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Corporate Debt Defaults Explode To Catastrophic Levels Not Seen Since The Last Financial Crisis

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Boom - Public DomainIf a new financial crisis had already begun, we would expect to see corporate debt defaults skyrocket, and that is precisely what is happening.  As you will see below, corporate defaults are currently at the highest level that we have seen since 2009.  A wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the energy industry, but it isn’t just the energy industry that is in trouble.  In fact, the average credit rating for U.S. corporations is now lower than it was at any point during the last recession.  This is yet another sign that we are in the early chapters of a major league economic crisis.  Yesterday I talked about how 23.2 percent of all Americans in their prime working years do not have a job right now, but today I am going to focus on the employers.  Big corporate giants all over America are in deep, deep financial trouble, and this is going to result in a tremendous wave of layoffs in the coming months.

We should rejoice that U.S. stocks have rebounded a bit in the short-term, but the euphoria in the markets is not doing anything to stop the wave of corporate defaults that is starting to hit Wall Street like a freight train.  Zero Hedge is reporting that we have not seen this many corporate defaults since the extremely painful year of 2009…

While many were looking forward to the weekend in last week’s holiday-shortened week for some overdue downtime, the CEOs of five, mostly energy, companies had nothing but bad news for their employees and shareholders: they had no choice but to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy.

And, as Bloomberg reports, with last week’s five defaults, the 2016 to date total is now 31, the highest since 2009 when there were 42 company defaults, according to Standard & Poor’s. Four of the defaults in the week ended March 23 were by U.S. issuers including UCI Holdings Ltd. and Peabody Energy Corp., the credit rating company said.

And by all indications, what we have seen so far is just the beginning.  According to Wolf Richter, the average rating on U.S. corporate debt is already lower than it was at any point during the last financial crisis…

Credit rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s, are not known for early warnings. They’re mired in conflicts of interest and reluctant to cut ratings for fear of losing clients. When they finally do warn, it’s late and it’s feeble, and the problem is already here and it’s big.

So Standard & Poor’s, via a report by S&P Capital IQ, just warned about US corporate borrowers’ average credit rating, which at “BB,” and thus in junk territory, hit a record low, even “below the average we recorded in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 credit crisis.”

What all of this tells us is that we are in the early stages of an absolutely epic financial meltdown.

Meanwhile, we continue to get more indications that the real economy is slowing down significantly.  According to the Atlanta Fed, U.S. GDP growth for the first quarter is now expected to come in at just 0.6 percent, and Moody’s Analytics is projecting a similar number…

First-quarter growth is now tracking at just 0.9 percent, after new data showed surprising weakness in consumer spending and a wider-than-expected trade gap.

According to the CNBC/Moody’s Analytics rapid update, economists now see the sluggish growth pace based on already reported data, down from 1.4 percent last week.

Of course if the government was actually using honest numbers, people wouldn’t be talking about the potential start of a new recession.  Instead, they would be talking about the deepening of a recession that never ended.

We are in the terminal phase of the greatest debt bubble the world has ever experienced.  For decades, the United States has been running up government debt, corporate debt and consumer debt.  Our trade deficits have been bigger than anything the world has ever seen before, and our massively inflated standard of living was funded by an ever increasing pile of IOUs.  I love how Doug Noland described this in his recent piece

With U.S. officials turning their backs on financial excesses, Bubble Dynamics and unrelenting Current Account Deficits, I expected the world to lose its appetite for U.S. financial claims. After all, how long should the world be expected to trade real goods and services for endless U.S. IOUs?

As it turned out, rather than acting to discipline the profligate U.S. Credit system, the world acquiesced to Bubble Dynamics. No one was willing to be left behind. Along the way it was learned that large reserves of U.S. financial assets were integral to booming financial inflows and attendant domestic investment and growth. The U.S. has now run persistently large Current Account Deficits for going on 25 years.

Seemingly the entire globe is now trapped in a regime of unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus required to levitate a world with unmatched debt and economic imbalances. History has seen nothing comparable. And I would strongly argue that the consequences of Bubbles become much more problematic over time. The longer excesses persist the deeper the structural impairment.

As this bubble bursts, we are going to endure a period of adjustment unlike anything America has ever known before.  I talk about the pain coming to America in my new book entitled “The Rapture Verdict” which is currently the #1 new release in Christian eschatology on  To be honest, I don’t know if any of us really understands the horror that is coming to this nation in the years ahead.  None of us have ever experienced anything similar to it, so we don’t really have a frame of reference to imagine what it will be like.

This spike in corporate debt defaults is a major league red flag.  Since the last financial crisis, our big corporations went on a massive debt binge, and now they are starting to pay the price.

We never seem to learn from the errors of the past.  Instead of learning our lessons the last time around, we just went out and made even bigger mistakes.

I am afraid that history is going to judge us rather harshly.

Those that are waiting for the next great financial crisis to begin can quit waiting, because it is already happening right in front of our eyes.

If you believe that the temporary rebound of U.S. stocks is somehow going to change the trajectory of where things are heading, you are going to end up deeply, deeply disappointed.

  • GSOB

    “I am afraid that history is going to judge us rather harshly.”

    Psalm 56:3

    When I am afraid, I will trust in You.


    No debt = peace. 😉

    • James Dohnalek

      I should have taken you up on your bet, under contract.

      • James Dohnalek

        You should blog off, you are not creditable.


        How about a simple wager based on your statement.

        Your time frame appears to be for 2016 when you mention the market down to 6000, I assume you mean the DOW.

        How about during the rest of 2016 starting on April 1st, every day the DOW is above 10,000 you pay me $100 and every day it is below 10,000 I pay you $1,000.

        Ready, set, GO! Please make my check payable to Mr. ALWAYSTOMORROW.

        es you should have. It’s not to late.

  • GSOB

    …let us maintain faith and we shall recover courage.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Sell your souls to Satan for youth and power 🙂

      • rmc9

        …and a reservation for your (eternal) spot in hell…”where the worn won’t die and the fire never goes out”. there is lots of room too…

    • Rokster671

      With this current admnistration it will be hard. We can only hope things get better.

    • Lennie Pike

      I agree….but as Mel Brooks put it, it’s still kind of like: “Mathew, Mark, Luke, and ………!”

      Remember when Richard Dicks came into town?

      It’s going to take a good plan and physical action by the People to put down the bad guys.

  • Steeve Girard

    The energy sector is on a fire sale, everyone is pumping everything they got, in order to maintain their market shares. They are doing this because the average EROEI of oil is getting closer to the 8:1 mark. Which still permits the industrial society as it is, but commercially becomes non-viable for markets. Oil EROEI is following a logarithmic degradation, and should reach the 5:1 minimum necessary to maintain the industrial society as it is, at around 2030.
    Coal is still around 25:1, which makes it more and more attractive to the industry to move back to coal. But the coal being produced is very environmentally unfriendly. (soot and mercury)
    The next best is Natural gas which is at 50:1 at the moment, but as a large mass of industries migrates to it, Natural gas quality will degrade following a pattern similar to shale gas. Which means pretty quick.
    The truth is, we have about 120 years of tech society based on fossil fuels. Oil which was the most concentrated form of energy available has about 14 years left before it becomes useless as it is, due to quality degradation.
    Renewables will make a boom probably after 2030, the industry will kick in when the critical EROEI is reached. The only renewables that permits industry to work, are: Large scale photo-voltaic, Hydro-electricity, Wind power and Solar concentrators. Any other form of renewable is not viable, unless used in conjonction with one of the enumerated before. That includes also chemically designed fossil fuels, which could replace extracted fossil fuels.
    In other words, go green or get screwed.

    • Ken

      Henry Ford planned to grow fuel and raw materials for his cars. How? By growing hemp. Our illustrious government put the kabosh on that by making the most beneficial plant known to humanity illegal! We got in our own way of a renewable future in 1937 thanks to Roosevelt’s signing of The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.

      • Steeve Girard

        Hemp is fine as a raw material… but you still need an industrial quality energy source to transform it into the need components.

        • Ken

          So, making hemp illegal to force us down the sole path of fossil fuels was necessary? Not really what you are saying, but this is where we are. When you consider that hemp is nontoxic and can be made into 50,000 plus consumer items including highly nutritious food, excellent high R value shelter that is insect proof, mold proof and fire resistant. Hemp is a highly renewable source material for paper, fashion, nontoxic plastics, wall coverings, floor coverings and the like. Wouldn’t it make sense for the public to demand such items? Wouldn’t that be better from a renewables stand point? The public probably would demand better choices if the public was not so damned ignorant.

          The brainwashed public soaks up what the government and the media tells us without questioning anything. It is how we have been “schooled,” to get along and go along. Don’t you dare think for yourself and ask critical questions. That is not tolerated. To see how far this programming and brainwashing goes, read John Taylor Gatto, teacher of the year New York City three times and teacher of the year state of NY twice. Nothing like getting the true story from someone who has lived it.

          I’m astounded to find how many people think they received a “good” education from a US public school. The indoctrination is so complete, people actually believe that the dumbed down public education they receive is somehow a good thing.

          • Steeve Girard

            I am well aware of what hemp can do, I know as an artisan material it does not require much to transform, I was talking about an industrial use of hemp. That is different in energy needs.

    • Scott Comin

      You seem to really know your stuff. Do you work in the energy industry? Where do you get that info from? Thank you for the great info!

      • Steeve Girard

        I get the information from Science Direct, Shell Canada and The Post Carbon Institute. Also read books like the Limits to Growth, Kondratiev papers about economic seasons and official OPEC oil quality reports (which they have not rigged yet, they only rigged their reserve sizes).

    • Kent Harris

      It would destroy the dollar as the reserve currency.

      From 1972 to 1974, the U.S. government made a series of agreements with Saudi Arabia. These agreements created the petrodollar system.

      The U.S. government chose Saudi Arabia because of its vast petroleum reserves, its dominant position in OPEC, and the (correct) perception that the Saudi royal family was corruptible.

      In essence, the petrodollar system was an agreement that the U.S. would guarantee the survival of the House of Saud. In exchange, Saudi Arabia would:

      Use its dominant position in OPEC to ensure that all oil transactions would happen in U.S. dollars.
      Invest a large amount of its dollars from oil revenue in U.S. Treasury securities and use the interest payments from those securities to pay U.S. companies to modernize the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia.
      Guarantee the price of oil within limits acceptable to the U.S. and prevent another oil embargo by other OPEC members.
      Oil is the world’s most traded and most strategic commodity. Needing to use dollars for oil transactions is a very compelling reason for foreign countries to keep large U.S. dollar reserves.

      For example, if Italy wants to buy oil from Kuwait, it has to purchase U.S. dollars on the foreign exchange market to pay for the oil first. This creates an artificial market for U.S. dollars that would not otherwise exist.

      The demand is artificial because the U.S. dollar is just a middleman in a transaction that has nothing to do with a U.S. product or service. Ultimately, it translates into increased purchasing power and a deeper, more liquid market for the U.S. dollar and U.S. Treasuries.

      Additionally, the U.S. has the unique privilege of not having to use foreign currency to buy imports, including oil. Instead, it gets to use its own currency, which it can print.

      It’s hard to overstate how much the petrodollar system benefits the U.S. dollar. It’s allowed the U.S. government and many Americans to live beyond their means for decades.

      • Steeve Girard

        Yes it will, it’s the absolute conclusion of such a system. It will fail, because the energy sector will choke, due to energy quality.

      • pulltheweeds

        Moneychangers ;

        Been screwing humanity for millenia .

    • Gay Veteran

      thorium reactors

      • Steeve Girard

        Thorium reactors have a pollution disaster issue, the Thorium Fluoride use in them can dissolve in water, and is utterly toxic to life. If they want to use it, they will have to insure, it can resist Earthquakes, Tsunamis and High velocity impacts from space. Then, in my book, it will be a secure technology.

    • Manuel

      You are 100% right. With cheap energy work will go to robots so 7 billion people are disposable. With expensive energy most of the work will be slave work. Take your pick.

  • Mr Obfuscation

    Economic crisis, labor unrest, ISIS, southern border, China, Syria, Iran, and a host of other problems………. fear not with President TRUMP all will return to normal and America will be great again.
    I have hope and trust in Trump.

    • Creepy Pedro

      Trump will never be able to control the moneychangers. Sorry, that’s just reality.

      • Lennie Pike

        Taking their power by force as permitted by law IS possible, and Trump would control the U.S. Armed Forces if elected which would be the easiest and fastest way to accomplish it.

        The only problem is the odds are he will be just another puppet controlled by the moneychangers.

        The People can control the moneychangers by no longer using their money and no longer participating in as many other aspects of their fraudulent system as possible, but the People will never understand this system of abuse or act to stop these criminals until it is too late when the world has gone cashless.

        I know – you weren’t talking to me.

        • Creepy Pedro

          Sure its possible, but it wont happen.

    • Mad Monkey

      Unfortunately the patient (global economy) has terminal cancer – it is tooooo late. One can only pump so much drugs and pain killers till complete multiple organ failure.

      Everything is bubbled and overextended it will be rapid catastrophic failure around October and there will be a 6 month banking holiday with no shopping or any financial transactions taking place.

      • Jerry C

        TPTB will need to give Trump time to undo a lot of LUITPOS’s policies; then, they’ll collapse the economy & the world will love the devil even more.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Oh yeah..Billionaire Trump reaaally cares about you..LOL.
      He’d make tax rules further favor the rich.. take the money and run with a Golden Parachute..just like he did with his bankrupted companies

      • Mark

        Oh, and Hillary or Bernie will do better.???? Please……I do not expect any politician to give me free stuff or make promises that will give me wealth. What Trump says is true and accurate. At least he is saying the truth unlike all the others such as Hillary that failed horribly as Secretary of State, under investigation, and lies about everything. We need our borders secure and send illegals home. Free trade is a joke and needs reform. The bankers need to be broken up and punished. Our federal government needs to be downsized greatly while going to a flat tax is needs to be implemented. At least he is discussing the real issues. My question to you is what will Hillary or Bernie do for the common guy?????? Free stuff is not the answer.

        Personally I think you are drinking to much blood. It’s destroying those brain cells of yours.

        • Scott Comin

          Trump will utterly disappoint. I used to be excited by his anti-establishment stance until he drooled all over the pro-israel lobby. HE IS FULL OF BULL.

          • Mark

            I support Israel. Better than supporting the devil Islam. Do you really think Bernie and Hillary are to be trusted? They are far worse and their view of extreme socialism will destroy this country.

          • algol2000

            The “Israel” that you are talking of no longer exists. It died in exile. What you have today is an usurpation of the identity of a people by another people, the banksters.

          • Lennie Pike

            Absolutely correct. Revelation 3:9

          • Bill G Wilminton NC


          • Mark

            Maybe, but what is true anymore??? I agree the banksters/globalists control this awful world of ours and have done great damage but if I have to choose between siding with Israel or Islam I will choose Israel.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC


          • algol2000

            Yes, that is right. The Israel that you have today is BS.

          • Raymond Chow

            All of the candidates kissed the pro-Israel lobby. Trump gave the most sensible answer which is let the Jews and Palestinians negotiate but the Palestinians has to accept the Jewish state existence. What’s wrong with that?

          • Gay Veteran

            good point, can’t get elected president without kissing Israel’s a ss

          • Lennie Pike

            Has to be full of it for that reason, I agree.

            We need a patriotic leader – maybe there’s one quietly hiding in the military somewhere.

          • halmic

            Petraeus for president.

            Powell for president.

            Crystal for president.

            Anyone. But. The. Jokers. On. Tv. Every. Day

        • sistersoldier

          The only reason he “appears” to be telling the truth is because he is literally reading your diary. He is not only reading your diary but the diary of those who vent openly on internet blogs and threads.

          If people post that they will riot if protestors or whomever try to prevent him from the GOP nomination then magically 2 days later he repeats the same thing on live television. The crowd gasps and is shaken at how can he be so in tune with the public? How does he know exactly how we fell about the establishment and illegal immigration? How could he know?

          Because they are your private thoughts and words written for anyone to see. He simply capitalizes on the opportunity to seize the day by selling you your own ideas. He is a businessman for sure.

          • Mark

            Again, who will bring less damage? Hillary and Bernie will do much more destruction to this country than Trump. Remember that those Trump protestors are being trained and paid for by Soros and other left wing socialist organizations that support Sanders and Clinton. They create the chaos at those events which were for Trump supporters. We live in a politically correct society that lost its values so now everything is somebody else’s fault. Always the blame game. Trump fights back and the liberal left hates this along with the Republican establishment. The globalists want chaos in US immigration and trade policies so they can continue to destroy the middle class in this country. Bankers, the Fed, Obama, our government, and banking families (Bilderberg group) all are out to transform the world into chaos. Trump is a threat. We all know what is transforming in this country and world. Hillary and Bernie are just plain losers. Do you want Bernie the loser who never had a job until he was 45 running this country???? A man from a wealthy family that parties until 45 and then runs for mayor??? He is a the failure of a generation that represents many problems. Hillary is of the same that will lie her way through anything to get what she wants. You are ultimately going to have a choice in Nov. whether anyone likes it or not to vote. I am voting Trump.

          • sistersoldier

            Hillary, Bernie, Donald different players same game. And they are playing the population in the biggest ponzi scheme on earth.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            While Cruz is playing his girlfriends and Heidi sits at home………
            VOTE TRUMP 2016

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Still focused on TRUMP…….. you are pathetic !.


          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            …………….VOTE TRUMP 2016…………

        • Bill G Wilminton NC

          YUP…..VOTE TRUMP 2016

      • Bunnie

        They all suck, lol, just pick the level of suckdom you might be able to stomach for four years.

      • “V”

        Or you can take what’s behind door number 2, A lying thieving old hag, or a confirmed communist old fart.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        Go suck on a lemmon VOTE TRUMP

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        You have NO understanding of Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws…..

        …………VOTE TRUMP 2016………….

    • Mondobeyondo

      Yes… beginning January 20, 2017, President Trump will make America great again… now what did I do with that bottle of Prozac? I seem to have misplaced it…

    • Gay Veteran

      well, a lot of people had hope and trust in Obama, how did that work out?

      • Jacynthia Read

        Very well for some. Not so well for the people.

        • Bill G Wilminton NC

          Very well for illegals………..

          Till….VOTE TRUMP

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        Great if your a Muslim or illegal mexican….

  • J B

    I think it would depend who the corporate was
    If it was GE, they would simply keep loaning them more loans to payback the previous loans. Yes, it is what it looks like.
    But if your smaller than McDonalds, you’d better pay up or leave dodge.

    It’s odd that companies that actually make stuff are the greatest risk, and those that don’t make anything are in the lowest risk, that’s just the way it works out.

    • Ken

      Tesla makes cars and burns cash like crazy.

      • J B

        Yeah but in this topsy turvy world where everything is backwards, because they make something, they’re worthless, therefore not worth saving.

      • Joltin Joe

        and look how overpriced their stock is…..

        • Ken

          Not unlike Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As the market ignores fundamentals and chases momentum, equities continue to get more overvalued. Fundamentals don’t matter, until the day they do. If you are long the market when that happens, look out. What is a pension fund manager to do? Skip town?

          • Joltin Joe

            Yeah I don’t own any you mentioned, I stick with the dividend stocks.

          • J B

            Like I s,aid, and those stocks don’t make anything, which is why they are going up

  • Illegal

    The US is going to go through a demographic down sizing that will last for several decades. We can no longer grow our way out of debt. Love him or hate him Trump has identified many issues that need to be addressed immediately. The US foreign policy needs to be changed. We need to get out of NATO and close all foreign military bases. The waste is horrendous. The MIC needs to be scrapped as we no longer can waste the money we are spending. We have been at war with one country after another for over 60 years. The jihadist thugs are our creation. We will have more thugs blowing up and killings. This a price we have to pay for our arrogance. A sane immigration policy needs to be enforced. We don’t need more people for jobs we don’t have. Also we are unable to assimilate those foreigners that are already here. The TBTF banks need to broken apart. These banks need to adopt rules similar to Glass-Stegal to prevent the financial disaster.

    • Scott Comin


    • greanfinisher .

      Let me know when those things happen (as I should live that long).

    • Gay Veteran


      1. bring the troops home
      2. seal the borders (NO illegal immigaration; heck, NO immigration period! not enough jobs for Americans)
      3. rebuild America

      NO foreign entanglements

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        VOTE TRUMP

        • huththa

          Ron Paul has been saying all these things for decades and was summarily ignored. The jury is out on whether Trump really means what he says or whether he is just tapping into people’s anger. He is way too thuggish for my liking. Ron and Rand Paul are gentlemen and principled; it’s a damn shame that they got little respect whereas a narcissist like Trump somehow gets credit for being the “anti-establishment” guy. Wake up, people. The Donald Trumps of the world funded the establishment and now he is going to end it?

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Yup I was a Ron Paul guy also ! Rand let his father down as he watered down his fathers message and also showed his true colors when he endorsed Mitch McConnel for Senate in 2014.

            Trump is what he is….but he is one thing for sure NOT part of the repub establishment elites who have passed trade agreements gatt nafta cafta and right now running THEIR butts off to finish us with the TPP trade agreement.
            YUP Trump can irritate me also at times but he is irritating the ELITES of the New World Order much more when he speaks of The Wall and Illegal immigrants and keeping the muslims OUT…..they are having a hissy fit as NO ONE has gone against THEM since Ron Paul. Also it would be nice to have our OREOS made in the USA not Mex.

          • Evan Elliott

            He had me at “We need to audit the Federal Reserve”

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Trump speaks against The New World Order Elites……who else says a word.

            And right now The Elites are trying to get The TPP trade agreement passed, yup read about that……it makes nafta gatt and cafta look like a kids playground..

          • bob cratchette

            Those days are long gone and America is about to pay the price for turning it’s back on the one thing that made us gr e at and that is GOD. What people need to realize that GOD’Splat is moving right along and this world is passing away and the America we Kew is gone forever never to return and we are reaping the bitter harvest of those seeds planted in the 60’s and seventies.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Great post…….keep firing !.

          • bob cratchette


          • miguel thecreditor

            yes but Ron Paul isnt as brash as Trump which is what we need Trump as imperfect he is the only one who can beat hillary, if Hillary wins God help us all many of us will be in jail fro saying anything bad about her or her policies look how she dresses like Mao SeTung

          • disqus_Porzg7BPsm

            Jews running our country have caused more destruction than all Muslims put together but no one dares to call it like it is. As long as we don’t put the blame where it belongs no matter what we do we are doomed.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            The problem with our country USA is SPIRITUAL….we have turned our backs on GOD !. No prayer in schools, No God in schools, abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality is glorified, drugs etc etc etc.

            The New World Oder Globalists (not jews) are running the USA although some proponents of NWO are Jewish(like George Soros) but the NWO is definitely not a Jewish “thing” . The NWO has an agenda to…. destroy the family, marriage, our Christian culture and stampout Christianity and bring down The USA.

            Lastly Yeshua(Jesus) was/is a Jewish Rabbi and teacher….11of 12 of his apostles were Jewish and almost all of his first followers were Jewish. The roots of Christianity are Jewish the correct feast days of GOD are all Jewish.

            Lastly lastly the Jewish people are coming to know that their Messiah is/was Yeshua (Jesus) and these Jewish are called Messianic Jewish and in the USA there are over 100K and growing like wheat. Jonathan Cahn in Wayne NJ has the largest Messianc Temple in the USA with thousands of members. In Israel there are now almost 100K Messianic Jewish and also growing like wheat. 20 years ago there were 2 Messianic Jews in Israel. Google imetmessiah and see and hear actual messianic Jews tell their story. I am a born again Christian and a Biblical researcher….and was raised Catholic.

            God Bless,

          • jack nichols

            I agree Bill, very nicely articulated

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Hi Mr Jack Nichols……………………….The Spiritual aspect is the important one because the NWO Globalist plan is the destruction of Christianity over the world and the destruction of Israel and all Jewish people wherever they may be.

            This is a Spiritual battle and NOT all NWO Globalists are aware of the spirituality of what they are involved in. Many falsely believe that the NWO will bring peace and prosperity to the world and that makes them staunch in their quest for NWO….but there is a group at the top tier that know WHO they are working for and WHO their master is…. and he has a name “Lucifer”…… he is real but resides with his demons and fallen angels in the spiritual dimension… FOR NOW !.

            God Bless,

          • Tuaca1107

            Of course he is the anti-establishment guy!! He had to just through all those hoops the government has designed for corporations. He knows where all the wast is.

            ****Trump 2016****

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            YUP well said….keep firing !.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          DUMP TRUMP

          • Tuaca1107

            I don’t think so sweetie!!!!

        • Gay Veteran

          I would IF I thought he would do 10% of what he says.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            If TRUMP does 10% of what he says and 100% the opposite of what is presently being done that is 110% improvement !

            VOTE TRUMP 2016

          • Gay Veteran

            oh Bill, I have the feeling that “make America great again” is going to end up like “hope and change”

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          How much prior political experience does Trump have?
          NADA!!! ZIP!!!! ZILCH!!! ZERO!!!
          He talks the talk, but never walked the walk.
          But hey.. it’s only THE PRESIDENCY!
          Maybe next we’ll grab people off the street w/no medical training to do surgery!
          Ok, neither did Ulysses Grant or Dwight Eisenhower have a prior politcal position, though both had a strong military background. Dwight being ” The Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in World War II”
          and Grant “Commanding General of the United States Army”

          How much military background does Trump have? NADA!!! ZIP!!!! ZILCH!!! ZERO!!!
          “no major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years.”
          He has filed four business bankruptcies. Maybe he thinks it’s just as easy to file bankruptcy w/the entire government and walk away.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            TRUMP has no experience in putting the USA 19 and on the way to 20 trillion in DEBT. That is called BAD experience and NOPE he has none of that experience.

            This 19-20 trillion is an unpayable number and the existing dem/repub establishment elites gave this DEBT to us, along with sending our factories overseas, and trade agreements that gives unfair trade advantage to FOREIGN countries. NOPE trump has no experience in that.

            As for bankruptcies they were chapter 11 reorganizations in 4 different companies and all in AC. You do not understand chapter 11 provisions but it keeps the employees working and must be agreed to by the vendors and bankers. It looks to me like Trump lost a billion bucks in this exit out of AC.


          • Tuaca1107

            He has a very large and complex business organization. And It am sooooooooooooo happy Trump has “0” political experience!!!! Because we have ZERO representation from those WITH political experience!!!!

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Well said…….and fire when ready !.

          • bob cratchette

            How much experience doe obunghole have and hillary have there bozo? the only experience they have in anything is knowing the insurance and outs of how a corrupt govt works . America is done and soon to fade into the sunset. America has fully embraced the homosexuals, abortion shacking up and mistreating Israel and we expect good things to happen in our country. The usa would have to have a sackcloth and ashes experience to stay the destruction that is bearing down on us like a freight train but it will never happen due to america’s acchillies heel known as pride. Look how divided we are and most really have no desire to come together for the good of the country. Sounds like the best thing we can do at this point is prepare for what is coming as best you can.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            A lot of sack cloth and ashes….truck loads train car loads !

          • Steve Hansen

            Just what the world need – a president who are totally not part of the system! No military background? Great! No political experience? Great! This is actually a good thing!

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Well said…………

          • disqus_Porzg7BPsm

            Do you really want political experience in a leader? You are a nut case then. Just look at what politicians have done to this country.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Some people just dont get it…….keep firing !.

        • halmic

          I don’t trust Trump. He is a businessman not a leader.

          When you listen to his speeches he is very motivating. He fires you up but it is all emotional.

          Read a transcript of his speeches–no content.
          If all a leader needs is a group of excellent advisors we don’t need a president, just a conglomeration of advisors. No, we need a leader who is selfless and wants ameriCANS to do great things. Motivate people to help others, innovate, and think broadly. THEY will make america great.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Dont sell trump short he must have 10 thousand employees……and multiple multiple corps all over the world and for many years.

            Advisors are always needed but as Pres “the buck stops here” and the Pres picks the course of action.

    • Steeve Girard

      Humanity is bound to return to sustainable energy levels. which means a population about 2 billions.

    • sherlock32555

      Hopefully not all American are that stupid but I have my doubts. He is the one I will vote for. I have no faith in people that does not have any self preservation let alone brains

  • gary hillerich

    this was all planned..300 years of planning is finally beginning to real rewards for the new world order filth..anyone with reading skills can look at what the future holds,read it,and weep..
    “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is the name of this little book you may want to take a look at,and it includes the 3 world wars predicted by Albert Pike,and many other goodies THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNFOLDING ACROSS THE WORLD AND see..
    America MUST BE DESTROYED for the new world order to come into existence..
    “The New World Order will have different characteristics in different parts of the world” – Henry Kissinger

    .America was always going to be the military muscle and might for their New World Order,and when America was used up[as it almost is,but….
    they haven’t conquered Syria or Iran yet!,then America was to be gutted..we are currently watching the beginning of the final phase of America’s destruction..the kicker and looming problem is the NWO is 10-15 years behind schedule..right now Iran and Syria “SHOULD” have already been taken out,BUT THEY HAVEN’T! so what the L is going to happen in these next 6 months -3 years,because the NWO is so far behind schedule?.this is going to be an incredible next 6 months -3 years,that’s for dam sure..stay tuned and pick up a copy of the book of the Zio’s Protocols,and you will see and learn about every detail of the NWO satanic plan of and for a”Greater Israel”.and the plan to place Satan the anti-Christ on his throne in Jerusalem.

    • Steeve Girard

      (You hear the classical whistling sound of someone smoking pot) Oh yeah and my best friend is John Lenine.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        John Lennon says whistle my as* learn how to spell my name.

        • Steeve Girard

          Sorry, I like commie humor of the 1960s and 1970s.

    • Jacynthia Read

      It’s also written down in the Book of Daniel and spelled out with details in the Book of Revelation.

  • Lennie Pike

    Big corporate giants will be bailed out because we have a criminal fascist government – we already know what THEY will do through experience. Do you think only too big to fail and jail banks get bailed out? Bailing out the corporate giants IS bailing out the big banks – then THEY will be able to keep on claiming the economy is doing just fine – no recession.

    Since the same fascists control the creation of money, sucker Americans will be forced to pay for the bailouts through the resulting inflation without even realizing it.

    Control the creation of fiat money – control everything and eventually pretty much own everything.

    The only way Americans can take their country back from these criminals is to stop using their money. Impossible? Give some thought as to how that could be accomplished – or just remain quiet and continue accepting the power they derive to abuse you through their control of fiat money and do nothing until THEY have made your lives not worth living.

    • “V”

      Which is why they all hate Trump. Five candidates for President, 4 have Government jobs and do the bidding of the oligarchs. 1 does not. Vote Trump

      • Lennie Pike

        If Trump promises to take away the power of the Federal Reserve and enforce the law concerning money as mandated by the U.S. Constitution, I will vote for Trump even though being 99% certain the election will be a fraud.

        • Jacynthia Read

          They are stealing it right before our eyes and have no shame about. They don’t even pretend to care about the will of the people.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        …………………VOTE TRUMP 2016

  • sistersoldier

    America has a long history of presidents,congressmen, supreme-court justices, policy makers, lawyers, philosophers, inventors, economists, clergymen and the like but yet and still the nation is entering a terminal phase. How is that possible? Why hasn’t one human being or group of people come up with a solution to resolve our critical situation?

    Answer: Because the unregenerate heart which corrupts is looking for earthly morally bankrupt men and women to pass and administrate laws that are socially and economically just for all. It is simply never going to happen because only Jesus Christ’s kingdom can rule with perfect government. God’s word says that, “The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it?” “I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give to each man according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds.…” I wonder what America’s deeds deserve. If Jesus Christ is not at the helm of an individual or a nation then the only inheritance is destruction. Any leader that does not seek God for wisdom through prayer as to how they should govern the people cannot lead a nation righteously apart from God.

    The “wall” that Mexico is supposedly going to pay for will also play a role in history if constructed. Among all of the political rhetoric and diatribes being spoken “the wall” is the most dangerous. Walls are built for two reasons (to keep someone or something outside) and (to keep someone or something inside). When Christian persecution begins in America and it will; church refugees who would otherwise flee to South America or anywhere else can forget about it! The way of escape will be blocked by “the wall”. History will indeed repeat itself only this time it is the atrocities committed against the Church of the Living God and rebellion against Him that will be judged. This nation was conceived in the hearts of people fleeing religious persecution and it appears it will be dismantled in like manner to make room for the new world order.

    I cannot even entertain the notion of how a man can say that he has never needed to ask for forgiveness from God could possibly show mercy to others. Mercy triumphs over judgment but under a merciless ruler there can only be judgment.

    “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

    • Gay Veteran

      “…When Christian persecution begins in America and it will….”

      unwarranted self-pity is not pretty. you American Christians wouldn’t know persecution if it came up and branded your a ss

      • “V”

        I was going to ask why you have such a fascination with buttocks……then I read your name.

        • Gay Veteran

          look into a mirror, you need only blame yourself

          • Steeve Girard

            Blame the guy (with a big wiener) who wrote in the Abrahamic doctrine, that the Earth is to be conquered and bent to our will, as we see fit.
            We should have figured by now that we are only components of the machine, we are not the machine itself.

          • Bill G Wilminton NC

            Why dont you join gay veteran at his bathhouse you two sound like a good fit.

    • billtheguy

      It could be done. Only fund the Military Medicaid, and Social Security. (SS since people have paid into that fund for years and years) Stop funding everything that comes along. I read where Obama is funding $116B for opiate abuse. Stop it. Welfare? Stop it. I know a lot of SHTF but it will resolve itself. (they will have to go to food centers, churches, etc.) IT HAS TO BE DONE.

      • sistersoldier

        Really? Pass that along to DC. Create a petition and I will gladly sign it. You have my word on it.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        VOTE TRUMP he will get it done…. PLUS he is closing down DEPT of Energy and DEPT of Education and thus saving BILLIONS.

        AND think of all the paper saved when these employees arn’t on OUR payroll and making paper airplanes !.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      SO THE WALL IS THE MOST DANGEROUS…..I needed a good laugh when I read this…..and I had a good LAUGH!

      You could be a comedy writer…….”of all the political rhetoric and diatribes being spoken THE WALL is the most dangerous” lol



    As long as the (privately owned) Federal Reserve Corporation has the privilege of printing/issuing electronic “notes” or paper notes, this can go on for a long, long time.

    If we used gold as money (or anything of value within itself) none of this could happen. But, that is not the case since 1913 when the Rockefeller, Rothschild and Warburg Families met of the coast of Georgia on Jekyll Island, to create the Federal Reserve Corporation……put through Congress by Senator Aldrich from Rhode Island, who married John D. Rockefeller’s daughter………

  • Rhino Horns

    History is not the ONLY ONE who will JUDGE this corruptness harshly…….

  • Don’t you just love Amazon’s #1 banners? My book Energy Magic was #1 in Paganism for MONTHS – I thought that was so cool. Good work on the books, to be under 20K in KDP is always a good level, especially at $8.99; for a kindle e-book, that is on the upper end of price. Glad it is working for you.
    I have been following your blogs for a couple years now and though it generally displays the same tired stuff – it is not your conclusions I seek but rather the good information you bring to the surface. For that, I continue to read and I thank you.

  • Bunnie

    What about all those corporations that were hoarding cash, refusing to hire folks and adding to the long term unemployment crisis?

    • Jim

      Corporate cash hoarding is the result of ridiculous margins that some companies have. This is because we the consumer are willing to pay the price. On the other hand finding skilled employees is difficult to say the least.

  • Phinehas

    Michael – are you going to offer your new book on Google Books?

  • RedLucy

    For the first time in a while, I wandered the local mall for quite a while tonight. The first thing that is blatantly obvious is that most of the stores are strange places not typically seen in malls in the past. There are eyebrow places, world good stores and lots of “discount” type, no-name brand stores. The second noticeable thing is that most of the big anchor stores are desperately under staffed (even though every store seemed to have a help wanted sign!) I didn’t see clerks or sales people without really searching. The third thing is that Sears has become a clearance store. The entire store was marked “clearance” and there were racks and racks of things no one was buying or even looking at…..which leads me to the 4th thing, NO customers! There were people milling about in the cheap stores, but there were no customers as Macy’s, Dick’s or Barnes and Noble. It was weird and disconcerting. It was wildly out of sync with what the stock market is doing. I tend to think the empty mall is a more accurate picture of the true story that is unfolding with the economy.
    I know this comment isn’t really on point with this article, but it sure was an eye opener for me.

    • Jacynthia Read

      I noticed the same thing in our outdoor mall.

    • Guest

      Is it possible that more people are buying online? It would be interesting to see stats on online purchases, too.

  • Steeve Girard

    You cannot ask this willfully from people, you have to let the limits of Nature dictate them.

  • Patriot Alice

    The reason for our decline is Globalization. Some of our leaders dream of being President of the ONE WORLD ORDER. This began during the Clinton administration and continues to date. NAFTA and the other Trade Deals were just the beginning. Mr. Trump is trying to reverse this ONE WORLD ORDER and the world is fighting back. Why else would the whole world against his plan to Make America Great Again? A vote for Clinton will continue the ONE WORLD ORDER project, a vote for Trump will end this anti American project. The world establishments together with their Media are out to silence him and the public with misleading, lying, fabricated news and political analysis by the biggest hacks the establishment has ever created. Millions of jobs and thousands of communities have been decimated by the Trade Deals and yet our politicians continue to sign new ones, like TTP and Indian Trade Deals just signed by Pres. Obama. Why would they continue to send our jobs away, knowing the devastating effect on our communities? The political elite are against Trump, Trump is for the restoration and renewal of our Country. If Trump loses, we will never see our Country recover. We must give him a chance, if after 4 years he doesn’t preform we’ll vote him out, but we can’t continue electing the same polished politicians we have in the past. Ross Perot warned us 30 years ago about the “Sucking Sound”, haven’t we learned anything since NAFTA? Will Clinton repeal NAFTA and other Trade Deals? NO! Only Mr. Trump will, this is our last chance to make thing right.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      Miss Patriot thanks for your post….your words made my morning !


  • Bill G Wilminton NC


  • Steeve Girard

    Aye true, all of it.

  • walcon

    Even if Trump could pull us out of this, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Many of us here won’t be here.

  • bob cratchette

    Ever read about the Georgia guide stones? That is one of their goals depopulation. Do you want to volunteer to be the first for the sake of mother earth and the good of humanity.

  • df NJ

    If we just had the same labor friendly policies we had in the late 90s everything would be peachy.

  • Modern Medical Quacker(y)

    Watchman For Truth Endtimes2 – The $9 trillion of U.S. debt we have all been brainwashed to believe is far less then the actual true, real astronomical figure which is more like $2.5 -3 Quadrillion…that’s a lot of zero’s… including toxic assets, derivatives, dead mortgages, Goldman Sachs global financial criminal swindling, printing of fiat currencies, top secret black op’s projects, such as time travel and teleportation as talked about by Andrew Basiago, deep underground tunnels stretching for miles with military D.U.M.B.S. or Deep Underground Military Bunkers, alien technologies, scalar weapons of war, HAARP weather warfare and space based Star Wars technologies which are primarily being used to KILL non threatening ETI’s or Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence entering our earths atmosphere as talked about by Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. Just Youtube Dr. Steven Greer to listen to some of his many fascinating detailed, top secret fully exposed, classified documents subjects on real ET’s helping humanity in our present troubled matrix world to literally transform us all into a more lasting, peaceful transition from the Military Industrial Complex of endless War for profits and Pharma Death for profits.

  • Jay

    It’s better to be divided by the truth than to be united by error.

  • Nanette Gray

    Please stop making this a “political” issue to be cured by a man. It is about judgement on this nation. Pray that as the time grows near, for our nation and it’s people. Turn you head back to God. Thank you Jonathon, I just got done viewing on a video You, Perry Stone and two other pastors talking about the prophetic signs coming, thank God, his timing is always just right for me, His child..

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