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Deal Or No Deal: John Kerry’s Historic Diplomatic “Mistake” Proves That Obama Does Not Want Peace

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry holds a bilateral meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on April 16, 2013.When it comes to diplomacy, Russia is playing chess, Syria is playing checkers and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is playing tiddlywinks.  On Monday, Kerry said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could avoid having his country bombed into oblivion by turning over “every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week.”  Of course Kerry just assumed that Assad would never do such a thing, but the Russians immediately pounced on his statement.  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov quickly announced that Russia would encourage Syria to turn over their chemical weapons to international control in exchange for a guarantee that the U.S. will not attack, and subsequently Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem stated that his government was prepared for “full cooperation with Russia to remove any pretext for aggression.”  Later on Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon indicated that he is thinking about asking the UN Security Council to support such a deal.

Do you know what they call such a move in chess?


We were originally told that the primary goal of a U.S. military strike on Syria would be to prevent them from using chemical weapons in the future, and then John Kerry said that Assad could avoid a conflict by giving up all of his chemical weapons.

Well, the Russians and the Syrians have called the bluff.

So does this mean that we will have peace?

Unfortunately, the Obama administration does not seem to want that.  The State Department has already come out and announced that what John Kerry said was a mistake.  They insist that it was a “rhetorical argument” instead of an actual peace proposal.

But why wouldn’t the Obama administration grab such a deal?  The American public does not want this war and neither does Congress at this point, so this could be a way out for Obama.

Wouldn’t getting Assad to give up all of his chemical weapons be a major coup?

And it certainly sounds like Syria wants peace

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem told reporters in Moscow that his nation “welcomes” a proposal by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during talks on Monday: put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control to avert a U.S. military response over an alleged poison gas attack last month.

“I declare that the Syrian Arab Republic welcomes Russia’s initiative, on the basis that the Syrian leadership cares about the lives of our citizens and the security in our country,” Moallem said. “We are also confident in the wisdom of the Russian government, which is trying to prevent an American aggression against our people.”

We already know that a military strike would not get rid of Assad’s chemical weapons.

So wouldn’t a diplomatic solution that got rid of those weapons be far more preferable?

You would think that would be the case, but the sad truth of the matter is that this was never about Syria’s chemical weapons.  This conflict is about money, religion, a natural gas pipeline, and looking out for the interests of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  The Obama administration is not going to be able to achieve what they really want in Syria without military conflict.

And Obama seems to have developed a real appetite for military action.  In fact, Business Insider has pointed out that the attack on Syria will be the eighth military conflict during Obama’s presidency…

In 2011, America was more or less kicked out of Iraq. By then, Obama had surged troops in Afghanistan and increased cross-border strikes in Pakistan.

He took what was a one-off cruise missile strike in Somalia in early 2008, and expanded it into a concerted military operation against Boko Haram. That’s four.

He also cut a deal with Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour al-Hadi to conduct counter-terrorism operations and a bombing campaign in Yemen. That’s five.

He initiated a bombing and air campaign in Libya that ended in a boots-on-the-ground situation that was likely much bigger than anyone without a clearance knows. That’s six.

He then aided in French direct operations in Mali by providing surveillance drones and transport. That’s seven.

Now he’s pitching the idea of a cruise missile attack and possibly even a aerial bombing campaign in Syria, one that could conceivably lead to further escalation.

That’s eight.

But of course the Obama administration is promising that the assault on Syria will be very “limited”.  On Monday, John Kerry even went so far as to claim that the attack would be “unbelievably small“.

So precisely how does the launching of hundreds of cruise missiles constitute an “unbelievably small” strike?

I think that John Kerry will end up deeply, deeply regretting that statement.  He is an incompetent bumbler that is making the United States look like a total fool.  Instead of being our top diplomat, he should be mopping the floors in a Dairy Queen somewhere.

When the U.S. attacks Syria, there is a very good chance that we could be starting World War III.

You see, it won’t just be a matter of Syria retaliating against the United States.  Assad put it this way during an interview with Charlie Rose

“You should expect everything. Not necessarily from the government”

So what does Assad mean by that?  Debka gives us a clue…

The Syrian and Hizballah armies Sunday, Sept. 8, finished supplying rockets to dozens of Palestinian groups, some invented ad hoc, and deploying them on the Syrian and Lebanese borders facing Israel, debkafile’s military sources disclose. An array of Katyushas, Grads and Fajr-5s, with ranges of up to 70 kilometers, is now in place. This development prompted the first deployment in the Jerusalem region Sunday night of an Israeli anti-missile Iron Dome battery.

The information reaching Israeli intelligence is that the newly-armed Palestinian groups fully intend targeting the Israeli capital, following the example of Hamas, which aimed missiles from the Gaza Strip at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in November 2012.
In his interview to PBS’s Charlie Rose Show airing Monday, Bashar Assad spoke of “people aligned to Syria” carrying out “some kind of retaliation” for an American attack.

It now turns out that he intends using pro-Syrian and amorphous Palestinian groups as his instruments of retaliation, while at the same time disavowing responsibility for their actions.

In the south, likeminded Hamas and Jihad Islami groups in the Gaza Strip may try and join the rocket offensive against Israel. It will be hard for them to stand aside and watch, although Egypt’s counterterrorism offensive in Sinai is cutting into their resources.

In addition to what the Palestinians have, the Syrians have approximately 100,000 rockets that they can fire at Israel and Hezbollah has approximately 70,000 rockets that they can fire at Israel.

If thousands of rockets start falling in Israeli cities, and if especially if any of those rockets have unconventional warheads, Israel will respond with absolutely overwhelming force and the number one target will be the city of Damascus.

Then we will have World War III, and the rest of the world will blame the United States and Israel.

Anyone that claims that this upcoming conflict will be good for the U.S. or for Israel is not being very smart.

There is so little that could be gained from a war with Syria and so much that could be lost.

And at this point, the American people are overwhelmingly against attacking Syria.

A brand new CNN poll has found that the American people are opposed to a military strike by a 71 percent to 27 percent margin if Congress does not approve it.

And if the vote was taken right this moment, it would almost certainly fail in the U.S. House of Representatives.  If you doubt this, just check out the chart in this BBC article.

And a different survey has found that the American people are against military action in Syria by a 63 percent to 28 percent margin…

Opposition to U.S. airstrikes against Syria is surging, a USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll finds, despite a White House campaign to convince Americans it is the right course ahead.

By more than 2-1, 63%-28%, those surveyed Wednesday through Sunday say they are against U.S. military action against the Syrian regime for its reported use of chemical weapons against civilians. In the past week, support has declined by a percentage point and opposition has swelled by 15 points, compared with a previous Pew Research poll.

Hopefully Obama is listening.

If the American people were told the actual truth, those numbers would probably be even more lopsided.  At least that is what U.S. Representative Justin Amash thinks

If Americans could read classified docs, they’d be even more against action. Obama admn’s public statements are misleading at best.

So will the American people get to see the “evidence” that the Obama administration has been touting?

Of course not.

In fact, a request by the Associated Press to see the evidence has been denied

The Associated Press ran a skeptical piece Sunday about the Obama administration’s public case for military intervention in Syria in response to a reported Aug. 21 chemical attack.

The AP’s Zeina Karam and Kimberly Dozier wrote that “the U.S. government insists it has the intelligence to prove it, but the public has yet to see a single piece of concrete evidence produced by U.S. intelligence — no satellite imagery, no transcripts of Syrian military communications — connecting the government of President Bashar Assad to the alleged chemical weapons attack last month that killed hundreds of people.”

The Obama administration has released videos to make its case, but the AP noted that its requests for additional evidence the government claims to possess have been denied

Instead, we are being told to “trust” Barack Obama and John Kerry as they lead us toward World War III.

And Obama seems absolutely obsessed with making this conflict happen.  According to Politico, an unprecedented media blitz is planned to drum up support for this war…

Obama will tape interviews Monday afternoon with anchors from ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as with PBS, CNN and Fox News, the White House said.

The interviews will be conducted by ABC’s Diane Sawyer, CBS’s Scott Pelley, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Fox’s Chris Wallace, NBC’s Brian Williams and PBS’s Gwen Ifill.

The interviews will air that night, ahead of Obama’s Tuesday speech on Syria.

So what do you think?

Should we attack Syria and potentially start World War III?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Rodster

    “Trade wars, currency wars, world wars”. When all else fails they take you to War!

    – Gerald Celente

    • markthetruth

      He forgot ” Cyber Wars ”

      the end…

  • Tim

    I fear that this administration will strike Syria regardless of whether it has Congressional authorization, U.N. approval, the support of other foreign nations, etc. Look at the tweets that came from the White House today. They are determined to remove Assad from power! An “unbelievably small” attack? Sure. Just like Geoge W. Bush, six weeks after the invasion of Iraq, landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln and gave his “Mission Accomplished” speech. But the Iraq war continued for EIGHT more years! And that country is still unstable to this day.

    O beautiful for spacious skies? Right.

  • Kim

    To expect our government to do the right thing is a dream. This isn’t about oil or gas, it’s about energy. And it just so happens we use oil and gas as energy. To expect cash-strapped nations to turn a blind eye to potential profits made from the sale of LNG to europe, is child-like. It’s not gonna happen. To expect them to just come out and tell the truth is incredibly naive. But, we have information on our side. The emperor has no clothes.

    • totheend668

      Oil and gas ARE energy. Nothing happens without oil. Not one single wind tower. Not one single photovoltaic solar panel. No large scale agriculture. No large scale mining. No cars or computers. No nothing of modernization. Sorry but those are the facts.

      • Kim

        You are 100% correct. And this fracking nonsense- we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, at enormous cost. Nothing runs without hydrocarbons.

    • Lynda

      The arrogantly stubborn within the play dough called Mankind again dares to push
      against its limitations and boundaries, blindly and foolishly challenging the ALL KNOWING/ ALL POWERFUL/
      ALWAYS WATCHING, MERCIFUL, LOVING LIVING CREATOR….to once again prove Himself? Without sincere humility and a desire to know Him personally, what good are fig leaf clothes?

  • MAL3313

    I can see it now as we rapidly approach the next debt ceiling/government shutdown/sequestration debate. The talking points are already being keyed into Obama’s teleprompter. “Republicans who won’t increase the debt ceiling are jeopardizing brave Americans (robots? drones?) who are fighting for our freedom in Syria”.

  • ST Hill

    Mr Obama and his congressional allies had better learn the lessons of Nuremburg, because that may be where they are headed.

    • Tim

      Oh, I doubt it. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, et. al. are still free. It’s sickening. How can any of them sleep at night when it was their lies that led to the death of thousands of U.S. military personnel, not to mention the countless foreign civilians who were killed or maimed for life? I tell you how: they’re psychopaths.

      • Makati1

        Bush is too stupid to worry, and Cheney is pure evil so t is probably heaven to him. The other two may lose sleep, but, I doubt it. Psychopaths seldom worry about the cost of their decisions.

      • Pauly

        Clinton? Someone ordered the military to Waco to fry the children and don’t forget his rampage is Yugo, it violated the War Powers Act.

  • James

    Very fine article Michael as usual!!
    I am not the brightest bulb on the string but even I can see the deceit of Obama and Kerry! It is sad that I can not trust our leaders anymore and our policy. Does he think that the Mideast will just sit there and take it whatever “it” is? I am so confused and yes frightened about this that I am starting to lose sleep and for me that is unusual!
    There seems to be no evidence that Assad did this and a growing body common sense that the Saudi sponsored rebels screwed up and did it. Again common sense would tell us that Assad didn’t do it because there was no advantage to do it.
    Also are we going to be extremist Muslims air force?

  • Bushisugly

    Its a rather dull remark, but its quite important I think. Whenever talking about Saudi-Aravia, which, as mentioned before is an important player in this conflict, one should emphasize that Saudi-Arabia is not really a sunni-country. The saudi royal Family belongs to the wahhabi-sect, which is more of a septarate religious branch, rather than something one should conect to sunni-islam or even islam in general, even though they are technically muslims. Its like having a country run by Jehovah’s witnesses, it wouldn’t really be christian.

    Also Worth to remember is that everything you consider bad about Iran, is ten times worse in Saudi-Arabia. They are even more likely to have Access to Nuclear weapons. Why don’t you hear about things like the the Saudi’s sponsorship of the illegal Pakistani nuclear program more often, you might ask. Perhaps its because People With real Power don’t want you to know about such things.

  • cateye

    Kerry is an absolute boob playing a part in a Keystone Cops routine. Sadly, this farce may result in the deaths of many Americans. That this administration continues to have domestic backing is a testament to the power of low information voters. The world sees a clown act while many Americans see a legitimate government Sad state of affairs.

    • MeMadMax

      I have a suspicion that we have too much pride as well. Pride in not admitting that they have made a mistake voting for a warlord ^.^

  • Arius1071

    Since the 1990’s the US has been consistently supporting jihadis
    throughout the region against Christians and also against Muslims that
    say NO to the 7th century. In the 1990’s the US supported the Azeri
    jihadis killing Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh. As early as 2011 the US
    started aiding and abetting jihadis in Syria against the Assad
    government. After several false flag chemical weapon attacks the US is
    going all out to use its deception to justify bombing Syria to advance
    its agenda to exterminate Christianity in the region and destroy any
    Muslim modernization. The US is now the greatest retrograde supporting
    force in history. The US is the Axis Power of our time.

  • markthetruth

    We still don’t know what happen in Benghazi !!!

    How is it that we figured Syria out so Fast !!!

    the end…

    • GSOB

      It’s a man’s job.

    • Uh-huh

      But we do know what happened in Benghazi: Saudis wanted Bashad ousted (back in 2009, Qatar was talking about natural gas pipeline running through Syria = Assad said no = Syria Civil war started late 2010-2011). The Saudis’ Obama Puppet Show got the CIA running guns to Saudi-financed, Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria in order to overthrow Assad …locals wanted some of the goods (some serious weaponry got jacked that night)….O couldn’t call in a strike to protect a CIA gunning running operation to Syrian Al-Qaeda rebels (think executable treason), so he told the military to stand down to try to do a cover-up and got Stevens killed (let’s add conspiracy to commit murder, etc., to O’s repertoire) and then O put the kibosh on anybody who could tell the story (all the Non-Disclosures). Now you know the rest of the story.

      • Uh-huh

        Sorry — Bashir Assad ousted….long day

      • MeMadMax

        Syria has become a terrorist meat grinder… All the guns/missiles in the world can’t turn around this loss because there are not a whole lot of warm terrorist bodies around to use them ^.^

    • Ask Patraeus, ask Carter Hamm. That’s who Congress need interview.

    • sherry762

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  • MeMadMax

    Don’t worry, the SS Ochooma is bringing democracy to Syria!

    • GSOB

      How else do you maintain global leadership status?

      • MeMadMax

        By maintaining a strong economy and core values??? >_>

        • GSOB

          True, now apply that GLOBALLY!

          Then you are in the drivers seat.

  • markthetruth


    Look like Pin Heads that need to be Hit with a Bowling Ball !!!

    the end…

    • OzGuy

      I’d feel sorry for the bowling ball.

  • BlackDog

    Without a clear and present danger to the soverignty, immediate National Security interests or the government or citizens of the United States, there is NO reasonable reason to attack, without provocation, another country. The gas was NOT used on Americans, in America. We are NOT the World Police, nor are we ‘obligated’ by whatever human characteristic you choose to push our collective conscience down the throats of others. Like SCOTUS, POTUS does not function based on public opinion polls, no matter who creates them, or for that matter, how much BS is interwoven into the facts for spin. In other words, OUR OPINIONS MEAN NOTHING. NOW we get to see the true intentions of our ‘elected government’, the same folks that are supposed to ‘represent’ us.

  • Wally

    If you think Obama and Kerry are just doing these things on their own I would say you are sadly mistaken. Someone else is giving the direction and the orders. If you follow groups like Act For America you will see that there are radical Muslims in all areas of Government and the military right now. In 2010 there were approximately 3.5 million Muslims in America. Don’t tell me there is a thick dividing line between radical and moderate Muslims because there is not. There have been quite a few cases in the US recently of honor killings by “moderate” Muslims. I have first hand knowledge of this so don’t try arguing the religion of peace or moderate vs radical. If you are a Muslim you believe in the Quran. If you believe in the Quran you believe in ridding the world of the infidel. If you don’t believe and follow wholeheartedly in the Quran then by definition you are not a Muslim. Why do you think hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being killed every year? Because they don’t believe and follow the Quran wholeheartedly thus making them targets to the ones that do. They are treated worse then the infidel in many cases. That being said, it is no secret the US is broke….So what is keeping us going? Okay the fed. Michael has been talking a lot recently of there being no one buying our debt anymore so how are we getting money? Could it be the Saudi’s? Could it be the Saudi money that got Obama elected? There was a very little reported story on Obama’s first election of receiving a lot of money from foreign sources??? Which is illegal by the way. We don’t know who Obama is. Just a puppet of the Saudi’s maybe. There are many many stories of Obama’s Muslim connections. It makes sense. Us doing the Saudi’s dirty work for them, running weapons out of Libya through the Benghazi Embassy? What about the reported person of interest in the Boston Bombings being sent back to Saudi Arabia and then Napolitano denying anyone had been granted permission to leave when questioned by Congress? Look I have no clue what is going on but I will say this, this could very well lead to WWIII. We attack Syria, Syria and Iran attack Israel, Israel fires a Nuke on Damascus or Tehran. This involves a lot of crazy people with a lot of mass destruction weapons and one wrong thing is done or said and the end….If the SHTF I recommend the first thing you do is get at least 300 miles away from any major city or military installation.

    • GSOB

      Good reading to a point…try paragraphs.

    • Gay Veteran

      well Obama has sure been busy killing Muslims around the world with drone attacks, not to mention Afghanistan and Libya

  • K

    Obama will be judged by his own words, and so will America. He said it was all about chemical weapons. Now if they turn control of them over to the UN, no reason to attack. So if inspite of this we attack, we are a rouge nation. No better and perhaps worse than N. Korea. By every rule in the book. Every other Country on earth would be justified in attacking us. As a threat to world peace. Will they? I do not know. But being an absolute pariah on the world stage is never a good thing. Folks you need to understand, just how serious this could get.

    • seth datta

      Obama – the man of peace (via his nobel peace prize) or the ‘Dark Destroyer’ (no racial pun intended). You decide…

      • K

        Third choice, puppet. In a statement yesterday, he wanted to know who his so called handlers were? With all that is going on, why did he seem most angry about that. Puppets hate being called puppets.

  • Desertrat

    And now Hillary chimes in, saying it’s a good idea to go along with the Putin/Assad concord. Gigglesnort.

    • GSOB

      That’s amazing.

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    Ah Ha! Obama overwhelmingly prefers to resolve the chemical weapons issue without a strike.
    “I want to make sure that norm against use of chemical weapons is maintained”,
    Mr. Obama told ABC News.
    “That’s in our national security interest. If we can do that without a military strike, that is overwhelmingly my preference.”
    Sounds like the Obama I know.
    Maybe only a threat of force was enough. This is good news.

    • GSOB

      A threat of force (death) is not good news, ….no matter if it gets carried out or not.

      He should have
      moved swiftly,
      but he got soft. That’s human.

      Did the 1400 plus folks resurrected from the dead and forgive Assad?

      Assad captured and the nerve gas destroyed.

      That’s good news.! Now, that’s justice and good news.!

      • Gay Veteran

        be a man and go fight in Syria yourself, but leave us out of your psycho trip

        • GSOB

          “I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

          – Arnold Schwarzenegger

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, said the man who had an illegitimate baby with his housekeeper

    • Gay Veteran

      How naive. Putin pulled the rug from under Obama, and now Obama is spinning the situation to look good.

  • G

    I’ve Read the Book I know who wins, BBasic IInstructions BBefore LLeaving EEarth

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      That’s pretty good.

    • Christine

      Love it!

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    So precisely how does the launching of hundreds of cruise missiles constitute an “unbelievably small” strike?
    Not that many targets. A research facility, a manufacturing plant, two chemical plants and a storage facility. It would not take much to deter future use.

    • Gay Veteran

      and how is it going to deter the terrorists who actually did this chemical attack???

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        I’m not going to play “Who Done It” with you. Nether of us know for sure.

        • Gay Veteran

          then why are YOU writing about attacking the Syrian government???

          • Gene Baugh BBA

            Because that is what we were about to do and may yet. I am trying to give ppl a better idea of what a limited strike would look like by defining the probable targets. (There are satellite maps on the internet.) Even a limited strike would cause great loss of life but ppl are envisioning Hiroshima.

  • hello

    “…and looking out for the interests of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.”
    True, but you left out maybe the most important one…
    That’s how empire works.

  • Rancher

    How about our military bomb the /White/black house, and both buildings of congress? If that happened we could once again be AMERICA and be free again.

    • davidmpark

      No, we’d have pure chaos and full blown civil war.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    Putin out manuevered and spanked both Obama and Kerry’s a##es. Professional KGB vs. the amateur! We have 3 more years left of this weakness. I really hope we can make it through it.

    • GSOB

      I don’t trust Putin PERIOD or Ivano.
      Yes, they are professional KGB.
      Russia is ally with Syria and Ivano says that they don’t know where the gas is located.
      Yes indeed, a weakness so as it appears, and reasonably so. That’s what happens when you get a non Veteran as POTUS.
      The P5, post WWII, in the UNC are China, UK, France, Russia and the US. Russia seeks to dominate one way or another as the super power while the US slowly gives up it’s own sovereignty.
      It’s all about leadership. And we have indecisiveness run amuck in this country.

  • Carlos Danger

    Berry and Kerry look like two monkeys humping a football.

    • david

      Man that’s good…..

    • WeRThrough

      LOL, and neither one of them can get it up!

  • Jimbo

    The problem is that Syria say they have no chemical weapons so there will be nothing to hand over to UN control. Same as Iraq said they had no WMD and look how that turned out. Obama will produce “evidence” that Assad has hidden his stash and it will be all on again.

    • GSOB

      Both the US and Israel have evidence.

      • Jimbo

        Share the evidence. It doesn’t have to be made public if it will put sources at risk but at least share it with congress.

        • GSOB

          Watch TV news Tuesday, Sept 10, 2013 – in the evening.


          • Jimbo

            More pictures of people wrapped in sheets maybe? Proving that a crime was committed does not prove who the perp was. Basic rule of law.

          • GSOB

            That’s why we need to capture Assad and his arsenal, and run him through the war crimes mill.

            He is already seeking asylum.

          • Gay Veteran

            sounds like to need to go to Syria yourself, pick up a AK, and join the terrorists.

          • Gene Baugh BBA

            Satellites and other surveillance measures do that.
            We are watching every move they make. Not that I have seen any evidence myself. All I see is that Obama has been reluctant to get involved for two and a half years. A limited strike would probably be just that, a limited strike. We could take the whole place in three days if we wanted to. We don’t.

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      Until today Assad nether confirmed or denied their existence. That is natural it is after all classified. But that does not mean we don’t know where all four manufacturing facilities are. We can even read the license plates on the cars in the parking lots from space. We have known all about their chemical weapons program long before this war started.
      The proposed strike would be a big enough slap on the wrist to prevent Assad from using them again.
      Syria joining the Chemical weapons convention is way better than a strike.
      But, get this, it will take years to destroy them all. It is done in special factories and very dangerous. It’s dangerous to even move them. They will have to move them to a country that has factories or build some in Syria.

  • totheend668

    See, now they’re looking for a way out. Just like I said, nothings going to happen. By the way, as I’ve stated previously this had nothing to do with religion, the tool of division, and deception. Instead it’s a distraction. To make people focus once again on a non issue. So since this issue looks to be winding down we should focus once again on exposing our relentless economic decline and Fukushima irradiating the entire Pacific ocean and northern hemisphere. The destroyed Gulf of Mexico thanks to BP. The poisoning of our atmosphere by use of chemtrailing. There’s so much more to discuss and come together on instead of lies and propaganda. The issues I mentioned above are very real facts. Our economy is only going to get harder to survive in as the cost of living goes higher without an increase in wages. As well as surviving the poisoning of our planet by various ways. GMOs, radiation, petroleum in the waters of the gulf. The list is getting longer.

  • Tatiana Covington


    • GSOB


  • Scott

    The “United States” has unlimited resources and power, and it’s “leaders” have no morals.

    • Joel Peeters

      Oz, there is no such things as unlimited resources and power. Eventually everything comes to an end for those who abuse it.

    • GSOB

      and you do

  • Chocolatini

    Why is the US the self-proclaimed world police? It has cities going bankrupt, where does it find all this money to intervene in everyone else’s problems?

    • Tim

      The Creature from Jekyll Island. 🙂

  • THE

    The United States of America is about to go bankrupt, Syria is a distraction. The debt limit was reached on May 22, 2013. No politician would dare touch the solution to the debt problem, which is to cut out the dead wood, the friction, out of the system….no way!

    So get ready. The next and last big thing will be the economy and debt, once this bubble pops things will be much different.

    • Jimbo

      Something will happen in the Middle East. Either Obama will ignore congress or there will be another false flag. Too many powerful people want this to happen for it not to happen.

      • Bill

        Right again.

    • Bill

      Right on the mark.

    • RedPillPlease

      You are correct, though I offer this scenario … our financial woes were/are a planned collapse. To usher in the elite’s New World Order, a global currency must also be in place … a cash free electronic currency to control the purchasing power of the entire world. Some say this is already in the final stages of being implemented with the “Phoenix” to replace the dollar.

    • markthetruth

      Ceo’s of Auto Makers are already warning about poor Car sales in 2014. ” they been giving car’s away to anyone who wants a lease ” (bubble)

      Banks are laying off thousands in their Mortgage Departments. ” They know Mortgage rates are going up and going to and slow the Illusion Down. ”

      The top 2 Industries needed for a Good ” Real ” economy ” .

      But the markets act like it’s new years

      ” Totally Disconnected from Reality and Logic that the computers are Doing not the regular traders .”

      the end…

    • Khamm


  • Syrin

    So IF, and that’s a BIG if, these tyrannical Stalin wannabes that the GARYs of the world voted for twice decide NOT to attack Syria, that means they’ll turn to plan B. MASSIVE false flag event on US soil. What do we know about this scenario? The US gov’t has been transferring nuclear warheads covertly without a paper trail, and when asked directly about do not deny they are doing so. Additionally, on paper a whole wing of B2 bombers has been missing since August 21st. Meanwhile, FEMA region 3 has been massively stockpiling with urgency with a deadline of October 1st. Lastly, the gov’t is going to do a massive test of the electrical grid in mid November. When all power is down, that’s when I expect them to do something truly awful as no one will be able to communicate, Obama could enact the executive order to take over all resources, all food, all water, all “crucial” personnel, shut down the internet, and declare the full blown martial law they’ve been stockpiling for and training for. Hey GARY, when you’re sitting in your FEMA camp in a few months, remember, you actively sought this out, so gratz !!

    • davidmpark

      Obama is less cautious than he is in love with himself, but very cautious still. He won’t make a move unless he has scapegoats and the image of support to do his atrocities. So, if there is an action against us in those time periods, then there would be additional signs to the actions well before hand.

      Keep both eyes wide open! I wouldn’t drop my guard on Obama right now – the more desperate a radical narcissist gets, the worse the abuse gets.

      • Syrin

        Well, the problem for the American Fuhrer is that 90% of the country distrusts Congress (and him despite polls), 88% distrust the media, and more and more people are getting their news from alternate sources making it very hard for them to operate without consequence as in the past. Previously, the media would put on their Obama knee pads and hide all his actions, but now with the alternate media, and citizens everywhere acting as cameramen, we can see what the gov’t is transforming into. Unfortunately, their engineered collapse is coming, and as you accurately stated, they need a fall guy. Nothing like a nuked US city that they can blame on the Syranians to start a war in the mid East whether we like it or not to distract us from the full blown martial law and economic free fall.

        • davidmpark

          Nuked city. Precisely why it’s necessary to keep an eye on these thugs.

        • jrj1701

          The troll does reply to some replies to his vitriol. Riddle me this: is it Obama that is at fault or is it the man behind the curtain???

    • ItIsWellWithMySoul

      I doubt things would be any different if the elections turned out in favor of Obama’s opponents. It looks like there is something or someone much greater pulling the strings behind our puppet leaders. I voted for Bush twice because I knew his opponents were worse and yet things still were bad. I feel like the power of the people simply does not exist anymore. I agree with you though.

  • davidmpark

    America elected another monster.

    I’m sure there will be an attack – there’s too much to loose and plenty to gain on Obama’s and his progressive and Islamist allies side to let it slip. The Islamists and dictators opposing them also have much to gain with a fight; and they’re obviously using the Art of War to plan ahead.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us who are under their jackboots must scrape a living while trying to keep what we can from all these thieving gangsters.

    I have already said it, but probably need to again. The States is where the real fight must be. States can make a Constitutional Convention and vote down most of these federal tyrannies. And they have the ability to defend their rights from further encroachment and retaliation from Obama’s SA.

    The first things that need to be done is what Texas is doing in preparing for a SHTF scenario, but also state’s should at this time:
    1. pass legislation to legalize gold, silver, nickel, and copper as legal tender for paying taxes and public debts; also to allow stores to trade in it for a tax break.
    2. take control over their land and it’s resources from the feds by paying for it.
    3. legalize and scale back zoning on urban and suburban agriculture and home manufacturing.
    4. Cut back on welfare rolls and defund as much as possible – only keeping on those who have severe disabilities that are truly unable to care for themselves.
    5. Scale back on school administrations and their own Department’s of Education; make principals an elected city or county office answerable to taxpayers and elected councils.
    6. Have counties’ Sheriffs temporarily deputize willing citizens in case Obama thinks that the state is not loyal to his rule and opens the Federal prisons, cuts federal funds, and/or all immigration enforcement. And to call up their state’s unorganized militia to supplement their national guard if there are retaliations from Russia and Iran.

    We need to reclaim our destiny’s. Better to have it in your own hands than outsource it to morons and have to explain that to the Lord.

  • Grumman

    This is a stupid article because we will attack syria. There is too much at stake in terms of credibility if we dont. Also, our assets abroad, American interests, and we have to respond after chemical weapons. Assad used them and we have proof. Period

    • Syrin

      Oh my, the missing villager has arrived. People who have seen the proof says its not proof, the gov’t won’t release the proof, every foreign nation agrees there is no proof, AND Assad was winning the war by conventional means meaning he had no reason to use them. FURTHERMORE, the rebels ADMIT to using them, witnesses say the rebels used them, and Syrian gov’t officials are willing to give all chemical weapons to an international body.

      Please remove at least ONE of those Obama bobbleheads from your sigmoid colon.

    • jokyjo

      American interests???? What interests? Oh yeah, Other countries oil. Got it. Let’s go kill some more people so we can control those interests.

    • Gay Veteran

      Obama bootlicker

    • Carlos Danger

      Is that you McCain?

  • Gladys Crump

    Putin should send a few of his coppos to visit the WH and see if they couldn’t change Warmongers mind before we find ourselves embroiled in a war we can’t possibly win.

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      We could take on both sides and destroy them all in a few days. We don’t want to do that. We have been staying out of it for 2 and 1/2 years.

  • phdinlogic

    Obama and Kerry are dumb and dumber! What a bunch of tools!

  • Bill

    How about a Russian haircut for Kerry?

  • Colin

    At the height of the Cold War, our nation was involved in a civil war in Vietnam. One of the restrictions that our nation placed on its military forces was that they weren’t permitted to attack North Vietnamese air bases, for the possiblity existed that an attack might kill Russian advisors who were stationed at the bases. The thinking was this might be lead to World War III.

    It seems to me that our military and civilian leaders were more cognizant of the larger ramifications of escalation then than they are now. Now, I don’t believe that an attack on Syria will lead to World War III. I do believe that there is a possibility that it might lead to a larger Middle East conflagration.

  • Ralfine

    Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover is opening another new plant for making a full aluminium body, creating 1700 new jobs in England.

    • Mark Caldwell

      And 3400 illegal Muslims just crossed into your country this week….

      Jaguar, Land Rover eh? Double up on the workfare and you might get enough time off to to go look at one for a few minutes…

      • Ralfine

        There are still enough used Land Rovers around. It is said 90% of all ever produced since 1948 are still in operation…

  • melvin johns

    Of course we should not attack Syria because it would be breaking international law. The die has been cast already, the U.S government will find some way to get involved in this conflict.
    I’m afraid that this will be America’s last foreign adventure. The Russians are preparing to stop America’s continual breaking of international law. This I believe will be the premise of the war that is coming.
    I believe we can call Barack Hussein Obama the President of the Apocalypse.

  • jokyjo

    Gotta protect that petrodollar at all costs! They don’t really care what we think. TPTB will do whatever they please.

  • Stephen Taylor

    Stand up Americans and people everywhere against this US agresssion. While Kerry was war mongering in Vietnam I was demonstrating against the war in London – Some people never learn.

    • Lynda

      “Wicked men shall grow worse and worse, deceived.”

      and being deceived.” These
      end of the Age of Grace times
      haven’t just begun but began in the time of Peter, as described in Holy Scripture, being mocked by some as a “distraction” to the testing of our faith during this one temporary life we have been given.

  • jakartaman

    Amateur hour
    Such a great country
    Such an inept administration
    So sad!

  • FounderChurch

    IT’S ALL OVER: Google “FounderChurch” … The worst thing a faltering weakening empire can do is to show fear, vacillation, and timidity. It seals the final decline and fall. You know it is coming, when the old bull starts getting all wobbly, and shaky in the knees when challenged.

    That is the exact stage where America is NOW thanks to a whining, whimpering, grovelling effeminate Congress and “citizenry”. It is all over folks, if we don’t have the nerve and balls to stand up to a nickle and dime tinfoil hat tin pot dictator slime bag like Assad. Would Reagan put up with this twerp? I ask you. Not for a minute. The “Love of Money” has killed us.

    • Jimbo

      “It is all over folks, if we don’t have the nerve and balls to stand up to a nickle and dime tinfoil hat tin pot dictator slime bag” … But we do have the nerve to stand up to Obama and wall street who pose a much greater threat to western civilization than a man in a suit with old rockets with a maximum range of 350 miles.

    • Lynda

      Our stubborn and arrogant unbelief in the Word of the Living Creator God is sealing our own fate unless we humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, trading pride for the highest honor and privilege of knowing and trusting in the One who can help.

    • Guest

      We don’t want to google Founder Church!

  • daveE44

    This attack by the Obama Administration would make G.W look like Abraham Lincoln. Are you kidding? This will go down as perhaps the dumbest move in history. Why would such a ‘smart’ and ‘brilliant’ President (with new ideas) fall into this international chess trap? Saudi Arabia my friends…Saudi Arabia. They stand to gain the most and they have been pouring billions into the Syrian Insurgency. What do the Saudi’s have to gain? Figure it out for yourself.

    • Infidel51

      Exactly. Every middle east policy decision of this administration serves the Saudis. Obozo is their boy.

  • Infidel51

    I really believe that if obozo attacks Syria that the Israelis will suffer dramatic repercussions and retaliate with equal force. Things will spiral out of control quickly and obozo, kerry, and the rest of the morons have NO PLAN for that.

    • Jimbo

      I think that is the plan.

      • Infidel51

        When examining obozos middle east policy decisions always ask this question; does it serve the interests of Saudi Arabia? The answer is always yes. The proof is in the near absolute silence from the royal family during obozos meddling. Nothing but crickets in that desert.

  • SafetyViking

    Cue Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”….

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Generals gathered in their masses

      Just like witches at black masses

      Evil minds that plot destruction

      Sorcerers of death’s construction

      In the fields the bodies burning

      As the war machine keeps turning

      Death and hatred to mankind

      Poisoning their brainwashed minds

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Obama has always served his masters, whoever they are. He’s the perfect president for any kind of implosion due to the race card. Despite that Obama and company are out of their league even as puppets. Now that is sad.

    On the other hand Putin has played this masterfully. I’m not sure how Obama’s elite will handle this. However wrong this may be, I am sure as heck enjoying Putin out playing Kerry and Obama. Perhaps its time to shut the Ivy League schools down after watching their graduates be deftly handled by a trained KBG agent.

    • Lynda

      -billy, this is not a TV series or sports event. The Living God of all Creation exists where there is no time so He sees all things that happens AT THE SAME TIME. If a person rejects all He has ALREADY done, is doing, and promises to do, that person has by free will chosen to live without Him, His power, His knowledge and promises, and deserves the only other option, accordingly, because that is fair and just, as is the Living Creator God who has already proven Himself to mankind and made a way of escape from judgment, paying a debt He did not owe because we had a debt we could not pay.

      • Gay Veteran

        why are thumping the bible at grumpyhillbilly?

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Watch out folks, this Assad-Russian-Iran game is not over yet! This went down way too easy and something is bound to eject out of this to no good.
    It’s Israel I am concerned with not so much Assad and his henchmen. It’s obvious that the west does NOT want to come to the aid of the Syrian
    people – you know, the ones (including Christians) being brutally murdered and raped.
    So in light of this ‘inaction’ the regular killing and raping and murdering just goes on status quo…?
    Another 10k, 20k, 50k innocent lives will be lost in the upcoming months … no worries from the nation of the world then … How pathetic and sickening!!!

    • Gay Veteran

      sounds like you need to join the Army and go fight

      • Infidel51


    • Gene Baugh BBA

      About 80% of the rebels are Syrians too. They are fighting against a family dictatorship.
      And we are staying out of it.

  • DJohn1

    I would like to know how Mr. Obama plans to finance this war? Because I only see the expenditure of weapons and people, not the taxes that will be needed to pay for all of this.
    In order to remain solvent we need to start paying for all the programs that have been put before the Congress and passed without funding.
    Obama Care is a prime example of this.
    Judges that make decisions without a precident are another. If Judges on the Supreme Court have decided that this is a tax, then so be it. However the same Judges did not rule on whether or not it was voted in as a tax. That was a cop out.
    The sign of good law is people knowing that idiots will apply the law and making the law good enough to stand up to whatever idiots are in charge.
    The problem I see going down is that we will eventually have an invasion of our own cities such as happened on 9/11. Some of these criminals in the Middle East are not above doing something like this. So do we wait? Do we sit on our hands until these violent pathological criminals decide we are easy pickings?
    I think it is only a matter of time.
    These same idiots in the MIddle East have not thought things down the road to what happens when you awaken a multi-trillion dollar defense industry with the latest and greatest weapons known to mankind. Weapons some of our military are anxious to try out somewhere.

    Russia and China can do what they want. And they most likely will. I all ready see China wanting to colonize Africa away from these “warriors” and put their own Atheist government in charge of things. Russia has a Dragon on its southern borders and does not know what to do with it.
    We are a convenient distraction for Russia to engage China somewhere else. The Middle East might be that convenient distraction for both sides.
    It would not be the first time in history that something like that has happened.

  • RedPillPlease

    America no longer has any credibility, no moral high ground or integrity. The last 3 presidential administrations, with most of them dating back to the turn of the 20th century have succeeded in taking us down the road to destruction. Thomas Horn’s latest book; ‘Zenith 2016’ along with Douglas Krieger’s; ‘The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist’ make a lid-tight case on who America REALLY is!

    • Lynda

      Amen! The Webster’s dictionary’s definition of Babylon is a place which allows all idols to be worshipped. It’s no longer a “Mystery ” Babylon because this nation has been fully exposed.. however, most nations who rejected the Living Creator God when He made Himself known to them have already begun their punishment , and soon people will be individually judged, for their choices during this temporary life, at His Judgement Seat.

  • Donald Wilson

    An attack on Syria is a BIG MISTAKE. Where is the proof Mr. Obama. The only evidence you have is a lie and a sham. It all about control, money, power, and a natural gas pipeline. If Obama launches an assault the international community will be in a world of HURT ….

    Good Luck and Good Night.

  • SafetyViking

    The world is full of kings & queens
    That blind your eyes & steal your dreams…
    It’s heaven & hell….

    • Carlos Danger

      They tell you black is really white, the moon is just the sun at night….

  • maddog

    If Barak want’s war he should have it. If we don’t give him what he want’s we will be called racists. With people like the supper intelligent John Kerry running things, what could possibly go wrong?
    These clowns have done so many drugs for so long they have no idea what reality is. Pray the hippies go to their grave as soon as possible.

  • chris

    Michael i have to say your position in this article is biased throughout. You fail to mention that the so called ‘evidence’ for the gas attack is being provided by Israel and so is the list of targets to attack. There is definitely an argument that could be made that Israel is behind this and it’s being done for Israel to rid itself of Iran. The pipeline could be genuine but also a convenient smokescreen. What the Israelis didn’t want was a slow build to US strikes allowing Syria and Iran and Russia time to prepare retaliation and this is what they’ve got. I would say the plan has gone wrong and as it stands will lead to WW3 which was not the intention, the intention being a very brutal and quick bombing campaign leading to regime change and then on to Iran.

  • 2Gary2

    Are we sure Kerry is even really alive? He really looks like an animated corpse.

    • Gay Veteran

      LOL, I was thinking Frankenstein’s monster

  • sistrunkqueen

    I’m so glad that a resolution is coming. I am an American living in China and a war against Syria is frightening for me and the other 50,000 Americans living and working here. I hope cooler heads will prevail. Obama and Kerry did a game changer in foreign policy and diplomacy.

    • K

      If the shooting does start, leave immediately. Next plane out, wherever it is going. The Chinese Government would most likely not harm you. But neither will they rescue you, from an angry mob of their citizens. Seen that to many times, always the angry mob does the dirty work.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Obama and Kerry did a game changer in foreign policy and diplomacy.”
      are you being sarcastic?

  • WeRThrough

    “Instead of being our top diplomat, he should be mopping the floors in a Dairy Queen somewhere.” GREAT staetment! But it should be used to describe what all of the government should be doing, not just that dufus..

  • bob777

    haha, ..tiddlywinks!
    You made my day michael.

  • “V”

    The Democrats continue the charge of the 400 plus children killed in the attacks. Where are these same democrats when MILLIONS of children are killed in abortions every year here in the United States? It’s the hypocrisy of the left I just dont get. Outrage over 400 children being gassed in Syria, complete silence on a million aborted. I wish they would use another excuse (like maybe the truth) than the children becuase it is so hypocritical.

    • Gay Veteran

      and how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?

  • david odowd

    In no way should we consider attacking Syria. This current administration (U.S.) is totally insane…

  • Richard O. Mann

    Sure. Let’s get WW3 up and running. Will take our minds off other things, such as homosexual marriage, high unemployment, and any thing else you may be pondering. Yeah, WW3 will be a game changer.

  • Christine

    The risks FAR outweigh the benefits of U.S. military action in Syria. The region is a hotbed of hatred for the U.S., and the combination of a radical militant response along with clear determined interests by Russia and other anti-U.S. regimes to keep Bashar Assad in power, is all the lethal fuel that’s needed to ignite a world war. Israel will likely be the immediate object of revenge, and with high-tech, long-range weaponry–nuclear and otherwise–held by militant extremist countries, this war will NOT be our grandfather’s war. U.S. citizens will no longer be able to just sit on their comfy sofas and watch annihilation occur abroad. For years, it’s been reported that the U.S. has had a steady behind-the-scenes infiltration of terrorists, quietly crossing borders, nestling themselves into our own neighborhoods, just waiting for their next set of instructions. If the ongoing story has any chance of ending well, this country needs to be on its knees in prayer for our president and world leaders, that they may yet seek wisdom from their Creator, and not make decisions based on prideful defiance, as they seem to be demonstrating. God be with us all.

    • Louise in MO

      You will not see our leaders on their knees; they have absolutely No regard for the Creator! In fact, they have done everything they could to forcibly remove God from a mere mention in the US!

      It will be up to the rest of us to pray!

      • Christine

        I agree, it is up to us to pray. God will reveal Himself to those whom He chooses. And history has shown that the Lord will at times permit what He hates, to achieve what He loves. Amen.
        2nd Chronicles, Chapter 16.
        What an incredible correlation to current events involving Syria. It’s a revelation of the consequences that occur when nations form alliances against one another, trusting those alliances instead of trusting God. Verse 10: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars.”

  • Nixon

    I hope you understand that the whole world is sick of you. USA doesnt have ally, it only have vazal states. But Russia, Asia, South America, EU is tired with your imperialism. I hope you ordinary americans and true patriots can find a way for USA to shine once again. Right now, USA is most hatred country of the world. If you start WW3 it will be ISRAEL AND USA against the rest of the world mark my words.

  • vermaphax

    Running through…didn’t have time to read so hope I am not stating something twice. If Obama starts this war which I believe is the goal. If “WAR” is declared he gets to be President until its over, Thems the rules folks.

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      The USA does not cancel elections just because we are at war. Also, it would only take about three days for the USA to take over Syria.

  • Rabbit Hole

    Founders of string theory James Gates and Leonard Suskind say particle theory strongly points a hologram or computer simulation. The program creator is laughing his as* off at the Sims b*tch fight. Just how serious do you want to take these pathological liars – take their power away and say no.

  • Jimbo

    I posted this on the UK Daily Mail website yesterday in response to their headline “UK Economy Turns a Corner”

    “It took from the dawn of the British Empire until 2008 to reach a national debt of 500 billion. It took another 4 years to double it. Doubling the debt between 2008 and 2012 gave us a weaker pound, lower real earnings, 2.5% higher unemployment, boarded up shops and record low interest rates. If anything goes even slightly wrong now, interest rates can’t be lowered to counter it and the Pound would have to weaken even more to make exports competitive. Recovery?”

    The fact is that the UK, USA, Eurozone etc. have not recovered at all since 2007. If anything, they have gone backwards. Lower pay, higher prices, poor quality jobs. All of this has come with massive boosts to the economy in the form of QE.

    There is nowhere to go for the Fiat ponzi scheme anymore. Interest rates are at records lows, so that weapon has been removed from the Keynsian war chest. QE has been tried and failed miserably and debt is soaring.

    So what is left? How will we willingly give up all that we have to keep those in power at the top while we succumb to poverty?

    Same way as always. WAR.

  • neo

    I am ALL for a limited attack….with Obama,Holder,Reid ,Kerry and the rest of Washington armed with ak-47’s to attack Damascus.

  • Louise in MO

    I vote NO attack on Syria! I believe Obama and his cohorts are lying! The denied “proof” has to be somewhere with his mising college records and the rest.

    There has been too much American blood on muslim sand. No more, not one drop. If Obama does not hear the American people there will be the beginning of a period of civil unrest that we have not seen in a century.

    All of a sudden we can trust Russia? The UN? Syria? Get real!

  • Louise in MO

    Your facts are wrong and your nation has used propaganda to screw your mind. Americans do NOT want war. Your muslim countries have been killing each other for thousands of years. Peace is a word you don’t understand!

    The only mistake that the US has made is to believe you no longer wanted to live that way. And mistakingly thought they were helping.

    I would like for all of you to stay in your own countries, don’t come to ours for education and then go home or stay here and plot jihad!

  • Louise in MO

    I did watch the speech and it was the “children” as you so predicted.

  • sistrunkqueen

    @ gay veteran no I wasn’t being sarcastic at all. I was stating a fact about Obama and Kerry did a game changer this week.
    I’ll be leaving China next month for a sorely need vacation.
    And for my brother Xander Cross you can work/live in China. Alot of black Americans are here working. I’ve been here for two years.I plan to continue working in China for another year.

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    We could take over the whole country in three days if we wanted to. Yes we would like to see a family dictatorship overthrown but we are barely lifting a finger to help. The rebels would impose a Theocracy and we object to that too.

  • rickne

    In other words diplomacy worked?

  • jody

    lets just arm these bumpkins Obama, Kerry, McCain an all his cronies an put there boots on the ground instead of all the good American men an those who have already lost there lives..Its all about control .

  • We should park our nuclear-armed submarine fleet in the English Channel and begin the debate over which European capital, London or Paris, should be turned into a parking lot. There would be no better way to get at the root of agencies animating al Qaeda in Syria, as well as throughout the world, while at the same time driving a wedge into “special relationships” binding intelligence services of European imperialist scum from a CIA whose purpose is service to a constitutional republic, not a bunch of hopelessly insolvent banks.

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