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Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon?

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Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon? - Photo by nosha on flickrWhy are corporate insiders dumping huge numbers of shares in their own companies right now?  Why are some very large investors suddenly making gigantic bets that the stock market will crash at some point in the next 60 days?  Do Wall Street insiders expect something really BIG to happen very soon?  Do they know something that we do not know? What you are about to read below is startling.  Every time that the market has fallen in recent years, insiders have been able to get out ahead of time.  David Coleman of the Vickers Weekly Insider report recently noted that Wall Street insiders have shown “a remarkable ability of late to identify both market peaks and troughs”.  That is why it is so alarming that corporate insiders are selling nine times as many shares as they are buying right now.  In addition, some extraordinarily large bets have just been made that will only pay off if the financial markets in the U.S. crash by the end of April.  So what does all of this mean?  Well, it could mean absolutely nothing or it could mean that there are people out there that actually have insider knowledge that a market crash is coming.  Evaluate the evidence below and decide for yourself…

For some reason, corporate insiders have chosen this moment to unload huge amounts of stock.  According to a CNN article, corporate insiders are now selling nine times more of their own shares than they are buying…

Corporate insiders have one word for investors: sell.

Insiders were nine times more likely to sell shares of their companies than buy new ones last week, according to the Vickers Weekly Insider report by Argus Research.

What makes this so alarming is that corporate insiders have been exceedingly good at “timing the market” in recent years.  The following comes from a recent CNBC article entitled “Sucker Alert? Insider Selling Surges After Dow 14,000“…

“In almost perfect coordination with an equity market that was rushing toward new all-time highs, insider sentiment has weakened sharply — falling to its lowest level since late March 2012,” wrote David Coleman of the Vickers Weekly Insider report, one of the longest researchers of executive buying and selling on Wall Street. “Insiders are waving the cautionary flag in an increasingly aggressive manner.”

There have been more than nine insider sales for every one buy over the past week among NYSE stocks, according to Vickers. The last time executives sold their company’s stock this aggressively was in early 2012, just before the S&P 500 went on to correct by 10 percent to its low for the year.

“Insiders know more than the vast majority of market participants,” said Enis Taner, global macro editor for “And they’re usually right over a long period of time.”

There are other indications that the stock market may be headed for a significant tumble in the months ahead.  For example, as a Zero Hedge article recently pointed out, the last time that the financial markets in the U.S. were as “euphoric” as they are now was right before the financial crisis of 2008.

And as I mentioned above, some people out there have recently made some absolutely jaw-dropping bets against stocks which will only pay off if there is a financial crash at some point in the next few months.

According to Business Insider, the recent purchase of 100,000 put options by a mystery investor has a lot of people on Wall Street talking…

According to Barron’s columnist Steven Sears, someone made a big bet against the financials ETF yesterday (ticker symbol XLF), and it has everybody buzzing.

The trader bought 100,000 put options on the ETF (a put option increases in value when the price of the underlying asset, in this case, the ETF, goes down).

To put that number in perspective, Sears writes, “Few investors ever trade more than 500 contracts, so a 100,000 order tends to stop traffic and prompt all sorts of speculation about what’s motivating the trade.” According to Sears, the trade “has sparked conversations across the market.”

Reportedly, those put options expire in April.

And as Art Cashin of UBS has noted, there was also another extremely large bet that was placed recently that is banking on a financial crash within the next two months…

A Very Big Bet In A Somewhat Unlikely Instrument – My friend, Jim Brown, the ever-alert consummate professional over at Option Investor pointed us to a rather unusual trade. Here’s what he wrote in last night’s edition of his valuable newsletter:

In past years I have reported on trades that were so large it appeared someone had inside knowledge of a pending event. Sometimes those were massive put positions on the S&P. A new trade just appeared that suggests there will be a market event in the near future. Last week somebody put on a call spread on the VIX using the April 20 and 25 puts. They bought 150,000 contracts for a net of $75 per contract. That is an $11,250,000 bet that the VIX will move over 20 over the next 60 days. You would have to be VERY confident in your outlook to risk $11 million on a directional position with the VIX at five year lows and the markets trying to break out to new highs.

So does all of this guarantee that the stock market is going to move a certain way?

Of course not.

But when you step back and look at the bigger picture, it does appear that Wall Street insiders are preparing for something.

Meanwhile, the government continues to assure us that happy days are here again for the U.S. economy and that we don’t have anything to worry about.

The Congressional Budget Office has just released a report that contains their outlook for the next decade.  The report is entitled “The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2013 to 2023”, and if you want a good laugh you should read it.

Here are some of the things that the CBO believes will happen…

-The CBO believes that government revenues will more than double by 2023.

-The CBO believes that government revenue as a percentage of GDP will rise from 15.8 percent today to 19.1 percent in 2023.

-The CBO believes that the unemployment rate will continually fall over the next decade.

-The CBO believes that the federal budget deficit will fall to just 2.4% of GDP in fiscal year 2015.

-The CBO believes that the federal budget deficit will only be $430 billion in 2015.

-The CBO believes that we will not have a single recession over the next decade.

-The CBO believes that inflation will stay at about 2 percent for the next decade.

-The CBO believes that U.S. GDP will grow by a total of 67 percent by 2023.

Wow, all of that sounds great until you go back and take a look at how CBO projections have fared in the past.

In fact, Bruce Krasting has gone back and looked at the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office’s Budget and Economic Outlook 2003.  I think that you will find the differences between the CBO projections and what really happened to be very humorous…

Estimated 10-year budget surplus = $5.6T.

Reality = $6.6T deficit. A 200+% miss.


Estimate for 2012 Debt Held by Public = $1.2T (5% of GDP).

Reality = Debt Held by Public = $11.6T. A 1000% miss.


Estimated fiscal 2012 GDP = $17.4T.

Reality = $15.8T. A $1.6T (10%) miss.

So should we trust what the CBO is telling us now?

Of course not.

Instead, perhaps we should listen to some of the men that successfully warned us about the last financial crisis…

-“Dr. Doom” Marc Faber recently stated that he “loves the high odds of a ‘big-time’ market crash“.

-Economist Nouriel Roubini says that we should “prepare for a perfect storm“.

-Pimco’s Bill Gross says that we are heading for a “credit supernova“.

-Nomura’s Bob Janjuah believes that the financial markets will experience one more huge spike before collapsing by up to 50%

I continue to believe that the S&P500 can trade up towards the 1575/1550 area, where we have, so far, a grand double top. I would not be surprised to see the S&P trade marginally through the 2007 all-time nominal high (the real high was of course seen over a decade ago – so much for equities as a long-term vehicle for wealth creation!). A weekly close at a new all-time high would I think lead to the final parabolic spike up which creates the kind of positioning extreme and leverage extreme needed to create the conditions for a 25% to 50% collapse in equities over the rest of 2013 and 2014, driven by real economy reality hitting home, and by policymaker failure/loss of faith in “their system”.

The truth is that no matter how much money printing the Federal Reserve does, it is only a matter of time before the financial markets catch up with economic reality.

The U.S. economy has been in decline for a very long time, and things just continue to get even worse.  Here are just a few numbers…

-The percentage of the civilian labor force that is employed has fallen every single year since 2006.

-According to John Williams of, truly accurate numbers would show that U.S. GDP growth has actually been continuously negative all the way back to 2005.

-U.S. families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

-One recent survey found that nearly half of all Americans are living on the edge of financial ruin.

-According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 146 million Americans that are considered to be either “poor” or “low income” at this point.

For many more statistics that demonstrate that the U.S. economy has continued to decline in recent years, please see this article: “37 Statistics Which Show How Four Years Of Obama Have Wrecked The U.S. Economy“.

So where is all of this headed?

Well, after the next major financial crisis in America things are going to get very tough.

We can get a hint for how things are going to be by taking a look at what is going on over in Europe right now.

Can you imagine people trampling each other for food?  That is what is happening in Greece.  Just check out this excerpt from a Reuters article

Hundreds of people jostled for free vegetables handed out by farmers in a symbolic protest earlier on Wednesday, trampling one man and prompting an outcry over the growing desperation created by economic crisis.

Images of people struggling to seize bags of tomatoes and leeks thrown from a truck dominated television, triggering a bout of soul-searching over the new depths of poverty in the debt-laden country.

The suffering that the Greeks are experiencing right now will come to this country soon enough.

So enjoy this false bubble of debt-fueled prosperity while you can.  It is going to end way too soon, and after that there will be a whole lot of pain.

Wall Street - Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras

  • __

    nothing will happen, that is my prediction

    • markthetruth

      Nature does not stop … Right now the earth is heating up with major earthquakes , the big one is due soon.

      the end…

      • Orange Jean

        Where in heavens name do you get such “information”?

        I’ve been monitoring the USGS website on world wide earthquakes for years and don’t see anything out of the expected. Yup, ring of fire still has lots of quakes, some big… other places still occasionally get quakes, some big. Nothing unexpected.

        Don’t we have enough real things to worry about these days, without adding to it?

    • Hambone

      If you have no money, I guess it doesn’t really matter. As for me, I’ll sleep well at night knowing the bulk of what little equity I have is in my home, silver and cash.

  • Syrin

    I imagine this is what they see. The fiat Dow is supported by the Fed money printing. When you measure “the value of the Dow is actually lower today, having slumped to 8.38 ounces of gold from the 8.7 ounces at which it was valued on January 20, 2009 … The value of the Dow was actually 44 ounces of gold as recently as 2000. So the drop is not small.”

    The 14,000 is WAY out of touch with reality. I wonder what makes these insiders think the Chair Satan will stop printing by April.

    • Good question. A massive false flag operation, perhaps?

      • John Wheeler

        That’s the real question with that massive put… $11 million is a large amount for the average investor, but for a black-op agency or a billionaire looking to manipulate the market, it’s hardly a stretch.
        The insider trading, though, is a much harder figure to manipulate. I would trust that as an indicator a lot more; however, I think the timing is quite vague.

        • I think the 11 mil trade is a response to the 9 to 1 dump ratio that is occuring, expect more cash to follow that 11m.

      • DownWithLibs

        And you have to take into consideration all of the Gov. sectors like S.S. Admin. stocking up on huge amounts of hollow-point bullets and multi-servings of food rations.

        These are strange days!

  • Tim

    An estimated $5.6 trillion budget surplus for 2003 – 2012? The goons at the CBO are either all smoking crack or they’re just trying to keep their jobs.

    • Hambone

      The CBO predicts no recessions over the next decade… guess what, Einsteins? We’re in one now.

      Yet another superb use of my tax dollars.

  • markthetruth

    Nobody can make any prediction that far out , their are to many variable’s. All analyst are worst then weather mans 50/50% Without insider info.

    Natural Disasters
    Over Population

    Food shortages
    Water shortage

    We Self Destruct as Humans!!!

    the end…


    It is a rigged game they buy with your money telling you it is a great deal and then on the other hand they are selling all their stock. They are all a bunch of crooks. I always invested in bonds but I have since sold all my bonds. The best investment is Gold and silver, but a even better investment is water, food, guns and ammo, and learn how to grow your own food and raise your own animals. This is a country that has been used to having it all and when that disappears it is going to get UGLY.

    • Syrin

      Glad to see another citizen with his eyes open. Well done.

    • Hambone

      Absolutely… durable goods and the like may be worth more than any piece of paper soon. They will always hold some value because of their utility.

    • Markie OH

      I think a good investment in addition to metals, ammo & food would be alcohol & cigarretes. It seems these items are always in demand no matter what the situation

    • Mondobeyondo

      It is absolutely a rigged game. It’s so rigged, the casinos in Vegas are jealous. At least some of them promise a 90 ~ 97% return on your money.

    • Refrax

      I have been saying the same thing for YEARS. No one wants to listen, so I have no pity for them. I have been preparing for it for some time now. Sure, having a job that pays well is great; but there is more than one way to survive. Growing your own food & raising your own animals is a GREAT way to start.

  • DownWithLibs

    This country is looking more schizophrenic by the minute! Does anyone even know what reality is anymore? Things are just getting too weird here in the 21st century.

    • WarriorClass3

      The reality is that we have an illigitimate government with an illegal alien in the white house. Half the population in the USA is here due to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, replacing the American population with brainwashed socialist eurotrash and third world bottom feeders who see corruption as a way of life. The very few people that saw the problem, such as Peter Brimelow and Theodore Beale, and issued the warning were mostly ignored and demonized by the press, while America slept. Now half awake and buying every gun and last round of ammunition available, it may well be too late as most Americans still don’t know how their economy works and how the central banks are stealing them blind.

      • FounderChurch


        You whiners and complainers need to sit down and figure how many of your own children you killed with Birth Control of one sort or another.

        If you hadn’t all killed most of your own kids with Birth Control we would have our own workers to do our own jobs, and there would be no jobs for any immigrant, legal or illegal.

        Look in the mirror to see the causer of your problems. FounderChurch@Gmail.Com

        • Ralfine

          You are always free to work for less than an illegal immigrant – then there is no shortage on jobs.

          The jobs for immigrants depend not on the number of jobless natives but on the price.

          And also on the prosecution – if employment of illegal immigrants has only legal consequences on the immigrants, the employers will continue with replacements.

          Want to stop employment of illegal immigrants? Put the employers in jail for 2 years. And the job market for illegals will dry up really quick.

          • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

            As long as the politicians are owned by those who want illegals, nothing will change

          • Ralfine

            you elect those politicians, or you dont vote at all and let these things happen.
            every vote for a third party reduces the percentage for reps and dems.

          • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

            All democrats and republicans are traitors and all differences are theater. Why would you vote for a traitor? All republicans and democrats are traitors. Again, why would you, knowingly, vote for a traitor.

          • Ralfine

            that’s what i said, even in the us there are more political parties than democrats and republicans. the greens for examples, and even communists or socialists.
            just imagine 70% non-voters suddenly electing a communist president.

          • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

            Just imagine voters having the courage to vote out democrats and republicans and voting in honorable people who have the betterment of America and Americans on their minds. Today’s politicians care only about themselves, their pocketbooks and their political donors. Corporations, special interests, foreign govts and crazy billionaires run our congress and our country.

            Democrats and republicans are the problem. The problem is unlikely to, ever, be the answer.

          • Ralfine

            Basically you have the same one-party-system as China.

        • This comment is absolutely ignorant. No LEGAL worker will work a field or a dairy farm because you cannot live on minimum wage anymore. I suppose uneducated and ignorant people such as yourself will simply say “increase the minimum wage then” take an economics class, better yet, just go to school that is not liberally ran and destroyed.

          • Ralfine

            If you cannot live on minimum wage, how do illegals survive on less?

            Why is increasing minimum wage not an option, when profits rise continuously?

  • Eric Pearson

    In 1913, the money power of the country was taken away from the people. By constitutional privilege it belongs with the Congress, but it was given up in the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express. But yet it has the power to determine the direction and use of money in our economy. If we take that power back and put the Federal Reserve under Treasury, we start to be in a position of being able to control monetary policy on behalf of the United States.

    In addition, the silence is deafening within the Democratic Party when asked who can articulate a plan for paying down the national debt? As we all know, this is the main crisis eating away at our country and milking us all dry.

    Will someone name me a leader in government who is thinking creatively about how we can restore our competitive edge in manufacturing? More important, what are we going to do about it since Obama and the other Democratic Party representatives are doing nothing except tear our nation apart?

    The United States will never solve its fiscal or societal dilemmas until its citizens, led by principled leaders unafraid to tell the truth, understand what “rights” are and that life is inherently inequitable and difficult. Government, which is made up of fallible human beings, cannot make life fair and guarantee equal outcomes; it can only provide a framework to enable the individual to pursue those goal. History has shown that to do otherwise condemns that nation to an inevitable collapse.

    • Greec

      Oil, oil, oil will save us!!!

      • Ralfine

        yes, santa will bring you a big sack of oil sand. then you only have to burn most of it to create heat so a little bit flows out to be used in your hummer to drive to the letterbox.

        • Greec

          We have more oil than Middle East. Why not to use it in difficult times?

          • Ralfine

            If you really have that much oil, why is the oil price rising?

          • Greec

            because we don’t extract it. Regulations.

          • Ralfine

            You need water for fracking?

            From where do you get the water during a draught?

            How will you feed the workers, if you don’t use the water for making food but for getting oil?

            Ah, sorry, buy it in the supermarket. Yes, you are right.

          • against the agenda?

      • Mondobeyondo

        Oil will save us, until the oil runs out. Then what?

        • Greec

          then more oil will be found.

          • agreed, it is not as finite as people have been led to believe. You can increase gas prices by 5000% overnight, does not mean we will wake up tomorrow with battery powered cars, nope my GIANT DEISEL TRUCK will still be there ready for that evil byproduct of oil to smog the air. give me a freaking break.

          • Greec

            my diesel TDI runs 42 miles per gallon and it is very eco friendly.

      • Ralfine

        No, oil will destroy you.

        You can only save yourself if you save.

        Invest in efficiency, not in more consumption.

        When oil demand falls the price for oil will fall as well. Instead of just burning oil, make it into insulation material to save energy use for heating and cooling buildings.

  • A.S.

    Actually the CBO is sort of right. Whatever they say, the exact opposite will occur. If they say there will be a 10T surplus, there will be a 10T deficit. If they say there will be 10% growth in GDP, there will be 10% shrinkage in the GDP. If they say there will 5% unemployment, there will at least twice the amount. So, read what they say, and make it at least 100% worse. And to think, they are paid for doing this research. I wonder which university their economists went to. Even a 12 yr old can see the economy suffering based on his own family’s condition degrading year to year. Lets fire these idiots and get rid of the CBO completely!

    • Syrin

      Yeah, I made this point last week. Seriously, can ANYONE name the last time the CBO was off by a “mere” 200% ? Why do we even quote their figures any more?

    • Hambone

      No, let’s raise taxes to generate more revenue so we can continue to fund outstanding organizations and programs such as this one.

      • Susan Anderson

        love the sarcasm

    • Touchet

      The thing is, it’s NOT suffering for those who make the vast majority of money. YOU and I make a penny compared to the 99 cent they get. They really could give a crap about how you live, but you guys keep feeding off the scraps. And you will eat the sludge they will feed you while they get fat in their compounds. Talking all this bullcrap about wedge funds and stocks. It’s all make believe money, yet YOU believe and so do the vast majority of Americans. They own you. They own your house, they feed you, they set up an infrastructure where everything you need you have to buy with their fake money, and you ALL talk like its reality.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–how many of these articles on this subject have you written yet nothing ever happens? I guess at some point you will be right

    • markthetruth

      Nobody listen to Noah, and laughed at him about his Ark. Until the flood came and it was to late and they where left begging to get on it and ended up drowning..

      the end…

      • Colin

        I was reading the Gospel of Matthew. I learned from this gospel that we must be prepared for whatever comes, for we don’t when it is coming. In the gospel, the apostle was writing about the Second Coming, but I think this wisdom can be applied to other areas of life.

      • 2Gary2

        dude–I am out of Gopher wood and do not even have a cubit left!

        Plus the Nephelim escaped the flood. They were men of renown now weren’t they? There would not be much renown if they got killed in a flood.

    • Syrin

      I suggest you ignore the FEMA camps, the 1,600,000,000,000 rounds of hollow point ammo they purchased, the 200,000 sniper rifle rounds, the insane quest to remove guns, the NDAA, Agenda 21, the fact they just said they could legally kill any US citizen they want with drone strikes, the UN Arms Treaty, the fact that the Dow has lost 80% of its actual value in a mere 10 years, and the fact that the dollar has lost 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve was created. Keep voting for tyrants, spend your money like there is no tomorrow, and stockpile absolutely nothing.

      • RICHARD

        Your right on the money syrin. Don’t think you missed anything

        • WarriorClass3

          He’s right except for one thing – most of us didn’t vote for tyranny, the diebold voting machines did, along with the legal immigrants.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I don’t know about you Gary, but I would say that a lot has already been happening.

      But if you are talking about another stock market crash, you will get one soon enough.


      • K

        All I know is everything from politicians leaving the admin.,to other key retirements. It seems everyone wanted out before April. It would be interesting to see if they drop out of sight in late March.

    • chilller

      Why not remind him how a clock is right twice a day….no, wait…you’ve already used that line….like a bazillion times…
      And like the definition for insanity, why do you keep coming here when the results you receive are always the same?

    • Beth

      I have believed this message, in similiar forms, since the 90’s. Its mind blowing the measures that have been taken to keep things on a semblance of being normal. In the 90’s I saw and experienced a total flood of extended credit—everyone was getting credit cards with 7, 9, 10K limit! Woah….SHOPPING!!!! (Just kidding. but really such was the mentality.) Later came the flood of new houses with no down, the sub-prime loans, and a sleeping giant currently is the student loan debt bubble. We should thank God that so far nothing huge or catastrohic has happened and use the time wisely in building our lives (and the future for our children) thinking long-term sustainable.

      • Ralfine

        Actually, it is quite helpful to have a lot of credit on your credit cards. It can save you money.

        Last year I had to rent a car. Since the credit on my company credit card was limited to $2000, I had to take out extra insurance for the car.

        • M

          Yes. It can be helpful to have a high enough limit on your credit cards. Just as long as the card holder has the self discipline to not overspend on those cards.

    • AS55423

      It is happening but at a slower rate they are buying time that’s it.

  • Jim Hughes

    Some say Noah preached for 120 years and only 8 got out on the ark. Few believe when really bad news is approaching. If you read up on history, you will find all the big financial insiders got out of the market just a few months before the Stock Market crashed in 1929. Eleven and a quarter million is lot to risk without some special inside information. There was a lot of troubling activity in the 1920’s before things fell apart at the end of the decade. Thank you Michael for the heads up. I’m sure in time history will back you up.

    • AS55423

      Normalcy bias comes to mind.

  • Mustard Seed

    Market watchers worldwide are in disbelief that the game hasn’t crashed yet. And now the ultimate derivative junkies (Fed) are mainlined on the greenbacks…40 billion a month…indefinitely?

    Crash doesn’t begin to define what is going to happen.

  • chilller

    The CBO wrote the books on “cooking”.

  • Ralfine

    profit taking, anti-bubble measures. better to sell when the dow is going up than when the dow is going down already.

  • Torch the CBO.

    Their useless!

  • jakartaman

    Not to worry – Our leaders are on top of the situation with more socialist policies that will make everyone feel good. We can just keep taxing those rich fat cats and give all their $$ to folks that know how to use it to help humanity but more importantly the central government.
    Wait a minute – I think this was tried before and did not work out so well – hum.

  • Gman

    What better way to force a market drop than a terrorist act on US soil? Think back to 9/11. There was a lot of money made on plunging airline stocks. Duh – who made those bets? Probably not some turbaned jihadi living in a goat dung hut.

  • ImmColl

    The US govt spends a lot of money, pays a lot of salaries. Sequestration will cause a lot of companies and people to cut back on spending. That and a continuing loss of confidence in the US govt to do anything meaningful to help the economy will cause the markets to drop. If it hits in March/April the guy with the stock puts will probably make a fortune. The media is barely even talking about sequestration anymore and Congress is doing nothing as usual. President is trying to kick the can down the road….again…. but looks like it will probably happen. My opinion I could be wrong….but I doubt it!

    • alan watson

      the can is at the end of the road and there is no more road to kick the can downanyone that does not believe that the best days of the usa are behind it is dreaming

    • Orange Jean

      Personally, I’ve already been warned about possibly being furloughed if they don’t “solve” it … and I doubt that they will.

      Today, I did the math… if I were furloughed for the expected # of days, I’d lose over $1K a month in net income and a total of over $7K in the 6 months they talk about.

      On the other hand it sure beats getting laid off…


    Why is the stock market up? Could it have anything to do with Uncle Ben printing 85 Billions a month? Would we possibly be experiencing one of the largest Pump and Dump operations in history? Betting on a market downturn be it a collapse or a correction seems very rational to me.

    • AS55423

      At some point ponzi scheme will end it could be next week next year or 5 years from now ? I think they are just buying time that’s it.

    • Nexusfast123

      That is exactly what is happening. Uncle Ben’s ‘new money’ is flooding into stocks and shares, the shadow banking system and also as hot capital flows into other economies. It is one vast speculative bubble that is about to pop. None of the QE has gone into the real economy.

      Share markets around the world lost any links they had to the real economy decades ago. They are just vast ‘skimming’ operations to liberate value from the rest of us through multiple bubbles (property, commodities, etc), increased price volatility in all markets via speculation and market manipulation – feeds through as high prices, etc.

      The majority of us are really bystanders that cannot influence but will pick up the consequences when it implodes.


        A friend of mine made an arresting statement. He said the largest banks have ceased to be banks in the traditional sense. They are nothing but Hedge Funds dabbling in derivatives. The estimated total of the derivatives market (only an estimate) is in the hundreds of Trillions. If that ever goes, we will descend to a barter economy overnight.

    • Mondobeyondo

      It has VERY much to do with Ol’ Benny Boy firing up the printing presses and dumping money into the system.

    • This is to force hyperinflation in my opinion. Flood the market with useless cash. Notice the food prices lately?

  • AS55423

    Look at what’s happening in Europe it’s Collapsing by the day 25 % unemployment in some nations.

    It’s not like the global economy is based on any sort of fundamentals.
    Corporate profits drop – stock market rallies … unemployment hits new records
    in the EU – stock market rallies…. record numbers onto food stamps month
    after month – stock market rallies.

    The ONLY thing that matters is HOW MUCH and HOW FAST central banks
    And then it all implodes ..

  • ian

    this article is a repeat from
    last year, and the year before…and the year before that ….etc….etc…. luckily i am not impaired by short term memories like most Americans are.

    • Nunya

      Thank you! Finally someone else who sees through all the nonsense. Ian you are awesome and right. If I recall correctly in the Fall they were also talking about this same scenario and also earlier that summer and before that and before that and before that….blah blah blah. Some patriots get rich and the rest get poor stocking up for some catastrophic event that may never happen in their lifetime.

      • ian

        amen. I am starting to wholeheartedly believe that this is still a part of a vast plan. The beast is in the details.

      • sharonsj

        Apparently you have no idea of the number of retail stores that have closed over the last four years. It’s hardly nonsense.

  • JAH666

    Sure, the retail “investors” are coming back into the “markets”, while the big boys quietly get out. And just so the little people know what to expect, here is what happened to Apple stock in the LAST SECOND of regular trading on Friday January 25th. Unlike traditional flash crashes where the trade is an HFT error, this looks like a very premeditated unloading of some 800K shares (some $350 million worth) of Apple stock in that last second, with the full knowledge it would not shake the market as no one would probably notice or remember by Monday. Why anyone would want (or wait until the very last second) to do that, while covering the offsetting ES
    short in the pair trade, to ramp the market into the close, is anyone’s guess.
    This story was detailed with NANEX graphic charts by ZeroHedge on 1/25/13.

  • Patriot Alice

    If you’ve been in the market for a few years, it’s time to get out now..The big boys are going to reap their harvest soon…

    • Nunya

      Really? When? This nonsense has been talked about for years by Jones and other so called patriots. Are our lives so boring and dull that we just want something, anything to happen? I think so.

  • FounderChurch

    GRANDFATHER’S WISDOM : Grandfather used to say, “There are good times, and bad times” so prepare for bad times when times are good.”

    Of course no one listens to grandfathers. They are all to busy listening to each other.

    MORAL OF STORY: Stop looking around for people to blame for your problems and look in the mirror, that is the true source of your problems. Loser-Loners always blame their own failings on others. It is what makes them Loser-Loners. FounderChurch@Gmail.Com

  • Dan

    sadly no job or income to buy … stored some food before lost my job but eating it now to live .

  • Mondobeyondo

    I really believe we are headed towards some very Bad, Bad Times – in spite of what the mainstream media proclaims. Yeah, the Dow is once again approaching record highs. But the dollar is worth less now than it was 5 or 10 years ago. So, if you’re in the market, you’ve actually LOST money.
    It’s all smoke and mirrors. Smoke and Mirrors.
    (David Copperfield for President 2016. Because it can’t possibly get any worse, and we need a little magic right now.)

    • Nunya

      If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this lame stock market crash BS over the past few years I would have lots of money.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Things are NOT as good as they seem. You know it, too. Don’t buy into the propaganda.
    For one thing, inflation is rising.

    Inflation creates higher prices for raw goods. Yeah I know, inflation creates higher prices for EVERYONE. But for now, let’s concentrate on raw goods. You know, coal, wheat, lumber, corn, cotton, dairy products, gold, oil and stuff such as. Those prices get passed on to manufacturers who refine/use these raw goods, from the suppliers who provide those raw goods. It costs a lot for a manufacturer and a retailer to turn a cotton bale into a bunch of Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts, or bushels of corn into loaves of bread.
    These manufacturers (and that’s a rather broad term but you know what I mean) – use the raw materials to make gasoline, electricity, plastics, bread, corn flakes, cabinets, cars, Spandex, T-shirts, and so forth. But, the manufacturers are hit by inflation too. (Remember – inflation hits EVERYBODY. If you are not Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, YOU WILL be affected.) Those costs get passed on to…wholesalers and retailers.
    The wholesalers and retailers absorb the higher prices, or try to. Why? They want to keep their customers. We Us Customers are very valuable to them. We are the reason why they exist. Without consumers, where would they be? Oh yeah, they’d be out of business! The big-time players don’t want their customers migrating to Walmart (Always low prices! Always?? Oh really now?!!) – or to the dollar store, or to George’s Auto Supply and Transmission Repair. They want you to keep going to J.C. Penney (dying), or Sears and Kmart (practically dead), or Target, or Midas, or whatnot.
    Ultimately, the retailers/wholesalers will have no choice but to pass the higher prices to We The Consumers. That’s right, the final cost gets passed on to YOU!! Yaaaayyyy!.
    That’s a partial answer as to why you’re paying more at the car dealership, the butcher shop, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, McDonald’s, and Victoria’s Secret, among many, many other places. It’s more complicated than this, of course, but this is a basic outline.

    And now, I must continue my quest for gainful employment. *sigh*

  • Bill M

    I would also add that Max Keiser has been saying since last summer that he expects a market collapse by April 2013.

  • ocean

    Circulation of money keeps the economy alive.
    The total National Debt will stop the circulation of money.
    The Banks will hold onto the money. No jobs and layoffs.
    Interest rates will go up big time. Bernanke printing money to
    buy Bonds will do nothing. The Stock Market will crash in 2013.

  • ocean

    Get out of the Stock Market while you still can.

  • ocean

    Come back into the Stock Market after the crash.

  • ocean


  • “”Have you not felt these pangs, O earth?!

    Have you not recoiled in pain, O heavens?!

    Has not fear grabbed hold of you, O mighty nations?!…..


    I am calling all peoples to repent and to turn! My face is turned against you! My shoulders are set! My hand is stretched forward!… WOE! WOE! WOE! TO THOSE WHO DWELL UPON THE EARTH! The fire is kindled!… All flesh shall burn!

    I shall strike the animals, and they shall rage against you! I shall strike the waters, and they shall rise up against you! From bitterness to the raging of the seas, the waters shall oppress you!… Death shall increase quickly!

    I shall strike the mountains, and they shall speak and bring forth a great noise! They shall consume you and bury your cities! I shall strike the heavens, and it shall rain down fire and flooding rain, with a great multitude of hail!

    Lo, even the detestable birds who dwell there shall descend upon you, and torment you seven days! I shall strike the core of the earth, and it shall be shaken! And all manner of plagues shall ascend upon you from beneath!…

    For I am The Lord who reigns!…

    He who laid the foundations!…

    He who formed it and causes to be!…

    Behold, I am also He, who shall bring forth a swift end!

    For the whole earth is but a footstool beneath My feet!… A rock in My hand, made of limestone!… Easily broken!

    A great war has broken forth! The battle is waged! Yet The Lord’s hand is not at all weakened… Behold, My strength is increased, and My wrath overflows My cup!… I AM COMING DOWN!

    I shall rob, and I shall pillage, and I shall surely take My spoil! I shall oppress the oppressors and conquer the land! I shall kill the generals, and slaughter the captains, and tear all mighty men to pieces!… FOR STRONG IS THE LORD!”” -says THE LORD.



    Hear the WORD of the LORD spoken to THIS modern generation!…

    Letters from God and His Christ, given to a modern man for modern man’s sake!

    TrumpetCallofGodonline . com

    • Nunya

      Shut Up. Seriously.

  • Ralfine

    In China people eat dogs, and you won’t find any abandoned dogs roaming the streets.

    Basically they eat anything. Rats, too.

    Time to collect recipes. On paper. For the time when you won’t have access to a power socket to load your phone.

  • This coincides with Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model where our market will peak in 2013.6 and corrects until 2014.675 before peaking again in 2015.75 as the last cyclical bull market of the decade.

  • frank1569

    Modern Capitalism is up to 70% supported by consumer over-consumption.

    The bad news: The Age of Over-Consumption is ending. Fast.

    Please prepare accordingly, because there is no Plan B.

  • Keep prepping yes, the problem is not the arrival of any economic downfall. The problem in the long run is people become soulless when they are poor and hungry. Times will not be for the weak.

  • motorsportsnz

    sounds great its about time as then the truth seekers will begin to look for the eternal beyond these shores of greed and self.
    hallelujah Lord Jesus come, may you who feel desperate seek him whilst you can for He said.
    I AM the way the truth and the life.

  • Listen Folks, when you have criminals still in Government who were responsible for staging the 9/11 attacks and are still staging false flag shootings to confiscate guns…..then the future is not exactly a bed of roses. These maniacs now have their Illegal alien Puppet Messiah in the White House for 4 more years. With NDAA and now Gun control measures, America is screwed.

  • pannon

    aren,t you too pesimistic?

  • pannon


  • pannon

    aren’t you too pessimistic?

  • Orange Jean

    Two HUGE events are due to happen in Federal government in March…. following the latest “kick the can deal” the sequestration will automatically begin 1 March 2013 and the government will run out of money 27 March 2013.

  • r.bitting

    Great article!

  • Flabberghasted

    It never ceases to amaze me that people can BET … AGAINST the market. I mean, actually making a bet to make gobs of cash if the market fails. I mean, allowing people to bet for an easily manipulated negative outcome is counter-intuitive.

  • Refrax

    Toilet paper!! Dont forget the toilet paper! When you see everyone else clearing out the food on the shelves- make a bee-line for toiletries! You will thank me later. 🙂

    • M

      Lol 🙂 Leaves are free! jk

  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    Stock up on food, drink and supplies, NOW, while you can.

  • Amman

    All sad – nothing to smile about.

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