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Does The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Mean That The U.S. Is Headed For Gas Lines, Higher Food Prices And A Broken Economy?

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As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis enters a third month, the economic impact of this environmental nightmare is starting to become clearer.  The truth is that the “oil volcano” spewing massive amounts of oil into the Gulf has absolutely decimated the seafood, tourism and real estate industries along the Gulf coast.  Not only that, but energy industry insiders are now warning that the chilling effect that this crisis will have on offshore drilling could precipitate a new 1970s-style energy crisis.  Considering the fact that the U.S. economy was already on incredibly shaky ground even before the oil leak, the last thing we needed was a disaster of this magnitude.  But it has happened, and the reality is that the long-term effects of this crisis are potentially going to reverberate for decades. 

The American people certainly have a negative view on the impact that this oil spill will have on the economy.  According to a new poll, about eight out of every 10 Americans expect the oil spill to damage the U.S. economy and drive up the cost of gas and food.

But is a new 1970s-style energy crisis really a possibility?

Could we actually soon be headed for blackouts and gas lines?

Well, former Shell executive John Hofmeister believes that is exactly what we are headed for….

“Within a decade I predict the energy abyss looks like brownouts, blackouts and gas lines.” 

In fact, Hofmeister claims that some of his fellow energy industry insiders expect things to be even worse than he is projecting in the years ahead.


Hofmeister says that the problem is the U.S. government….

“Our federal government, when it comes to energy and the environment, is dysfunctional, it’s broken, and it’s unfixable in its current form.”

Without a doubt, the oil spill will have a chilling effect on offshore drilling.  But does that mean that we are going to be facing a shortage of oil in the future?

Well, that is what the advocates of peak oil would have us believe. 

But the truth is that there are actually a TON of untapped reserves throughout the United States that could provide everything that we need for decades and more.

Nobody is really supposed to talk about it, but the reality is that there are massive deposits of oil in Alaska, the Colorado Rockies and in the Bakken formation in Montana and the Dakotas that are larger than anything found in Saudi Arabia. 

So we will only have an “energy crisis” if that is what oil industry insiders and the U.S. government want.

You see, the oil industry likes to keep the supply of oil down because it means much larger profits for them, and these days the folks in Washington D.C. like anything that causes the U.S. public to use less oil, so higher energy prices are just fine with them.

In fact, rather than focusing on getting the crisis in the Gulf solved, Barack Obama has been exploiting this oil spill to really push his economy-killing climate bill.  It seems like Barack Obama would do just about anything to foist his “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme on the American people. 

Energy issues aside, the impact that this oil spill is having on other areas of the Gulf coast economy is very significant.

For example, the Gulf oil spill is absolutely playing havoc with real estate prices in the region.

Real estate agent Linda Henderson recently put it this way….

“I can tell you that things have pretty much dropped to dead.”

After all, who is going to pay top dollar for beachfront property down there at this point?


Not only that, but obviously the oil spill is devastating the seafood industry in the Gulf as well.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the average wholesale price for Gulf brown shrimp has jumped by more than half since the crisis began.

In addition, oyster prices are up 33% since the beginning of the oil spill, and as oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico the price increases are only going to become more dramatic.

In fact, many are wondering if the seafood industry in the Gulf will ever recover from all of this.

The truth is that fishermen in Cordova, Alaska are still struggling 21 years after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill devastated the fishing industry in that area.

Some local shrimpers in Louisiana are already predicting that it will be seven years before they can set to sea again, but even that actually may prove to be too optimistic.

Some scientists are warning that the massive quantities of methane that are being spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from the “oil volcano” could create “dead zones” where oxygen is so depleted that literally nothing lives.

So if the oil continues to flow for several more months could very large portions of the Gulf of Mexico become dead zones?

That is a legitimate question at this point.

In addition, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is completely destroying tourism along the Gulf coast.

The truth is that nobody wants to visit places where the beaches are coated with oil and where breathing the air makes your kids want to gag.

Public Service Commissioner Benjamin Stevens recently described what this is going to mean for beaches in his area….

“You get hit by a hurricane and you can rebuild. But when that stuff washes up on the white sands of Pensacola Beach, you can’t just go and get more white sand.”

Hotel Owner Dodie Vegas was even more blunt in describing what this crisis means for her business….

“It’s just going to kill us. It’s going to destroy us.”

But not everyone has been ruined economically by this oil spill.

In fact, it turns out that BP CEO Tony Hayward cashed in about a third of his BP stock one month before the well on the Deepwater Horizon exploded.

Not only that, it has been revealed that Goldman Sachs sold 58% of its shares in BP between January and March of this year.

Isn’t it amazing how the elite always seem to have such perfect timing?

Even if Tony Hayward resigns as a result of this crisis, he is going to get a 10.8 million pound ($16 million) golden parachute.

No, the true losers in all of this are going to be those living along the Gulf of Mexico who have had their lives, their businesses and the beautiful environment around them destroyed.

We are literally watching an entire region of America slowly die, and Barack Obama still refuses to accept any of the international assistance that is being offered. 

If what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is not enough to get the American people angry, then what will?  This crisis has been so badly mismanaged that it is absolutely mind blowing.  Let’s just hope that someone can find a way to stop the oil soon.

  • Jay Updike

    You think the oil disaster and BP’s and the government’s reaction are the result of blundering people. Could be but the oil spill itself was prophesied in 1903 in a short story by Gustav Meyrink. He says the oil spill will be caused on purpose and it will be designed to destroy the lives of the people living along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Hereby a link to the English Translation of Gustav Meyrink’s Short Story Petroleum Petroleum (1903) in which he foresaw the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.

  • Jason

    As usual the articles this site produces are quite good but………..
    There are 2 points I would like to make:-

    “Well, that is what the advocates of peak oil would have us believe.”

    Peak oil is a well established fact first advocated by Hubbert. He predicted the US would peak in 1970. He made this prediction in
    1959 and was proven right. His theories were
    then extended to world oil production. So far with the astronomic rises in oil price 2 years ago ($147/barrel) it seems he is being proven right for the 2nd time.

    “But the truth is that there are actually a TON of untapped reserves throughout the United States”

    If that were really the case Big Oil would not be spending billions of dollars building oil platforms and drilling in inhospitable places. With the power and influence they have
    they would easily be able to drill in “Alaska, the Colorado Rockies and in the Bakken formation in Montana”.

    Neither would the US be spending nearly a trillion dollars in invading Iraq.

    In conclusion, world oil consumption is soon
    going to overtake production which could see the emergence of ‘resource wars’ in the near future.

    also see the fascinating website which links
    Energy and Economics together:

  • bob

    Shortage of oil, really? Iraq has the largest undeveloped oil fields known. Larger than Saudi Arabia, so how are we going to be short of oil again? It’ll take about 4 years to get those fields up and running, so how are we going to be short again? Our oil fields only produced less than 10% our consumption. This govt is dsyfunctional anyway. When buearucrats can rule instead of common sense we’re in trouble.

  • peakoilnondenyer

    The United States does NOT have massive deposits of oil reserves. U.S. oil production peaked in 1970. It is without a doubt a well proven fact, which is why we rely so heavily on foreign sources of oil from the Saudis, as well as most other OPEC producing nations, as well as Canadian Tar-sands, another environmentally destructive extraction process that you should really be looking into. As for the Bakken formation, it is nothing more than another bitumen much like that of the Canadian Tar-sands and will never produce more than 75,000 barrels of oil a day, and for a nation that consumes as much as 20 million barrels a day, well that just is not going to save our bacon. The U.S. was once the Saudi Arabia of the world for decades as the number one oil producer and supplier. That all changed right around the end of 1970. Right around the time when the US adopted the exponential credit expansion economy we now have. You know, the one that collapsing? Truth is we would not even be considering the idea of exploiting these deep-water resevoirs if peak oil was not a reality. This and all the above facts I pointed out are the very reason for high energy prices and what these energy mega-corporations have to go through, with energy intensive extraction methods and expensive technologies, to produce the stuff, as well as the Obama administration’s Cap and Trade carbon tax scheme. Make us pay more in energy costs to force us to severely cut back on our hydrocarbon usage. Stop listening to Alex Jones and Lindsey Williams and look into these facts and drop the “oil companies raise oil prices and concoct the peak oil fraud to create artificial scarcity to make us give up our hard earned living standards” argument because it makes no sense what-so-ever. Oil companies have no incentive to create artificial scarcity. They do however have an incentive to cover up and hide peak oil. And that would be for survival. High energy costs are here to stay. We had cheap oil for decades. It is no wonder that oil prices began the climb upward over the past decade. It is no wonder that Dick Cheney’s NEPDG, or energy task force, fought Judicial Watch and the Supreme Court to conceal the documents of their private meetings from the American people. It is also no wonder why Washington’s foreign policy is centered around militarizing the strategic points where oil reserves are located around the world. And that is to secure and retain access to a steady supply of oil because the US no longer has enough of it’s own to exploit. It really is not that complicated to understand.

  • xander cross

    They won’t do anything about it because it all planned from the start. As Rahm said “never waste a good crisis”.

  • foolmeonce

    An interesting topic but peak oil is nothing but bull ****. Read up on Abiotic oil if you are more interested in truth.

    The modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins is an extensive body of scientific knowledge which covers the subjects of the chemical genesis of the hydrocarbon molecules which comprise natural petroleum, the physical processes which occasion their terrestrial concentration, the dynamical processes of the movement of that material into geological reservoirs of petroleum, and the location and economic production of petroleum. The modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins recognizes that petroleum is a primordial material of deep origin which has been erupted into the crust of the Earth. In short, and bluntly, petroleum is not a “fossil fuel” and has no intrinsic connection with dead dinosaurs (or any other biological detritus) “in the sediments” (or anywhere else)…

    The modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of petroleum is based upon rigorous scientific reasoning, consistent with the laws of physics and chemistry, as well as upon extensive geological observation, and rests squarely in the mainstream of modern physics and chemistry, from which it draws its provenance. Much of the modern Russian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum genesis developed from the sciences of chemistry and thermodynamics, and accordingly the modern theory has steadfastly held as a central tenet that the generation of hydrocarbons must conform to the general laws of chemical thermodynamics, – as must likewise all matter. In such respect, modern Russian-Ukrainian petroleum science contrasts strongly to what are too often passed off as “theories” in the field of geology in Britain and the U.S.A.

    In the pages containing articles connected with petroleum economics, there are several papers by Professor Michael C. Lynch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which address directly the myth of “oil exhaustion.” There is also a link to an article by Professor Peter Odell of the London School of Economics concerning the common misperceptions connected with petroleum economics.

    One should understand that these papers cannot give justice to the immense literature of modern Russian petroleum science. During the half century between 1951-2001, there have been thousands of articles published in the mainstream Russian scientific journals on the modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins, and many books and monographs. For example, V. A. Krayushkin has published more than two hundred fifty articles on modern petroleum geology, and several books.

    In light of the extensive literature of modern Russian petroleum science, questions inevitably arise among persons reading of it for the first time: Why has there been nothing published on this body of knowledge in the English-language (or American) journals which purportedly deal with matters involving petroleum ? Why have there never been Russian or Ukrainian petroleum scientists invited to address a meeting of, e.g., the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (A.A.P.G.) ? Why has there not been appointed to the faculty of a single department of Earth sciences, at any university in the U.S.A., a petroleum scientist competent to teach modern petroleum science ? In short, why have persons in the U.S.A. never heard of this body of knowledge ?

    Such lack of reporting has not happened by accident. As the reader may surmise, this dysfunctional behavior has been a rather typical manifestation of the purveyors of quackery, desperately striving to preserve their self-image, conceits, and jobs. In short, there has been at work the Wizard of Oz chicanery, – before the little dog Toto snatched away the curtain. No reader should entertain an illusion that the publishing of these articles, in first-rank scientific journals such as Physical-Chemistry/Chemical-Physics, or the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has been welcomed by the British/American petroleum geo-phrenology brotherhood.

    The history of this behavior deserves itself the attention of competent social anthropologists and persons specializing in political science, and could be the subject of a host of illuminating essays…”

    30+ links to help educate yourself about this mother of all scams:

  • Anna

    My concern, acid rain as hurricanes take the ocean water filled with oil and banned chemicals BP is using and dumps it on the southern states, far inland destroying crops, ground water and top soil. It’s just not seafood we will see less of.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    Its only a matter of time before the new world order antichrist beast system; which is comprised of the International Bankers/Bilderbergers/Illuminati and Freemasonry devils will collaspe our nation into economic turmoil and chaos. But then their end-game is to put their mark of the beast chip in everybodies forehead or hand. And according to Revelation 13 and 14; you won’t be able to buy or sell.

    And according to Revelation 14:9-11, if you take that mark (chip) you will forever be cursed by God and in hell because that chip will eventually cause you to worship the antichrist beast leader and Satan (Lucifer)!! And then you will be rejected by God forever; while those of us who die as martyrs for Jesus will have great honors forever and ever!!

  • H Huynh

    The source of oil well is huge. While BP is the primary beneficiary as a hitting real jack pot, some Americans could be the secondary beneficiaries. But poor Gulf coast dwellers are disappointed.

  • lostinmissouri

    I was in college when we had the very first “Earth Day”. There, lecturers told us that the world would be totally out of oil by 1990.

    The known oil reserves today are multiple times larger than what “experts” said existed in 1971. More and more oil is being discovered yearly.

    IMHO, the only thing that has peaked is common sense.

    Oil production in USA may have peaked in the ’70s, but not because we ran out, but because of the great “regulation revolution” that took place. “NIMBY”,”Oil is evil”,”Solar n Wind is better”. You know, all that crap you learned in the government schools you went to.

    Notice how the declining US standard of living, and poverty rates, are directly correlated to the number of regulations we’ve placed on our industries and businesses?

    Einstein said that only two things were infinite, the Universe, and Human stupidity….but he really wasn’t sure about the Universe.

  • de malfosse

    Gas Lines, Higher Food Prices, & A Broken Economy are children of The Empire.

    The Gulf Oil(cano) may be the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ but it is the decades-long relentless pursuit of Empire that has thieved flexibility from the American people & sapped their financial strength.

  • Jerry

    I have a question for those that say we aren’t at peak oil now; when would you say it will happen? Or, will it never happen? I’ve actually read opinions stating that oil is replenishing itself, I guess at a rate that would maintain supply indefinitely.

    Let’s assume that we keep discovering new (easy to access) oil for several decades; what about the influence of exponentially increasing demand? Consider the effect of the rapidly increasing human population combined with the rapidly growing middle classes in the emerging economies. To maintain the oil availability we enjoy today won’t we have to find and produce ever increasing amounts?

    Admittedly I haven’t researched this subject much, but it seems counterintuitive to me that we will not experience dwindling supply compared to the growing demand for oil.

    To the author of this article (site?): I just discovered your blog and for the most part you seem to write what I would write if I had a reasonable amount of discipline and focus. Did you publish your name or is there an “about” page that I missed? Thanks!

    • Michael


      Well, my name is Michael and you can find some of my contact information here…

      I have tried to keep the focus of this website on the issues rather than on myself.

      Hopefully the articles that I write are starting to do some good out there.


  • Robert

    This whole episode was calculated to destroy yet another industry in this Manchurian candidate’s juggernaut to destroy, then take over, the US economy by government fiat. Denying foreign relief ships materiel, stalling with any permission to deploy containment booms, canceling offshore drilling everywhere, holding his boot to the neck of an energy company, sending his Attorney General to the area to find someone to sue rather than deploying the assets available, kicking ass instead of solving problems, these are all signs of a deliberate, nihilistic, calculated strategy to destroy capitalism,

    People, you have elected a Marxist Communist community organizer as president. Now, as Reverend Wright said, the chickens have come home to roost!

  • Cherenkov

    The so-called Bakken oil play is nothing less than pie in the sky BS.

    The “oil” that cornucopians point to is in fact something is termed “oil shale” which actually contains an oil precursor called “kerogen”. It’s not oil, but it can be turned into oil by destructive distillation. The rock it is contained in is usually a hard rock called marl. This makes producing it on a commercial scale quite a technological challenge. To get your head around this think of it this way–kerogen has the same energy density as a loaf of bread.

    What does this mean? It means you must apply significant amounts of energy in order to get energy from it. Like the tar sands, but much, much worse, you must essentially concentrate the energy. The tar sands use fantastic amounts of natural gas to heat the immense rivers of water needed to free and wash out the oil. Then it must be mixed with other hydrocarbon rich materials to bring it up to the level of synthetic oil. The energy return on energy invested is very low. Once you reach a one to one ratio, and many would argue that you need at least a five to one ratio, then you effectively are burning one gallon of oil to get one gallon. At that point, you would be better off eliminating the middle man.

    If you count the off-books energy costs of destroying the environment, then both the tar sands and the kerogen play are ridiculously out of energy balance and are essentially like drunken bankers borrowing from the future to pay dividends today. Not. Very. Prudent.

    The best part about this issue is we, the so-called “peak oilers,” do not have to argue. We only need to let the laws of physics take over. We win. Many peak oil people do not argue anymore because they know that reality (physical laws) will prove them right and feel it beneath their dignity to argue with ignorant, emotion-racked people invested with little power who will deny physical reality before they’d deign to admit they were wrong. What’s the point? It gets you dirty and angers the pig (the deniers).

    However, some, like myself, try to get through to the people in the hopes that whatever dim, flickering remnants of intelligence that may inhabit their dome will somehow brighten one tiny bit, and they will blink hard, scratch their head (or ass) and suddenly realize that WE LIVE ON A SPHERE. SPHERES ARE FINITE!!

  • freddybobs68k

    Jason + peakoilnondenyer are both correct.

    The US only produces a small percentage of oil domestically. And has been going downhill ever since the US hit ‘peak oil’ in the 1970s.

    To try and be more energy independent we have to try and use less oil. In order to be economically competitive we need to have energy.

    I hope you are not putting your hopes in ‘abiotic oil’, because based on current scientific knowledge that’d be equivalent to hoping our energy problems will be solved by pixie dust. Not impossible – but highly unlikely.

  • Damn right!!

    US oil production peaked in DEC 1970 at around 9.5 mb/day.

    You’re not going to find light sweet crude under it’s own pressure anywhere on dry land in the US.

  • Demolition Man

    ‘An interesting topic but peak oil is nothing but bull ****. Read up on Abiotic oil if you are more interested in truth.”

    Really ? So all the oil fields in decline aren’t really in decline then ? They’re all operating at full capacity as this so called abiotic oil is replenishing itself ?
    Even if abiotic oil was true, the process has taken 10’s of millions of years and given the current and future human oil demands, oil fields won’t be capable of replenishing themselves in the desired time frame as none of us live or can wait the odd million years.
    Apart from that the quaint abiotic oil theory has been debunked repeatedly on serious forums, so YOU go do your research properly.
    The flaws in the abiotic oil theory are many as is obvious to those rare people with the capacity to think and reason rather than those who purport anecdotal speculations to be fact.
    Rational people : 1, zombie-thinkers : 0

  • tyler

    Your the man Michael, I use the internet a lot and you are one of my favorite sites. You keep coming with more information on a daily basis. On keith olbermann tonight I thought we would hear for the first time the doomsday scenario on television. He quoted some of the most boring points from the web site oil drum. He never mentioned the horrific info. His segment turned out to be more dis information and nothing that the people of the gulf need to know. The main stream media will have blood on their hands when a lot of people down south die. If people aren’t on the internet they don’t know whats coming for them.

  • Oil seeps up from the bottom of the gulf all the time. The salt water breaks it down.

    What most are not taught is that oil is a very natural product that is produced by the earth. It’s great that we find so many uses for such a product, like making computers and TV’s and roads and just about everything we see around us.

    So nature will absorb the oil, as it always does. Most of it is already gone and they haven’t even tapped it off completely. Nothing to be scared about. Don’t listen to the hysterical biased media. They want you scared and upset.

    We should be very angry at the environmentalists who force them to drill in such deep water when it would be much easier and safer to get all the oil closer to shore, or even on shore where it seeps up from the ground.

  • Save the Republic

    Demolition Man:

    Unless you were around 10’s of millions of years ago, I don’t know how you, or anyone else who wasn’t here then, could make such bold statements about what was happening, if the planet even existed. Unless one has something that is known, beyond doubt, to be 10 million years old to measure against, then there is no factual basis to believe that any process took 10’s of millions of years. Science is supposed to be based on facts, not theories. If a theory cannot be proven, then you cannot consider it fact.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    I am 56 years old and I remember when I could fill up my volkswagon bug for $3 and drive all week. As gasoline was 25 to 30 cents a gallon. Those where the good old days; until the oil barons had a fake oil shortage. And if you read Lindsey Williams books; you will find out that there was enough oil in Prudcoe (sp)Bay on the Alaska pipeline to supply this nation with oil for 500 years.

    As the geologist came to him and confess to him that they were made to lie about the amount of oil in the ground. Oil is ambient (sp). That means, if I spelled it right, that it is as natural as water in the ocean. Except that it is produced in the ground by natural forces such as tremendous heat and pressure.

    Just like you can never run out of ocean water; you can never run out of oil. But the oil barons charged so much because they said that it was scarce; and that was a huge hoax and lie.

    And when they shut down all the oil wells in Texas and Oklahoma and other states; even then, I knew that this was a plot and ploy to make oil more expensive. These hell bound devils have been cheating America out of billions and trillions for centuries.

    But don’t worry!! The Great God of Heaven will have them all screaming and yelling in hell for martyring His Children for not taking their coming mark of the beast chip in their foreheads or hands; and for all the wars that they have created for huge profits and great wealth.

  • freddybobs68k

    @ Save the Republic

    “Science is supposed to be based on facts, not theories.”

    No. You probably want to read up on the ‘scientific process’. Science is not based on facts – its entirely based on ‘theories’ – which to be truly scientific are testable models.

    In mathematics you can have ‘facts’ – or more strictly proofs from axioms. Axioms are things you define to be true. The proofs – take the axioms apply rules to come up the the proofs.

    In the science (and the real world) there are no axioms. And thus no ‘facts’.

  • de malfosse

    look at that … news RUMORS that this operation is linked to Imperial designs against Iran. This disaster is connected to a plan that would allow Uncle Sam to circumvent oil shortages should there be a closure of the Straits of Hormuz following the intiation of hostilities against Iran.

    End the Empire.

  • crashsix


    The earth is 4.5 billion years old approx.
    Here’s the link:

    We should stop drilling. Wind and solar energy are much more abundant and renewable. Plus no holes in the earth and no spills, pollution, etc.

  • Joe in JT

    Peak oil is a lie. It was created to keep oil prices high, and max profits.

    The solution to our energy needs is simple. Return to the American people the “electric car”. It was tested on the public from 1996-2004 and then just when becoming popular and super efficient, big oil told Detroit to steal them back and crush them in the Arizona desert. This was possible because people who drove the electric cars like the EV-1 never actually owned them…they leased them.
    GM simply said return the cars or go to jail.

    Also of note, Exxon Mobile “stole” the high efficiency electric car batteries and put a patent on them. Big oil then stashed the secret high quality battery away under lock and key so nobody can use it.

  • Food and gas prices were going to head higher without the Gulf of Mexico incident. However, for the purposes of manipulating the public’s mind, the GoM thing did it. Hey, why not. In the meantime, the Cubans and the Russians can continue drilling in the GoM (see my blog for more info).

  • jc

    Hey @Web Development Company,

    Uranium is also something that comes from the earth. Care to grab a handful of that and sleep with it under your pillow? I’m sure it will be re-absorbed into the earth some time…

    As the article points out, check out the results of the Exxon-Valdeez oil spill 20+ years later. Sure, the earth will eventually recover, but when? 100 years from now? 200? More? Will any of us live to see the GOM return to its pristine state, teaming with fish? Don’t think so. I think we’re far too cavalier about trashing the earth.

    I guess that explains why we have problems like this: company CEOs know people like you will shrug their shoulders and pretend everything is okay and never be held accountable.

  • What Ever

    OIL IS ABIOTIC!!! It’s a renewable resource!!!

    Anyone who thinks oil is a fossil fuel, kill something, throw it in your back yard and let me know if it turns into oil. Decaying dinosaurs, vegetation etc. how laughably ridiculous!

    Oil is to the earth as blood is to living beings. You don’t have a set amount of blood just as the earth doesn’t have a set amount of oil. Just use some common sense and think critically.

  • Save the Republic

    Testable models? How can 10’s of millions of years be a testable model when you have no fixed reference point? Oldest known terrestrial lunar samples? Who says? Is somebody still around from that supposed time period that knows it is the oldest, or how old it actually is? Unsubstantiated theories, on top of unsubstantiated theories…some people will believe anything. Yes, that was definitely a dead herd of dinosaurs miles underneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. They were actually amphibious mud eaters that overate their way to their gruesome fate under the sea bed.

  • Jerry #1


    Thanks for sharing your name; I wanted to address you directly and with respect.

    (There are actually two Jerry’s that commented here and I’m the first, not the one you replied to.)

    Thanks again for great commentary!

  • Jerry #1

    “OIL IS ABIOTIC!!! It’s a renewable resource!!!

    Anyone who thinks oil is a fossil fuel, kill something, throw it in your back yard and let me know if it turns into oil. Decaying dinosaurs, vegetation etc. how laughably ridiculous!

    Oil is to the earth as blood is to living beings. You don’t have a set amount of blood just as the earth doesn’t have a set amount of oil. Just use some common sense and think critically.”

    Of course the same forces that created oil in the first place must still be in effect, but at what rate? Yes, our bodies manufacture blood constantly but I wouldn’t want to maintain an open vein and draw off ever increasing amounts of my blood. You can’t only look at supply when demand is increasing exponentially.

    Did I think critically enough?

  • peakoilnondenyer

    The abiotic argument/theory is for deniers and zombies who continue to believe that the economic model of exponential growth will continue indefinitely. Well take a good look around, does it look like that economic model is based on reality? Exponential growth does not, and cannot exist in a closed loop system of finite resources. Exponential growth is about as fake as the abiotic oil theory.

  • terry

    i have a question. the entire planet rotates and as it seems to have acheived a balance in this rotation what happens when you begin to modify this balance? better description would be this lets fill a basket ball with pockets that we then fill with water. lets spint the basketball and then lets start removing water from the pockets very slowely. will this not at some point force the ball to re-ballance itself as it looses internal mass? wonder what the outcome would finally be at about the time 1/3 of the water is removed? the water here is only used here as a replacement for oil. both have different weight/mass ration. just a question…

  • peakoilnondenyer

    I forgot to mention something, or more or less, I should correct something from my earlier posts. Abiotic oil is not a theory, it is a hypothesis, and that means it is not even in the realm of theory let alone even considered remotely possible. In other words, abiotic oil is a pipe-dream.

    It simply means there is no free lunch. Here, check it out to learn everything you need to know about the abiotic oil hypothesis.

  • “Web Development Company” said: “What most are not taught is that oil is a very natural product that is produced by the earth.”

    Uh huh.

    So is Gamma Radiation. All natural from sweet, sweet Uranium.

    But that doesn’t make fallout from a nuclear blast to be naturally harmless.

  • Concerned Reader

    What a lot of people do not keep in mind is how the diminishing oil supply will have on plastics. Everything in our daily lives is made from plastic, or petrochemicals to be exact, and once the we are unable to manufacture these products, society will be in a bind.

    Keep in mind the amount of plastic products that are used in hospitals. Anything from needles, saline bags, etc. Now imagine if these products had to be made from glass.

  • Shortage of oil??

    Come on, we’re swimming in it!

    See for yourself…

  • party pooper

    Comrade Obama is in charge. And the whole world traveled after the Beast. Who is like the Beast and who can make war with him?
    Book of Revelations

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