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Does The Trail Of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?

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Trail - Photo by Ws47What are we to make of this sudden rash of banker suicides?  Does this trail of dead bankers lead somewhere?  Or could it be just a coincidence that so many bankers have died in such close proximity?  I will be perfectly honest and admit that I do not know what is going on.  But there are some common themes that seem to link at least some of these deaths together.  First of all, most of these men were in good health and in their prime working years.  Secondly, most of these “suicides” seem to have come out of nowhere and were a total surprise to their families.  Thirdly, three of the dead bankers worked for JP Morgan.  Fourthly, several of these individuals were either involved in foreign exchange trading or the trading of derivatives in some way.  So when “a foreign exchange trader” jumped to his death from the top of JP Morgan’s Hong Kong headquarters this morning, that definitely raised my eyebrows.  These dead bankers are starting to pile up, and something definitely stinks about this whole thing.

What would cause a young man that is making really good money to jump off of a 30 story building?  The following is how the South China Morning Post described the dramatic suicide of 33-year-old Li Jie…

An investment banker at JP Morgan jumped to his death from the roof of the bank’s headquarters in Central yesterday.

Witnesses said the man went to the roof of the 30-storey Chater House in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district and, despite attempts to talk him down, jumped to his death.

If this was just an isolated incident, nobody would really take notice.

But this is now the 7th suspicious banker death that we have witnessed in just the past few weeks

– On January 26, former Deutsche Bank executive Broeksmit was found dead at his South Kensington home after police responded to reports of a man found hanging at a house. According to reports, Broeksmit had “close ties to co-chief executive Anshu Jain.”

– Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old senior manager at JP Morgan’s European headquarters, jumped 500ft from the top of the bank’s headquarters in central London on January 27, landing on an adjacent 9 story roof.

– Mike Dueker, the chief economist at Russell Investments, fell down a 50 foot embankment in what police are describing as a suicide. He was reported missing on January 29 by friends, who said he had been “having problems at work.”

– Richard Talley, 57, founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was also found dead earlier this month after apparently shooting himself with a nail gun.

– 37-year-old JP Morgan executive director Ryan Henry Crane died last week.

– Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG, also died last month, although the circumstances surrounding his death are still unknown.

So did all of those men actually kill themselves?

Well, there is reason to believe that at least some of those deaths may not have been suicides after all.

For example, before throwing himself off of JP Morgan’s headquarters in London, Gabriel Magee had actually made plans for later that evening

There was no indication Magee was going to kill himself at all. In fact, Magee’s girlfriend had received an email from him the night before saying he was finishing up work and would be home soon.

And 57-year-old Richard Talley was found “with eight nail gun wounds to his torso and head” in his own garage.

How in the world was he able to accomplish that?

Like I said, something really stinks about all of this.

Meanwhile, things continue to deteriorate financially around the globe.  Just consider some of the things that have happened in the last 48 hours…

-According to the Bangkok Post, people are “stampeding to yank their deposits out of banks” in Thailand right now.

-Venezuela is coming apart at the seams.  Just check out the photos in this article.

-The unemployment rate in South Africa is above 24 percent.

-Ukraine is on the verge of total collapse

Three weeks of uneasy truce between the Ukrainian government and Western-oriented protesters ended Tuesday with an outburst of violence in which at least three people were killed, prompting a warning from authorities of a crackdown to restore order. Protesters outside the Ukrainian parliament hurled broken bricks and Molotov cocktails at police, who responded with stun grenades and rubber bullets.

-This week we learned that the level of bad loans in Spain has risen to a new all-time high of 13.6 percent.

-China is starting to quietly sell off U.S. debt.  Already, Chinese U.S. Treasury holdings are down to their lowest level in almost a year.

-During the 4th quarter of 2013, U.S. consumer debt rose at the fastest pace since 2007.

-U.S. homebuilder confidence just experienced the largest one month decline ever recorded.

-George Soros has doubled his bet that the S&P 500 is going to crash.  His total bet is now up to about $1,300,000,000.

For many more signs of financial trouble all over the planet, please see my previous article entitled “20 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Starting To Catch Fire“.

Could some of these deaths have something to do with this emerging financial crisis?

That is a very good question.

Once again, I will be the first one to admit that I simply do not know why so many bankers are dying.

But one thing is for certain – dead bankers don’t talk.

Everyone knows that there is a massive amount of corruption in our banking system.  If the truth about all of this corruption was to ever actually come out and justice was actually served, we would see a huge wave of very important people go to prison.

In addition, it is an open secret that Wall Street has been transformed into the largest casino in the history of the world over the past several decades.  Our big banks have become more reckless than ever, and trillions of dollars are riding on the decisions that are being made every day.  In such an environment, it is expected that you will be loyal to the firm that you work for and that you will keep your mouth shut about the secrets that you know.

In the final analysis, there is really not that much difference between how mobsters operate and how Wall Street operates.

If you cross the line, you may end up paying a very great price.

  • FirstGarden

    Someone made them an offer they could not refuse..

    • FirstGarden

      Or perhaps they did refuse.

    • Mondobeyondo

      They shouldn’t have listened to the Dogfather…

  • Rodster

    I don’t doubt for a minute something nefarious is going on. The global economy is becoming unstable and in the current Edward Snowden era with all the revelations we NOW know about the NSA. I wouldn’t put it pass anyone that these individuals may have known too much and were a threat to the system.

    • FirstGarden

      Quite rightly so.

    • Syrin

      It’s actually 23+ bankers dead and going. The list of who needs to die supposedly has 43 names on it.

      • Annette Smith

        Can you provide us with information on who they are, to prove that there are more than just seven? Thanks in advance!

      • Priszilla

        43? Not 42?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          lol. I see what you did there.

      • Mondobeyondo

        23+ bankers? Where did you get that info?

      • Hammerstrike

        What do you think, have they started turning on each other to keep information from leaking or is someone out there passing righteous jugement on the wicked?

      • peace angel

        WHERE did you get the 23. We are all waiting.

      • Dan1959

        Source please. Also what list has 43 names on it?

    • seth

      They obviously knew too much about the REAL money men. I had noticed that some of my comments keep getting deleted, and have known for some time that the internet does not promote free speech in the West. Let’s say the two big R’s, once dynasty in the US and one in the UK; along with the counterfeit people inhabiting a place in the middle east, most of whom are Edomites and genetically proven not to be from that land some of whom are Satanists, are the ones who are a threat to the Western peoples.

      Since the babylonian times, these people have used ursury (fractional reserve banking) to keep control over populations and killed the Christ for his opposition, for Jesus was a political revolutionary, amongst other things. They then subverted Christianity (as they had so many other religions) by creating Roman Catholicism (the Roman Empire reimagined) through Constantine and moved the capitol 2/3 of the way from Rome to Constantinople as a final push to getting a temple in Jerusalem in the 3rd/4th century AD. This of course failed at that time.

      By the middle ages, this diverse group had corrupted everything and started many wars in the name of Christianity. Eventually, all countries kicked them out; they rebanded and used a variety of methods to establish themselves in various governments, including the UK, which saw the City of London Corporation take over ownership of the entire UK in the late 1700s. These wicked people then started 2 world wars, and have used the US military to establish various dictatorships around the world, with the City of London as the financial power and Rome (the Vatican has all the gold) as the political-religious power.

      This is all for the coming ‘New World Order’ as has been stated by Presidents, Prime Ministers and various established sources alike. The one world-culture is spread through American TV throughout the world, the one world currency is said to be cashless and a one-world-religion (Babylonian Satanism). This group are called the “Synagogue of Satan” in the Bible for good reason, as they desire power and, dare you believe it, control over everything about you including your soul.

      Look at how in recent years there has been a gross acceleration of the police state in all countries, a contrived economic crisis where the crooks have not been arrested, more contrived wars, the TSA groping, the NSA/other agnecies ‘spying’ on all of us. The new FEMA camps being built are nothing more than concentration camps, and in some states, they have already moved some of the homeless in there! Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it, and this group wants to kill 90% of us (as stated on the Georgia Guidestones) and leave 10% of us as their slaves. Our environment is weaponized against us, for example, dangerous Monsanto foods etc.. They will achieve many of their aims if people do not spread the message.

      • seth

        Any downvotes come from the bankers’ shills, and perhaps even the NSA/CIA, as they must ridicule the truth so people buy the lies as to what is really being done as they do not want people knowing the REAL TRUTH.

        • Priszilla

          Or whenever Satsanaists are mentioned, and Jesus and enemies of Jesus, races, genetics linked to banking.

          Basically: “it’s all the Jews fault”

          • seth

            The best descriptor begins with a Z and is 7 letters long, 8 if you add an s. Synagogue of Satan is also an appropriate term.

          • Michael

            Did not get to see your original comments, but like you said Revelation 2,9 and Revelation 3,9 is about the truth of it the ashkenazi jews are the perpetrators of everything that is bad in this world, they are most likely the sons of Cain, the wheat and the tares.

        • peace angel

          Obama has 3500 “cyberwarriors for obama” who are paid taxpayer money to troll the political sites since his first year in office and to HACK and post info to the Main CORE list and THEY are the best hackers he could find during his first year in office and then he pays spin of the day commenters and thumbs down voters and gives them a list of what articles to hit all day every day. THEY are paid to harass you.

          • piccadillybabe

            Sounds about right.

          • falling321

            I know it is correct. These human ‘bots’ are Canadian’s and my husband spent two weeks a month in Canada in 2013 on business as a computer consultant. I occasionally traveled with him and met some of the people who hire these ‘bots’. They believe their biggest success was in convincing the American people that both parties are exactly the same and voting third party is the way to change things. Which of course, ends up giving elections to the Democrat every single time!

          • Shane Thomasson

            People voted for Ralph Nader (a third party candidate) in 2000. Nader voters were subsequently blamed for “throwing” the election to Bush, a Republican. Third party voting can “spoil” either way.

          • peace angel

            THE CYBER warriors for Obama were recruited from all his staging sites during his first election. HE hired 3500 of them and they were hired because they were “hackers” who can hit your computer with a virus that is undetectable with only a few annoyances and then overnite your keys stop working and your hard drive crashes. I have lost 7 computers over a period of a year and none of the geek squad people out there can ever detect the virus.

          • Lex Loathar

            You know it’s true because you are one you quisling traitor.

      • Angry Jesus

        Usury is not fractional reserve banking. Usury is interest. Interest in terms of how most people view money can be applied as a simple rate or compounded. There are many ways that usury can be applied and gained, but I will not go into that here.
        Fractional reserve banking is a system that allows the banks to lend out in a ratio greater than they possess in deposits. The ability to lend out fractionally is issued by the government as individuals are unable to lend out in this fashion. While fractional reserve banking depends on usury to function, usury doesn’t need fractional reserve banking. Ignorance of money that lies within the population is the primary reason the moneychangers wreak havoc across the world. And yes, I’m still angry.

    • Mondobeyondo

      There is a lot going on that you are not being told about.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Dentists have a high suicide rate. How does this compare?

    • Tim

      That’s interesting. Perhaps it’s due to mercury toxicity.

      • JasonD

        It’s due to having to stare into people’s rotten smelly mouths all day and smell their foul odor…

        • Tim

          Dentists wear masks.

    • CharlesH

      If 3 dentists from the same office, out of nowhere, committed suicide (read: JP Morgan), would you be a little curious?

      • Bubba Johnson

        I was not trying to make light of the suicides, but really thought how these suicide rates compare to other professional careers.

    • FirstGarden

      Here’s my read on it. There are lots & lots of dentists, but not that many top end CEOs. Probably a very small fraction in comparison. So it would appear that the suicide ratio would be a lot lower among dentists.

    • Mondobeyondo

      I’ve also heard radio talk show hosts have a very high rate of alcoholism and substance abuse (i.e. Rush Limbaugh and oxycontin). Can’t verify that as a fact though.

    • Guest


  • kfilly

    I think this is a bad omen. I think the big banks are covering up loose ends before they pull the plug.

    • pizzedoff

      Can you say, JP Morgan Chase, Interest rate swaps and emerging markets in one breath?
      It has arrived and the carnage will make AIG look like a walk in the park

  • K

    Thank-you Michael for this story. I hope it will demonstrate, that things are truly getting serious now. That time is getting short, to at least lay in some preps. During the recent ice storms, you saw people totally unprepared. Within 48 hours, they were in deep trouble. What is coming, will make that look like a picnic. What is coming will not last 48 hours, or even 48 days. It will be far longer then that. Do what you can do, and leave the rest with the Lord.

  • FirstGarden

    I agree with the conclusion of this article. This is no conspiracy theory. In the early 60s, when I was young, my father described JFK’s death, saying, “He didn’t wanna play ball with someone.” Some things just stick.

    • peace angel

      He wanted to end the VietNam war as did all the American citizens AND he wanted to visit and make agreements with Castro and He wanted to make nice with the USSR AND Marilyn Monroe was drinking and doing RX drugs and sleeping with him and his brother BUT the problem was they spent all their time in CUBA and she insisted on being in on the meetings with Castro and so did Castro. SHE began to threaten state secrets when Jack refused to see her and the gov. not the Kennedy boys killed her too.

      I could go on but both parties killed him to continue to legislate the NWO and Agenda 21 which had not been drawn up then but was in full swing in the US. Jackie knew it and went to Greece to keep her kids and herself from being next. A deal was put in place that she would take it to her grave and she did as far as we know now.

      • Dan1959

        I had heard a long time ago that JFK also wanted to take the power to coin money away from the Fed. I’m not sure where I had heard this. Anyone else?

        • escapefromobamastan

          it’s true but most telling was his desire to have Dimona inspected.

      • Bill

        JFK Opposed Nukes For Israel.
        He also introduced interest free money. With him dead, Israel got nukes and the world hasnt been the same.
        Michael Collins Piper wrote a book about it called FINAL JUDGMENT and ironically it is a bestseller but a banned book in the USA. Why?

    • Chris Parker

      When Jackie refused to take off her blood soaked clothing, she told Mrs. Johnson, “I want them to see what THEY’VE done to Jack.”

  • Drud

    I have no doubt there are some extremely powerful people running the big banks on a worldwide level, but are they masterminds with seemingly limitless power yet still seeking more or are they desperate mobsters in very deep traps of their won construction? I believe the latter, they are only human, possibly psychopathic, but that doesn’t mean some aren’t still terrified of their house of cards coming down. They are desperate, vicious animals that can and will do a lot of damage when they fall. BUT, I am not worried about the NWO or any other such lofty schemes. Every complex society that has gone through collapse in the past has fragmented. There is no precedent for a system to somehow grow stronger through the process of collapse.

    • K

      Really, did not the Wiemar republic, which collapsed. Turn into fascist state of Germany?

      • Priszilla

        Yes. Germany was still in the process of transition from monarchy to parlamentarism, from Feudalaristocracy to Capitalism. WW1 as an attempt to extend the colonies for Germany failed, and threw the country into turmoil. The world finance system was very unstable and added to the problem, now we know about the flu pandemic, too.

        So, people like “seth” above used the then current sentiment that a genetically linked group, which was enemy of Jesus, controlled the banking system, and needs to be exterminated and everything would be good.

        Those bankers who were not jews were happy that someone will get rid of their competition and therefore they bank rolled Hitler, along with industrialists who hoped for big orders for tanks, cannons, airplanes, batteries, and lots of potential customers in Russia and beyond.

        • Hammerstrike

          “WW1 as an attempt to extend the colonies for Germany failed,”
          No, rather, Russian Empire had faster economic growth, more ressources and higher birthrate, Central Powers would loose the arms race. it was deemed that by 1917 the war would be unwinnable for the Central Powers.
          Britain, already had a massive Colonial empire, entered the war to destroy the German economy.

          Nope, left-wing myth, NSDAP was one of the few non-funded parties of Germany, only when they where close to seize power was there a real change of consideration.

          • Priszilla

            The NSDAP didn’t come from nowhere.

            Read up on Thule, Harzburger, Ludendorff, etc.

          • John

            The NSDAP was funded by the Rothschild family as Hitler was a member of said family. Plenty of evidence proves Hitler was 1/4 Jewish. Hansjurgen Koehler (not his real name, as he fled for his life to England), head of Gestapo operations in Austria pre-Anschluss, revealed all in his 1940 book published in England and suppressed since. Ample evidence exists Hitler was working for the Rothschilds.

          • Hammerstrike

            LOL, in that case I am Vladimir Harkonnen (found a time machine) or at the very least a reptilian!

      • Mondobeyondo

        Weimar Germany collapsed because it was unable to meet the demands of the Allied victors of WW1. Insane inflation was a result, which among other factors, led to the rise of a certain Adolf Hitler.

        Warning!! History repeats itself.

    • Abingdon

      A top Chinese financial adviser today recommended a world currency. You can read it on Zerohedge. The reason was because of America not being financially responsible with our monetary policies. This creates a chance that we will take down the global economy as well if our currency collapsed. One world currency will eventually and definitely bring NWO. The elite rule the money and will rule the world. Sad but true

      • none

        GOOD NEWS Abingdon:
        If we do go to a one world currency?
        The central banks will be able to convent their gold to the new currency, and be able to re-loan it out to business’s. Very quickly.
        Thus lessening the pain of an economic collapse.

        • peace angel

          YEAH it doesn’t mention that in AGENDA 21 the UN agreement to create the New World Order and depopulate the world by 90%.

          THESE NWO have been collapsing economies world wide for a hundred years preparing for this moment in time when they can collapse the US economy and thus the world economy and destroy the US dollar and put everyones money into one big WORLD BANK and you in a concentration camp. THAT is their plan and the whole world except the US is in their streets trying to prevent it and the whole world knows we are the model nation for the world.

      • Priszilla

        Every elite and tyrannny has in the past finally been overthrown.
        (with lots of turmoil following in places that weren’t prepared)

        One reason why the turnover of the east german government and the subsequent change of political and economic system was so easy, was probably due to the huge saving accounts of the east germans. They earned well, but couldn’t buy much, and couldn’t speculate in casinos and stock markets. So when their pension wasn’t paid for months by the new regime, they could easily live off their saving. Even with their savings slashed in half by the currency reform and rents, utility and grocery prices doubled and tripled.

        In East Germany the gasoline price per litre was M 1.50; In West Germany DM 1.50; now it is EUR 1.50.

        In the currency reforms the money was exchanged in 1990: M2 = DM1; 10 years later to EURO: DM2=EUR1;

        Electricity cost M 0.08 in East Germany; now it’s EUR 0.25 per kWh.

        Only those who owned propeerty benefited. In the last days of the GDR people could buy their house for M8,000, and a few years later sell it for DM50,000. Add insulation, change the electrics, add a new heating system, new windows, put photovoltaics on the roof and now it’s about EUR250,000.

        But no more huge savings accounts. And no more job security.

      • peace angel

        After forty years of watching this coming I go there right away also. THE NSA, FBI and CIA whistle blowers all say it will go down in an instant worldwide.

        I believe when the low level bankers like these guys really are will try to out the whole thing or die before the SHTF.

        It’s a NWO—AGENDA 21 comes to an explosive worldwide banking disaster. A few days of a total computer outage would stop the world in a few days and the streets would look like the empty walmart shelves before a snow storm in Atlanta and in a week lots of people would be jumping off of buildings all over the world.

        THEY are the Bilderberg families, the Royals, the Vatican and the people who own 90% of the banks and media worldwide.

  • Richard

    “What would cause a young man that is making really good money to jump off of a 30 story building?”
    No “off of”, please. “…jump off a 30-story building”.

    • Tim

      Both “off” and “off of” are grammatically correct.

      • jonno

        Actually, jump from is the grammatically correct term, but who cares as long as they keep jumping. We just need some of the really top honchos to start jumping as well. That’s right you supposed Kings of the World, jump. The suspense is starting to get to me, lets get this thing happening so we can all see what kind of people we really are. This long drawn out collapse is a bit nerve wracking, I’d prefer a speedy conclusion so we all know where we stand.

      • Richard

        No they are NOT. You are just making that up. It is nothing more than an irritating turn of speech that has gained ground of late… (like “I could care less…” which is INCORRECT (“I couldn’t care less”).

        • Tim

          BOTH “off” and “off of” are grammatically correct. Look it up for yourself.

    • Bubba Johnson

      The best way to annoy liberals is mispelling and grammor. HEE HEE

      • Richard

        Yep! Let’s dumb ’em down. Spoken like a good American!

    • FirstGarden

      Maybe he smoked too much crack and thought he was Superman.

      If so, I’m sure he had plenty of help.

    • Richard

      No they are NOT. You are just making that up. It is nothing more than an irritating turn of speech that has gained ground of late… (like “I could care less…” which is INCORRECT (“I couldn’t care less”).

    • Drud

      Terrific, first we get an abortion thread going and now a grammar thread. Let’s get this ball really rolling…I prefer Pepsi. Any Coke people out there?

  • old fart

    Now if we could just get the top government heads to join them perhaps the average American might have a chance.

  • Patrick

    I’ll bet you that these bankers know that they are about to loose everything and go broke when total collapse happens. So either they didn’t want to go through what the rest of us are currently going through financially or the elite didn’t want them to talk when everything hits the fan.

    Something is afoot. That’s for sure.

    • K

      I think the later is more likely. If they knew what is coming, why not prepare. They could afford to prepare better than any of us. Plus have enough left over for a few hundred ounces of gold. Sound like they would be in pretty good shape.

      • Patrick

        You make an excellent point, K. They were certainly better prepared than us.

      • cse

        Who’s to say they weren’t prepared are preparing? Smells like yesterday’s diaper. Defiantly something is not right. They knew something.

  • Tractor

    Did I read that right? (one Billion 300 Million) DOLLARS?
    Wow that is one heck of a bet. Sounds like he should go to Vegas. I bet he wins, George Always wins.
    When George S. places a bet, it’s NEVER a gamble.

  • Mondobeyondo

    1929 being repeated…??

    Not quite – maybe. On the one hand, take into account these bankers’ personal situations, finances, etc. The stuff every single one of us goes through every day. Arguments with the spouse, the boss, the kids, the waitress at the diner…

    On the other hand – take into account these were people earning rather high salaries in prestigious positions. Many of us would be thrilled to be in their shoes – high heeled pumps, Ferragamos, They should have known better than to take their own lives.

    • K

      But that is the question Did they truly take their own lives? In many criminal enterprises, a person is given the chance,` to do the right thing`. In exchange, their families are not touched.Considering many banks qualify as a criminal enterprise, I suspect something similar is happening here.

      • FirstGarden

        I’m inclined to agree.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I do not know for a fact, if they all took their own lives. So many variables to take into account here. Were they murdered? Were there threats on their families or friends? Don’t know.

    • FirstGarden

      But Mondo, how do ya shoot yourself with 8 nails?

      • Guest

        Probably cause he didn’t own a gun ( one that shoots bullets that is) Why else would he torture and mutilate himself in the process?. BAN NAILGUNS. Sue Home Depot!!!

        • peace angel

          THAT is no more possible than shooting yourself 8 times and if anyone who has ever shot a nail gun KNOWS this.

          In the movies we see a person SHOOT another person 8 times with a nail gun but they are in shock and spasms after the first two depending on the size of the nails and it did kill him.

          I say “mind control from HAARP” and bet they got a conscience and something big is coming.

          It’s like a VInce Foster suicide or Ralph Baker plane crash or many of the other mysterious deaths on the lists of just the Clintons and Obama and the Bush families.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I have to admit, that seems like an impossible task. Not that I’ve ever tried it myself…..

        • FirstGarden

          Don’t try this at home.

      • Drud

        Highly unlikely, but possible. Nail guns, especially if the safety is held open, fire very rapidly. Muscle spasm could cause it to keep firing.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    One World Government is coming – Rev 13. Control-control-control. Chaos with a collapsed global financial system = a perfect scenario for the Antichrist (unknown for now) to waltz in and make everything right. This is a step that needs to be taken to get there.
    Next will be the One World Religion. These things must occur folks as Bible Prophecy predicts before Christ’s Second Coming.

    • GSOB

      The Book of Revelation is a contemporary prophecy concerned almost entirely with the redemptive – eschatological events of the first century.

      The fall of Jerusalem did not constitute the second coming of Christ. the end of the world and the final resurrection.

      There is more to come.

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Revelation is about things that John saw, the things that are, and things in the future – Rev 1:19. The opening of the seals of the scroll could have started after Jesus’ resurrection but it is unknown for sure.
        You can be sure that events ‘that are future’ have already started and now growing worse.
        Anchor your faith in Christ for the days ahead will shake everyone’s faith to the core.

        • GSOB

          The Book calls out for believers to overcome, and they will, as they are in Christ.

          It is a Book of encouragement for Christians.

          The Last Days is a Biblical expression for the period between Christ’s Advent and the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70: the “last days” of Israel.

          • Tim

            Wrong. There’s a consensus among scholars that the book of Revelation was written (by the Apostle John under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) near the end of the first century A.D.

          • GSOB

            Yes,,, WE all agree it was John.

            But it was written before the destruction of Jerusalem. The consensus you are referring to is on when it was written,… most say AD 90.

          • Tim

            The internal and external evidence indicates that the book of Revelation was written after 70 A.D., in the mid-90s A.D.

          • GSOB

            Where is your internal evidence?

          • Tim

            No, you’ve assumed that the book was written before 70 A.D. and then you’ve interpreted prophetic passages of Scripture based on that assumption.

            God is NOT finished with the nation of Israel.

            “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.” Romans 11:25

            When God is finished taking out of the Gentiles a people for His name, He will turn once again to Israel.

          • GSOB

            What does any of that have to do with when the Revelation was written?

            Is that your attempt to provide internal evidence that it was written after AD 70?

            If so,… you present no logical, reasonable argument that supports your belief.

          • Tim

            My last comment was a response to your statement that the book of Revelation was written as a prophecy of the approaching destruction of Jerusalem. I was also addressing your assertion in one of your previous comments that the Kingdom was taken from Israel and given to the Church. The present church age is NOT the Kingdom foretold in both the Old and New Testaments. And the amillennial interpretation of Revelation 20:5 that the first resurrection is spiritual is erroneous. If the first resurrection is spiritual, then the resurrection that occurs at the end of the thousand years (the millennium) would also be spiritual.

          • GSOB

            You are all over the place.

            You have yet to provide me any ‘internal’ evidence that supports your belief that the Revelation was written after AD 70.

          • Tim

            No, I’m just addressing statements you’ve made in previous comments. As to the internal evidence, I’ll write about that later. I have somewhere to go.

          • GSOB

            Yes. Go ahead. You have more important things to do.

          • Tim

            You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It’s getting late, and I’ll have to get my documentation on this subject out of the closet.

          • GSOB

            As Christians, we should always be searching for the truth. Wisdom is the content of the New Creation.

            You don’t have to try and prove that you are wrong. I have provided fodder enough for you to be pondering for quite some time.

            Good blogging with you.

          • GSOB

            My assertion you say…

            It was the Lord’s assertion

            Matthew 21:43

          • Gay Veteran

            Jesus Christ! It’s amazing how you “Christians” can’t agree on anything. So much for the unchanging word of god.

          • GSOB

            Revelation 21:8

          • Gay Veteran

            interesting verse.
            put 10 Christians in a room and they’ll come up with 11 different interpretations of it

          • GSOB

            The prophet Joel foretold both the Day of Pentecost and the destruction of Jerusalem in one breath

            Joel 2:28-31

          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            All scripture (2 Tim 3:16) is as much alive today as it ever was. The Old Covenant has been replaced with the new in Jesus Christ but it does not negate the 10 Commandments.
            The last days is used many times in the OT and NT. It normally references the times leading up to God’s final plan for planet earth. re: 2 Tim 3:1-5; Isa 2:2-3; Hos 3:4-5; Acts 2:17-20; James 5:3-5; 2 Pet 3:3-4.
            Israel is God’s chosen nation, land and people – they have not been replaced – it is an everlasting covenant – Gen 17:7-8.
            Note: please reference scripture when interpreting Biblical eschatology.

          • GSOB

            You are just as off topic and confused as Brother Tim

      • Tim

        Wrong. Most of the book of Revelation is prophecy yet to be fulfilled. It is nearly impossible to find two commentators from the historicist camp who agree with each other.

        The Bible means what it says and says what it means.

        • GSOB

          The Great Tribulation took place in the Fall of Israel.

          It will not be repeated and thus is not a future event although Christians in every age have had to endure suffering for the faith.

          • Tim

            The differences in interpretation of the prophetic portions of Scripture will not be resolved until the Lord returns. I have been a Christian for over 18 years, and I’ve most of that time intensely studying eschatology. From my studies, I hold to a premillennial and futurist interpretation of the Scriptures. I’m also a firm believer in the sovereignty of God in creation, providence and salvation. The doctrines of grace and a futurist view of the prophetic portions of Scripture are NOT incompatible.

      • jonno

        The book of Revelation is a commentary on the Roman invasion of Cannan in 31AD. That is an historical fact.

        • GSOB

          That’s a good one Jonno…
          I’ve never heard that one.

      • WVBORN56

        The Millennium is a literal 1000 year reign of Christ yet future. We are on the door step of the 7 year tribulation. Jesus said when you see these things take place to look up for our redemption is drawing near. He told us for a reason so we would be prepared! The rapture is for the church. God’s wrath is coming and the true church is promised to escape His wrath.

        • Tim


          • GSOB

            It is absolute folly for Christians to suppose that they are somehow immune from all suffering.

        • GSOB

          The Great Tribulation, culminating in the holocaust of A.D. 70, was the restitution demanded of Jerusalem…for its theft and slaughter of the Old Testament prophets, of the New Testament martyrs and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

          Matt 21:33-45; 23:29-38;
          1 Thess. 2:14-16

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        So based on your premise of the Bible and Revelation we must be living in the Millennium right now… Or does that not fit with the
        Amillennialistic viewpoint…?

        This ‘vast number of years’ you use or the Thousand Years that is used in Revelation was mentioned six times in Rev 20. One clear piece of Biblical interpretation is that the Bible interprets itself and repeating emphasizes key literal points.

        The Beast and the False Prophet are clearly men – Rev 13. The Dragon, Beast and False Prophet are referred to as the Satanic Trinity and represent Satan entirely.

        The majority of Revelation has yet to occur. But you can believe what you like.

        • GSOB

          “..So based on your premise of the Bible and Revelation we must be living in the Millennium right now.;;;”


          • ProclaimingGodsTruth

            Wrong on the 1000 years … if so, where’s Jesus ruling and reigning? Is Satan bound up right now? I highly doubt it!!

            So when is the Great White Throne judgment, according to your theory? Rev 20:11-15

            sure where you are getting your date for Rev but consider … Irenaeus,
            Clement of Alexandria, Victorinus, and Jerome all collaborate
            Revelation to be written during the time of Domitian’s rule in Rome.
            That would put John’s writing about 94-96 AD.

            Using Nero as
            the beast with the # of his name being 666 would require adding Caesar
            to Nero’s name, computation of Rev 13:18 using Hebrew but Rev was
            written in the Greek language.

            Like I said before you
            can believe whatever you want but when the Son of Man comes in the
            clouds you can’t say you weren’t informed.

          • Tim

            Yes! Excellent, brother.

          • GSOB

            In answer to all of your questions ….

            “Wrong on the 1000 years … if so, where’s Jesus ruling and reigning?”

            He currently reigns.

            “Is Satan bound up right now?”


            In this way, the sword of truth, ….

            Satan can not ‘decieve the nations any longer’…

            refers to his inability to prevent the message of the Gospel from achieving success.

            “I highly doubt it!!”

            Hopefully thay will change now.

            “So when is the Great White Throne judgment, according to your theory? Rev 20:11-15”


            Unbelievers, “the rest of the dead”, never partake of the resurrection of Christ,

            the first resurrection. They remain in a state of spiritual death until they are raised

            to face the second death.

            Rev. 20:5 The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were

            completed. This is the first resurrection.

            Rev. 20:13-14 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up

            the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their

            deeds. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death,

            the lake of fire.…

            “Not sure where you are getting your date for Rev but consider … Irenaeus, Clement of

            Alexandria, Victorinus, and Jerome all collaborate Revelation to be written during the

            time of Domitian’s rule in Rome.

            That would put John’s writing about 94-96 AD.”

            I disagree with you and them.

            It was written around A.D. 66.

            I site internal evidence, you… external. The Roman siege of Jerusalem from Spring AD 67 to the fall of the Temple in September 70 was the greatest tribulation in history.

            “Using Nero as the beast with the # of his name being 666 would require adding Caesar to

            Nero’s name”, computation of Rev 13:18 using Hebrew but Rev was

            written in the Greek language.”

            John did not intend a number to be worked out in Greek. The unexpected element in the computation was that it had to be worked out in Hebrew, a language that at least some members of the churches would know.

            “Like I said before you can believe whatever you want but when the Son of Man comes in the

            clouds you can’t say you weren’t informed.”

            Yes, I can say I wasn’t informed.

            Your arguements were not convincing enough…

            You have not changed my understanding,

            but I am always open to iron sharpening iron..


  • Paul

    From Caracas to Kiev civil unrest seems to be increasing. Both protests are tied to government corruption and economic conditions. These stories make me wonder when civil unrest will occur in the United States.
    Per page 8 of the January 2014 BLS report the labor participation rate is near a 35 year low. Median household earnings have fallen 5 years in a row. The percentage of Americans owning a home has fallen 8 years in a row.
    On December 28th 2013 unemployment benefits have expired for 1.3 million Americans. Also 47 million Americans are on food stamps. 1.2 million public school children in America are considered homeless. The U.S government is $17.3 Trillion dollars in debt. Student loan combined with credit card debt for ordinary Americans is almost $2 Trillion dollars and rising. California is being affected by a horrific drought. How much more can Americans take?

  • Bubba Johnson

    Things will probably get a lot worse and the timetable for really bad times may relate to the Nov elections. If Republicans take the Senate then more then likely the Liberals have their scapegoat and the truth will start coming come out. All heck should break out around then? Good Luck and be prepared.

  • Mike Smithy

    i love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy. However, JP Morgan/Chase has over 250,000 employees. I would expect that it is normal for a company of that size to have a few employees commit suicide every year. Wake me up when Jamie Diamond kills himself.

    • BenguluruHuduga

      around the same time and across the globe ? what are you smoking dude ?

    • Priszilla

      Yes, like Foxconn.

      Too much stress, I’d say. So it seems Foxconn and JP Morgan are companies to avoid if you are looking for a new job.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Isn’t foxconn the slave outfit that produces Apple products and locks up it’s employees at night?

        • Priszilla

          Foxconn is a Taiwanese manufacturer with factories in mainland china.

          There is a nice book that describes the importance of Taiwan to China quite nicely. It’s an American novel, but the background is easy to understand and quite fitting without getting too technical on history and politics.

          Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Supremacy.
          (forget the movie of the same name, there’s no relation)

  • BenguluruHuduga

    doesn’t the bet work both ways ? bet 1 billion for crash. behind bet for profit ?

  • ad

    Time to grab a drink, some snacks, sit back and enjoy the show. If all fails people, it was honor to post here.

  • Angry Jesus

    Those Money Changers have escaped the sting of my whip, for now. And yes, I’m still angry.

  • Be ready

    coming very soon – Global Currency Reset – organised by the IMF

  • 2Gary2

    Hey Michael and other anti abortion folks-are you at all concerned with all the viable embryo’s that are regularly tossed out at the many fertility clinics? If as you believe life begins at conception, does it matter if the conception is in a test tube as opposed to the uterus?

    • Bubba Johnson

      I will answer your question if you can answer mine. Why do Liberals fight so hard to save this embryo once it grew up and killed 20 people.

      • 2Gary2

        I guess I am not understanding your question. What I think you are asking is why liberals are pro choice and then against the death penalty? My best guess would be that there have been a lot of cases of folks on death row who were later found out to be innocent. Once you put someone to death there is no redo so unless they are 100% certain the person is guilty they do not want to impose the death penalty. Folks like serial killer jeffery dahmer who we are 100% certain are guilty can be put to death via the death penalty and I doubt many would care.

        why do conservatives care so much about family values yet cut programs like WIC etc? Its like they care about the kid in the womb but as soon as it is born they could care less.

        • Mike Smithy

          Although it is true that there have been instances of people wrongfully convicted in our judicial system, it does equate to the 100% of innocent babies in the womb being wrongfully executed.

        • Rastus

          First, Every baby in the womb IS innocent! (100% not guilty) So why the automatic death penalty for them with out even a hearing?

          Second, Poor straw man argument. All welfare should start at home, and would be so if the federal nanny state would leave the states alone and get out of the welfare business.

        • rentslave

          They are only found not guilty of that murder.It is very likely that they killed someone else,but were not caught.You’ve been watching too many Henry Fonda movies.

          • FirstGarden

            Your username cracks me up.
            Your a rentslave & I’m a mortgage slave. Lumber & nails on a hunk of dirt. And the bank owns them both. Same difference, lol..

          • 2Gary2

            That may or may not be true, however, one can’t be convicted on your thinking they probably killed someone else. You need evidence or someone could say you could have killed someone else.

        • FirstGarden

          It would appear that one group cares about babies, and the other cares about crooks.

          Sorry, Gary.. couldn’t resist. 🙂

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “lot of cases of folks on death row who were later found out to be innocent. ”
          So presumably unborn children aren’t innocent?

          • 2Gary2

            My question about the fertility clinics remains unanswered. Of course the unborn are innocent.

  • 2Gary2

    good riddance!

  • LesBaer1911

    There are actually eight bankers who have been

    suicided: Karl Slym 51 is not on the above list.

    • DB

      Karl Slym was not a banker. Google it first next time.

    • Priszilla

      Karl Slym was bullied by his wife.

  • Jim Davis

    Reminds me of a joke:

    Q: What do you call 7 dead bankers?

    A: A good start!

    • escapefromobamastan

      they didn’t hit the ones that count

  • Mondobeyondo

    A reminder: Don’t count on the government to help you.
    What is the opposite of progress?
    Yep, you got it.

    • FirstGarden

      Politics = poly + Ticks

      Many parasites.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I wish with all my heart, that what’s coming can be avoided.
    What’s coming, you ask?
    Glad you asked! The answer is, you don’t want to know.
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but…
    Something wicked this way comes. And that’s all I will say about this.

    • Tim

      Me too. I’ve been a bit apprehensive lately about what’s coming. We can see that things are getting worse, and it seems that the really difficult times are close at hand.

      • ractivist

        A great tribulation, that will kill in the billions. World war three is looming on the horizon.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    If there was an economic collapse. Then all the world banks could convert their gold to the new, one world currency.
    Thus shortening the pain of an economic collapse.
    Can you see how all these deaths are just a coincidence?
    The banks were there, to help everyone out.
    Sorry if posted twice? Microsoft 8 truble

  • Anon

    Does the trail of dead bankers lead somewhere? Apparently from the roof to the sidewalk.

    • Alleged Comment

      With nothing in between. I say GO FOR IT!

  • wally

    There is a lot of very strange things going on isn’t there?

    1. These dead bankers Michael just wrote about.
    2. The firing and or removal of many top nuke officers. Nuke officers are not chosen lightly. C’mon a gambling charge???
    3. The nuke officer cheating scandal, it was something like 34 officers but I think it is more now. Never has anything like this happened, ever.
    4. An entire seal team being “killed off” in a helicopter.
    5. Missing Nukes.

    Something bad seems to be coming doesn’t it?

    • Mondobeyondo

      I used to put together jigsaw puzzles as a kid.
      What’s happening now – on a global scale – is just one huge global jigsaw puzzle.

      Hint: Start with the corner pieces first. Then, the pieces with the straight edges. They form the border. Go from there.
      You’re welcome. Wink, wink 🙂

      • DB200

        The thing is, not all pieces are on the table. A lot of them are missing, someone must be cheating.

    • K

      Now add, 40 Congressmen and Senators are all leaving at the end of their term. Four times higher than the norm.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        I was just trying to confirm that there are an abnormal number of sitting pols not seeking reelection, but I had no idea it was that high. I couldn’t find a good summation. Do you have a source?

        • FirstGarden

          I second that. It’s very interesting.

        • K

          Google Reuters factbox 40 congress. That brought it up for me. Or search within the reuters sight itself.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Sweet! Thx.

    • Alleged Comment

      It’s already here and started back in 2008 when the first negro was elected as president! And he had to be illegal to do it!

      What does that tell ya?

  • Quagmeyer

    Corruption and scams will only work for awhile.

    • Alleged Comment

      But isn’t that good enough?

  • Banksy needs to paint a trampoline on the sidewalk.
    Maybe some crowd funding will motivate him….?

  • Priszilla

    Once there was a time when I worked 100 hours a week, with a lot of pressure coming from all sides. I lived in the 20th floor, with easy access to a balcony and from there to the sidewalk. As I was sleepwalking, I was so afraid of accidentally jumping, I moved to a ground floor flat.

    When you work more than 40 hours a week and can’t let go when leaving the office, STOP and have a look at your life. Cut down to 40 hours, and don’t take work home.

    If your boss is bullying you into stressful situations, QUIT. Let them find another idiot doing their bidding.

    Life is too short to waste it for business or fights against stupid managers.

    • Alleged Comment

      One thing I learned is you can NEVER EVER do enough for a manager. NEVER!

      But I still try to do my maximum I would for anyone so it does not bother me.

      • Priszilla

        If “anyone” includes yourself and your family and friends, that’s fine.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I’m scared just jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool..But hey, that’s just me.

    What makes these bankers take such desperate measures?
    Something doesn’t add up here.
    We the People, are not being told the truth.

    • DB200

      Good question Mondo. I suddenly remember a saying: “desperate circumstances require desperate measures”

  • Mondobeyondo

    …”57-year-old Richard Talley was found “with eight nail gun wounds to his torso and head” in his own garage.

    How in the world was he able to accomplish that?”

    The same way Kurt Cobain shot himself with a shotgun, I suppose. That’s the official story. Do I believe it? Nope.

    • GSOB

      You place the nail gun in a fixed position, pull a line to the trigger and close your eyes.

  • Mondobeyondo

    A few thoughts, and other stuff such as.

    – Keep an eye on what the gremlins in the Kremlin are doing.
    The Winter Olympics will be Vladimir Putin’s moment to shine. There will be no terrorism attacks during the Games.The heavily reported anti-gay stance in Russia that has been so promoted by the MSM? Hush, hush. Putin will make sure of that. Afterwards, however…who knows?!

    – Keep an eye on Germany. Their idea of world conquest did not die with the death of a well known 1940’s dictator.

    – The global financial system is sitting on a house of cards, and the wind is just now beginning to blow.

    – Unemployment in the U.S. will skyrocket. It is already highly underreported by the mainstream media.

    In short – we are headed for something Awful.

    • americalsgt

      The Nazi’s for the most part gave the Jews a pass during the 36 Olympics. It was only after the games that Hitler went into high gear with kristallnacht etc. Let’s see what Putin does after the games.

    • FirstGarden

      Kremlin Gremlins? 🙂

      And then along came Putin.
      He was the wrong one to “Put-in” power.

  • Mondobeyondo

    $400 million jackpot for tonight’s Powerball lottery jackpot!
    Oh wow! What if I win?

    There is a far greater chance you WILL NOT win.
    So, I don’t care. I won’t play.
    “But you can’t win if you don’t play”.
    You can’t win if you DO play, either.

    There comes a time, when people need to get some sleep. For me, that time is now.

  • Daystrom2012

    James 5:1-3 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

    Your gold and silver is
    cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall
    eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for
    the last days.

  • Selaretus

    Kind of reminds me of the lawyer joke, but we can use it for bankers as well. what do you have when there are 1,000 bankers at the bottom of the sea? A good start.


    -George Soros has doubled his bet that the S&P 500 is going to crash. His total bet is now up to about $1,300,000,000.
    This is the real story.

  • blackciti_fo5

    This is sad. And to think, I actually bank with chase. Why does it have to be like this? I just want to work and make a living for myself. Either these bankers killed themselves because they know something drastic is going to happen or someone had them killed because they knew too much.

  • greanfinisher .

    I suspect that these “deaths” were tied in some manner to sour derivative trades, and other sullen investments incurred by the big banks. However, the big banks have nothing but themselves to blame for these horrific losses as they were the ones who pressed their “allies” in Congress to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

  • DJohn1

    Suicide is the latest fad in assasination? Obviously, there is a cocktail of drugs being used to kill bankers that know too much. The Cocktail is probably a gas that disappears from the body within a short period of time after death. That is just a guess on my part.
    I would suggest it takes away your control over your own body and allows someone to tell you to jump.
    Nothing new. Dentists used to use ether to kill the response to pain. It was also a truth drug and people spilled all kinds of secrets and lost their control over their inhibitions. It was dangerous to a Dentist’s health because people with those secrets might go to any extent to keep things secret.
    The nail gun was just plain sloppy. You could conceivably put a gun in a vice and pull the trigger but it is unlikely.
    I don’t think that the police will look too close. Probably some kind of mandate out from your letter agencies to keep it quiet.
    Common denominator? Didn’t we just have a conference world wide of the rich and their plans for us poor people?
    Were all these bankers at that conference? That would be my best guess on what happened. Some people couldn’t stomach what is coming next to all of us.
    George Soros is not in it for the money. He has more money than most people on this planet all ready. He is in it for the game. To George Soros money is a power game and he is one of the best players in the world.
    If I had millions, not billions at my command I would probably lose it within a few years. I am not a competent money manager and do not pretend to be.
    I stay out of the game because I do not really know the rules and even if I did know the rules I would be outed by people that do know all the rules and thrive on amatuers like me. George is a professional and he knows most of the rules. Even George can be brought down by governments if they wish to do so. The Hunt Family and Silver is a good example of something like that happening.
    What is going to happen is that people in corrupt countries are acting like crooks. So is there honor amongst these thieves? I really think there is none.
    There is a scandal in Russia that reaches all the way to the top concerning 137 million dollars stolen from an American Businesman. It was on 60 minutes Sunday.
    Now other businessmen are removing all their money from Russia so they too are not victimized by this group of thieves in government.
    I think Russia will end up being destroyed financially over this obvious theft that reaches all the way to the top of Russia’s government. They stole 137 million dollars and are likely to reap a loss of billions.
    To me money is a means to an end. That means that as long as I am comfortably well off and can afford to live as I do, then I do not concern myself with money all that much.
    There are a lot more important things that I have no control over. Such as our health, and the things we spend our remaining time on this Earth at.
    Like most people in this country, it will probably all come to an end suddenly with our finances in the toilet. The banks here are in league with the government. The government will attempt to keep them afloat even if they have stolen everything in sight. In a casino, they are the house. The house never loses because they stack the odds against people. The illusion being that we can win temporarily. The only way to win at a casino is to stop after you win and take your winnings with you. That is what the banks need to learn and quickly.

  • Leigh

    This article just makes me sad a few levels. One is that these men who had mothers and likely wives and children are now reduced to being ‘dead bankers’. They were human beings and were clearly not healthy or well to make the decision to take their own lives. This blog often talks about the dangers associated with the degradation of core compassionate and human values, but I feel like the callus way this article is discussing these dead men is another example. Maybe they made poor choices, maybe they did know something bad was coming, but at the end of the day to sum their legacy as a bunch of dead bankers seems cold. How about a little compassion from those who are supposed to know better. It is good to be reminded that everyone suffers, even the 1%. Having money and prestige does not = Happiness or a good life well lived. No matter what comes in the next few weeks, months and years, we all have to face ourselves in the mirror and see what kind of people we have become. They say that a person’s true character is revealed under pressure…

    • Drud

      Very good points, Leigh, especially about the 1% suffering. We often seem to think that the ruling elite are joyously living their decadent lives while gleefully watching others suffer. I don’t believe that for a second. I think most of these people are absolutely miserable having found that no amount of money can ever buy them happiness and yet, being so addicted to money and power that they must claw and grab for even the slightest bit of either. To me, it is more akin to serious drug addiction that anything else.

    • FirstGarden

      Point well taken. But doesn’t the very title of this article raise the spectacle of something terribly unjust going on? I wasn’t even aware of the deaths, prior to articles such as this. I didn’t sense any disrespect or lack of compassion toward the individuals in the article. But rather an absolute abhorrence over what appears to be going on behind the scenes.

  • Excalibur

    Jumping off a building you work from is a high profile “suicide”. Sending a message to other bankers to toe the line perhaps? And perhaps the message these guys are getting is jump off the roof, or your family dies.

  • greanfinisher .

    I would highly recommend that one maintains his savings and checking account balances to the absolute minimum, and this pertains to the credit unions as well. Once the “bail-ins” start, strict capital controls will be implemented everywhere, and cash withdrawals will be severely curtailed.

  • Tony Baker

    If you give people a shiny new object to look at, they seem to not be able to see anything else including the train that is about to hit them!

    Come on folks…. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH THIS NO MATTER IF THE PEOPLE WERE MURDERED OR DIED OF SUICIDE! By being distracted to argue over the manner of death, we are not seeing all these dead bankers!

    Does it matter whether they committed suicide or was murdered? You have an aberration of dead bankers all out of nowhere, for no reason all within a short period of time.


    It is time to wake up…. The train is bearing down on us.

    • Drud

      Couldn’t agree more, Tony. The distinction between murder and suicide is purely speculative and completely unimportant. The real point of all this is that we have allowed bankers to control all the currencies of the world and thereby allowed them WAY too much power over our lives. Also, giving these people this much power is like giving an alcoholic the keys to a liquor warehouse and somehow expecting everything to turn out OK. I

  • Scared Economist

    Some recent parrallels worry me:
    Did you see the 60 Minutes segment on how Russian crime bosses who have infiltrated the Russian government are stealling the ownership of companies using the Russian Tax Service (their equivalent of the IRS)? Makes me wonder more about the IRS scandal.
    I’ve been watching the unrest in Ukraine and Venezula. makes me wonder about all of the weapons and millions of rounds of ammo being bought by Homeland Security, the IRS, and even the Postal Service.

    • Drud

      We don’t need crime bosses to infiltrate the government, the crime bosses are already running the show.

  • FirstGarden

    Defense Department Education Materials Warn of ‘Extremists’ That Speak of ‘Individual Liberties,
    States’ Rights, and How to Make the World a Better Place’

  • TSgtalexander

    Too bad they wont all jump off a high rise!!!

  • Bluekadelic

    The feeling I get from this banker death stuff is similar to an episode of “True Dectective” where antihero Matthew Mc Conaughey ( Dirty Harry meets Albert Camus ) struts his stuff. Creepy.

  • Ralph

    Valarie Jarrett:

    “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time.
    Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we
    don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us
    will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time.
    No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to

    • Alleged Comment

      BTW, this is how LOSERS talk if you ever been in their camp.

      They know they are losers, they know they are inferior, they know they can never be better, only bitter.

      And when you give them control they send the ship over the falls. Yep! That’s what they do.

  • “V”

    Something wicked is coming this way.

    • FirstGarden


  • FirstGarden

    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws”,
    – Amschel Rothschild

    • Alleged Comment

      Smart man!

      Paper currency can eventually be used as toilet paper and everyone has to go to the toilet at least once in their lives, if not many times.

  • FirstGarden

    I think “K” may be on to something. Google this:

    Is Congress Running Scared? 40 Reps & Senators Retiring Early: What Do They Know That We Don’t Know?

    • FirstGarden

      Well, supposedly 8 of them are leaving the house of reps to run for the senate. Still, one wonders..

      • K

        When you add it in, with everything else. I just see a pattern that does not point to anything good. My point is rich people do not tend to jump off buildings, and people in D.C. seldom leave voluntary. Let me give you one more thing to ponder. Rich people when they do commit suicide, usually prefer privacy. Pills, car exhaust, gun shot. These are very public suicides, I believe meant to send a message

        • FirstGarden


  • Kim

    Yes, this trail leads to despair and the belief that some things in life are worse than death itself.

    • Alleged Comment

      How do they know?

      • Kim

        I suppose they’re willing to take that chance.

  • 2Gary2

    conservative drop out gov in WI is a big FAIL as are his conservative policies.

    A study by the Center for Economic Development at the University of
    Wisconsin Milwaukee indicates Wisconsin ranks 41st among the nations in
    the rate of employment growth between June 2012 and June 2013 and this
    is the lowest rank for Wisconsin over the decade

    • Bubba Johnson

      Even though this post has nothing to do with the above article, Scott Walkers policies created a state revenue surplus. In MO we also had a surplus but our Gov will not sign the bill to return those funds to MO taxpayers.

      • Bill

        Freedom of The Press–use it while you can.

      • 2Gary2

        not true-there is a HUGE structural deficit. Scooter is a fraud.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Uh-oh… looks like Ukraine is set to explode…

  • Alleged Comment

    This is really about the Mark of the Beast. It’s about to be implemented.

    Sides will be chosen, most, if not all, will choose the Mark of the Beast.

  • Mondobeyondo

    We are about to have an attack, of one kind or another.

    Take your pick:
    1) Anxiety attack
    2) Terrorist attack
    3) Panic attack
    4) Heart attack

    • Alleged Comment

      I rather have animal attack. Hopefully it’s a liberal.


    I think Micheal it is more a kind of mafia thing of keeping them silent. As in you see what happened to Mr. XYZ so do you want to swim with the fishes, especially younger bankers are less corrupted due to to time and the super computer type programs flag an “associate”.


    The super computers make these decisions I believe based on bugged conversations, analyst input, the age, income and general psysch evaluation of the target. This is called the threat matrix and the current spokeperson apparently consults with his kill team on Tuesdays regarding the spike in the matrix.
    Probably over the head of the dear murkan chillun but when they send you to the work enterprise opportunity camp it will be based on such evaluation plus whatever petty bueracrat has it in for for charming target who has infruiated the cartel spokepeople.


    Beside they have been killing people left and right such as the Jewish genius and the Russian boy computer whiz and the others so this is not suprising but as the benighted Murkans only prize money as they claim to be so innocent, virtuous and strong they only will cry wolf when the moneyed bankers die.
    Who cares. I don’t. I will laugh.

  • JailBanksters

    Ok, lets see you get to the Roof of a Office Tower. It’s not like the Key is between the key to the Ladies Room and Fireman’s Access Panel hanging next to the Elevator. But apparently Bankers have no problems getting to rooftops.

  • vadergator

    sounds like something out of those endtime anti-dhrist movies. take out your obstacles to controlling the world’s finances before you emerge on the scene as a world saver. our days of using monopoly money are almost over.

  • IngeC

    I would suspect that it is also connected to ‘manufactured’ financial crash in 2008 and, the subsequent looting ever since. The upcoming implosion of the US dollar and, financial collapse is a continuation what began in 2008 – the agenda may made this ‘dead’ bankers a target and, I believe that many of the 20 total deaths may wanted to talk.
    Dead men don’t tell tales now do they?

  • Hammerstrike

    Yes, that is right… I am Kira, God of the New World!

  • Seabass120

    Does it lead somewhere? Who knows. But it’s a great start.

  • Frank Bell


    you are missing a reporter:

    The case of David Bird, the oil markets reporter who had worked at the Wall Street Journal for 20 years and vanished without a trace on the afternoon of January 11, has this in common with the other three tragedies: his work involves a commodities market – oil – which is under investigation by the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for possible manipulation. The FBI is involved in the Bird investigation.

    Bird left his Long Hill, New Jersey home on that Saturday, telling his wife he was going for a walk. An intentional disappearance is incompatible with the fact that he left the house wearing a bright red jacket and without his life-sustaining medicine he was required to take daily as a result of a liver transplant. Despite a continuous search since his disappearance by hundreds of volunteers, local law enforcement and the FBI, Bird has not been located.

  • sl6161

    It’s not hard to see that there is no revenue in the banks. Over the last 10 years, all of the financial companies I worked at had lost everything. The people lost their homes because the jobs all went to other countries and the 99% have no money left. So many are living in poverty, even homeless. Because they can get workers for 56 cents in another country, they won’t hire Americans. So the CEO makes 20 million but the 99% are in poverty. Especially those that are older. This has depleted all of the money. Now the government won’t be able to fund the companies and they will have to sell their companies. The government can’t continue to raise the debt level. We can all go down together because American companies won’t hire Americans due to greedy CEO’s and stockholders – the 1%.

  • Jeffrey Millinger

    May be as simple as an anti-bankster group getting revenge.

  • Jeffrey Millinger

    Jews have been kicked out of every single nation they’ve ever sought safe haven…and it has always been about money and theft of it from the nation they resided in. Not all Jews are evil–some are very cool–but the ones at the top, the same ones whose ancestors invented the very concept of “interest”, ruin it for the rest of them.

  • GSOB

    “In the final analysis, there is really not that much difference between how mobsters operate and how Wall Street operates.”

    Replace ‘Wall Street’ with

    ‘the Federal Government.’

    There you have it.

  • Gorka

    This smells terrible…

  • escapefromobamastan

    American taxpayers are going to have to eat the derivatives bubble when it explodes in everyone’s faces, NOT the bankers and elite. Trillions upon trillions of $$$. A bill has already been passed.

  • Gankfest

    It leads to Jesus! 😀

  • mikemoair2

    17.4 trillion in debt adding 4 billion to it every day, when will margin call?

  • mikemoair2

    I still cant believe Andrew brietbart just died suddenly

  • Tom

    The Bible tells us 2 Timothy 3:1

    “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” These things will happen, as it also happened in Noah’s day. Matthew 24:37

    “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”Men were evil continuously”. If you dont know about Noah, see Russel Crow in “Noah”. March 28th .2014 at your local theater. Should be good, but its only Hollywood remember! The best way to see Noah is in the book of Genesis, the Bible. Trust the Lord, as He holds the world in His hands!!!!!


  • Thevoice

    Bankers knew too much.Two sons of B were found hung same weekend-One was Corrizine son

    Corrizine did not get a free pass he got a strong message-

  • they are killing anyone who knows anything…the international banking system is about to crash by design they are doign this deliberately the banks alla re involved to ensure poverty of middle class and companies will demand the govts give trillions more to the greedy masters of banking as usual

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