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Do Not Despise Small Beginnings – An Incredible True Story That You May Find Hard To Believe

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Michael SnyderIt has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Well, I would like to share a little bit of my journey with you, and hopefully this will inspire someone out there.  We live in a day and age when you don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference.  I know this is true because ten years ago I was about as anonymous as you could possibly get.  I was newly married and working as a lawyer in the heart of Washington D.C. not too far from the White House.  That may sound glamorous to you, but it definitely was not.  Approximately one out of every 12 residents of D.C. is a lawyer according to some estimates, and so they are a dime a dozen.  And my work was about as meaningless as you could get.  If there was a lawyer version of a toilet scrubber, that would have been me.  Nobody knew who I was, and nobody cared who I was.  I was having no real measurable impact on the world around me, but I wanted to.  I just didn’t know how.

In 2008, I started to look into something called blogging.  I learned that there were more than a million blogs already on the Internet by that time, and so I had no idea why anyone would possibly want to read anything that I had to say, but I decided to try it.  I began with a few free Blogger blogs, and my readership in those days could have been measured with a magnifying glass.

But I stuck with it.

And that is one of the keys to success in any area of life.  So many people give up if they don’t have immediate success.  And that is so sad, because all “overnight success stories” had to start somewhere.

So do not despise small beginnings – they can ultimately lead to something great.

Eventually my readership began to grow, and the real turning point for me came when I left the legal world at the end of 2009 and started The Economic Collapse Blog.  Of course that had very humble beginnings as well.  The first month the site was live I only had about 4,800 pageviews.  But that was a whole lot more than I had before.

Very early on I decided that I was going to try to put out the highest quality articles that I could possibly write, and people really responded to that.  They knew that they weren’t getting straight answers about the economy from the mainstream media, and they were seeking out alternative sources of information.  We have seen the “alternative media” absolutely explode in recent years, and I am proud to be part of that revolution.

In early 2010, my wife and I decided to take a leap and move across the country to a little town outside of Seattle, Washington.  We didn’t really have much money, so it was kind of a crazy thing to do.  But we felt called to do it, so by faith we packed up our lives and moved all the way across the continent.  We figured that I could make a little money writing and she could make a little money painting furniture and we could figure out a way to survive somehow.

We spent a little over a year out near Seattle, and during that time The Economic Collapse Blog started to grow by leaps and bounds.  We also had other websites such as End Of The American Dream and The Most Important News that were really starting to grow as well, and so we felt secure enough to seek out a more permanent home.  That was always the plan anyway, because we wanted to get away from the large population centers.

God eventually led us to a wonderful home in the mountains in a very isolated part of the northwest United States.  And my wife and I both agree that this is the best place that either of us have ever lived.  We absolutely love the peace and quiet, and the view that we have across the valley is priceless.  I could have very easily sat up on that mountain living a very quiet life for the rest of my days and been very happy.

But God had other things in mind for us.  When we moved up there, we believed that God was instructing us to prepare for what He wanted us to do.  So we studied, and we prayed and we kept working on our websites.  And then we studied, and we prayed and we worked some more.  We never knew what kinds of doors God was going to open up for us.  By faith we just tried to do what we believed that He was instructing us to do.

And of course many of you already know about the amazing doors that God has been opening up for us over the past few years.  He is doing things that I never even would have imagined asking Him to do.

The reason why I am sharing all of this is to say that if someone like me can be used to make a difference, so can you.

If a completely anonymous Washington D.C. lawyer can move to the mountains in the middle of nowhere and be used to touch millions of lives all over the planet, that just shows that all things are possible with God.

Of course not everyone has a talent for writing.  But we all have some way to make a difference.  Individually, each one of us in limited, but collectively we can make a massive difference in this world if we are willing to work together.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a rock star someday, but to this day I still don’t have any musical talent.  However, there are people out there with amazing gifts in that area, and I often find myself in awe of their talents.

Other people can make a different in other areas.  What some people are about to do with YouTube videos absolutely amazes me.  Others write gripping novels or host amazing radio shows.  And yet others organize street protests or get heavily involved in local politics.

We all have different gifts and abilities, and we all have ways that we can make a difference.

Part of my message is to warn people about the incredibly hard times that are coming, but part of my message is also to give hope to people so that they can come through those hard times.

You may choose to curse the darkness when it comes, but I plan on lighting a candle.

No matter how bad things get, I will not bend, I will not break and I will not fear.  It is when times are the darkest that the greatest heroes are needed, and we need people that are going to be willing to face the great challenges that are coming with tremendous strength and courage.

Even in the midst of all of the chaos and all of the darkness, my wife and I believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are still ahead of us.

And we invite you to work with us to make a difference.  God took the broken pieces of my life and turned them into a beautiful thing, and He can do the same thing for you.

No matter how hard things may seem right now, please do not give up.

It’s not over.

In fact, your future is only just beginning, and all things are possible…

  • paul mullin

    A refreshing change from the doom and gloom. An uplifting story. Well done Michael. You did good kid

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Thank you Paul. 🙂

      • GSOB

        And he said to them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, …

        • lordhavemercy

          Why? Its like you’re screaming for attention. I enjoy the Bible as much as the next guy but you are irritating…

          • Mr. Cipher

            Amen! I was thinking the same thing. The random cut and paste…

          • jaxon64

            Actually this quote was clever in choice and very apt in pertaining to Michael’s article.

          • GSOB

            If you did, then you would have recognized it was from John and

          • Ace

            It was an innocuous comment and hardly “screaming.” Why get so worked up over someone making a positive comment?

        • Bob332

          Amen! Because the LEFTies are sinking this country!

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        Yes, if I were a lawyer I would definitely move to a remote area, start a blog, and encourage others to go to remote areas too.

        • sistersoldier

          He still looks good! Purrrrrr…..

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Though Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Husband

          • sistersoldier

            LOL! True, I wasn’t coveting just appreciating her husband 😀

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            I know a Covet when I see one

          • sistersoldier

            OK, busted!

          • snots

            I think I just threw up.

          • sistersoldier

            What????? That’s rude!

      • Wiz

        Michael, can I ask you to write a detailed blog about Deutsche Bank, but specifically in relation to speculative energy trades and China? You will be aware that Deutsche Bank has twenty times the gdp of Germany in exposure to fracking derivatives, but I have seen no analysis about how a likely devaluation of the yuan would affect the dollar economy. This is the biggest, most hulking black swan in the whole lake, in my view.

      • Loved this post as well Michael. Very inspiring. Almost on the same level as the original “Rocky” movie in 1976 !

        • Kimberly Bartlett

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        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          I think it’s inspiring on the level of “Forrest Gump”.. that was a great movie. : )

      • Somebody in the crowd

        Nice hair job.
        Who says running blog is not profitable job.

        • GSOB

          There is a touch of gray there.

  • GSOB

    No good deed left unpunished…
    Here it comes.

    • aesthetic

      Here what comes? Go and play with yourself. Your random religious ramblings…

      • GSOB


  • GSOB

    “Divine Providence extends itself to things most minute, and those are happy who acknowledge God in all their ways.”


    This reminds me of the character Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live………………
    “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

    • Bill G Wilminton NC



        Next time please raise your hand and wait to be called on before you speak.

    • Mr. Cipher

      You’re a turd.

  • Leaving here in the rapture!

    Thanks for sharing, Michael. You are an inspiration.

  • Kirk Wiggins

    I needed that. Thank you. God bless.

  • Philosopher

    What town? I would love to join you. Thank you for your site though the adverts are annoying.

    • paul mullin

      adverts = income = job = life. think about it…

  • GSOB

    “It is pleasant to behold the sun in the firmament; but it is more pleasant and profitable for the gospel to shine in the heart.”

    • birdhands

      a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

  • GetReal4U2

    May God continue to bless you and your family…believe it or not…I’ve read all of your articles since the 2010 time frame…this is one place that speaks truth and doesn’t forget to mention the hope and the “most important thing”…sadly…trolls try to take over the site, like the mockers Jesus said would come…I also see your work published on many other sites…God is using you to send a powerful message that the lame stream media simply won’t report…time is shorter than most realize…we are called to be the light and salt…you reflect that quite well…

  • K

    Well done Michael, that is a story you should share. As you know I have a similar setup, in the TN mountains. It seems the Lord is sending more than just a few of us, to the mountains. How many seem to think, the Lord is mute in this generation. I have had to tell more than a few. He still speaks, you just have to listen.. God bless you, and your family.


    I have many things to say to you Michael, but all I’m going to say is thank you for what you are doing! I wish I can move to a quiet mountain. I live in San Fran Cali, and there are plenty of zombies here!

  • David Reigns

    Michael – God did make you a “rock star”. A person solid in his convictions and faith with steadfast foundations. And a guiding light of truth in our modern day monetary and fiscal dilemma. Now stay humble my servant.

    • If you have given away your birthright to a still Antichrist nation, no matter how you try to justify yourself before men or how good your glamour photo looks, it is all meaningless before God.

      • Daddyotis

        …and a bright happy g’day to you too, Mr. Grumpkins

        • No, just telling the truth 🙂

          • Guest

            No, you’re just a miserable man.

          • Bye-bye 🙂

          • TrollingforTrolls

            Truth by what you interpreted it to be. Viewed your youtube videos. “My way or the highway to hell mentality”. Just a check of your extremely low video views alone would tell me that your “beliefs” are off base and certainly not Biblical.

          • GSOB

            Low numbers are usually a good sign.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            GSOB, his interpretation of salvation is vague and certainly not what is preached. If even one person disagrees then he condemns. Not my idea of loving in Christ

          • GSOB

            At least hear him out.

            Learning happens all the time.

            Its the truth that does not change. Just our understanding of it.

            He is a believer, I think.
            I hope.

          • Bible says the whole world lies in wickedness. Low numbers are a compliment and further sign of the times. If you want untruth, look to the media and whore houses that Corporate Christianity and politics have become.
            I love you enough to tell you the truth.

          • …and don’t forget – come out of her. rev18:4
            (Look for the woman who rides the beast)
            That is the truth -whether you “like” it or not..

          • If I poke someone in the eye, and they don’t like it, that doesn’t prove I’m a man of truth. Low numbers prove nothing; people hating your message prove nothing. All that matters is how accurately the message reflects the full truth of the Bible. Lack of popularity is never a sign of truth.

            Jesus had huge crowds that followed him all the time. Because he was so popular, the pharisees were afraid to act against him. So, one can be quite popular and speak the right message. Later, when he died, he had no one supporting him. So, one can be quite unpopular and speak the right message.

            Lack of popularity doesn’t indicate you are speaking the truth or that you know what love is. It merely proves you are unpopular. That CAN be because you speak an unpopular truth. It can also just be because you’re a jackass. (Not saying you are. Just saying it’s a common reason for people to be unpopular.)

            Persecution doesn’t prove someone is speaking the truth either. My observation is that many Christians who feel persecuted are only persecuted because they have a nasty personality, and they’d be just as persecuted if they were preaching any other message because they’re self-righteous. So, even persecution is no badge of truth.

          • LOL. Who said anyone poked someone in the eye. We were only telling the truth. You are delusional and a knave. Really, I don’t have time to waste on you Knave. Bye bye.

          • You poked someone in the eye in that you did not talk about his writings or what was wrong about them at all. You claimed he was sold out to the antiChrist, so you are a small person who judges the eternal state of the souls of others and doesn’t even have the veracity to present his basement for such broad judgments. That is often the case of those whose spiritual pride causes them to place their own limited understanding of truth higher than love, itself.

            I’m not saying you should not be critical of what another person writes. That’s fine, but you should keep your criticism to factually countering the points you feel are wrong, not to assessing that his soul is sold out to the antiChrist. My experience with those who act that way is that they are usually Satanic themselves — feeling they are great warriors of truth who have the right to slash the souls of all who disagree with their understanding. (“Satan” meaning “the accuser” or “the prosecutor.”)

            You’ve presented no evidence for your prosecutorial words of judgment. None whatsoever. State your case here in this court of opinion where you chose to file your judgment, Prosecutor. Keep your case to judging the writings here that you believe are wrong and countering those ideas, not to slaying the soul of another man by saying he is sold out the antiChrist. You have no authority to do such and speak out over the authority of God (not under it) when you do such.

            You are FAR from right on that and FAR from the heart of God in stating such an opinion.

          • You deceitful and unreliable scoundrel (a knave). You woke up this thread.. The evidence was presented before. Although you speak the dialectic of Satan, it is actually a blessing that those few pure hearts and lambs get to see what a knave actually is. Antichrist is not an anthropomorphized person but is in place of, against or diminishes the finished work of Christ on the cross. Don’t be a knave and don’t be a fool. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is remaining in the sin by clinging to an egregious lie.

          • I skimmed ever post here and read almost all of them. To the best I could find, I read all of yours, and you presented no evidence to support your claim. Now that you have explained in other posts that it is because he is selling out his own birthright as Esau did, there is a point there to be made. However, it does not support your over-the-top accusation that he has sold his soul to the antiChrist. I choose the name “Knave” because I am a scoundrel to the Judaisers who believe Jews live under the Promise of Abraham, whether they are faithful to Abraham’s seed or not. What is scandal to them, is truth in my opinion; but I am not going to say another man has sold out to the antiChrist because he doesn’t understand that truth. By claiming as you do that I believe the same lie, you prove your judgments are rash and often false. You need a big dose of humility; but what you really appear to need is a heart of love, for it is not knowing the truth of Christ that makes you one of his, nor even preaching that truth (many will come to him saying they preached the truth in his name); it is having the heart of Christ — being the love of Christ in this world … and I think Michael has that heart, even if he is mistakenly and egregiously selling this birthright without realizing it. It is not a trifling mistake, I grant you; but I am sure you are as wrong about the condition of his soul as you are about my beliefs.

          • Got no more time for you Knave.

            Answers . Global

          • Not really. And nothing there to be careful of.

          • Thanks for the compliment! The truth is never accepted by world standards. You have no idea how much I appreciate your comment Troll. Thank you.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            Sorry, Scott. You can take it as a compliment if you so choose. I, however, stand by the Bible and my salvation in Christ.

          • There will be many in that day who cry Lord, Lord while thinking they had a right standing that they based their feelings and emotions and good works on but the Lord will say He knew not whence they were.. For many cults and false doctrines there will be who will not enter in…

          • afchief

            Why do judgmental?

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            From what I see from his history, Scott is a godfreak just like the most of you.. and isn’t this article all about small beginnings and few viewings turning to more viewings?

      • Rick

        Scott, hopefully you know that it’s not our nation, good or bad that gets us to heaven, rather our personal relationship with Thee LORD and savior Jesus Christ. We won’t be going to judgment before God in committees, or sates, or even groups of two. Nope, it will just be as individuals…

        • And hopefully you all know that if you do not have the right doctrine, all the feelings and emotions notwithstanding won’t amount to a bucket of spit on judgement day when the Lord says to you: “I know not whence ye are”..

          • GSOB

            Hey, what is this teaching you bring to the table about losing or forfeiting one’s birthright?

            Where are you getting this from.?

            Who’s ministry is teaching this?

            Would you please be so kind and provide the ministry website?

            I would like to investigate what appears to be a doctrinal error.

            Thanks Scott Sepanek

          • You are hopeless. No pun intended.

          • GSOB

            Someone taught you and you are teaching us, I am open.
            Please reveal your sources.
            If it is just a mindset, please let me know.
            Please, let me know what well you have been drinking from.
            Iron sharpens iron.

          • A poisoned well. He’s all bitterness and strife so far as I can see. No facts, just accusations. No arguments based on doctrinal statements he found to be wrong in this post that he is responding to, just a very broad sweep of a brush to judge another man’s soul.

          • Go to –
            Answers . global
            144thousand . com
            The rapture cult has given away the birthright they should have had saying the Antichrist nation of Israel are the chosen people. It is Jesus Christ who confirms the covenant not the AC. There is no gap between the 69 & 70th week. It is not a timing issue pre, mid or post when there is no 70th week with a cut out comic book AC & FP. Jesus Christ confirmed the covenant. The rapture cultists who the original disciples would be utterly ashamed of, are the ones who have given away their birthright that they should have had for a “feel good” bowel of soup. Just like Esau, they consider their stomach (read “feelings” to save their own skin to be more important). This site here is a hornets nest for rapture cultists. It has not been given them to know the truth.
            …I expect you to chaff at this of course and would be surprised if you didn’t. And no, I will not dialog to consensus with you..
            Israel with her six pointed star of Moloch that got Stephen killed Acts 7:43 Amos 5:26 is what rapture cultists worship. I consider myself in good company with Stephen.. I expect the same here in this feel-good emotional den of vipers who profess another gospel, another message, another Jesus to attack the truth of what is being said. You are not attacking me; you are attacking the truth of what is being said. You false lying prophets with your feelings & emotions are everywhere and your pseudo corporate religiosity is sickening. You are modern day Pharisees and Sadducees with your collective “Church” as the False Prophet and your coveted antichrist nation of Israel as the antichrist. He already “sits” in -your- temple that is you and now the body of believers. It has all been predicted.. Now you know. Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? Go ahead, attack the messenger because you don’t “like” the message. You know you will. The church (small c) is a called out assembly and is out in the desert right now. Your Corporation paid hierlings led and continue to lead you astray. But the Lord knows His own who will be woken up & hear His voice and come out into the desert to be with Him away from Babylon who falls a second time and the last time. They are the very few will hear His call to come out of her. But for the majority who remain here – you are totally lost.

          • GSOB

            Matthew 19:25
            Peace I leave be with you.
            I will research your barn.

          • GSOB


            I found this on your sight….

            You wrote it, I suppose…

            “In order to “know” the Truth, you must die to the old way of looking at things in this world in order to be re-born in the Spirit. Then, you will receive the supernatural blessing, favor, and be part of a special family that has been preserved for thousands of years till now.”
            “in order to be re-born in the Spirit.”
            This is putting the cart before the horse. A works based primer detonating into man centered salvation.
            No thanks. I thought perhaps your were from the group “Jehovah Witnesses” but perhaps, an off shoot?
            Anyways. It is His strength and not ours, His calling and not our determination while in the flesh.
            You need to consider ‘Reformed Theology’
            There is a treasure trove of truth for you there.
            Allow me to recommend Dr. R. C. Sproul as a primer, to get the good stuff into your spirit.

          • Many are called few chosen. Looks like you are not..

          • Rick

            Scott, very good observation from the book of St. Matthew. We will not be saved collectively. Satan wants us to think we can be, hence his minions in government are always squeezing our religious freedoms. BTW, where is, or what is your faith? Just curious since we have not previously talked. All the best!

          • GSOB

            Doctrine is relevant. Yes.

          • William Meisheid

            Scott, doctrine does’ save you..calling upon the name of Jesus for your salvation and being born again does, for many will build on the sure foundation of Christ with wood, hay, and stubble yet still make it across the threshold because their hope is based on their faith in Him not on what they did, like those who pleaded Lord, Lord.

          • That still doesn’t vitiate the fact of a person having a watered down false doctrine that they have coveted in their heart. You speak a lukewarm doctrine. You don’t want to get spewed out of the Lord’s mouth. Time to go hot.

          • afchief

            Such legalism! I see NO love of Christ in your posts. NONE!

          • No, of course you don’t. The legalistic is you. You are the hypocrite and the Pharasee.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            The issue I see here Scott is that you ASSUME anyone that comes to this site is a rapture cultist. Furthermore, you have assumed the role of judge, jury, and executioner. Condemnation WITHOUT knowledge of what each person’s walk with Christ is truly like. You have a new message to share? Then share it with love, not accusations and false assumptions. Then maybe you might have an audience that is willing to listen

          • The incorporated Church (capital “C”) is the False Prophet and Israel with her 6 pointed star is the Antichrist. Wake up man before it is too late.

            Answers . global

            (Watch the video with me in it – top right hand on site)

            …it happens to do with love for the truth 🙂

            Btw, I love dealing with you guys because it gives others the chance to go and research the material themselves and then back it up with the truth of the Word. Thank you.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            I AM awake and alive in Christ. He loves me, no matter my shortcomings for I will NEVER be perfect as long as I am enslaved to this human body. As well, I can NEVER work my way to heaven, this is a legalistic viewpoint. Good works are a byproduct of my salvation and servitude towards my Lord and Savior. Every man knows his heart and to whom his allegiance lies with.

            Do you see the irony here, Scott? I am justifying my position with my Lord to you, yet you continually break it down. You have labeled me without even knowing me. Made me a scapegoat so that others may search the word and use it against me. Is that truly love in Christ?

          • The only irony I see is that I don’t have time to waste on a feel good dialog to consensus with you Troll. Do yourself a favor and stop putting your words in caps. People who put their words in caps think that it justifies their position when it does not. If you truly loved Christ then you would follow the thesis of His truth first.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            Always avoiding and sidestepping the issue. In other words, not owning up. You, sir, are not a nice man. As eloquent as I can put it without getting flagged

          • You lie Troll. Go read the other threads. What this really has to do with is putting the truth first and feelings second. You and myriad multitude others in this feel good world system put your feelings first and the truth second. You and many others have a form of godliness but denying the power (the truth and real meaning). Alas, you are the ones who sidestep the issue of truth and when you can’t handle the truth, you go ad hominem on the one who stands by the truth. Your response is as classic as it is pathetic. You are a modern day Scribe & Pharisee with your lukewarm faith. Just remember in the end, the beast will burn the whore with fire. The whore rides the beast. Israel is the AC and the Corporation Church is the FP. Don’t you get it? You need to get out in the desert with the Lord now. Right now Troll. I pray you do. Christ said he came to bring a sword against members in their own family. Was John the Baptist “nice”? He called out the hypocrites of his day. Nobody cares about your eloquence . And don’t call me sir. I work for a living.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            What I have surmised from you is that you equate yourself to John the Baptist. Holier than thou and holier than anyone on this site. Once again, assumptions. You have asked NOT one question regarding a person’s faith. Merely assumed and judged, thus labeling without adequate knowledge.

            I am neither pathetic nor a liar. Ask me my history, what I came from, what I have been through.
            Because, Scott, it was sheer hell. I AM a survivor. My father disowned me, my stepfather molested me. My ex husband abused me, physically and emotionally. I was as beaten down as a woman could be. Yet, the Lord saw fit to open my eyes and he did save me.

            So, when people like you make assumptions about me and my faith, it hits me to the inner core.
            God gave meaning back to my life and that is truly what it is all about

          • Bye bye Troll.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            Ephesians 4:32. I am as guilty as you.

          • Bye bye Troll.

          • TrollingforTrolls

            1 Corinthians 13:3

          • Too bad you don’t have love for the truth. Bye bye Troll. (no need for you to respond).

          • I didn’t see you present one word of truth about Michael’s beliefs that would demonstrate he has sold his soul to the antiChrist. So, you are a troll because trolls are as trolls do. They cast judgments without facts because they like to judge and like to make people angry and having to lay out the facts for their basis is too time consuming for them to bother with. You should, in the very least, stay with judging doctrinal statements, and not go to the extreme of judging someone as having sold his soul to the antiChrist.

          • Yes, you are absolutely right. You don’t “see”.
            Go to 144thousand . Com

          • I’m not going to do your research for you. You made a prosecutorial statement about another man being sold out to the antiChrist (about as much as saying sold out to Satan, whose name means “prosecutor”). So, lay out your own case, Prosecutor. Lay out the facts that form your basis for stating so matter-of-factly that this post or this blog is written by a man who has sold out to the antiChrist. If you haven’t got the time to lay out your case here, remove your filing of your prosecutorial statement, and take it to another court of public opinion where you are willing to lay it out; but don’t ask me to travel to another court to find it. That’s just lazy on your part. You’re the prosecution, so the burden of proof is entirely yours. You chose this court to present it, so lay it out here where you filed your accusation, Accuser.

          • No, I told the truth you fool and hypocrite. Actually, you resemble a scribe (lawyer). We, the very few of us in the world work hard. Answers . Global is just one small outpost in this regard…

          • I speak as a defense attorney to one who stands as the willful and self-appointed Prosecutor of another man’s soul.

          • Bye bye Knave.

          • Love of truth is different than love of mankind. One can be a lover of true doctrine and have a judgmental crisp of a heart. Not saying that is the case, but love of truth is much different than love, itself. (Love of truth is good, but it is no replacement for love of people.)

          • I agree. Rapid to judgment, slow to presenting any facts or any case at all. Trolls cast aspersions without facts because all they really like to do is rile people up. Reeks of self-righteous indignation. If you have a “doctrine” to judge, then you lay out where the wrong doctrine was presented by the person whose writing your judging, and you state why it is wrong. Just throwing out a generalized judgment that someone has sold his soul to the antiChrist makes you a judge of another man ‘s soul, not of his doctrine. If you want to talk wrong doctrine, point out the wrong doctrine and present why it is wrong. Any troll can make generalized judgments of a man’s soul, but no one is authorized by God to do that but Christ. I see no presentation of ideas or truth in anything Scott has written to this post so far.

          • You are the one who has no love for the truth..

          • afchief

            I see no truth in your posts except cited scripture.


          • I see no truth in you being a rapture cultist saying that the “he who confirms the covenant” is the antichrist and not Jesus Christ. You hypocrite. Your faith is built on lies.

          • K

            And what love do I see in you? When you accuse other Christians of wanting destruction, and living in fear. How is what you do any different? You are both on the same road. He is just much further down that road. You are where he once was. He is what you may become. Turn away from your accusations. The worldly will soon enough, be throwing every accusation at Christians they can think of. We need to stand as one.

          • afchief

            Wow, I must have struck a nerve with my original comment. It must have hit home because I can sure see the legalism in your posts now. You never did answer my question. So I will ask again;

            Answer me this question; are there Christians here who are fearful and/or fleshly and/or lack faith that God will meet all their needs? Yes or no?

          • K

            I can not see into another person heart. And no matter what you think, neither can you. Even when your future self. Stares you right in the face, you refuse to see it.. The difference between you and Scott, is only in degree. So I can not answer your question. For I do not know. And it is only your pride, that makes you think you do. Judge not, lest you be judged. It is wrong for Scott to judge you. It is wrong for you to judge others. I have tried to reach you. It seems you refuse to be reached.

          • afchief

            You will not answer it because you know it is true. You just do not want to be caught lying.

            The Word says we will know them by their fruit.

            For those with discerning eyes it is easy to see. Hebrews 5:14(NASB)
            But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.

          • K

            No need for further conversation. You already know, what everyone thinks.

          • afchief

            Does the truth bother you? Like I said you will not answer my question otherwise you will be lying.

          • The Pharisees were full of doctrine but void of love.

          • And hopefully you know that if you DO have the right doctrine but have not love, you have nothing at all. (Not saying there is never a time to judge people’s writings. I do it myself. Just saying I haven’t seen any basis laid out by you for judging Michael as being sold out to the antiChrist. You’ve presented no case; you’ve just cast aspersions, which is way too simple.)

          • You are wrong. Put the truth first and the “feelings” come second. Don’t put your feelings first and the truth second like the world does. Man, when are you guys ever gonna learn. Bye bye Knave..

          • You are mistaken in even thinking that love is a feeling. It comes with feelings, if it is true compassion (which means “with feeling”), but it is far more than that. Those who love truth more than love, itself, have done the greatest evils in this world.

          • You lie. Jesus said he is the way the truth the life.

          • Jesus also said God is love, not God is truth. Although God is certainly true in all he does. It was not the quality of God that Jesus named as being primary. As “the way,” Jesus is the example. He did not spend any time ever judging Rome. He judged only judgmental, very legalistic, religious hypocrites. He did not say that the way people will recognize the true people of God is by their perfect understanding of truth. He (and his apostles) said they will be recognized by their love. He did not say, “A new commandment give I unto you: that you understand truth perfectly and obey it perfectly.” In defining the New Covenant, he said, “A new commandment give I unto you, that you love one another.” This was the new and total law that the Old Testament said would be written on the HEARTS (not minds) of God’s people. Jesus said that, in obeying this two-fold commandment (that you love your neighbor as you love yourself and that you love God foremost) with all your being), you were obeying the full law. The law of the New Covenant was prophesied to be written on people’s hearts, not because their minds would be so clear they could remember the thousands of words of the old Law perfectly but because the new law was this law of Love — this New Commandment — Jesus gave, which he said fulfills all the commandments. Jesus, however, did not abolish the old laws of the Old Covenant. He said that those laws would remain in effect for all who choose to live under the law. That’s because those laws only condemn. Therefore, all who live under the law and try to please God through perfect obedience, rather than through love, stand condemned by that Law because its sacrifices for sin have all now been rendered impossible. Thus, that law is now ONLY capable of condemnation.

            And that is the truth.

      • How do you come off judging him as having given away his birthright to an Antichrist nation? I haven’t seen any evidence of that. He speaks against things this nation does all the time. So, what’s your basis for this judgment — just throwing out lines of rancid bate as a troll? Or do you have some basis for this belief?

        • Don’t be a knave Knave. Go to Answers . Global

          • No, I’m not going to spend time chasing down your writings. If you want to judge something that is written on this blog, lay out your case here to support your judgment. I’m not going to help you be lazy.

          • You gross hypocrite Knave. You carry the water for a Jewish Supremisist who says the Jews are the chosen people. No small wonder like Essu, you have given away the birthright that should have gone to you at the cross. Wake up man.

          • I don’t agree with Michael on that point at all. I think, in fact, it is a gross misunderstanding of the Bible and the promises made to Abraham and of the New Convenant and its relationship to the Old; but that’s not the case you laid out! (For you laid out no case for your words.) It also does not merit saying he has sold his soul to the antiChrist. (A little extreme.)

            This new comment shows how hugely judgmental (and impulsive you are to judgment) you are that you make me guilty of selling my birthright, too, when I actually agree with you on that issue. The full promise of Abraham (EVERY tiny little part of it) has been given to Jesus, the sole seed of Abraham to inherit ALL that was promised, and it is all his to give to those who follow him in love and in truth.

            There is no alternate path to the blessings of Abraham for Jews. Jews will only inherit ANY of the blessings of Abraham to the extent that they give their hearts to Jesus. That the promise made to Abraham was eternal does not and NEVER HAS meant it is unconditional. Even to Abraham it was made conditional upon circumcision, and Paul said that, if that was not circucision of the heart, it was meaningless before God. Being eternal means it eternally available for those who meet the conditions. The conditions, as part of the promise, are as eternal as the promise, itself.

            For those who are faithful to Jesus, he has fulfilled the conditions. Jews, how are not faithful to Christ nor to God under the law because literally NO SACRIFICE IS LEFT FOR THEIR SINS, have not been brought to land because God is giving it to them in their unfaithful state. (Not in my understanding.) In my opinion, they have been brought there so that he can make it plain to them that he is withholding the promise so that they will start to ask why. The fact that they got a certain amount of it and now only lose it piece by piece is factual proof that God is not simply giving it to them in their unfaithful state. They will only inherit the Land when they accept the Promised Prince, who is called the “Prince of Peace” because ONLY HE can deliver the Promised Land in Peace. What that means, is that they will inherit the land along with all the rest of the saints when they become faithful to Christ Jesus, which Paul said will happen in the last days.

            Your instant judgment of me, based without any knowledge, reveals you are a man of instant judgment, and I always find that to lie closer to the heart of the Accuser, as it is his MO.

          • You know something Knave, I was just at a DMV with one of my T’s on Please Share My Site . Com and I had a wonderful miraculous thing happen to me so, I really don’t have any more time to waste on you Knave.

          • That’s more than fine with me : )

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I Despise Small Beginnings.. size matters!

      • David Reigns

        And yet even you started out as a blastula in your mother’s womb….

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          We all did

          • GSOB

            But for what purpose?

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            Do you want me to e-sing “What’s It all About, Alfie?” to you again?

          • GSOB

            Go deeper.

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            OK, if you want I will e-sing it in alto vs my standard soprano..

          • GSOB


  • Patriot One

    Another great article Michael, it’s good to see you’re not afraid to profess your faith in God. I couldn’t imagine going through these last 10 years without faith in God. People ask me how I can stay up to date on global affairs and sleep at night. When I tell them I read the Bible every night they think I’m nuts. The fact is I get a calming, soothing feeling and I just shut down for the day. I have a brother that stays up to date too, but he’s not a believer and he can’t turn it off. It’s really taking a toll on him, his marriage, his relationships and his health.

  • John Noyb

    “Not giving up” – think of the story of Noah – warning people of what was coming for over 100 years. Nothing but mockers all around to the very end when the rain started. We are now in that time referenced in Luke 17:26 “as it was in the days of Noah”…..mockers abound, but very soon we will see dramatic fullfilment of prophetic scripture. The “Good News” is that it’s not too late as it was for the throngs who desperately tried to get onto/into the ark found themselves. Today is the day of salvation – it is a free gift for all who would ask Christ into their hearts – He refuses no one! The absolute BEST preparation you can make for the coming days. Get yourself safely into the arms of “the ark” – Jesus Christ.

    • Och_kom

      And remember Jacob and Josef. When the food ran out they had to buy food with silver. When the silver ran out they had to buy with the cattle. And then they sold themselves as slaves. Pray, pray and pray fore those days will be heavy.

  • Cheryl Nielsen

    Thank you for reminding all of us of the beautiful gift that a faith filled life brings to the world.

    • sistersoldier

      Absolutely Cheryl, if we had the faith as a grain of mustard, the smallest seed in the kingdom, we could move mountains! Yes, a faith filled life is the ultimate way to live with our souls anchored in Jesus Christ the Savior of the world.

  • rentslave

    Some people are too old to move to make their fortune-or don’t want to move.In most fields,that’s no problem because they’re legal in all 50 states.However,what do you do if your one great talent is legal in only state-Nevada,in this case?Five years ago,my state attempted to make it legal but the Federal Government stopped us because we had a Republican Governor,not a Democratic one,who preside over states that sell drugs.

  • Esteban Quirós

    Nice story, thanks for sharing. We greatky appreciate your work. You are not giving up, neither are we.

  • Kent Harris

    You inspire other Christians just as the Good Book says ‘As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.’ I have been reading your blog ever since you started and your words are full of wisdom for those who hear it. One day we will meet my dear friend.

    • sistersoldier


  • Kim

    Wonderful, uplifting story. I’m glad you shared and thank you for sharing.:))

  • Linda Aguilar

    Nice article. Not big on the religious aspect but enjoyed the rest.

  • Ricardo Fontanot

    Michael: You moved me to tears! I am one of you! I promise, I stand with you for whatever there is to come! You know? I live in Mexico, speak four languages, three perfect (if there is perfection in this world, but wait a minute: God’s Creation is perfect, we humans just have difficulty to notice, you less than the majority of us, because God is not only on your side, but on anybody’s side, including criminals, only… we have forgotten from a little time after being born onwards, as people around tell us how fearful this planet is, and, of course, we believe mom and dad, and religion, and…). Since many years now, I decided to live from the Internet, only because I know the Internet is an equal opportunity for all, and is not based on the greedy neo-liberalistic pyramid, where greed and “competition” (you survive, and let others die or suffer) prevails, and we, the “common people” are more and more enslaved. I give an opportunity to people to earn money from home, no matter, if they studied, if they are single mothers, if they are “too old to work” (I am 67 and should have shot a bullet in my head since I was 36, because in Mexico, if you are more than 35, it is difficult to become a manager or something called “important” by society!) By the time I am writing these words, I cannot say I am earning money. I prefer to let the few people that take the phonecalls from home and deliver the products at the doors of our customers that connect to my Internet Sales Page make some money. Up to now, there hasn’t been enough left for me! I have several blogs also, Maybe it is considered in general by many people that I live without enough money, but nevertheless I feel lucky. I have learned so much through reading. When studying enginnering, before joining IBM’s Science Center in Mexico, I not only studied books in Engineering, but acquired my favorite book in Physics: “The Feynman Lectures on Physics”. The best and finest books or Works of Art in Creation come, apparently in 3. The Feyman Lectures on Physics are three books. The same happens with “Conversations with God” from Neale Donald Walsch. Let me tell you that these and many more modern authors are one of us: People that changed from within, and let that change create a new world for them and for others that are touched by them and Who They Are. This is what you are doing right now. You are touching lives and I thank you, Michael. They (you) are today’s True Masters. I know more than one True Master. Here (and all over The Internet) we learn the teachings of the Masters (including Jesus of Nazareth, as J.J. Benitez would call him…): You don’t have to do anything, you just have To Be. Wise people, like Shakespeare know: “To Be or Not To Be, That is The Question”. But to be means: Think the most joyful thought, say the truth, and act with love. Thinking, Declaring, Acting. But don’t follow “famous” people like Obama (just describing what I observe): He is a cynic, that thinks something, expresses what is adventageous to him (different from what he thinks) and acts destroying peoples lives (sending drones to Pakistan, etc.). The pope, although I know he was in the US and the UNO participating in The Elite’s “New World Order”, just visited Mexico, and left his true teachings behind. He said the truth to Mexico’s President and to many owners of big corporations: “You are exploiting Mexican Workers” “Shame on you!” To the working class he said: “Be and feel worthy!” “Don´t let the people on top of the pyramid (he said it in other words) exploit you! To lead the Vatican is not easy. Pope John Paul I was assasinated because he wanted to clean the laundring of money in the “Banco Ambrosiano” set forth by the cardinals (you can learn from the movie “The Godfather”). Pope John Paul II made it to the end, but also was helped by God to do incredible things, like He (She) is helping you. He participated in letting the Berlin Wall fall. His friends were good people, like Lech Walensa (he created solidarity union, not fearing communist terror like you teach not to fear Bush’s and Obama’s terror) and Gorbachov (his concepts were: glasnost and perestroika). The Pope Francisco said in Mexico: “Don´t judge people, and if you cannot do otherwise, pray for those you judge”. I know, because I learned from our Masters (including Jesus of Nazareth) that there will not be any Final Judgement (there are only consequences of our actions – known as karma in India). God doesn’t judge (something organized religion wouldn’t accept, because they reign by fear, the same as any dictator does. Therefore it hasn’t been considered “wise” by organized christian religion to let people know there are more chances for us in our future lives. To talk about future lives is “prohibited” by christianity, not by scientific facts published by brave – not fearful – science people). Pope Francis is always asking the people to pray for him. Has he observed what can happen to people that declare peace, instead of war, that talk the truth, even when their own religion tells them to tell what is convenient to subdue their followers. like John Lennon, Marthin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus of Nazareth? “Be brave, Pope Francis asks us!” I thank you and many others that really are making the difference through their love and caring. God Bless You and Your Wife, Michael. I stand with you, even when you might not know or notice it. So don’t feel alone, because one man cannot do anything. “But when two or more meet in My Name (says God)… … We can make the difference”. Not just one leader (antichrist) like George Bush, who needed and fabricated a modern “new Pearl Harbor” to change the world (the world is not the same since the fall of the Berlin Wall or less so since 9/11) can make the difference. As you are saying, you and I and many others can, and will make the difference. And then, according to Jesus of Nazareth, there will be a thousand years of peace on this earth.

    • Meranda Devan

      Thank you for sharing about yourself Ricardo. I see you are quite accomplished! Keep pressing forward on those websites. Sometimes we may change our approach to business…. but the point is to keep trying. God bless you!!!

      • Ricardo Fontanot

        Thank you, Meranda. I am finding out here, where the answers to my posts are, etc. I just found your comment. Thank you! You are a beautiful person, I admire you!

    • SunnyFlaSnotress


    • Keep at it Ricardo… keep trying different methods to get traffic, etc.

    • sistersoldier

      Wow! That’s a lot of typing! But point well taken.

    • Mr. Cipher

      Let’s keep it pithy. I don’t come here to read a book.

  • JSB

    Thanks so much for sharing. I really needed the encouragement. God bless you. Please pray for me.

  • will ottinger

    Thank you Michael, Another great article that inspires the spirit, educates the mind and brings clarity in a world of dysfunction,confusion and pain.
    I have learned much from reading your blog(s). I feel your sincerity and kindness for others, even for the unkind.
    The Lord has blessed you with wisdom, and an amazing beautiful companion for the journey.
    I always get excited when I see a new post .
    God bless.

  • Michael Dubin

    Michael, thanks so much for all of the work you do and provide for free. I have been reading your blog for the last 5 years and have learned a lot. Although I don’t agree with you on every foreign policy issue, I certainly agree with you on every economic issue.

    • sistersoldier


  • Barry Goldwater

    Thank you so much Michael for sharing this with us. Please know that I’m awfully proud to tell friends that I’m a regular reader.
    Keep up the great work I love it !

  • Liberty First

    This is a wonderful post. I practiced law myself for quite a while, and the drudgery combined with toxic, often dishonorable, personalities was dragging me down (being in the belly of the beast really wakes one up to the rot that is afflicting this nation – the legal system is sadly so far corrupt that most would not believe it). So about 4 years ago I decided to make the leap into something different. It has not been easy, and gotta say, I am glad I have my bar membership as a backup if absolutely necessary. But things are going well and thankfully I have done a good job investing in precious metals and oil. My wife and I often talk of moving out of the country (we have lived in Australia) or to a smaller town/rural area in America. At any rate thank you for sharing your story. Very glad you are making it work out.

  • Mark A. Kuntz

    Thank you Michael,
    although I do not have a blog or the following you have, I have a similar story. God took my worthless self centered life and transformed it into something He could use for His glory. I was a 30 year journeyman painter in the U.S. before going into full time ministry. Those years were training for what my wife and me are doing now.
    We are missionaries in the Philippines. We left everything behind in obedience to Christ and moved here, simply because our Daddy said to go. We are now a part of seeing our amazing God touch, love and transform lives here.
    Your blog inspires me to speak and preach the truth, even though many Christians do not seem to want to hear about it. We are also called doom and gloomers because many just do not understand the purpose of the message nor do they know the love of God for themselves. Our hearts are for all to truly know God’s love for themselves. Although times are getting tougher, as prophesied in the bible, I read somewhere once, “where evil abounds, grace much more abounds”.
    Your message, at least to me is this, although times are getting tough and economic collapse will happen eventually, there is no need to fear. Get to know God for yourselves, to truly know His love for you, and He will guide you into all truth and take care of His own. Hebrews 13:5B says, Amplified version, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave you without support. I will not, I will not, I will not, in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake nor let you down, relax My hold on you! Assuredly no!
    That is the true heart of our heavenly Father. Now why would anyone not want to know Him?

    • Meranda Devan

      Mark, The Bible tells us for those who leave ALL to go work in the mission field there will be 100 times as much. GOSH!! I can only imagine what is waiting for you in heaven.

      “Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or
      sisters or mother or father or children or farms, for My sake and for
      the gospel’s sake, 30but that he will receive a hundred times as much”

      • Mark A. Kuntz

        Thank you Meranda, we are aware of that scripture and we believe it. However my post was meant to thank Michael for his courageous work and how we could relate to it in some ways. Honestly, we don’t feel like anything special at all. It is our pleasure to obey God and that in itself is our reward. We are just sinners saved by His marvelous grace and nothing more. Our desire it to know His love in a deeper and deeper way and to have the whole world know that love for themselves. We love living here and have no plans to ever leave.

        • GSOB

          Praise the Lord!
          Excellent post.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      I congratulate you on your departure.

    • victor

      So where are You located? How’s the response to the gospel, isn’t it mostly Catholic? Some parts heavy Muslim? Are they pretty much open?
      Was there in the Marine Corps, back in 1984, Subic Bay.
      Most of the people were very friendly.
      Was out where rice fields and nepa huts were to way back then. Pampanga

  • penny martí

    Thank you for your priceless work, Michael, from Catalonia

  • axinosp PAN

    18+1 days to 8th of March, the day of sorrows and pain in Markets !!

    • victor

      How do you come up with that date, and what does this suppose to mean?
      Just curious, never heard this.

      • axinosp PAN

        if you see from Monday 22 February silver rally run !!

  • afchief

    Good story Michael. God has caused to be a light in this dark and dying world. But there is more. On your websites you are telling people to prepare in the physical i.e. stocking up on foods, water, gold and silver, etc. What about the spiritual side? One can have all the physical needs in the world, but it means nothing without Jesus Christ.

    What I see on this site are two things; 1) People are actually looking forward to the collapse. Even Christians. When others come on here and post positive news/things they are ridiculed. Most people on here WANT the collapse to happen. I see it in their comments. They feed off one another. 2) People are driven by fear. Thousands of people have been prepping for years now for fear of what is about to take place or might not take place. 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV) For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Mark 8:36 (NASB) For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

    People can have food and water stored up for years. But without Christ it means nothing.

    • K

      You quote scripture. And about some things you are right. Jesus is the single most important thing. But then you return to accusing. People are acting out of fear, and they want the collapse. Support your accusation, name names.

      • afchief

        “Support your accusation, name names.”

        I have been coming here for years. I will not name names. Just read the comments. You WILL see them.

        • K

          I have seen them. Very very few of them. And yet once again you accuse your fellow Christians. But you refuse to name names. You thus deny them the right, to face their accuser. To say the least, that is unjust.

          • afchief

            Come man you are reaching. There are Christians who linger on this site who want this collapse to happen. I have seen them ridicule people who do not agree with them or others who say the collapse is not going to happen.

            You cannot tell me you it is not happening. Otherwise you are blind.

          • K

            Once again you offer no proof.Leviticus 19:16 You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not stand up against the life of your neighbor: I am the Lord. Sadly, I do not think you even understand the evil you do. I leave you to the Lord.

          • afchief

            The evil I do?!?!? Answer me this question; are there Christians here who are fearful and/or fleshly and/or lack faith that God will meet all their needs? Yes or no?

          • Gay Veteran

            oh my, someone used Leviticus 19:16 against fudge for brains afchief, ROFLOL

          • GSOB

            Get a life.

          • Gay Veteran

            that’s ripe coming from a bible parrot like YOU

          • GSOB

            Come on Gay, be nice.
            I really want what is best for you.

          • Gay Veteran


          • awb22

            sarcasm befits you

          • awb22

            not considering the source, sodomite.

          • awb22

            says the expert on being ripe

          • afchief

            Your the one who packs fudge.


          • Gay Veteran

            someone packed fudge into your head.


          • awb22

            that’s funny, sodomite

          • awb22

            another useful contribution to the discussion by sodomite joe.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey Sodomite Obsessed Polly, try reading your own posts. your “contributions” are only appreciated by dung beetles

          • awb22

            I’ll defer to your expertise

          • GSOB

            Put it to rest will you please. You are over and far reaching.

          • K

            I guess you also feel it is correct to accuse your fellow Christians without proof. I leave you to the Lord as well.

    • sistersoldier

      You are correct in fact no material asset has intrinsic value without Jesus as He is the sum of all things concerning man. “For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities– all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.…”

      Hopefully, for the most part the intelligent contributors and readers to this blog realize that without Him nothing is possible.

      You have posted a very insightful and note worthy comment.

  • joko suprianto

    I’m from south east asia & i read your blog too.

    • jox

      I’m from Spain and also do I.

  • A guy from Ukraine

    Michael – Thank you for the brilliant enlightening job that you do. I don’t miss a single post you place ever since I came accross your blog because I know you are writing the truth. Glod bless you and your family to survive what is heading our way. Greetings from Odessa, Ukraine

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Wow it is very cool to hear from Ukraine! 🙂 I hope that you are not right in the middle of the chaos over there. And thank you so much for those very encouraging words.

  • StephenNewdell

    We’re thankful for your work. Give thanks to Gd and keep on doing it.

  • Bruce David

    Michael-I’ve long admired your work and your background mirrors mine [I had a setback due to a major heart attack & bypass surgery and recovery forcing me to eliminate most of my websites]

    I still peck away as, like you, the word needs to get out to a world which seems to grow more deaf & self absorbed each year. Keep up your good works!

  • The Most Interesting Man

    I find your articles entertaining. That’s about it. Most of the stuff is cut and paste which I can get from other websites. Some of it worthless garbage while others well written with evidence to back up assertions.

    • AngelPea

      Then why don’t you stay at other websites if this one is “worthless garbage”? No one is asking you to stay here, no one is twisting your arm. People like you are odd and strange. With an overwhelming plethora of sites to visit, you manage to stay put at the one that you see as mediocre.

      • The Most Interesting Man

        I did say “some of it” is worthless garbage not “all of it”.

      • Mr. Cipher

        It’s called trolling

        • sistersoldier


        • Lennie Pike

          “I don’t always troll, but when I do, I chose The ECB – and other sites like it. Stay away from The Truth my friends.”

    • jox

      Read a ton of information, select the most important and relevant, and edit it to make an article, is a complex task. You are unfair when you trivialize the curation task calling it ‘cut and paste’.

      • The Most Interesting Man

        Maybe you misunderstood me. I meant “cut and paste” on the links not entire paragraphs.

        • Pulling together news and links from numerous sources in order to show a theme that the daily news is supporting is very time-consuming. In an information-overload age, it can also be very time-saving for the reader by encapsulating many stories into a single article. It’s a lot of work.

  • Bill Bradford

    Chicken Little ego trip. Considering the effects & potential future increasing effects of Fukushima, certainly wouldn’t live in the Northwest, especially if I claimed to be an expert about what’s really going on in the world.

    • K

      Fukushima, is a far greater problem, than many will admit. However, what is in the air currents. Is affecting far more than the Northwest. As to the ocean affect. Attenuated for now, by being as little as 70 miles inland. Some people have alluded to Michael, not being open enough about who he is. I suspect that is the reason, for this posting.

    • Kim

      Not nice

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        Kim, maybe it’s the Asian, but something still says male to me.. and that’s fine, but I think it should be owned if espousing male-centric affinity.

        • Kim

          Thank you? Lol

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Hey, did you know that H5N1 was found in the NW last year? Not the same extract substrain as in Asia, but effects unknown.

  • Purple Wings

    Thanks Michael for sharing your story. I’m guessing you’re still in WA or somewhere nearby since you mentioned mountains. I’m a lifelong Washingtonian and I believe it’s the best place in the US (liberal politics aside). I believe that God has led me to a place in life where I can learn to become more self-sufficient. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life over the past few years. I read most of your posts and I believe we are in interesting and dangerous times. I’ve had this feeling since I was a teenager, that I needed to “be ready” for something but I didn’t know what. I’ll be 36 this year and I am starting to feel lost, I don’t know what to do next. I have a job I hate and a mountain of debt, so my husband and I are chugging away working as many hours as we can to pay it off. In our spare time we prep and we work towards other forms of independence. Thank you for all that you do.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      He’s in Idaho now. He doesn’t like to give too many details.

  • AngelPea

    I enjoy your website, I’m thankful you are here in these trying times. God Bless.

  • jakartaman

    Michael – Thanks and keep up the great work
    You have and will make a difference

  • Lazarovic

    Good advise. Right now, is your tomorrow.
    I enjoy your blogs Michael, but I’m always turned off by your constant blaming of the President and taxes for all the evils of mankind. It’s not accurate and it doesn’t do your cause any good. You end up turning off people who might otherwise benefit from your writing and good preparation advise. A little more balance and truth telling would do you good.

    • Balance is always good, and truth be known neither party is doing this nation much good. Both parties are full of cronyism and equally to blame for an economy that is built on debt and certain to crumble. Neither party has proposed a balanced budget in years. Neither party has been willing to sacrifice the things it believes are important for the sake of balancing the budget. Both parties bailed out bankers and applied all wealth effects directly to the rich. Both have served participated in creating wars that are needless and in overthrowing legitimately elected governments (such as in Ukraine). The idea that it is all Obamas fault of mostly the fault of liberals is nonsense. Both parties have answers that entirely old and failed.

  • Lazarovic

    Book Review! Get Prepared Now! was excellent and very informative. It led me to purchase some other books that went into more detail about things like EMP. But that other book the novel “The Beginning of the End” wasn’t what I expected. I couldn’t get through it, got tired of reading it and thought it was not a realistic or believable story.
    But good job with Get Prepared Now.

  • TimeHasCome

    Very powerful , thank you.

  • Quite a similar story…and outlet… www . HarpazoTV . com
    Keep looking up!

  • Mark

    Thanks Michael for bringing out the truth and writing about the facts of what is really going on in our nation and globally.
    God Bless

  • Shara Bingham Mills

    You don’t sound crazy. You moved to my neck of the woods. You can’t be that bad a person. P.S. if you are planning on a kid do it now before zika makes it up here. It’s not just the economy we have to worry about. God bless your heart. You did good kid.

  • jtwalsh

    jtwalsh Thank you for your witness. Keep up the good fight.

  • sistersoldier

    Very nice and candid article. A refreshing change of pace from the ever so dampening mood of the failing economy. Great picture!

    • GSOB

      He is cute.

      • sistersoldier

        Lord help me! Yes he is…..:D

  • dlewenz

    Michael, I want to thank you for all of your efforts and commitments to keeping us informed. I find your writings inspiring and dead on based on facts. Keep up the great service you have been providing.

  • Rick

    Great story Michael. Thanks for sharing, and inspiring!

  • disqus_TWmFj5Kjve

    Flake time.

    God called me to have left over pizza for lunch. I’ve got news people, I know it makes you feel better inside, but ‘God’ really doesn’t care where you live or how you make a living. I suppose Hitler felt ‘called’ to do what he did? Ah…those mysterious ways we can never understand.

    • GSOB

      …” but ‘God’ really doesn’t care where you live or how you make a living.”
      You are way off on that sentiment.

    • How do you know? Did God tell you what he cares about? If he did, your comment is self-defeating because you don’t go along with God telling people things. If he didn’t, you speak nonsense, as he has never told you how he feels about it.

      Still, I think there is a kernel of truth here. There is a lot too much that is called God’s calling that probably is not God’s calling. People are often to quick to assume God has spoken to them just because they want that so badly.

      I see blatantly false prophecies abounding like never before (as in prophecies with clear timeframes and clearly specified events that never happen as described); so I’m sure there are just as many false callings. People love to think they have heard from God, and they should question that more. A little humility about such presumptions would go a long way to slowing down some human recklessness.

  • HampMac

    I would like to say, thank you for sharing your perspective on the very serious world events that are unfolding before us. I value what you have to say, and I check in to your website daily looking for new content. I am not a religious person, but I respect your conviction and your faith in God. With this article, you have inspired me to search for ways that I might influence others in positive ways, so again, thank you.

  • toktomi

    Great site. Great writing. I love your stuff.

    However I would ask,
    Have you ever wondered about the infinite nature of all that your God has not revealed? Have you ever considered that all that you believe is by His design wrong and is in fact a far greater test than anything you have yet imagined?

    Also, I would like to propose to you that to ascribe the existence of the Universe and all of its manifestations to a divine intelligence is to deny the “true” and more magnificent mystery of the Universe. “God did it.” That’s easy. What if he didn’t? Try to imagine how such an impossibility as a totally random Universe could produce such apparent order and organization. Now that begins to get at the truly divine.

    I was searching the internet today. Apparently the bible makes no specific reference to pedophilia. Imagine what that suggests.

    Continue your great work!


    • GSOB

      Deuteronomy 29:29

      “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.”

      Proverbs 25:2
      It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

      Genesis 41:16
      “I cannot do it,” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires.”

      • toktomi

        “The secret things belong to… God”

        Sounds reasonable. And those secret things could possibly reveal that you have completely missed His true message. You may be absolutely on the wrong path. You have no way of “knowing” for sure.

        Time to get humble, me thinks, a concept that seems to become increasingly illusive as personal religious conviction increases, a condition in direct contrast to the purported teachings of religious texts everywhere. humility, love, and tolerance – YA RIGHT!

        There is nothing quite so heart warming as all of the raping, maiming, killing, and destruction by humans in the name and the glory of God that has occurred throughout history and continues right up to this very moment.

        I don’t even want to get going on the masses of the divinely self righteous Christians who profess to “knowing” the will and the word of God based on a few cherry picked religious texts written by men long after the life of the supposed son of God, mortal men who claimed in essence, “God told me”. Ya, right. Want to know what God told me? He said, “Tell those dimwits to quit trying to speak for Me. I’ll speak for Myself when I get damned good and ready and there will be no mistake about Who is talking. Tell them to get their own house in order and to leave other people alone.”


        • GSOB

          Hey toktomi

          This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.

          If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth;…

          • toktomi

            OK, so here’s the bottom line where you self proclaimed religious types fall through the cracks at the risk of your own eternal damnation.

            You are incapable of saying these words, “This is what I believe. I might be wrong.”

            The illusion of knowledge is at the root of all conflict and ultimately, perhaps, all evil. And you have no sense of the evil of your self righteousness, especially the insane evil of your self proclaimed divine self righteousness.

            Now, by contrast, let me assure you that I thoroughly realize that I might be wrong about all of this, and so, I won’t be reporting what I perceive as your misdeeds to God. You have a temporary pass on behaving just as badly as you are able now, but don’t be holding onto any delusional expectations of an open gate at the end of the journey.

            You are not “right”. You have no clue about “truth”. “Knowledge” is an illusion. There are no “facts” that can be perceived. “Reality” is out there – now if we could just get a glimpse of it. It is literally a physical impossibility for the brain to “know” anything – it perceives nothing of the surrounding universe – it receives only interpreted nerve impulses about what the sensory nerves and organs experience of the world.

            You have your opinions and your faith. That is all. And your audacious and infantile proclamations of being in possession of truth is really tired.

            or so I believe,


          • AngelPea

            It isn’t about us, it is about God and He is never wrong. Your arguments are infantile hubris and nothing more.

          • You are right about the mess in the name of God; but you also tell only a half tale. You are right that it comes from self-righteous people who are self-assured that everything they do in God’s name is justified because it is being done for God.

            There is also beauty there that you are not seeing. Amid all that chaos and human mess are vast numbers of hospitals built in poor lands where people have no hope of good medicine and where such medicine is given freely. The number of such hospitals and clinics created by Christians vastly exceeds the number created by governments and non-Christian charities. There are huge numbers of people fed that outstrip the feeding done by governments.

            I’m not saying that justifies or in any way balances the wrong; but I am saying there is a great deal of good come into the world by religion that you are not acknowledging.

            You are right that much evil would be avoided if people could acknowledge that their BELIEFS might be wrong and if they were less self-assured that everything they do in God’s name really is in God’s service. More humility would go a long way to rectifying the wrongs. For example, if many churches had humbly and openly admitted the wrong things that have happened din them, such as pedophilia, instead of covering it up to save the reputation of the church, those evil acts would have been cut short much sooner and much less damage done.

            On the human side, we try to protect our institutions because we think we are saving God’s reputation. We should, instead, lay the institution open as not being God and purge its imperfections because true religion taught by Jesus was never about building institutions in the first place; but we defend them because they are our own creations, and we’re proud of them.

  • Robert

    “No matter how bad things get, I will not bend, I will not break and I will not fear.”

    Bold words. Hope it works out. I have seen men make similar statements before they got into a firefight and battles. Big men! And I have seen them breakdown and panic and run. I imagine the rebels in Oregon or WA said similar things. I doubt you have faced a really tough test of life or death. I have been in battles and I gotta tell you I was fearful and was glad the body bags did not have me inside. Took me awhile to stop shaking.

  • toktomi

    There is a bit of dissonance that arises when reading this piece that seems to result from the disparity between what seems to be its implied inspirational intent and its overwhelming celebration of self.

    I don’t reckon that there is anything wrong with standing up and taking a bow with a little self slap on the back occasionally, especially when it’s interesting.


    • fwalker000

      Forecasting economic and market collapse while key market indicies double and triple while insisting they will nosedive daily bowing out seems more appropriate. The only slaps have been to those that blindly followed and missed countless opportunities and blessing that those that participated and thrived. Great work. Very inspirational to see the victory lap while the misled rubes cheer the tales how the successful may join them in their financial failures.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        SP2300ROFL WE SEE YOU and the bs that comes with you…..

        WHAT A JOKE….fwalker000, jim clark, SP2300ROFL, always tomorrow, Dow2500, and a few others all the same GERBIL lol.

        Can you imagine having such a little life that THIS is what one can become lol lol lol ha ha ha teehee

      • Never saw that happen. Maybe this was further back when the economy was riddled with problems but thriving under QE, which was something I wasn’t surprised by. I know I stopped writing doom and gloom for over a year because I was sure the economy would perk along in a very undeserved fashion during that time, so no point in endlessly talking gloom. Then the time came when I knew it would finally start to fall apart, so I picked up my computer and wrote again. Michael kept writing through those good times about how it was going to turn bad. Now we are at the point where it has clearly turned bad. His warnings that the economy was going to collapse again prematurely anticipated the timing of the collapse, perhaps, by making it sound always imminent; but in the grand scale of things, the fact that it took a couple of years longer than anticipated is not as meaningful as the fact that it is now collapsing for the very reasons that have been indicated here. It is falling apart due to serious internal flaws, and the attempts to save it have only made the collapse worse in the end. (Not that the greatness of the collapse has by any means fully played out yet, but it will.

        It is inevitable … just building a house that spans the San Andreas fault means guaranteed collapse. One can rail and rail against the builder for creating such foolishness and against the town for allowing such foolishness, and one can look wrong for several years as the fault sits quiet. BUT ONE DAY, the fault slips sideways six feet in ten seconds, and the house literally explodes from so much force in so short a time. So, was the guy that railed long before the explosion wrong in talking about how foolish the construction was just because year after year nothing happened?

        You could say, “Look at it. People lived in that house for five years without any problems. They enjoyed a great life of benefits there.” That would be true in that case, and maybe those people even moved on. Had they listened to Michael carry on about how stupid the construction of that house was, they would have missed years of blessing. But the NEXT people who lived there lost everything, including the lives of some of their family members. So was he wrong to say, “This is ridiculous” just because the structure held together longer than one might have thought based on his complaints?

        No, I think I would be glad to have passed on the blessing, seeing how close to peril I would have come by living there.

    • I don’t reckon there is either so long as one takes his bow and moves along gracefully back to work. It is a very small vice at worst, and probably a much deserved one, especially when writing “doom and gloom” brings a lot of derision from people who don’t want to hear anything unpleasant. A moment of coming up for air and saying things are going well is, I think, a moment of merited refreshment and can be encouraging to others slogging it out in the trenches. I know hearing that Michael started out slow but finally found success is encouragement to me to keep plugging away.

  • CharlesH

    Hi Michael – Thanks for sharing your uplifting story. If only everyone listened – truly listened – the world would be a much better place. I congratulate you and your wife.


    Look around you. Closely. Why is the place your are living nicer than the place you left?

  • Jim Clark

    This is my favorite comedy site.

    • fwalker000

      Greatest comedy ever watching the rubes thank him for needlessly scaring them away from owning quality investments while they doubled and tripled and then some- many also paying dividends. They truly have economically collapsed while many have prospered and enjoyed the comedy they provide cowering in fear at traditional market machinations. ROFLMAO

      • Bill G Wilminton NC


      • What about August when stocks fell by about 10% and January when they repeated that act? You’re telling half a story, if that. What about the fact that, if you just invested and held across the S&P 500 index last year, you lost money for an entire year, closing slightly down after a whole twelve months of enduring a frantic market, and then you took a plunge of 10% in the first month of this year and, so far, only bounced back up half of that. Heck of a rocky ride that could have been enjoyed to far better results peacefully on the sidelines in US government bonds. From that side position, you would have experienced slight gains throughout that time on an easy road of total security. You’d be about 7% higher than where you are now if you bought and held the S&P last January.

    • Bill G Wilminton NC


    • Bill G Wilminton NC



    While I was reading this article I accompanied it with background music “Started From The Bottom by Drake”. The two together were pure poetry.

    Try it. 🙂

    • Bill G Wilminton NC

      SP2300ROFL HELLO !

  • Marc Ray

    Thank you Michael, I really needed to read this. I know hard times are coming and I know Jesus wants me to pray more, to be ready and trust him so I can talk about him when people will need to hear about him.

  • Tom_F

    Thank you, Michael! You take a great picture, and your happy spirit shines through. You and your wife do touch millions of lives, in a positive way. My abilities are not special, and sometimes it is discouraging to see the lack of results my efforts produce (in literacy programs and Special Olympics). I am re-inspired to keep at it, because of this post. Thanks again.

    • victor

      You might not see the results, but God does, and that’s what truly matters. As the bible say’s, “as You done it to the least of these, You have done it unto to me.
      I commend You for reaching out to these others in love. Maybe where it doesn’t seem to be a lot of results, or they can’t express it, You are showing a greater result in your heart to others with your time and love.
      Sounds to me God, has the right person, in the right place.
      Thank You Tom, for caring.

  • Bob332

    Mike: I wish I discovered your blog years ago. You are without a doubt in the place God want’s you and your wife to be. You made the correct decision leaving the cesspool of the District of Corruption and moving to the Northwest. As the saying goes…:God does NOT close one door without opening another one”. I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and look forward to reading them. The articles are ALWAYS informative and spot on. Kudos for your research too. I have informed a number of people about your blog and now they are following. You are doing what is truly needed in this insane world…giving hope yet warning of the certain impeding dangers that WILL have to be faced by all of us. Woe to those who do not take heed!

  • Auldenemy

    A lawyer that isn’t rolling in money ……Hmmmm.

    • There are not many of them, Auldfriend, but there are a few. I have had many friends who were lawyers (and surprisingly family decent people so far as I could tell). Over time, they have all come to be well off, but many spent some early years just paying off huge student loans and living pretty basic lives.

  • LAWD

    Thank you for sharing Michael. Satisfaction in what you do is true success and so many benefit from your efforts. The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    Maybe the truth of it is that he ran off and is in hiding.

  • Alcoholic Prepper

    The only thing is, Michael, by being in the mountains, you’re going to miss out on all the shenanigans when it all gets knarly

    • AngelPea

      Wienie Roast Time!!!

  • Lennie Pike

    I think you have done a great job in faithfully carrying out your assignment and fulfilling your purpose, and it looks like God decided to reward you with a better life than you had in D.C. for a job well done.

    Sometimes, as in the lives The Apostle Paul, John The Baptist, Stephen, etc. – the “only” reward is the Holy Spirit’s gift of peace of mind, peace of heart, zero fear, and knowing without a doubt that one’s soul will never be forsaken before or after death. That reward is all that really matters and is all one actually needs. I can tell with out a doubt that you have been given it , and I know the reason is that you asked for it.

    It makes absolutely no difference which assignment God has made to his servants or whether their lives become more comfortable or less – every servant has different gifts and tolerance levels and I know God’s assignments are based on that. In the end we all have been assigned the same task – to spread the Good News!

    I have written this about Michael and not about myself – but so that what I said might be more believable due to the tone and content of many of my comments throughout the years here – I can hear many of you saying out load: ” you Lennie – a servant of God??? -, yeah right……..” Like I said we all are different, have different assignments and different rewards – and nobody’s perfect.

    I’m still gone from the comment section because I draw too much negativity from the Trolls and it requires too much time and effort correcting their intentional nonsense.

    • fwalker000

      Thank god!!!

      • Lennie Pike

        Exactly! Looks like your starting to use your heart a little – I always knew there was the chance you had one.

        • Lennie Pike

          Except He Is (as in I Am) spelled God and not “god”.

          Only another of one of your typos probably – unless you have no idea what the hell I am talking about.

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        SP2300ROFL we know its you

    • Jacynthia Read

      Please go back on troll patrol. Your talents are needed.

      • Lennie Pike

        Thanks. It’s probably just a temporary and much needed break from them.

  • Bill G Wilminton NC

    Hi Michael, thanks for the great job you and your wife are doing. It was not long ago ( 3 years ) that I met you at that sandwich shop while you were visiting here in Wilmington, NC. I did not know who you were at that time and you were quite elusive lol other than “I am Michael” and ” I have some websites ” ….. I knew you were a special guy and had big assignments ahead of you…..well I was right ! God Bless You and Your Family.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    I will guess that you have a strong elderly base/non-computer type of newspaper customers… won’t last.. coupons only go so far

  • Jeff Gillies

    Well said Michael. I too feel like part of my calling is to provide hope for people in changing times. For the last few years we have been researching the self-sufficient lifestyle and trying out a whole bunch of ideas. We want to finish building our prototype of a sustainable farm and then invite the world to come and stay with us and learn about how to set up their own space. It’s a pretty simple system, but with the potential to change the world.

    Have a look at:

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to every blog post! They are a good reminder to me that we are on the right path.

  • pissedlizard كافر ‏

    You may not know who I am by this screen name, but you do know who I am. You changed my life in such a profound way a little over two years ago. Your generosity and just plain old kind words to someone, a total stranger that you never met face to face, for no reason other than being a nice person has changed me in ways you may be able to fathom, but I am still trying to wrap my head around. I know that you practice what you preach. I know that you are a giant among men. I thank you. Yes, to those reading this-this man changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful.

  • Fletch

    Michael, I genuinely welcome your newfound prosperity. However, I do feel I have some questions after reading this latest post. Please allow me to explain. When I first discovered your blog, I felt it was one of the only places that somehow found the words to articulate the frustration I felt towards the system while providing comic relief as you satirized the absurdity of current events. I felt that your perspective was one of the few that took the long view of world events. In other words, you applied a macro view to the things that were happening in today’s world. It was about looking beyond the trinkets and shiny things offered by today’s world and thinking about the macro trends and the world of tomorrow, physical as well as spiritual. Your post today felt very much like an acceptance of mediocrity within the system. Because you were mildly (or wildly, I hope) financially successful with your blog, you turned our attention to that success. Is that the message your really want to get across? I am happy you found some measure of financial success while rallying a large group of folks towards a great common cause. But, I feel as though you are celebrating the means while losing sight of the end. Is the point really to become a successful blogger or is the point really to become a rallying point for a much larger movement? I feel as though I lost that point in your post.

    Please, don’t take this as a derogatory comment on your overall efforts. You are absolutely the one who inspired my efforts and, thus, my small circle of influence. This is just a commentary on this latest post.

    • fwalker000

      You clearly got the point and very tactfully pointed out the genuine hypocrisy. Well done. 🙂

    • Not sure why you feel based on this post or on his writings of late that he has lost site of the big picture. He focuses on this post on financial success, but I don’t see that it has changed his writing or his focus in all of his other writings, and I suspect the bigger thing here is that he’s gained an audience where the real joy is in seeing your writings are finally actually reaching some people and have hope of making some difference.

      I know from my own experience that when my audience is very small and remains very small, it all starts to seem futile, especially when it continues that way for years! When you see some crowds gathering to listen, it starts to have meaning.

      One can say that is just being too focused on popularity; but there is a point at which it is just being realistic. Think, for example, about what Jesus’ life would have meant if no one ever listened to him — no crowds gathered, no band of disciples followed and few ever knew who he was. It wouldn’t have been the same successful life.

      Jesus didn’t have to have huge throngs or have to be thought of as the most popular guy (though he was, in fact, quite popular and seemed to be invited to a lot of parties). Nor was his life focused on popularity for its own sake, but he had to gain enough of an audience to make something happen — to get a movement going, to stir some chemistry in the world and get some attention to what he was saying … and he did.

      So, has Michael’s website actually lost his message and focus?

  • chilller

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! Do NOT feed the sunnyflasnot! If you reply to him he wont shut up….that is unless you LIKE having a battle of wits with an unarmed individual.
    Great write Michael!

    • fwalker000

      Quit begging

      • Bill G Wilminton NC

        PEOPLE….fwalker000 is SP 2300ROFL and we see you !

  • Kimberly Bartlett

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  • watchmannonthewall

    MIchael, Just want to say thank you for all the great work you do! I think I first came across your work back in 2009, perhaps when Seeking Alpha picked you up. I didn’t realize you were just beginning your own blog and lost rack for a while but have always checked back. I had no idea what was happening then but your articles also, along with some other sites, were instrumental in helping me to put a lot of pieces together to understand TPTB.

    Really pleased you don’t operate from a “politically correct” point of view and are willing to write of religious events taking place around the globe. It is a way of helping many, including me, to be informed of various events/policies, in varying stages of development. Many of these appear to have prophetic implications. Thank you for posting them.

    Also, really appreciated your presentation at TPC, on DVD, last year and agree with what you presented, but not really looking forward to much of it. I’m sure a woman’s birth pains are not something she necessarily looks forward to, but the end result is good!
    I’m certainly planning to look you up in the future, in “the Land”. “Do as much good as you can, for as long as you can.” I think JM said that. Thank you and blessings!

  • A Mosley

    God only blesses a few. Most of us are doomed regardless how much we pray. Happy your prayers benefited you and your family though.

    • GoldenGirl

      I think that perhaps you need to look at blessings a little differently. The sun shines on the rich and poor, good and evil alike. It’s not always about money and what the world looks upon as being successful. Michael equaled being a toilet scrubber with not being successful or having a job with meaning. As I clean my own house (this has not always been the case), I am a toilet scrubber. 🙂 But I sure don’t let this define me, as Michael did not let his situation define him. (Maybe it’s because I have been places where there has been no indoor plumbing and sometimes there was just a hole in the ground, so having the luxury of a toilet to scrub is a blessing my book!) You are not doomed. Having, and praying with, a heart of gratitude and not comparing yourself to others goes a long way toward realizing how blessed you really are. May you find your blessings in abundance.

      • So much of blessing is frame of mind. Some people see rain while others see the rainbow. Not saying that is Mosley’s case as I know nothing about this person, but I have seen people who live relatively blessed lives, whose hardship are mostly brought upon themselves (as they endlessly set up situations to fail).

        Again, not at all saying that is Mosley. It is just something I have seen firsthand. My wife sees the same thing and comments on how some of these people live genuinely blessed lives in terms of what they have (both materially and in potential relationships with people who care about them) and yet they feel like they are doomed and that everything turns out bad.

        We look on and see someone who sets up every failure that comes her way and who could be leading a life of happy family relations and comfortable ease. Yet, she turns her family relationships into endless turmoil that she sets up and spends herself into a hole on useless junk so that she wonders who she’s going to make ends meet. She’s usually miserable and complaining yet has thousands of dollars in pensions and a home that is fully paid for, family members that try to please her but never can.

        This person we know is the author of all her own unhappiness and gloom. We watch her set up situations in family relationships where we say, “Oh, man, this is going to turn out bad. My wife even points out how it is likely to go that way. She gets mad that we think it will go that way, steams off down that road; it goes exactly as we were certain it would, and then she feels hurt at how the OTHER PERSON treated her!”

        Sad, sad, sad world of creating one’s own hell in that particular case. We wonder all the time why she cannot see the world for all that she really has and for how hard her family members try to please her. She has been that way all of her life, and she’s miserable without a single reason that she needs to be.

        Even her own health struggles are entirely her own fault. She knows what she needs to do to avoid all of her pain but refuses to do any of it, even though she endlessly talks as if she does. (She has known allergy issues but endlessly chooses to eat the things she knows she is allergic to, so her body always aches from inflammation.) All self-inflicted suffering that she groans about endlessly.

  • Daniela Petra Collins

    Amen. The Lord moved me from Cali to Texas 5 years ago, merely by faith, never been there and no job waiting. It has been an amazing journey. I am able to devote my free time to posting news on facebook, having several groups and pages, and able to reach many people.

  • GSOB

    Praise the Lord!

  • Tatiana Covington

    The entire Universe started off very small, then expanded most forcefully! Apparently it did so far faster than light.

    Or, as I once read in Mad, “Great oafs from little urchins grow.”

  • ganesh hiremath

    I Love your Story Michael, Good Work, Keep it up.

  • PressedEarth

    Michael You are a modern pioneer for sure. So happy for your escape and success. Blessings.

  • Liberty

    I love your blog. And maybe surprisingly, I’m not religious at all. Agnostic rather than atheist but I have no time for religions. A form of control to my mind.
    I look forward to further posts until it all goes POOF!

  • Brett

    Gee, you are doing it tough my friend. Its not getting easier in any nation now. As I tell people who will listen, do not expect things to get easier from this point. People think I am negative but, they know if they are honest with themselves they too, can feel this in their hearts. People are scared; you can see it in them. No one has a ‘safe’ job and, this is the same in most nations now that are controlled by NWO proponents…

  • Shreyas Lucas D’souza

    This is a beautiful piece of work! I also have just started to write and keep wondering the same! But this article just kicked up my confidence and trust in GOD and never giving up! Thank you and God Bless 🙂

  • Chantal Chauvet

    I’ve been reading a blog called the next right step by Charlie Johnson. I will warn from the start that it does have its prophetic element, but he doesn´t focus on it. He figures his job is to instill hope. I have found his writing credible and honest. Part of his message is that society will experience a great crisis, brought on by us not a punishment from God. Everything, economy, social and politics will crash, but it will be like a reset. It should be seen as a cure. Painful but necesary to heal the disease. We must keep doing what we normally do and prepare as we feel called but to understand that it is not the end of the world, the end of an era, Yes.There is hope. From what I understand it will be very intense and difficult but we must focus on doing what is right and helping others while, acknowledging God. No one needs to be a prophet to see what is happening. As for Obama, well most elites have been blind to what was happening when their society fell. Obama is no exception.

    • Problem is his “prophecies” have usually been blatantly wrong, and where they haven’t been wrong, they’ve just been so general they could hardly miss.

  • Hazel

    Always a good read Michael. Best of luck.

  • As a writer living in the US who is a US citizen, I agree. This was clearly a US-backed coup, or the US would not have been so immediate in supporting a government that came into power by overthrowing a democratically elected government. Sadly, Putin is right on this one, and the US government is corrupt on this one.

    It appears our government only likes democracy when people elect leaders who favor the West. When they democratically elect leaders who favor Russia, we want to see those leaders overthrown and support coups to make the overthrow. If we did not support the coup leading up to the overthrow, we certainly supported it immediately and enthusiastically after the overthrow … all to the great detriment of peace and economic stability in Ukraine.

  • Chris

    What has Jesus done for you and your family?

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