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Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America – And It Is Working

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At a time when America desperately needs to come together, we are becoming more divided than ever.  The mainstream media and most of our politicians love to pit us against one another in dozens of different ways, and right now class warfare has become one of their favorite tools for getting us to hate one another.  If you are struggling in this economy, you are being told that “the wealthy” are the cause of your problems.  If you have money, you are being told that the poor hate you and want to tax you into oblivion.  Class warfare has already become a dominant theme in the 2012 race for the White House, and there will certainly be endless speeches given along these lines by politicians from both major political parties all the way up to election day.  Class warfare will be used by both sides as a way to divide America and get votes.  And the frightening thing is that it is clearly working.  There is more hatred between the poor and the wealthy in America today than at any other time that I can remember.  But hating people because of how much money they have or don’t have is not going to solve anything.  Instead, it is just going to cause more problems.

The other day, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller told CNBC that the globe is already in a state of “late Great Depression“.  The United States is heading into unprecedented economic and financial problems and we desperately need to pull together as a country and solve these problems.

But instead, our leaders are tapping into the politics of division in a desperate attempt to get elected in the fall.

Rather than focus on real issues and real solutions, our politicians attempt to make “the wealthy” or “welfare recipients” the focus of our debates.

Well, you know what?

Most people that are rich and most people that are poor are not purposely trying to abuse the system.  Most of them are hard working people that are trying to do the best that they can in a world that is increasingly going crazy.

These days, the Occupy Wall Street crowd loves to talk about how evil the “1 percent” is.  But most of the “1 percent” are people that have worked really hard and that have been fortunate enough to get some really good breaks in life.

Yes, there are some among the “1 percent” that do some really bad things.  The too big to fail banks and the big money managers on Wall Street should be held accountable for the crimes that they have committed.

But most wealthy Americans are not trying to oppress the poor.  Most of them are just trying to do the best that they can for themselves and their families.

Neither are most poor people trying to abuse the system either.

Yes, without a doubt there are some that do not want to work and that want to live on government benefits indefinitely.

But that is a minority.

Most Americans that are receiving government benefits today would rather be working good jobs that would enable them to provide for their families.

Most Americans understand that government handouts can never provide dignity and hope for a better future.

But if you don’t demonize the poor and you point out the decline of the middle class, many Republicans will call you a “liberal” or a “socialist”.

And if you don’t demonize the rich and you don’t blame them for all of our economic problems, many Democrats will call you a “pig” or a “fascist”.

Unfortunately, playing the blame game is not going to get us anywhere.

The number of Americans living in poverty increased dramatically under George W. Bush and it also increased dramatically under Barack Obama.

Our country is drowning in debt, millions of our jobs are being shipped overseas, the middle class is shrinking at an astounding pace, and the Federal Reserve continues to destroy our financial system.

Getting angry at the wealthy or the poor is not going to fix those problems.

But it will distract us from the reality that both major political parties have been doing a horrible job.

Sadly, Americans seem to really enjoy blaming one another these days.  Just check out some of the slogans that have been seen on various signs at Occupy Wall Street protests….

“They Only Call It Class Warfare When We Fight Back”

“Eat The Rich – Feed The Poor”

“The Rich Are Wrecking The Planet”

So will destroying the lives of the rich solve our problems?

Of course not.

The truth is that we should want millions more Americans to be prosperous.  We should be cheering for one another instead of tearing one another down.

But that is heresy to many on the left.

On the right, it is heresy even to mention that our tax system is fundamentally flawed and that it has thousands of loopholes that are being abused by the very wealthy.

In a previous article, I detailed how many of the largest and most profitable corporations in America get away with paying absolutely nothing in taxes.

There is something very wrong with that.

Our income tax system should be abolished altogether, but if we do have to pay income taxes, then it is fundamentally unfair for some people and businesses to be able to pay little or nothing while the rest of us get absolutely obliterated by taxes.

But if you try to say that to many on the right, they will look at you in horror.

The other day, there was a New York Times article that detailed the extreme measures that Apple takes to avoid paying taxes.  It turns out that Apple sets up shell offices all over the globe in order to evade taxation….

As it has in Nevada, Apple has created subsidiaries in low-tax places like Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the British Virgin Islands — some little more than a letterbox or an anonymous office — that help cut the taxes it pays around the world.

That same article talked about how Apple has become a model which hundreds of other companies have followed.  To giant corporations such as Apple, tax evasion has become an art form….

Apple, for instance, was among the first tech companies to designate overseas salespeople in high-tax countries in a manner that allowed them to sell on behalf of low-tax subsidiaries on other continents, sidestepping income taxes, according to former executives. Apple was a pioneer of an accounting technique known as the “Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich,” which reduces taxes by routing profits through Irish subsidiaries and the Netherlands and then to the Caribbean. Today, that tactic is used by hundreds of other corporations — some of which directly imitated Apple’s methods, say accountants at those companies.

So what is the solution to all of this?

Raising income taxes won’t work too well because the tax lawyers are always several steps ahead of our politicians.

The truth is that when taxes get raised it is always the middle class that gets absolutely clobbered and the wealthy always find more ways to reduce their exposure.

Just take a look at Mitt Romney.  He made more than 42 million dollars in 2010 and yet Romney had an effective tax rate of only 14 percent.

If I could find a way to have an effective tax rate of only 14 percent I would be jumping up and down for joy, and so would millions of other Americans.

Our tax system is deeply, deeply broken and needs to be thrown into the trash can.

Abandoning the current tax system would not solve all of our problems, but it would be a start.

Unfortunately, neither political party is willing to even consider this.

Instead, the Democrats want to raise taxes a little bit and the Republicans want to lower taxes a little bit.

But neither alternative will do much of anything to solve any of the real problems we are facing.

Our economy is dying and it is not producing nearly enough jobs for all of us.  When Barack Obama took office, the number of “long-term unemployed workers” in America was 2.6 million.  Today, it is 5.3 million.

At this point, an astounding 53 percent of all college graduates under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed.

So where is all of the “change” that Obama promised?

Things just keep getting worse.

Since Obama has been in the White House, 14 million more Americans have gone on food stamps, and more than 25 percent of all American children are enrolled in the program today.

How will class warfare help those people?

Will blaming the wealthy make things better for them?

They are already receiving government handouts.

Will increasing those handouts a little bit more fundamentally change their lives for the better?

Of course not.

What those people need are good jobs.

But instead, both the Democrats and the Republicans continue to pursue the same job killing policies that have been destroying American jobs for decades.

Without good jobs, the number of Americans dependent on the government is going to continue to grow.

In a previous article, I detailed the explosive growth of social welfare benefits that we have seen under both Republicans and Democrats….

Back in 1960, social welfare benefits made up approximately 10 percent of all salaries and wages.  In the year 2000, social welfare benefits made up approximately 21 percent of all salaries and wages.  Today, social welfare benefits make up approximately 35 percent of all salaries and wages.

The goal should not be to rape the rich and give out even more social welfare benefits.

Instead, the goal should be to develop an economy that creates good jobs.

We need have an economy that empowers individuals and small businesses.

Instead, we have an economy dominated by big government and big corporations.

We have an economy that funnels the vast majority of the economic rewards to a tiny elite while most of the rest of us struggle.

Just consider the following statistics….

*Back in the 1970s, the top 1 percent of all income earners in the United States brought in about 8 percent of all income.  Today, they bring in about 21 percent of all income.

*The following is how income gains in the U.S. were distributed during 2010….

-37 percent of all income gains went to the top 0.01 percent of all income earners

-56 percent of all income gains went to the rest of the top 1 percent

-7 percent of all income gains went to the bottom 99 percent

*In America today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

*According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.

So what is the solution to that problem?

Is it to attack the rich and take away all their money and give more government handouts to the poor?

Of course not.

Rather, we need to change the rules of the game so that individuals and small businesses are empowered to succeed.

We need to decentralize economic power and dramatically reduce the undue influence that big government and giant corporations have over our economic system.

We need to create an environment where almost anyone that has a good idea and that is willing to work hard can succeed.

But instead of focusing on real solutions like shutting down the Federal Reserve, converting to debt-free currency, eliminating the income tax, shutting down the IRS, massively reducing the size of government and getting rid of thousands upon thousands of unneeded regulations, the mainstream media and our politicians are going to continue to try to get Americans to blame one another for our problems.

The efforts to divide America are working, and hatred is growing to unprecedented levels in this country.

Eventually this will lead to mass rioting in our major cities and that will make our problems far worse.

Hatred and division are not going to bring us a better future.

They are only going to destroy us from within.

We don’t need hate.

What we need is more love and more solutions.

Unfortunately, our leaders are leading us down a very dark path, and we are heading for a future that is going to be a complete mess.

  • tappedops

    I say we bail out everyone whos rich… that will bring our jobs back…

  • r.bitting

    What they need is Jesus Christ, when that happens the love and the solutions will take care of themselves.

    • r.bitting

      Oh, and BTW, I find the timing of this article most interesting, given tomorrow promises to be a day of protests nationwide ( some may get ugly ). America is morally bankrupt, and we have the president that we deserve to have. When November comes, all who place their hopes in the system are going to be in for a big letdown.

      • Ian

        these protests are a result of not trusting the system and wanting to bring it down. Dont call those who actually get out and try to force change “morally bankrupt”. You quote Jesus, yet fail to realize that he would be in the streets marching with the global protesters and demading the change we so need.

        • Ian

          I agree with Ian… Jesus was furious at the money changers (bankers) and the pharasies and the corruption of religion. Quite the same problem we have today. We have bankers and globalists controlling us through the debt system, we’re all wage slaves. The establishment steals our wealth by depreciating the only legal form of currency and exchange.

          And on the other hand you have religious leaders preaching hate and violence against other religions (Islam) and homosexuals… when Jesus not even once spoke against those two things. His message was simple, love one another and love God… something Christian religions and followers seem to fail at.

          Let’s get along with each other, despite our differences, because it is the ruling class that takes advantage of our division and makes us all their slaves. However, as jesus said, there’s really nothing we can do about this, it’s all been prophecized… ‘all these things must come to pass, before he returns.”

          • Concerned

            I agree too Ian except that in the bible it does say that homosexuality IS A SIN. However, WE should NOT make it OUR business. It also says we shouldnt hate. Homosexuals or anyone else. Homosexuals and sinners have to answer to GOD and GOD alone for their sins. It’s between them and HIM and nobody else. Just because I happen to be straight does not give me the right to hate someone else for being different. Try to show them the errors of their ways with love and understanding and then move along. Thats all we can do. We are not to judge others.

        • r.bitting

          Jesus would not have been in the streets marching with the protesters, thats the same mistake his disciples made when He first began his ministry ( they thought that the Messiah would arrive on the scene and institute political change, they saw him as a political savior, even trying to make him king ). Would Jesus have approved of the corruption on Wall Street, absolutely not. But, while you are so anxious for God to drop the hammer on the corrupt Wall Street bankers, you had best be praying that he doesn’t decide to deal with you according to your sins, WHICH WE ALL KNOW YOU HAVE COMMITTED, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Christ didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people live, because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Which is why Christ came, to save sinners by giving his life as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. And I stand by my statement that America is morally bankrupt.

          • Gay Veteran

            well Concerned, too bad that both the Old and New Testaments condoned slavery

            so spare us your rant about “sin”

      • Kathy Smith

        Glad to c u back r. bitting I missed your wonderful christian comments.0 I agree we have to put our faith in Jesus & realize only banning together will get us through this time. God help us all

        • Gary2

          I didn’t!

      • Graz

        I totally agree. Most Americans lived a good life and they have no idea what it’s like to have it tough, and just making ends meet. Or not having enough to eat, or have a choice in what they eat. Also, America and the rest of the world is morally bankrupt, Look at what is going on all over the world; churches are empty, because “other more important things” keep them busy. No time to read, to reflect, to plan – everything that matters is here and now. And everything is about satisfying oneself. That’s why we have corruption and more corruption, stealing from hard working people without them even knowing. They trust the wrong people because they do not know any better. They do not do they homework. How sad to watch all that happening. I fear for our future.

    • Jodi


  • Kevin2

    I well remember the late 1970s when inflation was climbing and from people on the street to radio and TV the blame was being tossed from business “Your profits are too high” to labor “Can you believe that they want a 10% raise” while no one reported the true culprit of deficit spending and fiat currency.

    I see the same blame game being now being used with some new players. It’s actually far worse today because no one is blaming labor. Labor? What labor?

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “… while no one reported the true culprit of deficit spending and fiat currency.”

      5 in the bullseye if you would add rampant easy credit and grossly out of proportion consuerism.

    • Stan522

      Same blame and my fellow American’s have been successfully dumbed down to believe the rhetoric the politician’s spew all helped by the big corporate owned liberal media. They carry the torch for the politician’s lie.

      Disarm these politicians….. End the Fed, before it’s too late.

  • mark

    Thank you for spelling out some of your thoughts in one paragraph. Your solutions sound good. What form of tax do you wish to go towards to pay for a smaller government.I think a fair tax would be a start as every one would have a dog in the fight.

    • Michael


      I think that there are certainly a lot of options worth considering.

      Also, tariffs against goods from nations that are not trading fairly could also be used to help fund the government.


      • tex

        Tariffs (at least punitive ones) will get us no where. Fortress America will just starve and feud behind it’s walls. With China and Brazil and the Asian Tigers, the world no longer needs us or our greenback petrodollar.

        The only thing that will save us is a more fair and equal distribution of wealth and services. No that does not have to mean socialism. The effort to win (and pay for) WW2 proves that it can be done and that people will buy into the program.

        • Gary2

          Bottom line–capitalism is good at generating wealth but horrible at distributing it.

          Socialism is less good at generating wealth but good at distributing it.

          Seems to me we need a good mix of both where a rising tide does indeed lift all boats and everyone has a boat.

          • SandraO

            Gary2 needs to be shipped off to Cuba to see how Communist/Socialist dictators distribute wealth. Castro and his Communist Party elite control all the wealth of the country and live like royalty while everyone else lives in poverty waiting on meager handouts from the Communist Party elite. BarackHusseinObama and his Communist Democrat Party hacks want to do the same thing in this country. They promise “hope and change” but the only thing that changes is that poverty grows and the middle class disappears. Meanwhile the rich Hollywood leftist elite like GeorgeClooney raise millions for the Democrat Communist Party elite. On May 10th, GeorgeClooney is hosting a re-elaction campaign fundraiser at his lavish, multi-million dollar home in Malibu for BarackHusseinObama. The cost for admission: $35,800 per person. The event has already sold out raising a total of $6 million and over $4 million for an accompanying raffle. No doubt rich leftist actresses who gush over BO like JuliaRoberts and EvaLongoria will be in attendance?

  • Gary2

    there has been a class war of the 1% against the rest of us and they are winning. We live in a country by the rich and for the rich. Payback will be brutal. No opne needs to be a billionaire period. Time to redistrubute the wealth. 75% tax on ANY income over 5 million per year. Capital gains are income and need to be taxed qas such.

    tax the rich hard and spread the wealth.

    I did not have a seat at the table and now you want me to pay to bail out the rich. No fucking way! Austerity is failing in Eurpoen countries and will fail here as the poor refuse to bail out the rich any longer.

    Tax the greedy to help the neeedy

    • 007

      If the rich were taxed at these high rates and all of their wealth taxed away and redistributed to you and your friends, you would just piss it away and still be broke. So what is your plan to deal with this problem?

      • Gary2

        tax them again and repeat the cycle.

        • Mal R.

          and now that you’ve used the force of the govt to STEAL all of their wealth and the debt hasn’t even come close to getting taken care of and there aren’t any rich people, then what?

          The truth of the matter is your golablist marxist messiah is equalizing income. It’s just that its so much easier to bring the US DOWN to the rest of the wrold than it is to bring the rest of the world UP to the living conditions of the US.

          It’s no wonder you don’t have food – you’re too damn dumb to even figure that out.

        • SandraO

          People like Gary2 need to change their outlook and quit seeing themselves as VICTIMS. Communist & Socialist elites love victims because they can control them by promising them “hope and change” with more government programs. Nothing really changes for victims–the remain poor waiting for government handouts and often things get much worse. The only ones who benefit are the Communist & Socialist elite who gain power and wealth. The problem with Communism and Socialism is that they eventually run out of other people’s money.

    • chris

      Aaaaand you still come out with the same crazy Marxist BS lol……

    • Syrin

      Hey ********** head. How many times have the earnings on capital gains been taxed already?

      Hey ************** head, what has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME they raised the capital gains tax (hint, tax revenue went DOWN as investment dried up and the economy shrank)

      Hey ************** head, show me a single study that sghows raising taxes on the rich makes the poor wealthier.

      Hey **************** head, if you take awat all the property of the rich, you can pay for the government for a week, but the economy will be COMPLETELY destroyed, then what? What’s your next plan ************* head?

      • Gary2

        Dumb conservative question:

        “How many times have the earnings on capital gains been taxed already”?

        Smart liberal answer:

        Not nearly enough thats how many times. It is obscene that they are only taxed so little. Hedge fund managers and mittens pay a less % in taxes than I do and I am working poor.

        Warren Buffet said recently that no onew was uninterested in investing to make a profit when the capital gains were taxed much higher and in fact the economy was doing fine. You are just plain wrong that taxing capital gains (which are nothing more than income) highly has any effect other than to make the rich pay their fair share.

        Plus–regardless of what you say or think the VAST majority of Americans want the rich to pay their fair share and be taxed a lot more. 80+% say tax the rich and end the wars.

        So syrian you can hunker down in your squalid little compound in Idaho and pretend your libertarian utopia/ silly ayn rand crap is the way to go. The rest of the sane would disagree. You are a relic from a bygone era and just like the dinosaures you will soon be extient. Demographics is way on my side. Don’t see too many young conservatives or minority conservatives. So to reiterate–what you want or think is irrevelent as you and your side will loose in the end.

        Keep posting as I find you amusing. I had my son read some of your posts and he was amazed at the sheer stupidity. He said and I quote “This dumbass and his policies are what caused the near depression we are in. The facts are out there for anyone to see.” “is this guy one of the ones who rode the short bus to school?”

        • Syrin

          ****************, PLEASE KEEP POSTING !!!!!!!!!

          You’re right, my opinion is irrelevant. So lets look at the studies where people say NO ONE should have to pay more than 25% income tax or the srudy just last month where 78% of people said the rich pay too much already. See GARY, I live in this far away place called REALITY where objective data matters, not hopium and greedium.

          warren Buffet? The dame guy who has spent MILLIONS so he won’t have to pay the BILLION in taxes he owes? The same guy who pays himself LESS than his secretary, and the only reason he has a salary at all is because the law mandates it? The guy who LOVES high income taxes because he only pays capital gains taxes? Wow, PLEASE KEEP POSTING GARY !!!!!!!!

          The best thing about that post is your last two paragraphs show us the inferiority of the liberal mind. No connection with reality, arrogant condescension, refusal to see reality, and self declared victory based on not a single fact !!!

          PLEASE KEEP POSTING !!!!

          Let’s keep highlighting your view versus reality for EVERYONE HERE TO SEE

          • Gary2

            syrian–I have never seen any survey where 78% say the rich pay too much unless the poeple being surveyed are rich CEO’s.

            EVERY reputable survey by gallop etc says 75-82% of the american public wants the rich to be taxed more and feel that the rich do not pay their fair share. This is information you can simply Google/research on your own, you do not need to take my word.

            Regarding my demographic I am way correct. People that adheare to your philopshy of conservatism will be so in the minority as to be irrevelent. I can most assure you minorities mainly vote liberal as do college students and most young people. This is why the republicans with backing from ALEC are trying to make it harder for these populations to vote. They are of course for the most part failing on this front as ALEC exposed etc is calling them out.

            Syrian–please fact check what I say. You should not take my word for it check it out for yourself. When you come back and have to admit I am correct I will not rub it in too hard on you. I may say I told you so.

      • Gary2

        Hey ************** head, show me a single study that sghows raising taxes on the rich makes the poor wealthier.

        The 1950-1960 where the rich were taxed as high as 91% were very good to the working people. How can you not know this??

        • Syrin

          You actually consider that an answer ?!?!?! ******************** !!!!!!

          GARY, show me a SINGKE STUDY. Want to know the dofference between the size of gov’t as a percentage of GDP in 1950 versus now? How about the number of PAGES of regulations? See, as gov’t got BIGGER we got POORER.

          “How can you not know this??”

          By the way, I can show you no less than a dozen studies showing high taxes = more poverty, but you are too ignorant to learn. You are frankly incapable.

          • Gary2

            in a more complex world one would expect there to bhe more pages of regulations. I do not get the right wing obsession with the length of regulations or legislation. As long as they nboth make sence who cares about the length?

        • SunShine

          The controlled media influences people, inducing them to blame each other for the woes, your neighbor needing food stamps is the cause of your own woe, or Granny’s social security..etc.
          Please. Don’t. Fall. For. It.
          HOW ABOUT the Likes of Walmart etc. pay their people enough to live on! The working poor need to be heard and compared to the lavish lifestyles their billionaire masters live. Somebody do a documentary on this please! Do you think the billionaires can spare a dollar for the employees working their slave wage shops in the service economy? Is it ok for them to shuffle off the profits to tax free NGO foundations designed to shape public policy to their own warped world ideology rather than pay people a living wage?
          Oh no, Perish the thought the people might become independent of a tax-payer funded mere existance if they could earn living wage and actually experience the joy of being free of the hand that feeds food stamps.
          Hey Folks, what’s the minimum wage next to the cost of a gallon of gas these days?
          I don’t want a food stamp president, I want a president with a backbone to stand up for the people and demand living wages for the working people!
          Agree with Gary on a point to tax the rich hard, BUT, not to transfer payments from wealth to poor, but to pay a living wage so folks can earn enough to pay their own way in the world.
          Taxing the working class to help the working poor is not working at all!

          • Gary2

            Agreed–The best welfare is a good job. Good defined as paying a living wage. Corporations are sitting on record profits mainly due to skimping on wages and paying poverty wages. To make it worse many of these walmart type employers pay so little many if not all of their employees are on food stamps and healthcare for the poor. So in a way we the taxpayers are subsidizing these low wage employers. corporate welfare is a way bigger expense than any welfare for the poor.

        • SunShine

          Gary, I believe that era of prosperity you cite was before LBJ’s so called “war on poverty”.
          As a reader of this blog could you explain to me, please, how the country prospered as well as it did in the 50’s and early 60’s before the war on poverty and without all the tax payer funded aid to the poor?
          What went wrong with the war on poverty? And why did we, generally, on the whole, flourish in the 50’s and 60’s?

          • Gary2

            because the rich were taxed at up to 91% and this had the effect of making them reinvest in their businesses as opposed to being taxed at 91% if they cash out. This caused a growing and robust job creation. ever since we started lowering taxes on the rich things started to go down hill.

            BTW there was a ton of poverty before the war on poverty which is why LBJ started the war in the first place. You should read Bill Moyers as he was there and really sets it straight. You also need to compare polulation size then and now.

            Thanks for the question.

        • Scott

          That’s a lie liberals keep spreading. No one payed 91%. The rate back then only existed on paper.

          • Gary2

            just like the corporate tax only exists on paper yet the repubes keep parroting that we have the highest rate of all countries.

    • jeff thomas

      If you take away the reward for success, you also remove the motivation to work hard and be successful. I’d rather sit on my ass and play video games than work 50+ hrs. a week to pay 60 cents on the dollar in child support. I am 50% responsible for them being in this world and so I do it. However; if I was being taxed that much so some bum could receive their food stamps, subsidized housing and cash assistance I’d quit working in a heartbeat. The mindset you are perpetrating is part of the problem. Think bigger. Whether you wanna vote dem or repub the choice is really Goldmann Sachs or Goldmann Sachs. That sounds like no choice at all. If we have no choice who to vote for we have no voice.

      • Gary2

        yeah those poor folks sure have it good. What a dolt!

    • xander cross

      I agree with you all the way. Excellent post.

    • Mal R.

      Gary is proof positive that democrats never got rid of their love of slavery.

      They don’t believe that a man is entitled to the fruits of his labor. What you’ve earned is really a dispensation of the govt that legally has claim over YOU and what you earn.

      • Gary2

        Mal no one succeeds on their own, no one. All I am saying is the rich need to be taxed way more so more folks can have the opportunity to succeed. Cutting programs like food stamps/ education/pell grants in order to cut taxes on the rich and corporations is insane.

        You are entilted to the fruits of your labor but you also need to care for the tree that enabled you to get the fruit in the first place.

        • Mal R.

          …proof positive that Democrats dont believe in equal application of the law. Helloo, that’s tyranny, dope. MAN, you people despise the Constitution don’t you.

          No one succeeds on their own – What utter BS Gary. I’ve worked, studied and sacrificed for everything I have. Who made me succeed? Dont say the community. The existence of a commmunity/society around us doesn’t make us succeed or else there wouldn’t be poor.

          The truth is that until Democrats SHOVED God out of our lives, business people and the community DID take care of the people around them. So now that you Godless animals have destroyed the family, God and moral values, what tells people they NEED to take care of others. The Govt isn’t charity, it’s force.

          The truth is that you people don’t want to help anyone. Go goole “Illegal to feed the homeless.
          We’ve already redistributed TRILLIONS and “the poor” are only becoming a larger group. You people just want to bring slavery back – NOTHING ELSE.

          • Gary2

            the community does not make you succeed but it enables you to succeed. There is a big difference. I expect the nuance may be lost on you but I do not know how to simplify it.

            It is a fact no one succeeds on their own. just think about it and its common sence. This individualism crap I did it my self BS is just that BS. It ios so obviously not true it amazes me we even need to discuss it. It is like debating that the sun rises in the east. It is so obvious no one needs to discuss it.

            Mal–we are going to make you less mal adjusted yet 🙂

          • Gay Veteran

            gee Mal R, then why did you “Christians” allow Jim Crow laws?

          • Mal R.

            Uh, not so much Gay, try the democrat party.

            You are apprently one of the stupid left

          • Mal R.

            “This individualism crap I did it my self BS is just that BS”

            It’s BS to you because you’re incapable of doing it for yourself.

        • SandraO

          Ignorant fools like Gary2 are the reason that so many countries have been taken over in the past by corrupt Communist/Socialist dictators and tyrants like Joseph Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Franco, Mussolini, Kim Jong, Pinochet, Hugo Chavez, etc. These dictators and tryants all promised “hope and change” but only brought misery for the vast majority of their people.

          • Gary2

            seems to me that it is conservatives who have brought misery for the vast majority of the people.

          • Gay Veteran

            uh, SandraO, you do know that Hitler, Franco, and Pinochent were RIGHT WING

          • Mal R.

            Again, not so much there Gay, the Nazi party was NATIONAL SOCIALISM which is decidedly LEFT-WING. Goerbels himself said there really wasn’t much difference between Nazism and communism. And there isnt.

            Quick history lesson. Our founders understood the political scale from left to right as communism (total govt) to anarchy (no Govt). This country was first founded on the Articels of Confederation and it was SO FAR to the right, it failed because the govt had absolutely no power. Then they created the US Constitution by moving the bar a touch tot he left so that the federal govt had just enough power to speak for the whole.

            See, the scale is absolutley NOT a circle where somehow you end up with totalitarian anarchists. That’s idiotic. For example, OWS. Those rubes aren’t anarchists. They are all commies and socialists who would use anarchy to burn down this system as a MEANS TO AN END. Burn down this system so they can seize control and implement communism. Ya, see – you and Gary ARE the party of that which you profess to hate.

            Again, you’re the stupid left. You’re so dumb that you parrot Nazism as right wing because you dont know that is the Eurpoean right wing, where their scale goes from hard left communists to leftist socialists. They are ALL statists no matter how the leftist progressives in this country try to redefine and dumb it down.

        • Syrin

          Show us a SINGLE STUDY GARY where high taxes create more wealth GARY. You can NEVER EVER ANSWER THIS BASIC QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!! You live in the liberal world of how things “should” work. Zimbabwe is the end result of YOUR POLICY IDEAS

          • Gary2

            germany, norway, sweeden denmark I could go on.

    • estamos jodidos

      Just how did the top 1% get there? Who are “they”? Bill Gates, The Walton family, etc? There rich folks got rich by implementing things which have enthralled everyone.

      Gary, how much of your hard earned dollars went to buy cheap crap from China at WalMart (helping them get richer)? How much did you spend buying Apple or Microsoft stuff? These folks got rich by selling us stuff we wanted to buy, and now your pissed.

      The top 1% got that way because we the 99% made them that way. The rich families in America go rich only because we thought we were getting a good deal by buying cheaper crap from them (Rockefellers, Vanderbuilts, Carnegie, Ford etc) No one forced us to buy, no one put a gun to our heads. If you want to change things, start at home, stop supporting the system. Otherwise we will just trade one group for another. your Socialist dreams don’t seem to comprehend that there was significantly much greater class separation in the Soviet Union, any communist or socialist country, even Cuba than there is here. Socialism will only serve to reduce us down to the lowest common denominator.

    • ScoutMotto

      “Tax the greedy to help the neeedy”

      Why is it considered “greedy” for people to want to keep the compensation for their labor? I earned what I get paid. The government did not, and neither did their dependents. Government should not automatically “own” my paycheck just because I exchanged my labor for compensation. It is completely unjust.

    • Me

      However do realize that at that point, you are committing to a broken system. I’m not saying that’s wrong. There’s gonna be a time for that. Like, if it becomes plainly apparent that all they are going to do is export our jobs, fuel resources, etc., and there’s no talking them out of it, I say go for it at that point. But at that point it’s all going down anyway. I guess that’s just more or less a phyrric shot to the nose to try to bloody it up. It’s not gonna solve anything. Might feel good at some point though.

      It’s not gonna solve anything because you realize:

      1. They are not our major deficit problem, that honor goes to Social Security, Medicare, and Military Spending, in that order.
      2. They’ll just expatriate. Then you can’t take anything.

    • Rosco1776
  • Sid Davis

    It seems that large numbers in both groups do not believe in freedom. Instead they want government power to be used to give themselves something. Many of the rich elite want laws that rig the markets in their own favor, and judging by the skewed distribution of wealth that makes the country look like one big slave plantation, they have succeeded.

    On the other hand, there is substantial support, under the guise of kindness and fairness (and for politicians to buy votes), for government plunder of society to provide benefits for the underclass to meet their basic needs that they cannot meet themselves, substantially as a result of the poverty they experience from the rigged markets.

    At the root is the involvement of government in our economic lives, destroying freedom and free markets. Then a less than stellar, heavily indoctrinated public blame free markets for this fascist/socialist economic system, and instead of demanding free markets, they demand more government control of markets. Ignorance, indoctrination, greed, and sloth stand in the way of the benefits of freedom which our Founding Fathers thought they were guaranteeing us in a Constitution that is today substantially violated.

    If you have ever seen the use of a monkey trap, where a coconut has a hole just big enough for a monkey to reach in and grab bait, but not big enough to withdraw his clenched fist as he holds onto the bait, you might understand the difficulty in reversing course and restoring freedom. Nobody wants to let go of the present system of plunder and control for fear he will lose hold on the bait that keeps him trapped, so we just spiral deeper and deeper into a slave system that can only end in civil war, killing one another until either freedom is won, or our subjugation is completed by those in power.

    • John G

      Good summary. I agree with all your statements.

    • Witness the End


      You hit the nail on the head. Dead on!

      There is actually such thing as a monkey trap, it works and your analogy is perfect.

  • Gary2

    They Only Call It Class Warfare When We Fight Back”

    “Eat The Rich – Feed The Poor”

    “The Rich Are Wrecking The Planet”

    I see nothing inaccurate about these signs and have held them myself at OWS in Milwaukee.

    I see nothing wrong with destroying (financially) the rich, taking their money and giving it to the working poor/poor who really own that money anyway as the rich stole it by paying low wages and exploiting the poor by not increasing wages along with the increasing productivity of the workers.

    tax the ****************** rich and spread the MF wealth

    • Ian

      I agree. Yet you have people on this site quoting Christ, and then criticizing the very people he would be standing in solidarity with if he were alive and well today.

      If you think even for a second that the savior of mankind would be heard defending the rights of the billionaire scumbags, you are sorely SORELY mistaken and you really need to reread your bible.

      • Gary2

        IAN–I think these christain hypocrites nust have their own bible that is different than THE bible.

        Maybe they should try reading the black on the pages and not make up what they want it to say.

        Jusus was very clearly a socialist in that he said to care for one another, not accumulate wealth and screw and exploit others.

        • Mal R.

          speaking of hypocrisy….

          ********, there isn’t a word in THE bible that shysters like you wouldn’t jump on to distort or lie about. Lets talk about jealousy, envy, greed or even just “the big ten” in the bible. You know, the one’s Godless animals like you love to PREACH on a daily basis. You are the “party of ten”. No man is perfect. That’s the point God makes THROUGHOUT the bible. Hellooo, fallen. The point is that it teaches us how to better and more like Him. And failing doesn’t make us hypocrites, it just makes us …. imperfect. I dont think that word means what chu think it means.

          I’m not even going to touch the God is a socialist part. You just sound stupid and know that Christians are LTAO at you. It’s clear you’ve never read a page of THE Bible.

          • Gary2

            Mal–I read the black and not want I want the bible to say.

            I would agree when you say you are imperfect. If fact that may be the biggest understatement I have ever heard–you being imperfect.

        • freedom

          Gary2, your one ***************** brain-dead communist, you need to move to Russia or China you don’t belong here, give me your address and I’ll come help you move.

      • Bill

        In fact, if one was to look through scripture, the ONLY time where Christ is found to have gotten ANGRY or was violent toward anyone/anything was when he had thrown the moneychangers (fill in bankers) and merchants (fill in corporations) out of the temple.

    • Syrin

      Show us how they stole it. WAlk us through it steop by step you mental midget, you violent ass bag, you greedy jealous piss ant.

      • Gary2

        by keeping productivity increases that were formerly given as wage increases to workers who actually produce the wealth. They then used that wealth to buy government and further tilt the playing field in their favor by reducing taxes on capital gains to such low levels and the cycle repeats.

        Oh yeah–you need to put your helmet back on before you bang your head during your next seizure!

        • Syrin

          Wow, reality never made it through you head did it.

          Hey GARY, so why do the workers keep working there where they are “exploited”? Hey GARY, why don’t these “exploted” workers open THEIR OWN business GARY ?!?!?! Answer that last sentence first.

          I already know the answer, but PLEASE SHOW US YOUR “THOUGHTS” !

          • Gary2

            just because everyone by defination can not open a business for various reasons does not change the fact that business owners have been stealing workers productivity increases since the mid 1970’s. This is why wages are so stagnent or falling while the wealth has all gone to the 1%

    • Syrin

      Hey ************* head, the rich pay 10% LESS in taxes in Europe, care to guess why?

    • Syrin

      Hey *********** head. Here are the ACTUAL facts that you so conveniently ignore: ”
      Thomas J. Stanley’s insightful book The Millionaire Next Door tells us that the majority of wealthy people live quite frugally, and about 80% of them are first-generation rich, receiving little to none of their wealth by inheritance. They tend to spend less on clothes, food, and homes, opting instead to save and invest. When it comes to cars, few of them have ever leased, and most drive a car at least two years old. This picture of wealth — the accurate one — isn’t politically advantageous. It’s hard to talk about the greedy rich guy when he drives a 2004 pickup truck and gets his clothes from ROSS”

      Read more:

      AND (this will BE WAY OVER YOUR HEAD because it actually describes how an economy WORKS, something you are allaergic to, lazy jack wagon)

      “What the protesters do not realize is that the wealth of the 1 percent provides the standard of living of the 99 percent.”

      “The protesters are literally kept alive on the foundation of the wealth of the capitalists they hate. As just indicated, the oil fields and pipelines of the hated Exxon corporation provide the fuel that powers the tractors and trucks that are essential to the production and delivery of the food the protesters eat. The protesters and all other haters of capitalists hate the foundations of their own existence.” (hypocrite much GARY?)


      “The real 1% are “hard-driving workaholics who tend to have advanced degrees and bring a level of talent and skill to their jobs that attracts premium pay in the global economy.” “Harvard’s Lawrence Katz has calculated that even if all the gains of the top 1% were redistributed to the 99%, household incomes would go up by less than half of what they would if everyone had a college degree. In other words, the financial rewards of higher education are a big contributor to the income gap.” “As Easton points out, demonizing the wealthy is pretty easy to do these days, but there’s still a lot to admire about the people who make it into the top 1%. Do we really want to punish hard work, good schooling, stable families, and excellence (in sports, entertainment, small business and, yes, management)? Doesn’t it make more sense to encourage people to emulate those good qualities rather than denigrate the 1% achievements as some kind of cheating of the system?”

      So that pretty much DESTROYS EVERY ONE of your points, but your are such a useful idiot that you will not learn and adapt. You will not waver. You’re are just a bag of piss and hate, useful to some, a target to the rest.

      • Gary2

        like I said the study from Canada proving conservatives are not too smart is proven true again.

        There are many highly educated folks who work at low pay crap jobs becuase the 1% are again exploiting them. Education while a good thing is a right wing straw man arguement to divert attention to the theft and upward wealth redistribution.

        • Syrin

          What abouit the study LAST week that showed conservatives are smarter than liberals, conservatives understand the liberal philosophy far better than liberals understand conservatives, and conservatives operate in reality more than liberals. Funny how your propaganda hit pieces initiated actual study and got different result. But hey yet AGAIN IGNORE REALITY GARY !!

          KEEP POSTING !!! I’ve already quoted no less than three articles that disprove EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SAID, but you keep talking. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP POSTING GARY

      • k71

        Brother, it ain’t that simple anymore. My parents both sides stepdad and father are 1%. Guess what, it was a generation thing. Try writing that in 20 years from now.
        Free trade is destroying this country and in fact in my opinion it’s too late. You can’t go from having manufacturing at 28% of GDP to 9% GDP and be anything but a third world country. The computer innovation/bubble of the 90’s and the housing bubble during bush’s term hid the real attack which was neoliberal hardcore free trade ideology attack on America that has killed it. Both political parties were guilty. And please the guys on here who shout Jesus, would kill him again if he came back. Jesus was killed by the Ruling Aristocracy of his day the same ones you guys suck up too Pharisees.

      • knightowl77

        Talken to G2 and expecting him to understand or comprehend is like expecting elephants to fly or Obama to tell the truth…It just ain’t gonna happen…

      • mark

        Gary2 will not listen or learn from real facts. The millionaire next door is correct, except I drive a 2002 dodge diesel, 2004 VW diesel passat, 2009 VW diesel jetta that I many times gets 48 miles per gallon. I shop at Ross on tuesdays and get 10% off. I raise my own beef and grow a large garden. I also shop for clothing online at 80% off at Sierra Trading Post and have zero debt. We shop for food first at the Grocery Outlet before we shop at the supermarket. We grind our own wheat for flour and do not buy prepared food from the freezer case. We cook from scratch. We don’t waste our money on drugs or booze. We don’t smoke and don’t drink coffee. I buy fuel in bulk and store it in our large tanks when the price is down, I am still using $2 a gal. diesel. We heat our house mostly with wood off of our ranch. I do not pay interest on any credit card use as we only charge what we want to pay off each month. That is how a millionaire next door lives. It is a great life if you like to work hard. I pay over thirty thousand dollars a year in just property taxes besides state and federal taxes. We donate lots of money to charity by our own choice. And you Gary2 think that I should have to pay more to support you, lol!

        • Optimistic Pessimist

          Well done – I have full faith in the future when their are people like yourself who have a real perspective of life and the meaning of ‘living within your means’. I have recently started to come round to this idea and have discovered a new found freedom and enjoyment of life.

          Life will be very tough for those who don’t wish to or cannot see they need to adapt. The world has changed drastically in the last 5 years, the question to ask is How have you changed? What are you doing differently to 5 years ago?

          May prosperity find the ones who choose to look for it.

      • SunShine

        “What the protesters do not realize is that the wealth of the 1 percent provides the standard of living of the 99 percent.”

        Oh I think all the 99% TARGET, WALMART, MCDONALDS etc workers are well aware of the standard of living the 1% provides…

      • Gay Veteran

        Syrin, you mean the 1% like the Wall Street banksters?

    • Witness the End

      “I see nothing wrong with destroying (financially) the rich, taking their money and giving it to the working poor/poor who really own that money anyway as the rich stole it by paying low wages and exploiting the poor by not increasing wages along with the increasing productivity of the workers.”

      Sounds like Lenin’s plan.

      • Gary2

        works for me!

        • Mal R.

          No, it actually wont – but then you’re dumber than a bag of….

  • Gary2

    Is it to attack the rich and take away all their money and give more government handouts to the poor?

    yes it is. I am hungry and have no money to buy food. Take money from the rich, give it to me and I can buy food. Food stamps have kept so many folks from satrving and if we take money from the rich (ie tax the MF hard) and give to the poor they will then have more money.

    Take money from the rich and get single payer healthcare. That sure would help the poor and save many lives.

    Michael you are just plain wrong. Taking money from the rich will help everyone but the rich have a betyter quality of life. If the rich are so smart they will make it back anyway and we can take it again etc.

    Tax the wealthy to make us healthy

    • Mal R.

      You really are a one trick pony aren’t you.

      The government is already redistributing the wealth. Did you manage to forget that they were GLOABLIST communists? They’re redistributing the money to their cronies and our jobs to other countries. Wake up, dopes like you will NEVER get what you want – but you’re likely gonna get what you deserve.

      BTW, you’re foaming at the mouth.

    • davidmpark

      Seriously! Have you ever been on these welfare programs?!

      We are. My wife is severely disabled and we have 3 young kids here. I have to work a part-time job ’cause I’m her caretaker and legal guardian. We had to go on the welfare system just to help out with things.

      I waste more time on the paperwork than anything. Just to get on Heat/Power assistance for 2 months cost me about $30 and was over 40 pages of paperwork. SSDI took over 2 years, 1 law firm, and over 1000 pages of documentation just for a taxed amount that ends up being $890 per month.

      This system is a abominable demon in my life: it’s embarrassing, demeaning, castrating, and evil! I hate it with all my soul… and you want to devour the rich for more of this!

      You and the rest of those that do this aren’t helping my family and I who are truly in poverty! I need more freedom and my rights restored so I can get dairy animals and poultry, the right build more things we need, and the bureaucrats to go away so I can care for my family better!

      The medical decisions are also not the governments business. That’s hers, mine, and the 5 doctors we visit per month – not yours, not your party’s, not your system’s, and certainly not some bureaucrats. Our lives belong to us and God – we are not slaves!

      And if there’s any doubt that I am just pulling politics (which I gave up on), then read about how the medical ethics community, backed by the HHS, is looking for a pretext to take my wife and liquidate her! This is their justifications so far:

      If this is good and right to both parties and all ideologies; then we are at a final parting of ways.

      • Gary2

        right now your medical decisions are made by the insurance company. They are death panels.

        There is a lot of paper work and yes I have been on these programs and the amount of paperwork is pathetic. If you are reasonably smart they should not be too bad and should not take as long as you said you took…. If you do not want to be on these programs and the are so bad then get off them.

        Typical of a tea billie–holding the sign at a rally saying for the gov to keep their hands off my medicare.

        • Mal R.

          “right now your medical decisions are made by the insurance company. They are death panels.”

          OOOOOOOHHH, so the VAST MAJORITY of people get all of their health care taken care of and you want to steal that, hand it over to the govt, ensure that almost NO ONE gets their healthcare taken care of and make the Govt a DEATH PANEL!?

          HOLEY SHEIIITE that makes GREAT SENSE.

        • davidmpark

          Yes, it does take that long to do it properly, and do it myself. I don’t visit ACORN to do it for me.

          Also, who really controls the insurance companies via regulations and protections – Health and Human Services.

          And I do want to rid myself of them and did for while – turns out one gets a visit from DCFS for doing so! I don’t have a choice unless I start making $48,000.00 per year.

          Thanks for supporting these guys…

          • Gary2

            I did the forms myself. Like I said if you are reasonably smart…

            Insurance companies are nothing but parasites on the system. This is also in the catagory of so obvious it does not even need to be discussed or debated.

      • Craig

        Mr. Park, I really empathize with your situation. That government paperwork and requirements is a nightmare! I have considered trying to get SSDI because of an illiness I have (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), but I know me, and I would throw my hands up and say the heck with it. It is very demeaning and degrading, and having to deal with the types of people that run these government programs is also humiliating. I used to not understand why people were on the streets instead of trying to get government assistance. I now understand. They don’t want to go through the long and humiliating process. I will cut short here because I’m not sure my comments will make it to posting as Michael is probably ready to move onto a new subject.

      • k71

        Let me get this straight. You receive welfare from the State but want to destroy the State. Go vote Republican and I can guarantee your disability check will disappear in the next 10 years. I do agree things can be improved. The funny thing most of the laws and regulations are at the local and state level controlled by the very people who you claim to support.

    • Horhey

      Your ignorant. Your sound not like a communist, but a Marxist. Perhaps in the 11th century as Robin the Hood. I’m broke, but to take other people’s money instead of earning ones way is inhuman, thats called theft. If a wealthy man gave me money, I’d take it, I would not demand it. Just they steal from us, don’t make it right to steal from them. We here all know the 1% corruption, but the smart will find a way. ‘Eat the rich feed the poor’, simple minded moronic slogans. You, believe it or not, are a product of this worlds corruption. Ignorant and self absorbed in you wails.

    • MisterC

      Spend less time being a troll and more time working then you would have more money for food. Stealing from people to ‘give’ to others is wrong and will not work. “Wealth redistribution” and attempts to “equalize” society have FAILED repeatedly. Read some history.

    • Cinderella Man

      You have no money to buy food? WAAAAAAHHHHH life isnt fair Gary everyone here is tired of your same ol tax the rich hard bullshit! When are you going to do something to better your own life? People on this site have tried to point out the error of your ways and you just childlishly react when they do so. They say hell is a place with no reason and you my friend are in a living hell. Nothing is free in this life except for the grace of God. Personally I am sick of the govt. stealing my wages every two weeks to support your ass. Get another job you welfare case!!

      • k71

        Please do not say Grace of God when you have none. Just let the taxes revert to what they were in the 90’s I say. It still want matter because America is toast without a manufacturing base. And BOTH political parties are guilty. Game over.

        • Cinderella Man

          God grace is shining all over me k71, I went from being flat broke and in jail a yearnago to being a manager of a business, possible mayor of a small town, and a son of a sucessful rancher, dont tell me God isnt showing his love in my life!

    • Syrin

      Too bad HISTORY, LOGIC, FACTS and STUDIES show us YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG, but you don’t give a *******. You still think the world is flat and that unicorns live in the back yard of the White House. You are so high on hopium, that the only solution for you and your bretthren is what we do to rabid dogs.

      • k71

        You are a christian?

    • Syrin

      Hey *********** head. When you give up all your rights to steal the property of a fellow citizen who actually DID earn it through their own work and endeavors, what happens next? Have you paid ANY attanetion to history. Hey ********** head. Once you have surrendered yourself like a cheap whore to the gov’t completely, tell us what happens, because I can tell you. See, socialists countries still NEED the wealthy because they are the productive portion of society and are what actually CREATE the wealth that you so greedily desire to steal away. No wealthy citizens means no wealthy nation. Look at Haiti. But it even gets better than that, ************ head. See, once they no longer need your vote, they NO LONGER NEED YOU !! You are a societal parasite, lenin’s useful idiot. Things would be MUCH cheaper if all you parasites were dead, and since they no longer nmeed your vote, that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS! They let you starve or they out right kill you. Guess you missed that in your history class. You were too busy hating the guy sitting next to you because he had and iPhone and you didn’t, right *************** head?

      A part of me grows day by day. The great purge will be the end of liberalism. Welfare state after welfare state is collapsing under the weight of false liberal utopia, and there will be a great purging of liberals. They’re too blind and stupid to see what’s coming, but it will happpen.

      • k71

        Go live in Somalia. It has no government and is a Libertarian wet dream. The tax for the wealthy was much higher in the 50’s and 60’s which lo and behold much greater times of prosperity in America. Of course, if my southern fried brethren want to live in trailer parks the rest of their life then be my guess.

        • Mal R.

          Uhhh, I went to Somalia in 94. Black Hawk Down ring any bells? It’s NOT a libertarians wet dream, it’s an anarchist communist’s wet dream.

        • SandraO

          Yes, the tax for the wealthy was much higher in the 50′s and 60′s but nobody had to pay it because of all of the tax loopholes and tax shelters! The reality is that while BarackHusseinObama and his Communist Democrat Party hacks say that they want to tax the rich but they know damn well that they write the tax laws so that their rich Democrat campaign contributors won’t have to pay one more cent in taxes than they do now. Democrat billionaire WarrenBuffet takes full advantage of the tax laws so that he pays very little in taxes in comparison to most middle class Americans. By deliberately structuring income through capital gains and other income such as dividends, WarrenBuffett is structuring income so as to avoid taxes and then complains about the tax code that permits it. No doubt he’d like to keep it that way so he continues to donate heavily to the Communist Democrats.

        • Syrin

          Wow, you have reading comprehension issues don’t you. See, I want LIMITED gov’t, you know like we had the the 1950’s that YOU reference, jack wagon.

          Go live in Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany, Stalin Russia. Those are liberal utopias.

    • Syrin

      GARY, I URGE YOU TO KEEP POSTING !!! Your view does not match that with society in general, and I want people to see what a true MArxist is. Show us your “thought” process as you mindlessly drone out “tax the wealthy to make us healthy”. Show everyone the true depths of your economic illiteracy. Keep showing us your greed. Show us your hate. Show us your lack of solutions. Show us basically YOU! PLEASE KEEP POSTING! EVERYONE needs to see what the inner workings of the enemy is. Violent, hateful, stupid, greedy and completely strung up on hopium.

      • Gary2

        I am a good counter weight to michaels conservatims.

        BTW I was speaking retorically about not having food. I was using a simple example the conservatives could understand. I thought if I got above a third grade level I would loose folks like Mal and Syrian.

        • Gary2

          PS__Too bad I can not spell 🙂

        • Mal R.

          LOL, you didn’t “loose” me. You don’t have the mental acuity to do such a thing. I’ll put my skills and brains against yours any day of the week and twice on Tuesday’s. I’m sorry, but ‘tax the wealthy’ doesn’t qualify as intelligence and that’s the sum total of what you have to offer.

        • Syrin

          Witness this everyone. Self declared victory, hubris, ignoring basic questions, ignoring numerous links and facts, no grasp of economic BASICS.

          THIS is the face of liberalism. This is Lenin’s useful idiot. This is Hitler’s brown shirt.

      • k71

        What’s wrong with the Canadian healthcare system? Half the cost and better quality for the majority. Last time I looked Canada had a capitalist economy.

    • kHRIStu4

      But you have money to afford a computer and internet service but don’t want to buy food or are you using a public computer with free access?

      Don’t worry Gary2, let everyone do what they want, karma is a bitch and so is being judged by God.

      • Gary2

        BTW I was speaking retorically about not having food. I was using a simple example the conservatives could understand. I thought if I got above a third grade level I would loose folks like Mal and Syrian

        • Mal R.

          LOL no, you didn’t “loose” me. You don’t have the mental acuity to do such a thing. I’ll put my brains and skills against yours any day of the week and twice on Tuesday’s. I’m sorry but ‘tax the wealthy’ doesn’t qualify as intelligence. But I know you’ll NEVER come close to understanding that.

    • Syrin

      By the way, GARY, they did this EXACT plan somewhere else. The place is known as Zimbabwe where the wealthy farmers had their land forcibly taken and “distributed” to the racist jealous blacks (much like yourself) who then destroyed all the equipment, killed or forcibly removed the farmers. Before they did this, Zimbabawe was known as the “bread basket of Africa” and was a prosperous nation producing food for neighboring nations. After YOUR GREEDY PLAN, they turned into a DESTITUTE impovershed nation full of violence and rampant starvation. YEAH GARY AND VIOLENT TAKE OVER !!! See, the producers were no longer there to produce. The parasite class (aka the Garys) had no skills, no means, no understanding of how to farm and destroy the equipment to do so in the process. So not only was wealth “re-distributed” it was DESTROYED ! YEAH GARY’S PLAN !!! Now, Zimbabawe has no currency, is still destitute and still impovershed. Think ANY productive people will go there to resuce them from their GARY plan? HA !!

      Again, history is not your friend, just your fleas.

      • Gary2

        As usual you go to the extreme. I am actually disappointed you did not include North Korea or Cuba. Your slipping !

        I am thinking more along the lines of Norway/Sweeden as a better way to run a country than the USA./ They are beating us in almost every catagory. We work real hard at being #37 here in the USA.

        • Syrin

          Sweden, you mean t6he same Sweden that has oil reserves unlike any other nation on earth? Let’s examine Sweden. Sweden’s SINGLE biggest export is their intellectual capital. They have had to LOWER TAXES this past decade GARY because their best and brightest LEAVE the country for more business and tax friendly homes GARY. You mean the same Sweden that has a 20% VAT meaning YOU and your parasitic brethren would actually have to CONTRIBUTE to the tax base rather than suck it dry. You mean Sweden where the wealthy pay 10% LESS in taxes than they do here in the US? Yeah, I bet the wealthy would be willing to pay 10% less overall so the 50% of the parasites here in the US who pay NOTHING actually have to ante up and have some skin in the game. Well done GARY.


    • JasonD

      Has anybody here ever considered the possibility that Gary2 is a fictitious character ghostwritten by Michael?

      • Michael


        That theory has been put forward many, many times.

        But it is not true.

        Gary is a very real person. He lives in Wisconsin and he hates Republicans very much.

        But I am glad that he posts. I believe that an exchange of ideas will help illuminate the truth for all of us.

        I enjoy reading the posts from Gary, Mondobeyondo, Benjik, Rancher, r.bitting, Cinderella Man and all of our other regular posters.

        They are real people sharing their real thoughts, and I appreciate that.


        • Cinderella Man

          Thanks buddy.

      • Gary2

        Michael is not that good. I am really me!

        • Michael

          I think they are going to need more proof than that Gary.


          • Gary2

            you can post that link of me at the OWS protest last fall.

            I was kidding about you not being that good btw 🙂

          • Michael

            Do you happen to still have that link somewhere handy?


        • mondobeyondo

          “I am what I am”!! -Popeye

      • Gary2

        Jason–you just paid Michael a huge compliment. Are you related to Michael???

  • Eva

    All too true. Apple doesn’t evade taxes any more than Obama does or the New York Times itself – they all use loopholes to pay as little as possible, just like anyone else would. Speaking of, taxes on business really do get passed on to consumers and it’s not like consumers need any more taxes as you point out.

    • TX4Life

      This is so true! Are there really people who believe taxing businesses and corporations won’t result in the cost getting passed on to the 99%? Why would they just eat a tax increase when they can pass the cost on to you and me?

    • k71

      Is that you Eva Braun? How’s your husband?

      • mondobeyondo

        I have a feeling Eva Braun’s husband really, really wants some ice water to drink right about now…

  • i’vegivenup

    It’s not just America where this is happening. Europe is also experiencing this class warfare and oppression in China and Russia continues to grow. Sooner than later this will evolve into riots, bloodshed, and war on a massive scale. We are just in the early stages now. In the not to distant future life as we once knew it will be completely gone and it will literally be a fight for survival. The end of days is at hand…

    • k71

      Hunger Games.

  • Washington

    Government at its worst!

    Federal Debt Climbs Past Annual GDP Saturday January 14th, 2012

  • Klean

    The one solution that governments are offering, especially in usually peaceful nations like Canada, are the building of more prison facilities. Knowing that regulations and class warfare is not an option for big governments, sticking more and more people in prison seems to be all that’s left. There’s certainly no increase in job creation, so cellmate creation is all that’s left. Apparently a prisoner costs more than an average student though, so… here we go.

  • Klean

    Also, is student loan debt is now higher than credit card debt. Most students are leaving college with basically a mortgage without a home. Is it some form of birth control/population control that we are entering? Clearly is not enough to go around.

  • Colin

    I am a Democrat, and I don’t demonize the rich nor do I blame them for all the economic problems. I do believe that some are benefiting from what is happening.

    I believe that the economic problems that exist in our nation exist in every other nation. I believe there is a global economic malaise that is destructive to the human species and to our planet.

    I believe that change will occur in the aftermath of the crisis.

  • K

    Excellent article. With your blog, and others a few are starting to wake up. But the percentage is small. In 3 to 5 years, we might all wake up enough people to make a difference. Wish I thought we had that long.

    • Michael

      Time is definitely running out.


    • Jodi

      I believe the percentage of people awake is 10%. Kinda scary.

      • ScoutMotto

        The colonies needed only 3% for the revolution. Perhaps with 10%, the people would have an edge.

  • markthetruth

    your right, and what’s even more ridiculous we are the enablers of the very one we hate because of the media , we watch the kartrashings , the reality tv (which is ruining our kids) , the lottery pushed into our face, watching sports that big corporation pay outrageous amount of money for the seats and sky boxes so playeou rs can make 10 of millions of dollars, you play games on facebook and pay real money for virtual items.
    And if you talk to most families, now you find out the same message over and over that the teenagers expect everything handed to them , no more chores, expect you to clean there messes, while they play there xboxes and watch the trash on tv and want money to buy the stuff. The technology and media (even the news has become a joke with a talk show mentality ) is leading us to a world of fantasy.

  • I watch both the right and the left, plus the conspiracy and economic writers. There is a lot of fear mongering and hate mongering going on, both veiled and open. It’s getting ever more shrill. People who were just bopping along with their conspiracy theories, economics or politics are now hinting at civil war, with thinly veiled calls to arms.

    At the center of hate is really fear. People really don’t want to just hate. They hate because they fear. They feel aggrieved and they think a certain group is to blame, and they are afraid they will lose their already precarious way of life.

    You get more customers or clicks with a scary headline like “Beware of these 10 scary things that can make you lose money” than with a headline that is positive or strokes someone’s greed, like “Here’s 10 ways to improve your bottom line” or “Here’s 10 ways to get rich”. So just the incentive to use human nature to get clicks is making there be more scary articles out there. It’s kind of a catch-22.

    Anyway, it’s probably wise to harden your house and get armed/learn self defense, in case you get attacked; but what I’d also like to see is people raising gardens, learning wild edibles, learning how to catch, butcher and process bush meat, or even better, domesticate and breed it, i.e. have a pigeon cote, or a cage of healthy clean rats, or guinea pigs, or rabbits for eating; learning how to fix things, and using their networks to help each other be more self sufficient. If people would quit watching so much TV and go plant a garden, once it’s planted it only takes like half an hour a day to tend one. Or if you live in an inner city, what can YOU do to improve your street? Can you pick up litter? Fix something that’s broken? Do some guerrilla gardening? Work at the soup kitchen? Get a produce truck to drive in and sell cucumbers or whatever out the back of the truck? Start a neighborhood watch?

    If you live in an area where you think violence is definitely going to break out when the SHTF, then move if you can. Or at least harden your house and don’t go out if it does.

    • mark

      WHAT IS A GUERRILLA GARDEN? With the price of fuel, how could you make any money selling cucumbers out of a truck? People do need to produce food for themselves and work together with their neighbors.

    • tex

      Penny if you have It, you can’t make the home or retreat “hard” enough that it will save you when they come for you. When the mob is desperate enough no amount of guns or bullets or bars will save you.

  • tex

    Michael, in your article you wrote “Most people that are rich and most people that are poor are not purposely trying to abuse the system. Most of them are hard working people that are trying to do the best that they can in a world that is increasingly going crazy”… and “But most wealthy Americans are not trying to oppress the poor. Most of them are just trying to do the best that they can for themselves and their families.”

    Both of these statements may be true, but the fact remains that the table is heavily tilted in favor of those at the upper end of the income spectrum. And the slope is getting steeper because of the better access to education, housing, quality food and health care (especially for young children) enjoyed by those better off financially. And then the tax system overburdens those least able to afford it, making a bad situation worse. Yes the poor pay taxes too- there are lot more taxes than just state and federal income taxes. The poor end up paying a far greater percentage of their income in taxes than the rich and this is just plain flat out wrong.

    Yes poor bashing and rich bashing in flames the situation- but the issue is not going to go away because of threats, pleas or platitudes. It is the richer folk that control the levers of power. If they do not come to their senses soon and find a way to level the playing field, even just a bit, I’m afraid that the poor will end up taking matters into the their own hands in the streets- it is not a matter of if- only when!

    • Michael


      I agree that the rules of the game have been tilted very heavily in favor of those at the very top of the pyramid.

      So we definitely need to shift things back in favor of individuals and small businesses.


      • Scott

        “I agree that the rules of the game have been tilted very heavily in favor of those at the very top of the pyramid.”

        You’re talking about rules that apply to a very small percentage of the ruling elite, like tax free foundations. The rest of the rich who are in the top 10% pay the majority of taxes in this country.

        Also, no taxes in investment income. That money was already taxed as wages, what’s left should be able to grow without being double taxed. Interest earned doesn’t even keep the principle up with inflation which is 10% in the real world, so why should it be taxed?

      • Gary2

        IE__Tax the rich and spread the wealth. gov needs to level the playing field as the rich will not do it voluntarily.

        • ScoutMotto

          This “spread the wealth” mentality has its roots in a misplaced sense of entitlement. It is unjust to take from those who earn and hand over to those who did not.

          • k71

            Listen, the six heirs of Walmart own more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans. They didn’t earn any thing. They won the sperm lottery. Get it. I’m all for the small business man that makes it. The problem is small business is toast without a manufacturing base. Protectionism is what made this country great but it ain’t never gonna happen so bring on the Hunger Games.

        • Kevin2

          The government can level an ever decreasing playing field that in the end creates insufficient wealth to be sustained.

          “The rich” can pay more as they did four decades ago but in the end wealth must be created here in the US in a sufficient volume to satisfy the needs (and some wants) of the population. What is being offered by the right is no re-distribution but no increasing wealth creation thanks to “Free Trade” with slave labor nations. What is being offered by the left is re-distribution to appease the masses while there is decreasing wealth creation thanks to their support for “Free Trade” with slave labor nations. In the end we arrive at the same place but feel less pain with the plan from the left. Like ignoring pains with narcotics that mask symptoms of cancer the disease cannot be cured unless recognized.

          Neither the right or the left are offering a solution.

          • k71

            Exactly! Until free trade is attacked for what it is which is a program of annihilation of the poor in America and Europe and the destruction of their middle classes nothing will change. America you have been sold out by both parties Democratic and Republican. Guess who finances them, you bet the top 1%. Go waste your time voting this November. Do I want to be killed quick a.k.a. Republicans or slow by the Democrats. Game over. Bring on the Hunger Games.

        • Syrin

          Show us how “Spreading the wealth”, ie, stealing their property, levels the playing field. You are actually correct that the playing field is not level, but it’s because of this leviathan we call a gov’t that regulates and taxes the small businesses into oblivion and non-competitiveness. See, the solution is to cut the gov’t in half as a START and slash taxes across the board so people have incentives to invest, grow, open businesses etc. Yeah, your way would OVER NIGHT dedstroy the US economy PERMANENTLY GARY. BRILLIANT !!! We’ll takle away all the productive people’s property, then when they close their businesses, take their talents nad capital overseas, we will have nothing left. YEAH GARY !!

    • Janet

      I just finished working at a CPA’s office during this year’s tax season. One of the CPAs (30 years in the business) told me that once a person’s income gets above $250,000/yr. they are not paying their fair share.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Its called fascism… the collusion of the political class with the financiers. Despite the idiot blatherings of Gary2; there is no real difference between dems or repubs. Both are whores for the big banks.

    • Kevin2

      I did not even get to rant about the demise of Glass-Stegall that was slowly being disassembled for two decades with the participation of both party’s until it was finally laid to rest by Bill Clinton.

      I look at the right and left as it is in the US as two fists beating up the majority of the population.

  • M. Hapney

    Divide and conquer has always been the M.O. of the bankster elite Euro families. They are never good at what they do. They may have flubbed 9/11 a bit, but the sheeple didn’t need a convincing false flag anyway to tow the line in fear and anger.

    When they pull the plug they will follow it up with war to cover themselves. We sheep will continue to fight amongst each other until death.
    They give us cartoonish angels and devils to worry about while they go about their business.

  • davidmpark

    We know what the illegitimate ruling class is doing. They will have to face the Judgement of God just like the rest of us. They will have to account for their actions and it’s results.

    Glad I’m not them!

    • Gary2

      I do not think they care.

  • Benjik

    Great article and a wonderful message Mr. M. One of the many things that keeps me coming back to your sites is your unabashed way of “telling like it is”. The problems facing us not only as a nation but as society in general circumvent any political or social stance. History is a cruel master at times, repeatedly proving unabated fact and yet we still believe we are are somehow above the lessons it has taught us. The fall of any great nation or empire has always begun with a concentrated division of it’s society. The brightest spots in our nation’s history have been illuminated by a people united, not divided.

    It matters not what side of the political/social spectrum you may be on, at our current heading our future not going to be positive for any of us.

    “United we stand, divided we fall”- Aesop

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand”- Abraham Lincoln/Matthew 12:25

    “Together we stand, divided we fall”- Pink Floyd in ‘Hey You’

    You see, it doesn’t matter if you take your inspiration from ancient philosophers, historical leaders, the Good Book or the lyrical genius of Roger Waters, the message is pretty clear……..:)

  • David


    Excellent article. Divide and conquer is a tactic used for centuries by the elite of any country. Unfortunately all you have to do is look at history to see what the ultimate results were. The Greeks, the Romans on and on. We are on a path of destruction which may be slow and peaceful or fast and violent. Who knows. Get prepared people it could get real ugly…

  • mondobeyondo

    Wasn’t Obama supposed to be the “great unifier”? We elected an African-American president, so all our racial problems would go away during his term. He promised to be different than George W. Bush. A more “open” and accessible administration. He was going to shut down Guantanamo Bay.

    Wrong on all counts.

    We are more divisive than at any time since 1968. An open and fair administration? Obama’s passing legislation that will turn this country into a giant prison, where your every move will be surveyed and watched, tracked and recorded, from sea to shining sea, sll in the name of “security”. Terrorists, terrorists, all among us! Must be careful! The guy driving the ice cream van? He could be an al-Qaeda operative! The cable TV repairman? Yep, he’s got links to radical Yemenis. Paranoia strikes deep… into your mind it will creep.

    I bought Obama’s sales pitch too, just like millions of other people did. Guilty as charged. (although to be honest, John McCain wouldn’t have been any better though.)

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s been my experience, that the vast majority of people just want to hug their husbands, wives, children, etc. in the morning, go to work, do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage, return home, and hug their husbands, wives, children, etc. in the evening. If there’s extra time left over, maybe go out for dinner, catch a movie, watch a play or concert, or just sleep.

    It took me a while to realize this, but – there are people out there who don’t want you and I to live this way. Unfortunately, many of them are in very powerful political positions.

    • Gary2

      very good points. thanks

      I also am extremly disappointed with Obama

  • Paranoid

    I am a participant is 3 small businesses. Perhaps I’m not observant enough, but I have not seen Ben B or the rest of the crooks, dumping trillions of tax dollars on us? What I have seen is CEO’s and Bankers getting raises to the point they have moved in 30 years from 40 times the average wage to 300+ times. The French Revolution was not a failure.

  • Rikki


    We need to go back and end corporate taxes completely. Then corporations cannot ask for or get tax breaks or refunds if they pay No taxes. It could eliminate thousands of lobbyists,and all sorts of welfare for the corporation.

    Secondly we need to treat poor people with compassion and realize most poor people born here have a big problem with the English language, so if you want your SSDI welfare food stamps medicaid you would have to be in school 25 hrs a week learning English and math.

    Then you would go to a job training center and keep your skills up to date, there really should be NO handouts unless you really are too sick to work.

    And that includes Deadbeat Homeowners. I am incensed they get to live rent free some for over 4 years. I would start today to evict the Biggest Deadbeats first, and get the house ready to sell to someone who will pay the mortgage.

    Quit whining about the banks did you in. No one forced you to sign for a house you couldn’t pay for.

    ———Is it to attack the rich and take away all their money and give more government handouts to the poor?

    • estamos jodidos


      I agree Corporate Taxes should be eliminated. Corporations don’t pay taxes. they just pass the cost on to their end consumers. Tax breaks to the Big Oil companies only prevent the tax from falling through to the end price per gallon which the end consumer pays. This is true essentially for all products and services.


    • Gay Veteran

      we need to end corporations, they have become a blight on this country by shipping millions of American jobs to China, India, Vietnam, etc.

      • SandraO

        What do you want to replace corporations with? Maybe money losing state run companies that produce poor quality products that nobody wants like in the old Communist Soviet Union? Communist China has state run corporations, but how long can the Communist Party elite continue to exploit their people and maintain control over them? How long much longer can Communist China continue to export products to bankrupt countries like America which has trillions of dollar deficits?

        • Gay Veteran

          eyeroll, how about small businesses? or severly limit the power of corporations

  • There is a requirement for justice – criminal justice, and social justice. From those with much, much is required. To have become successful in the US, it was achieved on the backs and history of a nation which built the infrastructure on which success is built. Capital gains and transferred wealth should be treated differently than value creation or labor wealth. To require a progressive tax system (e.g., 1960’s, 1996 structure or otherwise) is not class warfare, it is an analytical, rational, and reasonable response to deep and systemic problems – with quantitative projections. But this isn’t even in the universe of “the debate.” The class warfare debate is a smokescreen to the very important conversation of substance and requirement for redress – criminal and social justice.

    • Gary2

      it is an analytical, rational, and reasonable response to deep and systemic problems – with quantitative projections

      You just lost all the conservatives, especially with rational.

      • One should not allow those that steal a nation’s wealth to co-op the term “conservative” from within their idiocracy. This is a worn out strategy used to successfully pollute civil discourse, intelligent policy, and successful development.

        Those that want to wave a flag for global bankers and the military industrial complex (neocons et al) should be isolated and ostracized.

    • SandraO

      Social justice is just a Communist/Socialist code word for stealing and theft. Communist and Socialist dictators throughout history have promised the masses “social justice” by demonizing and blaming certain groups. Stalin blamed the bourgeoisie, Hitler blamed the Jews, and BarackHusseinObama blames the “rich.”

      President Cristina Fernández of Argentina, a Communist and friend of BarackHusseinObama, recently nationalized (stole) the Spanish owned oil company known as Respol. It has been reported that Fernández has plans to nationalize other sectors of the economy like banking and communications. No doubt that the only ones who will benefit from nationalization of companies will be Fernández and her cronies. Does this sound familiar as to what has been happening in this country?

      • SandraO – I read all your posts. Hey, if you say the words communist/socialist some more your words surely will start making sense… and maybe string together BarrakHuseinObama’s name together a couple more times… You’re a tool and don’t even know it – mouth on the fire hose of “the gruel” and asking for more with a big spoon. How ’bout some more Fox news? Pull your head out of your political science coloring books.

        Nice to play shill for Rothschilds and “the societies”? I addressed people like you in the post above…

      • And, by the way… “social justice” is a complex concept and cultural dynamic pursued from within politics, economic policy, the courts, from within “the church” (almost every church), a topic of ancient philosophy… (I could go on).

        Your orientation to this term, SandraO, as “just a communist/socialist code word” reveals a lot – pick back up the crayons and get back to the coloring books.

  • Paul

    “The truth is that we should want millions more Americans to be prosperous. We should be cheering for one another instead of tearing one another down.

    But that is heresy to many on the left.”

    Well, what do you propose?

    Print more money and give it to the poor?

  • Paul

    “In a previous article, I detailed how many of the largest and most profitable corporations in America get away with paying absolutely nothing in taxes.

    There is something very wrong with that.”

    What’s wrong with that? Would it help to take money from the rich and make them poor?

    No, not at all.

    We should be giving money to the poor. And if we don’t have it, and don’t want to take it from the rich, then just print it.

  • Paul

    “So what is the solution to all of this?

    Raising income taxes won’t work too well because the tax lawyers are always several steps ahead of our politicians.”

    Here is my proposal: Change the accounting law.
    Right now a company can declare huge profit on Wall Street, to sell more shares.
    And huge losses to IR to reduce tax.

    Abolish that.

    If a company declares huge profit to Wall Street, then it shall pay tax for that profit.

    And well, do vote housewives into congress and any kind of parliament you elect. Single mothers with children, from around the corner. Throw out all millionaires from Congress.

  • Paul

    “But it will distract us from the reality that both major political parties have been doing a horrible job.”

    Then VOTE FOR A SMALLER PARTY next time.

    If you always do the same, don’t expect a different outcome.

  • Paul

    “If I could find a way to have an effective tax rate of only 14 percent I would be jumping up and down for joy, and so would millions of other Americans.”

    The maximum income tax in Hong Kong is 15%.
    The maximum business tax in Hong Kong is 17%.

    There is no VAT.

    60% of all citizens pay no tax at all.

    Public Hospitals are free for all citizens.

    The government has no debts.

  • Pechez

    Extiction Level Event Fukushima!!!

    You are all worrying about the wrong things there are much bigger and more serious events taking place right now that will end life as you know it without a solution. For reasons I can’t explain you won’t see any of this in the main stream media. All it will take is another earthquake or just a collapsing by sheer weight for the Fukushima reactor to implode on it self and a nuclear holocost the likes of which has never been seen before will visit itself upon us and take most everything dear to you in one fell swoop. Especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you cannot escape the prevaling winds. Follow the link to any one of the links below for confirmation and then figure out what is really important in life and spend that last of your days spending the most quality time you can with those you love. God Bless and save us.

  • “Instead, the goal should be to develop an economy that creates good jobs.”

    Thank you. Not exactly helpful.

    The real solution is right in front of all of us. Just let the crash happen. Stop borrowing to suppress the crash and just let is happen.

    There is a massive build up of bad decisions and corruption. There is only one way to burn them out – CRASH.

    No Crash = No Solution

    • Benjik

      I completely agree with you Matt. No amount of “fixing” or “tweaking” of our current system will result in positive change. A complete reset must take place, however, I’m afraid the vacuum created by such an event would quickly be filled by those who want to institute even more control.

    • Paul

      Out of the last big crash came Hitler and his goons. And they are still waiting to come back.

      So, how is the next big crash to be different from the last one, and how to achieve that?

      And I hear the depression in America wasn’t nice either, and only producing for the war got America out of it.

      • mondobeyondo

        You are correct.

  • chiller

    When’s the last time you heard someone say, “United we stand, divided we fall”? The one’s that are the most united, politicians, corporations, banks and media are the one’s working the hardest “TOGETHER”, to make sure the American people DON’T unite and STAY divided. Any one of these shysters uniting is reason for concern but ALL of them? Whatever they have up their sleeve that keeps them trying so desperately hard to keep us from coming together as 1 nation has to be so deeply disturbing it begs for answers. Twenty years ago, if one were to present this scenario to the average person, they’d say it sounds like the villain of a James Bond movie at work, trying to take over the world….BINGO! And to unite would mean we take back control of our government, find this/these villains and bring them to the ***************.

  • Big Dave

    You are waisting your time waiting for the govt to fix inequality. America is still the best place in the world to overcome the odds. With faith and hard work, I mean really hard work, you can still acheive.

    • Gary2

      and a lot of luck. 50% of success is just dumb luck. There are plenty of studies that show this,

      • Syrin

        Yet you someone how can never produce any of these studies.

        Go read what CEO’s are saying the obstacle is today GARY. It’s not the tax structure. High taxes means BIGGER gov’t means MORE regulations which means even MORE poverty. GREAT *************** SOLUTION !!!

    • k71

      The old America there was some truth to that. You have to first find work today, and that is simply to survive. The days of getting ahead are over unless you move to China. It’s funny how people scream that Government can’t create jobs take one look at China and you see the lie that is. China’s government has created a bigger middle class in 20 years while ours destroys the biggest middle class in history. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that the Chinese are communists. The irony. It’s too much.

      • Gary2

        True all the luck will do you no good if after getting the lucky break you do not know how to use it.

        Luck open a lot of doors but you still need to be able to perform.

  • pete

    Excuse me….did you say the “future, was going to be a complete mess”?

    Is that a reference to right now being a sort of partial mess?

    Mr. Snyder……I believe that we are there.

  • chris

    One of your best articles yet. I applaud you sir!

    • Michael

      Thank you.

      But I am afraid that this article is also likely to ruffle some feathers as well.


    • Craig

      I agree. Article was very well balanced and well written. Very few people care about the middle class anymore.

  • karen

    The world elite want mass riots around the world and by what I have seen they are going to get their wish. And occupy wall street in the begining was a movement paid and sponsored by the world elite, and as time went on many joined in the ranks so they could voice their concerns, they want this through chaos comes order, the new world order, like George Orwell said imagine a boot in the face forever. The elite want people to kill each other off the less they have to deal with, like you said if we could only work together we could overcome the aweful hell that is going to happen soon.

  • Jodi

    Of course Obama wants to divide. Allen West said Hope and Change turned into Divide and Rule. Obama and his minions have to demonize success. Obama’s new campaign slogan is ‘Forward’ to move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism. Article explains:

  • Alvin

    Define the word Rich. In California it’s anyone having a job they can tax. Just take a look at California tax brackets. Figure it out, the Feds want us to “Approve” tax rate increases which will hit the middle class but you can be damn sure Congress will make sure that the rich and the big corporations have plenty of workable write offs and loop holes. It’s the old bait and switch game.

  • Evie

    I think the fact the central planners rigged everything even the stock market to benefit themselves may have woken people up. Geez how many people are buying into the propaganda they should be proud to be an american,work for starvation wages and go into debt to help the banks and health insurance companies?

  • I wish we had a president who actually would LEAD and inspire us all toward something other than selfishness. Ah well…can’t sit around daydreaming…I’ve got work to do! =)

  • Syrin

    Want to fix class warfare? Then remove the obstacles the currently established wealthy didn’t have to face when they earned their living. America used to be the land of opportunity, but the tax structure and regulatory environment make it such that virtually NO ONE can achieve wealth. Don’t take my word for it. The CEO of Home Depot said the same as did Steve Jobs.

    The SOLUTION to the income gap as I’ve cited above in three different articles is to create a playing field where all things are equal. Those with ability, work ethic and desire will rise to the top, and ALL OF SOCIETY wil benefit from it. Look no further than Apple. The useful idiots like GARY would havbe you believe that Steve Jobs “stole” his wealth when in reality it was his vision, his knowledge, his work and his natural talents that created his fortune. Ask Pixar. Who here had their wealth “stolen” when they bought their iPad or iPhone? Who here had their welath “stolen” when they saw “Finding Nemo”, or the “Toy Story” movies? See ALL OF SOCIETY benefited from Steve Jobs work, and Steve Jobs benefited personally. That is what capitalism is and allows for. ANYONE CAN ACHIEVE wealth if GIVEN A CHANCE. However, there are NO GURANTEES, and that’s what a whiny occucrapper like Gary can’t understand. He wants all of Steve Jobs money without having any of the ability or taking any of the risks Steve Jobs took to make that money. Think the iPad protypes were cheap to develop? If they were a flop, they would have lost millions. GARY won’t take a risk. He’s lazy and economically illiterate.

    Obamugabe added 40,,000 new regulations this year alone. Our list of regulations is 186,000 PAGES and our tax code is over 100,000 PAGES long. THAT’S what is keeping people from achieving their dreams. Gov’t is the obstacle, not the solution.

    • Gary2

      tell the people working in the Chinease sweatshops for pennies per hour how wonderful Steve Jobs is.

      He is exploiter in the extreme. Poor example syrian. Try again.

      Home Depot-crap low wages for most workers. again hardly a success. How many of their employees are on state health care for the poor and food stamps due to the ceo paying crap low wages.

      Hardly a success either.

      The length of pages of regulations is unimportant. We just need them to be good and make sence. I do not understand conservatives fixatation on the length of legislation etc. Maybe its too intimidationg as most consevatives probably read at a fifth grade level if they can even read.

      • mark

        Yes Gary2 that is one of your many problems that you can’t understand that for every regulation you libs pass, someone has to pay for it. When our small businesses have to continue to pay more and more they can’t compete, so they just go out of business and there go the jobs with them. Even your own democrat congressmen don’t read or understand their own bills. They let the lawyers explain it to them at best. Try again.

      • Syrin

        Hey GARY. I WILL tell them in China. See those people come from HUNDREDS OF MILES around to work in those jobs you so readily demean. They WANT those jobs because they are better than what they would get otherwise. For every open position they have THOUSANDS of application. So yet again, your bleeding heart garbage has NO BASIS in reality and is easily refuted. PLEASE KEEP POSTING GARY !!!!!!!

        You know why YOU don’t understand the need to reduce regulations? Because you are a perpetual parasite and the very THOUGHT of opening a business is foreign to you. All the hours, all the capital, all the skill neeeded are tough enough, then toss in 186,000 PAGES of un-needed COSTLY regulations and you have no hope of achieving. But GARY, since oyu are the real life equivalent of Beavis and Butt-Head, you are incapable of understanding what that does to economic growth, business development etc.

        Thanks for openly admitting your complete ignorance, but is was already VERY APPARENT

        • Gary2

          yeah and they are comitting sucide to the point that foxconn had to install netting. Apple exploits people in Chinia plain and simple. Just because they line up to be exploited does not make it right.

          There are kids who would also line up to work in the USA but we have child labor laws

      • Bill

        “tell the people working in the Chinease sweatshops for pennies per hour how wonderful Steve Jobs is.”

        The people working at the Chinese Sweatshops are earning up to 10X what they were making before as subsistence peasants in rice paddies. How is uplifting hundreds of millions of people from starvation a bad thing???

    • Rhynn

      I agree with your post Syrin until you get to using Crapple as an example of what hard work brings. True. Jobs didn’t steal Gary’s wealth. He simply stole control of one of his co-worker’s projects, namely the MacIntosh project, and then had said co-worker forced off the project altogether. Then, he took credit for its conceptualization. He is also falsely given credit for the conceptualization of the GUI and universally empathized with for having had it stolen from him by Microsoft when in fact both companies got the idea from Xerox.

      Crapple is an example of a company that believed its own press from day one. Avoided responsibility for its own foibles and blamed them on customers until its own reputation came under fire either via class action lawsuit (Apple III) or through rapidly spreading bad press (iPhone 4). A company that deliberately overcharges customers for the favor of being blamed for said company errors, ridiculed for their concerns, and told what they can’t do with devices conceived traditionally with style as a priority over substance, even in the event where style directly degrades substance, performance, and worth.

      Before they switched to the x86 architecture, their desktops and OS’s put the Crap in Crapple. Crash-happy, slow products that were only prevalent in the area of graphics and post production, and only that after receiving a $150 million dollar bailout investment from the same company they’d ridiculed and belittled for years.

      This is not a company that anyone with a conscience would model their own company after. Any other company that acts like they do gets ripped to shreds by customer disapproval – even in their industry (reference AT&T, Microsoft, AOL, and others accused of profiteering by bogarting suppliers, suing or buying out competitors and calling it being innovative, monopolizing, overcharging, and shirking responsibility for internal design failures).

      With that said, I will agree with anyone who whines about Crapple’s lack of ethics and then calls in sick for a week straight so they can stand in line for Crapple’s overpriced vanity products, which they’ll then turn on and use to blog about how broke they are because of Corporate greed. Honestly, I’d like to just punch those types in the face. There’s no pointing the absurdity of this out to them, and they waste time. Consideration of their needs, listening to their concerns? It wastes time. They’re sheep, and to quote Gordon Gecko, sheep get slaughtered. These are not the people whose plight should be highlighted.

      We live in a country where you can go to a major city and every bum has a smartphone in one hand and the other hand outstretched so someone can put money in it. Nobody like that sees the problem with it, and what it says about their own, or this country’s priorities. More concerned with what they appear to be worth than what they actually are, and why, Americans have become superficial, petty, and erroneously convinced that looking good only by comparison by those who’ve been made to look bad is the same thing as legitimately looking good because of effort, accomplishment, and true earned worth.

      Until you fix that – the sense of entitlement, the laziness (both intellectual and physical), the refusal of personal accountability, this place and its people will go nowhere.

      • Syrin

        Look, you are being distracted from the point. I chose Apple since it’s an easily recognized business that was created from the hard work and vision of a few people. Besides, the regressives LOVE Apple so it’s easy to use as a model.

        See, here’s the beauty of capitalism. If Apple is as bad as you say, and I have no reason to believe you are wrong, then a competitor could come in, basically model themselves after Apple with a better product and service, then effectively put them out of business or force Apple to improve their prices and service. It’s the free market in action and why it creates wealth for EVERYONE. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, that assumes that the gov’t has allowed an environment to exist in which a business CAN start up and compete with Apple. In today’s tax and regulatory environment, that is not a possibility!

        • Gary2

          no you got called out again for saying dumb things that are inaccurate.

  • Right now we’ve got a lot of people at all levels of society, from the richest to the poorest, who are feeling scared, angry and helpless. People in that state of mind don’t act rationally — they react emotionally to their sense that they’re easy prey and all they can do is hope that the predator eats somebody else, not me, not me, not me.

    Combine that with a culture that increasingly glorifies rather than stigmatizes strategies that game the system, and we’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    As long as everybody is distracted by the finger-pointing and the demonizing of “those other people” for their supposed wickedness, we’re never going to get to the fundamental problems that are tearing us apart when we most need to pull together.

  • Rocky

    Am I the only one who believes that Gary2 does not actually read the blog articles? If he did, he might actually learn something.

  • I am Tyler Durden’s contempt for the system

    We are rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. So some are getting a ‘good view’ of the ocean from where they’re now seated, but, by the end of the year, we’ll all be in the drink together.

    “This is the end, beautiful friend, the end, my only friend, the end; of our elaborate plans, of everything that stands, the end, no safety or surprise, the end, I’ll never look into your eyes again…can you picture what we’ll be, so limitless and free?”

    chaos is just around the corner…hope you are ready for it…

  • matt

    Michael, your inserted comment, We are running out of time. Is spot on. As I read the comments I am floored that anyone, even the least fortunate in our country would call themselves the 99%. I have been posted in over 27 countries around the world. I have seen true poverty, where people DIE from lack of food. If ANYONE reading this lives in the U.S.A. YOU are the 1%. We have problems without doubt. but to sit with your Iphone and post about being the 99% is beyond laughable. open your eyes and give thanks that you were born to any station in the U.S.A.

    • estamos jodidos


      Great Insight! Thanks

    • k71

      Brother, I lived in Chile during the 90’s. Trust me there was more opportunity there than the America of today. Until you get out of the uniform and into the business world you want see it.

  • erheault

    Unfortunatly human nature hates changes unless forced on them,old saying offer a shoeless man shoes and he will follow you anywhere, Hitler took a broke nation and ofered them work and food we all seen the results of that, History has offered many times that lesson but humanity tends to forget the lesson so here we go out on another learning curve, with hitler it was the jews with the US it is the 1% that is being demonised Obamma is using the same system Adolf used to entrance the nations sheeple,
    Using the money that he is receiving from the rich as the poor do not have 85 thousand dollars to shake his hand at a dinner while demonising the same rich donors to impress the poor that he is their saviour, sounds stupid but it is working as history has foretold.

  • Washington

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.
    Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed) 3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

  • karen

    Very good article… 10 ways attacking I ran could destroy the United States by Alexander Higgins

    • Rhynn

      Sorry Karen but the majority of that article is what you’d get after sinking an entire bowl of Atomic 88, thus reviving the debate about the rumored demise and continued unavailability of that particular type of pot.

      About the only thing they got right is that attempting to attack Iran is dumb, and thinking nothing they can’t defeat will be encountered is even dumber. Fortunately the only ones still being that dumb is Israel – because the US already ran its simulations and had no love for the results. But since NetanBAHhoo and his chuckleheaded lackey are smoking Atomic 88 as well, they still think they’re flying over to attack a McDonalds.

      Which is ironic, because if they attack unilaterally, they will indeed become the latest customer of many that’s been “served”.

  • Most folk do not even conceive of the very rich as even millionaires are in the 99%. What is not well understood is that anyone with a regular job can never get an income greater than the value they produce, as they would be fired immediately.

    By contrast those with economic power (owner or CEO) receive profit by how much they push back on everyone else, unlimited in size and every dollar at the cost of someone else being paid less or charged more for what they receive, or that some bit of the commons is made to be worth less in the amount of the benefit.

    Call it exploitation, or warfare, or competition, If that trend is unconfronted it will only get worse, as that power grows to the point of push back. It is possible for a government to act as the agent of society and provide that push back.

    But as power grows it can purchase favors of the government, and that purchase fund further greater purchases, and thereby such corruption becomes self funding. Opposing such corruption provides no private return and drains resources to the point that corruption can triumph. It is close to that tipping point, that heroic effort is needed.

    There is no equivalence between profiteering corruption and patriotic push back, for the very reason that opposing corruption is pure sacrifice. Thus any claim of equivalence is partisanship for the corruption.

  • JAH666

    Simon Black gives an historical perspective on the decay and certain collapse of the present system. An excerpt:

    “…we can recognize that the rise and fall of empires is part of history’s normal cycle… that it’s been happening for millennia, and this time is no different. There are always regions in the world that are rising while others are falling. It’s the people who get there first after acknowledging reality and basic historical truth that can reap the greatest reward.”

    I don’t think he means we should all pack our bags and move. This understanding of change leads to being prepared for change and making the best of it. Knowledge is a potent weapon…

  • Craig

    I can’t remember if I posted this link on here or not, but check out this proof of why American jobs are disappearing. I took all these pictures within a 200 yard radius of where I live. On the car lot, notice everything but the transmission on the Ford Fusion is made in Mexico. Even the car itself is made in Mexico. On the interstate I-820 expansion just 100 yards away from where I live, look at who is working on the interstate–and yes, they are all Mexicans. I don’t dislike Mexicans, but I’m saying we are burning the middle class candle at both ends. We are exporting our jobs to them and importing them to do our jobs that still remain here. American businesses prefer to hire foreigners over Americans.

  • whteshark

    Sorry, Michael, but you’re wrong here–everybody that I know on the right hates the tax system. I’m for the Fair Tax myself. I don’t care one wit about Wall Street or the rich. And I’m certainly not going to vote to protect their interests. I just so see no need to demonize successful people. Do they need to pay their fair share?

    Absolutely, everybody does.

    But it’s too late in the game for that. Morganfield is right that the two parties are no different from each other. And there’s no reasoning with idiots like Gary2. And the left is teeming with Gary2’s.

    This battle is deeper than that, though–it’s about the role of government; it’s about liberty and tyranny.

    And there’s only one way this is going to end when the system comes crashing down–with violence.

  • erheault

    Madam Guiotene solved Frances upper class rule No bread for the pesants then let them eat cake, it did not work out well History has a way of repeating its self lets see how this one works out

    • Paul


  • SeJota


    our system is indeed broken, and I agree with most everything you posted except the stab at Mitt (not a mitt cheerleader just on the outside looking in) and how you would be jumping up and down for a 14% tax rate. Am I wrong or were these capital gains, as well with all of his charitable contributions? to make the money to invest, wasn’t he already taxed top tier? the question is when does it end? you make 250k or more and when all is said and done (fed, state, SS Ect) to bring home 50k you have to make 100k, from there you get taxed on the gas you put in your car ( average 48 cents in the US, when the oil companies make about 8 cents per gallon)you get taxed to own your car, taxed to buy food, taxed on your home even if you outright own it… can you ever really own your home or property? if payed for and you ignore the taxes on it, they simply seize your property, right? I think a GE or GM would have been a better example on unfair taxation or lack there of… oh! they also tax you when you die…

    Love the website, read it every day you have a new article, thank you!

  • Me

    Falls under the heading of “No sh** Sherlock”.

    You forgot about gender and racial divisionism too. On purpose, I believe. Gender is far and away more prevalent today, race is so very 70’s but it’s still there.

    Then again when you make laws that deliberately p*ss off one side, and then make some more that deliberately p*ss off the other side… which is by the way what they’re doing… I mean how hard is it to get resentment and mistrust going on?

  • Washington

    Geithner Admits: Obligations in President’s Budget “Unsustainable”

  • Concerned

    The majority of comments that I see on these pages is distressing and depressing. First of all, thank you pechez for alerting everyone to the ELE that we ALL face right now, this very minute. Not ONE single comment in reply to your very real and distressing news. No, we would rather keep up the left vs right, repugnicant vs demoncrat, rich vs poor fighting and bickering that the elite satan worshippers so WANT you to keep doing! How many times does it have to be thrust into your faces before you accept that most R’s and D’s ALL work for the SAME ultimate goal and that goal has nothing to do with representing YOU at all? (despite the same old lies and retoric which spews forth from their mouths) I see a few waking up and realizing this but alas it will be far too late very soon. Put on the armor of God! Your gonna need it!

    • Let there be love(for real)

      Here Here! Your comment pretty much echoes my sentiment.

      God Bless and people common now come out of the haze, we need to bandy together if we have any chance at the real culprits of our demise and it’s not your republican neighbour…



  • Concerned

    ps: You will never change garys2’s brainwashed, slothfull, give-me-something-for-nothing attitude. While he cries about not having “food”, he still has enough fiat currency to afford a computer and internet access? He is A: an outright deciever who readily accepts handouts via some type of tax-free illuminatti entity such as Alliance for Global Justice or he’s B: just another made up character within the mind of some evil pro-govt troll. Either way, he’s only working towards his own and everyone else’s ultimate destruction. Simply ignore this greedy, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie fool and move along. If he really is a “real person” it is my wish that if mankind were to perish, that he would be the sole survivor. He could then have ALL the riches of the world to himself. While he sits around on his piles of gold waiting for the next handout and pizza delivery which never comes, only THEN will he realize just how horribly wrong he was! IMAGINE having to actually WORK for something! Blasphemy!
    Greed is destroying us all. Thank you for the oportunity to express myself.
    Carry on gary2! Your destruction awaits!

    • Gary2

      ***************, and I thought Magog-Gog paradigmn was funny! Go back into your compound, I hear an EMP is coming and will fry everything.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…These days, the Occupy Wall Street crowd loves to talk about how evil the “1 percent” is. But most of the “1 percent” are people that have worked really hard and that have been fortunate enough to get some really good breaks in life….”

    The problem is the top 0.1% like the Koch brothers who are using part of their inherited wealth to BUY politicians in order to further enrich themselves. The problem is mega-corporations shipping American jobs overseas. The problem is the military-security state which needs endless war for their war profits and to destroy the Bill of Rights.

    Right now we have the illusion of “choice”. The choice of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama and Mitt “Wall Street” Romney is NO choice.

    • sharonsj

      I think you’re confused. The top half of one percent gets their money from gambling with hedge funds or with banks of computers doing flash trading–certainly not from producing anything of value or having a regular job. Or they own oil companies that destroy the planet and kill people while not paying any U.S. taxes. In fact, most major corporations are actually welfare queens sucking at the government teat–while claiming that everything is the fault of the lower classes.

      The Kochs aren’t only buying politicians. They are funding organizations that spread lies (like climate change is a hoax) so that the American people remain stupid. But there is a difference between the two parties–the Republicans are extremist and obstructionist, and really are waging war against women.

    • Lynne Wallace

      Ever heard of George Soros?  The ‘evil’ Koch Brothers’ money and causes they support and other so called right-wingers don’t come anywhere close to George Soros’ money and radical left-wing causes. 

      “Here in the United States, Soros money provides the foundation for liberal organizations promoting everything from gay marriage and drug legalization to anti-death penalty strategies and every Ivy League university in the country!” Brent Bozell
      (Media Research Center)

  • Garyt

    What liberal media??? That’s right wing propaganda for low information people who listen to Rush, Savage and fox news. I spent 25 years in broadcasting and journalism and I know what I am talking about. There is NO liberal media anymore, its all propaganda designed to keep us separated from each other. Even the Huffington Post is becoming more conservative day by day.

    I was caught a couple of times in takeovers by conservative broadcast companies. Liberals get thrown to the curb. Look at what happened to KGO in San Franciso. Cummulus broadcasting got rid of all the liberal talk show hosts and even the one that’s left is becoming more conservative.

    Let me put it another way. You have 7 CONSERVATIVE companies controlling 90% of broadcast media in this country. They are all run by CONSERVATIVE controlled corporations, not liberal, PERIOD. Clear Channel, partially owned by Romney, Cummulus by a couple of good old boys from Georgia, NBC by GE/universal, etc etc etc.

    The problem is americans have been so propagandize by the media, they believe whatever media tells them. Listen to the BBC, the CBC, read the Financial times, Asian times etc to find out what is really going on in this country.

    Liberal lamestream media. Ha Ha, what a joke.

    By the way, those of you who think Obama is a socialist or communist. You don’t really know what socialist or communist parties are. Check out our Canadian friends, they have REAL socialist and communist parties up there. I have a German friend that laughs histericaly when anyone calls Obama a leftist. They consider both parties in America to be right wing. One,right wing toward the center and the republican party so far to the right that it fell over a cliff.

    Listen to a political debate on the CBC. People actually talk about issues because there is no corporate money allowed and every candidate gets to speak. When was the last time you ever heard that happening in the US. Canadian political campaigns as well as Australia’s last what, 8 weeks at the most. They want their politicians working for them, not endlessly campaigning.

    God, when are Americans going to wake up to what really is going on in this country. Corporate controlled government (which we have right now) is right wing facism, not communism.

    Educate yourself to reality.

    • mark

      Well I guess our Founding Fathers were so far right that they fell off of the earth by your flat brain.

    • John W.

      You have mental problems. It is disgusting to watch Matthews among others practically give Obama an air start. Hard to believe that some one with your distorted view of reality can even tie your own shoe.

    • Gary2

      well said! thanks

    • uncurable wound

      garryt,your as crazy as your little brother gary 2.
      GE is conservative ROFL hahaheeheehoho.

      You spent 25 years in journalism.
      You are a liberal!!!!

      Did your brainwash education do this or were you born a fool?

      • Owl

        @Uncurable wound – looks like you did not understand the meaning of the article.

      • Gay Veteran

        moron, you can’t rebut the FACT that Big Corporations control the media

    • Louise in MO

      GARY T

      I suggest you move to Canada or the United Kingdom since you think the socialist and/or communist parties are much better than those here in the USA.

      Personally I would rather dig my heels in and stay here in America. I have a mind that works and can clearly recognize the truth from a lie and liberalism from conservatism no matter what news channel is on.

      I don’t “hate” anyone, just decide who I think is the best for the country.

      So far I’m not convinced that Obama has our best interests at heart.
      If he did he’d spend less time on the golf course and take fewer vacations. He knew the job was tough when he campaigned for it. He didn’t say then that the economy was so bad he couldn’t make it better, and he certainly didn’t say he couldn’t come up with a few ideas for job growth.

      It doesn’t matter who did what before he came along, his job is and was to “fix” it. His resume’ showed little in the way of job experience, although he did give some nice speeches.

      Speeches won’t cut it anymore, however. We are in trouble here in the good old USA and if he can’t “cut the mustard” then get out of Dodge and let somebody else try.

      Too many comments on this site blaming and hating this group or the other.

    • Louise in MO

      Gary…..get rea! I’m really tired of hearing about how good it is in Canada,
      Australia, etc. If it’s so good will you please go there!

      I am well aware of the difference between liberal and conservative media. The reason liberal media has been shut down is because the PEOPLE of America aren’t listening and/or watching. Does that say something to you?

      Facts demonstrate that the majority of Americans are conservative and that does not mean they are”right wing facists.”

      • Lynne Wallace

        Amen, Louise!

  • SandraO

    Correction: most Republican do NOT demonize the poor! The reality is that many Republicans, Libertarians, and independents do think that the Democrat Party has been completely taken over by the neo-Marxist, Communist-fascist elite who do not care about the middle class. The Democrat Party elite want a two tier society in which the poor underclass is totally dependent on the government Communist elite.

    • Gary2

      Correction: most Republican do NOT demonize the poor

      your kidding correct? unless you do not consider 99% of repubes to be “most”

    • Gay Veteran

      SandraO, get a clue! BOTH parties serve the elites who rule this country

    • Joshua

      What is a “Communist-Fascist”? It seems to me you have the most limited idea of what Marxism or Communism are. Do you get your information about the left from Fox News? Communism and fascism are absolute opposites. That’s sillier than screen doors on a submarine.

  • Jon

    And to the race warfare (elite divide and conquer while they loot America) – trayvon Martin – If Zimmerman is cleared Rome Burns, just a sample of our future…

  • Terry

    You did not specify what you would like to replace the income tax, but if you support the FairTax, that is merely a different form of class warfare.

    While the FairTax presents itself as a consumption tax, it makes some forms of consumption more equal than others. It allows homeowners to enjoy over $1 trillion annually of untaxed housing consumption, while Americans who cannot buy a home will be taxed on every dollar of their inflated rent.

    It exempts property taxes paid by a homeowner, while property taxes embedded in rent – and levied at higher rates in many states – are fully taxed.

    You want to replace a bad tax code with a bad tax code that is not only different, it redistributes income upward and does so more explicitly. Class warfare, indeed.

  • SandraO

    The rich Hollywood elite flocked to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner the other night in Washington DC to hear BarackHusseinObama speak. In a couple of weeks, BarackHusseinObama will attend a fundraiser at GeorgeClooney’s lavish home in Malibu. The event has has already sold out to raise around $10 million for the president’s re-election campaign. Maybe the rich Hollywood elite are donating $30K each to O’s re-election campaign to ensure favorable tax loopholes and shelters in the future?

    • Gay Veteran

      and the billionaire Koch brothers will be supporting Romney

      • Louise in MO


        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

  • Terry

    SandraO said:

    “Correction: most Republican do NOT demonize the poor!”

    Unfortunately, sometimes Republicans DO demonize the poor.

    In Ann Arbor, the Salvation Army wanted to open a rooming house close to downtown, to house employed men who work downtown in low-wage service jobs. These low-wage workers cannot afford to live in Ann Arbor due to high rents, and must commute from outlying areas.

    A well-known neighborhood Republican organized opposition to the proposal, and the working poor were indeed demonized. The proposed rooming house was seen as the source of drugs, crime, and similar social ills.

    Republicans prepared to use the issue against Democrats in the upcoming election and the supporters abandoned the proposal.

  • Patrick Downey

    Isaiah 3:14-15
    14 The LORD enters into judgment against the elders and leaders of his people: “It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses. 15 What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor?” declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.

    Romans 13:1-7
    Submission to the Authorities
    1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. 4 For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. 6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor

    James 2:5 – 6 ESV
    Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him? 6 But you have dishonored the poor man. Are not the rich the ones who oppress you, and the ones who drag you into court?

    Warning to the Rich
    James 5: 1-6
    1 Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. 2 Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days. 4 Behold, the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, are crying out against you, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. 5 You have lived on the earth in luxury and in self-indulgence. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned and murdered the righteous person. He does not resist you.

    Revelation 3 : 17-19
    17 For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, so that you may be rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, so that you may see. 19 Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.

  • mondobeyondo

    Politics in America has become a sick joke. We have an election season lasting 2 or more years – Newt Gingrich is supposed to be bowing out today. That leaves Obama, Romney and Paul. Only 5 months to go!

    I predict the 2016 presidential campaign will begin on January 21st, 2013. Yup, the day after the new, or re-elected president takes office. Secretariat has already thrown his hat in the ring. He’s challenging future candidates if they really could beat a dead horse.


  • jox

    Class warfare exists and is very real. Look only where has go all the money created by the Fed. Right, to the 1%. At the same time the poors, desperated and starving, are considered ‘liabilities’, a waste. Do you really think this is christian? Even human?

    This is the crude reality. You are not going to fool anyone by sowing again and again the fear with the same old discourse. Mac Carthy again?

  • Bob Marshall

    I just finished reading END THE FED by Ron Paul.I feel it is so important i am going to read it again.

  • anonymous

    Is it just me or nobody has a since of balance everybody wants this country to be socialist or communist or capitalist but what I think we really need is a balance between these types of government if we want to thrive as a society and we also need a balance between democrats and republican also

    • ivan

      Maybe one day, we can just govern ourselves. Not the fascists who we “elect” and not the fascists that run our economy. Just us, and the people we live amongst.

  • Abby

    I have a african american neighbor across the street who lives in the exact house as me.(same mortgage & bills) Our husbands are both military retired- except she seems to live in a different country then I do. She hates the 1%. Can’t stand them and blames them for everything. She claims they got their loot on the backs of the rest of us. She wants everyone to be equal- meaning if she can’t have it…then no one should have it. Loves Obama- thinks he’s the smartest man alive. Thinks we are in a recovery. Any hardship she faced was at the hands of a white person.

    Me? I appreciate the wealthy who supplies the jobs and know they have paid their dues from hard work or they wouldn’t be there. I live in a right to work state- so unions don’t butter my bread. My debt is from lack of discipline with the credit card. If you’ve got something I don’t- I’ll still cheer you on and work hard to get there as best I can. My hardships came in all shapes & colors. Obama- is a pretender. We are unraveling into a 20 year crisis that I (47) probably won’t live to see the other side.

    My American is more depressing- but at least it’s not a fantasy.

    • Gary2

      your neighbor is correct and you are wrong. Too bad your neighbors good smarts will not rub off on you.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…I appreciate the wealthy who supplies the jobs and know they have paid their dues from hard work or they wouldn’t be there….”

      They have had major tax cuts for over 10 years! So where are the jobs?!?!?!? They’re in China, India, Vietnam, etc. All countries with NO unions.

    • Pault

      Very well said Abby. I think the so called “poor” are the real hate mongers and greedy of our society. Most made their bed of rocks through irresponsible decisions years ago, and now they want to blame someone else. It is human nature at its worst. Most would not be better off for very long if the won the national lottery. The fool and his money are soon parted” and he seeks to steal more from someone else, legally or illegally.

      • Gary2

        seems to me a lot of rich make bad decisions also. They are rich enough to buy their way out of any trouble if they get into any in the first place. They also whine and the gov bails them out.

        Many are simply rich due to winning the sperm lottery.

        They can do like Rush bimbo did and pay some maid to buy your drugs for you. How many stupid ************* still listen to that fool?

    • DL

      You must listen to Andrew Wilkow, who is an Ayn Randian and a social darwinist who would literally eat the poor if he could. In other words, he does what he is told.

    • Gary2

      Abby–you must be drinking your own bath water to be that dumb.

  • Gary2

    Hey Christians–read Luke Chapter 4 verse 18 where Jesus says aty the begining of his ministry that he is all about good news for the poor.

    More proof Jesus is socialist so suck on that you hypocrital faux christians.

    He is not about good news for the rich so that proves republicans/conservatives can not be true christians.

    The right wing also worships aethestic ayn rand.

    Michael–guess that also means you need to stop denigrating the poor IF you are really christian.

    Many are CINO’s–Christian In Name Only

  • Bravo Economic Collapse:

    Our great leader is creating a divide and conquer war on women, Catholics, Israel, success, oil,mining, religion,damn near everybody.

    There is no war on illegals or sending guns to Mexico.

    Should he get a second term there will be a communist revolution coming to your neighborhood.

    Dare to prepare.

    Respectfully, Yoda


    • ivan

      well, if there’s a revolution coming, at least we won’t have private banks anymore.

  • ivan

    Class warfare was never about rich and poor. It’s about exploiter and exploited.

    Ask yourself who has more input into how our democracy is run? 1 million voters or 1 bank CEO?

    • mondobeyondo

      True that.

      Wealthy = exploiter
      The rest of us = exploited

  • Washington

    Bill Ayers roots for the decline of America

  • Trix

    Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more. The trick being used by corrupt government through out history has always been “divide and conquer”.
    In order to regain their right, all people must unite and grab their freedom back. Or if you cant be united, just concentrate your attack on the corrupt system instead of each other.

  • James Hartwick

    There are some good points in the article, but I think it vastly underestimates how the wealthy, through corporate owned media and politicians, have re-written the rules over the last 30 years to create a situation where 93% of income gains goes to the top 1%. If you get money out of politics, the people can rule. Regulations and laws can be written to level the playing field so that the golden rule–“the person with the gold, rules”–does not apply. Under the right conditions, government can be used as tool to regulate economic externalities and create incentives in areas such as green energy, education, health care to promote long term economic growth. A government where “We the People” rule, not “those with money” ruling, would do much to alleviate what ails this country.

  • Optimistic Pessimist

    Aw Michael,

    From many of the posts here it seems the divide is working well.

    It is such a shame that this happens – although here in the UK maybe my parents generation have an understanding of pulling together in times of strife.

    Good luck to all and keep up the good work.

  • Pault

    At the heart of it is communism. This has always been a basic principle of Marxism. The fools who are duped by it are playing right into the Marxist scheme. The aim is to put all wealth into the hands of government so they can control our lives and destroy freedom.

  • DL

    Class war? Maybe, but from my mountain rural perch it seems more like “the criminal psychopaths against the sane.”

  • monk

    Class warfare? Government control? For forty years the government, corporations, and households were using each other! The government deregulated and provided tax cuts in exchange for more borrowing and power via the military, which was also used to prop up the dollar. Corporations benefited from deregulation through financial speculation, and provide easy credit to households. With a propped-up dollar and easy credit, households availed of the “American Dream” in exchange for voting for government which supported corporations.



    Your propoganda train has not skipped a beat since I last read it. Class warfare is real, whether you like it or not. Problem is, a class war being waged by the asylum states government and the monopolistic robber barons connected to it has not been dislodged at present. And since most asylumites here aren’t too bright, they continue to vote for a war party that does not have the the people’s interests at heart. But hey, propogandize away. It’s not like the asylumites are going to wake up before the final economic collapse anyway………..

  • Evie

    The global economy is useless unless it works for everyone. No the people will not work for low wages,pay high costs and willingly go into credit to feed the golden geese_the well connected elite. There could be plenty of high wage jobs in a day by changing acvounting rules. Just ask the banks_billions in taxpayer welfare and they collect bad debts after writing them off as loses. People are tired of being demoralized by the system.

  • Kent Harris

    FairTax FairTax FairTax FairTax FairTax FairTax FairTax FairTax FairTax.

    It is morally wrong to tax ones labor. Honestly, I don’t care how much a person makes. It costs the economy about 300 billion dollars a year with our current tax system. Eliminate the current tax system and we could have an instant savings to our economcy and both parties could lay claim to making it better for everyone, but politicians are not about to give up the power they have invested in this horrible system of theft.

  • David Ingwersen

    “The top 1% are hard working and just got some good breaks in life” You are full of shit.
    The top 1% would screw you and the working poor to DEATH to keep their 1% and you know it. Just look at retirement, medical benifits and or a “Living wage” that the %1 do NOT provide. They ship the jobs to Singapore as HP did some 10 years ago after they could not rape puerto rico deep enough. Now the Chinese are asking 6.00 per hour and several companies are coming back to US to automate new plants and pay LESS workers.
    Anyone who believes that the 1% are hard working and just got some breaks is a Nazi to his heart. The 1% got their money by screwing the working American. And if the Americans are too much to handle they import more diaper heads and mexicans that are just happy to exist. So they show themselves for they KIND of people the 1% really are. = Anti American, Anti Constitution, Man haters and a destroyer of american families, prejudice, war mongers, child molesters and general SCUM. Your comments are from a low I.Q. Politically Correct (which is a communists invented term) bottom feeding AH. I hope you get what you absolutely deserve while you live in your “White Washed Grave”.

  • andeee

    As I see it the real problem is not taxes or wealth but inheritance which provides a vastly uneven playing field from birth, which over generations compound the difference to the extremes we have now. Just as an un-thought out idea how about the government taking all inheritance from everybody on death. Then there would be little or no taxes to pay for everyone. If some one works hard or strikes it lucky let them enjoy the fruits of there labor but on there death it is redistributed among society. Is it that crazy?

  • GDP growth as currently measured is a total fabrication. Government spending counts as ‘economic growth’. Ok, maybe in the days of budget surpluses I could see that – maybe. However, it is absurd to count deficit spending in GDP. It must be paid back. The Keynesians in the media and academia love to leave this out. Debt is a reversible transaction. Unless of course the intent was never to pay it back in the first place, which is going to cause all sorts of other problems. Stimulus spending is double-counted in GDP; once as government spending and a second time when final goods are purchased. GDP as it is currently measured is a complete joke.

  • there is no class war being created by any it,just there,not all byalot of the rich look down on lower class people,example i have been a window cleaner in new york city i had a job to do at 8 in the morning i did not have time to take the service elevator so i tried to take the front they said no but then i saw a tenent walk in the front with a dog,once i had to use the bathroom the woman said i rather you not it was just cleaned,i guess her urine was cleaner these are jus a few examples there are many more,so no one created class war its already there and always will be with most of the rich.

  • There is no class war being created by anyone it,s already there I was a window cleaner in New York City I had a job at 8 I had no time to take the service elevator but then i seen a women walk in with a dog,another example I had to use the bathroom bad the woman said i rather you not it was just cleaned,i guess her urine was cleaner than minewe need no one to divide us up into classesmost of the rich always look down on the lower,but a kid once told me that his father was a ceo of a big company 400 men worked under him they all looked up to him i said thats nothing my father is a window cleaner the whole city has to look up to him.

  • Didrik

    The US has a very class counscious upper class. They can buy politicians and elections, what can the common man buy? They can only vote, and what good does a vote have when the system is being rigged? Democracy is dying in America, replaced by elite rule to serve elite and corporate interest.

    Poor people can only react by protesting and organizing (that’s why Neocons and neoliberals want to CRUSH the unions, they don’t want people to have the SLIGHTEST of power), and of course then the elite and the media try to trick the public by “reporting” that they are “waging class warfare”, but in reality they are just REACTING NONVIOLENTLY to class warfare.

    You have nothing going on sir in this blog sir. Stop you bull********** bypartizanship, wouldn’t surprise me if you’re a wolf in sheep clothing. People, take your democracy back, middle and poor class, organise, you don’t have to be a socialist to get what’s wrong with Coporate States of America inc.

  • Pip

    Who is Michael and where is the last name in order for me to scour the web in search of his credibility

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