I think many of us, like me, will have to accept that we are permanently unemployed.

    • Highspeed

      Is it better to be resigned than to be indignant?

  • Johnson

    While I agree with the gist of this article, I strongly disagree with the rant from poster “007” regarding his view of how difficult it is to be an employer in the United States.

    There is a cost to living in a first world, post-industrial, civilized society that provides reasonable worker/labor protections, safe cars, roads, houses and office buildings along with direct quality of life benefits such as as a relatively clean and safe living environment for most Americans. Have you seen photo’s of the awful pollution in country like China?

    Laws and regulations are necessary to effect and guarantee these benefits. Yet even with under the existing laws and regulations, there is still much more that could be done to increase our quality of life and general protection from corporate vultures that riddle our society. Which will require even more laws and regulations.

    While I am certain that “007” happily avails himself daily of the benefits of living in the USA, he doesn’t seem to understand that these benefits are built upon the existence and enforcement of laws and regulations.

    Given “007’s” extreme unhappiness, perhaps he would find himself happier living and working in some other country with less laws and regulations? I would recommend staying away from Europe (which is heavy with laws and regulations) but much of Asia, Africa and South America should fit the bill.

    • Mark

      We have way to many regulations in this country. I admit we need some regulations, we sure do not need the amount on the books. The huge numbers of bureaucrats needed to enforce them costs alot of money. The office space, pensions, health benifits, wages, computer systems, cars, etc. of all these government workers drives the cost of business to where we can’t compete with other countries.

    • Ben Dover

      Some rules are necessary, but in USA, these regulations have gotten waaay out of hand.

    • 007

      While, I do appreciate your point, I believe you are trying to shoot the messenger. It is true that all of these regulations, taxes and our litigious society cost money. The vacant stores and the vast number of unemployed are proof of just how expensive they are. They also demonstrate that America can not afford them. That is the price and we are all paying it.

      If you believe that I am being overly negative, I would encourage you to take out a five year lease on some expensive commercial real estate, hire some employees, invest your life savings and go into business. You would have about a 15% chance of surviving five years. There are plenty of vacant stores. The economy needs some heroes like you.

      However, I believe you are smart enough not to make such a foolish move. The problem is no one else is dumb enough to open or expand their business in this environment. No one in their right mind wants to lead a charge on a machine gun nest.

      This, unfortunately is the hell we have created for ourselves with our trade laws, over regulation, taxes and litigation. It may be frustrating to you that employers do not want to lose money out of some sense of patriotism. However, this is the economic reality in which employers live. They are going to stay in their fox holes until their is some reasonable possibility of profiting if they move forward.

      • Gary2

        007-most business fail in 5 years. This is nothing new. It sound to me like all to do about nothing.

    • 21st Century Plutocracy

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Careful, some around here might call you a Communist for that post.

  • Darren

    Maybe if you look real close at a dollar bill you will see “Made in China” on it, you think?

    • Benji K

      Definitely should say “OWNED by China”!

    • mondobeyondo

      Wouldn’t doubt it in the least.

      I bought an American flag for the 4th of July.
      It said “Made in China” on the plastic wrapper.
      I nearly vomited.

  • Gary2

    #7 The poorest 50% of all Americans now own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

    And everyone does not see that the gross wealth and income inequality is destroying this country??

    Can anyone really not think we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth?

    We have republicans cutting programs for the poor at the same time going to the mat so the rich do not have to pay more in taxes.

    I think republicans are traitors to the country. They only care about the rich>

    Here is a good one:rep Paul (cut medicare) Ryan caught drinking $700 wine with hedge fund manager and lobbiest.

    Yes folks this is the same guy who is preaching austerity for the poor and tax cuts for the rich.

    Unless you are rich one has to be totally insane to vote for him.

    • bobbobbobbob


    • ScoutMotto

      Guess what, Gary? The democrats are traitors to the country also. You think they give one flip about you or me or anyone else? They are just as self-serving as any other office-holder.

      • Fed Up

        Everyone should jump out of both parties and register as Independent. This will scare both parties enough to make some needed reforms.

      • Gary2

        you are correct both parties suck, its just that the dems suck a whole lot less than the repubes.

        We need a third/fourth party etc.

    • Mike

      Too much mis-information in your rant.

      Paul Ryan was meeting with economists who bought the wine. Do you think everyone should drink cheap Ripple? Are you willing to condemn Obama and his expensive tastes in the WH – (Think $100/lb Kobe beef, and other examples.)

      Do you begrudge the wealth creators? Bill Gates (Microsoft) is so rich because the company he created has lots of value. Nothing stolen from anyone else ….and most of his money is in shares of his company. Much of the wealth in the country held by the richest 1% is in wealth that was created and not taken from the poor.

      The poor in this country are better off than “middle class” in most of the rest of the world – they have better health care, 1 – 2 cars, refrigerator, color TVs …and the rich are not plundering them as you would suggest.

      In fact – it is the socialist/marxist redistributionist that are destroying our country. Violating God’s Law (Thou Shall Not Covet…) – a desire to steal from the rich (hey they aren’t paying their fair share) – will lead to less innovation, fewer companies growing (providing better jobs) etc – and that will further erode our country’s capabilities.

      • Gary2

        the rich are not paying their fair share. They have never had such low taxes. How is hedge fund managers paying 15% capital gains their fair share???

        Yes they did steal from the working class by pocketing their productivity raises over the years.

        You please need to turn off fox news/hate radio and simply think.

        BTW-look at absolute poverty vs. relative poverty.

        And do not throw the bible verses at me as you negated everything you said because it also says to give to the poor or didn’t you read that past?

      • Gary2

        WRONG-they were a hedge fund manager and lobbyist. We had a wine tasting event in Racine to draw attention to his gross hypocrisy.

        He preaches austerity for the poor and welfare for the rich. This is not my opinion simply read his path to poverty plan. Cut taxes on the rich to only 25% and eliminate medicare.

      • (Regarding the Bill Gates statement) There is a confusion here, as many people have about “the wealth creators”. Most of the wealthy stay wealthy by being part of the money-churning banking/investment system. VERY few are actual creative entrepreneurs. Very few are actual PRODUCERS of anything REAL.

    • Ben Dover

      You first.

    • sw

      How amusing. Let’s talk about one bottle of expensive wine — I heard it was half the price mentioned — while the federal government borrows 40 percent of what it spends from those same “rich” to pay for all the corruption.

      Want to end the cycle? Stop focusing on a bottle of wine, because the Obama’s spend much more than one Congressman. Instead, shrink the expense which IS government at all levels, and let individual entreprenuership work for us all. Class warfare has served historically only to serve the oligarchs, dividing the lower from the middle class and installing a new and very powerful, rich upper class.

      Obama hobnobs with GE’s Immelt, while GE pays no federal taxes. See? That’s what one bottle of expensive wine can obscure.

      • Gary2

        how about we tax the rich instead of borrowing from them???

    • Tripseven

      What made this country great was the opportunity to build wealth. The ability to exceed class limits. The complete lack of restriction on upward mobility.
      What motivation is there to work hard and get rich under your proposed take everything and give it away to people who will only sit and complain about their situation?
      Gary, if you were making 25 million a year, would you voluntarily give all but 100k away? I didn’t think so, and just in case you said yes I’ll call you a liar here and now. You wouldn’t.
      While I fail to see the how any one person could be worth paying 25 million, I don’t want an arbitrary restriction on the possibility just in case I somehow figure out how to do it myself.
      The biggest flaw in your tax and re-distribute doctrine, is the motivation factor. If you work hard only to be robbed, why work hard?
      On the other hand if all you have to do is sit on your dead end and get paid why work at all?

      Good luck waiting Gary.

      • Gary2

        you will never be rich. The chances are small at best.

        That is the problem you have—we better not tax the rich as I may be rich someday.

        Get a braincell. Luck plays at least a 50% factor and the other is choosing rich parents. Again this is not my opinion you can simply Google this and see I am correct.

        Yes it happens that a poor person gets rich but it is rare.

        Class mobility is much higher in socialist Europe than it is in capitalism America.

        • Tripseven

          I didn’t say don’t tax the rich on the contrary: the rich in this country already pay more than 96% of all others. How much is enough? 97? 98? 99?

          Why do you have to degenerate insults? I have a braincell, or two. Why don’t you get a job?
          I also don’t believe in luck. Google won’t show that luck plays 50% of gaining wealth, nice try.
          You haven’t answered my question, “what motivation is there to work hard if what I earn is taken and given to someone who won’t work at all?”
          Just because I don’t believee in it doesn’t mean I can’t offer it to you..
          Good Luck waiting for your handout Gary.

          • Gary2

            also don’t believe in luck. Google won’t show that luck plays 50% of gaining wealth, nice try. Yes it will.

            Then you are indeed not playing with a full deck.

            I can’t have a rational discussion with someone who is irrational.

            You don’t believe in blind luck like being born to the correct parents??

            Do you believe the sun is hot? Do you believe that ice is cold?

      • Nickelthrower


        I love it when people try to tell me “what made this country great” bullsh*t. Then they talk about hard work and a “desire to build wealth” and I want to vomit.

        First off, we flat out destroyed the people that were already living here. The 100+ Indian Nations were on the receiving end of a 400 year genocidal rampage. We didn’t earn our lands by hard work but, instead, through outright murder.

        When not murdering other people, we created wealth by enslaving other people – specifically Africans. This practice didn’t really come to an end until the late 1940’s.

        If you want to read some stuff that will really sicken you then you should read what working conditions were like before labor unions. American workers had it much worse than the Asian laborers of today – much worse.

        Before you give me your Fox News silly speech about how all the rich people pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps you need to really spend some time and study some history – really.

        • Tripseven

          Interesting. You decry the methods used to gain this land of ours, but don’t hesitate to use similar tactics to take what isn’t yours and give to those who didn’t earn it.

          Native War-hoops? They aren’t destroyed. they’re livin’ it up on da res!! They don’t have to stay. They can freely leave. get educations, a job. They can build their own life. Instead they choose to stay slave to the gub-ment check. not enough to live on tho…
          It was war fair and square. We won. To the victor go the spoils.
          You should check their modern reparation deal. Its pretty sweet for doing nothing and not actually ever being in a battle. Kinda what Gary2 has goin’ now.
          It may have been more kind to force the war-hoops to assimilate. Now, most are destined to a future of alcoholic stupor and waiting for a gub-ment check. I’m not gonna wait for a check, I’ll earn my own way thanks.
          I’m in the war, fighting the “tax the rich” attitude every chance I get. I may lose, but the spoils you hope to take will be gone before I do. There won’t be anything left for the socialist or the marxist.

          Slavery is still rampant in this country and it is sad. Half the country pays no taxes and waits for the check from the gub-ment. I’ll pass.
          I’ve read what life was like in this country before unions. I’m glad I didn’t live then. I also choose not to agree with your liberal college professor bias.
          Fox? Silly speech? me?
          Hope and change baby!

          • Gary2

            “I’m in the war, fighting the “tax the rich” attitude every chance I get. I may lose,”

            You WILL loose. 80+% of Americans say TAX THE RICH TO SOLVE ANY DEFICIT/DEBT SHORTFALLS”


      • IckyMissile

        You make the a false assumption in your argument that people become rich by simply “working hard.” I think that’s arrogantly simple in it’s ability to explain away the growing disparity of the owning class and the working class.

        • Gary2

          I have read many accounts/books on becoming rich and the best thing you can do is be born to rich parents. Luck plays about a 50% chance in becoming rich and hard work has little to do with lick.

          That’s right you right wing nits, luck. Check it out for yourself, you do not need to take my work for it. The other 50% is being able to take advantage of the breaks one gets in life.

          If you could not choose to be born rich, 93% of people asked would rather be born in a more equal society in terms of wealth and income, and NOT is the society we have now in the USA.

          There is the myth of the poor person becoming rich. There is much more class mobility in Europe than here. Its not even close.

    • roadrunner

      I can agree only partialy to what you said about Repubs. Plenty of credit also belongs to Demos. (NAFTA..B. Clinton)The fact of the matter is both parties are just as dangerous and corrupt. But as far as changing anything around…I doubt it. This situation is gonna run its course. Why, How?? Because stronger entities than us are running things around here. Dont like it? What ya gonna do about it. Are you gonna pull an action off like that guy in Norway a couple of days ago. What is his satisfaction. He only killed 93 of his own ethnic people as I can see it.(or at least a majority thereof). The situation in his country remains the same. The man should be executed for treason. If he wanted to clean up the country, he picked on the wrong ppl. And now what will you do as you stew and read this article? What ya gonna do???? Ans.— You will do what you did the day or weeks before…go to your “jobs”, (7/8 bucks per) use your credit cards to buy gas,…. and groceries, and sue each other if you run a tyrannical HOA because some man wanted to fly a flag or post a sign on his lawn supporting the U.S. Marine Corps. I say that the vast majority of the American ppl are worthless compared to their ancesters who certainly had more balls then their decendants. And how did this happen? (Ans)…You did this to yourselves over the past 40+ years. Read your own history books from the 60’s on up.

    • Ben Dover

      His wine was as expensive as the sport shoes Meshall wore when she was “working” in the garden.

    • Sithicus

      #7 The poorest 50% of all Americans now own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.
      Is it the same 50% that doesn’t pay any taxes?

  • mark mcbee

    Basically America is ********** to the core. We have been partying with cheap money for so long thank to the dollar as the world reserve status. It is a double edge sword. Karma has come a circle. We abused the dollar long enough. The party is coming to an end. Greatest Depression, here we come.

  • thebronze

    That “Dangerous Cities” list is complete bullshit.

    • Golden Child

      Not really when you think about it. Can you name a city in England, France, Canada or Egypt that is decimated and ghetto as Detroit or New Orleans? Most places in Africa and the Caribbean aren’t as run down and violent as Detroit, New Orleans or Baltimore. Detroit and New Orleans have been hit by huge disasters, economic and natural. Even if Detroit and New Orleans “aren’t that bad”, it is a shame that these cities have devolved into crime ridden slums so quickly. A few decades ago, Detroit was the powerhouse car manufacturing capital of the world. We as Americans need to start being honest about our situation.

  • bobbobbobbob

    god blessed usa once but now CHINA RULES and china said they would never accept your defective form of govt and will use up to Hbombs to ensure your degenerate form of govt is kept out of their land. usa= FAILED STATE

    • bobbobbobbob


  • Ben Dover

    USA has a bright future after the meltdown/breakup. Sadly, it will take at least a generation. Look at the FUSSR.

  • dave

    Great article, this needs to be a read by all americans to see the truth. The mainstream media would not want americans to read this article . Get ready for the end of this country.

  • Mark

    In Portland, Or. The Mayor had a encounter with a teenage boy in the past. Between David Wu and Sam Adams, they really know how too pick them. The progressives in the north end of the state are running Oregon into the ground. The State is not allowed to grow. The zoning rules for farm/forest areas require 160 acres to build one home. The federal government, which owns most of the land in the state never comes up with a forest plan to support logging ( another name for good jobs ). Folks, trees grow like weeds here. The barred owl is taking over the area of the spotted owl and the governments plan to to kill the barred owl to save the spotted owl. These people are dopes or they might be smoking the stuff. The point is that the more the bureaucracy tries to run things the fewer good jobs we will have in this country.

    • Ben Dover

      I love how they claimed that the spotteed owl would only nest in “old growth” trees. That is like saying that if your house caught fire you would not find another one.

  • Let the Sunshine

    About 2006 I was astonished at the display of wealth by the people everywhere I looked. I wondered where the money trees were because they weren’t growing in my backyard! Apparantly, people were living on debt, live richly on visa the billboards told the people and the people blindly believed. Fortunately I knew my grandfather for many many years, who was born in the late 1800’s and knew out-of-debt out-of-danger was the only way to live. The elderly are our Nations treasures! They’ve been there done that and they’ll tell you all about it if you take the time to listen! Felt like 1929 all over again come 2008 when the well went dry and snap benefits became the modern bread lines. School of hard knocks now teaching how to live within one’s means. (spendaholics in Gov. need also to live with in means.)
    Maybe there’s a bright side. One can hope the big box stores with their cheap foriegn made crap will close their shutters too. Ugly things on the landscape aren’t they? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Once, we did all our shopping downtown, now can’t go downtown without a bullet proof vest. Businesses left leaving the idle unemployed behind and now the business of crime thrives downtown.
    Just think, mom and pop shops may have to come back if corporations keep cutting back. Support your locally owned businesses and walk away from cheap foriegn made crap sold in the corporate owned market. Charity begins at home! I have no desire to help develop emerging markets in order to grow a fresh crop of westernized wageslave all consuming cash cows for wall street interests. So, far as I’m concerned may as well ship all the crap back where it came from because there’s no market for it here in my neck of the woods. Besides it really is crap! Made cheap to sell cheap and won’t last! Quality control may be done by a child in some far off place! Worthless junk you will have to replace/repair in short time. Can’t compare to good old fashioned American made goods.
    Remember TIMEX? Takes a licking and keeps on ticking? Lifetime warranties. That’s the way we made products, to LAST. Pride in American craftsmanship.
    Quite diligent in ferreting out the made in the USA lable myself and couldn’t be any happier with the quality and the fact that in some small way I am supporting my homeland. As to those rules posted, some of those rules may or may not apply according to how many employees one has, if memory serves.
    Made in the USA- grown in the USA- Hold tight and stay the course.

    • Highspeed

      I buy Cooper tires, made in the USA.

  • American Poverty

    Wow, reality check, to saythe least, but the real truth they are hiding is that, america will be the new world poor. Some can handle the thought of it but the physical reality of being poor is not quite the same.
    When american police, teachers, firefighters, corrections officers become the worlds new poor along the same status as indias calcuta poverty or indonesia or phillipino slums, wait and see the civil unrest thats coming.
    Its going to be HELL a living hell

    • Brandy

      my husband is a correctional officer and yes we are poor, I also work part time to help out

      • ShantytownUSA

        And that is a shame Brandy that you and your husband are the NEW American poor, because those kind of Federal jobs, Government Jobs and State jobs were our middle class.
        just an example;
        30 Police in my tine-tiny home town make 70-90 thousand a year, its a small town, but the taxes are sooooo high that most of the public servants in this town can afford nice homes oh yeah even nice summer homes along the east coast, and the wives stay at home and raise babies.
        But all this is about to change.
        Because we shipped all our good manufacturing jobs across seas to India, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Mexico and now there are no good jobs for our workers and no more of their taxes coming in to pay for those nice middle class public servants salaries.

        Soon very very soon, you and I are going to witness a new heighten level of poverty in this country that none of us have ever witnessed before.
        It’s unraveling fast and it won’t be long before you hear of kidnappings, home invasions, flash mobs, riots and civil unrest in every middle class town in every state almost every night on the news.

        Lilly white poverty shanty towns coming to towns near you.

  • ScoutMotto

    “Now we are being told that we just need to accept a lower standard of living.”

    Why? Why should we accept this, people? Why should we allow the outlaw Congress and the usuper in the White House to continue to bleed us dry like this and destroy the middle class? It’s not our fault that other nations did not throw off their oppressive governments. They too could have propsered. But now we are being told that we have to just “accept” this? Like hell we do!

  • db

    this all our fault. our kids are busy in playing video games and keep watching funny show on TV.
    all the jobs goes out of country not just because cheap labor but we are not producing sufficient talent. we suppose to hard worker but we gives our kid not to think about future.

  • Paul

    Well, if you spend what you don’t have, then you will go broke.

    26k per year is not too bad. But is that what they earn or is that what the employer pays and they have to give half of that to politicians, the army and other mafia as protection money, or tax or whatever you call it?

  • Paul

    Billionaire Howard Marks?

    Where did he get his billions from if not from those workers who worked for him, but didn’t get paid enough?

  • Vladimir Ilyich

    Amerika capitalists finished.
    Alaska will finally come back to mother Russia.
    Russians and fellow comrades from People’s Republic of China will look after your security.
    do svidaniya

    • Ben Dover


  • r.bitting

    Economic decline does’nt precede moral and societal decline, it’s the other way around.

  • If It’s So Bad Here–Move To China Pal

    Crowded Prisons are like Crowded Cafes. More incarcerated people means more Corrections Officer Careers.

    Public and Private Prison Careers are an excellent and growing industry providing needed employment and good careers for American families.

    More prisoners mean Health Insurance, Retirement Pensions and Interesting Career Opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

    “Dangerous” Cities are interesting and lively places to live. Higher crime in cities translates into more Law Enforcement Careers. SWAT Teams, Medivac Life Flight Employees, Trauma Surgeons and Nurses as well as Emergeny Trauma Team Employees have seen a huge growth in employment and career options around the nation.

    Gun manufacturing–one of the Bedrock Industries in the U.S.A. has grown tremendously as the nation has become more violent.

    Flack Jacket and Bullet Proof Vest Armor manufacturers have had explosive growth and like Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun manufacturers have been hiring massive numbers of employees.

    Opportunities in Crime Scene Investigation CSI are everywhere and provide interesting and rewarding careers.

    Mortuary Science and Funeral home jobs have exploded as the nation’s murder and suicide rates have grown.

    Prosthetic limb manufacturers are adding new hands to their workforces as more Americans are losing limbs in our Asian Wars and on our violent streets.

    As President Ronald Wilson Reagan used to say about the Smiling Young Boy seen viewing a room filled with Horse Manure—“There has to be a Pony here somewhere!!!”

    • Paul

      No. More crime does not relate to more police officers, especially if the city has no money to pay them.

  • Janet

    GREAT article, illustrates why this president nor any other can’t pull jobs out of his hat and “create” them. I was downsized in the first wave of technology in the early 90s, then the second time, my job was outsourced around 2003. This country is full of clueless people who continually vote (republican) against their own best interests, and defend all the fat cat rich because they’ve been fooled into believing the fantasy that they, too, could be another Donald Trump. Then you have the left that allows local government to tax them into oblivion by paying for the health benefits, pensions, and obscene salaries in our education system, (140,000 for a second grade teacher? over 400,000 for an administrator? C’mon now) and falls for that line of dreck. Our country has become so darn dumb that it isn’t surprising that govt on both sides has pulled the wool over their eyes.

    As for “007”s rant: oh let me get out my little violin while you sing the Fox talking points.

    • Fed Up


      Goldman Sacs (the lowest of the corporate scum) gave the most to….Obama! And Wall Street gave way more election$$ to the democrats than repubs in the last presidential election. Same with the pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies. And who got bailed out during the collapse??? The working middle class??? no way. Name one thing you have benefitted from the dems —they’ve turned our country into a welfare dependent state.

      What have the dems done for anyone who isn’t wealthy lately? The health care bill?? A total bailout to the pharmaceuticals and ins companies—not one reform required. Shovel ready jobs??–HA!!
      And don’t get me started about the dems and their pimping of the hispanic vote by suing AZ for trying to protect their state’s people from losing jobs, increasing crime, and enormous financial burden of illegal immigrants.

      Dems are just as bad, if not worse, than the repubs. Everyone needs to register as Independent and scare these jerks into reforming or we will lose this country if we haven’t already.

      • Fed Up

        Oops, I meant “Janet” not Linda.

    • Ben Dover

      Dimocraps help us all sooo much more. They realllly care.

  • William

    Things in America will NOT get better for the average citizen when YOU vote to send the SAME cretins back to the US Congress. The banksters and Wall St trash will continue to plunder the nation’s wealth, but, for the average citizen, the standard of living will drop. This should be clear from the political theater in Washington, District of Criminal. An agreement on the debt ceiling will only slow the growth in the national debt. An agreement on the debt ceiling will NOT:

    1) improve the unemployment rate

    2) reduce the size and cost of the TSA or

    3) decrease the current rate of REAL
    inflation, currently between 10 and
    11 percent

    4) decrease the number with NO health care

    5) reduce the child poverty rate, which is
    becoming scary

    But, what the Republicans will acomplish are the gutting of Medicare and Medicaid, and reductions in Social Security, all the while borrowing money from foreigners to give it to Israel, and wage unnecessary wars around the globe.

    • Mark

      William, you sound like a democrat booster.
      Larger government will create more unemployment.
      Agree with #2
      Quit printing more money which devalues the existing dollars.
      Health care is not a right , it is something you must pay for on your own. Private charities can help. Another fix would be to stop lawsuits by lawyers. The medical profession is not perfect and never will be.
      By reducing regulations, red tape, jobs might grow again,thus helping to reduce the child poverty rate. Private charities excell here.
      Yes Bush stayed in his wars to long, but Obama extended them and started more wars in Libya and elseware.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    I live in a small city in the northeast that until recently has been virtually unaffected by the financial mess. However, starting a few months ago, robberies, burglaries, and violent crime has exploded. Vacant McMansions are having copper pipes torn out of the walls on a daily basis because the scrap value of copper is around $3.20/pound.

  • I have a dream to be realized sooner that AMERICA will get up and clean its dust off!!

  • moses737

    Oh my! Its worse than I thought it was. But this artical is a dreadfull accurate report on the True State of the Union. And when they finally collaspe the whole system; then they will try to force everyone to accept their Satanic One World Government; where they will expect us to be their slaves and serfs; and even their beast chipped and brainless zombie slaves. As they will eventually force the whole world to take their Mark of the beast chip in our foreheads or hands.

    And if you don’t take it; they will martyr you and kill you. Why? Because they hate God and Jesus Christ; and want to play God by controlling you. And those who take their Mark (chip) will be tormented in hell, 24/7, according to Revelation 13 and especially 14:9-11; because it will mean that you have rejected God and Jesus Christ; and have joined and accepted Satan and his antichrist beast leader, and leaders as your god and lord.

    • Unicorn

      Moses737 whats makes you so sure the mark will be a chip?

      • moses737

        Based on all of my research over 37 years; I am convinced that it will be a chip. Go to and see their reports on the Verichip Corporation. They should have about 30 plus reports on this RFID chip; or Radio Frequency Indentification Device.

  • MDK

    Things in the United States may seem hopeless right now, but things don’t have to be. If every person takes just a few precautions, I guarantee God will see you through the upcoming storm that can now be seen on the horizon.

    Jesus Christ is going to return, so above everything else be prepared for that first. Make sure your heart is right with God. He loves everyone and will accept anyone who calls upon Him out of a sincere heart. You can’t fake it with Him. He knows what you’re thinking.

    Then, pick a good church. Preferably pick a “black regiment” church where the pastor isn’t afraid to preach about government due to the fear of losing the church’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. You can find one near you here: If you can’t find a black regiment church near you, find a bible believing church that believes Jesus Christ came in the flesh as fully God and fully man. Also make sure the church believes in the trinity: the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Next, you can prepare for the economic storm by living below your means. If most of you haven’t started doing this already, then begin right away. Sell all unnecessary “stuff” that you may have accumulated over the years. Use ebay, craigslist, and garage sales. The point here is to downsize.

    Once you do this begin preparing the four “G’s.” God, Guns, Grub, and Gold. Hopefully if you’re still reading this, you already have God checked off the list, but if not make sure you address that “G” above all the others. It is paramount. For the last three “G’s” I suggest reading as much as you can about the subjects of survival preparation. I HIGHLY recommend These people aren’t “wacko” survivalists and use a very balanced approach to all things related to preparation for what is to come.

    I cannot stress enough about the need to prepare. Do your own research, do more research, and then do some more research.

    As you trust in God He will guide you in your preparations. You are not alone though these trying times. True hope and change will only come through Jesus Christ. God bless you all.

    And may America once again bless God!

  • HerrLT

    Grow up, trolls. Ignorant freeloaders and “wealth distributers” are as big a reason for the problem were in as corporatist right-wingers who love executives are. What a blind country we have become. Too concerned with trinkets and trash and argue with each other over who is to blame. WAKE UP!

    The American dream has always been a lie based on someone else’s dime paying for it! Only now that the reckoning has come do the obese, lazy, beer-guzzling poseurs rant and vent online. No one will be spared from what is upon us. Uncle Sam wil not be able to help those poor kids whose parents were too dumb and naive to produce a litter they couldn’t feed unless the taxpayer footed the bill. The winnowing on it’s way won’t discriminate between the gary2’s or the 007’s of this country. They are two arms on the same body, unaware the damage they cause each other. Get prepared.

    • Ben Dover

      We have met the enemy, and he is us.

  • Winston

    I think your paycheck-to-paycheck figure would be a lot more interesting if it were compared to what percentage of people in other developed nations live paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • DownWithLibs

    It’s in the bible that God is holding people in positions of great responsibility to a higher standard than the rest of us. Be they rulers of nations or heads of corporations. Those that abuse that power will have to answer for it someday. Enjoy getting rich off the sweat of slave labor now, enjoy the entitlements you give to your selves – the day will come when you get paid back for it.

  • Mad Max

    Just hang on for a little bit. You ain’t seen nothing yet. We have a choice!

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    “Spread the News”

  • Texar

    The biggest problem is the Federal Reserve. It should be shut down immediately, and let Congress control issuance of money. We have to go back to the GOLD standard to prevent willy nilly money printing. THE PEOPLE can then vote the CROOKS out of office and we will be FREE again. God help us.

  • mondobeyondo

    Detroit the third most dangerous city on the entire planet? Wow…

    That’s getting up there in Ciudad Juarez and Baghdad territory. Lord help us if Detroit actually takes the number 1 spot. Don’t forget to put on your bulletproof vest when you walk to the corner store to buy some milk.

    • Golden Child

      Actually, Baghdad’s murder rate is dwarfed by that of New Orleans. Baghdad has a murder rate of 48 per 100K residents; New Orleans has a murder rate of 95 per 100K and there are only 300K people in that city. To top that off, many killers in New Orleans have murdered multiple people and different occasions. In N.O., the law of the land is that killers walk free after 60 days if no witnesses come forth to testify. This is known as a “60 day homicide”. There is a strict code of no-snitching in the Big Easy. Snitches always end up getting killed themselves. Thugs have killed people in front of hundreds of witnesses in New Orleans only to continue killing more people on the street as free men.,9171,1194016,00.html

  • Vladimir Ilyich

    Even The Economic Collapse is aligned with the strict regulations on censorship of the might United States of America!!!
    Any reference to the imponderable future of Alaska is hidden away from the readers of this blog.
    “Moderate” even this comment! It will only re-confirm the irresponsable situation into which your administration is taking your country.
    A total brain washing, a fake.
    Wake up.
    Vladimir Ilyich

    • Michael

      The imponderable future of Alaska?

    • Ben Dover

      Instead of Alaska, we will give Russia Louisana and Illinois.

  • TucsonKK

    Robots are next and that means even low cost earners in China will be replaced. Congress is owned and “we the people” is just made-up. How about more trade deals(Korea,Columbia,etc.)
    I am truly scared that as more jobs are lost and people loose their homes and hungry families are on the streets-how desperate do you become? last year had 500-1500 daily lost jobs now 500-6,000 a day.
    Good Luck All

  • infiniteloupe

    Folks! Can we please start using our strength in numbers to push back. The type of oppression rampant in the US deserves BLOWBACK. It’s actually very simple. Use their game and turn it on them. Stop spending your money on anything not produced by American workers. When you enter Walmart, stop by customer service and insist on talking with the manager. Make it clear that as a customer you want American products and you want them marked clearly on the shelf. Find produce farmers in your community and start buying local. Get together and figure out what you can produce and how to produce it. Then start locally and build relationships with others that understand the importance of creating American jobs. People with jobs should ALL confront their employers and insist they have no right to collect taxes from your income. That’s your responsibility and your choice. Employers have no reason to steal your money and offer it to the government before you’ve even received it.

    How about this folks. Labor Day is near. Why not give the US corporate machinery a day to remember in the month of September. Labor Day falls on a Monday. Rather than report to work the next day…take the week off. If everyone would participate and refuse to go to work the entire week it will send a shocking message to employers in the US. At the same time, do your shopping before Labor Day and prepare for a week of total boycot of stores. Let’s send an overwhelming message to the rats in control that we are smarter than them, bigger than them and hold all the power. Quite spending your money on foreign goods and services. Boycot businesses outsourcing labor and work. Spread the word as wide as you can. Insist everyone understand the ramifications of not pulling together and taking back control of this country. When the next election happens, boycot “democracy” as you’ve been told it is. An election where no one participates makes it obvious that it’s nothing but a lie. We don’t have to participate in any of this. We have the POWER! Vote with your dollars. If a shop doesn’t make it clear that they sell goods made in America, boycot the shop. I guarantee you, you do have the power to change things if you’ll just start working together and as a single voice shout down the morons running your country into the ground!! Let’s get it going. There’s no time to waste. Let’s pull together and force the scum strangling this country out. Call your representatives and insist they change things or get the hell out of our country. There is no room for traders. Obama and his minions in the house (both democrats and republicans) need to be driven out. Let them find somewhere else to play games. And **************** people take a look at It’s time we restructured the District of Criminals once and for all and make it work for us. Goooh is your alternative. FIRE CONGRESS!!!

    • Ben Dover

      Wal-Mart produce is poor quality anyway.

      We all know that if we “fired” all house members next year, they would not leave.

  • Arivernameddenial

    Ride them out on a rail- remember that from the days of old? How about all the acts of treason from our members of government? What has happened to our country! We are being run and raising a bunch of politically correct wimps. Be careful or you too will become one. I know that bullying is wrong, but not all forms of bullying. Our neighborhoods and children were safer when the older kids looked out for the younger and would beat the crap out of the pervert weirdos that would come through the hood. Hey, word would spread fast not to mess with those kids- or to abuse the small kids and girls. Now we have the gay perverts all over getting married and killing and raping small children- porn is everywhere- right on the home computer- you used to have to go to a sleazy joint- now it is accepted in the home. Man, we- including me, are in a shit load of trouble man- we need to get right with God. Isaiah said it best “Woe is me, I am a man of unclean lips”- in other words we are doomed if we do not get the Grace of God- Confess or sins and get right! NOW! I tell you what is going to happen- God will come and warn that the city is going to be destryed- just like Sodom in the old bible. Not eberyone will want to leave- too much “fun” in the city of sin. God will not spare them- only through Christ will you and I be spared.

    • You sound like a typical hate-spewing “christian” who really doesn’t get the word of Christ.

      Should I waste the five seconds here to correct the misapprehension you have that gay people are predators? Please become informed, or keep your ignorance and hate to yourself.

  • Gene

    It is the American Labor Union that has driven US manufacturing and jobs overseas…It is American Labor Unions that have been the major impetus to the election of liberal leftist politicians who have bankrupted America..

  • Steve

    Job destruction is permanent and escalating. Employers are using the 3rd Industrial Revolution to automate all jobs and simply do away with human workers and the wages that employers previously had to pay them. Nor will employers share their new-found wealth. They will keep all their profits to themselves and give nothing to displaced workers. The unemployment rate will increase by 10% every year until there is 50% unemployment by 2050 A.D. and 90% unemployment by 2100 A.D. Federal governments in the U.S. and around the world will be forced to pay federal stipends to indivduals and families riddled by unemployment or there will be social upheaval that will make the unrest in Greece and the Middle East look like a walk through the park.

    • Paul

      They can only do so if you choose to work for them.
      Machines do not generate profit. Only people do.
      You need people to operate machines. You need people to buy products.
      Buy from the small guy, not from the big corporation.

    • Paul

      BTW, the population growth in the US compares to third world countries, not to industrialised countries.

      Try to use condoms and the pill to reduce unemployment.

  • Prepping for the Future

    Michael how about a block button so those of us that can’t stand reading Gary2 communist ranting can block his trash and enjoy the article and comments from others.

    • Michael


      I try to let everyone have their say as much as possible. You should see the stuff that I don’t allow to get through moderation. 🙂


    • Gary2

      I guess the truth hurts. We absolutely need to tax the rich and spread the wealth.

      You know deep down I am correct about this.

      • Prepping for the Future

        truth hurts Gary give me a break I post the youtube video exposing your plan as a fraud. You whiny cry baby liberals with your class warfare and communist thinking is what is wrong with this country. You useless liberals with your compassion is what is breaking this country. Real Eye Opener
        WHY is the USA BANKRUPT?

        Informative, and mind boggling!

        You think the war in Iraq was costing

        us too much? Read this:

        We have been hammered with the

        propaganda that it was the Iraq war and

        the war on terror that is bankrupting us.

        I now find that to be RIDICULOUS.

        I hope the following 14 reasons are

        forwarded over and over again until

        they are read so many times that the

        reader gets sick of reading them. I also

        have included the URL’s for verification

        of all the following facts…

        $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare

        to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

        Verify at: Â> Â ;

        $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food

        assistance programs such as food stamps,

        WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

        at: Â Â ;

        $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on

        Medicaid for illegal aliens.

        Verify at: Â

        $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on

        primary and secondary school education

        for children here illegally and they

        cannot speak a word of English!

        at: Â Â ;

        $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for

        education for the American-born

        children of illegal aliens, known as

        anchor babies.

        at Â Â ;

        $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to

        incarcerate illegal aliens.

        Verify at: Â Â ; Â < Â

        30% percent of all Federal Prison

        inmates are illegal aliens.

        at: Â
        <http://transcripts/ Â Â ;..” href=”” target=_blank>


        ” href=”” target=_blank>

        $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on

        illegal aliens for Welfare & social

        services by the American taxpayers.


        $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed

        American wages are caused by the illegal


        at: RI Â PTS/0604/01/ldt.01.HTML Â ;

        The illegal aliens in the United States

        have a crime rate that’s two and a half

        times that of white non-illegal aliens.

        In particular, their children are going

        to make a huge additional crime

        problem in the U.S.

        at: Â

        ;? ” href=”;%C2%A0″ target=_blank>

        During the year of 2005, there were 4

        to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that

        crossed our Southern Border, also,

        as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from

        Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds

        of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and

        marijuana, crossed into the US from

        the Southern border.

        at: Homeland Security Report:

        The National policy Institute estimated

        that the total cost of mass deportation

        would be between $206 and $230 billion

        or an average cost of between $41 and

        $46 billion annually over a five year


        at: http://www.nationalpolicyinstitute./.org/PDF/deportation.PDF Â ;

        In 2006, illegal aliens sent home

        $45 BILLION in remittances to their

        countries of origin.

        at: http://www/ . Â ;

        ;? ” href=”;%C2%A0″ target=_blank>
        The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:

        Nearly One million sex crimes committed

        by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .

        http: //   ;
        ” href=”” target=_blank>

        The total cost is a whopping ” href=”” target=_blank>
        $ 338.3 BILLION DOLLARS




        $338,300,000,000.00 WHICH




        Are we THAT Stupid?





        If this doesn’t bother you, then just

        delete the message. If, on the other

        hand, it does raise the hair on the back

        of your neck, I hope you forward it to every

        legal resident in the United States .

        • Gary2

          I am totally with you on removing illegals from this country.

          There are many on the progressive side who agree with this also.

    • Ben Dover


      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

  • Mr. G

    Gary, I am all for blaming those big socipaths where blame is due. But there were millions and millions of regular people who behaved stupidly and were the accomplices of the big bankers. It is not enough for them to claim that the banks put papers in front of them. Nobody made them sign. Nobody made them buy houses they could not afford.

    And if they are underwater, so what? Why should the government bail them out on that? That’s a pretty minor thing in this world, compared to starvation or living in a war zone.

    We have truly lost our priorities when the government thinks it is its job to bail such people out. There is simply no use in following a decent path any more. I regret it greatly because I would be far better off if I’d just started being an egomaniac back in the 80’s, like all the rest of them!

    If I had kids, I would be hard pressed to teach them any old fashioned morals, since I know it would only cause them to be run down by the out of control bus that is American society. Our mother was that kind of decent person, and indeed, my sister and I were run over by psychos at every step. Finally, we learned our lesson and we now avoid contact with “the masses” as much as possible. This is typical of Third World countries, which is what we now live in.

    Mr. G

  • Freedom Lover

    I’m H-A-P-P-Y- to see your WAR CRIMINAL nation COLLAPSE! For DECADES the entire world had to put-up with your government’s EVIL BS, now your government has turned its evil eye against YOU,its OWN CITIZENS.

    • Ben Dover

      Wait till China is the dominant power. You will LOVE them.

      • DownWithLibs

        Or Russia, even BETTER!!!!!!! Or how about Iran…a joint rule with Syria, Russia and North Korea. Oh yes, I can think of MUCH better countries to be the super power than the U.S. (Insert eye-roll here*)

        Prediction: China takes over the world and the “Freedom Lovers” of the world wish for a country more like the U.S. to step in. Yeah, good luck with that.

  • javajaw

    So, Michael, you don’t like being exposed for the dissimulator that you are. I’m sure you have all sorts of good reasons for censoring voices that call you out for what you are. A liar.

    Go ahead, block this post as well. Now I know who I am dealing with.

    No doubt there are lots of others like me that see you pandering to the lard-ass, lazy, illiterate doom-crazed of the land, and respond as I am doing, only to have you block their voices.

    You are a disease.

    • Michael

      I was not aware of what a “dissimulator” was so I had to look it up.

      Apparently, dissimulation is “a form of deception in which one conceals the truth”.

      Look, javajaw, I try to let everyone post whatever they want. However, things like blatant racism and calls to violence I must censor out.

      I hope that I am not a liar (although none of us is perfect), because lying is evil.

      Am I really a “disease” that is pandering to those that are “lazy” and “illiterate”?

      What I would like to think is that I am just an average guy that is trying spread the truth and that is trying to wake people up.

      Over the next couple weeks, my wife and I are going to be so busy moving that I probably will not have much time to get new articles up. Hopefully everyone will understand.


      • Mark

        Michael, you are a fair person. It seems like a lot of folks are starting to loose it. The anger is increasing and I hope the pot does not boil over. We all need to in a position to help others where we can. To do this we must prepare. Good luck on your move.

      • DownWithLibs

        Great comeback! Yes, you do allow a wide range of views. I find it hard for someone to call you unfair. I guess they feel that way because their caustic venom got stopped at the gates instead of contributing to a mature conversation. Not really your problem.

      • Moving….ugh! God’s best to you both. hope the move is a good one and free of life’s little glitches.

        • Michael

          Yes, moving is always a huge challenge for me. It is definitely not one of my favorite things to do. 🙁


    • So why are you wasting your “valuable” time reading the posts, javajaws???

  • We realize that things are dire. Everybody already can sense it, but what can we do about it? Instead of feeling powerless, let’s just do
    one simple thing to save the USA. Just buy only American made goods from this day forth.
    If each of us just spent $30 a month, buying only American made goods and services, we would
    create over 2 and 1/2 million new jobs. You can
    find out how to do it by going on google and typing

    Now stop whining and vote with your dollars.
    Politicians and government cannot save us. Only
    spending on ourselves can.
    -written in the good old usa.

    • mondobeyondo

      Good luck finding anything that’s still made in the USA.

      (Hint: Avoid Wal-Mart at all costs)

  • Paul

    Percentage of content law is needed now. If you sell it here, you MUST make some percentage of it here. This would bring back thousands of jobs. It is a REAL fix.

    No one talks about it or writes about it. Can the continued loss of jobs to other countries keep going without financial catastrophe here?Why should all of this unemployment be allowed when the answer exists?

  • patriot alice

    Some people want to eliminate the debt ceiling, so that we can borrow and spend without limitations….The stupidity of some economists is astounding…..

    • moses737

      Patriot Alice. The Debt ceiling doesn’t mean anything. Actually; if you do adequate research; we owe the International Bankers, over 100 trillion dollars. So no matter what we do; we can never repay it; and they know it; and thats why they know that they have stolen from us through their Federal Reserve Central Bank; and they own us. But if you know God and Jesus Christ; you will be safe and more secure when they crash our economy and close our banks; and call for their NWO Super 1984 Orwellian Luciferic Government.

  • tommcd

    That elitist scum hedge fund manager Howard Marks has just got to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Everything that he said in that Business Insider article that Michael linked to sounded like it was right out of the CFR playbook.
    I bet that he also believes in global warming, and that we need to drastically reduce world population. After all, all of us working class heroes are consuming all of his scarce resources.

    Check out this podcast interview (the first of two parts) with Catherine Austin Fitts on Financial Survival Radio about the real reason why social security and medicare recipients are being sold down the drain to preserve the looting by the global elites:
    We are not broke according to Ms Fitts. We are simply the victims of wholesale theft by the these same elitist scum!

    • Brad

      Hot,Flat, and Crowded by Thomas Friedman

  • Gay Veteran

    MDK: “…pick a good church. Preferably pick a “black regiment” church where the pastor isn’t afraid to preach about government due to the fear of losing the church’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt status….”

    Preachers can preach whatever “truth” they want, just don’t expect to be tax-exempt when they do it.

    “…Now we have the gay perverts all over getting married and killing and raping small children….”

    eyeroll, try moving to Saudi Arabia, they feel the same way

    • MDK

      “Preachers can preach whatever “truth” they want, just don’t expect to be tax-exempt when they do it.”

      That is exactly what I meant.

      Most “black regiment” churches don’t use the 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

      My point is most churches do enjoy the tax-exempt status and the government has them by the you know what’s because of it (Thanks to Lyndon Johnson). Which in turn, causes them to be silent on a wide array of issues in the political spectrum.

      Thanks for commenting and God bless you.

      • moses737

        MDK yes the 501 c3 was done to shut the preachers mouths. But not mine. I will say what I want to say when God tells me to say it. And if they don’t like it; I will gladly give my 501 3c up. I hate compromise!!

  • Older Lady Knowledge

    We can break these companies from sucking that egg, that out sourced our jobs. Don’t buy anything made in China. Look for the made in USA. If we all got on board that would show them we still as the people have control of this country. I told people over 15 years ago that they would take our jobs over seas and try to break American’s and make us like the third world countries. Get on board and ban buying made anything out of the USA. Make them bring back our jobs. Show them American ingenuity and frustrate the arrogant Chinese’s.

    • I totally agree with you Older Lady….from one to another, heh! But it is QUITE the challenge to do so. Gods, I’ve thought about this long and hard. Take underware for example–all made overseas! I think when you cannot buy anything made in the USA, your next best option is to put your money into stores that are not global corporates…you know, Mom and Pop locally owned stores. May cost a bit more but you’re feeding a local economy instead of the Walton clan. I’m really happy to say that a couple weeks ago we went on a 4 state road trip (back to hometown–vacation–) and everywhere across the MidWest–Farmers Markets! every town, big and small, had colorful signs up for such! Makes my heart smile. This is something that is precious and sustainable–supporting your local economy! I’m excited for this!

      • DownWithLibs

        I agree. It is hard to find “Made In America” any more. Stores only carry the cheap stuff.

    • Sean

      Buying American helps little. Remember when we manufactured for the world? EVERYONE bought American not just Americans…didnt help did it?
      The idea that buying American will preserve jobs in America is a cruel farse.
      To cure the problem you must legislate the head. These corporations who outsource should be penalized. They should not be viewed as American corporations if a certain percent of their products are no longer manufactured here and a certain percent of their employees are no longer employed here. Conversely the corporations who do work here and manufacture here should recieve those breaks. The problem with buying American is that there are no longer any incentives for corporations to remain here and all the benefits of leaving, WITH NO PENALTY.
      HOWEVER…the time is nearing and VERY quickly where the purchasing power of the American consumer will no longer matter. We can see this is auto purchases…one in four go to Chinese consumers.
      You see thats why this collapse will happen and we will be emigrating from this place in droves..just as our ancestors did in hopes of finding new work and new lives.
      We can buy all the American products we want and it wont make a bird shit’s worth of difference.

      • moses737

        Shawn This is true to a certain extent. However, the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins will find ways to have their corporations out of the country so that there will be massive unemployment in America; so they can collaspe our economy and bring about their New One World Economic System; that will further enslave us all and make us their serfs and slaves.

        Not to mention their coming Mark of the beast system that will be their grand finale for world takeover. And if you take it according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, you will be tormented in hell, 24/7, without rest day and night, because it will mean that you have rejected God and Jesus Christ and have chosen and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader; and their Satanic leaders.

      • Kris

        Of course buying American helped a ton. Its the off shoring and deregulation since then that has set us back.

    • Hacker

      It is ahrd to buy American when America doesnt produce shit

      There hasnt been a sigle TV produced in America in over 20 years. While Internal components of some electronics and computers are made in the US (Intel, TXInstruments, Nvidia etc etc) it is hard to do funnel your money into the USA when the middleman and the assemblers are all over seas ( Hp,Sony, Toshibia, Asus, Apple, Rio etc etc)

      This is just the consumer electronic market but if you look market by market you will see the same trend, we produced the components to make the finish product we just dont assemble or produced the finish product.

  • Prepare For The Worse And Hope For The Best

    All this advice advice advice. Waste of energy. Sit back and enjoy what time you have left before strappin that gun to your back and a plow in your hand. Gonna get dirty.

    • moses737

      Yes PrepareForTheWorstAndHopeForTheBest. But thats what the NWO globalist want. They want a civil war so they can amass their troops from Mexico and Canada to squell the riots and revolution so they can have martial law; and slam us into their One World (Luciferic) Government; where they will enslave us faster and try to make us take their beast chip sooner.

  • Lennie Pike

    If Americans either are or had been working their asses off like hamsters on a wheel, and the definition of money is work, then how can they be broke? Without work, money can not exist. Money is work and work is money. Money is what you receive after you have worked – so work is money.

    Americans have been getting paid for their work with something that is not money. Get it? Finally???????????

    • TheDrizzle

      Please tell me this sarcasm or else you obviously didn’t even read this article. It has nothing to do with working = getting paid. It has everything to do with the people paying = paying less and less every year for the same amount of work to the point where life becomes unsustainable. Get it? Finally?????????????? ::eyeroll::

  • apostlewill

    First, I love this entire blog. Second, I wrote this song and posted it for the first time today, about America’s only hope…check it out, and pass it along if you agree with the message. Thanks!

    • moses737

      Okay apostlewill; that reminded me how we use to praise and worship God 37 years ago; when I first gave my life to Jesus. Real cool and calm and refreshing. But will it turn the nations back to God? No way. You have to have Holy Ghost power to do that. And still; you have too many false and carnal and lukewarm churches to overcome their complacency and apostacy.

  • Fed Up

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why Americans keep putting up with this and are not out in the streets protesting??!!!

    • Ben Dover

      Because a lot of us can still afford internet and cable.

      • Don’t forget cell phones!

        • DownWithLibs

          Tickets to the latest events!

    • Ray the Anarcho-Capitalist

      Bread and circuses keep us docile.

  • Lennie Pike

    “them” – the ones with all of the (worldly) power due to their total control of fiat currency – the opponents of peace, love, and the well being and physical comfort of their fellow man, have been mounting a huge effort, and have devoted a lot of resources (which to them requires zero effort to attain) in objecting to the truth that 99% of the comments submitted to this site and other similar sites reflect. This effort of these followers of Satan, is an attempt to convince undecided and weaker than average minded people that this site speaks untruths.

    The C.I.A. and other evil agencies run a large portion of the MSM and buy off journalists to spew their propaganda. This scum also contributes comments to this site and others occasionally.

    These blind heartless bastards (and they’re proud to be called that) don’t realize that their effort has become a total waste of time because things have gotten to the point “where you can’t fool any of the people any of the time” anymore, so violent police action on their part is going to be required to attain their evil goals. Bring it on – some of you are going to go immediately straight to hell – no waiting.

  • Lennie Pike


    That is pot-head behavior on their part – zero doubt about it – and they are the ones in charge. How?

    • Mark

      Lennie Pike, The progressives and the lemmings vote them in as they try to take us over the cliff.

      • moses737

        Sorry Mark but our traitorous politicians have already pushed us over the cliff. And if you don’t have Gods wings; then things won’t look to good for those who are not supernatually sustained by God and Jesus!!

  • Brandy

    I’m sick of this way of life, it sucks!. Only The Lord can save us now and I don’t think he is gonna. In a sick way I hope they don’t reach an agreement for the debt ceiling and I hope we crash and burn… because I just want to get it over with I know its coming so just bring in the N.W.O now. This country has already gone to hell 🙁

    • MDK

      Brandy, While I agree with you that the inevitable is simply being pushed off for another day, don’t give up in speaking truth. I challenge you to use your confidence of what is coming to encourage those who aren’t confident and scared. Many people don’t know what to do and even the slightest bit of encouragement can help. Personally I like encouraging others to prepare. Check out
      God bless you Brandy.

      • Brandy

        Have you mapped out any secluded places where you could go in the outdoors when the SHTF? WE have stocked up on some things and have camping gear and 8 guns we do need more ammo. We have a truck that we keep in good shape and a trailer so we can pack up and leave in about an hour if needed.If crap really flys where can a family go?,we are already seeing crime in our area because of the economy so I don’t think we would stay at home. I have tried to tell people about these things they just laugh at me and say did you read it on the internet?… So what can I do?

        • MDK


          Seriously, check out On the website they talk about the “American Redoubt.” Type it in the search box once you go to the website.

          This is mainly the northwestern United States. States like: Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington.

          Check out the website. They talk about everything you can think of and they’re not a bunch of wackos. They take a very practical and balanced approach. Many of the people that write in are people with families like yourself.

          Good luck and God bless you!

    • moses737

      Brady as much as I hate to say it; I totally agree with you. It is inevitable that the antichrist beast system come into power and prevail for a little season. So they can test Gods people to see, Who is on the Lords Side. And they will test us and try to make us denounce Jesus and our Almighty Father; but being beheaded and killed for Jesus is a wonderful and very honorable thing. For our rewards in heaven and on the renovated Earth will be great. A martyrs crown is a wonderful thing to have.

      • Brandy

        sadly alot of people are gonna take that mark NOT knowing what they are really doing. All these young people I mean 20’s thru 30’s that I have talked to really believe the economy is gonna bounce back and life is gonna be grand again, I have a few of them in my family. I have tried to talk about whats really going on but nobody believes we are living in the end times and just how close the antichrist is. I’m about to the point of NOT throwing my pearls to the swine anymore.

        • moses737

          Brandy I know that it is very hard; but keep preaching anyway. Keep studying and researching and reading your Holy Bible; and hopefully it is an Original King James. And keep praying abnd seeking God and He will give you the comfort and peace that you need. I have a whole lot of peace, most of the time; until I realize that most of my family, including my brothers and sisters and also my wifes relatives will probably take their beast chip that will send them straight to hell; and then I agonize over it. But we have to keep trying.

  • conservanator

    Shouldn’t all you wannabe worker bees, who were up at 3AM typing your missives, been better off catching some zzzzz?
    You needed to be up with the sun, getting your passport photos taken, so you can go where the jobs are.

  • r.bitting

    Wow, i’m reading a whole lotta hate in these comments, but i’m not suprised by it. Because lawlessness abounds the love of many has grown cold. This web page does the people a great service by sounding the alarm and you people should thank God for giving you a heads up, but it seems like I remember someone saying once that scoffers would come in the last days….. and here they are. Is this your hour?

  • Greg Jones

    I agree that the country is in a real bad spot, but I routinely see many people traveling all across the country. I am a truck driver and the amount of traffic I see out here, especially on the weekends, does not makes sense given the current economic condition. Just today I went by Oshkosh,Wi where there is an air show and there were many thousands there. Tents and RVs as far as the eye could see. I am getting ready, but it seems that I am wrong or there are a whole lot of people that don’t know what is happening. And where do all these people get the money to vacation and drive around?

    • CatNap

      Same observation here, G.Jones.

      One place I’ve noticed less people, however, is the shopping malls. Places are practically deserted on a Saturday morning.

      • moses737

        Very good observation CatNap – Even the Costcos and Sams Clubs and the Walmarts are not as full as they were 3 to 5 years ago. Well people have to buy gasoline that is up $1 dollar a gallon from last year. And that means that they are spending an additional $100 a month of their disposable income (income that is left after they have paid all of their bills). And it all depends on how much they are driving to work each day; and other places; and this is why lest shopping is being done.

        Oh how these NWO International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins are doing everything in their power to bankrupt and collaspe the economy of the Great American Empire!! So that they can bring about their One World (Luciferic) Super 1984 Orwellian Empire!!

    • sopwith

      There are still plenty of people who are gainfully employed or have enough money and resources to live like nothing bad is happening in the USA. But even if that doesn’t change, how long can the unemployed continue as they are? How long can the employed continue to pay to support the non working population? At some point the population that has lost it’s way of life will not take it anymore and crime will go through the roof. I use to feed the wild birds on my deck. When I stopped there was a bird riot, they went nuts because they lost a free benefit they had become accustomed to. The same will result when the unemployed finally lose their benefits. That is the point that I fear.

      • moses737

        True SopWith. But in every family except for the Bankers/Illumninati families; you have people that are really suffering financially. And if you have a normal American family; where there is 3 brothers and 2 sisters; chances are; at least 1 to 2 of them are barely surviving. While 3 to 4 of them are doing alright. But then too; if any 2 or 3 of them lose their jobs; they will be economically devastated and economically ruined.

        And that is what the NWO bankers want; for people to be very desparate and begging for bread, so that they will rely on them, instead of relying on God. Actually, these Satanic bankers see themselves as our gods; and want to replace our True Lord and God, Jesus Christ and His Almighty Father; who will have them all screaming and yelling their heads off in the worst parts of the lake of fire and brimstone!!

  • marzoqi

    as stated in the article, Americans in my opinion too should decrease their standard of living, the standard needs of humanity ages ago is the same as today(food,water,shelter,security) we need those to survive and to change great patience and will are needed to accept and change, for a lot smoking and drinking(alcohol) became like a standard but it’s not and it’s bad for health and money, even the internet, digital entertainment and the likes became a standard while they’re not, this problem should be looked on seriously, there are two endings can be expected from this condition,1) don’t accept the reality and become someone who doesn’t contribute to the community and might even end up in a crime or sleeping in alleys,2) accept the fact and work somewhere with medium to low salary to survive with new standards

    • DownWithLibs

      Who says we have to lower our standards to Third world status to be happy? If you are a true American, you should want more than that for you and your children. Self-imposed poverty never got anyone anywhere.

      • Ray the Anarcho-Capitalist

        Lower standards of living are coming. The manufacturing jobs are not coming back. This is the simple reality that we face.

  • If the elite Malthusian idiots want to kill off 95% of the people, who is going to farm their food for them? Who is going to fix their cars for them? Who is going to watch their kids for them? Who is going to repair their houses for them? (but then they’ll have 20 times the housing stock to choose from I guess). Or, make the stuff to repair houses?

    Do they think that if they kill 95% of the people that the 4% they let live who may have lost family members are going to want to do anything for them? And what will they do with the people they got to do the killing for them? Will they trust them to police the remaining 4% or will they kill them because they got too dangerous?

    Vacant houses get mold. Who is going to knock down all those moldy dangerous vacant houses and take them to the dump? And so on and so forth. What a stupid plan if that is what they want to do. Damn greenie weenies with their heads up their humanure butts. If they want to kill 95% of the people they should start with their own useless selves.

    • CatNap

      I wondered the same thing, until I realized that they really DON’T plan to live. They are willingly going to “shipwreck” their own companies, etc. all in the the worship of Satan.

      The “religion” of the true elite who are running things into the ground is one that encourages the “end times”. They are PUSHING for Armageddon. All of their evil is turned into good in their “religion”, and it’s a race to do as much evil as possible.

      So, short answer: When those who run the show are turning off the lights and projector, the theater is closed for business.

  • Believer

    What are you waiting for? Things Will change. Move away trom THE city and grow your own vegetables.take some action dont wait for something to happen. Take control of your own life

    • moses737

      Sorry Believer but the only thing that is going to change is that these devils that I have been talking about in this blog for weeks now; will get worse and worse and will require most of our blood; or us taking the mark of the beast, which will mean the destruction of our eternal souls. But the closer we get to God now; the easier it will be.

      • Highspeed

        You can do battles with the markers if you like, I’m planning on being caught away myself.

        • john

          thats another thing we in america have gotten wrong,, our theology. preachers say “dont worry, God wont let you suffer” and teach we all will be raptured out before it gets too bad. study your bible,, the rapture doesnt take place till after the antichrist is revealed. Gods people have suffered for believing for centuries,, why do we think that all of a sudden, God isnt going to allow his people to have to suffer.

          • Highspeed

            Study your Bible. You have it wrong. I didn’t say we wouldn’t suffer, quite the contrary. We should suffer and we will. Just not like those left behind after the church is gone.

      • Ray the Anarcho-Capitalist

        Don’t rely on God to come save you. It’s not going to happen. Take control of your life.

  • David M

    I don’t have a problem with anyone who is successful and wealthy, unless it’s because they shut the factory and shipped the jobs to China.

    Those people are sitting fat and happy while the dozens or hundreds of former workers suffer.

    That’s where the wealth inequity is from.

  • Lennie Pike

    The World’s reserve currency was convertible to precious metals up until the exact point in time when the decline of the World’s financial system and economy began. The decline was disguised by a fantastic creation of wealth which was only made possible through the use of fiat money. The creation of both fantastic wealth and economic destruction can occur at the same time.

    The Pipers always has to be paid, and “they” have now only begun to collect. Most of the wealth that was created will be transferred to “them”, and only then will it dawn on those who thought they were gaining wealth, that they were the suckers of their planned con. It is not the first time in history this con which is intentionally designed to transfer wealth – (get suckers to unknowingly work as slaves) has been pulled off, and it will be pulled off one last time beginning soon.

  • John

    We have regulations, becuase everyone is out to sue everyone…. Lawyers are out for themseleves, Doctors are out for themselves, Politician are out for themselves, Wall Street are out for themselves, Main Stream will follow Wall Street and be out for themselves… “AMERICAN GREED”

    The only thing I see coming from all this is… is a “RESET” button.

  • John

    DONT LET YOUR EGOS RUIN YOUR LIFE HERE AT EARTH…. as long as we are all eating thats the most important thing.

    • moses737

      But in the near future John; the NWO devils won’t want us to do that. They will be coming into our gardens and homes and say that we can’t grow our own food; and store too much for our families. They are the replica of their fallen angel leader, Lucifer. But don’t worry. As long as you know God and Jesus; it will be alright and they will be yelling their heads off in the worst parts of hell. While we will be living like kings and queens forever and ever.

      • DownWithLibs

        I thought this was already starting.

  • Aye, aye man.


  • Aye, aye man.

    I enjoy this blog thoroughly because it gives the ugly truth, unlike the mindless propaganda of the MSM.

  • Jay in Texas

    Patriot Alice X 100

  • When asked by a reporter why his city should expect the public to take huge pension cuts, i.e. sacrifice, when it was the city who bumbled their finances, he said that unless the public sacrifices then they will kill the golden goose.
    I say this city along with the US has a perfect opportunity now to kick the bums out of office, by letting the city/country default. Let us smoke the bums out and vote in new, intelligent/free minded men and women who will sacrifice themselves and stay with the ship. But I think that is too idealistic a view point- we are dead in the water as a nation. Maybe our grandchildren will see better times, but I am afraid we are under tyrannical rule now and forever.

  • Housing remains the weakest part of the American economy. High unemployment, larger down payment requirements and tougher lending standards are preventing many people from buying homes!

    • Ray the Anarcho-Capitalist

      The lending standard have been tightened because the loose standards caused the collapse in the first place (with lots of help from Bernanke pumping up the bubble).

  • moses737

    Oh my!! I didn’t know that being in business and having a small business was that hard to do. These devils mentioned in numerous articles by me; are the ones who are deliberately making it so hard for honest and good corporations to make it in America. Their laws and our politicians laws have done all of this evil. As our politicians have become their pigs and hogs and betrayers of the American people. No wonder God told me this afternoon that 89% of all the politicians in America will be yelling and screaming their heads off in the worst parts of hell.

  • HIOB

    10 years ago I left the US… 10 years ago I tried to warn people.
    10 years ago everyone told me “we are Americans, something like Nazi Germany can NEVER EVER happen here, we are the land of the free”. Well… I suppose arrogance has not served the country well
    NOW, it is falling into pieces
    NOW, there is an increasing number of police control posts everywhere, ready to control or at worst case, shoot people
    NOW, all are dealing with a declining economy and likely civil war only a short time away

    If no one bothers to stop those in power to assume more power, don’t act surprised when they do what they are about, grabbing power to control and abuse.

    Welcome to the world of 2011

    • HerrLT


      Where’d you relocate to? I’m saving money right now to do the exact same thing, God willing. I regularly ask older Americans if the country has changed in the last few decades and the answer is universal: yes it has and not for the better.

      Unfortunatly it will not get better from here. A lot more tears and blood is on the way. Protect those you love and do what is right.

    • EcuadorRules

      @HIOB I too left the US a little over two years ago. It was in 2003 when the US was not allowed to go into recession that we in the commodities (gold and silver) community realized that things were going south. In our wildest dreams we never imagined they would turn on the printing presses for the benefit of the bankers. The rule of thumb is that for every year after 2003 that no economic solution is implemented, it will take two years to recover to the 2003 level of the economy, if every. I simply say this will be over when the average wage of an american is equal to the average wage of a chinese worker.

      I also warned people right up to the day I departed. I have seen that deer in the headlights look so many times I cannot count it. I say I did not leave the US, the country left me standing there holding the constitution while they went the other direction.

      I see mental illness rampant among western cultures. It is called Terminal Madness of the End Times. The frantic scurrying of rats on a sinking ship. Mental health is determined by the percentage of rational behavior exhibited by a person or a society. According to a recent study, 46% of americans exhibit a diagnosable mental illness. I think it is higher than that. The number of people on anti-psychotics and ant-depressants is higher than that among the adult population.

      People seem stunned at what is going on, but when you truly realize what I just wrote, what is happening is totally predictable. None of this surprises me. Things in the US are not going to change for the better until people start dying. Whether it is the 80% on the bottom or the 5% on the top remains to be seen.

      All I can say to people still in the US, is when you look in the mirror, think this. “too small to save!” Righteous anger is a sign of mental health.

    • moses737

      Sorry HOIB !! No matter where you go and where you live; the New World Order International Bankers will find you and hunt you down; accept for it you are in the Australian bush or deep in Africa or in the South American jungles. But if you are in any country in the world with a government; they want you to take their coming mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand.

      And if you don’t; they will kill you or martyr you. And if you don’t know Jesus; they will kill you. But if you do know God and Jesus; they will martyr you and try to get you to renounce Jesus. But no matter what happens; in the near future; you will have to make a choice between God and Jesus or the mark of the beast; which will be serving Satan and his antichrist!!

  • matlock

    If your smart, you will be doing everything you can to shore yourselves up for this economic hell storm come this winter… September will tell the tale as the 4th quarter begins, along with the holiday season. If this country can get past a default that is…

  • You can rant and rave all you want. But the only solution is to buy American every single day. Sure it takes more money, time, and effort.Still it can be done. And won’t you sleep better at night knowing you helped your fellow American stay employed?

    JUST go on the website before you
    make every purchase. Find what you need to buy
    there before you buy it. Then make a plan to buy it. Do not impulse buy at the retail store.

    If we all did that for every purchase instead of just wasting our time venting on this website,imagine what a great country we would get back.

  • mondobeyondo

    We American citizens need to tell Washington what the real “State of the Union” is like. It certainly isn’t what the President says in his perky little speech at the end of January.

    The real State of the Union is dismal.
    Sure, vote the mice out, and elect rats in their place. The economy is not getting better. Don’t believe it? Get out of your Playstation induced coma, and ask people on a street corner in New York City. Knoxville, Tennessee. Sioux City, Iowa. Denver, Colorado. Phoenix, Arizona. Seattle, Washington. The sentiment is the same. People are mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it any more.

    We are constantly told that the U.S. is the greatest country on earth. There was no denying that whatsoever in the past. That was true in 1945, and in 1966. The U.S. and its allies had just defeated a brutal dictatorship. Soldiers came home, started families, and had kids – lots of kids (i.e. the Baby Boom). We had a great, vibrant space program, and technological advances undreamed of only decades earlier. In the current teenage vernacular, the USA rocked and totally kicked butt!!

    Nowadays, in 2011? Weeeelll… ya know? The U.S. makes great picture frames and socks. Well, not even socks. Those are made in China, Mexico and Indonesia. Ugh!!

    There may be another country out there that doesn’t face the prospect of a deficit default, a military gone mad, a populace literally gone mad (don’t you DARE take away our Happy Meals, or you’ll spark another American revolution!), and politicians who were mad before mad was cool. If there’s a change coming, it won’t be from the U.S. in the present term. Maybe it’ll be from Thailand, for all I know.

    Yeah, it’s no longer peaches and cream here, but you know what? It’s a hell of a lot better here than it is in Sudan, or Cameroon, or Mongolia. Being a refugee and walking for 30 miles a day for food and water, is not for me. Sorry. (Haven’t they heard of bicycles? **)

    I love this country, and I’m gonna stick around awhile and fight for whatever freedoms we still have left. I’ve changed my mind about leaving the land of the free and the home of the brave (at least until someone or something gives me reason to change my mind again).

    For as the great Martin Luther King Jr. said (the closest person to a prophet the U.S. has ever had), “If a man has nothing in which to die for, he isn’t fit to live”.

    ** – Yes, they know about bicycles. They can’t afford bicycles. Hell, they can’t afford FOOD.

    • ‘MondoBeyondo’ – that’s an interesting name. Kinda like ‘Hondo’. We are, right now, in the EU/US Central Banker ‘End-Game’ – Americans need to begin preparing for a total collapse of the USD (US Dollar), a total economic collapse, such as in Argentina, in 2001-2002. THIS IS PRECISELY the goal, of the EU/US Central Bankers for the US, and the global economy, as all fiat currencies around the globe, are pegged to the USD, which in turn, is pegged to oil – which means oil prices will SKYROCKET, too, along with gold and silver prices, when the EU/US Central Bankers are able to finally orchestrate the lethal blow, and crash the US Dollar…

  • george

    So many religious comments here. Guess who will have the hardest time with all these religious people. That’s right you guessed it, The coming lord, which ever one it might be. Check this, here you are sitting on Sunday in your church. The back doors open and up the isle come the spitting image of your God. He reaches the front turns around, arms held out and says “children I have returned”. Just say in that moment all are on board, right. Then someone calls out and asks, “where’s the holes in your hands”? Now you have half the congregation no longer on board. Then someone is sitting there with there blind child and asks God to heal him, make him see. God says, “there are differant types of seeing and I teach inner sight my child”. If the pasture has not called the police by now and taken the lord away because after all they have there agenda so they can get to there collections ($). Another member has a bottle of water and splashes some on the floor and request for the lord “surly if you can walk on the ocean you should be able to hover over this puddle of water”. My point to all you believers, you wouldn’t know the lord if it hit you in the face. You will test him with all your stupid shit beliefs. Guess what, he is here and has been here for many years and I have been listening to him and I am not talking about his spirit. If you need dental work no spirit of a dentist will fix your teeth you need the living. Further more why should I divulge this info just so you can put it through your ignorant test. Only the intelligent open hearted will know him. As for the world, Be in his or be in the world of confusion.

  • 007

    Here is a prime example of our laws and regulations killing jobs. The just wore down this businessman until he finally decided not to open his mine and hire 125 people. But it is great the regulators have their hands in every aspect of our lives and work. How did we live before without them.

  • My fellow Americans, look into the mirror. While it is true, that EU/US Central Bankers have, via fraud, brought our country under their control, it was our fault, for allowing it to happen. Fortunately, there is plenty we can actually DO about it, to take our country back.

    Keiser Report: Mass Psychosis (E167)

    What can Americans do to fight the EU/US Central Banker ‘New World Order’?

    1. Turn off or throw away your T.V.
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’
    4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!
    5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit cards and credit cards
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals – especially silver.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm, to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products “Made in America”
    11. Start your own garden
    13. Meditate or pray – reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book recommendation: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or other alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki (can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’ book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men,Jackals,And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329.

    “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’ (Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY – if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    PURCHASE AT CONSIGNMENT AND THRIFT STORES –where everything is recycled.
    Write letters telling Monsanto, De Beers, ExxonMobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WALMART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers
    DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) – everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need)
    SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations, and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
    Shop at your LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKET
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money – banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies – make socially and environmentally responsible investments.”
    21. Invest in precious metals (especially silver).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’– a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES – You’ll need 1) Water, 2) Food, 3) Vital Medicine 4) First Aid Kit, etc.
    27. Global, non-violent, NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer, of We the Plebs, to the ‘elite’ New World Order!
    28. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up, to entrap you in THEIR system.
    29. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes, in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    30. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    31. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    32. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’ society
    33. Watch ‘Global Warming or Global Governance’ ( )
    34. Educate yourself. Thomas Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”

    Expand the above list,and share it with everyone you know!

    • primrose

      AMEN! #34 says it all.

  • We are faced with the ultimate quandry. We have no way to avoid competing on the world market in the labor pool and we cannot stop our competition from using slave or near to slave wage workers. I hear a lot of talk of tariffs and unrealistic protectionism but all of that justs kicks the can down the road for a while. In the words of that old german philosopher, Heinrich Hellman…”You can ignore reality but it will not lessen reality’s bite.”

  • I believe that we will look back at this time and call it the salad years.


  • Steve

    How’s bringing in thirty million Mexicans, all expenses paid, working for you jobless taxpayers? Insanity.

    • Fed Up


    • moses737

      Steve I see these 30 million illegals everywhere. They are doing highway road construction; they are laying plumbing pipes in our streets in our neigborhood; they are doing building construction; they are doing renovation construction work and contracting work; they are doing roofing; and all kinds of things. But remember; according to former President George Bush; Americans don’t want or need those type of high paying union or non-union jobs.

  • Lennie Pike

    There was a time not too long ago that if the U.S. would have completely stopped exporting, that not many people would have noticed a decrease in their standard of living. What was made here was consumed here and there weren’t that many imported goods.

    That could return, but only after Americans return to having the character, educations, and work ethic they used to have – which is pretty much impossible. Watch the movie Wall – e. The computer is the a-holes behind the Federal Reserve.

  • SA

    Collapse of the USA is a direct result of the money your government wastes on illegitimate wars/killings in Iraq and Afghaniatan and in all muslim lands.The collapse of USA is divine justice and punishment from God for all your wrongs.God is answering the prayers of Usama Bin laden who warned you that the USA will slowly bleed to death. Hows that happening ? not militarily but economically. That’s how God works his plan.

  • Ben Dover,

    You are so right. We cannot fix America through
    the current political/mainstream media monster that is trying to devour us. We can only do #24–vote with our dollars. Buy American, reduce, re-use, and recycle. Every single dollar we spend must not go for their benefit.
    Make a conscious choice every day to keep your
    hard-earned greenback out of their slimy hands.

  • Sherran Lucas

    The Rich are holding offices, and electing false people who will only help them. They can not do this by ethical means. They lie, cheat and buy people to go along with them.

    Stand up to Democracy, Take our Country back. They lost and they will still lose. It does not matter how much money they have. The Republicans/ Tea Potties people will never have enough.

    Let’s make them leave this time.

  • Steven

    This is a world of sin and deterioration, It always has been, expect things get worse, and worse, and worse, until the second coming.

    • moses737

      Exactly Steve. And its a horrible shame that about 70% plus of the people of the Earth won’t repent until it is too late. Until they are screaming their heads off in great agonies; because of the hell fires that will be scorching their doomed souls.

  • Jihad Rousan

    You guys I understand all the stress you’re experiencing but you have to understand.. this country (USA) is literally the hugest phenomenon that has ever taken place on earth! Have you ever seen in history a country that has come into world power so fast? Become this powerful? Controlled this many people on earth? The bigger they are the harder they fall. And no offense to the people, but the truth is, they were only able to do this, because the people they control were blind..

    And many people here are speaking the facts, calling for reform etc etc.. but the truth is you’re all missing one key component (GOD)

    I see every day people going through a hard time this and that complaining about it trying to fix it.. but one thing that’s not changing is what? Finding God.. stopping sins. People that don’t know who God is don’t know what sins are, so they make up their own right and wrong and abandon god.

    I’m sorry but a godless society will always crumble. You may not want to believe in God but the truth is He is there and He has promised a punishment in THIS life and the next for those that don’t believe in him. Just the reality of the situation you’re all in now alone should make some of you wonder about that.

    Anyway no offense at all! Sorry and I do hope people open their eyes! But for me, I’m going to my father’s home country in a few months because it’s just too ridiculous here. Even if it’s ridiculous in other places in the world.. it’s ridiculously improving there.. not here :-/

  • Lennie Pike


    Many speak of God as you did. For example the Masons speak of God a lot, Lloyd Blank(Check)Fiend said he is doing God’s work, many diametrically opposed organized religions speak of God.

    But only one spoke the truth about God, and you can find it by reading John chapter 1 beginning at verse 1.

  • They’re talking about how life styles of Americans had been rapidly decreasing. Unemployment had been rise and number of quality jobs also dropped and many found themselves living pay check to pay check. But, have any of you wondered how other countries dealing with the crises? We’re super lucky for having programs like unemployment, medicare etc… 95% of those living outside the US borders don’t really have this privilege! Yes, we’re heading towards depression, but U.S still a Superpower that makes life of its citizens a lot easier than it really is.

  • Lizzy

    Wow…this is a sad yet truthful article. I’m only 11 and I understand that this is BAD. See, the difference between the current Congress and current Americans is that most (yes, I said most) have commen sense, it’s just that Congress has some trouble using it.

  • Where did all the jobs go? Clinton signed NAFTA and Bush signed GATT. We’re still hemoragging some 40,000 jobs a month. As counties and towns receive less tax revenue, they will first start by trying to raise taxes, then they will lay off workers and then cut services.
    My own inner guidance says, we preppers are going to get through it okay, but that it will take perhaps 5 years to emerge on the other side of this collapse… and we will see a collapse.
    The difference between the US’s collapse and any other is that our currency has exported inflation and is causing pain all over the world.

  • Hey Rev, all the jobs been, being and will continue to get transported to China, unfortunately!

  • clyde

    The United States of America’s Government is good!
    If there’s no US Government, the United States would not exist!
    If you don’t like the United States, then just leave, and go to another country.

  • You guys don’t panic.
    I saw Charlize Theron in movie as divorced woman with two kids, which goes in own truck in searching for a job. She was unemployed too.
    Better watch this, guys.
    Federal recovering pays in Russia today:
    for childrens until 16 y.o. – 4.55-10.51$ per month,
    for unemployed – 29.80-59.60$ per month,
    minimum wage – 161.67$ per month,
    minimum wage for living – 226.95$ per month,
    Big Mac – 2.73$.
    Don’t panic, guys!

  • Kathleen

    How can we become more independent of the system?

    • Everett

      Learn how to grow vegetables and plant a garden. Learn a trade that can be bartered. Eat healthy so you do not get sick to begin with. Become a vegetarian so you do not require food from unsustainable sources Do not accept credit rather pay cash. Learn first aid and basic medicine. Buy personal firearms or if you do not qualify for gun ownership then purchase a bow and arrows and learn how to use them. I could keep going but that should keep you busy.

    • Tax Revolt

      Forcibly make our leaders remove us from these wars that only benefit the rich who are screwing us anyway. Also, just refuse to pay taxes. They lie to us and use us and then demand we play by rules that only benefit them.

    • Paul

      I think Kathleens question is good, I alsowondered about this. It was very helpful to hear the suggestions of Everett, and would welcome more.

    • LadyM

      @Kathleen: To answer your question, ” Buy chickens, etc… Buy seeds and plant a garden, as Everett suggests.

      However, another great way is to let an employer know that your perfectly willing to work as a “sub-contractor” (get a business license if your state requires one)

      As an employer, start paying your people under the table.

      You see this comment above, “Speaking as a small employer, I would rather have a root canal than another employee. Let’s see. You first have to hire someone you trust without some labor lawyer suing you for some type of discrimination. Then you have OSHA…” suggests that being an employer has no “good” aspects, but if this was the case why would anyone EVER start a business.

      I run businesses for a living for over 20 years, and this statement fails to realize that the reason why almost all employers “WILL NOT PAY UNDER THE TABLE” is because they get tax breaks at the end of the year on their taxable business incomes vs employee pay, etc… Even the business owners paycheck gets this tax break. This reason is why most employers give themselves a “paycheck”, and rely less on “corporate disbursements”. You see, a business owner can take every dime of profit out of their business and put it in their “personal accounts”, but then have to pay more taxes. Therefore, a business owner gets personal tax breaks if they write themselves a paycheck, and they get company tax breaks on taxes paid through employee income paid out, including their own.

      Thus the advantage, of working within the tax system, instead of paying all your employees “under the table.” It was an incentive built into the tax code to get more and more employers on board working “within” the tax system, instead of staying out of it. Research some of how this become the “status quo” in America.

  • Winston Smith

    True, without a road map? we have been taught for generations to get a job, not be self employed…

  • American Worker

    In late 2008 I lost a job at a large automobile manufacturer in Ohio,the plant closed. I found another job in early 2009 making the same base income with lesser medical benefits and working more hours. I am a licensed tradesman, and supplement my income by doing side contract work, and my wife still has her job. I have a 4 year degree, but there is a demand for hands on trades people. My hands on experience has become worth more than a 4 year degree. I advise young people to learn a trade first instead of wasting money on a college degree. There is still demand for licensed HVAC techs, electricians, plumbers and etc. As things worsen the openings for these positions will become less, but you can’t outsource these trades to China. DON’T LET GOVERMENTS KEEP YOU DOWN!

    • AnotherOhioLayoff

      ABSOLUTELY! My science degree and 13 years specialization are now essentially worthless as I can’t sell my home to relocate. So I’m making half my pre-layoff salary. Those who can *fix* things (or people) will always be able to find work, or barter!

    • matt

      you can delocalize almost anyting. My father does laith work as a machinist in a diesel garage, well he used to, now he just takes the motors out of the trucks, ships the motors to kansas city from chicago, and the machining and repair work are done by non union, low wage and benefit workers,in Los Angeles i imagine the motors are shipped to mexico. the powers that be will delocalize anything, then change the law to let contracting companies from foreign countries operate in the usa for the minimum wage of their country, like they are doing with truck drivers already, mexican trucks to mexican safety standards, mexican drivers, making mexican wages for driving across the usa, it is already happening.

  • john p

    Disgusting but as long as the politicians get there retirement for life serving four years is what is important….to them.

  • Stolengoat

    29 years old, 1 month old lil girl, selling the crap outta ADT security systems to scared folks just like me. Saving my measley greenbacks for an AR and a basement full of green bean. How the bleep did we get here??? How is it possible that a small town kid like me, with just a high school education can see the writing on the wall but so many around me just swallow the piles of crap the fat cats on the hill and in the media dish out. I got news for all of us. This ain’t the country my grandpa fought and toiled his life away to pass on. We are sick and the colon cleansing is about to begin. I asked my mama what she wanted for christmas, she said “Good will on earth and peace for all men” I handed her a Bushmaster AR-15 told her “It was a do it your self project.” Good luck folks, I’ll be holding out in Southern IN. Eating good, right next to a thriving Amish community. One hand on my rifle the other on my fishing pole. Country Boys Can Survive

  • What you can do is apply to become a recruiter for Innovators Academy

    and save the 70% where are making a BIG mistake by going to college

  • The most important basic fact that most Americans don’t understand about 4-year colleges is that most Americans spend 6 years attending them before graduating. With U.S. tuition inflation for private colleges averaging 5.15% over the past half a decade, assuming this same rate of tuition inflation continues, a college with tuition of $30,000 today will have tuition of $38,563 in the sixth year a student attends it. In ‘College Conspiracy’, NIA analyzes the total cost to attend college by factoring in not just rapidly rising tuition expenses, but also the interest payments on student loans, and the lost income that college students would have earned if they worked at an average entry-level job that doesn’t require a college degree. bankrupt student loans

    • matt

      i spent 6 years but got a master’s degree, i have zero debt, why? i was lucky as hell to have been born to a mechanic born in 1950 who still had a good standard of living, bought his home in 1974, and had money to pay for his kids school, the next generation of our family will not have this financial status because the middle class has been destroyed.
      college degrees are great to get just to learn about things and state universities should be free up to and past phd level as they are in scotland.

    (click on my profile name to go to my blog to see full video)

    watch the 7 lifecycles of a country to see why we are going bankrupt and what we all need to do right now… see how the top richest people are protecting themselves and their families and how you can do the same

    I’m posting my blog video here because I need to reach out to the real people who are effected by the Global Economic Crisis. Please pass this video on.

    • buy my book and i will show you how to do it.
      the only one getting money is you.
      we all know that currency is a promise note
      and gold and silver was traded in stage 2 after
      the bartering system which is the oldest form of trade.

  • In regards to the ending of your post: There are many out there that still believe that America has a bright future ahead.
    That bright future they see ahead is the headlights of the Chinese/Indian colossus coming directly at them. Good bye corporate states of America, Hello China Inc!

  • Anna44

    My husband finally found a minumum wage job at a retail place, at the expense of my 18 yr. old son. They both applied- the husband was hired. We are thankful he found something after 8 months, but one can’t help but wonder why a previously successful,educated,hard working,well traveled man with a top security clearance is reduced to doing a job a high schooler would do, and riding a bus home. Well- at least we still have our home-for now. This was not how we pictured our late 40’s & early 50s.

    • Michael

      Thanks for the update on your story Anna. I can’t even imagine what you all are going through.

      Let us all say a prayer for Anna and all of the other readers that are really struggling in this economy right now.


  • Guys, the July 26 CRS report, Student Loans in Bankruptcy, says in its summary: “If enacted, S. 511 would make both public and private loans dischargeable in bankruptcy when seven years have passed from the beginning of the repayment period. Another bill, S. 1561, would eliminate privately financed student loans from those that are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

  • motherof3

    I have already lived through a personal finacial oblivion…We are just starting to recover…I can’t do this again!

  • Colt

    My Business Degree is worthless. I cannot even get an interview, let alone a job. I am stuck working for $8 an hour in a job that I don’t need a degree for. Plus, I now owe $30,000 in loans. What a waste. I wish I never went to college.

  • charlesnews

    The creation of a new government agency that will be dedicated to job creation, will only create more government jobs.

    What a joke! The government can’t create jobs. Our only hope is to support small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs.

    And you need to take control of your finances by getting financial education. The market is rigged against you. Your IRA and 401K are in danger of becoming worthless.

    Learn how to leverage the financial crisis to create wealth and protect your family.

  • The creation of a new government agency that will be dedicated to job creation, will only create more government jobs.

    What a joke! The government can’t create jobs. Our only hope is to support small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs.

    And you need to take control of your finances by getting financial education. The market is rigged against you. Your IRA and 401K are in danger of becoming worthless.

    Learn how to leverage the financial crisis to create wealth and protect your family..

  • Chu M.

    The creation of a new government agency that will be dedicated to job creation, will only create more government jobs.

  • Anon

    We need to rise up and stand together. You are not alone.Join us.

    Its beyond time to get angry. Please join us and if you cant make it Oct.6th please come when ever you can. We are not going anywhere.

  • Retiring, I am horrified at what I see going on in this country. What a crock we were sold about how going to college would work for everyone. I teach in a trade school and the young men learning how to do electrical work (I’m an electrician myself) are much better positioned to survive than almost any of the college students I know. TPTB can’t ship THOSE jobs overseas.
    I don’t agree with all of your views but I think this article is spot on and thank you for it.

  • Becoming debt free should be a top priority–pay off your unsecured debt, then work on your secured debt. This is something I’ve known, and shared for the last decade. Too many people live way beyond their means, and can’t afford to pay for necessities because of it. You don’t have to do it all at once, and the fact is–those people I shared it with 10 years ago–are still smothered by debt, when they could have been debt free by now….had they believed. I’m 2 years from paying off over 40k in debt. It’s easy to live when you have no outstanding debt!
    And then, there’s always self employment.

  • Dream

    In 2008, when the campaign was hot on the trails, my business began to decline. I’ve had to liquidate everything just to survive. It’s a viscous cycle. If I close my business, I won’t have income, yet I’ve used my reserves to stay self employed. How can anybody prosper with a system like this? And we can’t keep being in denial that we’ve barked at the wrong guy. If only people would understand that we need leadership that knows how to run a business not only scream in a loud voice with empty promises.

  • I would love to see campaign finance reformed, so that the so-called ‘limits’ actually limit the 1%, instead of the 99%. I have a petition up asking for campaign finance reform, you can view, sign and share here – Wouldn’t it be nice to have government of the people, by the people, for the people again?

  • Al

    Think about this! The lowest marginal tax rate since WWI was from 1925 to 1931 at 25%. This was also a period of little regulation in the financial sector and wild speculation. It was followed by the Great Depression. In 1987, for the first time since 1931 the marginal tax rate fell below 50%. and we had a stock market crash because it became over valued. From 1987 to the present the rate has fluctuated between 28% and 39% and every time it was reduced we had a recessionary reaction and when it was raised we had economic improvement. The second lowest marginal tax rate since WWI was from 2003 to the present and with it we had deregulation in the financial sector. We also have the Great Recession. One must wonder, when the wealthy have too much marginal cash, do their actions in the market become counter productive because they tend to speculate wildly?

  • Here you go

  • Frost

    No wonder my dad got laid off! I had no idea that almost half of us were jobless! I am so using this as a source for mt report!

  • saptarshi

    Dear Friends,
    I know majority of Americans are taught to hate Marx and most of them are made to believe that communists and socialists are zombies. But the truth is the impoverishment that capitalism forces on the working class for generating surplus value and profit was first theorized by Marx. Marx said that the only way out is a social revolution where the producing classes– the workers– will take over the system which oppresses them for the interest of the capitalists and destroy the reign of profit. It is a time when all Americans should at least read Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Capital. No philosopher has ever pointed out the main reason of the crisis inherent in the exploitation of capital as Marx. reforms and social benefits can just deter the crisis for a while cannot change its eventuality.

    The root of the crisis in Capitalism as Marx pointed out was in profit which can be earned only through paying the worker less. But the problem in capitalism remains in the fact that capitalists continue to compete with each other and continue to increase their profit. To do it they can only do one thing that is pay less to the workers. But the problem starts there for all production is social production that is every thing produced by the entire working class has to be consumed by the working class itself which is the 99% of society. But when the working class in its entirety is paid less for what it has produced it fails to buy all the products that it has produced and that is at sell in the capitalist market economy. And that is where the fall of demand and recession starts. Capitalism tackles this by laying offs and paying even lesser wages which is done to continue the profit margins but in effect intensifies the crisis even more as people are so impoverished that they cannot buy any more. That is when capital goes to war so that with cry of nationalism the working class is forced to work at lower wages and capital has new markets to conquer. But todays crisis is such nations and markets do not exist any more. every one is reeling from the pestilence of capitalism. the only way is the Marx’s final solution– workers of the world unite for they have nothing to loose but their chains.

  • Philip Raulston

    So Now, how do yáll fee about Change you can believe
    in? Don’t blame us realistic freaks we did not vote for

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