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Can America Survive If Americans No Longer Agree On A Core Set Of Shared Values?

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Can America Survive If Americans No Longer Agree On A Core Set Of Shared Values? - Photo by DrRandomFactorWhat does America stand for?  That question is a lot more complicated than you might think.  Our Founding Fathers established a Republic that was based on a set of shared values that were embodied in the text of the U.S. Constitution.  But today, many of our politicians openly disregard the Constitution whenever they want and it has become fashionable to mock the U.S. Constitution.  For example, the New York Times recently published a piece by Georgetown University Professor Louis Michael Seidman entitled “Let’s Give Up On The Constitution” in which he publicly called the Constitution “archaic” and “downright evil”.  This is a man that has been teaching constitutional law to the next generation of lawyers at one of the top universities in the nation for nearly 40 years.  Unfortunately, Seidman is not an aberration.  The truth is that law schools all over America are absolutely packed with professors that teach that we should consider the U.S. Constitution a “living, breathing document” that must “evolve” as society evolves.  They also teach that when we find something in the Constitution that does not work for us today that we should just ignore it.  In fact, in his New York Times article Seidman insisted that “constitutional disobedience” is “as old as the Republic”.  But if we can just ignore the U.S. Constitution whenever we want, where does that leave us?  Should we be able to ignore all laws when they are not convenient for us?

Personally, I strongly believe that we should follow the U.S. Constitution, and there are millions of others out there that agree with me.  If we want to amend the Constitution, there is a procedure for doing that, but it is not easy.  Our founders did that to try to ensure that any changes to our Constitution would reflect an overwhelming consensus of the American people.

But today America is more divided than ever before.  We can’t seem to agree on much of anything.  We are at a period in our history when we desperately need to come together, but instead we are constantly at each other’s throats.

Is there anything that truly unites us anymore?

In the old days, if you would have asked people to give you a one word definition of America, many people would have responded by naming important values such as “freedom” and “liberty”.

Sadly, much of the country appears not to even value those things any longer.  One poll found that 51 percent of all Americans believe that “it is necessary to give up some civil liberties in order to make the country safe from terrorism.”  Other surveys have found similar results.

Not only that, we continue to elect control freak politicians from both political parties that appear to be obsessed with constantly eroding our freedoms and liberties.  There are literally millions of ridiculous laws, rules and regulations that govern even the smallest details of our lives, and the government is constantly inventing new ways to watch, track, register, monitor and control all of us.  If you doubt this, please see this article and this article.  If we continue down this path, we are going to end up in a very dark place as a nation.

Well, what about economics?

Aren’t we united by a common economic philosophy?

Sadly, no we are not.

In the old days, Americans overwhelmingly believed in free market capitalism and overwhelmingly rejected socialism, but now that is rapidly changing.

According to a stunning Pew Research Center survey, 49 percent of Americans in the 18 to 29 age bracket have a positive view of socialism while only 46 percent of Americans in that same age bracket have a positive view of capitalism.

So what will the future look like if we continue to see this kind of shift among our young people?

And of course we have not had anything even close to a true free market system in the United States in a very, very long time.  Our economy is dominated by a partnership between the federal government and the monolithic predator corporations that dominate our society.  Individuals and small businesses that try to compete are being absolutely suffocated.  Our Founding Fathers were very suspicious of all large concentrations of power, and they sought to greatly limit the power of both the federal government and of the big corporations.  But today we have gone totally in the other direction.

Well, is there anything else that truly unites America?

What about religion?

Of course it is true that the overwhelming majority of the early colonists were Christian, and even 50 years ago it would have been accurate to say that America was a “Christian nation”, but that is definitely no longer the case today.

The number of Americans with no religious affiliation has absolutely exploded in recent years.  It has grown by a whopping 25 percent over the past five years, and meanwhile the percentage of people that identify themselves as “Christians” in America is dropping like a rock.  In fact, one poll found that the percentage of Protestants in the United States has dropped below 50 percent for the first time ever.  For many more shocking numbers that show the precipitous decline of Christianity in America, please see this article.

So what fundamental principles do most Americans actually agree on?

And I am not talking about things like “American Idol is going downhill” or “Justin Bieber gets too much attention”.

Is there still a core set of shared values that the entire nation can agree upon?

If not, where does that leave us?

Unfortunately, I think that it leaves us in a very difficult place.  The divisiveness that we have seen in Washington D.C. in recent years is just the tip of the iceberg.  We are living in a nation today that is more divided than I can ever remember.  A whole host of opinion polls have shown that anger and frustration in America are rising to very dangerous levels, and instead of focusing on the real reasons for our problems we all tend to point the fingers at one another.

In America today, we have been trained to group ourselves together by certain “categories” and to see those on the other side as “the enemy”.  This is a very dangerous thing.  It keeps the American people from coming together to fix the very serious problems that are facing our country.

The truth is that we are being divided in dozens of different ways today.  The following are just a few of the ways we are currently being divided…

Republican vs. Democrat

Conservative vs. Liberal

Rich vs. Poor

Black vs. White (or insert any other two races or ethnic groups)

North vs. South

Urban vs. Rural

Anti-Gun vs. Pro-Gun

Male vs. Female

Young vs. Old

Traditional vs. “Modern”

Religious vs. Secular

Of course we should never compromise what we believe just for the sake of “unity”.  That is foolishness.  But you can disagree with someone without hating them.

In America today, people will find a reason to hate someone else at the drop of a hat.  Surprisingly large numbers of Americans will hate others because of where they are from, what they look like, what their ethnic background is, what their political affiliation is or what their religious beliefs are.

If America is going to have any kind of a future, we have got to start loving one another.  That does not mean that we all have to agree with one another.  But we do need to start caring about one another and hoping for the best for one another.

For example, I fundamentally disagree with almost every single thing that Barack Obama does.  But I do not hate him.  On the contrary, I pray for him and his family.  I would love to see him experience a 180 degree turnaround and start fighting for the truth.  I believe that love is stronger than hate, and I believe that there is hope for every one of us.

I know that I have had my mind changed on a lot of things throughout my life, and if I could go back there are many things I would do differently.  I am thankful for those that loved me and had patience with me when I was younger.

And that is the kind of grace that we should extend toward others.  Yes, a stand needs to be made when others are promoting evil and trampling on our rights.  But instead of responding to hate with even greater amounts of hate, perhaps it would be better if we responded with even greater amounts of love.

And I am not saying that we always have to be “meek” in our approach.  For example, if I was pushing a shopping cart around the local supermarket and I came upon a young child that was about to guzzle an entire bottle of liquid bleach, I would yell and scream at that child to stop.  Sometimes yelling and screaming is the loving thing to do.  There is nothing wrong with “tough love”.

There are preachers and radio hosts that I know that express what they believe in a very vociferous manner, but it is coming from a good place.  They love their listeners and they love their country and they are just trying to wake people up.  There is nothing wrong with that.

On the flip side, there are others that truly do hate particular categories of people.  For example, I was on a radio show earlier today, and the first half of the interview went great as I explained the problems with our economy, how our cities are degenerating and how the Federal Reserve is at the very heart of our financial problems as a nation.

But then in the second half of the interview, the radio host started blaming one particular ethnic group for all of our problems.  I had not properly researched this particular host and I was horrified.  I told her in a very clear manner that I thought that she was wrong.  I don’t think that she appreciated that very much.

But the truth is that we are never going to fix the very serious problems that are facing this country if we choose to hate one another because of what we look like or who our ancestors were.  We are never going to fix the very serious problems that are facing this country if we choose to remain trapped in the “red vs. blue” paradigm and keep pointing fingers of hatred at one another.  We are never going to fix the very serious problems that are facing this country if we would rather indulge in hatred rather than love.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t fight for what is right.  There are most certainly politicians that need to be voted out of office.  There are most certainly big corporations that need to be exposed.  There are most definitely evil agendas that are being promoted at the highest levels.  Our society is clearly headed in the wrong direction and this country needs a massive wake up call.

But I think that we will get a lot farther if love is our primary motivation.  Without love, we are nothing.  Let us start to love one another as we would like to be loved ourselves.

So what do all of you think about this?  I am sure that there are probably some very strong opinions out there.  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

Women Wearing Oakley Sunglasses Under American Flag - Photo by Michael Dorausch

  • condaggitt

    I think we are being dived by race more then anything else….notice how no one wants to talk about gun/gang control in the ghetto projects where most of the murders happen.

    And notice its the oddball white guy Zimmerman , newtown which sparks the black racists into action.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I don’t understand why so many Americans would want to dislike huge groups of people because of what they look like or who their ancestors were.

      Personally, I am a Christian and I believe that God dearly loves every single one of us. In fact, He sent His Son to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world.

      If anyone out there would like to know how they can have a relationship with God, please check out the following article…


      • Syrin

        I don’t think they do. it’s the great liberal myth. Blacks meanwhile are as racist as can be and will always vote for the color of someone’s skin before they will vote for merit and/or quality. 95+% voted for Obama TWICE even though every statistical category for blacks worsened. Name the last time 95% of whites agreed on ANYTHING.

        • 2Gary2

          Name the last time 95% of whites agreed on ANYTHING.

          Answer–That you are a d-bag

          • Alasha

            now, now….be nice 2Gary2… me want cookies!!!!!!!! lol

          • Rodster

            Look in the mirror moron !

        • JustanOguy

          Spot on Syrin.

      • Jagrick

        I don’t believe there is a god. It’s a faith and i don’t have it. No truth at all to it and if you say so then there would only be ONE religion as that would be the absolute truth but alas it’s nothing more than propaganda IMO.

        • Alasha

          i hope u dont mind if i ay a prayer 4 u, Jagrick… the best thing abt life is things r always changing…

        • Mondobeyondo

          Just because you don’t believe in a God, doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist.

          • Jagrick

            You could say the same about Bigfoot too.

      • davidmpark

        Live and let live…

      • Alasha


      • JustanOguy

        Funny thing is Michael… when you meet people face to face, they are not so outlandish as they are when they can post anonymously.

        I have socialist progressive friends.. Jews, Mormons, blah, blah, blah as friends.

        It’s really all about the complete lack of leadership this country currently has and the reliance of the clueless thinking that the FG is the solution to all of the problems when in fact… the FG is the problem and the cronies stinking up the halls.

        • Hambone

          Amen, on both counts.

        • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

          I think that the Internet gives people the opportunity to really show their true colors.


          • 2Gary2

            michael–what color then are you???

          • Mondobeyondo

            Hopefully not black and blue. Oh, that was awful. Jay Leno’s job is still secure. Got to work on my comedy material.

      • Hammerstrike

        There is no “want to dislike”, there is only realism from experience and statistics.
        It comes from what these americans sees every single day, how the great majority in those groups behaves.

      • Blackhawk

        Hi Michael! Your intention here is at least applaudable if not downright brilliant, but unfortunately I think you opened a can of worms. The whole aspect of our lives is dominated by this dichotomy and apparently any entity seeking control would most likely encourage this.


        This is why we have Blacks and Whites, republicans and democrats, Christians and Muslims and so on. The fact of the mater is that every individual feels good about his/her apartness from the other and it’s hard to make him/her feel different. The change is absolutely necessary to come from within and we have to stop seeing the OTHER different from ourselves. This is the inside work everyone of us has to do it by himself/herself.

    • Jagrick

      Zimmerman isn’t white, contrary to the biased ignorant news. That only sounded good to stir up race baiting.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Spark the black racists into action?!?
      The perpetrator of the Newtown massacre was white.
      Almost all of the victims in Sandy Hook were white.

  • markthetruth

    What we call “Evolving” is a illusion of creating disposable items. Even humans are disposable.

    Remember one thing that has never change is the Science of Law.

    We can not change the law of physics “You can not produce positive energy. And Green energy is not positive energy, we don’t even know if it’s clean as when all the panels and batteries end up in the dump And what the wind farms with do to the weather in their area.

    or messing with the nature flow of rivers.

    so in the end we can not “FOOL With Mother Nature”

    it will destroy us , earthquake,volcano’s,tsunamis ,tornado’s,hurricanes,floods, droughts,wildfires,ext.

    So go ahead and mess with the constitution,but the founding fathers knew what they were doing when they drafted it. And made it short and to the point and was built on ethics and should stand like the Ten Commandments.

    the end….

    • Syrin

      Here’s the difference.

      Conservatives adapt their world view to the lessons taught to them by reality.

      Liberals try to change reality to match their world view, and it NEVER works, and they must use force to try to get people to comply. The end result is ALWAYS poverty, misery and tyranny.

      • markthetruth

        yep that’s what i see going on . people just don’t realize how everything is forced on us but labeled as convenient,fast,small whatever to sublimely make i use ,buy and behave how they want us to… We have little control if any left of our own lifes.

        the end…

      • Gay Veteran

        “Conservatives adapt their world view to the lessons taught to them by reality.”
        Still trapped in that mindset that thinks there’s a difference between “conservatives” and “liberals”

    • Ralfine

      Are you Chinese? They have similar strange logic.
      They prohibited bicycles because they cause traffic jams and are therefore responsible for pollution.

      If dumped batteries are bad for the groundwater, then dont dump them, recycle them. The lead content of a battery is higher than in any lead ore.
      Design products in a way that they can be recycled easily.
      By introducing resource cycles into the economy you can reduce dumping waste and mining considerably. Which will improve the bottom line.

  • We are on the verge of CW 2, it’s coming. This war will be the socialist (tyranny) vs constitutionalist (liberty) I new this was coming in 2008 when Obama was elected. All the warning signs were there when studying his upbringing as a child and adolescent. Obama seems to go out of his way daily to stick a hot poker in the eye of 50% of this country, it’s like he enjoys it! How sick is that for our commander and chief?? And other people on the left are now threatning lives, like Alex Jones. The march to war is accelerating daily, I just don’t see how we can possibly avoid it.

    • Syrin

      I saw this coming in 2006 when NazziPelosi took over Congress. Every economic stat has declined since that date and rapidly accelerated when the Stalinwannabe took over in 2008.

    • ian

      Weird. I remember receiving death threats from psycho conservatives during Bush’s illegal war in Iraq. You conservatives are wretched humans who have this false story implanted in your head of a bunch of hippy socialist liberals smoking weed and trying to take over the country with organic farms. Tyranny will come from the segment of population with the most guns and the most blind faith in flag and country. Hence conservatives. The hatred towards liberals from conservatives is equal to the foaming hatred the Germans had for those filthy jews that led them to accept a leader like Hitler to march them off the cliff of tyranny.

      • 2Gary2

        yes I agree–conservatives are very dangerous unstable people.

      • Hammerstrike

        You are just another greedy parasite who want to live off the work of others.

        • ian

          I work sixty hours a week to support myself. Thank you very much.

          • Hammerstrike

            Private or public?

          • Hammerstrike

            Admitte it, you never received Death threats, you are far too much of a sheltered **** for that to happen.

      • Gary and Ian, why don’t you start rounding conservatives up if you hate us so much? You two are the very reason I belong to the NRA and will defend my 2nd amendment rights to my last breath.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Ian: During the Bush regime’s criminal imperialist war in Iraq, psycho neocons not only made death threats against progressives. Plenty of libertarians and paleoconservatives received death threats as well, including Justin Raimondo, Alex Jones, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Neocons aren’t really “neo-conservatives.” They’re jackbooted neo-fascist thugs, and there is no doubt in my mind that neocons won’t think twice about murdering anyone who gets in their way.

    • tayronachan

      And there you have it. Let’s hope there are enough people preaching the Constitution. It’s the one thing that I think will bring people together, “the law of the land” as it were.

    • 2Gary2

      will magog and gog be involved, or will they still be swimming in the lake of fire???

    • Gay Veteran

      sorry Joe, but there’s a lot of people on the “left” who agree with Alex Jones ( and especially Gerald Celente!)

      • wk680

        as Gerald Celente has pointed out – the ‘common Joes’ on the right and left ends of the spectrum need to band together against the plutocracy that has run the country into bankruptcy while exporting so many jobs and filling their pockets in the process

        • El Pollo de Oro

          wk680: Excellent point. There’s a reason why Alex Jones has had Cynthia McKinney, Max Keiser, Naomi Wolf and KRS-1 on his show and why Abby Martin has had Gary Johnson and other libertarians and paleoconservatives on her show. You obviously get it.

  • Mark

    This country has changed from when I was a kid. The 1960’s changed us in ways that many of us did not know. Many of our citizens became lazy and did not want to go out and work or if they worked, they considered themselves to be worth more than they were paid. Look at what an actor or baseball player is paid today. They really are not worth that amount of money. We seemed to have changed the value we put on people. I hear the left scream about what an overpaid CEO makes, but at the same time since most of Hollywood agrees with their silly ideas, they receive the lefts support. When people are working and making good money, what do they do with it other than by a bunch of junk they don’t need instead of saving for a rainy day. Since they have not saved for a rainy day, when times turn hard they then go to the taxpayer to be fed. Our Constitition should have been followed and not changed by the courts into the mess we have of the entitlement state. We should have kept a small federal government and the States should have kept more power. We should never have allowed the Federal Reserve to come to power and the income tax was a huge mistake. We should have tossed out FDR as soon as he stole the peoples gold. The federal reserve, income tax and the theft of gold was all done by progressives. We shoulg have learned our lesson way back then, but no we wanted more things that others would pay for. So now we have what we have earned and that is a coming collaspe .

    • Gay Veteran

      “Our Constitition should have been followed and not changed by the courts into the mess we have of the entitlement state.”
      care to be more specific???

  • Syrin

    We are a nation of producers and parasites, I’ll call the latter GARYS. The GARYS can never take enough from the producers, and just like EVERY OTHER NATION THIS HAS HAPPENED IN BEFORE, the economy will collapse. Furthermore, it USED to be the next generation would be smarter and more industrious than the previous generation. Nope. A recent study showed that the current generation of high school students are testing with some of the worst scores in US history. This is a result of teachers who have to PAY surrogates to pass their basic Praxis exams, and these idiots then go on to “teach”. Because of liberals, they are given full tenure and life long pensions after two years of delivering a horrible product merely because they exist. We no longer reward merit or achievement, and that is the climate that creates GARYS. They are indoctrinated into believing they are “entitled” to other’s property merely because they exist, and their woes must be the fault of someone else. They are economic illiterates, scientific and mathematical morons, and we will be surpassed by most nations in a generation or less. We have to IMPORT our science and math talent because we cannot produce it domestically. These idiots then let the Chris Matthews and Jon Stewarts of the world do their thinking FOR them, are incapable of critical thinking on their own, and act in direct defiance of reality and history. It’s the end of society. It has become an Idiocracy where the idiots are now in charge. Just ask Krugman and has trillion dollar coin. Meanwhile, the moral decline is astonishing and again indoctrinated at the school level where kids are taught that fisting is good, killing fetuses is good, but mentioning God at Christmas is evil. The Roman society began to collapse when the moral fiber decayed. Everything else stemmed from that. We passed that about 15 years ago, and the liberals are accelerating it.

    Coming soon to you. Agenda 21, and the GARYS of the world WILL “deserve” and are “entitled” to that for sure.

    • Syrin

      The GOOD news is that it creates its own negative feed back loop where the parasites are uneducated, indoctrinated and helpless, just as the liberals want. So what then happens? Well, the good “kind hearted” liberals promise to give them “free” things at the expense of the producers as long as they vote for them. Free Obamacare, free Obamaphones, free Obamacars, free WHATEVER. Then the producers, who spent a lot of time and money to CREATE something of value (lets call it something fancy like societal wealth) are then told to hand over THEIR goods and services for free or next to nothing. Why? Well because GARY wants it, GARY demands it, and GARY will vote for the thieves and endorse the violence used to take it away. So the producers eventually stop producing, stop working hard, stop innovating, and the quality of goods and products suffers, the economy SHRINKS, and everyone gets poorer, YEAH GARYS! So do the GARYS have an epiphany? Nope, they demand MORE STUFF, and the liberals blame the evil producers, not the parasitical GARYS, and the GARYS are FAR too stupid to understand the root cause. They then promise to give them free food and not to let them starve to death. The GARYS are too stupid to understand the REASON they are starving to death is because they KILLED the producers that generate societal wealth. They literally killed the goose laying the golden eggs, or drove them to friendlier shores as is happening in abundance. So what happens next? The liberals promise them free housing and food as long as they surrender their means to protect themselves, surrender their right to vote and just let the liberals lead for life. YEAH TOTALITARIANISM !! Well, once the GARYS surrender their right to vote, as ALWAYS happens, they cease to be useful. They are rounded up and killed to the tune of MILLIONS as we have seen REPEATEDLY in the past century in nation after nation. See, even the tyrants KNOW, they still NEED some level of producers, but they do not need the GARYS. The GARYS are expensive, uneducated and a drain on the system, so once they serve their purpose, they are discarded. Lenin called them useful idiots, a term COMPLETELY pertinent today.

      • Rodster

        ….or the German Brown Shirts

        • Colin

          If your comment requires me to scroll down, then it is – TL; DR.

          I don’t think it’s possible for Syrin to tolerate, much less, love people who are different from himself.

      • 2Gary2

        your rant is straight from Glenn the clown Beck. you know as well as anyone that we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth in order to stimulate demand to get us out of this republican great recession. you are of course entitled to your opinions (however wrong they are) bit not your own facts. Sorry I am correct–tax the rich and spread the wealth.

        • Syrin

          So you say. History tells us otherwise. Facts tell us otherwise. All economic numbers tell us otherwise. The current actions businesses are taking tell us otherwise. YOU just validated my ENTIRE thread, and are the reason I call you useful idiots GARYS.

          I hated Bush’s entitlements starting with the Farm Bill. See, I stand by principle, you stand by thievery, greed and jealousy. I haven’t listened to Beck or even visited his web site in years. Same with Rush, FoxNews or whatever stupid thing you uneducated mouth breathing brainstem thinking useful idiots like to make reference to. I am capable of independent thought, analysis and reason, things that you are anaphylatically allergic to.

          Isn’t this the time of day when you’re supposed to be casing your neighbor’s property?

          • Ralfine

            So why then don’t you create more jobs to keep the lazy busy?

          • 2Gary2

            ” I am capable of independent thought, analysis and reason,”

            uh, no syrin you are not even close to being able to do this. One can tune into fox and hear exactly what you rant about.


          • Hammerstrike

            Civil war?

          • Debbie Lass

            so where is your outrage and demand to do away with banks and real estate and credit cards who ahve all stolen from us and given too much power to get greedier. Bank of america lied and foreclosed on homes of people who paid their mortgage….and got away with it….the farm bill hasnt been done away with by any conservaties…congress could advocate for its removal…but its cheapier to produce things with corn. So we create things bad for us. Look when someone tried to change the size of a soda we could buy, it was attacked and people screamed. It will be the same with the trying to promote funding healthy foods by the government…..people who are conservative and who profit off of the americans plight, like monsanto, will scraem because it will take away their profits paying more to make healthy food and to produce as much food not as cheaply…..

        • History proves your wrong. Can you name one nation that has survived and prospered under spreading the wealth? I think the Greeks would like to have a word with you.

          • Ralfine

            Can you name one nation that could keep their people happy by dividing them in ultrarich and ultrapoor?

          • Mondobeyondo

            Sure, all of them! As long as all the people are in the ultrarich category, of course.

          • The only person dividing is Obozo.

          • Ralfine

            How do you feel by using derogative names for people?

          • ian

            you want to live in a hellhole like India or Guatamala where the ultra rich feed off the poor like parasites. Good riddance and move to a third world hellhole, as that is what wretched conservatives desire.

          • Hammerstrike

            It is liberal policies that are turning the US into Guatamala and India.
            Greedy rich liberal are the ones feeding on misery.

          • Gay Veteran

            get a clue hammerhead, the Republicans and Democrats are 2 sides of the same coin

          • Hammerstrike

            One is worst than the other.

          • mikem68

            much like your freedom of speech stops at yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre, freedom of capitalism should stop when it endangers national security. sending all of our jobs overseas easily meets that criteria as well as obscene CEO bonuses I think.

          • mikem68

            ….and another reason we need our unions as flawed as they are. they gave us our standard of living we had in the 50’s 60’s and so on way back in the early 1900’s by forcing business to include the worker in a fair share of profits……..until they discovered sending everything overseas. the system is broken. I suggest a huge tariff on all business that moved manufacturing out of the country. we would have jobs then. sure, tv’s would cost a little more but, our country would be strong again how about our food being mfg. outside the U.S. remember hershey chocolate. I do. I lived by one of the plants in ca. when it moved to mexico it decimated an already bad local economy.

          • mikem68

            ……your hershey peanut butter cups and others are made in mexico senor. …..your assurance of quality.

          • You’re more than free to start your own business and pay your workers exorbitant wages. When will you be hiring?

          • Yeah, cause over gov’t regulation, union demands/shutting down businesses had nothing to do with businesses leaving, huh?

          • Mondobeyondo

            I forgot who said it (a Supreme Court justice, perhaps?) but someone said, “The right for you to swing your fist ends where my nose begins”.

          • 2Gary2

            Scandinavian countries which beat the USA on almost every good measure, Germany

          • chris

            Move there.bye bye

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Ah yes, “America, love it or leave it.” The same words used by the tyrants and scoundrels who hated Ron Paul and Alex Jones for opposing the imperialist invasion of Iraq. Here’s what Gerald Celente has to say on that subject:

            “Don’t tell me to leave—YOU leave. If Obama, if Clinton, if Mittens Romney, if Rick Santorum, if Neutered Gingrich, if Herman ‘999 666’ Cain, if Michelle Bachmann, if Sarah Palin, if Harry Reid—if any of these people want to tell me to leave because I don’t believe their BS, come over and we can talk. You want to go man-to-man with me? We could go at it. Don’t send one of your flunkies.”—Gerald Celente

          • Debbie Lass

            and name one country that is a democracy and capitolism reigns that is also as powerful and has as much wealth and as strong a military as us who isolated themselves from the world….what objection might there be if we said hey close the borders, america acts alone and we produce our own stuff with out own natural resources. This means the wealthy wont be as wealthy…..and wont have any wealth to spread…..enlighten us on a nation that has what you want our country to do….and is a super poer and as strong and wealthy as us for having done so?

        • davidmpark

          Actually, it’s what happened in soviet Russia and commie China. Millions dead.

          It’s what the Rusky’s did time and again to invade countries: use locals to soften up the population with commie propaganda, support the invasion ’til occupation was complete; then the soviets killed the opposition leaders followed immediately by killing their most ardent Leftist supporters. The reasons they gave were that the supporters who would eventually see the lies of soviet communism usually become disenchanted and dangerous to the occupation. So, to prevent that, they were killed.

          • 2Gary2

            no where do I ever advocate communism or modeling anything after Russia or China.

          • davidmpark

            Love how Leftists try to change the subject when their arguments are proven dangerous. 🙂

          • ian

            i love how anyone who doesn’t agree with the psychopathic policies of the right are labeled leftist.

          • davidmpark

            I love how name calling is the best way for those with searing hatred to relate to others! And I am not Right-wing; nor Left. I’m the guy caught in your culture war. Got a problem with Right-wingers, bring it up with them!

          • Does you saying “spread the wealth” ring a bell? That would be modeling communist USSR…

        • JustanOguy

          Blah, blah, blah… The Federal Government is wasting so much money already and you think that giving them more is the solution to help out Main Street?

          What a joke..

      • 2Gary2

        oh yea–the obama phones started under Bush…

        • JustanOguy

          So what? Bush was a failure also.

          You ever notice that you have the most thumbs down of any poster on this board Gary?

          You would think that you would learn something from that…

          Like… your thoughts are not very popular.

          • 2Gary2

            I do not even look at the thumbs up/down as speaking the truth is rarely popular. If I was trying to win a popularity I would do like Michael does and throw red meat to the low info conservatives and sit back and laugh as they lap it up hook line and sinker as I laugh all the way to the bank on ad revenue.

          • When I read people like you, it makes me go out and buy more ammo, donate more money to the NRA and clean my guns more often.

            Thanks for being that incentive.

          • 2Gary2

            Its because of people like you that we are going to have gun control (which I do not advocate)

          • davidmpark

            You do advocate it – hypocrite. Gary, it’s because of you and people like you we will have gun control. And for you side to use the deaths of children and unarmed teachers to hype your religious ideology is sick and evil. Not only that; but your ideals of gun control exposes my wife and kids to harm by criminals that have guns – and that’s not acceptable nor on the table. Period. Drop it!

          • 2Gary2

            I have NEVER said I advocate gun control. I think both sides make a good case for their respective sides and I do not feel I am qualified to pass judgement on the issue. I agree with you that criminals have guns and folks need to be able to protect themselves.

          • sd mule

            Actually davidmpark,
            It is your ignorance that exposes your family to harm. Much like Pavlov’s dog, when the bell rings you respond just as you have been trained. Your inability to look past the simpleminded issue placed in front of you by those who wish to control you is simply astounding!!

          • Debbie Lass

            that sounds like a threat Joe. You are claiming a person drives you to go but a weapon thats designed solely for harming or killing. Sounds homicidal to me.

          • davidmpark

            You’re throwing meat to the Leftists in a forum that can easily block you, and then laugh all the way to the welfare office. Again; pot, kettle, black…

          • Debbie Lass

            oh lookie there, you got more likes than dislikes this time. I guess it must mean its true that michael throws meat to the low info conservatives. lol…some people are extremely stupid Gary, it is best to not be dumbed down to their level trying to dialogue intellect with them.

        • Hambone

          I’m no fan of Bush, but the Lifeline program started under Bush and exploded under Oblamer.

          Under his watch it expanded it to mobile phones. Under his watch it more than doubled the cost of the program. Under his watch, phones went out to people who didn’t even qualify.

          Bush spent like a drunken sailor, and he is culpable for exploding the national debt. Unfortunately, Barry makes Bush look as thrifty as Ebenezer Scrooge.

        • Lovemybronco

          2Gary2 can not be as stupid as he seems…….he has got to be a plant by Michael just to keep the comments going…..

          • 2Gary2

            well Michael–If I am a plant you should be paying me.

          • Benjamin Collier

            lick the wax tadpole

      • Ralfine

        Better read up and find out what you are writing about. NEGATIVE FEEDBACK IS VITAL FOR THE HEALTH OF A SYSTEM.

      • ian

        why don’t you have the epiphany that corporate America is the biggest recipient of welfare and lay off your struggling brothers and sisters. Conservatives are wretched humans.

        • 2Gary2

          corporate welfare is so much higher than any welfare for poor people there is no comparison.

          The fact the Michael and other conservatives keep going on about welfare for the poor while almost totally ignoring corporate welfare simply proves they are not serious about the debt or deficit and are only interested in dismantling the meager safety net we have.

          • 2Gary2

            Michael–If you are not poor bashing why do most of your new captions at the top of the page reference the poor being on a welfare program so much??? How about a new caption calling out corporate welfare? How about AIG wanting to sue the gov for bail out??

          • chris

            2gary2 said…

            “corporate welfare is so much higher than any welfare for poor people there is no comparison.”
            Agree. Its all parasitical behavior , but the corps are pros.The supreme court giving corps the same rights as people, 222 TRILLION dollar debt and the Military Industrial complex running most all of it equals “economic collapse “,(heh).. a great URL. LOL.

          • Hammerstrike

            No, it is not corporate welfare,since it is the USA that enjoys it as a whole.
            Borrowed prosperity, at the expense of the rest of the world, through the use of the US dollar as a reserve currency and control of exchange rate, reckless printing.
            Trade balance have been negative since the mid-70s and that is only the tip of an immense iceberg.

          • 2Gary2

            I beg to differ–the country as a whole does not benefit from corporate welfare.

          • Hammerstrike

            While I would not deny individual achievement (Obama neither in that speech), there is also such thing as collective achievement, benefices (the US from China and Japan)success failure and above all, collective consequences.

            It is not just the Corporations or the federale reserve that are debt-sustained, it is the middle-class, students, US and west european societies themselves.

            Sure the poor doesn´t benefite that much but once the borrowing stops, domino effect through society, even the poorest segments of the population are going to suffer.
            Even more, the poorer segment of the population becomes much higher and the total taxable income becomes much smaller.

            Only way out is not welfare, you need wealth for that and an actually working, efficient governement too. To have that, what is needed is work, industrialization and infrastructure-building.

            But that isn´t going to happen with Bruxelle and Washington, their remnants are going to try to keep power with whatever means they can, their first spending priorities would be predator drones and automatics, that won´t make them invincible since all they have left to pay for those drones and full automatics would be profit from robbing the remaining workers at gunpoint.

        • Hammerstrike

          Nope, it is “america” as a whole which is on welfare or rather, on borrowed prosperity at others expenses.
          Official trade deficie is just a small tip of the iceberg.

          Now, borrowing is stopping and the traditional trade partners are turning to those who doesn´t give them a maffia deal.
          So taxing the rich and those evil Corporations won´t save the permanent welfare state, even a 100% tax over 250 000 won´t do it.
          As a whole, the citizenry would have to live within their means and skills once more.
          Ayn Rand sends her congratulations from hades to the liberals and leftards, since their self-interested disregard for welfare abuse meant the fall of the society net.

      • tayronachan

        Agreed. But I’ll still seek out like minded people. Those that still see the Constitution as the law of the land.

      • sharonsj

        If Gary2 is the typical liberal, then Syrin is the typical conservative. All Syrin does is parrot the Republican line about makers and takers. So the Bush tax cuts (just like Reaganomics) were supposed to stimulate the economy–do you see the economy improving or the creation of jobs? Do you see the so-called makers doing anything except sucking the life out of the rest of us?

        As for the takers, as I have tried to explain before (but as usual facts mean nothing to conservatives), middle and lower income people (even those on welfare, disability and Social Security) spend all of their income just to survive, and that includes sales tax, school tax, property tax, excise tax, and every other tax in existence–but not federal income tax because they don’t earn enough money.

        On the other hand, ExxonMobil and 19 other giant corporation don’t pay any federal income tax either–and it isn’t because they didn’t earn enough money. It’s because Congress gave them all sorts of perks–perks you idiot conservatives conveniently never mention.

        • Hammerstrike

          The lifeline is going to be cut for you sad wankers.

          • Benjamin Collier

            wankers? YOU da Poof, fanny bandit!

          • Hammerstrike

            Oh? You the ones supporting butt-banditery, remember?

        • krinks

          You are part of the problem IDA. Why shouldn’t someone who works for a living want to keep what they’ve earned? You and the rest can get off your lazy butts and work or starve. That is the standard the Apostle Paul set. Your choice.

        • interestedobserver2

          What is it that makes you think you’re entitled to the product of someone else’s effort? Here, let’s use a simple analogy that perhaps you can grasp. We are both farmers. We both have land, and we both have seed. I plant my seed and grow crops. I tend them, I nurture them, I protect them, and eventually I harvest them. My crops far exceed the seed that I originally used to produce them, so I have enough to live on, enough to sell to others, and enough to recover the seed that I used to originally plant them, and can thus do so again next year. You, on the other hand, sit on your behind, allow your land to lie fallow (maybe even get paid to do so) and eat the seed you should have planted. Winter rolls around, and you’re hungry. Your immediate thought is; “Hey! That guy has food, and I’m hungry! I NEED what he has. He OWES me that food.” You, madam, are the lowest kind of predator, and a disgustingly immoral excuse for a “human being.” It’s really that simple. When you demand stuff you haven’t earned, you are a THIEF. Pure and simple. You can call me a Republican, or an evil monster, or someone who has no concern for his fellow man; but the truth is you are simply a foul parasite, no better than a tapeworm. In fact, worse, since a tapeworm doesn’t lie or spout “social morality” garbage to justify it’s thievery the way you do. There used to be a saying in this country, one you’ve probably never heard since your kind have gotten rid of God — it goes; “God helps those who help themselves.” Maybe it’s time you tried that instead of demanding free stuff from those who aren’t afraid they’ll break a nail doing some hard work.

          • Debbie Lass

            Lets say that you have land, you have seeds and you harvest. Along with that you have people hrvesting it for you ebcause you cant do it alone by yourself…….and those who helped you create the harvest are now fed scraps……is that justice? is that fair? is that moral? is that them sponging? their hard work made you what you produced, NOT YOU ALONE….that is the argument of those who fight for unfairness……they dont support lazy people who do nothing. but there are hard working people who are poor and cant make it…….even if you take welfare and medicaid away that piece wont change and they will still suffer and go without. Why? because you want to be greedy and keep all the food for yourself……despite their efforts to help it happen…..

          • interestedobserver2

            Let’s say you set up a straw-man argument and do so eight months after the other person commented to a story current at the time. Let’s suppose that your argument pushes way out on the extreme bleeding edge of the bell curve, and then you use that highly unlikely scenario to justify robbing others of THEIR possessions in order to support YOU. What kind of person using what kind of logic does that make you? One word answer: A leftist.

          • Debbie Lass

            Highly unlikely? its highly unlikely that many people in America have a full time job or even 2 and don’t make enough to support a family doing so? really? how many households now have two working adults in them compared to the 70’s that usually had one? why is that? because the cost of living is going up higher and faster than what peoples wages are so it takes two incomes now to have the same lifestyle as one did years ago…..its been shown that the minimum wage as it is cannot support a family today comfortably working full time hours…..what people also tend to forget is, when they come from families with money already, orlive at home with mom and dad til age 27 saving money etc, that they are also “getting help” I went to school with a girl who’s car was paid for, college was paid for, insurance paid for by daddy……help come sin many forms, not just Medicaid and welfare. Sorry I do not fit your standard definition and disillusioned non factual statement that all who think like me are mooching off the system. I work full time, have a masters degree and am supporting myself. Lots of conservatives get Medicaid, medicare and disability however……

          • interestedobserver2

            You need to take a hard look at the root causes of the current job market and wage system. If you have the intellectual honesty to really look into the facts, you’ll find out that it’s the very welfare policies you advocate that helped cause the situation many of us face today. (And for the record, I’m employed, have MY masters degree, support myself and two others, and have never taken a dime from anyone, including any student loans, though I don’t know precisely what bearing that has on anything. Since you decided to trot out your “qualifications” I did too, so there.) I doubt you’ll actually do so since you seem to be advocating the hair of the dog, but were you to really try to look past your blinkers and even just consider the faint possibility that conservatives have a valid opinion on things too, and a different perspective that might actually help in solving the problems brought about by rampant progressive socialism, as opposed to merely considering us to be “racists” or “evil” or whatever the liberal catchphrase of the day is, you might find a whole new world of possibility opening up in front of you. I doubt it, but anything is possible.

          • Debbie Lass

            I responded when I read the article which was today. If my responding to this article now is silly, because his comment was posted 8 months ago, then you must really look foolish responding to my response 🙂

      • 2Gary2

        “The worst lately is Syrin who spews venom with every word he writes. It’s revolting.”

        Syrin–you are again batting a big ZERO. How does it feel to be so owned???

      • Hammerstrike

        Marx and Lenin never believed that the weak, the meek, the lazy, the apathetic, the stupid had somehow the moral high ground and where thus deserving a free ride for Life at the expense of their betters.

    • B T

      If you think about it, you will realize that that is the plan of the banking elite. Get everyone dependent and then you control them. Guns are infective if you cannot eat or get food except through the government. If you cannot live without government, most will surrender and live as a serf or slave rather than die free.

    • Ralfine

      What do you call Trump and Buffett? They don’t work, the only time they get dirty hands is when their toilet tissue fails.
      And yet, they get richer by the minute. They totally depend on other people’s work.

    • Ralfine

      It would seem that those teachers went to school and college before Obama came into office?

      • Hambone

        Our soldiers don’t necessarily go in as the best and brightest, but they generally leave as constructive members of society, with skills and leadership that this country needs. The Military does a nice job of bringing out the best in anyone, which is all I would hope for. I cannot say the same about our public schools.

        Bag on the Armed Forces all you want, homie. We’ll go on protecting your sorry butt anyway.

        • Gay Veteran

          “We’ll go on protecting your sorry butt anyway.”
          like in Iraq? a monstrous war crime

          • Orange Jean

            So … no disrespect intended but I’m curious, if you are a Veteran… what did you do, where were you deployed, and when? I was under the impression only people who were active duty and were deployed during a war are allowed to call themselves Vets. Am I wrong in thinking that?

            I’ve also read how one of the people during Clinton’s administration was big on pushing the “weapons of mass destruction are in Iraq” – I wasn’t there (but then I don’t call myself a Veteran either)… but would like to know what part of the time we spent in Iraq are you calling a outermost war crime vs. what your part in whatever it was you did was??

          • Orange Jean

            my last comment was in response to what Gay Veteran said… don’t know why it didn’t indent

          • Hambone

            Got it. It’s okay because I’m also a veteran (active duty), and I’m also quite happy.

            Also, just for the record, the term veteran can be very broad and can even include part timers (reservists / National Guard) who were never deployed.

            I have lots of friends (an a sibling) that were in the Gulf War(s). I don’t have any idea what my happy friend is talking about. Were that true, rest assured our socialist media would have plastered it everywhere.

          • Gay Veteran

            bonehead, Google Iraq and war crimes

    • Hambone

      Probably many generations look at the next one and think it’s a step down, but if I look at this objectively, there really is something wrong with this current generation of youths. I’d even go so far as to stay it started with Generation Y, the youngsters currently in the work force.

      In the workforce, their nickname is the “entitlement generation.” They want to work 8 hours, work from home (when others cannot), listen to their iPods while they work, and they get upset when, after 12 months, they haven’t been promoted. This isn’t fiction — I’ve seen this time and time again with employees under 30. There are notable exceptions, but not many.

      • 2Gary2

        They probably think they should get the things you talked about as they see so many big wig and CEO get rewarded for failure time and time again.

        republicans crashed the economy and yet so many low info people keep electing these idiots. Ceo crash their company and get bonuses and money other perks they do not earn or deserve. The game is rigged so why shouldn’t they want these things.

        They have seen their parents work at a business for 30 years and get the shaft, they have seen stagnant wages. I say to companies shoe me the money NOW. Your promises for rewards in the future mean nothing.

        • You’re more than free to start your own business and pay your workers exorbitant wages. When will you be hiring?

    • ian

      Because of Liberals…because of liberals ….because of liberals….because of liberals!! yadda yadda yadda..divide and conquer….etc….Conservatives are never to blame, not even when they start illegal wars and lie constantly. Nope, it’s them damn evil liberals. Gotta put them into concentration camps, cuz they is destroying our country……..Pathetic.

      • Gay Veteran

        because , like Communism, conservatism cannot fail it can only be failed

    • Gay Veteran

      gee, Jon Stewart or the drug addict Rush Blowhard? pretty obvious choice as to who I would listen to

    • Ralfine

      Just a question: are you entitled to own your gun?

      • Gay Veteran

        each of us has a natural right to defend ourselves

    • krinks

      Right. I don’t pray for our nation nor our troops anymore. The lot of them will get what they deserve when tyrrany comes and the camps open for business.

    • tawnhal


  • Tosheba

    This Nation is unrecognizable compared to 2006, for Pete’s sake.

  • You guys are deluded beyond comprehension if you think you will go anywhere with civil war 2.0…Just who do you think you are dealing with here?

    May be in your grandpas times, guns had any use, not in these times of Asymmetric warfare…You guys haven’t think this through ..have you?

    I’m for guns…but I’m not stupid…I want to draw a plan and act on it and measure my enemies strength…hmmm let me make some stats..

    1. Nuclear Weapons.
    2. Biological Weaopons.
    3. Chemical Weapons.
    4. Million soldiers from around the world. UN
    5. Tanks, Drones, F-16s, Underground bases.
    6. UFOs, flying saucers, Grey Aliens and their technology.

    Yes. They all belong to the elites. You will be like the Palestinian kid throwing rock at Israeli soldier.

    This war is 1 million year old, since the star war times, if you really wanted to fight, you would have come with a plan since you were born. You are going to loose, you can never ever win this war in one life time….

    This is the time to escape from America not fight in a theoretical war, which you will loose.

    Common man, THINK….Just think what power they and what you do..just a tiny gun…They want NWO and they can’t without a weak opposition…why you are giving them a weak opposition to start the NWO?

    • davidmpark

      When I was 11, we took on two gangs of over 100 teens in an open field. We numbered 11 guys. We had homebuilt weapons and armor while they mostly had handguns, rifles, and knives. We barely survived the fight. Never thought that nickels and pennies held together with duct tape would outperform a .22 LR, but it did.

      When done right with plenty of preparation; a father with a shotgun can take on a military unit himself and win.

    • Syrin

      So the solution to weak opposition is no opposition? Most CANNOT leave. You do not grasp this. The Iraqis and Afghans produced no resistance to us did they? The military won’t comply. This will be done by the DHS and the TSA armed with those 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow point they just bought.

      I am leaving this country in 18 months for good. Lots of nations out there wanting and needing well trained MDs. I will not be an indentured servant.

      • Hambone

        You are a physician? Where do you intend to go? I’m genuinely curious.

      • davidmpark

        Yeah, we can’t leave. Don’t want it to become my war; I’m caretaker to my disabled wife and sometimes the only parent to our 3 young kids. They need me here. Might have to fight it, though.

        What I’m seeing is a scenario that includes Military vs Local and Federal Police. Not pretty.

      • Ralfine

        Same problem as anywhere. MDs everywhere are leaving for the green grass at the other side of the fence, because the pay is too low and the hours too long.
        Philippino doctors are retraining as nurses and go to america because the pay is better.

      • Hammerstrike

        The giant would collapse not from 1 big blow but a 1000 cuts
        and several hundreds of them have been made already.

      • Patriot

        They may have acquired all those .40 caliber rounds, but those will not be the rounds that they use to take freedom away, it will most likely be the fully automatic M4 (AR-15) with .223 or larger .50 cal machine guns. I say this becasue, you only use a hand gun to fight your way to the battle rifle… know kind of like the one the government wants to take from law abiding citizens…..gee, I wonder what their REAL agenda is??? Either revolution is coming soon, or totalitarianism is coming.

    • college kid


      What you said is true. No one will argue that. However I am sure that in 1776 people were telling the revolutionaries the same thing. I beg you to consider all aspects of something before coming to a realization. Sometimes spirit triumphs everything else. Even Gary2 will agree with me here.

      • davidmpark

        Check out the Finnish/Russian Winter War to see how it’s done. One person with a Molotov can kill a tank. Still true today, but you’d need a bigger Molotov…

        Guerrilla’s can combat conventional forces if done properly. Technology hasn’t been able to overcome that.

        • Ralfine

          So, you don’t really need guns to defend against guns?

    • K

      Sorry, your argument does not work. Goliath, was a mighty giant. He had great armor and a mighty sword. David was a boy with a slingshot. According to you Goliath won. According to history, he did not.

      • Ralfine

        Exactly. That’s why Bush’s homeland security and war on terror is just a means if funneling tax payers money into the pockets of gun manufacturers.
        Goliath is doomed.

    • leeholsen

      2nd that. its why i’m so pessimistic.
      people who think theyre going make a stand and reverse things have no idea of the power and ability to control any person they need to.
      just try and beat the irs(who FDR used against political enemies, dont think that wont happen again), obamacare and the existing regulators if you get on the wrong list.
      my advice is to save your money now and if there’s somewhere you always wanted to go, go this year.

    • Hammerstrike

      1 to 5, who pay for all that? That´s right. Who paid for these israeli tanks? Yankees pays.
      6, there are no “greys”. 🙂

  • davidmpark

    We are on the razor’s edge of a multi-sided civil and international war and catastrophe.

    Today we got a report of civilian AR-15 30-shot magazines back ordered to over 1 million mags; for private citizens. The government is accepting their orders of hollow-point bullets – the second of a 2 billion round order. China is prepping rice, milk, industrial and precious metals, and a host of other needs. The US is also stockpiling millions of MRE’s and other necessities (none of these got to the Hurricane Sandy victims.)

    We are also going to have a difficult year food wise. We can gauge how good the year will be when the winter solstice passes by the weather conditions (something the ancients have done for a long time). We didn’t have our storms ’til 6 days afterward the solstice came and went. It will be a hard year.

    I have to disagree with you, Mike. The window for preparation left us last year. We are past the time of plenty and preparation; now is the time for vigilance and providence.

    • Syrin

      Wow, another who is aware and awake. Maybe there is hope. I didn’t think ANYONE else knew what China was stockpiling. Well done. I hope you prepared two years ago. I did.

      • davidmpark

        Did it 10 years ago; kept it rotating, improving, and growing.

        And thanks!

      • Ralfine


    • leeholsen

      No, the US has another year; look at Europe; much of it has been in a recession or depression for over a year and they made it thru 2012. Theyre likely to blow up in 2013, but the US isnt going to fall down with them; it’ll take at least a year for things to decline to where the govt cant hold up the country with more spending.

      • davidmpark

        My concerns are shifting towards the food surplus deficits. Debt can be renegotiated and massaged ’til the credit cards are chopped. Food, on the other hand, is a fixed necessity. Stockpiles are too low right now; we’re living hand to mouth on current supply. This growing season isn’t starting out good and no amount of debt can make food.

        • Ralfine

          maybe it has already started. when i go shopping i often find that certain commodities are not there. and certain shelves contain over meyers and meters the same food. the canned veggie section has to 50% canned beans, then 30% canned tomatos. bread is up to 50% more expensive for certain types.
          the meat section looks like bombed out in the evenings and on weekends.
          and most of the meat section is minced meat.

        • JustanOguy

          Actually… 7 out of 10 people I know are all stocked up with food to last for a year.

          And these are just normal people.

          It’s the people that think the FG will solve all of their problems that are not prepared.

          New Orleans is the perfect example… lots of people got out that were prepared. The naive are the ones who suffered.

  • K

    Michael, hate has been used through out history to control people. Keep them divided, and you can rule them easily. Why do you think, they have worked so hard to drive God out of America. As long as people believed in God, He had the final say, on what was right or wrong. Now the Government has substituted themselves for God. They determine what is right or wrong. Got a problem, do not pray. Give the Government enough money, they will pass a law to fix it. The trouble is when man is the final authority, he will always take the easy way. A solution is needed, but wait, solutions are hard. Find someone to blame, much easier. Remember through out history, when Governments are failing, when no human solution seems possible. There is always the final solution. Pick a group, and blame everything that is wrong in the World on them. It is amazing how well it works, time and time and time again.

  • Paul

    Seidman….Wonder where his real loyalty lies?

  • 2Gary2

    Walmart-creating the new poor in this country, every day. Don’t shop
    Walmart, oops, I mean Chinamart. The perfect punishment would be to
    strip the wealth from the Walton brats and make them work for the slave
    wages their employees get paid and also the same crap number of hours
    and make them feel the pain they cause in the same working conditions.
    If they think the way they treat their employees is ok, they shouldn’t
    mind the same done to them.

    • JustanOguy

      Wal-Mart did not create jack… it’s the people that shop at Wal-Mart that created the new poor.

  • B T

    ‘Divide and Conquer!” That quote is as go today as when it was first uttered. The MSM has used all the psychological tricks on the book to divide America at the wishes of the corporate elite. We now have no core ‘beliefs’ to unite us and we are on our way to a dictatorship. I would even bet that a number of Americans would even think that was a good idea and more will join them as the problems increase in their lives. They will eventually put on the collar of slavery to have someone promise them food and water.

    Oh, and all of you gun owners: I support your right to own them, but I see them being taken away slowly over the next decade. How? First by stricter registration laws and penalties, (unregistered guns would mean imprisonment). Then they will increase the penalty to mean you lose your freedom AND your property. Than they will execute anyone found with an unregistered gun. Then they will execute all of the family of an unregistered gun owner. Then…you will give them all up when ownership means your family will lose everything and be branded for life as ‘enemies of the state’. No? How has it been going so far?

  • leeholsen

    I am sorry to say, but the majority does not have the same values most on this board do. The recent election proved that.
    I am not trying to lay blame on any specific group, but over the past 40 years; the majority of immigrants have been adhering to thier values rather than converting to american values that immigrants did prior to 1950. In addition, for whatever reason, some government and academics have pushed policies and cirriculums that have seperated values of America decades ago and that of today. I am quite sure my grandparents would be shocked at America of today if they were still here( I know I am, but I have come to accept things like tatoos and marriages not lasting a year and normal).
    From what I read, the US has about 10 years to turn the tide. In 10 years, Texas will turn democrat and IMO, the US is England-west for the rest of its days.
    I am not optimistic. In fact, within the next 10 years; I hope to be able to move out Texas before its economy is sunk as the majority votes out its propserity much like California has and move to New Hampshire which seems to be building a firewall to remain conservative in the midst of its liberal neighbors and hopefully live out my days much like Clint Eastwood did in Gran Turino, sitting on the porch watching the decline and complaining to my dog.

    • Orange Jean

      I hate to point it out, but New Hampshire is not very conservative at all. Go spend some major time in Concord and in the meantime check out the Concord Monitor (as liberal a paper as I’ve seen). I have family who’ve been living there for the past 20 years…

      While there are pockets of libertarians… most people in and around Concord at least seem extremely leftist, PC, etc. The influences are likely MA and VT. Don’t think Maine is any better – a lot of hippies moved there in the 70s and liberalism has a strong hold in that state as well.

      Sorry to hear about Texas, I had thought it was a bastion of pro-America… (well, other than Austin)

    • Patriot

      I have to echo what Orange Jean said, NH is not as conservative as you may think. I grew up in Mass. and thankfully got out of that leftist state, now live in CT, which is a slight improvement but not by much. I was actually hoping to relocate out to Northwest or south (texas) for a more conservative like minded people. Maybe my perception is wrong as well. Pretty much, Me, NH, VT, CT, MA, RI, NY is for the most part is a liberal, leftist, anti-Judeao/Christian, anti-gun/anti-Constitution part of this nation. Mass. has some extra draconian gun laws and is very liberal.I think your comments about immigrants is right on the mark. I know many people from latin America, and seem to have no care whatsoever about the Constitution, although they enjoy the fruits of the sacred document. In my experience, most of the latinos I know are conservative in their view of family, but many want to take advantage of any programs that the government offers, and most i know do not see the need to own a firearm.

      This nation is toast. I am very pessimistic as well, and do not see it possible to ever recover, lest something major happens.

  • Trekki

    When all is said and done, two things should be remembered: (1) a house divided can not stand and (2) if one is not for the constitution, one must be against it. As for the latter, by definition one has now become an enemy of the constitution whether they be foreign or domestic. In reference to the former, I fear in the very near future it will speak for itself.


    • Ralfine

      Why have there been amendments to the constitution?
      Wasn’t the 2nd amendment created by people who didn’t like the previous version?

      • Hambone

        Please tell me this is satire…

        • Ralfine

          No, it wasn’t.

          You make amendments, when something needs to be changed.

          In case of your constitution I can’t comment much, as it isn’t my country.

          But, when I have a document with dozens of amendments and a lot of obsolete regulations and I need to make another one, I usually throw the old thing out and issue a revised edition that contains the still relevant parts.

          • Hambone

            The second amendment was part of the bill of rights. It wasn’t added after the fact.

          • Ralfine

            So it was more like an attachment or annex?

      • Trekki

        That is true. All amendments are part of the constitution. Michael’s article speaks of those who wish to do away or ignore it in its entirety. lt is they that I address.

  • 2¢wurth

    Michael: The fourth paragraph from the bottom – “But the truth is that we are never going to fix… should be OUR at the end of the sentence, not are.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      Thank you for catching that one. Even though I do proofread these articles I do let some things slip through here and there. 🙁


  • Mark

    Michael, your last article about Europe is in Zerohedge tonight. Are you writing The Coming Depression Blog? If not it looks like they are using your writings quite often and taking credit for them.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      The Coming Depression is one of the sites that reposts my articles. Zero Hedge reposted the copy that they found there.

      For some reason The Coming Depression strips out all links from the articles and does not even link back to the original. But that is okay. Most other sites do a great job of linking back, and the more people that see this information the more good that it will do.


  • George

    Ever hear of the trap door spider? The unfortunate victim falls into a sandy hole created by the spider struggles valiantly to get out, can’t and is then eaten. That’s where we are at now. The valiant are trying to make or effect change by voting, protesting or boycotting but the power elite (ie. the spider) win almost all the time. The easy way out is to avoid the hole and leave. How? How can I possibly go to another country and find a job? Easy, if your college educated get a TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language and find work abroad. These jobs are in demand. Couple that with a duel citizenship if you have parents or grandparents overseas and apply while this is still allowed, and you’ll have a way out of this sand trap called America. I love my country but I see no hope anymore. Just leave and become an ambassador for this country and spread what good we have left, out there. You don’t have to be an MD to get out, as a good writer here just mentioned, although, of course, as they say in Brooklyn, it couldn’t hoit.

  • tacoma

    While America appears divided on all fronts, there is a single thing, without exception, everybody wants and agree on:


    Everybody wants more of it. The division is over how to get more. In recent decades, the rich played the system and got richer. They want to keep everything because they ‘earned’ it. They praise the triumph of capitalism. The losers, most of them middle class, finally figured out they have been fooled in a fools’ game. They are pissed and want ‘their’ money back.

    Caught in the middle, and by no mean innocent, is the state and federal government. They too want more money. Trouble is, the government have been getting all the money they want for a very long time, in fact non-stop since WW2. Remember the famous saying – a billion here and a billion there … Suddenly, the government can’t get more money – and they are utterly lost and stressed out. Stressed out politicians automatically go into stupidity mode. Which is why DC is the latest banana republic – but it is ‘world class’ banana.

    So the problem is not the Constitution at all, even though it is imperfect despite all those amendments. The problem is US of A has had a full 6 decades, 2 generations, of unlimited supply of money. With unquestioned ability to get more. There is even a world famous line: America can solve any problem by throwing money at it.

    So now, there is not enough money for everybody, everybody means 320 million people used to spending without prudence. Face with this, the country is polarized. Everybody is lost. Everybody blame the other guy. And of course blame the Constitution.

    In summary: the central problem facing America today is lack of money for everybody when the national culture is soaked with money and consume with the latest and greatest. How to solve this problem?

    Austerity. Just start to live within your means.

    Either do this voluntarily, or the problem will be solved real nastily.

    • K

      tacoma , not everyone, wants more of it

  • Colin


    When you wrote this article, did you forget that you had written an article listing people who hate America? I haven’t, and this fact was always present as I attempted to read your article.

    There are people on this board, both right and left, who are steeped in their ideology. The worst lately is Syrin who spews venom with every word he writes. It’s revolting.

    I believe that people create for themselves the world they want. I read the Talmud years ago, and I learned this lesson from that work. Before there were ghettos, the Jewish people were separating themselves mentally and physically from their neighbors. In the time of Jesus, some Jews were opposed to their children associating with Gentiles. As for Jesus, he never left the Jewish community and walk among the Gentiles. A centurion had to come to him, and not the other way around, to receive help.

    I believe that many on the right believe that they are living under a tyrannical regime. They are creating this tyranny, and they are foisting it onto others. I am finding it harder not to be repulsed by the right and their venomous words. How can one love something so repulsive?

    • Hambone

      It’s hard to find “loving” words when you see the fruits of the hard work and sacrifice of previous generations crumble. That’s what we see happening.

      You don’t see it, so it’s easy for you have the attitude that you do. And make no mistake, we may be wrong. If you fast forward 20 years, and all is well, then we were a bunch of paranoid lunatics.

      But, for the sake of argument, imagine that you did believe what we do — that this country is in sharp decline and a crash of epic proportions is imminent, and the people in charge were behaving in a manner that was fueling the decline instead of fixing it… tell me, what flowery, uplifting verbiage would you use to describe your emotions?

      • Colin

        Wrong. I do see it. I do recognize it. In the 1930’s, our nation’s factories built the DC-3. Somewhere, in this world, there is a DC-3 still flying. In World War II, there was Willow Run, the largest plane factory in the US. And there was the Liberty Ships, which were built quickly and led to the success of the war effort. This was in my grandfather’s day.

        I want our country to build great things again. But, we don’t have the infrastructure in place for this to happen again.

        I don’t believe that things will be better in twenty years. I believe that they will be worse.

        To answer your question, I would be finding ways to work with people from the complete political spectrum. There are people on both sides who share common beliefs. I would not be comparing them to the terrors of the 20th century.

        • 2Gary2

          In all seriousness–I think that getting our manufacturing base back so we can actually make things is in out national interest and is a safety and security issue. Even if things may cost more and companies make less profit. What do we do when every thing is made in China and even military weapons etc. Too much chance for sabotage etc.

          I would think that with China being communist every conservative should be in the streets voting out every GOP who are supporting free trade. Its bad enough that progressives are so free trade but the GOP is worse. (look at the voting record)

          • Ralfine

            The capitalist has no country and his only loyalty is to profit.

            Instead of nationalizing banks I’d nationalize defense contractors.

            If they do it out of patriotism, then they’d be happy with less profit and better quality.
            If they only care about the money, then that new weapons system might not be really necessary?

            And if they’d do anything for money, what would stop them from selling to Alakida?

          • Hammerstrike

            “The capitalist has no country and his only loyalty is to profit.”
            Syring shouldn´t call you a socialist.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Thanks for saying what I wanted to say. You beat me to it! 🙂
          In the not so distant past (1943 or so), we built things to last, and we trained young men to win, to stand on their own two feet. Learn to fly from the nest. If you can’t fly, well.. don’t let the ground hit ya!. We don’t do that anymore.
          The infrastructure we used to create that vast war machine in WWII has been dismantled. It will not be rebuilt. We can’t afford to rebuild it.

          • Ralfine

            There is no need to rebuild that war machine.

            America is a rich country. It’s sad that there are so many poor living there.

            There is so much to do to restructure the country to independence from energy imports, for example. Or reducing landfills and toxic rivers and lakes.

            I am sure, for the right incentive people will follow a leader.

      • 2Gary2

        “If you fast forward 20 years, and all is well, then we were a bunch of paranoid lunatics.”

        Sorry my friend I do not need to wait 20 years to determine this. Maybe 20 seconds…

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I do believe that there are a lot of people out there that hate the principles that America was founded upon.

      But that does not mean that I hate them. I think that they are wrong and I am trying to stop what they are trying to do, but I do not hate them.


  • chilller

    This nation was built on “United we stand, divided we fall.” Since the powerz have created so many classes of warfare, it’s made it impossible to unite. There are only 2 outcomes from this, divide the country and let the liberal cancer die off without the support from the right, or all out civil war. And since the powerz won’t let a division happen, the only conclusion is they WANT us at war with each other so we can be “”saved”” by them…assuming they are still around.

  • Ralfine

    We know that you don’t like Obama very much.
    In England we have the same problem: since Obama got into office we experienced the wettest year on record.

  • JustanOguy

    Attitude is a reflection of leadership and right now the leadership is ABSOLUTELY pathetic.

    The United States is a REPUBLIC… and the cronies in Washington D.C. and the idiots that keep electing them into office need to be reminded of that.

    I don’t care what you want to do in San Francisco or Illinois.. D.C., Mass, NY, Chicago or Detroit.

    Stop pushing the crap on the rest of us though because quite frankly… I’m very pissed off…. and so are a lot of other people.

    I’d rather see the Federal Government go away and disappear then continue this current nonsense.

  • JustanOguy

    There are a lot of mad Americans right now… Just not mad enough to do anything about it… YET.

    And the ones that are mad…. are the ones stocking up on everything.

    Push is about to come to shove and it’s going to get ugly for the Garys of the country.

  • Johnthereveler

    We should think this through. I read a lot of you saying we are going to fight. Let’s just think about that. If you are a Christian. The bible tells us that in an instant we will all be changed. This passage eludes to the “taken away” of the church. The age of grace is now. Today, is the day for getting saved. The church will be taken out. I know that God has a plan bigger than our little plan to save America. God has a heavenly kingdom a greater country than America awaiting us. A country without gangs, guns, racial divides, taxes, death, politicians, pollution and so on. God has a place waiting for us that is so much better than America. America is a shadow of the greater that is waiting. So, I would spend my time prepping for eternity rather than prepping to stick around on this planet. Jesus even told us to “store our treasure in heaven, not on earth.” This is where the real awakening needs to be. Wake up to the fact that God has a great plan for those that Love Him. Think about that.

  • Mondobeyondo

    America is an ongoing experiment, a creation that the people who founded it had of a better life, for different races, ethnic groups, religions, social classes, and so forth.

    Most of it worked, as long as the government followed the Constitution the Founding Fathers wrote, was adhered to. Yes, there were some serious issues that should have been addressed and solved at the time – the most notable examples being racism [African Americans], religious discrimination [Jews], ethnic discrimination [Irish, Italians], etc. But the basic concept was, if you worked hard, and “played by the rules”, you could be successful.

    For the most part – (and yes, there were exceptions! Don’t forget that!!) – you could hop on a boat from somewhere, and you could start a new life and become successful, and leave a better life for your children than you had for yourself.

    Not anymore.

  • frank1569

    Seriously? Modern Capitalism is dog-eat-dog – and dogs that eat other dogs don’t join together for common causes. The fight each other to the death.

    In other words, there’s a pie on the table, cut into 8 slices. 8 hungry Americans are seated around the table. Does each get a slice? No – turns out one is a psychotic greedy pig with an AR-15; the other 7 only have forks. The psychotic greedy pig takes 7 slices, leaves one for the rest to fight over. The psychotic greedy pig is lauded as a ‘producer’ and ‘winner’ while the other 7 are labeled ‘losers’ and ‘moochers.’

    Like it or not, that’s America today.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Change the Constitution? I’m quite certain the Founding Fathers meant for the Constitution to be unchanged for the most part..

    Reconsider the U.S. Constitution a “living, breathing document” that must “evolve” as society evolves?” Okay then, let’s change the Bible in the same way, right? It’s an old book, and very much outdated, and is no longer relevant in 2013. Right? No way. The Bible is the written Word of God, and that will not be changed, never…

    The basic text and premise of the Constitution was designed to last. Some changes are to be allowed (that’s why we have amendments!) BUT… certain rights (the Bill of Rights) are never to be denied.

    • Hammerstrike

      Those regimes with evil intend are the ones who have the most interest in ending the Constitution.

    • Gay Veteran

      I’m curious as to which specific modern Supreme Court decisions are bad (other than Roe)?

    • Orange Jean

      I would agree with you on that… but in the very least, any proposed Amendments need to be done very carefully using the established process for doing so… not an EA.

      BTW, I got a good laugh today at work … where most of my coworkers are very young (Gen Y) and are forever talking about it being important to be “modern” and have “fresh new ideas”. The big boss gave a talk on logistic regression (one of the statistical methods used often in public health)… I had done a little homework before the talk and found that the method was based on something cooked up by a Belgium mathematician who published at least 3 papers on the subject circa 1840. A few jaws dropped when I mentioned that!

      I also like to remind those who are so keen on socialism and talk as if it was “modern”… that the Bolshevik revolution happened sometime around 1917 or thereabouts…

      overall, just because something is old doesn’t make it necessarily bad or “outdated”… and just because something is new doesn’t necessarily make it good.,, and vice versa. I just wish more people would use their ol’ bean and think about things more…

  • Tlate

    Americans live in fear. Fear of terrorists, fear of the gov’t. Law abiding citizens are treated as suspected criminals, at the airport on the streets, etc. The producers are told they need to contribute more, that they are not paying their “fair share” which is determined by the gov’t of course. All the while having to meet increasing rules and regulations for their business. Liberals rail against corporations yet walk around with iphones, smart phones ipads etc. watch cable, use the internet all of which are manufactured/controlled by huge corporations, so they feed the machine they are against. Cost of living continues to rise, job growth is flat, housing market is flat, taxes going up, wages going down, US debt going up. If anyone seriously believes the economy is improving I have some swamp land I will selll you in FL you know because it will only increase in value with the recovering economy. Also as for taxes on the “rich.” They earn an income, which is taxed. They then turn around and invest their income. If they make a capital gain on that investment they have to pay another tax. So in essence they are being taxed twice on the same income. Yet that is still not good enough for liberals. They want more of the money from the “rich” person who took the investment risk. Of course if he loses the money no one rushes to re-imburse him. He may get to have a capital loss which is significantly lower than the tax he would have had to pay if the investment were successful. An investment is a risk so as capital gains tax goes up people are less likely to risk capital because the gain will not be worth the risk. That is basic economics which all liberals and a lot of so called economists do not understand. That is how you can raise capital gains tax yet have less revenue…because people quit investing!!!!!

    • Gay Veteran

      The top 0.1% (the elites) get most of their money from capital gains, not EARNED income.

      • Ralfine

        Are you saying that the elite are the real parasites?

        That can’t be, can it?

  • Bob

    When core values are ignored, so-called elected leaders take a hypocritical oath to uphold the Constitution but do not, pass laws that are unconstitutional and contradict core values, and universities brainwashing the youth that is anti-American, yes, I would say this nation is, unfortunately, finished.

    • Jodi

      Absolutely, spot on!

  • beau geste

    michael, sadly, as a country, i truly believe in my bones we are beyond the point of no return. the reasons are multifactorial but there is no deniying it, it is palpable, its in the air, and it is most definitely getting worse. the latest ‘constittutional crisis’ is by far the worse. when we disregard the law of the land, we effectively assume a WROL situation. chaos is coming, just as our dictator has hoped. all we can do is cherish each and every moment before it starts, gather those we love close, pray for protection, and prepare best we can. God bless you for all you are doing here, and to everyone here

  • TripSeven

    Legal defense coming to a trial near you: Those laws are living breathing documents, the times have changed, I’m not guilty because those laws are outdated and don’t apply …

  • Mike

    Read T.S. Eliot’s ‘Christanity and Culture’; cannot have a culture without collective moral values. When the culture has no moral absolutes to ascribe to, it will fail. All nations will come to know the saving power of God! Unfortunately, we will have to suffer a lot before we submit to His saving power! Keep praying!

    • Gay Veteran

      we had “collective moral values” from 1865 to 1964: it was called Jim Crow

  • John

    “Not only that, we continue to elect control freak
    politicians from both political parties that appear to be obsessed with
    constantly eroding our freedoms and liberties.” I don’t know why people can still say statements like this, yes some people vote, and yes some votes are counted, but vote fraud is so rampant, “they” put into office whomever they want. We don’t vote and put into office anyone. I have seen so much proof of vote fraud, it is not even a discussion or debate for me anymore. If I could find it again, I saw an article by someone that got the actual vote count from 20 different precincts in the major important swing state of Ohio. In 10 of these, Obama received hundreds of votes each (Ex. 843,569,782 etc…) in these same 10 precincts Romney received 1 vote… example (1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1). In the other 10 precincts, of the 20 looked at it was the same type of count for Obama, in the hundreds of all of them, but Romney, (2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2). It is totally fraudulent. If Romney would have won, nothing would have changed either. I didn’t vote for either of them, and I will never vote in another federal election again, unless there is a miracle, and we actually gain back our Constitutional Republic, which, any real thinking person knows the answer to that. So whenever I read something to the effect, “so many people voted this way or that way about a federal election, I just move on. You actually think we can even vote in or out the “establishments” representatives or senators…. give me a break. Wake up people, voting at the federal level is only currently for, to make sheeple think that they still have some control over the elections. Well I am here to say, the sheeple don’t, and at the federal level it wouldn’t matter, of the 2 parties, who would win anyway, SAME AGENDA!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!! The evidence is out there, all you have to do is be willing to wake up, shut the TV off, and realize that the pres and congress really control nothing, the corporations and the bankers are pulling the strings.

  • john

    Who’s the Bitches in the photo

    • Patriot

      How would you like someone talking that way about your daughter or wife????????????????

  • Noob

    These comments prove that America is for sure doomed. Micheal writes an artical talking about how we argue instead of doing things, and what happens? Why of course people start argueing. There is no hope left.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Good point.


  • Mr. Mister

    This is a simple equation. Liberty vs. Repression. It matters not what we agree on. It only matters if we are free. We are not free. We have not been free for over a century. Revolution is coming, along with WW3 and civil war. Hold onto your hats. This will be interesting.

  • You certainly started a discussion with this article.
    Work is not what we need. What we need is intelligent people figuring out how to make this country prosperous again. I have worked hard. I have also worked smart. Of the two, working smart has always been more productive.
    We have a bunch of greedy corporations that go where ever they can to make the most money taking advantage of people that do not work smart.
    The average person wants a job that pays well, has good benefits, and a minimum of thinking. This little dream world has been upset. People that have worked all their lives are now out of work and the businesses they worked for have gone elsewhere.
    We need rules. Those rules have to protect both these greedy people that lead these corporations and the average person out there. They do what they do because they can. We need game rules here that protect our people and their jobs and their income.
    Stupidity can also be greedy. These same greedy executives will get caught when the corporate factories in cheap labor companies are confiscated by the governments involved. Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Well Britain lost their corporate factories all over the world after World War II.

    As for Core Values, look to what they teach in government run schools. The word is neutral. Only it is severely prejudiced toward “science” over “religious values”. The problem is “science” does not have any values. It constantly changes. Today’s “science” is tomorrow’s error. The teach “religion” in something called Humanity classes. Only it is thinly disguised aethism.
    You want “Core Values” then the churches have to get back in the business of education. I don’t see that happening anywhere soon. An entire generation or 10 has been taught these Aetheistic Godless Values in our high schools and colleges. Root that out and you might have a chance.

    You want “Core Values” start apprentice programs instead of college. Put people in high paying good jobs because they have something to sell to the world besides worthless education put out by our education system.
    You want Core Values you had better overhaul the entire education system and make challenging out of courses respectable.

  • kirk

    it is time to recognize the virtual even split among the citizens of this nation on everything, understand that we cannot have one half the population lording over the other half for any length of time peaceably and agree to amicably divide this nation into two separate entities.

    short of the above, a very unpleasant and ugly future is in store for BOTH SIDES of the divide. perhaps it will become possible for BOTH SIDES to view this reality and amicably separate.

  • WOWT-TV reports that nearly 300 employees at 11 Wendy’s locations in the Omaha area will have their hours reduced to 28 hours a week because the franchise owner says he can’t afford to pay his employees health care.
    Isn’t free health care great?

    • bwoboe1

      They should exercise their freedom to assemble and unionize. The service industry has gone on far too long subsidizing their profits with our tax dollars in the form of food stamps and healthcare for their under-compensated workers.
      Either they pay or we pay.

  • Darin

    Thanks for such wonderful perspective and insight. Get more relevant and truthful insight from this sight than all other media combined. Where can I hear you on radio Michael?

  • quercus454

    Politicians love division. If they can keep the people of this country divided over the little issues, they can pass larger more important unconstitutional laws without much interference. Divide and conquer is as old as human history. The people really pulling the strings want to see this country dissolved, the constitution abolished and a one world government instituted. There has been a concerted effort for more then 30 years by the wealthy and the puppets they control to push us to where we are today.

    Immigration, outsourcing, border control, trade agreements, gun control and UN agreements are all useful implements in the globalist toolbox. Every legislation, practice or procedure that will weaken national unity and sovereignty is and has been being used. Why enforce immigration law, control the border, implement fair trade practices, follow/defend the Constitution or protect national industry if your goal is to destroy the country?

    The media has been more then willing accomplices. They pick and choose which news to report and often spin it to fit their master’s agenda. With most families needing two incomes, many adults have very little time to determine what the truth is. Between working, caring for their families and children, most people receive their news from TV. These people never have the time to spend reading a newspaper from front to back or to research items on the internet. Others, because their life is so dreary use TV as an escape. They watch everything but the news, because they don’t want the added anxiety. They never pick up a paper or research news on the internet.

    A failing national economy is another tool being used. People who become desperate are more easily manipulated. Their economic situation often dictates what they believe and how they vote. Those who are scrambling to earn a living, often have little time to pay attention to what the government is doing. They like those who trade security for freedom, trade freedom for economics.

  • Pastor Bryan

    Bravo Michael….. Very well said and written!

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you Pastor Bryan. 🙂


  • Our “lawmakers” routinely ignore the Constitution (no Senate budget in 4 years, exempting themselves from the “law of the land”), while reminding us that the citizens must “obey the law”. This article isn’t hypothetical. These politicians do as they wish because they do not fear the electorate.

    • kirk

      you are correct and will continue to be so unless and until the ‘subjects’ realize it is they who hold the real power.

      the current state of affairs is the result of the divisions among we, the people. while it is true that the real power resides with us, this power is not concentrated, but, rather, split and, therefore, weakened.

      there are many reasons the split has occurred, but the reality is that there are what can only be called ‘irreconcilable differences’ among we, the people. these ‘irreconcilable differences’ nearly represent, on the respective sides, one half of the population, each half glaring at the other half, enemies under the same roof.

      given the irreconcilable differences that exist and are becoming more intense, why not simply agree to disagree, separate and each side start new, independent of the other side?

      two nations, each roughly 160 million strong, would still represent some of the more populous nations on this earth and each side would be free to pursue what they believe to be the way it should be, freely. how can this be a bad idea?

      • I don’t disagree with you. if you’ve listened to Obama speak about this, he dismisses any talk of this as a joke and not something he takes seriously. Well, due to the apathy rampant in society, he’s right: Not enough people care anymore. As long as they have their flat screens and their six-packs, who cares? This is not lost on the federal government, with a 90+% reelection rate, they know they can do pretty much what they want.

  • 2Gary2

    Please God let this be true. a world with out republicans would be so wonderful.

    ‘OUR Republican PARTY IS DEAD


    The base of the Republican Party cannot change. It is who they are. All the re-branding in the world won’t solve that problem. They can try their old tricks, like convincing people that up is really down and slavery is really freedom and all the rest of that Frank Luntz messaging crap.

    • Hammerstrike

      There are 1-2 billion who thinks that of your country.

  • Madsr

    I used to love to read all the comments on this blog, because they were as interesting sometimes as Michael’s Blog. I am giving up because it seems I could take them all and move them to yesterdays or tomorrows blogs and they would be the same.

    Michael asked us a question. Yes Michael we as a people do need to love more and hate less! The wedge is driven in everyday by Democrats and Republicans equally. If you are on the right and being misled by Fox or on the left being misled by NBC it doesn’t really matter. You are still being fed somebodies propaganda. Most people in our country today simply care for #1. Our country is in a very sad place.

    Our leaders in Washington are not enemies with each other. You foolish people open your eyes. They are laughing and having beers together at our expense. We are the enemy of our government. They are the ungreatful animals that bite the hand that feeds them. They love that so many of you hate Gary2 and that Gary2 hates you.

    So please continue to feed the hate. When this once great republic fails and you are killing each other for a crumb of bread all these arguments will be moot.

    • Hammerstrike

      No love for those who caused this disaster.

    • K

      Perhaps you and a few others might find this helpful. Go to You Tube and search One Tin Soldier. Even though the song is an old one. It sums up where we are today.

    • Louise in MO

      I DON’t hate Gary; I just DON’T ever agree with him. There is a BIG difference. Hate wants to destroy, and disagreement does not do that.

      That marks the division. A desire to destroy is far, far worse than disagreement!

  • Hammerstrike

    “So what will the future look like if we continue to see this kind of shift among our young people?”
    After getting JOBS, the former hippies elected Ronald Reagan.
    Well, Reagan is an overrated myth but he and his voters where no Colins or Ralfines.

  • 2Gary2

    Pollo–don’t you think it would be in the rich best interest to spread the wealth more evenly (buy peace if you will)?

    The rich are going to pay either way by either the DPDDTT or voluntarily spreading the wealth.

    • Wanna bet? He who has the gold makes the rules. Warren Buffett’s secretary can concur.

      • 2Gary2

        you need to read Pollo response

    • El Pollo de Oro

      2Gary2 in Wisconsin: In Third World banana republics, paying The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax can be very costly. DPDDTT collectors in places like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador charge very high rates; for example, they might kidnap a wealthy businessman’s wife or daughter and demand millions in ransom (then cut off one of her fingers and mail it to show they mean business). DPDDTT collectors can really clean a person out in a hurry. To corporatists and plutocrats, the slave wages they can pay in a banana republic might sound good. But when they get a taste of the DPDDTT and find themselves bound and gagged in the trunk of a car, they find out the hard way that the “let the peasants starve” approach doesn’t work so well. If I had a choice between being a billionaire in Iceland (the country that told the banksters where to go) or a billionaire in Honduras, I’d take Iceland because Iceland doesn’t have the DPDDTT whereas Honduras has very aggressive (and downright brutal) DPDDTT collection. But I’m worried that some of the European countries I found to be relatively safe in the past (like Spain, for example) will end up with the DPDDTT if things continue to deteriorate.


    I’m a 60 year old lady. For 40 years I’ve watched as our earnings and wealth have been legislated away by greedy politicians via debt expansion, the social programs Social Security and Medicare, and now outright theft via Obamacare. Representatives and Senators have given elder Americans and the defense dept EVERYTHING they asked for, all put on a credit card to be paid by future generations. The problem is future generations can’t afford it. Elders and the defense dept have asked for too much.

    • Ralfine

      Yes, the elders asked for too much. That’s why your pension will be cut right now.


    • Louise in MO

      I’m 71, an elder in your book , and I haven’t asked the government for anything other than SS. I would have LOVED the opportunity to invest what I paid into SS, but the feds wouldn’t hear of it. Now you want to tell me that I don’t deserve anything?

      Secondly, I would have been more than happy to just get my money back, without interest mind you, and trust me I could have managed the money far better than any government agency or employee.

  • 2Gary2

    Why conservatives are loosing big time:

    Conservatives have no ability to staunch their self-indulgence. At the root of
    their hatred of government is the government’s role in promoting “the
    general welfare” because their money goes to “those people.” They see
    the world through Ayn Rand’s eyes and failed to count the house. They’re
    an enfeebled minority acting like the neighborhood bully.

    In the final
    analysis they exist to serve their billionaire paymasters. All else is
    opportunism. Can conservatives go against orders? Nothing they do to ingratiate
    all the people they’ve offended will be seen as other than patronizing
    and insulting. If they started sounding like FDR no one will believe
    them. They are an anti-modernist Taliban, holding back the tide of
    social, philosophical, demographic and political change. Whether they
    run a chameleon like Romney or a bona fide zealot like Rubio they have
    passed the point of no return. RIP.

    • bwoboe1

      I wouldn’t agree with that necessarily. I think “conservatives” as caricatured by the MSM are probably. Like that. Also people who get their “facts” from MSM are that way as well.

      I think of myself as conservative, but this system is no friend to true conservatives. Why?

      1. True conservatives are not interested in nation-building or preemptive warfare. MSM “conservatives” are.
      2. True conservatives are not interested in corporate welfare. MSM conservatives think that Walmart is a shining example of what is right with America.
      3. True conservatives see that hard work should be rewarded in kind. MSM conservatives see the working poor as a leach on society, poor only because of their failed values.
      4. True conservatives wish to remain true to the constitution MSM conservatives pay it lip service when it suits their agenda.

      The list goes on and on, but when I think conservative, I think limited federal power, Fair taxation, support of people who work hard, a safety net for those truly in need for basic life necessities, free markets, limited corporations, no government involvement with social issues

      • 2Gary2

        Wow–I did not know that about “true Conservatives” Are you sure your not really progressive? There is much we would agree on. I mean all of this with utmost sincerity, all joking aside.

        • bwoboe1

          There is a remarkable amount of overlap between the two…just definitions have been warped.
          I prefer local governance to federal with most issues I listed above.

    • Louise in MO

      I didn’t realize that Al Gore was a conservative, Gary. Isn’t he one of your people? Gee, a million bucks he made off of the oil deal with Al Jazeera.

      Tell me, Gary, is he redistributing HIS wealth? Or, does he just want you and me to redistribute ours? Until Al Gore, Michael Moore , George Soros, Barack Obama, Jon Edwards, and the rest redistribute THEIR wealth, keep your hands off of the little I have.

      Socialists ALWAYS DON’T do what they preach, and are as bad as a TV evangelist caught with a prostitute in a seedy motel!

      • 2Gary2

        yes tax the rich liberals and spread their wealth.

  • mikem68

    they don’t enforce immigration laws in fact, they will stop anyone who tries to enforce it such as sheriff arpaio in arizona as well as the government of arizona. remember what u.s. attorney eric holder did when arizona tried to enforce immigration? the list goes on and on. the federal gov’t only enforces laws that are convenient for their agenda. scary.

  • Hammerstrike

    Wow, gorgeous ladies!

  • davidmpark

    The US is stockpiling. They have millions of MRE’s, medi packs, water purification tabs, etc. but none of that showed up at the last several disasters. The last I heard of it being distributed for a disaster was in New Orleans. The people who lost everything refused them; saying it wasn’t good enough for their palette’s..

  • Gay Veteran

    “There are preachers and radio hosts that I know that express what they believe in a very vociferous manner, but it is coming from a good place. They love their listeners and they love their country and they are just trying to wake people up. There is nothing wrong with that.”
    you have been on some radio shows where the host is a total religous whackjob

  • Ralfine

    I think you won’t find any nations more brainwashed as the North Americans and the North Koreans.

    War against Iran will come very soon, and American soldiers will be goose stepping again, for God, Country and Fatherland.

    Ah, the reason for the war? cyber attack. The public is already getting primed.

  • bwoboe1

    The mainstream media makes billions dividing the country. People buy it hook line and sinker. When Bush was in office, Fox News couldn’t stop praising the massive increases in federal spending commitments, but when Obama entered office the network couldn’t turn around fast enough to call him an out of control spender.

    For their part, neither Bush nor Obama really care, nor are they meaningfully affected by this infotainment sickness that spread out across the land. Rather it sets up a system where One party maintains power, just called two different names so the public educated through these “news” outlets can stay blind to the truth.

    TV has made the American public more ignorant than ever before because it is too easy to tune in and get each sides’ cherry picked facts. Than people come on websites like this and attack each other making the subject of the article a foregone conclusion

    • bwoboe1

      Wake up people and start looking for truth outside of televised for-profit media. Look at what is really going on in the world around you and stop attacking each other.

      Our divided nation cannot make forward progress.

      Turn off the TV and turn on your minds. I cancelled DirecTV this month after realizing what a cancer it is on the thinking brain.

      • Louise in MO

        I think the tech generation hasn’t a clue. They don’t spend as much time on TV as they do on the internet, the iPhones, the games, etc. When my granddaughter comes to visit I have to ask her to TURN OFF the iPhone.

        Social networking is way out of control. Why you would want everyone to know your every move, your every thought is beyond me.

        As far as the cable news stations go, you still have a right to choose. My complaint with the abc channels and MSNBC is they absolutely did not the first time nor the second vet Obama. They are so in the tank that they are ready to drown.

        As far as Fox goes, they still are number one for the 11th straight year. So, statistically speaking, they have the market. If you don’t agree….by all means, turn it off and look elsewhere.

        It’s what a free thinking person does…make your own decisions folks. We’re still allowed to do that in the USA…no state run TV yet. Bur look out, it’s coming to a TV near you ….and soon!

        • bwoboe1

          Fox is #1 because they are the best at telling their audience what they want to hear to reinforce their worldview.

          They realized there was an under-served market and capitalized on it. If Fox believed what they preach, the owners would abandon the moral garbage on its other properties.

  • Patriot

    How can the pro Constitution crowd like or even attempt to get along with and see eye to eye with the anti-gun, traitors like obummer, bloomberg, feinstein, etc. who want to take our freedoms away???
    How can a hard working middle class American get along with the socialistic entitlement crowd, who believes the government should take care of them??? How can I get along with somone who is tolerant to everything BUT our Christian heritage in this nation???? The same people who want to teach evolution in school, but God forbid you should end a prayer “In the name of Jesus” during a ball game….these people above are the same people that want to file a lawsuit against you, pretending you have violated “the seperation between church and state” or the same people that run crying to the ACLU accusing racism if a black person does not do their job and gets fired….I could go on and on and on……There will be no unity or “getting along” with all the hard differences we have amongst one another.

    Do I hate them? No. Do I hate what they stand for? Yes! How am I going to smile at someone who wants to disarm America and sh*t on the Constitution? There will not be any unity in the USA, because the gloablist agenda of a New World Order, with one government, one currency and one religion is finally is becoming more evident as we see the world “uniting”. It troubles me deeply what is happening to the USA, I know that a one world government is coming and there is not a lot any of can do to stop it. I see the current attacks on the Constitution as a means of globalist controlled politicians puting legislation and laws in place that will eventually make the Constitution null and void in this land. I hate this prospect, but am a realist.

    • Louise in MO

      I agree! You spoke for many of us!

  • It is really sad the way our country is. I totally agree with what Michael writes about these articles. I love to share this with friends, so they too can wake up to the reality and where our nation is heading. I just hope our nation does return back to the LORD.

  • JW

    Doubtful that you will get a change of heart without trauma. The U.S. did not get into this overnight. I would argue there is immense psychological momentum driving events towards a crisis.

    This cannot be any ho hum crisis either. It has to hurt badly enough at the individual level for people to respond. At the moment the dire possibilities live within the internet rather than within most people’s lives. This will have to change before their can be any meaningful reconsideration of attitude.

  • 2Gary2

    The following is what happens more often than not when everything is outsourced to private contractors. Profit is put before the lives of people. PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT! People before capitalism.

    Sodium dichromate is not a mild irritant. It is an extreme carcinogen. In November 2009, at age 52, Lt. Col Gentry died of cancer. The VA affirmed two months later that his death was service-related.

    In November, a jury found KBR, the military’s largest contractor, guilty of negligence in the poisoning of a dozen soldiers, and ordered the company to pay $85 million in damages. Jurors found KBR knew both of the presence and toxicity of the chemical. Other lawsuits against KBR are pending.

    KBR, however, says taxpayers should be on the hook for the verdict, as well as more than $15 million the company has spent in its failed legal defense, according to court documents and attorneys involved with the case.

    • Louise in MO

      I’m not sure what your comment has to do with Michael’s original question regarding division in America.

  • chris

    Russian professor predicts breakup of USA. Wrong time frame,but makes sense to me.

  • K

    Mondo, wish that surprised me. Just look at some of the comments on this board. I consider most people on this board to be better educated and more informed, than the general public. And yet look at the anger level..

  • 2Gary2

    California Budget Surplus? Governor Introduces Plan That Eliminates Deficit

    Another dem fixing a republican mess. Nothing new here!

  • Handog

    Not whole lot of love in the comments.

  • Michael,

    Very thought provoking article. I wish I could say that you were wrong.

  • liberranter

    Is there anything that truly unites us anymore?

    War. And more war. And even more war. THAT is one “hobby” that Amoricons of all ideological persuasions agree on.

    • we also share the belief that you are a disgusting joke

    • Louise in MO

      I don’t think it is war itself that unites us but rather a crisis or disaster whether experienced from nature or from man. 09/11/01 for an example. The country pulled together. Americans don’t like somebody from somewhere else attacking our country.

      Hurricane Sandy, a weather crisis, brought people from all over the country to help; I don’t believe they were asked if they were liberals or conservative, Christian or non-Christian; etc.

      These are the times when “all good men (women) come to the aid of their country.”

  • liberranter

    And of course we have not had anything even close to a true free market system in the United States in a very, very long time.
    Our economy is dominated by a partnership between the federal
    government and the monolithic predator corporations that dominate our

    BINGO. Thank you, Michael, for reiterating this, as most people JUST DON’T GET IT. For the benefit of this thick-skulled majority, I would add to the end of Michael’s second sentence in the above quote “…that dominated our society: in other words, state-corporatism, a.k.a. “crony capitalism” – NEVER TO BE CONFUSED WITH REAL FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM.”

    Even then, it probably STILL won’t get through to people.

  • Larry Speier

    Seriously? This article simply continues the line of thinking that has placed in the situation we are now in. The world views that are not solidly in line with the Judeo-Christian ethic are evil and cannot be compromised with. Without revival ie a move of God that changes men’s hearts the USA as traditionally known is lost.
    There is no compromising with homosexuals , abortionists and antichrist philosophers for Christians. We cannot just “get along” and remain the nation that we were: a nation started by Christians for Christians and nightly blessed and protected by God.
    The road of compromise will lead to severe persecution and a loss of all we hold dear.

    • Gay Veteran

      sounds like you need to move to a more religious country, try Saudi Arabia

  • TheAtheist

    America is already dead. One of the biggest economies in the world but one of the worst heathcare systems (which the rednecks seem to disapprove improving), full of gun crime like some third world nation and full of fat people, living off McDonalds. China is coming..

    • you are a lying sack of SH*T. move to england, they took away guns and gun crime has increased substantially. you FAIL. libs are fat disgusting pieces of CR*P

  • Robert (qslv)

    Perhaps the only solution is to “Balkanize” the United States. Give the “Garys” half the country and call it Parasitopia. We can take the other half and re-start the constitutional republic form of government as it was originally intended.

    • Aeffesstoo

      Once the “Garys” all congregate on their half, declare war and push them into the sea.

  • Carl

    And it is because we are of such diverse opinion on what constitutes a set of “core beliefs” that we’re supposed to be “Equal Under The Law”, which would make whatever anyone believes, irrelevant, immaterial and beside the point. We are supposed to live by the law, not political/ideological opinion.

    The core system of “our” government ( the Federal Government ) was created/designed to be as ideologically neutral as possible, to prevent or make short lived the occasional ideological driven fervors that have a tendency to grip a populous from time to time.

    Think about that design; the Senate divided between the states, a House divided between the populations of the states and the magnitude of effort it would take to bring and keep an ideological driven coalition together long enough to effect change.

    As it was designed; an ideological drive for control would first have to convince enough people to effect a change in the body of states’ legislators, to select Senators of the same ideological driven motivations while winning a majority of the elections for seats in the House of Representatives, and they would have to do this in each state, or in enough states, to effect ideological change across both floors of congress. Nearly an impossible task.

    The 17th Amendment destroyed the Republic and created the bankster/corporate financed, RNC/DNC ideological driven, Democracy that we are faced with today.

    The RNC, representing the Old Republic

    The DNC, representing Progressive (Socialist) Democracy

    Locked into perpetual ideological battle, locked into place by the Unconstitutional bamboozle called the 17th Amendment, in clear violation of Article 5.
    Everything the centralized fascist occupation government brings to us today is a direct result of the democracy created by the 17th non-amendment.

  • Carl

    Why did you delete my post?

  • hero

    I agree with you that this country has gone down the tube. However, religion is not the answer to secular issues.

    The biggest issue is the distribution of wealth….how wealth should be spread so everyone has a place in society. Praying will not solve your problems.

    • CCB

      Hero, praying is the only thing that can help people make the right decisions. If you understand Christ’s purpose than you will understand ours as a people. Knowing your purpose in life sets you free of all the ——— the world can throw at you. Yes action is required, but under your own understanding is futile. Understand that we live in a spiritual world dictated by good and evil living in matter (living tissue). Our direction comes from the following of “Our Father” who is in heaven. Which is only obtained by believing in his son Jesus Christ a living sacrifice for all humanities wretchedness. We are spared the dreadful consequences if we have a desire to believe in his Son’s life ,death & resurrection. Christianity is not a religion, but a truth sent by God (Holy Bible). Religion is created by man.

  • Hammerstrike

    That system actually worked pretty damn well, economic recovery then more economic growth AND military built-up, despite the restrictions german economy had.

  • CCB

    No. We have removed the “Hand of God” from our blessings of prosperity. How? SIN. Pray earnestly that God will expose the truth if you don’t know the truth. (So I say to you: Keep asking, and it will be given you. Keep searching,
    and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened for you,) Luke 11:9 – – -(For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.) Romans 6:23

  • rhcrest

    That’s nice that you don’t hate obama. I hate his guts. I have NEVER hated anyone so much in my entire life. In fact the only other person who i ever hated was my x boyfriend who was abusive. And i hate obama way more than i ever hated him.

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