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The United States – A Colony Of China?

The United States - A Colony Of China?

  • FounderChurch

    THE WAY TO DEFEAT CHINA! It is not that China is so strong, it is that America has become increasingly weak in just about every way one might measure strength.

    WE are the problem, not the Chinese. America is decaying from within at an astonishing rate and it has been going on for many decades. Democrats like Obama and Clinton only accelerate the downward trend. America has been declining throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st Century.

    It all starts with our radically declining birthrate which started in the 1850s and has steadily fallen since then. No nation survives in history when their birthrate begins to decline. The birthrates of Rome and Greece feel to near zero before their final demise into the trash can of history.

    A fool could see what happens. The nation begins to import workers to fill the jobs, and this seems tolerable at first but it quickly becomes a curse, and the whole culture of the nation changes from one people, to a mishmash of divisive separate races and religions. The new people don’t stop melting and begin to melt the majority population and bend them to their will.

    All this is the result of BAD MANAGEMENT of the nation, and the lack of a political party that simply advocates on behalf of the National Interest in an effective way so as to reverse a hundred trends that weaken the nation.

    It does no good to rail against the foreigners who take advantage of a degenerate declining nation entering it dotage.

    We have lost God’s favor due to our myriad sins and abominations, so that is the first thing we must fix. We must find God’s favor again, and present churches offer no reason for optimism.

    They, in fact, are part of the problem, not the solution. We need a new church that offers solutions to both the individual and the nation. That church is FounderChurch@Gmail.Com

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