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Michael & Meranda’s New Show

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Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America – And It Is Working Photo By Brian Sims

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Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America - And It Is Working Photo By Brian Sims

  • Pete

    Wake up people of america ,you are being fooled into the believe that things are getting better for you,when in reality any fool can see that america is on the slide into oblivion,due to the enormous strength of china and the american politicians selling you out to china to line their own pockets in readiness for the world economic collapse.It will not matter who you elect to run the americas as they will all do the same, look at the people of greece,france etc they understand the problems with governments of today and their greed, they have tride to abandon their governments but the cheating politicians always come back,as they want their share of the spoils,when the country disinegrates,just like what happening in america,england,australia etc.Its amazing how the world politicians after gaining there political degree from university they then have a license to cause so much destruction to the people of the world,and implement a system in place where we the people cannot get rid of them.They are the devil,as god says we will always have here on earth,from mistakes made in the beginning,I am not quoting from any bible i am quoting as a memeber of society who has had a gutful of politicians the world over destroying the working/honest people of the world. Take heart all people as we are all childern of god and he loves us all no matter who we are and he has a plan for us all and its all good for us the believers,but not for the cheating politicians their final day is coming right now 2012.

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