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Are The Wild Teacher Protests In Wisconsin A Prelude To The Economic Riots That Are Coming To America?

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Have you seen video of the teacher protests that are going on in Wisconsin?  We haven’t seen anything like this in America in quite some time.  If you haven’t seen video of the protests yet, some very good raw footage is posted below.  On the one hand it is good to see Americans coming together and standing up for what they believe in, but on the other hand what these teachers are freaking out about shows just how much America has changed.  These teachers are not protesting for liberty, freedom or to change the government.  Rather, they are protesting because they want things to remain the same.  They simply don’t want anyone to mess with their pay.  Well, the truth is that none of us ever wants to experience a pay cut.  It is not a lot of fun.  But sadly, states like Wisconsin are so broke that they have to find cuts somewhere.  Someone is going to have to make a sacrifice.  The teachers in Wisconsin just want to make sure that it is not them.

In the United States today, state and local governments are facing unprecedented budget crunches.  Tax revenues are way down and expenses are way up.  State and local government debt has reached at an all-time high of 22 percent of U.S. GDP, and many state and local governments are teetering on the brink of insolvency.

States like Wisconsin have to do something or else they will collapse financially.  Wisconsin is facing a $3.6 billion budget deficit (which for that state is huge), and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in the legislature are attempting to make some tough cuts.

In particular, they want public employees to pay a little more towards their health care premiums and pension programs.  In fact, what the Republicans are proposing would still leave Wisconsin public employees contributing far less to health care and pensions than their private sector counterparts.

U.S. Representative Paul Ryan recently appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program and described what Governor Scott Walker is asking the teachers to do….

Scott and I are very close friends. We e-mail each other quite a bit… He’s basically saying that state workers which have extremely generous benefits packages relative to their private sector counterparts, they contribute next to nothing to their pensions, very, very little in their health care packages.

He’s asking that they contribute about 12 percent for their health care premiums, which is about half of the private sector average, and about 5.6 percent to their pensions. It’s not asking a lot. It’s still about half of what private sector pensions do and health care packages do.

So he’s basically saying “I want you public workers half of what your private sector counterparts do” and he’s getting riots. It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days.

These proposed changes have caused a massive uproar in Wisconsin.  Just check out the following raw video footage from the last few days….

But this is what we have come to as a nation.  Almost everyone agrees that reducing government debt is a good thing “in theory”, but whenever anyone starts to put forward some specific proposals to cut government spending it makes those that will be affected by the cuts extremely upset.

Just look at what is happening with the federal government.  Republicans and Democrats are both frothing at the mouth over extremely small budget cuts that have been proposed.  Virtually none of our national politicians are even willing to discuss budget cuts that would actually make a serious dent in our budget deficits.

But we have got to do something.  Spending by the U.S. government is spinning wildly out of control.  Back in 1970, the U.S. government only spent about 200 billion dollars for the whole year.  Well, this year the federal government is going to spend somewhere around 3.6 trillion dollars, and Barack Obama’s newest budget proposal calls for U.S. government spending to increase to 5.6 trillion dollars by the year 2021.  If the government continues to spend money at such a rapid pace it is going to completely wipe out our entire economic system….

But it is not just the U.S. government that is spending like a drunken sailor.  Most of our state governments are complete financial disaster zones at this point as well.

As I have written about previously, the state of Illinois is such a financial disaster zone that it is hard to even describe.  According to 60 Minutes,  the state of Illinois is six months behind on their bill payments.  60 Minutes correspondent Steve Croft asked Illinois state Comptroller Dan Hynes how many people and organizations are waiting to be paid by the state, and this is how Hynes responded….

“It’s fair to say that there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people waiting to be paid by the state.”

Something has got to be done about our national addiction to debt.

Government spending has to be dramatically cut.  All of us are going to have to make sacrifices.  We simply cannot continue to spend far, far, far more than we bring in.

But we are Americans – we do not like to make sacrifices.

Our founding fathers warned us about this.  They warned that when the American people figured out that they could vote themselves money out of the U.S. Treasury it would greatly endanger our republic.

Unfortunately that is exactly what is happening today.  The vast majority of government spending on both the national and state levels consists of direct payments to individuals of one sort or another.

The American people have become addicted to the bread crumbs that they receive from the hand of their master.

This is not what our republic was supposed to look like.

As the U.S. economy continues to decline, we are going to see a lot more riots like we have seen in Wisconsin.  Once the American people realize that the “good times” are over, all hell is going to break loose.

Already the anger and the frustration of the American people is starting to boil over.  Unfortunately, that anger and frustration is focused in 1000 different directions.  The ruling elite and the establishment media are constantly encouraging us to hate one another.  I recently wrote about this phenomenon in an article on another website….

The truth is that the “establishment” is constantly trying to divide us and get us fighting with one another. They pit the Republicans against the Democrats (even as though control both sides). They pit one race against another. They pit one gender against another. We are told that the rich are against the poor, the north is against the south, urban is against rural and that there are even “generational battles” going on. Frustration and hate are rapidly growing in the United States today, and a lot of that frustration and hate is unfortunately aimed at the targets that the mainstream media has programmed all of us to hate. Meanwhile, those at the top of the pyramid who are controlling the whole game love it when we are divided because we can never become united and challenge their control.

Unfortunately, America is more divided today than ever.  Our extreme affluence has kept the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted from disappearing so far, but once our affluence is gone all of the hate and frustration in society is going to come bubbling to the surface and it is going to be horrifying to behold.

Once the economic collapse happens, most Americans are not going to take it sitting down.  Most Americans are going to want someone to blame.  Most Americans are going to want to lash out somehow.

America today is like a big, fat spoiled baby that is about to have its favorite pacifier permanently taken away.  America is going to whine and cry and complain like there is no tomorrow.

For decades the financial “gloom and doomers” have been warning about what would happen to this country if we didn’t get our house in order, but nobody wanted to listen.  Everyone just kept piling up more debt as if it would never be a problem.

Well, now our entire country is covered in red ink.  Large numbers of state and local governments across the country are on the verge of defaulting on their debts, and they are hoping that the federal government will bail them out.  The federal government has already accumulated the biggest pile of debt the world has ever seen and continues to behave as if we can just keep borrowing and spending massive amounts of money forever.

There is no way out of this nightmare under the current system.  Taxing people more is not going to solve our problems.  Taxing people less is not going to solve our problems.

We have gotten to the point where it is inevitable that the debt bubble that we have created is going to burst.  Our politicians can try to delay it for a while, but in the end the whole house of cards is going to come crashing down.

When the U.S. economy does totally collapse, it is going to make the riots that we have seen in Egypt and throughout the Middle East this year seem tame by comparison.

What we are witnessing right now in Wisconsin are just the “birth pains”.  The American people don’t want to “tighten their belts”.  In fact, most Americans have absolutely no idea what “hard times” would even look like.  When things go from bad to worse we are going to see temper tantrums in this country like we have never seen before.

So get ready.  Unless there is some kind of dramatic transformation in this country, in the years ahead we are going to see some horrific economic riots.

It would be nice if we had a brighter future to look forward to, but we don’t do ourselves any favors by living in denial.

So what do you all think about what has been going on in Wisconsin?  Do you all believe that we could see huge economic riots inside America in the years ahead?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Johnny

    What we are fighting for here in Madison is 50 years of the labor movements fight to get a fair shake at life from the business interests who are trying to buy America. Removing the rights of unions to collectively bargain with our State, is a precursor to union-busting State-wide and eventually nation-wide. I for one, will not stand by and watch as America gets sold to the highest bidder.

  • Kate

    I live in Wisconsin and I can tell you first hand this is an utter abomination. Our cities and towns will lay off hundreds of workers if this measure is not passed but no one seems to get it. Chidren walked out of school in droves today with cops high-fiving them and cheering them on. If this is not brainwashing I don’t know what is. And the worst part is that those like me cannot even utter a word of disagreement or they face a practical lynch mob at their door. My husband & I are very afraid right now.

  • Johnny

    I addition, the claims of a “budget deficit” are caused by Scott Walkers recent pork barrel spending and tax cuts to the wealthy. Wisconsin had a projected budget surplus if 125 million for 2011 alone. That is until the newly elected Republican majority rushed through 140 million in spending and cut revenue in just one month.

  • Tyler

    You are Wrong to criticize the teachers for fighting to preserve their hard fought benefits and Union protections. Its obvious you’re a pro-Wall St, hardcore fiscal Conservative.

  • Great and timely article!

    Not only did deadly riots, similar to what you describe, occur following the 1873 financial crisis that led to America’s first Great Depression. The economic climate then was also similar to what’s seen now.

    Then: Jobless workers lacking skills for successful transition from agricultural economy in agrarian age that matured the in antebellum era, to emerging industrial age’s manufacturing economy.

    Now: Jobless workers lacking skills for successful transition from manufacturing economy in industrial age that matured in the 20th century, to emerging information age’s knowledge economy.

    See “Hayes of Wisdom”:

  • steve austin

    I take issue with your war on our workers. Taxing people IS the answer – those who are reaping all the wealth. All of us that read this blog pay less now than 2 years ago. We need to end the low taxes on the rich. Then we wouldn’t have the rebellion of the working class.

  • Yep, and you ain’t seen nothing yet because things are going to get a lot worse in the old U.S. of A.


  • wing loe

    americans are far too self centered to riot, we rob banks, hold up convenience stores, go on shooting sprees, sell dope’s me me me ande screw everybody else, i want mine and don’t dare stop the welfare checks

  • Concerned Reader

    I see this protests and the several others that have occured in this country in the last few years as a prelude to another civil war in America. The author alluded to what would happen if the economy continues to go over the cliff and I have a pretty good idea of what would happen if the fateful day ever came when the crash did happen.

    What has happened is that not only has big government and the elites gotten too powerful, but the unions, both for governement and private, has become to powerful as well. Unions have not only bled corporations to death, but now they are bring entire states to their doom. It would seem that the people of this country would realize that they could save our civilization by simply taken a “slight” pay cut. However, cradle to the grave entitilement mentality has literally lead this country to its grave.

  • CJones

    The Governor should give them until Monday morning to get their whiny, baby a$$es back to work. Come Monday, if ANY of them are not at work (including the Democrats that are hiding in their basements), the whole damn Union is fired. Send in the Guard to clear out their desks and lock the doors. All jobs would be put on the market for any non-union applicants. No former “Public workers” can apply.

  • Gary2

    People are waking up to the fact that the right just gave the rich huge tax cut extensions while taking it from the little guy. As you know I live in WI and think Walker is pathetic. The fact that he could be elected speak to the sheer stupidity of a large number of my fellow Wisconsinites.

    All we need to do is tax the rich and spread the wealth. I love watching this dumb frat boy walker implode! I know he is not serious about the budget shortage when there are plenty of very rich people in WI who could pay more. Too bad the poor do not fund elections.

  • JR Foster

    As a Wisconsin resident, I completely support what Governor Walker is doing. He is tackling the budget like a grown up. Anyone with some sense can see that the employee share of the cost of benefits in the public sector are way out of line with those in the private sector. That was an easy proposal to make. Will we see such riots in the future? Yes. As long as progressive liberals and union thugs are around, with their expectations of non-existent rights and hand-outs, they will scream and holler when those very things are being taken away. The only rioting I see from normal everyday folks who believe in this country are those protesting against the recklessness of the government that spends our money without care and grants these union thugs their candy. Normal, sensible folks will not participate in economic riots, as they will understand the dire situation will we find ourself in. Riots will not help put food on the table. Rolling up your sleeves and cutting back will.

  • Gary2

    Michael-I did not share in any gains and I do not want to share in any pain. I did nothing wrong yet lost a good paying job and now have a crap low pay job. I can barley pay my mortgage. Instead of cutting the public sector workers we need to rip on private sector employers for having such crappy low pay jobs.

    I am just sick that we are giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires but cutting programs that help the average joe. I had originally suggested in the WI Dems meeting the other day that we need a “tea party” of the left.

    I speak for many many people when I say that the fact that we even need to have the conversation about cutting home heating assistance and WIC because we just gave tax cuts for the rich is disgusting. I really there will be a revolt. People can only take so much. I want my country back. What has this country become that we give the rich tax cuts at the expense of the poor?

  • TD

    All of this over a 5% cut and a few extra fees. Imagine what it will be like when S Really hits the fan, and the states really run out of $….

  • Great article! I was a young police officer in the sixties and seventies and have had a particular interest in that era and the actions of the great unwashed as they fought to not get drafted. It has developed in me a strong desire to be prepared if there ever was a return of the lunacy. Needless to say, I am quite prepared for the upcoming madness. I have watched from afar for many years, questioning, analyzing, reading, discussing and preparing. Now that the collapse is inevitable it is with a heavy heart I face these days. We have taken many, many steps to prepare. The road ahead is dark and it lies heavily on my mind. I fear for those who will be caught off guard and will have to wallow uselessly as they watch their loved ones perish because they did not do their duty to protect the ones they love. May god have mercy on all of our souls. Remember, the future belongs to the prepared!

  • CitizenL

    Absolutely just wait until inflation kicks in and food stamps don’t go up picture the LA riots nationwide. If you can do it get out of the urban area’s you will fare better. If not Arm yourself and plan an escape route.

    Did you see the signs the teachers were carrying and hear the hateful rhetoric they were spewing? Those teachers/public employee’s have shown us a good example of the coming violence from the hahaha peace loving left. They are Marxist’s and will have no problem with aligning themselves with common thugs and then we will really see the SHTF.

    As for Gov. Walker he is doing what he promised us he would that is why he was voted in. Our taxes are high enough in Wisconsin. No one paid for our retirement or our health care. These public employee’s seem to think they are above those paying them.

    My grown daughter/son in law own a small business in WI and they rotate and work 15 hour days no one is paying for their retirement or health care either and those teachers are earning more then they are.

    I can tell you having grandchildren in WI schools a lot of the teachers are not worth what they are paid. Just try to get rid of a horrible one it’s next to impossible. When the parents banded together the best they could do is get a Principal who was clearly unqualified, emotionally unstable moved to another location. Now would be the time for Gov. Walker to give them an ultimatum and then fire them.

  • Patriot One

    We have been getting pillaged and plundered by public employees and their unions for 50 years now. They will not even contribute to their own retirement, but exspect us to foot the bill for them.

    I have news for the public sector employees form the private sector. My pockets are empty, there is nothing left to take.

    You should be greatful to have a job. Maybe we should just do like Reagan did with the air traffic controllers, replace them.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    The public unions must assume that the long sought after “Money Tree” was recently discovered, and every American has planted one in their backyard to pay for promises made by crooked politicians who suck from the teet of said unions through campaign contributions. Screw them as sanity must intrude on their surreal world, as we are broke.

  • Joseph

    I have zero sympathy for both major political parties at the national level. They’re both criminal operations.

    A representative of a WI public employee union defended his union members on NPR by saying the members earn better than private benefits (an understatement) because their wages are lower. The average weekly US wage is a bit over $500. His defense sounds like a crock.

    In boom times (read bubble money created out of thin air by criminal enterprise such as the Fed) both parties purchased votes from the general public and public employees with outlandish wage and benefit packages.

    The first requirement is to immediately switch retirement from guaranteed “benefits” (cops and firemen get up to 95% of their highest year salary, some as early as age 50, absolutely insane) to guaranteed “contribution” (contribute a small percentage of wage to a retirement fund the employee co-manages).

    Jack the minimum retirement age up to about 79 or whatever is one year after the average age at death, equaling FDR’s plan when SS was created.

    I have no idea how non-public employees can stomach this for another minute.

    I’m no neo-con Rebulican scumbag. I’d literally cut the military budget about 90% overnight if I was king. Our current military spending equals the next 14 countries combined. Do you like funding 450 foreign military bases? The US military is a police organization for foreign trade, which ran a $.5T deficit in 2010. Meaning: the US military protects foreign imports so multi-nationals can export your job overseas. Scam doesn’t begin to describe this.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Republicans will strip all services from the goverment. They want all assets to go directly to the rich. With all of this republicans added one trillion to the debt by giving billionaires tax cuts. Can we afford that? Most rich pay only 15% in taxes due to capital gains rules while the rest pay 30%.

  • Most Americans believe that the United States is a nation with unlimited wealth that just needs to be properly managed by the right democrat or republican.

    Most Americans are still asking when the so called crisis is going to start.

    When people supported by governments discover that their gravy train is over, they kill, loot, riot, and destroy infrastructure. America is not going to be any different than the rest of the world.

    After martial law is implemented and elite / foreign owned cash rich corporations take over our government, Americans will finally know the truth but it will be too late.

  • Mark Collier

    The answer to your question is, sadly, yes. We seem to find it difficult to reason with one another anymore. At this point, compromise seems nearly impossible for opposing points of view. Instead we get blame and recrimination. I fear the death knell has sounded for this republic.

  • Simba

    They call this a protest? More like a rally.

  • Colin

    In 1860, after fighting the Plains Indians for decades, the United States government chose an alternative approach. For this approach, the government ordered the eradication of the buffalo. The buffalo were essential to the Plains Indians’ way of life and, by destroying the buffalo, the government hoped that they would starve the Indians into submission. This was a tremendously successfully approach for, by 1890, the Indians were on reservations and the buffalo were reduced from an estimated 80 million to a mere 8,000 animals in forty years.

    Why do I mention this? Well, the situation is very similar. For many decades, the Republicans have been waging a war against the Democrats. The Republicans were funded largely by the corporations through political action groups, and the Democrats were largely funded by unions, and less so by corporations. With the Citizens United case of 2010, this difference in funding has become more important to the future of our political environment. If the Republicans succeed in passing this law in Wisconsin, other Republican-held states will follow suit. With the destruction of the unions, the Republicans hope to force the Democrats into submission.

    This law in Wisconsin has more to do with politics, and less to do with economics. Let’s not forget the bigger picture, which is that for many Americans the Republicans and their allies are either antagonistic to them or seeing them as potential targets for persecution and destruction. We are in a war – culturally, politically, and economically – in which many Americans are casualties of war.

  • Michael2

    With all due respect to the blog moderator but I noticed again the tendency to down play/question the motives and comprehension of every day Americans, in this case teachers. To quote the moderator, “These teachers are not protesting for liberty, freedom or to change the government. Rather, they are protesting because they want things to remain the same. They simply don’t want anyone to mess with their pay”.

    Is it conceivable that these teachers and many other American people do not understand the massive fraud that has put not only America’s pension systems in failure but the real estate market as well? See the following segment, Where Are the Handcuffs, from Dylan Ratigan’s show.

    As well please see, Matt Tiabbi’s article, Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? Financial crooks brought down the world’s economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them,

    Americans are not complete ignoramuses or completely unaware as some people seem to want to continually portray us as. Personally, I am tired of people taking shots at my fellow citizens. Perhaps Americans have been subdued for reasons other than ignorance or being self absorbed and under educated. It’s time to get off the whole ignorant American thing because it simply is not true. This is the propaganda of those raping this country and who want to continue with the thievery for as long as is possible, it is called repression. And furthermore Americans have been kicking up dust and protesting, etc. since George Bush, it’s just that the mainstream media continually ignores, down plays and tries to discredit anyone who speaks up or stands up to the madness that is unfolding. We all know something is terribly wrong with what is happening, not only in America but the world. Some know intuitively or have a gut feeling but some like Mr. Taibbi and Mr. Ratigan know from experience and understanding exactly how the biggest fraud in the history of human kind was perpetrated. Either way it is long past time that some people quit down playing and minimizing average American’s intelligence and comprehension. It’s getting old and only serving to intensify long brewing anger and resentments!!

    But to answer the question of the blog moderator, Michael if may, “Are The Wild Teacher Protests In Wisconsin A Prelude To The Economic Riots That Are Coming To America”?

    Absolutely is the answer. In fact I believe what is happening in the world will make the American and French Revolution’s look like child’s play. The world is not a plantation for a few megalomaniac, super rich, to control and dominate at their whim. If they continue on the path they have chosen the world will spin into another dark age in which their whole agenda will be set back thousands of years, again. They have once more sorely underestimated the will to freedom and the lengths to which people will go to over throw exploitive and oppressive systems. Americans already showed the goons of the Old World Order it will not be tolerated here. They can ply whatever dark arts they think will make the worlds populations fall to our knees and be obedient but in the end, as always, the megalomaniacs will be destroyed.

    How much longer must humanity endure these types of personalities that think they can control and fool everyone and control every thing? This type of insanity knows no limits and usually lots of people suffer while these jack asses try and try to have complete control. In the end they always fail. As will this attempt, in my humble opinion as always. . .

  • “For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010. For most of that time, he admits, few took his argument — that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S”
    (As if Things Weren’t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S. – Wall Street Journal – 12/29/08)

    Western states like California, Oregon and Washington, should secede from this already failed union before it’s too late. By acting as independent entities, they could easily recover from the ongoing crisis by establishing a new monetary system that would make their economies to become more competitive with the rest of the world.

    National sovereignty and patriotism are things of the past. The 21st century belongs to the global community.

  • bobcat

    Yep, Egypt will look tame in comparison to what’s in store here. I can hardy blame the protesters in Madison though. It’s not like they caused the economy to tank. Yet, they are being asked to sacrifice. Meanwhile the ones who deep sixed our economy and offshored all the good paying jobs are rewarded with lavish bonuses.

  • Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus

    let all of the poisons that lie stinking in the mud hatch out.

  • Sean

    The individual right now is broke/doesn’t have any money, the cities are broke, the county’s, the states, the government, the nation……. PEOPLE START STOCKING UP ON GOODS NOW BECAUSE WHEN THE MASSES ARE RUSHING TO THE STORE TO STOCK UP IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE…


  • Mark

    These Wisconsin state employees are like many Americans who want something for nothing. They should be contributing to their pension and health care costs. I am a Colorado state employee and I have to, and they should too. I tis time to face reality.

  • Stu

    Ah gotta love the miracle of the internet. Just think without it we’d all think we’re living in Lala Land, and eating everything the main stream media feeds us.
    Thanks good article.

  • Erin

    I have no sympathy for the teachers. They are overcompensated and their solution for decades is that we the taxpayers have to pay higher income and property taxes. Income and property taxes are already way too high. local, state and federal government waste has reached the point where the fiscal tapeworm threatens to kill the host.

    The reality forced upon us is that the size of government needs to be reduced, and the government can do so voluntarily or involuntarily. Given the poor state of education of the general population, the most likely scenario is that it will be involuntary. With a lot of ignorant parasitic fools complaining about the reality of the train wreck we are in.

  • Nick

    Another whiff by EC. I must say the author of this article should do more research. I live in WI and this is all about union busting pure and simple. Walker wants to pay for his 140 million in kick backs to his cronies by taking money from the last 2 year budget that ends in June that was already appropriated to workers. I understand you want to gin up scared racist tea baggers, but at least use facts. Ahhh, if only WI was part of Canada right now. Oh well. See the link for what is really going on.

  • The Beast

    One day soon…the Constitution Mall in Washington DC will experience what the Tahrir Square has…People Power!!!

  • This is a REP.-sided argument. I have been watching all this take place and the protesters(Union employees)are willing to compromise but not willing to end unions.
    Walker made a big tax give-away to business and now their is debt but before his tax give-away their wasn’t any debt. So do working people have to suffer for give-aways. Glad to see protesters and soon the USA will be protesting Give-aways to Corporations and Wall Street at working people expense. Can’t wait!!!!!

  • realism

    No reason for Public Sector Unions, government workers are the bottom of the barrel. Anyone with the slightest ambition will quit a government job. What is left is lazy, dumb, generally overweight, angry individuals. Police and firemen are the exception being physically fit.

  • Alice

    Nepotism, double dipping, outrageous pensions, heath care, useless overtime paid except to raise the pension benefits, they save job openings for relatives or retires from other departments for double dipping, it’s all a sham! Just raise taxes is their solution! They chase/high jack businesses away or shut them down if they don’t get it all! Extortion! Let the unions start the own businesses, and extort themselves. A guaranteed jobs produces nothing! Get the unions out of the Government everywhere!

  • Dr. Tom

    America provides $15,000 in aid for every man, woman and child in Israel, a billion dollars a year to Egypt and we had a budget surplus in the year 2000.

    Yes, we have had debt for years, but fighting wars all over the world is the reason we are broke. We invaded Panama to get Noriega – and we put him in jail for a few years and let him go.

    We invaded Iraq because if the weapons of mass destruction they didn’t have. We went into Afghanistan to get Bin Ladin and everytime we cornered him someone at the top stopped everything until he could get away. We are still there and Hamid Karzai’s brother flies to Dubai every day with a few hundred million dollard of our money. But Bin Ladin isn’t there. He’s in Pakistan. We have always known where – and we are about to go to war with them…and Iran…and North Korea…

    We earned our money and our retirements. We paid into Social Security – if it’s in trouble, it’s because the government stole the money and replaced it with Treasury IOUs which are about to become worthless.

    We aren’t spoiled children – we are hard workers. But almost ALL of our manufacturing and jobs have been shipped overseas. We didn’t give anyone permission to steal our liberty, or let the government peep in our windows or let the TSA treat us like criminals checking into a supermax prison in order to get on an airplane. But they do.

    Someone stole the Constitution and if we want to live under it, we ARE going to have to fight to get it back – voting doesn’t change anything.

    STOP wars. STOP foreign aid. Secure OUR borders with OUR troops. And spend OUR money on US.

    I don’t believe the concept was originally to allow elected officials to misuse the citizens’ tax money and then call out the National Guard when the citizens complained.

    I think the framers were thinking more along the lines of having a state National Guard to keep the federal government from overstepping it’s bounds and supporting citizens who have to remove corrupt officials by force.

    We are at a crossroads in America and it can go either way. The first time the National Guard or military, all of whom are US citizens, fire on ordinary US citizens seeking redress against real grievances, there is going to be a real problem.

    Because once you fire on American citizens – citizens of your own country – your own community- you have declared war on America. The National Guard and Military had better think carefully and use Egypt as an example. You don’t shoot your own people and you don’t start urban warfare in your own cities.

    Retired cops and retired combat military are the lifeblood of liberty and freedom. We have been there and done that – and we won’t allow the government to revoke YOUR freedoms in the name of false safety. We know better. They are OUR freedoms too. We are your friends and neighbors – we are on YOUR side.

    When cops and combatants retire, the government becomes afraid of us – for good reason. We won’t lay down for their silly sheeple games. We have been there. WE ARE STILL THERE! Combat never leaves you. Neither does the concept of freedom and liberty if you have fought for it.

    Don’t tread on us. There are more retired military and police than there are elected gonads. Fvck with the bull – get the horns.

  • Perhaps before public school teachers are given a pass from economic reality, we should consider what is being taught in these tax supported schools.

    Are students being taught the math and science to become machinists, foundrymen, engineers, metallurgists?

    Are students being taught the chemistry, biology, and geology to become farmers, bakers, agronomists, and refiners?

    Are students being taught the economics of production and wealth creation?

    Above all, are students being taught that government is the historical natural enemy of liberty and the will to create?

    Nay, today’s schools stifle critical thinking, individual initiative, and the will to produce. Students are taught 2 + 2=5, that wealth comes from government, that security and safety trump liberty and freedom, and persistence and hard work is for suckers.

    The bleating of the entitlement sheep has drowned the roar of the liberty lion.

  • Zac

    I really do enjoy reading all of the posts from this blog, but let me detail the reason for the Uproar in the badger state.

    It is not a matter of paying directly into our pension, nor is it an additional amount toward my healthcare. Some of us have been saying that we need to give the taxpayers a break for 2 years now. The issue here is eliminating collective bargaining rights for a select group of unions:teachers, healthcare, prison guards, and all municipal employees, oh, except police, fire, and state patrol. In addition the Governor activated the Natl. Guard just in case…of what that the bill eliminates all bargaining rights of child care providers? That group can be pretty violent you know.

    The Governor appears to think that these targeted unions should not be able to bargain for anything but wages.
    *Our arbitration and mediation rights would be outlawed, no third party trying to get the two side to come to a concensus.
    *Scott Walker doesn’t appear to like unions nor college educated people in general, he flunked out of college his first semester, and in 8 years as county executive refused to bargain with unions in Milwaukee. He was cited by arbitration and mediation boards to not bargain in good faith!
    *They/we would only be able to receive a wage increase equal to the CPI currently 1.5% IF the adminstration agrees to it, otherwise a referendum would need to be held for the local community to approve of any pay increase.
    *It would be illegal for any union dues to be taken out of our checks by the school district/municipalilty. That would dry up the democratic fundraising coffers. Oh, I’m an independent conservative and I don’t even agree with that, though I would like my dues to go to candidates of my choice.
    *All contracts would be for 1 year only. The interesting thing about this is that school administration would not be bound by this. They would be able to continue to bargain for healthcare, eages, increased public payments into the pension. This is the very group that if they were to pay more into their pension have remarked that they would like that equal amount on the salary side.
    * The police, fire and state patrol unions would be next after the economy tanks here. Then private unions..

    We have a deficit of 137 million for the rest of this fiscal year. That is after Walker, who has been in office 6 weeks gave 156 million tax cut to businesses.

    If every state/public union needed to pay an equal amount into their pension and toward their healthcare, we wouldn’t be seeing the massive amount of protests. Taking a bit out of my take home pay of approx. $569 permonth is not going to stimulate the economy. But it will force me to raise rent upon my renters, isn’t that what Scott Walker’s Corporate America does, pass along the savings? increases upon the public to do business!

  • Redbaiter

    Hey Michael2, we’ve got your number you commie liar and traitor, and if there ever is a riot, don’t think it will be you coming after us. We who value liberty and freedom and the exceptionalism of the US will be out there looking for those who have tried so hard to destroy this country from within with lies such as you have written above. Do not threaten me my man. You know not what you do.

  • Josey Wales

    I was at the very first TEA PARTY ever in Madison Wi, and the Tea Party people where not allowed in the Capitol building. Why are these extremist allow in the Capitol Building? I know one thing, the Tea Party people were very well behaved, you didn’t see any of them acting like the selfish spoiled baby’s in this Video. I can’t wait until Ca, Il, Ny, and many other states are forced to make budget cuts. This is going to be very exciting, watching the cry baby’s ball their eyes out. America will make the Mid East Riots look like childs play. Stock up on ammo, and food. Looks like it may come in handy in the not to distant future.

  • Socialism is a failure

    Our government has certain enumerated powers set forth in the constitution. Among those NOT included: making sure the public sector is bloated and living much better than the private sector.
    Remember, the public sector (teachers included) are here to serve the private sector. They (public sector) is not entitled to have great pay or benefits. One reason that state governments are insolvent is the disproportionate pay for the public sector over the private sector. [I recommend investigating the pay differences (not counting benefits) between the same jobs in each sector.] Since 2007, the private sector has taken a huge hit financially; there is NO reason that the public sector should be immune.
    The public sector should ALWAYS keep in mind who they work for: the TAXPAYERS. A great percentage in this country are not taxpayers (after refunds are factored in). The progressive tax system is already skewed in the direction of those with higher incomes. Note I did not say wealth, but incomes. If someone has 5 million in the bank, but does not work and generate income, then they do not pay income tax. If someone earns $200,000/year, but has to pay back education loans, car, house, business tax (me), then that person has a MUCH lower wealth (but taxed higher).
    Some of the comments originate out of either ignorance, plain stupidity or ideology that has blinded them.

  • RachelMcW

    February 18th, 2011 at 2:44 am
    All of this over a 5% cut and a few extra fees. Imagine what it will be like when S Really hits the fan, and the states really run out of $….

    TD, I could not have made it any clearer! It’s always the same. Everyone agrees something needs to be done but NOBODY wants to pay for it! The future looks very uncertain and we better prepare.

    Get some food storage ASAP. We stock up by buying extra at the grocery store and get instant milk, powdered butter, freeze dried meat, and other stuff that we can’t grow in our garden in these #10 cans. They have a very long shelf life so it will not go to waste. We get some great deals through The food is very good! Don’t wait another day! We are putting away as much as possible.

  • mark

    FDR warned to not allow public sector unions. The elected dems promise large pensions and med benifits to the union workers and the union bosses use the union dues to pay for the relection of the dems. What a racket! The tax payers are screwed by this fraud.

  • karen

    You are so right sir!!! Americans what it all, it’s all about me myself and I, that’s all I hear where I work, you owe me this you owe me that. It’s never about making this country a better place for all, your goverment is the people, the people running this country are just like the people who voted them in, they want something. This country is going to fall to ot’s knees here REAL soon, and if people don’t grow-up and take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and do something to make a difference, it will be all over but the crying.

  • Kevin

    The US economy has been on the decline for 30+ years propped up by debt. Where were the educators then? Anyone raise a hand that could add two plus two equaling four and protest the lack of sustainability in those actions? More likely they voted back in the very legislators that put us on this course.

    Now when the rubber meets the road they are unhappy. I suspect there will be more and more joining the unhappy ranks. That dissatisfaction needs to be channeled into a political movement to vote out the incumbents and replace them with people like these protesting teachers. Don’t replace them with professional politicians picked by the party machine.

    The decades long decline was masked not only by increasing debt public and private but also cherry picking accounting that includes debt into GDP and fails to include food and fuel costs when tabulating inflation.

  • notexactlyhuman

    “Unions have not only bled corporations to death, but now they are bring entire states to their doom.”

    Wouldn’t know that from the outrageous bonuses we see handed over to CEO’s and bankers and the like. Why, just this year my benefits were slashed while a new insurance premium was tagged onto my deductions. Meanwhile, Peabody corporate and its CEO raked in record breaking profits.

    A lot of hate for honest workers in this sick country.

  • EasyC_EasyG

    50 years of forced expansion of the middle class based on Union extortion has brought us to the point where we can’t compete in the world labor market and our federal, state, and municipal governments are all bankrupt. Now what do we do.

  • me

    The problem isn’t “greedy unions”, the problem is the complete raping of america going on by the corporations.
    For some reason we have aloud corporations to be our representatives in the government. Guess what, they just robbed every dollar out of the USA and replaced them with money made out of thin air by the Fed Bank ( which if you don’t know is a private bank who prints money based on ….. nothing).
    America is no longer controlled by the people. Hell, if joe neighbor runs for office he’s laughed out of town because he isn’t a millionaire……. really? For some reason American’s think that if the guy running isn’t a rich business man, then he’s no good. I would think just the opposite. Wouldn’t it be more wise to only elect people who love the constitution and despise those who seek to destroy it?
    Turn off your damn T.V’s and start thinking for yourselves. Don’t vote in the super rich elites because guess what, they hate you, your slaves to them. The amount of money they spend on lunch and dinner is enough to make this problem go away – wake the hell up America. If you haven’t noticed, you might have to actually get off your sofa and fight for your country back because it’s way gone.

  • roccman

    Why is the military “offensive” budget not cut…

    So these teachers that waved the 911 flag and “war on terror” – THAT CAN NEVER END would not protest then, but now that our bullshit wars are BKing the country they protest?

    screw that – we were duped and now we pay

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Keep protesting in the Mid-West and elsewhere, as the south is more than happy to take every fooking job you don’t want because you aren’t pampered enough up their in popsicle land. A new VW plant in Chattanooga, and another Auto Maker just announced plans for a plant in Memphis. You are all heading for a Detroit scenario, and it couldn’t happen to a more clueless bunch of public trough eaters.

  • The political correct climate in the last couple of decades has made it off limits to question public service employees on there work or wages. But the truth be told a school teacher works about half a year at about 5 hrs a day. Try getting rid of the bad ones, 10 years on the board of education taught me that teaching is so sweet a deal no wonder they fight so hard for it. Where else can you make a good wage and still kick it a few “Months”! at the lake each year.

  • If the state governments were really, truly serious about getting their financial houses back in order, the governors and legislators would vote themselves major pay cuts and reductions in benefits so that the money they’d been receiving could go to funding truly necessary state services. Instead, they want the little guys who are already struggling to make ends meet to take it in the neck, while the governors and legislators continue to enjoy fat salaries and fully-paid insurance plans.

    FDR was a man of many flaws, but his one-dollar men were willing to put their money where their mouths were. The current crop of top-level government policymakers want everybody but them to make the sacrifices.

  • sharonsj

    I’m reading elsewhere that Wisconsin doesn’t have a budget problem, that any shortfalls were created by the governor himself, by giving tax breaks to his rich friends (what a surprise).

    The unions have already given up some benefits and wage increases. Yes, they will have to pay more towards health care, but the governor went too far is canceling collective bargaining.

    I say that destroying the unions is a Republican wet dream. Now that the corporations can outspend everyone for political ads, the average citizen is under siege.

  • John S

    “He’s asking that they contribute about 12 percent for their health care premiums, which is about half of the private sector average.”

    That’s pre-tax contributions, so it’s more like 6 percent. And the private sector has no pensions at all.

    These are teachers that make $55,000 for about 9 months work. Of the 900,000 new jobs created in the United States last year, 660,000 of those pay less than $10,000 a year and have no benefits. These public employees are free to try and find a better paying job.

    By rights, the govenor should fire the whole lot. There’s 25 million people underemployed people with degrees who could easily adapt to teaching and would gladly do it for $20,000 a year without benefits–after all that’s twice the average salary of the new reality.

  • foldenfan

    It is appalling how many people see this as only an anti-Republican/anti-Democrat thing. How stupid! Can these people understand that we are entering a new paradigm? The economy will NEVER go back to the way it was. The good old days are gone, get ready for USA third world status. Nothing can now change that.

  • Lennie Pike


    Yes, big business interests (especially Wall Street) bear the majority of the blame for your predicament due to their greed and the resulting destruction of America.

    But Educators, especially in a state like Wisconsin, are also largely to blame because public schools are very much responsible for not providing any education whatsoever about the U.S./World financial system or any mention of the destruction of America that has been taking place for the last 20 years for the benefit of the Elite at the expense of everyone else. For the benefit of the Elite, the U.S. Public Schools have been indoctrinating students to believe what the Elite want them to believe and dumbing down Americans in general The people you receive much of your funding from have demanded that of you, and they are also the ones responsible for your present situation.

    You have been pledging your allegiance all along to the people who are your enemies, and now that you should have reached the point of realizing that, you still will not attack them because they are the ones who control much of your funding. But they only control that funding, the lions share of that funding is also in the end paid for by the same suffering taxpayers. THE PEOPLE WHO CONTROL THE MONEY ARE TO BLAME!!!!

    Instead, you attack the innocent who provide the large majority of your funding, and whom have also been attacked by these same people. You were probably educated by the same educational system and don’t know much about the World’s financial system or who is to blame for your situation or why. Or do you know, but just don’t care who is forced to pay for your sustenance.

    Your fight in Wisconsin will not negatively affect Wall Street, Big Business, or their agents in D.C., it will only affect the average struggling and overtaxed citizen of Wisconsin, and it will also affect the average struggling overtaxed citizen of the U.S. if the Federal Government bails out Wisconsin.

    Those average unemployed citizens who pay no income taxes, (although there are many other taxes the unemployed must pay) will be forced to struggle even more if a Federal bailout due to your actions takes place because the Fed will have to create new Dollars for the bailout which will result in the tax of inflation. At least you will get yours, and it doesn’t seem to matter to you who has to get hurt as long as you get it.

    Why don’t you either protest and demand money from the ones who caused you this terrible unbearable future, and not from the suffering hand that feeds you – or take a small pay cut like everyone else is being forced to accept?

  • Joel

    What you see in Wisconsin is the beginning of the end of the American empire. We have overspent, over-borrowed, and ultimately overextended ourselves to the point of collapse.

    People never want to take a pay cut because their own expenses never take a cut. It was taken as a right in this country that next year would always be better than the last year. We thought we were somehow entitled to blue skies and sunny weather forever. Unfortunately for us we had a great time with the world as our personal banker. Now the bill is coming due and no one likes the idea of paying back the money.

    When the rest of the world comes to the realization that the greatest empire the world had ever seen is broke to its very core, (i.e. when they lose confidence in our ability to pay them back in real money…not the inflated stuff coming out nowadays), we will become like Lehman Brothers. One day you are a mighty Wall Street firm and the next day you are in bankruptcy court trying to hold on to a semblance of your once proud dignity.

    This country is about to see poverty like they never have seen it before. We will go from being THE economic power of the world to being another third world country. The only difference is that we will have nuclear weapons.

  • After watching the video and hearing this thing is being called a “wild” protest and a “riot” is simply ridiculous . The writer of this piece doesn’t know the difference between a riot and peaceful assembly. If a person seeing this video can’t tell that it is peaceful isn’t paying close attention to what they are looking at. Whether or not you agree with the issue the fact remains they are participating in free democracy the way it was intended. It is true that these folks are exercising their right of free speech and the right to assemble and there is no excuse for such cowardice reporting.

  • basically it is a continuity of system that has collapse, the capitalistic system, culture. the result is a new system rooted on different values functioning on different principles, the end of the rich, the super rich, banks, and eventually governments that are link to banks and industry. this is a process, somehow a step forward on humans minds and realms.
    will happen a lot sooner than expected probably even before 2012..

  • Tripseven

    Gary2 is rich. Tax him till he’s poor like those of us w/o jobs or homes!

  • Joseph

    For all national offices the D and R parties should be outlawed, plain and simple. I’d not say this for state and local levels, because at least one state with one party rule is well run (this state will be one of the safest and best to in which to live of the several loose nations that may result from the coming civil war, and I’m glad I live here).

    You people thinking the D party is your savior are confused or lying: In what party is BO, the guy who signed and urged the extension of Bush’s criminal tax cuts? BO DECREASED the budget of the FBI white collar enforcement (still, after 2+ years, not one banker/CPA imprisoned…even Clinton imprisoned 1100 S&L officers and this is 1000x worse…the TARP campaign to decrease foreclosures is universally described as abject failure…BOs list of failures is almost endless).

    The entire L vs. R paradigm pitting us against each other is a construct of the money changers. The sole purpose of the L vs. R paradigm is to keep hidden the faces and identities of the bankers pulling every lever of power behind the curtain. I urge now every believer in the ideology of L vs. R to get off the merry go ’round. (I was once a rabid supporter of one of these ideologies.)

  • DownWithLibs

    @Concerned Reader:

    You have hit the nail on the head.


    You are right too. If the teachers unions in this get their way, a whole pack of them will face unemployment. I guess you reap what you sow.

  • dan

    Quick,close the border and leave moonbats in Illinois/Bammaland….There are three classes
    here in Wisconsin,the elite (those who didn’t misappropriate a public school bus to flee) the middle class (teachers and union workers who receive wages and benefits twice the average LOCAL)and the rest of us “peasants”who HAVE to pay their wages/taxes under threat of jail/loss
    of our property/real-estate.Remember,it’s for the children? Just a corner of the Pyramid Scheme.

  • Jez

    I fear for your great Country I really do. One thing that sets America apart from other Countries in a similar fix – step forward the UK – is that your Country is awash with guns. If as is stated in this article those who control Media seek to play Americans off against one another – then your futures could get very ugly indeed.

  • Arc angel

    It boggles my mind how blind it seems so many are to the greed and power that exists today. Wall street engineers fraud of millions of people and you complain about the majority of people who want a fair deal . The majority of this country DID NOT create the economic problems . They are not the ones responsible for the pork that’s tacked onto bills, the bills passed to save corporate greed. In my stAte we have responsibly provided fog our retirement and lawmakers continually try to STEAL our money to bail their follies out. People worldwide are FED ( pun intended) UP the time of rolling over and playing dead is coming to an end ……

  • Coulby

    The birth pains of the great tribulation. People need to repent of their great sin or there will be no mercy.

  • Mongoose

    Unfortunately, these folks are going the same path as the Unions that did oh so well for the Steel workers in Northern Minnesota. What, you did not hear? Almost every single worker lost their jobs when LTV filed for bankuptcy and took the pension funds with them. Why? Because the Unions pushed for highre wages (like pushing a broom around for $15/hr – literally!). Then when the entities can’t pay up, they lay off or go elsewhere. People these days think they are owed. They think of self and entitlements. I bet if you ask a steel worker in MN now if they would have taken cuts (sacrifice) for a short while to ensure job survivability they would almost all say yes. These folks just don’t get it. If the money is not there, it has to come from somewhere. Easy math. They are teachers after all. The Unions just demand and take and let the entity be damned. This will all come back and bite them in the arse soon enough.

  • Bhaktidev

    This is a well written article, but there is a whole other dimension that continues to be missed by most observers.

    To the author of the above article:

    Please consider what Walter Burien is doing over at . As you may know he traded in derivatives for 30 years, has a gift for comprehending the big numbers in government financial statements, and is educating people about the fact that collective “government” now literally owns controlling interests in all the Fortune 500 companies and more through thousands of investment accounts held at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.

    The proof is revealed in the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports” in the public domain. Thus when government bails out various corporate entities, taxpayers are unknowingly simply rescuing government investment portfolios. Naturally, no one explains this to the public; they only get the usual half-truths, lies and obfuscation from New York and Washington D.C.. The profits from these government investments are not shared with the very taxpayers whose money was used to create them.

    Fascism, American style.

    According to Walter, “taxes” account for a mere third of the money collective government takes in; the rest is obscene levels of profit from investments, carefully not talked about in the mainstream media. All the talk of “budget deficits” does not take into account the “profits from investment” revealed only in the CAFRs that every level of government issues as required by law, and are in the public domain for anyone to look at.

    States “going broke” is only partly true; yes, they are usually spending more than their budget funds. However, the profits outlined above are carefully not mentioned to the public. The purpose? To scare the public into putting up with their present tax burden, and to prepare for more because, after all, “the government is going broke and needs our money”.

    It is identical to me pulling my empty pocket inside-out and saying to you “See? I’m broke! Please give me money!” while every other pocket is stuffed full with one hundred dollar bills.

    Walter Burien explains what I’ve stated here in a new 1 hour 14 minute online documentary he created called “The Only Game In Town”. A 48-hour pass costs $3.00 available here:

    I watched it twice. Walter ends his video proposing a smart simple way to address the issue of taxes: create “Tax Retirement Funds” (“TRFs”) that are financed by a small percentage of the profit that every level of government is already making.

    Please consider taking the time to view “The Only Game In Town” at the above link, perhaps communicate directly with Walter (his contact info including phone number is at his web site), and then write another great article with your response and post it where you can.

    Thank you for your service.

    May truth prevail….

  • Sunny Meadow

    “A state is a conquered people.”

  • Why is it that no one is suggesting that the legislature takes a pay cut? Why is it always the little guy who must suffer? Just think about how much money we would save if the members of our state and federal legislatures would take a pay cut, bringing their pay a little more in line with those in the private sector…

  • Rob

    Riots will come..the spoiled little self centered baby boomers will defend their entitlement mentality….look what they did to Wall St. And the sixties love in types…HA, those little rebellious jerks made off with the greatest train robbery history has ever witnessed. Sooo. For you and I, become as self sufficient as you can, meet and greet neighbors, learn old world skills, learn how to garden (NOW, and collect some heirloom seeds, check out ebay, they are cheap)), explore spritual roots, and be a good person. Gather up as many how to books as you can, acquire basic tools and a few materials. There will need to be some sanity in an unsane situation. Those who are prepared will be the remnant…Argentina survived, and we will survive at some level. Mentally prepare and start to have some plans….if you do it all out of selfishness,you are no better than the rest. Be in a position to teach basic ways of survival around you. You will become a well sought after person. If you merely stock up, you will be a target, and there are only so many bullets. When others suffer, we too suffer at a spiritual level. May you be blessed and use your gifts to help those around you.

  • Rob

    Oh, and learn to play music, and acquire the necessary instrument. Music can be an incredibly calming force, and people will need to be a little distracted from the crap flying around them.

  • bonk

    I know no one will really listen to this, but what the hell.

    Almost everything in this article is BS, up to and including the title. Specifically:

    1. It’s not just teachers demonstrating – every public employee in Wisconsin is subject to Gov. Walker’s proposal. Teachers are a relatively small percentage of the protesters.

    2. The protests aren’t “wild” – spirited, absolutely, but these aren’t riots. I took my young kids yesterday – it’s mainly working people with homemade signs, marching and chanting because they’re worried for their family’s future. For God’s sake, calm down.

    3. Adding together wages and benefits, Wisconsin public employees are undercompensated by 4.8% on average compared to their private-sector counterparts. This is from a study by the Economic Policy Institute (, and controls for education, experience, etc. so that it’s an apples-to-apples comparison.

    4. Complaining about “gold-plated benefits” without so much as a glance at wages is really just *stunningly* ignorant. Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are doing it for political gain – what’s your excuse?

    5. For the affected folks, who per above are already under-compensated, the Gov’s plan amounts to about a 10% cut in wages. We’re talking here about tens of thousands of public employees, basically all of whom are working- and middle-class.

    6. Before you ask: no, Wisconsin doesn’t have a disproportionate number of public employees. Per capita, we have 8.2% fewer state and local government employees than the national average (, and we rank in the middle of the pack in total government spending (

    But really the benefit cuts are a bonus for Gov. Walker – this is about destroying the unions and taking power away from workers.

    One more point: the people on this board and others who are just rabidly, venomously anti-union, anti-protester, anti-Democrat, etc. really make one despair for humanity. You people are either sociopaths, or you need to take a long break from your computer and talk to actual human beings.

  • I’m no longer convinced that our squeaky clean governor deserves the second part of that label.

    The state’s own bean counters say that there was no deficit when he took office, but he created one in January with some giveaways to special interests. And the independent EPI study below shows that state workers make 4.8% less than private workers.

    I’ve come to believe that this is Walker’s political strategy to kill unions (which I DON’T support, but see them as a necessary evil). It’s just too bad that Walker can’t be trusted, and that he gets all of his money from non-unions.
    “…the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently released a memo detailing how the state will end the 2009-2011 budget biennium with a budget surplus. In its Jan. 31 memo to legislators on the condition of the state’s budget, the Fiscal Bureau determined that the state will end the year with a balance of $121.4 million. To the extent that there is an imbalance — Walker claims there is a $137 million deficit — it is not because of a drop in revenues or increases in the cost of state employee contracts, benefits or pensions. It is because Walker and his allies pushed through $140 million in new spending for special-interest groups in January. If the Legislature were simply to rescind Walker’s new spending schemes — or delay their implementation until they are offset by fresh revenues — the “crisis” would not exist.
    The State Fiscal Bureau memo can be seen at

    — makes it clear that Walker did not inherit a budget that required a repair bill, but that he created the crisis by giving away the surplus we did have.

    Also see EPI study at

  • kirk

    The economic/financial ignorance revealed by the people in the streets is astounding.

    A basic math fundamental should be made clear to the ignoramuses: dividing or multiplying any number by zero is…ZERO.

    There are no funds left. They are demanding a piece of what does not exist, therefore, in their ignorance, they are demanding ZERO be delivered, rather than a cut.

    Give them what they are demanding: ZERO.

  • BuzzKill

    If you can honestly earn a better wage, you shall have it. If not, you shall not.

    Why should the unions have it any better than the rest of us? Their big buddy, Sputnik, and Dick and Jane at the head of Senate and House, slammed everyone with ObamaCare – whether we wanted it or not – and these sad punks (no offense intended to real, honest punks out there) were all good with another “freebie”.

    Union ranks are filled with selfish bastards.

  • Chili

    The first paragraph said it all. The protests around the world are/were about ridding themselves of corrupt, tyrannical governments and demanding liberty. Wisconsin’s protest is about “give me my money, and I don’t care where it comes from. And, I could care less that the government is corrupt as long as I get my benefits.”
    After reading the comments here, it’s obvious, most have no clue where the real problem lies. Just a bunch of finger pointing by an ill-informed public that continues to get their “information” from government/corporate controlled propaganda “news” channels.
    BOTH political parties have had ample time and power to correct the situation and BOTH have failed, yet the idiot American public continues to re-elect these criminals election after election at an astounding rate that averages around 96%. Even if their approval ratings are in single digits.
    If you want to know who is responsible for the financial mess, look into a mirror. YOU are responsible for electing these gangsters year after year who fail to put a stop to it and fail to represent We The People.
    When was the last time any of you have read the Declaration of Independence, Constitution or Bill of Rights? Can any of you state how many times the term “Democracy” is in those documents? Answer: ZERO!!!
    Why? Because we’re supposed to be a Constitutionally limited Republic, not a Democracy.
    If you support democracy then you must also support gang-rape because that’s just one example of democracy, where majority rules.

    Lincoln didn’t “free the slaves”. He abolished involuntary servitude and established voluntary servitude via the 16th Amendment. In other words, you’re ALL slaves!!! And you don’t even realize it.
    Then, Roosevelt put a final nail into your coffin when he established Social Security. That’s your slave ID number. (There is NO LAW requiring anyone to obtain a SS#). Social Security is VOLUNTARY!!! Voluntary servitude to the Federal Government and their agents….the States.
    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    There are an estimated 60 million laws, statutes, ordinances etc. from local, State and Federal governments in this country. Does that sound like a free country to you? You should read the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto. That is where we are today. Read it and you’ll see.
    Wake up and turn off your TV’s. You aren’t getting any useful information there. Just your daily dose of brainwashing. It will not end unless YOU END IT!!!

  • Greyhound44

    If these folks had any more than “Normal School” credentials, and could really perform in the classroom, they might have more credibility!

    ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR

    PS No rational person would send his/her child to a government “public” school in the EE.UU.

  • Greg

    Deadbeat overload has almost completely consumed our nation. Historically, this is how democracies end up. Our founding fathers tried to limit the power and scope of government to keep that from happening, but over time we’ve gradually sold our liberty for the promise of economic security. Sad, but true.

    Still, even in chaos you can prosper if you keep your wits about you. You might even be able to help a some, but not too many of those who didn’t.

    Should be exciting.

  • Kelly

    Unfortunately, the main street media is not reporting all of the facts regarding this protest. As a private, non-union citizen I have serious issues with this bill which I will elaborate on later.

    First, the protests are mainly about the governor’s attempt to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of state workers to only cover wages (not pensions, healthcare sick leave, etc.). Any wage negotiation will be based on and cannot exceed the consumer price index unless approved by voter referendum. It also forbids unions from collecting funds from state workers unless they specific agree to it. It also requires a mandatory yearly secret ballot vote to decide whether or not the union should be kept. This is union busting at it best and has NOTHING to do the balancing the budget. Having been downtown and having spoken to many of these state workers, most are willing to “pay their fair share” but are not willing to give up their collective bargaining rights. Unions will be willing to compromise and had already agreed to ~$100 million + in concessions regarding increased health care and pension contributions.

    What I more concerned about in this bill is tseveral additional hidden items:

    1. There is a proposal to sell off all state power plants. Not to the highest bidder but on the basis of who this governor sees fit. Without the bidding process I fear that the state may sell itself short and not receive the maximum value they could negotiate via a public, open bidding process.

    2. The bill gives the Department of Health Services the ability to change (but only to lower)the Medicare/Medicaid/Badgercare (mainly for children of low income families) program funding in the state by passing them through the Joint budget committee, not the full legislature elected by the people. In doing so, even if there are objections, no public hearing would be required prior to submission to the federal government for rule waiver approval. This circumvents the true democratic process in the US, emulated by the world. This could also affect millions of citizens (elderly and the young) by either cutting or eliminating their healthcare entirely.

    This full on assault to the open, public democratic process angers me as a truly concerned citizen and it should anger others as well. Live on democracy and power to the people!

  • Mike

    All these promises either made to secure votes or extorted by collective bargaining are ultimtely unsustainable and unfortunately the “normalcy bias” has ketp many from facing and dealing with the harsh reality.

  • bonk

    I know no one will really listen to this, but what the hell: almost everything in this article is BS, up to and including the title. Specifically:

    1. It’s not just teachers demonstrating – every public employee in Wisconsin is subject to Gov. Walker’s proposal. Teachers are a relatively small percentage of the protesters.

    2. The protests aren’t “wild” – spirited, absolutely, but these aren’t riots. I took my young kids yesterday – it’s mainly working people with homemade signs, marching and chanting because they’re worried for their family’s future. For God’s sake, calm down.

    3. Adding together wages and benefits, Wisconsin public employees are undercompensated by 4.8% on average compared to their private-sector counterparts. This is from a study by the Economic Policy Institute (, and controls for education, experience, etc. so that it’s an apples-to-apples comparison.

    4. Complaining about “gold-plated benefits” without so much as a glance at wages is really just *stunningly* ignorant. Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are doing it for political gain – what’s your excuse?

    5. For the folks affected by the Gov’s plan, who per above are already under-compensated, it amounts to about a 10% cut in wages. We’re talking here about tens of thousands of public employees, basically all of whom are working- and middle-class, and who just got docked 10% of their take-home pay.

    6. In case you’re wondering: no, Wisconsin doesn’t have a disproportionate number of public employees. Per capita, we have 8.2% fewer state and local government employees than the national average (, and we rank in the middle of the pack in total government spending (

    But really the benefit cuts are a bonus for Gov. Walker – this is about destroying the unions and taking power away from workers.

    One more point: the people on this board and others who are just rabidly, venomously anti-union, anti-protester, anti-Democrat, etc. really make one despair for humanity. You people are either sociopaths, or you need to take a long break from your computer and talk to actual human beings.

  • Alice

    Teachers that are guaranteed a job, walk into class with the “I could care less attitude”, because they have nothing to lose,(Entitled/insured, regardless of performance job), the children pick up on that attitude and carry it through the day! Do you understand why the children won’t learn?

  • Alice


  • The signs in these demonstrations depict the viciousness behind the organizers. It’s NOT for the children – an expression used often to legitimize the selfish interests of the “worker”. Many of the original purposes on which unions were founded are no longer valid.

    All of us will have to tighten our budgets. Most do not do this because we operate on the same principles of the government which got us into this mess -both political parties. We’ve overspent. And none of us like a pay cut but if the “company” we work for is going broke goes out of business it will be much worse. If you call in sick and then go to a demonstration – you should be suspended and/or fired.

    Of course, the union bosses who along with the government often rob from their financial supporters are more about their welfare than the state or the country.

    Let the hiding Democrats do their job as they were elected to do. We have elections and rule of law. If people are unhappy, let them make use of the elections

  • Now, I’m a reader of those “web bot” reports and noted a very unnerving correlation yesterday between these protests and the beginning of an upcoming trend revealed in the latest report. I wrote a post about this on my blog:
    Wisconsin Protests and Web Bot “HOLE Incident”

    See, the situation with the protests in throughout the midwest right now could go south very quickly – one FBI anarchist “plant” and they have their manufactured reason to begin “quashing” protests. That, however, would spark a nationwide uprising – most Americans are thrilled to see people standing up for their rights with peaceful protest.

    People all over the US are completely pissed off, but for varying reasons. What “we the people” lack currently is a rallying cry…if anything happens, KNOW THAT WE ARE ON YOUR SIDE. The whole nation will rise up in your defense and there will be hell to pay – every major city in the US will be shut down by protests.

    In fact, it’s become clear that people all over the world have grown impatient waiting for us Americans to stand up to our corrupt governments, at both federal and state levels. Conversations on sites like 4chan among “anonymous” have even shifted gears as of late, discussing how to organize protests and how to unite people under a central cause.

    I truly hope I’m wrong in the notion that this will blow up into a national tragedy, but if it does, I say to the people out protesting yesterday and today that WE ARE ALL ON YOUR SIDE.

  • As a non-union WI resident I support all the strikers including the teachers, and plan on joining them this weekend. This is about busting the unions plan and simple, the Koch Bros started running their “Club for Growth” ad the second Walker annouced his plan to the media. This is a Karl Rove style screw over no doubt.And shame on our local (Milwaukee) media who are reporting the std corporate line of tough Governor battles greedy workers who won’t take a cut. They will and are ready to, its the rights by law they have that Scott wants to gut(which by the way does nothing to add a cent to this years budget one way or the other). So stay uninformed and support the Rove/Koch Broes/Wall St. agenda if you must but have some respect for those who are willing to stand up to a dictator Gov and that includes the 14 Dem senotors who did the onlt thing thay could do to stop this overnight rollover of 50 yrs of fought for gains.They are supported by 90% of the Dems in this state and just because we were/are flooded with corp special interests money doesn’t mean we still aren’t blue at heart.Watch and learn.

  • Nick

    @SPECTRE of Deflation

    Yeah, southern states aren’t public trough eaters at all, when they take far more federal dollars than they pay in. All those plants that build crappy Toyotas in the south were built with GOP senator pork earmarks. I don’t know maybe they can’t make anything happen without federal welfare. They keep threatening to secede when are they going to do it already? Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$!

  • Colin


    The 16th Amendment is for the creation of the income tax, and was passed many decades after President Lincoln’s death. I think you may be referring to the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery. During his presidency, Lincoln didn’t create voluntarily servitude. Finally, the 16th Amendment was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913.

    I agree with you that our populace must be better educated; however, I feel by making mistakes in history that you are undermining your position. Before stating facts, check your statements for accuracy.

  • mrmikemrmike

    Great comments; though I do agree with some by generally saying the article is incomplete. I will point out, YES the plan is for us to fight among ourselves while the fleecing of America and our Republic continues.

    I would like to point out one thing in the defense of teachers. Who’s going to do the job of teaching snot nosed, dirty little bastards who can barely wipe their own asses? These little people composed of petri dishes of bacteria and viruses are special no doubt. But don’t those who exposed themselves to the infectious little ones on OUR BEHALF deserve 100% health coverage?

    I feel the same about our military, medical, fire, garbage, utility and police employees. I do not feel this way about our elected representatives and their staff though. And of course everyone deserves the right to enter into CONTRACTS, and those who sign on the dotted line deserve the CONSIDERATION and DUE PERFORMANCE of the CONTRACT that was negotiated. If one of the parties cannot perform to their end of the contract than there is a BREACH IN PERFORMANCE. Legal formalities then may ensue.

    Maybe that’s where this is? Where’s the injunctions? Where’s the law suits? People need to stand up, but stand up for freedom, free association, and free agreement. The rule of law and contracts must be enforced. If not, what’s the point?

    This is more about haves vs. have nots.
    Good vs. Evil, Tyranny vs. Freedom, not the teachers.

  • Kent

    When cuts are being proposed, I’ve NEVER heard of ANYONE seriously suggesting cutting the $500 haircuts and limo rides for Congressmen, and 1st class airfare, etc. The men & women in congress have THE best healthcare IN THE WORLD….FREE. There are many, MANY other cuts that could be made PRIOR TO CUTS IN WAGES OR CUTS TO MEDICARE, ETC. Certainly there are concessions that could be made first. I have no problem “tightening my belt”, but I certainly expect OTHERS to do the same.
    Thanks for your time & consideration.

  • Colin

    Well, the Republicans have done it again. They have successfully waged a battle against another Democrat bastion – Planned Parenthood. The House voted to stop federal funding to PP today. First Acorn, then the Unions, now PP. What’s next?

  • unhappy dem

    No one wants less take home pay but reality must be faced. Taxpayers can not foot the bill for union health and pension benefits to the to the detriment of their own. I was initially sympathetic to the refusal to suspend the right to collective bargaining, but that has given way to anger at the conduct of the irresponsible legislators and workers who have walked off their jobs.

  • mondobeyondo

    This is only the beginning of hard-core austerity measures. Heck, it’s not even the beginning, it’s more like the pre-beginning. Oooh, just wait when the property tax bombshell hits! All those foreclosed homes means the people who used to live there, are no longer paying property taxes. Those taxes are used to fund education and schools. Less revenue coming in for your local school district.

    Higher education isn’t much different. It’s a bloated bureaucracy where students pay thousands of dollars for tuition, books, supplies, etc. – while the administrators and sports coaches earn hundreds of thousands a year. It’s almost tempting to put the kids in a one room schoolhouse, give them an algebra book, and check back with them in a week or two.

    Almost EVERY state has major budget and revenue issues. More teachers across the country will suffer pay cuts. More government services will be cut. Even police and fire departments are not immune. So we’re looking at a picture where a bunch of uneducated hooligans pillage your neighborhood, with very few police or fire responding, as they navigate their vehicles down pot holed roads. Lovely!

  • Teecee

    I’m a private sector employee in Madison – one who wishes that I earned what a teacher or nurse earns, and wishes I had a pension. But I stand in solidarity with my many friends who are down the street at the Capitol right now. This is NOT about the wages – in fact, the union folks have already taken hits to their benefits and pay, just as I have. This is about:

    – The right to collectively bargain, which is not all about money. For nurses, for instance, it’s often about patient safety, such as agreements that they cannot be forced to work so many hours they put their patients at risk

    – The fact, mentioned by several posters before me, that we were in the black until Walker came on and within 6 weeks spent us into oblivion with tax cuts to big business (no jobs yet)

    – The fact that lower incomes for some morph into lower incomes for all – and then less paid in property and sales taxes, further eroding our economy

    – The fact that this bill Walker tried to sneak through includes frightening cuts to BadgerCare and Medicaid, on which thousands of elderly, ill and mentally ill’s lives depend (you see, pro-life doesn’t apply to those already born)

    This is about so much more than a few bucks in someones’ pockets. And I don’t see Walker offering to take any sort of pay or health insurance cut. Ha.

  • Karl Sieblaw

    Evidently, you wouldn’t know what a “wild teacher protest”, is if it hit you in the face.

    Regards from Bolivia.

  • mondobeyondo

    We have a ways to go before we reach full-blown riot mentality, but we’re heading there fast.

    What happened in Wisconsin was not a riot. That was a civil protest.

    What happened in Egypt wasn’t a riot, either. That was an open revolt against a dictator.

    Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict, or major urban cities in the mid to late 1960’s? Now THOSE were riots. And that’s where this nation is headed…once again.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    This is a union riot not an economic riot. However I suspect the same left wing community organizers and unions will forment the economic riots as well.

  • Susan

    I think the major difference between these “riots” and the others in the World are that the others are to change/destroy a corrupt government and are made up of all the people. As George Orwell wrote: “War is Peace”. If the US government can keep channeling the emotions of the people against each other the current system will last longer. Eventually however the people will rise up against thier oppressors. If one wanted to reduce the government debt (apart from slashing politicians pay rates) how about redirecting the aid given to the rest of the world towards providing something for the US population. After defence, overseas aid is one of the largets drains on the economy.

  • vegas711

    As a retired individual, I see both sides of the fence. On one side, the Feds, State, Counties and Cities nationwide waste trillions of dollars on people who don’t work, pet pork, favors for friends and get free handouts from working taxpayers to pay illegals, criminals and welfare recipients who they never cut benefits for and on the othere side some parts of Government workers need to also be cut. But it is a two way street and these mostly liberal Obama voting morons called teachers and union workers are the other half of the problem.

    If we as a nation just cut out all foreign money to places that hate our guts (which is most nations in the world getting trillions from us), we can solve our own financial problems in less than 3 years. If we spent our own money on our own people (you know the ones paying the taxes to begin with) and stop all the nonsense, we win! Am I an isolationist if I take care of my family first and then if I have an extra dollar or two I help a stranger out without going into major debt like our Governments at all levels have put us?

    Why do we have to be the bank of the world, the handout nation that every terrorist country comes to and every socialist country comes to for a handout and protection? Stop all the nonsense. Cut it all out and if we stop protecting the American millionaire/billionaire owned companies that have outsourced American jobs to places all over the world for their own selfish greed, then those jobs, revenues and taxes would be in this nation and not overseas.

    We are screwed and it is just a matter of time before the all out revolution hits, because the only change I see with the current government and corporations is more corruption and greed and it will just keep getting worse until it explodes! That is starting huh?

  • DanL

    Dear SharonS,

    You have to check your reading sources. THis governor inherited the deficit that the former democrat governor kept riding for 6 years all the while robbing DOT funds putting our roads at risk and last year robbed the malpractice insurance fund, which this governor has to repay with interest. The former governor did it all to pay off his union cronies.

    Read the Governor’s lips, the State of Wisconsin is broke and austerity measures are required. Sorry, but I believe this is the start of what BO has been waiting for to fully dismantle the Constitution…

  • Kevin

    Easy C Easy G

    You stated…

    “50 years of forced expansion of the middle class based on Union extortion has brought us to the point where we can’t compete in the world labor market…”

    The textile industry left the southern states and fled to China. They we’re historically non union (remember Norma Ray) and paid wages barely above the US minimum.

    The lowest wage in the US is sufficiently high for industry to flee to 50 cent / hr Chinese virtually slave labor devoid or any civilized environmental / worker safety protection. China kills roughly 200 miners per year.

  • JE

    “Large numbers of state and local governments across the country are on the verge of defaulting on their debts, and they are hoping that the federal government will bail them out. The federal government has already accumulated the biggest pile of debt the world has ever seen and continues to behave as if we can just keep borrowing and spending massive amounts of money forever.”

    Isn’t the true cause of the majority of our ills the ability of Governments to acquire debt in the name of the people?

    At some point someone will have to address this aspect of Governance because if whatever system we wind up with continues the practice of “representatives” acquiring debt and sticking the bill with the people we’ll travel down the same path.

    A system with both the FED and the miracle of Governmentally imposed debt creates the ability to promise anything and spend any amount their little black hearts desire (up until the system collapses).

    It’s not my debt.

  • mike

    Props Chili, but it just fell on deaf and dumb ears.

  • Michael

    Americans will tolerate any form of injustice as long as food remains affordable. When that goes, we will see riots.

  • Excellent article as usual!!! It’s good to see Americans finally stand up and fight against the system!!! Most states are going to be in for a big surprise, when they think by defaulting on their debts the US government will bail them out!! Wrong!!! There is a revolution coming to a neighborhood like yours across this country real soon!!! This country cannot continue to print money out of thin air 24/7 and expect nothing to happen!!! This last statement is very profound and listen carefully: Throughout biblical and secular history, God has judged the nations depending on how their rulers adhered to His natural law. Nations are judged by mercy or justice depending on their moral state. We in the West are more liable because we have lived in liberty and democracy, and made the wrong choice. American has mocked the awesome Majesty of God, has been weighted in the balance, and found wanting. Only time will tell the final outcome of the Empire called America.

  • blueuniform

    I can’t believe what some of you people think. One post says a mother took her young children to the protest? Why in the world would you want that example being shown to your child? Or the overall example of what these teachers are doing? In my home, we teach our children responsibility, and have told them these teachers and unions are doing nothing more than “rebelling” against authority. The riots in the middle east and these teachers have one thing in common, lawlessness. What you are seeing now is the end result of improper parenting in the homes, since the 60’s. When God, family and morals, are not taught, the society will crumble. I miss the USA of my youth.

  • Try getting out of fraudulent wars we can’t afford first then start cutting the the rest where necessary.

  • Garver Kent

    He is not concerned about saving the state money, but about breaking the union. Much could be saved by requesting pay cuts and increased contributions to benefit packages by people in administrative conditions. They make much more than the teachers and have much more generous benefits and bonuses. And it wasn’t a riot.

  • One other thing, I have a huge problem with the author of this blog who refuses to reveal their identity while citing few sources in his/her article. The persons writes as if he/she is an authority who is revealing absolute truth in his or her opinion. No one has absolute truth of anything and I just have a problem with this author’s tone in his/her articles. You must back up your statements with more sources supporting your material because it is to based on your beliefs.

    Whomever you are, you may indeed by an unusually wise person full of insights but once again, a professional knows they must support their statements with more credible source links.

    Do you think your posts are “timeless” and all have meaning at any time read, is that why you don’t date your articles?

    Your articles are good, but the weaknesses are apparent that is holding your blog back from the next step. Provide your identity, name, etc. For all we know you could be some infamous born again murderer trying to make his life right again. We need to know who you are please. Name, state, dates on articles, more sources, etc.

  • It is much later than I thought it was. White people rioting in Madison, Wisconsin in the middle of the winter. Time to start the final preps!

  • deminohio

    Sorry, but this is NOT about winning some wage/benefit concessions to make budget during a recession, but rather a naked ploy to break the unions, and to punish the governor’s political opponents.

    Otherwise, why are firefighters and police officers exempt from the governor’s proposal? Could it be that they vote Republican?

  • mondobeyondo

    Organized unions had their time and moment, back in the early years of the last century. There’s no question that unions helped to increase wages, health benefits, etc. among industrial labor during that time. It’s the main reason why Ford, Chrysler and GM employees, among many others, did so well back then.

    But what relevance do unions have in 2011? Most manufacturing employees – the ones who are still left – have great benefits and pensions. Fight for higher wages? When someone in China or India makes one tenth the wage of an American worker, for doing the same job? How can unions justify that? Oooh, we do a better job than they do. Really? Is it enough to justify a $20.00/hr wage for an American, vs. a $2/hr wage for a Chinese worker? (non unionized of course!!) No company med. care, no pensions, no benefits. Plenty of profit though. Be grateful, your Nike’s cost only $100, instead of maybe $600.

    Anyhoo…in my view, unions are more of a hindrance than a benefit in 21st Century America. They worked in the early 20th Century, before globalization made a Mess of things. America made automobiles and sewing machines, that no one else made. There was huge demand for them. Naturally, our workers could protest, with union help, and get what we wanted. These days, it’s very hard to do when auto workers in India are manufacturing Tata’s – (world’s cheapest car or so I’m told) for under $5,000. “We Tata workers demand an extra bowl of rice and a 50 cent raise!” The Ford or GM worker stateside is in big trouble. Just wait until the quality of a Tata goes up.

    Unions want higher wages. Good for American workers, bad for American businesses. They’ll just move to a cheaper labor market with less restrictions. When the AFL-CIO comes to Beijing, maybe it will be more fair.

  • Noel

    We have a golden opportunity to restore our Constution by eliminating many of the Federal agencies to cut the defecit.
    1. Eliminate the DOE, for forty years it has done nothing to get us off of foreign oil.
    2. Eliminate the “Department of Education”, When government controls the schools, they don’t need to control the Press.
    3. Eliminate the “Federal Reserve”, it is a Private Banking Cartel, (like OPEC) that controls our money supply, for its own profit.
    4.Please add to this list of waste&corruption

  • Rocky

    Our elected officals know whats coming. Their underground cities are ready and waiting. They may be waiting much longer than they had planned.

  • Gary2

    We need to demand that the private sector low pay shit service jobs start to pay as good as the gov jobs. The people should be mad at private corporations for providing these crappy low pay no benefit jobs. The private sector needs to come up to the gov worker pay/benefit levels and we do not need to drag down the state workers to our shitty private sector jobs. Free choice act-force the corporations to pay a fair wage.

    All Walker needs to do is tax the rich. WTF this guy is giving the rich tax cuts.

  • PaulF

    It can’t even be said that public unions only care about their workers – in truth they really only care about their senior workers. All across the country right now we are seeing PUBLIC UNIONS CAUSE FIRING OF JUNIOR EMPLOYEES INSTEAD OF ACCEPTING VERY MODEST PAY/HOUR/BENEFIT CUTS.

    Public unions have come close to destroying hundreds of municipalities financially. The reason that even FDR did not support collective bargaining for public unions is that he recognized that what you have in such a situation is the union on both sides of the table with the union’s BOSS – the taxpayers – nowhere. And so it has gone indeed – they buy the politicians with their lobbyists who grant them rosier and rosier terms until what they have is so far out of whack with the private sector it’s almost comical. L.A. trash collectors making $90K/year with guaranteed pensions of a similar amount and hundreds of other such stories.

    The left can only survive by systemic lying. Telling lies so often and so insidiously that many or most people don’t question them. One of these lies we see now is that collective bargaining is some sort of “human right”. I have no such right as a private worker and never would expect to have it – there is no such right. Never mind even in times like this when cities and states are flat-broke from paying public union workers salaries, benefits, and pensions that people in the private sector with their education and skills would kill for.

    And who likes this situation? Well, the government does – the big-government politicians, that is, the big-brother types who recognize that a dependent populace is a populace that can be controlled and that will never fail to give you its vote.

    There’s another side of the coin, to be sure – wealth increasingly bubbling to the top, with the middle-class disappearing. We have a rigged system where nobody really wins except the elites, but it’s still a fact that we can’t afford to pay public union workers 50-100% more (counting benefits and pensions) then the private sector manages.

  • Well get ready because it is coming . Read revelation chapters 17 and 18. This is america. She sits as a Queen and thinks no harm can come to her. She will be destroyed in one hour. America is ” Mystery Babylon”. Read it for yourselves

  • Wayne

    Lets face it too many Americans think they are worth more than the next door neighbor. I’m telling you right now. If I ever became president I would do my very best to end all unions………………………………..

  • Julie Russell

    Well, lets just vote Ron Paul in, he will completely change the face of America and after the dust settles we can pick up the pieces and rebuild.

  • coffee time

    Do you know why the Democrats abandoned their posts? Because the people in Wisconsin will make Swiss cheese out of them… As soon as the taste of S@!^ over comes the frosty idea of Green.. realising your grand parents and parents were raped.Obama bulbs and the seizure of all other more dependable appliances without a self destruct grid are not the solution but signs of death to our infrastructure. The gates leading to the fema camps are becoming a reality in my logical rundown… summer is near , focus on an independant way to heat your den next winter

  • I live in Wisconsin. And it is divided into the Southern half of the state and the northern part of it. The Northern part of the state is largely self-sufficient and tend to think of themselves as a much more independent group than the Southern counterparts. The Northerners are hunters, builders, fishermen, Agorists, small business owners, moonshiners, and increasingly traveling up to Michigan to obtain their new legalized medicinal herb. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Northern portion of this state looked to secede from its Socialist Southern brothers and sisters and create a new state with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Most Northerners have a plan for when the sh*t hits the fan. We know its coming. Sooner rather than later. And many up in the Northern part of the state not only have a plan for when it falls apart but also know how to hunt, fish, and survive without the help of a “sugar-daddy”. People up in the Northern part of this state are rugged. Durable. They know how to camp in nature. How to build home from what nature provides. How to feed themselves when the dollar is worthless and can only be used as kindling for a campfire. Don’t worry about Wisconsin (well at least the Northern half)…worry about your state!

  • FredKapelski

    Isn’t it interesting that we have had the Iraq & Afganistan wars running us billions in backruptcy. Yet, teachers will come out in mass to keep from getting a pay cut, while America kills its sons & daughters in 2 wars that unconstitutional, founded on lies, and perpetuated by lies. Is this what “teachers” have come to? Kill our kids, but don’t touch our income? God forgive us?

  • MAN

    I’ve heard several references on the cable news channels about how this is “Cairo in Wisconsin”. What a terrible analogy and how short our public memory seems to be. The protests in Egypt were about a corrupt despot and miserablre economic conditions. The more appropriate analogy would be “Athens in Wisconsin”. There, the Greek government was forced to implement austerity measures in return for an IMF bailout. The government workers revolted.

  • tra


  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Karl D. of Market Ticker fame is all over this like white on rice:

    Two “S” Words For Saturday

    The first one: STATE.

    You know, that thing that has all of the powers of government not explicitly delegated in The Constitution to The Federal government? Yes, that thing. There are 50 of them in The United States.

    Notice that we don’t call the nation “The United Federal Government.” We call it “The United STATES.” That’s because States have supremacy. Always have. They originally joined together under a promise of a limited Federal government, which was mostly about the common defense – and little more.

    Now as for the second word….. Sedition.

    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. Archaic . rebellious disorder.

    I’m going to draw the line between the word sedition and the act of seditious conspiracy; the latter is a federal offense. At least today, that line may still apply. It may be true, however, that as facts develop we will discover that this line has been crossed.

    In America we have these things called elections. After the 2008 election Barack Obama was having a discussion with Republican lawmakers where they were objecting to some of his plans. They asked him why they should negotiate with a wall, effectively, and his answer was simple:

    “I won.”

    Ok. Fair enough. Elections have consequences, right, and one of the key points that Barack Obama himself has put forward time and time again as justification for his alleged “mandate” was that he won the 2008 election.

    Never mind that he lied about virtually everything he said he was going to do. Among other things he said he did not come to Washington to favor the banksters, but in point of fact he has provided more Lewinskis to them than Monica ever did to Bill Clinton. His so-called Attorney General, Eric “Place” Holder, can’t even find a felony to indict and prosecute when they’re apparently admitted to under oath before the FCIC.

    It is clear at this point that the game is to run the Statute of Limitations so that prosecution becomes impossible. That is, for those who elected Barack Obama, you by doing so – yes, this includes me – provided every bankster a “never go to jail” card for what they did.

    In fact, Angelo Mozilo had the criminal probe against him dropped yesterday, if reports are correct.

    Of course McStain was going to do the same thing. So it’s not like we really had a choice between “D” and “R” in this regard, right? Well, no.

    We were also told our health insurance payments would go down. Mine went up – more than 20%. This, despite being told it wouldn’t. That we would get “relief.” Well, no, we didn’t get relief. We got cornholed.

    After two years of this blatant abuse Americans had enough. They went to the polls again. And this time they threw a lot of Demoncrats out of office. One of the newly-elected politicians was Republican Governor Walker in Wisconsin.

    He ran on a platform that, among other things, promised to do away with collective bargaining for teachers for all items other than pay. That is, pensions, health insurance, work rules, everything else. All those things, if they were going to be larded up on the public, would have to survive a public vote by the people.

    What’s wrong with this, may I ask? Teachers are employed by the people. Did you notice your property tax bill? You’re the boss. You pay the check. You make the rules. And in a representative government, you hire people through the ballots to do as you demand.

    Wisconsin did exactly that.

    Governor Walker did exactly what he promised. Faced with a monstrous budget problem that was gimmicked and gamed by his predecessor to appear smaller than it really was (just as occurred in New Jersey with Governor Christie) he put forward a bill.

    Remember now, the standard is “I won” when it comes to justification – by our own President.

    Mr. Walker won.

    So what did our President’s campaign organization – “Organizing For America” – do?

    OfA Wisconsin’s field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said.


    Our own President’s campaign apparatus is attempting to prevent a vote from taking place? To overturn an election? To incite discontent against a duly-elected government, perhaps by importing people who aren’t actually Wisconsin residents? And to spread that discontent to other states?

    Really? Our own President is doing this?

    That’s textbook stuff folks. As in Mubarak’s textbook.

    Didn’t we just see a government go down with our support in Egypt over this exact same thing? A government where the people said “do X”, government did “Y”, and the people rose? And let us not forget that in Egypt it was not the people who were shooting, it was government goons – rifles are prohibited from private ownership in Egypt.

    These acts have a word folks: Sedition.

    Just a month ago we heard from our very same President that we had a “responsibility” to tone down the political rhetoric. This, incidentally, is why these bussed-in protesters who aren’t Wisconsin residents are waving signs that claim Walker is Adolph Hitler and have targets on him?

    To anyone who believes that these teachers are in some way deprived, I’ve run the analysis. The average teacher in Wisconsin receives about $86,000 in total pay and benefits annually. Like all teachers they also get three months off every year. That $86,000 has a huge benefit component, like all public employees – including pension and health care. But the important point is this figure is roughly $25,000 more than the average private-sector worker makes – even when you include the ridiculously over-compensated people like those at Goldman Sachs.

    Here’s the reality folks: We’re broke. The States are broke and so is the Federal Government. We’ve allowed political hacks from both sides to make promises that can’t be kept. That’s a fact and no amount of spin is going to change it. We must cut the Federal Budget by more than half and at the same time raise taxes in order to start to pay down the debt.

    Five entitlement programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and Unemployment consume more than half of the entire Federal Budget. We borrow 42 cents of every dollar. You can cut to zero every other program, including defense, and we can’t balance the budget if we do not severely cut these five programs.

    This is not a problem for the future, it’s a problem that must be solved right now. We could have cut the budget by 10 or 20% a decade ago, but we didn’t. Now it’s half. Soon it will collapse. And this same picture exists in the States.

    The pension and health care cost issues are particularly severe. There is no solution to these problems that “keeps the promises” people believe were made to them. It’s not possible, no matter what you wish to believe or who is speaking. These are mathematical facts.

    But today, the issue is this: We have a President who is attempting to overturn the results of an election in a State. That election was held, the people spoke, and the majority of Wisconsin residents support what Governor Walker is doing. The President has exactly zero right to interfere in the sovereign matters of a State’s Government in violation of the expressed will of The People and by doing so he has, in my opinion, committed an impeachable offense.

    There are also serious issues in Wisconsin with the Teachers and also with State Senators. If you are a parent with children in a Wisconsin school you must demand that any teacher who falsely called in sick to protest be debarred from teaching your child. It is absolutely essential that our children understand and be taught that the representative process of government is sacred and that violating that premise is unacceptable. No parent who honors our form of government can permit their child to be instructed by a teacher who participated. I therefore call upon all parents to perform a “KidOut” and demand these teachers be immediately fired and replaced, or their children will not return to class. There are millions of unemployed people in this nation and many are qualified to teach. There is no shortage in the labor pool. Force the Superintendents to fire every one of these teachers – right now.

    Second, Governor Walker needs to sign an executive order declaring a State of Emergency and ordering the Senate to come to order. If the Democrats refuse he should then declare their seats abdicated and hold special elections. The Democrats need only lose one seat in that special election to be irretrievably screwed. It is fine to disagree but the fact remains that a legislator has a job, and that is to legislate. That means showing up, speaking your peace, debating in a civil manner and voting. That’s how we do things in America.

    Finally, to those in Organizing for America who are playing these games, let me make this very, very clear: You set the standard in 2008 when your President, who heads your group, said “I won” as justification for refusing to compromise on his bills. Well, this time you lost. Live to your own standards or you risk the people deciding to shut down commerce. To de-fund the government and your goon squads by doing an entirely-legal thing – deciding to cease all commerce and demonstrate via peaceful means exactly as was done in Egypt.

    Government exists only because it has a believed ability to raise revenues via taxation. That’s what allows government at all levels to sell bonds and transact business.

    We the people, via peaceful and lawful means, always have the right to revoke that belief among those who buy those bonds and transact business, and I believe we are not far from a critical mass in this country of people who are willing to do exactly that, particularly when our government refuses to honor the just results of a fair election of representatives and governors.

    I call upon all Ticker readers to call Darryl Issa’s office Tuesday, along with their Representative and Senators, and demand an immediate halt to this interference in the affairs of Wisconsin and other States. And while you’re at it, demand that Mr. Issa issue subpoenas and find out exactly where the money came from for those buses, where the people came from, and who’s coordinating what.

    There may be a federal offense in there.

    Speaking of which, is it time to impeach Eric Holder yet?

  • Nam Marine

    Unions should be outlawed! The cuts have to start somewhere!

  • Jmac

    I read the first paragraph and had to stop. The narrative established, in fact the entire premise of the first paragraph is a direct, straight out lie. I appreciate an opinion backed by facts and will recpect and consider any viewpoint but I instantly draw the line when I am being lied to. The protests in Wisconsin are not over compensation. Or should I say, this is only a component of what brought about the protests but it is not the primary reason the protests are happening.

    The protests are happening because, under the premise of a direct and profound threat to the Wisconsin budget, (a manufactured emergency) a bill had to be rushed through that stripped public employee unions of almost all of their collective bargaining rights and forced a yearly affirmation vote to maintain the integrity of the unions. These two points had NOTHING to do with the budget.

    This was a power grab, plain and simple and the people recognized it and stood up to it. The unions are willing to negotiate and take pay cuts. They are not willing to be steamrolled and crushed.

    So, please, stop spinning your false narrative and lying to your readers. Although, maybe your readers like to be lied to. I, for one, am interested only in the truth of matters. Tell the truth. Stop lying. Stop manipulating facts to support your predetermined narrative. It is so irritating.

    What is happening in the entire Northeast is a coordinated attempt to break the unions to the benefit of Republicans in the national congressional and presidential elections. This is all about pure political power and the coporate money that is attempting to buy all of it. How can people not see this? Oh yeah… ideolgical blinders firmly in place. Simply amazing.

    Oh and I am not saying that what is taking place is bad or wrong. I am simply pointing out pertinent facts and trying to objectively look at the truth of the situation. But maybe people like false narratives and they like to be lied to. They must. It seems to be everywhere.

    I am not a partisan. I use only one criteria to decide who I will vote for in every election. Whoever tells the truth the most gets my vote regardless of party affiliation. Personal integrity gets my vote. I know that’s strange and ridiculous but I value integrity even though no one else seems to. I guess someone has to. What happened to character and integrity? It has been replaced by rigid ideology, deception, and ruthlessness. That’s too bad.

  • Davidm

    These public worker unions are nothing but a bunch of greedy, money grubbing, corrupt parasites. The funel their dues to the crooked democrat politicians. The democrats pay them off with obscene juicy benefits and wages none of us can get in the private sector. They are not public servants they are parasites that make a huge living off of our backs.

  • alice

    JUST BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T ATTACK PHYSICALLY, doesn’t make it peaceful…….Intimidation, bulling, obstructing the people away from of our State Capital, IS NOT PEACEFUL…. If I did that at the local library, I’d be arrested…… BALANCE THE BUDGET WITHOUT RAISING TAXES!

  • andy

    We have accepted a simpler life.

    We will resist taxes in all their forms.

    We will be as self sufficient as possible.

    We will not strike in anger.

    We will humbly accept our lots. But we will not participate in perverse systems.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • John Wayne

    Where we got such bad karma I wander…?

  • runningman

    I have no sympathy for any state, county or federal employees. Welcome to the real world of cut backs, reduction in pay, and lack of tax revinue in general. Welcome to the party.

  • Al Quijana

    Quick fact check here: the public employees people have said repeatedly that they will pay the additional amounts asked, and are willing to sit down and negotiate further concessions. Walker refuses to meet with them, and announced he had the Natl Guard ready to crack down if citizens exercised their right to assemble and petition for redress. And people are cheering him on? WtF?

    What they are protesting is that the “budget repair bill” strips them of all rights they currently have under State law to collectively bargain on their terms of employment. Why? According to the Governor, this is required to avoid layoffs. But he won’t show his numbers – in fact, he just announced another week of delay before he’ll show his numbers. And, uh, since he needs to reduce the size of the State government, what exactly is his problem with layoffs?

    Even his most basic statements are inconsistent. And this is all we get from government. Does nobody parse these statements?

    I don’t mind government austerity at all. It’s long overdue. But for too long now we get only lies and half-truths from both parties. I believe the best course for any American is to vote and work for any candidate who is not affiliated with either major political party. So WI democratic legislators ran away? We should be cheering them on! I wish all the incumbents would run away. – Fed up in Wisconsin

  • Victor Walsh

    The immediate issues on the surface are wages, job security, health benefits, but the real issue is the right of collective bargaining — the right of people to collectively voice their position. Without this right, the power of the Executive is unchecked

    The real issue here is maintaining checks and balances on the concentration of power. It’s part of this nation’s heritage and abiding principles and it needs to be defended.

  • sharonsj

    In reply to Dant: If you want real news, go to the site for the Wisconsin State Journal and read the article, “Is the state budget really in crisis?” It explains things more clearly.

    I still say that the Repubs are using the financial crisis to kill the unions. And if you look at both state and federal budget cuts, we’ll be seeing more jobs lost. Oh, and did I mention that of the 400 bills introduced in the House, only one was about jobs?

  • Dave

    Sorry everyone, the party has been over for sometime. Incompetent leadership in Wash.DC has squeezed the private sector to minimal output. No private sector tax revenue, then no budget revenue for public sector. Simple math, you either add or subtract. Just like your home checkbook. States are broke, period.
    Due to certain short sighted special groups, the only solution remaining for the states, and our entire nation, is total collapse. Get your heads out of your rears and start preparing for the inevitable. Cut the TV indoctrination & look around you. Think damn it. Collapse WILL BE sooner than you can imagine.

  • sonnyboy

    The era is changing. We are moving from a tax and spend liberalism to a more sensible spend only what you have conservatism. This will take some time to achieve. If this law in Wisconsin is passed, other states will quickly follow suit. The days of easy lifetime jobs in the public sector are coming to an end. In the long run, the country will be better off for it.

  • Jmac


    That’s what I figured. Cherry picking data and manipulating the narrative to tell the story you want to tell. Hmmmm…. isn’t that the same thing the government is doing that everyone’s complaining about? I bet you even complain about the government manipulating data and you’re doing the same thing! Ha Ha! Hilarious. There’s a pot and kettle joke in there somewhere. Nation of deceivers, nation of ideologues, nation of manipulators. Zero integrity anywhere and everyone wonders why everything’s so screwed up. No one trusts anyone and you contribute nicely to that buffet of deception. Well done!

  • Teresa

    Do you call ramming a bill through both houses without debate a democratic process? Do you call stripping citizens of their right to speak a democratic action? I don’t know what country you live in but this is what is happening in Wisconsin. The Assembly met an hour ahead of schedule and voted b/4 the full assembly was present (just the dems were absent). Curious. The Governor emphatically states HIS bill is not open for negotiation – another curiosity. How is this following a democratic process? Do you know of anyone who died for their rights to organize? How quickly we forget.

  • Louise in MO

    I am amazed at some of the postings here regarding the Wisconsin protests. Hateful rhetoric does nothing but add fuel to the fire.

    Peaceful protesting is guaranteed to every American….at least for the time being. Teachers can protest and those who don’t agree with their position can do likewise. Those outside of the state have o dog in the race.

    If Wisconsin doesn’t have the money, they don’t have the money! What the hell is the governor supposed to do….crap the money?

    We’re on Social Security and we KNOW that cutbacks are coming. We moved to a cheaper apartment and are driving a cheaper, no frills car. We don’t eat out and don’t even consider vacations. Do we intend to riot or protest? Absolutely not@

    We love this country and trying to blame others and rant and rage over one group or the other is ridiculous. We are ALL at fault in some way. JFK’s famous quote applies here more then ever: “Ask NOT what your country can do for you, but what can YOU do for your country.” Be part of the solution and quit griping!

  • shawn

    This is a MAJOR story. Yesterday the Wisconsin legislation was prepared to make teacher unions pay an increase (triple? what they already pay) towards their pensions and health care. So then about 7? Democrats disappear from the Wisconsin legislative vote as tens of thousand union members protested the increase on the day of the vote. With the Democrats missing in Wisconsin legislation (they just left the building!) to prevent the vote of increase taking place. Then the governor of Wisconsin is like “you are paid to be here and you need to return to your job (or i’ll send the police after ya!!)” A win for the union by STALLING THE VOTE! Then Obama steps in and argues that the governor was trying to do away with collective bargaining against the union! Obama says these people are your neighbors and they have rights! Huh! Then the governor standing his ground responds with that if he doesn’t ask for the increase then 6000 state employees won’t get paid AND HE’ll CALL IN THE NATIONAL GUARD to run the PRISONS and State government! HUH? Look at the mess below-the union is prepared to fight for million of union workers with millions of dollars and now major protests will take place across the Country to protect their wages! Now how the hell is the budget deficit suppose to get paid if the STATES ARE GOING BROKE-they obviously have to look at their STATE EMPLOYEES teacher unions, State employees etc…are just some of the areas. I mean get ready when the STATES RUN OUT OF MONEY the private sector-you and me will end up with increase taxes and have to deal with cuts in social programs. increase State Taxes, increase property taxes, decrease cost of living in Social Security Benifits etc…You name it and the private sector will pay for the Federal-State and County cuts! Why is Obama getting involved? He is working on cuts to Federal programs and claims “its going to be a ruff ride”. He wants to be reelected and if you have 7 million union members and that is alot of votes. I applaud the Governor of Wisconsin for coming out and saying he will call in the National Guard if he doesn’t make cut which happen to be one area which is the pension benefits and healthcare of unions members. We lose the powers of democracy-when you dictate to the unions in this COUNTRY and take away theirCOLLECTIVE BARGAINING rights-then you have NO UNION. Are we not headed for a SOCIALIST REGIME? Seems like that to me! Obama CANNOT ride BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE! Telling the American people there will be cuts and we all will be effected. Then arguing FOR the State unions who are crying they don’t want their salaries affected. I’m sorry they feel this way but we have a trillion dollar deficit that either we work on paying now or your great grandchildren will pay for it. Obama needs to fund the State deficits or shut the hell up and let the States take care of their own business. When the Federal level starts dictating to the States on their budgets then we might as well be run and ruled by one person calling all the shots and that is what Obama is trying to do! He needs to run the Federal government and brace himself and supply SUPPORT for the State’s predictament and get the National Guard ready to come in if the State’s budget collapses and that is just what the governor of Wisconsin is warning the America people that we have a crisis in this country (like it is not obvious). Due to the current problems in the middle east the Obama administration is calling on the Middle East dictators to “listen to their people” and to save face he is forced to tell States like Wisconsin to “listen to the people”. Huh?! I’m damned confused how he can stand on National T.V. and tell the American people there will be painful CUTS and turn around and support the unions protesting those cuts? Doesn’t this philosphy apply to them as well?!
    Sounds like a MAJOR story to me! I’m for everyone making sacrifices in their personal finances and daily living to get this trillion dollar deficit under control. I worked for 32 years and am “poor” and in this economy and with the State’s going broke people just need to be prepared to even live on less because the government is going to end up taking it all in the END!

  • Wes

    I notice how the supporters of these protesting parasites always say that it is NOT about the MONEY!

    Liars, only an idiot would belive that you would protest for days so that you could collectively bargain for LESS money!

    What kind of IDIOTS do you take us all for?

  • Trojanguy

    America passed the tipping point of being able to rein in it’s insatiable appetite for spending and debt years ago. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama made sure of that in the last two years with their insane growth of government and spending and entitlement programs. No one can know for certain what black swan event in the world will trigger the coming global economic collapse, or when it will occur. My guess is it will happen within the next five to seven years. If people now were somehow able to see just how startling and horrific the chaos and madness and hopelessness is going to be when the collapse does arrive, the changes that would need to be enacted to prevent this looming nightmare, would happen very quickly indeed. However, we’re not a very bright species, I’m afraid and most likely the necessary changes and reforms to our economy and government will not begin to happen until it’s way to late.

  • dont worry america is collapsed already, your just still asleep. after they lay off more police and fire fightors cut the goverment and fed retirement benefits the riots will; begin you know why, because there are over 50 million un-employed americans, that will give guns for bread and butter, the rich and the elite better leave america because they will be the first to be lynched, j. p morgan, chase, bank of america, sherson lehman gold man sachs, those people on wall street will face angry mobs throwing them form the 5oth floor, and the federal reserver and the jekcal island clan david rockefeller and the bush saudi ties, will all be open game. hang the theifs that plundered america.

  • The system is in a state of collapse.

    News updates:

  • Keith

    It is simply nonsense that public employees are blamed for the insolvency while the ultra-rich and corporations receive extended tax cuts.

    As a percentage of GDP, tax revenues in the USA are the lowest since the 1950s. Meanwhile income inequality is up, with the top 1% raking in over $1 million per year and paying the lowest marginal tax rates they’ve had (again, and not co-incidentally) since the 1950s.

    But whatever, it’s the unions…

  • Dwayne

    Welcome to ‘Argentina’
    I’m upgrading my education and plan to
    move overseas and live a simple life.
    I live both in Canada and the US. I
    simply can’t afford living here. If you
    live a simple life you are really looked
    down on. BTW this article is very true. I
    agree we are going to see more. The foundation
    of the global economy is the USA. More
    Specifically the value of peoples homes.
    Talk about minimalist stupidity. Would
    the global economy be based on the speculative
    Values of bicycles in China if they become
    Number one? Greed and easy credit caught up

  • Dan McDonald

    Reading the article and some of the comments, and facing my own thoughts, the thing that stands out to me is that most of us have not yet begun to face the reality of our debt situation. The Wisconsin teacher unions are a case in point. For years unions have been able to bargain for a few extra dollars of pay and benefits and have been successful. But unions are situated within reality and not above it. Today, since state governments cannot as easily kick the can as the federal government, they are having to make the decisions based on the reality that they have no money to meet their obligations.

    The Federal government is only temporarily able to live beyond its means. It has a lot bigger window of opportunity to do so, because it has the printing presses. But in reality money, even paper money is a commodity used in trade. When we buy something with money we are trading. In effect every transaction has two buyers and two sellers. When I go to the grocery store and buy food, I am in effect also selling the grocery store money. The store stays in business so as to buy my money with the food it sells, even as I go to the store to buy food with the money I am selling them.

    What does that all mean? It means that once consumers are really convinced that the money is no good, people will be doing everything they can do to get rid of the money they are given as fast as they can. I saw that in Russia in the late 90’s. That is where this is all probably headed. What is taking place in the Middle East may well be the trigger. If many Middle Eastern governments that cooperate with America (none like us, but many cooperate) are toppled; then we should not be surprised if new Middle East regimes start demanding something other than dollars or even Euros for the purchase of oil.

    The Koran teaches Muslims to use the gold dinar as money. Presently many Middle Easterners see the dollar and Euro, and the entire fiat currency scheme as means of Middle Eastern repression by Western governments. He who prints the dollars used in the system rules the system. Middle Eastern rebellions might lead to the breakdown of the whole Western based system of fiat money, especially if China which is both the biggest producer and biggest importer of gold comes to favor a gold currency over a dollar based Yuan.

    If that happened, then a lot of Americans selling products of value might begin asking, “Are these dollars I am accepting for these valuable goods really worth anything?” That is when it could get hard to sell dollars or buy anything with them. That is when, like at the time of our Constituion’s writing, Americans will say, “we want a currency of precious metals and not government controlled fiat money.” Nothing divides us any more than government controlled money being parceled out to folk like monarchs once parcelled out favors to courtiers. Precious metals currencies always ended up in the hands of those who produced the best goods for the lowest price. Not so with fiat money. Fiat money exists for the benefit of the one who produces it.

  • M Tread

    In a free society, I don’t see anything wrong with a reasonable and sensible operating union in the private sector markets. If the market bares the additional cost of operating because of the union influences, then so be it. But, there is no place for unions in the public ( tax-paid) employee sector. Too much room for manipulation of the system by corrupt people. The bigger picture here, is the fact that the US Gov. is being controlled by the powers that be and unfortunately, those people and oganizations are not within US borders. There are a few that are residing here but they don’t play by our rules and none are concerned for our sovereignty. We are all, now, on our own. Every man for himself. What I mean is; those that have eyes to see and ears to hear had best be ready for the collapse. It is coming my friends. Stop the bitching and complaining and get your house in order. Out of debt,by any means possible and prepare with survival supplies. Most important get right with your maker. Peace and Love!

  • And I suppose you voiced all those concerns on the steps of the White House every time its done by your President Teresa?

  • Senator Blutarsky

    Cut bennies, pay etc ?

    Lets get priorities straight – lets eliminate every red cent spent on 30million illegal aliens first, and expedite their return to their origin homeland

    lets eliminate the self-perpetuating welfare system – 50 years of “Great Society” failure

    Lets eliminate 2 useless LOST wars and the single largest drag on our economic system

    Lets eliminate tax benefits for CEOs to offshore American jobs

    Lets eliminate the exclusive golden parachute for CON-gress

    Lets eliminate the totally failed lost ” War on Drugs ”

    Lets eliminate ” foreign aid ” to other nations

    Lets eliminate every form of CORPORATE WELFARE, including bailouts and special benefits

    Lets eliminate the IRS, the revenue collection jackboots for the PRIVATELY-OWNED ” Federal Reserve ”

    Lets setup a citizens review board for every single fedgov depratment to determine its elimination.

    Lets return to a currency backed by gold and silver

    Lets walk down Wall Street and the halls of CON-gress with thousnad of pairs of handcuffs and free rides to a warm jail cell

    Thats just for starters………..

  • Pedro

    The only 3 words one needs to know” Follow the money”! This is all about politics, but with one truth, the debt collector will finally come! Thank God liberals don’t own guns it will make it easier to fend them off with the coming riots!

  • astudent

    Opposition to the protests is a farce. $3B in tax cuts to the wealthy is the reason for their budget problems.

    If you oppose the protests it means you support tax cuts for the rich.

    Don’t punish my teacher’s wallet because the rich got what they wanted!

  • madisonresident

    Actually the Teacher’s Union has said that they are willing to make concessions about the benefits and pay but that they don’t want their right to collectively bargain to be eliminated which you conveniently left out of your poorly researched and highly biased article. This bill is about UNION BUSTING and not balancing the budget. Do you have any clue what working conditions were like in this country were like before we had organized labor? The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau published a memo stating that Wisconsin would have a budget surplus for 2009-11 of $121 million but then Walker gave $140 million in January of this year to the special-interest groups that elected him. This is divide and conquer with Teacher’s and other public employees taking the blame for Walker’s kickbacks to his corporate patrons. I’d rather have my tax dollars go to Teachers (and I don’t even have children) than to Walker’s special-interest cronies including a “Health Savings Account” that functions as a tax shelter for those making over $139,000 a year. Why are you only talking about public employees tightening their belts when Walker has been giving HUGE tax breaks to corporations and those at the top of the income bracket? BTW-I work in the private sector.

  • Lennie Pike

    Tresa Williams is correct.

    Amongst many other clues that The United States of America is the Babylon spoken of in Revelation chapters 17 and 18 there is: “Clothed in purple and scarlet”. White is not a color. The shade of the blue that is the background of the stars of the American flag, would have been considered purple many years ago – red, white, and blue.

  • The Unicorn

    Lennie Pike
    People knew what purple was,it was considered to be a symbol of royality/wealth.
    Check out the Phoenician Island/city of Tyre.
    They produced the most purple of purples using a snail found in that area for the dye.Its a lost art as far as I know.

    Connect the dots to understand.

  • van

    About 99.9% of teachers are Liberal wanted be or junkie tag a long Liberals that swallow every line that BIG O says. They are tools for the communist and will be shit-canned when the time comes. American whites need HARD TIMES.

  • Gary2

    If the government gave to the states what it gave to just bail out AIG then there would be no state deficits. No more corporate welfare and start taxing the rich hard.

  • Bob Gross

    This is simply another effort to use the government and legal system to destroy America’s last large union and privatize education. Out of one side of the leader’s mouth comes the comment “we are broke”. However, “broke people” don’t give billions away in tax breaks to the wealthy. Our federal government did it in December (and the same individuals responsible now are screaming for cuts to necessary programs to fund this break for the wealthy), our government bailed out the banks and Wall Street (again, nobody is talking about it), and they have the gall to talk about the deficit. They are right…we can’t afford it. We can’t afford necessary social programs if the rich need more money, and they have more money here than anywhere in the world.
    Trust me when I say Wisconsin was just the start of things, and it is going to get ugly.

  • The 2 main causes are these :
    a) If Business pays costs and dividends of $100 to make a product or service it needs $110 in Sales to make a retained profitof $10 – Where does the extra $10 come from ? Ans : Debt (Consumer Debt, Government Debt) plus Business Fixed Assets – There is another source – Called NEFS : Net Export Financial Simulation but this is not used yet.
    b) ‘Cheap’ goods from China – China does not do Free Trade, it does Uni-Trade : they sell to us Period. They use the money we give them to lend back to us to buy more of there cheap goods and now we are broke and owned by China ! – All we have to do is take China to the WTO and sue them for $15 Trillion-ish for the decimation of Western Industry, skills and soon civilisation that their unfair trade practices have caused. Then we use NEFS so we don’t get back into this mess again – it’s only numbers we are short of not real stuff – it’s quite easy

  • LJE

    Things are bad here in Ireland, but this is at least a fairly cohesive, non-armed and low density population that can sustain itself on a very basic level if needs be. The USA is the most bankrupt country on the planet, way worse than Ireland, only the penny has not dropped yet. When people wake up from the dream they will realise that successive bad governments have created a nightmare that will take decades of pain to fix.

  • Lennie Pike

    Unicorn, You agree with me then, good – but take a course in reading comprehension.

  • WisconsinFighter

    Walker’s supporters needs to wake up. All Walker has done is make it more “Business friendly” for his bosses the Koch brothers who have cut over 2000 jobs nationwide while increasing their networth by 11 billion to be 42 billion currently. Of course they are the primary financers of the Tea Party and are both in the top 10 of richest Americans. David Koch is now the richest man in New York City.

    Koch Industries pretends that it thrives from the “free market,” and that the government only inhibits its growth. But in reality, as Koch slashed jobs, the company exploited government contracts, public forests, public land, narrow corporate loopholes, eminent domain seizures of private land, and has demanded taxpayer bailouts for its refineries. Yet still they donate millions to the museums and art centers in New York. Koch Industries owns Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, Georgia-Pacific lumber, Stainmaster carpet, and Lycra, among other products.

    Because Koch Industries gets rich burning fossil fuels, the Koch brothers are the largest funders of climate change denying organizations and “libertarian” nonprofits in the world. Koch political donations have helped the company escape serious prosecution for emitting cancer-causing chemicals as well.

    And Walker’s all for the taxpayers here in Wisconsin. You mean his rich campaign funders. It’s just a smoke screen. Rich get richer thanks to Walker and the Tea Party. He is nothing more than their pawn and they will discard of him as soon as they get what they want. They want Wisconsin because because we support Obama, we are a battleground state. Before they can take Wisconsin they need to break the unions. They hate Obama and anything that he stands for and want their Palin in as president so they can reap more profits and power. Walker acts like the only taxpayers are his supporters and could not be further from the truth. By the way, can anyone show exactly when he promised during his campaign that he would do away with collective bargaining? Yes, he did say he would make changes but he conveniently failed to mention that part. We are starting a recall of the 8 senators on Walker’s side and of Walker. Wisconsin low and middle class are committed to this fight. We know it will take time. They started it but we will end it.$11_billion_in_recent_years,_they_laid_off_thousands

  • The real protest should be that unions were allowed in public service to begin with! The idea that it is somehow an inherent right to collectively force higher taxation and debt onto the private citizenry is absurd on its face!

  • Steve

    It’s not that the teachers refuse to negotiate any cuts, it is that the desire to strip them of any bargaining power will reverse 100 years of progress in labor relations. Do we really want to return to the Gilded Age? Turing the private sector workers again the public sector workers is a brilliant tactic in hiding the fact that the newly elected majority lighten the load for the very wealthy. It is heartbreaking to watch, but I think this will wake the country up. GO WISCONSIN, YOU CAN BEAT THIS BILL!

  • Alice

    A man walks down the road, but stops at a peculiar sight. Two union guys are working by the side of the road, but the first is simply digging holes while the second is filling them up. Curiosity gets the best of the walker, so he asks the men what they are doing.

    “We’re a post-hole crew,” says the first.

    “But what about the posts?”

    The other union guy answers, “we’re a three man crew — Bob digs the holes, I fill them, and Charlie puts the posts in, but he’s out sick today.”

  • Nancy

    Cutting pensions or whatever is NOT going to fix this mess! Our Great-Great Grandchildren won’t even be able to fix it. I heard awhile back that 100,000 teachers will be layed off by the next school year. Does it bother me, of course, but there are so MANY other pressing problems that haven’t even been addressed. I work for the school system, so this issue is very close to my heart, but I am also a realist. This country doesn’t even resemble the country that I grew up in, and what’s even sadder, the “Globalists” aren’t done yet.

  • Aberdeen

    State government collects taxes from the public and then pays the public unions with it. The union then charges a fee to its members who are paid with tax $, a portion of which is returned to the very politicans(in the form of campaign contributions) who decide the salaries and benefits the unions recieve. Just a small conflict of interest.

    From a personal politician’s standpoint paying the unions more than they are worth in the public sector is just a future “investment” in thier re-election campaign fund and party coffers.

    Corporate donations are just as crooked.

    Ban all campaign donations from any group, corporations, unions, The United Federation of Big Slobbery Dogs, I don’t care who you are or what your charter proclaims as your purpose; if your membership wishes to support a candidate, let them cut a check from their personal account! This is the only way to end (or at least make it more difficult) the pay to play of our current system.

  • All of this is only possible because of property taxes. Eliminate property taxes and the teachers will have to get real jobs and actually WORK for a living. This dog and pony show with unions exists only because of the easy money which is extorted from homeowners at the end of a gun barrel. Legalize home ownership in the Land of the Free and put an end to these matters!

  • as with most ,you must pay for what you get. we as a nation are responsible for to days situation and must take what comes.only the people can make a change but doubt that they will,but then who can say. bert,west colo

  • Louise in MO

    I am a native Pittsburgher. I lived through the fall of the steel mills. Cause….outlandish union demands; thirteen weeks of paid vacation was just one of them. Long lasting strikes crippled the industry. I also saw the collapse of two grocery chains …..caused by increased union demands. A once triving Pittsburgh lost 35% of its population .

    Union officials were corrupt thugs, often beating people up, smashing their cars and burning their homes to the ground. This was their “collective bargaining” behavior in those days. So, these protests by public employees leave me less than supportive.

    The public education system in America today is terribly flawed and my grandchildren thankfully can attend a private school; two of them are home-schooled. When school teachers call in sick when they aren’t and take to the streets with obscene signs and foul language…who wants them teaching our children?

  • Where was all of this protesting and rioting when Jim Doyle was blowing $3.6B more money than he had to spend.

    I bet it all went to his rich DEMOCRAT friends.

  • Rex

    The government (BOTH PARTIES) refuse to address the FED RESERVE and BANKSTER issue to end the FED and punish the BANKSTERS who robbed our nation blind.

    BOTH PARTIES also refuse to end our Disasterous Trade policies of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and the WTO.

    We’re still paying for ILLEGAL ALIENS. Why should we be paying for their FREE BIRTHS, WIC, food stamps, housing, legal services, language services and FREE school (including FREE breakfasts and lunches) and in some cases, they already get the DREAM ACT.

    These cowards that dare to themselves “representatives” have NOT represented us in a very long time.

    They only serve their Globalist-goverminded Bankster and Corporate masters!

  • Donna

    Comments from a disabled, former teacher: (Please be patient and stay with me on this. This may be long, but what I have to say may change your life.)

    As Bob said, the politicians and Obama just gave billions of dollars away in tax breaks to the wealthy in December, since “the rich need more money.” So now there’s an even larger deficit, and the politicians want to take the money from our services to our children who need the money, so that the politicians can keep giving it to the rich, who don’t need the money. Now there’s a good example of insanity.

    The first writer said Americans need to get real and pay off their debts. That’s just it…the debts aren’t our debts…the debts belong to the corrupt politicians who misspent the money for bribes and favors, and now they are expecting us to pay off their debt for them. And because they have more political power than we do at the moment (the dirty deed of passing the legislation is done)…we’re stuck with the bill.

    Ok, so the bill from the bill that passed has to be paid…well, there are many other areas where badly needed cuts should be made. For one- unfathomable amounts of money are spent every single day for military spending!!!

    But we are all really missing the second point, which is that there ISN’T any savings in sucking money out of our education system. It’s ludicrous to not look at the research that shows this. When Reagan closed the Boy’s Clubs all over the US, it only raised state costs in crime. It left the kids out in the street with nothing to do but get into drugs, gangs, and vandalism, etc. When you hurt education and teachers, you hurt our children, and when you hurt children, you hurt the country financially. (We also hurt our country morally, and in mental health and physical health, and in countless other ways.) When you lay off teachers, raise student-teacher ratios so that even more students are ignored, cut funds for class materials, cut funds for school lunch, etc., and take away from our children in every way possible, it simply costs us MORE money as our nation has to battle even more crime, vandalism, a higher drop out rate, a higher pregnancy rate, a higher suicide rate, a higher drug rate, a higher gang rate, more shootings by more angry young people etc., etc, Do MORE innocent people need to be murdered by angry young people with guns who might have been saved from ever thinking up a violent act- by a caring teacher? Child neglect makes our streets even more unsafe to walk on than they already are. It creates more home break-ins, more murder. We already have the highest crime rate in the world, by far, compared to other countries. Do we need more? The greatest cost is the cost in human resources, since kids who would have grown up and made a contribution to society are, instead, taking from society. American kids are already in crisis. To take from education is an immoral crime against children and against our nation.

    Our kids usually have one parent or, if they are lucky, two parents working their heads off to pay the bills since the politicians let the utility companies raise their rates year after year. (Former President Jimmy Carter used to put price freezes on utility companies. He wouldn’t allow them to keep raising their rates.) (American parents often have less and less time and patience left for good parenting skills when they get home after a long days work, which results in our kids being raised with the negative influence of television, computer games, and/or internet porn.)

    In summation, do we need any MORE human suffering? More burden on the police, fire department, hospitals, and mental healthcare system?

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It costs far less to prevent problems than to try and fix them once they occur. The last thing we want to do is take from where the money is most needed.

    Let’s look at government waste: Over a billion a day for two lost wars that are killing our young men and women and bankrupting our country? Driver’s licenses, welfare and free medical care for illegal aliens in many states? Citizenship automatically by birth on US soil if illegals sneak across the border and give birth in our hospitals that we pay for? Then there is the billions of dollars given to foreign countries. We give billions of dollars to Egypt, who votes against the US most of the time in the UN. For God’s sake, America can give to our own children. I would like to think we are not cheap and we are not people who allow robbery from children (or the disabled) to pay off politician’s debts.

    Children are our future. If one takes from children, one takes from our future. To take from education is an immoral crime against children and against our nation.

    Even if you eliminate lay offs and keep all the teacher’s employed, but lower the teacher’s benefits and salary, you are still hurting the kids because when you hurt the teachers, you hurt the children. If the teacher can’t afford medical care or to fix their car or to buy healthy food, they are even more stressed out and unable to teach effectively. How can they be a role model for throngs of needy children when they are so heavily burdened?

    My mother was a Wisconsin teacher. I grew up in poverty because of my mother’s salary, which was too low to cover many basic home repairs, clothing and proper food. We’d frequently get a peanut butter or bologna sandwich on white bread for lunch at school. I only have one memory of being able to buy clothes at a store. The rest were someone else’s clothes they’d outgrown. When it rained, we’d run around with pots and pans and towels, catching the drips. I remember sitting on my bed, holding an umbrella, as the rain came in my bedroom through the ceiling. I was a latchkey kid for many years because my mom didn’t get home from her college night classes until late at night after she worked a whole day at an elementary school. She is a hero who helped many very needy children from low income rural homes, many of whose parents both worked long hours, and had little time to spend with them, just as my mother had very little time to spend with me or my brother or sister, which was very upsetting to both her and us. My mother retired after 30 years of grueling work with a full pension, but she lost a good deal of her hard earned pension in the stock market crash after our mostly corrupt gov’t allowed the deregulation of banks so that the banks could rob us blind. (See the film, “Inside Job,” that tracks how the banks set us up and stole our investments. Although there is plenty of evidence, Obama is still not sending anyone to jail or forcing the banks to give us our money back.) She now can’t afford medical care she desperately needs in her 80’s, that will prevent her from dying a slow, living death of dementia. Her mind is slowly going and there is nothing she or I can do about it, since Medicare and her insurance refuses to pay for heavy metal chelation, oxygen therapy, nutritional therapy, and other therapies she needs… this is one of the most agonizing problems I have ever experienced!!! Why can’t I help this hero, who deserves The Golden Years rather than an agonizing, early death by brain death?

    Here is my story:
    I live in Georgia and I can’t help my mother with her medical care because I’m disabled with over 20 illnesses, and in severe, chronic pain throughout almost my entire body. Why am I forced to live in a daily existence that most people would equate with torture? Because Medicare has refused to pay for my treatment for years because several of the treatments I need, such as heavy metal detoxification, is classified as alternative medicine, not mainstream, Allopathic medicine. So it’s not covered. Our healthcare system is controlled by the Big Pharma/Monsanto/Codex/Big Agri/Big Bank/Big Oil/Big War & Weaponry cartel that secretly runs our country, and they make sure that alternative medicine, like herbs and vitamins and naturopathy, are not covered by insurance. This way people have to resort to buying drugs instead of using natural methods to heal the body, and the pharmaceutical companies make more money. Part of what I call “The Corrupt Corporation and Politician Cartel” takeover of America.

    For more info, see
    to sign the petitions
    and see: YouTube: Nutricide – Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs and anything with Dr. Rima Laibow and her husband, General Bert Stubblebine.
    Also see: How to Brainwash a Nation, the interview with the former KGB agent.

    Anyway, so help for disabled and elderly citizens, from social security, to food stamps and other disability programs were cut by politicians in Georgia to help pay off the debt they put us in by giving it to greedy, corrupt companies. (Speaking of the elderly, Georgia has a very high incidence of physical and emotional abuse of the elderly by staff in the underfunded nursing homes all across the state. How’s that to look forward to? Is anyone afraid to grow old? And how much social security will be there in the future to live on in old age, now that the politicians have been stealing our money and spending it?)

    At one point I couldn’t go to the doctor for over two years because they cut the funding for the medical transport vans for the disabled. Why? Because the politicians had almost no controls on the money they gave to the van transportation companies so the greedy companies committed fraud and huge amounts of the money. The politicians then closed down all the van companies, leaving us with no way to get to the doctor. I talked to one lady whose little son had chronic seizures and she couldn’t get him to the doctor.

    Speaking of corrupt companies, let’s take Georgia Power. Without authorization, they have already begun construction of yet another nuclear power plant that we don’t need since we have an excess of electricity in Georgia. They are using our taxes to build it, but Ga Power gets all the profit. The old nuclear power plants are leaking into the ground water and they are going to be kept operating. The water is poisoned in poor, black population areas, so it’s a kind of cultural racism.

    More sick people. More money for Big Pharma.

    Ok, now back to my story. My food stamp allotment of $127/month means I will be hungry for part of the month. The most you can receive per month is around $190 which I am eligible for, but they constantly refuse to give me the food stamps I qualify for, the same way they have done with my social security for eons. I have called one of my political reps over and over again, but after half a dozen calls, my rep’s assistant gave up trying to help me get the food I am supposed to be allowed. At 5’3,” I weigh 95 pounds and if I get much thinner, I will look like I’m straight out of a concentration camp. The churches I have called are routinely out of food and when they do have some, I have had often at least ¾ of the 2 to 3 plastic bags of food be expired, unsafe, or in some way inedible. I am also allergic to wheat, dairy, and sugar, and much of the food they give contains those foods. They said they only have what people donate. I was a dedicated teacher and I could still be working- my great love is still children. But now my life is being wasted and may be entirely lost because of corrupt politicians,
    Big Pharma/Codex/Monsanto, and inability to access the medical care I so desperately need, care that only costs about $1,500, but I am unable to work to earn it. (Obama never even mentioned putting an end to discrimination against alternative medicine, such as Naturopathic doctors who have no coverage by Medicare or other insurance companies. Chiropractors do get coverage, but patients can only receive about $20 to $25 coverage per patient visit.)

    So there you have it.
    This is how the big bully politicians balance the budget that they wrecked by their over spending and bad judgment…by slowly killing disabled and elderly people with denial of healthcare, food, transportation, and other services. And by taking money from our already underfunded education system and needy children.

    I was also just reading that, in NC, politicians are preparing to cut the early start education program, lay off many teachers, and cut the salary and benefits of the rest. (Some info on NC is below, and then my letter continues.)

    Here is information about N. Carolina:
    Article #1:

    Mountain Express News Report:
    Parent-teacher rally to oppose education cuts
    by Brian Postelle on 06/04/2009
    A rally has been planned for Monday at 6 p.m. at Enka High School in response to the possible loss of 80 Buncombe teachers. The rally comes on the heels of news that, due to an education budget currently working its way through the N.C. House of Representatives, class sizes statewide may be increased by two students each. That would mean that 6,000 teachers statewide — 80 in Buncombe County — would not have their contracts renewed. Other school staff, from counselors to, teachers assistants to bus drivers would also be affected.

    Article #2:
    Perdue’s proposals also cut 1,900 state-funded bus driver positions. In addition, 1,700 non-instructional support positions are part of the proposed reductions. Other public education cuts she suggests include 140 central office positions, 290 instructional support positions, and 380 jobs in building administration. School technology and textbooks also took big hits losing millions of dollars, and professional development for educators remains unfunded.

    It’s me again:
    Many single mothers will not be able to work because they can’t afford daycare since no state pre-K is provided, and they may go on welfare. Teachers who can’t find work may have to go on welfare, as well. More costs to the state. The unemployment rate will soar even higher and they will have to funnel money into creating new jobs. What kind of sense is that? Have they saved money? No, not over a period of time. All they have done is hurt a lot of children and teachers. I used to see this kind of thing in the school yard as a teacher: it’s called BULLYING. These are incredibly selfish, greedy politicians who mis-spent OUR money by giving it to corrupt, greedy corporations to line their own political pockets with- now want US to pay for THEIR crime. Just the way Americans were forced to pay for the bank bail outs after the banks robbed us blind. Instead of going to jail, the CEO’s got paid off. These “Big Corps” are all in bed together and the only way out is for Americans to do exactly what the Wi teachers are doing: Taking the power back with media covered public protests and the democratic process.

    I applaud them! It is my hope and prayer that they win. Wisconsin teachers won many years ago when the politicians stole their pension money to spend on politician’s pet projects. Wisconsin teachers have a strong union and they saw what was happening and took swift action. They had saved up the funds to hire a team of high power lawyers and they sued the politicians and won their money back. Americans should be suing the politicians in Washington to get social security and other monies back. Yes, you are “suing yourself,” in many ways, but it seems to be the only way to control the corrupt politicians.

    America is under takeover and we have to get her back. The only way out of hell is to start taking action, and we must ALL take action, quickly. I may not be able to do much, but I walked for a few minutes in the Martin Luther King march in Atlanta in January with a small, lightweight sign. I cried on the way home, from the emotion of seeing the American people standing up for what is right, standing up to be counted. Heroes, every one.

    Will calling our reps, signing petitions, joining protests that are covered by supportive news agencies, waging lawsuits, public political education, and other kinds of democratic processes work?

    Yes, if enough of us take action- the right kind of action. But if we sit by and twiddle our thumbs and allow this, we will surely lose and it will be partly our own fault because we did not exercise our rights when we had them.

    But we should all understand one thing:
    It’s not enough to win a political battle. We need permanent political reform to bring about permanent change. For it is the actual political system that encourages the corruption in that politicians without the funds on their own end up taking money from corporations in exchange for favors…in order to get the funds to run for office. We MUST change how politicians are elected in America or they will continue to represent Big Corporations instead of “We, The People,” who pay their salary in exchange for representation. We could lose more than we can even imagine, including the collapse of the dollar and the entire economy!

    Get out there and be heard, America! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

    Good luck!

    P.S. I know I can sound cynical and prejudice, sometimes, so I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all honest politicians who are out there representing the public will and fighting for our rights. Same goes for the wealthy, who pay their taxes fairly and give to the community. THANK YOU SO MUCH- you are all heroes!

  • Bobby Cox

    My question would be this. If the Federal government can’t balance it’s budget, why would anyone expect that anything will improve, when the government itself is the best example of dismal failure?
    Americans can’t raise their debt ceiling. We can’t borrow to pay for heat for light. Government doesn’t pay for our 401k losses.
    I do see economic riots. I do see food riots, in our future. But remember one thing it will be the unions and the ones on the government gravy train that will be having the tantrum. But you need to look at the majority of hard working Americans, struggling or no jobs. They will want America back. They will demand the government cut back and balance the budget. There are enough older people who went through tough times in the 70’s to help younger folks understand what America is about. To the folks who have the temper tantrums…I say tough luck, because when the majority of Americans stand up,
    You will be a voice in the wilderness. And that is my take on things from talking to everyday average Americans who are plain fed up and are on the brink. I predict this summer will be a watershed moment in our countries history.

  • angellight

    Why do the workers have to Sacrifice in this country? How come the Rich and Corporate America aren’t Asked to sacrifice? Why won’t they Do away with their tax cuts, tax breaks, shelters and loopholes. Why won’t they take-up some of the burden put on the backs of the working poor? And FYI, the teachers in Wisconsin did give in to the demands of Gov. Walker — all except the collective bargaining, but that still is not good enough. Wake up America, Hitler abolished Unions in 1933; Sound Familar?

    And that is why GOP have been doing away with the the Manufacturing jobs here in America, to weaken unions, but it also weaknes the middle class and the very fabric America!

  • All of the protests in the world can be summed up. They are all about money. Egypt, Libya, Iran , Bahrain, Wisconsin, there all over the same thing, MONEY. In the middle east the protesters see Americans and the other countries of the west enjoying nice cars, big houses and they want the same for themselves. They see their dictator rulers as taking their share of the pie. Well it’s the same in Madison, Wisconsin, the teachers are protesting over basically the same thing. I have to laugh at these fools in Wisconsin who would fight over a rotten egg. The state of Wisconsin is bankrupt, can’t pay it’s bills, and these people are fighting over a little 5% loss to their pension payments. How do you think they will feel when there is no Wisconsin state government to pay them at all? As a former software developer, I have been doing odd jobs, yes I even swung a mop at McDonald’s, to make a living for the past two years. My website on survival is doing well, click on my name if you want the link ( I live simple, and am actually very happy. I have everything ready for the economic collapse. These protesting greedy teachers have no clue what is about to happen to them…

  • Bonnie

    In my opinion, the unions should pay more into their pensions and toward their health care. If I am to believe the recent news, they have agreed to do so. However, they should not be stripped of their right to organize themselves and have collective bargaining. The crux of the matter is the governor wants to bust the union and will not compromise.

    So my question to everyone who opposes the right of individuals to organize is just how far down the road toward totalitarian government are you willing to go?

  • upsman

    What is this known as the SECOND set of books each local, county and state gov have and feds too? Why doesn’t a news research check it.

    Thank you!

  • bachu

    Dan McDonald’s comments are brilliant & easy to understand at the same time.

  • dea80

    Here is my report that I sent out to my contact list regarding the protests:

    I went with XXX and my brother, XXX. Shortly after we arrived I moved ahead of XXX and XXX to get to the east side where the pro-bill supporters were. The anti-bill crowd was circling the capitol in a march chanting things like “kill the bill”. As I walked along I countered their chanting with “Go Walker”. I was immediately confronted by a guy who got in my face and yelled, “Who are you here with?” I responded with, “these two guys” and turned to show him XXX and XXX coming up behind me. He immediately lowered his tone and nervously laughed. I said “so you want to take me on?’ He then said, not yelling, “go ahead, punch me”. So much for their signs in the capitol rotunda warning that we pro-bill people would be confrontational and not to be provoked by them.

    We continued on and I resumed by chanting to counter their’s. A women immediately again got in my face and demanded to know who paid me to be their. I responded with “no one paid me to be here. Who paid you to be here.” Her answer? “I’m getting paid from your brain trust, which isn’t much.” Nice, huh? These people are the people who have your children held hostage for seven hours a day.

    At the pro-bill portion of the rally there were a lot of neocon speakers including people quoting Sarah Palin and a woman whose claim to fame was that she called in to Rush’s program in regards to the rally and got on to the show and was able to speak to Rush for twenty minutes. I found that speech a little embarrassing. At one point an anti-bill protestor pulled the wires on the speakers and was quickly hauled away by sheriff’s deputies. The speaker wire was quickly reattached and the speeches continued. The rally lasted till about 1:30 p.m. After that we went over the west side of the building and waited for XXX to find XXX for a ride home as XXX had to take my van and leave over a situation he had at home. We waited there for about forty-five minutes and watched the mostly anti-bill crowd marching, chanting, and carrying (really stupid ) signs. Their ignorance and arrogance really came through with their signs and behavior. One sign made a reference to “teaching your retarded kids”. This was a teacher who was calling kids of pro-bill people retarded. This man has a classroom full of children under his control everyday. The militancy of these people really struck me and I wonder what repercussions children will face from these people if their parents are known to be in favor of this bill. There were many signs about compromise but I see no attitude of compromise in any of these people.

    Another constant theme in this crowd was that fact that Govenor Walker had no college education. This really seemed to them to be a problem with him being qualified to be governor. The arrogance of this idea is outrageous and they looked ridiculous with their signs about their “rights being denied them“. These people teach our children and have no idea that the constitution which lists our rights does not once mention unions. Also sign after sign talked about democracy. These are teachers who are absolutely clueless to the knowledge that our government is not a democracy but a constitutional republic. Again we are counting on these people to give our children an education.

    Overall these anti-bill people were pretty arrogant, rude, and in-your-face. If you are wondering if you should home school your children I recommend that you hang out with this crowd of protestors for a few hours and that should help you with your decision. On the bright side there were a few people who carried signs like “I am a teacher and I support this bill.” And the end of the day it was good to go home and get away from these people. I doubt it did any good to go there. The bill will pass and I would like to see the behavior of these people when that happens-or perhaps not.

    In regards to this being a peaceful protest-it is not. When the woman came up to me demanding to know who paid me a police officer immediately got in between us and told us both to leave. There were sheriff’s deputies and Madison police everywhere. Everyone I know who was involved in or witnessed an “event” between opposing parties described an in-your-face, you-have-no-right-to-an-opposing-view attitude. My only hope is that these people do not represent Wisconsin teachers as a whole. I have heard many reports this week of children being harrassed in the classroom for opposing the teachers’ viewpoints or Walker being trashed in the classroom by their teachers.

    One of my biggest thoughts when watching these people is that if you cannot handle having to help pay some of your own pension and more to your health insurance what will these people do when there is no food on the store shelves? When the dollar is worthless? These are the “entitled” people who will believe that they have a “right” to your food that you have stored in preparation for tough times. These people are truly oblivious to what is going on for people in the private sector and that hard times are not coming-they are here.

    My husband worked for GM and we have first hand experience with unions. The UAW is corrupt as the day is long and after years of dealing with them he is very much in favor of Walker’s bill. The corruption of the unions is huge and with unionized government workers we the taxpayers are the ones who lose. Many people say this is not about the money it is about the collective bargaining. I say it is about the money. Particularly the part about not forcing people to pay union dues and a yearly vote to decide to keep the union. That is what scares the union. If the union is so loved by the workers what do they have to worry about. The union bosses would lose a huge cash cow and they know it.

  • mondobeyondo

    Are the outstanding debts we have really our own?

    Well…back in ancient times (1959 or so), the U.S. didn’t owe any foreign government any debt, to the best of my knowledge. We actually funded the Marshall Plan which helped to rebuild much of war-torn Europe. Our federal debt was owed to us, the American people.

    These days, we owe the vast majority to foreign countries and governments who graciously lended us money so we Americans could buy more Chia Pets and cheap TV’s. In exchange, we sold them our economic soul. One of those Faustian type bargains (“Damn Yankees” comes to mind. Some guy selling his soul to the devil, so that the New York Yankees could win the World Series.)

    Bad, bad, bad move on our part. Globalization has been a massive failure for the U.S.
    Asian countries got our industry and manufacturing base – the backbone of an advanced society.

    What did WE get?
    Ch-ch-ch-Chia!! (and $3 picture frames from Wal-Mart)

  • mondobeyondo

    The protests in Wisconsin are about money, but I have to disagree about the protests in the Arab world being about money.

    Those protests and revolutions are more about oppressed people being denied freedom and basic rights. People who want to kick out the local Darth Vader and replace him with someone who actually respects and represents them.

    Thank goodness they’re at least allowed to protest without being shot (although Wacky Qaddafi has a say about that!)

    “Somewhere I read, that the right of Americans is the right to protest FOR rights!”
    Martin Luther King Jr. – April 3, 1968

  • Some sound advice about ‘Education’

    “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool” (Plato)

  • hadenough

    shut down the fed, and JAIL the crooks,before it’s too is probitlty allready too late.

  • Kevin


    UAW corrupt? Think GM qualifies for Sainthood?

    My wife’s family we’re very hard working UAW workers. Some on “the line” and others in skilled trades. The 30 and out was there for good reason. Ever see what someone functions like after 30 years on “the line”?

    Read up about Walter Reuther and how Ford goons beat him within an inch of his life in 1937. Those same goons killed people when they we’re organizing and walked away scott free.

    The UAW leveled the playing field and the wages and benefits they got their members put many a kid through college. They got paid too much? Nonsense, before “globalization” they we’re doing just fine. Why can compete with 50 cent/hr labor? Not even the textile workers making minimum wage in the south (Norma Ray) could stand up to that.

    I’m not siding with those workers in public service: We’re broke. The root cause was Free Trade agreements / globalization that decimated the middle class and turned tax payers into welfare recipients.From the Physician to the laborer we’re all feeling or will be feeling the effects. None of those feelings will be good.

  • JR

    People rioting in the streets of the United States and chaos,is exactly what the neocon globalists want. Then they can declare martial
    law,and throw the Constitution of the United States in the trash for good.

  • Melissa

    What is wrong with you people? Teachers are not evil and they are not greedy. Tax payers bail out the billionaires, but when teachers want rights, they are called greedy? We are professionals, we are educated and we work very hard. Our work rarely ends and most of need to get an extra part time job to make ends meet. That is poor judgment and you should be disappointed in yourself for being so ill informed and ignorant. As a teacher, I know that I face challenges but I also know how important my students are. I work to ensure that each student feels special and accomplishes each and every lesson and task. (Since my sixth through eighth graders work in photoshop and illustrator and utilize their critical and creative thinking skills on a daily basis, I suppose they know more than half of you know already). If I am going to be getting minimum wage and no benefits, I will work at Starbucks and shed no light on our future. You will see nobodies with a half of a brain teaching your kids. I don’t have kids…so good luck to all of you who do. When your kids can’t make it into college and can’t accomplish basic tasks, teachers will be the ones laughing. I see already many parents who don’t have a clue about raising a child. It’s not only the teacher’s job, but it is also the parent’s job. That is why so many kids are failing to succeed. The parents are failing to parent. GO Wisconsin! You can beat this bill and prove once again that there are intelligent and compassionate people in the U.S.

  • C

    I worked for a school system for two years, most of the schools were plumb full of asbestos, giving the often unlucky teacher cancer later in life, this nation is lost.

  • C.

    Your article left out (unless I missed it)the real complaint of these parasites (i.e., public “servants”/employees), which is collective bargaining “rights” for public employee unions, which are not rights, but come from the general collectivist mindset.

    Wisconsin has been a socialist/communist state for quite sometime. All others are as well, but Wisconsin has a long history of it. Madison is sometimes referred to by those who have eyes to see as “Das Capital” (Karl Marx’s “other book”).

    Back in the ’30s, those who were responsible for the book “Psycho Politics” (a blueprint of how to take us over to that ideology via psychological warfare), were headquartered in Milwaukee.

    Personally, I say close all the non essential offices down and send the all parasites home, especially the public fool system employees that have done little more than turn the sons and daughters into sodomites and whores — and they still can’t read!

    Free Public Education = 10th plank of The Communist Manifesto and it’s funded by the private land rent (a.k.a. “property tax”) described in the 1st plank (abolition of the right to property). And don’t forget to keep funding the rest of this wickedness via the income tax – 2nd plank, comrades.

    Really think it’s a good idea to keep paying for the conquering and enslavement of us and our progeny by continuing to “feed the beast”?

    P.S. The above does not necessarily mean Gov. Walker is a “good guy”, but he’s a little better than the last moron.

  • jan

    I am a teacher in Florida and these statements do no add up. As a start teachers are very unpaid for the amount of work and education that is required. Why do people think we do not contribute to our pensions and healthcare? We do!! For a family we are required to pay for quality healthcare a minimum of almost 600.00 a month. Yes, we do have a pension, but it does not include healthcare and the pension is extremely low unless we contribute to a 401K. I can’t even count the amount of money I have shelled out for my students because simple supplies are just not given…like paper,books that are recent (not 20 years old)…the list goes on and on. The only reason education is targeted is because we make a large percentage of the task force therefore it is easier for those in power to work the numbers.

  • Constitutionalist

    While it seems intuitive to me that largess of government grab bags is wrong, too many people I know and am related too see no problem with robbing producers to fork over money to government created monopolies. I say end government control over education… these so called friends or family of mine literally scream “Why do you hate so much?” or “You are just a greedy selfish person who hates teachers.”

    When I hear these teachers, police, firefighters and others chanting “This is what democracy looks like”… I feel a sense of foreboding and a sense of dread over what is going to come next because democracy is only despotism of the numerical majority. Democracy is in its purest form, pure evil and dangerous. As our Republic dies, it is being replaced, cell by cell by a democracy.

  • I totally concur with your observations. I have been looking for this information for a while and I finally found it here. I thank you very much.

  • How about a more recent article than February 2011 since I am making this comment on April 22, 2013?!?
    Marty Slabey
    Canton, MI.

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