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Drought Of 2011: The Southern United States Is Desperate For Rain As The Middle Part Of The Country Continues To Get Scorched

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2011 sure has been a wild year for America so far.  First we had unprecedented tornado outbreaks, then we had horrific flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, then we had record setting wildfires and now we are facing a crippling drought all over the southern United States.  From Arizona all the way to Georgia there are vast areas that have been declared to be experiencing “exceptional drought” by the National Weather Service.  Crop failures are widespread and ranchers are having a very difficult time trying to feed their cattle.  If the southern United States does not receive a significant amount of rain soon, the drought of 2011 is going to be one of biggest natural disasters that we have seen in a long, long time.

Right now, approximately 29 percent of the country is experiencing some level of drought.  About 12 percent of the U.S. is experiencing “exceptional drought”, which is the highest level of drought.  The combination of very little rain and scorching heat over much of the nation has been absolutely devastating.  Many areas have been dealing with high temperatures in the 90s and the low triple digits for weeks.

Between October and June, the state of Texas experienced one of the driest stretches ever recorded.  Already, the drought of 2011 is considered to be the third-worst drought ever experienced in Texas.

Currently, approximately 72 percent of the state of Texas is dealing with “exceptional drought” conditions.  It has been estimated that 30 percent of the wheat fields in Texas will be lost.  Agricultural losses from the drought of 2011 are projected to be $3 billion in the state of Texas alone.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has already designated all 254 counties in the state of Texas as natural disaster areas.  The farmers and ranchers down there are going through hell right now.

But Texas is not alone.  Most of Arizona, all of New Mexico, all of Oklahoma, most of Arkansas, all of Louisiana, most of Mississippi, most of Alabama, most of Georgia, most of Florida, most of South Carolina and most of North Carolina are also dealing with drought conditions.

This drought is hitting many of our most significant agricultural areas.  If we don’t get a significant amount of rain in some of these areas soon the losses are going to be catastrophic.

At this point, Oklahoma has just had 28 percent of the rainfall that it normally gets during the summer.  Many other areas are experiencing similar problems.

Just check out the map below.  The areas that are the darkest are the areas that are experiencing “exceptional drought”….

Needless to say, the drought of 2011 is absolutely devastating a lot of hard working farmers and ranchers.

A recent article posted on CNBC described some of the effects that this drought is having on farmers….

“The heat and the drought are so bad in this southwest corner of Georgia that hogs can barely eat. Corn, a lucrative crop with a notorious thirst, is burning up in fields. Cotton plants are too weak to punch through soil so dry it might as well be pavement.”

So what is going to happen if this drought continues for the rest of the summer?

Ranchers are also having a very hard time right now.  All over Texas, as pastures die off ranchers are selling their herds because soon they will not be able to feed them any longer.

Right now cattle are being slaughtered in record numbers due to the drought.  But after all of these cattle are gone will we be facing a cattle shortage?

Thanks to the recent wildfires and the tremendous drought, it is getting very difficult for ranchers to feed their cattle.  Just check out the following statistics from a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor….

Most Texas pasture and range lands – 86 percent – are currently “poor” or “very poor,” according to the US Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. The same rating applied to 69 percent of Oklahoma and 40 percent of Kansas.

During this month, high temperatures of over 110 degrees have been very common in cattle country.  There is not enough for these cattle to eat and there is not enough for these cattle to drink.  If things do not turn around soon, even more ranchers will be racing to sell off their herds while they still can.

But it is not just cattle that are being devastated by this drought.  Just check out what this drought is doing to deer….

Pregnant does are having problems carrying fawns to term, and most of them born prematurely aren’t surviving, according to the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Other does are abandoning their newborns because drought-induced malnutrition has robbed them of their ability to produce milk.

Abandoned fawns found all over the Panhandle and South Plains have been brought to the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Ten had been brought to the Lubbock wildlife center by the end of last week.

This drought has also had some other dramatic effects.

For example, a gigantic “wall of dust” recently rolled through Phoenix, Arizona.  Take a moment and watch the video posted below.  Does this remind anyone else of the “Dust Bowl” of the 1930s?….

In economic terms, the drought of 2011 could end up having a huge impact on average American families.

Ultimately, American consumers are likely going to feel some significant pain from this crisis as a recent CNBC article noted….

That means grocery shoppers will feel the effects of the drought at the dinner table, where the cost of staples like meat and bread will most likely rise, said Michael J. Roberts, an associate professor of agricultural and resource economics at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. “The biggest losers are consumers,” he said.

All of this wouldn’t be so alarming if we were not already on the verge of a global food crisis.  Global food prices continue to hover around record highs.  Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are experiencing the worst drought conditions that they have seen in 60 years.  Tonight there are 10 million people living in the Horn of Africa that are facing severe food shortages.  Hunger and starvation are spreading again in east Africa and in many other areas of the world as well.

That is one reason why so many Americans are working so hard to prepare for disaster right now.  All over the United States (and around the world), “preppers” are storing up food and supplies in case things go really bad.

Some Americans are taking things to extreme levels.  For example, a man named Steven Huff is constructing a 72,000 square foot “home” (some call it a fortress) in Missouri.  Huff is the chairman of Wisconsin-based TF Concrete Forming Systems.  Apparently the goal is to show off what his firm is capable of.  It is claimed that this will be “a home that uses very low energy, as well as having strong resistance to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, flood and insect damage”.

It kind of looks like a castle to me.  You can see a picture of this remarkable “home” right here.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to build 72,000 square foot fortresses.  So we will just have to do the best that we can with what we already have.

The world is becoming more unstable every single day.  Global financial markets are getting extremely nervous and jumpy.  More chaos or more war could erupt in the Middle East at any time.  Natural disasters continue to get more frequent and more intense.  We certainly do live in interesting times.

It is imperative that we all watch carefully as these global events unfold.  None of us knows for sure what is going to happen next.  But those that are prepared are going to have the best chance to make it through when disaster does strike.

  • TucsonKK

    Do you believe in CLIMATR CHANGE?

    Add another dust storm in Phoenix,AZ

  • r.bitting

    God sent ancient Israel plagues,pestilence,drought and the sword in order to get the attention of the people ( read the book of Amos and the rest of the Old Testament for that matter ) and yet they would not return to him so God judged them. Do you really not kwow whats going to happen next? I believe that maybe you do. You’re a smart man, and your readers are as well. I sense that God is using you at this time to warn the people, whether you realize that or not. The regular readers of your web page sense that something bad is about to happen, really bad ( more than just the economy ). They know it’s coming, they take what they’re feeling in their gut with what your writing in the hope that somehow that will help them better understand the timing so that they might be prepared. Why else would they and myself for that matter, go to your site every day knowing beforehand that the news won’t be good. Because God is moving them to prepare…. It’s that simple.

    • Michael

      Very well said r.bitting. 🙂


    • Dr. Chicago

      I agree as well. Jacob was told to prepare for a seven year famine. Sound advice for our current times.




      You people make all of this sound like such a bad thing? Trust me, it really is not. Humans have had their time on planet Earth and they did not make the best and wisest use of it. Wars with marauding armies laying west to good croplands and destroying infrastructure, massive greed in the consumption of resources by western societies and out of control population rates have all combined to bring us to the here and now. As for cities like Phoenix and Tucson, why build these places in desert areas that have virtually no water or other life sustaining properties? Natural disasters come and go, but if the Asylum States of Amerika were a better built and better run society instead of a madhouse run by the inmates and the crazies, people might stand a better chance of surviving these things intact…………..

    • Arivernameddenial

      I with you and better yet with God.

    • Skittles

      Wow..very nice!

      • Skittles

        I’m so glad I found this site!

    • HerrLT

      +1 r.bitting

      I know there won’t be much to smile about reading this site as often as I do – but as you said, our “guts” are telling us something. I pray that we all have time to adequately prepare for what comes our way because it won’t be pretty. The boatman demands his fee and he won’t take debt as payment anymore!

  • Macnasty

    And behold I saw four horses each with a rider,each rider with a specific duty,the world is in for some very trying times as we will all see. be prepared !!!!! Michael thank you for your time and dedication to this blog and thank your wife also….

    • Michael

      You are welcome Macnasty. Thank you for being a regular visitor.




      No you didn’t. If you seen four horses each with a rider on top, you would not have lived to tell the tale…………..(LOL)

    • Gary2

      Isn’t a macnasty what they serve at Mcdonalds?

  • karen

    I live in northen florida no hay whatso ever it has rained a bit but hay fields are real bad, where I have gotten hay for 15 years he has none. I lost my dairy cow pearl mostly to this heat, we had to pull her cafe she could not make it because of the heat and I had to have her shot, my milk cow I cryed and cryed. I have never seen it this hot and muggy ever in my life and I am 58 years old. Huge chicken houses full of thousands of meat chickens they have lost them because of this heat, thousands of turkeys, and what crops and meat we have left is usually sold abroad, that leaves much of nothing for people here, so stock-up now while you have a chance.

    • pranah

      I’m sorry for all the people who are suffering in this extreme weather, but I’m also really sorry for the fields and the animals. Reading about your cow brought tears to my eyes, karen. And the turkeys and chickens…I know they were probably living in horrible concentration camp conditions, but still they were living beings and couldn’t even try to escape. And the deer in another comment, abandoning their fawns because they couldn’t make milk. This is one of the most depressing stories I’ve read on this site, but we have to know so keep it coming, Michael.

      • Michael

        It is better to know the truth than to be asleep and unprepared.

        Thanks for the kind words.


  • emma

    This bloke Steven Huff is one smart man. he knows that there is a massive economic collapse coming, and with 2012 on the way, more volcanoes, earthquakes, and natural disasters are on their way.

    He is not just showing off, he knows what is coming…and is preparing. Smart guy, if anything we could probably learn a thing or two from young steve 🙂

  • Steve

    Dozens of gallons of fresh bottled water is arguably the single most important asset for ALL potential collapses and emergencies.

    You simply can’t have enough and it will not go to waste (doesn’t expire).

  • richard Allen

    I have realized that this is the end of the “stuff” era.

    With these types of dangers and prices skyrocketing you need to be light on your feet and quick to evacuate or move.

    That means living in smaller apartments to save on energy when its 110 outside to having all your personal papers archived on cd’s or dvd’s and laptops instead of bulky desktops,a smaller car that will fit everything in an emergency. Or maybe a small travel trailer and hitch to move your survival stuff out really quickly.

    So the stuff business will be in a depression for many years to come. Or everyone will just buy Ikea and who cares if it gets burned or left on the curb, use once then throw away.

    During this month, high temperatures of over 110 degrees have been very common in cattle country.

  • Lennie Pike

    Probably caused by aerial aerosol spraying of fine aluminum and barium particles to create the global warming “they” are “warning” us about.

    When the suffering it causes reaches an unbearable level, the people of the world will welcome to power the ones who caused the suffering. The suffering will continue in other ways.

    The suffering is also inflicted by the destruction of the financial system, but can not be confined to it since most of the people of the world don’t even participate in it. When it explodes they won’t be much worse off than they already are.

    No one looks up into the sky. Look up!!! – you won’t believe what is going on up there.

    • Let the Sunshine

      I’ve been watching the skies, I know. I’ve watched July thunderclouds dry up and vanish with aircraft activity. Very blatant. You’re right, most aren’t keen observers of what is going on up there. I think probably because they are too busy either struggling to survive or shopping as if there was nothing wrong in the world! Or it is too egregious a crime against humanity and nature to even think could happen, but if you watch, the reasonable mind cannot dismiss it as simple contrails, particularly when one plane bellows out a continuous stream that disperses into dirty haze whilst it’s neighboring plane has no “contrail” at all! We are in the dog days of summer so hot isn’t unusual but I believe the heat is deliberately exacerbated. Sprayed heavily recently, now say it’s going to get dangerously hot with bad air quality. Eye opening what you see in the beam of a high powered flashlight at night. You’ll want to wear a respirator.
      Old enough to know what normal weather was like with the rare anamoly, now anamolies are a common occurance. If they stop – things will get better, nature will resume balance. If they don’t stop….I see nothing good about it at all.
      Keep watch.

  • Lennie Pike

    And the South is where the largest populations of the enemies of “them” live – especially Texas, although there are a lot of Skynyrd Fans buying ammo as we speak in the Southeast.

    • Arivernameddenial

      We are well armed down here in Arkansas. Many have been preparing for the past 5 years.

  • Mark

    You should always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Weather can treat you well or it can take you down. In southwest Oregon this year the weather is wet. My pastures are green and the cows are eating well. The weather is different each year. If you think that meat prices will rise, buy some on sale now, double wrap it with heavy butcher paper and store the meat in the freezer. You might save some money in the future.

  • sharonsj

    On Tuesday, the bank’s temperature/time sign in my little town in PA said 99 degrees–and the heat wave hasn’t even hit us yet.

    As for food, I’ve been stocking up since last year, not only because of climate change but because of inflation. You know, the inflation our government says doesn’t exist?

  • Watch ‘Global Warming or Global Governance’ ( )

  • mondobeyondo

    So what is causing all of these extreme weather events and drought? Some say it’s climate change, some say it’s God’s punishment for a wicked society (I prefer to believe this), and others have their own theories.

    And it’s not only us. Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are on the brink of famine.

    Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 24: “There will be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places…” Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand? Famine in the Horn of Africa? Drought in the U.S. and Australia?

    All of this was prophecied centuries ago.

  • mondobeyondo

    I have firsthand knowledge of that dust storm that hit Phoenix (as shown on the video clip), as I happen to live there. (Live here? Is that correct?) Very impressive, to say the least! Would have been nice to have had a little rain afterwards though.

  • I can’t imagine what Wash DC feels like at 115 degrees!
    Hot Humid and on the brink.

    Here in mountains of New Mexico this AM the wake up temp at sun up was 48 degrees and todays high 85 degrees.

    Still looking for rain here though, soon I hope

  • Alloneneedstodo

    All one needs to do to know how serious this story is, is to simply google it and you will find all these horrifying headlines of hellish conditions developing here in the Untied States:
    Drought cripples southern US farms

    Extreme heat wave to spread across US, drought conditions to worsen

    ‎ Okla. governor calls for prayer to end heat wave

    Cattle in Texas drought dying

    ‎ Extreme drought continues for Cape Fear region

    Governor suggests USDA take action to improve drought response

    Corn prices may hit high of $8.75 on U.S. drought

    ‎‎‎from food shortages to drought to economic collapse, but can we prepare for all of this? Is there a better way to deal with future events of catastrophic nightmare coming our way other then prepping?
    Can we simply put our trust in the great architect of the universe?

  • Dave in Scenic City

    I can hear some “Christians” blaming this on culture war issues like gay marriage and abortion. It seems to never occur to them to look at the planks lodged in their own eyes.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Yes. Like waving the flag and cheering when our politicians bomb, incinerate, maim and torture innocents all over the world.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    This persistent drought is, as you say, of very serious concern. However, weather related problems, too much rain, are also of concern. Floods and soggy soil conditions have delayed planting in the northern wheat belt (the Dakotas, Alberta, and Manitoba). This will reduce yields. And, there are large areas that may not be planted at all this season. Additionally, some areas in Iowa & Nebraska have had weather related problems; flooding along the Missouri and straight line winds that have knocked down thousands of acres of corn that may not recover.

    This is shaping up to be another reduced harvest year in the 3 major crops: wheat, corn, and soy beans. Watch the AG commodity futures closely. Stockpile canned, dehydrated, and dry goods asap as a hedge against food inflation.

  • Lazy Ike

    I have been around the Midwest for 70 years including the drought of 1954-1958 in Iowa. I can tell you from experience there is always a drought some place in the USA every year. This drought does not affect most of the great wheat belt and feed grain belt, which then there would be something to worry about.

  • Zedge Hero

    Another good article, This climate change or global warming is happening very quickly. What I found out to be very interesting is the drastic difference of floods in midwest this spring-summer and droughts in the south from New Mexico to Florida. That same drastic difference is occuring elsewhere too. Australia and New Zealnd had record polar opposites hot and cold in May like ourselves. So did Britain and Scotland as far as drastic perciptation differnces in close proximity like the south and midwest here. Worst Tornado season on record, Pakistan floods, Russian droughts, the list goes on and on while the mainstream reports them individually and no connection overall is ever mentioned. My weekly newscast covered this same phenomenon a month ago at this link below. Start at 3:15 into the video to get right to the climate factor. Keep up articles Michael, as I know it can be tough. It’s so refresing everytime I see a new one, it’s like a new gift, because at least someone out there is reporting on the real issues and not the fluff and puff of the mainstream. It really means so much to all of us who read your blog religiously.

    • Michael

      Thank you Zedge Hero – I appreciate the support


  • StandUp

    The next big EVENT will set it off.

  • Dr. Chicago


    This is a great site. I puts things in perspective. A food crisis is coming. Natural events such as described above; combined with human interferance (such as the problem with fish harvests on the ocean due to overfishing and pollution) combined with our own growth rate (population 7B expected in October) creates some startling and scary conditions. Thaks for keeping us all informed.

    • Michael

      The pace of change is accelerating.

      I don’t think most of us could even imagine what this world is going to look like in 10 years.


  • iamawake

    I cannot believe how the world has changed in the last couple of years. None of it for the better. I recently became a prepper myself. If you would have asked me a few years ago about preparing for catastrophe’s I would have laughed at you. I am now a firm believer that bad things are coming and we need to be prepared. This dust storm is just the beginning I am afraid. Thank you for having this blog though, it is helping me immensely.

    • Michael

      Thank you – sometimes I get worried that I am just getting everyone more depressed. 🙂


      • TR

        The TRUTH! I CAN handle the TRUTH. It’s just not always pleasant.

      • Macnasty

        I like the truth too Michael it never changes no matter what.Truth you can’t handle the truth,a few good men Jack Nicholson

  • Randy

    Regardless of whether the drought is being caused by man or by natural global climate fluctuations, it is getting tough all over the globe. I don’t see any changes in the rate of climate damage caused by man in the foreseable future. Over population is going to continue to put huge pressure on the climate. That being said, when the weather is severe in one area of the globe, it can be quite nice in other areas. I am here in Seattle and we have had a tough time this year just sustaining mid 70’s temps. It has been very cool with a significant amount of rain. We got so much snow last winter that the ski slopes just finally closed down in mid July which is unprecedented. As the globe warms, humanity is going to have to possibly change where they live and where they grow their crops. Canada may be the next bread basket in the next 50 years. Even without man’s help, history shows the earth has gone through wild climate changes, sometimes in a very short time. From no polar ice caps to deep freezes with miles of ice as far down as New York City. So, we must adapt as we have little control to make the climate better at this point. I have an RV and when the economy crashes and the fields burn, I am heading for the hills. And one more note, global thermal expansion of the ocean due to increased ocean temperature will be the most significant cause of rising ocean levels, not the melting of the polar caps. Advice; don’t buy any waterfront real estate!



    These states can always pull a Rick Perry and “pray for rain”…………

  • Imaplaneiac

    One of the effects of sin, is its effects upon Nature – even the cosmos! ( Sin also effects EVERYBODY, to some degree, aside from the sinner himself!!) Nature itself is responding to the stench of evil and sin which now permeates our country. In fact, Nature is reacting severely to sin throughout the world! This web site daily chronicles Nature’s reactions and fury:
    The sites title is: ” The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond “. I visit this site frequently – so should all visitors to the blog.

    Switching to the economic collapse, I offer this assessment. Since Obummer and the DEMONcrats REFUSE to respond to the outcry of the majority of Americans, and Economists, and the CBO, REFUSE to yield to reason and logic, steadfastly REFUSING to cease spending our money, reducing the deficit, and balancing the national budget, then they MUST have an ulterior motive or other objective! Could this ulterior motive be to DELIBERATELY destroy our national economy in order to propose and implement the New World Order?

    Michael, I notice that when I post a comment on your blog the time of my post is shown as exactly plus 4 hours from my local time. So are you acually in Eastern Brazil? Just curious.

    • Michael


      No, I am in the United States.

      I don’t know why the time shows the way that it shows. I will have to look into that.


  • A.S.

    I am sure the elitist, bankers, politicians, NWO, globalists, etc, are loving this…since they found it hard to murder off 95% of the world population, at least 5-10% will be eliminated by mother nature.

  • Mr. G

    hit by a tornado in April. It took 25 feet of roof of my house, half the roof off my barn, and destroyed a small outbuilding. Tornados are not too common where I live, and this was the first I’d ever been in. It was very frightening. Luckily, I was insured for the property loss. Still, a little bit stronger of a storm and I might not be here today. The main thing to realize is that we just don’t control our lives as much as we like to believe. Call it god or nature or chance, but it’s not all up to us. Some of us are due to learn this lesson the hard way… Mr. G

    • Michael

      Mr. G:

      Were you in the house at the time?

      That must have been a truly horrible experience.


      • Mr. G

        I sure was, Michael! The one good thing about a tornado is that it doesn’t last long. We had maybe 30 seconds of winds over 100mph, and then it was over. But I tell you, it helped me in developing the new outlook I’ve been taking on this past year, so it was not all bad. Mr. G

        • Michael

          I hope I never have to go through something like that. Tornadoes are very rare in the area where my wife and I are moving to, but you never know.


  • stan

    My fellow Americans, I inherited this drought. This drought was caused by Bush.


    • TR

      If you have time could you help me look for the WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION? I can’t seem to find them.

  • Zombie Dog

    All the problems we see in the world are a result of mankind’s ignorance, stupidity and greed and not a consequence of some deity…
    How many people have read “When prophecy fails” or “The God delusion” or watched “The century of the self”.
    How old is the Earth according to religious doctrine ? How old do we KNOW it is in reality ?
    Wake up your silly little humans and accept the true nature of reality !
    Nothing is preordained. YOU shape your own future so blame yourself if it goes pear shaped.

  • Ben

    You know….I don’t want to HAARP on this…but sometimes I wonder if this is an act of nature or something else…

  • r.bitting

    Rules for prepping 1) You need to prep spiritually first, by trusting in God’s grace provided through Christ’s sacrifice. If you don’t do that, no amount of bullets, beans and bandaids will save you. 2) You need to prep emotionally, because you’re about to see people at thier worst. If they’ll trample someone to death trying to catch a sale at Walmart in prosperous times, just imagine the disregard they will have for thier fellow man when there is no food, no jobs and no hope. 3) prep materially, with the understanding that as bad as things are going to get, a great opportunity presents itself. You see, when people have lost everything and have no hope, it will be through God’s people meeting them where they are at in thier hour of need, that will change thier destiny. Be a lifeboat for others as your situation allows. May God bless your work with this website….

  • Tatiana Covington

    Or we could develop fusion power and go for mass desalination and irrigation. That would end the water problem permanently.

  • George Forfa

    If any of the scenarios about Planet X/Elenin/Nibiru are true, we will see stranger things than this.

  • susan

    Hi. Although I appreciate all the evidence Michael presented (well laid out!), and have been looking for a site giving a good synopsis of recent events, I think a lot of people listened to way too much REM. I’ve seen some crazy weather here in western new york-even personally got caught in a tornadoe. But I haven’t seen food shortages, breadlines, or plagues of locusts. Its not “the end of the world as we know it,” just the earth following cyclical patterns that have gone on for millions of yrs.

    • Security

      Amen Susan. There have always been plaques, locusts, earthquakes, famine, drought etc. in diverse places. What seems to humans to be calamitious events are just part of the earths natural cycles.

      When you see the temple being rebuilt then you can know that the end is near.

  • Gary2

    What I don’t get-if you really feel that praying for rain is effective why don’t you pray for my gas tank to be magically filled tomorrow morning and my bank account to have an 8 figure sum?

    Or better yet why would God allow a drought that you would then need to pray to get relief???

    And another question? Why would God put a tree in the garden and say not to eat of it? WTF???

    I get that if God were small enough for me to understand him he would not be big enough to help me. I just wish he would do more helping.

    • TR

      Most people are worshiping a lesser GOD.

    • Green Mountain

      “Or better yet why would God allow a drought that you would then need to pray to get relief???”

      Your questions are advanced in precisely the same prejudicial and simplistic manner a typical atheist would present. Did it ever occur to you God needs to be engaged– or wishes to be engaged– in the same manner a parent wishes to be engaged by a child being reprimanded, punished, or addressed?

      The acknowledgement of one’s own misdeeds and shortcomings is a very important process, both anthropologically and spiritually.

      Of course it did not occur to you. Your brain is filled with hate and prejudice of everything traditionally American. Your soul is rotten with bitterness and scorn for everything traditional and conservative.

      You are nothing more than a vicious outsider constantly looking in and ridiculing everything that doesn’t square to your Progressive Marxist agenda. You are a vodka soaked, atheistic, misanthropic nocturnalist.

      You are Christopher Hitchens without the intellect or the neo-con leanings.

      And your mono-mania of taxing the rich is about as complex and meaningful as Lindsay Lohan’s diary.

      “I get that if God were small enough for me to understand him he would not be big enough to help me.”

      Simply realizing the above statement is a far cry from flat out ridiculing him and those who try to follow him.

    • A.S.

      Let me ask you a few questions, Gary2:

      Do you have children? Did you ever punish them? Did you want to punish them? Did you feel bad to punish them? What was the purpose of punishing them–was it just to be mean or to make them realize they behaved badly and that they should make proper amends?

      After you honestly answer these questions, you will understand why G-d makes things like droughts and then makes us pray to get relief.

      • xander cross

        @A.S. personal experiences are not proof of a god. Also, I noticed you don’t belive in the old testament. You know, that part of the bible that says that it’s okay to have slaves and sell them.

      • Gary2

        thanks that did help clarify my original question.

        Don’t you just love the christian response from green mountain to my question? Its no wonder churches are loosing members if they are as welcoming as that.

  • Perry K

    I just finished reading The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of the American Dust Bowl by Thomas Egan. It is a fascinating account of just how awful life can be (and was!). I can’t see too many of us today having the fortitude to withstand what Mother Nature threw at those people in the 1930’s.

  • I believe we are being set up to accept this New World Order by these natural disasters and financial problems that are occuring. It seems to me that HAARP might be behind these natural disasters, and project blue beam will be used to make us believe that God is coming because of the natural disasters that have been occuring.

    watch project blue beam being used in AFRICA!

  • r.bitting

    Zombie Dog The fool has said in his heart ” there is no God “.. Psalm 53. The height of ignorance is to assert that there can be an effect ( creation ) without a cause ( creator )…

    • xander cross

      @ r.bitting Please presnet evidence to back your claims of a god.

  • Gary2

    God is punishing the red states, for behold I saw they were stupidly voting republican against their own self interest. They wave the red white and blue even when they take a crap. They have sinned against the nation in their ignorance and I will send unto them a plague where there will be seven lean cows and no fat cows.

    Behold they reap what they sow.

    But Lord I say there must be a few good progressives in this den of vipers? What about Jim Hightower? that proves there is really a few good people in these vile places? The lord said they need to work harder to bring sense to the unbelieving conservatives who are ignorantly sowing their own demise. And lo I said after hosing Noah that my covenant with you I would never flood the world again so therefore they will be in drought.

    Hey this is as good an explanation as any. Hopefully here in WI the people will turn from their evil ways and make this state blue again.

  • Abia The Cat

    This planet belongs to God and our bodies belong to God. If we don’t use this planet and our bodies to bring glory to God, he punishes us. As our Heavenly Father, he has the obligation to punish us, too, so we’ll remember who we truly are held accountable to in the long run. As a good father punishes a straying son to correct bad behavior, our Heavenly Father has got to get our attention, sometimes using harsh methods, so we’ll straighten up and do as we’re suppose to. This honors our Father and is good for the child as well.

  • Jimminy

    Water storage is an often overlooked part of prepping. Many of us live in the city and don’t have wells from
    which to draw water. We ordered some water bricks online. They don’t get so heavy and you can stack them in your spare room or the garage. Here is the link:

  • Lennie Pike

    Let the Sunshine,

    It was nice to hear from a reasonable mind – I don’t hear from one very often and it made me feel good. Thanks.

  • Phyllis

    We live in the dark colored area of Texas. Exceptional drought. Our family has 300+ acres of pasture land and HAD 25 or so cow-calf pairs until recently. Most of the calves went to a feed yard, most of the cows went to the packing house. Breaks my heart, absolutely. But with the price of hay, there was just no way to keep feeding them. We kept a small number, but even if it rains now, theres not going to be any pasture. Not sure if we can continue feeding the ones we kept through the winter. Multiply this hundreds of times, as theres lines of trailers at the packing houses daily.
    Hows this all gonna end?

  • r.bitting

    xander cross….. The creation is evidence of a creator in the same way a building is the evidence of a builder. But lets turn this around, xander cross, please present your evidence that theres not a God, and while you are at it, please tell me what it is that you believe and what you are basing that beief on.

  • Gary2

    when you live in the desert or close to it there is gonna be droughts. Here in WI things are good. Helps to live next to the great lakes.

  • SC23

    We started 2 years ago preparing for the collapse. We got small on bills and finances and moved to what we thought would be a good place, the hill country in Texas.

    We were wrong. I am writing this from a laptop in a hotel room as we survey properties in Arkansas and Missouri to move once again precisely because of the drought.

    Our place west of Fredericksburg Texas has received practically no rain to speak of in almost a year. The local rivers are running dry and the surrounding cities are in emergency water restrictions. The old folks say they have never seen it like this before.

    We have just enough resources to try this one more time..Im hoping Missouri or northern Arkansas will be my last time buying up raw land and starting from scratch building, by my hand and with no loan, a place to live.

    Texas is dying and it is simply time to go.

  • Lennie Pike


    Go for it! You can do it. I did the same in Brazil with a lot of adversity. Hang in there and good luck.

  • HIOB

    A view from outside of the US:

    There is the old concept of: what goes around, comes around. The memory of the universe is infinite.
    People in the US are not aware about the utmost crimes being conducted in their names around the world. The country has been taken over by sinister elements that abuse the financial and economic might for their own ends. Nonetheless, wars and attrocities are committed on a daily bases in many places on this planet. Crimes not only against people but also against nature and the environment (chemtrails, oil-extraction, etc.)
    The good thing: People are so fat these days that if conditioned right they could go on a fast that lasts a few months without starving to death.
    Oh Saving Grace

  • GO TO: dutchsince blog and see the radar images of HAARP rings, dutch will tell you in his videos where the rain is being diverted and where storms are created using this weapon, now in the hands of other countries. can you spell, weather wars?

  • rootkit

    I read somewhere that the Southwest has been experiencing an unusually wet spell for the past 100 years or so. In other words, all of those cities out there have built during an unusually wet climate for the area. What we are seeing now may just be a return to normal climate conditions. But we are adaptable and ingenious, so there may be a solution. But I think it may be unrealistic to expect the “drought” to end, because it may be the normal climate for the area.

  • J

    If you will take a close look at where this drought borders — THE GULF OF MEXICO — where, coincidentally, there was a huge oil spill last year.

    I think the combo of the spill and the corexit have totally screwed up the gulf moisture flow. When will it recover? Hopefully before the drought areas turn to desert.

    IMHO, we should hold BP responsible. Unfortunately we would have to attack it as a United group of people, as our government just lets these careless hacks keep right on drilling – and gives them pardon from the mess that they created.

  • J

    And, btw, the areas not bordering the gulf are totally dependent on the gulfs moisture.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    This story is scandalously underreported.

  • Tom

    The reason why the drought is so bad, in my opinion, is because “polar north” has been moving at an increasing rate since 2005, towards Russia/Siberia. When the north pole moves, so does everything else with it. Including weather patterns. We may end up in a desert region once the poles have shifted into another semi-permanent location. Either way we look at it, we have a strange future ahead of us all.

  • Well did the Savior warn us in Luke 24:25 that we are fools if we do not believe all that the prophets have spoken. How many are aware that the great prophet Hosheyah warned us that these time would come? Hos.4:3 Therefore, the land will mourn, and everyone who dwells in it will languish, with the beast of the fields and the fowls of the air, yes even the fish of the sea will be taken away. Remember how the fish are dying from the Gulf Oil Spill.
    There is a place of protection from these things that are coming on the dying world. You can read of that wonderful place in Ps. 91.
    You can see this place at this web site.
    Should you have eyese to see and a believing heart.
    Come see what great thing Father Yahweh is doing in your life time.

    May the Holy Spirit that inspired the Hebrew prophets to write to us bless your understanding in these trouble times.

    B.D 613

  • Lennie Pike

    Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. Figure the rest out yourself – it is not difficult.

  • r.bitting

    2011 has seen record tornado outbreaks, record flooding, record drought leading to unprecedented wildfires/ crop failures and record setting heat waves. You would think people would put two & two together .But, if you explain to people that thats how God seeks to get the people’s attention before he has to judge them,( just read the Old Testament prophets )they label you a religious nut…. Which reminds me of another record of 2011, record levels of ignorance… Don’t look now folks, but hurricane season is here and the gulf of mexico has’nt had water this warm since 2004/2005, and you know what happened then. Coincidence? PLEASE.

  • TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
    Judgment Continues
    Thus far in 2011 we have seen catastrophic tornadoes, catastrophic floods and catastrophic wildfires. Now we have an extreme drought in fourteen southern and southwestern states that will be a catastrophic event as well. In today’s news this weather event was said to be leading to another Dust Bowl like the one in the 30s. The weather forecasters blame it on a La Nina weather pattern, they have no idea that it is part of God’s judgment upon this nation. This drought is similar to the one in the 30s that hammered an already weakened nation. We recovered from that, but we will not recover from this.

    The latest news regarding this drought is quite alarming because it means that crops are not growing which means food shortages and higher food prices on the horizon. Also caused by the drought are shortages of hay used to feed cattle and corn used to feed pigs, as well as water for these herds, which means that ranchers will be forced to sell their herds because they cannot afford to feed and water them. That will mean temporarily lower meat prices, but only for a very short time, then prices will skyrocket. Chicken feed will become more expensive thus raising the prices of chickens and eggs. Cotton crops are being devastated which means higher prices for clothing and other cotton products.

    On the other side of the nation the effects of the extremely heavy snowfall this past winter in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are still causing problems in those states because of the great amount of water still coming from the snowmelt in the mountains. The damage from the recent floods up there was great, but the effects are still lingering. The rivers are still high which means that fishing up there is almost non-existant and raft tours are virtually impossible. Business up there in these areas is dramatically off because of the lack of tourists who usually flock to those states for summer vacation fishing and rafting. More businesses will close, more people will lose their jobs and eventually their homes. More people will be in need of social services which will add to the already great economic problems of our nation. This nation will not recover.

    These things are simply more of God’s judgment upon this wicked and perverse nation – and His judgment will only get worse. You must continue to press into the Lord for wisdom and guidance in what are becoming very perilous times.

  • TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2011
    Time to prepare
    Before this time I have not felt led to tell people that the time for preparation is immediate. But after the recent earthquake in Japan I feel the Lord wants me to tell you that IT IS TIME. The time for the beginning of the destruction of the USA is very, very near and if you possibly can, you now need to begin storing up supplies for that time. I feel an urgency in my spirit that I had not felt before. No, there is no reason for fear, this is just the time to begin preparing in earnest.

    As I was looking at videos of Japan on my computer the last few days one of the things I noticed was people lining up at grocery stores, waiting to be given a chance to get in and purchase what little was available. I remember David Wilkerson saying in his warning that grocery stores empty in a matter of hours after a major catastrophe. That will happen here when an earthquake splits this nation along the New Madrid Fault – an earthquake that will register over 10 on the Richter Scale and will cause destruction like the world has never seen before. What happened in Japan will seem like a minor tremor compared to what is about to happen here.

    How much should you store up? At least 30 days worth, more if you can. Begin making a list of the things you use every day – food, water, toiletries, paper towels, feminine supplies, medical supplies, laundry supplies, candles, flashlights and batteries, etc. These items will be in short supply all over the nation within hours after the quake hits. Electricity will be sporadic in many areas of the nation during that time, so prepare for that the best you can as the Lord leads you.

    Not everyone will be able to financially afford to do this – that is where faith comes in. The Lord will provide for most of us what we need to exist on – most of us, but not all. Some of His people will suffer terribly during this time. Remember Paul’s testimony that he was hungry, thirsty, homeless, in rags and poorly treated – that will be the testimony of many of you during the days to come, he that endures to the end will be saved.

  • Joe

    Um you guys need to chill a bit. This is all part of a De Vry cycle that the sun goes through every 187 years or so the last was called the Dalton Minimum. Expect hot dry summers and cold as hell snowy winters most of the next 30 years. It will be bad times but god has little to do with it.

  • Do You Now Understand Why You Need To Prepare For Emergencies? This Has Been The Worst Year For Natural Disasters In U.S. History

    – Michael

    “HOW WILL YOU FACE THE AMERICAN APOCALYPSE IN 2011: how you can protect yourself and position yourself for the greatest wealth transfer in history.” (click on profile name for more info on my latest video)

  • jerry smith

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