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US Drought Monitor California 2015

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  • Msdcs

    “The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression”, I think you will find it has already happened, QE shows that economic collapse is with us and the fact that it is not working shows we are in a depression, to imply it is coming is to say it isn’t here yet and we can save the situation which is untruthful.

  • Bill Goode

    “Drought Conditions” are not defined, except that they say it is based on “broad-scale conditions”. Presumably it’s rainfall, but if it’s rainfall, why not just show rainfall? What other “broad-scale conditions” are they considering? Not a very reliable source if they are not going to define their basis any better than “broad-scale conditions”.

    • Moe Badderman

      # they say it is based on “broad-scale conditions”
      They also say “see accompanying text summary”.
      Learn to read, Bill.

      • Bill Goode

        Moe, your intelligence and manners match your avatar.

        • Moe Badderman

          Thank you, Bill.

    • stashgal

      It’s not just rain Cali needs, it’s SNOW! The Sierras don’t have enough snow to keep the rivers flowing or to get the aquifers refilled. However the aquifers are collapsed, they won’t be able to hold all the water they use to. Cali is vastly overpopulated & that population continues to grow.

      The US gets 90& of it’s veggies & nuts from Cali but this year & next & next etc, there will be far less & it will be much more expensive.

      But Cali isn’t the only agricultural land in trouble, it’s in trouble all over the world, failed monsoons, droughts, typhoons, flooding, diseases, heat waves, fires, dying oceans, lakes & rivers all because of us & our pollution.

      “Drought conditions” includes lack of adequate rainfall, inadequate snow in the mountains, over drawn reservoirs & aquifers & of course TOO MANY PEOPLE!

      • Bill Goode

        One wonders where does the water go? If the whole world is drying up, as you imply, where does all the water go? Into the atmosphere? deeper into the ground than drilling and aquifer access can manage? Into the oceans, and it’s not evaporating to supply more rain?

        In the United States, the US government has been making agricultural development and ranching very difficult, made especially famous by the Bundy Ranch standoff last year. In fact it has been proven that livestock grazing, whether with sheep, cattle or elephants, can reverse the desertification trend we are seeing. But that runs contrary to the intentions of the US government, which wants people off the lands.

        • stashgal

          Where does it go? someplace else. While Cali suffers drought, other areas get too much snow or rain like the eastern states did this winter.
          Over the pacific a high pressure cell shifted a weakened jet stream north carrying wet warm air up into the arctic warming it but also dragging rain clouds north & away from Cali. The jet stream then moved the now much colder but still wet air south & dumping snow as it went & it dumped a lot of snow in the NE.
          That high pressure cell is still sitting over the pacific coast just off Cali, their snow pack is only 16% of normal & the “rainy” season is ending.
          Bundy was grazing his cattle on federal land without paying the grazing fee. Cattle, sheep & goats can over graze the land, the weight of cattle can compact the soil, they also trample & pollute watering places & springs.
          To keep land in grass, it needs controlled burns. This kills tree seedlings & brush then that brings up new grass for animals to feed on but too many animals on the range can also destroy it, turning it into desert.
          That is why the once fertile crescent is today mostly a desert, over grazing, over cutting of the trees, plowing & irrigation that added salt to their soil poisoning it.

          If we allowed ranchers to graze as many animals on the land as they chose, too many would choose to over graze the land until they noticed the damage.

          Short sighted, greed is what forced the government to impose regulations on how many fish you can catch, how many ducks you can shoot & how many cattle you can graze on public land.
          Bundy refused to follow the rules.

          Ever see some of the old photographs of how much game hunters & fishermen used to get? There would be piles of birds, deer, fish or other game, far more than anyone could have used.

          They killed so much because they could, that’s why we had to have game limits.

          Some of our wildlife is forever gone, hunted to extinction.
          California’s flag has prominently displayed a grizzly bear, a now extinct California grizzly bear, Mexico’s grizzly bear survived until the 1950’s, the last one was shot…

          • Bill Goode

            “Some place else” is no answer. It only shows you are avoiding the issue.

            Cliven Bundy declined to follow the changing rules that the BLM kept changing. The Bundy family did follow the rules for over 110 years, until changing rules became so excessive that they would drive him out of business and off the land his family has been ranching since 1877.

          • stashgal

            We live on a globe, someplace else is still going to be on earth, the oceans or in the air, someplace.

            Warmer air holds more moisture, it’s warmer, more moisture is in the air, some of that water fell on Canada as snow, some hit the east as snow then that water was carried south where it picked up more moisture over the gulf before the jet stream looped north again to dump rain on W. Europe then the jet stream continued north etc etc.

            Rain follows the water cycle, it evaporates off the ocean or from trees, the warm moist air rises & condenses forming clouds, the clouds are moved north by the wind.
            I’m not going to follow that water around the globe, it’s the same water we have always had, at one time it was pissed out of the bladder of a dinosaur, it washed into the ocean later it evaporated moved into a cloud that rained that former dinosaur bladder piss onto the land, that fed plants, which was eaten by a small mammal, it later pissed & so the water cycle continued as it has for billions of years.
            The earths water is all one water moving & changing through time & place but it’s still the same water, sometimes salt sometimes fresh, sometimes ice, sometimes vapor still the same water.

  • stashgal

    The oil prices haven’t collapsed because there is too much oil, it’s because the collapsing economy has reduced demand. But with prices so “low”, frackers are forced to stop exploring & fracking because it’s a money loser.
    The problem with this is that when the current “glut” is burned up, we will then have fuel shortages because conventional oil is in decline world wide & it will take time to get back to fracking when the price of oil rises high enough to make it worth the expense.

    We are heading for a very disastrous population collapse because of overpopulation, global warming will collapse our agriculture, fuel shortages will kill our agriculture as “modern” farming is very energy intensive.
    We have triggered a runaway greenhouse & no one knows how hot it will get but we do know it will get hot enough to cause not only our extinction but that of most life on earth.

    Stop worrying about your retirement, you won’t get one, you will become “long pig” for others who are trying to survive in an impossible situation.

  • Ant Eye

    A little aluminum dust and a little RF energy; distributed judiciously, however.

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